8 Jul 2008


Now look folks, you just need to see it like I do, getting 81 pieces of information out of the police that we gave them fourteen months ago, so that we can now start investigating them and looking for Madeleine, really is a result. Ah you say, what about the 11,000 other bits of information they have, well they can stuff them, does my face look bovvered? WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON I WON I WON I WON I WON I MEAN WE WON WE WON WE WON......You could have read that we had won in The Sun newspaper at 4 in the morning before we even went to court, magic! If you want to know more ask Docmac he spotted the Daily Mail were also running the story 10 minutes before the case was even due to start! Cynical? Moi? Of course not! I would like to see the look the Chief Constable of Leicester Police shot Clarence at the High Court today though, that would have been worth a good ticket price! Maybe it said something beginning with W and ending in R!

This little animal hails from North Africa and some of my regular posters thought it bore such a striking resemblance to Mark55 and that in his Honour, I should represent it here. I am sure the little Mole Rat has every bit as much legal knowledge and skills and dear Mark..mind you I must say I can see Clarence here as well, oozing legal skills and back on the steps of the High Court, where he is truly at home..he gives you a strange feeling of deja vous I think! Question is, when will he be going for his hat trick?

Viv x


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Zodiac said...

Morning all,

Belated Birthday wishes ICTOAN.




J J said...

Good morning all

Many thanks to Viv for re-setting me up here. I was away for 6 weeks and the computer forgot me. (The story of my life)
Special thanks to Hope for emailing Viv for me.
I know I don't post very often but it's nice to know I can if I want to again.

Stonemaid said...

Good morning all

Many thanks to Viv for re-setting me up here. I was away for 6 weeks and the computer forgot me. (The story of my life).

I know I don't post very often but it's nice to know I can if I want to again.

Sorry, jj, I couldn't help repeating your post since I was just about to type the very same words, and, lo and behold, you said it all for me!!!!

I'll read posts later - busy right now.


Niki said...

Kalimera everyone:)

I'm sure you have all already discussed this yesterday, but don't have time to read back.... Could someone pls tell me, if this is legal to state in public by a judge?!?!:

The 61-year-old judge said she had told their lawyers they did not have to attend court. 'They have suffered enough, and I wished to ease their burden,' she said. 'They have behaved responsibly and reasonably throughout.'

mandarinn said...

Good morning all!
VIv thanks for yours allways interesting posts.
I should like to ask you one thing that intrigues me:
Isn«t the Judicial British systheme hierarchic? If yes , how come someone,mcs . for
ex., go imediatly to hight court?
What kind of hight court is that, if someone can start by there?

I just read portuguese newspaper "publico" , a respected newspaper, not a kind of tabloid as CM,that british police had released a part of the process, in justicy secrecy yet, without comunicate it , to portuguese authorities, such as PJ or General Athorney. However this new is not put in relevence on the newspaper , it come on the end after other current news .

mandarinn said...

Right, this judge made avalue judgment about the couple behaving right that she was not supposed to do. IMO she did it because she want to, to clear the couple.....

Niki said...

Hi Mandarinn:)

I read the above in the Mail, and one of the comments says:

The Judge's comments are more than astonishing! This is a judge who does not seem to know that the Police Force investigating poor Maddie's disappearance have found NO EVIDENCE of an abduction! They believe that the child died in the apartment - that there was NO 'abduction'.

So for a UK Judge to 'appeal for the abductor to come forward' and to speak about the 'suspects have suffered enough' is an insult and a slander upon the Portuguese nation.

Something stinks in the UK! And it is not sardines!

- linda, Birmingham, 8/7/2008 4:19

I think she sums it up right:)
Sorry, can't stay...
Have a nice day:)

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Mandarinn and Nikki

I will try to answer you questions but will leave an option for Viv to confirm.

On the question of the Judge's remarks Viv wrote yesterday:

"In McCann v Leicester Police as part of the settlement deal the Judge read out in open court a statgement exhonerating the McCanns of any involvement in their daughter, Madeleine's disappearance."

I is not uncommon in English Law for cases settled out of court to include a statement to be read by the Judge. Presumably it was agreed by by sides.

The High Court access is because it is the Family Division which is not a Criminal Court so access is easier and also it was in this case a follow up to a case heard in the Court last year.

mandarinn said...

Thank you ICTOAN

mandarinn said...

Eventought i feel all of it VERY odd...imho

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Many posters both on this blog and on 3As are unhappy with the Judge's words.

See you later - have to go out.

Cláudia said...

There are currently ten comments on the Mail Online about what happened yesterday. These people's thoughts and reactions are very significant, I believe. I still remember when it was absolutely impossible to have a comment published where you simply critised the McCann's parenting choices. What a long way we have come.

The tragic loss of any child for whatever reason should always be remembered with sadness and thoughts for those left behind, I just hope that the McCanns soon give us a rest from their never ending public pursuit for an answer to their grief, otherwise they may find the great British public gets weary of hearing the same old thing day after day filling their newspapers and news reports, much the same as Steven Lawrence's death has been, and still is, thrust before us so many times that interest is replaced by a collective sigh of 'not again'.

- Tony, penygroes, Carmarthenshire, 8/7/2008 1:33

The Judge's comments are more than astonishing! This is a judge who does not seem to know that the Police Force investigating poor Maddie's disappearance have found NO EVIDENCE of an abduction! They believe that the child died in the apartment - that there was NO 'abduction'.

So for a UK Judge to 'appeal for the abductor to come forward' and to speak about the 'suspects have suffered enough' is an insult and a slander upon the Portuguese nation.

Something stinks in the UK! And it is not sardines!

- linda, Birmingham, 8/7/2008 2:19

What a stupid woman - there is no evidence Madeleine was abducted. How does she know there is someone out there who knows what happened?

She is making a public appeal to someone to come forward who quite possibly doesn't exist - has she lost her mind?

Even worse is all this God nonsense - again a being of which there is no evidence of its existence just like the so-called "abductor".

- Douglas Quaid, Portsmouth, 8/7/2008 2:54

Shouldn't the judge direct those questions to Kate and Gerry?

- Ritchie, Dallas, Texas, 8/7/2008 4:56

I wonder what person Justice Hogg is referring to?

- Diddy, Germany, 8/7/2008 7:01

The judge is there to uphold the law. Their personal opinions are of no relevance or interest. The Portuguese police have found no evidence of an abduction, so her words are ridiculous anyway.

- Kevin, Nottingham, 8/7/2008 7:27

What abductor? That Madeleine McCann was abducted is just one of many theories with little, if any, evidence to support it.

- Lizzy, West London, 8/7/2008 7:28

So the judge is wondering 'whether that person has a conscience or any feeling of guilt, remorse or even cares about the hurt which has been caused to an innocent little girl'. Any abductor would not have a conscience, or they would not be able to do it in the first place. What I find so hard to understand is that all we know for sure is that Madeleine went missing whilst her parents had a night out with friends. There is no evidence she was abducted, no evidence she wasn't abducted, in fact there is very little evidence of anything at all. There have been many false sightings of Madeleine, and reports of many 'swarthy characters' hanging around PDL that night, but nothing concrete at all. How can this little girl just disappear into thin air? Poor Madeleine, and my heart goes out to her twin brother and sister, who will surely be affected by all of this.

- JW, UK, 8/7/2008 7:57

Yeah, that's going to work.

- Adam, UK, 8/7/2008 8:33

Data Protection Act - has that been amended for the sake of the McCanns - when you give information to the police your and address is protected by the Data Protection Act - how come they can now say more doors can be knocked on - disgusting the police hand over this information.

Shame the judge did not urge all parents to better protect their children.

- JB, Surrey UK, 8/7/2008 8:42

mandarinn said...

Hi Claudia
Good to see britons don't swallow everything mccans team gives them.
When i read in sos madeleine ( in french) who this judge is:daughter of lord something and sister of a former minister. And the CV made judge "honoris causa" it means in my book she hasn't a law degree. I didn't know that honoris causa degree could be more than a formal honour. , i got the feeling things will be the way they did.
PS- and i have not a christal ball

ratonthebeam said...

For those who missed it -
Clarry's reaction to the 81 pieces of evidence! All old stuff that people gave to the PJ and Leics Police back last May. There are no 81 "new leads". The McCanns do not have anything they didn't have before, IMHO. They are putting a front on it because they know they are on a hiding to nothing.

As an aside, Clarry looks a mess. I can see him soon ending up in hospital with exhaustion or a nervous breakdown or something.

As ICTOAN said, lots of people on the 3As are very unhappy with the Judge, some have even gone so far as to complain about her "personal conduct". Personally I don't think that is too smart an idea, but if people feel that strongly about it, then good luck to them. I personally believe that she was being very noncomittal about the whole thing, just giving the Mcs the benefit of the doubt if you like, although I obviously do not agree with her remarks that they behaved responsibly. In fact the exact opposite!

Happy belated birthday, ICTOAN! JJ and stonemaid, nice to see you back. I was away for a while too as we had no internet access at our flat. Back now though - for six whole weeks summer holiday, starting today, way-hey!!!!!!

ratonthebeam said...

OK Team McCann - read it and weep!

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, people are not stupid.

Rat, great to see you back.
They have nothing new but now they have an excuse to ask people to donate again! :-)

J J said...

We don't know that Madeleine was abducted. We only know for sure that she disappeared.
There is only one person who 'knows' that she was abducted, and that is the abductor. (Unless he/she had an audience)
The McCanns do not know she was abducted. They were not there.
I cannot believe that they keep on with that ridiculous phrase, 'I wish we had been there when she was taken'.
If they had been there, none of this sorry saga would have happened.
And as for being on holiday when the case came up on Monday. The mind boggles.
If there was a court case about my missing daughter, I would go through hell and high water to be there.
I still think that Madeleine was dead before we even knew she was 'missing'.
Sorry I'm rambling, It's time for a nice cuppa.

Cláudia said...

JJ, I agree with you.

Zodiac said...

No Breakthrough For McCanns

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No Breakthrough For McCanns

Martin BruntJuly 8, 2008 12:43 PM

Not sure I share Clarence Mitchell's optimism over the McCanns’ victory in getting access to some of the Leicestershire police files on the Madeleine investigation.

Outside the High Court he talked of "80 potential new leads."

But they're not new. They've been in police hands for a year or more and haven't led to any breakthrough.

The McCanns are to get contact details of witnesses and only a summary of what they reported to police.

Will those witnesses want to be requestioned by the family's own investigators?

And how much of the vital detail will they be able to recall?

In court the McCanns’ barrister said it was "expected that Kate and Gerry's status as arguidos or suspects will be lifted soon."

Not sure they can rely completely on that happening, either.

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Zodiac said...

When was it confirmed that only one person was involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
How can a Judge make an appeal to one person without any facts.

Zodiac said...

Forever neglectful
Sunday Mercury (Birmingham); Jul 6, 2008; p. 18
Full Text:
(Copyright 2008 Birmingham Post and Mail Ltd.)

THE Portuguese police are to close down their inconclusive investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The three year-old's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are now demanding that their status as official suspects in the case should be removed.

They have let it be known that they regard the prospect of spending the rest of their lives as arguidos is "immoral and inhumane".

Which is quite right if they are guilty of no crime. But they will forever remain guilty of leaving their daughter along with their two even younger children, Sean and Amelie, alone in a holiday apartment while they went out boozing. So which tag do the McCann's wish to carry with them into the future?

Careless or irresponsible or just downright neglectful?"

Cushty 3 A's.

Cláudia said...

"Not sure I share Clarence Mitchell's optimism over the McCanns’ victory in getting access to some of the Leicestershire police files on the Madeleine investigation."

Hey Martin, are you that thick? That's not optimism, man. That's spin! Haven't you noticed what he's paid to do? Martin, come on old chap, use that little brain of yours, will you?

Zodiac said...


I wonder if the statement from the man in England who saw M with two shabby PT people who were looking to buy his secondhand furniture and used his toilet will be among the 81.

Zodiac said...

Can anyone remember the post on one of the Fora 80 or 81 lies. What a co-incidence.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, I had already forgotten about that story! lolololol If the police gave them the 'leads' filed under 'pathetic and useless' that one will be the first! PMSL!

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, there are lots of coincidencies in this case...

Zodiac said...


10.01.08, 9:00pm
: 81 Lies! They lied about the checks (every hour then when that wasn’t received well ever half hour) They lied that they were performing the checks themselves (then it became known other men in the group were also checking on the McCann kids) They lied even after that in the TV interview when Kate says she discovered Madeleine gone ‘on one of my checks’ – it was the only check she made that night. They lied about the distance from the apartment to the Tapas bar They lied that you can see the apartment from the Tapas Bar They lied about whether they actually saw Madeleine with their own eyes or just listened at the door (as did their friends) They lied about who checked and when (changing their stories) They lied about who remained at the table all evening and who was absent They lied that leaving 3 children all under four years old alone at night ‘at the time was not irresponsible’ Their friends lied about seeing Murat there that night (as incoming and outgoing phone records placed him consistently at home) They lied about Bundleman. Tanner lied about when she gave Bundlemans details to the Police (changing the date) Tanner lied about the description of Bundleman (changing the height and appearance) Wilkins & Gerry or Tanner lied about that check when they were all in the same place but never saw each other. They lied that the door was locked and changed it to unlocked when it was not well received. They lied that the door was closed, then it was open because of ‘danger of fire’ They lied about the shutters being jemmied or forced They lied to friends, family and media when the called them that night telling them of an abductor who had broken into their apartment Gerry lied when he said there was no way Madeleine could have gotten out of bed and then said she must have wandered off. Gerry later lied in his blog saying the twins must like their new cots because they were asleep by 7:30pm which was very unusual, and yet the twins were asleep by 7:30 on the night of May 3rd allegedly. They lied to friends, family and media in phone calls that night saying the Police had not shown up when they were already there. Kate lied to Mrs Fenn saying the Police had been called. They lied saying they had called the Police when it was in fact Mark Warner They lied when they said it felt so safe and then said they knew they were being watched. They lied to family, friends and media on the phone that night when they said nobody was doing anything wheen in fact locals, holidaymakers and staff were all helping search. They lied when they said they were all searching when Kate and Gerry were hitting phones until midnight and Tanner claims she knew nothing of the disappearance until another friend knocked on her door. Gerry lied when he asked for a priest claiming not to know where the church was. They lied as to what time the Police arrived They lied that Cuddlecat was Madeleine’s favourite toy and then that it was a present to be given to her on her fourth birthday. They lied saying they would cooperate fully with the investigation They lied saying they would not do anything to hinder the investigation They lied that the fund was going to be a charity. They lied that the fund would help other missing children and families of. They lied when they said they didn’t know Murat. They lied when they said they would stay in Portugal until their daughter was found. They lied when they said they were going to learn Portuguese. They lied that it could not possibly be Madeleine’s blood in the trunk of their hire car. And then they took the same vehicle out of circulation so no further tests could be carried out upon it. They lied about not discussing the case and met with the Tapas 9 secretly. Gerry lied about where his wallet was apparently stolen, Waterloo station and then near Downing Street. They lied when they said abductions like this (snatched sleeping from a hotel or apartment) happen a lot, they don’t. They lied about the fund not being used for personal matters and then it paid their mortgage. Kate lied about coming into contact with 6 dead people in her 1 day a week job as GP to explain the cadaver scent on her clothing. They lied about cuddlecat having the scent of Madeleine and being comforting and then as soon as they heard the dogs were coming Kate announced she had washed it because it smelled of sun tan lotion. Making forensic analysis of it much harder. They about the crime scene, about how many people came into the crime scene, walked around and contaminated it, again making investigation much harder and destroying much evidence according to detectives. Gerry lied about the existence of the tennis bag. They lied about going to sue media companies. They lied about the film deal. They lied about sacking Justine McGuinness and her subsequent departure. They lied about returning to Portugal for questioning voluntarily and now will only do if their Arguido status is lifted. They have also appointed General Pinochets extradition-fighting lawyers. Gerry lied about his faith. They lied to the local catholic priest (who now claims he was deceived by the McCanns) and then deserted him for the Anglican reverend instead and never, ever took confession apparently. They lied about the value of their home, initially £600,000 and now £1.2 million. They said a lie detector test would clear them and now refuse to take one. They lied for months saying they were not suspects in the disappearance of their daughter and were then both made formal Arguido / suspects under Portuguese law. They lied about the possibility of sedation and then claimed ridiculously that perhaps the Abductor had sedated all 3 of their children before making off with Madeleine. Gerry lied about Kate’s ability to cope with three children on her own when her own Parents and her own diary say different. They lied about the amount of alcohol consumed that night. In another lie about cooperating they refused to provide their mobile phone records to the pj. Kate explaining away the scent of death of cuddlecat because she took the childs 4th birthday present cuddly toy to work and exposed it to contact with 6 dead people. They lied how everything had been so normal up til May 3rd when it is now known that Mark Warner staff had received complaints from other holidaymakers because of their home alone children crying and seeming in distress. This also brought Mark Warner staff looking for the McCanns on the night of the 2nd and insisting they attend to their distressed children. They lied about 90 minute tennis lesson with several versions of the story being put out by official sources within the McCann Camp They and at least one friend lied about Madeleine’s last meal on May 3rd. They lied about the abductor entering through the window and then changed it to the patio doors. Matthew Oldfield lied about his check on the McCann children changing his story not once but twice. Kate lied about physically searching for her daughter but then admits to not have done so in a tv interview. McCanns claim they were the first to arrive to tapas on May 3rd, Rachel Oldfield claims they were the last to arrive. Despite being in Rome and Madrid and claiming to be spending the rest of the week quietly at home in PDL with the twins, the hire car in it’s first week clocked up over 500 miles. Gerry lied about his checks on the children in the apartment, at first having claimed to have entered several rooms later then claiming the abductor must have hiding in the apartment while he was there. Gerry and O Brien have lied about their locations when holding a mobile phone call together on June 10th as verified by phone records and pinpointing. Jane Tanner has changed her statements, arrival time at tapas, direction of travel, checking times for night of May 3rd. Najova Chekaya who joined the tapas 9 at the table at 9:30 states nobody left the table until Kate went to check. Putting Oldfields, O Briens, Tanners and Gerry McCanns statements into question
• Posted by: lizzyw1


Cláudia said...

Zodiac, I guess the Police wanted to return the 81 lies to them! PMSL!

Zodiac said...

81 Pieces of information says CM:


Zodiac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zodiac said...


'Zodiac, I guess the Police wanted to return the 81 lies to them! PMSL!'

Me too!
I thought 81 (as JT would say) was 'a bit odd'.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, not even the pink clown believes his own words. :-)

docmac said...

Afternoon everyone. Just here for a brief moment. Does anyone have any ideas as to how newsnow (the UK's largest news portal) could have received articles from The Sun, The Daily Mail and Thisislondon concerning the outcome of the High Court application before it had even begun? The one from The Sun arrived at 4.37am yesterday!


Cláudia said...

Doc, that is very, very 'intresting'....


ICantThinkOfAName said...


I presume that as the parties had all ready come to an agreement it only needed the Judge to rubber stamp the settlement.

One of the parties (I wonder who?) would have sent out a press release prior to the Court hearing.

The Court hearing was expected to be brief as the Judge had a second case to hear in Chambers that morning.

On of the posters on 3A who attended the hearing reported that CM was handing out press releases immediatly after the case finished.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Sorry that should have been:

'One of the posters......"

docmac said...


I guess if the McCanns are happy to pay their lawyers to negotiate on weekends the fund is not in the dire straits they claimed it to be.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Delaying trials is not unusual.

No trial for Emma murder accused

The case against four men accused of murdering Glasgow woman Emma Caldwell is not being brought to court, the Crown Office has confirmed.

The men, who are believed to be of Turkish origin, were arrested last autumn and later released on bail.

The Crown Office said there would be no further proceedings "in the meantime" - although it retained the right to proceed in the future.

Ms Caldwell's body was found in woods near Biggar, Lanarkshire, in May 2005.

The 27-year-old, who had been working as a prostitute, was last seen alive in the Govanhill area of Glasgow the previous month.

In a statement issued by the Crown Office, Ms Caldwell's parents said: "We have supported Strathclyde Police and the procurator fiscal service during the investigation into the death of our daughter for the past three years.

"We know that they have done everything possible to get justice for Emma.

Crown Office statement
"We were recently informed by the Crown Office that a trial will not be proceeded with to court at this time and, despite our disappointment, while the possibility exists for a trial to take place at some point in the future, we will not comment further on the details of the case."

A statement from the Crown Office said: "On the basis of the evidence as it currently stands, there will be no further proceedings in the meantime but it is to be noted specifically that the Crown reserves the right to proceed in the future.

"Emma's family have been kept fully informed of developments in this case, and the Crown Office and procurator fiscal service is grateful for the dignity and understanding they have shown as they try to cope with their dreadful loss.

"Senior representatives of the Crown Office and procurator fiscal service met the family on 3 July and explained the position to them. We will continue to liaise with the family throughout this investigation.

"The investigation remains live and any additional evidence will be assessed by the procurator fiscal, and by Crown Counsel."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/07/08 12:34:09 GMT

Joe said...

I think the reason that the tabloids had the story before the case had begun was because it was a done deal with the cops long before this court date with the friendly judge IMO. So to dispel any doubt with regards to the outcome Mitchell got in first and put a positive spin on it.

IMO also I do believe thet the clan are not one bit interested in the 81 files, as they really wanted to see what they cops have on them and possibly if there is any ongoing investigations and the direction they are taking. They must be crying into their porridge this morning.

Mitchell rubs shoulders with the top cops, he can always ask them.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I am sure everything was settled long before the weekend.

There was talk last week of the Case not going ahead. Of course if it hadn't then the Judge wouldn't have been able to say nice things about Tom and Jerry.

viv said...


Thanks for that. It does sound like a similar case, where the police know who the perpertators are but at this point in time do not have sufficient evidence to mount a successful prosecution. I believe it would have been explained to the parents that it is far better to be patient and wait until they know they will succeed, otherwise the perpetrators would be acquitted and then that is the end of the matter. Gerry and Kate are in exactly the same situation, the police know it was them and they will always be suspects until such time as the case can be brought to trial. The parents have acted with great dignity and respect towards the police in the case you cite, this is how innocent parents conduct themselves, again, unlike Kate and Gerry McCann, who firstly attack the Portuguese Police and then start on the British for the very obvious reason the police are against them and always will be. They represent little Madeleine, the victim.

docmac said...

Tom and Gerry! lol!!

docmac said...

Jerry :-(

lizzy said...

Hi everyone,
Has anybody read or posted Amarals' interview where he says he had no doubt that the case would be archived when he was removed and that the case was more political than police, I have always agreed there was excessive Government interference in this case and he seems to be endorsing this.I read a transcript of his interview over on the 3 Arguidos, very interesting, I believe after reading this the Mccanns will walk free from this, which is a disgrace in my opinion. But hardly surprising...Lizzy

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I always thought that this saga had a Cat and Mouse aspect to it.

docmac said...

Just received this e-mail from my mate who works with you-know-who. Sorry Viv, delete if you wish.

A Catholic Priest, a representative for an ophthalmological supply company, a rich businessman and an anonymous British cardiologist from Leicester were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers in front of them.

The British cardiologist fumed, "What's with those blokes? We must have been waiting for fifteen minutes. I need to check on my kids in three hours!" The rep chimed in, "I don't know, but I've never seen such poor golf!" The businessman called out "Move it, time is money." The Catholic Priest said "Here comes George the greenkeeper. Let's have a word with him."

"Hello, George!" said the Catholic Priest, "What's wrong with that group ahead of us? They're rather slow, aren't they?" George the greenkeeper replied, "Oh, yes. That's a group of blind firefighters. They lost their sight saving our clubhouse from a fire last year, so we always let them play for free anytime."

The group fell silent for a moment. The Catholic Priest said, "That's so sad. I think I will say a special prayer for them tonight." The rep said, "Good idea. I'm going to contact an ophthalmologist friend and see if there's anything he can do for them." The businessman replied, "I think I'll donate £50,000 to the fire-fighters in honour of these brave souls". The British cardiologist said, "So what's wrong with them playing at f***ing night then?"

SA-qualified doctors hey! A constant thorn in a certain unnamed British cardiologist's arse :-)))

Di said...

Hi All

Just wanted to let you know I have not vanished, we have had no phoneline since last Friday. Believe me it has been very frustrating, more so for my husband who works from home.

Thankfully we are up and running again today, forgive me though if I do not post much for the next few days,as we have workmen in.

Unfortunately I have to go now and prepare a meal. I will try and do some reading back later if I get time and post as and when I can. I think I will be in for some interesting reading!

Bye for now.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Loved the joke. I'll pass it on.

viv said...

Hiya all

Di I can certainly sympathise with having workmen in and non stop cleaning. We had the house re-wired and I have never seen thick dust like it, apart from when we pulled the bathroom ceiling down. We already had three vacuum cleaners but one of them died with the dust on the motor. We have bought another one but within a few days, it is choked. I am spending more time washing vacuum cleaner filters than anything else and all the work is creasing me. I live eat and sleep with non stop rotten dust! Luke told me to just chill and stop moaning. The plasterers come in August so I think by the time I clear this mess it will be ready for next!

Sorry guys just needed a little moan, I ache!

Viv x

viv said...


I loved the joke, it cheered me up:-)))))

Now I will go and do some more mopping and vaccing, can you pop by and give me a hand given you are the expert, or any tips, should I just get a fireman's hose and hose the house out, or would that bugger up the new electrics?

Viv xxxxxxx

hope4truth said...


I sympathise with your dust probelm.... If you have a steamer when a room has been finished spray the steam towards the celing and it makes all the dust come down instead of hanging around to resettle once you hae hoovered the first lot up xxx

dylan said...

Great joke! :))))

ICTOAN, happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a good one.

Viv - dust - arrrgh! Hate the stuff & as if we don't have enough problems with our own skin cells all over the place without workmen's dust!! Which reminds me - abductor = no skin cells = alien? hmmm...

Hiya Hope. Did you get my email?

Off to cook dinner. Kids will shrivel up soon if they don't eat!


hope4truth said...


Just replied (before I forgot again)I think it went will check in a bit...
Just on my way out see you later xxx

docmac said...


So sorry, I missed the bit about the birthday! A belated happy clickety-clickth birthdaty to you!

docmac said...

PS I'll be four dozen on the same day Madeleine would have been Tom's tricks :-(

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Thank you to all those who have wished me a happy birthday. Although it was yesterday for logistical reasons I am celebrating today.

I normally prefer red wine but for a change I am working my way though a bottle of Viognier or (think of a number) with a little help of course.

docmac said...

Anonymous said...

Docrot you are a sick bastard...

Listen up, McCannot. If helping in some tiny way to achieve justice for a murdered young girl involves me being a 'sick bastard' I'll take it, every time.

docmac said...


La Motte 2005? Viognier is a VERY South African thing and is a varietal usually added in small quantities to a red blend.

Is there some other type of booze made from this grape?

bath theory said...

Viv, in those situations the best vac is one called 'Henry' about 80 in Homebase.

Doc, fantastic little story.

Everyone else - KEEP THE FAITH , the Judges and legal system are on to them don't worry.


bath theory said...

I mean £80 pounds Viv.

bath theory said...

So not only is the legal system seeing through them the political world is turning too. GREAT NEWS


...European nations agreed Tuesday to cooperate more closely in the hunt for lost children but could not endorse a Europe-wide alert system sought by the parents of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann.

EU justice ministers ministers, at informal talks in the French Riveria resort city of Cannes, decided to set up national police centres to coordinate any international search when it becomes necessary.

Germany argues that alerting all 27 nations as soon as a child disappears and launching a massive media campaign would be pointless as most are found in the area where they went missing quite quickly...

Cláudia said...

Doc, it's an honour to be hated, insulted and threatened by child neglect and convicted child murderers defenders. That is one of the reasons why I'm still here.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Viognier is a grape that was very popular in France at one time and then dipped in popularity. (see Wikipedia). It has now started a comeback and is very much a white wine drink.

My old stamping ground is Languedoc and the wine I am currently drinking comes from there where I was first introduced to it.

It is one of only 3 white wines I like to drink.

Wine wise I am very much a Francophile.

viv said...

Hiya BT

I did think about a Henry because I noticed they used them at work, so they must be good. The new one we bought is a big upright and is great for my son to use but is very heavy for me. I think I need to go and buy another one!! I am tripping over the cleaners!!

Viv x

atardi said...

Hi everyone,

Must go back to read last posts.

Is there anyone here who can receive VTM? (Belgium) At 21.30 there will be an "Exlusive interview" with the McCanns.

Nancy said she could receive it but is in London.

atardi said...

CM worried about money going to another fund

docmac said...


It is a white but I have never seen it produced as a white wine here. It is usually added to reds, especially of the shiraz variety and not at concentrations of more than 5 to 10%. The La Motte I mentioned won numerous international awards. How interesting. I'd like to taste it on it's own. Enjoy!


Keeping the faith. No problem.

Cláudia said...

Atardi, you beat me to it! I took a little longer because I was PMSL!!!!


Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry's fury at 'club' devoted to prosecuting them
By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter
Last Updated: 7:55PM BST 08/07/2008
Gerry and Kate McCann have expressed their anger at the establishment of a fee-paying "club" dedicated to seeing them prosecuted over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

Kate and Gerry McCann are determined to do everything necessary to search for their daughter
A retired British solicitor, Tony Bennett, has set up a fund called The Madeleine Foundation, which aims to bring a private prosecution against the McCanns for alleged child neglect.

But Madeleine's parents fear members of the public will inadvertently donate money to it because they may mistake it for the McCanns' own Madeleine Fund, which pays for private investigations into her whereabouts.

Mr Bennett, 60, who has in the past worked with the family of Stuart Lubbock, the man found dead in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool in 2001, described his fund as a subscription-only members' club, charging a £10 annual fee.

Last year he tried unsuccessfully to launch a private prosecution against the McCanns, only to be told by magistrates in Leicester that they had no jurisdiction over the case, because Madeleine disappeared in Portugal.

Mr Bennett said: "Some of the money immediately raised will be used to pay for a barrister to give his or her opinion on how best to proceed with a legal action against the McCanns.

"We are a group of people, which is rapidly growing in number, who want to get to the truth of what happened to Madeleine.

"We will also campaign for changes to the law about parents who leave children on their own.

"If you go on the internet and look at some of the forums and blogs about Madeleine, there is a large and significant number of people who feel powerless and who want to do something about it."

Mr Bennett said the official website for the Madeleine Foundation, which will not have charitable status, is about to go live.

He said all the money raised would be used "in an above board way" and would be openly accounted for.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: "It is a great shame that Mr Bennett feels the need to make money out of Madeleine McCann. "He did not seek permission from Gerry or Kate to use Madeleine's name. This so-called foundation is in no way doing anything to help find Madeleine.

"It purports to be a foundation helping the search for Madeleine but it does nothing at all to help that search and goes against Gerry and Kate.

"Mr Bennett has already tried to take a private prosecution against Gerry and Kate but a court said it has no jurisdiction over something which allegedly happened in Portugal."

atardi said...


I had the same because of CM words.

"...shame........to make money out of Madeleine McCann".

Can you explain me, (you know because of my English ;)why Kate and Gerry are always furious beacause people want to know what really happenned to Madeleine.

If it was my child I would embrace Tony Bennett.

bath theory said...

Docmac try chilean red wine

Cláudia said...

Atardi, I'm sorry, I can't explain any of the behaviours from the McCanns. If I could, I would be a pro (yikes!).

bath theory said...


Description: Casillero del Diablo offers wine lovers the very special opportunity to participate in the propagation of a century old legend known throughout the world. In the 19th century, the founder of Concha y Toro, Don Melchor, discovered that his vineyard workers were sampling his greatest wines. To discourage this action, Don Melchor spread the rumor that his deepest, darkest cellar was the Casillero del Diablo , so that no one would dare go in there. It worked, and a legend was born. Today, this mysterious and legendary cellar continues to hold the finest, estate grown wines of Casillero del Diablo. This wine is a blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Carmenere. After fermentation in stainless steel tanks, 70% of the wine is aged in small American oak for six to eight months, 30% is aged in stainless steel for 8 months. A dark red coloured wine with a great bouquet of appealing ripe cherries, black currant and dark plums with a touch of vanilla and toasted oak. It is medium bodied with smooth and friendly tannins, well structured, perfectly balanced and boasts a satisfying and lingering finish.

bath theory said...

Drinking the Devil's wine from the cellar , great name and great taste. At our wedding it was the only wine we had for our guests. Most loved it.

docmac said...

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: "It is a great shame that Mr Bennett feels the need to make money out of Madeleine McCann. "He did not seek permission from Gerry or Kate to use Madeleine's name. This so-called foundation is in no way doing anything to help find Madeleine."

I suppose it would have been better if Mr Bennett had called it 'The Margaret Foundation' as Gerry might have ;-)

BT I have tried it and it's fantastic, but as my cousin's husband is a big name in the wine trade here I get the local stuff for free :-))

docmac said...

Oh my, the terrible weather down at Bracklesham Bay has REALLY got Mum21 pissed off for the past couple of days. Or was it me :-)))

atardi said...


I prefer to be wrong about what happenned to Madeleine than being paid to convince others that Madeleine "has been taken".

atardi said...


Je hebt digitale post.

What have you done again?

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Bracklesham Bay, that's too close to home. I might have to move.

I can confirm however at one point yesterday morning, the rain was - horizontal.

Zodiac said...


I have already wished you belated Birthday wishes. I have just read your wine post whilst sipping a lovely glass of red from the Sumac Ridge Estate Winery, BC, along with my fav green olives stuffed with seville orange peel...so cheers to you and many happy reurns ICOTAN.

Happy Belated Birthday to you,
Happy Belated Birthday to you,
Happy Belated Birthday dear ICOTAN, Happy Belated Birthday to you...hic...hic...hooray!

Bye the way I sing like a cats choir.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


The cats won't let me join their choir as I an considered to be tone deaf.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

You can see from my spelling tht I am now on the Port. Wonderful product of that nation.

Cláudia said...

Atardi, I'm not wrong about what happened to Madeleine. Madeleine was neglected. She and her twin brother and sister were abandoned for a meal, drinks and laughs.

Doc, you mean the ugly old hag? Is she more pissed and bitter than usual?

docmac said...

Atardi, klaar geantwoord.

ICTOAN, ah Port, no we're tlking!

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I was only going to drink water until I saw the report about the man who died from drinking 17 pint of the stuff.

docmac said...

Claudia the old bitch has been giving you a pounding!

Viv, you are now Ant Bennett apparently.

I better stop posting this crap or I'm gonna get in trouble ;-)


docmac said...


Are you Rosiepops? lololol!!


Cláudia said...

Doc, I'll wait till I'm feeling depressed to go and read it so it will cheer me up! :-) Always happy to piss criminal lovers off.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

No I'm not Rosiepoops but I think I am getting to the Jane Gin & Tonic stage. I therefore say BBFN with this last true story dedicated to the legal profession.

At the entrance to the Toronto Opera House there is a notice which says:

Bicycles and solicitors must not enter these premises.

mandarinn said...

good evening!!
Claudia, i open the blogg and i just saw baby Sara. How is she doing? and her godmother ? is she well?

Cláudia said...

Hello, Mandarinn!
Baby Sara has got a cold. her mother took her to the doctor who said she's fine. No fever, no worries. And she put on 90 grs.:-) Thank you for asking. her Godmother is very well, thank you.
And how are you?

docmac said...

Be careful Claudia

Sara will be accused of having congenital syphilis before the night is out.

mandarinn said...

Claudia, i'm fine2 tks.Allways feeling shocked with the way a criminal case against a small children is treated, no respect al all.. :((((((

mandarinn said...

OH doc!!!! don't say that it can give bad ideas to child neglters friends ladies.Baba Sara look s lovely heathy.

docmac said...

Hi Mandarinn

But that's the way they are. They will google baby, cold, sniffles, snuffles and you know what they will do when they find that word :-(

Sara is lovely and healthy. I saw her earlier today.

Cláudia said...

Doc, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if something like that happened. Respect for innocent children is something they obviously lack.

Mandarinn, this case has never been about Madeleine in the first place. She wasn't important enough before she 'vanished'. And she still isn't.

Joe said...

This off the 3A's... maybe the real reason for the court case......

Entre os documentos que a polícia britânica vai agora abrir ao casal McCann, na sequência da recente decisão de um tribunal superior de Londres, estão os pedidos de colaboração da Polícia Judiciária para serem apurados vários pormenores da vida em Inglaterra dos pais de Maddie e dos oito amigos que passavam férias com eles no Ocean Club da Praia da Luz.

Among the documents that the British police will now disclose to the McCanns following the recent decision by a High Court in London, are the requests by the PJ for collaboration to determine several details of the lives in England of Maddie's parents and their 8 friends who were on holidays in the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

http://www.correiodamanha.pt/Noticia.as ... 8B620FC679

Cláudia said...

Interesting, Joe.

Joe said...

I wonder will the friends be too happy if the PJ unearthed anything, shall we say delicate which will now be in the hands of the clan? THe real motive perhaps as several of us suspected IMO.

mandarinn said...

Claudia, i know it , and it is what shock me,because the most important fact is what happen to the little girl.
I think those "sweet ladies" think goole is like a russian roulette game :)))

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, that is what is most important for US. Not for the main chacaters involved.

docmac said...


Those ever so sweet grandmothers? Surely you jest ;-)

docmac said...

101 is MINE Claudia. This game has me so hooked I can't be bothered to wait for the full monty any more :-)))

BTW I think I left a thermometer there. Will you call me if you find it?

Cláudia said...

Sure I will, Doc.
I'll look for it as soon as I finish watching Grey's Anatomy.

mandarinn said...

Doc ,
i know them well, since DX where i never dare to post,only read, because i don't deal well with agressive people and my english is not good enought to aregue

docmac said...


No worries, their Portuguese is not even good enough for them to ask directions to the toilet. English is the only language on the planet as far as most of them are concerned.

Cláudia said...

Doc, the sad part is that many of them don't even speak their own language in a decent manner! :-)

mandarinn said...

For ex. Janet has such a desarticulated speech that i think it is not the not only the master of language , it seems something deeper ;)i meant realated to thinking...

docmac said...

You mean rhyming with thinking. Spot on!

Calduia, yse.

viv said...

Hi Guys

So Mr Bennett has reared his head again. I just do not understand how he thinks he is going to have the McCanns prosecuted in UK for neglect. He has already been told we do not have jurisdiction for that offence committed abroad.

I do not believe in others seeking to take the law into their own hands. The McCanns have committed far more serious offences than child neglect and this is rightfully being dealt with by the police.

However, if he is making Kate and Gerry furious because they think he might divert some of their cash, this is not such a bad thing. But having said that I do not want anyone making money out of a dead little girl, it is repugnanant, especially when it is her own parents!

Viv x

mandarinn said...

and the pieces poetry mum 21 used toput in the forum for public atreciation.
BTW what 21 means? 21 years? children? ???

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, I think Jane's problem is different. Like in a liquid form, if you know what I mean. Poetry? Yikes! It stands for mum to one (poor thing).

Ocd, ype! ;-)

Viv, if it pisses them off, it's good enough for me.

viv said...

I just read the report below pasted by ROB. This brutal killer was a manipulative liar, he tried to blame the mom, he attempted to illicit information from medical staff and witnesses in order to minimise his role. This all sounds a bit familiar to me! Did people see the post I made last night of a report where Kate had rang a witness up demanding he speak to her private detectives, which he refused to do! Hey McCanns, leave those witnesses alone or you will just be in even more trouble!

Dad gets six years for killing baby girl
Wife hits out over sentence
By Fiona McWhirter crime reporter

Published: 04/07/2008

LIES: Police said Gareth Harries at one stage tried to blame his wife, Hayley.
More Pictures
A MAN who shook his baby to death then tried to pin the blame on his wife was today jailed for more than six years.

After sentencing, the baby’s mum Hayley reacted furiously to Gareth Harries’ jail term.

She said her estranged husband should have got double the six years and eight months he was imprisoned for.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Harries, who served with the RAF, had tried to incriminate his wife.

Today police described Harries as a manipulative liar who tried to wheedle his way out of trouble.

Hayley, a servicewoman, said: “It is not good enough. He should have got double that.”

“He is the only one who will ever really know what happened.

“I would never have gone out and left her with him if I thought he would have done it.”

Last month, Harries admitted killing eight-month-old Chloe after he couldn’t get her to stop crying.

The 25-year-old was originally charged with murder and had blamed wife Hayley, pictured left, for the infant’s death.

He later admitted a reduced charge of culpable homicide.

Grampian Police Detective Inspector Matt Mackay today said: “I am satisfied that justice has been done for Chloe’s mother and other members of her family who continue to be in our thoughts.

“This was a deeply disturbing and tragic crime perpetrated by a highly-manipulative person who was prepared to lie to cover up his actions.

“Gareth Harries attempted to manipulate and illicit information from medical staff and the witnesses in order to minimise his role in the shocking circumstances which led to the death of Chloe.

“From the moment the authorities were alerted to Chloe’s injuries, Gareth Harries attempted to cover his tracks with lie after lie.

“He alone was responsible for the terrible injuries suffered by Chloe.”

Harries, 25, was originally charged with murdering his child at a service house in Lossiemouth’s MacDonald Drive on November 24, 2006.

The reduced charge saw him admit to assaulting Chloe by seizing her by the body, repeatedly shaking her and killing her.

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, judge Lady Dorrian told Harries, of Milford Haven in Wales, that he would have been jailed for eight years for the killing, but for his guilty plea.

Defence counsel David Moggach said Harries now accepted full responsibility for the crime.

He said that Harries was devastated by what had happened in the very tragic case.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

Well the trouble with heavy alcohol abuse, as Jane Gin and Tonic so clearly displays, is it can make you very ill, mentally!


Cláudia said...

Viv, the poor guy should press charges for the harassment.

Cláudia said...

Viv, before she got really nasty, I used to feel sorry for her because she was obviously so disturbed. At some point I stopped reading her posts. I just had to look at their layout.

docmac said...

Hi Viv

But don't you think that is one of the reasons the scams went to court? They are quite happy to withdraw when offered 81 new (spin to be inserted here) reasons to extract yet more cash from the gullible.

Cláudia said...

Doc, I do.

viv said...

Hiya Doc

I think the McCanns went to court because they are imperious people who think that they can just make demands and get what they want. What they want to know is what did the police find out about them, their friends and their conduct, especially re fake Maddie sightings, and let's face even the Pros admit this!

Just how manipulative was it to immediately rush to get family lawyers to make Madeleine a Ward of Court so that they could get an Order demanding access to all information held by the police. Gerry likes to think he can always stay one step ahead. I always remember a comment in PDL, he wanted to "control" the investigation. Gerry cannot function unless he feels he is in control. So they had this order from Mrs Justices Hogg, but to the obvious fury of the McCanns (and yes they are really good at doing fury) The Chief Constable of Leicester Police was ignoring the Order and saying I am not releasing details to you of the investigation against you. So the McCanns thought with all their lawyers they got other people to pay for they could buy this in court. Of course Mrs Justice Hogg reversed her order and decided she was on the side of Madeleine and the proper investigation of exactly what her parents did with her. Well good for Mrs Justice Hogg but unlike Kate and Gerry McCann I never expected any different.

Viv x

docmac said...

Viv I happen to believe that the MAIN reason they brought the case was not to find out what the police have on their 'friends', but to find out what their 'friends' have on them ;-))

viv said...

What so that Gerry can invite those loyal friends to go on a nice little holiday with him and never come back!

Cláudia said...

Doc, I liked that! :-)

docmac said...

Gerry won't be going on holiday for a while...

viv said...

I am sure the poor man has suffered enough and holidays can be so stressful, especially if you remember to take the kids with you!

Cláudia said...

Viv, you mean there are parents who take their kids with them on vacation, don't throw them in the creche all day and share meals in the company of their children? This world is coming to an end... ;-)

viv said...

Well Hun

That is what I used to do with my kids, for that I have been accused of being a "perfect" parent. I prefer "normal", you know like I actually wanted my children and wanted to be able to actually see they are ok and having a good holiday!

Viv x

docmac said...

Viv I have a comment to make on your last post, but I will not do so while being watched by an 'Anonymous' and her 15 nom de bloodyannoying aliases.

viv said...

Of course bringing all of your children back home again, is just too much to ask! Poor McCanns, it was not their fault, they just lost her. They are tragic victims.

docmac said...


You found my threemomter yet? I've got to catch the last donkey back to Beja soon.

Cláudia said...

Viv, of course they are. Not Madeleine. They are the poor victims.

Doc, go on, walk on the wild side! ;-)

Cláudia said...

Too late, Doc. The donkey is asleep. Donkeys have right too, you know? Just like child neglecters.
P.S: Haven't found it yet. You know damn well that in Portugal we aren't used to that incredible technology. We guess one's temperature by placing our hands on the person's forehead. Very scientific.

docmac said...


I'm not Lou Reed. I don't even do heroin or coke. And I have no visible tattoos.

Cláudia said...

Me neither. :-(

docmac said...

Portugal only has one donkey and one Renault with a death scent in the tyre well? Geez!

Cláudia said...

Doc, yep. Third world or what?
Oh and, I'm a bit embarassed to confess this to you, but I know I can trust you. Here we take the kids everywhere too. Restaurants included. Please, don't judge us too hard.

docmac said...

What's a restaurant?

Cláudia said...

You know, those places where people go to have a meal, drinks and relax in the company of friends you're very much into while your three under four year old kids are left alone in a room in a foreign country.

docmac said...

Oh yes, I've heard of those. I'd like to go to one some day. When I've saved up enough cash and all.

Cláudia said...

But make sure you dump your kids somewhere first. They always spoil everything.

docmac said...

I see my comment about the neonatal snuffles and syphilis has got the pros tiptoeing around it and taking it out on me :-))) Great!!! They are leaving Claudia and Sara alone. docmac wins by a walkover.

docmac said...

Claudia by the time I've saved enough to go to one of those places my kids will be parents. Here in Africa it's like Portugal you know. Maximum wage 30p per week.

Cláudia said...

30p per week? Wow, I wished I lived there. I only work for a meal.

docmac said...

You get a meal? :-(((

Cláudia said...

Yep. But no 30p. :-(

docmac said...

Well on that 30p my kids have to live on gravel and stolen beer.

Cláudia said...

Doc, no ciggies?

I have difficulty placing pros and an innocent child in the same sentence, to be honest.

Cláudia said...

Going to bed, now. :-)
Sleep tight, my friend.
And don't go wasting those 30p on booze.

docmac said...

Dorme bem my friend. Hope you have some fantastic dreams in your house :-)

Cláudia said...

Doc, lolololol
Dorme bem. Beijinhos.

docmac said...

And goodnight to all, especially Viv who seems to have nodded off again :-)

viv said...

Dorme bem both



docmac said...

Ah Viv, you were spying on us then ;-) Nite x

docmac said...

I feel the police have played an absolute blinder here for the McCann's. It is obvious the police have high tech data base which enables them to sort out the best pieces of information. It looks like the Police have used that technology for the McCann's, this is only my opinion of course, but looking at it logically, I feel this is most likely to have happened and I think this for two reasons, 81 pieces is a strange number and given the task of sorting out a number of pieces of information, how did they arrive at the figure 81 and how did they decide what pieces of information to hand over?

Sorry Viv, but I am here to have my say. Sorry too for all the non-possessive apostrophie(')s and the 'have high tech data base' in the original post, they are not mine. Never mind the incredibly long sentence punctuated with lots of commas.

I have no problems with the number 81 at all. My kids are 23, 18, 14 and 4. Are those strange numbers too? 81 computer files out of 11000 is what the LP offered and 81 files is what the McScams and their bent legal advisors accepted. What is so strange about that number? 9 liars x 9 bottles of wine? Or was it more?

hope4truth said...


What I really dont understand about this sad sad case is a 3 year old child is missing (more than likely dead)...

She was left alone with 2 year old twins night after night.

She told her parents that she and her little brother had been crying the night before and wanted to know why no one came to love them.

Her parents were in a bar to far away to be able to see what was going on in the apartment or outside of it and left the front door open for extra safety.

Her parents did not bother to look for her when they said she had gone missing and if she was scared and hiding the sound or her parents voices would have above any other voice made her come out of her hiding place.

Kate would not answer most of the questions the PJ asked her (why I would answer everything if there was a chance my child could be found)...

Gerry's blog was all about him and Kate Madeleine gets a mention but no love of a beautiful child.

Joy filled faces in pictures a few days after they say she was taken.

Releasing the information about her eye when it is obvious to anyone that if she had been taken as they are hopeful by a peadophile gang to sell would result in her death (too good a marketing opertunity to miss though...

Hiring a fraud firm to find a missing child.

But my main question and what I really dont understand is why it is so important not to blame her parents? It is their fault she was not protected they (not the PJ) left her in an unlocked room night after night. If there is evidence to say a body was in the apartment then she is dead and dont people want to know how this happend?

Gerry and Kate McCann are the worse kind of parents they put themselves first and they may not be as nice as they want every pro to believe.

So if I can be open minded and believe god forbid she was taken and there is a chance that is what happend. Why cant any pro except that these two people are not all sweetness and light and may very well know exactly what happend to that beautiful child and have been lying since minute one?

Children first adults make their own choices and they are not always the correct ones.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Is an international arrest warrant the same as the European Arrest Warrant? If so this is the second example I've seen where it doesn't seem to be automatic.

From The Independent

Former president of Benfica faces extradition

By Mark Hughes
Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The former president of the Portuguese football club Benfica appeared before Westminster magistrates' court in London yesterday and could be extradited to Portugal to face fraud and document forgery charges relating to mismanagement of the team's finances.

An international arrest warrant was issued last month for Joao Antonio De Araujo Vale e Azevedo, who served at Benfica between 1997 and 2000 and was convicted in 2002 of embezzling part of the fee the club received for the sale of the Russian goalkeeper Sergei Ovchinnikov. It has been claimed he used the money to pay for a luxury yacht.

Mr Vale e Azevedo was jailed for four and a half years, but only spent two years in prison after the Portuguese Supreme Court ordered his release in February 2004. But just seconds after leaving the court he was rearrested.

Mr Vale e Azevedo, a lawyer, has received various prison sentences since then but did not actually spend any more time in prison. He was still on bail when police called at his home in May 2008. They learnt that he had moved to London.

He was arrested by the Metropolitan Police's extradition unit after appearing for an arranged meeting at Belgravia police station yesterday. He was bailed and the case was adjourned until 25 July.

Niki said...

ICTOAN, very belated birthday-wishes from me, and thank you for answer to my post yesterday! Hope your head is ok after wine, port and gin:-)

Hope4truth, yet another heartfelt post from you! Remember that picture of Kate, Gerry and the twins on a sofa, happily reading and smiling like a "perfect family" just some days after Madeleine disappered? My mother said: "Those people are lying until they belive it themselfs" (It's a norwegian expression, you have for sure something similar in english....)

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Thanks for your best wishes.

The head is fine. Though from past experience if there is going to be a reaction it will come about noon. Punctuality was never my strong point.

Niki said...

Hi Viv and everyone!

Agree with your view on Tony Bennetts fund. I will not send any more money to him than what I will to the McCanns!

Bennett has done some good work though... Hope you don't mind me posting this very long article...:

The Theory of the Abduction of Madeleine McCann

An Unproven Hypothesis, and Twenty-one Reasons It Cannot Stand.
by Tony Bennett, December 2007

1. The Implausibility of "Stranger" Abduction.

Statistics on alleged ‘stranger’ abduction from a person’s home show that a member of the ‘abducted’ child’s family is usually the perpetrator, and that the child usually dies. An overwhelming 99% of all claimed ‘abductions’ from a home turn out to be intra-family murder. There have been two high profile cases in the last few weeks - ‘Baby Grace’, found battered and decomposing in a plastic box on sand dunes near Galveston, and the ‘dead baby in the attic’. Both were claimed abductions - and both were hoaxes.
Children’s Commissioner I was thinking that he might be persuaded to repeat or enlarge on his little publicised statement with regard to the putative Megan’s Law.
“We are concerned that a version of Megan’s Law could detract from the fact that children are actually most at risk from people known to them.

2. Refusal to Answer the Policia Judiciaria’s Questions.

The McCanns did not answer the P.J.’s questions – it is reported that there were forty such unanswered questions. These are the not actions of innocent parents, who would do all they could to assist the police in every way possible.

3. Ignoring Advice not to Highlight Madeleine’s Eye Defect.

The parents ignored the clearest possible P.J. advice not to highlight Madeleine’s eye defect, the coloboma (an iris defect). If Madeleine were still alive, this would have put Madeleine at much greater risk of death. The parents’ conduct suggests they knew she was already dead. They deliberately ignored sound advice not to make Madeleine so recognisable that the abductors (if she was abducted) would have to kill her. All the publicity posters emphasising the coloboma, the announcement of all the sightings, and claims of being "right on the kidnappers" trail…all these actions put Madeleine at greater risk.

4. The Impossibility of the Abduction Happening as Claimed.

The sheer impossibility of the abduction – so many intractable questions: e.g., why did the abductor wait for thirty-five minutes after the McCanns sauntered down to the Tapas bar? Was the abductor/predator hiding behind the door as Gerry McCann checked the children? (That’s what he claims). Did the abductor/predator really walk in through open patio doors, and why then did he climb out through the window and shutters with Madeleine under his arm? And so on...

5. The Changing Stories of What the Abductor Looked Like.

Jane Tanner’s often changed story of what the abductor looked like: initially "His head was egg-shaped, he had some short hair, and was carrying a bundle, maybe a blanket", then, a full three weeks later - and to make sure that the P.J. issued a description - "I definitely saw him carrying a girl in pink pyjamas". Then, after SIX months, we are given an artist’s impression of the abductor and we are now told: "Head not egg-shaped, hair long, sleek, black and shiny, abductor was not ‘white’ but ‘swarthy and Mediterranean’" etc.

6. The Parents’ Absolute Insistence that Abduction was the Only Explanation for Madeleine’s Disappearance.

The parents’ immediate and insistent cry of abduction - excluding all other possibilities.

7. Claiming the Abductor was the Man Allegedly Seen by Jane Tanner.

Gerry McCann proceeded, after three weeks, to issue a description of the abductor based SOLELY on Jane Tanner’s dubious sighting - against P.J. advice and only after Gordon Brown had intervened by phoning the P.J.

8. The Tapas 9 Pact of Silence.

The "Pact or Conspiracy of Silence" - the notorious agreement between them all to keep silent about the events of that night.

9. Changes to the Story.

Changes to the story, as for example:
Day 1: "Shutters jemmied open, windows open, patio doors locked, abductor must have forced his way in".
Days 2 and 3: P.J. and Mark Warners say: "No way shutters and window were forced from outside".
Several days later: McCanns - "Oh, we left the patio doors open, so abductor must have walked in through the patio doors and then opened the shutters and climbed out of the window with Madeleine".

10. The Hiring of Dubious Private Investigators.

Hiring a dubious British private investigation agency and a dubious Spanish ‘detective agency’ (Metodo 3) at cost of several hundred thousand pounds, all for no obvious benefit or results.

11. The Hiring of Britain’s Top Extradition Lawyer.

The McCanns rushed to hire the U.K.’s top extradition lawyer – one Michael Caplan Q.C. (who represented General Pinochet) - at the very moment they became formal suspects.

12. Publicly Agreeing to Take a Lie Detector Test - And Then Refusing.

After initial boasting of their willingness to take the test, the McCanns refused to do so.

13. Strange and Irrational Excuses for "Blood, DNA, and the Smell of Death".

The extraordinary excuses offered by the McCanns in response to the forensic findings of blood, DNA, and cadaverine smell included these six examples:
(a) I took Cuddle Cat to work - that’s why the smell of death is on Cuddle Cat.
(b) I dealt with 6 corpses in the last fortnight at work, that’s why the smell of death is on my clothes
c) We’ll get on to lawyers in Ireland/America who say these cadaver dogs’ evidence is useless.
(d) The DNA was the children’s dirty nappies in the boot.
(e) The ‘smell of death’ was rotting meat that Gerry was taking to the dump.
(f) The blood in the flat (found underneath the tiles in the children’s bedroom) might have been from Madeleine grazing her leg when she boarded the plane, or perhaps a nosebleed.

14. Not Staying Protectively Close to the Twins after Madeleine’s Disappearance.

The parents left their twins at the creche within days of Madeleine disappearing and spent as much time as possible visiting the Pope, the White House, and "campaigning" - no parents whose child had truly been ‘abducted by a stranger’ would let those twins out of their sight; they would cling to the precious two they had left.

15. Refusing a Urine Test on the Twins.

The McCanns, both doctors, refused urine tests for their two-year-old twins, although they later admitted that the children "could have been drugged by the abductor". The parents then waited for five months before engaging an agency to carry out "independent" tests. The results of these tests have never been publicly disclosed and it is not known for what drugs the agency tested.

16. Only Answering Press Questions with At Least Two Hours Advance Notice.

The McCanns stipulated that for all interviews, the press had to present all questions to them at least two hours in advance of the interview, and that they would only answer those questions, and no others.

17. The McCanns Attempt to Explain that the "Abductor" Drugged the Children.

The McCanns explained away the fact that the twins didn’t wake up, amidst all the shouting when the alarm was raised about Madeleine, by hinting that the twins must have been drugged by the abductor. The McCanns came up with this theory while being filmed by close family friend Jon Corner in August, and after leaks from the Portuguese police suggested that the children had been sedated.

18. The Startling Failure of the McCanns’ Friends to Search for Madeleine the Night She Disappeared.

According to a number of reports which have never been contradicted, while hundreds of people, including staff of Mark Warners and many local people, searched the area around the Ocean Club apartments for hours after Madeleine went missing, not one of the McCanns’ friends, known as the ‘Tapas 9’, bothered to do so. They all went to bed. That is as clear an indication as you could get that they knew it would be pointless searching for Madeleine. It is entirely consistent with them knowing that Madeleine was already dead.

19. The McCanns’ Failure to Talk to Jane Tanner for Two Whole Days About Her Sighting of the "Alleged" Abductor.

According to many reports, and confirmed in an article by David Smith, in ‘The Times’ of late December 2007, the McCanns did not bother to talk to Jane Tanner for two whole days about what she claimed to have seen at 9.15pm that night - namely a person walking off with a child looking like Madeleine. This is despite the McCanns’ absolute insistence that an abduction had taken place. According to David Smith’s article, which included an exclusive and extended interview with Gerry McCann, he and Jane Tanner did not speak to each other because they were ‘too busy’. If there really had been an abduction, the McCanns and Jane Tanner would have spoken to each other about what she saw without a moment’s delay.

20. Apprehension about Phone Calls being Monitored.

The McCanns expressed anxiety about their phone calls and e-mails being intercepted. What innocent parent would worry about that?

21. Concealing Records of their Mobile Phone Calls.

The McCanns refused to supply their mobile phone accounts to the P.J.

Tony Bennett also reflects on the "Find Madeleine" fund:

1. New purpose of Fund to help the McCanns ‘family’ with their expenses was stated only *after* people had donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to ‘find Madeleine’

2. Fund used to pay over £4,000 mortgage payments on 5 The Crescent, Rothley

3. Continued refusals to say how much has been donated so far

4. Refusal to say what has been spent on private investigators and Metodo 3

5. Contradictory information on how much is being spent on Metodo 3

6. Refusal to explain exactly what they (private investigators and Metodo 3) are being paid for

7. Refusal to account to the public for how the funds have been spent to date

8. Refusal to say how much has been spent on expenses and payments to Trustees and members of the McCann family

9. Appealing for more money without giving any account of how much they have got and how much has been spent and on what

10. Continued secrecy = shadiness about the operation of the Fund

ICantThinkOfAName said...


One of the least publicised bits of information from Monday's Court case was a report that the Serious Crime Squad was involved in the investigation. They could be looking at the Fund as regards Fraud.

I seem to remember in the past that Viv also mentioned that the Serious Crime Squad were showing an interest.

viv said...


Yes I have mentioned their involvement in the past. It certainly is serious organised crime to kill your child and then have international links to try and say she was abducted and commit the most massive fraud! I was not at all surprised to hear the Leics Police have a massive 11,000 pieces of information and I suspect that total is ever growing. This is why we need patience for justice for Maddie, because it is such a complex case where the police will want to bring the whole case to court ultimately, but Gerry McCann is a real schemer and it is going to take huge number of man hours in terms of investigation to track all this down. It is also true that Interpol have investigated every single so called sighting of Madeleine. This is a case where many agencies will have liaised to investigate the McCanns and worked co-operatively together, Portuguese Police, Interpol, Europol, Serious Organised Crime AGency, Leicester Police. People should not underestimate just how massive this case is !!

viv said...

Hiya Niki and good to hear from you again.

You are right, we do have a similar saying in UK:
"you have told those lies so many times, you even start to believe it yourself".

And it is so true, offenders like Kate and Gerry McCann will then react with fury as we so often hear they do, when people simply will not believe their lies.

Your mom speaks with the wisdom that age and experience of life gives you. It was clear from the outset there was something utterly bizarre about this couple!

Viv x

viv said...

Hi again Niki

I agree Mr Bennett does make some very good points about the Fund. When there is a complete refusal to be accountable for Fund, what has been collected, how much was spent etc this is a clear indicator of extreme dishonesty. If people have nothing to hide then they would gladly produce detailed figures.

Cláudia said...

Good morning, all.

Oh well, almost 48 hours since the 'leads' were passed on to them and Madeleine is still not home, 'safe and unharmed', as her parents know she will be. The clock is ticking and people are counting...

Niki said...

Hi Viv! and bye...

Don't have much time these days to stay around...

Keep up the good work! I read you as often as I can:-)


Atardi, my cyber-friend:-)
Hope you are well! Did school finish for the summer? My children are having 3 (three!!) months summer-holidays! One is already almost gone...

Take care!


Zodiac said...

Hi all,


Thanks for posting the above post. Very informative especially re the Fund!

I posted the 81 lies post on here the other day. Stating it was a co-incidence, 81 lies and 81 files being released by LP. I did not realise it was a copied and pasted post by lizzy (been very busy) apologies to the Author jo_23 from the MF.

Joe said...


In ‘Público’ this morning – paper edition:


Maddie case has to be decided until the 2nd of August

The Republic’s Attorney General orders that until that date, it is defined whether more diligences are necessary or the process is archived

Until the upcoming 2nd of August, the prosecutor who directs the investigation in the process of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has to decide whether he finds it necessary to carry out any other diligence and to extend the judicial secrecy, or the process is archived. The deadline was given by the Republic’s Attorney General, Pinto Monteiro, who is analyzing the report that was presented by the Polícia Judiciária’s team that has been investigating the case.

This reports describes all the diligences that were developed by the PJ’s investigators since Madeleine disappeared from the apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, where she was spending holidays with her parents and siblings. The details of the case may be known very soon, if finally the process is made public on the 14th of August, as foreseen. The McCann family may then have access to the entire information that was collected and worked upon by the police, collected in approximately 11 thousand documents.

For about the same time, the release of a book by the former head of the Criminal Investigation Department in Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral, who coordinated the investigation, is being prepared. Removed from the case, after having directed hard criticism towards the actions of the British police and press during this process, this inspector ended up retiring from the police. He promises the revelation of new data about the investigation which he was removed from.

The thesis that he defends, of the involvement of Madeleine’s parents in her disappearance, was questioned by the new team of investigators that moved into the Algarve to support his successor, Paulo Rebelo. The possibility of an abduction, which had initially been explored, was under strong consideration again, occupying tens of inspectors from various departments within the PJ. But their worked was fruitless. The analyses that were performed upon the elements that were collected in the apartment and in the car that had been used by the family were inconclusive. No indicium, no lead, no piece of evidence that pointed into one or another direction.

The opening of the process will also allow for the reasons that led the PJ to decide to constitute Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, as arguidos in the process, to be known.


Joe said...

The 11000 documents mentioned,are they the same as what the LP have, that the clan wanted?

ICantThinkOfAName said...


It is a huge coincidence if not.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

An alternative date of 2/4/08 seems to have surfaced in regard to the WOC.

Could this be when the process for the recent hearing started or was it when Madeleine was made WOC instead of 17/5/07.

Secondly wasn't 17/5/07 the date the Fund was set up?

Cláudia said...

Let us all weep. And pay attention tho the most interesting part:

"Anyone wishing to support the family can send cheques, payable to Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned, to Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited, PO Box 53133, London, E18 2YR."


10:30 - 09 July 2008

The Madeleine McCann fighting fund is down to £500,000, the family's spokesman said today.

At one time, the fund, partly launched to pay for the investigation into the disappearance, stood at £1.1 million.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said that over the past year Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann, from Rothley, had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on private investigators searching for their missing daughter.

He spoke as Leicestershire police agreed to pass on to the family 81 pieces of information collected by them in the first days after the disappearance.

Mr Mitchell said: "The fund is approximately half spent, at about £500,000. Most of it is going on investigators.

"Money is still coming in, and every time Kate and Gerry do interviews a bit more comes in."

The fund - which is not a registered charity - was set up to pay for private detectives to investigate Madeleine's disappearance, to fund a website and to provide support, including financial assistance, for her family.

It was bolstered in March by a £550,000 libel settlement from the national Express group of newspapers, boosting the fund to £1.1million. Small amounts are still trickling in from the public. Last year, the Leicester Mercury's Bands of Hope wristband campaign, supported by thousands of readers, contributed a further £57,000.

Mr and Mrs McCann also have the support of several benefactors, including Richard Branson and Cheshire businessman Brian Kennedy, who have helped by funding libel actions and paying Mr Mitchell's salary. Mr Mitchell said: "The backers have not got open chequebooks, but they are supportive of the family. It is right that the legal bills should come from the backers."

The family could know this week if MEPs have backed their campaign for a European-wide child alert scheme.

The European Parliament sits in Strasbourg until Thursday before the summer recess. It gives Euro MPs gathering in France their last real chance to support the campaign before its July 24 cut-off date.

Mr Mitchell said the Amber alert campaign, which was already being considered before the McCanns offered their support, had gained 308 MEP signatures and needed just 85 more to gain a majority.

The family also hope Portuguese authorities will agree to lift their official suspect - or arguido - status next month.

Anyone wishing to support the family can send cheques, payable to Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned, to Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited, PO Box 53133, London, E18 2YR.



ICantThinkOfAName said...

Anyone wishing to support the family can send cheques.....

Wot, na cash filled braan envelopes?

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I'm feeling a sudden urge to donate by I spent my last cheque yesterday. Wouldn't it be possible to do a quick bank account transfer? Because I really feel like donating. Maybe it would help them extend their vacation and maybe even hire a babysitter for the twins.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


What's you opinion of the Publico repot?

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I read it but I don't recall anything new or surprising. Is there something I missed?

ICantThinkOfAName said...

The only "new" thing to me is the date of 2 August.

Some of the posters on 3A are asking about the "standing" of the newspaper.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, apparently the dates we have heard up until now are related to the secrecy of justice. I don't know if Público got it right or not, but I find that date is possible because they mean the date when the Attorney General has to decide about the case.

Zodiac said...

'Wot, na cash filled braan envelopes?'


If I had not heard that comment by CM myself in the interview with Jon Gaunt, I would have thought it was a forum myth.

Zodiac said...

Irish Daily Mail Wednesday 9th July 2008.

McCanns hail kidnap alert

Kate and Gerry McCann's campaign for a Europe-wide alert system for missing children will not be adopted by the EU, ministers said yesterday. Instead, member states will set up their own systems and work together to alert border officials and foreign police forces more quickly following child abductions.

The move follows criticism that Portuguese authorities took up to 12 hours to warn police and border officials in Spain after three-year-old Madeleine McCann vanished in the Algarve last May. The McCann's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the couple would back any measure which could help to find missing children and reunite families. "Whether it is a centralised system or individual national alerts, all Kate and Gerry want to see is better and quicker co-operation between countries" he said. "When a child goes missing, every minute counts".

The McCanns lobbied MEPs to act in April. Their declaration attracted 308 signatures but needed almost 90 more for the European Parliament to adopt it.

CM SAYS "When a child goes missing, every minute counts".

How long did it take to contact the Police to report their child missing?

What about the offer from Mrs Fenn?

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, let the files become public and there will be a surprise about Mrs Fenn. Her statement to the police will be there for the whole world to see. And no spin will erase it.

ratonthebeam said...

hi folks - Clarrie knocked on anyone's door yet??? lol!!!

Zodiac said...


Will it be a bit like this:

What's A Poor Gull To Do

FISHERMAN'S WHARF-- Salty, a local seagull and regular visitor to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, is fed up with all the crap.

Salty the seagull is forced to stand in other birds' crap, because they won't clean up after themselves.

He's mad about the growing mass of bird-droppings left behind by his fellow seagulls, shit that cover the pilings like icing on a birthday cake.

"I've been loitering around this pier for years, and this is the worst I've seen it," said Salty. "They really need to clean up this shit."

It wasn't so long ago when gulls like Salty would be able to perch on relatively clean pilings, gobbling down herring, or perhaps picking at a tasty piece of carrion that was floating dead near the shore.

"Those were the days. I didn't have to peck the crap out of my feet back then," said Salty. "There was no pier pressure. And there weren't any crows."

Salty places some blame on the growing number of tourists to Fisherman's Wharf, which has brought more gulls. But he can't deny that they also introduced him to french fries and cheese popcorn. So it almost evens out for the sea-loving bird.

"But why the hell can't they just poop in the ocean," asked Salty. "Frickin' birds. At least the humans have public toilets. I'm sure those crappers are clean."

Salty attributes some of his negative feelings to the loss of his mate, Shelly, who died from an Alka-Seltzer tablet accident two summers ago.

"Shelly was the wind beneath my wings," said Salty quietly.

"But you know it's bad enough that I have to spend my afternoons hovering for snacks," said Salty. "Just see how proud you'd look standing in gooey white shit all day long."

Salty also thinks that his species gets a bad rap. "Well, there is the regurgitation. There's nothing I can do about that," said Salty. "At least we're not as bad as those frickin' pigeons."

The wharf has no plans to clean the pilings, stating that the seagulls had made their beds (nests), and had to sleep (roost) in them.

"I might just move to the landfill," said Salty.


Cláudia said...

Zodiac, something like that! :-)

Hey, Rat.
To ask for money, to make me say I saw Madeleine with a swarthy guy or to tell me I'll be sued?

ratonthebeam said...

He said he would be knocking on 81 doors, Claudia. I waited home all day but he didn't come. It was most disappointing. I was going to tell him personally, where he can stick his fund :-)

Cláudia said...

Rat, maybe someone behind one of those 81 doors will. :-)

Joe said...

Its really the 10,919 other files that they really wanted before the secrecy ends IMO.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


At the bottom of the page of The Toque there is an advert:

"who are you spending your quality time with?

have you been a dad today?"

follow that link and eventually there is advertised a set of cd-roms entitled:

"Looking for ways to improve your parenting skills?"

Do you think Gerry should be told?

Cláudia said...


Cash row over Maddie group The Sun

Published: Today

MADELEINE McCann's parents have urged people not to give money to a group called the Madeleine Foundation.

The Foundation, which has a £10 annual membership fee, is led by Anthony Bennett, 60, who failed with a private prosecution against Kate and Gerry McCann for child neglect.

He is telling people he intends to bring another private prosecution.

But the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry would warn people not to give any money to this foundation. It is mis-using Madeleine’s name."

Maddie vanished in Portugal in May 2007.


Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, of course not.
They did nothing but behave well within the bounds of responsible parenting...

Cláudia said...

Joe, I agree.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I think Clarrie might have been knocking doors in this area as earlier this afternoon there was Police activity in adjacent streets and the Poice helicopter was circling.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, maybe the very competent private detectives hired by the McCanns found Madeleine and it was a rescue misson? 48 hours have already passed...

lizzy said...

Hi Zodiac
Re the 81 lies post I posted on the Daily Express, I forgot to name the author from the 3 Arguidos, I was pounced on by several pro's and I apologised at the time as this was done unintentionally, I had no intentions of passing on someone's work as my own. I'm not too sure what you meant by been busy re myself? Just wanted to let you know what happened though, never have I sought to pretend that That post was my work....Lizzy

ICantThinkOfAName said...


That figures seeing as our local harbour often has yachts entering from the European Mainland.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, that's great.
Madeleine must be home by dinner time, then. I'm off shortly visiting baby Sara and having dinner at her parents' place (we thought of going out to dinner and leave her alone but decided she was too young and that we should wait until she is mature enough to be left by herself in a couple of weeks time) but if and when it is confirmed the very competent private detectives hired by the McCanns returned Madeleine safe and sound, please, tell Viv or Doc to give me a call.

ICantThinkOfAName said...



Enjoy dinner!

Zodiac said...


Re: being busy I meant me. I did not realise that it was not your work until jo_23 pointed out it was hers. Apologies for the pro attack, was this because I posted the 81 lies the other day, apologies if that was the reason. Hope this clears things up lizzy.

Cláudia said...

Thanks, ICTOAN. I will. :-)

Zodiac said...


PMSL, I did not even see that.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

I was interested in this part of the Mail story:

'I'm terrified - it was a mistake': British businesswoman faces jail in Dubai after 'having sex on the beach'

.....Her case has sparked a storm of controversy among the many other British ex-pats living in Dubai, most of whom are incredulous at the prospect of anyone allegedly committing such a brazen breach of its laws.

In a message apparently posted on one Dubai blog site by Miss Palmer late last night, she says she made a mistake and is terrified about what might happen.

The message read: 'We have all made silly regretful mistakes in life, of which some pay all too dearly and if these blogs continue it could hinder my fate.....


Very little xenophobia in the comments to the story.

lizzy said...

Hi Zodiac,
No worries I misunderstood what you meant in your post, I posted that previously and forgot to acknowledge jojam the author, it was then I was dived on by the Peo's but as soon as I realised I had forgotten to put by jojam I apologised and felt awful. I don't take any notice of the Pros anymore, as luckily enough they don't post on here or the 3 arguidos much and I never read their terrible blog. Sorry if I sounded as if being funny, just wanted to explain, what happened...Lizzy

bath theory said...

I am off out now so here is my one thought of the evening.

Gerry & Kate ran away pronto pronto from PDL and did not go back for reconstruction BUT they went to Brussels to influence a vote on an early warning system for missing children YET IT WAS THEY who directly caused Madeleine to be taken cos they left her alone in a strange room in a strange town in a strange country to Madeleine.

So they were apparently pushing for a system where even if you believe their version of what MAY have happened you would surely shake your head and just say, 'If you had bothered about Madeleine there would be no need for an early warning system.'

Alternatively maybe some MEP's don't believe them and thought they were using this for PR in order to continue a charade !!

Conclusion - politically they are being pushed away and legally they are feeling the heat.



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