12 Apr 2010


As though the above performance on little Maddie's 4th birthday, just 9 days after they caused her to just disappear were not quite bad enough...
The McCanns were avidly looking at this reported £10M money spinner in January 2008 when they were still formal suspects in the Portuguese investigation (there has always been an ongoing British one).  I notice this is a very popular post to this blog, it is when the public well and truly lost respect for Kate and Gerry McCann, any semblance of doubt they previously had just went.  That is a position they have not been able to recover from and the recent article in the News of the World once again attacking both British and Portuguese Police is hardly going to help them.  Even though they do not claim responsibility for it their conduct and dislike of the police is now obvious to everyone.  Only hunted criminals have such a passionate dislike of the police and a need to instruct their own "investigators".  Something the McCanns were doing from day one, with other peoples's money!



When average posts on the Daily Express run at around 1000 how odd this excellant article got just 12 posts! Clarence Mitchell has, on two occasions, recently referred to the Daily Express in an angry and exasperated way - I think he has fell out with them. Consistently we see the Pro-McCann stories (or so they believe!!) appear in the Daily Mail but even they are printing the public's comments with about 95% against the McCanns. The heyday when Clarence used to obtain sympathetic press seems to be well and truly over - I wonder if his increasing anger and aggression has really helped his relationship with the press - why has he got so personal about it all? Viv x


Kate and Gerry McCann
Saturday January 12,2008
By Anna Pukas
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As it is revealed that they are considering a film about their daughter’s disappearance and their campaign sheds leading supporters, a growing section of public opinion appears to be turning against the McCanns...
On New Year’s Day on the Costa del Sol, 15-year-old Amy Fitz­patrick set out on the 10-minute walk to her home after babysitting for family friends. She never arrived and has been neither seen nor heard of since.Since Amy vanished, her distraught mother and stepfather have made only one public appearance. At a brief press conference five days later, they appealed for her safe return and for any information that could help bring that about. Since then they have been resolute in their refusal to say anything more and have turned the media away, saying: “Don’t make this another Maddy.”It is a most revealing – and in some ways chilling – comment on the Madeleine McCann case from people who are better placed than anyone to form a view.

Kate with cuddle cat
Like Madeleine McCann, Dublin-born Amy Fitzpatrick disappeared while in a foreign country. Like Kate and Gerry McCann, Amy’s mother Audrey (she is also the same age as them, 39) has had to place her trust in a foreign police force and foreign laws operating in a foreign language. Unlike the McCanns, however, she has not mounted an extensive publicity campaign to find her daughter. She has not placed posters bearing Amy’s picture in shops or stuck them on the walls of the gated housing complex near Fuen­girola where the family lives. She has not, and will not, give interviews about Amy to tele­vision or to glossy magazines.

All the sorrow I felt for them has vanished

The reason she has not done any of those things is because, in her own words, she does not want the investigation into Amy’s disappearance to “turn into a circus”.In all probability, Audrey Fitz­patrick intended no slight to the McCanns but given her situation and its similarity to that of the McCanns, could there be a more damning indictment of the McCanns’ conduct over their daughter’s disappearance?The messages posted on the various websites devoted to discussion of Madeleine have always provided a wide spectrum of opinion on the case and, more particularly, the comportment of Kate and Gerry. While there is, broadly speaking, still deep sympathy for the anguished couple there is also a considerable cynicism over their high profile.


Rightly or wrongly, some believe they have become rather too fond of publicity – a view that this week appears to have become even more entrenched. First, extracts were published from an extensive interview which Gerry McCann gave to the prestigious American magazine Vanity Fair, in which he stated that he bitterly regretted leaving Made­leine in their holiday apartment while he and his wife went to dine with their friends. He also conceded that the past two months – the length of time since the Mc­Canns were named arguidos, or suspects, by Portuguese police – had “clearly polarised people”.

The McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, faces the TV cameras
Then it was revealed that Father Jose Manuel Pacheco, the Portuguese priest who comforted the McCanns in the aftermath of Madeleine’s disappearance, has cut off contact with them, reportedly refusing to respond to phone calls and texts from Kate. He now says he regrets getting involved with them and felt duped when they were named arguidos. And earlier this week it emerged that TV presenter Esther McVey, who is a long-time family friend, has stepped down as a director of the Find Madeleine Fund. Ms McVey, who has known Kate McCann since their college days, insisted she was quitting because she wanted to concentrate on her political career (she hopes to become a Tory MP) and her studies for an MBA degree.

The McCanns and the twins on the way to church in Rothley, Leicestershie
The McCann family spokes­man, ex-BBC reporter Clarence Mitchell, also insisted the parting was “very amicable”. Nonethe­less the timing is unfortunate, to say the least, coming as it does hot on the heels of the most contentious development so far – the putative “Maddy movie”.The McCanns have been app­roached by IMG, the biggest entertainment agency in the world, and last month a meeting took place with their representatives, including Mitchell. IMG owns Darlow Smithson Produc­tions, which made the award-winning documentary Touching The Void, about the fate of two British mountaineers following an accident in the Andes.

Madeleine's great uncle, Brian Kennedy, talks to the world's media
It can be assumed that a film about Madeleine would use the same format of extensive interviews with the main “characters” in the story interwoven with dramatic reconstructions. How­ever, the use in some reports of the description “movie” has led to the belief that the McCanns are sanctioning the making of a Hollywood blockbuster. Mitchell was swift to try to dispel the notion of fictionalisation of Made­leine’s story. “Our objection is to the word ‘movie’,” he said. “We had a discussion with IMG a month ago and that’s as far as we’ve got. We discussed a film in the broadest terms possible. It may or may not happen. A similar meeting was held with ITV about some kind of factual drama, with actors playing Kate and Gerry. We get approaches from all kinds of media all the time.” The film could form part of a package, with book and TV broadcast deals, worth a reported £10million, but Mitchell emphasised that all money earned would go into the Find Madeleine Fund, which was launched a few days after she vanished last May. It quickly topped £1.2million but is seriously depleted. With £80,000 spent on a poster campaign, £300,000 on Spanish private investigators and thousands going on fact-finding trips to Spain and Morocco and living expenses (including two months of mortgage payments), the fund stands at less than £400,000. Donations have dried up. “Money is needed to search for Madeleine,” said Mitchell. “A film would be made on a percentage basis, with part of the profits going to the fund. “None of the money would go to Kate and Gerry. They are absolutely not trying in any way to profit out of her name.”Gerry McCann, meanwhile, denied that he and his wife were co-operating with any kind of film. “We can categorically deny that we are considering a movie about Made­leine’s disappearance. This is simply untrue,” he wrote in his blog on Wednesday. “Sadly, his denials and Mitch­ell’s clarifications app­ear to have had little, if any, mollifying effect on public perception.“It’s an absolute disgrace that these cold, calculating, child-neglecting, sorry excuses for human beings should have a film made. They should be arrested, not given the opportunity of more publicity!” That, from a message board correspondent named Pam, is typical of the ferocity of opinion. Another, Ken, writes: “If a film is made it will be endorsed by the McCanns. They will give permission so they can make even more money out of this. They left them kids alone most nights – why do you have sympathy for them?”Eileen ponders: “What next? Gerry writing a newspaper column and Kate launching a fitness video? This news does not surprise me in the least. That publicity-mad couple have and will continue to do anything and everything to keep THEMSELVES in the spotlight in their vain and (thankfully) failing attempt to detract from their own irresponsible actions.”And from Geoff, there was: “All the sympathy and sorrow I had for them has now vanished. How could any genuine grieving parents be looking for this sort of money-making venture so soon after Made­leine’s disappearance?”Meanwhile, a correspondent named Peter mused: “Am I the only one fed up with listening to people involved with the Madeleine McCann case, like Clarence Mitchell, and their ‘holier than thou’ attitude? To keep saying that her parents had nothing to do with it is complete nonsense. Had the McCanns been an ordinary couple from a poor council estate and not been professional people, the two remaining children would have been removed from them by social services.”Here, on the Daily Express website, more than 60,000 comments have been posted about the case – nearly three quarters of which are hostile to the McCanns.Gerry McCann was all too right when he wrote in his blog: “This is the worst publicity we have had since Kate and I were declared to be arguidos.”Since the McCanns left Portugal in September and returned to Rothley, Leic­ester­shire, their lives have taken diverging paths. In November, Gerry went back to work three days a week as a cardiologist and as of this week is working full time. He plays golf once a week, pops into a village pub and takes twins Amelie and Sean to play in the park. Kate rarely ventures from home; she takes the twins to nursery twice a week and attends mass on Sundays and Tuesdays.Though their relatives and friends insist that, as a couple, they are as united as ever, they admit the one point on which they differ is publicity and handling media. Kate finds it too painful – she was unable to answer a single question for the Vanity Fair interviewer – and she feels that a lower profile would be more prudent. Gerry still sees the media as a tool to be used. In this, even his advisers say he has sometimes been too assiduous and his blog dis­appeared from the Find Madeleine website for a time.Handling the public is, however, another matter, as Gerry is finding out to his cost in a week that may come to be seen as the week the Mc­Canns’ grip on the nation’s heart slackened.** CLICK HERE NOW TO SEE THE MADELEINE McCANN STORY - TOLD IN PICTURES**


viv said...

I think it also pays to bear in mind that whilst plotting as to how they could earn this huge amount of cash, it was LESS THAN ONE YEAR since Maddie had disappeared and they were formal suspects in that disappearance.

Three years down the line they now want to tell us she is very much alive and well, utter rubbish really. How do they know that and what would normal parents being saying now? All along they have just said too much!

We can see this year's "campaign" has already started with their foul press in The Sun and The News of the World, we just wonder what we are in for with the great annnual celebratory event. More McCanns on telly, I really hope not!

viv said...

AT least by releasing a large proportion of their file of papers on the McCanns, they left us all in no doubt what sort of parents they are, as if we could not already see from their media performance and put paid to any ideas about "Maddie the Movie" once and for all.

For that we will always be in their debt in stopping this sick couple from cashing in any more on what they themselves did to their own little girl.

viv said...

They being the Portuguese authorities of course who worked tirelessly to try and find Maddie.

UK files will of course remain under wraps until such time as the case is built against this couple. I have a feeling from their News of the World report that time is approaching!

Let us hope so!

viv said...

and when they realised they could not cashin with Maddie the Movie due to being formal suspects, what did they do next, started a massive suing campaign, commencing with the same paper who wrote this article, The Daily Express.

The dogs did indicate, that is a fact, so who made them do that Gerry?

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I clicked onto this site by mistake and your back!

Missed the site alot and it's great to see you back.

Kindest regards as always - Wizard

viv said...

hiya Wiz and how lovely to see you back!

I/we have certainly missed your input here and comments keeping me in check!

Very best wishes Viv

and PS

Get posting please, lol!

viv said...

What an obnoxious stalker, praying on young women armed with dead Jade's money!

Tweed 'Raped Teen While Friend Held Door'

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1:08pm UK, Monday April 12, 2010

Paul Brennan, Sky News Reporter
Jade Goody's widower allegedly raped a "petite, shy and frightened" teenage student while his friend held the bedroom door shut and told him to "do what you've got to do".

Jack Tweed arrives at court
Jack Tweed arriving at Snaresbrook Crown Court

The woman, who was 19 at the time, went willingly to Jack Tweed's home in east London with two friends after meeting Tweed and his group at a West End nightclub last September.

But the prosecution alleges that in the early hours, 22-year-old Tweed and 26-year-old Anthony Davis "targeted her as the quiet one they could bully into submission".

The two men are alleged to have pushed the woman into a bedroom where Tweed forced himself on her while Davis stood at the door, preventing the woman's friends from coming into the room.

Davis is alleged to have said: "Don't worry Jack, I've got the door, do what you've got to do".

Opening the case, prosecution barrister Linda Strudwick told the court that after Tweed finished his attack, the "nasty and aggressive" Davis joined in.

The woman eventually managed to struggle free and run to her friends before fleeing the flat.

At the start of the trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Tweed and Davis stood in the dock and said only "not guilty" as the charges were read out.

The men admit that sex took place, but claim it was with the woman's consent.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.

Tweed married Big Brother star Jade Goody shortly before she died of cervical cancer in March 2009.

viv said...

This is interesting from Hideho who spends a lot of time analysing the rogatories. Fiona Payne calls it "missing" and Rachel Oldfield "disappeared".

Neither are wanting to commit to the lie the McCanns were wanting put out "abducted whilst we were at the TAPAS by strange stalking predator(s) who had been watching us you are right, in this window of opportunity" God how the McCanns well rehearsed and so oft repeated lines sicken me!

One of the worst for me that they both kept on saying, how sad they are now having to back a family of four. Did they really think that was such a good one to keep plugging, given that was how they planned it? What a sick pair!

viv said...

HiDeHo Today at 16:49

I noticed in Fiona Payne's statements she refers to 'missing'.

We did, we went to this restaurant so many times after Madeleine went missing

“Yeah, before Madeleine went missing it was, yeah”.

you’re stuck in a country where your child has gone missing,
because on the night that Madeleine disappeared

I rang his wife Kath cos I had her mobile number, erm basically to say you know that Madeleine had gone missing,

1578 “On realising Madeleine had not been found in the first ten minutes, how did Gerry react”?
Reply “Very similar to Kate, it was you know screaming, shouting, erm crying, just you know, he was very much a, you know a father whose child had disappeared, as Kate was a mother whose child had disappeared or wouldn’t you know”.

I don’t think anyone could just sort of, yes alright okay this is you know, she’s disappeared but we’re just gonna carry on as normal

the first Sunday after Madeleine disappeared,

Matt went off to search and I went across to Jane’s apartment cos she was there with E**e, erm and just told her that Madeleine had gone missing,

I went to tell her that Madeleine was missing, she didn’t know up until that point and then she’d said she, you know then that’s when she told me she’d seen this man, or the person and yeah I mean she hadn’t seen anyone out, you know, anyone from our group until that point, but she didn’t actually know Madeleine was missing ‘til I told her then”.

I went to talk to Jane and said you know, that Madeleine had disappeared

I mean this was kind of after Madeleine disappeared, we talked, she mentioned that when we sat at the table on Thursday and then after Madeleine had disappeared,

Di said...

Hi Viv

Good posts by HiDeHo as always.

I have had an interesting day today. I met an ex policeman, our age Viv, through friends, who thinks the McCanns are as guilty as ****. He still keeps in contact with his old colleagues and all apparently are of the same opinion. I tried to get more info but he said it is a closed book, what does that mean? He would not tell me, in fact he laughed. He told me not to waste my time on the internet. I told him I would until there was justice for Madeleine. He said dream on!!

No matter what I won't give up, it is people like him that keep me going. I have to say though, he was quite a pleasant person.

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Good to see you.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I am not surprised your policeman friend thinks they are as guilty as hell because they quite obviously are, but both he and his friends could be risking their careers by talking about this case if they do have any inside information. I take it he is just giving you a professional opinion on what he knows in the public domain rather than breaching the Official Secrets Act.

But he could be referring to the possible damage to any future trial by disclosure of so much information into the public domain and he could also be referring to vital information from the crime scene being irretrievably lost.

I think we need to see what comes from the latest McCann spin and then take a view on that, but my own view is that where there is such a lot of clear evidence of guilt the police are very unlikely to give up but they will most certainly be making quite certain the public do not find out any more about this case. That is why, I think, the file was released up to the stage of knowing what Goncalo was going to release anyway, but from that point on he is injuncted from commenting any further.

Police officers are cynical by nature, he would obviously know this has never been an easy case to try and get a result and there are many things that have made that even more difficult.


viv said...

There are so many people demanding that further detail is put into the press and that the police disclose what they have. I have to say that IMO they are very clearly pursuing a McCann agenda. If they actually wanted Justice for Maddie that is the last thing they would be doing and they never want to listen to reason.

viv said...

If the powers that be had taken the view that the McCanns are guilty but they have insufficient evidence/there could never be a fair trial they would be telling the McCanns loud and clear to completely shut up, otherwise they cannot guarantee their safety from the public. The fact that the McCanns just will not shut up proves to me that is not what the situation actually is.

viv said...

The comments on Joana Morais forum are just simply extraordinary, take this for example:

"i cant see any reason for gamble to be involved like he is "

some people even clearly suggest he is a paedophile, they are either in need of treatment or sick spinners.

viv said...

Hiya Di

and of course "closed book" could just mean what he knows happens on such a case in particular, the police just will not comment at all for fear of prejudicing the investigation and he will not comment because he knows that even if retired, if he is gossipping with others about the case and passing it on to the public they are in very serious trouble. Being an ex police officer in UK does not mean you can start talking about confidential information any more than I could now start to disclose information I know about people from my former work. It is just not done!

viv said...

Oh here is another one from the "intellectual" mob on Morais:

"On the contrary, it is naive to assume that what suspects say in an ongoing criminal investigation is fact. "

I think I would just like to add to that, it is naive to think that what dogs apparently say are facts also and they can get up before the Judge/jury and make it an open and shut case :-))))

viv said...

12/04/2010 16:04
Anonymous said... 160

are you a friend of Jim Gamble?
do you know him at all.....have your paths ever crossed?
Have you advised on any cases involved with him or ceop.

I dont like to speculate if the question can be asked?
I hope you find time to answer with a simple yes or no?

no reply ..leaves ones mind to speculate.....fill the void.


I have never read such utter tripe (aside from on Pyschopops blog which could be the man himself)

If you lot cannot figure out what this case is about and what Jim Gamble is doing on the case then you are best left to speculate away! But here is a little clue, drop the dogs and have a look at everything else!

viv said...

Pyscopops put a new post on his blog with the News of the World garbage and then first post on his blog we get this:

Blogger Rosiepops said...

Well no Leicestershire police then Vile. lol

11 April 2010 18:00

Of, if only it were as easy as that, Psycho, you are all spun out mate :-))) or should I call you Garthy or Bonnybraes or or or

viv said...

I am awarding this poster the Complete and Utter Idiot Prize:

Re: Breaking: Two British Toddlers Dead In Spanish Hotel
fred on Tue 18 May 2010, 6:26 pm

Very, very sad. My condolences to the family. But....
The police have detained the mother of the minors to find out what happened."Why weren't the deadly McCann duo detained? Hmm? Wonder if the British Ambassador to Spain, interuppeted his meal to get a private jet to Lloret de Mar to help the family, like John Buck did to help the Mccanns?

I suspect the answer is a strong NO!