10 Aug 2008


This is the area behind the sofa in the McCanns apt - given that firstly a very excited Eddie had signalled cadaver odour (also in the McCann bedroom near the wardrobe and the patio outside their bedroom, to a lesser extent flower bed underneath the patio - remember Rebelo's officer jumping up and down on this) secondly Keela signalled blood, the tiles were very carefully removed by a FSS officer and taken to the lab in Birmingham for analysis. As we know the result of those tests were that the blood found was indicative of it being Madeleine's but not conclusive. See my second post below as to what Goncalo has to say about this, clearly both dogs would not signal so clearly if Madeleine's corpse had not been there, stringent checks were made to see whether anyone else died in the apt - negative. Therefore the clear assumption was made by the expert present that Madeleine died there. It was because of British intervention the McCanns were made suspects after the PJ asked for our specific forensic assistance.
As is usual in case where a child has been abducted the McCanns were allocated a British Police Liaison Officer. Some, including myself, may not be surprised to read that by the 14 May the Liaison Officer was saying to Kate McCann "where is Maddie". Particularly following the release of the PJ files we are increasingly coming to see Kate McCann for the petulant, rude and arrogant person she is. She lost her temper and this Liaison Officer lasted just a week! But then again liaison officers are provided to parent victims as in the case of Holly and Jessica, clearly this liaison officer realised they were anything but victims. They strode around smiling and laughing, holding press conferences, jogging and playing tennis. Using Madeleine's image, as Gerry so accurately said, as a good marketing ploy. Marketing is done to raise cash. This is what has always enraged me about this couple, they went against police advice and put her life in danger to sell her, clearly knowing she had already lost her short life. Being responsible for the death of your child is quite bad enough, cashing in and making money out of it to defend yourself and improve your lifestyle is quite another, it is grotesque, as are all the ridiculous claims about sightings in Amsterdam and nearby Belgium. I reproduced last night day 34 of Gerry's blog, 6/6/07 where he points out that managed to fit in a visit to their dear friends in Amsterdam who were campaigning vigorously on their behalf. They still are, but as Docmac has just demonstrated by providing a link to comments on Virgin, the public have just about heard enough of this couple's ridiculous and shambolic lies. It seems they even want to go back on TV again, on Crimewatch, I will be telling the BBC what I think if they allow them to do this and would urge others to do the same!

I would also stress again this article in Correio de Manha confirms the British Police are most certainly not on the side of Kate and Gerry McCann. We just need to be patient! They changed the type of officer they wanted out there from a Liaison Officer to support a couple of rogues to Mark Harrison an expert in homicide detection techniques sent to help net a couple of rogues. We used technology and spared no expense. We do not care about the costs in such a case. Please remember that.

Viv x

August 10, 2008 - 00:30 am Research: Experts asked where was Maddie Police annoyed the English McCann The parents of Madeleine McCann desentenderam with the English police the early days after the disappearance of the girl. On May 14, Kate Healy proved to be shocked and frustrated with the British official liaison to the family. The cause of disagreement have arisen when researchers asked where Kate was his daughter. Police officers from the United Kingdom with the mission to provide support for the McCann family are professionals with specific training in abductions and kidnappings. Its task would be to give support to McCann, establish a bridge with the Judicial Police and work together with other British agents installed in the Algarve. At its presence in Portugal, the investigations indicated the thesis of kidnapping as the most consistent. According to the former coordinator of the process Gonçalo Amaral, liaison officers from the family "did not come to last more than one week in their duties", after the disagreement with the family. The difficulty of communication between the couple and the researchers never was, however, officially communicated to the Judicial Police. The withdrawal of Portugal for the specialists in kidnappings and abductions occurring two months before the same British authorities suggest the Judicial Police greater attention in view of the child's death on the spot, a possibility which until then was a secondary level of research. For Portugal is then sent the forensic expert Mark Harrison, adviser for national searches of all the police agencies of the United Kingdom to the level of homicides and missing persons. It is Mark Harrison who recommends the use of dogs to detect smell the corpses. Interpol SEGUIU MORE THAN EMC PISTAS IN BELGIUM In Belgium, 107 people claim to have seen Maddie. However, Interpol in Brussels had not revealed any success in the collection of evidence leading to the child hostage. Also in the squad from Leicestershire, where they live the McCann in June last year, the detective John Hughes drew a little encouraging result for searches. Meanwhile, the Spanish private detectives reported that the Method 3 will prosecute the British newspapers that accused the Mafia. The Spaniards say now that their participation in the search was "low". STRONG MEANS HIGH-TECH British spared no efforts in using technology to find Maddie. TASK PORTUGAL In PJ of Portimão, the British mounted a room of research known as Task Portugal. PROFILE OF RAPTOR Several British experts collaborated to trace the profile of possible raptor. USE OF DOGS Dogs Englishmen had already participated in over 200 operations. PRESS 'MIRROR' Official reports that Portuguese police have attempted to do surveillance at the house of McCann, but judge refused the request. 'THE SUN' Apparitions of girls similar to Maddie again arise in Belgium.


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It will be seen from this article below that Mark Harrison writes about the use of chemical DNA to test areas such as lakes or woodland to see whether a human corpse is present. A good read for the technically minded, I am expecting it to particularly appeal to Bath and Doc.

What this shows us generally is that Mark Harrison is a real heavy weight expert in locating bodies and his presence in PDL confirms that British authorities were convinced they were looking for Madeleine's corpse. He is mainly commenting towards the end of the article. There is absolutely no way that British authorities believe that Madeleine was abducted!

The well publicised Adam: torso in the Thames was the first case in the
UK where isotope profiling or chemical ‘DNA’ was used to compliment
biological DNA mapping to identify the life history and geographic
point of origin of a murder victim. However, Adam’s true identity has
not as yet been confirmed
Dr Wolfram Meier-Augenstein, Queen’s University Belfast, is an expert
helping to deliver the technique to frontline investigative teams. He said:
“Based on multi-variate isotope fingerprints of fast growing tissue such
as hair and nails and comparison to control data, we are able to
establish a victim’s recent life history from 60 days up to 15 months
prior to death depending on what and how much material is available.”
When approached in a recent case to see if he could shed some light
on the recent life history of a murder victim, he quickly established that
the victim had only lived on the West Coast of the UK for two months
but had spent at least three months in the Ukraine before travelling to
Germany where he spent six months prior to entering the UK.
This case demonstrates that if interpreted carefully and in context,
stable isotope profiles of present-day people can yield valuable
information on a person’s life history thus providing investigative focus
to scenarios where identification of a body by traditional methods is
hampered by circumstances such as mutilation to prevent identification,
severe deterioration, natural disasters or the result of, for example, a
terrorist attack.
What is the science behind chemical ‘DNA’? Dr Meier-Augenstein
explained that since the human body’s main source of chemical building
blocks is what we eat and drink, the isotopic fingerprint of the most
abundant elements in our body, namely hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and
oxygen contain a record of the chemical element make-up of our
dietary intake.
He added: “In particular, the abundance of the heavier twins of carbon
and nitrogen respectively reflect closely what we eat and therefore can
reveal if a person is a vegan or eats a lot of meat. Similarly, the
abundance of the heavier twins of hydrogen and oxygen respectively, do
reflect the water we drink and the water contained in fruit and
“These heavier twins (i.e. isotopes) could be regarded as the letters
of the chemical ‘DNA’ alphabet in analogy to the well know letters of
the DNA alphabet.”
Other cases have also benefited from chemical ‘DNA’ but with
additional complimentary information from an independent source. Dr
Caroline Wilkinson, University of Dundee is an expert in the field of
human identification. She discussed the case of a body washed up on
Seaham Beach in County Durham. “The impetus was to combine
different approaches towards identifying an unknown deceased person
for whom traditional methods failed to establish identity.
“By using methods that do not depend on a match with a database
record the aim was to furnish the SIO and his team with the maximum
amount of forensic intelligence to help them focus their enquiries and
investigation, or as in this case to ‘paint’ as complete a picture of the
deceased for public appeals and press releases.”
Facial reconstruction was combined with isotope profiling, the latter
with a view to gain an insight into the deceased’s life history; life
Chemical ‘DNA’: Waking the
The relationship between diet, geographic location and chemical element make-up of human
tissue is well known but cases in which this approach has been applied to aid identification of
mutilated or deteriorated bodies are few and far between. Damian Small reports on a number
of cases where isotope ‘fingerprint’ based intelligence has been applied to identify bodies and
aid investigations.
Picture: Queen’s University Belfast
circumstance and potential geographic origin.
Dr Wilkinson added: “A facial reconstruction of the man found at
Seaham Beach was produced from the skull using traditional manual
reconstruction methods. This involved modelling the anatomical
structures of the face onto the skull in clay and interpreting skeletal
morphology to determine facial features.”
Suzanne Hitchinson is the forensic manager overseeing the Seaham
case. She said although the investigation has still yet to establish the
identity of the male, chemical ‘DNA’ is a valuable tool to use when
standard avenues of forensic enquiry have been exhausted.
“When an investigation team comes up against such a problem, when
DNA and dental records for example yield no results, chemical ‘DNA’
could, sometimes, pinpoint quite accurately the area a body originates
from. We remain hopeful that it will lead to an identification,” she added.
Dr Meier-Augenstein highlighted a similar case of a skull discovered in
a harbour town in Scotland where classic forensic anthropology carried
out by Professor Sue Black at the University of Dundee was combined
with both carbon-dating and isotope profiling.
“A quite ‘spectacular’ example of what level of intelligence isotope
fingerprinting can yield”, he said, “would be the ‘Scissor Sisters’ case in
Dublin. Chemical ‘DNA’ not only aided in the identification of the victim
but was also instrumental in the apprehension of the killers. The victim’s
body had been dismembered with the torso being cut in two, whilst the
arms had been separated from the trunk at the shoulders and the legs
had been removed at the groin and dismembered further at the knees
in order to destroy the victim’s identity. The head was missing from the
lower neck up and was never recovered.”
Here forensic intelligence gained from multi-variate isotope profiling
identified the Horn of Africa as the victim’s geographic point of origin
and the time window when he immigrated to Ireland. “This tipped the
balance for the Garda’s investigation allowing them to pursue a
particular avenue in which the victim was identified through DNA
cross-match with his child,” said Dr Meier-Augenstein.
“A sequential isotope analysis of femoral bone apatite yielded
information about not only where the victim originally came from but
also when he immigrated into the country where he met with his
untimely death. Incidentally, the intelligence on the victim’s life history
and geographic point of origin gained from his chemical ‘DNA’ was
ultimately confirmed by matching his biological DNA to a next of kin.
“Despite fingerprinting of immigrants now being compulsory in
Ireland, the victim’s fingerprints were not in this database because he
entered Ireland prior to the date when fingerprinting immigrants was
made compulsory. Sequential isotope profiling of his femur enabled us
to pinpoint the year of his immigration to Ireland within a time window
of two-and-a-half years.”
Dr Meier-Augenstein described in more detail what kind of
information can be extracted from human tissue.
He uses the expression 'you are what you eat and drink and where
you eat and drink it’. He said: “Some isotopes tell us how a compound
was made and by what - the source - while other isotopes tell us where
a compound was made – the origin.
“Human tissue has a ‘memory’ for the food and drink we consume
and different body tissues have different ‘attention spans’. In other
words, human tissue acts as a recorder for diet and geo-location while
different tissues give us different time windows into a person’s past.”
He uses plants as a parallel. Plants of the same species produce sugar
with an all but identical carbon isotope profile with minor variations
caused by local growing conditions. However, the hydrogen isotope
profile will be different even for sugar from the same plant species if the
plants have grown in different parts of the world.
Prof Black said there are many methods that can be utilised to achieve
identification of the deceased but they all rely on a pre-existing set of
antemortem information for comparative purposes. So for example if
the deceased has already had DNA samples taken, then they may exist
on a DNA database for comparison but relatively few law abiding
citizens are represented in this way.
“They might similarly have fingerprints recorded on a database but the
same problems apply,” added Prof Black. “The greatest difficulty for any
SIO when faced with the identification of a deceased is the absence of
circumstantial evidence of identity; documentation or previous identity
“Establishing the name of the deceased can be very difficult in these
circumstances but no substantial investigation of the death can occur
until this is achieved. Facial reconstruction and isotope analyses offer
additional sources of information in the toolbox of the identification
Despite the benefits chemical ‘DNA’ brings, efforts to secure funding
have not been as successful. At present there is no project as such other
than individual efforts and joint case work. However, Dr Meier-
Augenstein said that a series of projects have been written up
proposing to combine forensic anthropology, facial reconstruction and
isotope fingerprinting. “We await support from a funding body and/or
government agency to champion these projects and thus helping to
secure financial support,” he said.
“From an isotope ‘fingerprinting’ perspective, the overall aims are firstly
to put together present day geographic maps of isotopic abundance in
human tissue and secondly to develop models describing how these
isotope fingerprints correlate with what people eat and drink.”
The scientists also hope the cases they have contributed to will help
to trigger support to establish a global chemical ‘DNA’ database.
Dr Meier-Augenstein firmly believes that isotope fingerprinting will aid
officers and forensic experts in the areas of counter-terrorism, disaster
victim identification (DVI) and serious and organised crime. He said the
Facial reconstruction produced during the Seaham Beach case.
Picture: Queen’s University Belfast
outcomes of the proposed projects will aid investigating officers to
focus, even redirect investigations based on forensic intelligence
generated by isotope fingerprinting of human tissue from victim’s of
serious crime where circumstances such mutilation, advanced
decomposition or an otherwise lack of distinguishing features such as
no dental work or no matching DNA hamper the advancement of an
He added: “The technique will aid in investigation of serious organised
crime such as people trafficking to establish life history and geographic
movement of the victims of people smuggling. It can also help establish
the veracity of statements made by a terrorist or terrorist suspect when
questioned about their recent movements and whereabouts.”
He gives a theoretical example. A terrorist suspect may state they
have spent the last six months in the UK with no travel or stay abroad.
“Isotope fingerprinting of hair and nails can quite easily confirm or
disprove such a statement thus giving the police justifiable cause for
further detention to question the suspect if isotope analysis reveals that
the person has been outside the UK within that period.
“Chemical ‘DNA’ would aid forensic experts and DVI liaison officers
in their task to identify and repatriate disaster victims by matching victim
against country of origin thus providing support and focus to the
deployment of traditional techniques such as matching DNA, fingerprint
and dental records”, he added.
Prof Black said one of the biggest problems faced by DVI teams in the
early days of the Tsunami disaster was to determine whether the
deceased were foreign nationals or indigenous personnel. “The
decision had been taken by the Thai authorities to prioritise the
identification of foreign nationals and this was initially undertaken on a
visual basis which of course was unacceptable and untenable.”
She added: “Had stable isotope analysis been utilised (and a screening
system devised) then a preliminary sifting process could have occurred
that could have established country of origin and therefore allowed the
national DVI teams to concentrate more quickly on their own nationals
for repatriation.”
So far, nine police forces along with the NCPE and Centrex have
approached the experts asking them to apply this novel approach to
victim identification. Seven of these initial enquiries have led to actual
case involvement furnishing SIOs with forensic intelligence to focus
investigations and aid victim identification.
Dr Meier-Augenstein said, regrettably, they are not always able to
answer all their questions chiefly because so far no funding has been
made available for the systematic underpinning cross- and multidisciplinary
research to be carried out, which is necessary to answer
these questions, determine the level of specificity and selectivity of
isotope fingerprinting and provide more detailed intelligence.
Mark Harrison, Centrex, is the UK’s national police search advisor and
international DVI liaison. He is very supportive of chemical ‘DNA’ and
sees it as an emerging tool that demands financial backing.
“It has wonderful opportunities in DVI,” he said. Mr Harrison was the
search advisor for Interpol in the wake of the Tsunami disaster. “One of
the challenges was distinguishing nationalities. Thai authorities were
distinguishing between colours, but due to decay and the fact that we
live in a multi ethnic and cultural society, the method does not suffice.
“Chemical ‘DNA’ would have a direct and applicable benefit in that
type of situation, quickly establishing race and nationality.”
Mr Harrison also underlined the local benefits chemical ‘DNA’ would
bring. Train crashes, which are back under media spotlight following the
Cumbria crash, are a prime example. “Looking back to the Potters Bar
crash, that was a multi-national incident because many of the deceased
were foreign nationals.”
He also feels that it has “fantastic” applications for investigating people
trafficking, linking rescued victims to popular ‘transportation/transit hubs’
and identifying major trafficking routes across Europe. Isotopic
fingerprinting can produce the ‘signatures’ of the places victims of
trafficking have been for a period of time
Mr Harrison said: “Hubs are the nucleus for trafficking gangs and stable
isotope studies of rescued victims could identify those areas.
Furthermore, if the people traffickers themselves are arrested,
circumstantial linkages can be made from their dietary supplements and
the trafficking hubs.”
Cases such as the Morecambe bay cockle pickers, although it was
clear they were Chinese nationals, chemical ‘DNA’ could rapidly identify
not only that but also the province the victims came from aiding
international investigations.
Another area worthy of research is in the ability to trace missing
people, said Mr Harrison. “If an investigative team suspect a body to be
in a lake but intelligence is not strong, samples from the lake could be
taken to see if a certain level of carbon isotopes or human proteins are
present within the water to indicate there is human remains in the
The same applies for a large landscaped area. Isotope profiling could
be developed to form part of a wide reconnaissance that would give
the police reassurance that a certain area is worthy of a more in-depth
search, added Mr Harrison.
“Chemical ‘DNA’ can provide quick answers within 48 hours and
robust statistical information in a period of ten days. It could have real
world, on the street application and I believe it can action more indepth
scientific research and become a very useful investigative tool.
“It will aid any operation where investigators want to know where a
person has been and the chronology of that transition, and if a missing
person is present within a landscape because of decaying and enduring
carbon isotope profiles. It requires and deserves more funding and
Dr Meier-Augenstein.
Picture: Queen’s University Belfast

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Chapter 16 - Second signs of death: the intervention of the investigators

29 July 2008

- First days after disappearance, dogs from GNR searched without finding anything of note

- UK police suggested bringing in UK dogs, but GNR didn't think it was necessary at that time

- After Krugel's visit [and the McCann's suggestions that Madeleine was dead], the Brits began to really emphasise the amazing qualities of the South Yorkshire dogs... which "worked miracles"

- It's July, all the abduction research has proven negative

- A letter is sent to UK requesting their top forensic investigators

- A few days later, Mark Harrison arrives, with dozens of international criminal investigations under his belt working with the best police forces throughout the world, his work is the analysis of these types of cases, giving advice and helping plan strategies and determine the resources necessary. He began work immediately, always in the company of the PJ, Leicester police and Scotland Yard.

- Harrison has full access to absolutely everything, reviews testimonies, movements, etc. A helicopter flys him over Luz, then goes on foot. Streets are measured, distances between buildings, routes on foot and by car considered... meteorological factors, geological and maritime research... even the best anthropologist in Portugal gave an opinion about the most probable state of any mortal remains that might be found.... a study of the carrion-eating wild animals in the area... reviewed all the searches "brilliantly organised" by the regional GNR officers.

- After a full week of work, Mark presents his report: most plausible scenario is that Madeleine is dead, her body hidden near Praia da Luz. He highlights the extensive work done in by the Portuguese authorities to find a living Madeleine... however, in his opinion, it was time to take on new searches with the possibility that Madeleine is dead and her cadaver hidden nearby.

- Data from Harrison for children under the age of 5 who had disappeared in the UK since 1960, 1528 cases: in 82% of the cases, the child's parents were the predominate aggressors; in 96%, some kind of relationship existed between the child and the agressor. In only 4%, the aggressor was unknown to the child.

- In this "very unsubtle way", Harrison points out that the solution to this case could very will be hidden in the small circle of people closest to Madeleine. That is, we are now going to consider more seriously investigating the parents and friends.

- Finally, Harrision specifically recommends bringing in Eddie and Keela

- Gonçalo Amaral says statistics are fine, but the change in investigation is owed as much to the exhaustion of the abduction theory and the necessity to re-start at the beginning.

- To show off/sell the dogs, Harrison shows a video of them in action to those managing the investigation, which was impressive.

- Harrison suggests taking the dogs to all the apartments (McCanns and friends) and Murat's home; also having the dogs examine all cars to see if a cadaver was transported in any of them. A detailed plan is created.

- At the same time, a piece of equipment from America which identifies people based upon their particular scent was requested. However, it arrived late (requested late and then held up in customs) and was never used... especially because the dogs obtained such "concrete and positive results."

===== THE ENGLISH TEAM =====

- 30 July 2007, Dogs and their handler, Martin Grimes arrives.

- Eddie, looks for mortal remains. ALSO trained to find just the smell of a cadaver, when no actual remains are present to be collected, given that the odor attaches itself to permeable materials, like clothes and car upholstery.

- Keela looks for/finds human blood in amounts so very small that they often can be found by no other technical means.

- Method: first Eddie searches for cadaver odor; if found, Keela tries to find a reason, that is, vestiges of human blood. If they both alert, this indicates that blood was spilt and a cadaver was there. Which could be interpreted as if the death happened in that spot.

- Impressive CV: Eddie and Keela have been used more than 200 cases around the world, including with the FBI; approved "with distinction" in test realised at the "Body Farm", FBI/USA, the only place in the world authorised to use human cadavers for training.

- Used in these famous cases: Attracta Harron (N Irland), Amanda Edward, Charlotte Pinkney (British/Eddie detected a spot where the cadaver had only "momentarily" been laid), Haut de la Garenne...

- Every year the dogs and Martin Grime undergo testing. These two dogs, as a team, are unique in all the world.


- Evening of 3 August, Portuguese and UK investigators begin at Ocean Club, Apt 5A

- Martin leads in Eddie and tells him to sit at the front door, so that he can remove the leash. Contrary to expectations of this wonder dog-detective, Eddie ignored the command and ran immediately to the interior of the apt, where he ran "devilishly" from the living room to the parent's bedroom. Grimes says worriedly that something has made Eddie nervous and he calls Eddie again so that he can give orders to indicate where to start searching. An investigator is video taping. Some minutes later, Eddie focuses on the floor of the couple's bedroom, next to the wardrobe and gives the alert for cadaver odor, in a strident bark

- Why here, in the couple's room? More goosebumps to follow: Eddie gives another strident bark next to the living room wall, behind the blue sofa, under the window.

- Apt 5A begins to give up its mystery.

- On that night, before 10pm, the investigators see Gerald McCann near the apartment, driving alone in the rented Renault with the face of one "who has few friends."

- If the cadaver (EVRD) dog alerts, then the blood (CSI) dog is brought in. They are trained to find ONLY human blood, even in areas thoroughly cleaned with chemicals or bleaches. Sometimes they find blood vestiges so small that they can't be collected, and the surrounding materials themselves have to be transported to the lab. This happened with Keela.

- Keela is brought in and she marks blood in the same place as Eddie marked the cadaver smell... she stopped, immobile, with her nose pointed at the precise location of the smell. The tiles on the floor.

- Outside, Eddie gives two more alerts of cadaver smell, on the varanda of the couple's bedroom and also in a garden situation directly below it. Here, the bark is weaker, like a "could be", with some doubt, like a human shrugging their shoulders.

- Going now to the other apts, the investigators are nervous. Who knows what will come next? But to the amazement of all, after very careful exams of all the other apts, Eddie exhibits complete disinterest. Martin decides to not use Keela, since Eddie found no cadaver smell.

- There are signs of death in Apartment 5A. It's necessary to confirm that, prior to 3 May, no one had died there. The OC has no records of anything like that, nor the fire department, nor the paramedics, nor the prior apt owners knew of any death in the apt.

- It is concluded, therefore, that the cadaver odor could only come from one person: Madeleine Beth McCann


- The search area includes Krugel's "cadaver area". Harrison had created an iron tool for puncturing the soil to allow smells to exit.

- The British team, with PJ and GNR takes a fine tooth comb to Luz, any and everywhere a body might have been hidden or momentarily deposited... buildings, abandoned/in construction, ruins, waterways, entrances to sewers, beach, vegetation around the village, including the volcanic rock "Rocha Negra". No signs from Eddie anywhere else around Praia da Luz.

===== EXAMS IN THE INTERIOR OF McCANN'S HOME [second villa] =====

- When preparing to go to the McCann's villa with the dogs, everyone knew this was the moment to either take up a technical and legal instrument which could assign responsiblity, or fully remove from suspicion, Madeleine's parents in her disappearance.

- We knew, then, that we had failed when we decided to not wiretap and follow the friends and McCanns from the beginning of the investigation.

- The Public Ministry (MP) created the proper search documents. At the same time, they asked for authorisation to wiretap the villa and car at that time. The MP agreed, as it's been used in other cases. 24 anxious hours later the sitting Judge, covering for someone on holiday, denied the MP's agreement. No time to re-request, the last chance to know what the McCanns said away from the press microphones was gone, just as the couple prepared to leave the country.

- The search was planned in great detail.

- The villa is on Rua das Flores, 27, rented at the beginning of the summer with money donated to the Find Madeleine Fund.

- 2 August, 6pm-ish, the inspectors knocked on the door. Kate and Gerry were giving the twins a bath in the exterior pool. Surprisingly, they both reacted well to the search warrant and in a forthright and open way gave unlimited access to the investigators.

- Eddie started, going directly to the living room where on top of a chair was cuddlecat, which now had a little green ribbon and rosary around its neck. Again, Eddie showed his 7 years of experience dedicated to forensic crime scene work and, with a determined and affirmative bark, indicated that CuddleCat had been in contact with a cadaver.

- Using cardboard boxes, all the clothes in the house were taken to a specially prepared area to be placed on the ground for the dogs.

- At 23h20 all the clothes are spread out. Again, Eddie marks a strong cadaver odor on Kate's clothes: slacks in black/white check and a sleeveless white blouse. He barks frenetically.

- Keela finds no blood vestiges.


- 4 and 5 August. Ground "aired" and opened. Over two days of thorough searching, no signs from Eddie at Muart's home.


- 6 August, underground parking garage

- 10 vehicles examined which were used by Murat, Michaela, Malinka, Luís António, McCanns and one by Russell O'Brien

- 10 metres between cars to avoid contamination of smells between them

- Martin tells Eddie to start on exteriors, with all doors/windows tightly closed: intense sniffing of wheels, underneath, door jams, edges of boot. 1, 2, 3 cars. Nothing.

- 4th car. Eddie significantly alters his behaviour. Visibly more excited, he doesn't immediately approach the car as he did with the others. He raises his head and, with his nose in the air, sniffs incessantly around the car indicating that he is trying to find the source of that well-known odor and which he has been finding for years, which he had detected in the area and knows he is now going to find. Martin's voice commands him back to searching the car itself. Eddied provides yet another surprise in the case, barking strongly as he alerts to the existence of cadaver odor in the car rented by the McCanns.

- Precisely, Eddie alerts to:

---- the lower part of the driver's door
---- in the boot, where the dog was biting and barking, indicating the odour was coming from inside the car

The car was taken apart by forensic experts and around dawn, Keela finds vestiges of blood where Eddie signalled: the key and the luggage compartment

- As with the apartments, Eddie was uninterested in the other cars, not hesitating nor displaying behaviour similiar to the other vehicles, making his actions quite clear and precise.

- Gonçalo Amaral says he had already been removed from the team when he learned that one of the McCann's neighbors (at the second villa), a Portuguese jurist, says that in the nights leading up to the dog exams, the McCanns frequently left the baggage door open.

- One of Gerry's brother-in-laws later affirmed they used the car to transport garbage and that, once, some blood from beef spilled in the luggage area, thereby justifying the "strange" odor.

- One of Kate's aunts said that the car had unpleasant smells that she assumed came from the baby's diapers.

These justifications don't stand up to the English dogs. These dogs are exclusively trained to alert to human blood and cadaver odours. The hygiene habits of the users of this car do not even appear credible for the civilized people making up this group, which make the statements of these two, in the very least, bizarre.


- Upon detection, we begin the collection and remit of the evidence to a forensic lab

- 2 early questions: how to collect and where to send. Someone from the Portuguese Police Lab came to do the collection. In a joint meeting between British and Portuguese forensic experts, it was decided to not try to do tests locally. Instead tiles were very carefully removed, monitoring all with photographs, and taken to FSS for Low Copy Number tests, the lab where they can identify DNA from microscopic blood samples.

- To safeguard the samples, the technician who removed the tiles also hand-carried them to the FSS.

- 7 August, taken to the FSS were:

---- tiles from behind the sofa and under the window
---- blood from the car key
---- hairs found in the luggage area
---- blood from the lining from the right side of the luggage area

- Gonçalo Amaral speaks of "blood" when other reports say "bodily fluids" because Keela only alerts to human blood.


Who is Mark Harrison? Gazeta Digital

Paulo Reis
29 July 2008

Mark Harrison, National Search Adviser, NPIA, and National Crime & Operations Faculty (NCOF) Special Adviser is also the National Search Adviser in relation to Homicide, missing persons and mass fatality disasters for the Police service within the United Kingdom. Working for the National Centre of Policing Excellence he has 20 years Police service. He provides case consultancy services to all UK Police Agencies and in addition where requested overseas consultancy for example USA FBI, US Army, Australia, Middle East and South America.

His particular focus is on complex serial or multiple cases where human remains are being sought within a large geographic area. He specialises in harnessing a multi discipline approach of police, military, academic and commercial experts to enable conjunctive reconnaissance to determine a specific area to search. He has authored best practice guidance for the British Police service on searching for missing persons and victims. He has developed scenario based search models and the use of behavioural profiling to assist in successful search strategies.

isis said...

Thank you viv, a very timely reminder of the work of these wonderful animals. People would do well to remember, in the wake of all these sightings, to remember exactly what these dogs, in particular the cadaver dog alerted to. The scent of death on an article of clothing belonging to madeleine.

bath theory said...

Hi Viv
I am around just caught up with holidays and painting. The dog evidence hit us all immediately didn't it, especially when you realise the case they were quoting turned out to put egg on their face when he admitted he killed his wife !!!.

I have no doubt Maddie died in the apartment that night and I reckon 85-90 per cent of the public would if they knew the kind of detail we do. We know 85-90 per cent think they were negligent.

This article shows that the 'authorities' here know too. Special liaison officers having to return home and experts like Harrison being called in. YET, political influence. Why?

As said before either the Scottish connection and not wanting bruised ego's or something very dark. It seems to have gone very quiet over the D.Payne story at the moment.

Just one point to remind us all. PR is designed to present a story. Words are cheap and we know it can work very well when money and connections work. I don't see my family who I grew up with now but my lawyer brother once wrote the contract for an England footballer who went to Real Madrid. He told me that they spend a lot of their time keeping stories out of the newspapers. I said how do they do that then. He smiled and said 'money' THUS the money is very very important in this story. We all know it but it hurts to remind us that it is at the root of this case in many peoples opinions.

J J said...

Hello All
All this to take in. And I thought Sunday was a day of rest.

My brain in now in overdrive.

Thanks for all your hard work. It all gets curiouser and curiouser.

viv said...

Hiya both

I think the short point is that the photograph above is of the scene the dogs both marked and seeing those tiles lifted and all those carefully numbered stains with number 1 being on the floor really brings it home I think. I think they know this is where Madeleine died but still in order to charge they need to be able to prove who and how and what they then did with her which is where they are still struggling. This is nothing to do with political interferene - it is to do with a couple who know how to cover their tracks and not make any damaging admissions, even though the PJ adopted the standard police tactic of trying to get them to do that.

It is like Kate reacting so badly to that liaison officer when he asks her what after all is a very reasonable question, where is Maddie. Any police officer is going to say that to a couple who first say the window was jemmied and the shutters damaged and when confronted with the fact that was a lie say oh well we just left the door open. You would not need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out who the culprits are in those circumstances. But the McCanns have no shame and no remorse. They know full well it will take more than that to actually convict them or either of them and are quite happy to continue to just brazen it out, in spite of the overwhelming evidence against them.

The fact that we deployed such senior people demonstrates the determination that this couple will be brought to justice, eventually. In a case like this the police and CPS quite literally have to build a case, piece by piece until the stage is reached where it can be said there is a really good chance of getting a conviction. They cannot get to that stage until they can tell the story of what actually happened and they are not quite there as yet. No one claims to be, I still do not know which one did it!
If Kate had been on her own then that would be much simpler but it seems she was not ..
Viv x

dylan said...

Hi all.

Thanks for the wealth of information, Viv. It is good to have a reminder of the evidence at times so that, in the face of what the media feeds us, we know we are not going completely insane! Do you really think that LP might deal with this case yet?

Docmac, thank you for your very thorough answer to my question. It proves I'm wrong so I'll have to admit defeat but at least I know now and I'll stop trying to argue it :)

Have a good Sunday folks.


viv said...

Hiya Dille

Good to hear from you. I do not think LP will be dealing with this case, I am absolutely certain of it!

I am not sure if you saw this report of a man who murderered his wife in Spain, UK Police have been working with them and have now detained and charged him. This is exactly the same scenario and they are looking for the body. But the main point is we are prosecuting him. We will always prosecute people who murder abroad, no doubt about that and it is also clear to me from the not inconsiderable efforts we can see from LP including the Chief Constable at the High Court and Stuart Prior and others recently back in PDL asking that certain information remains confidential so as not to prejudice ongoing enquiries which I believe are to do with the false sightings and maybe even more serious and sordid connections than that.

Nuneaton man charged with murdering wife in Spain
Aug 5 2008 By Steve Evans and Emma Stone

A 62-YEAR-OLD local man has been charged with killing his wife in Spain.

Allen Heard is accused of murdering his wife Pat, who disappeared two years ago.

Heard, who used to live in The Raywoods, Nuneaton and also in Leicester Street, Bedworth, before emigrating with his wife to Spain, is also charged with perverting the course of justice.

He appeared before magistrates in Nuneaton for the first time yesterday.

The couple emigrated to Oliva, near Valencia, in 2004 and Mrs Heard was reported missing two years later. A massive public appeal was launched to find her but no trace was found.

Now detectives in England and in Spain, who are working together on the case, believe her body may be buried in a shallow grave near Valencia.

Allen Heard made a brief appearance at the Nuneaton Justice Centre yesterday afternoon.

Heard, who returned to England from Spain recently, was arrested after voluntarily walking into a police station in Warwickshire.

He faces charges of the murder of his 58-year-old wife Patricia on or before July 30, 2006, and

perverting the course of justice by reporting her missing and concealing her body in a grave.

He was remanded in custody to Blakenhurst Prison to appear again at Warwick Crown Court for a plea and direction hearing on August 15.

Heard, wearing a suit, spoke only to confirm his address in Spain and his date of birth.

Neil Bannister, prosecuting, said he would oppose any application for bail.

He said: "The police still have a number of inquiries to make in England and Spain and now, of course, the most important one is to recover the body and repatriate it for a post-mortem examination. The police have a delicate and sensitive task to recover the body."

No application for bail was made.

Mrs Heard's disappearance in 2006 shocked her family and friends in the Coventry and Bedworth area.

Before they moved abroad Mrs Heard had been popular at the Black Horse pub in Exhall where she was a member of the ladies' darts team.

At the time of her disappearance in 2006, an appeal for information was posted on a website run by the UK charity Missing People. It read: "Her family and friends are extreme-ly worried for Patricia's welfare as her disappearance is completely out of character. They just want to know that Patricia is okay and urge her to make contact with someone to reassure them of her well-being."

In a desperate attempt to find out what had happened, Mrs Heard's daughter Linda Jones, of Nuneaton, also spoke to the Telegraph. She described her mother as "confident and sociable".

She said: "We just want to know she is safe. This is completely out of character... She has missed two grandchildren's birthdays - that's the bit I can't get over, I just can't see why she's done that.

"We've got in touch with everyone we know but there might be other friends we're not aware of. Someone may be talking to her not knowing she is missing - it's our last chance. We don't know what else to do."

Today, murder squad detectives in Nuneaton were liaising with police in Valencia as a grim search for a body was continuing.

viv said...

By the way guys you may not have noticed as you probably have a link but this site is now public again!

Viv x

viv said...

If the McCanns genuinely believed that the police files actually demonstrate their innocence then they would just shut up and get on with looking for Madeleine, surely. But that is not what they are doing, they are continually making rumbles about sueing people including even the police, there is no legal basis for them to do so.

There can be no limit to the perversity of some offenders. I can recall one guy at a pre sentence report interview - dangerous driving with his young girlfriend and baby in the car, saying to me very angry and upset, well I am sorry but I am going to take legal advice about this, the one car was an unmarked police car and they are bang out of order that is illegal, and how can they say I was driving dangerously anyway when three police cars were following me, they were driving dangerously as well. I am sorry but as they are doing me I am going to get them done. He got 6 months for his trouble! On a more sophisticated note the McCanns behaviour is no different.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Look at this carp!

Maddie Dogs Not 'Trained'

http://www.sundaymail.co.uk/news/newsfe ... -20691006/

Aug 10 2008

SNIFFER dogs used to search for Madeleine McCann were not properly trained.

Police used dogs more suited to rural work to search a 10-mile radius of the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz where Maddie was snatched on May 3 last year.

The dogs lost her trail in the nearby car park.

It is the latest damning revelation to emerge after the release of files from the bungled Portuguese police investigation.

Prosecutors Joao Melchior Gomes and Jose de Magalhaes e Menezes slated the probe, noting detectives had "achieved very little in terms of conclusive results".

The report also damned the Portuguese police for failing even to establish if the five-year-old is alive or dead.

viv said...

Hiya Zodiac

Well more balanced reporting would have given them the perfect opportunity to say, however, ultimately highly trained dogs, famous all over the world for their skills were deployed....It is a pity when there actually has to be blogs like this to point out the true facts and links to the relevant evidence i.e. the photograph above.

It is frequently the case with murder suspects (who are not typical criminals as a rule!) that an initial investigation does not produce conclusive results as to what happened. The police can only be as good as the available evidence and that will be lacking with a couple like Kate and Gerry for obvious reasons. How long did it take us to get Dr Shipman! Now that really was bad and cost many lives, similarly in the Yorkshire Ripper case where many times the police interviewed Sutcliffe but failed to collate the fact that he kept cropping up again and again in their investigations and make the obvious conclusions from that. There is no basis to slate the Portuguese Police, look at the top brass we sent and those words are the newspapers not the prosecutors. Cause of death/who did it cannot be clearly established but it is not for lack of trying!

Viv x

viv said...

Oh Zodiac I just noticed they call Maddie "the five year old" that is not just biased it is sick. She never even reached four and they know it. I am really sick of this continuing attack on the PJ, they rely on the fact that a police force just could not sue for damage to reputation, that just makes their behaviour even worse.

It is even more incredible when we read that the PJ were meticulously following the abduction theory and it was our own officers who said, you are not looking in the right place. Strange how they do not slate our own police. They have been pursuing this strategy for the last 15 months and seem very slow in not realising just how much it is upsetting the BRITISH public, let alone the Portuguese/rest of the world. How this is helping them is anyone's guess but with a Pink Prat advising you big mistakes obviously get made!

viv x

Zodiac said...


Another pink poop article to try and confuse the public. Sad people, IMO.

'bungled Portuguese police investigation.'

What about the parents parenting style? The catalyst to whatever situation that child may or may not be in now. If they had not left their 3 little children we would not be being subjected to this sh**e! It is an insult to the UK populations intelligence. The Press/Media coverage in this Country is a disgrace. I will never buy another newspaper (not that I really did before this case) and I will not have Sky news on in my home ever again! Is this Country now being run by 3 of the most awful people I have ever set eyes on.

docmac said...

Hi Viv

Just a quick look in as we are going for a walk in the forests on the lower slopes of Table Mountain later. It's another stunning warm midwinter's day. Hasn't rained for about 10 days now :-)

That chemical profiling is fascinating stuff. Something I know far too little about to make an educated comment but something I will certainly read more about.

The facial reconstructions I have seen (on TV) done here are mostly performed at Wits Uni's anthropology department on excavated skulls belonging to prehistoric man. It's a painstaking process but they come up with some incredible results.

The dogs: Anyone dissing Eddie and Keela's record is either stupid or paid. Or both.

Joe said...

I have to disagree with Viv with regards to the LP and Political interference. If the LP were investigating the McCanns then it is odd that they have never questioned them to my knowledge but instead by all accounts assisted them with leaked information, even adding a link on their website to the McCanns fund( and they suspects at the time, bizarre) even getting allegedly the FSS findings in advance ( various threads on the 3A site, Mr Amarals reference to the LP in his book). What could the LP have to go on when the PJ turned up nothing concrete? There appears to be no will at the LP or was there ever to find out what happened IMO. Pinky even boasted at his high level meetings with senior Police officers and that they believed the McCanns at the time.

As far as political interference, Mr Amarals reference to the Ambassador in person turning up, the appointment of Pinky (no coincidence straight from Government spin), support of the MEPs without question, home office failed to supply vital records or delayed evidence, again many threads on the 3A sites and others. It reads New Labour to a tee IMO.

One thing that stands out to me is what I read of the PJ when they started the investigation they were expecting everbody to help with information and the truth to help recover Madeline. What shocked them was from the start the non co-operation that they received from the Tapas 9...... it speaks volumes IMO.

Stonemaid said...

Hi Viv and all

Some fascinating reading material above, thank you.

Just one question though Viv - did you mean to say this?

"I do not think LP will be dealing with this case, I am absolutely certain of it!"

Did you possibly mean that the LP will be dealing with this case, or do you think that the LP are working FOR the Teflon Twosome - rather along the lies of joe's post?

I'm confused enough, without being confused here!!


Stonemaid said...

Hi Doc

You said: "The dogs: Anyone dissing Eddie and Keela's record is either stupid or paid. Or both."

I couldn't agree more - if I were the dog handler of those two I would sue the newspaper!! Anyone who saw them in operation on 'Bring in the dogs' would feel the same way about them - they are amazing dogs and so gorgeous I could hug them to death!!!


viv said...

Hiya Stonemaid

Sorry my comment was a bit ambiguous. I meant I am quite certain the Leicester Police continue to pursue them, that is clear from the recent highlevel visit to PDL and the presence of the Chief Constable no less objecting to the McCanns demands for details of their files. British Police simply do not hand their files over to murder suspects! When two forces in separate countries are working on the same case it is inevitable that they will investigate different aspects of it and there are clearly a lot of additional aspects to be investigated that are not mentioned in the PJ files in any depth from what I can gather but the phrase the PJ use should tell us enough " a diffuse stain of supposed sightings". SOCO will undertake complex and serious fraud cases and we should not forget their involvement, I see Scotland Yard have also been involved, it would be very naive to think they are going to disclose precisely what they have been investigating and where they are currently at with those investigations. Other bloggers cannot be an authority on that!

There are no comments from any of these agencies other than what we heard the Chief Constable had to say, there never is in such an investigation. To forewarn the McCanns would be to forearm them and unleash another round of ridiculous spin which they can well do without. However, I am sure they look into these further supposed sightings from their mates in Amsterdam/Belgium with something akin to gleeful amusement! Interpol have been very useful also in this regard. People should remember we have details only of the Portuguese investigation, and even some of that has been withheld, there are far more agencies investigating them than that!

Viv x

mandarinn said...

mornig all
I just had a quick reading in uk newspapers. I continue astonished how gullible british public is, or newspaes think they are . Is it plausible this child being kidnapped by a organised paedophil ring , or a traveller circus, and the abducters walk her in all kind of public places, even in a bank (AH!!!)and let her introduce herself !!!!!!!!!!!!! In other hand the same newspers dont' publish a lot of most important information from PM relatory, now being public!!!!!
What can it mean?

viv said...

Hiya Joe

We have seen press reports in months gone by stating that senior police officers arrived at the McCanns home. Do you think they were just dropping by for a nice cup of tea. As you say you do not know whether they have interviewed them but to suggest there are a squad of 30 officers investigating them under a Det Super and they have never been spoken to really beggars belief. Do you think either LP or the McCanns would be shouting from the rooftops about it? Such investigations in UK are conducted in strict confidence and any officer speaking out would be disciplined and dismissed, that is why we do not hear anything, to make an assumption from that, that all these police officers are simply doing nothing, in fact are part of some sort of bizarre conspiracy to protect the McCanns is quite amazing:-))) That is not how the police work!

viv said...

Hiya Mandarin

That is part of what is so silly about these sightings, isn't it. You kidnap the most sought after little girl in the world and then you start taking her in party shops and banks, even allowing her to chat and say they took me from my mommy and my name is Maddie, someone has a very sick sense of humnour if they expect anyone to believe this utter guff.

It was sought to attach credence to the bank employee sighting but he is just a security guard, someone who could be bought! As we know the embarassing M3 have greased a lot of palms, Clarence even had to admit it! Now the McCanns imply they dropped them, well what took them so long!!

They must have been performing some useful services and it clearly was not conducting discrete enquiries looking for Madeleine. It seemed more to me like putting listening devices on Murat's car and harassing witnesses to say something different to what they really meant to say, especially police witnesses. Those who saw some dark skinned spooky man got a big press spread and lots of money, I am sure it topped up Gail Cooper's low salary as a health worker!

Viv x

viv said...

Hiya Doc

There is no disputing the evidence of Eddie and Keela, they did not mark any other flats or cars, only the McCanns and they corroborated each other, most notably behind the sofa. Unlike the McCanns they are not smart enough to get their heads together on that one, but they sure are smart and do not make mistakes:-))))

It would be so cute to see them taking the oath and barking their evidence:-)))

docmac said...

Pains me to say I agree with Joe, Viv. The LP are directly involved in a cover-up IMO. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

OK, off for that walk.

Joe said...


Thank you for your reply. I as always respect your opinion.

My bizarre conspiracy theory to protect the McCanns is simply too simplistic as you suggest, it is more than likely more complex than that, and conspiracy is not the word I choose. I have given some examples in my earlier post of why I think the behaviour of the LP is odd and irregular. Is there an alternative explanation to the peculiar way the LP act or react. I would welcome any other opinion or explanation with regards the LP as I do not just accept that the LP are looking into the case or this is the normal way Police work.

Stonemaid said...

Doc – thank you for your link to virginmedia.com bloggers comments -
I particularly liked these two:

Aug 9, 23:38
When are the PRESS going to stop being controlled and start printing
real facts, many things are being kept from the public and many questions need to be answered all we need is 1 brave journalist to
start reporting the truth about Madeleine Mccann.

Phoebe from Manchester says:
Aug 9, 22:51
Somebody put a sock in Clarence Mitchell's fatuous gob, please. My head is spinning with all these patently idiotic attention seekers with sightings of what we all know from the cadaver dog evidence is a quite likely long dead little girl. I'll put my money on what two dogs with an unbroken track record indicate over Clarence 'spin cycle' Mitchell. There's a reason Eddie the cadaver dog earns more a year than the old mutt Mitchell does.

I do hope you are wrong Doc and that the LP are not REALLY working FOR the Teflon Twosome.....


Zodiac said...

'I'll put my money on what two dogs with an unbroken track record indicate over Clarence 'spin cycle' Mitchell. There's a reason Eddie the cadaver dog earns more a year than the old mutt Mitchell does.'

Stonemaid thanks for posting the above. LOL! AND SO TRUE!


hope4truth said...


Are we an open book again now??? I have just got in without logging in and have to log in below to leave this???


bath theory said...

What would Eddie and Keela sniff on Clarence if their nostrils strayed that way?


bath theory said...

Do they pick up the smell of blood money?

Di said...

Good evening all


Don't forget also the pink one tipped the McCanns's off that LP were probably bugging them. We also had the secret meeting in the hotel.

Hugs over coffee and croissants..

I don't think so!!

Di said...

Hi Doc

Thanks for the advice. I will give it another try.

ROTB has told me how to do it and also another poster, sorry I cannot remember which one it may have been Lizzy, if it was you izzy thanks, when I tried it did not work :o(((

What I do not understand is if you are just replacing the () how can you replace the text with say for example.. HERE.. and it links to the site.

Where are my kids when I need them??

Oh I forgot spending their inheritance. LOL

They forget we are also off on our SKI.. holidays....


docmac said...


That was just an example. Replace that link with another of your choice (don't forget the inverted commas). Between the ) and the (/a) just type whatever you like. I can't type <> type brackets here as it thinks I'm trying to post a link! That's the only part we'll see. Just try it on here and press preview instead of publish. If it doesn't work don't publish till it's right.

docmac said...

Try this Di. Copy the next paragraph and then just swap all my brackets for angle brackets and post it and you will see exactly how it works. PAY ATTENTION VIV :-))

Have a look at (a href="http://firstaid29.googlepages.com/Boatsonthebeach02.jpg")this boat(/a) which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

docmac said...
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docmac said...

Obviously some Brit is doing OK at the Olympics or something and you're all glued to it. I am not watching the Games at all this time round.


Goodnight everyone.

Stonemaid said...

Hi Doc - you logged off some time ago, I know, but just to say, no, I for one wasn't watching the 'games' - I was watching Richard Attenborough's fantastic bio-pic about Charlie Chaplin. It was as 'classy' as Ghandi. Our old 'lovie' Lord really is a true cinematic gem!!!

They don't make 'em like that any more!!

Stonemaid said...

The strangest thing about this story is WHY haven't the Teflon Twosome seen the CCTV footage yet? If it had been my child I would have been on the first flight to Brussels to see the tapes and establish yes, or no!!

Also, why didn't the bank security guard leave his post to follow the Arab woman and the little girl?? If he was THAT convinced, his bank employees would surely have forgiven him for rescuing the most famous 'lost' child in the world??

Story Image

SEARCH: Madeleine McCann

Monday August 11,2008
By Nick Fagge in Brussels

A BRITISH girl who looks just like Madeleine McCann was heard pleading to be allowed to go home, the Daily Express can reveal.

CCTV images of the blonde blue-eyed youngster, seen just seven days ago at a Brussels bank, are now being studied.

Last night Belgian police said the case had been given top priority and was being passed to a magistrate who would launch a full inquiry.

The revelation comes as further details of the sensational “Madeleine sighting” in the Belgian capital emerge.

The little girl, who looked “much like” Madeleine, was spotted by a security guard at the Havenlaan branch of the KBC Bank in the district of Molenbeek St Jean.

Led by the hand by a North African Arab woman, she was captured on up to seven different CCTV cameras.

The pair walked around the building last Monday morning and into the heart of the capital’s run-down Arab quarter.


She was overheard demanding in English: “I want to go back home.”

A source close to the police investigation told the Daily Express: “The CCTV footage is so clear that the police think they must really check it out.

“The little girl looks so much like Madeleine only her mother will be able to tell for sure.

“The girl walked past the bank two times. The security guard had a good look at her – he was less than one metre away.” The girl appeared to be about five years old – the same age as Madeleine would be today.

Madeleine was almost four when she vanished from her family’s holiday flat in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May last year.

The guard – stationed outside the bank’s main entrance – was so shocked he considered following the pair but decided not to leave his post, a police source has revealed.

The source said: “The witness is not some crackpot looking for publicity. He is a serious man who went through the proper procedures before contacting the police.” The sighting is expected to give fresh hope to Kate and Gerry McCann that their daughter is still alive.

Last night the McCanns’ spokesman said the couple had not seen the CCTV images and were waiting to hear from the Belgian authorities.

Clarence Mitchell said: “The Belgian police are investigating the CCTV and private investigators are liaising with them to establish what these images show.

“I have not heard back from the investigators but this is being looked into as a top priority.” The Moroccan woman is described as being aged between 30 and 40, dressed in Western clothes but with a headscarf, and speaking French with a thick accent.

A police spokesman said: “The case file has now been sent to the District Attorney’s office for the sighting to be fully investigated.

“Either a magistrate has been appointed already, or one will be appointed this week so this lead can be thoroughly pursued.”

A police source added: “He is convinced he saw Madeleine but obviously it needs checking out carefully.

“We have been in this position before and we don’t want to make any mistakes.”

The location of the sighting, amid the Brussels Arab community, has created suspicions of a possible link to the many Madeleine sightings in Morocco. There have been up to half a dozen reports of Madeleine there, and more across Europe.

Detectives are investigating more than 100 “sightings” in Belgium following warnings she could have been stolen for a paedophile ring.

viv said...

Hiya all

Well this latest sighting has just come at an opportune moment as the files were released and makes the connection to Morocco as well. That is very convenient for the McCanns and I have to say if it was my child I would have been on the first plane demanding to go look at those videos. As ever this sighting and their behaviour is completely beyond belief!

Viv x

viv said...

Hiya Joe, this is from Leics Police webpage, it does not say Madeleine was abducted, it says there are many UK agencies helping Portuguese Police find out what happened to her. This is fairly non-committal as I would expect in such an investigation. It does have a link to their webpage, to refuse to do so would arouse adverse criticism which they have clearly sought to avoid.

I think it is a risky business to suggest UK Police are behaving in such a corrupt way as you so clearly imply and can only say again that what other posters tell you on 3 As is not "evidence".

Viv x

Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann from Rothley, Leicestershire disappeared on May 3 2007 from Praia da Luz, Portugal, nine days before her fourth birthday.

The investigation into her disappearance is being carried out by the Portuguese police.

Leicestershire Constabulary is one of a number of UK law enforcement agencies who are supporting the Portuguese authorities with their investigation.

The role of Leicestershire Constabulary is to complete and co-ordinate UK-based enquiries at the request of the Portuguese police and any tasks completed by British police are under their direction.

At the heart of this inquiry is an innocent little girl. Our focus remains on doing everything we can to assist the Portuguese police to find out what has happened to Madeleine.

If you have any information please contact your local police.

Story options
Print this story
Email story to friend
Related websites
Find Madeleine website
How to contact us
If you have information about any crime, you can contact us on Leicester (0116) 222 2222.

In an emergency, for example where life is in danger or a crime is in progress, call 999.

Lindy123 said...

The Mail still printing the pink spin. It surely beggars the question why? Why is this still being printed?

Quote: The McCanns now have detectives working around the world at a reported cost of £166,000 a month.

Among the possible sightings they are following up, also apparently ignored by the Portuguese, is one by a British yachtsman on the Caribbean island of Margarita last May.


viv said...

Hiya Lindy

The timing all makes it sound very planned and cynical, doesn't it!

Just as we get the file/Goncalo's book and clearly knowing the public are going to find this rather damning, we get a brand new sighting, some of the usual rehashed old ones and of course a brand new set of detectives at the most massive costs. All, I am sure designed to make us believe in Team McCann. They never give up trying, I will say that for them!

I keep asking myself why this double glazing man, described as "a bit of a rough diamond" would not only pay for the Pink Prat but also, it would seem, be footing most of the bills for these "detectives" who they would have us believe are going to do a better job than Interpol, Scotland Yard, PJ, Leics Police and SOCA combined, staggering! I cannot help but feel this man must have some connection and something to hide, there is no other explanation for his utter devotion to Kate and Gerry McCann. I really wish some investigative journalist would so some proper digging on this man, but I suspect the police will know:-)))

Have not heard any more about David Payne lately have we?

Viv x

dylan said...

Hi all.

Docmac: Obviously some Brit is doing OK at the Olympics or something and you're all glued to it ---- do I detect some petulance here??? ;)

I'm not watching the games either as I'm more of a Tibet supporter and I think we should have pulled out, personally.

Viv, Di, Joe, Lindy, Stonemaid, Re the sightings; it's all getting quite ridiculous. For a start, the Dutch sighting said she had brown hair and the Belgian one, blonde. OK so I know there's time gap but it takes more than a year for dye to grow out.

Why on earth would abductors be parading Maddie around the streets, shops and banks etc.? That's just asking to be caught. Carrying around a banner saying "We've got Maddie, come and get us" wouldn't be more obvious than the most famous face of a little girl in the world.

I had a thought regarding the little girl in the shop. Kids have a wonderful imaginition and like to live in a pretend world at times. I wouldn't be surprised that if, because of the media frienzy that has surrounded this case, that there were more than one little girls who have pretended to Maddie without understanding the full seriousness of what the child is going through, so it's possible some kid might have said what was reported as some kind of play? Just a thought. On the other hand, it was probably all fabricated by pinky, perky and the big bad McWolf!

As for the LP, I tend to agree with Viv. We haven't heard a squeek from them so I think they're investigating somthing. If Doc and Joe are correct, it will be uncovered eventually and there would be civil uproar.


docmac said...


No petulance, no. I am a Brit too after all :-) Actually, if you do watch any of it and you want an eyeful look out for a SA swimmer by the name of Ryk Neethling. All the women here are besotted with him.

Well I am not here for the rest of the day. There are 2 fishing vessels stuck on the beach down the road from me and there appear to be a couple of tugs arriving so maybe they are going to try and refloat them. That should be quite exciting to watch.


docmac said...

PS just click 'images' at the top of the google home page and then type his name in. You'll see what I mean ;-))

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

If an abducted child was spotted then why are newspapers reporting it! It is the same old claptrap as before. If there were a grain of truth in these sightings the public would be kept totally ignorant of the fact they existed until they were fully investigated. I am fed up of hearing swarthy, shabby, not nice looking, Morrocan looking woman, spoke with stong French, Portuguese accent etc. My 8 year old could write a more believable script. All this nonsense coverage is so disrespectful to this child and all neglected and or missing children, it makes a mockery of them. It is especially disrespectful given where it is possibly emanating from. Go look for the missing child if you believe she is missing. Quietly!

Zodiac said...

Hi Docmac,

Had a peek at Ryk. Yes I agree he is yummy. Although I am 46 in a few months so a little young for me.

dylan said...

Flippin' heck, Doc! That Ryk is somethink else! Surely can't be real can he??!!

Zodiac, I agree totally. It's al so very wrong, somehow.

Off for the afternoon now. Girls on this blog, check out Doc's Ryk Neethlin - it's a must ;))))


Joe said...

Hi Viv,

Re your 01.52 post. You said,....

I think it is a risky business to suggest UK Police are behaving in such a corrupt way as you so clearly imply and can only say again that what other posters tell you on 3 As is not "evidence".

Viv x

In my last post I said that LP were acting odd and irregular, I did not say corrupt. I have not had any alternative explanations or suggestions as to why LP have behaved in such a fashion. I stand by my opinion and the LP so far appear to have supported the McCanns even when they were suspects. There may be a reason for all this but at the minute it is not transparent or maybe it is.

Wizard said...

The Portuguese judiciary say the McCanns were not neglectful in leaving their 3 young children alone night after night. As the McCanns abandonment of their children was in Portugal and, as far as we know, has never occurred in Britain no crime has been committed on British soil.

When next we hear of a single mother, who is unemployed and living in council accommodation and has been found to have left a child alone to go out on the town, could the McCanns’ case be used as a legal precedent by her defence? If not it should be as it is unjust to exonerate two middle class doctors of wrong doing but prosecute someone in difficult circumstances trying to cope on their own.

Justice should not be meted out according income and status it should be above this and been seen as a levelling ground for all who do wrong.

Zodiac said...

'When next we hear of a single mother, who is unemployed and living in council accommodation and has been found to have left a child alone to go out on the town, could the McCanns’ case be used as a legal precedent by her defence? If not it should be as it is unjust to exonerate two middle class doctors of wrong doing but prosecute someone in difficult circumstances trying to cope on their own.'

Wizard I agree with the above. Any lowlife who decides to leave their child/ren could use the McC case as a defence. However, I believe things would have been differenet if the McC's did not have the donated money.

mandarinn said...

Good evening all

Ryk Neethlin is a joy to the eyes. Thank you for tell us

bath theory said...

money, money, money .... it's a rich man's world.

bath theory said...

On McCann files, another interview with Amaral.

...In September 2007, the investigation, Portuguese and British police, reached the conclusion that Maddie had died and that the parents were responsible and were involved in the crimes of hiding a body and simulating a kidnapping and potentially the crime of abandonment.

You have said that the child died when she fell from a sofa – why are you so sure of this?

First of all, there is strong evidence that Maddie is dead. When I left the case, the investigation was pointing at the sofa, due to the cadaver odour and blood tracked on the floor behind this piece of furniture.

Which are the clues that indicate that the McCanns simulated a kidnapping?

The thesis of the kidnapping was based upon two issues. The first, the testimony of Kate's friend Jane Tanner, who said she saw a man carrying a child, while none of the other witnesses mentioned this fact.

However, one of the suspects was the man recognized by Tanner, Robert Murat.

I involved him because of his behaviour. Later, Tanner said she recognized him during that night. And also according to statements from other friends in the group holidaying at Praia da Luz.

The second issue…

That Maddie's mother is the only person who says that the window was open. When she calls to the other members of the group, she goes out leaving her twins, exposing them once again, to danger. Further proof is Kate's finger prints that describe the movement when she opened the windows – we know that the window was cleaned the previous day -. However, Kate says she never opened the window. And most importantly, there were no signs of breaking in.

You have been under pressure from the McCann family lawyers.

I felt strong pressure from the British press. I think that nobody has ever seen such a tendentious campaign such as this one, with the sole purpose of denigrating the Portuguese police and myself.

After publishing the book, have you received any threats?

Before publishing it, I received some warnings. Afterwards, these became legal threats. In any case, I am not afraid, because this book presents only data and facts.

This week, the McCann's accused the Judicial Police of having withheld crucial information at the time you were Director, regarding a witness who said she had seen Madeleine last June.

It appears that the McCann family is playing their part defending the thesis of a kidnapping. The Dutch police evaluated this evidence, which proved to be ridiculous. We are aiding the marketing of a kidnapping which, obviously, does not fit within a modern law system.

Do you believe that what happened that night was an accident?

When I left the investigation, all evidence was leading us in that direction...'

NOTE : He clearly states that the British police as well as them believed that Madeleine had died and the conclusion was it involved the parents. So why is Clarence getting involved then? bearing in mind he knows all the family liasion officer details and phone taps that GCHQ would have done secretly on the group etc.

Di said...

Just checking out Doc's advice.

Try this Di. Copy the next paragraph and then just swap all my brackets for angle brackets and post it and you will see exactly how it works. this boat which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

docmac said...

Copy the SECOND paragraph and you'll have it spot on, Di. :-))))

Di said...

Hi Doc

Where is the second paragraph??

If you knew how long it has taken me to get this bit right so far, I am losing the will to live.. LOL

Must just say love the picture, obviously sad that the boat got beached!!

We have a very good friend who lived in Jo-Berg for 28 years and came back to UK 2 years ago because of family problems. He misses SA terribly. We love listening to his stories.

ratonthebeam said...

{a href = "http://www.ebay.co.uk"}this will make a link when you replace the brackets{/a}

You need to copy the above but replace the {} with <>

Good luck!

docmac said...

Have a look at (a href="http://firstaid29.googlepages.com/Boatsonthebeach02.jpg")this boat(/a) which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

The above is the paragraph. Now change the brackets as before.

We were there all afternoon again. The tide was too low, so they are still there. Got some great new pics too, as there was quite a swell crashing over the other one.

Watch out, I'm going to post another link this evening. Something those paranoid types on the other side would never do. A picture of my youngest from yesterday... He's gorgeous!

Di said...

This is worse than being at school LOL :o)))

this will make a link when you replace the brackets

Di said...

this boat which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

The above is the paragraph. Now change the brackets as before.

docmac said...

Thanks, Rat. It's quite hard to explain in writing, is it not?

If I type

(a href="http://firstaid29.googlepages.com/CeceliaForest_24.JPG")This is the picture(/a)

and then replace those brackets with angled ones, this is what you will see:

This is the picture

Di, lol! The words FOLLOWING this sentence (in bold) is the paragraph:

Have a look at (a href="http://firstaid29.googlepages.com/Boatsonthebeach02.jpg")this boat(/a) which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

Di said...


Have I just not reposted the same link??



confused dot com :o))

Di said...

Have a look at this boat which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

Monday, 11 August 2008 19:26:00 o'clock BST

Di said...


Are you teasing me, it is the same picture lol...

Di said...


Is that your son??

What a cutie..

docmac said...

Di, what what you type between > and (/a), using angle brackets, is what appears in blue, and if clicked will take one to the link specified between the inverted commas. Outside of that you can type anything you like.

So as Rat demonstrated, I could type the following:

If you want to visit eBay go to (a href="insert eBay's URL here")click here(/a).

Now change the brackets. What will appear will be

If you want to visit eBay click here. The "click here" will appear in blue and be clickable.

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

Hope you are all ok???

I can get in here now without signing in is that right???


ratonthebeam said...

You did it Di!!!!!!

unfortunately we can't write it exactly write or it makes a link rather than demonstrating what to do :(

docmac said...

Di that was perfect at 19.30. Have a look at this boat which ran aground near my house a few days ago is EXACTLY what you wanted to appear.
Now go back to all the brackety and inverted comma stuff and you will see how it worked!! Replace the URL with, for example a URL of the DM, then replace 'this boat' with whatever you like.

You did not have to copy the date :-)))

Di said...

Hi Hope

The site has been opened up again to all.

Welcome to the lesson of the day. How to make a link and with Docs patience I am finally beginning to understand :o))

Thanks Doc & ROTB

docmac said...

Ja, Di. Better looking than Ryk Neetling, just like his daddy, lolol!!!

Di said...

HARD WORK CAN I HAVE A GLASS OF WINE NOW which ran aground near my house a few days ago.

Di said...

Oh no the link did not work!!!

Di said...

What have I done wrong??

ratonthebeam said...

{a href = "http://needfullurlinhere.com"} where's my wine?! {/a}

looks like your URL in the "quotes" wasn't quite right. Try again, it's almost there!

Di said...

click here.

Di said...

Sorry everyone for taking up so much time, hopefully it will benefit us all.

Thanks ROTB

Di said...

where's my wine?!

hope4truth said...


Thanks I missed that bit...

You are doing really well I will have a look back later and see if I can learn how to do it :o)


Di said...

Hi Hope

Off now to watch corie. I don't know where I have gone wrong but will look back in the morning when my brain has recovered.

Many thanks DOC & ROTB for your patience. I am not quite sure what the answer is, Can I phone a friend??

Enjoy your evening see you all tomorrow.

ratonthebeam said...

which site did you want to link to di, just give us the name of the site and i will demonstrate? we will get there in the end! :-)

hope4truth said...


At least you are linking to something xxx

docmac said...

Hi, got sidetracked earlier. It would seem there is little happening on this quiet Monday evening. Except in Georgia that is :-(

Anyway here's something for you all to get your Tuesday going with a smile. Perhaps someone could tell it to Vlad Putin. Unfortunately he seems to lack any sense of humour. But then Bush Jr appears to lack a brain. How do these superpowers end up with such leaders? Why do people vote for them? Oh, sorry, I forgot. They didn't.


DR. PHIL: The problem we have here is that this chicken won't realise that he must first deal with the problem on 'THIS' side of the road before he goes after the problem on the 'OTHER SIDE' of the road. What we need to do is help him realise how stupid he's acting by not taking on his 'CURRENT' problems before adding 'NEW' problems.

OPRAH: Well, I understand that the chicken is having problems, which is why he wants to cross this road so bad. So instead of having the chicken learn from his mistakes and take falls, which is a part of life, I'm going to give this chicken a car so that he can just drive across the road and not live his life like the rest of the chickens.

GEORGE W. BUSH: We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either with us or against us. There is no middle ground here.

COLIN POWELL: Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road.

DR SEUSS: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I've not been told.

ERNEST HEMINGWAY: To die in the rain. Alone.

GRANDPA: In my day we didn't ask why the chicken crossed the road. Somebody told us the chicken crossed the road, and that was good enough.

JOHN LENNON: Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing roads together, in peace.

ARISTOTLE: It is the nature of chickens to cross the road.

BILL GATES: I have just released eChicken2007, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your chick book. Internet Explorer is an integral part of eChicken. This new platform is much more stable and will never cra...#*&&^(C% ........ reboot.

ALBERT EINSTEIN: Did the chicken really cross the road, or did the road move beneath the chicken?

BILL CLINTON: I did not cross the road with THAT chicken. What is your definition of chicken?

COLONEL SANDERS: Did I miss one?

Goodnight and sleep well.

viv said...

Hiya all

Ah learning how to post links, well I just cannot believe some people do not even know how to do that or have the wit to learn, those people (or indeed a certain person) should remain nameless or Supertroll will have a field day:-))))))

Joe, I am afraid I still cannot see how the LP have behaved oddly or in defence of the McCanns. They want to keep the details of the investigation confidential so that it would not ultimately prejudice a fair trial or allow the McCanns to procure further false evidence to exculpate themselves. Do you think they explained to the press and Dr Shipman what they were investigating! The Portuguese Police asked for help in July and we sent the leading expert in searching for bodies etc who then recommended bringing the sniffer dogs in who then produced the major evidence against the McCanns, now that was not exactly helping the McCanns was it? Then the Chief Constable went to court against the McCanns to protest that he would not disclose information from the investigation and he won, so that was not helping the McCanns, then Stuart Prior and others went to Portugal to request that that information remained confidential and also details about paedophiles under investigation. Again that is definitely not helping the McCanns it very clearly demonstrates they continue to investigate them and do not want that information in the public domain or the McCann and their lawyers hands. The legal procedure in UK is very strict, the defence do not get the evidence until after the suspects have been charged. If they got it before then they would have a very clear advantage and it would prejudice ongoing police enquiries.

If you were to protest that Judge Frias and the Appeal Court Judge in Portugal had been helpful to the McCanns by refusing to allow the police access to phone records etc then I could understand that! There is simply no evidence that our own police have done anything at all to help the McCanns, very much on the contrary, we have produced the worst evidence against them, from the sniffer dogs and the samples they located. It was this evidence that conclusively proved that Madeleine had died and enabled the PJ to categorically state, as they have, there simply was no abduction.

To someone with a lengthy background in criminal law, as I have this all points one way and this is why the McCanns continue to seriously panic and make public declarations etc. If, what they suggest were to actually be true, the PJ had completely exonerated them and what you say were true the LP are protecting them, then what on earth could they have to fear, they would be laughing, but they are not, are they!

Viv x

viv said...

Maybe I should just qualify that by saying that they were laughing PDL up until about the end of July, after that, and particularly in September something seriously wiped the smile of their faces and Kate does not seem to go jogging now!

So in the immediate aftermath of losing Madeleine they were very happy, but when they realised the police, simply did not believe them, we start to see the grim faces and they still look very grim and do not even want to bother to look at a bank video. Understandable really anyone knows that banks have lots of CCTV!


docmac said...

Oh, hello Viv

I'm here to switch off. I still disagree with you about the LP, but I won't argue. I've seen the size of you on a pic at ST and you have probably seen how small I am too :-)))) I'm not that much of a risk-taker.

Hope you liked the pic of MacJunior. Looks more like his daddy every day ;-))

Night night x.

viv said...

Oh Hiya Doc, I thought I had scared everyone off, you are incorrigible, just like me:-)))

The thing is Doc, how can you have a team of 30 officers working on a case and say to them, now look chaps we are investigating the McCanns but we are not, such a suggestion really sounds rather ludicrous to me. I think it is far more likely they need further evidence to nail them and they are working on getting it. Just like the wife killer in Spain, as soon as they have a case, they will charge them right here in the UK. The PJ have done as much as they possibly can and this is our jurisdiction:-)))

Your baby is stunning but he looks just like his gorgeous mom!


docmac said...

Feck off :-))))))

Night love, we'll banter about the cops another day. I need warm pillow over the head time.

viv said...


Well I could kill Supertroll getting that naked pic of me on top of you like that, wicked woman, I have to say Doc and fear the answer, does my arse look big in that pic?

Maybe I should print the pic of her that someone sent me:-))))


ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Viv

A poster on 3A is of the opinion that:

Rosiepops, Assassin, Muse, S, Shano, Supertroll are all one of the same.

Check out the avatar in these links
cache:GO ... cd=1&gl=uk




.php?n ... name=shona

What do you think?

viv said...

Now if you dont start agreeing with me I will put a warm pillow over your head and then sit on it with my huge arse and you would not stand a chance:-)))

Well, if I was Stuart Prior I would not lose my lusty police pension as a superintendent for a skinny broad like Kate and a bloke who can pull faces as ugly as Gezza, just my opinion of course but you must agree with me Doc because I said so:-)))))


docmac said...


Nice to see you about. I think there are a couple of names missing there. Goodnight to you too.


viv said...


Someone kept emailing me saying that and sent me some pictures of her too, it was not a pretty sight lol x

I still think Rosie/Supertroll is quite evil and filty minded enough to be Gezza in person


docmac said...

The answer that you fear is yes, Viv. Get that badunkadunk down to the gym pronto. Give me a call in 18 months.

That's it, gone..

viv said...

Hiya Doc

Well it is a badun and in between blogging I am walking around the room on it, trying to bounce some of it off, a trick I learned at keep fit some years back, but I will get Luke to check the floorboards, otherwise that will be more jobs I have to pay for!

When I phone you in 18 months, we can have a chat about how good Stuart Prior is:-)))


Stonemaid said...

Loved the chicken crossing the road story!!! Thanks Doc!!

viv said...

Hiya Stonemaid!

Blimy I just checked one of those linkis for psychopops that ICTOAN posted and one of them was a dieting thread and Gina was on it, funny how you get a mental pic of people and sometimes it is even right. Maybe I should join too or triple the thyroxine for a quick result but no sleep:-)))

viv said...

What infuriating rubbish, he sat looking at her for 29-30 minutes and is a wealthy businessman but never thought to use his phone, uncanny the way they all have to get back to England....Probably coincidence but I have noticed Sussex frequently comes up on Supertrolls feedjit map...he lives on his boat, oh dear!

There is a distinct smell of abuse about this case IMO and it gets stronger and stronger.

Viv x

From Gerry's favourite rag, The News of the World, an odd choiceof paper I think for consultant, could it be their propensity for getting confused between fact and fiction, surely something Gerry would find appealing.

Witness was sure restaurant girl was Maddie but feared causing a scene

By Ross Hall, 10/08/2008

A VITAL new witness in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has told cops: “I saw Maddie. I know it was her—I saw the unique blemish in her eye.”

Businessman Trevor Francis is certain he spotted the missing five-year-old in Venezuela just WEEKS ago. Because of the remarkable eye detail, Gerry and Kate McCann regard this as one of the most significant sightings.

Trevor, who swears he spotted Madeleine McCann in the Caribbean just weeks ago, has told of the haunting moment he saw the tell-tale blemish in her eye.

In a dramatic statement to police back in the UK yacht skipper Trevor Francis, 64, said the girl was with three women in a restaurant on the Venezuelan island of Margarita.

I'M CERTAIN: Witness Trevor
He recalled: “Her eyes met mine as I walked past and that’s when I saw the little blemish in her right eye—it was like a little fleck.”

And he added: “I wanted to grab her or shout out her name and see what reaction I would get.

“But I was afraid to do anything and cause a scene. . . a huge ruckus would have erupted and it could have made things worse.

“I decided to get a good look to make sure it was her so I could come back to England and report it.”

Unlike all other reported sightings, fresh witness Trevor is the FIRST to get a clear view of the unique blemish matching Madeleine’s eye.

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell last night said the detail of his description was very significant.

He added: “The investigation team are looking into this seriously. The eye makes it potentially more serious than other sightings.”

Our revelation climaxes a week in which the Portuguese police case files were released, highlighting reported sightings across the world since Madeleine went missing from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz a year ago. Many have already been discredited or ruled out.

But now the McCanns’ private investigators are making urgent enquiries into the Margarita connection. Caribbean islands are on a regular sailing route from Portugal

Divorced dad of two Mr Francis, 64, built and owns a nursing home in Worthing, West Sussex, but spends most of his time on his five-bedroom yacht Northern Seas based in Margarita.

On a recent trip home to check on business interests he made a detailed hand-written statement to Sussex cops revealing he’s certain he saw Madeleine on May 16 this year in the Lugar de Equenter restaurant in the town of Porlamar.

“I was in there having some lunch,” said Trevor. “There was lots of light and nothing to obstruct my view.

“The door opened and three females with a little girl came in. They sat down at a table opposite me about 20 feet away. At first I did not take any notice as I was having trouble with my order. Then I glanced back and noticed the little girl was white with fair hair.

She really stood out
“There are sometimes white children in Venezuela but not as fair as this child. She really stood out. I was transfixed.

“She was the absolute image of the missing Madeleine McCann with chin-length straight fair hair, about four years old, a pretty girl.

“What I noticed most prominently were her eyes—they were big and staring. I shuffled in my seat so I could see ‘Madeleine’ clearly. I didn’t pay much attention to the three women because I was concentrating on the little girl.

“However from what I saw I would say that they were all of Spanish/South American origin.

“Female ‘1’ I can describe as being heavily built, dark short bobbed hair. Female ‘2’ had bleached platinum blonde hair, with a slim build.

“The third had long black hair, she was heavily built. They were late 30s to early 40s. They weren’t very pretty. They seemed to be local women as they didn’t hesitate at finding a table when they came in and they seemed to know the waiters. One of the women was trying to feed the girl what looked like some sort of pasta dish.

“Although the girl looked healthy and well cared for, she was very sullen looking and refused to eat anything. Something just didn’t fit. She looked unhappy and out of place.

“The women were talking amongst themselves and at the little girl. I couldn’t understand, they were speaking in Spanish.

“The little girl wasn’t saying anything, I watched her for about 20-30 minutes and decided to get a close look as I left the restaurant. Then I was four to five feet away.”

That was the dramatic moment Trevor spotted the tiny eye blemish. He said: “I haven’t been in England for all of the press coverage and updates about Madeleine McCann but I have seen photos of her on the news. From what I saw that day I am about 85 per cent certain that it was in fact Madeleine McCann.”

The eye blemish — often referred to as the “mark of Madeleine”—has formed a key part in the campaign to highlight her disappearance. It is played up prominently on posters and videos. It is actually what doctors call a coloboma—or defect—of the iris. Figures suggest it occurs in only about 0.007 per cent of the population.

Witness Trevor’s son Ben, 22, of Worthing told us last night: “My dad is a very serious, credible and intelligent man. He’s not the sort of person who would make things up. And he’d certainly never lie about something like this.”

Meanwhile, dozens of specialist police were drafted into Brussels yesterday after a bank security guard reported he saw a girl resembling her on Monday. He spoke out after case files revealed Scotland Yard had warned the child could have been stolen to order for a Belgian paedophile gang.

As detectives studied the CCTV pictures from the KBC bank in the rundown immigrant Molenbeek district, other officers trained in search techniques joined the hunt.

A spokesman said: “We’re taking this very seriously. House-to-house searches have started, and numerous people are being spoken to. We’re determined to establish exactly who the little girl in the CCTV images is.”

viv said...

so hang on a minute, he saw her in May and waited until he needed to come home for "business" reasons in August to report it. What an upstanding and helpful citizen he is!!

The police should round these maniacs up and I have a feeling they will, in time, but there are a lot of them and they are all over the world, hanging out on yachts in Margarita etc. not an easy task!

I will not say anymore about what I think of this man, I am sure people can use their imagination!

Viv x

bath theory said...

The point is many many people think this is a PR charade and that the parents were involved. Professionals who have been at the heart of this case from Britain and Portugal think so too. However, it is difficult to fight money, contacts and people who can shift as these two can. Yet, time will tell and as said before things have a funny way of rising to the surface. Madeleine is the only victim here.

Di said...

Good morning eveyone

I see the father of the child seen on CCTV in Brussels has come forward and his daughter has been ruled out.

One down how many more to go I wonder!!

ratonthebeam said...

CLARENCE MITCHELL : This latest sighting of the chicken will be enhanced by our FBI trained artist and passed to our Private Investigators. Please keep the money coming for the Great Chicken Hunt. PayPal or money in plain brown envelopes will do.

Joe said...

Hi Viv,
In reply to your post last night re the LP. I will respectfully have to disagree with you, lets not fall out over a disagreement in opinion, and I stress opinion.

Just one final thought or question, why would the LP leave the Madeline McCann link to the Madeline fund/find Madeline on the LP website if they too believed like the PJ that Madeline is dead?????

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Sadly I am PMSL.

'“My dad is a very serious, credible and intelligent man. He’s not the sort of person who would make things up. And he’d certainly never lie about something like this.”'

What is credible about the article the snippet above is taken from.

The child the man thinks he saw had been missing for a year so he waits another 3 months before reporting who he thinks he has seen. Has he bever heard of a phone, e-mail etc! What a load of cobblers the UK press/media report. A year later this little girl looks exactly what she looked liked before she was 'taken' don't think so. So these evil horrible looking people are slapping the factor 60 on her are they. Poor little kid when is she going to be shown some respect. The more this type of idiotic reporting continues the true colours of certain folk are shown.

Viv I hope you are right re LP.

Joe said...


Did we ever doubt that the child would be identified or ruled out last year by the PJ? Now will the stupid Mirror, Mail, Star etc apologise for their xenophobic editorials and articles? These scurrilous articles have served their purpose and the 48 questions have gone into history. There is more truth in childrens comics.

bath theory said...

Suprise Suprise. Yahoo is now reporting this ...


...A possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Belgium has been ruled out, the Belgian authorities said.

The father of a young blonde girl captured on CCTV in Brussels on August 4 came forward on Monday night to explain that his daughter was not the missing girl.

Lieve Pellens, spokeswoman for the Belgian federal prosecutor's office, said: "He saw this picture and obviously for him it was very easy recognising the girl accompanied by a woman in a veil."

She added: "It's her nanny - she is a young Moroccan woman who is qualified to look after children and works in a care centre."

The news will be a blow to Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, who had hoped the Brussels sighting would provide the breakthrough they have been awaiting for more than 15 months.

CCTV images of the potential sighting in the western Molenbeek suburb of Brussels show the woman walking down the street hand-in-hand with the child.

And a security guard at a branch of the KBC Bank reportedly overheard the girl say to the adult in English, "Can we go back now?"

The McCanns were shown the grainy security camera footage but could not rule out the possibility that the child might be their daughter.

Their private detectives followed up the report with the help of investigators in Brussels and video enhancement experts in the US.

Belgian police planned to show the CCTV footage on national television if nobody came forward to explain the sighting. But Ms Pellens said it had turned out that the four-year-old girl was the "ordinary Belgian daughter of an ordinary Belgian citizen"...

WELL, WELL IMAGINE THAT. IT ISN'T HER. ME THINKS THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR NOW - It is never too late to tell the truth. Whatever you are hiding please show respect to Madeleine and do the decent human thing. Speak out and tell the naked truth of that holiday

bath theory said...

The news was so important to them that they flew on a private jet to Belgium to investigate. Oops no they didn't do that did they but they got on a private jet to swan it up with the Pope. Why is that then ?

docmac said...

Yeah, and a young Belgian girl spoke to her Moroccan nanny in English? The witness is a liar. This sighting, as I'm sure the majority are, was a set-up. It must be suspected that money changed hands.

As for the millionaire businessman, for half an hour he sits watching a girl that he believes is Madeleine. Then he gets up and wends his way back to England? Or maybe, just like the Tapas lot, he did not have his mobile with him.

viv said...

Hiya all

Our press have been so xeonophobic and biased towards the McCanns it is not beyond the imagination to think they have a hand in all these false sightings, just so they can keep writing about the gruesome twosome. They have no respect for the life and death of a beautiful little girl. They had no respect for the life and death of Princess Di, all they respected was the fact that even in death she could continue to earn literally millions for newspapers. If there is one thing the press love and will actively encourage it is a story they can just keep writing about no matter how absurd or tasteless it is.

I agree with other posters what a pity sweet Madeleine cannot be allowed to rest in peace, her parents and British newspapers have other ideas. For that they deserve to be reviled.

Joe, I would never fall out with anyone over their opinion. LP have been entirely non-committal so they do not give the press anything at all to write about. If they did not include the link to the McCanns site as they have so obviously been requested to that would encourage speculation they think the McCanns are guilty. Very properly they do not want any speculation at all, they just want to get on with the job they are paid to do.

Hiya Zodiac, we have just arrested a man who murdered his wife in Spain two years ago, having worked very closely with the Spanish Police who are looking for the body. I can think of no good reason why the same will not happen here. There can be no doubt in the minds of any police officer that the McCanns are responsible for the death and disposal of little Madeleine but they need to evidence that beyond reasonable doubt. This is what they continue to work on and why they do not want the information in the public domain or even more importantly in the hands of McCanns and their liars, manipulators and lawyers etc.

It is an absolute disgrace that police time the world over continues to be wasted on these false sightings and I would certainly give them extra time for this if I were the judge at the end of the day. They have always demonstrated the most callous disregard for their own little girl, a child who other people have shed tears over and searched for, while Kate sat on her bed on her mobile. People are never going to forget this no matter how long it takes the police to unravel this case.

Viv x

bath theory said...

As I mentioned the other day a close family member who is a lawyer indicated how footballers keep stories out of papers and drop stories they want. It is a simple ages old device. answer: What replaced the barter system ? That is why the fraud guys are involved isn't it.

bath theory said...

What is that ABBA song again. I work all night I work all day ... ?

Stonemaid said...

Well, it looks like the Spanish police have found the body of Mrs Heard....somewhere not too far from Costa Blanca (Nancy's neck of the woods!!)

Police in Spain have discovered a body which is believed to be that of a British woman whose husband has been charged with her murder, detectives said.

Warwickshire Police said the remains were thought to be those of Patricia Heard, a 58-year-old who was reported missing from her home in Spain in July 2006.

A force spokesman confirmed that the body had been found in the Pego region, inland from the Costa Blanca.

Media reports said the body was found by Spanish Civil Guards buried under rocks near a picnic site close to the popular resort of Javea.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: "Detectives working with police in Spain have found the body of a woman, believed to be Mrs Patricia Heard.

"A post-mortem examination is due to be conducted in Spain."

Mrs Heard, formerly of Bedworth, near Coventry, was reported missing from her home address in Oliva, Spain, shortly after she emigrated with her husband Allen.

Allen Heard, also formerly of Bedworth, was charged earlier this month with the murder of his wife and perverting the course of justice.

The 62-year-old was remanded in custody by magistrates in Nuneaton and is due to appear at Warwick Crown Court on Friday.

docmac said...

See Rosiepops now signs itself Rosiepoopsdildooopsnoman. Rosiepops_dildo_oops_noman.

Caring, compassionate, loving grandmother who is so offended by everything anyone else says? I don't think so. What decent woman talks this way? I think it needs only water and sunlight to survive.

viv said...

Hiya Stonemaid

What excellant news that just over two years from his foul deed this poor woman has come back to have her last say and ensure he pays the price for his wicked deed.

On that time scale, in the McCann case, this time next year we should have a result!

Viv x

viv said...

Indeed Doc, protozoan, horrible thought something like that exists in my lovely pond.

I refuse to believe that any woman could talk in such a foul and disgusting way or search filthy sites on the internet looking for the ludest pictures to exemplify such hatred of others.

Viv x

bath theory said...

By the way guys and girls do you think it is time I changed my name from bath theory to sofa theory or should I stay as BT instead of ST. I feel BT represents the journey we have had in striving in our own little way to keep the voice of Madeleine heard ie The Naked Truth told.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I think your present identity is very apt considering that Payne apparently visited the appartment at bath time.

Joe said...

The letter below is from the letters page of the Daily Mail( I hasten to add I did not purchase the rag). what is has stopped the likes of the gutter press or any of the papers from investigating instead of blaming the PJ and by inference the Portuguese people. Start with the 48 questions to K McCann IMO.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is some kind of need to tarnish & taint the reality behind the whole investigation of Madeleine´s disappearance. The way the Portuguese legal & investigative system is portrayed, can basically be summed up to what the English press calls "THE KEYSTONE COPS" investigation. Is it really necessary to discredit & describe well educated & hard working people as "idiots". The CSI, PJ & GNR have all received training & are not stupid enough to go into the field & ruin whatever evidence they can gather. It is evident enough that there was foul play in this whole ordeal stemming from a very mysterious & conspicuous situation that various people involved wish to cover up ! So who do we blame, oh yes, I know the small country who still lives in the stone ages, attempting to rub two stones in order to create fire, that´s right this is how we´re portrayed! Give me a break! Stop attempting to brow beat the Portuguese authorities & start investigating yourselves!

- Sandra Ferreira, Lisbon, 12/8/2008 10:10

docmac said...

Viv, how far do you live from Nuneaton? Do you know what the local rag there is? Would be interesting to if see the local press draw any parallels between that case and the McCann one.

The main one being that it IS possible to hide a body near a popular tourist resort without dumping it at sea. An adult's body too, and near a picnic site. And nobody smelt anything. Hmmm.

I meant 'a plant' by the way, but protozoan will do ;-)

BT, BT could conceivably also be an abbreviation for bathtime and it is suspected that something sinister occurred around this period on May 3rd. Your screen name is very apt IMO.

docmac said...

BTW BT, I don't remember that ABBA song, but I remember the Monty Python one. How did that go again?

'I sleep all night and I jog all day'.

mandarinn said...

Good evening all.
It was reported today in TVI how Metodo3 and Briand Russel ( the same who flew to Portugal to offer RM a job )asked a meeting with PJ ( (Paulo Rebelo)to give infermation the revelead to be all false clues.
It is absolutly astonishing...It is a question that any people who is not gullibleis : why so many people look interested in damage the investigation and make the police waste time? it looks something bigger than maccnas interests.. only IMO.
JOE the same newspaers that insult portugese people publish news of british tourists abroad. They don't look that civilized, many british citizens coment they feel ashamed of that.
IMO these tabloids are manipulated and only want sell paper, , useless paper...

atardi said...

When will this stop?

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...


You are absolutely right. The gutter press have created a xenophobia amongst the gullible readers who believe everthing that is printed. It is disgusting. The lady form Lisbon who wrote the great letter IMO that I posted earlier sums it up perfectly. "solve it themselves" she suggests.

Only that might bring closure, the fund, the sightings, gutter press sales etc. Its better to keep the pink stink going, all to cover up or distract and make a load of money as well, all IMO of course.

mandarinn said...

Joe you are right concerning the media and mccan's fund but...something very odd proporcionate had proporcionate thes.
The big question is: what is behind this cover up?

mandarinn said...

you How come someone believe the kidnapper walking that wideworkld known child all over the world in very public places?

atardi said...

Hi Docmac,

You have a beautiful son.


No need to change your name.
Like ICTOAN said DP arrived during Kate's bathtime. She had to put a towel on.

atardi said...


There is no one who believes these sightings.

But I think there is nothing else they can do to convince people that Madeleine is still alive. So they have to create sightings in public places.

bath theory said...

Docmac will e-mail you tomorrow

docmac said...

Hi Atardi,

But did she put a towel around the kids? More importantly, was DP even there that evening? When interviewed later he said he could not remember what Kate was wearing! I would certainly have recalled my 'best mate's' wife being clad in only a towel. Very strange that.

Thank you for your kind words too.

docmac said...



bath theory said...

PS I think I saw a big fat cheque coming my way this evening.

Did I

1) Win the lottery
2) Win an Olympic gold medal
3) Get a phone call from a former friend in Amsterdam asking me to do something to help cover up a heinous crime.

bath theory said...

Hi Doc
Where is D.Payne at the moment. Can't your doctor contacts find out which hospital he is registered against and whether he really is working as a Dr at the moment.

docmac said...

BT that is not something I will discuss here if you don't mind ;-)

bath theory said...

Well bedtime for me

docmac said...

Goodnight BT and everyone else too. I am also going to hit that sack now. Atardi jy het digitale pos.

viv said...

Hiya all

Doc, this is the local newspaper report concerning Mrs Heard's murder, absolutely no parallel being drawn but clearly there is one! It is of course quite unusual for this to happen but does demonstrate that whenever it does we always prosecute the perpetrator. The last case I am aware of aside from this one being in 2005. Of course it is not that unusual for a problem family to have rather extreme problems whilst on holiday, we always used to say we dreaded going back to work after christmas there would be so many new cases!
Peak season for domestic violence!

and violence in general which goes well with alcohol or not so well really ...)!)


BT I do not think Madeleine even got out of her day clothes! She certainly never went to bed, that is for sure. It would seem she died in the living room and got moved to the McCanns bedroom. I fear what the twins may have witnessed. Not wishing to have them debriefed could have been another reason to stay in Portugal! I think our own police would have had psychologists working with them with dolls and pictures.

Viv x

viv said...


Payne is a surgeon, not a doctor and it would seem has been working as an academic researcher at Leics Uni for some years.

I agree with Doc in relation to other matters, not a good idea!

Viv x

hope4truth said...


Viv it is indeed chilling to think about what the twins may have witnessed not really thought about that before and as you say no doubt they would have been seen back home...

It is strange how we have been told by the McCann's that the Twins thought they were still on holiday, they talked about Madeleine but they did not realise what was going on then being told they talked about finding the Monster that took her. I wonder if they have had any counceling at all poor little things were old enough to understand and with the circus going on around them need to make sense of it...

Poor childern Neglected and left with family or put back in the Creche with strangers and not so their parents could search but so they could jog and meet the pope...


Di said...

Good morning all

I don't know whether you have seen this posted on 3A's by pjreis, have people no shame.

A tourist that was at the Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, took several pictures where the table with the McCann and their friends is visible. The tourist was with his wife and another couple and they took pictures from each other, with the McCann table in the background (before=on second plan).

The owner of the pictures is negotiating with several British newspapers to sell the rights for an exclusive publication, but with a condition: before being published, the pictures must be sent to the Portuguese police. The tourist is well aware that the pictures may have important evidence related with a crime and not sending it to police is considered also a crime, in his country (...)

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Di said...

It would appear the McCann's are desperate to get hold of these pictures!!

A tourist that was at the Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, took several pictures where the table with the McCann and their friends is visible. The tourist was with his wife and another couple and they took pictures from each other, with the McCann table on the background.

The owner of the pictures is negotiating with several British newspapers to sell the rights for an exclusive publication, but with a condition: before being published, the pictures must be sent to the Portuguese police. The tourist is well aware that the pictures may have important evidence related with a crime and not sending it to police is considered also a crime, in his country.

Yesterday, a well known legal office from UK knew about the existence of those pictures and contacted the owner, offering to buy all pictures for 600,000 Euros. But the British lawyers didn't accept the condition set by the owner – that the pictures should be sent to the Portuguese police, just before the transaction. The lawyers' office wanted to be free to choose the moment when the pictures would be send to Portuguese authorities, so the offer was refused by the tourist.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Version Française

Stonemaid said...

Hello Di

I am totally gobsmacked!! Why now anyway - why not over a year ago? Surely he hasn't had a film in his camera for that length of time and only just discovered it?

Does anyone use film any more?!


dylan said...

Good morning to you all!

Hope - It is a chilling thought isn't it?

Di - I bet the McCanns want to get their hand on those pictures.....and destroy them! I hope the tourists have copies.

From Atardi's link last night (from The Sun):
"It is disappointing news but they have been in this position before and the hunt for Madeleine will continue. Every sighting raises awareness which is a good thing. When it is in people’s minds they are looking out for her which is what we need.”

That last sentence could be read one of two ways if you catch my drift!!

I hope you are all well. I've been a bit busy last few days and haven't had time to post. Still, it's nice to be busy with the kids again :)))


Di said...


I wonder why when the PJ asked for all tourists to hand their holiday pictures into the police, this particular group didn't. They obviously did not care about helping to find Madeleine. Making money was their only objective, it is absolutely disgusting. I hope they are made to hand the pictures to the PJ.

dylan said...

Di - yes. I hope they are. These photos could be key to the enquiry. As far as I know, I don't think there are any images about of the Tapas lot on that night.


Di said...

Off out now see you all later.

Have a good day.

Cláudia said...

Hi, all!
Back from my holiday, directly to work, work, work. Have a translation deadline. Haven't been near a computer while I was away but managed to buy some newspapers and was informed by phone of the most interesting details. And just before the files were made public, a very good friend told me that there was going to be a Madeleine sighting kind of tour. He was right. As always.
Good to be back. :-)
Viv, belated birthday wishes to you and L.

Joe said...

I just posted on Claudia's blog re the alleged 24 photos, if true and may prove illuminating.

On the other hand one has to question where these photos were for the last year and the PJ knew nothing about them? Now the owner wants the PJ to have them, as well as the papers? Hmmm! Could it be manipulation by Pinky as surely some of the Tapas 9 group would have taken photos? Maybe its one of them? If so, the photos may be of benefit to the Tapas or perhaps they will reveal nothing just photos of the evening, insignificant at the time but worth a lot now to the media after what transpired that evening.

mandarinn said...

Good afternoon all!!
Well come back Claudia, I'm glad you had a good vacation , i miss you here.
BTW it looks very odd those 24 pictures only be known now... hummmm

dylan said...

Welcome back Claudia! I hope you had a lovely time:))))

Joe, I can't think why on earth the photos were witheld for a year but I'm trying not to be too sceptical. If they were taken on a digital camera with time and dates on them it could blow the whole checking times out of the water. If that's the case then they are direct evidence and should never have been witheld for a a whole year. The fact that they want money for them sucks and if they are published in the papers, I think that could prejudice the info that they contain. Viv could maybe confirm? In that instance, sending them to the PJ would be a waste of time.


Cláudia said...

Thanks, guys. Good to be back! :-)

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Welcome back Claudia.

'I sleep all night and I jog all day'.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008 21:55:00 o'clock BST
Docmac is that same song with these lyrics:

'Other people my bills they pay'.

You have lovely little boy, Docmac.

Stonemaid said...

For anyone who hasn't seen the CCTV footage of some of the Tapas lot, here is a link from 3As:


The McTeflons were picking up their children from the creche (allegedly)!

Very nice to see you back Claudia and glad you had a good holiday.


Wizard said...

Hi all I was just reading Joana Morais and today gives us the .Anatomy of a badly told story' from the blog of Frederico Duarte Carvalho a journalist and author. I copy this below – it certainly gives food for thought if accurate. Apologies if you have already seen it.

“There is still so much to discover inside the process”, I was told a few days ago by the former coordinator of the PJ, Gonçalo Amaral, when together with João Vasco Almeida, I interviewed him for “Focus” – see the edition of tomorrow, the 13th. The author of the book “Maddie – Truth of the Lie” (140 thousand copies sold and foreseen translations for Spain and Germany) gave us what was the first interview after the case left the premises of the judicial secrecy. So, the former coordinator accepted to look to the computer where we had the DVD with the process open, and pointed his finger at the moment where the fatal contradiction of the witness statements by some of the main players in the night when the alert to the disappearance of the English girl in Praia da Luz was raised, is registered: “No member of the media has ever crossed those depositions”, Gonçalo Amaral said to us.

It is all in the first of the 17 volumes, which run to 4713 pages. It was the contradiction between the initial statement from Jane Tanner, a marketing manager, and the one from her companion, doctor Russell O’Brian, that raised the suspicions that the marketing manager might be lying when she said she had seen an alleged abductor carrying a child. This happened as early as the 4th of May, within the first hours after the disappearance.

Russell O’Brian, a doctor and Jane Tanner’s husband, worked directly with Madeleine’s father, Gerry McCann, for six months. They became fathers at approximately the same time, as Russell’s older daughter is just one month older than Madeleine. When the witness statements from Gerry, Jane and Russell were crossed, the PJ’s investigators realized that “the story was badly told”.

According to Gerry McCann’s witness statement, which was registered in the PJ’s offices at 11.15 a.m. on the 4th of May 2007, fourteen hours after the facts, it can be verified that Madeleine’s father left the ‘Tapas’ restaurant approximately half an hour after he arrived there. Before him, another member of the holiday group, Matthew Oldfield, had already checked the windows and confirmed that they were closed and that all the children in the group should be sleeping. When Matthew returned to the group, he communicated it to those who were present. At that same moment, Gerry got up and went for a new verification. That would have been at 9.05 p.m. Madeleine’s father entered the apartment with the key, went to his children’s room, verified that the twins were well, just like his older daughter. Gerry then went to the toilet, where he stated he remained for a few instants. He left and crossed paths with a British friend, Jez, whom he had met during the holidays and with whom he used to play tennis. The friend was walking his baby, as she was having difficulties to sleep. They both chatted for a bit until Gerry returned to the restaurant.

The witness statement from Jane Tanner, which was collected at 11.30 a.m. on Friday, the 4th of May, registers the fact that she left the restaurant at around 9.10 p.m, approximately five minutes after Gerry. Jane went to her apartment to check if everything was well with her daughters. At that moment, on her way to the apartment, she guarantees that she crossed with Gerry while he was talking with his tennis friend. She stressed to the PJ that she passed them both, knowing that Gerry had already been in his apartment to check on his children.

The contradiction appears when this statement is crossed with the one from her husband, Russell O’Brian. The latter only spoke to the PJ on the evening of the 4th of May, at 9.50 p.m., almost 24 hours after the facts. Russell confirmed that Gerry and Jane left almost simultaneously. But he stated that his wife must have returned first because she would have met Gerry talking with his tennis friend. This was where a very important doubt was born, to understand the key moment of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The questions assaulted the minds of the PJ’s investigators: Did Jane Tanner see Gerry talking with his friend when she was coming back from the apartment, like she suggested to her husband, or on her way up?

After all, if Gerry and Jane left almost simultaneously, with only five minutes between them then howto explain the fact that neither Gerry nor his friend – who was later questioned in England – ever remember seeing Jane, despite the fact that she stated that when she passed them, they were all on the same sidewalk?

This whole contradiction is relevant to the case when one realizes that, according to the testimony from Jane Tanner – which is further sustained by a scheme that she drew concerning these movements -, she states that after passing Gerry and Jez by, while walking into the direction of her apartment, she saw, a few metres ahead, on the corner, an individual carrying a child. Never on her way back. It would be that testimony that would become the base that sustains the entire abduction theory that still remains in so many people’s minds. And the suspect was walking into the direction of Robert Murat’s villa. Therefore, it was Jane’s testimony that, despite the contradictions, came to sustain the entire abduction theory that pointed towards Robert Murat.

The first description that was made by this friend of the couple pointed towards a man aged between 35 and 40, slim, 1,70 m tall, very dark, thick hair that was short but long in the neck area. As she had only seen him from behind, she could not detail his face. But that didn’t prevent her from asserting, later on, that she had indeed seen Robert Murat.

Jane also said that she returned to the restaurant after checking on her children, and guaranteed to the PJ that Gerry was no longer on the street talking to his friend, because she found him at the ‘Tapas’ in the company of his wife, Kate. After 15 to 20 minutes, it was time for Jane’s husband, Russell O’Brian, to check on his daughters, accompanied by Matthew Oldfield. The latter passed through the McCanns’ apartment but failed to verify whether Madeleine was in bed or not, as he admits that he was only concerned about hearing any noises from the inside. Meanwhile, Russell stayed in his bedroom caring for his daughter, which is why Jane ate rapidly and went to relieve her husband from the bedroom. Russell returned to the restaurant and that was the moment when Kate got up to check on her three children’s sleep. It was 10 or 10.15 p.m., and Jane Tanner was in her apartment when she heard Kate McCann and another friend from the group, Fiona Payne, shouting that Madeleine had disappeared. From that moment on, it would be utter confusion, which led us into a situation that dragged on for months, and finally ended for now, with the case being archived without a corpse or an abductor appearing.

If anyone abducted or concealed Madeleine McCann’s cadaver, that was, until know the perfect crime.his moment, the perfect crime

Stonemaid said...

Wizard, I hope the comment "the perfect crime" isn't the way it will go down in history...

There has to be another chapter doesn't there...

viv said...

Hiya all

Claudia, how lovely to have you back, we have all missed you!

So the PJ pounced on Gezza and Tanner simultaneously and very rapidly by 11 the next morning, then they had to try and get OB's tale to fit. One can see that it was a very badly told and incoherent story with Jane not knowing whether she was coming or going. This is crucial because if going back she clearly does not have eyes in the back of her head to see anything. The framing of Robert Murat is clear and obvious and she really ought to do time for her false abduction theory that must have cost literally millions to investigate and sought to put an innocent man down and ruined his life. What a wicked liar!

Viv x

Di said...

Good evening all

Claudia nice to see you and glad you had a good holiday.


Thanks for posting the report.

One of the points I find very odd, Matthew Oldfield had already checked the windows and confirmed they were closed.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but why, if he is supposed to be checking on the children would he be also looking at the windows???

I don't think so!!!

Di said...

Did anyone see Richard & Judy!tonight!!

Beyond belief!!

Richard... WAKE UP...

docmac said...

Zodiac, could be the same song, yes. Heard this version today. It's truncated at the end. Wouldn't like to make scurrilous accusations and all :-)

To the tune of 'The Lumberjack Song'

I'm a spin doctor so I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work half day.

He's a spin doctor so he's OK
He sleeps all night and he works half day.

I take my fees, I eat my lunch
I go up to Rother-ley.
On Wednesdays I go shopping for pink shirts and toupees.

He takes his fees, he eats his lunch
He goes up to Rother-ley.
On Wednesdays he goes shopping for pink shirts and toupees.

He's a spin doctor so he's OK
He sleeps all night and he works half day.

I take my fees, I errr and umm
I like to call the lawyers.
Then put on my odd clothing and hang around with liars.

He takes his fees, he errrs and umms
He likes to call the lawyers.
Then put on his odd clothing and hangs around with liars.

He's a spin doctor so he's OK
He sleeps all night and he works half day.

I spend my fees, I wear high heels.....

docmac said...

Ola Claudia!

Sherbet and I'm off now :-(
Hope you had a great time and welcome back.


Zodiac said...




'I spend my fees, I wear high heels.....'

Di said...

Hi All

Third time lucky sending this post!!

For those who did not see R & J tonight.

Mark W Thomas from the Child Protection Agency he started off well as far as I was concerned.

He stated it was very unlikely Madeleine had been taken by a paedophile ring, but at the very end of the article, Richard gave him the last word and he stated that she had been taken by a solitary predatory paedophile!!!!

dylan said...


Hilarious! The missing bit sure conjures up some images - ew!

Hi Zodiac, Wizard & Di. Di, I never watch R&J as I think they are such a loathsome couple. What did they say?

Apologies to everyone if this has already been posted but I found this on the McCann files:

Gerry laughed during the drama at the PJ Correio da Manhã (no online link, appears in paper edition)

Extortion - PJ solved two attempts of fraud against the McCanns

13 August 2008
Thanks to 'astro' for translation

The PJ successfully solved the two attempts to extort money from the McCann couple in return for information about their missing daughter. But Maddie's father's laughs during the negotiations caused strangeness.

The ambience in the room was heavy, when on the 14th of June 2007, contact was established with a stranger in Holland, who seemed to cast a light on the darkness that the investigation was in, a month after the disappearance.

Against the nervousness of the Portuguese and the English policemen, Gerry McCann's attitude surprised everyone in the room, the former coordinator of the process, Gonçalo Amaral, later recollected.

In a careless manner, Maddie's father "made a contrast with the anxiety of the policemen" and intrigued the investigators. Gerry "sucked on a lollipop in a relaxed manner while he read banalities on the internet and discussed rugby and football with an English policeman", the former coordinator from the Polícia Judiciária wrote in the book 'Truth of the Lie'.

What sort of behaviour is that?? Since it was pre-September 2007, I'd probably label it as smug. Disgusting!


dylan said...

Hello Stonemaid, sorry I missed you out.

"The perfect crime" - what a horrible thought. Mind you, could a crime be called perfect if the perpetrators have any sort of conscience? I'm hoping you catch my drift here!


Di said...

Hi Dyl

Conscience, I don't think any of the tappas know the meaning of the word!!!

Stonemaid said...

Hello Dylan

Your drift was caught!!


Cláudia said...

Hi, guys.
Thank you. It's also great to be back. Missed all either.
A special hello to Viv and Doc, queridos amigos. :-)

Di said...

Off now..

See you all tomorrow..

Enjoy your evening..


Zodiac said...

'I never watch R&J as I think they are such a loathsome couple.'

I agree. Thankfully I never watch them either. They stike me as a perfect example of people so far up their own jacksies that they actually think they are important and people give a damn what they say. There are other so called celebs I would put in that category. I could never support child neglect hope it backfires on all these ar**l*ckers big time, I know I will not forget them.

viv said...

Lol and agree what a loathesome couple R&J only motivated by money and their own notoriety - know wonder they like the gruesome twosome, they could make a foursome for another hol! I bet they would need a PR Team and cameras in tow, just in case they could sell the pics. What gets me with these people is the assumption we find aspects of their lives interesting! Like got up 6.30 showered, breakfast changed twins nappies, 9 am just for a change dumped them in the nursery so could have the day for me time, jogging tennis etc. completely riveting Gerry. Marketing his family for sale, no word of little Madeleine, she no longer counted. What is fascinating about this couple is their criminal behaviour and the motivation behind that, not them per se! It is hardly normal..

What I also find extraordinary is they are so arrogant and determined they are untouchable they never even bothered to put on an act of being concerned. Whilst the police negotiated the possibility of Maddie being recovered he laughed chatted about banalities, surfed the net and sucked on a lolly. Did they bother to even make a pretence of searching for Madeleine in the immediate aftermath, just like normal parents would, well no! I think they are so far removed from normal parents thinking they would not know how to copy one! It simply does not occur to them to have empathy or a conscience.

Claudia, special hugs Hun and so fab to have you back xxxx

Doc, I love the little verse to the Monty Python song, complete and utter ludicrous farce with a hint of perversion, how appropriate:-)))) PPMSL XXXXX

Stonemaid said...

Hi Viv

"What gets me with these people is the assumption we find aspects of their lives interesting! Like got up 6.30 showered, breakfast"

For a moment there I thought you were still talking about R & J!!!! They are like that too, especially with their daughter who they promote to the hilt...her career can hardly fail with the coverage they give her!

Not that they have that in common with the Teflon Twosome - but there are other similarities which I now find really irksome given their support for the McTeflons.

I used to quite enjoy their programme, but I cannot watch them now....


Joe said...

R&J, more like rough and jaded, two p**s heads that have fallen from ITV morning slot to blandness and nothingness. When is he going to get a proper job and stop being a Mommy's boy, he reminds me of the school sneak and her like an old handbag that was left out in all weathers. As they dish it out they can take it.

dylan said...

Woah! Go Zodiac & Go Joe!!!

Finished with the telly for the night now and just read back before bed. Viv, utterly revolting behaviour, yes. I was gobsmacked when I read that. Just when I thought nothing more repulsive could possibly come out of the woodwork about these two, there it was!Sounds to me like lolly-licker was more guffawing than laughing. How could he? Well the footie season is upon us now so I'm wondering whether there'll be fewer sightings now that G has a distraction!

Nite all. Sleep well.


viv said...

Joe, you have such a talent for accurate descriptions with more than a hint of amusement ..rough and jaded and an old handbag that got left in the rain:-)))

Dillie, as ever you are very astute in your observations.


There is always something rather frightening about parents who are more concerned to promote their child's fame and advancement, as the parents perceive it of course, than actually ensuring they are just happy children. Such selfish parents never seem to think it is more important to just equip children with life skills so they can grow up happy, confident and well balanced adults free to choose exactly what they want to do in life without pushy parents telling them which is always a recipe for disaster IMO. I think it exemplifies selfishness that they can never try to look at things through their own childrens' eyes. Kate's bland explanations for just going out and leaving her tiny children again, even after little Madeleine complained and had clearly been crying many sad tears whilst frightened and alone, along with her little brother, leaves a lasting effect on me. I have to confess it is one of intense dislike for Kate McCann regardless of anything else she may have done.

Poor little children.

God Bless Madeleine who is in a better place, safe now with the Portuguese people.

Viv x

Stonemaid said...

Hi all

While I am not looking to start a debate about the rights or wrongs of the following case (DE) it does make you wonder about the type of treatment the father received compared with Madeleine's father. Far from becoming wealthy on the back of the episode, he is now jobless in spite of being a single dad.

Story Image

Jim McCullough quit after 15 years as a football coach, following the incident

Thursday August 14,2008
By Tony Brooks

It was a situation faced by many parents with an unruly teenager they fear is spiralling out of control.

When father-of-four Jim McCullough slapped his daughter’s face he felt he was bringing her to her senses.

But Jess, 13, called the police and her youth worker father ended up with a criminal record even though the girl admitted: “I deserved what happened.”

Mr McCullough, 44, said last night the slap had “wrecked” his life and forced him to quit after 15 years as a football coach and community centre worker. It also means the end of a new career as a sports development officer.

As reconciled father and daughter hugged each other Mr McCullough told how he had been in “full control” of his actions.

He said: “Jess isn’t a bad girl but some of the 13-year-olds who live round here use drugs and drink and have sex and I don’t want her going down that path.”
They made me climb into a cage in a van and took me to a police station where I was locked in a cell

Jim McCullough

The episode happened six weeks ago on the tough Wythenshawe estate in south Manchester when he challenged his daughter after she and a friend “terrorised” a neighbour by hammering on a window at midnight.

Mr McCullough recalled: “We were discussing what had gone on with the neighbour and Jess just stood there eating a Jaffa cake.

“I felt she didn’t appreciate the seriousness of it all and I slapped her across the face, sending the Jaffa cake flying. It was the first time I had ever hit my daughter and I had no intention of causing pain. I felt she needed something to shock her.


“In an ideal world I know I shouldn’t have done what I did but it was borne out of love and frustration at her apparent inability to understand the gravity of her actions.”

Jess phoned the police and despite calling to withdraw her complaint, it was too late. While the pair were making up, crying and hugging, officers arrived.

“She told me what she had done and said we should pretend nothing had happened but I couldn’t,” said Mr McCullough.

“They made me climb into a cage in a van and took me to a police station where I was locked in a cell. For another two and a half hours I was in shock. It was terrifying and I didn’t really know what to expect because I had never had dealings with the police before.”

After being told he would be let off with a caution he signed the forms meaning his previous unblemished record was spoiled by a Section 39 offence of common assault on a minor.

“I regret agreeing to a caution and feel aggrieved no-one explained the implications,” said Mr McCullough who split from his children’s mother 10 years ago and has since brought them up helped by a steady girlfriend. “I wish I had asked for my day in court.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “An allegation of domestic violence was made and we always take these allegations very seriously.”

Cláudia said...

Sleep well, everybody.
Sorry for not being around much but I'm on a translation marathon. I can't believe I'll be back to work in about two weeks. What the hell happened with the time? :-)

Lindy123 said...

Hello everyone!

Viv, I agree again with you about the ongoing investigation. I don't believe for a moment that a couple can return from a holiday (or wherever) minus a child and not expect to be investigated. I believe that there is a lot going on under the surface, discreet and thorough inquiries, with the aim of finding out exactly what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in May 2007.

I don't know what to make of the photo story and the offer by lawyers to buy them for 600,000 euros. Just thinking, if 24 photos were taken over the course of the evening of May 3 and are timestamped then they may paint a picture of more than a few hours. Perhaps there are shots of people talking on mobile phones, absence from the table at the "wrong" times or complete non-attendance by certain individuals. I don't know - suppose we'll have to wait and see if these pictures surface.


Zodiac said...

Posted by poster pjreis on 3 A's:

The French site “Enfants kidnappés” (Kidnapped Children) announced today they will publish “all details from the (investigation) files (...)” Today, they published a 'fac-simile' from Madeleine McCann passport and next they will publish police reports, witness statements, the facts, time lines, “everything that is on the (investigation) files. Without adding or taking out a comma.”

http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... h-all.html

"Enfants kidnappés” (Kidnapped Children) link:


Zodiac said...

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-storie ... -20691901/

Secrets of the Madeleine McCann dossier
By Lori Campbell Lori.Campbell@sundaymirror.co.uk 10/08/2008

Kate and Gerry McCann's "Tapas 7" friends refused to return to Portugal because they feared they were pawns in an elaborate plot to frame the couple.

And the group of friends believed they too could be made suspects if they returned to the country.

As police files into Madeleine's disappearance are opened, we can also reveal how:

Kate McCann was given a Do-It-Yourself guide to policing by UK cops after Portuguese police failed to find any clues themselves.

Local cops accused the McCanns of shedding crocodile tears just hours after their daughter was snatched.

The Portuguese police officer assigned to them as a family liaison officer criticised them for "reacting negatively to the work of this police force" and became irritated by Gerry's frequent emails.

The 30,000-page dossier reveals how the Tapas 7 decided not to go back to Portugal for a "reconstruction" in May this year because Portuguese police would not give them reassurances they would not be arrested.

The group were baffled as to why police were calling them back for the re-enactment a full year after Madeleine went missing, and demanded to be told how it would help the inquiry.

In an email to police chief Paulo Rebelo in April, the McCanns' friend Rachel Oldfield wrote: "We are still very uncertain of the motives in organising such a re-enactment.

"We feel we would be making ourselves and our families extremely vulnerable by returning."

The friends also hit out at Portuguese detectives' aggressive questioning when they were re-interviewed in the UK.

An email from Russell O'Brien and his wife Jane Tanner said: "The thrust of the... questions seemed only to focus on Kate and Gerry's culpability.

"After a year of lies, accusations and intrusion, I am sure that Mr Rebelo can appreciate our revulsion at what Kate and Gerry have been forced to endure."

The shocking state of the Portuguese investigation is laid bare in the police files, which reveal that British authorities gave Kate a police manual when she became increasingly desperate for ideas to find Madeleine. The technique book gives step-by-step instructions on solving crimes and was handed to the McCanns by British experts.

She desperately bombarded Portuguese police with suggestions on how to further their investigation. The GP even had to tell detectives to take blood samples from the twins in case they had been drugged by Madeleine's kidnapper - something Portuguese police had not thought to do. But they dismissed her ideas as "bizarre".

In his own statement, Inspector Ricardo Paiva, the Portuguese family liaison officer assigned to Kate and Gerry, said: "I noted certain strange behaviour on the part of the couple who were gradually reacting negatively to the work of this police force.

"I was repeatedly told by Kate - three months after Madeleine's disappearance - that the police should do blood analysis on the twins." Insp Paiva also said he became irritated by Gerry who would email him every lead the family received in the hunt for Madeleine.

He said: "Mostly they contained information of little credibility."

Inspector Jose Roque also accused frantic Kate and Gerry of faking tears in the first few hours of the hunt.

He said: "After the search I noticed an unusual situation. The parents were kneeling in their bedroom and they were crying. However, I did not see any tears despite the fact they were making sounds identical to crying."

dylan said...

Thank you viv, but I think we all "know" what's behind G&K's actions better than we think we do ;-)

Stonemaid, that's dreadful if you compare it to silver spoon treatment the gruesome twosome get. This man is obviously a devoted father and it looks like his first 'slip-up'. I never got angry with my children for general naughtiness such as making a deliberate mess, argueing and telling lies etc. I'm always able to deal with that kind of behaviour calmly, but when they do something that puts them in danger, those are/were the times when I lose the plot, so to speak, but I never hit them. I think it's an instinctive emotion born out of pure fear for your offspring. It's almost as if you're trying to shock them into not doing whatever they've done again!

As for the police saying they always treat domestic violence seriously, I don't think that they do, at least not if you don't want to press charges as the daughter did by trying to retract what she told the police. There were numerous times when I called the police after having been through this with my ex husband. They would ask if I wanted to press charges and after thinking about the consequences, I said I didn't. I guess I was afraid of a myriad of repercussions. Not once did they turn up anyway. (except for one occassion when I did press charges). So it seems a bit unfair, but I assume it is because it involved a minor.

Hi Lindy, I wondered about the times on the photos too. If they are all timed it could prove incriminating, say if there was a time when one of the T9 should have been absent but wasn't...

Zodiac, thanks. That could be interesting. Will there be a translation do you think?


dylan said...


Yet more xenophobia. I'm sick of the way our press portrays the PJ.

This part also:

The GP even had to tell detectives to take blood samples from the twins in case they had been drugged by Madeleine's kidnapper - something Portuguese police had not thought to do. But they dismissed her ideas as "bizarre".

Because the idea IS bizarre! Right, so they were told there were checks every x amount of minutes. Like a kidnapper would coolly administer drugs to the twins so as not to awaken them before snatching Maddie, yet we are told that the abductor was most likely an opportunist? How many people carry sedatives around with them for the off chance that a child may present him/herself for snatching? Unless they are GPs of course....

And if it wasn't an oportunist then observation of the check times would have told that person there was not time for drug administration. If it weren't such a grave situation, I'll bet the PJ would have had a right laugh about that one!


bath theory said...

The point is as mentioned powerful people or people with money in advanced societies are able to pay for their point of view to be told. This could be a point of view based on facts or completely made up to cover up something terrible and wicked. This is something which is not unique to lesser developed societies.

Why do it ? because soem people recognise crimes have to be proven. And in terms of presenting false info to cover your tracks on some occasions the majority or enough of the people fall for it.

But this is where a story like this or as G is alleged to have called it a 'high risk strategy' can get into trouble. After a while people can turn and we all know that a N-East newspaper said 95 per cent of its people in South Shields believed the couple to be negligent. Thus even though these stories are being 'placed' with certain journalists or national papers the general public have mostly twigged.
Finishing statement
Money and contacts can keep you out of all sorts of trouble.
Time will tell if this high risk strategy will work. Me thinks it will not

Cláudia said...

Zodiac and Dylan, the only thing bizarre about that was the fact the suggestion was made MONTHS after the tragedy occurred, when anyone with two working brain cells knew that all possible effects of sedatives would no longer be detectable. I'm sure a DOCTOR knows that a lot better than any lay person, right? That is why the PJ said it was bizarre...

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Does my memory play tricks or did I read somewhere that the PJ were refused permission to test the twins for drugs on the night Madeleine disappeared?

Cláudia said...

Hey, Doc, I fel like calling you last night. I had to translate something called onchocerciasis. LOL You have no idea how hard it was to get to the equivalent. I then got to river blindness which made it a bit easier. :-) But the portuguese version of the thing is not that better: oncocercose ocular/ oncocercíase ocular!!!

Zodiac said...


I would be surprised if the whole of' “Enfants kidnappés” (Kidnapped Children) announced today they will publish “all details from the (investigation) files (...)” Today, they published a 'fac-simile' is not translated into many languages. The public will not shut up regarding this case. There are so many people who have licked the @r*e* of the trio. I would like to know how they all will backtrack when things do not turn out the way the trio expect. Hopefully those who blatantly support child neglect and try to portray a child neglector as being similar to Princess Diana will feel the effect via their own careers. What they deserve, IMO.
Joe what a fantastic description of the pillocks who talked out of their ****es on their show the other day.

Zodiac said...

Another two excellent youtube vids by Cati 3 A'S.



docmac said...

Hi Claudia

Just looked in to see if there is anything new. Onchocerciasis, lol! If you have been reading about it on the net you know more than I do about it. The only thing I remember very well about it was that (unless we wanted to study ophthalmology) we were encouraged to forget about it after exams, as it does not occur in SA and we would never encounter it. The Portuguese equivalent was always going to be in 'medicalese' wasn't it? Maybe you should just call it "black fly eye" :-))

docmac said...

Who would you rather trust:

This guy or G,K and C

Cláudia said...

Doc, that is the easiest question I have ever been asked. :-)

I'm still laughing about the onchocerciasis. I know it's a disease and I'm sure it's not funny, but everytime I remember the battle it took me to translate it correctly, I PMSL! :-)

docmac said...

It is most certainly not funny, Claudia. It has caused millions of case of blindness in tropical and sub-tropical Africa as well as in isolated pockets of South and Central America as I recall. Not as many as trachoma has, but it is still a scourge I'm sure. Your tranlation troubles is what was amusing, as you say :-) What is the Portuguese for trachoma btw?

Cláudia said...

Sorry, Doc, that one is quite dissapointing because it is boring. The Portuguese equivalent is tracoma. I'm glad I just have to translate it and nothing else.

Zodiac said...


Without a doubt GA. In fact I would trust the Phantom Abductor over those 3.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, your reference to the Phantom Abductor is very appropriate! ;-)

Di said...

Good evening all

I am sure you have read this on 3A's but for those who have not seen it.

“I was close to finding Maddie”

The inspector of the McCann case demolishes the abduction theory: “The sightings are marketing”. He explains, for the first time, what remains to be done in order to find the body

Gonçalo Amaral has already sold 140 thousand copies of his book Maddie: The Truth about a Lie. The former coordinator of the investigation into the case that shocked the country explains his theory to Focus.

Focus – A newspaper reported that your book could be summed up as “murder, the dog wrote”, given the fact that it was the cadaver odour and the blood that were found that led you to sustain the theory that Madeleine McCann died. What do you actually know beyond the dogs?

Gonçalo Amaral – That comment only reveals the ignorance of the person who wrote it. The technique of residue collection using special dogs like these, CSIs, is usual in England, in the United States and it has already led to more than 200 condemnations. The laboratory where the samples [of blood, cadaver odour and DNA from Maddie] were analyzed has corroborated these experts’ work.

Focus – It has corroborated it, but it does not specify that they belong to Maddie McCann.

G.A. – They can only match that from Madeleine McCann, because the lab had the twins’ DNA and it was not a match. Those are 15 out of 19 markers that match.

Focus – What else sustains the theory?

G.A. – There is evidence from indicia, which is possible in this country, as long as the prosecutor possesses the conviction and the elements that indicate that, in court, there will be a condemnation. The Public Ministry has to value this evidence that was collected. This time, the Public Ministry considered that the indicia are not sufficient and archived the process.

Focus – And what are those indicia that you understand as sufficient?

G.A. – The atypical behaviour of the parents: The fact that the lady says that she had three children sleeping in one room, that she arrives and one is missing, the window is open, she mentions it’s a cold night, the shutter is up… and she goes away, leaving two children asleep, with a possible abductor around. I know that [the reports from the PJ and from the Public Ministry] didn’t give any relevance to the contradictions and didn’t expose the falsehoods and the false testimonies that exist there from all the persons who intervened. That, deep down, is the evidence that indicates that everyone is lying and those lies cannot be understood.

Focus – And who took the child from her bed?

G.A. – That is the question that we were investigating on the 2nd of October 2007, when I left. From that moment on, little investigation was carried out in that apartment. The parents should have come over for a reconstitution and they didn’t. That was necessary to understand what happened.

Focus – Which was…

G.A. – The death of the child in the apartment. The Public Ministry even mentions homicide. The abduction theory has been dismissed due to everything that has been made public.

Focus – How do you defend the “accidental” death?

G.A. – There is indicia behind the sofa [of the McCanns’ living room]. The sofa is under a window that looks onto the street, which is three or four metres high. It is normal behaviour, and justice deals with normal behaviour, that the parents would have moved the sofa away from the window, given the fact that they had small children and alone at home. The window was easy to open and the shutters were not functioning…

Focus – But why “accidental”?

G.A. - I don’t say it’s accidental. Up to that moment, we could only reach an accidental death, because we had not worked on the rest yet. We had yet to understand what had happened there. Cadaver odour and blood from the child appear next to the sofa. Death has presumably taken place there. There are no doubts that it is a death and that it took place on that spot. We are not going to say that the mother did this or that, that would really be speculating, the only hypothesis is the accidental death. In the continuation of the investigations is where we could go further or not.

Focus – You said that the mother can’t be accused of having done this or that… How far can you deduct?

G.A. – As far as we could deduct on the 2nd of October. I believe, and so did my colleagues in the investigation, that if we had continued into the same direction of the investigation, we might eventually have gone further. We might even have reached a point where we dismissed any suspicion concerning the parents. Investigations that only go half the way is what leaves things as they are now.

Focus – Are Madeleine McCanns’ parents responsible for their daughter’s death?

G.A. – No. There is a neglect in the guard [of the children]. There are no doubts that those children were not safe, because if they were, one of them wouldn’t have disappeared. Now, saying that “the responsibility of the death belongs to…” We had to understand, to collect data about what happened from there on. The reconstitution is essential. I did not understand, but I accepted the decision from a hierarchical team that I was part of, why the reconstitution was not done right away. The possibility of trying to make a new reconstitution was opened, but the arguidos had already left Portugal. A thing like this is only done with arguidos. The ideal is to have everyone, but even only with the couple, that were arguidos at that point in time, the reconstitution could have been carried out.

Focus – And with actors?

G.A. – No. It would be enough to tell them: ‘You say that you did this and that, then do it, where did you enter, were you having dinner, weren’t you having dinner, what did you order for dinner…? Where did you touch and where didn’t you?’ All of this. It was important for Kate and Gerry McCann to come over, but the Irish witnesses could also come…

Focus – Those who say that they saw Gerry McCann carrying a child, down the street, on the night of the disappearance.

G.A. – Yes, those who assert that they saw, with a certainty of seventy, eighty percent, Gerald McCann carrying a child, walking in the street, it was already nighttime.

Focus – You suggest that the little girl was frozen or conserved in the cold. How do you reach that?

G.A. – There is a bodily fluid, inside a car boot, above an “embaladeira” [n.t.: metallic piece of the car that reinforces the lower part of the doors], from a child that presumably died on the 3rd of May. The car was rented 20 days later and was even new. It had been rented two or three times. Taking into consideration the circumstances of the climate, the temperature, the decomposition of a body… A body, in order to leak a fluid in that manner, a body with more than a month of decomposition had to be preserved.

Focus – Did it have to be close by?

G.A. – And why?

Focus – It could have been taken to Lisbon, Oporto, Badajoz…

G.A. – That was what we were taking care of at that time. The body could have been moved, but nobody knows when the body was transported in the car. The car ran several kilometers [around 3000, according to the process]. And given the fact that it is not known when the body was transported, according to the analysis of the fluids, we have to attend to where the car went through. The McCann couple and their relatives. For example, the relatives later state that they transported garbage, a package with meat from the supermarket, but the dogs can tell those things apart very well.

Focus – There is a contradiction in the valuation of the dogs’ evidence.

G.A. – What happens is that the Public Ministry devalues it. In Portugal, we are all very skeptical towards this form of collecting indicia.

Focus – You state that you have not told everything that you know.

G.A. – And I haven’t.

Focus – Why?

G.A. – Because I am a jurist, too. Let’s see how the situation evolves.

Focus – And how can the situation evolve?

G.A. – The things that are missing are important in terms of the investigation, but they are ours… When it is said: these are your convictions… This is the understanding of a work team and even with the English police. And with documents. It’s this kind of thing, for any action that may be coming. I don’t believe, but who knows.

Focus – Does the English police agree, then, with that “understanding” about what you are saying?

G.A. – The work with the English police went very well. Then, certainly due to a mere coincidence, when the McCann couple leaves, all the English policemen leave as well…

Focus – You are convinced that someone made the process reach the hands of the English.

G.A. – I have that idea. I think that it even fits into that marketing campaign that is saying that the little girl is alive.

Focus – But don’t you admit you may have doubts if there is a sighting?

G.A. – How many sightings have there been? Thousands. It’s been a year. I stopped giving them a lot of importance on the day that the dogs confirmed the cadaver odour and the blood.

Focus – But you did start with the abduction hypothesis.

G.A. – If you look closely, right in my first document, the process mentions “abduction” followed by two question marks.

Focus – Then, you were thrown out…

G.A. - … that is a good expression…

Focus - … because of the reports that mention that you drink whiskey at lunch or because, in your work, you believe that there is a death?

G.A. – I don’t drink whiskey. I drink beer at lunch time, if they had written that, they would have been right. Before I left, a weekly magazine says: “That person does not last beyond October as the head of the investigation.” This happened a month or two before. And then I was given a speech like that one from the Attorney General: ‘Not all investigations can be successful, or the authors of the crimes are not always discovered…’ What may have hurt many people was my will to discover the material truth. And when I left, I was naturally closer to the truth. Two examples: Apart from our need to know who the friends of the McCann couple were, or if they knew anyone in Portugal, or who drove the car… if they eventually visited another apartment, if they used to meet someone, if they deposited someone… just for us to understand. Towards the end, I was informed that they had visited people at a villa in Praia da Luz. We went to check it out. Then, we were informed that the McCanns had visited an apartment block near the cemetery. And we were working on that, in order to confirm whether it was them or not. This was how we were trying to understand where the body was. And there are many persons who were not investigated, who were not in the process.

Focus - So are you going to let this entire case pass into the clear? Don’t you at least want to be sued by the McCanns over everything that you leave in the air…

G.A. – So we can have a chat…? (smiles)

Focus – Are you going to sue the McCanns?

G.A. – No, as far as I know the McCann couple has not been speaking, the one who has been speaking is their press advisor, mister Clarence Mitchell.

by João Vasco Almeida and Frederico Duarte Carvalho

in Focus, edition nr 461, 13.08.2008

Di said...

This was the one statement that jumped out sat me!!

Focus – Are Madeleine McCanns’ parents responsible for their daughter’s death?

G.A. – No. There is a neglect in the guard [of the children]. There are no doubts that those children were not safe, because if they were, one of them wouldn’t have disappeared. Now, saying that “the responsibility of the death belongs to…” We had to understand, to collect data about what happened from there on. The reconstitution is essential. I did not understand, but I accepted the decision from a hierarchical team that I was part of, why the reconstitution was not done right away. The possibility of trying to make a new reconstitution was opened, but the arguidos had already left Portugal. A thing like this is only done with arguidos. The ideal is to have everyone, but even only with the couple, that were arguidos at that point in time, the reconstitution could have been carried out.

Di said...

Sorry typo

Di said...


Your 11.06 am post.

Well said :o)))

docmac said...

You there?

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