23 Oct 2008


Updated thread with a great story I have copied from Joana Morais blog, which always has the best stories, immediately! THANKS JOANA X


Leonor Cipriano "Torture" Trial - Correio da Manhã

Process – PJ’s entry register places arguidos outside the building

Outside of the PJ at time of beatings

Leonor Cipriano states that she was beaten before 8 p.m., the time at which the three men who stand accused of torture entered the PJ

by José Carlos Marques

The register of entries and exits at the Faro Directory of the Polícia Judicária, which CM has had access to, reveals that the three inspectors who stand accused of torture over Leonor Cipriano, between 6 and 8 p.m. on the 14th of October 2004, were not inside the building during the period when Joana’s mother says she was beaten up.

The three of them arrived at precisely 8 p.m. – just like António Cardoso, who stands accused of falsifying a document. Concerning Gonçalo Amaral, who according to the Public Ministry failed to denounce the torture and gave a false testimony, he arrived at the PJ after 9.40 pm.

There was a clock on the wall of the room where Leonor Cipriano says she was beaten. When she was heard at Faro court on the 17th of October 2007, Leonor explained that the aggressions started between 5 and 6 pm and extended “over two hours, two hours and a bit”.

Leonor’s statements collide with the registry of entries and exits of the Faro Judiciária’s employees. According to that document, on the 14th, the seven inspectors from the major crime combat unit, including the three who stand accused, only arrived at 8 pm. All together.

The Public Ministry accuses Leonel Marques, Marques Bom and Pereira Cristóvão of torture, although the accusation dispatch refers that the aggressions were not inflicted by themselves, but rather by “unidentified individuals”. The accusation states that they acted “from a decision, following instructions and upon agreement” with the three arguidos, and that those “created conditions for the effect”.

The defense maintains that Leonor tried to throw herself down the stairwell at around 1 am. She was led to the Odemira Health Centre by the PJ on the following day, where she was assisted and then returned to prison. Before the supposed aggressions, on the 14th of October, Leonor had already confessed to killing her daughter.

Jurors’ vote equals judges’

The jurors that were chosen by Faro Court have a vote that is equal to those of each of the three judges, in order to decide if the accused inspectors should be condemned or acquitted. They are a taxi driver, a municipal fireman, a golf course receptionist and a finance technician, aged between 28 and 50. They started out as a group of one hundred, from where 18 persons were chosen. Ten were excluded by the inspectors’ lawyers, by Leonor’s lawyer and by the Public Ministry until only eight, four effective and four supplemental jurors, remained.

Direct speech – Carlos Anjos, President of the PJ’s Union

“I have never seen the Lawyers’ Bar defending policemen”

Correio da Manhã – What’s your opinion about the trial?

Carlos Anjos – The process started out upside down. It did not originate from a complaint by Joana’s mother. It originated from photographs that were published in a newspaper. There was almost an attempt to walk into this situation.

- Political intentions?

- It’s a recurrent theme, which is no longer justified. Above everything, I believe in my colleagues. They didn’t beat her. But there are people out there who promoted themselves to saviours of the homeland; someone who attained notoriety by making denunciations without proof.

- How do you see the participation of the Lawyers’ Bar as an assistant?

- There are approximately 200 processes where policemen complained of being aggressed. What I would like to know is if the Bar is going to become an assistant in said processes. I have never seen the Head of the Bar worried about the aggressions that victimize policemen. I have never seen the Bar defending policemen, or concerned about what happened to Joana or Maddie.

Directors on the witness stand

The joint national directors of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Guilhermino Encarnação (head of the Faro PJ) and Luís Neves (head of the Major Crime unit), are two out of more than 40 witnesses that were called to the stand by the defense of the five inspectors that are on trial.

These two high-ranking officials have already coordinated many cases in which the accused men were involved. And Santos Cabral, the PJ’s national director at the time, is going to witness in writing.

Among the witnesses, names like Marques Vidal, a jubilated judge and former general director of the PJ, Albano Pinto, a former joint national director of the PJ, and Orlando Romano, a public prosecutor and former national director of the PSP, stand out. The surprise factor was the call for João Grade, former lawyer for Leonor Cipriano, who decided to change her defense lawyer at the last minute.

source: Correio da Manhã, 24.10.2008, paper edition

Cláudia said...

I would just like to remind the child killer lovers that João Cipriano had been in jail several times before. One of them for attempted homicide, in 1993, which got him four years in jail.

After all, according to the Pro-McCanns those parents who violently bash their kids up the wall and then mercilessly dispose of the body in an attempt to get away with it do not deserve to go to prison! No they believe the dedicated Police Officer who put them there, Goncalo Amaral should go to prison instead. I recommend they seek psychiatric help!!

What happened to Madeleine for both dogs to mark her death behind the sofa, up against the wall and for blood spray to be all up the walls? Is this why they seek to say Leonor and her brother who she liked to have sex with should go free, just like Kate and Gerry McCann are free? Well I know people who support this blog believe child killers deserve custody, nothing complicated about that to normal people.

Correio de Manha 23.10.08

Process - Inspectors from the PJ accused of torture
Leonor Cipriano confessed death of their daughter Jeanne
Jeanne took the mother and uncle naked on the couch at the time was preparing to have sex. As soon as the child of eight years threatened to tell all the companion of Leonor, and this brother, John, attacked her with slap so violent that hit his head on a wall and died there in the house of the village of Figueira, in Plymouth, where lived with the stepfather and two half-brothers.


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viv said...

Such a great post from Zodiac, I thought I would use it to start this thread off:-))

Waves to P/Pops, BloggerracistbumfromHell and of course one who believes it is a Super Troll xxxxxxx

Zodiac said...

P/Pops wrote: child ending up a teenage [sic] mother!

Mmm what would happen if. A teenage single mother of 3 children aged 3 and under. Left her children all alone her grey council flat to drink wine and eat with friends in a bar 100mts away. Her teenage single mother friends all leave their children home alone also. The teenage mum leaves her flat at 8pm and when she returns home at 10pm discovers her eldest child is missing. The Police are called. The single mum explains she cannot afford a buggy therefore she felt it was easier to leave the kids home alone. If she had a buggy she might have taken them with her. She also says she is a responsible parent as she checked on her children every 30 mins. She says she follows the McC/Tapas style of parenting. Would Social Services pop round for tea with the teenage single mother? Would Social Services then leave the other children in her care? Would Social Services still leave the other children in her care when it is reported by a neighbour the children were left the night before crying for 1 hour and 15 mins. Left crying and shouting for mummy! Would Social Services leave all the other children in the care of all the other single mums who left their children alone? If not. Why?

Most teenage single mothers probably know how to look after their children better than 2 nearly 40 yr old Doctors, imo!

docmac said...

Hi Viv

I can't really respond to this post as

a) Salma is not talking to me and I can't figure out why.
b) I'm still trying to understand why Bum is not responding to Rosie's post.
c) I'm off out now :-))

Goodnight all.

Cláudia said...

Doc, you'll be missed.
Say hi to Salma for me.

Cláudia said...

Viv, I'm sure that the child killer lovers will also like to know that semen was found in Joana's underwear, in her bedroom and in her sheets.

Di said...

Hi Viv & All


There has been alot of talk on 3A's regarding the 24 photos. Even a member of Admin is saying Paulo could be misleading everyoneand the photos could be a myth.

I just wondered what your thoughts were?

If you would prefer not to discuss this I fully understand.

Personally, I feel WHY would Paulo pretend there were 24 photos that could be incriminating, if there were none. Why would he put his reputation in jeopardy.

Cláudia said...

Di, Paulo never said he had or had seen the photos. I think Mr Levy has said he had seen the photos. I have all the reasons to believe Mr Levy. And I trust Pauçlo Reis 100%.
There was also discussion about the letters. Some say they did not receive any letter from Carter Ruck. I can personally guarantee they did.

Cláudia said...

P.S: I think they co-signed an article, as they did with many other articles (Paulo Reis and Duarte Levy).

Di said...


Thank you:o))

Where do you this these letters are?

Hopefully with the PJ.

Di said...


Meant pictures LOL

Di said...


Sorry I am being disturbed by a friend talking to me on Skype, looks like I can't multi task then:o((

Cláudia said...

Di, I don't know.
I hope they end up with the PJ, though.

Di said...

I thought you might like to read this posted by Hideho on 3A's.

IMO I dont beleive either for one moment that they left the apartment unlocked
Whats the more credible statement?
1) Innocent statement
Claim of door locked even if not true...just to avoid accusations of neglect...Deal with the 'lie' if and when Maddie is found.

2) Guilty statement
Claim door unlocked...Would rather face accusations of neglect (even if they DID lock the door) as a trade off for allowing for an abduction 'theory' and take the spotlight away from what may really have happened.

What parents would choose to live with world scorn for leaving the door unlocked on top of everytthing else? There would be a need for something to GAIN from saying it was unlocked.

My guess would be they ALWAYS locked the door...thing is...lets not forget this may not have been a 'normal' night and they may have left the door open. on this night. for other reasons!


and the "blue" pieces in the jigsaw are sometimes difficult to place, because you think they must be part of the sky. It's only when the puzzle is almost complete that you discover that they are infact part of a lake, a reflection of the blue sky.

You mean that (for example) although many components of the witness statements in the police files may appear to be part of the picture, we are not seeing the reality of the 'sky' in the picture just few animated ripples that only loosely represent what the 'sky' (truth) looks like?


...then the best PR he could give himself would surely be to expose the truth. Fully. He has the money, the resources, the "strings" ...

...If he were to "uncover the truth", make the public believe he was never fooled, but rather his "help" was a smoke-screen behind which he was "secretly" making the case against the Mcs ... then he would still end up with the public on side and eventually look like some sort of hero.

I think we are 'overestimating' what everyone 'knows'...Do the UK general public make their opinions based on the dog evidence, the police files the contents of Amaral's book?

There is a good portion of people willing to acknowledge guilt of 'neglect'...or that something is not right...but don't a lot of people make their judgements from the press?

Exposing the McCanns in the press right now may go down like a lead brick....There is still so much blind support that I believe whoever blows the whistle does so at the scrutiny of the 'majority'.

I agree its possible BK took his position for other reasons than Maddie..or that support would probably have been there at the start, but I'm not sure its in his best interests to be the one to tell the country what he has since recognised!


So what we really have is TOO many pieces already out of the box!! but increasingly, its not so much that they are not the right colour, they are not the right shape. Its like you need a pair of scissors to round some edges. Because they have either come from another jigsaw and got slightly mixed up.

Could it be that some of those pieces. although seemingly part of the picture are more about each one of the people involved...The story 'fits' but its about their motivation and is is part of an entirely different picture?

Meanwhile adding confusion to the big puzzle until the separate picture is completed?


HideHo says
The abduction theory has no facts to sustain it's credibility.

Well it does..We have a child missing [probably the bedrock to any abduction claim] nonetheless the child was absent...we have a witness who states she saw a man carrying a child in his arms...OK not evidence as such but enough of a link to connect M missing... and a possible abductor...

Thanks for your points to ponder tripz!

Madeleine missing...Jane seeing a man..Personally I would find that a stretch to give it credility as an abduction...

Hideho then says..
This only leaves the probability of the Mc's involvement in the disappearance and hiding Maddie's body.

I would like to ask hideho where is the evidence to this claim? We must not disregard the PJ and FSS findings..both establishments failed to find any evidence that corroborates the parents involvement...We don't like this news..but it's a FACT...Like ALL publicly known travesties in life and history...we must at sometime admit this one will never submit the TRUTH...Yes we can carry on discussing this tragedy ad infinitum..but what new revealations are we likely to find...that hasn't already been dismissed by those in authority.....Let's be honest with ourselves the games rigged..The doors are firmly shut...what are WE all hoping for?..What inspirational nugget of evidence that will reveal itself...Then handed over to the same forces that have suppressed the TRUTH from day one...

Maybe its just the way I think...

I don't need evidence in my everyday life to know the 'truth'.

If I see a friend on a bus...I don't need to get on the bus and 'test' her..take a picture to prove its her...

I dont ask a restaurant to prove they have cook...If I get a meal on my table...then there is a cook.

I spend 90% of my day using logic to see the 'truth' around me....If it looks like a duck....etc

Of COURSE I could be misled in some things but generally there is enough 'unproven evidence' to allow me to justify believing in what I see.

This is how we function in our day to day life.

In a courtroom there is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty...correctly in place to help prevent innocent people from being made accoutable for a crime they did not commit.

If a thief enters my house wearing a red shirt...leaves a shoe print...steals $100 cash and then goes to the store next door and spends it moments later there may never be proof that he was the thief...Many people wear red shirts...the shoes are generic...many people have $100 in their pocket and many people shop in the the store next to me at all times of the day.

Its the volume of coincidences that makes it apparent that he is guilty.

He may never be convicted of the crime, but it doesn't mean he was innocent and I don't need to see him locked up to be comfortable in the knowledge that I need not fear others....

The crime is 'solved' as far as I am concerned and because he has not been charged or convicted in court then I am within my rights to have an opinion about him and express that opinion to others.'

Truth does not only exist in courtrooms....its part of our daily lives and we are all more than capable of making our own assessments without the need to prove everything.

I truly believe that you may never know for sure if someone is telling a lie...but more often than not you can tell if they are telling the truth!

Works for me!

(apologies for the lengthy posts..)

ICantThinkOfAName said...



1 Coffee Mug
4 tablespoons flour(that's plain flour, not self-rising)
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons baking cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional) some nuts (optional)
Small splash of vanilla

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well . Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla, and mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes on high.
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!

Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired. EAT!

This is the most dangerous cake recipe in the world?
Because now we are all only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!

Cláudia said...

Thanks for the dangerous recipe, ICTOAN. :-)

Football night here. Crowd stayed until there was food! :-)
Boa noite, all.

dylan said...

Oh boy did I open up a can of worms yesterday and i see that the men/girl folks have got their knickers in a twist ;-)))) Go Bum, Go Rosie :-))))

Docmac, Salma may well be experiencing the same psychological problems that my clothes horse is. What you need to do is slowly and carefully unfold it, making sure that all of the knobs connect in the right places, and then make sure the angle of the dangle (as in soft clothing) is gently placed in such a way as to ensure drying by morning. That should do the trick!!

Zodiac - great post!

I went out to our cricket tour of the subcontinent tonight and won the Freddie Flintoff award - yay :-))) - I just can't say what it was for. Answers on a postcard please!


dylan said...

Please don't tell me you've all gone to bed when I've only just got home? Yes? Oh well, sleep well and catch you tomorrow!
Nite xx

viv said...

Supertroll posts this sickening racist rubbish on his/ her blog and then has the audacity to talk about a "proper debate" from two unashamed racists! Including "Mum21" who took Alsabella's beautiful picture of Portugal, adopted it as her own avitar but had inscribed in downward fashion "SHITE" - just like this disgusting rubbish below. You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves, and are not worthy to be described as part of the human race, totally amoral and revolting, supporters of racism, child abuse and paedophila. You are doing the McCanns a great service by "supporting" them, I am sure they would agree! Stay in the gutter where you belong! I am proud to admit that your own "differing opinion" remains barred from this site and nothing will change that, it is for decent people with morals who support justice and decency for ALL HUMAN BEINGS, including children and "immigrants". We do NOT SUPPORT CHILD KILLERS

Anonymous said...

Amaral in Portugal

P Prat
O Obese
R Rip off Merchant
T Traitor
U Ugly
G Greasy
A Arsehole
L Liar

Proud to be Portuguese with slime balls like this?
23 October 2008 21:38 supertroll said...

Hi Mum21 and Rosie,

Both your posts have contributed to a proper debate, where people were allowed to voice their opinions without anyone having to resort to being judgemental, hurling cheap insults and point scoring like they do on Viles.

The problem with the riff raff on Vile's is that they wouldn't know the meaning of debate if you slapped them in the face with it, because where they post debate is not allowed. If you have a differing opinion on there you don't last long.
23 October 2008 22:59

for anyone who cannot believe this check it out for yourself, if you can stand it, there is plenty more racist rubbish, particularly from the one who was always one of the worst going back to posting on the Daily Express "Mum21" (aged 65)Rosiepops thinks black Muslims go around "chopping people's heads off with a machete" - truly nauseating!


Zodiac said...

What a pair of ugly barstewards that pair are. I feel sick. When I viewed that pic via the link in Docmac's post on the other thread, I had forgotten they were brother and sister. Claudia that poor little girl to have suffered such horror in her short 8 years of life. Gonacalo Amaral will find justice for M of that I am sure. The Mucks and Co have made a big mistake latching onto that case, imo.

Zodiac said...

Hi all.

Zodiac said...

'Goncalo Amaral'

viv said...

Hiya Zodiac, it is a horrifying case and perhaps shows how desperate the McCanns really are if they wish to rely on this incestuous pair. It is a disastrous piece of PR, like so many other decisions they have made.

The one that really sticks out in my mind was publically stating they were obtaining details of the Zapata case because an American Judge had ruled the sniffer dog evidence inadmissible. They stated this would assist their defence. What a terrific disaster then, when Zapata admitted the dogs were right after all and he had murdered his wife, when faced with a re-trial. Constantly aligning themselves to murderers really makes you wonder whether Clarence was actually on their side after all! Zapata got away with it for 31 years, I predict the McCanns will not be so lucky!


Zodiac said...

Hi Viv,

They really do not have a clue how to make themselves look good, imo. Just like they did not have a clue what it takes to be a responsible parent, imo.


'I'm pretty good with a mop too, Claudia. I'm trying to read the instructions to Salma but she doesn't seem to hear or understand them. Should I take her back? :-)))'

ROFL! Looking forward to an update of Salmas antics today.

Zodiac said...

Hey where's my bin?

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Zodiac said...

Hey where's my bin?

TYour local Council have taken it away for examination to see if you have been filling it with recyclables.

Zodiac said...


Or maybe some PI's have pinched it!

Cláudia said...

I also can't see the bin! :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Bins are visible on the "Green" page.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, what 'green' page?

ICantThinkOfAName said...


The page with the picture of the incestuous couple at the top, Madeleine with her tennis balls at the bottom and green borders.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, thanks.

viv said...

Hiya guys I do not have any bins either, not that I need to bother any more. The only time I use one is where I notice I have made some glaring errors, before the critics get in. I do not correct them all though:-))

I do not know why we have lost them but who cares!

There again, Zodiac you could have a point, did the McCanns finally get a PI to find Maddie and thought they would check our bins?

Silly billies

viv said...

Another cold emotionless child killer, I am pleased with his sentence which is a bit more like what such people should get.

However, I think the Judge was very lenient with the mother. True she was fearful of him and dominated, true she is of very low intelligence but nevertheless, if she had spoken out to the authorities that baby would have been saved immense suffering and ultimately death.

We should be sending a clear signal to parents as to their duty of care towards their own child and women need to understand that duty is just as high when they are in fear of the man who is perpetrating it.

Kate McCann is not lacking in intelligence and should have done something about all those bruises Gerry McCann inflicted on her.

So much for Fiona Payne saying she was in such a rage with herself, she was punching and kicking the walls and was covered in bruises the next day, that makes you a terrible liar, Fiona! Defender of child killers, some doctor!


Baby killer given life sentence
James Howson
The judge said Howson had shown no remorse

A father who murdered his baby daughter by snapping her spine will spend at least 22 years in prison.

James Howson, 25, was given a life sentence at Leeds Crown Court for the murder of 16-month-old Amy at their home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

He was convicted of murder on Tuesday after a jury heard he held Amy over his knee and broke her back in two.

Amy's mother Tina Hunt, 26, was given a 12-month suspended sentence after admitting child cruelty.

Sentencing Howson, the judge, Mrs Justice Cox, said: "This was, in my view, a chilling and brutal attack.

"The bone was completely dislocated, resulting in spinal shock, rapid unconsciousness - mercifully - and to death."

During the trial Howson blamed Ms Hunt, saying she may have been responsible for Amy's death.

The family house on Nelson Road, Doncaster
The girl's mother has admitted allowing the death

But the judge said: "The jury was satisfied, on the clearest of evidence, that it was you who deliberately inflicted truly horrific injuries upon your defenceless little daughter, Amy, from which she died within a few hours."

The judge also detailed other occasions in the weeks leading up to the murder in December last year when Howson "cruelly and deliberately assaulted Amy", leaving her with multiple fractures to her arms and legs.

The court heard how Howson had a troubled history and had been violent towards women when he was young, yet he had no previous convictions.

Howson showed no emotion as he was led from the dock.

The judge said to him: "I have not seen the slightest evidence of remorse from you for what you did."

Hunt's 12-month sentence was suspended for two years.

She admitted the child cruelty charge on the basis that she did nothing to alert the authorities to her daughter's plight.

But the judge said: "Your level of culpability falls at the lowest end of the scale", after hearing how Howson completely dominated her and was often violent.

She said Hunt was also in the lowest 1% band of intelligence.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv!
That's the way child killers have to be dealt with. I hope that monsters will spend the rest of his life inside.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

Have you seen the latest Rosierant? I wonder why he could not sign it!


Time for gonacalo Amaral to pay for some of his alleged crimes. time for the world to see what life is really like in portugal! said...

Anon 01:50 Well said!

Goncalo Amaral needs to pay for what he has done to poor little Madeleine and her parents. He needs to pay for what he has done to poor little Joana and her mother and uncle. In fact he needs to pay for a whole list of crimes that remain hidden. (Allegedly of course!)

How embarrassing to come from the same country where the police are a failure and if that is not bad enough, they are then allowed to cash in on their failures and make blood money out of the children they have failed!

How could anyone remotely human touch that money? How can his wife go and buy her designer frocks knowing that the money came from Madeleine's back?
Does Mrs Amaral's back turn crimson?

How can they eat the food and drink the wine that Madeleine bought them, knowing how badly Amaral failed her? Doesn't it choke them? Doesn't it stick in their cauls?

What is Portugal now known for?

A paedophile haven with no sex offenders register.

Where five of the country's supposed elite police force (the PJ) are due in court, to face charges of obtaining a confession by torture, facing charges of perjury and concealing evidence of torture of a witness.

Where a woman witness sustained injuries conducive to being kicked in the base of the skull with great force. This happened while she was in police custody! Don't forget to view the pictures of the PJ's so called handy work.

CLICK HERE To View Leonor's Injuries. See How They Gain a Confession In Portugal!

So shocking were her injuries, that officials in the the jail where she is incarcerated, urged her to report the people that did this to her and this is why Goncalo Amaral and four other PJ are now due in court to face charges. If found guilty they will almost certainly go to prison, or they should!

Portugal is the country where Madeleine McCann was abducted from her bed and a lying, bent copper attempted to blame her parents.

Where the police sell their unsubstantiated leaks and smears to the press for money.

Where there is police state and the police are allowed to sell their cases, to the highest bidder.

Where the government has no control over its police.

Where innocent people are repeatedly blamed for crimes they did not commit.

Where they have a huge paedophile problem and it is being swept under the carpet.

Where some of the highest officials in the police, the judiciary, main government, local government, celebrities, and yes doctors are involved in paedophilia and they are just being allowed to get away with it.

Where in some cases these sickening crimes are being covered up by certain members and certain former members of the PJ.

Where children are being plucked from communities and not being reported as missing, because people are too scared of being blamed for their disappearance.

Where street children regularly disappear and their disappearances are not even known. They are being abducted for the purpose of paedophiles rich enough to pay for someone to abduct children for them.

Would you trust going on holiday to a country like this?

one other tragedy is that there are some good cops in Portugal, but they are now being tarred with the same brush as Goncalo Amaral. These good cops want to do something about it but they do not know how, they are scared for their jobs, scared for their families and terrified for their lives. This problem is now so deeply entrenched, that is involving many people high up in government.

One day soon this will come out, it will blow up in the faces of the evil, sick perverts and those who have been paid to uphold the law and protect the citizens and instead have let them down and traded them all for money.

These people need to be feeling very scared, prison is not a good place for people like this.

Meantime please think very carefully before you take your children on holiday to Portugal, you may not realise it and you may not think it to be true but they are in terrible danger, as the Doctors McCann discovered.

People paid to protect the people are on two payrolls, how else does a supposedly hard up policeman afford a Hugo Boss suit?

I am going to write two words, remember them because soon they are going to be on everyone's lips.

Organised paedophilia.

All above is in my opinion of course, but is it?
I leave that up to you to work out for yourselves!
24 October 2008 10:46

Cláudia said...

Viv, another one for the record.:-)

Zodiac said...


'All above is in my opinion of course, but is it?
I leave that up to you to work out for yourselves!'


viv said...

Hiya Claudia, well yes indeed:-))

So parents kill their children and Goncalo as the investigating officer has to pay for that, strange brand of justice, that one!

I think he would not sign it because he knows it makes him look even sillier than ever!


docmac said...

Afternoon all

Can't stay this afternoon or evening. Just popped in to say that Leonor Cipriao claimed the 'beatings' began over 2 hours before the accused officers even ARRIVED at the building and lasted until, well, the exact time that they did clock in. Coincidentally with the fourth officer who was accused of 'falsifying the report' ;-) They're innocent, Rosiepops and co. Which means somebody else is too :-))

viv said...

Hiya Zodiac, it is the arrogant remark of a sickening egotist, perhaps someone just like Gerry McCann. It does not matter what racist and absurd rubbish he spouts he actually thinks people are not only going to listen but believe this dogma.

Well I have got news for you Gerry, we did not believe the rubbish your paid mouthpiece used to spout and we do not believe you either.

As for suggesting the police organise paedophilia, it sounds like psychosis to me!

viv said...

Hiya Doc

Well her testimony checks out just as good as Kate and Gerry's then, it is an absurd pack of lies. That is the thing with child killers they have a good reason to lie, it would take some admitting, that you could not even be bothered to try and save her or report her missing! Rosie will be telling us next Amber Alert would have saved litte Joana Cipriano too. If he was not so sickening, one could almost laugh at the rubbish he spews in his sprawling rantsx

Enjoy your afternoon and evening, whatever you are up to:-)))

viv x

docmac said...

Oops, spelling error :-))

docmac said...

Hi Viv

Family obligations :-) If you want to read the article it's on the front page of joana morais' blog.

viv said...

By the way guys, I thought that the McCanns were going to give us another meaningul little press release following the TAPAS 7 (apparently but I only saw 6) devastating victory over Express Newspapers.

Strange such silence when they have just gained another £375,000 for their Ahem, Find Maddie Fiddle. Not even a statement that they are going to instruct some proper investigator, well that will be the day!!

Still desperately seeking that ultra bent ex detective I suppose. He would have to be to work for Kate and Gerry McCann and buy into their Maddie was taken from her bed by an evil stalking predator in an 8 minute window of opportunity as I stood right outside routine..oh and he came the night before too, that it why Mrs Feen heard our children crying for one hour and fifteen minutes, pity we did not hear them we would have caught him red-handed(!)

Ummm and not a trace of forensics for this phantom predator, who looks just like Kate only with huge teeth x

viv said...

Sounds intereting Doc, I will go to Joana's site forthwith:-))

docmac said...

Yeah, they've been remarkably quiet about gracing the Irish nation with their presense too ;-) Was that not supposed to have happened already?

viv said...

Well Doc

Did something happen to actually cause the McCanns to put a sock in it, now what could that be? A visit from Stu Prior??

Thanks for the article I am going to put on the top of this thread, oh and for the vile pic as well:-)))

Zodiac said...


The article about little 16 month old Amy is shocking.

viv said...

Hi Zodiac

It is quite horrifying what psychopaths can do without any concern, maybe also crack cocaine/alcohol, I would not be surprised. These are the two things this type of aggressive offender like and make them worse still. He even had a woman of very low intelligence so that she was easy to control and a little baby, no problem there. He has plenty of time to analyse his vile behaviour!

Viv x

viv said...

supertroll said...

Hi Vile,

I still have my bins. I don't know why you wouldn't be allowed to have them...Maybe the authorities are finally closing in on you dreadful lot. Wouldn't want you to start deleting all the evidence now, would they?
24 October 2008 14:49

Maybe you are just a sad little prat clutching at straws, my bins are back. I think it is you that needs to watch out for the authorities, you are clearly breaking the law given the racist abuse on your site!

hope4truth said...


Here is another evil bastard for the pros to fawn over...

James Howson was given a life sentence today for murdering his 16month old Daughter Amy by putting her over his knee and snapping her spine in half.

I suppose this was the fault of the police as well poor man do you think they will start a fund for him???


I dont agree with violence or the death penalty but sometimes human nature turns us all into animals and if he gets a good kicking in jail I wont loose any sleep over this piece of scum....

dylan said...

Hi Zodiac,

That article is just horrible. It wasn't even an accident or manslaughter. How could a human being do this to anybody, let alone a baby? I know that infants are shaken to death and I can almost understand how that could happen if a parent loses the plot through frustration, tiredness etc as they don't know what they are doing under those circumstances (not that I condone it at all)which is why it is occasionally ruled as manslaughter. But to deliberately snap a child's spine? I just don't get it, not even with below-average intelligence. :-(

Thanks for posting the article Viv. So, Cipriano sustained her injuries before any of the accused were anywhere near her and the confession was made before the beating? I can't say I'm surprised & that PORTUGAL thing about Amaral is a disgrace. Using physical insults such as "greasy" and "obese" is so childish, as I've said before. It's the kind of remark that, if I had been the receiver, my mother would have told me the "sticks and stones...." verse and it's true. I haven't had to remind myself of that verse though since I entered the adult world and here is a supposed adult bringing it all back to me. Sad!

Hope you've all had a good day. My Flintoff prize left me with a bit of a headache this morning, I must say ;-)


hope4truth said...


since when has it been against the law to voice concerns over parents who neglect their children on a nightly basis?

A 3 year old child is missing and Mummy dosent want to answer very simple questions about it this in itself is very damming...

Racist abuse is against the law though although I have always found racists to be scum so no wonder this is where the Neglecting parents are getting all their support from.

dylan said...

Hi Hope!

"I dont agree with violence or the death penalty but sometimes human nature turns us all into animals and if he gets a good kicking in jail I wont loose any sleep over this piece of scum...."

I second that.

Viv, I have my bin ;-)


hope4truth said...

Oh sorry I missed Zodiacs post about poor little Amy...

hope4truth said...

Hi Dyl

What is going on with the bins then???

dylan said...

Son wants the laptop so I'll have to go!


dylan said...

Note sure but the bins seemed to disappear for a while so that you couldn't delete your own post.

I've just noticed something too :

I just don't get it, not even with below-average intelligence. :-(

Lol!! I can see how the other side might read that :-))))

BFN xx

Cláudia said...

Hope that monster who killed an innocent baby never sees the light of day again.

Cláudia said...

P.S: And I hope he has the rest of his life to think about what he did.

docmac said...

Anonymous said...

Do you know that the wannabe pretendy doctor has just had a massive boot up his backside from his employers?
For spending too much time on internet on hate blogs and the idiot accidentally left himself logged in and did not delete his tracks properly.

Final warning eh doctwat?

24 October 2008 19:51

Yes, Mr Gerry. Sorry Mr Gerry sir. ROTFLMAO! What an idiot!

I haven't had an 'employer' for almost 18 years now. And you haven't heard of the Tor network, have you?

Get lost.

Nytol. Early one for us. We're off at the crack of dawn.

Cláudia said...

Hi and bye Doc. Elderly neighbour seriously ill. We had to call 911
(112). Waiting to hear some news. Don't know if I should stay here and wait or go to the hospital and wait there. Calling his granddaughter in a bit to see if there are any news. He has been sick for a long time and getting weaker and weaker. But this is the first time I've seen him disoriented and not making sense. :-(

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

I hope your elderly neighbour can be peaceful and you will have some good news.

You show what a kind young person you are by always being caring and concerned about elderly people, rather than just thinking, well I am OK, like certin others we know.

Take Care
and best of luck, because sometimes we all need some of that

Viv xxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv.
Thank you. In a way, I know how this will end, of course. He is so weak. But then you always think it might not be the end. Fortunately he is not in pain and I don't think he is suffering much apart from being confined to bed or his rocking chair because he hasn't got the strength to walk anymore.
I've established a strong bond with him and his wife. I never met my mother's parents (they died when she was 14 and 15) and my father's parents died when I was 7 and 9 so they are a bit like grandparents to me. The wife is 82 or 83 but she's is very well. A very active woman, still. I had talked about her before when she fell in her kitchen and dislocated her shoulder (from which she recovered like a teenager, I must add).
Have called his granddaughter. No news yet. No use going there. Only one person can get in.

nancy said...

Hi everyone -

I've been dog and cat sitting for my daughter this last week, so that's why I've not been posting. Don't think I've given up on Madeleine - I never will!

I have been reading the papers, but no mention of the McCanns and the tapas pals since their win from the Express I see!

The photo of them all outside the Court shows them to have aged considerably since that fateful holiday - I wonder why?

I'm catching up on all the posts and will be back commenting before too long!



hope4truth said...

Hi Nancy

Nice to see you xxx

Claudia I hope your neighbour is comfortable xxx

Cláudia said...

Thanks, Hope.
No news yet.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

It must be terribly frustrating to become confused and unable to walk but maybe he can be helped to still have some quality of life. If there is a way you can help with that I know you will.

It has been a long, long time since I had grandparents but having a dear old friend is a wonderful thing. I still particularly miss my father's father but was only 11 when he died. He used to spoil us so much and was also great fun. My father's mother uses to make and frame pictures, expensive wedding dresses and had the most fantastic cottage garden, I think she encouraged the creative side in me, showing me how to do things with her when I was very little but alas she never got me to sew! No one should ever underestimate what a fascinating fountain of wisdom older people are!

His wife sounds just like my mum who was 82 in September. She is incredible often saying "we have been working in the garden all day when I arrive, I just dont know how she does it and the house is really immaculate too, cooked meal every night although my step father is very helpful and loves her to bits. They are going to Egypt we learned on the same flight as us next Thursday but not the same hotel!

Hiya Di, I am sure you have been lavishing the cat and dog with lots of love, knowing you and we all have a life besides our interest in justice for Madeleine so no one expects regular posts. It is just nice when you can drop by.

Re the photo outside court, I had thought Mat was a good looking man but thought he looked very aged and really was surprised at the ill fitting suit jacket that was just not long enough for his tall frame. He just looked tired and very out of place, I thought. I did think though that Fiona's mother looked very good for someone mid 60s!

viv said...


Did you know that:

an avitar is an “object” representing the embodiment of the user.

So you, taking a lovely picture of Portugal, that a Portuguese lady used as her avatar, and writing SHITE across it to adopt as your own is a clear embodiment of you is it not? A mindless, racist, moron. Racists often think they are funny, only other racists agree, so you are in the right company with Rosie, although I note you do not always agree x

PS ST I am glad a flood of complaints about the extreme racism on your blog forced you to remove so much of it, but not all I see. We have the Rosie sermon of everything she hates about Portugal, their police, their people etc, what a judgmental sterotypical old twit, eh? A true racist in my stereotypical view of them:-))))

dylan said...

Hi all,

Claudia, I hope you get some good news about your neighbour & that his wife is OK. x

Nancy, nice to see you back.

Viv, what a nasty thing to do to Alsa's avatar. I am sure all of Portugal is glad that the likes of Bum and Poops never intend to go there though.

I am off to bed. I have to be up early to make a packed lunch for my not so little boy who is travelling to Wales tomorrow with his ex step brother. I will be fretting all day about him tomorrow, I'm sure!

Goodnight xx

viv said...

Hiya Dillie

Yes I am sure Portugal and its residents will be mighty relieved these two never want to holiday there. In fact I think they would be relieved if anyone at all connected with the McCanns or sympathisers just stayed away. How many millions have Kate and Gerry cost the Portuguese tax payer? Not to mention the distress to a child loving nation from all of this.

As far as the avatar goes it demonstrates the mindset that would plan and sit and take the time to do such a sick thing, they must be very eaten up with hatred! It would nor enter a reasonable person's head to do such a nasty, petty thing! They do not worry about what it displays of their character because they are the sort of people who are egotistical and just believe they are right, totally lacking in empathy and insight into their behaviour. Devoid of any education at all on equal opportunities, human rights etc.

I know just how you feel about still worrying over kids. Luke was putting some cabinets up in the bathroom last night when I heard a bang and him cry out mooooooom. I rushed in a blind panic. It is a set of cupboards that goes from floor to ceiling covering the new boiler and pipes, the small one at the top he had not affixed and it fell on his head and left a nasty lump but he is fine, thank god xxxxx so is the cupboard even:-))

viv said...


I did not delete so much of my blog as you say but two posts only. I did not get a flood of complaints as you say but one (I don't count vicious anon posts from you and Claudia). You are such a liar that you have to lie to your own posters all the time and you are so desperate that you have to play over and over again the race card. Pathetic.

ST, I complained to google because you were breaching terms and conditions by posting racist abuse and I know others complained too. I am pleased that the two posts I specifically complained about you were forced to remove. It is you that keeps playing the race card and I can see that the truth really hurts. Your blog is just a pit of abusive hatred, shambolic!

viv said...

oh and by the way ST do not flatter yourself by thinking either Claudia or I would send any abusive posts to you, I am sure you get plenty of those (including the ones you choose to post) so you had better look elsewhere!

Cláudia said...

Just got home and haven't read back. Have been keeping my neighbour's wife company after she arrived from hospital. Her husband is being discharded at 7 am and should be home around 8 which gives me about 5 hours sleep. The news aren't obviously good. It is a terminal situation and now the goal is palliative care. My elderly neighbour had fever caused by a kidney infection which in turn also made him dehydrated. They took care of that and he was also given some morphine for the pain. I hope that in 5 or 6 hours time he will be more oriented than the last time I saw him.
Boa noite, all.

viv said...

Hiya darling and thanks for the update. What an early hour to discharge him poor man.

I hope you have gone straight to bed as I should have done about two hours ago!

Boa Noite
and I hope you can get at least some rest. You are very kind xxxxxxxxxx

Luv Viv xxxxxxx

viv said...

How long does it take to expose the blatant lies and hypocrisy from Camp McCann and gutter British Press, well not long really, look at this shocker from the rag Daily Mirror in August (it was felt some "good" PR was needed at the time!!)

Who was this "truly International firm? Oakley International, one man band, Mr "Halligen" not that much of a bright spark really, incorporated for Gerry McCann in 2007. Blatant fraud in the name of their dead little girl..The CIA, the FBI and American Special Forces, what a load of .......(!!!)

Madeleine McCann hunt: Parents hire crack USA team


By Rod Chaytor 13/08/2008


Kate and Gerry McCann have hired a team of top US investigators to spearhead the hunt for their missing daughter Madeleine.

The top secret outfit includes former CIA, FBI and American special forces personnel.

The Find Madeleine Fund appointed the US operators - who are on a massive £500,000 six-month contract - earlier this year. They have replaced Metodo 3 as the lead investigators on the case.

The Spanish team will continue to chase leads in the region where Madeleine was taken.

Advertisement - article continues below »

A McCann family friend said last night: "It was felt that a truly international firm was now needed to lead the inquiry. These really are the big boys."

Zodiac said...

Hi all,


Sorry to hear about your elderly neighbour.

'A McCann family friend said last night: "It was felt that a truly international firm was now needed to lead the inquiry. These really are the big boys."'

What utter cr@p, imo.

dylan said...

Morning all,

Claudia, I'm really sorry to hear that but I'm glad that your neighbour has such a good person next door.

Zodiac, everything that these two publish is yet another PR exercise but they get found out in the end for their lies and spin. Crack team? My ar*e! (excuse the pun!)

Viv, poor Luke :-( but glad your cabinet is OK :-)!! I do tend to project my own fears onto my children. I'm terrified of the tube because I'm a claustrophobe and because of the King's Cross tragedy. I've asked him to text or call me when he's safely on the train to Wales. I'm sure he'll be OK. They are both bright lads and I've drummed the underground map into him so that he doesn't miss his next train. You only get around 45 mins between L'pool St and Paddington so there's no time to dither!!

A few years ago, we climbed Tryfan. I had done it first with my ex and was petrified about the exposed parts of the climb. I only put myself through it again because the older children were going up and I wanted to make sure they were safe. Of course they were fine and it was me that was the quivering wreck which was ten times worse because I had both myself and the kids the to worry about! I needn't have because my ex knew what he was doing and had mountain guide experience and the kids ended up laughing at how pathetic I was!

Have a good day all. xx

Zodiac said...

'Crack team? My ar*e! (excuse the pun!)'

Dylan LOL!

dylan said...

Zodiac, alas it was accidental rather than my wit!!!

Have good day and I'll catch up this evening when I know that various train journeys have gone OK :-)))


Cláudia said...

Hi, guys.
Thank you all.
Just called and the ambulance already left the hospital. My elderly neighbour will be home in some minutes.
Unfortunately it's a terminal situaton. He will be given small doses of morphine and antibiotics to fight the kidney infection. The doctor told the family that the goal is to make him as comfortable as possible. But that they had to be prepared. I was very shocked yesterday because he was so disoriented that he didn't recognise me or his granddaughter. Up until yesterday he was very weak but alert and oriented and that really shocked me. His granddaughter was also very sad, as you can all imagine.
Going downstairs and wait for the ambulance.

nancy said...

Hi everyone -

Back after a week away! I see that Goncalo's book is selling really well in Portugal and he is going to be in Granada (a place I love) to talk about his forthcoming film.

I bet the McCanns and Co are fuming over this film being made; it would be a good opportunity for the McCann's to sue and make a bit more money for the Madeleine Fund, but I won't hold my breath!

I should think the auditors will be going through the books of the Madeleine Fund this month. I suspect their top flight lawyers have arranged for their own (trusted) accountants to carry this out.

hope4truth said...

Morning ALL

Claudia I hope the gentleman is as comfortable and pain free as the hosipital can make him. He will be so pleased to be in his own home bless him xxx

As for the other site a lot of very racist comments were on their origanal blog and mum showed what a narrow minded nasty old bitch she was when she wrote shite on Alsabellas Avatar. It is the sort of thing a teenager would do but only a very stupid pig ignorant one.

I wonder about her is she really the terrible poet or have they been working really hard to create an old bat to stand up for them? If her photo is real she looks like my Dad's Mother all Oil of Olay and spite.

My Dad's Mother for the record was one of the most evil racist bitches ever to walk this earth I hated her with a passion. She was a terrible Mother I cant even call her Grandmother but thankfully my Mum had the most wonderful parents and from 17 my Dad was treated as a son by them until the day they died and although my Husband is a wonderful Dad my Dad is the best and my girls love him to bits.

The BNP is led by failed men who wanted to be big shots and failed and is followed by loosers who want to blame everything on imigration and peoples skin colour as they cant see it is their own sad sorry selves who are pathetic and they will never be anythign but racist bully's...

I wonder if Team McCann really know that they have the dregs of society trying to make them look good???

They really got it so wrong if they hand picked RP and Mum oh dear oh dear...

Cláudia said...

Hi, Hope.
back home.
My neighbour is finally back home in his bed. Although he is now very skinny it is a difficult job to help him get up or even sit up. His wife is 83 which doesn't help because she hasn't got the strength of a young girl anymore although she is quite active and healthy, fortunately. Both of us had to help him sit up and it wasn't easy. But he finally drank a glass of milk and ate three cookies and also had half glass of water, which wasn't bad. He was sleeping peacefully when I left.
I think I'll try to have some sleep this afternoon. Slept less than 4 hours.

I think that if the Mccanns were aware of some of their 'supporters' they would pay for them to just shut up.

viv said...

Modnrodder states.. on http://supertroll.blogspot.com/2008/10/open-letter-to-hypocritical-hope.html

(A site that claims to support Kate and Gerry McCann but in fact seems to support racism and paedophilia)

This has made me feel really low as in supporting the McCanns I keep finding such evil and it makes me feel dirty and wanting to shower and get away from it. There must be a way that these people can be combated effectively and it hasn't been effective with all the attempts legally I and others have made so far. But we must keep trying, although it is hard and sometimes depressing work.
25 October 2008 08:04

I suggest you get out of it altogether if it is making you depressed. With regard to the to the other part of your post about "researching into paedophilia". A friendly word of warning. When internet paedophiles are detected this is the standard excuse they provide, it is no excuse. If you are a paedophile yourself, get help and do not make excuses for your behaviour! Remember what happened to Chris Langham!

Zodiac said...


Hope **** has sent you your text and is safe and well.

Claudia thinking of you, your neighbour who has returned from hospital and everyone who loves and knows him.

Love Lia x

hope4truth said...

Just noticed the web link in Viv's above post....letter-to-hypocritical-hope.html

I take it this is the long rant that Troll decided to print about me (or is he that boered he did another one)???

I did not notice the title but how the hell can Hope be Hypocritical?

I think child neglect in any form is wrong and in the McCann's case downright stupid and against the law.

I would never in a million years do anything as stupid and cruel as leaving my children home alone while I went anywhere yet alone to a bar so how the hell does my opinion make me a Hyporcite???

I know troll only posted the letter as he thought it would upset me but it was a waste of time as I read a bit laughed he could be bothered and gave up...

No one knows me who I am or what I do and as he thinks I am an evil vicious old bat (like I think Mum is an evil vicious old bat) our opinions about each others personalities dont count for a thing in the real world.

There is not one thing I have said on this blog that I have not said in the real world if the McCanns are brought into the conversation.

I have given the web address for here the 3As out and also the pro sites people know my username and can read everything I have written...

Wonder if they can claim the same thing when they are in church on a Sunday???

docmac said...

Hi Hope

Don't let them bother you. Look at the name of the blog. Surely it tells you all you need to know.


Sorry for your friend. I know that you will do your best to help make his last days comfortable x.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc.
Thank you.
I just applied a fentanyl patch that the palliative care doctor prescribed and which will hopefully last for 3 days.
Tried to take a nap but couldn't sleep and then had to go downstairs.

docmac said...

Get some rest, amiga!

Cláudia said...

The doctor also mentioned morphine based pills every 12 hours if the pain is too strong. I'm just scared it's too much. First I thought the patch had morphine but it seems fentanyl can be stronger than morphine. Although I have to say the patches he is using have the lowest dosage.

Cláudia said...

I will.
I feel really sleepy.

docmac said...

Fentanyl is MUCH more potent than morphine.

Sleep well. Off now myself. May BBL.

Cláudia said...

Doc, thanks.

hope4truth said...

Hi Doc

Oh they dont bother me at all I find their whole site where children dont matter a joke.

It would be funny if a 3 year old child was not missing more than likely dead possibly by her Mothers hands..

They have shown by supporting Leonor the Child Killer that to them nothing matters as long as you can get away with it...

Some debate and rational thoughts about the McCanns would have had me out of here months ago so whoever thier PR people are they are bloody rubbish and if they are in charge of making Britain look good no wonder we are heading towards a recesion...


dylan said...

Hi Folks,

Claudia, you are doing a sterling job. I just hope I have somebody as caring and decent as you living next door to me when it's my turn, so to speak. Truly an angel. x

Zodiac, **** has safely arrived in Wales. My next hope for him is that the girl he has been in love with for the past four years, to whom he revealed his feelings and has been in contact with since August almost constantly, feels the same for him. I've seen how animated he becomes whenever she is on line and her name is mentioned. He is so in love! I want things to work out for him more than I want for myself. Bless! She is a lovely girl - intelligent, beautiful, sporty and talented and if any long-distance relationship can work out, I think theirs can.

Hope, who gives a flying one what that hateful blog says about any of us? I have long come to the realisation that whatever they say about us can only be interpreted as a compliment as I would not wish to be associated with their bullying, bigoted, playground nastyness. To that end, purely coincidentally, I got chatting with a couple of Polish immigrants today who were feeling a bit lost. They were wonderful, cultured people that work very hard for their money and send a large proportion of it home to their impoverished families. That made me feel good. They work, pay taxes and spend their money in our shops (thereby puting their wages back into our economy) and £100 back home is worth 3 times as much as it is valued here. They asked me what English people thought of immigrant workers and I told them pretty much what I posted the other day. They were really thankful of that because they said that they get so much hostility from most of our natonals and I thought that a crying shame.

What I thought was ironic was that they are paid slightly more than our own builders because they are trained to not only bricklay, but also in electrics and plumbing too whereas our guys only do one or the other and contract out the rest. Also, they told me that they work through the entire day without stopping, whereas English builders take their time and the basis for that is that they are not paid by piece but by the hour!! I spent a fascinating lunch time with them and they told me all about how their families stick together (extended families) and that they couldn't understand how we are so non-family orientated and said that maybe that is why we have so many teenage pregnancies!

All in all, I have learnt a lot about Polish culture today. I'm very much like my father in that I cannot resist finding out about foreigners. If I hadn't become a geologist, I think I would have gone into anthropology. It's so interesting!

Have a good evening all. I'm off out to show them the delights of Norwich and maybe learn a bit more!


dylan said...

Hope, the fact that they show unprecedented support for that horrible, incestuous, child-dismembering couple must surely make you feel glad that they don't like you. It is Halloween soon and I can envisage that they will all be out on their broomsticks, brewing up evil blog posts and finding innocent children to place in their cauldren of hate.

I'd rather be here, thanks.



viv said...

Hiya all

Claudia I hope you got chance to have a rest. I remember with very strong pain killers they sometimes give you different ones so that when one is wearing off but you need more relief you can take a different type rather than overdose on the original one. I am sure this is why they prescribed morphine too. I would imagine he will sleep a lot and hope his wife can get a rest as well.

Hope as Doc says it is a Troll's take on things and a very perverted and twisted take it is too. I just cannot really believe the vile content of that blog which as Troll admits has nothing to do with Madeleine, so what is the purpose of it! If I supported child dismembering killer and wanted them out of jail like they do, I think I would seriously wonder what purpose there was in life!

Dillie, thanks for your very interesting post about the Polish people you met. I really wish I had been fortunate enough to employ them in my own home because as you say, I have to pay for every different trade and that is what makes it so expensive. I am sure that half the time they could do other jobs but it is like a closed shop, they all support each other and will not do each other's work and deprive them of yet more cash - perhaps an example of what a grasping and selfish society we live in. We could learn much from other cultures but some just do not want to learn, they are too wrapped up in their own self importance and superiority. In this way they miss so much out of life, like a poor horse, always with blinkers on!


nancy said...

Hi Hope -

It really beggars belief that ST and his entourage can only find the time to insult and harrass people on Viv's forum. Is their world really so dismal that the only excitement they can raise is by carrying on in this disturbing way. If it wasn't you it would be someone else, so don't let it get to you. Those of us on here who have known you since the DX days know that you always speak from your heart while they seem to speak from the dregs of their souls.

Instead of coming up with some positive views about how Madeleine disappeared and all the evidence that has been put forward which contradicts all that the McCanns and their pals have concocted, they seem to get their kicks by insulting those of us who only want justice for Madeleine.

Hope springs eternal remember!!


viv said...

Hiya Nancy!

Good to hear from you again.

I think Troll has just lost the plot to be honest, take this last post for example, I do not know whether anyone on here knows who "DS" is, I certainly don't, but there again, it is difficult to know what is going on in their heads!

Viv it is you that needs help and you that is going to be exposed. Some on your blog are going to be shocked to the core about you and your goings on.
The authorities now KNOW who DS actually is. Don't bother trying to delete, you can't you sicko.
25 October 2008 17:42

nancy said...

Hi Viv -

Great to be back and have really enjoyed reading back.

I haven't a clue either who DS can be but I suspect we will soon know once the authorities get their hands on him or her! Pigs might fly!

When I read back I couldn't believe that one reporter actually admitted that Madeleine had died that night - I bet that went down like a lead baloon with the pros!

Did your new bed arrive yet by the way?


viv said...

Hiya Nancy and it is great to have you back.

I gather Troll thinks I am DS but my initials are nothing like that. He/she seems obsessed with reporting me to the authorities but that is a typical sign of projection I guess.

In the same way they seek to suggest that it is not the Ciprianos' fault that Joana died and it is not the McCanns' fault that Madeleine died. Oh no, it is Goncalo Amaral's fault because of course the parents did not kill them, they were abducted and Goncalo failed to find their abductors. This is the most bizarre piece of criminal reasoning I have seen for many a day:-))

I was pleased that we at least have one newspaper, I think it was Metro which is widely distributed, free of charge, that was prepared to just say it like it is, Madeleine died. It is a pity our other newspapers cannot be so honest and properly inform the public now they have the content of the files. I really commend Joana Morais for providing such comprehensive and accurate information to the public in both Portuguese and English of just the facts!

My bed has been a bit of a saga. First I changed my mind about the one I wanted and had to wait a lot longer and pay a £100 fee for the privilege. Then when they delivered it the oak frame did not fit together properly and I had to just sleep on the mattress on the floor. Today they delivered the replacement frame and Luke finished putting it up for me not long ago. So tonight...yum !

There is one small snag though, we go on holiday on Thurs and we are having to empty both living rooms and Luke's bedroom for the builders to come, and so my bedroom is starting to overflow!

Oh well I will have a lovely new oak staircase when I get back and one big room instead of two and luke will have a slightly bigger newly plastered bedroom but we will still have a heck of a lot to do. So I am going to do what my mum advised whilst in Sharm el Sheik, chill out and relax, sun, sea, swimming!


hope4truth said...

Hi Nancy

I really am not worried they can say what they want to about me it dosent make it true...


I expect they are talking about Britvics Nintendo DS kids love them....

Funny how troll wanted everyone to e mail him as we were scared of you and had to keep posting..

Then it turns out that is exactly how the pro site was run on intimidation and fear... Still cant stop laughing that they thought those bloody angels and rainbows would make all the diffrence LOL xxx

viv said...

Ah Nintendo DS of course, lol Hope!

They do this with everything, project their own vile behaviour onto us! I just cannot imagine having a blog where I controlled what the posters could write, what would the point! I am not in this for propaganda and lies like Kate and Gerry McCann. I am in this for informing the public, sharing our knowledge about this case and making sure these manipulative liars do not actually convince the public that Kate and Gerry are innocent nice parents. In that way we can seek to achieve Justice for little Madeleine and all other children who suffer. The public should not be looking at the McScams as role models but as examples of the worst type of parents and whose ways and habits they should strenuously avoid. In that way we are doing our bit to protect other children. We do not want any other parents copying these two as some get rich quick scheme that put that perpetual smug smirk on their faces, when they should have been devastated if they were telling the truth. But their truth is an admission of negligent selfish losers.


nancy said...

Viv -

Have a lovely comfortable night in your new (long awaited) bed and a great holiday with all that sun, sea and relaxation - you could wind up with a rich Sheik yourself if you play your cards right!

As for the McCanns being looked on as role model parents, I think the people who see them like that are definitely a very small minority according to letters in response to media articles since their daughter disappeared.

They seem to me to have gone out of their way to be unpopular in order to get all the publicity they could while having no conscience about their reputations (all publicity being good publicity to them), almost as if they knew they were on a winning ticket and there was no way on earth they would ever have to pay for the tragic disappearance of Madeleine.

They shouldn't be so sure of themselves though because now the tapas 7 are able to speak freely, there may be one or two of them who will do just that before too long - after all what have they to lose, they've already lost all credibility as honest and upright citizens!

Off to bed now - see you tomorrow! Night everyone!


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Any normal parent would still be berating themselves for doing what they did and desprately begging people not to do the same...

I must admit I did wonder why he would think we were being controlled by you (as his spy says we are) obviously they must asume all blogs are run the same way as theirs therfore no spy just a twat...


docmac said...

Hi Viv and wecome back Nancy :-)

Has anyone else seen the picture of Joana, Leonor, unidentified friends and Leandro Silva with THAT KNIFE? WTF?

Hope, I have some thoughts as to exactly why that blog exists, but you can be sure I would NEVER e-mail them.

hope4truth said...

Night Nancy xxx

docmac said...

It's on page 2, btw.

hope4truth said...

Thanks Doc thought I was being hapless again when I couldent see it x

docmac said...

Wouldn't say twat though, Hope. Just a 'previously undecided voter'.

Twat would be correct if that 'voter' has gone back there though'.

docmac said...

Claudia I have to hit the bag soon. I hope you rested well and that your friend is comfortable x.

viv said...

Doc thanks for the link to 3 As giving details of the PJ case. This seems to be a very good summary. I loved the lawyer's use of irony, you could have seen the lady of Fatima but did not say so:-))) I cannot believe this case has been brought but perhaps the decision was taken because of the McCann case and the false allegations they have made against the PJ. This way they can say we do listen to potential victims and take appropriate action to determine the facts, before a court of law!

Cipriano Case: Gonçalo Amaral accused of assaulting Joana's mother

The lawyer of the ex-coordinator for PJ considers the claim "idiotic"

Four years later, the "Joana Case" continues to surprise. This past Friday, Leandro Silva, Leonor Cipriano's ex-partner, for the first time accused Gonçalo Amaral of attacking them at the PJ headquarters in Faro.

Is that a knife that I see before me?

The claims were made upon arrival at the court in the Algarve capital which, owing to the death of a family member of one of the judges, delayed until Monay the trial of the five PJ investigators accused of torture and other crimes against the mother of Joana Guerreiro.

"I saw him hit Leonor at the Faro PJ. She was right beside me. Gonçalo Amaral asked her some questions and, when she didn't respond, he punched her in the stomach," he fumed. "He also hit me in the ribs. Such that I was attended in the hospital in Portimão. I'm confident that it was Gonçalo," he added. In response, Amaral's attorney, António Cabrita, preferred irony. "The witness could have seen Our Lady of Fátima, but he didn't say anything during the investigation. It's just more evidence that everyone can say as many stupid things as they wish. What's important is what's in the process."

While Leandro put forth accusations, the ex-coordinator for PJ was inside the court, after having told the journalists at the entrance that "There will be justice."

However, when informed by JN of the level of accusation, he said he would begin a counter suit against Leonor's ex-partner. Amaral emphasized that there is no evidence against him of any assault. The coordinator who retired suddenly as a result of another mediatic case - the disappearance of madeleine McCann - is accused of not making appropriate denouncements and of giving false witness.

Of the other arguidos, three are responding to the crime of torture - Paulo Pereira Cristóvão (ex-inspector), Leonor Marques (retired chief inspector) and Paulo Marques Bom - and one, António Cardoso, for falsification of a document. Along with the arguidos, Leonor Cipriano was also inside the court when, at about 9:45, the president of the jury, Henrique Pavão, announced the delay of the session, scheduled for 9:00. According to the new attorney for Joana's mother, who constituted himself an assistant to the process and requested compensation, the complainant wants to describe the attacks of which she says she was a victim. Nonetheless, Leonor did not recognize any of the accused, against who the accused say there is no evidence.

Source: Jornal de Notícias
Translation courtesy of Debk

docmac said...

Yes, Viv

Remember what is 'in the process' too. GA was not there. Nor were any of the other accused.

viv said...

Hiya Doc, I do not know what is in the process or criminal investigation but one thing seems to be clear there was no allegation in that investigation of Goncalo actually hitting her. In fact it is an extraordinary allegation to make and I hope this man faces a perjury charge for it.

He would have us believe that Goncalo was interrogating this murder suspect standing up with her ex right next to her and he then assaulted them both each providing the other with corroboration of such an assault. For a senior officer with a law degree this is indeed a joke ! The McCanns come up with many stories that are not part of the investigation - this is no different, except he could be looking at a perjury charge.

If she reported the alleged assault the next day, she would have been asked to describe her attackers, but she does not seem to be able to i.d. them at all. I am intrigued to know what the prosecution case is all about including the allegation of falsifying documents, surely they must at least have evidence of this? I really dont know!


docmac said...

Anonymous said...

The whole Hitchen/Mariana Faithful things is going to come tumbling down soon.
Where is Docmac has he run away dragging his tail behind him? This guy is going to 'cop' it very shortly.

25 October 2008 20:47

Oh dear :-( Should I start packing my toothbrush and things? Does one still get a free coffee (not tea - yuck) and a phone call?

Won't be needing undies though. Do you remember Mark's fascination with my 'undies' back in the DX days, Viv? :-))

docmac said...

Remember all the other officers arrived at 8? And GA well after 9? ;-)) You've been too busy with your new bed it seems.

atardi said...

Hi all,

I wonder why posters on the "other" site keep attacking bloggers who want JFM.

viv said...

Doc I would find it odd for police to all arive at 8 pm and another at 9 - I have seen that reported but it is not something I would accept as a fact at this stage. I have to know a lot before I can try and ascertain that!

Or, does it mean 8 in the morning and Goncalo just after 9 that would make more sense but not in context of what has been said??

I think I would want to know what time they were supposed to turn up for work.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc.
Thank you. I slept for about an hour and 15 minutes. Also going to have an early night. Not feeling too well.
When I last saw my neighbour he was comfortably sleeping. He sleeps a lot. I gave him breakfast and he was sit up for about 10 minutes but two minutes after he was in bed again he was sleeping. Guess the medication also makes him sleepy although his wife said that since he is weaker he spends most of his time sleeping.
Thank you to all of you sending best wishes to my neighbour. You have no idea how important that is for me.

Boa noite, all.
Beijinhos, Viv and Doc.

atardi said...

Hallo Docmac,

I read about GA arriving later.

docmac said...

Hallo Atardi :-)
Come on, give us your views ;-)

viv said...

Hello Atardi and great to see you back!

I cannot really be sure whether they are just anti social invidivuals who love to argue or whether they actually are connected to the McCanns, I think I would probably prefer the former because I think kate and gerry would recoil in horror by their conduct, all in the name of defending them, it makes them look like depraved monsters!

docmac said...

No, Viv

It means you have to enlarge that jpeg in the article that you saw on joana's site and study it ;-) The timesheet.

Cláudia said...

Viv, that is not the time they turned up for work. That is the time they entered the police facilities (they have probably done it earlier also). As I'm sure you know, the vast majority of that investigation was done in the field, looking for Joana's body, for a very long time.

docmac said...

Boa noite amiga.

Muitos beijos. Dorme bem.

viv said...

Doc, I have to believe what my common sense tells me to believe. There is a charge of falsifying documents. They would not make that charge for no reason.

In court the maker of the document has to give oral evidence and be cross examined as to the truth of its contents..well at least that is the rule in the UK, I doubt Portugal would be much different.

Viv x

docmac said...


That's when they coming back from the searches for Joana. They were not there at the time of the 'alleged' assault.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

Maybe I am wrong because I do not know the Portuguese system but I would look upon this as two separate criminal investigations into separate criminal offences. By the same token I fail to see how even if these officers were convicted that would mean an automatic acquittal for Leonora, it was not just she who confessed but also her brother!

viv said...

Thanks for that Doc, I certainly was not clear at all as to why they just turned up at that time, but now it certainly does make sense!

They were acting like devoted policemen looking for the victim just like they did with Madeleine, in those circumtances I really am very perplexed by this case!


docmac said...

.."it was not just she who confessed but also her brother!"..

Try telling that to Poops. She does not believe it.

Don't think the 'document' was the timesheet, Viv. I think it was the 'statements' of the accused. The timesheet is their trump card and as I said, if they are convicted I will eat my monitor.

Cláudia said...

Viv, the monsters were not convicted due to teh confession. In fact, the confessions were made in the presence of their lawyers and they could backtrack at anytime, in fact. We will have to wait and see but I agree with you. No reason whatsoever for an acquittal.

Thank you, amigo.
Dorme bem, também.
Beijinhos to both of you.

viv said...

Hiya Doc

On the basis of what we know I cannot even understand why the case was brought, let alone if they were convicted. In UK Crown Prosecutors have to assess the case and be able to certify that it stands a very good prospect of achieving a conviction, otherwise it has to be deemed the case is not in the public interest to prosecute. Issues of possible oppression of innocent people and costs are very much part of the equation apart from protecting the public.

But the fact that they have been prosecuted causes me a lot of concern about what is going on here. What was the motivation and considerations behind that decision? Just to make Portugal look like it is fair in terms of the McCann case can be no justification for putting these officers through this level of trauma, and there is no doubt just how traumatic being publically accused and tried of such conduct actually is. Even if acquitted, the stain often remains.

atardi said...


To be honest, I never knew that there were 2 anti JFM blogs.


Sleep well.


I hope the McCanns don't know these posters.

Btw, your garden is wonderfull.

docmac said...

Atardi, there are many more than two. All the same posters though.

Viv, I just read on ST you are not going to Egypt because you are too late :-( It's the same trick they tried with ROTB. Didn't study the dates properly. Oh well..

docmac said...

Viv you need to go and read the JM article again. The part below the main article :-)

viv said...

Claudia I know there was other evidence in the case against them, I was just using the confession bit because that is relevant to the allegations against the PJ, but John saying, I did not harm her I only killed her, shows him for the psychopath he clearly is with many prior convictions as you pointed out. Huntley had many other allegations and convictions building up to ever more serious behaviour, this man is no different.

I am sorry about the trauma you are going through with your neighbours and of course for the poor man himself and his wife. It is best that he sleeps peacefully because then he is not in pain.

Doc, I just had a look, how typical they presume to know my holiday date better than I do myself. They presume to know far too much about me and it does cause great amusement when reading it, like their comments re the compensation for example and you know why:-)) "Big fat mouth, big fat lie" and this from people who are as old as 65, it really does beggar belief that they could write such silly childish abuse.


Thanks for the compliment about my garden, it does give me a lot of peace and tranquility, maybe the Pros should try it. Just quietly watching the fish, birds, listening and looking at the lovely flowers. Simple way to unwind and enjoy!


atardi said...


So they are working very hard!

Yesterday I saw an interview with
GA that was broadcasted here back in july.

My mouth felt open.

I think he is a courageous man.

viv said...

Doc, I will read it again, I do not profess to say I have completely got to grips with this, but I have an uneasy feeling x

docmac said...

"Big fat mouth, big fat lie" and this from people who are as old as 65, it really does beggar belief that they could write such silly childish abuse.

Yep. Christabel is a little older though. This kind of language is quite unusual in that age bracket.

So are you flying south too? I'll have chilli and garlic 'LM'prawns in a double cream and white wine sauce ready on the BRAAI when you arrive :-))

viv said...

Doc, before I do, can you just tell me who is hearing the evidence, are they just being tried by judges? If they are getting a jury, ordinary members of the public they will definitely get justice IMO which if I read it right Goncalo seems to believe they will. But what of the costs for their lawyers? For a trial lasting many days this would be very expensive. I think it is a disgrace! In UK in such a case there is a process to order costs from central funds when there has been inappropriate behaviour by the Prosecution (but many people get Legal Aid anyway) .. this is no doubt different in Portugal.

viv said...

Doc you read my mind re Christabel, when I read all that so called research crap (she would not pass the test at Uni for conducting same lol).

I think they have had to re-invent her because she made such a blasted fool of herself about Robert Murat calling him a paedophile and she had the proof, Romigen blah blah , barking mad! I remember suggesting she seek mental health treatment on DE and she never seemed to like me much after that:-)) I think the gaps in her posts are when she has been certified again!

docmac said...

Atardi yes, they most certainly are. They inhabit multiple fora and blogs using various usernames and generally try to cause havoc.

docmac said...

Viv, it's 3 judges and 4 jury members.

docmac said...

You're forgetting the Jehovah's Witnesses, Viv. And her obsession with RM's partner.

viv said...

Oh yes Doc, was it something along the lines of Michaela was at a Jehovah's Witness meeting but at the same time she was spiriting little Maddie away to Morocco or handing her over in a blanket, Christobel was there Mate :-))) and Rosie, she was flying up the main road between PDL and Huelva in Spain determined to prove she could do it in 30 minutes:-) I laughed till I cried over that one, but seriously I doubt Michaela and Murat were laughing about the disgusting poison these "women" were responsible for!

docmac said...

Bye Viv and Atardi

Time for the Sunday morning nap.

viv said...

Doc, I would be interested to know how that works - 3 judges and four jurors, do they each get to vote on guilt or innocence? Obviously that is different here the judge just deals with legal points and advises the jury the actual decision is their own.

The similarity I could draw with UK is the Employment Tribunal where there is a qualified judge and two lay members who are representative one trade unions and one employers. In theory the decision is taken by all three and very occasionally you will see on member dissents. But my impression is the Judge decides. Certainly in my own case, she is a very powerful woman and I would not see them really challenging her views. My fear would be maybe this could be the situation in Portugal and judges cannot always be trusted..It is very easy to be overpowered by a judge..

docmac said...

Viv, it was flipping funny! Michaela was in lots of other places too.

Going to pack my essentials after brushing teeth, go to bed and then wait for the doorbell to ring.

Sleep well!

docmac said...

Each juror has the same voting power as any judge.


atardi said...

Bye Docmac and Viv,

See you tomorrow.

viv said...

Bye atardi and great to have you around again!

Doc, I am really pleased to hear the juror's have the same voting power as the judges, then I think you are right, they will not be convicted!


viv said...

dont even mention that apostrophe Doc, it is for Troll, honestly, but I doubt he would discern such a subtle one:-)))

dylan said...


I haven't and I can't read back for now, but I saw the first stuff that was written and posted & I can say it's all a bunch of twaddle!

Polish friends were great and I wish I could say the same for English men only they have constantly and persistently left me feeling like cr*p and if it weren't for my children and mum & dad, I'd most likely not bother with this world again. I can't say any more than that.

Night. xx

viv said...

Night Dilly, perhaps you could email me?

Viv xxxxxx

docmac said...


McCanns fury over 'neglect'
By Marc Baker
Missing Maddie McCann's furious parents have vowed to sue a lawyer who suggests they are guilty of child neglect.
Want to bet they'll break that 'vow'?

Anthony Bennett, 61, is urging the Government to bring in a "Madeleine's Law" making it a criminal offence to leave children under 12 on their own.
Would actually be a great law to replace the recommendations currently in place. Think 12 is too young myself.

His website attacks doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, over the disappearance of Maddie, now five, from their holiday flat in Portugal last year.
Keep on forgetting the poor young girl would have been five now.

McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Our lawyers are watching him. They are constantly monitoring his claims, which we consider are libellous."
Wazzup, Clarence? Your new job not lucrative enough? And your English is appalling. You remind me of someone ;-)))

A legal source [sic] close to the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, said: "They are more than annoyed and deeply offended. They say enough is enough. All they are trying to do is get their daughter back."
Kak, Clarence. All they have ever done is try and convince the press that Maddie was abducted. Oh, and make some cash.

docmac said...

Hi Dyl

Your kids, your family and a few good friends are all you need to make your world complete. If the right guy happens along, that would be great. If not, so be it.

docmac said...

Blogger mark55 said...

The vile blog puts a lot of belief in the timesheet they have posted on the blog .
if you look closely at it you will see that it records the arrival of the pj officers in ascending chronological time ,
Then follows seven arrivals at 20.00..
Why weren't these arrivals at the top of the timesheet ?
have they been added afterwards ?
Would the pj falsify a document ?
Well that's what amaral is being accused of .

26 October 2008 09:18

Sorry, Bark. The computerised timesheet printout is quite obviously not sorted by time. Have you ever used Excel?

And no, that is not what Amaral has been accused of. Back to the drawing board. Or is it the crayons and paper?

docmac said...

Arrival time, that is.

docmac said...

Build-up to the game of the weekend starting now. Holding thumbs Isis :-) Could turn out to be a poor result today.


nancy said...

Hi everyone -

So just who do the pros think is responsible for young Jeanne's death then? This vicious pair made confessions before the alleged attack and although I hate to admit it, if they had confessed their barbaric act to me, I would have been hard put not to batter the daylights out of them myself; in saying that, I am in no way insinuating that GA or any other PJ attacked these people, just to say that if they did, they had it coming to them!!

We all know that people who have abused, tortured and killed children, live the rest of their lives in fear when they go to prison, and most of us think they get their just desserts.

Something must be done to protect innocent children because the law certainly doesn't as it stands.

I think GA (and the other PJ's) involved are being set up as patsies in all this - someone is determined to get GA by hook or by crook!

docmac said...

Babies should never be left alone, even for a short time. If you notice that a baby or a child under the age of NINE has been left on their own, contact the police on 999. They will go to the house to make sure that the child is safe from harm.

Before leaving an older child alone, parents must take into account the child's age and maturity, their ability to cope in an emergency and how they feel about being left alone. Most children under the age of 13 are not mature enough to cope in an emergency and should not be left alone for more than a short time.

(From the NSPCC website).

So K&G, how old were the kids when you left them again and again and again and again?

You are both a disgrace and should never have been allowed to have children. You know, here in SA couples requesting IVF or any of the more modern related procedures are subjected to a rigorous psychological assessment. Just like couples wishing to adopt a child. You two slipped through the net.

docmac said...


I'd love to give Gerry a bloody good smack. As a man I could not do that to Kate. You may do it for me!

I hope that Cipriano woman rots in jail too.

Cláudia said...

Hello, everybody.
Doc, your last post: exactly.

docmac said...


Enjoyed your latest missive on paracetamol and its potential dangers, Poops. Particularly those that relate to hepatocellular injury. Just remember that one of the drugs found in the apartment (belonging to Grandpa Healy of course) was CARBAMAZEPINE. Now try and make the link, just like a simple cleaner from SA :-)))

Loved the "Just more nonsense talked by Goncalo Amaral" bit too. Is that how you were 'learned' to speak?

docmac said...

Hi Claudia

How's your friend? Hopefully OK.

I'm just reading Rosie Shakespeare on the pink blog. He is REALLY keen on the paracetamol thing again. Wonder why? Just doesn't seem to know much on the subject though. No knowlege of physiology or pharmacology, sadly. Or DRUGS THAT INDUCE LIVER ENZYMES.

docmac said...

Old Lazarus is putting in his multiple short posts again too :-))

Game in 10.

docmac said...

by ModNrodder Today at 8:54 am

I sympathise with Nina, losing a child always leaves the feeling of guilt with caring and loving parents. It is the normal reaction from a caring and loving parent.

Sorry for Nina. Sorry too that it didn't rub off on the couple from Rothley.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc.
Unfortunately, not that good.
What I saw today, I wish no one. :-( Although I think I could open an exception for two desmembering child killers. But still not sure.
Good luck with the game.

isis said...

Claudia, hope your friend is feeling better. Doc,,, are you watching ? Im not !! Chelsea OG !!

docmac said...

Of course I'm watching the best side in England, Isis ;-)

The goal was awarded to Xabi btw! Unlucky not to be 2 up at half time.

isis said...

Im just not able to watch doc, front room is like a crypt, and the neighbours will be complaining soon. Think il spend the 2nd half walking the dog !!

docmac said...

OK :-) Update later then. Enjoy the walk.

Cláudia said...

Thank you for asking, Isis.
But it doesn't look good, unfortunately.

docmac said...

Blogger mark55 said...

notdoc posts..
Sorry, Bark. The computerised timesheet printout is quite obviously not sorted by time. Have you ever used Excel?

And no, that is not what Amaral has been accused of. Back to the drawing board. Or is it the crayons and paper?

Mark replies

So how has the time sheet been "sorted". Or perhaps we could use the word "altered".

My 5 yr old uses excel to check his "sums" and he wants me to take him out now so I'll have to keep this post short .

26 October 2008 14:14

Wow, Bark. My 5 yr old does the sums in his head. And they don't need to be checked. Still doesn't read Harry Potter though. Hands up..

docmac said...

Err.. Bark and Rosie

That would be 'sorted' as in 'computer speak'. Rosie wasted so many minutes and words on that speech. LOL!

Neither of you are computer boffs, eh? God Rosie, you are gullible. And you'll have RSI soon. Mind giving a response to the 12:59 and 13:04 posts, professor?

Cláudia said...

It's a battle for teachers. Kids become dependent on calculators and other similar gadjets sometimes because parents don't want to be disturbed and interrupted to help their kids and then they are unable to make simple sums by using their heads. Hope something changes or the kid will end up as thick as his fater.

docmac said...

HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH... :-))))))))

Enjoy the 'walk' Isis?

Yeeehaaaaaah! To beat Chelsea away without Torres is a BIG result!

docmac said...

Claudia, yep ;-)

We're going to celebrate now! When last did Chelsea lose at home? :-))

isis said...

Claudia, im sorry to hear that , i hope that he remains comfortable and pain free. Doc, i think this may be the year :)))

nancy said...

Docmac -

To wipe the smirk off Kate's face would give me the greatest pleasure! I can't ever see either of them eating humble pie and admitting that their actions were criminal.

By the way, what exactly is the name of the little girl savagely killed by her mother and brother? Is it Jeanne or Joana? I hate to get details like a little girl's name wrong.


Cláudia said...

Her name was Joana Guerreiro Cipriano, Nancy.

Cláudia said...

Nancy, I made a mistake. Her full name was Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro.

viv said...

Hiya all,

Doc thanks for this short piece of Sunday Propaganda from an unashamedly pro McCann paper The People. One Rosie liked to quote repeatedly verbatim, not exactly for discerning folk who wish to see the truth.

The article, copied below, is rife with contradictions, even though extremely short. It starts McCanns vow to sue, no ambiguity there. But finishes with a very ambiguous quote from one, who, on the one hand, claims to have moved on to another job, but, on the other, still likes to keep his name in the papers. Yes bit of an attention seeker, but his quotes tell it like it really is. Our lawyers are watching...This man has not just suggested the McCanns are negligent, chapter and verse, he has set out the case as to how they are responsible for Madeleine's death and disposal. So why do the McCanns not immediately sue based on not just his claims of negligence but of far worse? I think we all know the answer to that!

I am not generally a great supporter of Mr Bennett, but I have to say a law that positively sets out it is a criminal offence to leave young children under 12 years alone, would be ideal for parents like Kate and Gerry McCann who actually need to be told that is not the right thing to do!


26 October 2008
McCanns fury over 'neglect'
By Marc Baker

Missing Maddie McCann's furious parents have vowed to sue a lawyer who suggests they are guilty of child neglect.

Anthony Bennett, 61, is urging the Government to bring in a "Madeleine's Law" making it a criminal offence to leave children under 12 on their own.

His website attacks doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, over the disappearance of Maddie, now five, from their holiday flat in Portugal last year.


McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Our lawyers are watching him. They are constantly monitoring his claims, which we consider are libellous."

A legal source close to the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, said: "They are more than annoyed and deeply offended. They say enough is enough. All they are trying to do is get their daughter back."

docmac said...

Isis, yes :-))

Nancy, :-)

Hi Viv.

viv said...

Hiya Doc

and thanks for your lovely emails which I have just read and replied to as well


docmac said...

Have replied Viv

See Rosie is still googling away and pretending not to read your blog :-)

Hey Poops. Leonor is NOT going to be released early. She and Joao are child killers. BTW, read your 14:22 post on ST again and tell me you're really a writer. LOLOL!

docmac said...

Regarding your e-mail, Viv.

Yes, Rosie triple-tuts a lot. Like so many of them.

viv said...

I know it cannot resist this blog, it is its whole raison de etre:-))

True, no civilised country suddenly springs convicted child murderers, Portugal would be no exception to that. They confessed to their crimes and are doing their time, let us hope it is eternal!

Rest in peace Joana and Madeleine, the caring folks of the world will not forget you or try to abuse your memory by making excuses for your "parents".

docmac said...

Off for a bit.

viv said...

and me it is getting dark and I must take some exercise and go for a walk, think I will stick to the road. Sorry about that Rosie if you are lying in wait for me:-)))))))))

Given you are researching me you obviously must have my name and address, don't you?

docmac said...

Rosie is not anywhere near your county, Viv. Neither in his 'research' nor in reality ;-)


docmac said...

Blogger Rosiepops said...


Take no notice of her, she is a lunatic. She twists everything, you only have to look at what she has managed to do to the minds of her posters, she has twisted those too and still they do not see it!

26 October 2008 17:08

Oh really? A LUNATIC nogal? Rein yourself in, man. She's 'twisted' posters minds too? Most of the people who post here were active long before Viv opened this blog. It's your rather odious defence of the McScums that is rather twisted.

Arrest them, I say.

docmac said...

By the way, Rosie. I agree with a previous poster who said that Mod's delving deep into paedo sites is not normal.

There have been lots of suggestions that some posters on this blog are into paedophilia.

Here's a challenge for you. Name them. And quote the relevant posts.

nancy said...

Claudia -

Thanks for clearing that up - easy mistake to make - what a horrendous story - just how can anyone treat a child in that way!

There is no crime worse than those involving ill treatment of children, who are utterly dependant on those who are supposed to look after them for their wellbeing. Those who make children suffer should receive punishment to fit the crime. Sometimes they do but more often they dont unfortunately. I hope those who killed little Joana never see the light of day again.


nancy said...

Hi Viv -

I totally back Anthony Bennett who is fighting for young children against all odds it seems.

Of course the McCanns are upset that someone in the know is actually daring to question the validity of their statement that they did nothing wrong. I fear he is facing an uphill struggle though.

So CM has come out of the woodwork again to stick up for the McCanns and says they are just trying to find their daughter. Pity they didn't think of that and go back to Portugal for the reconstruction then, along with their loyal tapas pals.

Enjoy your walk Viv.


So whatever our personal feelings about him, we must give him our full backing in his attempts to help the young and vulnerable in a society where children seem to get the thin end of the wedge so often.

nancy said...

Docmac -

"Here's a challenge then - name them and quote the relevant posts"

I think the world will come to an end first Doc!!

And they say we should be reported to the police for defamation!

Keep your great posts, with such clever repartee, coming Doc!


I'm not a happy bunny - my two teams - West Ham and Chelsea, both lost today!

docmac said...

by Shingle Yesterday at 12:42 pm
Hi Rosie,

The total time spent on the first 4 vehicles is 44 seconds for the first three....just less than 15 seconds each, and 2 minutes 7 seconds for the renault.

And as you rightly point out, Grimes was a business man who needed to produce results.

They did don't like the dogs :-)

Here's the reply:

by Rosiepops Today at 3:56 pm

I could not remember the exact timing, this is actually worse than I previously thought.

If we can tear this evidence to shreds, I wonder what a decent legal team could do to it?

Oh my. LOL!

viv said...

Hiya guys,

back from my walk. Just as I was about to leave the house my 6'3 keep fit fanatic brother arrived, so not only did I feel really safe on my walk, I also walked a lot faster and further than I intended to:-)


I just do not get this "Grimes WAS A BUSINESS MAN who needed to produce results"

Could they be talking about PC Grime of Yorkshire Police who I would assume has been in the job for years and still is. Tiny detail I know but, what about the facts ? Rosiepops and Co? What about the lack of results in everyone else's property bar the McCanns'? Big fat lying dogs eh?

docmac said...


"I'm sorry about West Ham" End quote :-)))))


This 'Grimes' stuff is confusing really. Never heard of a 'businessman' named Grimes myself. Did you get my 'did don't'? :-)))

viv said...

Doc, yes I have seen some more appalling grammar:-))

Also saw this from "Tinks"

Strange she should know what excuses these people give when uncovered!


I would say it is not so strange for one who can actually read the newspapers e.g the story about Chris Langham, which you were referred to, try also a certain member of The Who! Neither is it a strange observation for a qualified Probation Officer to make but I understand you do not even accept I have a garden pond:-)))

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