28 Apr 2010

Here we go again...

Gerry McCann is furious with both British and Portuguese Police, neither will start to believe his version of events and do his demanded "review" of the case to agree he is innocent.  

Not so furious here, Gerry was off to Portugal on a ONE MILLIONS POUNDS gold digging trip. 

Kate appreciates they have cynically used the anniverary of Madeleine to plead their innocence and do a bit more cashing in, so she now explains how it is actually Madeleine's birthday that really gets to her, well this is how you looked on Madeleine's 4th birthday Kate, just days after you got rid of her.  Celebrating it would appear.  How good of you to tell us you spend some time with the twins, did you know that is what normal parents generally do?  Pity you did not consider that an appropriate thing to do when dragging your three children on holiday with you to PDL, there were your tennis lessons and jogging during the day, then there was the TAPAS at night.  Your children just did not feature did they, dumped, dumped and dumped again.  Day and night. 

The previous post on here emphasised how last year Gerry was returning to Portugal emotionally (incredible I know) seeking to get the Portuguese to re-open the case and look for Madeleine, well guess what, this year,  it is the turn of the British Police, apparently. 

Quite how they have the audacity to refer to their own two million pounds search I do not know.  A quick scan of the accounts will suggest greedy lawyers and media spinners have had the lion's share.   Then of course the calibre of so called investigators used, Metodo 3, Mr Halligen, is this really the best they could do for their daughter with that committee of people sitting on the board deciding how the money should be spent?  If they tried really hard to pick the worst, they could not have made a better job.  I will pass no comment on Edgar and his apparent attempts to interview dying Hewlett who British Police actually confirmed they were simply not interested in, in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine.  Of course we were spun that West Yorks police (those with particular responsibility for Hewlett, deceased) were conducting this "review" the McCanns so earnestly crave.  Could that be because British Police know one thing for certain, they do not need to review their files to know who is responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine, the same couple who could not even be bothered to look for her the same night she mysteriously disappeared.  No point, they knew exactly what they did with her.  

Of course we have been treated to endless spin of late, the sequel to the third anniversary event, constant attacks on British Police and CEOP and perversely those same people indicating they are "protecting" Kate and Gerry.  Well that seems very strange to me, given this couple say they will not even seek to protect Maddie.  Of course we know whose job that was.  We also know there is nothing wrong with British Police and CEOP, they just do not have sufficient evidence to charge them at this time and regrettably still have no managed to find Madeleine, but I am sure it is not for lack of trying.  


Quite wicked of the parents to suggest there is any wilful failures from both Portuguese and British Police, don't you think?  I don't think its right that we as "parents", I could think of another adjective Gerry, and that is just on the basis of what you and your wife actually admit to.  You just need to drive your car paid for out of the Find Madeleine Fund down to the nearest nick and start telling the truth for once, that would seriously drive the search for Madeleine, absolutely no doubt about that.  



 McCanns beg police to start again in the search for Madeleine

By Andy Dolan
Last updated at 12:01 AM on 28th April 2010
The parents of Madeleine McCann have accused British police of 'giving up' on their missing daughter.
Kate and Gerry McCann spoke out just days before the third anniversary of Maddie's disappearance, urging investigators to go back to the start and review the case.
The McCanns, both 41, fear their own £2million search - funded by public donations received since Maddie vanished from their Algarve holiday apartment - has stalled.
Disappointed: Gerry and Kate McCann believe police should be doing
 more to find their daughter
Disappointed: Gerry and Kate McCann believe police should be doing more to find their daughter
They claim this is due to the failure of both Portuguese and UK police to investigate leads unearthed by their private investigators.
In a pre-recorded GMTV interview due to be broadcast today, Mr McCann said: 'It's not right that an innocent, vulnerable British citizen is essentially given up on. And I don't think it's right that, as parents, that we have to drive the search.'
He added: 'We need to have a proper review of all the information --that's how we will move the investigation forward.'
Mrs McCann, a GP who gave up work to concentrate on the search for Madeleine, said: 'We do this in medicine. You know, if there is a case that you don't seem to be getting the diagnosis, somebody will come in and review it. They'll go back to square one... and that's where you find out what else needs to be done and it will help point you in the right direction.'
Leicestershire Police has carried out its own inquiries as has the taxpayer-funded Child Exploitation and On-Line Protection Centre. But neither is actively seeking the little girl.
The three-year saga has already cost UK taxpayers nearly £500,000.
The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, told GMTV's Lorraine Kelly it was 'incredibly frustrating' that police in Portugal and the UK are not doing more to find Maddie, who was three when she disappeared from the holiday complex at Praia da Luz on the evening of May 3, 2007.
The McCanns were criticised for leaving the girl and their twins Sean and Amelie, then two, alone in the apartment while they dined with friends at a tapas restaurant 40 yards away.
In the latest interview, Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, said that if they could go back, they would not leave Maddie alone.


viv said...

I wonder if that is a maternity frock Kate is wearing, it rather looks like it, but maybe she just likes smocky things, makes a change from cardies all buttoned up to give her that Mary Poppins look. It really works that does Kate!

viv said...

In the latest interview, Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, said that if they could go back, they would not leave Maddie alone.

and the twins? or was it just Maddie who got the privileged treatment?

viv said...

But one thing is for sure, Kate and Gerry do not like British or Portuguese Police, now I wonder why!

The Police everywhere, Interpol & CEOP too, are just rotten and evil and hurtful and ludicrous, when are we going to sit up and listen and realise and feel the pain of these poor bereft "parents" ?

viv said...

And in The Sun, "we have finally told the twins that Maddie was stolen".

Are there no depths this couple will not plumb and how much did The Sun pay them for that, will they ever stop exploiting little Maddie?

viv said...

some very secret and "sensitive" documents were apparently leaked from the safe of Jacqui Smith and leaked to the conservatives, interesting that!

She probably sold them to the conservatives..no, not keen on the lady who useth tax payers money to buy her husband's porn to keep him nice and happy whilst she was at her ministerial duties. Sorry Gord, but you really picked a rum un there, lad!


viv said...

A couple who were not doing too bad out of life, handed their property to their cleaner to move into a 4 Million pound pad after scooping £56M (not one of my typing errors) on the lottery, what a lovely thing to do!

They have since quit their jobs and moved out of their £400,000 home, generously handing the property to their cleaner, Denise Kelso.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1269188/Euromillions-winners-marry-secret-legally-share-56m-fortune.html#ixzz0mLuoJv3v

viv said...

I see the McCann dogma, as ever, spreads mushroomlike as they Leave No Stone Unturned.

Whilst all reports are similar, as we know they put out "press bulletins", I noted this in the BBC article:

"Mr McCann said the files on the case were not all in one place and that a comprehensive review of all the information was needed. "

And so it would seem he did not entirely give up that battle he started in April 2008 in the High Court, to get his hands on British Agency files and see what they have on him.

The arrogance of this couple is frankly unbelievable. They and their friends refuse point blank to co-operate with both Portuguese and British Police who have clearly spent millions investigating.

ON their own account they treated their children with more contempt than ordinary folk would demonstrate towards their mobile phone, credit cards and camera.

They actually tell us they went out night after night, leaving the patio door open to allow "easy access for checking". No thought apparently being given to easy access for burglars with some evil intent. That so called checking routine involved Madeleine being left to sob her little heart out, on the account of the neighbour, Mrs Fenn for one hour and fifteen minutes. Some checking routine of their "valuable property", their own children!

No thought to Madeleine simply being able to get up and walk out to look for these errant parents, had they actually left her in such a terribly vulnerable position and knowing even that she had cried on a previous night. No they went and did it again, they tell us.

Then, three years later and with police literally all over the world having devoted countless precious resources to just one child, they demand some more.

Never mind all the hype and the publicity, or whether Madeleine had red hair or blond hair or brown hair, depending upon which picture the McCanns get people to look at, how about the McCanns just accepting the police are not their personal resource, they are for everyone and every genuinely missing child. Including missing children who were very much loved and cared for by their parents.

Time to stop Kate and Gerry McCann!

hope4truth said...

Unreal hey Viv

Gez wants to shake his little fist at the Coppers both here and in PDL how dare they do this to Maddie....

Well he might get what he wishes for and they may investigate first stop 9 people in seprate interview rooms lets see how much any of that sad lot want to help the police...

I wonder if they can remeber their scripts all this time later....

Never mind they did get a chance to try and sell some holiday packs although I dont think they pointed out they are £1.75 each I dont know I and my family and friends have yet to see a poster anywhere and the fund paid for them to be printed only to sell them again to good hearted people who want to find this child...

The child saint Kate thinks so little of she still wont answer a single question for her left to rot but it is ok because after 3 years they now blame the police....

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well on their holiday packs that they actually expect people to buy from them I see they are using that image of Maddie aged two with dyed red hair and then the aged up vision of her.

What I find completely unforgivable is them using a marketable image of Madeleine rather than one that actually shows exactly what she looked like at the time she disappeared.

The tennis balls pic at the bottom of this blog, this is verified by being on the Portuguese Police file. On that picture Maddie looks absolutely nothing like the little girl with the red hair aged two, does she!

That couple are just a scrounging disgrace. I witnessed their sickening campaign on Twitter by their supporters to slag the police and CEOP off leading up to this, they pretend they are actually against the McCanns, but a read of what they write says they are on exactly the same side.

They just make me bloody sick!

Di said...

Hi all

Hi Viv

I was not trying to be awkward last night, I really have not seen a picture of Madeleine with roots. I have had a look around but have not found anything. I am obviously not looking at the right pictures can you point me in the right direction.

I notice after the McCann's interview very few articles are being run in the press, and unless I have missed them I have heard nothing on the radio, so perhaps not the exposure they were hoping for.

Hello Hope

I wonder if the poster which comes with the pack is of Madeleine aged 3, not much use for anyone looking for her now if so.

Di said...

Hi Viv

You have just answered my question about hair and poster lol.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv and Hope,

It’s all in the spin – get your angle of the story out their first and if anyone dares to contradict it – Carter-Fuck them.

Well that appears the McCann game plan and we’ve seen it all before as you say Viv. Today’s Mail has the McCanns' begging police to start again in the search for Madeleine. They are onto a safe bet there as they know, like us, until new relevant evidence comes to light the case will not be reopened – but for those not following this mystery it sounds quite good it puts those nasty police on the back foot in Portugal and England for refusing to chase their red herrings erm…. I mean new evidence the McCanns have found in the files.

Today’s spin puts Madeleine back on the front pages and as we are well aware who but innocent parents would go to such lengths to find their daughter um - ah – well I could make an educated guess.

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

You have to wonder just how arrogant Gerry and Co are???

Slaging off the CEOP and the Police as being the reason she is still missing in fact dissing them in any way at all is like a red rag to a bull...

Amaral was the first to be hung out to dry by the worlds worst parents and if his book is packed full of facts or his own theories he got what he wanted and because of him a lot more people now know Kate did not answer questions and other odd things we have known for over 2 years...

Tick of the PJ and then move on to our own Police and try and discredit the CEOP well I wonder who will be next to speak out against this pair....

It will only take one person to stand up and say we dont belive there is any point in searching because the parents may know where she is and Kate has still not answered a single question for her could finish them....

In fact in the end I belive an Accountant will be their downfall one simple audit of the books will open up a huge can of worms...

viv said...

Hiya di,

In relation to hair colour, have a look at these three pictures of Madeleine on McCann files,

Firstly really light yellowy blond hair, then chestnut brown, then ash blond/streaks. Then have a look at the further pic at the top of this blog, red highlights.

As for roots showing, immediately spring to mind, the football outfit pic dark roots and blond at the bottom, but I have certainly noticed it on others.
Given the number of times her hair colour gets changed that is hardly surprising!

viv said...


viv said...

Wiz and Hope

Maybe the audit of those accounts is just a little closer than we know, if the state of Kate on that new interview is anything to go by.

Gone is the carefree attractive woman we saw in the early days of PDL, smiling broadly with hubby.

They can send out their spinners to tell us they are the best of friends with the government, the police, CEOP etc, we know the reality!

hope4truth said...


Kate looks like a woman who is very worried... Now if she had looked like that on her daughters 4th Birthday and in the early days I would have assumed she was worried about her little girl...

We have seen a forced tear then the laughter when they thought the cameras were off now I belive she realises the lies will all come crashing down around her...

To attack our police is an act of desperation they must be pretty sure that no one can ever find a body or that they can bring her back to prove they did not kill her but my god the questions that will follow...

Bring in an accountant and show the world how little was spent on searching how much friends and family were paid the money to lawyers media and spin it will soon become obvious to everyone that the whole point was to find reasons why the parents could not have been involved....

Ask any parent of a missing child how much they would spend to make sure everyone knew it was not them and I think they would reply nothing....

Such a shame I feel so sorry for the other children of all these parents...

Wizard said...


I was just watching yesterday’s McCanns’ interview with Lorraine Kelly. I see most of the talking was left to Kate - a wise move. GM’s coaching, to no doubt pre-seen and undoubtedly rehearsed questions, was well worth shelling out for as he came over as less arrogant and certainly not belligerent – his usual persona.

Kelly with much looking at the floor and anywhere but at the McCanns did ask one tricky question when she said a number of people are “convinced you had something to do with it.” Kate gives a well rehearsed response replying there is a “small minority who pick on a vulnerable family.” This piece of spin again turns them back into the victim. I believe a lot of money was paid to give a relaxed and natural polish to this interview and it paid off inasmuch as it made them look less compromised.

Their body language although more relaxed is still not right – I have never known two people blink so much. The blinking seems to increase when their answers become more creative but on stock questions/answers like ie ‘Madeleine was three when she went missing’ the Mac’s confirm this fully and no blinking occurs.

Kate McCann said “….most do not think it right or fair to add to our misery but there is a minority whose job it is to pick on a vulnerable family – when they have finished with us they will move onto another vulnerable family.”

Hmm… good answer. I suppose a prime suspect is always in a vulnerable position as they could be found out at anytime and life must be difficult. Most, including, the police believe it right and proper to probe a likely perpetrator to get at the truth. Unfortunately the prime suspect telling their accusers “it wasn’t me” is not going to make people go away.

Wizard said...

Just adding to my above post about the LK interview - its good to remind ourselves them LK is the presenter and her script is written elsewhere – so we are not necessarily listening to her views. I find it very difficult to believe she got where is by being gullible. A very safe interview where no-one will be getting sued.

It’s a teasing piece that titillates its audience to assess the possibility of – did they didn’t they - and if we look into their eyes we will see the truth. Hmm viewing this was a bit like the interviews with OJ – well told but not convincing.

hope4truth said...

The only people in the McCann family who are vunrable are the children... Left alone to cry in an unlocked apartment...

Kate and Gerry are not vunrable they are guilty of child neglect and abuse for leaving their children alone to cry and in grave danger...

There may only be a minority of people who like me will not stop asking questions on line but if they are stupid enough to think the rest of the country are behind them they really are stupid....

I love it when they do interviews a whole load of new body language is there for the world to see and experts to study....

I have never claimed to know what happend to the child they could not be bothered to look after but their own paid monkeys convinced me a long long time ago it is very important that we all shut up and leave the victims kate and gerry alone to raise money to pay for their defence and to provide false sightings to keep them in the clear...

In this interview Kate movingly said her birthday is worse than the day she was taken well we can all see clearly on the first birthday she was missing just how devestated they were....

Lets hope the police start to do their job for a British Child spun out of the picture by her parents...

Di said...

Hi all

Hi Viv

I have had a look at all the pictures of Madeleine on McCannfiles, some of which I had not seen before, and have to agree Madeleine's hair changes colour many times.

Hello Hope

I agree with both of you, I have never seen Kate looking so pale and thin as she did on the interview. However, Gerry somehow seems to be looking younger and fresher and certainly more relaxed, perhaps that was because he knew he was not going to get any tough questions.

I am surprised the fund has still not been looked into. If it was you or I setting up a LTD company receiving millions in donations, conning the public into thinking the money was to be used solely to find Madeleine, then wasting it on dodgy detectives, family members and legal fees, which they promised it would not be used for, we would be behind bars.

I see they are doing an interview in Spain on the 3rd, I wonder how many more interviews they have planned.

Wizard said...

I have for sometime now thought Esther Rantzen has lost the plot, age finally catching up with her perhaps. I know for sure now – Just read her advice to Kate McCann in today’s femail magazine section of the Mail.


viv said...

Hello guys and thanks for some great posts!

Wiz, excellent assessments of Kate and Gerry in those interviews. Basicially that is what struck me, Gerry calm and composed, Kate not being able to hide it. I also agree Lorraine Kelly is no mug, she is a journalist and would certainly be compelled from outright accusing the McCanns of serious criminal offences. It is like Oprah, here you go public, this is how they present, this is what they say. Now what do you think? I can imagine what everyone thought on Oprah when Kate when whoosh about the curtains supposedly flying out, one of which was clearly routed firmly behind the bed! What a load of old tosh Lady Kate!

Di, thanks for agreeing about that hair, it must have changed every 6 months at the very least! Was this what Kate meant about Maddie being her little friend? The thing is Kate when you were having her hair and makeup done so that you could make her look prettier she was 2 and normal parents love their kids to bits, no matter what they look like!

viv said...

Esther, too boring to read it all I am afraid, but not sure what she thinks she is playing at or what she means really. Is she saying oh just shut up and accept she is dead or is she saying to Kate, well I know what you think and I can understand that, it is not exactly clear is it?

But I do find it interesting it was addressed to Kate, is there some hidden message there as to what Esther really thinks, perhaps not entirely dissimilar to what I think myself, just maybe?

viv said...

Are all these different pictures of Madeleine showing her with differing hair colours and sometimes even carefully makeup, due to obvious sexual abuse of a little girl or is it something else, the parent just not being satisfied with what they had?

Di said...

Hi Wizard

I will be very interested to see Kate & Gerry on Cuatro on the 3rd May. Apparently they were filmed in their home in Rothley.

According to Mercedes Cuatro have a surprise waiting for them, if I understand correctly, there will be a live audience possibly Goncalo will also be there, as well as other specialists discussing the film from Rothley and Madeleine's disappearance.

S.B. said...

Just testing!

S.B. said...

Hi Viv......,

I am pleased that you have highlighted this case as it relates to the next stage of my comments about Kate Mccann. In my wildest imagination I cannot come to terms with anybody condoning an act of paedophilia, let alone a parent! In particular, how can a mother or father possibly turn a blind eye knowing that their child is being abused? In my opinion it can only be explained thus - a) the non-participant derives some sort of sexual pleasure from the knowledge b) the non-participant is mentally inadequate c) the non-participant is in denial so cannot accept the situation as a reality d) the non-participant is totally insane.

We are no longer living in the Victorian era, woman has been liberated. There is no longer the need to live by those Victorian principals dictated by propriety and society. Women are no longer shackled, they have careers, financial independence, freedom to live as they choose so there is absolutely no necessity for them to be tyrannised by the male species. In a violent or even only strained relationship they can walk away. If they know there child is being abused they can remove the child from the scene and shelter within a safe environment. I identify women to make my point as I indirectly refer to Kate Mccann but of course roles can be reversed whereby the man is the victim or innocent party.

So you see, this is why I cannot reconcile my thoughts to the possibility that Kate Mccann even for one second can be considered a victim of any description. Whatever happened on that fateful day she must have been aware and thus an accomplice in a very serious crime.

Some people cannot believe it possible that a parent or close relation can physically or mentally harm a child. We live in a cruel world and however inconceivable such an act may be to a rational human being it is an unfortunate fact of life that these things do happen and not infrequently. This aspect I do not have a problem with, albeit it horrendous I cannot hide behind a make-believe façade in order to protect myself from the reality of life – still I cannot accept that any individual would knowingly ignore a case of child abuse!

If in your experience viv you can offer some explanation I would welcome it because frankly it is totally beyond me!

Off track again - been trying for one week to post this!

S.B. said...

Don’t talk rubbish…..,

As a matter of interest did you choose this pseudonym for yourself?

You say there is no proof that Madeleine’s hair was artificially coloured so if we can follow the same logic there is no proof that it wasn't - is there? However, we have been presented with numerous photographs that show a strong indication of the child’s hair having been coloured or lightened.

As this seems to be the primary focus of your observations concerning the gallery of photographs publicized, I should like to highlight another aspect for your mental digestion. From the outset of this macabre case it was apparent that wheels were in motion to prevent the police from carrying out a constructive investigation and this included the many photographs of Madeleine. It is impossible not to notice, not only the varying hair colouration but also the blatant dissimilarity of the child in each photograph. Frankly, I am not convinced that it is the same child! Whichever way you look at it you cannot deny that the hair colour, the hair styles and cuts, the differing age, the facial expressions, the 'make-up', all differ wildly from one photograph to another.

Perhaps these observations will help you to see the situation in a different light and help you to understand why some of us are questioning these various aspects of the child’s appearance - or should I say disappearance!

viv said...

Hi SB, the gremlins that were afflicting us, seem to have been sorted once more!

Good to see you back

Children are at the biggest danger from paedophiles within their own home, so frequently parents, close friends of the parents or both abusing the child(ren).

So often it is not the mother or father turning a blind eye it is the father who is actively abusing the child and the mother is either apathetic to that abuse or on occasions even takes part in it. It is of course highly abusive to know what is happening to your child but fail to take positive steps to stop it. But it may help if you try and put yourself in the position of a woman actually in that situation, to have to go and report that to the police and the fear of themselves also being arrested, complacency really does happen. This is why it is so important for school teachers, health visitors etc to be well trained in spotting a potentially abused child and taking appropriate steps to report and have it investigated, GPs too of course. Sometimes it helps to look at the whole family and just see the way they are presenting or often not presenting the child for medical attention as the case may be for fear of being "found out".

There are many reasons why women do not say anything fear and shame I suppose being the greatest. But men who sexually abuse children are often also domestic violence perpetrators. It is essentially that controlling nature in many.

A mental health problem can be something acquired through home circumstances and this can lessen a person's ability to cope as well as they otherwise may have done. Alcohol and drugs are often used as "coping mechanisms" to try and block the bad feelings, but they do not actually aid depression, they just make it worse.

If it was this sort of scenario, then yes I do think she took an active part because Maddie went early evening in my opinion, when Kate had determined they were to go to bed very early that night. No outdoors play even at 6 in the evening which is quite extraordinary. But maybe in her own way she saw this as a form of release, sending her to a better place and still herself escaping liability but some grandiose scheme that Gerry dreamed up?

I do not think by the bruises we saw and the strange sleeping arrangements she was always completely in with the plot. But often does do as she is told. The message " to the person who has been with our Madeleine", nasty squeeze on the bruises because she got that wrong, but maybe it was just a conscious image coming out in her speech. Also her refusal to answer police questions. Gerry IMO, sees himself as the master, the one who is superior at the ability to spin, con and deceive. He is mistrusting of Kate's ability to do this and constantly has to supervise her and give her suitable instructions, due to her mental state. I think she was likely told to exercise her right to silence, just let me do the talking to the police, you will only put your foot in it.

For me some of the vicious looks he gives to her when she intervenes or does not quite get her lines right are very telling.

But the real victims are Madeleine and the twins. No doubt about that.

viv said...

I do think Kate is very unwell and she did not bond well with Madeleine. She was said to be "very ill" when having the twins with the Camerons frequently having to care for little Maddie. We are not told what this illness is but I wonder if it was she could not take suitable drugs to control that illness because of her pregnancy. Either way it can be seen that vital bonding with Madeleine at such a young age just was not happening, she was having yet more children.

There are only 19 months difference in age in my two eldest sons and they were a right handful. But I was very young and fit.

Madeleine was only about 9 months old when she conceived with the twins. So even when Maddie was just a baby they were going in for more with Kate approaching her forties. IVF treatment. I wonder why on earth they did that and could not be satisfied with little Maddie, maybe it set the seeds for disaster.

viv said...

Actually SB just noticed this comment I made over a year ago. Seems like my basic view of Kate and Gerry does not change much at all.

I believe that psychiatrists who observed Kate in the early stages and indicated she had a serious mental health problem were right.

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:46 am

Local Lag

Joined: Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:58 pm
Posts: 872

Hiya Skeptical

I think a decision had been reached between Kate and Gerry that he would do all the talking because he is the one who can stay cool and emotionless under pressure. He has not the slightest trace of love or concern for Madeleine, he even slipped up in the very early stages failing to mention Maddie at all and talking about how they needed to just look after their children now.

I think Kate was very emotional that night, she knew that she had allowed something really bad to happen to Maddie and Maddie had to be taken away, otherwise there would be some really bad evidence against her as well, as a mother, whose duty it is to take care of her little child. But even so, Maddie being taken away was causing her a lot of pain IMO.

Kate is ill IMO, Gerry is psychopathic.

viv said...

Sometimes going back a year in this case can be so informative, another seasoned hack, like Martin Brunt, trying to drop us a gentle hint, I think. It really is nothing at all to do with a couple of Spaniels!

I love the way he says Mitchell declined to comment and interestingly suggests the McCanns were subjected to intensive bugging when returning to the UK and the security services, infiltrating perhaps? What a fascinating job that must be and so utterly rewarding when you finally nab them, even if it does take you years!

viv said...

This Blog
Linked From Here
This Blog

Linked From Here

21 Feb 2009
Kate and Gerry McCann, and national security - update
By Jon Clements on Feb 18, 09 03:39 PM in McCann

I've just spoken to the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell who has declined to comment.

Quite sensible, really.

After all, you never know who's listening do you?
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Who was listening to Kate and Gerry McCann?
By Jon Clements on Feb 18, 09 02:55 PM in McCann

A few days ago I received an interesting letter from Leicestershire police about the Madeleine McCann investigation.

I had asked them, in July, if they had got any warrants (under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) to use surveillance powers - such as phone tapping and email interception on behalf of the Portuguese police.
The force initially stalled saying it needed to "consult other Agencies" before replying.

After a six month delay, Leicestershire has now claimed it is exempt from Freedom of Information laws in this case due to "national security".

Recently by Jon Clements
The McCann national security documents
By Jon Clements on Feb 20, 09 10:45 AM in

Thanks for taking so much interest in my post about the McCanns and "national security".

I have to say I'm a bit surprised that some of you think this proves that much about what happened to Madeleine, though.

From my point of view, it suggests Kate and Gerry may, I stress may, have been subjected to an unusual - perhaps unprecedented - degree of surveillance after the returned to the UK.

I'm not sure it indicates that much about what has happened to her and where she may be now.

I've made some more inquiries and it it would appear that the most likely agency involved in any bugging would be the Serious Organised Crime Agency

They provide a lot of "technical assistance" to small police forces who don't have the skills or equipment to mount a major surveillance operation.

As some of you have pointed out, they work closely with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) who carry out some very complicated and delicate operations against paedophiles.

If you click below you can see the letter from Leicestershire police.

viv said...

The McCanns are on another cashing in spree, that is for sure, how much did this one reap?

How dreadful to tell the twins what they have, poor little mites, they must be horrified. But there again, when they were still only two, Kate and Gerry had them playing, hunt the monster who took Maddie....Oh how I do wish these two could be in a better place with normal loving relatives, perhaps like the Camerons.

"There she was curled up against me. Then she took my engagement ring... She used to do this many times and put it... She put it as we read the story.... She is wonderful, what I can say. "

So Kate McCann recalls the last moments spent with her daughter. Next Monday marks the third anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine. Three years in which her parents have not stopped looking for her.

Las Mañanas de Cuatro celebrates its 750 programs on the air with an exclusive worldwide interest. Concha Garcia Campoy has gone to Rothley (England) to interview the McCanns and know how is their day to day without Maddie.

Kate and Gerry have responded, without censorship, to all our questions. They talk about the doubts that still surround the case and their relationship with Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese police who was in charge of the research who has always considered them suspects.

"In my mind it is very clear that a man took Madeleine and we have to find him to know where my daughter is. That the police don’t search for that man but suspect me and Gerry ... That hurts me. "

Kate and Gerry McCann tell us each point of their version of what happened that night. They categorically denied they had medicated children ("It's a shame that this was published. It has no basis. It’s a lie") although they admit they could have made a mistake leaving them alone to go to dinner with a group of friends.

"The guilt will never leave us, we made a mistake and we repeated it several nights in a row ... We never thought our children were in danger."

They say that the have never hidden to Sean and Amelie, Maddie’s brother and sister; what happened.

"A psychologist told us to answer honestly all their questions ... We explained them about the kidnapping, saying that if we want something we should not take it if it belongs to others. And they understood it. As a robbery. "

Three years after the disappearance of Madeleine, the McCanns do not give up. They say they will continue to fight "the time it takes." Currently, they are intending that the British police reopen the investigation.

We celebrate 750 mornings together ... with new and interesting stories.

viv said...

A fascinating discrepancy noted by hideho

Did they suddenly get a telephone call and need to take Maddie somewhere on the Monday, this is the day that all of this TAPAS gang just do not want to remember. Did Russell or one of them have a hire car available, or Murat's car?

Did they nip off somewhere with Maddie to make some "arrangements" leaving the twins in the creche because no "abduction" was planned for them?


WHY did Kate drop Madeleine off at the creche on Monday at 3.15pm...Someone? dropped the twins off at 3.25 and pick Madeleine up 5 minutes later at 3.30pm (no notation of the twins being picked up that afternoon) and yet NO reference to what they did that afternoon? Surely that day would have stood out and be worthy of a mention if Madeleine was with them all afternoon?

viv said...

Monday would have been the lst May, the day that Murat came back to Portugal all in a rush, I need to check what time that was but think it was an early morning flight from UK, so 3,30 in Portugal, no problem..

Wizard said...


Re 1st May.

The night of the 1st May was when Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine crying for over an hour and a half and she reports the crying stopped immediate when her parents came home. Kate tells us on the morning of 3rd Madeleine remarks to her parents why was she and her brother left to cry the night before alone (2nd May). Fiona Payne who was in the next apartment to the McCanns’ said she was in on the night of 2nd May and heard no crying at all coming from next door.

Could Kate be weaving the truth with lies to present a scenario that a passing perpetrator could have heard the children crying on two successive nights and therefore been attracted to the apartment – making a stranger abduction a more viable possibility?

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

Thanks for the info about the forthcoming Spanish programme.

viv said...

Morning Wiz, it was actually Rachel who was said to have stayed in on the Wed and heard nothing in her apt next to the McCanns. The Paynes were on an upper floor.

I have said before it does look like that at least the Southern group were in fact babysitting their children.

I have always thought that the McCanns know someone was in the apt on the Tues night upsetting Maddie, I am sure they know who that is, indeed it could be Gerry himself, Daddy, Daddy.

I think they just thought that by bringing that forward a day and admitting it, knowing Mrs Fenn may have heard it would be more useful in suggesting the supposed abductor was also in there the night before doing a dummy run. In fact Kate has actually suggested that in one of her interviews. I have to say an occasion when I thought she looked well, very mentally unwell.

viv said...

Sorry I mean the Tuesday, not the Wednesday, now the McCanns have got me at it!

Di said...

I cannot believe Kate thinks some people would be greatly embarrassed if her daughter was found.

Do you think Kate means people like us? because believe me I would be trilled if Madeleine was found.


viv said...

Hiya Di

In a sense I can understand what Kate means because there clearly are many bloggers who seem to take a sick delight out of talking about her apparent corpse/how and what the McCanns did with it etc, and denying there was any sort of abduction of Madeleine, clearly very possibly with the involvement of her own parents.

But in terms of the members of this blog, yes her comment is highly offensive and I wonder what the agenda is of people who just want to write sick abuse about Madeleine and what they supposedly did with her corpse etc with no evidence to back their lurid claims whatsoever.

I know that we would all be just simply over the moon if little Maddie was found alive and well, or rescued from terrible suffering. This is what I continue to hope for, or at the very least, the recovery of her body if she actually is dead, so that she can be properly and lovingly laid to rest by those that love her.

viv said...

I would just add that I think the McCanns continued attacks on the police in both Britain and Portugal are utterly shameful. I do not believe that any missing child has had the resources allocated to finding her that Madeleine has had and if her parents were actually innocent in her disappearance they would freely acknowledge that.

What they themselves have chosen to admit to is just simply shocking and disgraceful and I believe they seek to transfer their own feelings of guilt onto decent police officers, the world over, who have done their very best for little Maddie.

viv said...

"We can't. And what I would say is, you know, people have got to put themselves into our position. What would you do if it was your daughter? After this, what would you do?"

The McCanns want a full review of the investigation

He went on: "What you need to do is make the decisions for the right reason and do it with the best intentions and really stick to your guns."

Kate: If this was a murder enquiry..

Above Gerry IMO is trotting out his no doubt incredibly well rehearsed propaganda, seeking to tell people both what to think and what to do. That is always been his aim.

Even after all this time, he still seems to believe he and Kate can make appearances and change public opinion in their favour.

But the public no doubt will keep going back to their own conduct and simply ask themselves a simple question, does this demonstrate they loved or were concerned about Madeleine. No, it does not.

It is interesting Kate raises the issue, if this were a murder inquiry. Is she telling us that it is not, it is a kidnapping inquiry. I would imagine the police keep all options open but it still looks to me far more likely the McCanns were involved in the kidnapping of Madeleine.

S.B. said...

Afternoon Viv......

Thanks for enlightening me, I bow to your superior knowledge as I admit to being guilty of cynicism and I am therefore to frequently rather callous when judging people. However, can't break the habit of a lifetime so here I go again!

This latest television appearance speaks volumes to me. I certainly wouldn't attempt to deny Gerry's need to control every situation - the investigation, the media, presenters, journalists, politicians, the police ~ his wife! A man of many faces and all three the same ~ the famous smirk, the angry contortion, the 'how clever I am' laughing. I am sure I am no exception when I say I should like to knock that smirk of his face!

Kate? ~ A different entity altogether. That perpetual look of a sad little puppy every time they are interviewed. It doesn't actually portray emotion of any description it just comes across as a face she has perfected for a specific purpose. Caught by the camera in other situations we are privileged to see a completely different Kate Mccann. Is this self presentation consistent with somebody eaten up with remorse or guilt or mentally ill? I appreciate that certain categories of mental debility can manifest into a sort of alter-ego that enables the sufferer to appear comparatively normal, and of course through medication, but my cynical side cannot see any such indication with Kate Mccann. She does appear to be thinner in this video but all other aspects of her appearance in my opinion are staged and thus designed to make her appear to be suffering!

As for the transcript of the interview itself, I sometimes just cannot believe the incredible things that pour forth from the mouth of Kate. From Gerry we have learned to expect the otherwise unbelievable but when Kate is allowed her few moments centre stage she says the most extraordinary things – no wonder he likes to take control of all situations. Must be very difficult for him to maintain a balance between control and allowing her to open her mouth occasionally.

As for Kelly's reference to Gerry's haunted, worn look ~ I feel sick!

viv said...


I do not know about my superior knowledge I may be wrong, that is just what my experience tells me looks like the situation with these two and there are so many indicators.

Kate is a difficult one to read and I confess to often feeling I just wish I could have had her as a client and sat and got to know her because people with very serious problems have always fascinated me and that is what I liked to do at work.

I have obviously been trained to a avoid being judgmental but there is something about Gerry that really is very unpleasant and controlling, all the things you describe, that cynical smirk is just simply horrid!

I think Kate is having to act out a charade that is imposed upon her, probably repeatedly instilled into her, and it does not come very naturally to her. All those fake gestures and expressions so classically display one who has such an awful lot to hide. I think the right emotions quite probably are missing to a large extent in relation to Madeleine and she is not the typical loving mum type. Her behaviour with the twins on camera painting Madeleine's name on the picture and forcing the twins to "read" really is pretty horrible behaviour and bordering on being as callous as her husband.

Their children almost seem like pawns in some game they are playing, I just keep wondering why they kept having that IVF treatment to have more, including so soon after they got the little gift of life, Madeleine. Sadly I do not think they saw it that way.

Maybe they are just one of those really terrible combinations that do sometimes happen. Quite where her culpability lies is difficult to know without knowing her and meeting her. But I do feel he is the mastermind with a totally sick ability to plot and scheme far beyond the wildest imaginings of any normal person. Probably a very canny chess player!

viv said...

The pauses, the clicking of the tongue, the bizarre gestures and expressions combined with what is being said at the time, I do not see "normal"?

In fact neither of them seem to have any real insight into how other's may perceive them, for all the presentational training they have no doubt undergone. But as Wiz said, Gerry did just put on a much better show of being a normal person with Kelly hand picked for the role.

However, how quickly that mask of reasonable Gerry would have slipped had Sandra Filguieras, or Goncalo Amaral or Ricardo Paiva walked in and started questioning them, I can only hazard a guess, a nanosecond..

viv said...

What would be really interesting is seeing Gerry interact with Stuart Prior, that one comment on the files made me smile, "he is very excited by this development". Cynical Mr Prior, well just maybe, I think. You would expect him to have an expert opinion of his subject.

Wizard said...

I was just reading today’s Sky News item highlighting KM’s initial suicidal thoughts.

If an abduction had taken place the reason it occurred was because Madeleine’s parents were not there to keep her safe. This means a terrible element of guilt and it wouldn’t be unusual to have suicide enter their thoughts in darker moments.

Conversely most people who kill others will 9 out of 10 times profess to love them and they show a great deal of remorse - they are not usually psychopaths showing no emotion. Suicide for the deed or when the police net begins to close in on them often brings suicidal thoughts – a way out of an unsolvable dilemma.

But of course as the spin comes from KM we are meant to feel sorry for her because of her mistakes – smaller or greater. What I find difficult to understand is how simple it is to dupe people and get a sympathetic response. People are not always what they seem and cannot always be taken on face value.

hope4truth said...
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hope4truth said...

I read your google coppied post about hair colour and you could be right.... However her hair does change colour from the roots and if Kate is going to put make up on such a young child it is not unthinkable that she may have used mouse coloured hair dye that washes in and out as well (if not a full colour).....

However each of us are inteligent enought to look for other explanations ourselves and those of us who have children will have seen our childs hair colour change. My eldest was born with bright ginger hair which went dark and then blonde before she was 6 months old....

Just because childrens hair changes colour does not mean that Madeleines hair was not dyed....

Does it not seem odd to you that the "last" photo or the tennis picture were a much better likeness of her when she went missing than a picture that was nearly 2 years old????

Not being funny but do your friends want their child found or not because the picture they used on the poster looked nothing like she did the day she went missing????

For gods sake this little girl is in the hands of a peadophile ring and Mummy does not want to answer any questions the 7 adults with them on holiday dont want to do a reconstruction and they release so many pictures I am confused to what she actually looked like.....

Never mind hey she is probebly giving the perverts her tuppence worth and it is every one elses fault (including mine now aparently) that she is still missing as we would all be embaresed if she turned up alive and well....

Good God when will your heros work out just how badly they let thier children down and continue to leave their daughter alone in hell to spend her fund on Spin Media PR and wages for the directors as the only thing they are fighting for is for the world to know they are innocent....

What does it matter what people think of you if your child is missing as long as you are free to search for her something they have yet to do....

hope4truth said...

Hi Wiz

As someone pointed out on another forum it is strange she has such thoughts as if she belives Maddie is safe and has not come to any harm then there is every chance she could turn up at any time...

Why would you want to kill yourself if your child was still missing there would be nothing you could do to find them if you were dead....


viv said...

Hiya Wiz and Hope

I have never read any news reports stating that Kate was initially suicidal and even if they did say that it does not mean it is the truth.

I would have thought the need to hang on to the other two children would have prevented those feelings in the early stages and after the first few days Kate looked glowing and happy, difficult to fake if you actually felt suicidal.

But she does not look glowing and happy now, and I think the fear of the police closing in would be causing that. In the early days both of them seemed to have this false hope they could con the whole world. Now they know differently.

Getting public sympathy has always seemed to be terribly important to Kate. But she really blew that when she went on TV in May 2008 and put that smirking look on when she explained how "she just moved on" and so I went out and left her again. IMO the only people the public have sympathy for are Madeleine, the twins and the Police who they keep on attacking and cannot answer back.

viv said...

and of course all the other victims the McCanns have created. People who have lost their jobs in PDL, people whose lives have been forever blighted, like Mrs Fenn, and Fr Pachecho. Millions of people who feel cheated by the McCanns and so desperately sad for little Maddie and the twins. Then there are the relatives and friends of the McCann family, many of who are no doubt completely innocent in all of this and must feel absolutely mortified by the loss of little Madeleine and the trauma brought upon them.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Really good post about just how dreadful it is that the McCanns, in all their appeals for Madeleine, just cannot use the genuine last photo of her. No, they use one that is at least two years old, with a different hair colour and looks nothing like her. But it is a "good marketing ploy" to use Gerry's own words.

I hope people will not be foolish enough to pay out any money whatsoever in connection with Madeleine, on books or anything else. Because if they do, they will no doubt be paying into the McCanns "Defence Fighting Fund" and for perhaps another new car or some mortgage payments etc .

Wizard said...

Hope – you hit the nail on the head! Why indeed would KM entertain suicial thoughts if she knew her child was still alive. Hmm…

Wizard said...

Damien Pearse, Sky News Online

Kate McCann - Thought of dying to end the pain of losing Madeleine.

Kate and Gerry McCann make an emotional address to Madeleine
Mrs McCann spoke of her dark thoughts ahead of the third anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance - but vowed never to give up her search.

She said: "I used to have thoughts like we'll get wiped out in the car on the motorway. So it would just happen, we'd all be gone, and the pain would be away...
"But what I do know now for sure is that I don't want that," she said to the BBC World Service.
In an emotional address to her daughter Mrs McCann, 42, said: "We will never give up until we've found you.
"We love you very much, Madeleine, and we're not going to stop what we're doing."
Her husband Gerry, 41, added: "Madeleine, we're still looking for you. Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are, who you are."
When you think of the amount of prayers that a single child has received, you think if those prayers were going to work, they should have worked before now.
Gerry McCann speaking about missing daughter Madeleine
Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3, 2007, while her parents dined with friends nearby.
The couple still remain determined to find her but now feel less guilty about coping and enjoying themselves without her.
Mrs McCann said: "I'm able to look at it now and think actually it's positive we're functioning. It's positive for Madeleine and for (her siblings, five-year-old twins) Sean and Amelie."
Mr McCann compared their experience to that of fighting cancer and said: "There are different types of loss and I suppose losing a child is one of the hardest things to cope with.
"Fighting cancer over a long period is another similar battle - the difference with what we face compared to losing a child who's died is that we have an ongoing situation - and the unknown."
But, he said, laughter and happiness were essential for living a normal life.
"The guilt, where you feel 'Madeleine is missing so how can you enjoy yourself?' - that is much, much, much less than it was and I think if you're going to have some sort of normality, you've got to have some laughter and some joy."
Missing: Madeleine McCann
Both have admitted their ongoing ordeal has tested their Catholic faith, however.
Mr McCann said: "When you think of the amount of prayers that a single child has received, you think if those prayers were going to work, they should have worked before now.
"The difficulty is you don't always get your rewards on this Earth."
Despite a massive police investigation and huge publicity worldwide failing to lead to Madeleine's discovery, Mrs McCann said she believed the chances of finding her have not diminished.
She said: "The hardest thing is you don't know how you're going to find her, what it's going to take."
The McCanns believe police activity should be renewed in search of their daughter.
"The key test is 'has everything that could reasonably have been done, been done?' And the answer to that is no," he said.
"There's no law enforcement that's been proactively doing anything for 18 months."
The McCanns are expected to mark the anniversary in private and as yet have no plans for how they will spend the day.

hope4truth said...

Have they shared the results from their investigation with the Police???

If they had would the police not have politly pointed out Haligen was a con man and could not possibly be doing anything for them????

viv said...

Hiya again Wiz and Hope

So it is today 1 May 2010 Kate reveals to us she thought of dying to end the pain of losing Madeleine.

Another example of leaving no stone unturned I suppose....in her bid for sympathy.

These sort of remarks are very interesting from Gerry McCann, for me it translates into there is no law enforcement agency that has been believing a word we say for the last 18 months. That hardly surprises me Gerry, both Portugal and UK have formed a view about you, your wife and your pals and it is not one you like is it?

"There's no law enforcement that's been proactively doing anything for 18 months"

Being "proactive" to Gerry would mean listening to the likes of Metodo 3 or Halligen, or Edgar, I am sure they have better things to do!

hope4truth said...

Kate said way back around 2 years ago that she just wanted to push a button and for it all to be over they would all go together or someother similar thing that was supposed to envoke sympathy...

Desperation she looks worried sick in fact she is begining to look how every other Mother of a missing child looks in the days after their child was taken....

Maybe it is delayed shock???

Or realisation they have been rumbled???

S.B. said...

Give me strength! This obnoxious couple are pushing me over the edge of common decency, how I abstain from using obscene language is quite beyond me. Time and time again we are subjected to this sort of absurd c*** irrespective of the criticism that is generates. As for breaking down and blubbering during the interview, he wouldn’t know true emotion if it jumped out of nowhere and bit his bum!

They know exactly what is said about them on the internet, I'll wager they spend more time trawling the blogs than they ever do campaigning and searching for their missing daughter ~ ha! blooming ha! I don't think for one moment that all the negative vibes affect Gerry for even an instant. He is to cock sure of his own brilliance and devious machinations to be bothered by critics. Kate however must have spent all those months, not trawling through the Portuguese police files looking for that vital missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle but trawling the internet to ascertain their level of popularity! She must know the score even if he is too arrogant to recognize the reality of their situation.

This latest BBC World interview infuriates me ~ so much so I've got steam coming out of my ears! Such unbelievable bleeping arrogance defies all precedents. O.K. the net is closing in, they are caught in their own web of deception, they are frightened (rightly so!) but to continue to pour forth this fabricated gibberish ad nauseum is totally unforgivable. Can they honestly believe that they are still fooling the world and that the world will respond by filling their coffers with donations abundant? ~ In your dreams mate!

Perhaps now I can be a little more rational!

viv said...

Well in any good Propaganda Campaign there always has to be a catchy slogan that is bound to work.

Now we know how low the McCanns will stoop, this year's slogan is:

A few years ago, it was similarly about Kate McCann's "pain"

Kate McCann: I Thought Of Dying To End Pain

A check on Google has just revealed that this year's slogan now has 13 pages of it!

So yes, the McCanns always knew exactly what they were doing with their Media Circus.

No doubt the thinking behind this cynical conduct in repeatedly flooding our senses with Kate McCann's "pain" is very simple.

How on earth could any wicked person not empathise with the McCanns and share their "pain"?

Well I do not think it is wicked to see right through Team McCann, and on here we will continue to think of the pain they put little Madeleine through and her brother and sister also.

Kate McCann shares pain of missing girl's parents Jan 17 2008

viv said...

Why keep telling us year in year out how much they are suffering? Do genuinely bereft parents feel the need to flood the media with this?

No, they do not, because all they can think about is their child, not themselves and how much trouble they are in!