11 Apr 2010

Oh Whoops I crittered again - Mr Martin Smith a "Dubliner", lol!

"Psychopaths are so convincing. You cannot understate the way these people present themselves. They have a lifetime history of presenting the face that is required."  Dr Boon, speaking about Ian Huntley, above Gerry is seen making one of his many polished performances in Strasbourg, then there was the Commons Select Committee.  Never underestimated you at all Gerry.  Neither have the police, I am sure!

But when things started to go seriously wrong for him, his action against Goncalo was not going according to plan, when faced with the diminutive little Sandra Fileguieras, he struggles to keep control of his rage, lunging forwards at her as he tries to shut her up.  That is the thing Gerry, when that mask of sanity slips!
Psychopathic behaviours of Ian Huntley included participating in the search and commenting "to think I was probably the last friendly face they saw".  Gerry McCanns tells us he was the last person who saw Madeleine and looked down and thought how beautiful she is, he had a "proud father" moment or so he would have us believe.  Dr Boon continues, "you cannot underestimate they way these people present themselves", have a look at the video of Gerry presenting himself so carefully to the Commond Select Committe (no sign of Kate!), Dr Boon could just as well be speaking the words below about Gerry McCann.  And just when the whole world is not believing they "neglected" Madeleine and Jane Tanner saw her "abductor", two weeks later, up pops fellow Irishman, Martin Smith, if we check on the McCann files it can be seen that he repeatedly spoke to the media with his varying accounts, again in January 2008 just as things were looking so critical for Kate and Gerry,  of course when the police turned up to get Martin Smith's so called account account his wife did not want to be interviewed, how very wise of her!   There was no neglect that night and there was no stranger abduction, that is just what Gerry has wanted to present to the World and he continues to use the News of the World to that end, he had already gotten rid of his lovely little girl, before they even went to the TAPAS that night.  It is clear from looking at the case files, it is that early evening period British Police were heavily focussing on and Dr Rebelo, who had taken on from Goncalo Amaral, who his colleague Ricard Paiva commented, "prevented other theories from being examined".  That was very unfortunate for the investigation and possible saviour of little Madeleine who may even have been still alive at that early stage.  We just don't know.  But what we do know is what Mr Menezes also told us at that recent hearing, the McCanns could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking Madeleine, there is much evidence to support that view. 
"I have sympathy with the people on the interview panel," says Dr Boon.

"Psychopaths are so convincing. You cannot understate the way these people present themselves. They have a lifetime history of presenting the face that is required."

 Madeleine McCann was treated as a "commodity" by the UK press, her father Gerry has told MPs.  "We realised the abductor might do something to her eye, but it was a good marketing ploy". (McCann G).  That is just one of numerous remarks that confirmed marketing Madeleine, trademarking her and making huge sums of money from that  trademark, jealously guarded by henchman Clarence Mitchell was actually terribly important to Gerry McCann.  
See the eloquent and polished performance of Gerry McCann before the Commons Select Committe here, and just in case he failed, he had taken along both Adam Tudor of Carter Ruck and Clarence Mitchell, so crucial was it to him that he got this right.  I do not think you did though Gerry!
From Joana Morais blog
08/04/2010 00:20 Anonymous said... 142 BEWARE OF VIV @130 VIV @130 Your link to the express is meant to mean what?? This article as well you know is from the sunday express APRIL 12TH 2009 (NICE SLIMEY TRY) Regarding MR Martin Smith: Again as you well know your distorting the facts. Mr Martin Smith did not make any comments to the trashy mailin early january 2008 or at any other time for that matter. The Real Facts are there for all to see in the MC Cann files website click on The Smiths sightings heading and Eureka its all there, but of course you are well aware of this but for the record let me state some of the real facts here. 1.MR Martin Smith has never courted the media or indeed gave any comments to the mail at any time. 2.Mr Martin Smiths Lawyers sent letters to SIX Tabloids/papers and ALL papers printed an Apoligy to Mr Martin Smith. 3.Mr Martin Smith Never helped in any photo fits etc Recquested from him by Brian Kennedy . 4.Mr Martin Smith with some members of his family returned to Portugal(unlike the tapas gang) and made and signed statements on the 26th of May 2007 . 5.MR Martin Smith contacted his local police in september 2007 very upset, when after viewing on all the uk news stations, Gerry Mc Cann stepping off the plane from portugal carrying one of the twins Stating with an 80% probability that the man he had witnessed carrying the young girl on the night of May 3RD 2007 was in deed Gerry Mc Cann. 6.MR Martin Smith made and signed a further statement on January 30th 2008 Confirming Gerry Mc cann as the man they had witnessed that night carrying the Child and that his statement signed on May 26TH 2007 STILL STOOD. Beware of Viv some times she Lies through every tooth in her head!! A.Dubliner
Anonymous Christabel said...
Well Marcos another dirty little trick that will backfire, from the "BEAST OF PORTIMAO" It was nice of him to buy one of our books though, so he could copy ONLY SOME pages for the Law Society to read. Maybe an idea to send the full book to the Portuguese Law Society to read for themselves before the 19th May, as he wouldn't copy the beating of his wife and her complaint to the PJ pages would he? How can he say you are a co-author of our book intended only to defame him!!! Because he's bent and corrupt he thinks everyone is. Nice to know he is still up to his dirty tricks, and who is watching over him, and his buddy's . You know what these Moles are like, they get everywhere. What a disgusting FAT, SLIMEY BEAST he is. BEASTGONCALIAR!!!!
7 April 2010 19:37


viv said...

4 January 2010 from Leicester Police:

"Anything in relation to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will not be released whilst it remains ongoing.

"Consideration may be given to releasing certain material, ie, that which would not reveal police tactics, when the circumstances surrounding Madeleine's disappearance are fully known and the person/people involved have been brought to justice and a suitable period for any appeal has elapsed."

Just tough it out, Chrito, A.Dubliner, Martin, whatever, no worries mate xx

I mean something like having a chat with Brian Kennedy, taking a fat bung and telling lies to the police in relation to the hunt for a missing little girl is not really serious for you, is it?

viv said...

And he is arguing that the debate centred around marriage is looking at the issue through the wrong end of the telescope.

"It's the child that is at the centre of this, it's the parenting that matters, it's not the form of the relationship," he said.

Allan Johnson, Home Secretary

Now I suspect from everything I have read about him, he is not going to think the McCanns are the best parents, or that their "marriage" is the best thing for their children. Or that they ever put their children at the centre of anything. When it comes down to listening to them, I suspect his only concern will be Justice for little Maddie and the twins!