5 Apr 2010


14/4/10 I was just reading trusty Brenda Ryan rallying the Pro McCann troops do not worry Jim Gamble will get sorted soon and then all of a sudden WHOOSH CLUNK, the main Madeleine thread on that unholy place suddenly disappeared, strange goings on in Team McCann!

I was just sitting reading this site when all of a sudden the warning notice came up about it below.  I have already posted my concerns about this site and also 3 Arguidos.  I believe they are controlled by Pro McCanns posing as "antis" i.e. Bren, Ambersuz, Beachy, JJP, Laffin Assassin etc.  One of the more infamous members has disappeared "Photon" AKA as "Dr Val".  

There are some genuine posters on these sites but please be very careful indeed! 

In fact please be careful of any site at all that is in any way asking you for money, by paypal by books by advertising, by saying they are too broke to run the site etc.    The McCanns are running a huge propaganda campaign, do not be taken in.

 make sure you money is not going to fund their Defence!¬



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viv said...

Apparently drunken Laffin's "job" is to attack proper posters, but they find him a bit of a liability and he threatens to spill the beans on them all and that does include, Claudia...who is now desperately trying to explain that they are child neglectors but that does not mean that Madeleine was abducted even though yes, McCann spin would suggest that!

Reading about the activities of this sick bunch of lying lunatics really does make me want to be sick.

Di said...

Hi Viv

I hope you are having a good Easter. We had a housefull yesterday which was exhausting but great fun at the same time.

Thanks for the above warning. I remember Properdad posting on Joana Morais a couple of weeks ago, that his computer kept fighting a virus everytime he visited MM site. I do read there but luckily don't seem to have had a problem. I have never been tempted to buy books or donate to sites, as it is not possible to know if the money is going to where it is intended.

I have always been convinced K & G plus their family and friends, also paid posters, post on many sites under many different disguises. I remember on the old 3A's when a topic was raised within a couple of days Clarence would make a statement counteracting said topic, ie Mrs Fenn and the crying, Kate changing clothes during her meal to mention but two.

I also believe several people have received threats, which is appalling, remember what poor ROTB went through.

Where the McCanns are concerned, nothing would surprise me anymore, they are fighting for survival and the gloves are well and truly off.

viv said...

Hiya Di, I have had a great Easter thanks with family and friends. Lovely party Sat night with a friend I have known since she was 15! Now that is going back a bit.

I did break my own rule recently about donations and now realise I have given that money to Kate and Gerry/their supporters, but it was only £10, they can have it with my compliments! I have always thought you are more sensible than me, I still try to see the best in human nature, and give people the benefit of the doubt, but the more you look in this case, the worse you see.

I can also clearly remember 3 As and Missing Madeleine, this certain knowledge that those who are supposedly on the same side as you are stalking you, harassing you, doing their very best to discredit you with their paid socks, anyone who has that perception should realise, they are too near to the truth!

I will continue to do my best to expose the dirty games this couple are playing whilst they await their inevitable arrest. They may not want the public to know quite how repulsive they are, too bad!

Indeed Kate, how are you going to explain it to your mother and what will she think? I expect she already knows...

viv said...

Clarence Mitchell is being paid to cover up sexual abuse of Madeleine, what does that make him, exactly?

The crying heard by Mrs Fenn, spot on as usual Di!