15 Jan 2009


From Joana Morais blog: Thanks again Joana and Astro!

So he took a UK lawyer to meet with his Portuguese lawyer, very helpful steps in the search for Maddie and I am sure did not cost the Fund much at all..

Meanwhile Clarence will not explain who is actually searching for Maddie. Ah must be the lawyers:-)))

January 14, 2009

Gerry wants English help in the search

Return: One and a half year later

by: Tânia Laranjo/Sónia Trigueirão

Almost one and a half year after leaving Portugal in a hurry – 48 hours after having been made an arguido – Gerry McCann returned. He was at the English embassy yesterday, in the Estrela area, in Lisbon, to ask for help to restart the searches for his daughter.

Nevertheless, Gerry McCann didn’t contest the archiving of the process. He could have requested the opening of the instruction phase – given the fact he had a legitimate interest – which he didn’t do within the legal deadline. The result: in terms of the process, it’s practically impossible for the authorities to restart the searches into the little girl’s whereabouts, unless Maddie’s parents supply a new solid element concerning what really happened to the child.

“Gerry wanted to know about the possibilities to continue to search for his daughter. His purpose is for the search not to stop, no matter what the process issues are. He asked the ambassador for help in the sense of understanding what mechanisms are at his disposal to continue to search for his daughter”, Rogério Alves told CM – the lawyer who accompanied Madeleine’s father to the embassy yesterday.

Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, also confirmed that the McCanns’ intention is to find the child. “Gerry and Kate continue to search for Madeleine and they don’t intend to give up. This visit to Portugal is part of the strategy that we have to continue that search. I assert that during this visit, Gerry had no encounter with policemen, the Attorney General or members of the government. He just went to meet his lawyer.”


Events in Portugal – The McCanns are preparing a series of events for the media, mainly the Portuguese, not to forget about Madeleine. Clarence Mitchell didn’t explain exactly what initiatives are foreseen.

Fund with money – Clarence Mitchell asserts that the fund to search the child continues to have money. “We have 800 thousand pounds, which is 880.170,36 euros. We don’t have money problems. People continue to help us”, he stated.

“It’s painful to return to Praia da Luz”: Gerald Patrick McCann, Madeleine’s father

Correio da Manhã – What did you come to do in Portugal?

Gerry McCann – I came exclusively to speak with my lawyers to define strategies and to analyse other possibilities to continue to search for Madeleine.

- Is this a short visit? Did you come alone?

- It’s a short visit, but I’m counting on making others. I arrived this morning [yesterday] and I leave tomorrow morning [today]. I didn’t come alone. I came with an English lawyer who has been working with Rogério Alves in the process.

- Do you plan to visit the Algarve, Praia da Luz?

- Maybe. I don’t know, it’s painful to think about that.

- Are you preparing anything for Madeleine’s birthday, in May, which coincides with the two years of her disappearance?

- We are preparing many things, but I hope to find my daughter before that date arrives.

- Have you read the process yet?

- No. It’s too long. There are approximately ten thousand pages. We are finishing the translation. I hope to read everything until February. Kate has also been helping with that analysis and she reads as it gets translated.

- What exactly are you looking for?

- We are going to analyse if in fact everything was done to find Madeleine. If the authorities acted correctly. And, more importantly, to find out if there is any lead that we can explore.

Book in England before summer

The book by Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ coordinator who directed the investigations into the little girl’s disappearance, should be launched in the English market before the summer. “We already have a reliable translation of the book into English. We are negotiating with several editors, whose lawyers are analysing the book. The couple’s spokesman has been threatening with lawsuits since the beginning, but they’ve had plenty of time to read ‘The Truth of the Lie’. If there was anything that would give them a motive to sue us, I believe they would have done that by now”, CM was told by Mário Sena Lopes, who guaranteed that the English version will be identical to the one that was sold in our country. “The book reaches the same conclusions that the investigators did. Are they going to sue the investigators over that? The book is based on an investigation. We are not going to authorise any change that alters the fundamental contents of the book.”


Threat: English book. Clarence Mitchell threatens to sue Gonçalo Amaral. “if he publishes the book in England he’d better be aware that the British legislation is different from the Portuguese”, he says.

Hotel: D. Pedro Palace. Gerry McCann was lodged at the D. Pedro Palace, in Amoreiras, a hotel that is relatively close to lawyer Rogério Alves’ office.

Kate: Stayed with the children. Gerry guarantees that Kate stayed with their children Sean and Amelie, and therefore didn’t accompany him in the return to Portugal. “She’s trying to deal with all of this”, he stated.

source: Correio da Manhã, 14.01.09


Niki said...

Good morning everyone:-)

Astro has translated a good Correio da Manha article again. Hope she and Joana don't mind me copying all of it!?:

Fund pays for luxury hotel

by Sónia Trigueirão

Madeleine’s father and the English lawyer who accompanied him on the visit to Portugal, on Tuesday, were lodged at the D. Pedro Palace, a five-star hotel and one of the most luxurious ones in Lisbon. Everything, of course, financed by the ‘Find Madeleine’ Fund.

As far as CM was able to establish, one night at the D. Pedro, in a single room, may cost between 214 and 254 euros. This means that Gerry and the lawyer spent, at least, more than 400 euros for one night.

According to Clarence Mitchell, Madeleine’s parents’ spokesman, Gerry stayed in a single room and the hotel was chosen not for being five-star, but merely because it is located close to lawyer Rogério Alves’ office and because it is discrete. ‘We didn’t want to transform Gerry’s visit into a media show’.

Concerning the fact that the Fund payed for this, Clarence merely recalled the purpose for which it was created ‘This type of travel obviously fits into the search for Madeleine which is the Fund’s purpose. That was what it was created for and Madeleine’s parents will never use it for anything else apart from that’, he stated.

Beyond that, Mitchell guarantees that the fund to search for the child still has money: ‘We have 800 thousand pounds which are 880.170,36 euros. We don’t have money problems. People continue to help us’. The Fund, which was created in 2007, shortly after Madeleine disappeared from the resort at Praia da Luz, had two million euros at some point in time.


Attorney General – The Attorney General’s Office informed yesterday that the Madeleine process will only be reopened with ‘new, credible and relevant facts’. This is the reply to Gerry, who said that he’d come to Portugal to explore the best way to cooperate with the authorities to ‘explore steps that weren’t taken yet’.

Detectives in the Algarve – The McCanns desisted of hiring agencies, but as far as CM has established, they now have a restricted group of people with a past that is linked to the police, willing to continue the investigation. The possibility of that team going to the Algarve is being evaluated.

source: Correio da Manhã, 15.01.2009



by astro

viv said...

Hello Niki

Well it looks like I saw that one coming:-)) So:

‘We didn’t want to transform Gerry’s visit into a media show’.

Then why did he go on the telly!

These people do have a sense of humour! If that were really the case, maybe they should muzzle both Gerry and the one with a Pinkish Hue:-)))

viv said...

Now hang on a minute, it was my understanding the McCanns had the full PJ file of 30,000 pages, see the report below. But Gerry is now saying he only has 10,000 pages (the same as we have)and even more unbelievably he has not managed to read that yet. Well we have Gez, all the salient bits anyway. So did the PJ also refuse to release to the Mcs 20,000 pages as a result of the intervention of Stuart Prior et al? Or is he just telling a few more Gezzy whoppers?

Claudia, can you help me. In UK we can go onto a Law Society webpage and view the exact areas of law a solicitor specialises in and we can generally do the same with barristers by looking at the webpage of their chambers. Can you tell me exactly what areas or are of law Mr Alves specialises in? Unfortunately we do not, as yet have the name of the UK lawyer but as soon as we do that should give a big clue as to what they are about. My point is this, if they are lawyers specialising in the criminal law field that would tell us that Gerry is not seeking advice on the ahem continuing search, he is seeking advice on his own unfortunate situation which I strongly suspect is far nearer the truth.

Crucially, Mr Alves said way back in August it would take just 40 days to analyse the file, a file that Gerry now claims has shrunk by a massive 20,000 pages (the ones he really does not like). So on anyone's reckoning Mr Alves has well and truly digested that file now!

Legal team scrutinises Madeleine McCann file

A team of legal experts in Lisbon is sifting through nearly 30 000 pages of police evidence on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and passing information to the British girl's family who have hired private investigators, one of their lawyers said on Thursday.

The McCanns hope the long-anticipated release of the previously secret Portuguese police file into her disappearance will furnish leads that will give new momentum to their own search.

The police file, made public on Monday, details what police found in their 15-month investigation during which Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, came under suspicion. But it didn't clear up the mystery about what happened to Madeleine.

"Everything we feel is relevant to the most important aspect of all this -- finding the child -- will be used," Rogerio Alves, one of the family's lawyers, said.

"It will be done confidentially and discreetly," he said, declining to provide details.

Alves said he expected the team would take up to 40 days to complete its trawl through the evidence.

Madeleine vanished on May 3 2007, a few days before her fourth birthday, from a hotel room during a family vacation in Praia da Luz, a coastal Algarve town.

The status of the girl's parents as official suspects ended last month when Portugal's Attorney General ordered police to halt the investigation because detectives had uncovered no evidence of a crime. The case will remain closed unless new evidence emerges.

The release of the file placed the work of Portuguese detectives under the spotlight.

McCann family spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said the private investigators are examining whether all leads were fully explored.

He refused to comment on details of their work, but said on Wednesday the McCanns were "frustrated by the delays and the mistakes that were made".

The police evidence included police sketches of possible suspects, intelligence reports from foreign police forces, and reported sightings in other countries which private investigators could follow up.

The McCanns have waged an international campaign to find their daughter, aided by a fund that receives public donations.

Many British newspapers have highlighted what they viewed as shortcomings in the 14-month investigation. Portuguese media, meanwhile, have trained their sights on allegedly suspicious behaviour by the child's parents that led police to name them as suspects.

Britain's best-selling daily, tabloid newspaper the Sun, claimed the file had exposed flaws in the Portuguese inquiry. "Chances to catch Madeleine's abductor were missed, likely sightings downplayed and trails allowed to run cold," the newspaper said in an editorial on Wednesday.

Portuguese daily Publico quoted the police file as saying that "no clear, sensible, serious and honest conclusions" could be drawn from the evidence unearthed by detectives.

The paper said the report added: "Detectives are perfectly aware that their work has not been perfect; they worked with a large margin of error and what they achieved is very little in terms of conclusive results, especially about what happened to the unfortunate child." -- Sapa-AP

viv said...

As well as potential leads, the McCanns' lawyers will be assessing whether the files would support legal action against Portuguese police for the way they conducted the inquiry.

Interesting comment in the Independant 31.7.08 which also confirms Mr Alves is head of the Portuguese Bar Clearly a top lawyer who would not come cheap, he was supervising the ones in the South in Faro studying the file.. interesting Gerry landed so far away from Lisbon, in Faro given it was just a 24 hour trip and he could have got a direct flight to Lisbon from the London area. If he took a British counterpart to Mr Alves with him say, Stuart McBride, a specialist in criminal law and reputation management who charges out at £750 p.h. one can imagine the costs of this little sorty were truly massive! And Gezzy promises a lot more of them. Still I guess the good old London Evening STandard are stumping up the costs! Handy that!!

viv said...

This is The Independant report I am referring to:

McCann lawyers gain access to Portuguese police files

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lawyers acting for the parents of Madeleine McCann today began trawling through the Portuguese police files on the investigation into how their daughter disappeared, the couple's spokesman said.

Gerry and Kate McCann's legal team received notification from the authorities in Portugal that they could begin to study some 20,000 pages filed by police in Portimao, Clarence Mitchell said.

He said: "This is an important step forward in the search for Madeleine."

Rogerio Alves, the McCanns' top lawyer in Portugal, contacted the family today to say he had received official notification that the volumes can now be examined.

He will travel from Lisbon to the Algarve next week to supervise colleagues. In effect, the team will have August to leaf through the thousands of pages of information collected by detectives since May last year.

Much of the information will already be familiar to the lawyers, including statements made by the Leicestershire couple.

But the McCanns were largely kept in the dark about the official inquiry because of Portuguese laws governing police investigations.

It is hoped the couple, from Rothley, and the private detective agency working on their behalf, will unearth fresh leads to help their own search for Madeleine.

Mr Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry have long wanted to know what was in the police files and what was and wasn't done in terms of the search for their daughter.

"They will be taking their time along with lawyers to assess the thousands of pages of information in detail before they make any comment.

"They and I will not be giving a running commentary. Any critical information will go to their investigators to act on."

As well as potential leads, the McCanns' lawyers will be assessing whether the files would support legal action against Portuguese police for the way they conducted the inquiry.

The opening of the files was permitted after the couple and expat Robert Murat were told earlier this month that they were no longer arguidos, or formal suspects, in the case.

viv said...

Gezzy wants to really work with the Portuguese authorities now to find Maddie. Is this contrition or evil sarcasm? Clearly nothing came out of those files!

dylan said...

Good morning all & hi Niki,

Viv, I left a comment on the older thread - thanks for your clarification.

This bit: 'We are going to analyse if in fact everything was done to find Madeleine. If the authorities acted correctly'

- maybe they should look to themselves and ask whether they did everything to find madeleine. The short answer to that is "no"! Neither Kate or Gerry, or any of their tapas pals went out to search for her. In fact, many of the flaws in the investigation are down to G & K hindering the investigation by refusing to answer questions and by not telling the truth. I feel very sorry for the PJ in that they have been under such intense scrutiny and taken so much flack from the wonder couple and their dream team, and had their shortcomings paraded about in the media for all to scorn.

I hope that the Portuguese give Gezza the cold shoulder that he deserves for all of the spiteful things he and Kate have inflicted upon the nations good name. No wonder Gerry isn't going to PdL. I suspect he can well imagine what sort of reception he will get and I doubt he's brave enough to face that!

Have a good day all. xx

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

You know I am really sick to the back teeth by the actions of this lot. They claim their child has been abducted and held by a professional paedophile ring. The child will now have been the possession of said ring for 20 months and they believe that she can be found alive and well! They also expect the public to believe it just because they say so. How can the parent who claims his child has been abducted by those sort of people use money from a fund that the public have donated generously too have the audacity too check in to a 5* luxury hotel very different accommodations that the family spent their holiday in May 2007. £1500 for 1 week for two adults and 3 children for flights, meals and drinks incl. Plus the fact we have seen the pics so we know exactly the environment they lived in for a week. The same father who did not pay for childcare in the evenings for his 3children then all aged 3 and under! Where was M sleeping that night and in what environment? As for the excuse:

'According to Clarence Mitchell, Madeleine’s parents’ spokesman, Gerry stayed in a single room and the hotel was chosen not for being five-star, but merely because it is located close to lawyer Rogério Alves’ office and because it is discrete. ‘We didn’t want to transform Gerry’s visit into a media show’.

What a load of BS IMO it was a Media show if not why was he on TV? How much does it also cost for a lawyer to travel with him? Has the fact that he stayed in a 5* Hotel been reported in the UK Press/Media? Now any normal parents who have had a child taken (through no fault of their own) would probably sell everything they own and buy a camper van pack themselves and their remaining little ones into it and travel to Morocco, Belgium and scour everywhere else they claim the child may be but no not them. How much have they and their extended family actually contributed financially in the search of their child they claim has been abducted?

'Attorney General – The Attorney General’s Office informed yesterday that the Madeleine process will only be reopened with ‘new, credible and relevant facts’. This is the reply to Gerry, who said that he’d come to Portugal to explore the best way to cooperate with the authorities to ‘explore steps that weren’t taken yet’.'

Will this also be reported in the UK? Why did they not file to re-open the case when they legally could? The UK Press/Media will they now be reporting the McPropaganda as see those nasty Portuguese will not help to find this missing child poor parents!

viv said...

Gerry sidesteps the issue of whether he wants to sue the Portuguese police.. not really relevant "at the minute" we want to look forwards not backwards we want to work with the authorities. Indeed in this video on Sky he does not mention Mitchell's claim of private investigators working in the search at all, he purely refers to passing leads to British and foreign police and working with the Portuguese Police via his lawyers. "We really want to work with the authorities as much as we can". Yet again, he seems to be singing from a different hymn sheet to Mitchell or leastways The Sun and their bizarre claims of MI6 etc.. for those populist idiots who like tripe for breakfast... but seem to have tired of Rosie's blog and what a nice chap he is!

At the end of the day, I am sure he had aspirations of suing the Portuguese Police. That would fit with his idea of keep needing to boost the Fund to Find Maddie. Maybe Mr Alves has put him straight on that!

This video on Sky seems to be a much better version of what I had previously seen.


viv said...

Dilly thanks

I do not think we should forget the thousands of furious posts by Psychopops on the DE. Focussing on insisting there was a child listening service at Mark Warners (even though there was not) and the McCanns were just complying with that. Oh and how we had better just move on and forget the negligence or take the quite incredible bullying. I for one certainly do not forget the party line! If you look back to this it does provide pretty powerful evidence of what was really worrying Team McCann, I think!

Hiya Zodiac

Well again it is a fact that Gerry was immediately telling people on his mobile that Maddie had been "abducted by a gang of Portuguese paedophiles". That does place into context how sincere his current remarks are about her being alive and well. I remember in fact getting very upset on the DE pointing out that if forced to make the choice I would prefer my child to have quickly died in those circumstances. Come what may this couple will go down in history as the couple from hell. I certainly have not changed my mind about that. Do you recall the tales of her being a "little Maid in Morocco" again strongly pushed by Psychopops and of course the evil predatory Messrs Malinka and Murat with all that paedophile filth on their computers. There are going to be a lot of books written about this case but I look forward to factual books properly analysing the extraordinary behaviour of the gruesome twosome, parents from hell who say they had their little girl abducted by advertised her eye defect anyway because it was a good marketing ploy and acknowledging the abductors "might have done something to her eye". Sometimes this case just gets too much for me to really think about, they are depraved!

Maybe I should take a break now xxx


Zodiac said...

Hi Viv,

I had a look at the vid link.


I note he says @ 00.54 he thinks there has been far too much detail of the investigation in the Media. I'll bet he does pity it is not reported in the UK Press/Media. I still think the arrogant duo and Co thought the file would be handed to them and them alone and they could publish anything they wanted in their McUk Press/Media. Also @ 1.53he says they have ongoing contact with the British authorities. He also says 'Of course we will do everything that we can to work with the authorities and that is what we very much want to emphasise we want to work with the authorities as much as possible in the ongoing search.' Well what about the 48 questions that the mother of the missing child refused to answer? The reconstruction that they were asked to return to take part in, etc? And why did they not request the investigation to continue when they legally could? The public were fed via the Press/Media since the disappearance how they wanted to do as much as possible to help with the investigation yet failed to do the above! If there are to be more visits it will be interesting as it unfolds what the visits are really about.

Zodiac said...

'advertised her eye defect anyway because it was a good marketing ploy and acknowledging the abductors "might have done something to her eye".'

Hi Viv,

Exactly! Even if this was the only physical harm the child endured how on earth would she not be affected by it. Then the emotional harm such as the feeling of separation anxiety, the child would not be well. Do they expect the public to believe that she can be found, not affected by whatever circumstances she may have found herself in returned to the UK and there is a happy ending to the fairytale! Shannon Matthews springs to mind. Emergency care order etc!


Zodiac said...


A poster from 3 A's posts he was accompianed by Ed Smethurst an English lawyer the lwyer can be seen in your vid link to Sky.

http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/video/ ... _Portugal_

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Viv, I do not know what Mr Alves specialises in. But it certainly isn't in finding 'missing' children. He is one of the most popular, expensive lawyers in Portugal. But he isn't the Head of the Bar anymore.

Niki said...

Zodiac, your 10.40 post, great!!
Wish I could "spit it out" just like that!

Dylan, Hi:-)

"I hope that the Portuguese give Gezza the cold shoulder that he deserves for all of the spiteful things he and Kate have inflicted upon the nations good name. No wonder Gerry isn't going to PdL. I suspect he can well imagine what sort of reception he will get and I doubt he's brave enough to face that!"

I don't think he will get eighter a cold shoulder or a warm welcome if he goes to PDL to attend for example a service in church anonymosly... He will get a welcome if he tells the press that he is coming, making it yet again a circus!
The Portugese are all to well behaved to give him "the cold shoulder". They will all be normally polite, like they are to any tourists in their country!

Viv, your posts are as always very informative and good! Thank you! And thank you for keeping the blog running:-).

Wizard said...

The Fund, private investigations into Madeleine’s disappearance are all worthless imo. Why? - Because the remit for those investigating her disappearance is to skirt around any possible involvement of those closest to her. The investigation and the fund itself is parent lead and are therefore based on a subjective, and some would argue, false premise. A true investigation would be one that looked at all possibilities and not omitting anyone from scrutiny. This of course would be difficult for any private investigator to carry out as the person holding the purse strings would cut off funds if their account of what happened was called into question. So using this logic as a yardstick all investigations by Madeleine’s family and supporters is contaminated as only one aspect – that of a abduction by a stranger is ever look at.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

Sorry about stating the obvious in by previous post but I get infuriated by Gerry keep banging on about private investigations bought and paid for by his supporters.

dylan said...

Hi all,

Niki - thanks. I think you have hit the nail on the head about the Portuguese "welcome". From those that I have met (not many) I see them as a proud people (and rightly so) and not those who would seek retribution. I guess what I meant is, that if it were I who was in the same position, knowing how much I had smeared the reputation of these good people, I don't think that I would dare to show my face there. All respect to Portugal as a nation, I applaud them for their self-respect and dignity!

Zodiac, your comment about the 5* hotel earlier - hear hear! Camper van and youth hostels all of the way. House should have been sold, the funds certainly should not have been used to pay the mortgage and they should be saving every penny to employ the proper and appropriate detectives to find their child. I am so glad I never contributed to the fund. I would have been furious to know that the money had been frittered on next to nothing to help find their daughter and evern worse, paying "witnesses" to tell the world that they had spotted her. I am disgusted. This pair really do fancy themselves don't they?!


Zodiac said...


IMO that is what parents of a missing child would do especially if they have supposed leads to where their missing child is. But hey they did not even bother physically searching for their missing child they were very busy behind the scenes working on other stuff such as writing timelines on the paper ripped from the back of a child's story book. Dylan I have never had any intention of donating a penny to their fund and I am so glad that I did not allow my daughter, who was swept away with emotion of a missing little girl, to donate her £20 savings. I told my daughter if you want to do something positive for this little girl then pray for her. I agree it is disgusting and they really do fancy themselves. Where was his little girl he claims was abducted by an organised paedophile ring sleeping and in what environment? When he was tucked up safely in his 5* luxury hotel room protected from his self induced Media circus.

viv said...

Zodiac and Claudia

Thanks for that helpful information about the lawyers. I kind of gathered Mr Alves must be top of the tree and very expensive! But Mr Smethurst, well he comes free it would seem and suggests the continuing financial input from BK. Quite why that is we will have to continue to wonder!

Hi Niki

I will keep the blog open and leave it to the rest of you sometimes to just make the point because you all do it so well!

I share your comments about just how welcome Gezzy thug is going to be in Portugal after the vile campaign he has conducted against their police and judicial systems, now he says he wants their help! I cannot see them falling over themselves for him and he only gets Mr Alves because he costs big bucks!

As for returning to PDL, well I can imagine they would have some real trepidation about that and I am sure the locals would, well try and drive them back out again. Who wants their sickening publicity circus!

viv said...

Zodiac, brilliantly put:

I note he says @ 00.54 he thinks there has been far too much detail of the investigation in the Media. I'll bet he does pity it is not reported in the UK Press/Media. I still think the arrogant duo and Co thought the file would be handed to them and them alone and they could publish anything they wanted in their McUk Press/Media. Also @ 1.53he says they have ongoing contact with the British authorities. He also says 'Of course we will do everything that we can to work with the authorities and that is what we very much want to emphasise we want to work with the authorities as much as possible in the ongoing search.' Well what about the 48 questions that the mother of the missing child refused to answer? The reconstruction that they were asked to return to take part in, etc? And why did they not request the investigation to continue when they legally could? The public were fed via the Press/Media since the disappearance how they wanted to do as much as possible to help with the investigation yet failed to do the above! If there are to be more visits it will be interesting as it unfolds what the visits are really about.

viv said...

Hi Zodiac and you are right to relate this to Shannon Matthews and an Emergecy Care Order as well, given Mrs Justice Hogg took parental responsibility off the McCanns in April 2008 and made her a Ward of the High Court!

Clearly if she were abducted and recovered she would be very poorly and needs "parents" who understand and care! Emotional harm is a prospect neither Kate or Gerry seem to be able to grapple with.

Zodiac said...

BBFN read you all tomorrow.

viv said...

Wiz 14.25 very good point. It is very telling that the McCanns in the early stages said they did not need to spend the money on private investigators but they had paid for a really good legal team. So what changed! No, they only needed the particular services of Mr Marco once they had been named criminal suspects in Maddie's disappearance.

Now he does not want to even mention private detectives, oh no, he wants to work with the proper authorities who actually could have found Maddie, if she actually had been abducted and if he and his mates had not told a pack of lies when the search was fresh!

What prospect now, Portugal are supposed to fork out another few million and their goodwill to this ..I won't say!


viv said...

Bye Zodiac, read you tomorrow and I am sure we just cannot wait for a further announcement from the re-employmed Pink One!


viv said...

Rosie dear, you claim to know an awful lot about my blog considering you say you never read it. How could it have been so boring and tedious to you, line by line:-))))

Are you getting just a trifle angry again, did all your letter writing fail to get the desired effect. How sad xxxx

You do not control this blog so stop bothering to try!

viv said...

Very interesting post from "nicked" on the 3 As, a poster I have a lot of respect for. He has gone through all of the statements and demonstrated line by line that TB's 60 reasons book is highly inaccurate/slanted to the often exaggerated and sensationalist point he seeks to make etc.

I am not saying I entirely agree but it is very interesting and refreshing that some people are prepared to really look at the statements and then reconsider their stated position. Those who seek the truth should not see this as some face saving exercise or an exercise in just convincing people your "theory" is the right one.

Why? The main reason is that I believe the T7 are being truthful in their account of their attempt to "do our own baby-listening service."

I dont think the Tapas are involved in M's disappearence. Anything that happened to her was as a result of the McCann's actions alone imo.

(I think Tanner saw someone that night and exaggerated what she saw. She says that she felt under pressure in her interview the next morning, to recall details and I think she ended up making detail up.)

I know some think that neglect is their alibi and I understand the arguments for that - I used to subscribe to that theory too. However I now think that if the McCanns are complicit in M's disappearence it was not with the involvement of the others

Wizard said...

Today’s Leicestershire Mercury tells us a team of 12 crack investigators from England have been in Portugal for 2 weeks now.

What I would like to know is does this crack team speak fluent Portuguese – I personally doubt it. So what possible good are they or do they expect everyone to speak fluent English.

Di said...

Hi all

One statement by the pink one that has always remained in my mind is, "if she is dead she is dead, but it is not by their hands", or words to that effect.

He seems to be accepting Madeleine is dead.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

Even if we thought M was abducted sadly the only conclusion to draw after all this time is she’s dead. I think the pink one agrees with this but just points out its nothing to do with his employees because they told him so.

Di said...

If you have not already read this on 3A's it is worth a read.


I know you will obviously be aware of this.


Di said...

Hi Wizard


I do have a problem though with the possibility that the T7 had no idea what was going on.

The meeting in the hotel with pinky, to get their stories straight, or their alibies in order.

Sorry, not innocent imo. Some or all know exactly what is going on.

Whether we will ever get to know is another story.

Wizard said...

Di, I suspect most of the T7 do not know the truth. I think the reason for all the confusion is they may well be covering up for something else that they consider could impact on them professionally in some way. Inadvertently in doing this they may well have perverted the course of justice.

Di said...

From 3A's posted by Darling 123

The Truth Flows Freely! subject: McCanns resort to spies to reopen the process

The investigation into the disappearance of Maddie is not finished. The McCanns have hired former secret agents to arrange for new evidence and to force the Portuguese authorities to continue the inquiry

The McCann couple wants the Portuguese authorities to resume the investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine. The case has been archived already, but according to 24Horas, the little girl’s parents believe that it’s still possible to find her, and that for that to happen the case really has to be reopened.

In order to intensify the searches for Maddie, the McCanns have announced the hiring of a reinforced team of private detectives. It includes, among others, former agents of the most specialised police forces in Great Britain, namely prominent former elements of the powerful M15 and M16 [sic], the best secret services of British espionage.

“We want new clues that may indicate the child’s whereabouts to be studied. I’m not going to advance any specifics, but I can say that there is new data that may be important”, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann family’s spokesman, asserted 24Horas.

A source at the Polícia Judiciária guaranteed to the newspaper that until now “no new relevant piece of evidence” about Maddie has been received. But the door is not closed on a new police intervention.

“That really can happen. But it has to be taken into account that for the inquiry to be restarted we have to receive new facts that lead us to understand that it’s really useful to restart it”, the same PJ source explained.

A millionaire at their disposal

Scotsman Bryan Kennedy has been the McCann couple’s financial guardian angel. This multimillionaire is responsible for the recent money injections in the increasingly empty Fund for Madeleine, which is composed of donations from anonymous members of the public and has been receiving increasingly less contributions.

Bryan Kennedy, aged 47, has supported Kate and Gerry since the first hour. Accodring to 24Horas, he even went as far as considering the suspicions that fell on the McCanns concerning their eventual guilt in the disappearance of the child to be “incredible and torturing”.

Therefore, it has truly been Kennedy’s benevolence that has permitted to proceed with the private investigations in the search of the McCanns’ eldest daughter, who disappeared in the Algarve on the 3rd of May 2007.

source: Sol, 15.01.2009

Wizard said...

Reading Darling 123’s post I just wonder if all this activity is the first steps in a forward guard defence against the likely publication of GA’s book in the summer in Britain. As we know the book is very damming for them and if they can’t prevent it being published what else can they do?

Di said...


You could well be right, and I would be more than happy to be proved wrong.

I notice above, the newly hired team of private detectives, includes the most specialised police forces in GB, namely former elements of the powerful M15 & M16 the best secret services of British espionage.

Why would M15 & M16 ex-empolyees be interested in this case apart from a payoff ?

If there was any suspicion surely the real M15 & M16 would have already been investigating.

Di said...


GA's book?

Most likely.

I have to admit I was expecting to see Gerry's face everywhere but actually it has not happened. I do not think this trip has given him the exposure he probably thought he would get.

I would have been more impressed if he had actually gone to PDL and met with the PJ.

I know I am dreaming.

Wizard said...

Di, the last word gives it away ‘espionage’. Firstly can they speak Portuguese, secondly what experience have they of kidnapping or infanticide. I suspect very little of any of these things but I have to say it looks good at a quick glance.

Retired M15 & M16 – well an expenses paid jaunt abroad and also a fee, no doubt a very handsome one, is probably a good enough reason. It would help stretch their pensions.

Wizard said...

Di - Gerry tells us he will be going over to Portugal quite a few times in the coming months. So what publicity he failed to get this time means he will double his efforts next time.

hope4truth said...

Madeleine is Dead and more than likely at her parents hands...

Not my opinion but the opinion of several people who cant believe that Gerry has gone back to help with the investigation a year and a half after she went missing...

Come on give it up you are making yourself look more heartless by the minute...

Kate would not answer a single question for Madeleine...

Not one of you or your friends so much as wandered round the block looking for her when she first went missing....

You missed the deadline to ask to have the case reopened...

Oh and why are you not shouting about the reward every chance you get?

You stay in your 4 star hotels Gerry and keep paying the lawyers waste ever penny that people gave to help find Madeleine not keep you in the style you would like to become used to...

As for RP it used to try and run the DX does it think anyone gives a damn what it thinks here? Face it you and your band of child hating freaks have convinced most people your heros are killers!!!

Di said...

Hi Hope

I agree Gerry has not gone back of his own free will, some sort of deal had to be done.

5 Star hotel paid out of the fund plus travel expenses. I also believe he was assured he would not have to meet the PJ.

Why has Gerry been given this privileged treatment?

Di said...

Off now

See you all tomorrow.

hope4truth said...

Night Di

Well people are talking again now but I have not heard anything positive.

Who jets off round the world and never helps the PJ then a year and a half later goes back to start looking???

Even a Pro must think he has gone crazy if he belives people will buy it???


viv said...

Hiya Hope

Speaking of crazy old pros, looks like me (just for a change:-))), you and Bonny on 3 As sent Psyhco off on a power surge:

Rosiepops said...

By the way, I did run the DX, you idiot! Work that one out if you can.

Oh and they know what Gerry is doing and we are going to look so silly or far more acerbic words than that, I am going to be arrested, I am going to be carted off by the men from.. for the very last time of telling this blog is in serious trouble

Hummmm xxxxxxxxxxx

viv said...

I think me going on 3 As as well has the requisite erm effect of sending it rushing back to have a rave up, what fun!

Happy reading and bloggin Psycho, oh and don't give up on the letter writing, it let's the authorities know about you:-))))

viv said...

I put you an extra apostrophe in there, enjoy!


hope4truth said...


SO RP owns the DX well that would be bad for the McCanns if true as the stupid idiot was so foul and defended the indefensible taking Madeleine and pushing her aside to tell us all how wonderful her parents were..

Madeleine McCann is a missing child and a year and a half later her Dad goes back to Portugal to look for her...

Good spin but the public think it is too little too late especialy as Mum would not help and answer any questions and not one of them bothered to look for her in the hour or days after she went missing...

Do you know what RP if she was really abducted by a peadophile ring the spin and lack of effort to help the PJ or bother to look is evil beyond belief...

Gerry well whatever he is doing it is not helping Madeleine unless he knows she is safe and well and face it Madeleine is the only thing that matters. I could not give a toss about looking silly stupid hapless or anything else.

Children should never be neglected and god forbid they really go missing then every questions should be answered truthfully it might just save them...

And for a father to say no reason to belive she has been harmed when he wants us to belive she is in the hands of a peadophile ring???? Sickening !!!!!!

viv said...

The Pinkish One:

They will be taking their time along with lawyers to assess

Well indeed what is the rush in looking for their little girl, just carry on having meeting with your lawyers Gezzy that will soon get her back!

Just keep on assessing all that evidence of what a couple of rotten parents really sound like!

viv said...

Well Hope darling

Imagine being in charge of the DX and giving yourself the push, that is one heck of a piece of odd behaviour but hey ho, I beging to expect the odd from child abusers trying to sound like little sweeties:

"I know you are a little Maid in Morocco darling but just hang on sweety, be brave, go to that place in your head, Daddy will spend a couple of years chatting to his lawyers and then he will rush in and get you"

Goodnight sweetheart xxxxxx

It is hard to forget this stuff really isn't it!

viv said...

Rosiepops said...

Well I read that thread and what a lot of rubbish it is. The same culprits spewing out the same old predictable nonsense.
The only thing different is Viv trying to creep and crawl her way in favour, now that is vomit inducing, perhaps we should rename Viv the 'vomitinducer'? I was almost embarrassed for her.

I think they are all protesting too much, they so do not want to hear anything positive about the search for Madeleine. Obviously most of them do not want her found, after all it would destroy their sad little spite fest.

If their sad and sick little brains cannot cope with this news and they have flown up in arms about it, I wonder what they will think about what happens next? Now that is really going to upset them!
15 January 2009 23:05

What is going to happen next then Psycho, are the McCanns suddenly going to produce Maddie, quite fit and well, nothing would surprise me from these two! But she would not be fit and well at all and the McCanns would not be allowed to have her either, she is, quite rightly a Ward of the High Court. Mrs Justice Hogg is responsible for her, not her "parents". And that happened on 2 April 2008, not as the Pink One suggests at the behest of her loving bereft parents in May 2007. We can read the Court Order, we just do not need to read you!


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

It is sickening that they had to bring in Lawyers to defend themselves and see how they could be protected before thinking about Madeleine...

I am no McCann fan (can you tell?) but I dont belive they are so evil she could really be missing and they never bothered to look for her or answer questions for her....

I dont know what happend but all those happy snaps are odd also no words to Madeleine or for her on the blogs so sad...

Would never have put RP down as news seller "EXXXXPREEESSSSSS GEEET YER DAILY EXXXXXPREEESSSS"..


hope4truth said...

If Madeleine turns up alive and well It would make my year how wonderful and fantastic that would be...

It wont change my view of her parents though far to happy on what would have been her 4th Birthday if they really belived she was in hell...

viv said...

Hiya Hope

It is repugnant that they just consult lawyers and have this pathetic creature telling us they are doing something for Maddie. They never even came to her when she cried or took her to the beach and Kate even taunted her with that on her very last day.

They laughed on her birthday, that is how upset they were to lose this beautiful little girl and if by some absolute miracle she is alive, they will not get her back. But we know how likely that is!

Bless sweet little Maddie and shame on such vile and abusive people who write such absurd filth and abuse in her name.

Nite Nite


hope4truth said...

Night Viv

I still hold on to the fantasy that some sad lady took her and Madeleine is safe well and happy somewhere nothing would make me happier..

IF however she was taken her parents behaviour is cold callous and uncaring they would not know she was safe (although we have no reason to believe she has been harmed)so sad x

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well there is nothing wrong with hanging on to that, particularly given the absolute confidence of her parents that no matter how long they mess about reading the file and talking to lawyers they will recover her quite safe and well. I mean they obviously know much more than we do!

Little discussion on 3 As, it is interesting how you get some challenge from the Pros and then they suddenly run..maybe just to go and hassle the mods again, nothing changes! But maybe..



Jane says it was around tenish when she heard from Rachel Maddie had gone and by that time she was back in her room. So I wonder what time it was when she was walking up to her room?

Panorama transcript:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/p ... 106086.stm

Post subject: Re: 60 Reasons Book
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:11

General consensus would have it somewhere between 21:10 and 21:20 - split the difference and say 21:15 :-)

Post subject: Re: 60 Reasons Book (merged)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:15 pm
PR Spokesman
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21 15 and the curtains shut so who opened the curtains
sorry to bang on about it

Post subject: Re: 60 Reasons Book (merged)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:30

but the story goes she went back to the room to "relieve" Russell in caring for Evi who it is claimed had been sick. General consensus is not that she went back to do that at 9.15. Russell on his own account returned to the table at 9.55 or 9.45 Jane says it is only a few minutes walk, it must have been around 9.40 and just when Gerry claims Maddie was being taken on Panorama.

Post subject: Re: 60 Reasons Book (merged)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:34

That would explain why neither Gerry or Wilkins saw Jane!

hope4truth said...

Sorry but RP is a bloody freak why would we be worried about what is happening next? Anything positive re Madeleine would be welcome news I will say that again anything positve re MADELEINE the victim would be welcome news.

We have read the statements and they all conflict were changed too many errr and mmmms the body Language of Gerry and Kate would lead me to belive they had won the lottery yet suddenly they are suspects and it changes dramaticaly? No longer laughing it up but looking sad angry and worried all the emotions you would have expected in the days after Madeleine went missing...

I cant deal with a 3 year old child being neglected and then being told she has been abducted. To find out later that her parents never bothered to search for her, none of the friends bothered to look for her or check their own children, to read the statements and clearly see they were more intrested in covering their backs than really finding Madeleine.

To know that the Mother of a missing child was so arrogant she refused to answer a single question is bloody sick...

Reading back just now JT said it was only a few minutes back to the apartmen WTF???? and Philomena said "How ludicrous is that when one of their friends actually saw Madeline being carried up the street but some unknown assailant?”

It was dark and lets just say she did see a (bad parent as the child had no socks on) carrying a child it could have been anyone but more daming for this liar is one of the suspects never even saw her or the man he was talking to...

Oh well at least this woman has alerted us all to how weak Kate is and the family have told us Kate is never alone with the children talk about save my brother look at his wife!!!!!!!!

I dont believe in an abduction but if this was what happend it makes each of the 9 people on that holiday even more evil as each of them has gone out of their way to lie and if she was taken that is unforgivable. Murrat was obviously set up by them as I and many others said at the time How come no one who knew him that night saw him? So while the PJ were wasting thier time on him the real pervert had more time...

I am looking forward to whatever news is comming but unless Madeleine is found I am afraid it wont intrest me at all.. The PJ can anounce they got it totally wrong and the McCanns are indeed saints but I have seen just how happy they were after Madeleine was gone not just once but over and over again and so have millions of others and to every parent who loosing thier child is the worse thing they can ever imagine those images are discusting.

viv said...

The rest of her posters are talking about whether blood and bone meal fertilizer was used on the flower bed to cause the "death scent" from pigs. I read there can be what are called scent pools I think it was that is where the scent has blown to and may then be less strong. I would suggest this could be the explanation as to why Eddie got a fainter scent in the flower bed. The BFB theory is quite bizarre enough in itself but the response a further glimpse into a troubled mind that is seeing the most strange ideas and reacting with extreme suspicion to relatively ordinary things although clearly the death scent would not be an ordinary thing to her at all, something that is obviously playing on her mind. I used to think that Rosie was just a McCann excuser but I am afraid I think it is much worse than that:

She is not just talking cr*p, this is what she truly believes in her deeply troubled mind. I almost feel sorry for her to be honest. There is nothing at all odd about gardeners regularly tending borders on holiday, is there? When I was in Egypt they were working on them constantly but Rosie sees something strange and suspicious where she really should not, that is pretty awful really. Everything to her is "very odd".


Re: The flowerbed ...

Post by Rosiepops Today at 11:08 am
So, I wonder, what was so interesting to a team of gardeners that they tended the flower bed this many days per week? Being a gardener myself, this seems a little excessive, if the bed was planted up with shrubs, this would be very low maintenance and certainly would not require the presence of a team of gardeners several times per week, this is very odd and this terrible obsession with Amaral is just getting steadily worse.

Is someone suggesting that the McCanns buried Madeleine in this flower bed? If so how on earth would they do this? In full view of the block of apartments they go and start digging a grave for their daughter and no one sees them? She then lays there and is the exhumed and taken to the beach and buried there for a while? Still no one sees them doing this, despite the fact they had the world and his wife peering over their shoulders? All this and no dogs, cats or other animals, strays, wild or domesticated did not detect the scent and thus ignored these graves?

Is Amaral for real?