9 Apr 2010


Above:   Talk us through your feelings when someone says they have definitely seen Madeleine, Sky ask the McCanns, interesting reaction!  They both look down as if to access the creative side of their brains, but Gerry just never does manage to hide that psychopathic smirk at all the wrong moments. You did it on Paxman as well Gerry when he commented about your media circus and how you use the media just when it suits you.  Involuntary I am sure. 

And as for Martin Brunt being a typical example of the McCann friendly media, I think some bloggers have been at the Wacky Baccy!

Oh look there is one of a matching pair of blue bags, where is the other one?
 Aside from David Payne very nearly putting his foot in it here and saying a a (child /body) before recovering himself or trying to mid sentence and pointing out they had nothing you could HIDE a tennis raquet in , have a look at the last words of the police officer there, and it would be the same for Kate, yeah yeah.  So when we see this blue bag in the wardrobe it was one of a matching pair I reckon, and one of that matching pair had gone missing.  This is the police grilling Payne at his rogatory interview and this is the police quite clear that missing blue tennis bag was vital.  Martin Brunt is perfectly correct when he quite categorically states Gerry McCann's blue tennis bag is missing.  The Martin Smith "evidence" is I say again, a Gerry Fake!  Maddie went from that apartment before they even went to the TAPAS that night, in that missing bag, quite obviously the police know that.  Watch out Martin Smith, you are in big trouble too!  It still cannot clearly be said that she was dead inside that bag, but quite obviously drugged, at the very least,  as her little brother and sister were in the early evening when Kate insists they were just too tired to go out and play that night.  Not that they had even been down to the beach.   Think of Kate telling us how she gave Maddie a story, milk, cookies, sat on lap, cuddles and Maddie told her it was her best day ever, and then think just what sort of "mummy" Kate McCann really is.
David Payne
"Virtually. Do you know whether they took their own tennis kit out?”
00:03:23 Reply "Err no they didn’t.”
1485 "They didn’t take the kit out?”
Reply "No.”
1485 "But when I said…”
Reply "Oh sorry when you say the tennis kit…”
1485 "When I say kit.”
Reply "I’m talking about the, err racquet and b*lls they didn’t take.”
1485 "Kit in, you know, kit in general is gonna mean the attire and…”
Reply "Err, did they have any specific tennis gear? You know (inaudible) I don’t, I, I don’t recall that they had anything specific you know to play, you know, we all have what we ha, call tennis gear you know, not the stuff that you probably go swimming in and you know…”

"What about a kit bag? Would they have a kit bag with them?”
Reply "Err he certainly didn’t have a great big tennis bag or a, you know, err I mean I used to be a squash, a semi-professional squash player and you know they certainly didn’t have anything that I would call a kit bag from days when I played…”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "You know, a lot of sport, err if they had a rucksack with some water in that would be, you know, about as big as it got, you know a small rucksack. But it certainly wasn’t a big tennis, you know, things that you could put a tennis racquet in.”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "There was nothing of that size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "It would have been something that had their water in.”
1485 "So as opposed to a bag it’d be something like a rucksack, if at all?”
Reply "If, if at all, yeah.”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "Yeah.”
1485 "And is that the same for Kate?”
Reply "Yeah, yeah.”

HiDeHo Today at 5:54 am (thank goodness there are some honest and serious posters about!)

From this it can be seen they are for the most part giving some pretty unhelpful and vague answers but Jane Tanner, it seems to me is wanting to put the boot in for Gerry, he had plans for tennis and did take his kit! Mat Oldfield is incredibly slimy and evasive, "what on holiday" but then admits yeah we took the raquets...I am not sure if Gerry and Kate did (in short I do not want to commit myself to a lie, but I do not want to drop them in it either) but for everyone else he can clearly say they did not. How come the memory fade with Kate and Gerry then Mat? Generally, the clear impression given is that people want to save Kate or fail to admit there was another tennis bag. But Payne has already admitted, see above, she did have her own kit.

Matthew Oldfield
4078 “Well not at the beginning, at the beginning of the evening, you mentioned that you went back, after you had been to the beach, you went back to the room and got your tennis equipment?”
Reply “Yeah”.
4078 “Had you taken tennis equipment with you?”
Reply “On holiday?”
4078 “Umm”.
Reply “Yeah, yeah, so we had took trainers and sort of, you know, the kit and the tennis racquets”.
4078 “Okay. Do you know whether the rest of the group had taken equipment or was it available to hire there?”
Reply “It’s available from the hire, I mean, definitely, I’m not sure if Gerry and Kate, I think everybody else didn’t take tennis kit and hired it, and I know for a while we had two tennis racquets sitting in one of the buggies that were owned by the, erm, by the MARK WARNER complex. Erm, they have been returned since, but they were definitely, at least two. I don’t think Dave and Fiona and I don’t think Russell and Jane and I’m not sure about Gerry and Kate, whether they took the stuff with them”.

00:06:32 4078 "Okay, I think we also spoke about, and I specifically asked you about the tennis equipment that the MCCANN’S may have had.”
Reply "Yeah, and I don’t recall seeing that they had some err I think they’re more likely than Russell and, and Dave to actually have their own tennis gear because I think they were more serious about their, their sport in some ways err I know Russell definitely and I think err both Russell, Jane, Dave and Fiona all borrowed equipment from the tennis people. Gerry and Kate I think borrowed as well err and I can’t remember having their, their own kit but I didn’t specifically notice it and it didn’t remember seeing err tennis bags but I wasn’t in the apartment and we didn’t travel together at the same time so I may be wrong about that.”

PC: "So I’m assuming you didn’t have your own tennis equipment?”

DW: "No, no, it was the club’s equipment.”

PC: "Do you remember about the others, whether they had their own equipment?”

DW: "Err no I think it was all the club’s equipment. I don’t think err I don’t think anybody had any, I don’t, as I say I don’t know about, I know Gerry was playing tennis but I don’t know if he had his own tennis racquet but I know that Kate didn’t, she, we were all borrowing, using the club err racquets and b*lls.”

4078 "In relation to the activities that you sort of signed up for and that were available to
you, did you have to take equipment with you or was it available to hire?”
Reply "No, it’s all to hire.”
4078 "So from your point of view, you and Russell didn’t take tennis equipment.”
Reply "No, no.”
4078 "Or sailing equipment.”
Reply "No.”
4078 "Whatever you’d need for that.”
Reply "No, no.”
58.16 4078 "And what about the other couples?”
Reply "Err I don’t know whether Kate and Gerry took, they might have taken racquets
because I think they’d always, they’d always been planning to do the tennis,
especially Gerry. Gerry had always been planning to do the tennis so I don’t know
whether he took a tennis racquet or not, but no, I mean we didn’t, I hadn’t really
thought about doing the tennis until we got there and thought, so we did a taster

session then thought ah yeah I’ll do that. But I’m not that keen on water.”
4078 "So you’d turn up and just take the equipment that was available to you?”
Reply "Yeah take what was available, yeah.”
4078 "Would that have been the same for Rachael as well, as far as you know?”
Reply "Err, again she’s played more tennis than me but I don’t think she took her
equipment, it was just what was there.”
4078 "But you think that Kate might have come with a racquet?”
Reply "I don’t know about Kate, I think Gerry might have done but again, I don’t know, I’m
just surmising just because they’re keener tennis players.”
4078 "Right. You can’t picture seeing him or her at any stage with a full bag of tennis
equipment or?”
Reply "No.”


00.42.07 1578 “Did you play tennis yourself”?
Reply “Yes, erm”.
1578 “Did you take your own equipment”?
Reply “Yes”.
1578 “Did anyone else in the group take their equipment”?
Reply “No”.
1578 “When I say group, sorry I mean racquets and so forth”?
Reply “Racquets and stuff, yeah, yeah we took our racquets, nobody else did, erm then we booked a private lesson, erm which we supposed to have on the Wednesday but I was ill on the Tuesday night, erm so on Wednesday, actually on Wednesday it was raining anyway, so I think all, all the tennis lessons and everything were cancelled, erm but so I was ill so, I was in bed”.
1578 “And when you say we, you’re referring to yourself and Matthew”?


viv said...

and I remember so clearly on 3 As Brenday Ryan and "Pat" Bonnybraes really ripping into me and telling me how utterly crap Leicester Police are. I always knew they are not!!

Anonymous said...
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viv said...


Kate chats to a mate on the phone, evidence has been planted, we are being framed, then we get a few words from Gerry about it.

I would have a chat with your hubby about who plants/creates evidence and does the framing Kate.

I think he got someone to have a word with Martin Smith as well, you know you killed Maddie and he had to cart her body off, erm, apparently.

I dont know Kate you must be paranoid wondering who you can trust!

By the way did either of you manage to help the suspicious old coppers and locate that missing bag for them, I mean it is big enough isn't it!

viv said...

your spamming/malicious code has been reported to blogger

viv said...

16 tennis lessons Mr Gerry and how many was it for Mrs Kate, that must have been expensive:

Group coaching
Adults & Children (over 13 yrs)
4 x 1 hour lessons
Cost £60

Kids group coaching
4-12 years of age
4 x 1 hour lessons
Cost £40

Private lessons
1-2 persons
1 x 45 minute lesson
Cost from £25

Private lesson package
Maximum 2 persons
3 x 45 minute lessons
Cost from £70

Academy tennis course

Minimum of 3 participants - maximum of 6.
4 x 11/2 hour lessons
1 x 45 minute private lesson
1 x Speciality Shot Clinic
Faults and Fix list
Cost £110


Just found out something else.

Tuition and Courses

At all of our resorts (except Ocean Club, Portugal and Select Maris, Turkey) we offer free group windsurfing and sailing tuition with the latest equipment to suit all levels. You are welcome to take to the water yourself, and our staff will rig and de-rig equipment for you as you require.

Please note at Select Maris, Turkey the watersports are run by the hotel and not Mark Warner and are at additional cost.

Please note at Ocean Club we do not run watersports


viv said...

I wonder why and when the decision was taken NOT to run watersports at Ocean Club, because we have this TAPAS lot telling us they most certainly did.

viv said...

oh dear another horrendous example of UK parents and an illustration of the reality. Only the most incredibly serious child neglect cases actually get taken to court and the sentence imposed incredibly lenient, I know that some just get probation if the child did not actually die.

Maybe manslaughter would have been a more appropriate charge.

Parents of girl found hanged in bedroom are jailed
Simon and Susan Moody admitted neglecting daughter Charlotte
Simon and Susan Moody were jailed for child neglect

The mother and stepfather of an eight-year-old Nottinghamshire girl found hanged in her bedroom have each been jailed for 12 months.

Simon Moody, 32, and Susan Moody, 24, pleaded guilty to child neglect charges at a hearing on 12 March.

Nottingham Crown Court had heard how no-one had been in Charlotte Avenall's bedroom for four weeks or longer.

Charlotte, who had severe learning difficulties, was found at home in Moor Street, Mansfield, on 12 September.

The court was told that Charlotte's bedroom had faeces smeared all over the walls and on the floor, bedding and soft toys.

The couple both pleaded guilty to wilfully neglecting, abandoning or exposing Charlotte in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to her health, between 14 August and 12 September 2009.

School concerns

Det Supt Adrian Pearson told reporters Charlotte Avenall died in ''deplorable'' conditions

Nottingham Crown Court heard Charlotte was locked in her "revolting and squalid" bedroom for 12 hours each night.

She was so neglected by the pair that police officers said they had never seen a room as filthy as her bedroom.

The youngster was forced to use her chest of drawers as a toilet.

She was found hanged from a cord tied to a window and then round a pink bunny soft toy.

Nottingham Crown Court heard social services knew Charlotte was vulnerable and had visited the family's home in June last year.

But when social workers from Nottinghamshire County Council tried to visit in August there was no one at home.

The court heard no follow-up appointment was made, despite the child's school raising concerns.

Susan Moody pleaded guilty to child neglect but claimed she was unwell at the time and had left responsibility for Charlotte to her husband.

The court was told she had tried to become a surrogate mother for a family in Manchester in exchange for £10,000.

It's beyond the comprehension of any parent, indeed any normal person, how a mother or father could allow a child to spend a single night in that room
William Harbage QC

'Atrocious' neglect shocked town

And despite the squalor of Charlotte's bedroom the tanks of the family's spiders and lizards were regularly cleaned out.

William Harbage QC, prosecuting, said: "A number of very experienced police officers described it as the worst smelling and filthiest room they had ever encountered.

"It's beyond the comprehension of any parent, indeed any normal person, how a mother or father could allow a child to spend a single night in that room."

The court heard that when a post-mortem examination was carried out, it was found Charlotte's finger nails were overgrown, her scalp was riddled with lice and her body was dehydrated.

Her school raised concerns in March 2009 because Charlotte regularly turned up with excrement on her hands and in the wrong clothes for the weather conditions.

When they raised concerns, her parents transferred her to another school.

viv said...

There are a series of cases since these two were convicted of gross negligence manslaughter, I fail to see why the above two were not prosecuted for this. They had a duty of care to that child quite obviously and never even looked in on her. An open and shut case I would have thought. Sometimes prosecutor decisions are hard to understand. The law should be a lot tougher on parents who behave in such an horrendous way to better protect children and it is so often those children with disabilities, the most vulnerable of all, who suffer the most.

Stone and Dobinson, R v (1977) CA

[Manslaughter by omission - distinction between unlawful commission and omission – existence of duty – advertence needed]
S and D allowed an ill and unstable sister to live in their house; she died after they failed to call for medical attention.

Held: Geoffrey Lane LJ:

“The duty which the defendant has undertaken is a duty of caring for the health and welfare of the infirm person. What the prosecution have to provide is a breach of that duty in such circumstances that the jury feel convinced that the defendant’s conduct can properly be described as reckless, that is to say a reckless disregard of danger to the health and welfare of the infirm person. Mere inadvertence is not enough.

The defendant must be proved to have been indifferent to an obvious risk of injury to health, or actually to have foreseen the risk but to have determined nevertheless to run it."

Both guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence

viv said...

Perhaps another shocking parallel to be drawn between the above case, Karen Matthews and Kate and Gerry McCann is they all see their (unwanted) children as just a means to cashing in.

The above "mum" wanted to be a surrugate for £10,000 not that she could be bothered to clean the filth and look after the one she already had of course.

The only difference with Kate and Gerry is their cashing in schemes were on a level with their intellect and aspirations in comparison, vast.

viv said...

It has been the law for a long time that the assets of such criminals can be seized by the State. But linking it to making them have to pay for their bed and board is sure to be a vote winner.

Whatever it is all going back to the State and helping taxpayers but cheap election gimmicks are rather sickening.

The thing is though will Kate and Gerry have anything left (that they have not already Halligened away or whatever) to be able to charge them for their bed and board. The idea in principle sounds good, no one asked them to book into the worst hotel in the world. No doubt they will be demanding a double room and pushing the beds together. They can then proceed to kneel on them, bottoms up and do some genuine wailing in stereo. I am sure they will remember to pack their matching blue holdalls for the trip to the Crown Court filled with their essential tennis items.

Kate will imperiously demand the prison van slows down, the chav warders remember their manners and get her cake, sandwiches and coffee. Gerry will petition the Home Secretary and the PM no less that both the Crown Court Judge and the Prison Governor should be sacked forthwith and replaced with those that have his personal seal of approval.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/electio ... costs.html

Labour to make crime lords pay jail costs

Labour’s manifesto will include a pledge to make crime lords pay for the costs of being detained in jail, it has emerged.

Published: 3:03PM BST 09 Apr 2010

Gangsters and fraudsters with significant assets will have their bank accounts seized, and they will be charged an “income” to spare the taxpayer from bearing the cost of their time in prison accommodation.

Houses and cars could be seized under the plans, which will form part of the Labour Party manifesto, which is expected to be unveiled on Monday.

Saturday, 10 April 2010 02:32:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

If the McCanns have been sitting on this for months to drag out for their 3rd anniversary Special Event, they really do deserve the Buckets of Sick Award. Get some deep pink eyeliner Kate.

Maddie perv dies with his secrets
The Sun
Published: Today

A PAEDOPHILE who was a prime suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has died - taking any secrets he had to the grave. Convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett, 64, died of throat cancer and was cremated at a pauper's funeral in Germany four months ago.

His ex-wife Susan, 64, and children in Telford, Shropshire, were unaware of his death.

Two private detectives hired by Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry went to Aachen, Germany, at least three times in a bid to interview Hewlett.

But a source said: "He always wriggled out of it, saying he was too sick to see them. He was never eliminated from the inquiry."

Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, was three when she vanished on holiday in Portugal in May 2007. Ex-soldier Hewlett bore a close resemblance to a straggly-haired man seen lurking near the McCann apartment.

He was in Portugal when Maddie was snatched and left for Morocco three weeks later. And he told a pal he knew gipsies who sold children to perverts. Hewlett's German second wife Mariana, 35, refused to comment.

viv said...

if you have a lot of people together you can share sort of the child care arrangements and it’s also very relaxing for everybody.

(Mat Oldfield at his rogatory)

So, if all the children were being left in the separate apartments how was that sharing the child care?

Why was it so important to be so close together as David Payne was insisting?

I think the children were all put together, but not Madeleine. David and Fiona had the largest apartment and they also had a baby monitor. If that was on the table and most of the children were in that apartment that together with regular checks would have been almost satisfactory although clearly still very dodgy, one of the group seemed to be missing on many nights, I think this may be what is meant by sharing the childcare, the children were never actually left alone, just poor little Madeleine. How else could she have cried for one hour and fifteen minutes on 1 May and not woken the twins up? She stopped crying Mrs Fenn says when she heard the patio door which she assumes was the parents returning. I have this awful feeling it was actually someone leaving who had been causing Maddie to cry so pitifully.

Mrs Fenn sat in her home all evening on 3 May as well and never heard a sound. And yet, someone sliding those patio doors back right underneath, surely she would have heard that? Is that why Gerry gets so confused about whether he was using the front door or the rear? Did he just exit the rear patio door very stealthily when staging an abduction, bumping into Jez Wilkins as he left? Did that put him off the idea of trying to "jemmy" the shutters? A comment has always struck me as relevant from Gerry, it was normally so quiet at night, he had never seen anyone around before. I do not think he meant to see anyone on that night either.

viv said...

Probably makes more sense that whichever one of the group was going to stay in that evening, they would have the monitor and the children would be all placed in the appropriate apartment. There was certainly talk of musical cots. I suppose at a push even a four year old could be put into a travel cot. Russell's child is the same age as Maddie. But most of them were much smaller and clearly would just fit into cots no problem.

viv said...

Decided to drive themselves in the end, the taxi did not have the correct seats for the children, hardly sounds like child neglectors...

Mat again..
because we’d booked a taxi and we’d said ‘Look, we’ve got three children, four adults and loads of baggage for a week, it’s got to be big enough’ and he turned up in sort of like a standard and said ‘It’s all fine’, we needed two child seats and a booster seat, and he turned up in sort of like a standard size taxi and then tried to get us into two and we’re going, ‘Oh no, we can’t do that’, so we booked into a sort of a valet parking thing, we’d used before at Gatwick, we drove down there and parked in that, it was all a bit of a sort of a rush at the end but got through

viv said...

The more I read this, the more I begin to think there were two separate little clicks on that holiday, the Leicester group, Paynes and McCanns who Mat is wanting to stress are very close and then the Southern group, the Oldfields and Jane and OB.

Payne says that when he was walking back up at about 6.15 that night from Paraiso with OB and Mat he sort of split off from them, he had to go and talk to Gerry.

I am beginning to think the Paynes and the McCanns planned to get rid of Maddie early evening and that is what they did. The Southern group did not know that, but became involved in a coverup because they knew that Maddie was being left on her own and they knew how much trouble Kate and Gerry would get into for that. I am beginning to think they actually believed that Maddie was abducted from the room that night by a stranger but of course they know different now.

The best evidence we have is that email between Ricardo Paiva and DC Marshall in October 2007, it is headed up David Payne, he is saying Fiona is also vague and lying. He is attaching the GASPAR statements.

I am not at all sure now that Russell actually was doing anything wrong at all. I also think it is possible that Jane did see someone carrying their child back from the creche and got persuaded by Fiona that was the abductor. I recall it was on the Saturday when Fiona explained to Jane what sort of pyjamas Madeleine was wearing Jane suddenly had a "light bulb" moment. I think that unfortunately Fiona manipulated her into that, because she knows what her husband is, knows Maddie had to be got rid of and knows she wanted all that covering up.

Just another theory of course!

viv said...

As for was Murat hanging around that night, I suspect he probably was and is involved with Gerry McCann in getting rid of Madeleine.

He was hanging around the next day also, staying close to the McCann apartment and acting as interpreter, very handy to the McCanns, I am sure.

Gerry at that press conference, and do you know Robert Murat? "I am not going to comment on that".

I continue to believe that cadaver odour in that apartment and Martin Smith are Gerry fabrications. He knew the police suspected him of murdering Madeleine, he provided the faked evidence of that to send them off on a wild goose chase, hyped it up in the press, refused to let the PCC stop the press and then started suing everyone for saying what he knew damn fine could never be proven. He took Goncalo Amaral in and that is why Goncalo got removed. British Police and no doubt other more senior Pt officers knew differently. I think Goncalo had far too simplistic an approach but probably meant well.

All in my humble opinion of course and I cannot be sure that Murat was involved, it is just that I wonder how Madeleine was taken away from there in that blue tennis bag, there had to be a car.

And the cadaver odour on Sean's t shirt with a picture of an aeroplane on and the words "up up and away". Someone has an incredibly sick sense of humour, no prizes for guessing who?!

viv said...

Madeleine just must have been gotten rid of alive IMO.

Why else would the McCanns put out such a confusing array of old pictures of her, mostly when she is aged 2? The red dress picture does not even look like the same child and is well...sickening and in who it may appeal to. If Gerry knew that she was dead why not just put out the proper picture of her, the tennis balls pic. But in that picture she looks bruised and sleep deprived. She does not even have blond hair. Blond is just more appealing I suppose, this image of this cute little girl.

Why else would they fail to advertise the reward, they never even mentioned it, too afraid I believe someone would seek to claim it given how high the figure had gone thanks to generous and caring business people.

Why would they even put it out that she only answered to Madeleine when all the relatives refer to her as Maddie? Again I believe they were / are fearful of her actually answering to that if someone saw her.

A live child is worth much more than a dead one.

Poor little Madeleine.

Murat has mirrored the McCanns behaviour, speaking at a conference at Oxbridge at the same time, cashing in for libel, failing to criticise them. Now we even hear, although it is not properly validated he is to sue Jane Tanner. Why just her?

I do not think all is well in Team McCann and I do not think all is well between Gerry and Jane or ever has been really.

viv said...

oh, so hang on a minute, knowing that Hewlett was interviewed by West Yorkshire Police in relation to another case, not that they were interested in him for the Maddie case, and knowing that Hewlett is stone dead and had been by that stage for three months, what do the McCanns do?

Tell us the same West Yorkshire Police are conducting a "review" of the Maddie case.

Well of course we believe your spin Kate and Gerry, we always did!

viv said...

but The Sun, the paper that brings tears of joy to Gerry's eyes (when lecturing lawyers in Madrid on libel law and press standards) are not always so helpful:

Thank goodness they have kind hearted tory Clarence Mitchell working alongside Andy Coulson former Editor of The Sun/News of the World, working on David Cameron's election campaign of what little sweeties the tories and the McCanns are.


Published: 11 Feb 2010
TENSE Kate McCann holds up a poster of missing daughter Madeleine yesterday - after hearing that a BRITISH Cracker-style criminal profiler had told Portuguese cops that the tot might have been murdered.

Gerry McCann
Review call ... Gerry McCann

The startling revelation came in a Lisbon court where ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral is trying to overturn a ban on his book about three-year-old Maddie's disappearance from a holiday apartment in 2007.

The court heard that profiler Lee Rainbow told cops a month after Maddie went missing she might be dead - and that her parents Kate and Gerry could be involved.

Mr Rainbow, who heads the National Policing Improvement Agency and was involved in the Suffolk Strangler and Shannon Matthews inquiries, said there were "contradictions" in the McCanns' statements and they might be suspects.

Outside court yesterday, heart specialist Gerry said he understood that "all possibilities have to be considered".

But he called for the Maddie case to be reopened, and a panel set up to review all the evidence.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2848751/Criminal-profiler-said-McCanns-might-be-suspects-in-Maddie-case.html#ixzz0ki18gp9J

viv said...

Come, come Gerry, you know that the case cannot be closed in UK, concerning what happened to little Ward of Court, Madeleine McCann.

Well done Mrs Justice Hogg!

Di said...

Hi Viv

In Wales at the moment and enjoying this gorgeous weather.

Very interesting comments you have made. I agree regarding Robert, as I have said why did he get rid of Max Clifford who is the best, that said it all for me. Sorry to Clarence as I am sure he thinks he is.

Good point Viv about Yorkshire Police and Hewlett. Shame on Kate, Gerry and all their hangers on. They can spin all they want but the truth is out there now. If they think this is going to be pinned on Hewlett with a death bed confession no chance, too many people know the truth.

I am still not sure about your theory Viv that Madeleine was taken away alive, no disrespect, I have always believed Madeleine came to harm the night Mrs Fenn heard the crying. Interestingly if I mention this theory on any other site I am pounced on immediately.

Di said...

June Wright Luz Resident statement

I arrived at the Ocean Club reception at around about 10 to 11 and at the time that we arrived a police car arrived - and as the police officer got out a man approached him, who I now know is Gerry McCann and said that his daughter had been abducted. That there was no way that she could have opened the shutters herself, she'd definitely been taken."

Prof Dave Barclay speaking on Dispatches documentary
"We must be very careful that we're not saying this is actually staging but it's difficult to see how anybody could have interefered with those shutters, from outside, without leaving some trace. In fact, having looked at them, I think it's almost impossible."

Yes Gerry impossible, staging heaven forbid. Perhaps we should remind Gerry that the only fingerprint on the shutters was Kates!!!


I do believe Madeleine was removed from the apt, but sadly I do not think she was alive.

I have long believed the theory that Madeleine fell over the balcony into the flower bed, which would account for the Carpenters hearing Madeleine's name being shouted and the scream which was way before the time Kate ran back to the Tapas restaurant. It would also account for the dogs marking the flower bed directly below the balcony.

Maybe the McCanns are telling the truth about the patio door being left slightly open, and I do believe Madeleine if determined would be able to open it. The gate was closed so she decided to climb.

Perhaps Kate & Gerry denied that the patio door being open initially, was because they were worried that they had left Madeleine vulnerable. Then when all other possibilities were being shut down they had to admit the door was left slightly ajar.

However, that does not account for the blood behind the sofa or up the walls, but it does get all the pros frothing at the mouth when I mention my theory.

viv said...

Hiya Di, I had been missing you but should realised where you were!

That is by far the best thing to be doing during the day, enjoying the fantastic weather we are being blessed with, who knows how long it will last! It is such an exciting time of year with all the perennials popping up, trees bursting into bud and lovely bulbs.

Well at least we have consensus on Murat, you do make a very good point about Max Clifford being dropped or the other way around. He is the best in the business but I do not believe he would act for anyone who he knows to have been involved in the removal of little Maddie from that apartment and the cover up of the truth. Whether she was dead or alive at the time makes no difference either way.

It is a bit like the American film makers said to Kate and Gerry but we need an end to this story, we need you to be found innocent. I think that is one of the major reasons that keeps them going, they want to be seen to be innocent and to cash in with a sickening film.

I was reading a thread by Rosiepops last night funnily enough and it was subjecting me to the most appalling abuse, I think there were a couple of thousand posts in February 2009. This coincides with me being more insistent on my own, perhaps more favourite theory as to what they did with Madeleine. For suggesting the GASPARS just may be right about Gerry and Payne, they were actually calling me a paedophile which is pretty extraordinary. Apparently one is not allowed to think about these things or be concerned for children, if you do you are one yourself! That sounds to me like how paedophiles work, they want to keep it quiet and attack those who want to publicise their sick behaviouor to try and better protect children. The more people know about what goes on, the more they can be aware of the risks to children and the signs of what is a very common disease among sick adults who have often been subject to the same treatment themselves when a child.

I think that is what is pretty unique about this blog, there have never been any rules about theories, no agendas to pursue, people have been able to come on here and discuss them. The typical Pro remark is we should just make up our minds and stick to that. That would hardly be a search for the truth, that would be pursuing an agenda, which they are so expert at, insisting that against all odds Kate and Gerry are model parents and Maddie just got spirited away whilst they were neglecting her. But of course, according to Rosie, that is not actually neglect. A sick suggestion in itself!

viv said...

Di, In relation to your suggestion that Maddie may have died before 3 May. I suppose it would help if we could try and determine which photos actually are from that holiday and on what date they were taken. But that is very difficult because as we know British Police have carefully analysed the pictures from Kate's camera, about 43 were still on there and about 73 had been deleted but they were recovered. They also analysed a Sony Video Recorder which I assume belongs to Payne.

We have the pictures where she is playing with Gerry and by the childrens play equipment. Obviously all the same day and a pretty cold day because she is well dressed in her pink outfit. That outfit looks to me like the same one she arrived in on the holiday bus, so perhaps those pics were taken that day.

Then there is the tennis balls pic, there seems to be a query as to whether Maddie was in a tournament on organised through the creche on the Tuesday 1 May or Wednesday 2 May. I will try and have another look at that, but I do feel that is the genuine last pic of Madeleine. Russell O'Brien says in his rogatory and that is where the famous tennis balls pic comes from. He would hardly say that to the police if that was not true. Additionally Alex Woolfall seems to confirm this picture as coming direct from Kate's camera. You will see my comments about that picture below.

There is clearly a great deal of evidence that British Police are keeping from us, including of course this vital photographic evidence.

I have to say what you are suggesting does make a lot of sense and is a clear possibility. But if that is the case, it is hard to see how they could now be prosecuted for that. It certainly does not explain for me the involvement CEOP clearly have with the McCanns and I most certainly cannot accept for one minute that is because they are bent and covering for the McCanns. Getting Gerry to address their conference and going on a bulletin along with Jim Gamble is textbook method that British authorities do with suspects to catch them out and put them under pressure. All the material they gain from this is then carefully analysed and Jim Gamble himself has met a few Gerry McCanns in his time!

viv said...

Di, of course I agree with you that Madeleine came to harm on 1 May when Mrs Fenn heard her crying, I thought you were suggesting she died that night but on reading again, see that you are not.

I think signs of abuse are visible but attempting to be covered up with fake suntan cream to her arms on that tennis balls pic, taken in all probability the following day on 2 May. And then Kate sleeps in the same room as Maddie on 2 May. Kate knew she had come to harm.

What does "we have let her down", "they have taken her" mean.

Is this part of the staging or is it Kate being agonised, no I did not want her got rid of because she had been abused. That text to her mate, Gill Renwick, "I need help". Not "we" just I. I suppose it takes me back to thinking the men were doing something terrible and the women were covering for that.

I have noticed on many occasions refer to "my" daughter rather than "our" daughter, and Gerry on so many occasions speak about Maddie as though she is not his daughter at all, but we know that he is. He just dismisses her from his mind.

Kate was battered and bruised, to me there have always been signs of quite a lot of violence. Maybe the blood behind the sofa is Kate's? As far as I recall, on the forensic report we have been allowed to see, the spray up the wall belongs to the DNA of a "European male"! Did Kate and Gerry have a punch up? I have always thought that was very possible. I think she is the type of woman who would sometimes try to fight back but of course she would lose.

viv said...

Di, if I am understanding this report correctly the blood sample from behind the sofa was an exact match to Madeleine but the sample recovered from the boot was not.

The blood behind the sofa, although only a minute trace was marked by both Eddie and Keela, but this does not prove death.

2615 to 2616 Letter dated 11 September regarding FSS report received by PJ on on 4 September from Leicester Police, citing 15/19 matches of Madeleine DNA profile
10-Processo 10 - 2615 to 2616

This serves to add [to the case file] a laboratory examination report prepared
in England, written in English and translated into Portuguese, delivered to this
police force on 4 September 2007 by English police officer Stuart Prior.

This laboratory report tells about the examinations made of two trace evidence
recoveries, one behind the living room sofa in apartment 5A and the other in the
boot area of the vehicle used by the McCann family, hired [by them] from the end of May this year.

In some of these recoveries (samples) DNA was found whose components are also
found in the profile of Madeleine McCann.

With respect to the trace evidence recovered behind the sofa all the confirmed
DNA components coincide with corresponding components in the DNA profile of
Madeleine McCann.

In the sample collected in the boot area of the vehicle, 15 of the identified
DNA components coincide with the corresponding components in the DNA profile of
Madeleine McCann, this of [having] 19 components.

Portimao, 11 September 2007

viv said...

I am not even sure if I am right about that, it says "all the confirmed DNA components" does this imply that some components could not be confirmed and therefore the sample was the same as the one in the boot, it could belong to another family member.

I just do not have the scientific expertise to know but on the face of it, it does sound like a match to Madeleine. The McCanns, was it Kate said well she may have had a nose bleed and I think Gerry, well if she got injured in the apartment, how were we to know, a staggering remark, but he is good at those.

It certainly sounded like she was being injured on 1 May.

viv said...

There are forensic reports that Stu Prior did not want released. I really dread to think what those specimens are, but still think that is what this case is primarily about and what UK are utterly secretive about when investigating it.

The involvement of CEOP itself from the outset and Gerry being so adamant she had been taken by paedophiles from the outset. Like he knew what the police would find, I suspect, if they had managed to recover her.

CEOP deal with abused and exploited children, of course the McCanns are also exploiting financially.

Would CEOP say if they know Madeleine is dead, no I do not think they would because that would clearly point the finger straight back at the McCanns...they must have a fair trial, not already pre-judged.

viv said...

Unfortunately throughout we have had dreams and visions from both Kate and Gerry McCann as to what happened to their daughter and all of these should be followed up by the police. Here within just a few days it seems like Kate is going it alone again with her own family members. Do you remember the poster "Alroy", this was always his theory, I suspect he is that friend of the family that went out and met Kate. Like the text to Gill Renwick "I need help" there are a lot of indications that in the early stages, Kate was going it alone. She texted Ricardo Paiva as well when Gerry was out of the way. I just feel there is something in this, but Kate was going to need a lot more than dreams and visions to find out where her daughter had been taken to, dead or alive.

08-02-outros apenso_VIII volume_II_ Pages _331-342


I spoke to Kate McCann on Tuesday 8th of May 07. She told me that a friend of her Aunt & Uncle from Leicester had a friend that had a strong vision that Madeleine was on a boat with a man in the Marina in Logos.

This person arrived in Portugal and has spoke to Kate. They have visited the Marina and identified the boat as "SHEARWATER" They saw a man on the boat. but it was not the same man that she had in her vision.

This is very important to Kate. I spoke to Glen Pounder if he could make some enqs with regards to the boat.

He has done this and the boat is registered to a Canadian National called Bruce Cook. Glen has told me that George Reyes at the police Stn is now dealing with the matter with record to doing dvc checks etc.

I spoke to Kate today and she has given me photographs of the boat. She has also given me photographs of a man who has been on the boat. This is not the man the woman had in her vision.

This matter is very important to her and she is very pleased that we are making enq's into the matter. Once the enq's have been completed can we please let her know the results.


viv said...

But it always come back to the same question, Kate McCann, why did you not just tell the police the truth and co-operate with the police immediately, so that you could recover your daughter and save her from further harm, or give her the decent burial that she deserves?

viv said...

The McCanns are clearly off again, alongside the report in The Super Sun, Hewlett is dead we get this in its sister paper, also beloved by Gerry McCann the News of the World, slated by the Select Committee. Maybe they have not quite learned yet.

Now they are spinning something that is happening to them by UK authorities, we will have to wait for the truth to be revealed, but when you look at the telephone records, yes, leads were missed. Just have a look at Russell O'Brien for example out and about, apparently must have had a car by 7 May because that is the only way he could have gotten such great distances that his mobile clearly showed that he did at 130 kilometres and hour. Those phone records really are rather fascinating. What were this group doing gadding about all over the place, AFTER Maddie had been "abducted"?

In a pre election boost perhaps labour are just about to announce an all out attack on prosecuting the Maddie case. Hold tight McCanns & Co! If we are to hear something about this case being properly progressed it would not be before time!

viv said...

Brits launch Maddie probe
Image Flag

BRITISH police are to launch a new probe into missing Madeleine McCann after massive failures were found in the Portuguese investigation.

Our top child protection cop Jim Gamble has completed a fresh look at the three-year-old investigation for the Home Office.

He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited if they want to "come close" to reaching UK standards.

It will come as a bitter pill for Portuguese investigators who have fended off criticism since Maddie disappeared in 2007.

Portugese police left 'gaping' holes

But parents Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41 and both doctors, are "delighted" at the move.

Failures in the original investigation are said to be "so gaping" that British authorities feel it is their duty to look at it again.

This time police will review all the leads using technology and standards expected in a homicide or kidnap case in the UK.

Mr Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, found a basic failure to collate information and join up links that should have been made.

Telephone records were not properly analysed, missing early opportunities for leads.

And Kate and Gerry McCann were named as Arguidos, or formal suspects, by Portuguese police - something that the review says would not have happened if the probe had been carried out in the UK.

Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects. His findings have now been formally submitted to the Home Office with recommendations to re-investigate.

The damning review has now set the Association of Chief Police Officers the difficult task of trying to decide who takes on the mammoth task. It is already predicted to be "an extremely costly" investigation that, even if done properly, will probably never be solved.

Damning: Jim Gamble

A source said: "It is something that has to be reviewed. It is only right that the McCanns are given the satisfaction that everything that could be done has been done. It now comes down to who is up to the job."

The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is expected to announce that the new probe will NOT be carried out by Leicestershire police, the McCanns' local force. The review has highlighted failures within their handling of the case and ruled them out of the review.

Instead ACPO are now asking around their top cops to see who could take on the very difficult and complex investigation.

The source added: "It will be extremely costly and sadly is unlikely to result in a positive outcome.

"As much as we would all like this to end with good news for the McCanns, the fact is there have been a lot of missed opportunities and no-one will ever be able to reclaim the time and evidence lost."

Two thousand pages of evidence released earlier claimed Portuguese detectives failed to follow up leads.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson ordered officials to examine the "feasibility" of British detectives having a fresh look at all the evidence back in March.

Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, met Mr Johnson to plead for help in their search for their daughter who vanished aged three from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

GOT a story for the News of the World? Email newsdesk@notw.co.uk or call 020 7782 1001

http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/77 ... ation.html

viv said...

Purely on the basis of the above quite obviously McCann/Mitchell written masterpiece the doom and gloom merchants are already at it, on blogs, on twitter, oh woe is me, this is the beginning of the "whitewash", the McCanns will be cleared.

If you are for the McCanns or just plain sad, all I can say is dream on.

Whilst I understand it is difficult to comprehend, the McCanns could actually have been involved in her kidnapping, rather than homicide or even both!

The phone records are all relevant and admissible evidence against them, IN THE UK

viv said...

Of course not one of them has the intellect to see this is just another outright attack on Leicester Police and the PJ, written by the McCanns.

I was very amused to read that my surname is apparently Turner and that erm apparently means I am married to the CEOP man, you just have to laugh at them sometimes.

I would imagine the McCanns are laughing too, that they all take what they write for the News of the World quite so seriously.

I think what is more interesting is why they want that in the News of the World, their version of events, as it were.