29 Jan 2009



Caption in the Daily Mail, one of Clarence Mitchell's most tame British Papers:
PR push: Maddy's parents Gerry and Kate McCann are about to launch a campaign to win back public support, said a family friend and the story? Not quite so keen Clarence:

Tycoons who bankrolled Madeleine fund refuse to fund McCanns' legal defence

Last updated at 13:11 13 September 2007


Well, would you support this man? This picture is symbolic IMO! Kate, faded into the background...


favourite colour combination, dark blue top, beige trousers, just ask the whole of the Smith Family and Jane Tanner!

Wizard said...

Good Morning All,

Folling my post detailing the Madeleine Fund accounts yesterday I copy below today’s Daily Mail's opinion on the recently release accounts for the Fund I copy them below:-

"Where the £2m you gave to find Madeleine McCann has gone

The fund set up to help find Madeleine McCann raised almost £2million in the first ten months after she vanished, it was revealed yesterday.

The wave of shock and public sympathy that swept Britain after her suspected abduction led supporters to donate money at a rate of almost £260 an hour.

Accounts lodged with Companies House show the fund received £1.4million in bank donations, another £391,000 over the internet and £64,000 from the sale of T-shirts and wristbands.

In total, it received £1.85million in its first ten months and earned £33,424 in interest. It spent £815,113 on the search for Madeleine in that time.

This included £26,000 to fund the purchase of merchandise and £250,000 on the fees for private investigators.

But the accounts – which have been made public for the first time – have been published with a warning that donations had gone on to fall dramatically and were now ‘significantly lower’ than in the immediate aftermath of the three-yearold’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007.

Support for her parents – Kate and Gerry – was rocked when Portuguese police named them as suspects, and when it emerged they had used public donations to pay two £2,000 instalments on their mortgage.

Madeleine vanished from a holiday flat in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, while her parents ate dinner at a nearby restaurant with friends.

The accounts provide a fascinating insight into the surge of support the family received, but also the costs of their worldwide campaign to find their child.

The fund’s biggest expense in the first ten months was £250,000 spent on private investigators hired to try to find her, including the Spanish agency Metodo 3.

Agency boss Francisco Marco boasted he would find Madeleine within three months, but his ‘leads’ seemingly came to nothing and the firm is no longer involved with the hunt.

The fund spent £123,573 on campaign management, which is believed to include the salary of the McCanns’ temporary spokesman Justine McGuinness and the fees of a PR agency.

A later spokesman, former BBC journalist Clarence Mitchell, had his salary paid by one of the couple’s wealthy benefactors.

The fund spent £111,522 on legal fees and expenses and £81,904 on posters and television and newspaper adverts appealing for information about Madeleine. Mr and Mrs McCann, both 40, set up the fund in May 2007.

Legal restrictions meant it could not be set up as a charity, so it is run as a not-for-profit company by a board made up of McCann friends, colleagues and relatives.

Mr McCann’s brother John is its chairman and wrote a foreword to the accounts. He said: ‘As expected, the level of donations has fallen over time, although we have a number of loyal donors continuing their support.’

He went on: ‘However our expenses are ongoing and likely to increase . . . The release of the police investigation files has enabled our investigative team to access a wealth of new information to be followed up, resulting in increased search and investigation activity.

'We will continue to ensure that Madeleine is not forgotten and will leave no stone unturned in our continued search for her.’

The accounts cover the months from May 2007 to March 2008, when the fund had £1.05million remaining in its coffers.

It has since been boosted by several libel payouts to the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas Seven, which they donated to the fund.

The McCanns were cleared as suspects last August.

Their spokesman Mr Mitchell said: ‘People will be able to see that every penny of the money they so generously donated has been spent properly in the hunt to find Madeleine.’"

and just as we rather belatedly get last year's account up to April 2008 the other bombshell for the McCanns, yes, it is official, British Agencies continue to investigate them:

Organised & International Crime Directorate
5th Floor Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
Switchboard xxx Fax xxx Direct Line xxx E-mail xxx
Ms xxx Our ref: xxx
Date:28th January 2009
Dear Ms xxx

I am writing further to my correspondence on the 16th December 2008. We are now in a
position to offer a full reply to your request. I would like to apologise for the length of time it
has taken to respond to your request. This delay has been due to giving full and due
consideration to the public interest test together with the necessity to consult with other

It is noted that your request was to essentially seek information for any record or document
or extract thereof reporting or evidencing that neither of the parents of Madeleine Beth
McCann possessed any credit card or debit card from any financial institution during the
period 25th April 2007 and 12th September 2007. You additionally requested any record or
document or extract thereof reporting or evidencing that the alleged affirmation was made by
any official of the Home Office to any police officer in the Leicestershire Constabulary and
failing the existence of any written record whether such affirmation was made verbally the
name of the official(s) and the recipient officer(s). The request was also seeking information
of any record or document or extract reporting or evidencing the credit card or debit
transactions made by the parents of Madeleine Beth McCann between the 4th May 2007 and
21st July 2008.

Your request for information has been considered under the Freedom of Information Act
2000 (the Act) and we are now able to provide you with a substantive response to your

Section 1 of the Act places two duties on public authorities when handling requests. The first
of these duties, provided at s1(1)(a) is to confirm or deny whether the information requested
is actually held by that authority. The second duty is for that information to be disclosed
where it has been confirmed that it exists. This is provided under s1(1)(b).

The Home Office can neither confirm nor deny that we hold information relevant to your
request as our duty under s1(1)(a) does not apply by virtue of the following provisions of the

* Section 27(4) – prejudice to International Relations;
* Section 31(3) – prejudice to Law Enforcement activities; and
* Section 38(2) – endangering Health & Safety.

This letter therefore also serves as a refusal notice under s17(1) of the Act.

Furthermore, the Home Office will not comment on any of the information contained in
Goncal Amaral’s book, ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ as it would potentially undermine ongoing

There are a number of sensitivities relevant to your request, given that Madeleine McCann is
still missing and the investigation is still ongoing. Confirming or denying whether any
information is held could undermine the investigation, prejudice international relations and
could endanger the health and safety of members of the public.

We have considered public interest considerations in making our decision and we have
attached these to this letter. We believe that, at this time, the public interest strongly favours
neither confirming nor denying that the information you have requested is or is not held by
the Home Office.

This response should not be taken as conclusive evidence that the information you
have requested either does or does not exist.

If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request an independent internal review of
our handling of your request by submitting your complaint within two months to the below
address quoting reference xxx

Information Rights Team
Information and Record Management Service
Home Office
4th Floor, Seacole Building
2 Marsham Street
Or email: xxx

During the independent review the department’s handling of your information request will be
reassessed by an official that was not involved in providing you with this response. Should
you remain dissatisfied after this internal review, you will have a right of complaint to the
Information Commissioner as established by section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act.
I realise that you may be disappointed with this response. However we have considered
your request with great care, and the Home Office always seeks to provide as much
information as it is able to.

Thank you for your interest in the Home Office.
Yours sincerely
Team Leader
UK Central Authority

Public Interest Considerations

s.17 – Refusal of request

(1) A public authority which, in relation to any request for information, is to any extent
relying on a claim that any provision in part II relating to the duty to confirm or deny is
relevant to the request or on a claim that information is exempt information must,
within the time for complying with section1(1), give the applicant a notice which -

(a) states the fact,
(b) specifies the exemption in question, and
(c) states (if that would not otherwise be apparent) why the exemption applies.

s.27 – International Relations

(1) Information is exempt information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be
likely to, prejudice,

(a) relations between the United Kingdom and any other state,
(b) relations between the United Kingdom and any international organisation or
international court

(4) The duty to confirm or deny does not arise if, or to the extent that, compliance with
section 1(1)(a) –
(a) would, or would be likely to, prejudice any of the matters mentioned in
subsection (1)

s.31 – Law Enforcement
(1) Information which is not exempt information by virtue of section 30 is exempt
information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be likely to, prejudice-

(a) the prevention or detection of crime,
(b) the apprehension or prosecution of offenders,
(c) the administration of justice,

(4) The duty to confirm or deny does not arise if, or to the extent that, compliance with
section 1(1)(a) would, or would be likely to, prejudice any of the matters mentioned in
subsection (1)

s.38 – Health & Safety

(1) Information is exempt information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be
likely to-

(a) endanger the physical or mental health of any individual, or
(b) endanger the safety of any individual.

(4) The duty to confirm or deny does not arise if, or to the extent that, compliance with
section 1(1)(a) would, or would be likely to, prejudice any of the matters mentioned in
subsection (1)

Harm and prejudice

The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is still ongoing. There are
significant unknowns in relation to her disappearance. Leicestershire Constabulary are the
lead force in the UK dealing with this investigation but the principle investigation agency is
Policia Judiciara (PJ) in Portugal. We believe that significant harm to the investigation could
result from either confirming or denying that we hold the information you have asked for.

Should this investigation lead to a prosecution, saying whether or not this information is or is
not held by the Home Office would risk undermining the human rights of any suspect to a fair
trial and the rights of a victim, particularly if the prosecution would fail due to such an

If the Home Office was to either confirm or deny that it did or did not hold any information that
was gathered in the course of this investigation, it might risk compromising the conduct of
this investigation. This could ultimately prejudice the administration of justice. In any event,
to confirm or deny that any such information that was or was not obtained in the course of a
criminal investigation, either voluntarily or through compulsory powers, ought not to be
generally disclosed, save as far as it is necessary for the purposes of establishing or
defending rights in litigation.

There is consequently a strong public interest in ensuring that evidence is not contaminated
for any future trial. In addition there is a strong public interest to preserve relations with the
Policia Judiciara (PJ) in Portugal whilst Madeleine remains missing.

Two of the Home Office’s objectives are to support the efficient and effective delivery of
justice, and to lead visible, responsive and accountable policing. The manner in which the
Home Office works to support the Police Service as a whole is one of our core business

If the Home Office prejudiced such a high-profile and sensitive investigation by confirming or
denying that we either do or do not hold any of the information that you have requested, we
would be seen as working against the efforts of both UK and Portuguese policing authorities,
undermining their determined efforts to locate Madeline McCann and her assailants. This
would not be in the best interests of the public..

Any prejudicial effects to these ongoing investigations could jeopardise the health & safety,
of Madeline McCann, in that it might significantly affect the chances of her being found.
There is no actual public interest served in releasing information that may jeopardise the
health & safety of any individual.

There is a strong public interest in the UK maintaining the arrangements it currently enjoys
with other States in matters of judicial and mutual legal cooperation in criminal and other
matters. Any act that would prejudice this investigation may discourage other States with
complying with reasonable requests issued by the UK or from pursuing legitimate
investigations in the UK for fear that the product of such requests or investigations may be
disclosed to private citizens.


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viv said...

Wizard said...

Last years accounts make ineresting reading - part 2 to follow.

(Limited by Guarantee)

INCOME £1,846,178
Merchandise and Campaign Costs (673,366)
GROSS SURPLUS £1,172,812

Administration expenses (141,747)


Interest receivable 33,424


Tax on surplus on ordinary activities (12,462)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 19:19:00 o'clock GMT

viv said...

Wizard said...

Schedule to the detailed accounts for the period ended 31.03/08

Income £
Sales of t-shirt and wrist bands – 64,078
Donation income via bank – 1,390,360
Donation income via website – 391,740 Total = £1,846,178

Merchandise and Campaign Costs
Sales of t-shirts and wrist bands – 26,616
Awareness – 81,904
Campaign management – 123,573
Cost of distruibuting merchandise – 8,574
Legal fees and expenses – 111,522
Hotel, travel and substistence – 7.993
Website – 37,071
Media Monitoring – 26,113
Search fees – 250,000 Total = 673,366

Administration expenses
Printing and stationery – 1,497
Postage - 204
Telephone and Fax – 2,608
Fund Legal Fees – 68,799
Auditors’ remuneration – 13,366
Accountancy fees – 7,050
Fund professional fees – 36,070
Bank chargesSundry expenses – 7,363
Insurances – 1,277
Meeting and events – 1,023 Total = £141,747
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 19:30:00 o'clock GMT

viv said...

Wizard said...

£26,113 spent on media monitoring – well that explains a lot of the chimp activities. What I have difficulty understanding is why under merchandise and campaign costs do they have £111,522 in legal fees and expenses. That appears to me to be excessively high. The cost of the website is also excessive £37,071 they certainly didn’t shop around or they would have known they could have got their website built for a fraction of that cost. Seems to me a lot of people making a lot of money out of this fund.
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 19:37:00 o'clock GMT
hope4truth said...


And why would Madeleine need legal fees?

Legal fees and expenses – 111,522

Sorry I dont understand how would a lawyer be any use to Madeleine at all???
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 20:23:00 o'clock GMT

viv said...

Wizard said...

Under merchandise and campaign costs there are £111,522 in legal fees and a further £68,799 legal fees under administration expenses. Making a total of £180,321. With an income of £1,846,178, before tax, means nearly 10% of income goes straight to solicitors. Campaign management eats up another £123,573 and another £36,070 on fund professional fees. That’s an awful lot of money going out. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of these outgoings but the annoying thing about published accounts is not what they tell you but what they do not – the interesting bits are never divulged or very well hidden.
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 20:58:00 o'clock GMT

viv said...

Wizard said...

Under merchandise and campaign costs there are £111,522 in legal fees and a further £68,799 legal fees under administration expenses. Making a total of £180,321. With an income of £1,846,178, before tax, means nearly 10% of income goes straight to solicitors. Campaign management eats up another £123,573 and another £36,070 on fund professional fees. That’s an awful lot of money going out. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of these outgoings but the annoying thing about published accounts is not what they tell you but what they do not – the interesting bits are never divulged or very well hidden.
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 20:58:00 o'clock GMT

viv said...

Blogger Wizard said...

Hi Di, I think John McCanns salary and Mr Pink’s comes out of campaign management costs of £123,573.

Thursday, 29 January 2009 09:10:00 o'clock GMT
Blogger dylan said...

Good morning all,

Thanks to Niki and Wizard for posting the article and the comments. I note that the DM has put M3s leads in inverted commas! I do realise that this is because they never led to anything but it is very apt grammar!
People are right to be angry that their money has been spent on PR and a spokesperson, designed to improve public opinion of the McCanns, not to mention 5* hotel bills, but then Gerry is too good for a youth hostel, isn't he?
As I said last night, Madeleine (if she was abducted) didn't need this. She needed parents that cooperated with the police, took part in reconstructions and answered questions that were put to them. In fact, Madeleine needed parents that didn't endanger her and leave her alone, the twins too. Just basic parenting skills, really, and not too much to ask for.

To the lovely anon on the purple blog, thank you for saying you love Dylan :-) I will post wherever I choose to post, I am not weak minded and don't have double standards either, and I think I will just stay here where other posters do not stalk my children and make threats about them. In fact, posters here all help each other behind the scenes, so to speak, and I don't know what I would have done without Docmac's sound medical advice when I had a "panic" about one of my children. Oh, and BTW, he is a real, genuine doctor and I can vouch for that. Enjoy your slagfest as that is all your blog is about isn't it? Just the same as Troll's is, so why don't you post something about Madeleine? I know of a couple of people who only think of themselves too ;-)


Thursday, 29 January 2009 09:49:00 o'clock GMT
Blogger viv said...

Morning all!

"at a rate of almost £260 an hour."

It kinds of puts into context those sickening smiles in PDL!

£1.8M just up to March last year, so that does not include "libel income"

It really was a great little earner!

Let us continue to make sure they do not profit any further from their own criminal conduct!

Justie for Maddie!!

Thursday, 29 January 2009 10:28:00 o'clock GMT
Blogger Zodiac said...

Hi all,

'As I said last night, Madeleine (if she was abducted) didn't need this. She needed parents that cooperated with the police, took part in reconstructions and answered questions that were put to them. In fact, Madeleine needed parents that didn't endanger her and leave her alone, the twins too. Just basic parenting skills, really, and not too much to ask for.'

Dylan well said! Clappy hands and smiley faces icons.
I think more and more people will be questioning that fund now. Especially as the credit crunch affects so many. I feel so sorry for all the other parents who have a missing child and use their own resources to desperately find their child to see how so much money has been wasted! I personally am dubious with regards to the accounting. I have travelled to many places in Europe and I have never seen a poster of MBM. I was on holiday in Fuerteventura in March 2007 and I saw posters of a little boy who was missing, all over the hotel complex we stayed at. We walked nearly every day along the beach to the nearest town and we visited different parts of the town. That little boy’s poster was absolutely everywhere! I will never forget his face. 81k on posters I could believe that except I do not think it would be paper posters. That amount supports my paid poster thoughts. I wonder how much they would get a post?

Thursday, 29 January 2009 10:36:00 o'clock GMT
Blogger viv said...

Do you think it would be helpful if I put up a separate post about the Fund? Seems to be there is a lot to discuss there and given I think it is the motivation behind this crime, we should be discussing it, I could move the posts to there, perhaps also the helpful one about British agencies still investigating this case!

I have not looked at the Fund in depth at the moment but gut reaction is, there is a lot of both income and outgoings that are not mentioned on those accounts!

Thursday, 29 January 2009 10:49:00 o'clock GMT
Blogger Zodiac said...


The Fund, the British agencies and the Portuguese reporter link below:


are all very interesting and imo would make a great thread. I seem to remember reading posts something like, it will be the Fund that gets them. Hmmm!


Thursday, 29 January 2009 10:58:00 o'clock GMT

Zodiac said...

The post below copied from 3 A's by Tara9:

DM have made a couple of mistakes I have spotted

Distributing Merchandise £ 13,366
Auditors £ 8,574

Should read from actual accounts

Distributing Merchandise £ 8,574
Auditors £ 13,366

Zodiac said...

Off out BBL.

viv said...

There seem to be two sides to this story, one where Kate McCann tell us to pray like mad, and in another video, she repeatedly talks about how Maddie knows "I" love her, she never once refers to "we" love her and indeed there is no such comment from Gerry McCann.

The article below also mentions how Kennedy went to try and buy off a seriously wronged man, Robert Murat, but left "with a flea in his ear".

There is something very anomolous about these accounts that have just been released. Kate McCann has talked about at least one million being spent on private detectives alone but here just £250,000 is recorded. Did Kennedy pay all the rest and why did he do that, leaving a large cash balance in the Find Maddie Fund? I have previously estimated that their income into this Fund must be at least three million and given there seems no mention of income from libel awards which were after this accounting period and all those paid for interviews, ie. Vanity Fair in about October 2007, Spanish Broadcast at the same time etc etc where has all this additional money gone? Is there another fund, a fighting fund?

Are the McCanns not using this Fund because of the ongoing investigation and they know the more they spend, the more trouble they will be in. Maybe the public and broadcasters should get their money back!

May 4, 2008
‘Pray like mad,’ begs tearful Kate McCann
Steven Swinford

THE mother of Madeleine McCann broke down in tears before a packed church yesterday and urged the congregation to “pray like mad” for her daughter’s safe return.

Gerry and Kate McCann marked the first anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance by attending a service at their local church in Rothley, Leicestershire.

In an impromptu speech Kate said: “Please stay with us, stay with Madeleine and keep praying. Pray like mad.”

In an interview before the anniversary the couple revealed they had been given new hope in the search by the “massive” response to their appeal for fresh information last week.

Their team of private investigators are combing hundreds of recorded calls and e-mails for further leads.

Gerry said: “The lines have been overwhelmed; we’ve had to call additional operators in.

“Who knows what is going to be the key piece of information? The abductor does not live in isolation; the abductor was in Praia da Luz; the abductor needs food and water.”

The couple took the opportunity to reject claims that they appeared cold and unemotional in the immediate aftermath of Madeleine’s disappearance.

Kate recently viewed footage from last year and said she could not recognise herself.

Gerry added: “One week on \ Kate went to an Anglican service. I was working that day, being interviewed. And Kate was being carried; it looked like she was going to die.”

The couple believe that the anniversary could be one of the last chances to put Madeleine’s image in the public eye.

Kate said: “The media attention will wane after Madeleine’s fifth birthday later this month. Media-wise it could be our last chance.”

Brian Kennedy, the home improvements tycoon backing the McCanns, admitted yesterday that he flew to Portugal last November and spent an evening with Robert Murat, apart from the McCanns the only other official suspect. A source close to Kennedy said he was “gathering information”.

Kennedy’s lawyer, Ed Smethurst, approached Murat through a mutual friend and said that Kennedy wanted to offer him a job.

But the job offer never transpired. Kennedy spent the evening with Murat and his lawyers at his aunt’s house in Praia da Luz, discussing Madeleine’s disappearance.

He left with a “flea in his ear” after being confronted over reports that Metodo 3, the McCanns’ private investigators, had suspicions about Murat.

viv said...


I find this thread very interesting on 3 As where they are picking up on the inappropriate comments made by Gerry, Corner etc as if to "sell" Maddie as it were, this I think is highly relevant to what has gone on here:


Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

The published accounts as you point out do not include the libel payments and fees for interviews etc. However there was over a million pound surplus last year and could well be, if they include all the extras, over a £2M surplus this financial year. This poses the question why are they still asked for more? What do they intend to spend it on?

viv said...

Hiya Wizard

Well I think this is what I have always been suggesting, let us get back to that original word they used "defence fighting fund".

They know full well they are in the sh!t and there is no way British authorities are going to leave this lot alone!

Also there is adequate provision in floaty comments in those accounts for people who do this, an apt little comment I just picked up from 3 As:

"Yes Jilly, I was about to mention that everytime the P word was mentioned, it was tin hat time. They all descended with a vengeance, name calling and more often than not, the thread ended quite quickly."

I have always looked for where there is the most foul abuse and nastiness from these people, then we know we are close!

viv said...

I certainly believe the McCanns had a presence on the DE :

"we are just trying to defend ourselves"

and I also believe is was the McCanns that got it stopped, quite deliberately!

But the DE will have a field day with this lot, we can just sit back and wait!

Wizard said...


“I'll fund the McCanns until they find Maddie, vows double-glazing tycoon Kennedy
By Daniel Boffey – Daily Mail
Last updated at 3:26 PM on 07th September 2008


The multi-millionaire tycoon financing Kate and Gerry McCann's search for their daughter has said he will support them for the rest of his life if necessary.
Double-glazing magnate Brian Kennedy, 48, said he would use his estimated £450million fortune to back the couple as long as Madeleine remained missing.
His pledge will alleviate concerns about what will happen when Madeleine's Fund, made up largely of public donations, runs out. There is currently less than £500,000 in the kitty, with £1million having already been spent on the hunt for Madeleine since her disappearance in May last year.”


The McCanns still seek donations for the fund but I have no doubt Brain Kennedy will continue to help them out – so why do they need more money?


viv said...

Wiz, they have demanded more for "private investigators" to find Maddie, but in these accounts have spent just £250,000, apparently out of nearly £2M - they actually want the British tax paying public to pay for the McCanns to fight our own legal system! I am so glad they never got as much as 10p from me and shame on all those papers and TV channels that gave them cash!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,
I think you have heard me mention that I used to work for the Express and still have a soft spot for them. So in reply to your last post – great bring it on!!

viv said...

Maybe it would be just too embarassing for Kennedy to actually pay their legal costs in criminal proceedings against them?

viv said...

Wiz, I did not know that actually but they have a good reputation for being a newspaper that takes criminals on, chews them up and then spits them out!

Wizard said...

Bye the way Viv I totally agree with you the fund should really be called the “Defense Pot”.

viv said...

Wiz I always remember Madam Rosie saying to me on the DE with particular malice and venom,

"I see through you, right through you"

all I can say is touche:-)))

but I am on the side of the little Angel and Angels win!

Wizard said...

Yes Viv I think you are right. Have to go out now but will be back later.

viv said...

Thanks for your great contribution to this thread Wiz and see you later!


Zodiac said...

'Furthermore, the Home Office will not comment on any of the information contained in
Goncal Amaral’s book, ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ as it would potentially undermine ongoing

From the new thread above. Do you see this Mum and Pops?

viv said...

Hiya Zodiac

and I do not think we should comment on that either. Goncalo needs to see justice and I am convinced that he will!


viv said...

ourladyoffatima on 3 As:

"This sordid attention by their "friends" would easily cause a messed-up, tantrum-prone little one. But I see a continuing pattern of exploitation of the product."

hope4truth said...

Hi All

There are many things I can say about the fund most have already been said (and the comments allowed on the DM are not very suportive of the fund so far) although I guess their media unit will spend a few thousand more on chimps to put that right...

My main concern is there is well over a million pounds left in the fund we now know the parents never helped search for their chid the friends never bothered to search. No one would go back to help the PJ with a reconstruction and Gerry did not answer all the questions and Kate refused to answer any...

SO with the above in mind I cant think there is a single reason to belive Madeleine was abducted (unless they planned it) and there is no point in having the fund.

If Madeleine was alive and had really been taken you would expect her parents to help try and find her not pay a fortune to a spin dr to make them look good?

I have put the fund breakdown on the notice board in my office and the more I look at it the more discusted I am 250k out of 2 million spent looking for her it is criminal...

People dont like being ripped off no wonder they were not in a huge hurry to publish the findings.... I have never seen a single poster for Madeleine abroad there were a few in the city centre when people were tying yellow ribbons round everything and collecting... I would love to know what the snoty bitch who shoved a bucket under my nose thinks of all her wasted weekends collection. When I said No Thank you I dont trust them she gave me an evil look I bet she feels ripped off now....

I have said before but the fund may just be their downfall fraud is a serious offence sadly some people take it more seriously than child abuse...


nancy said...

Hi Viv and everyone;

Many thanks for all the information from the dailies!!

Well, what a revelation! It seems the McCanns and their immediate family have done pretty well out of the Fund - no credit crunch for them eh!

Just why have the McCanns withheld all the money they have personally earned from the media, magazines, interviews, etc, which must run into hundreds of thousands, and yet they have taken personal earnings from the public to finance their expensive taste. By that I mean they opted for the very best professionals, i.e.lawyers (and accountants) money can buy! Now why would they need to do that unless they were very unsure of their innocence?

I agree that much has not been shown up on these accounts, but then if half the family are in on it, the odd thousand or so can easily be disposed of.

What they should do now is stop all this money being paid to private investigators, unless they want to pay for them out of the proceeds of sale from their Rothley pad and Gerry's earnings. Of course Kate has no need to work now - no wonder she gave up her day job!

If they really want to do something that Madeleine would be proud of, they should hand this money over to childrens' charities - at least then it would go to those who actually need it instead of all those vastly rich professionals whose coffers they are merely adding to, without any significant results from any of them so far!

And of course, Mr Pinky is still on a retainer. Just why do they need him still anyway - are they really so worried about speaking for themselves? He's certainly on a nice little earner too.

All this in Madeleine's name, a child who just wanted to be loved and cherished and here today with her siblings.


viv said...

Hiya both

Sorry in a bit of a rush so cannot answer in depth,

I would just say I think HM Government will have a lot of interest in that Fund

Proceeds of Crime Act!

Di said...

Afternoon all


Please accept my apoligies. I put Zodiacs name on the think to 3A's and should have put yours. Sorry, smiley blushes.

Di said...

HiDiHo from 3A's has made a good point.

Why were they charged bank charges of £7,363 when the account has always been in credit?

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

Bank charges - if you are a private individual and your account is in credit you do not pay bank charges. If you are a company, as the fund is, then you do pay bank charges. As you know the banks make almost obscene profits so there charges are high. Every transaction will be charged and just think of the individual donations etc that will have gone through that account and you will be able to see how the charges were made up – not forgetting of course – the charge made for every cheque that is written.

Wizard said...

Viv mentioned earlier the retribution the Express would like to take if things worsen for the Mcs. However I reckon today’s article was written through clenched teeth. It’s interesting to see how they report the recently published fund account. It’s also interesting or should I say creative the way they suggest £815,000 was spent in searching for Madeleine. Ummmmmmm


Fund for Madeleine McCann was launched a fortnight after she vanished
Thursday January 29,2009
Well-wishers donated nearly £2 million to the fund to find Madeleine McCann in the 10 months after she went missing, official accounts show.
More than £815,000 of the money was spent on the search for the little girl between her disappearance in May 2007 and March last year.

This included £250,000 for search fees, including Spanish private detectives Metodo 3, £111,522 for legal costs and £123,573 for campaign management, accounts filed to Companies House show.

Madeleine's Fund was launched a fortnight after she vanished from Praia da Luz, southern Portugal, on May 3 2007. Money flooded in from supporters around the world who wanted to do something to help her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Donations in the period to March 31 last year totalled £1,846,178, including £64,078 from sales of T-shirts and wrist bands.

Mr McCann's brother John, who is one of the fund's directors, said contributions had since dropped off. He wrote in a foreword to the accounts: "As expected, the level of donations has fallen over time, although we have a number of loyal donors continuing their support. Income in the new financial year is currently significantly lower than at the same time last year. However, our expenses are ongoing and likely to increase."

For legal reasons Madeleine's Fund was set up as a not-for-profit limited company rather than a charity. Its objectives are to secure Madeleine's safe return, to ensure that anyone involved in her disappearance is brought to justice, and to provide support to her family.

There was controversy when it was disclosed in October 2007 that the McCanns had used money from the fund to pay two mortgage payments on their home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Everyone who has so generously donated money to help find Madeleine can be assured that every penny has been accounted for and has been, entirely appropriately, spent one way or another on the search for Madeleine. The accounts have been independently audited and are entirely transparent."

Mr Mitchell's salary was previously paid by the McCanns' millionaire benefactor, Cheshire-based entrepreneur Brian Kennedy. But it is understood that he has been receiving a monthly retainer from the Madeleine Fund since September last year.

Wizard said...

So Clarence has been on a retainer from the fund since September 08 prior to this Brian Kennedy was paying him. Um……the accounts therefore do not show his salary for year ending 31 March 08 so the figure for campaign management of £123,573 did not reflect any payments to Mr. Pink. Surely that can’t be just McGuinesses fee or can it?

Wizard said...

Hi All, slightly off topic here but as we all struggle to pay our debts in this financial climate - I read with somewhat bemusement today that Shell makes £2.3M an hour.


Di said...

Hi Wizard

Thanks for pointing that out to me, and you are right there must have been many donations. I would imagine there are many very disappointed people today, who thought there money was going to be spent on finding Madeleine. Instead, as far as I am concerned it has just been wasted.

viv said...

Yes Di, Even on their own admission almost as much has gone on paying lawyers!

I think we need to back to that original interview the McCanns had in May 2007 with Jane Hill BBC, what are you doing with the Fund:

Well, it has enabled us to get a really good team of lawyers together

and, as we know, those highly expensive family lawyers they engaged were to get at police files, not to Find Maddie and in the end that very court action has been turned against them!

I think things started to look decidedly grim for the McCanns from about last September, hence they got Clarence back, and I am going to say it again, Tony Bennett set his Madeleine Foundation up last October!

It is very interesting that Kennedy now refuses to pay for Clarence. I imagine there has been a big fallout there with Kennedy raging, what help has he been,but Kate and Gerry still feeling he can help them!


viv said...

Extract from my post "PJ interested in Gerry's Mastercard Spending" last August and I still think British authorities wanted to prevent details being disclosed by Portugal, so that we could get them ourselves!

The second is that in the UK serious investigations are dealt with in an extremely confidential way, information is not leaked to the newspapers, unless it is a strategic measure in relation to certain information to further the enquiry, generally where a direct appeal to the public is being made for help and information. Therefore there may have been concern that ultimately, whatever we disclosed to the Portuguese authorities could either be revealed to the McCanns and the general public via the Portuguese press or, ultimately, via the opening up of the investigation as has now happened. Have we therefore deliberately held vital information back to further our own enquiry into the conduct of the McCanns? Increasingly, I feel this is a very real possibility. I have read that the specialist Economic Crimes Unit at LP have also been investigating this case. This is very pertinent to the facts of this case and IMO always has been. It has been abundantly clear from a very early stage that amassing large amounts of money are very important to the McCanns and that they used Madeleine as a marketing logo employing a number of firms specialising in this area to further that aim, like Mr Halligen for example. He has no expertise at all in finding missing children does he. The McCanns are clearly worried that his name has come out in the press and the fact that this man has apparently been "axed". It would seem he was not assisting in protecting the McCanns' image at all and therefore he had to go! Quite why that is of so much concern to their DG pal remains a mystery but I have a view as to why he may be involved and so concerned. In fact it would seem, even seeking to placate Mr Murat for the wrong done to him by the false accusations.... of paedophilia, something the apparent supporters of Kate and Gerry McCann do not think we should be discussing on here.

viv said...

Oh of course, from last September the files got released, so trying to kid the public became a bit of a lost cause, hence they decided to start pushing this death in the apt theory, to stop discussion of what has really been going on. Sorry Clarence!!

viv said...

How many chimps on 3 As, just going on and on and on about the rather irrelevant PC Grime report?

nancy said...

Considering how quickly the Madeleine Fund was put into the public eye, registered at Companies House, and money being collected like picking shells from the beach,I wouldn't be at all surprised if this Fund was already on the cards and organised long before the McCanns went to PdeL with Madeleine. They have a large house, and have to keep up their lifestyle, and pay their mortgage or lose their home, (they are already known to have paid two instalments, but who knows how many more have been paid using other people's hard earned cash)like many people today, but I don't think Gerry could face that possibility.

Gerry's blog 17th July 2007.

Madeleine has been missing for 75 days today and last night Kate and I attended mass to pray for her. On the back of the latest poster launched with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, extensive media coverage and millions of people who are desperate to find Madeliene, we are still hopeful that she will be safely returned. As parents,Kate and I cannot contemplate giving up the search for our daughter.

(Of course not Gerry, if you do the fund will run dry won't it? I hope all the money and fame will make up for the loss of your darling daughter, who may well have been returned for a million pound ransom (which you still have in the fund) if you had not advertised her eye defect to the whole world. That is of course if she was taken by a predator, which only you and a few other ostriches seem to believe.

And why did the accounts not show your earnings from your celebrity stunts and also the libel awards made to you and your infamous tapas pals.

Shame on you and yours for turning Madeleine's disappearance into a circus to be viewed by the world.

hope4truth said...

Mr Mitchell's salary was previously paid by the McCanns' millionaire benefactor, Cheshire-based entrepreneur Brian Kennedy. But it is understood that he has been receiving a monthly retainer from the Madeleine Fund since September last year.

Errr emmm exactly what bloody use is CM to Madeleine?

He has spun her parentns from neglceting scum and lying creeps into devestated and caring parents (devestated I dont bloody think so look at pictures of her 4th Birthday if you think I am evil for saying so)...

When my Company Accounts are published on Equifax it gives details of the highest paid Director and other staff wages it would be intresting to know how much Uncle John (is he the one in the T Shirt picture beaming with Gerry and Kate?)...

What a load of rubbish the internet fees are un real and I still cant understand why they are saying the donations are drying up in 18 months they have only spent 250k searching for Madeleine so they have more than enought to keep searching for the next 6 years...

They have done nothing wrong so they dont need a pink plonker or a leagal team!!!!

Wizard said...

John McCann, who is one of the fund's directors, said contributions had dropped off. He wrote in a foreword to the accounts, dated November 12 last year: "As expected, the level of donations has fallen over time, although we have a number of loyal donors continuing their support.
"Income in the new financial year is currently significantly lower than at the same time last year. However, our expenses are ongoing and likely to increase."

The Press Association are telling us that there is only £600,000 left in the fund and the Express pay out was apparently included in the accounts but other payments were note. So from 1stAprill 08 to now 9 months £400,000 has been spent plus any donations that have been received during this period, plus the T7 damages handed over to the fund?, plus paid interviews etc. What are they spending this money on. John McCann says their expenses are likely to increase – well I can only speculation on what expenses is he talking about.

hope4truth said...


It is a scandal that out of all that money only £250k has been spent searching...

It is about time the company accounts were frozen and an investigation was carried out to see what they have done with all the money...

Although if you take the money given to M3 to "search" it has all been bloody wasted...

Maybe they need to hide (i mean waste) a bit more before they bring Madeleine home...

A child is missing surley people would have voluntered to help run the campaign although if they had me I dont think they would have liked my Marketing Ideas as they would have been there to help Madeleine and get to the truth...


viv said...

I expect what John McCann means by expenditure is likely to increase is they have been gradually building up to looking for Maddie and at the two year point we will see them really go into action.

I am sure he does not mean what we think he means, does he Wiz, whoops, he is almost as good as his baby brother for putting his foot in it!

viv said...

Campaign management, £112,000, not bad for less than a year's ahem "work" John!

You know to just jack his job in, he must have known he was in it for the er long term, I expect Gerry told him that! Come on bro, loads a money!

Di said...

Hi Hope

I like your marketing ideas as they would have been exactly my own.

I can't remember where I read it but someone said why don't the people who donated money and feel let down ask for their money back.

Good point, all the phone voting sites have had to offer a refund to disgruntled people so why not the Maddie fund.

Di said...

Hi Wizard

5* hotels perhaps or maybe they could now do with another new car, times are tough credit crunch maybe a few more mortgage payments, all imo of course.

Di said...

Hi Viv

Hmm that answers my earlier question about how could he be living on fresh air.

Di said...


John I meant, I also wonder how many other fund Managers get this sort of salary.

viv said...

Interesting where that letter came from:

"Organised & International Crime Directorate"

Seems like UK think it was both organised and international. I have to concur!

What sort of crimes go on on at this level?

Throw the key away!

Justice for Maddie!!!

Niki said...

Hi and bye All:-)

Just wanted to ask Viv how much we owe her for blogging here!!

The Madeleine-web-page is worth 37.000 Pound!!

THIS site is updated every day:-)))

viv said...

Di, It was actually £123 not £112,000, Presumably Justine little fee which on memory was around £50 and made Gerry's blood boil comes out of the er "awareness" bit. The lady had to be restrained from taking Kate to go and visit an orphanage! But there again, until September maybe she had this curious idea they were innocent! When she found out otherwise she soon took off, I wonder if that is why Gerry was so cross with her, bad PR for him when his PR runs out on him!

Di said...

Posted by Happydog on 3A's

It makes for interesting reading..

Interesting old report about what a criminiologist thought of the McCanns.

"Interviewer: You have since early one warned that behavior of Gerry and Kate McCann is pointing towards them being involved, what had made you feel that way?

Ludke: In the latest years I have often been in contact with parents who had lost their child due to a crime. They are under massive shock, were helpless, were insecure, withdrawing themselves. They have an inner struggle, blaming themselves for possibly not have looked enough after their child.

Interviewer: Was it different with the McCanns?

Ludke: They live completely different, often harmonic. Already after a few days they went jogging, as if that was a normal thing to do, they always came together. These parents took matters into their own hands instead of leaving matters in the hands of the police. They distanced themselves from their two other children by going on a European tour, that to me is very strange.

Interviewer: Maybe it was an accident?

Ludke: No. In such a case, after the first shock they would have trusted the police. Both parents are doctors, in case of an accident they would have tried to get help. It is even more unrealistic that of all people two doctors would leave 3 children alone in a strange environment, even more at night. I have many doctors as patients. As professionals they know all that can happen to children, and as parents they are overly protective.

Interviewer: What could have been the motive, to disappear their own daughter?

Ludke: There are parents who have little to no emotional binding with a child. Often such a child is considered a burden, that is treated in a brutal or perverse way. The most known is the Munchhausen-by proxy-Syndrome: The mother hurts the child until it is almost not alive anymore and then calls for the police because she herself has a huge wish for attention.

Interviewer: Do you think it is possible that Madeleine's parents have killed Madeleine together and hidden her?

Ludke: I believe both have perpetrator knowledge.

Interviewer: You mean, the McCanns have planned the death of their daughter?

Ludke: Yes, it is possible that they have planned the act for a long time, at least in must have been in their minds often and they must have spoken about it together. Otherwise they would now be contradicting each others.

Interviewer: When parents are guilty of killing their child, do they block that out of their minds?

Ludke: not likely. Both are very much conscious, give interviews, travel. It is for them easier to lie then to tell the truth.
One can rule out a psychoses. Many things are pointing towards mentally disturbed. The children of the McCanns were conceived artificially, that can lead to problems in parenthood. Maybe a lack of self esteem that is not often talked about. Maybe the child had to die for a problem that had been going on for many years.

Interviewer: But the McCanns seem perfect and loving parents.

Ludke: That image to the outside world can be due to a guilt mechanism when on a media campaign, and to distract from the real problem.

Interviewer: Why do they not go back to Great Britain?

Ludke: That also speaks against them, when someone looses a child they want to be with loved ones in a trusted surrounding. When they continue to stay on that resort, there were something terrible happened the worse that can happen to a parent, being loosing a child, that points towards a permanent survival instinct, images of what happened must pop up when being there. That the McCanns do not return home, where they also can have memories of happy times with their children can be a way out, to not be de-connected with what they have done.

Interviewer: The world thinks it is impossible that these parents can be guilty.

Ludke: the media are probably been taken on by the McCanns. Very soon they have been thinking of themselves instead of of the child. De parents were treated like the Beckhams. In his Internet diary the father writes almost daily about that and irrelevant/banal things, which shirt he was wearing, what the weather is like. That isn't a father that is worried. Statisticly 70 percent of all the violence against children is caused by the parents, family members or friends. That has unfortunately not been looked into. The Portuguese police was treated very unfairly when pointing towards that." posted by Sienna

About Criminal Psychologist Dr. Christian Lüdke:

1. Staatsexamen (Sek. II) in Erziehungswissenschaft,
kath. Theologie und Sport
Promotion zum Doktor der Philosophie in der Fächerkombination
Erziehungswissenschaft, Soziologie und Sportmedizin

1989: New York / USA, Arbeit mit schwer erziehbaren Kindern- und Jugendlichen
1991-1999: Psychologische Ausbildung von Spezialeinheiten (SEK, MEK und VG)
bei der Fortbildungsstelle für Spezialeinheiten der Polizei in NRW
1999-2001: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Universität zu Köln / Lehrstuhl für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie

2001-2007: Geschäftsführer der HumanProtect Consulting GmbH
Psychologische Akutintervention und Rehabilitation nach
(Bank-)Überfällen, Geiselnahmen, Unfällen, Katastrophen und
anderen belastenden Ereignissen

viv said...

Niki darling,

Do you think I should set out some Fund Objectives rename the Blog The Viv Foundation and put up a paypal button?


viv said...

Maybe I could even sell some tacky arm bands and tee shirts, or would that be stealing the McCanns media campaign?

Di said...

Off to watch tv

Will look in later if I get the chance.

viv said...

Maybe I should write a booklet:-)))

"60 Reasons Why I Am Misinforming the Publice and Trying to Pervert the Course of Justice"

Niki said...

Ah, Viv! Forgot to ad in my post:

Thank you ever SOOOO MUCH, for doing this for FREE:-))))



Di, thank's for interesting post!

viv said...

But of course Niki

Whenever money gets involved there is the potential for corruption!


Niki said...

When it comes to corruption..

I'm sure Claudia, Zodiac and Nancy were up to something some days ago with that 2500 they wanted to share?!?!

viv said...

Well that was a slip on Claudia's behalf and I will have to send her an email, she is not supposed to disclose that I pay people to post on here:-)))

Zodiac said...




Very interesting post. Althought I do not agree with the interviewer when he/she says this:

'Interviewer: The world thinks it is impossible that these parents can be guilty.'

Night all read you tomorrow.

Niki said...

Viv/Zod LOL!

Was supposed to leave, but thought I'd just have a little peak to see if Gerry had written any new blog. He has not since November.

Anyway, at the fund-page, is sais:

"All donations will be processed free of charge."

So what are they charged for in the bank?

NOW I am off... Se you tomorrow, and have a good night:-)

viv said...

Seriously now Niki

Gerry has been really down in the dumps since last November, the blog was all hope and optimism....for himself and Kate, but the rotten British Government are not supporting them after all! Cads!

They are supporting little Maddie and Justice xxx


viv said...

Niki, It just means you will incur no charge for making the payment but as they have a business bank account they have to pay bank charges.

I wonder if Kate and Gerry have a private one too, for all those cash in brown envelope donations that Clarence was begging the public to keep on sending, would not surprise me!

We have had terrible scandals and big court actions in UK before, all over money in brown envelopes from Mr Al Fayed ..


hope4truth said...

I see 4 of the scum who helped Sean Mercer pervert the course of justice over Rhys Jone's Murder all got sentenced today... One for 7 years (I belive this was the boy who supplied the gun and IMHO should have got a lot longer)...

I hope every person who has lied spun or intimidated on behalf of the McCann's have very sleepless nights until the day that the police come knockig on their doors to take them to the station and ask a few questions....

Still they have done nothing wrong so I suppose maybe some of them may answer questions and some wont but by the time all the answers have been colated they will be stuffed...

Kate wont answer any questions and Gerry will do his best to pass the buck but at the end of the day it will be intresting to see how loyal they all are when it comes down to it?

The fund reads very badly it certainly was not used to search for Madeleine it clearly was used as a get out of jail free card I mean Media Monotoring who the hell needs that when a child is missing???

Poor Madeleine she was worth a lot less than the lawyers and website media monotoring and the spin drs and now it is there in black and white it reads very very badly...

hope4truth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nancy said...

Wizard -

I think John McCann must be talking about the extra expenses they are incurring to hire those ultra specialist lawyers who they are surely going to need once the whole truth of this scam comes out!

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I wonder if the police will want a little chat with Mr Corner, the film maker who thinks Maddie is very beautiful and charismatic and was so helpful in August 07 doing that documentary with the McCanns.

When you look back it all looks very cold calculating and perverted!


nancy said...

That Judge must be living on another planet - I wish he was!

Seven years for the murder of a young lad whose parents are going through hell knowing they will never see him again!

Just how much is a life worth these days, especially such a young one.

I despair quite honestly!

nancy said...

Hi Niki -

How can you say that about Claudia Zodiac and me!

I'm just trying to jump on the McCann's band wagon that's all because I'm really jealous.

I must try to think up a scam that I can go world wide with and then enlist the public to support me (and my family of course)!

Has anyone got any ideas?


nancy said...

Hi Viv -

I've always thought that JC knows more than he lets on. He's obviously a very, very close friend of the McCanns, and was very quick to defend them. What he said about Madeleine being 'so beautiful' was really out of order bearing in mind they think she was taken by a paedophile!

Mind you, it seems that the whole bunch of their so called friends are moronic when it comes to children!

Off for the evening now - see you all tomorrow!


hope4truth said...

Hey Guys we had best make the most of the free posting now Viv knows it costs a fortune to set up a web site she will be asking for cash in brown envelopes and lets face it we would all give as we would never want to take advantage...

I would be intrested to know just how much and who from their freinds and family donated to the fund not being funny but I would be outraged if a family memeber charged me a penny to help find my daughter!!!!!

Wizard said...

Viv, when talking about John Mc you say. “ You know to just jack his job in, he must have known he was in it for the er long term, I expect Gerry told him that! Come on bro, loads a money!”
Well that is an obvious major clue in this case. Nobody would leave a job, especially at his age, and take on a job which might have only lasted a few weeks. So Gerry must have convinced him MBM was not going to found in the short term, now how did he know that? Well ...it seems very obvious to me.

Wizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nancy said...

Wizard -

I was just closing down and saw your last post and just had to come back on it.

Of course, and why has nobody ever commented on that (except you now of course). Just why would he have left his job to take this on when Maddie could have been found the following day or week.

In fact that query could equally be applied to the Fund. Why set up a company straight away with all the obvious organisation needed when Maddie could have been found even before it got off the ground! Just doesn't make sense at all.

Answers on a post card please:

I would say they knew Maddie wouldn't turn up and that's why it was all set up in the first place!

Thanks for drawing our attention to that Wiz!


hope4truth said...


It is strange that Kate said she had been taken and they all belived her and did not bother to search for her when far more likely she had wandered off looking for them.

It is strange that Gerry was talking about the year aniversary so soon after she was missing...

It is very strange for his Brother to give up a well paid job to manage a fund that within a week would no longer be needed as Madeleine had been found alive and well..

The whole thing is strange and something very evil is being allowed to happen which is discusting when it is a 3 year old child who has been let down and possibly murdered....

The public are no longer fooled by them just looking at those figures in black and white is simply shocking...


Wizard said...

I was just reading Big L on 3A’s and I nearly choked. He announced that Sky News were reporting that the Mc’s had just been awarded a Lottery grant. LOL

Imo the Mc’s have already won the lottery!

Wizard said...

Well said Hope!

hope4truth said...


I love Big_L he is wonderful an hysterical thanks for posting that xxx

viv said...


It is the meticulous planning, certainty and organisation that really gives them away, yes, but, did they seriously believe they could get away with this?

Just what sort of people are Gerry, John and Philomena McCann and what has made them so intensely odd?

There is another sister, cannot remember her name off hand who has stayed with them and helped a lot with the twins but somehow she seems the relatively normal one out the bunch.

Some peculiar look on John McCanns face as he explains how he spends all his days negating the lies the press have told. He used to make quite a lot of public statements, prior to that it was Philomena. I guess all these expensive image consultants must have explained, at great cost, their image and persona does not actually come across any better than Gerry himself.

So then we increasingly get Clarence Mitchell explaining how he spends all his days negating the lies the press tell. Which ones would those be given the British Press have been printing everything he told them to say. It is like he wants to have it all ways really, he tells the press exactly what to say, and then he complains he has to negate the pack of lies they are telling. How bizarre!

Meanwhile, us ordinary folk with a conscience and concern for little children just get left with this feeling, now how was that helping to find Maddie?


viv said...

There is a programme on TV, Piers Morgan looking at the fantastic wealth and property development in Dubai. Footballers who bought a property 6 years ago £400,000 and they are now worth ten times that.

I wonder if Gerry has salted some away in Dubai, just for when he gets released?

Have you ever thought I just wish I could watch Gerry checking out the blogs on his laptop?

Have you seen that little video piece that Stevo on 3 As has?

He twitters, he gesticulates, he grins and baffoons. Maybe not the latter two if he was reading this!!

How dreadful to have hatched what you in your supremely egotistical and psychopathic way think is a fiendishly cunning plan, to have even bloggers sitting there working it all out.

How even more dreadful to think of all those law enforcement agencies complete with Forensic Psychologists and High Court judges sitting there working it all out? It must have been awful for Kate and Gerry to feel forced to make that application, get sent the responses from various law enforcement agencies and then just have to say away and cower, while Mrs Justice Hogg sat and read all about it.

viv said...

A load of old money laundering?

Mc Cann break with private detectives
Maddie case. Company received 600 thousand euros but had few results
The team of private detectives who were investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann left the case after receiving more than 600 thousand euros in the last six months, withdrawn from the fund set up to find the child.

According to a story from yesterday's Daily Mail newspaper, the company of detectives, the Oakley International, which has former British secret service agents and contacts in the FBI, had been contracted for six months to evaluate all the clues related to the disappearance of child.

When British newspaper, a source revealed that the company also spent resources in an attempt to infiltrate a network of pedophiles in Belgium.

The company's contract will not be renewed because, according to the same newspaper, the manager of the Fund Madeleine McCann, Brian Kennedy, was dissatisfied with the way the investigations were taking at a time when several people asked how the fund was being managed.

Kennedy found that the monthly charge by detectives, 80 thousand pounds (around 100 thousand euros) was too high, taking into account the results that would be presented. The collapse took place after being hired a firm of auditors to check how the funds were being used. Despite being dissatisfied with the course of investigations, Kennedy did not want to make any comment to the newspaper.

After the fees paid to the team of detectives, left little more than 600 thousand euros in the fund, together with public donations. The parents of Maddie, Kate and Gerry - adds the Daily Mail - agreed with the decision.

Before this company, the fund employed a firm of Spanish detectives called Method 3. The administration also lost the confidence in this company, especially from the moment they announced they would find Madeleine by Christmas 2007.

A spokesman for the couple said the couple McCann that the fund and those who always sought the support select the best people and resources to find Madeleine.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from a resort in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, on the night of May 3, 2007, nine days before completing four years.

At the beginning of the month the prosecutor decided to close the case, saying that was not confirmed by any of the evidence which had been made defendants girl's parents.

viv said...

Still cannot quite get my head around "Brian Kennedy is manager of the Fund". He puts himself in some real awkward spots for these two, I wonder why he would take such risks?

I suppose it is just another big business deal to him!


The thing is what did they do with little Maddie, this "beautiful and charismatic little lady"?

hope4truth said...

Good God

Just watching the news and the scum who helped cover up Rhys's murder cheered and celebrated after reciving their sentances...

Lets hope they are sent far away from their homes to tough jails where it is put around before they arrive that they are part of an evil cover up over a childs death and lets see how they cheer when they are greated by inmates who think anyone who harms a child and thinks it is funny will soon learn it is not...

Ugly little scum bags the three jailed today nothing about them at all... I am so anti violence but there is just too much of this behaviour and lack of respect..

I hope the 3 that were jailed today come out broken and will spend the rest of their lives scared of their own pathetic shadows...

viv said...

From 3 As and rather well spotted, I wonder why the Express are saying their half a million was included in the £1.8 M in the accounts, is this to show them up as being false, the devil is in the detail! Of course it could just be they spent that sum in between October 2007 and March, we know a lot was going to M3 but not according to the accounts, Clarence says these accounts are honest and transparent, we can assume that means just the opposite. Is he going to do time as well!


there was only a couple weeks between the express agreeing to apologise and pay out damages and the end of march - so maybe it didnt go through straight away - it may have been paid directly to the mccanns and they didnt put it in the fund straight away too

as at end of march 2008

donations via bank 1.4m
donations via internet .4m

october 2007 CM said there was 1.2 m in the fund (live on radio)

if the express payout was included it would have had to be part paid via bank and part via internet (if you look at the above) and also mean hardly no donations were received since october 07
i dont think its included - jmo

and here is a video with uncle john agreeing its going into the fund

http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid ... 97&bbcws=2

viv said...

Hiya Hope

As they are young people, I just hope they do not come out of prison even worse than when they went in, otherwise Society will be having to deal with them again, in the future!

I hope it helps Rhys's parents in the grieving process and closing the door on another sad chapter.


Cláudia said...

Hello, guys. Hope you're all well.
Interesting numbers about the Fund. Loved the 'Media Monitoring'. And damn, what an expensive site for the crap it is. Some of my kids could do better for a few Playstation games.
Watching a bit of Tv and then bed!

viv said...

Well yes Claudia Hun, it is very expensive crap that webpage, our own are much better and completely free.

Gerry looks down on his 3 year old daughter and thinks to himself how beatiful she is, you may look down on your sleeping wife and think that, but surely not a 3 year old, more like how cute, how gorgeous, very odd:

Of course the PJ wanted a detailed account of his movements, but suspect that is not what they got! I suppose they had such a nice week because they managed to dump the kids day and night, get lots of sport and drinking in, being competitive and getting pissed, two things that would appeal to Gerry but not that night, I suspect, he needed to be quite sober. Probably had those drinks early on for sustenance knowing he "needed" a few, but not later..so he just grabbed another, well of course!

Just after 10 pm, there is a lot to be said for keeping fit!

I thought it was quite hot and I did not need to cover her up, funny Jane talks about this heavily dressed man, how she had a big sweater on and it was really rather cold. I suppose he meant he did not need to cover her up when he carried her off in her skimpy little PJs.

"I ran along the same route I always took", interesting I wonder if he was thinking of another route he took that night! Quite a defensive statement that, one of those "seemingly irrelevant" things offenders say, as we know in the trade! But generally pretty relevant..

This one is simply priceless, what a prat you are Gerry McCann! That was you figuring out what must have happened was it, plonker! How thoughtful of you to even get the workmen in to mend the wonky shutters and just drop that in, drop anyone in it why don't you. I am glad you have made Robert Murat a millionaire he deserves it for all the suffering you caused!

"To my surprise I realised I could lift up the window shutters without effort and almost without making noise."

Cuddlecat and her blanket still there, you never even allowed her that little luxury did you, I wont say what I am thinking now..


Gerry McCann gave Portuguese police a detailed account of his movements in the hours running up to his daughter's disappearance.

After playing tennis in the afternoon of May 3, 2007, he returned to their holiday apartment.

According to the Spanish TV reports, Gerry told police: "When I arrived at the apartment I was surprised to see that Kate had taken care of the children and had even had a shower.

"I sat down with the children and I read them a bedtime story.

"At 7.15pm we put them to sleep.

"At 7.30pm we were sat in the living room and relaxing, Kate with a wine and me with a beer.

"We talked about what a nice week we'd had and what an ideal holiday it had been.

"Just before 8pm I went to shower and change.

"We had just a little time so I had another wine while I was watching TV then we went out."

The heart surgeon checked on his children around 9pm.

He added: "I saw the angle of their door had changed and it was open around 45 degrees.

"I thought perhaps Madeleine had woken up and left the room.

"Out of the corner of my eye I looked in our room and couldn't see her.

"Then I opened the children's door 60 degrees and looked to the left and saw Maddie sleeping with her head on the pillow on the right hand side of the bed.

"She was breathing softly and I thought how beautiful she looked.

"I thought it was quite hot and I didn't need to cover her up."

In his statement, he described the terrifying moment he learnt of Madeleine's disappearance just after 10pm.

He said: "Kate came running to the bar and said, 'Maddie's not there, someone has taken her,'"

"I couldn't believe it and ran towards the apartment along the same route I always took. I looked everywhere.

"I returned to the children's room and I tried to think what could have happened.

"To my surprise I realised I could lift up the window shutters without effort and almost without making noise.

"When I entered I realised that Maddie's bed was almost intact. The corner of the outside of the sheets was turned a little.

"But the pillow, her Cuddle Cat and the blanket she had slept with were almost in the same place as I had seen them the last time."

Mr McCann also told police that workmen had come into their holiday apartment to fix a broken window shutter in the main bedroom just two days before she disappeared.

viv said...


Clarence Mitchell slams 'lazy' Madeleine McCann coverage

* Oliver Luft
* guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 11 November 2008 10.20 GMT
* Article history

British journalists following the Madeleine McCann case in Portugal last year were responsible for lazy and distorted stories, the press adviser to the missing child's family, Clarence Mitchell, has said.

Speaking at the Society of Editors conference in Bristol yesterday, Mitchell told delegates that he faced the daily problem of dealing with inaccuracies created by a hungry British press pack. He added that 99% of the stories coming out of the local media in Praia da Luiz were "totally inaccurate lies".

and Tony Bennett says, well just the same funnily enough! How odd:

Not sure of the date he wrote this but website "went live" I think he said in October, so the timing seems uncannily close, too! Time you shut up Tony, Clarence is bad enough but he is not quite as stupid as you!


We have done our best to ensure that the information below is accurate - not easy in this case of claim and counter-claim, rumours, smears and, not least, lazy and inaccurate media reporting of the case here in the United Kingdom.

hope4truth said...


I am all for rehabilitaion but I do hope they come out knowing they are not big and clever and never have the nerve or evil manners to think what they did was funny and they have something to be proud of...

For Rhys's parents having to listen to them celebrating for what they did to their son is horendous and IMHO (and I know it probebly cant be done in law) they should have all been brought back to the doc and had their sentances doubled...


hope4truth said...

Gerry said..

"I thought perhaps Madeleine had woken up and left the room.

But Kate said that she could not have got up and just walk off if she could leave the room she could leave the apartment the fact that no one was allowed to think this shows they know exactly what happend to her....

Night all xxxx

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I think Kate knew she could not get up because she was drugged up, I would not be surprised if they did not put a nappy on her they are so vile!

Nite Nite

Things are going well, if we do not get little Maddie, we are going to get Justice!


Di said...

Good morning all

From Gerry's statement.

Gerry says Kate said Maddie's not there, someone has taken her.

So Kate we have further proof of your lies, you stated on camera she was never called Maddie.

How these two are getting away with all these lies is beyond me.

nancy said...

Hello Di -

I always understood that she screamed out "they've taken her", and that's why I thought it strange the tapas and Gerry knew straight away that she meant Maddie, when it could have been Amelie.

Am I wrong about that?

Di said...

Hi Nancy

So did I, but Gerry's statement that Viv has posted above says Kate said Maddie's not there, someone has taken her.

Di said...

Taken from Jane Tanner's rogatory interview. I thought it was only the Payne's who had a baby monitor.

checking on the children from the proximity of the restaurant?”
Reply "Yeah, yeah.”
4078 "And you felt okay with what…”
Reply "I think with that plus the monitor that we had I think we just thought yes it’s fine
and I think you know your own children, again, we were proved wrong because Exx
did wake up but they tend to, they sleep well, if they wake up it tends to be in the
middle of the night, not early on, you know. And things like that you just, we were
just weighing it up and it seemed a reasonable risk, well I did think of it as a
reasonable risk then it just, we thought it would be fine.”

and further one she says

4078 "And secondly, up until the Tuesday night, because that’s as far as we’ve got at the
moment, is there anything else with hindsight that you have thought of about, that
might have contributed to Madeleine’s disappearance?”
35.30 Reply "Err, no I think the only thing that I have thought in retrospect is the fact that I went
down to test the baby monitor that first, first night. I mean sometimes I put, because
we were worried about the, what do you call it, the reach of the baby monitor,

nancy said...

Di -

Gerry said, "At 7.15pm we put the children to sleep; we sat and had a drink and talked about what a nice week we'd had and what an ideal holiday it had been"!

Ideal for who Gerry? Certainly not for the children who spent most of the time in the creche or in bed left on their own - and those words - we put the children to sleep - (just how did they put them to sleep, that's the question)!

nancy said...

Di -

It was only the Payne's who said they had a baby monitor in the first place, but of course Lady Jane is not known for her honesty and consistency is she? Well that goes for the whole lot of them if the truth be known!

Di said...


How true. We put the children to bed would have been more appropriate.

Di said...

This was posted by Ironside on 3A's well worth a read,I don't agree with the last sentence though.



Wizard said...

Hi All,

Di - Thank you for the link, some good points were raised by Anne Enright however this account was written in October 2007 and a lot more has come to light for those who have been following the case.

Enright says….

“In one – unverified – account of her interrogation, Kate McCann is said to have responded to the accusation that the cadaver dog had picked up the ‘scent of death’ on her clothes by saying that she had been in contact with six dead patients in the weeks before she came on holiday. My doctor friend doubted this could be true of a part-time GP, unless, we joked, she had ‘done a Shipman’ on them.”

Ummm… many a true word is spoken in jest ...well perhaps.

Wizard said...

The Evening Standard reporting on 21.07.08 about a Portuguese report says one of the reasons why the McCanns arguido status was dropped was because of the following error:-

“Another error highlighted in the report was that when British "cadaver dogs" apparently caught the scent of death in the flat, Portuguese detectives did not take into account that GP Mrs McCann had come into contact with six patients who died before she went on holiday.”

I think we can say with some certainty that KM did say she had visited 6 dead patient in the weeks prior to her holiday.

There is also a comment from Mr Pink in this same article which in the light of the recent publishing of the Funds accounts seems a little out of place.

“Mr Mitchell added: "It's a great shame that Mr Amaral apparently feels the need to make money out of Madeleine's disappearance.” LOL Pot and kettle comes to mind.

hope4truth said...

I cant believe a part time GP would come accross 6 dead people in a week???

But if she did I have three questions...

Does she wear the same trousers to work everytime she goes...

And how does she attend to the dead by sitting on them???

For the scent to get on to her trousers she must have been very close when two fingers to the side of the neck and a look into the eyes is the normal way people check for life....

Or did she try and resusitate each of these 6 people in her horrid black and white checked trousers?

hope4truth said...


SO CM is doing the spinning for free then is he??? What a joke!!!!!!!!


Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Hope I agree regarding the cadaver transfer. How would it also explain the red T-shirt, cuddlecat and the accommodation in Portugal? I thought cadaver could only transfer from a dead body to an item/environment it (the body itself) was in contact with!

Zodiac said...


'LOL Pot and kettle comes to mind.'

Especially now as the accounts are in the public domain and we actually see how many are living off the gravy train. Looks like more people making/taking money out of it than actual doing what it says on the tin. Looking for Madeleine my harris!

Wizard said...

Hope lol – the mind boggles!

“And how does she attend to the dead by sitting on them???”

Wizard said...

Daily Star 30/1/09

"The fund currently stands at around £600,000 as the couple continue to fork out in their relentless bid to find Maddie."

Well the rest of the article gives a cynical account of where the money went without saying anything libellous of course. So £600K left plus the T7 libel contributions and interview fees. So much money spent and not one iota closer in finding out what happened to MBM.

Wizard said...

Yes Zodiac so many people making a good living out of MBM.

Di said...

Hi All

I have to say I have yet to see a Doctor in my surgery wearing cropped trousers, it would look very unprofessional. I think Kate was taken totally surprised by the question and said the first thing that came into her head.

Was it GA who said he was convinced Kate was about to break but a UK official stopped questioning?

Wizard said...

Yes I think your right Di she said the first thing that came into her head. She might have been called to see a deceased person but 6 and all whilst wearing check cut offs, in April, in England. Can’t be true – I wonder whose job it was to check it out?

Zodiac said...

'so many people making a good living out of MBM.'

Wizard I cannot understand why JM had to give up his job to run the Fund. What exactly does he do? Could he not have kept his own job and helped out with the Fund in his own time to find his missing niece? I cannot help having a vision (argh it is catching) of nookie bear or ET sitting in a comfy chair in a front room all day and night with a laptop typing a lot of the poopaganda the net has been subjected too!

Wizard said...


“I cannot help having a vision (argh it is catching) of nookie bear or ET sitting in a comfy chair in a front room all day and night with a laptop typing a lot of the poopaganda the net has been subjected too!”

LOL - Visions are catching I cannot get over the image presented by Hope of Kate sitting on the dead to check if they still are alive. Mind you the Mc’s always have an answer so probably Kate forgot her stethoscope and uses instead this tried and tested method to establish death.

Di said...

Hi Zodiac


Di said...


Don't forget the fingers under the nose, although most sensible people would look for a pulse.

Zodiac said...

Hope - LOL!


'forgot her stethoscope and uses instead this tried and tested method to establish death.'



Zodiac said...

Hi Di,

'Don't forget the fingers under the nose, although most sensible people would look for a pulse.'

And then take their little ones to hospital to get a blood test and also make sure they have not been subjected to anything else considering they believe the missing child was taken by paedophiles!

Wizard said...


“ Most sensible people would feel for a pulse.” Well there’s always an innocent explanation. It was April and cold and the good doctor could not take her gloves off so pulse taking was out of the question – hello - another vision leather gloves, fur coat and this height of chic professionalism was combined with check cotton cut offs. lol

Zodiac said...

'Don't forget the fingers under the nose, although most sensible people would look for a pulse.'

Whoops sorry Di I thought you meant her checking the twins. Makes you think though what was she checking for when doing that such as FP described!

Wizard said...

I forgot to mention the flip-flops.

Zodiac said...

'I forgot to mention the flip-flops.'

What would she do with the flip flops? Hit the patient with one to see if their is a reaction. If he/she yelps 'oi you f****n barstewrd what do you fink you are doin' then it would be safe to say they were alive!

Wizard said...

Right on Zodiac! Another tried and tested method - lol

hope4truth said...


Wizard the quote you took from Di's link...

“In one – unverified – account of her interrogation, Kate McCann is said to have responded to the accusation that the cadaver dog had picked up the ‘scent of death’ on her clothes by saying that she had been in contact with six dead patients in the weeks before she came on holiday. My doctor friend doubted this could be true of a part-time GP, unless, we joked, she had ‘done a Shipman’ on them.”

What interigation do you think they are talking about here as far as I know she was only interigated (interviewed) once and in that interview (the one her Mother was so proud of her for standing her corner) she refused to answer a single question for Madeleine...

It wont be long before the news starts to report this again (as I said before anything to bury the Credit Crunch) and the fund looks very bad put it together with some facts from the investigation and they are screwed...

Cant wait for Madeleine to be brought back though it will be a wonderful day if she is still alive I just hope she is as important as Shannon and kept safe...


Zodiac said...

'I just hope she is as important as Shannon and kept safe...'

Hear hear!

Wizard said...

The accounts show high fees paid to accountants and auditors why did they need both?

An accountant does the books, the auditor double checks and scrutinizes the accountant and book keepers to make sure everything is correct.

No cooks were mentioned so was this double check necessary to ensure no one was cooking the books? I think auditors and accounts weren’t really necessary - £13,366 auditors fees - £7,363 accountancy fees. I wonder if Kennedy had a hand in this decision.

hope4truth said...

Hi WIzzard

A limited company has to have it's books audited once a year at year end to make sure they are accounting corectly...

The fee does seem very high though?

I find most of the breakdown discusting the media monotoring fee was so bloody wrong they did not need this at all (well they may have but Madeleine did not)...

We have to realise as well that the books were presented in the best way they could present them.

I still cant get over they are bleating in the introduction about funds drying up and when ou realise they only spent 250k actually searching the whole thing is a mockery as they have years worth of money left to keep looking...

Madeleine does not need lawyers merchendise or media monitors she just needs Adults to put her first and actually investigate her bloody parents and demand they answer the questions....

Our press has let this child down our polotitions have let this child down lets hope now the facts are out there the public as a whole stop letting this child down and demand someone investigates fully...

Uncle John gave up a high paid job to become the director of a fund that may have been closed after a week that is bloody dodgey... And as I said the other day if a memeber of my family wanted to make money helping find my child I would never forgive them....


viv said...

Hiya all, very interesting posts again.

I wonder if having the libel damages paid into the fund is some sort of tax avoidance strategy. I think as they are described as a "donation to the fund" and paid into that fund no tax is payable, but that might have been different if they became the private income of Kate and Gerry McCann. How would they have dealt with that in their tax return?

I have tried to see if libel damages are tax free, I know that personal injury damages are but it could clearly be argued the two are very different. Short of consulting a tax barrister I am not sure but I think that may explain it!


Wizard said...

Thank for info Hope.

I've just been reading 3A's re the fund accounts notes - 6 Related Party Transactions

Reimbursement of shipping costs of £ 1,822 was paid on a non profit basis to River, a media company of which Jon Corner is a director. Mr Corner is also a director of Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited

A chilling aside from Stevo on 3A’s on this subject. “I did extensive research on the billboard. It was engineered by John McCann. IMO the Billboard was their first attempt at repatriating Madeleine during the Rome trip. The billboard didn't work out so perhaps Jon Corner shipped a ton of camera gear out there and they figured out a way to use his crate to return the gear with an "additional" package.

I hadn't thought of Corner helping in this regard but it's interesting that he had to go to Portugal with a load of camera gear and then based himself over 100 miles from PDL and in the opposite direction from Faro. It never did make any sense and neither did the trip to Huelva with all those family members in tow.”

Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction?

viv said...

It is interesting the Daily Express make the point of mentioning those damages were paid into the Fund but they become transformed from "damages" to Kate and Gerry McCann to a "donation to the fund" by means of the wording of the settlement agreement which can clearly seek to avoid tax.

viv said...


Maybe that one would be better left on 3 As! Bizarre! Is the suggestion he did all that purely to help bring Maddie's by now utterly fetid corpse back. I think some people have some pretty repugnant thoughts!

Yes what about that terrible smell!


viv said...

Does it not make more sense that Corner based himself in Huelva because he had accommodation there, and they had decided it would be a good publicity trip?

Do you remember Rosie on DE saying she/he knew all about the route between Huelva and PDL because had travelled it many times!

It is not unreasonable to think that a person who has written countless thousands of venomous posts is one of them!

viv said...

The persistent argument that was run was the PJ never closed the border and the abductor could have made it to Huelva in about an hour and a half and then ferries through to Morocco!

Wizard said...

Good Evening Viv,

Huelva onto Morocco well all is possible but imo unlikely. International paedophiles never rang true.

viv said...

Very unlikely Wiz but that was what they were telling us, and Rosie has told us very loud and clear:-)))

Di said...

Hi all

Ester McVey

Stated that McCann's legal fees are not to be paid by the fund.

Obviously there was a change of mind.


Di said...

Was Jon Corner in Huelva when Kate & Gerry were visiting the Pope?

viv said...

Hiya Di

There are an awful lot of legal fees including in these accounts but presumably the McCanns will say these are not fees to criminal lawyers but to family lawyers and those connected with setting up the fund. That is hard to believe though following my post to you the other night I looked again and clearly there are even more!

What Fund did the £100,000 from Mr Branson go into?? That was expressly for legal fees I believe!

They have had to release these accounts but it is another 6" nail for them!


Wizard said...

This German publication claims – see below - How did they glean this information from the accounts - or is it just pure speculation?
http://www.oe24.at/welt/weltchronik/Rae ... 424826.ece

The McCanns are not able to answer some questions related to the fund.
A Google-translation:
2.2 million euros
Puzzles to donate money for Maddie
London, 30 January 2009

The McCanns can not answer the question of the use of the donations.

More than 2.2 million in donations collected since the parents of the girl in May 2007 abgängigen Maddie McCann in the first eight months after the disappearance of their daughter. But in the same period, said Gerry and Kate McCann did not even spend half of the money for the search for Maddie . This is just published a list of income and expenditure of "Finding Madeleine Foundation showed.

High Revenue
On the revenue side of this record donations in the amount of 2.252 billion euros. The sale of Maddie T-shirts and bracelets supplied 81,000 euros, 42,000 euros plus interest.

Ausgabeseitig beat especially the private detectives to Beech (316,000 euros), followed by the Public Relations (156,000 euros) and the legal costs (141,000 euros). Here the production costs for some posters, TV spots, T-shirts, bracelets (103,000 euros). In total, around two million euros.

It remains a surplus of 1.345 million euros. One explanation for its use so far remained McCanns guilty. They announced in the near future a further balance to publish.

Di said...


Thanks for that, interesting times ahead, it's a pity our press are not asking questions!

Di said...

Hi Viv

Or did Richard Branson withdraw his support?

Why also are we not hearing anything of the reward money? Is it still there or was it retracted when they were made arguidos?

viv said...

From The Telegraph clearly one of our more reputable papers! So that £100,000 msut have been paid in during the period these accounts cover, if not there is a separate fund which they did talk about.
Richard Branson offers £100,000 for Madeleine McCann legal fund

By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
Last Updated: 2:12AM BST 17 Sep 2007
1 of 2 Images
Madeleine McCann
The McCanns have announced an £80,000 campaign to help find Madeleine
Kate and Gerry McCann at the wedding of a friend
Kate and Gerry McCann at the wedding of a friend

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has put forward £100,000 to help kick start a legal fund to clear Kate and Gerry McCann.

* Madeleine McCann: The unanswered questions
* In full: The Madeleine McCann case

The couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, are official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance and face further questioning by detectives investigating the case.

They returned to the UK last weekend, but the scrutiny surrounding them has continued unabated.

Detectives in Portugal are said to be working on the theory that Mrs McCann may have accidentally killed her daughter and relied on her husband to cover it up, a claim they reject as “ludicrous”.

Sir Richard has been in touch with several wealthy figures to encourage them to contribute to the McCanns’ legal fund.

He has also spoken directly to Mr and Mrs McCann to offer them his support.

A spokeswoman for the tycoon said: “This is a chance to give them a fair hearing. Over the last few weeks Richard has been watching events as they have unfolded.

“There is a whole family involved here. When the McCanns said under no circumstances would they touch the Find Madeleine Fund and mentioned they would sell their house, Richard just felt he had to do something.

“They just need their chance to have a fair hearing.

“He is a father and there is a missing child out there in all of this. At the end of the day, a little four-year-old is still missing.

“If Richard can help a little bit to take the burden off the family and extended family by helping in this small way then that is all to the good.”

Members of the public who wish to give money are being asked to carry on donating to the Find Madeleine fund.

The news follows reports that a shake-up in Portuguese secrecy laws could help clear the McCanns' names. The move could make it more difficult for Portuguese police to obtain authorisation to tap the telephones of the McCanns and their confidants.

In the McCanns' home village of Rothley, Leicestershire, the family announced that £80,000 from the Madeleine Fund, established to search for the four-year-old, will be spent on newspaper, television and billboard adverts in Spain, Portugal and other parts of Europe.

viv said...

Then we have this on the same day where he says he will not be contributing any more and others withdrawing, clearly they did not want to be seen to back a couple of criminals!

Madeleine McCann: Tycoons withdraw support

By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
Last Updated: 2:14AM BST 17 Sep 2007
Madeleine McCann: A leading expert has cast doubt on the DNA evidence
Madeleine McCann

Two millionaire businessmen who gave money to help find Madeleine McCann refused today to contribute to the legal fight to clear her parents' name.

* A mother's diary of love | What the police want
* Madeleine McCann: Police seize mother's diary

The couple's official spokeswoman, Justine McGuinness, has also decided to step down, it emerged this afternoon. Exhaustion, and the McCanns' need for a PR adviser with more legal experience, are said to be behind her decision.

Kate and Gerry McCann, 39, have hired top lawyers in Britain and Portugal after they were named official suspects in their daughter's disappearance.

Detectives believe Mrs McCann may have accidentally killed her daughter and relied on her husband to help cover up the crime. Although the couple insist the claims are baseless, the cost of trying to clear the "cloud of suspicion" is expected to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Although the fighting fund set up to find Madeleine has raised more than £1 million, the trustees said the couple - who did not want to take the money anyway - would not be able to make use of the funds.

One entrepreneur, who refused to be named because of the delicate nature of the case, has given his backing in the past.

But today he told the Evening Standard: "I am not going to contribute any more. It is a difficult issue and it is not something I propose to get engaged in.

"It is the most confusing scenario anybody has ever seen. I am not judge and jury and I hope what I am reading is wrong. I have not yet been approached [a second time] but I wouldn't put any money in.

"If they can turn the tide in some form maybe there will be loads of backers. But right now this does not look a good place to go."

A number of well known figures have publicly supported the McCanns including JK Rowling, Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, Topshop owner Philip Green and EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

A second wealthy businessman, who has given £100,000 to the fund, said: "We won't be pledging any more right now.

* Madeleine McCann coverage in full
* Timeline: How the story unfolded
* Ben Affleck film halted over Madeleine concern

"I don't think that at the moment we would allow the money to be swapped to cover defence costs, but this is a difficult position and a very sensitive issue." The McCanns, from Rothley in Leicestershire, returned to the UK on Sunday, 48 hours after being declared suspects by Portuguese police.

Ms McGuinness, the McCanns' spokeswoman, is expected to step down this weekend if a replacement can be found in time.

The Media Guardian website is reporting that the couple are looking for a "big hitter" to work as their full-time PR representative as the investigation into their daughter's disappearance enters a new phase.

Phil Hall, the former News of the World and Hello! editor, who has been acting as a consultant to the McCanns in recent months, is thought to be the leading contender.

The world's leading expert in DNA cast doubt on a key facet of the alleged forensic evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann last night as he offered to act as an expert witness for the couple.

Sir Alec Jeffreys, who invented DNA fingerprinting, said a match did not necessarily demonstrate a person's guilt or innocence.

It follows claims that DNA samples matched to Madeleine had been found in her parents' hire car and holiday apartment. Sources said the traces were being treated by Portuguese detectives as strong evidence that Madeleine's body was placed in the car.

However, Sir Alec told BBC's Newsnight programme: "There are no genetic characters in Madeleine that are not found in at least one other member of the family.

"So then you have an incomplete DNA profile that could raise a potential problem in assigning a profile to Madeleine given that all other members of that family would have been in that car."

Sir Alec, 57, added: "DNA testing seeks to establish whether DNA sample A from a crime scene came or did not come from individual B.

"So if you get a match there's very strong evidence that it did come from B. It is then up to investigators, the courts and all the rest of it to work out whether that connection is relevant or not.

"So DNA doesn't have the words innocence or guilt in it - that is a legal concept. What it seeks to establish is connections and identifications."

Off-camera, Sir Alec said he was prepared to act as a witness for the McCanns.

His caution came as a leading genetics expert also called into question the value of DNA evidence in its own right. Dr Paul Debenham, a member of the advisory body the Human Genetics Commission, said there could be legitimate reasons as to how DNA from Madeleine found its way into the hire car.

Prosecutors would need to establish that it got there as part of a criminal process and not through chance contact, he said.

Dr Debenham said: "With the current highly sensitive DNA methodologies we can deposit DNA as a trace amount just from contact with a fabric. And that fabric can touch another surface where the DNA is passed on.

"So there is a situation where there is a legitimate or a possible explanation as to how the DNA got on the back seat despite the individual not being there, but through some legitimate transfer of garments, clothes or soft toy.

"It questions the value of that particular evidence in interpreting what happened."

The development came as it emerged that Portuguese prosecutors have applied for Gerry McCann's laptop and his wife's personal diary to be handed over to the authorities investigating their daughter's disappearance.

Detectives in the Algarve are particularly keen to track emails sent by Mr McCann, a cardiologist, from the computer he used while in Portugal to keep an almost daily blog on the campaign to find Madeleine.

An urgent application for access to the personal artefacts was made by public prosecutor Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses to a judge in Portimao yesterday.

Philomena McCann, Mr McCann's sister, said she advised her sister-in-law to keep the diary to show Madeleine how much they loved her.

She told The Sun: " I said to Kate that it would be a good idea if someone wrote down, for Madeleine, notes on everything that was happening, because we have to prove to Madeleine how much we looked for her and how much we love her.

"That wee girl will be thinking, 'They're not looking for me. My mummy, daddy and my aunties - they don't love me because they can't find me'.

"I was just thinking about how insecure Madeleine would be, so Kate has been keeping that journal faithfully every day.

"She's been writing down everything that we've been doing so we can prove to Madeleine that we have worked so hard to try and find her, that we've put our lives on hold to search for her and show our love for her is unending."

Gerry's brother John McCann said last night that his brother believed the Portuguese police had "gone up a cul-de-sac".

He told BBC's The One Show: "Gerry keeps telling me that they have gone up a cul-de-sac and have lost track of what they should really be doing."

Asked whether the fact the case was being dealt with at such a high level in Portugal gave him confidence, he said: "It does and it doesn't. There is data out there, there's all these leaks.

"There is so much speculation going on as to what the actual information the Portuguese police have.

"If they have got something that suggests Madeleine really is dead then for goodness sake tell the family who have the strongest feeling for this."

viv said...

This also flags up that "blogs" made in this case are considered very important evidence. It is interesting to say the least, that the McCanns set up a new website at a cost of £37,000 when the former one had been done for free and deleted all the press records and former blog entries from it.

It could therefore be very easily argued that that £37,000 was spent in defending themselves, just like " media monitoring" "awarenesss" etc!

Wizard said...

“It could therefore be very easily argued that that £37,000 was spent in defending themselves, just like "media monitoring" "awareness" etc!

Umm..you could well be right Viv.

viv said...

Ha ha, Rosie now thinks I am "Weary" on 3 As as well, an American I believe, and of course I have said I like his/her posts, quite flattering really! It is amusing that they accuse others of posting in multiple names:-)))

viv said...

Hiya Wizard

Well clearly setting up any expensive webpage to find Maddie is a complete falsity because they obviously know exactly where she is.

Serious Organised Crime Agency, have you checked out their remit!


viv said...

Money laundering, individual and private sector fraud!


hope4truth said...

Media Monotoring


Spin Doctors

Paid Directors for the fund

None of the above is of any damn use to Madeleine although if you were a criminal and had broken the law and needed to get out of jail free it is a damn good way to spend the money...

As for RP knowing the route to Hulluva she has done so much damage to the McCanns with her hate filled bile and stupid comments if she is on the pay roll she should be made to pay every penny back the old hag Mum is hopeless as well silly cow with her good news that will make us unhappy what an evil woman...

If Madeleine is still alive each and every one of us will be thankful she survived but I will think worse of the scum she has for parents who have gone out of their way to confuse and lie...

Oh well with the files in the open GAs book ready to be released and the scummy fund there for all to shake their heads at I think their protection bubble may soon burst and we can all concentrate on Madeleine...

Wizard said...

Well.....SOCA is responsible for dealing with financial information concerning suspected proceeds of crime in order to counter money laundering.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well I entirely agree that Rosie and Bum certainly did not do the McCanns any good, in fact they are a laughing stock as we both know:-)))

But they are not really funny are they!

If Goncalo's book does get published here it will certainly be an interesting read, but I have already read a lot of it!


viv said...

Some deletions made, issues NOT to be discussed on here.

Viv x

viv said...

Absolutely love this one, it is the best laugh I have had for ages, you really are getting paranoid, trying to think who I am!!

Mum21 said...

Well I think Viv is Tony Bennett...he/she has all the same characteristics.
30 January 2009 21:43

viv said...

Not to mention having a very extensive argument with myself on 3 As, Extraordinary!!!

Zodiac said...

Night Ton...err um yer know...Wear...err umm yeah... yeah err um...oops Viv! Please do not dock my wages for my faux pas Boss I will be careful next time. Off to have a nice glass of orange juice I got paid today with pure O J not the powdered one you have to add water too. Thanks Viv I really appreciate it as I do not like the cheap stuff.

Night all read you tomorrow.

hope4truth said...

FGS TB likes to blow his own trumpet (well not many others will) I cant see him pretending to be Viv for this long he would have to out himself so we all said we thought he was wonderful....


viv said...

If I was as ugly as that it would be a Kama Kazi job, but hey, enjoy your orange juice and glad you appreciate I do not send you cheap nasty stuff!

What a larf eh!


Hope I think they will find little Maddie xxx

hope4truth said...


I pray that they will but I am not as sure as you are...

One thing is certain if it is the McCanns "Fund" that finds her they will report the finding in the same way as the abduction and by the 3rd Interview (to tell the world how clever they have been and never gave up they knew she would be fine) whilst of course Madeleine is left in the care of anyone but them the cracks will start to show and they will stich themselves up...

Shannon was to be found wandering in a market where will their crack agents plant Madeleine?

Althogh to be honest I dont care where it is it would be wonderful if she was alvie and well (Happy would be good)


viv said...

Hope, I cannot be sure she is still alive, but believe me, they are looking for her!

There is absolutely no way British law enforcement are going to allow them to take the credit for finding her, or indeed, allow her to be returned to the "care" of Kate and Gerry McCann! I am sure Mrs Justice Hogg would have a strong view about that.

We can only pray for little Maddie, and be sure, there is a massive effort to find her.


hope4truth said...


By THEY do you mean the police???

LOL actually I can see MI5 searching for Madeleine reading us and blogging on their top secret MI5 Alive site saying...

That bloody Hope is she so damn stupid she thinks we bought it? obviously we have to keep it quiet just because she is impatient does not mean we will anounce it on the News that we are SECRETLY searching why dosent she get a bloody life???

LOL xxx

viv said...

Processos, Volume XVI, pgs. 4129 to 4414
4135 to 4139—Additional statement from Martin Smith 2008.01.30 (English)

Detective Branch
County Lough

Re – Investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

I took an additional statement from Mr Smith as requested. His wife does not want to make another statement. I showed him the video clip and he stated that it was not the clip that alerted him but the BBC news at 10 PM on 9th September 2007.

He has been contacted by numerous tabloid press looking for stories. He has been contacted by Mr Brian Kennedy who is supporting the McCann family to take part in a photo fit exercise. He has given no stories or helped in any photo fits. He sent a solicitor’s letter to six papers in relation material that was printed that was misquoted. The Evening Herald paid his solicitor’s fees and all papers printed an apology. His photograph appeared in another tabloid paper and this matter is being pursued at the moment.

I do not believe that Martin Smith is courting the press and my view his is a genuine person. He is known locally and is a very decent person.

Forwarded please


Liam Hogan

I hereby declare that this statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I make it knowing that if it is tendered in evidence I will be liable to prosecution if i state in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true.

I would like to state that the statement I made on 26th May 2007 in Portugal is correct. The description of the individual that I saw on 3rd May 2007 carrying a child is as follows. He was average build, 5 foot 10” in height, brown hair cut short, aged 40 years approximately. Wearing beige trousers and darkish top maybe a jacket or blazer. He had a full head of hair with a tight cut. This individual was alone. I saw Gerard McCann (sic) going down the plane stairs carrying one of his children on 9th September 2007 BBC news at 10 PM, I have been shown the video clip by Sergeant Hogan which I recognise. A clip I have seen before on the Internet. In relation to the video clips of Gerard McCann and the person I saw on 3rd May 2007 when I saw the BBC news at 10 PM on 9th September 2007 something struck me that it could have been the same person. It was the way Gerard McCann turned his head down which was similar to what the individual did on 3rd May 2007 when we met him. It may have been the way he was carrying the child either. I would be 60-80% sure that it was Gerard McCann that I met that night carrying a child. I am basing that on his mannerism in the way he carried the child off the plane. After seeing the BBC news at 10 PM, footage on the 9th September 2007 I contacted Leicestershire police with this information. During that time I spoke to all my family members who were with me on the night of 3rd May 2007 about this and the only one who felt the same way as me was my wife. She had seen the video clip of Gerard McCann walking down the stairs of the plane earlier that day. We did not discuss this until some days later. This statement has been read over to me and is correct.

viv said...


Of course I mean the Police darling!

I am sure they only take notice of particular blogs that are relevant to finding Maddie, not this one! They know a heck of a lot more than I do!!


hope4truth said...


I thought you ment the police...


viv said...

This is clearly a very serious witness who has refused to co-operate with Brian Kennedy and has taken some very active steps to stop comment/his photo in the newspapers obtaining his legal costs involved in that.

I have no doubt he is correct in what he says.

viv said...

23/01/2008 Taken in County Louth by Garda (local police sergeant).


Main points

Letter from Sergeant:

Took another statement from Martin Smith as requested.
His wife did not want to make another statement.
Smith confirmed video clip that alerted him was BBC 10 o'clock news, 9th Sep 2007.
He (Smith) has been contacted by the press looking for stories.
He has been contacted by Brian Kennedy ? to take part in photo-fit exercise.
He has given no stories and no photo-fit help.
His solicitor his written to 6 x press re misquoted material.
Evening Herald paid solicitor fees.
All papers printed an apology.
Photo appeared in another paper ? action being taken.
Sergeant states he doesn't believe Smith is courting the press. Believes he is genuine. Known locally. He's a decent person.

viv said...

Processos, Volume XI
2871 to 2875—Smith Family Memorandum regarding contact with PJ after McCanns return home

From: DC Hughes
Sent: Thursday, 20th September, 2007 15:42
CC: Prior Stuart
Re: FW: Smith Family

This is the Irish family that saw a man transporting a child on the night in question and returned to Portugal to collaborate with the investigation. Martin Smith contacted our department stating that after having observed the McCann family on TV alighting from the plane, he believes that the person he saw carrying the child that night was Gerry McCann. For your information.

DC John Hughes


From: Long Lindsay
Sent: 20th September, 2007 11:37
CC: Hughes John (DC)
Re: Smith Family

Rec via: TELEPHONE Series: 241 Ident: BC19-8286-1055 20/09/07
Telephone: *********
Locale: Portugal/Out of country
Origin: Mr. Martin Smith –Ireland

Text: Reported that he passed a male carrying a child in Praia da Luz the night Maddie went missing. Went and made a statement to Portugal police in Portimao on 26th of May and returned to the U.K. Is saying that after seeing McCANNS on the news on 9th of September when they returned to the U.K. He has not slept and is worried sick. He states he was watching the 10 pm news on BBC and saw the McCANNS getting off the plane and coming down the steps. He states it was like watching an action replay of the night he saw the male carrying the child back in Portugal. He states the way Gerry was carrying his twin triggered something in his head. It was exactly the same way and look of the other male seen the night Maddy went missing. He also watched ITV news and SKY news and inferred it looked like the same person both times carrying the children. Is asking a member of the OP Task Force to ring him back. He was with a group of 9 family and friends the night he saw the male in Portugal. He sounded quite shaken and worried whilst speaking to me.

Rec by: TPHONE Serial: 241 Ident:BC19-8286 1055 20/09/07
1101 8286-BC19 Incident linked to 209 26/06/07
1101 8286-BC19 Incident Result ODI: ADMIN DUPLICATE INCIDENT
1101 8286-BC19 Incident Closed

Lindsay Long
Holmes Indexer
Major Crime
Braunstone Police Station

viv said...

Well said Zodiac, it does confirm all three of those babies got drugged that night, the twins merely to avoid them seeing anything. Gerry makes plain in his comments nothing was ever going to happen to them!

The paternal grandmother stating via the press M must have been drugged otherwise she would have screamed the place down. The father of the missing child (badly acted) in the Panorama programme wondering if the twins had been drugged as they did not wake. Yet how long did they wait before testing them? This speaks volumes imo!

viv said...

Or is she haunted by what the police have on them and is not in those files she has been allowed to see, that would be pure agony!

Haunted by Maddy's disappearance, Kate McCann spends three hours a day trawling files Exclusive by Rod Chaytor 31/01/2009

She is consumed with the hunt for her daughter. every day she will spend 3 hours reading documents, looking for the vital clue which will answer the question that has tortured her and Gerry for 21 agonising months. Where is our missing Madeleine?

Kate McCann sips her tea and then turns another page from the mountain of paperwork, looking for the one clue that could spark a breakthrough in the search for her missing daughter.

As her twins Sean and Amelie enjoy playing with friends at nursery, their 40-year-old mum combs through thousands of police documents stacked up in 17 massive files hoping to latch on to any nugget of information such as the names of witnesses that were never interviewed.

Raw pain is still sometimes clearly etched on her face. But this is Kate’s life now.

No longer working as a GP, she has dedicated herself to the task of unearthing clues that will lead her to her daughter Madeleine who vanished 21 months ago.

A family member said: “She is there virtually every morning. It’s her routine for two or three hours every day while the twins are in nursery.

“Sometimes I feel she is exhausting herself. I wish she would take a break. But she won’t listen. She is driven, consumed with the task and the goal of finding Madeleine.”

While the agony of not knowing where Madeleine is or what has happened to her eats up Kate and husband Gerry, the couple still have to provide a normal family life for Sean and Amelie. Tomorrow, the twins celebrate their fourth birthday and their parents will make sure it is a special day full of fun, laughter, gifts and games.

But, inevitably, one heartbreaking thought will haunt the couple throughout: “We never got to do this with Madeleine.”

She vanished nine days short of her own fourth birthday from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, as her parents ate at a tapas bar with friends.

This year, the twins will start school – another milestone Madeleine never reached.

She had been due to start at Bishop Ellis Catholic Primary at Thurmaston, Leics, in September of the year she vanished.

Kate has reached folder number 15 of the 17 she is searching through.

She will doggedly plough on line-by-line through the daunting pile of paperwork, forensically noting, computer filing, cross-checking, never giving up hope of stumbling across the key to her daughter’s whereabouts.

Her desperate actions echo Gerry’s words to the Mirror in his last UK interview in May last year as the Portuguese police closed their file. Back then, he vowed: “We’ll find her ourselves.”

So far, their hunt has been without success. But every new scrap of information gives the couple fresh hope that they will be reunited with their little girl.

The family member added: “Kate has already found evidence overlooked by police and the names of witnesses never interviewed.

“On a day that happens, she is upbeat, positive, cheerful. When she comes across something negative however, she is down.

“Of the two of them, Kate is the most fragile. Her mood can change quickly.

“But she remains strong, resolute, determined to find Madeleine. Till the day she dies, she will never give up.”

According to friends, this has been Kate’s daily routine for the last six months since the Portuguese authorities lifted the couple’s arguido suspect status and handed over the written record of their bungled investigation. For Gerry, too, the work involved in finding Madeleine has become a second job. The 40-year-old heart consultant leaves home before 8am for the cardiac unit at the Glenfield Hospital on the outskirts of Leicester.

Despite his demanding work schedule, he strives to be home by 6pm to join in the nightly bath and bed routine of the couple’s twins.

viv said...

Clearly the first thing the police asked him, did you participate in the disappearance of your daughter?

Denies that and denies leaving maddie to cry for one hour 15 mins on 1 May. Liar.

(from DVD)

September 7/2007 11 AM at Portimao

When asked if he wished to reply to the facts which he is being imputed with, he replied:

He is of British nationality, he cannot speak or write Portuguese; therefore an interpreter is present taken from a list provided by the Consulate: ADSR.
Also present Carlos Pinto de Abreu, attorney.

He is present in his capacity as an arguido, and the rights and duties thereof have been explained to him; he is obliged to comply with TIR (Terms of Identity and Residence).

He confirms all of what was stated previously to the Police on two occasions, and has nothing further to add.

After being made aware of the facts attributable to him, he says that he wishes to make a statement.

When asked if he had any responsibility or participation in the disappearance of his daughter Madeleine, he peremptorily denies this.

When asked if on the night of May 1, 2007 he went to have dinner at the Tapas with Kate, he says yes. As customary they would come and check on the children every half hour, usually alternating. They arrived at the Tapas around 20:30, and then went to the apartment every half hour, until they arrived back, at around 23:00, plus or minus 10 minutes. Occasionally one of the others in the group made the check, he does not remember if this happened on the 1st. It is not true that Madeleine had been crying that night for an hour and 15 minutes, because she was not alone all that time.

When questioned, he said that on the day they arrived, April 28, they removed two cribs that were in their room, and placed them in Madeleine’s room. He is unable to confirm, but it could be possible, that there were 3 cribs, and they asked them to remove one.

It is not true that on a certain day they placed one crib in their room, leaving the other in Madeleine’s room.

He did not remember what days were scheduled for cleaning the apartment.

He now states that he also joined the two single beds in his room, which had been separated by a night table. He transformed the two beds into a double bed.
Regarding the windows, he says they were normally closed, he does not know if they were locked *** blinds also closed. Regarding Madeleine’s window he says that he made sure the blinds worked so as to darken the room for the children.

--- On the day of arrival, he does not know if the blinds in Madeleine’s room were open or closed. He did not open them again, and does not know if somebody else did. When confronted with a testimony that states having seen the blinds on this window open after their arrival, he says that it was not him who opened them. When asked about the window behind one of the sofas in the living room, he says that yes, he remembers the window but does not remember if the blinds were also closed.
--- Regarding this sofa, he remembers it was next to the window. He is not sure, but thinks that this sofa was probably a bit closer as his children threw objects behind it, mainly playing cards. When asked, he does not know if any of the children was behind the sofa or passed behind this sofa.
--- When asked, he says that on one night, he cannot say which, Madeleine slept in his room in his bed. He thinks it might have been shortly after their arrival at the apartment. Madeleine came to his room saying that Amelie was crying and she couldn’t sleep. He thinks that he hadn’t heard crying before, and was alerted to this by Madeleine. He does not know if he or his wife comforted Amelie. That night Madeleine slept in his bed.
--- With respect to his wife, he says that on the Wednesday she slept in the children’s room in the bed next to the window. He doesn’t know why, but thinks it could have been because of his snoring. Also on that day, and after dinner, he returned to the apartment sooner than Kate.
-- Regarding the episode where he spoke to David on the 3rd of May, he says that he was playing tennis at 18:30 when David appeared near the tennis court and asked him if he was going to continue playing. G. said he didn’t know because Kate might be needing help to look after the three children, because they intended to bring them to the recreation area after their showers. He thinks that David offered to check if Kate needed help, which he did, and returned minutes later. Regarding his previous statement where he states that David returned half an hour later around 19:00, he says that he returned to the tennis court after half an hour, as this time frame refers to the second time he returned to the tennis court after getting ready for the game.

-- When questioned, he says that Madeleine usually sleeps well at night. During the first months of her life she had some difficulties sleeping due to feeding problems. After moving to their house in Rothley in April 2006, twice a week Madeleine wakened, left her bed and went into their room; this sometimes happened between 23:00 – 24:00 for no apparent reason, maybe because she was used to sleeping with (*** blank ****).

--- When asked about a chart highlighting the characteristics of the children at the house in Rothley, he says that he does in fact have such an object, where several stars show the nights when Madeleine did not get up, as she was rewarded this way.
--- When questioned if it was therefore safe to leave Madeleine in the apartment if she woke and got up at night, he says that this rarely happened, and then only after her parents were in bed.
--- When questioned about whether the couple’s and the childrens’ lives were peaceful, namely regarding the work that three children can give a couple as well as the stress this can cause, he replies that in fact since the birth of the twins their life has been very busy, and that especially during the twins’ first year life was difficult. He states that since the twins were born, he and Kate have gone out at night only once, leaving the children with relatives. He adds that in spite of this he never saw Kate depressed as a result of too much work. He denies that Kate had changed her work habits for reasons related to depressions. He affirms that his wife never gave him to understand that at some time she had the intention of giving Madeleine into the care of a family member.

When questioned, he says that he works at the Emergency Room of the hospital where he works every 15 days, however he is not usually called out at night, and if this happens then it is once for 4 days prevention. Kate’s specialty is general medicine, and works two days a week. After the birth of the twins, Kate did not work for a year, on maternity leave, and currently works part-time as above.
--- When questioned, he states that none of his children takes any kind of medication regularly in England.
--- When they travelled on holiday to Portugal they brought several medicines, namely Calpol, Nurofen, for fevers and pains, both for adults and children, Losec for gastric problems that he occasionally suffers from, and an anti-histamine called Terfenadine for hay fever. He did not give any of these medicines or any others to the children while on holiday in Portugal.
---- When asked at what time he went to check on the children the night Madeleine disappeared, he recalls that this was around 21:04 according to his watch. He remembers that once inside the apartment he was surprised that the door to the children’s room was slightly more open than how they had left it when he and Kate left for dinner. However, it could not have been Madeleine who had opened the door after waking and getting up, eventually to go to her parents’ room. On this occasion, the three children were lying in their beds asleep, he is sure of this. Moreover, he says that with respect to Madeleine she was in the same position where he had left her at the beginning of the night. Madeleine was lying down on her left side, completely uncovered, i.e. lying on top of the covers with the soft toy and blanket, both pink, next to her head; he does not know if they were in the position that can be seen in the photograph attached to the files
--- The second person to go and check on the children should have been Kate, but Matt offered to go as he was going to check on his own daughter. When Matt returned to the restaurant G. asked him if all was well; Matt replied that all was quiet. G. is not absolutely sure, but he is under the impression that he asked Matt if he entered their apartment, to which Matt replied yes.
--- The third check was made by Kate at around 22:00. He does not know how long it was before Kate returned, but he does remember that shortly before she returned he was thinking of going to see what was going on, as it seemed a long time and he thought that one of children might have woken up.
--- He does not remember if he had taken his mobile phone to the restaurant. He is under the impression that he did not take anything with him, except maybe his wallet. He was wearing tennis shoes (trainers), blue jeans and a light brown polar top. He does not remember what Kate was wearing that night. The arguido did not take a camera and does not remember if Kate did. He does not remember if anybody in the group took photographs that night.
--- He remembers that after it was known that Madeleine had disappeared he looked for her all over the apartment. He particularly remembers having looked under all the beds, inside the wardrobes in all the rooms at the same time that Kate told him she had looked everywhere.
--- He remembers that at one time the lady who lived in the apartment above theirs, went onto her veranda and asked what was going on. He does not remember specifically who replied to this lady, but he remembers that somebody spoke to her, assuming it was himself who did so.

When questioned, he states that from the first moment, after the first fruitless searches, he thought that Madeleine had been abducted and it was this information that he gave to everyone to whom he spoke. He reached such a conclusion because he did not think it possible that she had gone out on her own or opened the blinds and window in the room.

--- When questioned, he says that on that night he made several phone calls, including calls to two sisters, a couple of Kate’s uncles, his brother or certainly sent him a message, father P. S. who baptized Madeleine and married G. and K. When questioned he says he did not get in touch with any media and does not know if anyone did. In the morning his family did contact the press. G. spoke of contacting the press, however he never did so.
--- When questioned he says that he did not request a priest, but to Kate to seek spiritual help.
--- Regarding the disclosure of Madeleine’s photograph, he says that he gave the authorities a photograph from a digital camera, and he thinks it was Russell who printed it at the main 24-hour reception of the complex. He made the delivery thereof, or of these pictures on A4 paper to the Police, and he is sure he never delivered any of these photographs to GNR.
--- Around 19:00 the interview was stopped for a rest period, to be recommenced at around 19:40.
--- When questioned if the twins woke while the apartment was being searched, he replies negatively. When they were taken to another apartment he does not know if they woke as he did not take them. When asked, he says that this was not normal, and can find no reason for it happening. He still thought at this moment that the twins might have been drugged by the possible abductor, even if he only mentioned this to the Police several days later. When questioned, he says he never gave his children anything to help them sleep, nor did Kate. When asked why he did not ask the twins what happened to their sister, he says that when the events took place they still did not speak fluently, which is now a normal developmental difficulty. At this point he did not ask them because he thought that they would not have the correct perception of what had happened, in addition to thinking that they would have been sleeping.
--- When asked why instead of scouring the land next to the complex they did not look inside the apartment, he replies that it did not happen that way. While the guests and employees of the resort were searching, he went to the main Reception to check whether they had called the Police, and told Kate to wait inside the apartment. After going to the Reception he went back to the apartment where he stayed in the living room and in their bedroom.
--- When asked if he had life insurance, he says that he does, and so does Kate. The children do not have any life insurance, nor are their parents, Gerry and Kate the beneficiaries of any insurance regarding the children.
--- When asked about the contents of the wardrobe in his room that can be seen in the photographs, he says that on top is a suitcase and below a pile of dirty clothes that he cannot make out. This wardrobe was opened to look for Madeleine.
--- When asked if in fact they went to the apartment every half hour, he says it is true, and that this was never created to justify absences during dinner.
--- When asked what the expression “we let her down” means, he says that it has to do with the fact that they were not present when Madeleine was abducted. It was Kate who first used this expression.

During this interview several films of a forensic nature showing sniffer dogs were shown where their signalling can be seen regarding indication of cadaver odour and traces of blood also human, and only of a human nature, as well as the comments made by the expert in charge of the procedure.
-- After viewing the films and after the signalling of cadaver odor in their room next to the wardrobe and behind the sofa against the window in the living room, he says that he has no comments, neither has he any explanation for this fact.
--- Also, the dog that detects human blood signalled human blood behind the sofa mentioned above, he says that he cannot explain this fact.
-- Regarding the cadaver odour in the car that was rented at the end of May, (xx)-DA-27, he says he cannot explain more than what he already has.
--- Regarding the presence of human blood in the boot of the same vehicle, he says that he has not explanation for this fact.
-- When confronted with the fact that Madeleine’s DNA was collected from behind the sofa and in the boot of the vehicle and analyzed by a British laboratory, situations also described before, he says that he cannot explain.
--- When asked if on any occasion Madeleine was injured, he says that he has no comments.
-- When questioned, he says he is the usual driver of the car. In addition to G. the car could also be driven by his wife Kate, sister in law Sandy and a cousin of Kate’s by the name Michael.
-- When asked if he has anything to add he says that he has not seen any proof that his daughter Madeleine is dead, and therefore he will continue to search for her in the hopes she is alive. He knows nothing more than what has been said.
-- The lawyer for the defense says he wishes the arguido to be asked again if Madeleine bled. To which he said it was common for Madeleine to have nosebleeds. He says that he doesn’t know if in fact his daughter bled while on holiday in Portugal because he does not want to be influenced by the news in the Press, regarding the detection of human blood in the apartment where his daughter disappeared.
-- During this interview the arguido was informed of his duty to respect the secrecy of justice as well as the consequences of not complying with same, stipulated in current law.
--- At around 20:50 the present interview was ended.
--- He says nothing further. After reading the document and finding it to be satisfactory, he confirms and signs it

viv said...


McCanns return to Portugal


By Lori Campbell Lori.Campbell@sundaymirror.co.uk 13/01/2008
Gerry and Kate McCann (solarpix.com)

Gerry and Kate McCann (solarpix.com)

EXCLUSIVE Kate and Gerry set date in April for Algarve showdown They'll tell cops: show your evidence or clear us for good

Despairing Kate and Gerry McCann are planning to return to Portugal for a face-to-face showdown with police who think they killed their daughter Madeleine.

The pair, who are official suspects - arguidos in Portuguese - hope to call the bluff of detectives and demand to be cleared for good.

Their decision to return to Praia Da Luz after leaving the resort four months ago comes amid yet more agony for them as the case against them is expected to be EXTENDED for another three months tomorrow.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: "These unending delays are inhumane. Two parents who have been going through an unimaginable nightmare are being forced to wait another three months. It will be almost a year since their daughter went missing, and even then there could be yet another extension.

"Meanwhile the Portuguese police aren't even looking for Madeleine, and that is heart-breaking for Kate and Gerry."

A close friend said the the couple were likely to go back after their "D-Day" of April 11, when their three-month extension is up, and added: "They feel they've waited long enough with this cloud of suspicion hanging over them. They know their return would be very high-profile. They believe investigators do not have the evidence against them to bring charges, and their presence in Portugal would embarrass them. They've so far held off going back there, but they see it as their trump card."

The McCanns made the heartbreaking decision to go home to Rothley, Leicester, without their four-year-old daughter on September 9, fearing they would be framed by police.

Despite repeated calls from the McCanns' lawyers, detectives have since failed to reveal any concrete evidence against the couple - or even keep them informed of any new leads in the hunt for Madeleine.

The Portuguese judicial secrecy laws surrounding the investigation officially expire tomorrow - eight months after the first suspect, Robert Murat, was named. The McCanns had hoped for the case files to be opened so they could see the evidence against them and begin the process of clearing their names. But state prosecutor Jose Magalhaese Menezes on Friday took the unusual step of urging Judge Pedro Frias to grant a three-month extension.

He claims this case is "exceptionally complicated" and therefore requires more time. It means the couple face remaining as suspects until at least April 11, and are still barred from speaking publicly about the investigation. But they have vowed that if the case drags on again after that date, they will make the brave journey back to Portugal.

"It would come just weeks before the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance on May 3.

Our source said: "They see April 11 as their D-day. They have decided to give the police reasonable time to clear them, or at least open the case files so they can see the evidence against them."

The McCanns and the Tapas Seven - the friends who dined with them the night Madeleine disappeared - are still waiting for Portuguese detectives to fly back to the UK to interview them again. But we can reveal the process has almost ground to a halt because of bureaucracy.

The Policia Judiciaria in Portugal have only now submitted paperwork to Eurojust - an EU body set up to help judicial cooperation across countries - which has to approve the proposal and contact the Home Office in the UK.

viv said...

You kept telling us how they were going to march back into Portugal in April 2008 and ruin the Portuguese tourist industry by their presence, didn't your "Rosiepops"? What a desperate no hoper you are! xxxx

They did not march into the High Court, either, did they??

viv said...

After a "lengthy and complex" two year investigation, almost to the day! But bail???

Woman care home boss charged with murder of three residents

By Luke Salkeld
Last updated at 12:02 AM on 29th January 2009

* Add to My Stories

Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker: Charged with murder

A nursing home manager has been charged with murdering three of her elderly residents.

Rachel Baker is accused of killing Francis Hay, 85, Marion Alder, 79, and Lucy Cox, 97.

The former nurse, 43, also faces charges of possessing a controlled drug and of perverting the course of justice.

Her husband Leigh, 50, a chef, is also accused of perverting the course of justice.

The couple, who made a brief court appearance yesterday, deny the charges.

The three pensioners lived at Parkfields residential care home in Butleigh, near Glastonbury, Somerset, which was owned by Mr Baker's parents and had been managed by his wife for nine years.

The Bakers, who have a five-year-old daughter, were first arrested by police two years ago, following the death of Mrs Cox on New Year's Day, 2007.

They were questioned and released on bail.

Two months later the home was closed down by the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate.

During the police investigation, the bodies of Mrs Alder, Nellie Pickford, 89, and 81-year-old Fred Green, who all died at the home, were exhumed from cemeteries in Somerset.

Yesterday Mrs Baker, wearing a thick grey cardigan and jeans, wept and shook as the murder charges were read out at South Somerset Magistrates Court in Yeovil.

Her husband, dressed in a brown leather jacket, was expressionless beside her in the dock.

They spoke only to confirm their names. Neither entered a plea but their lawyers indicated that they intend to deny the charges.

The Bakers, who live in Glastonbury, were granted conditional bail to return to Bristol Crown Court on February 6.

Magistrates' chairman David Mash said he was allowing bail because of the 'extremely unusual nature of the charges'.

Mrs Baker and her husband Leigh (pictured above) who jointly ran the home, are both accused of perverting the course of justice

Mrs Baker and her husband Leigh (pictured above) who jointly ran the home, are both accused of perverting the course of justice

The conditions were that the couple must stay in Glastonbury, not interfere with any of the 42 witnesses and leave their passports with police. Rachel Baker was also ordered to co-operate with the drawing-up of any medical reports.

During the lengthy investigation the couple were questioned over the deaths of 12 residents at the home, which housed 16 elderly in a main building and nine in bungalows in the grounds.

Nine months before its enforced closure, Parkfields passed an unannounced seven-hour inspection by the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate. The report spoke of its 'comfortable and homely atmosphere'.

It has since reopened with new owners and under a different name.
Marion Alder: The 79-year-old died at Parkfields residential care home

Marion Alder: The 79-year-old died at Parkfields residential care home

Detective Superintendent Trevor Simpson, of Avon and Somerset police, said: 'This has been a complex, thorough and necessarily lengthy investigation to bring us to this point.

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those affected, the communities in Somerset and especially the families of the bereaved for their understanding, tolerance and patience.'

The exhumations of the former residents were carried out under sealed tents in the middle of three nights in summer 2007, in an attempt to establish how they died.

Mr Simpson said at the time of the first exhumation, of Mrs Pickford: 'Exhumation is a very drastic step and we have had to consider long and hard as to whether it is necessary.

'The family are very distressed but fully understand that we need to take this course of action to gain a full picture of what has gone on.'

hope4truth said...


Kate spends 3 hours a day looking through documents are we supposed to feel sorry for her?

I would start reading them and not stop until I had finished... Then again if my child were missing I would have been tearing PDL apart with my bear hands trying to find her not calling home that very hour as she would not be there...

Martin Smith seems very sure about what he saw now I dont know how the law works but If I had seen Fred West doing something dodgey and reported it to the police then a friend of his wanted to speak to me I would be back at the police station to make a complaint...

I did not think you were allowed to contact witnesses???

Not being funny but if it wasnt Gerry they already have a damn good description of what Martin saw...

So they were going back in April and were going to demand what the PJ should be doing but diddnt then could not even be bothered to go back for the year anniversary Gerry predicted would happen a month or so after she was taken???

As for Uncle John quiting his job to run the fund all I can say is why? Any pen pusher could have done the job and there are many people who dont have to work or have retired that would have had the experience and knowledge to do the job on a voulenteer basis no need for a meaga bucks pay cheque...

Uncle John and the rest of the family could have helped out in their spare time...

Or did it need someone on the inside so the money was not wasted on actually searching for her???

Looking at my notice board those accounts look soooooooo bad and knowing they have been presented to look better than they actually are all I can think is... is that the best you could come up with???

People are not happy the money was wasted like this as they are just begining to realise the McCanns have been using the money to help themselves and Madeleine comes way down the list....

Although 250k was used to "SEARCH"when you realise that it was an M3 "SEARCH" no money has been spent at all on Madeleine...

Which makes me sick!!!!!!

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I have no doubt that Kate probably is making herself ill keep going through these massive files. But clearly not to look for clues as to where Maddie may be. She is doing so because she is desperately looking at all of the evidence against them that is disclosed and trying to figure out what else the police have. Of course what is disclosed in the entire Smith family and Jane Tanner clearly describing Gerry carting Maddie off. Now why I ask myself does she not want something done about this? Being a responsible mum means facing facts and those are the facts, what live witnesses at the time clearly state they saw. How can she be looking for evidence in there of who might have taken Maddie, when she already has such clear evidence. I do not believe that Gerry just arranged to do that with her knowledge. Why on earth should we feel sorry for her and just what is the purpose of this ridiculous report!

If she cannot stand the awful strain of not knowing what the police are up to, then why does she not just do the decent thing and go and tell them the truth, because sooner or later they are going to be knocking on her door and she knows it. All she is doing is prolonging the agony, and, if Maddie is still alive, increasing her prison sentence by delaying her being recovered in a wicked attempt to save herself. She will not be saved, no matter what her sick excuse of a husband tries to tell her.

Time and again we get these threats of what this couple are going to do, they are going to go and confront the PJ - last April, they are going to sue the PJ, they have a sports celebrity to front their christmas campaign, when are they going to stop all this absurd nonsense and just face reality.

We the public want Maddie back here in the UK. If she is dead, for a decent burial. If she is being abused for obvious reasons. Get real Kate and Gerry because the more you put this off the worse it gets!


viv said...

I do not believe that Gerry just arranged to do that withOUT her knowledge.


viv said...

Oh dear their paranoia levels continue to rise, not only have I apparently ate Docmac (ROFLMAO) I am apparently going to extraordinary lengths to look at their blog, when I can just click on that any time I like! Incredible!

Anonymous said...

Vile has Isis doing most of her dirty work for her.
Check the Irish IP's..... 4 or 5 she has.
Vile has one that connects to make her look in other area's She swaps computers so has two connections XP and Vista.... She gets others to do this but the thick ones have problems doing so.....
31 January 2009 00:52

viv said...

This guy reminds me of one who used to be on the DE, intelligent, pissed, furious, funny and of course, he got banned!

I think Tanner did see someone though but on her trip to relieve Russell about 9.45, not at 9.15 - when neither Gerry or Wilkins saw her! She did not get up from the table at all at 9.15, Russell went at 9.30. I do not think she realised it was Gerry but when realising Maddie had gone quite naturally had to tell the police but probably got persuaded by Russy babes to amend the time a little..But she might have made it up because Gerry obviously knew he had been seen by the Smiths but I do not really see how he got chance to confer with her but there was a few hours, think she spoke to PJ about 2 or 3 am ish. I think at just after 10 when they went back to the apt, as he says he went into his bedroom, and he changed his clothes into some old cut down jeans pdq! He was probably a bit sweaty, having used his sprinting skills to get back to the dinner table from the beach.

Post subject: Re: That Smith sighting
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:16 am
Local Lag
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Tanner saw no one. She made that up. Her testimony was contradicted by those who were there - she didnt realise McF*ck had not verified her sighting for her till the documents were released. What a charmer.

But he did insist on the veracity of her sighting ... strange.

The reason the PJ slacked off Smith was because of where THAT was leading. By that time, they knew the McFcks had not actually slain Madeleine by intent. So a prosecution would be confined to some form of litter or disrespecting a corpse.
Not enough for an international scandal.

AND Smith fingers Gerry. Doesn't matter when. Doesn't matter where. He did it - he fingers The Best and Most Responsible Dad in the Whole Universe.

So the sighting and all its tasty little add-ons, like th Kennedy blackmail attempt, was buried.

Where it remains everywhere, except on this site.

viv said...

The juices are flowing: Pimp O'Brien:-))))))

Post subject: Re: That Smith sighting
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:32 am
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The only place the Smith sighting exists is on this website. It has been ignored everywhere else, print and broadcast media and, most ironically, by the McF*cks, the searchers after Truth, Justice and the Rothley Way.

So, to behave as if the Smith sighting is jaded and tired from over-exposure, is some brand of 'loose end' in some tired-out old cop show, is entirely incorrect.

Meanwhile, we have the McF*ck Sighting, of which we are all heartily sick and tired. Everything which I have read rubbishing the Smith sighting applies with much more venom to the Fat Tanner Sighting, ThickMan, GreaseballMan, ForeignerFishSmellingMan, NotGerryManHowDareYouLooksNothingLikeHimMan, as you choose.

I would have thought the key point about SmithMan is this: it actually happened. And the chances of TWO men carrying TWO blonde children on the SAME night in the SAME place is actually quite a thought.

And if it was a toss-up between F*ckwitMan, ConMan, TannerBunMan, and SmithMan, as to which of the two extraordinary sightings was most likely to have been actual (ie which actually took place, which does not have contradictory testimonies against it, which had no reason to be faked, which was entirely fortuitous and invented and shifted around in time, and o worthy of intense media and police scrutiny), I know which I'd rather spend time considering.

There isn't anyone who believes Tanner. Not even Tanner. Least of all her pimp, O'Brien.

viv said...

Yes, she did change both the time and the direction he was walking in, and later changed him to a long haired dark skinner horror with massive teeth and a hint of Kate McCann!

Post subject: Re: That Smith sighting
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:57 am
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I believe she saw something but not at that time, and not from where she said. I think the penny dropped after and she changed the description and direction.

nancy said...

Hi Viv et al!

Just been reading back - some great posts!!

On the McCann Files there's a report about libel laws taken from the Guardian. It's well worth a read and sets out why the media are holding back on stories of interest to the public for fear of libel. They quote some good examples too of how the rich are able to bring libel cases even though they are obviously the bad boys and how solicitors actually encourage some of these scumbags in order to feather their own nest.

It's not something we don't already know of course, but it backs up the view held by many that the media know the McCanns have the backing of a certain multi millionaire (and who knows who else) and hold back telling it exactly like it is to keep out of the courts.

Reading between the lines of some of the papers this week reporting on the Fund accounts, it only needs one huge bubble to burst and the tapas 9 won't know what's hit them!

viv said...

Hiya Nancy

Personally I do not feel it is purely because of the threat of libel proceedings that the papers do not report in detail on the evidence or allegations against Kate and Gerry. I feel it is far more than that, it concerns the Contempt of Court Act and the Human Rights Act in that action may be taken against offending papers for damaging a police investigation and subsequent trial.

I have no doubt our own papers have a view about the McCanns guilt but the law of the land simply does not allow them to detail that until after they have actually been convicted. If you look at other cases i.e. Huntley and Shipman you will see that this in indeed the case, we do not get the gory details until after conviction. So people keep demanding this of our press are just not being reasonable. They are simply abiding by the law. That means of course that they can print what Clarence Mitchell says which is SUPPOSEDLY favourable to the McCanns but cannot set out the police evidence against them. That may seem one sided but people should not get worried about that at all. The papers will print all the details, eventually and I remain completely convinced that this couple will be brought to court, eventually. On average an investigation of this magnitude takes at least two years, so we are not there yet.


viv said...

In fact I continue to believe that the police's overriding concern at the moment is the recovery of little Maddie who may well be still alive but in the wrong hands, thanks to Gerry McCann.

I am sure we would not have it any other way, getting her first, then charge them later!

Absolutely nothing will ever stand in the way of the welfare of a child. The Police need to keep working on the McCanns..and I think that is what is happening and linked into this recent trip to Portugal where Gerry was much more talking the talk of c-operation!


viv said...

If the papers report what is actually going on, they may harm Maddie..if there was a situation where the media could actually help then the police would not hesitate to ask, but generally these things are dealt with in the strictest confidence for obvious reasons.

hope4truth said...


I am sure they are letting CM talk utter bloody rubbish because lets face it when it comes to trial they have said so much about what happend and it has changed so many times the prosecution will have a field day...

nancy said...

Please spare us all this emotional drivel about the despair and haunted expression etched on Kate's face! If she is and was in such despair, why didn't she help the PJ's by responsding to all the questions, go back for the reconstruction, stay in Portugal, even after being made arguidos, to carry out their promise to leave no stone unturned, take a lie detector test - the list is endless, but it's heard so often it's getting boring.

So she's not working any more. Well she doesn't have to does she? She and Gerry McCann are on a nice little earner already.

As for leaving no stone unturned, and as they have such faith that Madeleine is out there, perhaps they could put the rest of the fund they have - over a million - as a reward for her safe return, and stop faffing about with their pleadings to people to phone numbers and donate little brown envelopes full of cash, and do something really constructive.

viv said...

In an ordinary case that had purely been dealt with in the UK, there would have been absolutely no press leaks and of course no disclosure of police files whatsoever so we know far more in this particular case than we normally would due to Portuguese rules on disclosure once a case has been shelved. If a serious case involving homicide or kidnapping gets shelved for a while in UK the case files are kept strictly confidential pending further investigation and evidence coming to light. I am sure the level of public knowledge in this case has not helped the police, the McCanns and their entourage know far too much!

viv said...

Well as they say Hope

anything you do say may be taken down and used as evidence against you, and I am sure that an awful lot of what they have said and done since will be used against them, notleast the ongoing serious fraud!

I have always said I just cannot understand why they dont just shut up, that would be what a clever defendant would do who knows the police are struggling for evidence, in that respect, give them enough rope and they hang themselves and that is where time can be very much on the police side. Constantly having the sword of damocles hanging over them is making them panic, threaten and make rash choices. Just likes some of those I have set out above and of course including going to the High Court to try and force British Agencies to disclose their files and then having to humiliatingly back down. This does not look good for them at all., If they were not so fearful they just would not bother. I do recall saying at the time in exasperation but the police just do not give defendants their file of papers until after the defendant has been charged, who on earth do Kate and Gerry think they are, that they can seek to get the law re-written for them. Truth is they cannot!


viv said...

I think Kate is probably suffering far more than Gerry because I think she actually does feel some remorse and does not have his teflon character.

I can imagine she will make herself very ill with those files and there is only one way out of it for her!


hope4truth said...


I agree xxx


I suppose they cant shut up they had to do an apeal as it was Christmas and it would have looked odd if they had not done one... Their sports personality let them down (maybe they assumed they would want to do it and got a hell of a shock when they did not) and they needed to make sure no one has a chance of spotting her so they used a 2 year old video of her...

Gerry looked very uncomfortable talking when he went back to Portugal and it looks like Kate is going back soon as well so we can look forward to err mmm erm we are working very hard behind the sceens...

We dont know what is going on in the background maybe not all the family buy it either and are actually going along with it to give the police information against them...

I cant get over the pictre of the 3 of them grinning from ear to ear with the oversized T Shirt... So soon after she was gone maybe the thought of all that cash was really exciting for them???


viv said...

So much for their barmy talk about me "using" Isis, well that told them thanks Isis! As far as I know Isis only posts on 3 As now.

isis said...

Anon, viv has isis doing no such thing thank you. Isis reads where isis wants to read, and posts where and when she wants to. Thank you.
31 January 2009 12:17

hope4truth said...


If Kate was suffering from PND and had never bonded with Madeleine maybe it seemed like a huge relief especialy if she thought she was going to people who would love her...

Reality sets in and now she has had time away from Madeleine she realises that she was capable of loving her and being as good a Mum to her as she was to the twins enough to completly freak her out as there is no way back...

The whole thing is so tragic but if people started to tell the truth a huge weight would lift from their shoulders and life could continue...

Better than waiting for someone to crack and that knock at the door what a way to live...


hope4truth said...


I miss Isis and she certainly knows her own mind... If Isis is reading where Isis wants to and today it happends to be here...

Hello Isis hope you are well xxx

isis said...

Still here !! Just reading as i have decided to stick to posting on the 3as. Hope you are all well:)

viv said...

Hiya Hope

To me it smacks of sheer desperation that they keep saying they are going to do all these things and then it does not materialise. It makes them look very weak and the Christmas appeal one only served to emphasise that in fact, Kennedy aside, no one wants to have their name linked with them. His reasons to me remain entirely suspect! I believe he has links through a building project to their mate Geraghty in Portugal, it will all come out! They all like golf!

I know this probably sounds nasty but I think they like to use old pics of Maddie aged two because that is prior to when they started to really abuse her. They were able to include a relatively normal shot of Maddie jumping on his back or something. What later became normal is what we have seen from PDL, no photos at all taken of Maddie which is highly odd in itself. I think I read that Tanner maybe took the tennis balls pic and well the other one that he had to go home to get on 20 May I still believe that is just a fake! Her hair is blond for a start off when clearly on this holiday it was not! She does not look nearly four, does she, she looks completely different to the tennis balls pic as you would imagine because I reckon she is nearly a year older. They have been incredible fake about the pictures of Maddie, not once honestly saying how old she was in any of them, but the Christmas pics she was quite obviously only two. They just cannot really tell the truth about anything, again, just like typical criminals with such an awful lot of guilty secrets to hide.

I too miss Isis but I think some people prefer a much bigger blog like 3 As. They are pros and cons for a big one or a smaller one like this I suppose!

I certainly like to read 3 As as I think we all do because there is sometimes some really good information on there, even if you do have to hunt for it!


viv said...

Oh Isis Hello!!!

How lovely to hear from you, I hope you are well.

It is always great to hear from what have now become old friends

Luv Viv xxxxxxx

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I personally think PND and a difficulty in properly bonding with Maddie due to what a difficult baby she apparently was has a lot to do with her own attitude. But I think Gerry took that and developed the situation to what we have now, left to her own devices I do not think Kate would have done this, I think she got carried along on a terrible scheme that bitterly regrets. I recall that look she was giving Gerry in Brussels and to me it looked like pure hatred. A look that really said, I absolutely hate this, I just do not want to be here, but you have brought me here.

I also think that to an extent she is bullied and controlled by him. I read the PJ certainly gained that impression. But this is all probably making too many excuses for her. At the end of the day a mother's normal instinct is to protect her child and this she patently failed to do. If what I believe is true and Maddie was taken alive and she really was so distraught she could have told the police right away and probably escaped custody altogether, so she does not really deserve much sympathy other than serious depression can leave judgment sadly impaired. I think it is a very complex situation and I suppose we will not understand it properly until the police lay it all out for us, this is just what I think, and I did see those bruises on her.

Wizard said...

Hi all,

I've just been reading about
Marcos Aragão Correia. He has yet again found nothing searching this time in an area pointed out by Leonor Cipriano as the place where her brother João had buried the eight year old girl's body. This man has an obsession for digging for dead bodies and now gaining a track record of finding nothing and a reputation of being a little off kilter. I understand on this occasion he took a dog with him in his search but which of them is barking? I know who I would put my money on.

viv said...

Oh dear Wiz that man is just loop de loop.

Note he did not want to book Eddie and Keela because they would quickly have said, no, nothing here!

I am sure in Portugal they strike lawyers off who bring the profession into disrepute just like we do and that is where he is headed.


J J said...

Hello Viv

Why are you thinking that Madeleine was taken alive?

What about the dog evidence.

Not just the blood. That might be able to be explained away. But the evidence that a body was there.

Dogs don't lie.

viv said...


It is something of a misnomer to describe the dogs findings as "evidence" because if you read the reports of PC Grime himself he most certainly does not say this. He says the EVRD dog (Eddie) may react to old human blood and also says the findings need corroborating with forensic evidence which they were not. So looking at it purely from a legal point of view there is no viable evidence that Maddie died in that apt. Much as it pains me to say it when Gerry says this he is actually speaking the truth.

This does not mean to say they did not kill her in the apt though. But when you actually look at all the evidence the Smiths are talking about a child who appeared to be deeply asleep, and she would clearly appear that way if she had been drugged and put to bed just like the twins most definitely were in my opinion. There is a wealth of evidence to confirm this, including the conduct and comments of Gerry himself.

The issue for me has always been just how on earth did he get rid of the body. I believe that was him seen heading towards the beach with Maddie, so what did he do with her body if she was dead? How difficult would it have been for him to arrange for someone to come along in a boat and pick up his dead daughter, well incredibly difficult I would say. I just think it is an absurd option to say he hid the body on the beach, Gerry is not a man who would take such a risk. Neither is he a man who would carry a dead child through the streets in that way either, a terrible risk. I believe all the evidence would tend to suggest this was a carefully planned crime but certain things went wrong, I think he intended to damage the shutters before hand but Wilkins turned up, he said himself prior to that night he never saw anyone. I think it is possible the taxi driver is also right and there was a meeting earlier that night to confirm the plans. The motivation for this I have always felt was money and I am afraid a live child is worth a lot more than a dead one. Gerry said on the bus, I have not come here to enjoy myself. So, did he go there planning to murder her or sell her. I would think the latter is more likely. I have always thought that sex offending was involved in this case, I will be happy to be proved wrong about that, but if Maddie is still alive I fear just as much as Mrs Justice Hogg for her safety.

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