17 Jan 2009


Lips set in aggressive pose and ready to fight the world, Philomena McCann, an adoring sister, just like Leonor Cipriano.

I always like to use the word "apparently" when I am rather circumspect as to the information I am about to impart. I am sure Martin was not meaning to be at all sarcastic about the McCanns' new team of private investigators, but Sky do seem a little out of favour with Team McCann.

He starts the next para with "intriguingly" now again that is a style I can recognise Martin, shame on you. But it is odd, how things just seem to turn up unannounced as it were. The "anon" email to the Met about this gang of rather nasty paedophiles in Belgium who had, apparently, arranged to have Maddie stolen to order and then there was the one to Charles and Camilla. It would be unfair to suggest this is Team McCann now wouldn't it?

He then brings us to the rather amusing concept of a sailor also being a senior cop, how about that for multi-tasking! A different middle name but lo, it does not stop the frenzied Pro-McCanns going off on one at all, you are right Martin: check this out, forgive all the verbage about me, but I wanted to keep it in context, as it were, oh and another decidedly pleasant pro smugly announced she had some "good news" about Maddie that she was keeping all to herself, but "we would not like it". When all else fails I guess one can always fall back on the good old establishment cover up, which rather begs the question, just how many Pro-McCanns are there on a certain well known blog, perhaps more than I thought! Some of them have even previously held esteemed high office:-)))) Of course it could be the case they follow the Pros, but think they follow justice, oh dear!

Madeleine, a yacht and the Yard connection

Martin Brunt January 14, 2009 9:08 AM

Sounds like the McCanns have given up all hope of any help from the Portuguese authorities in the continuing search for their daugher Madeleine.

Gerry McCann flies home today from Portugal after meeting his Lisbon lawyers and British consulate officials, but no cops.

Apparently, the family has a new team of private investigators which includes ex-Scotland Yard detectives and former spooks.

Intriguingly, I've been sent a port document which appears to show that a British Navy yacht was docked in the Algarve at the time Madeleine vanished in May, 2007.

Among those sailors listed on board is a name of a very senior Yard officer.

Of course, the yachtsman's recorded middle name is not the same as the top cop, but that hasn't stopped a frenzy of excitement among those Madeleine-watchers who continue to look for an establishment cover-up.

Warning: The writings of Philomena McCann below are illegal and the sooner she gets locked up along with her brother the better a place the UK will be. Time and time again she accuses people of being paedophiles, she shows us what a vicious racist she is, all in a desperate bid to excuse the conduct of her own brother and his wife, Kate and Gerry McCann. She repeatedly make the most absurd threats against me like she has for the last two years. Well, "Rosie" you can call policemen and women just what you like and me too, it does not actually change anything does it?

"Rosie" says: (re the Leonor Cipriano case)

I believe that Leonor Cipriano will have an appeal in portugal and will win that appeal, I believe that this poor woman is innocent and this means her daughter is still out there and her abductors are still free and are probably carrying out their acts today unchallenged.


01 April 2008 22:36

I believe Madam Cipriano has just claimed in a further bid to excuse herself that her brother was meant to sell her daughter for adoption but that did not go well and he murdered her. Strange you would fixate on this case and tell us how innocent they are "Rosie". Not a very good judge after all, are you? Strange the police could not be certain in the McCann case whether they were involved in her kidnapping or her murder. Asked Kate whether she wanted to hand over custody of Madeleine to a relative, Kate would not answer! I think Goncalo really did have a point and your hatred of him really does speak volumes! The abductors are not still out there and free Rosie, they are locked up where they belong. Now what did Philomena say in the McCann case that I thought was so similar, you will have to forgive me for being quite certain you are one and the same person:

"As far as I can see all they’re trying to do is fit Kate and Gerry up now because they haven’t found this perpetrator, who’s wandering about completely free to act as he pleases and possibly do that again." For the rest of the sickening comments see:

It is all so unfair isn't it Rosie, child abusers get hounded by the Police and ultimately locked up too, tragic!

What actually is tragic are the two genuine VICTIMS of truly appalling people:

Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann

May the sweet little Angels rest in peace, far away from the likes of you!

Rosiepops said...

"viv said...
Hello guys

have you seen Bum's latest message, she knows some good news about Madeleine and we are not going to like it.

Well the most fantastic piece of news is that the McCanns did not kill Maddie they took part in her abduction and now Gerry feels the need to be a little more co-operative and explain why he KNOWS she is alive. That is actually news that we would really rejoice in Bum.

The other piece of news about Madeleine is that actually she is dead and rest assured we would not rejoice in that, although we would be very happy about her killers being brought to Justice. The Portuguese police were only investigating the McCanns as being involved in either her homicide or kidnapping, so come what may it cannot be good news for you, because you have never been on Maddie's side have you? You have taken part in writing the most appalling filth about people on a blog that purports to be about little Maddie and you are quite disgusting.


Saturday, 17 January 2009 19:59:00 o'clock GMT

Honestly, where does this ridiculous woman get this crap from?
You mindless moron Div, since when would anyone in their right mind rejoice that a child's parents were involved in arranging their own child's abduction? Stupid cow.
Come what may it can't be good news for us? What are you on about you feeble minded fantasist?

Does it ever occur to you that some of us hate all this and all we have ever wanted is Madeleine found and the culprits punished? No matter who they turn out to be?

Has it ever penetrated your overly thick skull, that it is nigh on a absolute certainty that Madeleine was abducted by someone living in PDL? Has it ever occurred to you that there are 'people' one of them a policeman who actually know what happened to Madeleine?
You stupid idiotic fool, when are you going to get it into your neanderthal like brain that Madeleine's parents had nothing what-so-ever to do with her abduction?

As for taken part in writing the most appalling filth, I think you will find that this title belongs to you, and some of the other disgusting reprobates like you, on your appallingly filthy hole you call a blog.

Here are some of the things I have seen written on your disgusting vomit inducing hole of a blog:

You are a complete psycho, you may be able to fool the very few remaining people you have left who post on your stinking blog occasionally, but you do not fool me, you are evil to the core and have no empathy for anyone.

You are the queen of long, boring tedious posts, which mostly you have nicked off of some obscure legal site. They all contain lies accusations and ridiculous rumours and often foul filthy comments alluding to Gerry McCann, 'the father of an abducted child'. All without foundation, all unsubstantiated, all just absolute nonsense.

Viv has committed libel by blatantly referring to the McCanns as liars, fraudsters, child abusers and murderers. All without foundation, all fact-less crap born out of her hole of a cesspit mind.

The Vile Viv has said that Gerry McCann is a cold, hard uncaring sociopathic bully, who has abused his wife and children. she has repeatedly called him a 'control freak' and a bully.

Viv has permitted the publication on her blog, of some of the foulest most awful comments by someone who may turn out to be a paedophile.

She has encouraged the naming of one of her posters children and the revelation of their most intimate details, telling her it was OK to name her underage children, talk about their underage sexual activities, while keeping the names of her own grandchildren sacrosanct (as they indeed should be).

She has said all this and more and yet this mindless nasty bitch, has absolutely no idea what happened to Madeleine.

Viv does NOT know these parents, she knows absolutely nothing about them. they have no police record,no record with social services, in fact nothing to the detriment has ever been recorded against this couple, yet the vilest cow on the internet thinks she is entitled to pass judgment and levy the most appalling filthy insults at these parents

Viv the div you are guilty of double standards, hypocrisy and lies and pretty soon you are going to wish you had put your brain into gear before letting your nasty fat pork sausage fingers loose on your keyboard.

Oh an by the way stop writing 'Hello Guys' the very few posters you have left are female and in any case using the term 'Hello Guys' is really pathetic, especially for someone your age!
17 January 2009 22:11


viv said...

You know you are right Philomena I have permitted foul filty comments on my blog, such as the ones from you, above!

That is because I like Team McCann to speak for themselves and show the world how truly wonderful you are!


viv said...

"Has it ever penetrated your overly thick skull, that it is nigh on a absolute certainty that Madeleine was abducted by someone living in PDL? Has it ever occurred to you that there are 'people' one of them a policeman who actually know what happened to Madeleine? "

Oh dear "Rosie" Robert Murat and his mates on a boat, has it ever occurred to you that even Martin Brunt is winding you up, not that takes a lot of doing!

viv said...


Here's hoping and I will be looking forward to increasingly paranoid and vicious posts from you!

So much good stuff on 3 As!

Friday, 25 July 2008
SOS Madeleine McCann: McCanns' private detectives are suspected of attempted murder.


McCann detectives are suspected of attempted murder.

The private detectives hired by the McCanns, belonging to the Catalan detective agency Metodo 3, are suspected of extortion and attempted murder in the course of their work for the British couple. The case is under investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Faro PJ (Algarve), which is also responsible for the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is not the first time that Metodo 3's methods have been called into question: Antonio Jiminez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, was arrested for involvement in the theft of 400kg of cocaine in the port of Barcelona. The information, an SMM exclusive, was confirmed by the, "Tribunal de Première Instance de Martorell (Barcelone)" (I don't know what court that is!) which remanded Antonio Jiminez without bail, accused of corrupt practice, corruption, bribery and corruption of public officials and associating with criminals.

Working for Metodo 3 since 2005, the detective was responsible for, "special operations," in the context of the work carried out for Kate and Gerry McCann. According to a source from Moroccan Security, it was he who paid witnesses in Morocco and arranged the interviews of those witnesses with a few British journalists.

http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com/2008/ ... ivate.html

viv said...

Well you know I could be wrong but this may have something to do with Gerry's funny little detour to Faro when he wanted to go to Lisbon to see his top criminal lawyer.

Interesting stuff!

viv said...

Offbeat or downright disgusting? Only a Pro-McCann could come up with this, a child's life was taken to prop up the property prices, words really do fail me, just how low and desperate will these people stoop to find an excuse for Kate and Gerry McCann? A money oriented excuse to boot, I would not want to look at life through their lens..that seems to equate children as some sort of commodity to be used, a good marketing ploy in fact to quote the star McCann.

Another Reason for Madeleines Abduction?

Post by sadie on Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:11 pm

Redirecting Calls: Ocean Club Deal May Hold Clues To Maddie Crisis

Half way down the blog is the following paragraph, which I found rather startling:

"The 'investigative' Reis and Levy have failed to acknowledge these pivotal identities at all. Much less the possibility that the resort was targeted by malicious investors determined to slash the price of the shares or protected by those most at risk by adverse publicity. With the exception of Madeleine, the first casuality in all of this was Apartment 5A. The two-bed flat went for just £74,000 - half the market rate for similar properties at the club. Flat 5B next door, where the McCanns' friends Matthew Oldfield and wife Rachael were staying, was also believed to be up for sale. Contrary to expectations, the notoriety of the apartments failed to bring the £250,000 price tag that had first been put on the property. This suggests that there may have been some investors speculating that the Madeleine drama might - after an initial short-lived downturn - have stimulated a long-term boost in property interest. It may seem unlikely to some, but could Madeleine have been targeted by ruthless investors determined to bring down the price of real estate on the site? (afterall, far worse crimes have been committed in the name of money and claiming the 27 apartments loaned to Mark Warner may have figured in someone's plans)."

The concept doesn't seem likely, but it is just possible I suppose. Thought that you might like to see it. The whole article needs reading really, to get the full meaning.

The Sargeants blog comes up with some unusual theories and unexpected information into such things as the relationships between various people who own the Ocean Club and Robert Murat. It is very deeply researched and has off beat ideas quite often. It seems mainly Pro-Mccann.

bath theory said...

Let us Keep This Simple

*3 yr old girl vanishes due to negligence of parents
*Parents act strange and evasive
*Monies collected are used for the mortgage
*Most treasured cuddly toy gets washed!
*Sniffer dogs find evidence of bloodspats in apartment
*Parents never bothered searching
*Parents laugh triumphantly and joyously only one week after the girl goes missing.

NOW what is obvious just from 7 small points above is that the parents have a lot of things they know but are not sharing. Even a very bitter person with limited intellect would be able to say that they are complicit with something. The question is with what and why? The police will use time to find out and it may be years before the masks are unpeeled. Over and Out

Zodiac said...

Mum21 wrote: 'Try to remember they are a family unit...no matter what.'

The bedroom those children slept in 2 single beds and two travel cots all crammed into one room. The twins each in a cot of their own and the older child in a single bed. The eldest child and one of the twins crying for supposedly an hour and half before someone came. Three children all then aged 3 and under left night after night in a locked/unlocked flat to fend for themselves open to all kinds of danger, the medicine in a bag with a clasp not locked in the safe or a suitcase or travel bag and all the other stuff lying around in the most definetly not child friendly environment, whilst the parents ate in a holiday complex Tapas Bar with friends. When the parents are there and a child wakes through the night for what reason who knows? Maybe had a nightmare, maybe their nappy needs changing, maybe feel sick etc but either of the parents cannot remember who attended to the crying child! Mum21should remember that the Matthews family were a family unit, The Cipriano's were a family unit. Mum21 missed out the all important word imo dysfunctional!

viv said...


I have just found a lovely article by Goncalo and thought I would like to share it, he is proud to be a policeman. I would just like to say we are proud of you Goncalo, for your love of little children and dedication to truth and justice!

Unfortunately I do feel there are distinct similarities in these two cases and I am sure it will have touched Goncalo personally to have been involved in two of the most appalling cases a police officer could ever have to face.

18 January 2009
Joana died...

“There is only one truth in that statement, Joana died, the rest is another pack of lies”.

by Gonçalo Amaral

Four years ago, a child was murdered at the hands of her mother and her uncle. Her crime was surprising them during sexual activity. Her name was Joana, and apart from being neglected by her mother, she was a victim of sexual abuse.

Yesterday, her mother, who was judicially declared responsible for her death, signed a statement at the Prison of Odemira where she confirms said death, and attributes the responsibility solely to her brother.

There is only one truth in that statement, Joana died, the rest is another pack of lies from a person who was declared a social psychopath and who has been lying to Justice since the first moment.

Contrary to other murdered children, those responsible were taken before justice and condemned over the heinous crime.

For Joana’s mother, it’s not enough to beg for forgiveness, she should stop lying and tell the truth. That will be the moment of true redemption and then Joana’s soul will rest in peace.

Joana suffered throughout her life, and at the time of her violent death it wasn’t possible to avoid such sacrifices, but we contributed to the fulfilment of justice.

This and other cases make us feel proud about having been policemen, to be able to look into the sky and to say: by the grace of God… I was a policeman.

source: Correio da Manhã, 17.01.2009

viv said...

Well said Zodiac, dysfunctional!

It simply does not occur to Mum21 that this is abnormal behaviour..that much is for sure!

viv said...

Hiya BT

Unfortunately I do agree it could take years, I have never been afraid to say that due to what we are dealing with and the fact the principle witnesses tell a pack of lies, all nine of them.

But one thing is for sure, neither the Portuguese or British Police in particular will ever close the file!

If they had done so why would Gerry be rushing off to Portugal to meet his top criminal lawyer, that is obvious too!

Criminal lawyers do not find children, do they Gerry!


viv said...

BT I think all these threads do draw together to bring peace to two little girls x

Thanks to Joana Morais

18 January 2009

Correio da Manhã

The Joana case

by Francisco Moita Flores*

The lawyer for Leonor Cipriano, [the woman] who was condemned for, in complicity with her brother, murdering her daughter and concealing the cadaver in an unknown location, appeared this week with a sleazy trick to try to avoid the defeat that can already be perceived in this case that he leads against the PJ inspectors over alleged aggressions. He takes off his spectacular sunglasses and presents Leonor’s true confession.

As everyone knows, she made several confessions. But this is the true one. Says he. And I believe him, because the man has virtues that escape the common mortal, the main one being his merit to speak to spirits that are summoned during medium sessions. As a matter of fact, it was in that way, he says, that he knows beyond any doubt where Maddie is.

I must confess that I would believe with more conviction if, with such magisterial powers, which are not bestowed upon him by any law school or by the Lawyers’ Order, the man would render a blo*dy good service if by invoking the spirits he would tell us where Joana can be found, as he would serve his client much better and would appease so many people who worried about the end of the poor girl. Concerning the confession that was now presented, there is also one certainty: nobody will believe that it was obtained under torture. One cannot imagine that indescribable lawyer landing a slap on Leonor for her to tell the truth. Or another truth among the many truths, or maybe not, that she told throughout time.

I must also admit that the creature, who is a lawyer that is registered with the Order and everything, didn’t question her after this confession. If your brother did it and you are innocent, why didn’t you denounce him? Why were you unjustly stoned like a Magdalena, without your duties as a mother imposing on the cover-up and the complicity in such a barbarous crime that was committed by your brother? Did you at least ask him where he hid the body? If he was soiled with blood, why didn’t you take the clothes to the police? Didn’t you at least say where he killed her? And he killed her when you were about to sell her? Why didn’t you wait for some time, to see if the slave market went up? At least you’d make some money and then I, with my medium powers, would discover her whereabouts.

Of course he didn’t carry out this questioning. That’s something for the police, those lowly animals, who don’t think a rotten confession with clay feet is good enough, and who, being dirty animals, would rush to the brother and say: Look, your sister confessed. How is it now?

It’s plain to see that this chronicle is full of silliness. Of course it is. It couldn’t be otherwise when a trial becomes a session of stand-up comedy.

source: Correio da Manhã, 18.01.2009

* University teacher

hope4truth said...


Your 7 points are exactly why I think the McCanns killed their daughter and if Karen Mathews had acted in the same way as they did from as early on in public I think Shannon would have been found a lot sooner. Karen Mathews was given free shopping at the local suppermareket and filled one trolley with food and the other with Alcohol. People condemed her for it.

Gerry and Kate McCann never bothered to search for their child after she went missing but Jetted off round on free private Jet's becoming celebs along the way. People condem them for it! The chances of stepping off a plane in Washington and finding Madeleine were imposible but Gerry had to talk to people who had missing children. Why? The police know about missing children, there are telephones, hell if it were that important the parent could be flown to them.

We find this strange as it ment leaving the twins or leaving Kate and the twins and with one child missing who wants to be away from the others?

Well when things were at their most dangerous and Kate knew Madeleine had been taken she neglected the twins again to go and tell all in a walk JT says took a few minutes so lets say 2 minutes there 2 minutes back 4 minutes is a enough time to take the twins as well... Oh and wasnt the window wide open by this point on a cold night with no evidence of it being forced and only Kates prints on it (so in effect she says they got in through the window breaking the shutters and she leaves it open leaving the twins in the cold and in danger...

As for Rp's "Does it ever occur to you that some of us hate all this and all we have ever wanted is Madeleine found and the culprits punished? No matter who they turn out to be?"

Well thats not true because even someone who worships the McCann's as much as she does have read the statements,know about the neglect and have seen the same interviews and photos I have and if my Daughter was acting in this way no matter how much I wanted to belive she was telling the truth their would be a nagging doubt in my mind.

After all god forbid but my Granddaughter would be missing and knowing how mine adored me and my Mum adores my girls I would not be happy until she was safe...

RP can be as angry at us as she likes but in reality she should attack the PR firm they used and Gerry and Kate for not acting like parents of a missing child becsuse if they had looked as ill as they did after being made arguidos when their child went missing instead of laughing it up I may have believed them... And Bullies are not needed to promote a product when that product is a missing child...

So bring on Mums good news because the only good news is Madeleine has been found...

Cláudia said...

Hope, the McCanns and their huge team are their worst enemies. If it weren't for them and them alone, I would guess that very few people would suspect them, even if the police did. Had they not hired PRs and extradition lawyers, had they not set up that highly questionable fund, had they respected the advice by the police not to reveal Madeleine's eye detail, have they not contradicted themselves publicly, had their family not publicly stated some idiocies (Auntie Phil is the winner but things like the size of Kate's boobs contributed a lot to), and had they not refused to be part of the reconstruction and refused to answer the 48 questions, everything would have been different. They have to blame themselves for most of what went wrong. First of all for what happened, because had the children not be left alone and none of us would be here discussing this case and also for what followed. There is only one true victim and that victim is Madeleine. The rest is noise and damage control.

hope4truth said...

Hi Claudia

They are as I have said before if they are guilty they hired the wrong PR team to represent them CM being thier worse employee..

I would not touch them with a barge pole but if I would do anything for money would have advised them to tell their story about checking on the children as they had stayed in places that had a simialar service and thought it would be ok. Now they cant belive how dangerous it was and they feel it is their fault for putting their beautiful daughter and twins in such danger? We will never forgive ourselves for allowing this to happen how could we have been so stupid?

I for one would have thought OMG poor people it was stupid to leave their children alone oh they must feel awful how worrying for them poor little girl...

But no Q Philo all agression and finger pointing Gerry and his campaign and blogs. Kate imaculate with bloody ribbons in her hair perfect make up and co ordinating outfits and jet setting off around the world???

Looking back at how early they started acting like film stars all that laughing and Gerry organising the 1st Anniversary (and his brother giving up a job to work for the fund?) when Madeleine could have been found at any time..

The public were fooled but as more time passes and the story gets stranger most of them say that the McCanns are very odd...

They have done well to keep the papers quiet but even that is strange as if a child is missing all publicity is good publicity well it is if you are innocent...

So they should have admited neglect is wrong and how they regret being so stupid. And looked a little more lost and upset before finaly vanashing back to the UK...

Even being made arguidos shock and disbelief Kate colapsing with grief and shock not having a major rant in her apartment...


Cláudia said...

Troube is, Hope, their arrogance makes it impossible for them to act as common people.

viv said...

Hope and Claudia

Thank you darlings, fantastic posts!


viv said...

Any views on M3 apparently being in hot water about 3rd post in?

If it is true that must surely create a big break in this case!


Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv. Haven't heard any more news regarding that. Yet! :-)

hope4truth said...


Just read this on BBC...


A man has been charged with the murder of missing Lancashire man Alan Street.

Police believe Mr Street, 26, was killed at a house in Stockbridge Road, Padiham, before Christmas, but his body has not yet been found.

Reading this article it brings home again that a body is not needed to charge someone with murder. Although it was low copy DNA found in Madeleines case I believe the fact the dogs found Cadavar evidence along with very well cleaned up blood points strongly to the fact this poor child died in 5A.

Cláudia said...

Oh my, a murder charge without a body? Another one to enter the 'poor, innocent, wrongly accused' association.

hope4truth said...

I should have added to the post blood was found in the house and the boot of the car...

viv said...

Well you know I am sure his "abductor" is out there somewhere and the poor man just needs to be found. You just could not make this up could you, his abductor is just getting away scott free and these foul, stupid, pathetic, useless, probably even Portuguese police officers are victimising a poor innocent man, typical! I bet Gonc had a hand in it, yes and Robert Murat too, they took him away in a boat, you just mark my words you stupid creatures xxxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Viv, LOL!
Going out for coffee! :-)

hope4truth said...


Why have the hyperlinks gone blue???? If Royalty has joined Im off xxx

Zodiac said...

'Friday, 25 July 2008
SOS Madeleine McCann: McCanns' private detectives are suspected of attempted murder.


McCann detectives are suspected of attempted murder.

The private detectives hired by the McCanns, belonging to the Catalan detective agency Metodo 3, are suspected of extortion and attempted murder in the course of their work for the British couple. The case is under investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Faro PJ (Algarve), which is also responsible for the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is not the first time that Metodo 3's methods have been called into question: Antonio Jiminez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, was arrested for involvement in the theft of 400kg of cocaine in the port of Barcelona. The information, an SMM exclusive, was confirmed by the, "Tribunal de Première Instance de Martorell (Barcelone)" (I don't know what court that is!) which remanded Antonio Jiminez without bail, accused of corrupt practice, corruption, bribery and corruption of public officials and associating with criminals.

Working for Metodo 3 since 2005, the detective was responsible for, "special operations," in the context of the work carried out for Kate and Gerry McCann. According to a source from Moroccan Security, it was he who paid witnesses in Morocco and arranged the interviews of those witnesses with a few British journalists.'

http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com/2008/ ... ivate.html

Well if the above is true have these detectives been paid to pervert the course of justice? Wonder if this is what the recent trip was about and not about requesting re-opening the case to search for their child. Wonder if it was a compulsory visit and I also wonder if the return trips will all be made by him independently or if she will return whilst he remains in the UK to look after the children! That will be interesting because I think she would only return if it were compulsory!

viv said...

Hope it was a bizarre event the hyperlinks turning blue and the headings purple, it just happened when I was this thread featuring our sweet Rosie. I feel you are right, it must be because Royalty called, complete with that huge fat ass:-)) I know you just could not make it up, oh rofling! I find that oft repeated phrase of hers just hilarious! The rage, the fury, the hot hot air! oh and "you insane stupid creature you ad nauseum" why you imbecile! she does go off on one does she not!


I posted that above, developments keenly awaited:-)))

Wizard said...

Rosiepops says………

“Viv does NOT know these parents, she knows absolutely nothing about them. They have no police record, no record with social services, in fact nothing to the detriment has ever been recorded against this couple,…”

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, sometimes to be objective you have to have no links to the family. It is very easy if you know someone not be able to see the wood from the trees - you can’t be objective because of association. How many times have we all heard of wives being the last to know about their erring husbands when everyone else is in the know. How many times have we seen people evading the law because they are reasonably clever and cover their tracks, how many times have we seen people with money employing very clever top of their profession lawyers and evading the course of justice.

RP is quite right when she says Viv does not know the McCanns this is absolutely true. Her assessment of the situation is therefore based on the evidence we have to date and a rational examination of this evidence not hindered by emotional or family ties. All contributors on this blog imo make sound judgements on the information to hand and yes we do get some details wrong but I am at least 99.9% sure our main argument is sound and if this mystery is ever cleared up we will be proved right. After 2 years whoever is proved right it will still be sad for I fear there will no happy ending in this case the best we can look for is justice for a little girl who is missing and presumed dead.

Di said...

Hi all


Your 13.13pm post

Spot on.

Zodiac said...

'Rosiepops says………

“Viv does NOT know these parents, she knows absolutely nothing about them. They have no police record, no record with social services, in fact nothing to the detriment has ever been recorded against this couple,…”'


Well said!

R/p's it matters not a jot that no police record, no record with social services, in fact nothing to the detriment has ever been recorded against this couple prior to their holiday of May 2007. How would you know what happened within that family unit unless you were one of the parents or even one of the children that make up the unit? Many cases of child neglect go unrecorded until something happens that makes it public knowledge out with the family unit. Your statement above does not apply as from the 21/07/08 the DVD's and Rog. Int's imo are detrimental to them and the most important fact is they went on holiday with 3 children and as a result of reckless parenting one child vanished under mysterious circumstances. Therefore I do believe that Social Services will be involved with that family unit now perhaps until the remaining children become adults. With regard to police record they were an Arguida/o and only relieved of that status I believe because there was insufficient evidence to charge them not because there was no evidence. The DVD’s and Rog. Int’s are an excellent source of information for anyone who want to be educated regarding this case.

viv said...

Hiya Wizard and Zodiac

It is that complete lack of calm logical analysis that is such a give away I agree. I also agree how absurd to say they have no criminal or social services record, they most certainly do now.

Rosie, I know that you wrote about 8000 posts on the DE and god knows how many since. It is obvious who you are, you just tell lies for Kate and Gerry and are making a complete fool of yourself, particularly given you demonstrate such hatred and cannot control your temper. They have become a lot quieter is it not time you did the same?

You really ought to be able to accept if you just calm down a little you are not helping Kate and Gerry and you are most definitely not helping Maddie with all of your absurd claims which just seem increasingly desperate, i.e. has it not entered my thick head it was someone from PDL and a police officer knows that. Come, come Rosie, stop hating everyone, it will not make it go away.


hope4truth said...

In response to

'Rosiepops says………

“Viv does NOT know these parents, she knows absolutely nothing about them. They have no police record, no record with social services, in fact nothing to the detriment has ever been recorded against this couple,…”'

I have two words to sum up how some people dont have a clue as to what the people closest to them are up to...

I could use many more words as it happends time and time again but the below sum's up how people go along and love someone and dont have a clue what an evil human they actually are...

Primrose Shipman!

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well she seems to have stopped talking about Kate and Gerry and her way of dealing with matters is to pursue her full on obsession and sense of complete denial of reality by now portraying Leonor Cipriano as a poor hapless victim. This woman really does need help! This post, even in terms of some of the others we have seen is utterly bizarre. I really do think it is high time she stopped proclaiming everyone else is need of psychiatric intervention and got some for herself. I am sure the shock of being a close family member must be terrible. She seems to bordering on psychosis when talking of Goncalo Amaral, this kind of fixation is not uncommon.

Re: Leonor Cipriano changes her statement

Post by Rosiepops Today at 12:02 pm
This whole thing has slipped firmly into the realms of farce, it seems to me that anything this person Amaral is connected with, slips into farce. Is this a coincidence? Or is it him muddying the waters,making it impossible for himself to be detected?

* Firstly I would like to point put that people do confess to things they have not done, this is much more common than people think.
* There are plenty of false confessions to heinous crimes to draw from.
* If this confession is true then Leonor should know where the body is, if she does not then I would seriously doubt the validity of this.
* If Leonor's brother did kill Joana, why would he return and confess to his sister? The less people who knew the better.
* If they were intending to sell Joana, why would he kill her if it all went wrong? Doesn't make sense.
* We are now supposed to believe that this brother and sister of limited intelligence, were somehow able to contact monied people in Spain and sell Joana as a slave for cash? How?
* Leonor Cipriano, I gather, is of limited intelligence.
* Timing is everything!
* The timing of this confession is telling!
* Remember this is NOT Leonor's trial, so why would she suddenly confess out of the blue?
* Ask yourself who has the most to gain from such a confession?
* Remember thsi IS Amaral's trial!
* Is this a last ditch attempt by Amaral's lawyers, if the trial looks like it is going badly for his client, then get this confession?
* Is a jury more likely to be more forgiving towards Amaral concealing evidence of a torture, if they thought the person who was tortured, was guilty of a heinous crime anyway?

I hope this is not Leonor's solicitor doing deals behind the scene. Something is very wrong here 'again' and I hope the Portuguese authorities are not going to stick their heads in the sand over this one and pretend nothing is wrong!

Why would someone change her statement confessing to this when it is not even her trial? Does not make sense and would not her lawyer try to dissuade her from doing this at this time?

What if the brother 'ONLY' managed to sell Joana and she is still alive and well in Spain?

This whole affair is a complete and utter mess, it is a farce, the only thing that is clear is that five PJ detectives at that time, tortured a woman into confessing to something she did not do.

It now looks from the strange timing of this confession that this is another thing this woman of limited intelligence is being coerced into doing.

I think her treatment and the shock and trauma of what has happened to her for something I still firmly believe she did NOT do, has been too much for her mental health. Quite what the hell her lawyer was doing allowing this is beyond me. I hope what you say is correct Vee, but I have a sinking feeling about it. (How do we know that her lawyer has not been got at, menaced and intimidated and threatened with his life if he did not comply?)

I honestly think a safety order under the mental health act should be placed on Leonor Cipriano, making anything she says null and void. This poor woman is definitely not up to mentally testifying and should not be allowed to make statements and change her story and statements.

To me Leonor Cipriano is definitely 'non compos mentis' and needs psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Leonor Cipriano is in grave danger from outside influences and also herself.

Will for God's sake someone show a shred of decency and step in and stop the barbarianism and the abuse of this poor woman?

Wizard said...

Hi Hope,Viv,

Hope, Primrose Shipman an excellent example of alledgedly the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing - by complete denial!

Wizard said...

Hi all,
Yesterday I saw the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. If anyone cannot believe how people are cruel to children this is the film to see to open their eyes. Despite some of its content this is a remarkable film well worth seeing.

viv said...

Hiya Hope/Wizard

Yes Primrose is a good example where she had to try and grapple with the most horrifying facts about her partner and went into a state of denial of reality as a coping mechanism.

Gerry called Philomena if I recall on at least two occasions that night and she immediately became their unofficial spokeswoman. I think she has just lived and breathed this and it is truly shocking for anyone to take in.

I think what worries me the most is the way she suggests even Leonor's solicitor is in on the plot to frame her and the suggestion the child may be alive and well in Spain when the brother has also confessed to killing her.

I wonder if there are family traits?

I will try and look out the film you suggest it sounds interesting although macabre of course!

I do not think from my own experience of clients and offenders with problems like this that she will realise she is ill, but very clearly she is.

Viv xx

hope4truth said...

Wizard sore subject Slumdog Millionaire I took my daughter with me to see it today.. Both of us were looking forward to seeing it... Then we found out it was a 15 and she is 13 so we had to come home :o(...

Will go and see it next week with a friend cant even take my 15 year old as I dont want to rub it in with the youngest bless her...


viv said...

Oh well Hope maybe it was a blessing in disguise!

hope4truth said...


I think as far as Leonor goes she is an evil Mother who thought nothing of her little girl and will rot in hell for her deeds. To continue to defend this woman who has lied over and over is an outrage...

Sadly sometimes people are convicted of crimes they did not commit but more often people get away with Murder...

When a child is missing it is hell for the parents and the family and if the child is not found the hope they are still alive and the terror of what they may be going through is devestating even finding a body would not be what the parents want but at least it is closuer for them...

We all worry for missing children but we all worry for abused and neglected children as well. When we see parents laughing it up and acting in such an odd way comming out with PR comments like "we have no reason to belive she has been harmed" then say "we belive she is in the hands of a peadophile ring" then you have to wonder what the hell is going on...

When the same parents refuse to answer questions then you find out they never bothered to search it all gets a little odd...

God knows what would have become of Shannon if the police had not been allowed to do their job and investigate the Mother as her behaviour was so strange (although she put on a much better act of being upset at the begining)but what if they had not been allowed to do their job what would they have done with Shannon then?

Di said...

I have to say I remember being very surprised when K&G said they trusted their friends 100%. I am afraid if my child was missing I agree with Jen, I would not rule out anyone. I am not saying I agree with everything she says, I am saying I would not rule out the T7 being involved.

This was posted by Jen on 3A's

I think a lot of the hatred of the McCann's here has originated from their complete ignorance that if they left their children alone, something bad could happen to them. Most parents have a mental check list of all possible tragedies that can befall your children at any given time - it goes with the job. Therefore, it is difficult to comprehend two supposedly intelligent people acting in such a careless fashion. What has intensified this abhorrence of them is how they have failed to act with any humility at all, ever, since their child's disappearance. This is indeed unpalatable and smacks of arrogance at best and narcissism/mental instability at worst. However, we still need to keep an open mind. Just because we deplore their behaviour as parents and baulk at the continual barrage of verbal diarroehea they spout forth...............it is important to accept we do not know for certain if they were actually 100% complicit in Madeleine's disappearance. In fact, they may have nothing to do with it at all (other than leaving the abductor an obvious opportunity) - but who is to say the guilty one/s were not in close proximity to them throughout this fateful holiday.................if I were them, I would have considered EVERYONE to be a suspect from day one, as difficult as that might have been.

hope4truth said...

Hello Di

I agree if my child were missing I would doubt everyone who was with me at the time she went... I have many people who are friends and a few Best Friends yet if my child were missing the love and trust I have for them all would be broken for a time maybe forever.

If they then refused to return for a reconstruction I would hate them with a pasion for not thinking enough of my child to try and help find her..


Di said...

Hi Hope

Glad those bunnies were warm and snug last night. We are back home now and no damage thankfully, other than tree debris.

I somehow think K & G were more than happy that their friends could not make a reconstruction. It would not surprise me at all if they asked them not to attend.

hope4truth said...

Hello DI

I think you are right I am sure the friends have done what they have been told to do from day one...

Bunnies very snug again today it has been sunny most of the day...

Glad there was no damage xxx

viv said...

Hiya Hope, I thought I put a post on earlier about the Cipriano case because I was staggered but realised I actually put it on the wrong thread duh..I just ask can Rosie be real!

The rest of her posters are talking about whether blood and bone meal fertilizer was used on the flower bed to cause the "death scent" from pigs. I read there can be what are called scent pools I think it was that is where the scent has blown to and may then be less strong. I would suggest this could be the explanation as to why Eddie got a fainter scent in the flower bed. The BFB theory is quite bizarre enough in itself but the response a further glimpse into a troubled mind that is seeing the most strange ideas and reacting with extreme suspicion to relatively ordinary things although clearly the death scent would not be an ordinary thing to her at all, something that is obviously playing on her mind. I used to think that Rosie was just a McCann excuser but I am afraid I think it is much worse than that:

She is not just talking cr*p, this is what she truly believes in her deeply troubled mind. I almost feel sorry for her to be honest. There is nothing at all odd about gardeners regularly tending borders on holiday, is there? When I was in Egypt they were working on them constantly but Rosie sees something strange and suspicious where she really should not, that is pretty awful really. Everything to her is "very odd".


Re: The flowerbed ...

Post by Rosiepops Today at 11:08 am
So, I wonder, what was so interesting to a team of gardeners that they tended the flower bed this many days per week? Being a gardener myself, this seems a little excessive, if the bed was planted up with shrubs, this would be very low maintenance and certainly would not require the presence of a team of gardeners several times per week, this is very odd and this terrible obsession with Amaral is just getting steadily worse.

Is someone suggesting that the McCanns buried Madeleine in this flower bed? If so how on earth would they do this? In full view of the block of apartments they go and start digging a grave for their daughter and no one sees them? She then lays there and is the exhumed and taken to the beach and buried there for a while? Still no one sees them doing this, despite the fact they had the world and his wife peering over their shoulders? All this and no dogs, cats or other animals, strays, wild or domesticated did not detect the scent and thus ignored these graves?

Is Amaral for real?

Di said...

Sorry if this has been posted before. Code Madeleine & urging not to give money to TB.


Zodiac said...

The desperation in that 19.22 hrs post speaks volumes. The mother confessing has pulled the rug from below their arrogant feet. For sure the mother is mentally ill what was it she was declared a social psychopath! The latching onto this case to support their own claims of abduction is vomit inducing. There has been no respect shown by them for Joana just like M is irrelevant and hardly gets a mention so is Joana. It is only the propaganda of an abductor that is important and must be mentioned at every opportunity yet still not one message to the child they claim is being held by a an organised professional paedophile ring alive and well!

viv said...

Well my flipping patio door on the back of the kitchen was leaking last night and I am not pleased ! But Nanday is lovely and cosy right on top of a radiator, I just gave him a quick kiss having done down to get one of those lovely yoghurt drinks that are supposed to do you good:-))

hope4truth said...


Sod it if the McCanns are saying dont give money to TB it means more people will!!!!

I dont like the Man at all and think he will do more harm than good but even I am tempted to send him a tenner now!!!!


viv said...

Nah Hope I think we ought to both send him a couple of pretendy tenners, knowing him he would still try and cash them!

Di said...

Hi Viv

Don't waste your money, they are not worth it. My Dr says so, that is good enough for me.


Di said...


Lol I meant the yoghurt drinks ;o))


Di said...

Just out of interest, does anyone know when the documentary in Portugal is to take place?

viv said...

Oh well I love them, the yoghurt drinks that is, not pretendy tenners!

I have a bit of a thirst on now drinking some squashed pink grapefruit juice, is that better??


viv said...

I dont off hand Di, but am sure our Claudia will tell us!


I am just fascinated with this bit about M3, Rosie says just ignore it, humm OK then!

Di said...

I just wondered if this is what could be causing a stir!

Di said...


Anything pink and squashed sounds good to me LOL


viv said...

I agree with Bren on 3 As I think I have said before, the police will most certainly be investigating M3 the coc dealers etc. and this will provide a break. I just wonder if this is why Gerry did such a tortuous journey. Why did he need to go to Faro that is the burning question.

Oh by the way Rosie & Bum or should I say Fats and Bum I know primarily why he went, to see his top criminal lawyer:-))) tee hee xxxxxxx

viv said...

Yes Di and it is "with juicy bits" scrumptious!

viv said...

Bum, your own posts are quite sick enough but if you are a mate I would have a long hard look at this and then have a long hard look at Rosie's posts, then you might see what we all do, although I appreciate it is difficult for you! Stay off the ahem "wide tracking" it will only feed the gremlins!


Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality.

Psychosis often involves harboring false beliefs (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that no one else sees or hears (hallucinations). People with psychosis often become unreasonably fearful or suspicious (paranoid). People with psychosis are sometimes referred to as being psychotic.

Psychosis may develop suddenly or gradually. Psychosis may be a temporary symptom of a physical or mental health disorder or the primary symptom of a chronic disorder (a psychotic disorder). Even when psychosis is part of a chronic disorder, the symptom may fluctuate, so that at times the person seems to have a grasp on reality.

Some older people with a psychotic disorder first developed symptoms as an adolescent or young adult or during middle age as part of a disease called schizophrenia. However, most older people with a psychotic disorder develop symptoms for the first time during old age. Many of them have paraphrenia, which is characterized by paranoid delusions and hallucinations. Psychotic disorders may affect as many as 1 out of every 50 older people.

Psychosis is usually very distressing, both to the person who experiences it and to family and friends who witness the strange behaviors of their loved ones. Fortunately, people with psychosis often respond well to treatment with drugs, especially when accompanied by reassurance and support from family, friends, and health care practitioners.

Psychosis may occur as part of other mental health disorders. Some older people with severe depression also become psychotic. And some people with dementia have psychosis.

Severe physical illness, such as severe infection, can cause temporary psychosis. Injury to the brain from a stroke or tumor can also lead to psychosis. Even extreme stress can lead to temporary psychosis. When older people are cared for in intensive care units, where they are deprived of sleep and bombarded by tests, psychosis is common.

Certain drugs, such as opioid analgesics, benzodiazepines, digoxin, and drugs with anticholinergic side effects, can also cause temporary psychosis. Excessive alcohol use can cause temporary psychosis; chronic psychosis can result if the drinking is long-term.

The exact cause of psychotic disorders is unknown. Many experts think that these disorders develop because the brain overreacts to certain substances that carry messages between nerves (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Heredity may play a part as well, because some psychotic disorders, especially schizophrenia, tend to run in families.

Some people with psychosis have false beliefs that can best be described as fearfulness and suspiciousness (paranoia). They may have vague fears or complaints about others controlling their lives, but many describe consistent suspicions of very specific, elaborate, and persistent plots against them. Very often, these beliefs are directed at family members or friends. For example, people with psychosis may believe that their spouse or children have deserted them or that their family or friends are scheming to obtain control of their finances or property.

Hallucinations—seeing or hearing things that no one else sees or hears—are sometimes experienced by people with psychosis. These hallucinations may seem dangerous and threatening to the person, although in some cases they are taken in stride.

People with psychosis may lose the ability to take care of their personal hygiene. They may seem withdrawn and without any emotions. However, when a psychotic disorder, such as paraphrenia, develops during old age, it is common for a person to communicate and function quite well despite delusions or hallucinations.

When psychosis is part of a disorder that impairs memory and the ability to think clearly, such as dementia, the nature of false beliefs often becomes increasingly paranoid. The person may become distraught, accusing others of stealing personal belongings or of attempting poisoning or molestation. The paranoia associated with dementia is usually very unpredictable and changeable. For example, a demented person with paranoia may accuse a particular person of some behavior yet shortly thereafter describe that same person as his best friend. The demented person with paranoia can be very irritable and angry, sometimes even to the point of striking out at others.

A doctor diagnoses psychosis by reviewing and exploring the person's symptoms. When a person who is dependent on someone else's care strongly and consistently feels endangered and unable to protect himself, the doctor must entertain the possibility that some real danger exists, given how common the problem of mistreatment of older people has become.

After a person has been diagnosed as having psychosis, the doctor focuses on identifying the cause. A review of prescription and nonprescription drugs is important. A physical examination is performed to determine if disorders are present that might be causing or contributing to the psychosis. Similarly, medical tests may be useful. For example, the blood may be tested for evidence of certain drugs that can cause psychosis. Blood tests help exclude many physical disorders as a cause. If any unusual neurologic abnormalities are found, such as weakness of only one side of the body, a computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of the brain may be performed.

When a person develops psychosis as part of another disease, such as depression, appropriate treatment for that disease may lessen or even stop the psychosis. When people are sleep-deprived because they are in intensive care, moving them to a quieter environment, if possible, usually cures the psychosis. Recovery may take time, however; thus, other steps may be needed to treat the psychosis.

Treatment of psychosis involves an effort on the part of health care practitioners, family, and friends to support and reassure the person rather than confront him about delusions or hallucinations. People with psychosis living in long-term care facilities (such as nursing homes) have better control of their symptoms when the staff reminds them of who everyone is and reassures them of their safety. Treatment also usually involves drug therapy.

Drug therapy: Drugs called antipsychotics can be effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms, such as delusions and hallucinations. After the immediate symptoms have subsided with treatment, antipsychotics may need to be continued to help reduce the likelihood of future episodes.

Unfortunately, antipsychotics can have many side effects, including sedation, muscle stiffness, tremors, weight gain, and restlessness. Antipsychotics may also cause tardive dyskinesia, a disorder in which a person has one or more types of involuntary movements. These movements most often involve puckering of the lips and tongue or writhing of the arms or legs. Tardive dyskinesia may not go away, even after the drug that is suspected of causing the problem is discontinued. If tardive dyskinesia persists, no effective treatment is available.

A number of new antipsychotics that cause fewer side effects, such as risperidone, olanzapine, and quetiapine, have become available. However, in people with dementia, risperidone may increase the risk of stroke.

The outlook depends greatly on the cause of psychosis. When psychosis is caused by depression, sleep deprivation, or another treatable disorder, treating the other disorder often cures the psychosis. However, for people whose psychosis is part of dementia and for those whose psychosis is the primary symptom of a chronic disorder (a psychotic disorder), long-term treatment must usually include drug therapy and supportive care if it is to succeed in controlling symptoms and preventing relapses. If the person with psychosis is followed closely by health care practitioners, treated appropriately, and cared for in a supportive environment, then quality of life can improve significantly.

Cláudia said...

It must be sad living life like Bum and Poops do. Waking up angry and going to bed angry. And this is the mood when good news are about to break. I don't even want to image how they would be if bad news were on the way. :-)

viv said...

Bum there is nothing at all complex about why someone goes to see a criminal lawyer. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, it just means you are a criminal the police are hounding you and you need the lawyer's help and Claudia assures me Mr Alves is one of the best Portugal has to offer and Gerry, very wisely now wants to co-ooperate with the authorities, what a good boy!

viv said...

Yes but Claudia Hun, it gives us a great laugh! If Rosie does not want help that is her choice, at least Gerry does! Good boy!

It does run in families..


viv said...

She is now trying to cook her parrot on the radiator.

You just cannot help it can you, I am sure it is everyday talk on your psychi ward though, you need to get back there pdq!

Oh and I am "dealing cocaine on the internet", well call the police quick, but I think you are deluded dear, that would be Gerry's ahem, "private investigator" I was actually talking about and I don't think it was on the internet, poor you, so confused, another symptom.

viv said...


Gerry's visit had nothing to do with the Portuguese authorities.

Was Gerry telling lies again on the telly Bum, that would not surprise me, you just cannot hack him having to see his criminal law team headed by Mr Alves can you.

Sorry I am rather bored with you now.

But I will wake up with a laugh tomorrow if you want to write some more, please do!

Cláudia said...

Even the pros now openly admit that G tells porkies. :-)
It's a shame I have to go. Have a very early start tomorrow. My elderly neighbour needs company to deal with endless burocracy.
Boa noite!

viv said...

Goodnight darling

maybe while they are in such frank mood they may attend to their overweight mistress and her paranoid delusions and suggestions that, well practically everyone gets mental health treatment apart from her. Again, that is a typical sympton and a distinct lacking of insight into her illness. Mental health, offenders, whatever, developing insight is crucial before moving on to the healing phase. For some I fear there is no healing!

I am sorry your neighbour is troubled with bureaucracy but it would no doubt be no different in the UK. I once heard of BT demanding a bill from a dead man!

Boa noite
ate amanha!

Cláudia said...

The amount of red tape is unbelievable. Even for me let alone for an almost 82 year old lady. If her daughter wasn't such a selfish bitch, she wouldn't have to worry about those details. But since her daughter is a bloody selfish bitch and I can't do certain things without her because I'm not related, she has to be involved. Anyway, I'm just happy she is a quite healthy 81 year old lady. It makes things easier.

Bum and Poops, sorry to disappoint you but I'm not on a diet. Fortunately I don't need one and secondly people on diets are always in a bad mood (like both of you, although I'm sure yours isn't consequence of any diets). No need to worry about my arse. It is in pretty good condition. Surely better looking than Bum's face. But when I get to your age maybe I'll have to worry about it.

Cláudia said...

Dorme bem, Viv!
Até amanhã e beijinhos!

Zodiac said...

Hi all,


'It must be sad living life like
Bum and Poops do. Waking up angry and going to bed angry. And this is the mood when good news are about to break. I don't even want to image how they would be if bad news were on the way. :-)'


'No need to worry about my arse. It is in pretty good condition. Surely better looking than Bum's face.'


dylan said...

Hi Zodiac!

And just for Bum and Poops: Hi guys! :-)))) (I think Viv does realise that the word "guys" is used as a generic name for a group of people and is very well aware of the gender implication. However, it would seem that you "guys" are not. Never mind, one day if you learn how to give a friendly greeting, maybe you will understand.

Viv, Hope, Claudia & Zodiac, I would just ignore the insults. Picking on people's physical features is down right nasty, playground bully tactics. It is used because the perpetrators of such childish diction, have nothing intelligent to say and are obvioulsy desperate. I find it amusing that they expose themsleves as racists, sizeists and hairists (I recall that I am a 'hairy hippy' - lol!!). Not a very attractive set of values eh?!

Does anybody know what the "attempted murder" by M3 was for? Ie, against whom? I read that it was in connection with the Maddie case but can't recall it having been raised before.
I wonder if it is likely that all of the money Metodo received for the search for Madeleine was subsequently laundered? I wouldn't be surprised as they have been involved in fraud, coke dealing and attempted murder.
Doesn't look good on the McCanns that they hired them!

Have a good day, ladies and gentleman ;-)


viv said...

Hiya Dilly

Occasionally, we delve into the surreal world of Bum and Poops, two rabid Pro McCanns, a dying breed.

I think it is time to move on and discuss the real issues but it has been an amusing distraction!


viv said...

Sorry Dilly I did not answer the other bit. We already know that the lead investigator for McCanns at M3 got busted in connection with a huge amount of cocaine and is remanded in custody. This is the one who was bribing witnesses for the McCanns and this is admitted by Clarence Mitchell.

Quite often when someone gets remanded the investigation continues and quite obviously that is going to involve an investigation of what this man was doing on behalf of Team McCann. Now we hear talk of extortion and attempted murder, well nothing would surprise me. The fact that Jiminez (spelling!) is in custody, on very serious charges of cocaine dealing and was the McCanns investigator is not open to question. Then there are the links to Correio, the man who wanted to search in the Damn of Arade for Maddie with M3 standing by and is now appointed lawyer for Leonor Cipriano who of course is wanting to seriously discredit Goncalo Amaral.

This is one big can of worms and I am going to enjoy watching it get prised open!


viv said...

Anyway Dil, have a great day my lovely hairy educated Dilly, MSc xxx