5 May 2008


Produce this timeline from which it will be seen that on 20.5.07 Gerry McCann returns to UK, visiting home address and returns to Portugal on 22.5.07. Just two days later on 24.5.07 the McCanns release what they claim is the last picture of Madeleine. Now I don't mean to be cynical but isn't this a bit of a coincidence? For a family that have complained the police were not producing Jane Tanner's e-fit of egg-man, and wanted their daughter found how come they waited until after Gerry had gone home to produce this picture, a full three weeks later?

I have also been reading Briggite O'Donell's account again, one who on the face of it seeks to support the McCanns and is clearly a witness as to their conduct who can be believed in most respects I would have thought. She says that there was a tennis tournament for the children that day and they were racing around collecting tennis balls and so I would say the picture we all know and love of Madeleine gathering up those tennis balls is likely to be one of the last pics of her. So why don't the McCanns say that it is, why produce the one by the pool as the last pic and 3 weeks later, to boot?

I have studied that tennis balls pic very carefully on photo programmes and that mark on her wrist on the tennis balls pic most definitely looks like a really nasty bruise to me. On the pic by the pool her wrist is cut off from view. That I believe is why there was this delay in issuing a pic of Madeleine and why Gerry had to go home first. Maybe it is also the reason the police wanted Gerry's computer from his home address?

Notice also in this timeline the abduction is said to have taken place in between 9.30 and 10 as Gerry suggested in Panorama but he is now saying it took place at 9.15 to coincide with what Tanner says.

Notice also Kate now says one of the reasons they did not take the children with them was because they could not have walked all that distance to Milleniums but O'Donnell says they booked a table every single night at the TAPAS restaurant and she also says the following morning at breakfast time one of their friends appeared with their child, in a puschair. It was a ten minute walk to the Kids Club but one that other parents were prepared to tread, significantly, their child was carried back in a blanket..She highlights how just as their food arrived their baby woke up. She clearly implies that Jes bumped into Gerry around 8.30 as he was checking on his children. I believe the McCanns did go out at 8 pm and this was his first check..could this be when a grim discovery was made about the condition of Madeleine? If it was at this time when Gerry actually stood talking to Wilkins it would explain why neither of them saw Tanner...they needed to make it appear things happened much later on, perhaps? As we know from the waiters, Tanner never even left the table.

Why did one of the doctors go frantically banging on their door at 1 am but then say there is no point bothering to come and look she has been missing for three hours. Apparently although the McCanns had been allocated another apartment they went to the Paynes apartment and at 6 am got up and started looking for Madeleine, would you have even gone to bed, let alone wait until 6 am before you even bothered to look for her? Were they sitting planning with the Paynes? This same doctor appeared at breakfast the following morning with his daughter in the pushchair, so perhaps the McCanns could have used that?

Following the McCanns being named suspects in September, Wilkins/O'Donnell got hounded by newspapers we know to be Pro-McCann, emails began arriving threatening it would be better for him to co-operate...I do not believe the McCanns intended to give anyone who could provide evidence against them an easy time whether it was from the press or other more covert sources, their friends, their private investigators etc. Did this drive O'Donnell to write this piece to try and get some peace? Now we hear the McCanns are insisting all prosecution witnesses contact them, I hope they have more sense, not only from the point of view of breaking Portuguese law! Throughout this article O'Donnell stresses they are normal parents, who did not take risks and stayed in after trying the evening creche, to care for their little children.

Extracted from:

"The Mark Warner nannies brought the children to the Tapas restaurant to have tea at the end of each day. It was a friendly gathering. The parents would stand and chat by the pool. We talked about the children, about what we did at home. We were hopeful about a change in the weather. We eyed our children as they played. We didn't see anyone watching.
Some of the parents were in a larger group. Most of them worked for the NHS and had met many years before in Leicestershire. Now they lived in different parts of the UK, and this holiday was their opportunity to catch up, to introduce their children, to reunite. They booked a large table every night in the Tapas. We called them "the Doctors". Sometimes we would sit out on our balcony and their laughter would float up around us. One man was the joker. He had a loud Glaswegian accent. He was Gerry McCann. He played tennis with Jes.

In the evenings, babysitting at the resort was a dilemma. "Sit-in" babysitters were available but were expensive and in demand, and Mark Warner blurb advised us to book well in advance. The other option was the babysitting service at the kiddie club, which was a 10-minute walk from the apartment. The children would watch a cartoon together and then be put to bed. You would then wake them, carry them back and put them to bed again in the apartment. After taking our children to dinner a couple of times, we decided on the Wednesday night to try the service at the club.
We had booked a table for two at Tapas and were placed next to the Doctors' regular table. One by one, they started to arrive. The men came first. Gerry McCann started chatting across to Jes about tennis. Gerry was outgoing, a wisecracker, but considerate and kind, and he invited us to join them. We discussed the children. He told us they were leaving theirs sleeping in the apartments. While they chatted on, I ruminated on the pros and cons of this. I admired them, in a way, for not being paranoid parents, but I decided that our apartment was too far off even to contemplate it. Our baby was too young and I would worry about them waking up.
My phone rang as our food arrived; our baby had woken up. I walked the round trip to collect him from the kiddie club, then back to the restaurant. He kept crying and eventually we left our meal unfinished and walked back again to the club to fetch our sleeping daughter. Jes carried her home in a blanket. The next night we stayed in. It was Thursday, May 3.
Earlier that day there had been tennis lessons for the children, with some of the parents watching proudly as their girls ran across the court chasing tennis balls. They took photos. Madeleine must have been there, but I couldn't distinguish her from the others. They all looked the same - all blonde, all pink and pretty.

Our baby would not sleep and at about 8.30pm, Jes took him out for a walk in the buggy to settle him. Gerry was on his way back from checking on his children and the two men stopped to have a chat. They talked about daughters, fathers, families. Gerry was relaxed and friendly. They discussed the babysitting dilemmas at the resort and Gerry said that he and Kate would have stayed in too, if they had not been on holiday in a group. Jes returned to our apartment just before 9.30pm.

At 1am there was a frantic banging on our door. Jes got up to answer. I stayed listening in the dark. I knew it was bad; it could only be bad. I heard male mumbling, then Jes's voice. "You're joking?" he said. It wasn't the words, it was the tone that made me flinch. He came back in to the room. "Gerry's daughter's been abducted," he said. "She ..." I jumped up and went to check our children. They were there. We sat down. We got up again. Weirdly, I did the washing-up. We wondered what to do. Jes had asked if they needed help searching and was told there was nothing he could do; she had been missing for three hours.

The next morning, we made our way to breakfast and met one of the Doctors, the one who had come round in the night. His young daughter looked up at us from her pushchair. There was no news. They had called Sky television - they didn't know what else to do. He turned away and I could see he was going to weep.

In early September, Kate and Gerry became official suspects. Their warm tide of support turned decidedly cool. Had they cruelly conned us all? The public needed to know, and who had seen Gerry at around 9pm on the fateful night? Jes.
Tonight with Trevor McDonald, GMTV, the Sun, the News of the World, the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Express, the Evening Standard and the Independent on Sunday began calling. Jes's office stopped putting through calls from people asking to speak to "Jeremy" (only his grandmother calls him that). Some emails told him that he would be "better off" if he spoke to them or he would "regret it" if he didn't, implying that it was in his interest to defend himself - they didn't say what from

May 3rd
Kate and Gerry McCann leave their daughter Madeleine and her brother and sister, twins aged 2, in bed in their apartment while they have dinner at a nearby restaurant. The girl goes missing from her bedroom between 9:30 and 10 p.m. while her parents Kate and Gerry are dining just 100 yards away at the Mark Warner Ocean Club holiday resort in Praia da Luz. A window and shutter are open and she is presumed to have been abducted.
May 4th
Initial search sniffer dogs 4.30 am McCann family members and British media criticise local police for what they call a slow initial response, failure to notify ports and borders in time, and failure to secure the crime scene, which may have led to vital clues being lost. Border police, the Spanish authorities and airports are notified. Volunteer teams continue to comb the village, resort and beach for clues. Police say that under Portuguese secrecy laws they are unable to reveal details of the investigation. Sniffer dogs are brought in, the Spanish and border police and airports are notified and volunteer teams continue to comb the village, resort and beach for clues. Fears grow that Madeleine has been taken against her will and her parents accuse the Portuguese police of not doing enough to find her. The Policia Judiciaria - the Portuguese CID - refuses to comment on the investigation into the girl's disappearance. Relatives including Madeleine's grandparents start flying out to Portugal to offer support to her parents as they continue to wait for news. The British Ambassador to Portugal, John Stephen Buck, and director of Mark Warner UK Operations Craig Mayhew also travel to the Algarve. The McCanns later make an emotional plea, directly addressing their daughter's abductors, and speak of their "anguish and despair". With his wife at his side clutching Madeleine's favourite teddy, Mr McCann asks: "Please, if you have Madeleine, let her come home to her Mummy, Daddy, brother and sister."
May 5th
Police say they have put together a sketch of a suspect and confirm they believe Madeleine is still alive and being held within three miles of the crime scene. Media reports say the sketch is vague and only features the back of a man's head. Sketch kept secret for safety of M Three Family Liaison Officers (FLO) from Leicestershire Police arrive in Portugal to support the family. Madeleine's aunt Philomena McCann criticises the Portuguese police, claiming they had played down her disappearance and were being "uncommunicative". Detectives reveal they do now believe she was abducted but is still alive and in Portugal, and say they have a sketch of a "suspect". Police also reveal they are considering she might have been abducted for sexual abuse. Mr McCann makes a fresh appeal for help and thanks the police for their efforts. A colleague of Madeleine's mother offers a £100,000 reward for help in finding the missing girl.
May 6th
Mum Kate weeps at church service. The McCanns attend an emotional Mother's Day service in Praia Da Luz and prayers are said for Madeleine and her family in both Portuguese and English. Mrs McCann then breaks down with emotion as she addresses reporters to express her gratitude for the local community's support. Questions arise about the police's sketch of a "suspect" with one newspaper reporting the image is based only on the rear view of a man seen with a child in the area.
May 7th
Kate McCann makes an emotional appeal for her daughter's safe return. Police begin investigating a claim a man was seen dragging a girl towards a marina a short drive from the Portuguese resort where she went missing. Portuguese media later report that police think the abductor may have been British but this remains unconfirmed by officers involved in the investigation. Mrs McCann makes another personal plea to anyone holding her daughter, saying: "Please, please do not hurt her. Please do not scare her. Please let us know where to find Madeleine or put her in a place of safety and tell somebody where." Portuguese police later hold a chaotic press conference where they say they cannot give Madeleine's family any firm assurance that she is still alive or still in the region.
May 8th
Police say they have investigated 350 suspicious incidents but still have no idea where she might be. Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manha says Madeleine may have been kidnapped by a paedophile ring. Two criminal behaviour experts fly in from Britain. Portuguese reports claim detectives are investigating British paedophiles with links to the Algarve.
May 9th
Abandoned warehouse near appt searched by rangers Police examine a CCTV tape from a service station a few miles from Praia da Luz, showing a woman with a girl fitting Madeleine's description. An internet appeal in English, Portuguese and Spanish is launched while Crimestoppers also creates an international number for people with information.
May 10th
Police release pics of pjs The search around the resort winds down. Attention focuses on a blonde woman seen acting suspiciously before the girl's disappearance. Reports say police are investigating the possibility that Madeleine was snatched by a group of three - two men and a woman. The footage from the petrol station is also described as possibly holding the "key" to the investigation. Police say in a press conference that the search for Madeleine is being wound down. They also issue an image of a pair of pyjamas identical to those which Madeleine had been wearing when she disappeared. It is thought the McCanns may have been shown pictures of two suspects during a visit to a police station in Portimao. Four other people, believed to be friends of the McCanns, are also questioned.
May 11th
TV appeal in Spain and UK by David Beckham Scottish businessman Stephen Winyard offers a one million pound reward. Three British people are believed to have been taken in by police for questioning. It is believed they are potential witnesses rather than suspects.
May 12th
Madeleine 4th bday
May 13th
Virgin boss Richard Branson, author J.K. Rowling and footballer Wayne Rooney are among those to have contributed to rewards now totalling 2.5 million pounds. It emerges London lawyers from the International Family Law Group have flown out to Portugal to assist Gerry and Kate McCann, and are setting up a special "fighting fund" to allow members of the public to make their own financial contribution to the search.
May 14th
Police search a villa just up the road (160 yards) from where Madeleine was snatched and take a British man, Robert Murat, to a police station for questioning. He is later released.
May 15th
Murat denies involvement "Ive been made a scapegoat" Police say they have identified a suspect but do not have enough evidence for an arrest. Five properties have been searched in the area, and two other people questioned as witnesses.
May 16th
Serg Malinka questioned - computers taken Portuguese police interview a computer technician as a witness, identified by local media as a Russian man, and take away computers for examination. Family sets up public appeal fund.
May 17th
Malinka denies involvement but wont talk about calls to Murat Web site, www.findmadeleine.com, is launched.
May 19th
Blonde tot in pyjamas sighted in Marrakech.A Norwegian tourist has told police she is 99.9% sure she saw the four-year-old girl there, wearing pyjamas. A little blonde youngster was spotted with a man at a petrol station in the city-and was said to have looked sad as she asked him: "Can I see mummy soon?" Appeals are broadcast at the F.A. Cup final at the new Wembley stadium.
May 20th
Gerry McCann returns to England for the first time to sort out personal affairs. He says he couldn't bear to stay at his own house.
May 22nd
Gerry back in portugal
May 24th
Family release last known photograph of Madeleine, taken about eight hours before her disappearance.
May 25th
Gerry and Kate McCann speak of their guilt, but vow they will never abandon search for Madeleine, during their first formal TV interviews. Police appeal for information about a possible suspect -- a white man, aged between 35 and 40, who was spotted near to where Madeleine disappeared carrying something that looked like a small child on the night she went missing.
May 27th
Further photo releaased
May 28th
Mobile phone video released
May 30th
Parents meet Pope
May 31st
Photos released of view from Apartment to Tapas Bar
June 1st
Press/tv conference in Madrid, Spain
June 2nd
A mystery sample of DNA has been found in the bedroom where Madeleine McCann was abducted, according to reports. Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas claimed the DNA does not match that of Mr and Mrs McCann or their three children. Neither does the DNA match that of the only named suspect in the case, property developer Robert Murat, the paper said.
June 4th
The hunt switched back to Morocco yesterday after British spies tapped into mobile phone conversations in Arabic referring to the little blonde girl. The calls on a Spanish pay-as-you-go phone also referred to parents Kate and Gerry McCann meeting the Pope last week. Intelligence officers at the Government's GCHQ spy centre in Cheltenham who scan chats for key words also heard references to a German man, and a ferry from Tarifa in Spain.
June 5th
McCanns appear on Crimewatch on BBC1 then fly to Berlin. They will then continue on to the Netherlands.Police admit DNA testing blunder. Murat is asked to provide another sample.
June 6th
McCanns attend a press conference on German TV.During a press conference, Sabina Mueller from German Radio asked: "How do you feel about the fact that more and more people seem to be pointing the finger at you, at you, saying the way you behave is not the way people would normally behave when their child is abducted and they seem to imply that you might have something to do with it?" Gerry McCann said: "There is absolutely no way Kate and I are involved in this abduction.A mystery phone call came from a man claiming to know the whereabouts of Madeleine. The caller provided such detail that Kate and Gerry McCann put their European search for their daughter on hold in case they needed to act. The "credible" call was taken from a man who wanted to speak directly to the McCanns, according to a Spanish police source. It was traced to an unregistered pay-as-you-go phone from an unidentified country but not thought to be Morocco. The caller did not reveal his identity or nationality,
June 7th
McCanns arrive in Amsterdam.They have friends in the city who have already began publicizing Madeleine's dissappearance.They hold a Press Conference
June 8th
McCanns arrive back in Portugal.They will stay till the weekend when they will fly on to Morocco. A Spanish police spokesman described the report of the phone call from yesterday as "a lie". "All I can say is that it is a lie," a spokesman told The Associated Press. "I don't know where this came from but the police have no record of this call anywhere." Mr McCann has dismissed the call earlier as "nothing of interest".
June 14th
THE parents of missing Madeleine McCann were in torment last night after cops started searching an alleged burial site.Officers in Portugal were taking seriously a letter and map claiming to show where her body could be found.Police received the information from Dutch authorities after it was sent anonymously to newspaper De Telegraaf, in Amsterdam.The letter was the second of its kind the paper had received.
June 15th
THE parents of missing Madeleine McCann reacted angrily yesterday after an anonymous tip from a psychic sparked a hunt for their girl's body.A Dutch newspaper received the unsigned letter claiming Maddie, four, was buried in a shallow grave ten miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz, Portugal.Police received the information from Dutch authorities after it was sent anonymously to newspaper De Telegraaf, in Amsterdam.More than 30 different media organisations are now in the area along with a British "crime enthusiast" accompanied by a sniffer dog.
June 15th
Madeleine searches find nothing.A police search of scrubland in response to an anonymous letter about Madeleine McCann finds no evidence.
June 19th
THE apartment where Madeleine McCann was snatched has been sold for HALF PRICE.The two-bed flat went for just £74,000 when the market rate for similar properties is £150,000.
June 20th
POLICE last night had a new lead in the search for missing Madeleine McCann that gipsies may have snatched her.A holidaymaker revealed he spotted a fair-skinned little blonde girl in the back of a horse-drawn cart three weeks ago.Retired pilot Andre van Wyk, 66, told how a woman in the cart quickly covered the sleeping youngster's face with a shawl.He was so suspicious he trailed the cart to a gipsy camp ten miles from where Maddie, four, vanished 48 days ago in Portugal's Algarve.Last night Van Wyk told The Sun: "I followed it to what looked like a gipsy camp next to the old bridge at Portimao.
June 22nd
A BRITISH tourist told last night how he saw a child resembling Maddie McCann in Malta and heard an Arab-looking man tell her in English: "Get up, little girl."Ray Roberts, 49, was in Sliema when he saw the girl wearing what appeared to be a jet black wig.
June 23rd
POLICE searching for Madeleine McCann last night revealed there had been 14 reported sightings of her in Malta.Officers said the first was almost a MONTH ago, and just one of the sightings has so far been ruled out.Their probe began when a Maltese woman contacted them on May 27, convinced she had seen four-year-old Maddie with a man in the capital Valletta.
June 23rd
THOUSANDS of balloons were released across the world yesterday to mark 50 days since Madeleine McCann went missing.Parents Kate and Gerry led the way by launching 50 yellow and green balloons on the beach at Praia da Luz, the Portuguese resort where their daughter was snatched.
June 28th
Lisbon - Portuguese police have questioned a Spanish journalist who claims to have identified the abductor of four-year- old British girl Madeleine McCann, media reported Thursday. Madeleine was snatched from her bed in the holiday resort of Praia da Luz in the southern Algarve region on May 3 while her parents were dining in a nearby restaurant. Journalist Antonio Toscano travelled to the Algarve to inform police about his private investigation on Wednesday.Toscano told journalists he was convinced that Madeleine was kidnapped by a paedophile known as The Frenchman, blond and about 50 years old, who belongs to an international paedophile network.
June 28th
Three more sightings of missing British girl Madeleine McCann were reported to the police yesterday.The police received reports that the girl, who went missing in Portugal nearly two months ago, had been seen in Valletta, Sliema and St Julian's.
Late July
British sniffer dogs fly out to Portugal. Keela, who can detect minute quantities of blood, and Eddie, who is trained to detect dead bodies, work in the apartment and several cars, including the hire car the McCanns rented 25 days after Madeleine disappeared.
6 August
Police fail to find any new evidence after a search at the home of Mr Murat following a two-day search, the BBC understands.
7 August
Forensic tests are carried out in a Birmingham lab on suspected traces of blood found by sniffer dogs in Madeleine's apartment.
11 August
Police in Portugal acknowledge for the first time that, in light of new evidence, Madeleine may be dead. Chief Inspector Sousa adds that Mr and Mrs McCann are not being considered as suspects following newspaper speculation that they were under suspicion. Madeleine may be dead, police say
24 August
Police say they still have doubts over how Madeleine disappeared and whether she will ever be found.
31 August
The McCanns launch a libel action against Portuguese newspaper Tal & Qual which claimed "police believe" they killed their daughter. The McCanns say they are "deeply hurt" by the allegations.
6 September
Portuguese police interview Kate McCann for 11 hours as a witness in the presence of her lawyer. Separately, Portuguese detectives confirm they have the partial results of forensic tests by a UK laboratory.
7 September
Madeleine's mother is declared an official suspect and fears she could be charged, friends say. Gerry McCann is also named as a formal suspect following more questioning.


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Niki said...

Good morning Viv, and thank you for the reminder!

Today at Sky news:
Murat Happy For Madeleine Reconstruction


Love this quote:

Mr Pagarete told Sky News Online: "If there was a reconstruction, he would take part - he likes having tea with his mother".


nancy said...

Thanks for the interesting article Viv - and have a happy Bank Holiday Monday with Nanday, Luke and the family!!

Yes, this photo business continues to be a mystery!! Why wasn't it shown at the very beginning like the other one! Just why did he have to go back to the UK at that precise moment, very early on. He said it was to clear up certain papers, but surely with all his connections Gerry could have sorted that out over the internet or whatever. And he had plenty of family on hand to sort things out.

On a different subject, I find it very odd that Kate's uncle, John Kennedy, flew all the way to PdeL just to offer Robert Murat a job! Surely he could have picked up the phone to do that!

About the bruise on Madeliene's arm. It's true that children fall and hurt themselves all the time, but the fact that Kate had bruising too at one time doesn't make it look too good. Gerry has shows signs of having a volatile nature when you see him on television.


nancy said...


Good morning, and thanks for the link to the Sky News article!

Excellent response by Mr Pagarete!


nancy said...

Just reading about the UK parents who got so drunk in Portugal they had their three children taken away from them! How disgusting and just how do we look to people abroad these days!!

It makes you wonder what a spiral the McCanns and the Tapas pals have created with their abandonment of their children and then a world wide publicity drive which has set such a bad example to other parents with equally bad standards!

Ecolab said...

Something faul is going on!
What are The McCanns hiding?
A newspaper is writing something about a revenge plot sunday shortly after 03. May.

What newspaper - what plot?
One happy family 13 May

I think like you might think Viv, that Gerry went to England in order to "do" some picture. Amalie has a suntan - Madeleine NOT. Very strange! and the little piece of forgotten clip behind Amalie. Very strange too.

Philomena like a bull in a china shop

docmac said...


Call me sceptical, but something in Bridget O'Donnell's story still rings very loud alarm bells in

my view.

She and her partner were woken at 1am by one of the doctors frantically banging on

their door. This frantic doctor then calmly told Jes in mumbled tones that Madeleine

had been 'abducted'. Jes' offer to help in the search was rejected on the grounds that there

was nothing he could do.

So what was his purpose in waking this particular couple then? Was he banging on other

doors at that time just to inform everybody there had been 'an abduction' in their very midst,

but that there was no need to help? Did he wander around the area telling those who were

indeed still searching that they could go back to bed, as there was no longer any hope? Had

he done any searching himself at all?

Your partner was being played, Ms O'Donnell. He had seen something he was not supposed

to and someone had realised it, albeit after a few hours. Alcohol slows the mind, Bridgit. And

by the way, Jes was right. The doctor was joking.


What were you doing up at 5am in the morning reading my joke? It is bloody funny though

:-). I hope the others will go back and read it later and then show it to their men :-)))


Strange utterings by the Dutch doctor. I'll take them with a pinch of salt for 2 reasons. Firstly

he claims to be best mates with Gerry. Secondly he discloses the couple's fertility problems in

a manner which suggests that his words may not be entirely his own, if you get what I mean.

Niki said...

Good morning to you too Nancy!

Unfortunantly, drunk parents on holidays with their children is no news... That happens all the time, all over the world... I know that social service in Norway have been bringing children home from abroad many times. I have treatend some parents with social service if they did not control their drinking when I was working as a holiday-rep. Thanks God, I never had to report anyone...A warning was enough in the cases I saw, but obiously not in others... I'm sure the irish coupple will have a VERY bad hangover today!! If they normally are good parents, I think the children will forgive them. If not, three small children will have been saved from neglecting parents because of Madeleine! If all this story with Madeleine had not unfolded, the irish coupples behavior would for sure not bee in all newspapers!

Ecolab! God morgen! Takk for bildene! 13.May bildet er definitivt ikke ett bilde av en familie som tror datteren er tatt av pedofile!!
( Sorry Viv! Could not resist a few words in Norwegian:) I wrote: 13.May picture is defenantly not a picture of a family who belives their daughter is kept by pedophiles)
Atardi and all. I DO NOT have the time to be here!! But can't resist your company:)))

Now I'm running!

Ecolab said...

Hej Niki
Tak for hilsen. Nå, så du er nordmand - der kan man bare se *gg*
"Hellow Niki
Thanks for the greeting. Well, you are norwegian - I see *gg*"

Wizard said...

Hi all,

The photograph of Madeleine on the tennis courts was not taken during the tennis tournaments as it is very unlikely Madeleine was there. It’s a photograph taken earlier in the week and as Viv points out appears to show heavy bruising around her wrist. The photograph that was released by the McCanns’ of Madeleine was used admittedly with the wrong time but, from the McCanns’ point of view, the right date 3rd May 07.

This photograph if it has not been altered is a picture of a happy father and his two daughters - a happy holiday photograph. It’s good PR as all looks well on 3rd May. The alteration to this photograph is imo the date which was probably changed but a cock up was made with the time. Again I believe this photograph was taken prior to 3rd May. It is interesting why Gerry should insist the time on the camera was an hour out. My understanding was they say they picked all three kids from the nursery at 12.30pm and returned them at 2.30pm after a lunch break. The photograph is timed by the camera at 1.30pm which Gerry says in wrong and it should have been 2.30pm. This poses the question why were they dangling their feet in the pool when they should have been back at the crèche. 1.30pm is a better time for this photograph to have been taken but perhaps they were seen at 1.30pm elsewhere therefore the time becomes important to them. It could well be the alteration to the time was made when Gerry returned to England (looked up the camera manual) as he did not know how to do it and the time was deemed OK. But on returning to Portugal they feared they were spotted at 1.30 in a different location therefore the time had to be changed and the camera manual was back home. This explains why they have to say the camera was an hour out.

bath theory said...

We have debated and debated all the inconsistencies known to us or at least tried to bring meaning to irregular actions whilst considering the context and motivation.

And yet the former Head of the government's somewhat sinister Central Office of Information (COI) gets seconded to this couple at tax payers expense !!! and then suddenly decides to join them as a salaried employee. Robert Murat another British citizen involved had no such help.

Further to that the COI connections and dirty tricks honed by CM whilst carrying out government work, are used to keep journalists and the police away from probing why a 3yr old girl suddenly vanished. Shame on you CM.

We can understand a human desire to influence and control events but really when such a young defenceless child disappears there is no debate.

There should be no scripted comments just openess that encourages and nurtures a climate of examination, inquiry and fact finding.

Throughout all of this the academically intelligent parents have 'told us' just one thing could have happened. The same parents have stage managed and scripted events at every opportunity they can !!


Thank God that some ie The Portugese & Leicestershire Police are using time to work on their side and are doing the above.

Keep up the good work.

PS Would be great to be a fly on the wall at Gerry & Kate's parents house when they sit alone discussing what they really think happened.

viv said...

Good Morning Niki!

Mr Murat and his lawyer have a good sense of humour, and nothing to hide!

I still want to know why Gerry McCann refused to answer whether he already knew Robert Murat..and looked so angry. He always gets angry when the press ask him questions that he did not script! I still believe poor Mr Murat was seen as the perfect Patsy, even down to his strange looking eye! Who suggested to the press he was behaving just like Huntley..he was actually behaving just like Robert Murat, being helpful and translating for the police just like he did for Norfolk Police. Did they figure that was just how he would behave?


As I learned, in fact there are two John Kennedys' - the uncle and the millionaire businessman who is funding them - it was him who went out to PDL to try and offer Murat a job, called keeping his mouth shut or something I suppose! Maybe not a legitimat job offer as such, I guess. This would seem to be further powerful evidence for the police of corruption by the McCanns backer. It is a mystery still why he puts himself and his money on the line for the gruesome twosome isnt it? Is it just for the cash he can make or is it even more sinister than that?

I agree of course, immediately after Madeleine went missing Kate is also photographed with a collection of suspicious looking bruises /grab marks. Mrs Fenn reported Kate was loud and out of control late on the evening of 2 May, the night Maddie woke up crying. Could it be Gerry was angry with Kate for not keeping things quiet in some way. I think he is one of those men with some very old fashioned views about womens responsibilities. Something along the lines of I am the principle breadwinner, I need to relax and enjoy myself, you need to keep those kids under control and stop them from interfering in that process, or else I need to remind you. This could easily offer an explanation for (over) sedation the following night. If Madeleine is going to keep causing all this grief..crying again just like she did for a staggering 18 hours a day, as a baby, apparently. Kate gave this interview making some very rash remarks to Womans Own and I think another magazine in August, prior to them being made arguidos and without thinking through how weird her remarks may sound. After that she was silenced for several months, wasn't she and even on Antennae 3 having been carefully scripted as to what she was allowed to say, Gerry was constantly watching her, looked completely unsympathetic when she put her head in her hands at the end and then told her not to say any more until they turned the microphones off. She was doing her best to look sad but he did not exactly play along did he!


I think you put that rather well, this doctor who she does not wish to name, was playing them, now look here forget what you saw Gerry McCann doing, Madeleine was abducted right..the GNR officers reported they were dazed and peculiar in their drunken claims. Shock can really sober one up, particularly when the police turn out to be far more astute than you had bargained for. Even the GNR officers immediately proclaimed, no sign of any break in, she must have wandered off. YOu can just imagine the panic can't you, oh no, they must NOT be allowed to think that!


I think Madeleine probably was there on 3 May at the tennis tournament although agreed it is odd Ms O'Donnell does not choose to specifically have that recollection. The suntan to her arm does suggest this was the last pic taken of her and the one at the poolside was taken earlier in the week before she was that suntanned. Also I think she probably got some rough handling due to being a bad girl and waking up crying the night before. What really happened that night, or when Madeleine complained at breakfast time, was it more a question of Gerry complaining to her? How dare you wake up crying and showing us up like that..I am afraid this is how abusive parents react, they do not see their response along those lines as being at all unreasonable, they will always blame the child, they do not see fault in themselves. It looks like two bruise marks on her wrist, two bruise marks from fingers where she got roughly grabbed?

Joe said...

I wonder if money will be or has been used as an incentive for witnesses and potential witnesses to give statements in support of the McCanns?

I get the impression that the meeting with Murat and Kennedy was an attempt at a trade off the latter thinking that he had advantage over Murat or that he believes Murat knew something and Kennedy was seeking to exploit that. This Kennedy person cuts a shady character IMO. Very few business people are altruistic and his motives need questioning.

viv said...

Hiya Joe

No one seems to have been able to find out what this man's motivation is do they? The revelation about his meeting with Murat is very embarassing I would have thought, but hey, they hardly made themselves best friends with him, did they. They have made soooo many bad moves and this surely must have been one of them!


What a particularly hideous pic of Philomena sitting there with all those men looking in the opposite direction (towards the game no doubt). She really looks like one of the lads and not one they would care to take on doesn't she? I bet she used to lay into anyone who dared hit her little brother!... Do you know who the young boy is sitting next to her holding up the pic of Maddie on The Sun?

nancy said...

Viv -

I notice that nine times out of ten Kate and Gerry are together and I'm sure that's because Kate tends to witter on at times and Gerry is scared she may something she regrets, like the 18 hour revelation!

We all know children can be very tiring and can drive you up the wall at times, but you have to rise above it and if you can't handle it then don't become parents. Was there ever talk about Madeleine being slightly autistic?

What I, and I'm sure most parents can't understand is the way they've acted as if it's an everyday occurrence and not as grieving parents. That, in my opinion, is why people have turned against them because they are acting like you would expect cloned parents to behave!

viv said...

Hiya Nancy

The Spanish Psychiatrist observed Gerry is very controlling towards Kate and it most definitely looks that way. She is quite used to being controlled and him answering awkward questions for her. I find it extraordinary for an educated woman the way that she speaks and looks to him to answer questions for her. Just what has this man done to her! There surely must have been a time when she was far more eloquent than what we see now ummm ..well... you know...

Maybe the parents have some form of autism!

viv said...

Interesting article from the BBC - people could be taught empathy ummm in some it may be too late..The way Kate spoke about Madeleine's complaint of being left alone to cry was really horrifying I thought, like she just brushed it off as nothing~!

I think her parents seem rather odd...harsh penetrating gaze..


Empathy finding offers autism hope

The scientists used MRI scans to pinpoint the brain's responses
Having empathy for other people is a much more simple and basic emotion than thought, scientists have found.
The research, by a group of Dutch scientists, may be the first step to tackling the causes of autism, and may even suggest the idea that animals can sense their owners' feelings is not entirely myth.

Experiments by scientists at the University of Groningen have shown that developing empathy is just a matter of learning which emotions go with certain events.

The brain then becomes conditioned to trigger the same response when those events involve other people.

"It's fairly basic," Dr Nerender Ramnani, a neurobiologist and research scientist at Oxford University, told BBC World Service's Outlook programme.

"We light up the motor system [in the brain], not only when we predict the actions of others, but also when we plan our own actions."

Practical application

There are two theories as to how the brain develops its ability to predict people's actions.

One, "theory theory", argued that it was due to logical processes. But the other, "simulation theory", is the idea that we put ourselves in the shoes of other people to guess what they will do.

Can your cat sense your bad day at work?
This means we will use the same area of the brain when predicting others' actions as when we plan our own - and this is what the Dutch scientists have found.

They scanned people's brains under two conditions - both while they were planning actions and while they were predicting the actions of another person - and found the same area of the brain lit up under both.

"That suggests that there's some support for the simulation hypothesis," Dr Ramnani said.

The research may one day have practical purposes in relation to some autistic individuals, who are unable to identify with other people's feelings. But Dr Ramnani warned that this may be some time yet.

Learning empathy

"We're starting to learn something about [autistic people's] ability; specifically, to predict the actions of other people," he said.

"But I think we're a long way off actually being able to help them."

It is not only autistic people who have a reduced ability to empathise with others - it also happens in conditions such as schizophrenia and depression.

And Dr Michael Isaac, of Lewisham University Hospital in London, said that empathy was something that could be learned to an extent in some people who exhibit autistic-like behaviour.

He stated that this was possible, "if you are explicitly taught - if you are given a series of quite simple rules.

"For example, a lot of what we do is based on imitation. If somebody rises to get up and go, it's almost an automatic response to get up and rise as well... You can learn, to a large degree, to simulate empathy."

However, he added that this was not possible for "the truly autistic person", as for them another person "doesn't exist at all".

dolores said...

I am suspicious about BK. He introduced M3 to the Mc's as he had used them or had connections with them or they have done 'work' for him.He then offers the lawyer to work for them who is now a director of the fund. He has been paying CM's salary.He has put money into the fighting fund I think £100,000, he has made his private plane available to them.
Apparently he owns a house in PDL.
And has been talking to Murat.
Why all this help?

PS You have mail.

xx D

nancy said...

Viv -

That's a really interesting article from the BBC about empathy which has been sadly lacking in K&G since they returned to the UK. For example they allowed the local people in PdeL when they were in desperate straits to help look for Madeleine, (the parents stayed in the apartment - how unsympathetic is that) including the local priest, but once back in the UK, all the empathy the Portuguese had shown them, had been at once smitten from their memories!

The Spanish psychiatrist certainly saw something with his trained eye about Gerry that we have all commented on, i.e. he seems to be the controlling partner there! It has crossed my mind before that the reason that Kate seems such unemotional mother is perhaps because she may have slight autism. I could be completely wrong of course because I haven't met her and you cannot judge something like that unless you meet them. Men often try to hide their feelings, but mothers almost certainly dont!!

There are measures of autism as we all know of course. I know a couple of children who suffer from it, one slightly, and another poor child with it full on - autistic children hate to be hugged or have any form of contact when you meet them. It has to be said though that they are usually more academically inclined than the average person and are often very talented.

nancy said...

Dolores -

I hadn't realised there were two Kennedy's until Viv pointed it out! The reason being I think is that this Brian Kennedy has done so much for the McCanns, as you said in your post, that I mixed him up with Kate's Uncle!

He certainly seems to be pulling out all the stops to help K&G - is it because he is desperately trying to find the answer of what happened to Madeleine, or is there something more to it?

We can only guess!!

nancy said...

I'm off now to enjoy the sunshine -

I hope you are all having a lovely day wherever you are!

See you later.

Nancy x

viv said...

Hiya Dolores

I think it was Branson who put the £100,000 in for legal fees but since he has of course withdrawn. It was a further millionaire or even billionaire I think Richard Green who loaned the private jet..not heard of him since they were made arguidos. There is a millionaire businessman friend of Gerry's involved in the now defunct hospital redevelopment plan who lives on the outskirts of PDL Geraghty (presumably another Irish connection judging by the name only ). It is very interesting this was being audited commencing May and ultimately got dropped in July 2007. I think it was you who flagged up there was much talk of a connection here. Was Gerry so miserable on the bus because he was actually working going for meetings with Geraghty to try and save this £900M development - it was the greed that got it dropped, originally projected costs were £700M. It is not difficult to imagine Payne was involved given he works at Leics University. As we now know, Gerry's parents are not Scotch but Irish.

If Kennedy also has a house in PDL then maybe this is the connection - with Geraghty also. I bet in the proposed redevelopment of those hospital there would be an awful lot of double glazing to be done!

Viv x

dolores said...

Bounty hunters chasing £1 million reward join hunt for Madeleine
Last updated at 09:46am on 5th November 2007

A troop of bounty hunters has joined the hunt for Madeleine McCann after it emerged a British businessman has reportedly offered a £1 million reward for her safe return.

Police officers, tourist guides and drug dealers are all among the opportunists hoping to profit from the four-year-old's disappearance.

The reward has apparently been put up by Brian Kennedy, a double glazing millionaire who has backed the McCanns bid to find their missing daughter - and to clear their names.

Reward: Multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy has reportedly promised cash to bounty hunters who find Madeleine

Portuguese police: Were Kate and Gerry drunk on night Madeleine vanished?
Madeleine detectives close in on remote farm after more Morocco sightings
Four of Tapas Nine 'to be named suspects' by Portuguese police
Madeleine police: Seven more weeks and we're giving up
Bag of clothes dumped near Portugal airport shows DNA links to Maddie

Despite already shelling out an undisclosed but substantial sum towards the campaign, it now appears he has gone one step forward.

Bounty hunters have apparently been operating across Morocco, the location of a spiralling number of sightings.

Tourist guide Ali El Bouazaout, who speaks seven languages, is just one of the men to become involved with the search and has travelled more than 1,000 scouring the country for the little girl.

"I have been all over Morocco looking for Madeleine - to Marrakesh, to Fez, even to the Sahara, showing her picture to people, hoping someone will recognise her," he said.

"And if I find her I will be rich. I have been promised I will never have to work again, maybe £1 million.

The tourist guide joined the hunt after Mr Kennedy went into Morocco after a suspected sighting in Zinat, in the Rif mountains.

"Brian flew into Morocco in his private jet looking for Madeleine," he said.

"I was waiting outside the Hertz rental car company office by the airport and that is where I met him.

"I worked as his guide and translator. I went with him to Zinat to look for Madeleine but it was not her.

"Then I went with him to Rabat to the British Embassy. I know him very well.

"I have been all over the country, more than 1,400 kilometres, showing Madeleine's pictures.

Speaking to the Daily Express last night, Mr Kennedy, 47, confirmed the Moroccan tour guide was involved with the hunt.

He said: "I know Ali. He is a sweet guy. Yes, I promised him a reward but that is not the reason he is doing this.

Scroll down for more ...

Hunt: Dozens of opportunists are scouring Morocco for Madeleine

"He really want to help. He was the guy who was involved with the first sighting in Morocco.

"He was the man who went with us to find the girl in Zinat, who turned out to look like Madeleine but was actually a Moroccan girl."

Other bounty hunters are also on the trail, including low-level drug pushers, who ply their trade in the streets and souqs of Morocco, and even off duty policemen.

One officer said: "How much will you give me if I find her?

"I think she must be worth two or three million pounds, don't you think?"

Mr Kennedy is a double-glazing magnate, who made his money from Everest windows, and has a £250 million fortune.

Earlier this autumn, he pledged to meet all the growing costs of "Team McCann", the nickname given to the array of legal and media advisers supporting the family.

A senior source close to Mr and Mrs McCann said Mr Kennedy, 47, decided to act after being moved by the plight of the missing girl's parents when they were made formal suspects in her disappearance.

Mr Kennedy is believed to have had no previous contact with the McCanns.

He made his offer shortly after it was made clear the McCanns would not be drawing on the £1 million donated to the Find Madeleine Fund to pay for legal fees and media advice.

The couple had feared they would be forced to sell their home in Rothley, Leicestershire, as they struggled to rebut the leaks and allegations coming from the Portuguese authorities.

However, with Mr Kennedy's help, the McCanns have in recent weeks been able to take on former BBC reporter Clarence Mitchell and lawyers Kingsley Napley to fight their case. One of Britain's leading lawyers, Michael Caplan, QC, has also been employed.

Missing Maddy: Gerry and Kate McCann marked a grim milestone this weekend

The McCanns' benefactor – who shares his name with Kate's uncle, but to whom he is not related – is the son of an Edinburgh window cleaner, who was brought up a Jehovah's Witness.

He is one of Britain's richest businessmen. In 2003 he sold double-glazing firm Everest for £63million, three years after buying it for £47million.

Mr Kennedy's business empire includes about 20 firms spanning plastics, conservatory-roof manufacturer Ultraframe, glass processing, kitchens and other home improvement retailing. They have a combined annual turnover of £500million. He also owns Sale Sharks rugby club.

Reportedly described by friends as a rough diamond, the father of five plays rugby and regards himself as "one of the lads".

He lives in the village of Swettenham, in Congleton, Cheshire, with his wife Christine. The average house price in the area is close to £1million.

viv said...

Hiya Dolores

The one I found does not seem so good now but not to be outdone for my research skills I am going to paste it anyway:-))))

There is at least a Scottish connection!

As you will most certainly know Latium is also a region in Italy, did he start buying up there too:-))) He clearly confesses his interest in providing his smutty solicitor and equally smutty Clarence Mitchell is to defend the McCanns..how about defending little Madeleine, mate!

Revealed: Cheshire millionaire funding Maddie campaign
Sep 22 2007

Millionaire businessman Brian Kennedy tonight confirmed he is providing financial backing to the parents of missing Madeleine McCann.

Mr Kennedy, who owns the Latium Group and rugby union team Sale Sharks, said he felt “compelled” to support Gerry and Kate McCann following the accusations made against them.

He said in a statement: “In light of the quite literally incredible accusations against Gerry and Kate McCann, which are clearly exacerbating their emotional torture, I felt compelled to offer, along with other like-minded businessmen, financial support and the full logistical support of the Latium team.

“That support is principally our in-house lawyer Ed Smethurst and (official spokesman) Clarence Mitchell.

“This will relieve the McCanns of the daily pressure of co-ordinating the legal teams that will expedite the clearing of Gerry and Kate’s names, allowing all parties to refocus on finding Madeleine.”

Cheshire-based Mr Kennedy is estimated to be worth £250 million and made his fortune in double-glazing and home improvement ventures.

His companies have included Weatherseal Holdings, Everest and Space Kitchens & Bedrooms. Earlier this year, St Helens Glass, which his company Latium Group bought in 2001, was closed down by Mr Kennedy. Around 400 people were made redundant.

The Latium Group of companies, which has annual turnover of approximately £400 million, is involved in plastics extrusion, conservatory roof manufacture, glass processing, home improvement retailing and property.

The Edinburgh-born entrepreneur previously owned Stockport County football club through his company Cheshire Sports and bought Sale Sharks in 1999.

viv said...

PS Of course Dolores he also provided the equally smutty Metodo 3 with their obvious talents for drug dealing they had the right connections!

Ecolab said...

Hei Viv
No, I do not know the boy next to Philomena. Maybee her own boy?

The private Jet For Audience with Pope Benedict XVI is owned by Sir Philip Green.

Gerry looks very satisfied and in control with the whole situation and Kate lookes scared to me.

A control freek with his(still wet)new rubberbracelet?

dolores said...

Good find there,but I am sure there must be more,and as you the 'hospital might have something to do with it ,it certainly would not be a share of any money Mc's would make from their daughters blood.It has to be bigger to make it worth his while,or could it be 'hush money'and help.

You read my mail then concerning the other thought?
luv D

dolores said...

When Kennedy went with his lawyer to see Murat,why have the police not done something about it,surely speaking to an arguido is a very serious offence.

dolores said...

30/ 1/2008

HEARTBREAK dad Gerry McCann took time out from the frantic search for his missing daughter Madeleine to watch Sale Sharks beat Harlequins at Edgeley Park on Friday.

Mr McCann and his legal adviser Clarence Mitchell were guests of Sharks’ millionaire owner Brian Kennedy.

Mr Kennedy, a previous owner of Stockport County, who sold the football club to the supporters’ trust, has been a staunch supporter of the McCann family’s campaign to find Madeleine.

The youngster’s disappearance in Portugal last May, just days before her fourth birthday, sparked a worldwide hunt, and since then Gerry and his wife Kate have been at the centre of the media spotlight.

It has been widely reported that the McCann family’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell’s £75,000 salary, is being paid by Mr Kennedy and further help is being given by his lawyer Ed Smethurst.

Mr Kennedy told the Stockport Express yesterday: "Gerry McCann came out (to the match) for a couple of hours to help clear his mind. I wouldn’t want this to compromise our campaign to find Madeleine. I remain absolutely committed to the campaign to find Madeleine and my support goes on."

nancy said...

The mind boggles at all these influential and exceedingly rich people coming to the aid of Gerry and Kate - we don't need to name them because we all know who they are!

I cannot believe it was interest in finding Madeleine alone that made them buzz around the McCanns like bees to the honey - if it was child welfare they were concerned with why could they not have donated some of their prestige and millions to the NSPCC who are always looking for money to keep up their fantastic work on behalf of needy children.

To offer so much money to cover expenses of the parents of one child when so many other parents out there are suffering the same loss is in my opinion utterly biaised.

Maybe it was to get publicity for themselves - especially Branson who thrives on it - Beckham, Ronaldo et.al! I'm not saying they didn't do it out of the goodness of their hearts - but why Madeleine and not the many thousands of other lost children and their parents!

There are parents with lost children who are really hard up and they must feel they are fighting for justice for their children completely on their own. The answer is, of course, that they weren't considered important enough to those who could have made a great difference, and they didn't launch a worldwide campaign either, but quietly got on with their lives with the help of close loved ones.

The fact that Kate and Gerry just stayed in the apartment the night Madeleine went mising until the following morning before going to look for Madeleine makes me think they knew just what loyalty and help they could expect from these powerful people and that the world wide campaign had already begun with Gerry's countless mobile phone and text messages!

Ecolab said...

Your last lines makes me so sad: "The fact that Kate and Gerry just stayed in the apartment the night Madeleine went mising until the following morning before going to look for Madeleine makes me think they knew just what loyalty and help they could expect from these powerful people and that the world wide campaign had already begun with Gerry's countless mobile phone and text messages!"

Nobody did`nt have to look for Maddie.It was already too late! Even her parents did`nt worry!

If my child was missing, you could`nt see my ass because of the soles of my shoes! I would still be looking.

The McCanns must be clones, they are not of human race!Disgusting

Joe said...


They were not looking possibly because they knew there was no point.

nancy said...

ecolab -

I share your sadness for poor Madeleine!

The tragedy of this case (so far) is that nobody can be 100% certain of what happened to her that night left alone with her siblings. And that is why we will continue contributing to this forum to ensure that she is never forgotten!

Justice for Madeleine and all lost and lonely broken hearted children.

You may be lost, but you are not forgotten.

Di said...

Good evening all

I hope you have all had a good weekend/bank holiday.

Onbly here for a short while but I thought I would just mention something I raised in an earlier post.

Kates Mother said, she was surprised that on the night Madeleine disappeared they phoned and asked for the telephone number of the local priest, as they had never been particularly religious before.

The first anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter, they do not attend their normal church, they go to an Anglican church. I find this extremely odd and wonder if Kate could not face her own faith because of the guilt.

On to their attire, my take on this, Gerry's fleece and jeans, is purely to pull the wool over our eyes and gain sympathy. They said in an earlier interview, they would see how the day went and if they felt like going they would.

Well they did go, but I think it was more a case of, we really need the public to think we have had such a devastating day we could not even be bothered to change but at least we made the effort. Spin Spin....

Sorry if I am being cynical, I have always been a person to give others the benefit of the doubt but sadly, my patience is wearing thin.


bath theory said...

I would love to know where his blue tennis holdall is. The more I think of it the more I am thinking it might have been used to carry more than just his tennis gear.


mandarinn said...

Hi Di
Yesterday it was shown in local TV SIC a program with Kate and gerry,i couldn't see it... it looked totaly staged and kate didn't look the same as in the interview she did to the portuguese reporter Sandra Felgueiras. I'm fed up of this parents... poor little madeleine whathever happened to her...

Di said...

bath theory

Totally about the holdall, especially, the denial of Gerry owning one, when we have all seen the pictures.

Di said...

Hi Mandarinn

You and me both, as a parent myself, I just wonder what Kate's mother and father make of all this. I have tried to put myself in their position and if I was them I would be asking alot of questions!!!!

mandarinn said...

It is all vey odd...and allthat in aThey could bring whatever they wantednd out in private flies ......

mandarinn said...

We don't know if they put it to them. I read somewhere about kate's mother asked her, when she told maddy had vanish from her bed, "where was you Kate?"

dolores said...

He also denied owning a blue fleece,which was in the bag found near the airport.

Di said...

Sadly, I don't think any of the McCann family will ever have any peace again, no matter what the outcome is.

If Madeleine is found, which I would love to happen, there will be the conspiracy theories of a hoax.

If Madeleine is not found, the parents will be under suspicion for life. I would hate to think what the twins and extended family would have to go through.

So as I say there is no happy ending........

Di said...

Hi Dolores

I have not heard the blue fleece mentioned before, have we seen a photo of Gerry wearing it??

dolores said...


Missing from Praia da Luz for the first anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, Kate and Gerry McCann have once again been invited by the police to return to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of their movements on the day and the night of May 3 of last year.

The couple, who no longer returned to Portugal since they were formed arguidos in investigating the disappearance of Madeleine and their immediate return to Rothley, continues to deny any movement despite the importance accorded by the Portuguese police and British reconstitution that this would change investigations.

Yesterday, Alipio Ribeiro, national director of the Judicial Police (PJ) reaffirmed the importance of the return of McCann in Praia da Luz in connection with the investigation, stressing that Kate and Gerry must comply with the requirements of Portuguese law.

An opinion shared Enderby (Leicestershire - UK) where several British officers have confirmed the importance of the return of Kate and Gerry McCann, accompanied by seven friends of the couple, in Praia da Luz: "Knowing the fate of Madeleine can depend on their return and their participation in various due diligence requested by the police, "said one of the officers.

bath theory said...

Hi Di & Dolores

I tell you something when the children grow up and one day start making their own minds up imagine what they are going to start to think and more importantly say.

bath theory said...

In this media age the twins will be able to access all sorts of things and if they keep asking their mum direct questions and she keeps looking at Gerry for answers they will soon work it out. That is making an assumption that the parents will be bringing them up which I personally very much doubt, as I believe they are both going to be charged.

dolores said...

Hi Di,
He was seen wearing one on a bicycle in a photograph,there is a photo in archives somwhere.He claims never to have owned one.Liar that he is.

nancy said...

di -

As far as their religion is concerned, I wonder if Kate and Gerry have attended their local Roman Catholic church, or the nearest one to them, on a regular basis since they left Portugal. If they have I'm sure they would be expected to go to confession at some point (at the very least to confess their sin at leaving their children alone)! If they haven't it could be the reason why they chose a non-catholic church for the anniversary of Madeleine's disppearance.

I also thought it was strange that they didn't take the twins along for the service.


Di said...

Hi Dolores..Nancy

Nancy, it would be interesting to know if Kate and Gerry attended their catholic church, even before going to Portugal. I am sure the local residents will tell all eventually.

Dolores, thick as thieves springs to mind...but I am a great believer in, what goes around comes around. It may take time but the truth will eventually come out.

For instance, all the staff at the Mark Warner complex, are we honestly saying that none of them in the future will want to sell their story, of course they will.

If, the McCanns do get off scot-free this story will run and run with all and sundry coming out of the woodwork.

The question is? will WE all still be here..... I hope so............

Justice for Madeleine.. and all other missing children..

Di said...

Bath Theory

I hope you are right about charges, but sadly, the more I see and read I believe that the powers that be are doing everything possible to get K & G off the hook.

It is being speculated about a possible 10th Tapas, which I, have always believed to be true. I remember a news report on the 4th that A PRIVATE PLANE LEFT ON THE 3RD WITH A MEMBER OF THE PARTY ON BOARD, but there was no mention of a name to my recollection.

Again I believe this persons name will come out, several names are being mentioned at the moment.

I think what I am trying to say is everyone, sadly these days, has a price to talk, and believe me talk they will.

Sad ...sad days ahead and probably many more false sightings and spin.. spin.. spin.. and if what has been said is correct Clarence jumping ship very soon.

dolores said...

Apparently from when they moved to Rothley 18 months before going to PDL they had never been to the Catholic Church.It was convenient to be a devout catholic in Portugal.As being in a religious country it gains more support.IMO

dolores said...

Di /Bath Theory,
This is an interesting little snippet.

A criminologist is saying it is extremely odd how the McCanns at once want to get in touch with a priest.... that this is not what you would expect shocked parents to do.

Kate´s mum is saying the only explanation she can find to the whole business of wanting a priest right away is that Kate needed to cling to something greater....

The criminologist is insisting this would never be as immediate as in this case... that what is it that makes Kate so needy of a PRIEST????

When the parents got to Portugal, they found the McCanns completely hysterical because they didn´t know if the Portuguese police understood how important it was for them to believe Madeleine had been abducted...


at first they seem like poor, elderly grandparents, which I am sure they are, too. But obviously Antena3 has outsmarted CM - he surely didn´t expect that the Healys´body language be analyzed - and from the preliminary I have now seen, it doesn´t look good..Susan Healy does not seem sincere.... she keeps squeezing her husband´s finger, just one finger, especially hard when she is asked when was the last time she spoke to Madeleine

Di said...


That is very interesting, as I have said many times WHY would you ring your mother and ask for the phone number of the priest!!!

I have to go now but will catch up tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening

Ecolab said...


Do you have something more about that interviw? Maybe on you tube?
I would like to anylize it myself.

Katolic nead a priest right away, if somebody is dying. It is very essential to receive the last rites (oil)

Zodiac said...

Hi All,

I keep getting this when I click on comments. Viv, if you see this would you send me an e-mail to confirm it is ok to post on the blog. I have never seen this message before and not sure what to do.

Thanks Zodiac.

PS. Does anyone else gets this when they click to read the comments.

Zodiac said...

Did not show message:

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bath theory said...

Yes I commented on the DX forum about this first phone call between Kate McCann and her mum. I reckon more than one priest knows what really happened that night.

I read somewhere recently that the priest in PDL who was catholic (The KEY man!) is back living with his parents. I know the Vatican website dropped Madeleine's picture not long after it was put up right at the beginning of the drama.

Maybe the police should take the computers of the priest here in the UK who she wanted to speak to and the one who was in PDL. It has been reported the Canadian protestant priest has had his computer stolen in PDL so it would be something worth considering.

Most politest thing I can say is the reported conversation with her mum seems 'bloody odd'

bath theory said...

Zodiac press F5 button and it should refresh no problem

Ecolab said...


I do not get that message - only once.

Maybee it is CM trying to slip trough a backdoor ;-))

I suggest you browse a new window.

dolores said...

It was not on you tube,But I will try to find the place again where Isaw this

dolores said...


The parents of Kate McCann, Sue and Brian Healy, were in interview with Jordi González on the Antena 3 channel on Monday, October 22nd. (Jordi González was the interviewer who caused Gerry McCann to walk out in response to an unwelcome question regarding the discovery of blood in the apartment.) There's some information about the interview with the Healy grandparents here, but much more informative was the minute by minute account

'Kate´s parents are being interviewed, as is the priest.

Kate´s parents are saying Gerry called them to say " a disaster" had taken place.... Kate´s mum says she thought there had been a car accident....
a disaster? what a funny word to describe the disappearance of your child... surely you would start by saying "Madeleine is missing", "We don´t know what has happened to her"... but disaster?

[This was in the preliminaries, the programme itself is starting in 3 minutes. ]

Kate´s mother is also saying she had never heard her daughter raise her voice before but that then she heard her commanding to the British Embassy that they sent someone down there immediately. Kate´s mum is saying she fears Kate is losing it....

The journalists are discussing the grandparents´interview before it is being shown, giving their impressions.... they agree (2 out of 3 of them) that the grandparents themselves don´t know everything... and that they are quite aware of this. They are giving the interview because they are PARENTS (Kate´s) and GRANDPARENTS (Madeleine´s) - and the grandparents´whole world has been shattered. They don´t know what has happened.

[Interview with Father Jose: We have the obligation to help people even though what they have done is wrong...]

Kate´s mum is saying an hour after Gerry´s phone call Kate called her mum and asked her to get in contact with the priest who married them and who baptised Madeleine.....

Kate´s mum herself says she found this odd, that she wouldn´t describe themselves or Kate and Gerry as devout Catholics....

What was tormenting Kate so much.... why think of a priest at once.... this is what the journalists are discussing now.

Kate´s mum says she said something like "no, that can´t be" - to which Gerry immediately stressed it was important they accept that Madeleine had been abducted.

Only an hour had gone past since she had been discovered missing.

The journalists are saying that Gerry obviously took control of the situation at once....

A criminologist is saying it is extremely odd how the McCanns at once want to get in touch with a priest.... that this is not what you would expect shocked parents to do.

Kate´s mum is saying the only explanation she can find to the whole business of wanting a priest right away is that Kate needed to cling to something greater....

The criminologist is insisting this would never be as immediate as in this case... that what is it that makes Kate so needy of a PRIEST????

When the parents got to Portugal, they found the McCanns completely hysterical because they didn´t know if the Portuguese police understood how important it was for them to believe Madeleine had been abducted....


at first they seem like poor, elderly grandparents, which I am sure they are, too. But obviously Antena3 has outsmarted CM - he surely didn´t expect that the Healys´body language be analyzed - and from the preliminary I have now seen, it doesn´t look good...

The interviewer says they only had to ask for it! There were no objections, not even restrictions as to what questions could be asked and what not

It´s starting over with a new headline: What are the grandparents hiding? The Healy´s testimony analyzed by a non-verbal communication expert.

By the way the grandparents are speaking of Madeleine in the past tense... "she was"...

Susan Healy is not looking for Madeleine - this interview is about defending Kate and the Healys are being used for that.... the best thing is that the interview is not dubbed, it´s subtitled, so there are no translation mistakes.

Susan Healy does not seem sincere.... she keeps squeezing her husband´s finger, just one finger, especially hard when she is asked when was the last time she spoke to Madeleine. She is saying Madeleine made her a gift before the trip to Portugal but couldn´t give it to her....

WHY???? Is this because of the alleged bad relationship with the McCanns? She repeats 3 times over Madeleine couldn´t give it to her....

The journalists are saying the Healys are being used by CM to turn the public opinion around...

Susan Healy admits Kate doesn´t cry!!!!!!! She says Kate might not cry... but she does look anguished!

Also Susan is referring to the visions Kate is having... the psychologist in the panel says this would be reasonable 5-6 days after the disappearance, not after such a long time. It sounds either artificial, made up, or the product of a hallucinating mind....

Artificial? CM.....but the psychologist thinks Kate´s mental health is not what it should be

The psychologist says there is no doubt Kate has a personality disorder that could lead to various scenarios....

The panel says in total agreement that the Healys harbour no hope of Madeleine being alive. They refer to her in the past tense like I said before, and also they never even try to put out a message to a possible abductor

The psychologist in the panel is saying it is plain from the interview the Healys´relationship with Kate and Gerry, especially Gerry, is not good

hope4truth said...

Hi Dolores

That is intresting is it on TV tonight and where are you in the world (I allways assumed you were in GB)...


mandarinn said...

i guess dolores is spanish

hope4truth said...

Thanks Madarinn

Hope you are well???


mandarinn said...

I'm not sure, but the name is... and has the "salero"

mandarinn said...

salero= charm

mandarinn said...

Hope did you enjoy the Farden center today?

dolores said...

Hope for Truth /Mandarinn
The interview was in October.

I am living in UK and I am Italian.
xx D

hope4truth said...


LOL gave it a miss today but bought a fish tank from a pet store instead it looks lovely but am not looking forward to gerring the fish next week as I am terified of them.

My daughter asures me she will keep me safe LOL xxx

mandarinn said...

Ais dolores an italian name too?H!!!! it is latin charm :)

hope4truth said...

Hi Dolores

I went back and read it was in October (I read far to fast) intresting article though.

As you are in the UK I hope you had a nice bank holiday Monday it was really muggy here but not a bad day xxx

hope4truth said...


There I go again making up words I ment getting fish not gerring xxx

mandarinn said...

your name remenber me a spanish song
"Dois te ay dado la gracia del ciela maria dolores...."

mandarinn said...

lolol hope to me farden center seems somethin exotic... very british.
here we go to shoping center

dolores said...

It was warm here, and I had a quiet day,just chilling out really,and pottering around in the garden.
I trust yours was pleasant?


mandarinn said...

Dolores *DIOS (GOD)

dolores said...


I know that song to.:)


dolores said...

Inever heard that before,only this one
Dolores = sorrow or sadness.

Ecolab said...


Thanks very much. Interesting reading. I wish i could see that interview.

You are right ...A disaster...is not a word you use to describe the disappearance of your child.

When The Titanic went down - that was a disaster!

I have a feeling that Gerry really ment "A disaster" He is not stupid in that sence!

Have you ever been to "Bingo"/ lottery and won ½ a pork? The one sitting next to you wins a pound of coffie.

Well, what I`m trying to say is: Maddie was the pound of coffie, but what was the pork. It must be huge and Maddie got in the way.

They are hiding a huge secret. A secret, that will blow us all away. The secret is not about Maddie - she is long gone and the parents and grandparents know.

The two grandmothers came to Praia da Luz midday the 4 of May. Shall I find the pictures?

mandarinn said...

oh!! no.. and the song say 2... in your eyes insteade of looking there are sun beams... my translation...
Dolores =pain ..in spain and portugal is a name to our lady ("nossa senhora das dores"

mandarinn said...

Ecolab, i think the same, but it seems to me prety odd... what secret could be related with a little child desapearence...

nancy said...

Hello Dolores -

Thanks for the details of the Spanish interview - very interesting and revealing!

I remember first seeing Kate's Mum being interviewed and thinking what a strange reaction she was giving to questions about Kate after Madeleine had gone missing. She kept pausing for a long time as if wanting to say something she really felt but held back because of not wanting to say the wrong thing. That's how it looked to me at the time.

Now with this Antenna 3 interview (the first time I've heard this) it seems I was right and that she was behaving strangely when answering their questions too.

When I saw her I certainly didn't feel she seemed to be grieving about Madeleine, any more than K&G have. No tears again. A rare family indeed! And, as you say,no appeal to any kidnapper!

There are more mysteries to this case than in an Agatha Christie novel that's for sure!!

I'm off to bed now - see you all tomorrow -

Nancy x

hope4truth said...

Mandarinn and Dolores

Sorry Battery died on laptop...

Had a lovely day now off to bed see you all tomorrow xxx

Night to anyone else here as well xxx

dolores said...

It will take a lot of searching ,and I will try and find it for you tonight.Tomorrow, if not
I also have always beleived something very big here,I remember several months ago Gordon Brown saying that the public would have to be prepared for this.Why would we need to be with what goes on in this world,what could be so bad?

mandarinn said...

good night hope, sleep well

Ecolab said...

Mandarinn, she got in the way.


Grandmothers 4 May in Praia de Luz

dolores said...

Goodnight sleep well

dolores said...

Thanks for that,never seen this before.They walk miles apart,strange !!
There is so much !!

Cláudia said...

Hi, guys!
What a loooooooooong day!
I'm so tired I could fall asleep right now!
What's new?

mandarinn said...

hello claudia. how are you?

Cláudia said...

Hello, Mandarinn!
Tired. Really tired. :)
And how are you?

mandarinn said...

i'm not bad.
when i s your new room going ready?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Mandarinn. I would say it is half ready. Some more furniture to come and I'm also waiting for a new computer to go with the new furniture.
The good thing I already have a vey comfortable, very beautiful bed.
I really needed new furniture. The old one had no more space for all my books and my living room is also filled with them.

leigh3 said...

Evening Ladies.
Interesting conversations, you've had. Pleasant to read your insights.

Dolores of the pink rose: it will be interesting to see what comes from two other tools of inquiry:-
1. Forensic accountants (those who investigate money/transactions between individuals and companies).
2. The flight logs for private aircraft.

See you next time, chica.
Bonna Notte.

leigh3 said...

Go to bed ;-)))
From your nagging 'Grandma' Leigh.
P.S. Glad to hear you are making a lovely new nest, filled with books for your bright mind.

Cláudia said...

Hey, Grandma Leigh. Even wen I'm really tired I cannot go to bed early. I just won't fall asleep.
P.S: The books are intended to make it brighter! :-)
My favourites (Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, Walt Whitman, Kafka, Toni Morrison, etc, will be the first ones to find a new 'home'! :-) As all my Portuguese favourites, of course.

leigh3 said...

You are the 'brightest little button in the box', to use an old English phrase ;-)

As for Walt Whitman, you might like to know that for a poet, he had a very down to earth statement which applies to the McCanns, and the Western world as we enter an economic downturn: 'First, last, and always, your debt is due.'

Your account will always be in credit, I suspect, chica. A wise woman is priceless.
Boa noite! You and Alsabella taught me that phrase, and I'm always happy to use it.

Cláudia said...

Walt Whitman was great. Leaves of Grass was the first thing I read. It was part of the American Literature subject at University. Great times!
Boa noite, Grandma Leigh! :-)

Cláudia said...

Sleep well, everybody.~
Boa noite.

Niki said...

Good morning Viv and everyone:)

I'm one day after you, re.the last photo... Really did not have any opinion on that one, so have'nt commented... Found this on TruthforMadeleine interesting though! :


The picture is very well analysed! Pls.read!

The article takes you to many links. This is one:


Last quote of the article:
The reader can make up his/her own conclusions but bear in mind this paragraph in the Daily Mail article on May 25, 2007: "During the day of her disappearance they had all gone for a walk, played tennis, and taken some more snapshots for the family album before relaxing by the pool." So, the McCanns did take more pictures but have deliberately chosen not to release any.

Have a nice day:)

Wizard said...

Good Morning Viv and all,

I was out yesterday afternoon and evening and have only just seen your reply to me. These two photographs are interesting. Firstly, if we assume the photograph of Madeleine on the tennis court is a photograph of her during her first tennis lesson with the other crèche children on the afternoon of 3 May. Its interesting O’Donnell didn’t notice Kate or Gerry at the courts either as one of them would have been there to take the photograph. So not only did she not see Madeleine she did not see Kate or Gerry.

My understanding was the crèche staff took the kids to the tennis courts in the afternoon (3 May) if for argument sake we say both photographs are true the photograph of Gerry and his daughters by the pool shows Madeleine in different clothes. Madeleine would have had to return to the apartment and change. Bearing in mind Madeleine was returned to the nursery at 2.30 just after the picture Gerry says was the last photograph was taken. That doesn’t add up. Therefore one of those photographs are wrong - the parents say the photograph of Gerry and A and M was the last taken probably because it paints a good image whereas the one of M on her own shows bruises and a rather waif like look. What is noticeable from the tennis court photo is the time and date has been cropped but left on the other one – which imo is highly significant.

I think your scenario could be right but I’m still inclined to think that M was not at the tennis courts. Mrs Fenn’s statement of hearing M crying “daddy, daddy” constantly between 10.30 and 11.45 relates to the night of the 1st May she did not hear crying on the 2nd May but heard crying again on the 3rd May but it was another child not Madeleine (McCannfiles). I am probably adding two and two together and making five but it is likely M was heavily sedated on 2nd May to stop what happened the night before occurring again and that’s is why Mrs Fenn heard nothing on 2nd May. My suspicions are that M was too heavily sedated and did not wake up - the McCanns made a mistake that cost M her life imo. All the rest we hear from the Mc’s is staging and put into the public arena to give the impression M was alive on 3rd May.

Stella said...

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, da da da da da da dada. Sorry, morning everyone...

This tennis photo, I agree with Wizard it looks manipulated.

If you look around the edges of Madeleine there is a ghost like pixel blur. Why would they need to superimpose this image?

Was this photo originally taken on another tennis court?

mandarinn said...

Good morni ng Viv and all
Breaking news from Portugal
Alipio Ribeiro is resignor with a big movement against his opinons about PJ restruturation...see SAPO.Pt.I'm on a hurry
see you later
he defend PJ depent not from JUSTICE MINISTERY but INTERN ADMINISTRATION... it means from govern directly...

Ecolab said...

Ordanairy clothes for a week holiday!

When you go on holiday, you bring ordanairy clothes for your children, right? Maybee one pair of party clothes for a week.

Every picture I have seen of Amalie and Sean, they are wearing ordanairy clothes. Event he ”last” poolphoto. She is wearing the same t-shirt and sandals over and over again.
BUT Maddie, she is dressed up – strange about that photo. She does NOT fit in. She is dressed uo. Madeleine is far to young. The photo is a fake.

Take a look at the photos I have collected in the links underneath. The plain, the bus, and the playground. The remaining children are wearing the same ordainairy clothes in the month to follow.

Strange about Maddie. She starts up in the same ordanairy clothes. Is her hair slighty crapped in the playground photo?

Playing in the grass – notice the clothes of the 3 children

Sean in the same jacket, Maddie in the same common clothes, Tanner girl in the same common t and blue jeans-shirt:


Boarding the plane – same common clothes.

Notice Madeleines outfitt

Notice Amelies t-shirt – the same as the one at the poolphoto

The poolphoto – notice Amalies sunhat

Amalies sunhat again

Notice the girl (Tannergirl) and her common outfitt + Amalies t-shirt

Children with ordanairy clothes

Are these photos from Praia de Luc?

Taken when and why?

Ecolab said...

Two links did`nt work

1)Sean in the same jacket, Maddie in the same common clothes, Tanner girl in the same common t and blue jeans-shirt:

2)Boarding the plane – same common clothes.

nancy said...

Ecolab -

Thanks for the links to the photos. A few I hadn't seen! And I see what you mean about the difference in Maddie's lovely outfit to those of the normal holiday clothes worn by the other children while on holiday.

I may be wrong, but Madeleine does seem a lot younger than 4 in this photo with Gerry and Amelie taken by the pool but only shown nationally by Gerry three weeks after the supposed event.

To be proved a fake, the original has to be closely scrutinised by experts apparently, so we may never know.

It's very quiet on this site today - I think we are all suffering McCann fatigue!!


docmac said...

The posts copied below are great examples of the kind of people that frequent certain blogs. Although most of their tirades below are aimed at me personally, this is not the point of re-posting them here. What they say about me has no influence in my life and certainly not on those that know what kind of person I really am. I could post this on my own sites Viv, but as you know the subject is not appropriate to cleaning websites or toilet blogs. Or maybe it is ;-)))

These are the two types of bloggers on those sites:

1. Those that attempt to ridicule other posters and make them out to be either liars or idiots.
Mostly they make themselves look pretty dull. Here is an example wherein the poster actually shows that what I posted was merely paraphrasing the original article, but she attempts to demonstrate that the original wording was twisted. I don't think so madam!

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how Docrot loves to alter the information to fit his sick, perverted mind?.....

He posted on Viles:-

docmac said...
Call me sceptical, but something in Bridget O'Donnell's story still rings very loud alarm bells in
my view.
She and her partner were woken at 1am by one of the doctors frantically banging on
their door. This frantic doctor then calmly told Jes in mumbled tones that Madeleine
had been 'abducted'. Jes' offer to help in the search was rejected on the grounds that there
was nothing he could do.

Stupid moron:-
Read Bridget O'Donnell's own words and tell where she said one of the doctors.


At 1am there was a frantic banging on our door. Jes got up to answer. I stayed listening in the dark. I knew it was bad; it could only be bad. I heard male mumbling, then Jes's voice. "You're joking?" he said. It wasn't the words, it was the tone that made me flinch. He came back in to the room. "Gerry's daughter's been abducted," he said. "She ..." I jumped up and went to check our children. They were there. We sat down. We got up again. Weirdly, I did the washing-up. We wondered what to do. Jes had asked if they needed help searching and was told there was nothing he could do; she had been missing for three hours. Jes felt he should go anyway, but I wanted him to stay with us. I was a coward, afraid to be alone with the children - and afraid to be alone with my thoughts.

Well tried docrot, no bogs to clean today?
Keep it up Granny!
Anyone for coffee?

05 May 2008 12:24

2. Those that present themselves as caring, decent human beings who have taken the higher road. They claim to be grandmothers, nature lovers and good samaritans, and they use a lot of poetry and religious posturing in an attempt to show that they are so. The truth is a little different. It makes no difference who or what you are, if you are convinced the McCanns did it you are condemned by these people and their true self emerges. It does not actually matter what you write - the more anti-McCann you are, the more hate-filled the invective will be, as in:

Rosiepops said...
Anon 12.24

You should know by now that the grotesque and sinister notdoc and his band of merry liars and child abductor protectors, NEVER let the truth get in the way of their lying insane posts!

They are raking all this up again and going over old ground because they know they have nothing else.

There is absolutely nothing more they can say or talk about, they know that the arguido status will soon be removed from the McCann's and they also know that this couple are completely innocent.
One would like to think that they would cease posting on their blogs of filth and hate, but no, they just carry on.

They are as addicted to this insane jealousy, rage and hate as a junkie is to their drugs!

When the McCann hate trail ceases to be they will simply surf around until they find some other poor people to hate and denigrate!

Notdoc is by far the worse, with leigh a close second and Vile Viv/Felicity is third.
For the maliciously evil malevolent Vile Viv/Felicity to come third, just demonstrates hoe dreadfully sinister Notdoc and Leigh actually are!

05 May 2008 18:53

There are many features that are common to these two categories of poster, but I think the one outstanding feature is that they expect everyone to believe unquestioningly that what they write is undisputed truth. Amazingly, the lambs on those sites actually do. Some of them have become wolves themselves.

When this case is all over they will have to go on with their mundane lives, but I think the citizens of other countries frequented by holidaying Brits should take note. If and when a child of a middle class couple dies in your country this lot will be back, nastier than ever. But only if they think it could help the McCanns.

viv said...

Gosh Doc did I only come third, that makes a change!

What on earth do we have to do with child abductors? This woman seriously needs a shrink!

Viv x

dolores said...

Viv /Doc,
You said they need a shrink !!
But could a shrink really find a brain,it's shrunk so small you would need a strong magnifying glass.

Luv xx

Ana said...

Good afternoon everyone;

Breaking news!!

The drunker couple had left Portugal without appear in court, sky news is reporting that! Foreign office confirmed, they had run away, just like the others two, foreign office confirmed!!!!
I am sorry to say this but, it seems the British politics are helping neglect parents again!!!
They were supposed to be in court today…what a hell is happening?

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Docmac,

Well, for various reasons (family loyalty, money, duties of their jobs, blackmail?), they have to be seen to doing something towards The Cause. They can't actually justify or excuse the behaviour of their 'clients', or offer any reasonable, believable explanations for what happened on that holiday - let alone the downright freaky and unfeasible goings on since Madeleine went missing. So the only remaining option is to try to get people to stop writing negative stuff about the lovely, caring McCanns, and to use abuse and bullying in a personally-targetted kind of a way.

Naturally, laying into you, Doc, involves endeavouring to 'bring you down a peg or two' from having one of the most respected professions there is. You are obviously supposed to be hopping mad at the thought they don't believe you have a medical degree. This says much about their own insecurities, and how little they understand people with strong convictions.

Similarly, I'm routinely 'not funny'. (And by the way, ST, I don't do "jokes", I write SATIRE, which has a point behind it). And as if I'm going to be upset by this playground taunt when I've been a writer for years!

But they have nowhere else to go. They sit there on their self-righteous blogs, spewing out hate into the ether directed at ordinary people such as ourselves, all of us with different backgrounds and skills, but who come together to try and work out what on earth led to the total disappearance of a three-year-old child...especially given that her parents were negligent in leaving their kids alone, negligent in drinking so much alcohol whilst they had a duty of care to their children, negligent in blocking the police investigation and negligent in searching for their own child by hiring fraud specialists who are, they want us to believe, the best people in the world for locating a missing person.

This makes us hateful, and vile and beyond the pale, apparently.

What we whould be doing instead, apparently, is ignoring the whole affair, thinking nothing about an abandoned little girl - or her remaining siblings - or the attempted desicration of a nation's police force, or the illegal political involvement, or the attack on centuries of freedom of speech.

Aren't we shameful for caring about all these things?

Personally, I'm extremely proud to be so hated by these parasites, who all have their own particular agendas, none of them highly moral. AIf they actually liked me, well, THEN I'd have good cause to be thoroughly ashamed of myself.


viv said...

Hiya LGC

What a great post, you certainly demonstrate you are a professional writer, I bet those sad individuals wish they could hire you!

Luv Viv x

LittleGreyCell said...

Bless you, Viv.

Did you hear Land of Hope and Glory running underneath the text?!


viv said...

You Know, LGC, I believe I did:-)

As for the other two, who collapsed in a drunken heap on their very first night it would seem, how amazing they done a runner and their family rushed over to "support" them.

If my middle son went abroad with his four little girls and performed like that, I would give him support alright! There again, when he is caning the cans of cider my almost tee-total daughter in law continues to be a fantastic mom and he never collapses! That is the difference I suppose, parents who understand at least one has to stay sober to properly care for little ones.

I dont think it is the Foreign Office's fault, they simply report and become involved in Brits in trouble abroad. No way would they have actually told them to run from appearing before the Judge. It seems from the report they were not going to be charged anyway, just warned I would imagine and quite properly, made an example of. Shame they could not manage to face the Judge by the sound of things. Actions always have consequences.

nancy said...

Regarding the two drunks and their three children! Another couple from the UK who bring down it's once good name and who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and their behaviour. Anything could have happened to those three children, and as Viv says, if it had been a son or son-in-law and daughter of mine there is no way I'd have rushed to support them - in fact I'd have knee-capped them both for risking the lives of my grandchildren!!

It may have been a one-off - that is what they say, but how do we know, so let's hope that Social Services keep an eye on the children's welfare when back in Ireland!

The Tapas 9 seem to have started a malignant ball rolling!

leigh3 said...

Hi All,

Viv: you do make me smile: what would happen to your son if 'caning the cans' endangered your grandchildren. Happily, his wife loves him, as you do, and when he's 'out of it', she's there for him, and the children. Love. Hey! Whaddya gonna do? It's irrational. 'Money makes the world go round, but love makes the journey worthwhile.' I so like that quote.

My dear boy is what's called a 'Camden caner'. He's only 21. He doesn't get 'legless', so he tells his dear Ma, but I suspect my future daughter-in-law will be like yours. Boys! Men! Thank goodness, they need us ;-), and we need them.

Now, on a separate page, I will address the issue of the McCanns' greatest enemy within: Rosiepops.

nancy said...

Ana -

Quite right - two more UK child neglecters seeming to get away scot free from Portugal - what a cowardly couple! We'll wait and see if the Irish couple have to face Social Services and a neglect charge in Ireland.

I doubt that the Irish authorities will bend over backwards like the Home Office's Jacqui Smith did for the McCanns when calling on the PJ's to focus on searching for Madeleine instead of bothering the McCanns!! Given that the McCanns are suspects, why didn't she advise them to co-operate with the PJ's and answer all the questions.

Even Gordon Brown got involved and admitted he discussed the case with the Portuguese government when he was in Lisbon at an EU summit last October.

So the McCann's guardian angel was certainly with them from the very beginning; we still don't know the reason why they deserved all that attention and support considering their behaviour caused Madeleine to disappear into thin air!

What angers me is that world wide opinion of the UK people will be at an all time low after this latest episode.


leigh3 said...

Dear Docmac,
I saw your earlier post about Madame Rosiepops, and her girl gang.

Harpies, all of them, in my opinion.

The McCanns are entitled to an honest defence in our democracy. They are entitled to compassion in our culture. Nothing they have done is beyond their ability to redeem themselves, in time.

I said this on the Daily Express forum, much to Rosiepopped's (!) annoyance on many occasions. S/he/it wants to dominate, not discuss. S/he/it cajoles or castigates anyone who dares to question 'it's' version of events.

The Daily Express was targetted by the McCann Machine of media manipulators because it was the least censored site in the UK Press. It is a Tory newspaper. The McCanns are 'Nu Labour'.

Their dear old Granny,living by the seaside, loving 'birds - of the feathered kind' - was a fiction created to manipulate Daily Express readers.

The fiction goes on, not just in the words of the hacks Rosiepopped, but in the words and deeds of anyone who excuses the McCanns self-confessed child neglect; demeans forensic evidence; uses the UKs most expensive extradition and libel lawyers, paid for by public donations from children, pensioners, the dispossessed but kind folk living for a dream they can never have, corrupt businessmen dreaming of a Knighthood, and 'celebrities' who have long since fled in horror at the sight of two provincial nobodies, official suspects in their daughter's disappearance.

As for the 'arguido status', the McCann Machine of media manipulators have sought to bludgeon the public into believing that their 'clients' are innocent and would be exonerated...since last year.

Hasn't happened, has it? All that has happened is that the McCanns have been badly represented by second rate 'know alls' who know nothing.

Justice for Madeleine, dead aged 3, the beloved sister of twins Amelie and Sean, aged 2, left sobbing in a foreign hotel room while their parents wined and dined with 'friends'.

I suspect those 'friends' will be long gone when Kate and Gerry need them most; when Kate and Gerry need an honest defence.

nancy said...

Docmac, Viv and Leigh -

You three are far too intelligent to bother going over to that site for the bewildered! Stick to this one or 3 arguidos - at least you can air your opinion without disgusting insults. The mind boggles at the things Rosiepops says - vitreol spills from every word - and as LGC so eloquently says - just what are all of us on here for if not to find out the truth of what happened to Madeleine, and to show our feelings with regard to the neglect, and worse, of little children!

leigh3 said...

Ana, Nancy.

Perhaps an 'all time low' leads to an all time high. Evolution.

At least the Irish couple took their children with them, although it is terribly sad to think of what these children saw. I suspect their parents will be much chastened. Ireland is a small, close knit community. The shame the parents will face in Ireland is great, and will moderate their behaviour, imo.

The McCanns left their babies alone, night after night in a foreign hotel room, while they wined and dined at the bar with 'friends'. Madleine is 'missing'. No remorse from the McCanns. Just a money making worldwide campaign, exonerating their negligent actions, and underming decades of work by child protection agencies, trying to get the message across in the UK:-


The McCanns are not 'innocent' as their apologists claim. They are criminal in their self-confessed neglect of infants, aged 2 and 3. It wasn't a 'mistake'. It was their conscious decision, night after night, even after Maddie questioned her mother about why she didn't come to them when they were left sobbing - and that was heard by neighbours and Mark Warner staff who went to the restaurant Chaplins, AWAY FROM THE HOLIDAY COMPLEX WHERE THE INFANTS SLEPT.

Tsk. And the UK Government gave the McCanns unprecedented, preferential support. Why?

leigh3 said...

Nancy (Wooram;-),

I've been reading you since last year on the DE. Tonight was the first time I have seen Madame R's words on her blag (and I do mean her blag).

I have no time for chit chat or ad hominem.

On the DE, Madame R led a House of Ill Repute, a girl gang of flowery names, seeking to dominate, not discuss.

One night, a new poster named HONEY posted in capital letters, simply asking questions, and they descended on her, with one of their male thugs Lazarus, like a pack of wolves.

Later, she aplogised for posting in capitals; she said she was half blind, and needed capital letters.

That was a turning point for me. I have never seen anything so abusive, disgraceful and morally bankrupt in UK Print's 'comment' sections for readers.

Welcome to the 21st century of the world weird web. Thugs like PR mechanics, like Madame R and her girl gang are allowed to converse with genuine, heartfelt readers.

Tsk. Online is an experiment for the UK Press. Editors want to encourage more immediate contact with their readers.

But if it means opening the door to thugs like the fictional character Rosiepops, serving her masters (Gerry and Clarence), then I will argue for tighter supervision.

Thank you for your kind words, Nancy. As you can see, I have no intention of allowing the PR tarts to get away with their temporary domination of UK forms. In fact, it ended in January this year.

Hiya Rosie. I did warn you. You called this a 'game'. It's a game you cannot win; you haven't got the skill or the stamina.

nancy said...

Leigh -

Yes, Why - that is the million dollar question?

Maybe the truth will come out one day - it just needs someone to break free from the ties that bind them!



leigh3 said...

Oh, Nancy.

You write: '...it just needs someone to break free from the ties that bind them!'

It will happen, Nancy. Patience, and perseverance is what we need now, in my humble opinion.

Do check out the mccannfiles - a site recommended by Viv.

Do you really think that all this information, shared among many people of tender hearts and tough minds will be wasted?

Patience. Perseverance. You've done it before, and you'll do it again, with your compatriots. I have no doubt of that. So will I.

docmac said...


Your post in response earlier says it all, really. They want to shut us up. But then what would they do?
Remember, the lion that roars the loudest often has the smallest penis.

You all seem to be having a great time in the warmer weather. I'm off to scrub a toilet. See you next time.

leigh3 said...

The lioness is more dangerous in protection of the young than the lion.

You owe me a bottle champagne...because you came first ;-))))

Penelope said...


Re: your post of yesterday on the timing of Madeline's last photo 1.30/2.30pm.

I think Gerry has tripped himself up. Unlike the rest of continental Europe, Portugal is on GMT, so 1.30pm on the camera timer he set in the UK, is 1.30pm in Portugal.

Gotcha Gerry!

This also leads to another point about timing which as been bothering me - why didn't they call the police for 40 mins when they discovered her missing? It can't have been that they weren't bothered - Kate lied about this point. They must have been BUYING TIME for some reason, maybe the alarm was raised a little early, maybe they needed more time for Madeline's body to have been "got out of the way?"/drifted out to sea/whatever.

I think something was up (up to no good) that they deliberately didn't make the call earlier. And it can't have been to get to the papers first, that was there own decision, and they must have known Madeline would not have been found (or otherwise why call them?), so they were intent on this course of action and therefore the police turning up a bit earlier would not have prevented them doing this.

Any thoughts?

leigh3 said...

Delighted to see your name again. Always interesting to read your meticulous interpretation of tech stuff (I'm rubbish at it, but I know trut when I see it).

Now. Re: the call. The McCanns are doctors. They are well aware that there is a 'golden hour' as the police call it; the 60' after a child is known to be missing.

The 'inconsistencies' and 'contradictions' in the McCanns statements and actions aroused suspicion from experienced investigators in Portugal and England. We know this. It's obvious.

Next question: who did the McCanns call first? Mobile phone records, computer hard drives, bank statements - therein exists the truth, imo.

Meanwhile, their political and commercial support base is crumbling.

I suspect that simple, forensic accounting and technology will reveal the truth of 'missing' Maddie, and the biggest fraud committed in this early 21st Century.

I pity the McCanns. They have been misled by savvy operators. I still want them to be treated compassionately when the truth comes out. After all, they are the parents of Madeleine, dead aged 3, the beloved sister of twins, aged 2.

Penelope said...


Thanks for your kind words - as usual. SOrry I haven't been on for ages but I started a new job and have been v busy and actually getting out a bit more!

Had a chat with the local retired policeman turned taxi driver, who's been bang on in his behavioural analysis (last summer he took "the measure" of them and said that they were the type to brazen it out, even from behind bars). He hasn't been following it closely but he says he thinks they may get away with it as there is no body and htey have expensive lawyers and they might dismiss the other evidence as circumstantial. He says the PJ really need a body to nail them, and the fact they don't have one is why they are being so arrogant. I told him about the "find the body and then charge us" line, and he said that Gerry was probably repeating what his lawyer told him, and that he reckons that this is the line the McCann defence will take if it gets to court.

Off for 20 mins, will check back later.

Joe said...

Looking at the photo at the top of this thread it appears to me that Madeline is added in. I am heavily into art/painting drawing/photography and Madeline's image is all wrong. the shadow that GM head and the smaller child casts are completely different from Madeline's, and she does not appear part of the setting at all. A bad photoshop methinks. Excuse me if this has been discussed before but its the first time I have seen this photo

mandarinn said...

overdressed to be in the swimimng pool...

leigh3 said...


I'll assume your taxi driver, ex-cop pal is RCS or retired early.

We have seen brazen words and actions, as in Gerry's crass comment: 'Find the body and prove...'

It took 14 months for forensic evidence to be finalised in the case of Ian Huntley, a brazen liar who appeared on TV, and assisted in the search for Holly and Jessica, the two schoolgirls he killed for sexual gratification.

There will be no remorse from cold, calculating killers. That is their modus operandi. Their narcissism; their psychopathic minds.

I still hope that the McCanns can rise above whatever 'mistakes' or human weakness they experienced in Portugal, and set themselves free from the mercenaries and ego tripping 'family and friends' who are backing them, and do one thing:

Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Their immortal souls rest on this. Justice for Maddie, her beloved sister and brother, mother and father, rely on this.

There is still a chance for the McCanns to rise above a moment's weakness, and be redeemed, be forgiven. They are young.

Time is passing quickly now. Their window of opportunity is closing fast, imo.

Cláudia said...

Hi, guys!
How are you all?
Really tired.My back is killing me and I need to finally lie down for a while. Just wanted to say hi! :-)

mandarinn said...

hi claudia

leigh3 said...

Joe and Mandarinn,

Amateurs should never play the media game, imo.

The photographs...the published quotes...the staged 'interviews'...the dim wit celebrity names...dim wit friends of friends in politics and daytime tabloid TV; tabloid, scared Print and radio parrots too.

What a load of tripe.

Interesting how the online forums have opened up the debate, and question vested interest...

leigh3 said...

Hi Claudia.

Go to bed, says Grandma Leigh ;-)))

Just kiddin'. I guess the house stuff is going well, and that explains your bad back.

Go to bed!!!
P.S. I know you won't.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Mandarinn! :-) How are you?

Hey, Grandma Leigh! Going well but killing me and my back! :-) And no, I won't go to bed right away! :-) But I do need to lie down for a while! :-)


leigh3 said...

Nina Claudia,
Just a little advice for when you do finally go to bed!

Tuck the pillow under your neck so, like ear muffs either side of your head. Lay flat on the mattress. Tuck a pillow under your knees.

Then your head - the heaviest part of the body - will be supported, and your spine (back) will be supported by the knee pillow.

Just a bit of entirely unqualified medical advice. Quack, quack...

But it will help.
See you next time, chica. Rest well. Gotta go. Take care.

Joe said...

Hi Leigh3,

Vested interests absolutely. No sign of the press asking the questions. I posted the other day with regards to Kennedy and his altruism. No business man I know has that unless there is an angle or a percentage. Whats the real reason for his intervention? No matter how wrong make it right, money no object.

Cláudia said...

Thanks, Grandma Leigh! :-) I will follow your advice.
But I'll be fine. I just need to lie down for 20 minutes and I'll be fine.
Sleep well, Leigh!

Anonymous said...

Good evening Viv,Claudia and everyone

Docmac and Viv, rest assured,the content of the "other" blog(and their posters) are being monitored by professional people ;)

leigh3 said...

Really must go, but...

Claudia: 20 minutes is not enough, you cheeky minx. A full night's rest, as prescribed by unqualified Nurse Leigh ;-) I am right. I'm older than you!

JOE: yes, vested interest has driven this case from the outset. Brian Kennedy is a fool to think his movements, his flight log, is beyond reach.
PDL staff and residents talk of Maddie's 'uncle' who flew out on a private aircraft. 'Uncle' is a name often given to men who are close to a family, even if he's not genetically linked. Diane Webster is obvious by her absence from the McCann machine, imo.

Night all.

leigh3 said...

Am just leaving, but pleased to see your comment. Truth will out, however long it takes.

Life's a team effort, I think.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are pure and wise,Leigh.
Have a lovely evening

nancy said...

Joe -

What was the real reason for Kennedy's intervention in attempting to cushion the McCanns with his pocket book to such an extent? Did he have an ulterior motive in offering a job to Robert Murat? Is it true that he has a home in PdeL? If so, I would have thought he knew Murat and his mother, both of whom seem to be fairly well known in the area.

Could it be that he was trying to get Robert to open up a bit more and perhaps say something which would incriminate himself. I'm glad Murat sent him off with a flea in his ear!

If Kennedy has been so generous to the McCanns, why did they feel the need to take £4,000 from the Madeleine Fund to pay their mortgage - money that people donated out of the goodness of their hearts to help find Madeleine. I'm sure that was fraudulent because when the Fund was first set up it made no mention of paying the McCann's mortgage instalments! In my opinion that was a diabolical liberty, especially bearing in mind that they were still being paid their doctors' salaries at the time!

atardi said...

Hello everyone,

I'm enjoying my holiday. The weather is very nice here. So the children are having a great time.


If Viv send me your e-mail address I'll sent you the Hospital diet. It was the first I could follow. Because you can eat normal during the weekend.


So nice to "see" you again. Keep reading and posting once in a while in the early morning. Of course I would like to "see" you every day here.



Welcom back. Really interesting to read your post.


Keep representing my voice.

About the game. They started a game and underestimated the PJ. They didn't thought it would last so long .

I think that there was a time that they wanted to "stop" the game by accepting that Madeleine was dead.But realised that by saying they accept Madeleine being dead the public would pay too much attention to Forensic(mobile telephones,laptops) Evidences. They realised this wouldn't be good for them.

So this game won't end.........unless the body is found.


I hope you are settled now. My back is killing me also, but not because new furnitures. I shopped with 2 teenagers and a 6 year old one!!!!


I'm no expert at all with photo's . I have a very updated camera (used by my daughters).

But if you look at the shadow of Gerry and Amelie's chin and sunhat than it should be the same with Madeleine.

If you look at the wall at the right and left of Madeleine's sunhat. The wall is not straight.

Joe said...


Many questions and I do not believe it was altruism for one minute. All the rules went out the window and I hope Murat one day spills the beans on that meeting. It appears very sinister like you say possibly trying to get some sort of leverage or a fall guy? I hope the PJ look into it. Big business and the law thats a whole other thread.

atardi said...

Hallo Southerncross,

Hoe is het met jou/U?

nancy said...

You said it Joe - big business and the law!!

Thinking about it, maybe Kennedy went to see Murat to try and patch up any acrimony between him, the McCanns, and the tapas 3 who maintained they had seen Robert Murat hanging around the apartment. Kennedy probably knows that when Murat starts suing the newspapers, things could possible come to light that might be highly embarrassing to all of them.

I'm off to bed now - midnight here in Spain, so hasta manana todo el mundo!

Nancy x

Joe said...

Goodnight Nancy.

Anonymous said...


Always nice to see you posting and your kind and welcoming response! I sometimes wonder if I should post at all, as I can not really bring my message across as a result of my native language and inability to express my thoughts/opinions/knowledge eloquently(spelling/grammar?). Wish I had a translator :)

I am very well, so happy that spring/summer has finally arrived!

atardi said...


Your English is 1000 times better than mine. All people here have one thing in common and that is justice for Madeleine. And it doesn't matter how bad "our" English is.

I remember a post from Leigh a long time ago which gave me strenght to keep posting. She didn't mind "foreign" people making mistakes.

That's why we (Niki and I) love her. Hope4truth thinks the same.

LittleGreyCell said...

Evening all,

Just looking in to say goodnight.

I'm sure Gerry and Kate are very proud of their supporters on The Other Blog. And who wouldn't be, with staunch support from such highly aggressive and abusive thugs - some of whom appear to have a problem with some of us 'Antis' "breathing".

That's great PR for the McCanns, by-the-way. Bound to make the public feel sorry for them. After all, everyone loves grieving parents whose supporters imagine the demise of people who discuss and ask questions.

Just think how delighted K&G would be if the threatening and bullying and abusive posts on loyal ST's site were published, say, in the Daily Mail. How swiftly it would make the general populace believe that Gerry and Kate were truly innocent victims in the abduction of their own child, reading those confrontational posts of bullies and alcoholics. "They must be innocent!", the cry would go as one, "Look at the calibre of their supporters and their explanations towards the McCanns innocence!"

With friends like those, who needs the PJ?

For ST and his/her accomplices are helping to dig the McCanns' graves. It's a strange way to set about manipulating public opinion to a positive point of view - just ask Max Clifford - but once again, let us not interrupt people who are making a mistake.

Night everyone.

leigh3 said...

Goedonavond Atardi,
You taught me that.

Sweet of you to remember anything I've written. I remember your commitment, your insights, and am happy to see your words as I switch off my laptop now.

One world. If we make it so.
Our shared values may make it so. We can hope. Hope4truth will like that...if she's back from the farden centre ;-)))

Night night. Remember: the UK needs our foreign friends, and we are foreign to you!

One world...if we make it so. Children think IT IS so. Adults should strive for it to be so, I think.

atardi said...


The "problem" with the Dutch connection is that K&G have tried to use to use every connection they had so the public would think that even people in Holland think they are innocent.

But they had to have children via IVF.

You can create a new e-mail address where I can send you some "Dutch Stuffabout the McCanns. I read that Paulo Reis wanted translations from the blog I'm reffering to.

And please, don't take notice what other blogs are writing about you. I remeber being attacked when I once mentioned Viv's blog on the DE.

viv said...

Evening guys

I have been spending quite a bit at the Fardening Centres but the patio and garden look fab:-)

Any news?

I am sitting here covered in dust because my eldest son is in the midst of replacing my sloping bathroom ceiling and the bathroom is right next to my office. I am not sure if having a shower at present actually is going to get me clean!

Viv x

atardi said...


Don't know if you're still online, but your Dutch words sounded a few days ago like the Pope. So you know Dutch too? He always says during the Eastern Audience:"Bedankt voor de bloemen".

leigh3 said...

Quite so, LGC.

'Never interrupt your enemy...', as docmac reminded us some time ago.

By the way, you make me laugh out loud, and reflect on the bigger issues.

Satire. A two edged sword, I guess.The gift of humour.

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Atardi,

No, I'm afraid I don't know any Dutch - I used a translation site! Was it terrible??


LittleGreyCell said...


Many thanks!

Hope the fall from your perch was soft - sleep well!


atardi said...

Leigh3 (and Niki/Hope4truth),

I know you always read back. So you will always find my post to you both.

Thank you both for reacting. Because sometimes I think and know that because of my bad English no one can understand what I want to say.

The 3 of you,

Maybe we will never meet each other but what you have "posted" here just to get the truth about Madeleine you will be my Cyberfriends forever.

Cláudia said...

Just wanted to wish you all a good night.
Sleep tight.

Dorme bem, querida amiga Viv.

viv said...

Hiya Atardi

The picture just does not seem right somehow to me but is nothing as precise as looking at the wall or the shadows.

There are two things that look odd to me. First, basic rule when taking a picture you centre the subjects in the picture. So, if you took Madeleine away, Gerry and Amelie would be centred in the shot. As an intelligent woman I just kind of figure Kate would not make such a basic mistake.

Second, Kate is said to have taken this picture, presumably she must have been across the opposite side of the pool, that is the way Gerry is looking and as we know he certainly makes a point of looking the camera right in the eye. But Maddie is looking in a completely different direction, and what is more she is laughing. Why would she not be looking at her mom, taking the pic, and why would mom not shout like you do , Maddie look, smile? Of course it is true Maddie may well have been laughing at someone else in or near the pool who interested her more..

atardi said...


My husband asked my why I was "crying". I have a disability that I always have to cry when I hear/read a joke I can understand. Most of the times I'm the last one to understand it.

But I'm so glad you are posting here.It's not that you are joking but it's just how you put things. I am really "crying" again because of your last post.

God bless you.

bath theory said...

The fact that they have been spending so much time with regards to the amber alert system shows their charade (IMO)

It is an obvious point but why do this when they delayed ringing the authorities in their case by around 40 minutes (it is alleged)

In other words they are telling anyone who will listen that the time is vital and paramount to finding a child but they

1) Delayed calling police
2) Did not search with a sense of urgency at all themselves
3) Told the lady upstairs who offered to help by calling police they had already done it, when they had not.

Now that is enough for me if I was sitting on a jury, providing all 3 were shown to be proved.

No more need be said.

Anonymous said...

Good night everyone,think I have overstayed my welcome on here :)

Ana said...

Evening everyone,

SOS Maddie ,the latest news:

Google translation:

Replacing the director of the PJ gives new impetus to the investigation McCann

In Portugal, several inspectors contacted this evening, said his surprise and satisfaction with the appointment of their colleague Almeida Rodrigues at the head of the Judicial Police (PJ), replacing Alipio Ribeiro, the national director resigned.

According to the inspectors, "This appointment brings a new impetus to the Judicial Police and in particular the ongoing investigations, including investigations concerning the disappearance of Madeleine."

Alipio Ribeiro, the national director resigned, had lost the support of almost all inspectors from the PJ having rejected Gonçalo Amaral for the Coordination of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimão, removing him at the same time the responsibility the investigation Madeleine.

The warrant Alípio Ribeiro as national director of the PJ, which ended in April next year, has been marked by several controversies, the latest leading to the resignation: Alipio Ribeiro had said the media that the passage of PJ supervised by the Ministry of Internal Administration would bring greater efficiency. "

His position within the Judicial Police was already seriously weakened as a result of an earlier controversial statement, about the investigation Maddie, or Alípio Ribeiro had said in an interview that there had been "hasty" in McCann constitution of the couple as arguidos.

Carlos Anjos, president of the Association of Civil Servants Trade Union of Criminal Investigation (ASFIC) PJ, welcomed the choice of government stressing "it is the first time a police career is indicated for lead the institution, "a post usually given to a magistrate.

The announcement of the appointment of new national director of the PJ has been made this afternoon by the Ministry of Justice through a press release stating that the minister had "accepted the resignation request of Alipio Ribeiro. "

The inspector Jose Maria d'Almeida Rodrigues, aged 49, has a law degree and had hitherto served as coordinator of the DIC of Coimbra. Throughout his career in PJ it was faced with some difficult cases and media, including the investigation of crimes Satanic inspiration in Aveiro and Serial Killer Santa Comba Dão. More recently were found behind the arrest of the public enemy number one from Spain, known as "El Solitario", accused of killing three people and over thirty main armed attacks on banks.

According to a source close to the new director, one of his deputies, have found one of the inspectors in charge of the investigation file to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Surveillance video called into question the United Kingdom

One criticism too often advanced by the British media about cases of missing Madeleine McCann was now seriously shaken after the Detective Chief Mike Neville, director of the department of images of Scotland Yard, revealed that only 3% crimes committed in the streets of London have been solved thanks to video images.

After the disappearance of Madeleine McCann of the holiday apartment of his parents, several British media had pointed the finger at virtually no video cameras in the streets Portuguese. The video surveillance on public roads, Portugal, subject to very strict rules, that has not prevented the inspectors from the Judicial Police put their hands on images captured by Madeleine in Praia da Luz.

According to the British officer, who did not speak as part of the McCann case, the use of video surveillance cameras, despite the huge investment, does not reduce crime.

The presence of cameras is not a deterrent because, "said Detective Chief, if criminals leave often assumed that they are out of service, police officers, in turn, do not look at the recital recordings "it is a work too hard."

Irish couple took the leak so as not compare to the court

The Irish couple who had been found in a state of coma ethyl and unable to care for her three children, aged one to six years, has left Portugal without appearing before the judge Beatriz Borges of the Court of Family and Minors Faro , Where he was expected today.

When contacted, the embassy in Lisbon was limited to confirm that the couple had taken a plane back to his country even before the end of his vacation.

According to a source of the Public Ministry, the case will be sent to the United Kingdom so that local authorities can check the welfare of children and decide on possible sanctions to take against the couple. In Portugal, is now the judge Beatriz Borges to assess whether to continue the proceedings.

Published in 22:05

atardi said...


Don't know what you meant by "overstayed", but I really like to "see" you here.

Ana said...

Regarding the last Picture, if it is the last picture, I think it is quite strange the face of all of them. Gerry is looking with a pathetic face, Amelie is looking down to the water pool and Madeleine is quite happy and looking in another direction, not in the direction of the camera…It seems that they are in three different situations or three different occasions…Madeleine has a white hat but, in the tennis picture she has the pink hat, the same that her sister is wearing at the poll !
Not mentioning the fact that Gerry only appears with the picture after his the trip to the UK!
It is all sooo strange that I’ll be not surprise if we find out that this picture is a false picture!


Good night darling,sleep tight!

atardi said...


About the picture. Last friday in an amusement park I remember asking my son to look "normal". Because he had his tongue out of his mouth and the "peace" sign (with his fingers).

Every mother want a "nice family picture". Husband and children looking at the camera!!!!!!!.

viv said...

Hiya Ana

Thanks for the very interesting information that Ribeiro has now resigned as head of the PJ.

I think there can always be a problem when you have a political or managerial person heading operational work that he has not experienced personally. It seems to me that to appoint a person experienced in the role of others he manages will lead to greater efficiency.

We have many examples in UK where managers have no experience, knowledge and understanding of the operational work carried out by those they manage and the waste and inefficiency this costs. The Health Services was taken over by a quango of bureaucratic and overpaid bunch of managers from industries totally unrelelated to provision of health care. Only now are we realising that senior managers who are actually trained doctors or nurses make a far better job of it and there are some moves to revert back to old style matrons to keep wards clean and ensure that nursing staff are properly fulfilling their contractual role, clearly only something a trained nurse could know. There also seem to be greater moves to have Clinical Directors who are themselves consultants rather than bureaucratic managers with no experiences of delivering clinical care.

Getting back to the McCann case, could it be that Ribeiro is having to accept his decision to remove Goncalo Amaral was a poor one. At the time he made remarks about acting with a certain haste to make the McCanns arguidos I interpreted this to mean, that it may have been better to play them along for far longer to extract more from them and stop the media circus that then ensued. I do now appreciate there was another way of looking at this, it was a direct interference with and cricism of the operational decision that Goncalo took to make them arguidos. I think perhaps he was left with no choice, given the McCanns knew they were under suspicion and were about to leave Portugal. Had he let them go without putting the evidence to them and gaining their responses, or lack of them, he would not have been able to move forward with the investigation, and would have had to go through the complex and tortuous rogatory letters procedure even to interview them. I think on balance his decision was definitely right.

I think this is a very interesting development and one I will definitely be watching to see how it develops. It seems to me it could be interpreted to mean that Ribeiro has not been as helpful as he might have been in bringing the McCanns to justice and now there may be renewed vigour and impetus with a new leader who thoroughly knows his trade and what the objectives of the investigation are and where this is taking them.

Viv x

LittleGreyCell said...


What a lovely thing to say. Thank you.

God bless you, too, my dear.

Sleep well.


viv said...

Hiya Atardi

The pic - I do not have a mathematical mind so do struggle with this sort of thing but the angles of that picture just look wrong somehow to me. Maybe Gerry and Amelie are sitting near to the corner of the pool and Kate is on the next side of the pool. If that is the case then it seems to me she would not have cut Madeleine's hands and legs off if she were in that position. It certainly is possible to me that was a pic of just Gerry and Amelie and the pic of Madeleine has been added in at the side and putting the pic out of balance and just what is Madeleine supposed to be looking and laughing at here? Clearly not Kate. As I have said before I also do not think the degree of sunburn to Madeleine's arms is the same as on the tennis balls pic which clearly was taken on 3 May, given O'Donnell confirms this was the day this happened.

atardi said...

Dank je wel LGC,

Ik ga nu echt naar bed.

Like the Pope would have said;

"Bedankt voor de complimenten".


viv said...

Also of course Madeleine is wearing different clothing on the pic it took Gerry 3 weeks to produce saying it was the last pic of her on 3 May to that worn on the tennis balls pic which I believe was taken on the afternoon of 3 May.

If Kate just took a pic of Amelie sitting next the pool with Gerry, where were Sean and Madeleine..the two who woke up crying? In any event why is Sean not on this shot, who was watching him by the pool as Kate took this, given she claims they did not have a buggy?

When Luke was little my husband and I had to watch him like a hawk when he got anywhere near a swimming pool and make sure he had his waterwings on because at 2 years he would just leap in, he has always been a daredevil and loves swimming, water, as I do.

Viv x

atardi said...


Look at Penelope's post. Gerry released this photo when he was back in England. 3 Weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

Remember Hope's posting's about the time in Portugal and Holland.!!!!!!!!

atardi said...

Read you all tomorrow.

Sleep tight.

viv said...

Hi Atardi

I have not read back to posts but will now try and do so. I am delighted Penelope is back.

My main post at the top was focusing on the McCanns taking three weeks to produce this pic, two days after Gerry came back from UK. Speaks a lot to me, I am afraid!

Sometimes even when hard drives have been wiped clean police computer analysts can see what programmes have been accessed and what has been done at different times, remember Portuguese Police wanted his home computer to analyse..I think one of his main reasons for coming home was to produce that pic on his home computer, imagine how bad it would look for him if police can prove that he doctored that picture, quite disastrous really!

Viv x

Viv x

Ana said...


I'm happy with the new choice, the papers here are saying that his resignation was welcome by the majority of the inspectors, he is a police man too so he can do a better job than the one did by Mr Ribeiro that is a magistrate not a police man.
It is the first time that a police inspector is taking the leadership of the judiciary police.
One of the reasons that were appointed to Mr Ribeiro resignation was the Madeleine case;
All the Portuguese are hoping that the new director will give a new breath to the investigation without politic interference but, who knows?
After the words of Ribeiro, when he said that maybe the inspectors act with a certain hasty, he has made a public apology saying that he was just referring to the couple’s co-operation but it was too late and the McCanns pick up his words and choose to not listen the apologies words as always! In the last interview with Sandra Felgueiras, I think, he used the same words again saying that are the only words officially made by the PJ so he assumed that there is no proves against them! Poor silly Man!!

viv said...


You could not possibly overstay your welcome on here, we love to hear from you and I have said many times before I take great pride in this being an International site... perfect English is neither demanded or expected from any poster. Please feel to contribute and do not worry at all about language, expression, spelling, I can assure there are no rude people on here who criticise people who are not UK..that is the Pro-McCanns speciality, quite the opposite to my own inclusive views. Also I do not mind you making odd posts in Dutch or Afrikaans to Doc/Atardi etc.

Luv Viv x

viv said...

Hiya Ana

Thanks so much for your further thoughts about the resignation of Ribeiro which are really interesting and helpful as you obviously understand your home affairs much better than I ever could.

I do recall Gerry repeating that remark completely out of context as some sort of justification or excuse to delude himself. For goodness sake he is a prime suspect, that cannot have escaped his attention. Given my training as a probation officer the more he seeks to trot out these justifications and excuses in fact downright silly propaganda, the more convinced I am of their guilt. Although I have been convinced for several months now!

Viv x

docmac said...


Ana said...


Yes, totally agree with you, I am so sure he is guilty as I am sure about my name!!
I was reading Joana Morais Blog and saw that it had been made a debate here marking the first anniversary of the disappearance with Paulo Pereira Cristovão.

Here are the most import thoughts :( attention to the second paragraph -blue bag!)

"The abduction theory was imposed on the Portuguese policemen – the very same policemen that would become the target of the British media’s attacks. Mr Cristóvão mentioned that he was, at some point, offered 2500 euros for every afternoon that he would spend with Sky reporters, telling them bad things about the PJ. These reporters would offer 20-euro-notes to passers-by, in Luz, if they were prepared to say something negative about the PJ."

"Regarding the DNA evidence, which is said to have produced matches of 15 markers out of 19, Mr Cristóvão informed us that there are people in prison, in Portugal, due to DNA evidenced that resulted from of 15-16 markers (out of 19). He added that he is convinced that it was not the body that was transported in the car, but rather something that had been in contact with the corpse. He further confirmed that there is, indeed, a blue sports bag missing – a sports bag that belongs to Gerry McCann."

"But Mr Cristóvão left a note of hope, that the truth may be revealed in many (even unexpected) ways, that Madeleine deserves not to be forgotten, and that her memory deserves justice."

Ana said...

Hello Docmac!

docmac said...

Hello Ana!

I'm just going off now, feel tired. Boa noite e dorme bem x.

Ana said...

I am off too, Good night all!

Boa noite Docmac, dorme bem também !

viv said...

Hi Ana

Thanks. What you say about it was not the body that was transported in the hire car but other items for disposal makes sense to me. I have thought for a long time, most particularly since Gerry said, "well find the body and prove we killed her" that Madeleine was dumped at sea. I believe they would also have made sure the body could not wash ashore and recall this is what police thought at the time. I have recollections of fishermen being asked to look for black plastic bin bags, presumably they must have found McCanns in possession of these. It certainly does explain how strange it would actually be to move the body again after such a lapse of time. Likely as not the body was long gone. This has always been for me what has made this crime so truly wicked, that Madeleine's parents are so determined to avoid prosecution they deny her even a decent burial. Total lack of concern displayed here - pyschopathic.

Nite Nite all and Claudia darling take care moving heavy furniture and have a rest please!

Penelope - great to see you back!

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

I could,nt get back to sleep,and started to read a few posts and the discusion about the blue bag,this might refresh us all.Also ia have sent you aphoto of a blue CM is carrying.

Gerry McCann's tennis bag 'is focus of inquiry'
By Matthew Moore
Last Updated: 12:58AM GMT 26/12/2007
The McCann family has denied claims that a tennis bag allegedly owned by Gerry is the focus of police investigating his daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

Missing: Police are searching for a bag belonging to Gerry McCann which allegedly has not been seen since the night Madeleine disappeared
Police want to trace a tennis bag allegedly taken from Kate and Gerry McCann's apartment on the night Madeleine went missing, it was claimed yesterday.
Detectives think the blue holdall could have been used to carry Madeleine away, or even to transport her body.
It belonged to Mr McCann but has not been seen since the night of May 3, according to the Sky News documentary.
Tony Rogers, who reviews unsolved cases for British police and worked on the Soham investigation, said: "If it's a bag of a size that could be used to take a child away from the flat, that would be of great interest to the investigating officer."
But Mr McCann told friends yesterday that he did not take any tennis equipment to Praia da Luz, and did not own a blue tennis bag.
McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell flatly denied that Mr McCann had lost a bag during the family's holiday.
He said: "As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine."
Sky News stood by its story, which it said came from sources who had travelled to the resort after Madeleine's disappearance Police want to trace a blue tennis bag allegedly taken from Kate and Gerry McCann's apartment on the night Madeleine went missing.
At the time of the disappearance maritime police told fishermen and boat owners to watch out for anything unusual they spotted in the sea around the coast, including any black bin liners which could have been thrown into the water containing potentially vital evidence.
Portuguese police worked for several months on the theory that Madeleine died in her parents' holiday apartment and that her body was somehow transported to a hiding place after her death, but have been unable to find sufficient evidence to prove such a claim.
Forensic samples which they hoped would prove her body was transported in her parents' Renault Scenic, hired 25 days after she went missing, proved inconclusive.
Her parents have always denied any involvement in her disappearance and Mr Mitchell called the theory "ridiculous".
YouTube - Sky News - New Lines In Madeleine McCann Hunt

The Mystery of Madeleine McCann:
Sky News 24.12.07 Part 1 ...


dolores said...

Bag of clothes dumped near Portugal airport shows DNA links to Maddie
Last updated at 08:33am on 5th November 2007

Comments (16)

A bag of clothes containing DNA linked to Madeleine McCann has been discovered dumped by a road in Portugal.

The white carrier bag was discovered in a layby two weeks ago near Faro airport, according to a report in the News of the World.

Kate and Gerry McCann have since been informed of its contents.

The bag is believed to contain a blue fleece jacket and a pair of adult jeans with traces of DNA which may have come from Maddie.

It was also said to contain a shower curtain.

Other items recovered from the bag included a white flannel, a green elastic band, a light green child's T-shirt with a green flower on the front and a pink and blue pencil case with a pink heart motif.

The DNA samples were not an exact match but were thought to show a "moderate" link to the missing four-year-old.

A source said: "The bag could be crucial. The DNA isn't an exact match to Maddie's, but it does link.

"It is the first clue found outside the apartment complex and could provide a trail."

The bag, which was found by a passer-by, was sent to a UK lab in Birmingham for forensic tests.

A leaked report showed experts concluded the clothes contained bodily fluid and traces of hair that could have come from Maddie.

The jeans contained more than 60 different stains.

The report concluded: "The blue fleece and jeans were found to contain traces of congealed skin and hair.

Hope: Kate McCann holds her daugher's favourite toy close to her chest
"They were found to contain DNA characteristics that could be attributed to Madeleine McCann." No traces of Maddie's DNA were found on any of the other items.

The fresh clues will give Kate and Gerry, both 39, renewed hope of finding their daughter alive six months after she disappeared.

A friend of the McCanns said: "It potentially suggests that someone has taken her then disposed of the clothing.

"They have done it near Faro which could imply they have gone in the direction of the airport. It backs up the idea she was abducted."

Maddie disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Portuguese resort Praia da Luz on May 3, just days before her fourth birthday.

SwedishMum said...

Good morning Viv and all,

I haven’t posted for some time now and the main reason for that has been that I’ve felt a need to think this whole “posting thing” through. Madeleine has been missing for one year now and nothing we’ve written has brought us any closer to the truth about what actually happened to her.

Quite frankly, she’s just another kid gone missing. That may sound harsh (and I feel truly sorry for all parents who lose a child), but in all honesty, would anyone be here posting about a missing child if her/his parents hadn’t started all this media circus and as a consequence put the spotlights on themselves. Almost all writing on these blogs nowadays is about Madeleine’s parents and very few posters bother to mention Madeleine at all.

If the parents’ intentions were to become famous they certainly have succeeded. If their intentions were to find Madeleine they may find that they have done as good as every single thing wrong from the start. Most parents of missing children follow the professional’s advice (here, the police). These parents knew better than doing that and did quite the opposite when they decided to make Madeleine’s eye defect official (even though those who supposedly should know said that it would jeopardise her life).

But then, they had all the support they needed from their home country and didn’t really have to listen to the Portuguese police. (After all, we all know that Portugal isn’t really a democracy since it was a dictatorship until 1974 (?), while Britain has a long standing tradition of fighting the good fights and always on the side of democracy. However, Portugal is a jolly good place to go for a vacation if you want to have drinks for almost no money at all.) No, the British establishment would certainly be enough to get this poor little kid back – even though the crime wasn’t committed on British soil.

To be frank once again, some who have been writing on these sites have come across as pompous asses to me, all high and mighty and not being able to see any fault in their own people or country – but really quick at judging others. When I myself joined the DE forum, I was attacked not for my opinions (that too of course, but not solely) but for being Swedish. That’s obviously worse than leaving three toddlers alone night after night in a foreign country. Why is being Swedish such a crime then, one could ask. Oh, because IKEA is Swedish, of course. Now, that was the level of the arguments back then and I wouldn’t say it has increased much.

That’s why I’ve decided to get out of it all and I’m here now saying goodbye to you all. It’s been nice “knowing” you,

Bye all!
Swedish Mum

docmac said...

Swedish Mum,

Well I for one will miss reading you if you are not to put in an appearance on the blog again. You have always demonstrated a great degree of integrity, kindness and fairness in your posts. Most importantly you have remained true to yourself and your own moral standards and values which are set at a level most of us can only dream of.

I can honestly say that you are one of the nicest people I have had the good fortune to 'meet' and I am pretty sure everyone on this blog would feel much the same way.

I wish you and yours light, warmth, good health, love and happiness.

And by the way; Sweden, it's citizens and IKEA are tops. You know why those things were said.


nancy said...

Hello Swedish Mum -

I respect your opinion and can understand your reasons for discontinuing on the Madeleine forums. We shall miss you though because your posts are always interesting and well thought out.

As for those people who make smears against other countries, yes, it's true you will always get bigots, but I can say with hand on heart that the vast majority of Brits are open handed and friendly to all nationalities. It's best to focus on the genuine people than on those who are out just to cause trouble.

As I say, we will miss you Swedish Mum, and I hope you and your family keep well and happy in the coming years.

Adios Amiga!

Nancy xx

LittleGreyCell said...

Swedish Mum,

So sorry you're leaving. Perhaps, when there are developments in the case, you'll reconsider and say hello once again.

Personally, I love Ikea! Since the company had an advertising slogan a couple of years ago in the UK which went "Chuck out the chintz!", let's adopt a new one in your honour this morning:-


My very best wishes to you, SM.

X LGC :) and Opus of course :>

Cláudia said...

Hi, Swedish Mum.
I will certainly miss you. As you well know, since DE times, I have always considered you one of the nicest people I've 'met'. And I am really sorry to hear you are leaving. Especially because that was exactly the goal of the disgusting, sorry excuses for human beings who attacked and insulted you. That was what they wanted all along because people like you remind them of their non-existant values and morals.
I will surely miss you, your balanced opinions and your always kind words. And I keep hoping you will give it another thought and come back to say, at least, Hi!

All the best to you and yours. I wish you all the happiest life possible.

Ecolab said...

Hellow Viv et All – here from Sunny Denmark..
This is going to bee another great day. Hope you all enjoy it.

My boy did pass my intence studying of the picture last evening and said: Why do you keep looking at that girl Madelene, she is dead. Well I said, there is something about that picture. I was sitting with a pencil and a ruler and the picture was blown up in different sizes.

I`ve had a strange night. The ”last picture of Madeleine” has interfered in my nights sleep. Now I know whats have been bothering me! - Gerrys knee and what is between Amalies left hand and her left thigh.

When I look at the picture I know some facts:

1) Gerry:

He is wearing sunglasses, even the sun is not directly in his face. This is a little odd. I bothers me, that I can`t see his eyes, but his expression tells me a lot. ..He does look in a faul mood. Actually Gerrys bodylanguage is very easy to read. The sunglasses look as the pair, he is wearing at different locations. He faces the camera.

I seems to appear that he is sitting at the edge of a swimmingpool, with the legs down to the water. He is NOT.

He is sitting, but not with the legs hanging free. If you look very carefully at the picture, you can see, that the left leg is raised slighty abowe the right, which indicate that he do touch the ground with both legs. The one leg in front of the other.. He is sitting at the pool edge as if he is sitting on a cushion of air. His right hand is touching the pool edge, but the pooledge can`t be there according to his kneelines.
He has got himself a little suntan which indicate, that he has been in the sun for a couple of days, maybee two or three days.
He is wearing the same short-pants as when he arrived to Praia de Luz. He is seen in many pictures in those short pants.
There is a very odd triangle between his leg going from the pants to under the knees. If you blow the picture up to 200% you will get `high´ like me – for free.
(it is like beeing underwater on a lsd trip)
All this make `The Gerry look` genuine to me and establishes a connection to Praia de Luz early May, but espeassely NOT to the picture.
Gerry is out of context and is NOT a part of the pool pic. He might have been sitting at the pool-edge, but not at this picture.

2) Amalie:
The little girl is sitting next to her father, no doubt of that according to the shadows.
Wearing the orange t-shirt we have seen many times after this pic. She is wearing the same hat as Maddie of the tennis ball pic. I do not know who the hat belongs to.
When you look at Amelie, she has a nice sunburn, but slighty red too. She is dangling with her legs down in the air. You can see a light pressure at her thigh right there where she is sitting. BUT she is NOT sitting at the pooledge. She is proberly sitting at a bench. What appears in the triangle between her left hand and her t-shirt is the left over from what she is sitting on!

3) Madeleine:

We have some pictures of Madeleine boarding the bus to the airport and boarding the plain. There is some picture from the playground too.
When you compare the ordanairy dressed girl (almost 4 years old) at the playground, with the nice dressed Madeleine at the pool photo it is obvisios to see that this little girl is one year younger. She has not have had any sun yet and does NOT fit into the picture. She is 25 % bigger than Amalie, but that does not make her 2 years elder! Madeleine is about 3 years old at this picture, not almost 4 years!

My conclution must be:

The poolphoto contain 3 photos.
1. A background
2. Gerry and Amalie (May 2007)
3. Madeleine (May 2006. OBS THE YEAR)

Zodiac said...

Hi All,

Lovely weather here.


'All the Portuguese are hoping that the new director will give a new breath to the investigation without politic interference but, who knows?'

I hope so too.


I took my daughter with me to choose some plants for pots in the garden yesterday. I said to her as we were leaving Tesco, "lets go to the Farden Centre" (honestly did not realise I said that) she said "go where". When she told me I said Farden Centre I was PMSL. She did not appreciate it when I told her it was a private joke, she would not understand it. She kept asking me why I was laughing, so I explained and as a result she thinks I am as daft as a brush. Must be this hot weather frying my brain.


Sad that you are not posting anymore and I do understand your reasons why. Lets hope for Justice for Madeleine in 2008.

To a well known psycho visitor of this blog.

Let me make this clear, I do not support child abductors, I just do not believe that there is one regarding this disappearance. That is my humble opinion and I make it via my right to Freedom of Speech. I most certainly do not support child neglectors in any shape or form under any circumstances.

Children come first.
No excuses accepted.
Children have the right to be protected by their Parents, Carers or Guardians.
Parents, Carers and Guardians are duty-bound to protect children in their care.

LittleGreyCell said...


It's just impossible to convey any information that falls outside the category of "Kate and Gerry are completely innocent" to those people; they just don't want to hear it. Furhter, they're going to be downright abusive and bullying because they have no other way of defending the lovely pair becuase coherent argument in their favour just doesn't exist.

And they also have jobs to do, highly moral people that they are.

These are the sort of thugs who post things like this:-

now then lgc littlegreycreep


'was' humour, and satire, none of which you would see if it hit you in all your faeces. all at once. you wouldn't even be stunned. dum er heh um err who wozzat heh?

dimwit. not satire wit.

You cannot call any other blog any names at all from the depths from which you THINK you have upwardly mobilely come. THINK AGAIN IF YOU CAN.

ha ha ha ha ha ha


back in the muddy pond where you belong. only one thing, you are still breathing.

we'll sort that out next time you pop in herE with your 'wit' half wit IS A GROSS EXAGGERATION OF YOUR 'ESTEEM' HA HA


FULL OF HATE, VICIOUS LIES AND BITTERNESS. GO BACK WHERE YOU BELONG. TAKE A CROSS, SILVER KNIFE, AND GARLIC IF YOU WANT TO. MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, YOU ARE TOO FAR GONE. give them to 2345 who deserves them ever ever so slightly more - as she was deluded BEFORE coming on blogs. You, lady, have not that excuse. No not one bit of it."

06 May 2008 18:54 ST's site

The above was signed 'Anonymous', but you'll recognise the idiosyncratic SpecialBrewese of the poster well enough, I think.

This is what I was saying yesterday: if these are the only people that Mr and Mrs McCann can persuade of their innocence towards Madeleine's disappearance, god help them.

(And it's one thing to be an alcoholic, 'Anonymous', it's quite another to write such deranged posts on a public forum. A couple of problems you might think about sometime in place of devoting your days writing filth to people who are merely exercising their rights to talk about parents who leave their children alone repeatedly in order to go out and have a good time).

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

First off good bye Sweedish Mum I can understand why you are leaving there is not we can do on a blog for one missing child as beautiful as Madeleine was we all have our own lives and we cant take on the sorrow of the world or we would never get up each morning.

I stay for three reasons

1. Beacuse there is a lot of information out there and it is intresting to speak to other people about it and as I said a long time ago on the DX one day someone may say something that could solve this one way or another pro or anti. Madeleine needs to be remembered and the neglect must be held up as a cause of why (if) she was abducted there are plendty of idiots out there that think having a child is great as long as you dont have to give up your own life.

2. I spend time talking to people about general things I like a lot or the people that post and although the site is about a very sad and tragic subject it is good to see people here (and have the mick taken out of me when I spell things wrong)...

3.If anyone ever tries to bully and put you down you stand up to them. There are plenty of bully's who say the vilest things about us and assume they know what and who we are. I read a site yesterday where a vile poster had used the expresion that we wet our knickers when talking to Doc. What is she 15 years old pathetic dirty minded vile woman (if it is a woman) well if that is what the McCanns have got sticking up for them god help them.

So I stay I dont support peadophiles but because I post here I must be one? I dont support the abductor (if there was one) but I also dont support people who put their social life way above thier sobbing children.

This group of people were selfish each putting themselves above their children and each must feel imense guilt at being a part of this tragedy which probebly cost Madeleine her life.

Whatever happend is tragic but excuse me if I dont support neglect or spin.

Anyhow take care I hope you pop back sometimes to say HI we dont have to talk about Madeleine but it has been fantastic talking to you. Good luck to you and your family xxx

hope4truth said...


I note you are not funny when ever anyone wants to put you down. Doc is not a Dr and I think the worse I have had is I am not nice (did I ever say I was???) Pathetic the lot of them but it does make me smile when I read their comments it makes them seem very desprate and I cant work out why they would need to be?

If the McCanns are inocent and if praise God Madeleine was to return alive and well well I would be delighted so I guess that is it if they are guilty they have been defending the indefesable?

Madeleine is missing beacuse her parents left her alone in an unlocked room in a foreign country and CM tells us that is ok as they are good parents. It does not help Madeleine and if any pro can tell me why leaving 3 children 3 and under in an unlocked room in the dark in a strange place is ok and a nice thing to do I will listen.

Oh well while they are talking about us they can leave other people alone I guess...

See you later xxx

hope4truth said...


LOL I say it now as well and allways smile when I do so LOL..

Glad I made you laugh even if your daughter will never get it...

I have to go to a meeting now see you later xxx

LittleGreyCell said...


Well said to Swedish Mum!

See you later...


nancy said...

Hope -

Why do these people say you are not nice! A very strange comment to make! Do they know you - do they live next door? No, of course not, so ignore the bullies.

We all enjoy your input on here and you come over as an extremely nice and caring person, which is more than can be said for those who have nothing better to do than to try to get their points across by being insulting to others.

Carry on the good work, and ignore them with the contempt they so richly deserve.

Nancy x

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