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This report, coupled with Gerry's visit to Portugal to see his criminal law team headed by the illustrious Mr Alves seems to have got Team McCann in such a spin, I thought I would just post it again. If you employ a gang of criminals one should never be surprised when the mud well and truly starts to stick and I will continue to fervently believe that Police on an international level, stick to this case, like really good glue:-))) Good ho Clarence, got your job back with BK, did he give you a bonus for being such a spinning little liar? Just the fact you are back in there confirms all is not well in ahem, Team McCann xxxxxxxx


Friday, 25 July 2008
SOS Madeleine McCann: McCanns' private detectives are suspected of attempted murder.


McCann detectives are suspected of attempted murder.

The private detectives hired by the McCanns, belonging to the Catalan detective agency Metodo 3, are suspected of extortion and attempted murder in the course of their work for the British couple. The case is under investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Faro PJ (Algarve), which is also responsible for the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is not the first time that Metodo 3's methods have been called into question: Antonio Jiminez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, was arrested for involvement in the theft of 400kg of cocaine in the port of Barcelona. The information, an SMM exclusive, was confirmed by the, "Tribunal de Première Instance de Martorell (Barcelone)" (I don't know what court that is!) which remanded Antonio Jiminez without bail, accused of corrupt practice, corruption, bribery and corruption of public officials and associating with criminals.

Working for Metodo 3 since 2005, the detective was responsible for, "special operations," in the context of the work carried out for Kate and Gerry McCann. According to a source from Moroccan Security, it was he who paid witnesses in Morocco and arranged the interviews of those witnesses with a few British journalists.

http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com/2008/ ... ivate.html

Another example that it is best to leave it to the professionals and not interfere in a serious criminal investigation. Of course we know that is exactly what Kate and Gerry McCann wanted to do. As Gerry said in the early stages, they wanted to stay in PDL to "control the investigation". Clearly when he lost control they rushed off!

Thanks to Duarte Levy

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Metodo 3 is seeking to restore its image after Madeleine McCann

Detectives are seeking to take credit for the dismantling of a network to exchange images pedophiles
Metodo 3, the detective agency that Catalan McCann served during the months that followed the disappearance of Madeleine, now seeks to restore its image, tarnished by the lack of results in this case but also by recent allusions made by the Spokesman for the couple.

Francisco Marco, the director of Metodo 3 to convince the Spanish daily El Mundo of his detectives had helped the Spanish police to arrest members of a network of pedophiles on the Internet images, information contradicted by a source the National Police.

"This agency is not responsible for the operation. The network in question was already under supervision of our services for some time, but we await the right moment to catch up people and put an end to their activities, "said a spokesman for the Spanish National Police, contacted by SMM, stressing that" the intervention of the agency has only rush was a risk to wait knowing that private , especially those, had information and could jeopardize the work of our investigators. "

According to the newspaper, known for its relations with the agency in Barcelona, information collected by Metodo 3 detectives during their investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, have enabled the Computer Crimes Squad Barcelona National Police up to 23 users, of which 13 were arrested during the operation "Lolita P-mix" launched by the Spanish authorities.

Francisco Marco said the daily that the agency had established a call center to disclose the worldwide disappearance of Madeleine McCann and after that received an email saying that the small British video appeared on a pedophile, they arrived to locate a series of images exchanged on networks "Peer 2 Peer" Donkey Gnuteklla and 2000. Maddie was not on any photo or video Metodo 3 but was forced to convey information to the Computer Crimes Squad of the National Police in Barcelona, a legal obligation to which even the detectives can not escape.

Since the establishment of the Investigation Brigade of Science in 1995, several thousand people were arrested in Spain or abroad, for crimes related to pedophilia, particularly the exchange of photos or videos on the Internet. The Brigade also maintains an excellent collaboration with other police forces abroad, which enabled him to contribute directly to the dismantling of the larger networks.

Duarte Levy (Huelva)


Can we be in any doubt who sent the anon email referred to in this report?

Paedo ring snatched Maddie


Published: 07 Aug 2008
MADELEINE McCann was stolen to order by a Belgian paedophile ring, Scotland Yard fears.

An email claims the gang “ordered” a young girl just three days before Maddie vanished.

A pervert saw her in Portugal, took her photo and sent it to the ring, who then approved her kidnap, an informant claimed.

Alert ... email from Scotland Yard says gang in Belgium may have taken Maddie

Alert ... email from Scotland Yard says gang in
Belgium may have taken Maddie


The email was sent by John Shord of the Met’s CO14 vice intelligence unit, to police in the McCanns’ home county of Leicestershire.

It was then passed on to Portuguese cops.

It states: “Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken.

“Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie, took a photograph of her, and sent it to Belgium.

Target ... pervert was feared to have snapped her around time of photo

Target ... pervert was feared to have snapped her around time of photo


“The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable, and Maddie was taken.”

Belgium is just 90 miles from Amsterdam, where there have been TWO possible sightings of Maddie.

Files released this week show the Met were tipped off by an anonymous source. The email was first sent on March 5.

John Hughes of Leicestershire Police then apparently sent it to Portugal on April 21.

Files do not reveal a reason for the six-week delay.

Insp Ricardo Paiva sent it to Lisbon Interpol on April 28, asking them to check it out urgently.

Interpol replied on May 23, sending information received from across Europe.

A scrawled note dismisses some information as not being credible.

On May 27, Lisbon Interpol sent another urgent message asking for more information — but an undated fax said there was nothing else to add.

In January, private detectives working for Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry had travelled to Spain’s Costa Blanca to investigate paedophile networks.

Gangs there were said to have links with others in Belgium and Morocco.

Belgium has been rocked by a string of paedophile cases.


Seven beasts from one town were jailed in 2002 — then in 2004 Marc Dutroux was caged for life for a series of rapes and murders.

A friend of the McCanns said last night: “Trafficking into Belgium forms a very strong part of their investigations.

“There is hard evidence that this is happening, and someone may well have been stealing children to order.”

Responding to the Metropolitan Police intelligence, a spokesman for Belgium’s Federal Police said: “At this point we do not have any information such as that quoted in press reports.

“Our police, our missing person team, paedophile unit, are not aware of this information. We are checking with the British police.

“We find it all a bit strange. We are not aware and we have never found a paedophile network in Belgium that could order, sell or buy children like this.”

Portuguese police refused to comment.


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viv said...

Anyone who is still insisting that British Press did not print anything harmful to Team McCann had better reconsider, as the McCanns links with a very dodgy firm of fraud investigators start to unravel. Maybe we can look back on the British press with just a bit more of a charitable view, including the Daily Express!

February 10, 2008

Madeleine McCann and Metodo 3:

Private eyes, public lies


Paid £50,000 a month to find Madeleine McCann, the Spanish detective Francisco Marco said he hoped to have her home for Christmas. He issued this photofit of a suspect last month; it set off a media frenzy, but Portuguese police say it has ‘no credibility’. Christine Toomey turns the tables on a private eye who is anything but

Francisco Marco might have been thinking about other matters on the day he apparently spoke out about his hopes that Madeleine McCann would be home for Christmas. It was the day his Spanish private detective agency, Metodo 3 – paid an estimated £50,000 a month to help find Madeleine – moved from cramped premises above a grocer’s shop specialising in sausages in Barcelona’s commercial district to a multi-million-pound suite of offices in a grand villa on one of the city’s most prestigious boulevards.

When a taxi driver drops me off at Metodo’s new premises, he tilts his finger against the tip of his nose and says “pijo” – meaning stuck-up or snobbish. Pointing to the restaurant on the ground floor, he says: “That’s where people who like to show off go – so others can see their Rolex watches and designer clothes.”

It is in his office on the second floor that Marco has agreed to meet me, the first British journalist, he says, to whom he has ever granted an interview. When I point out that he was filmed by a Panorama documentary crew in November claiming he was “very, very close to finding the kidnapper” of Madeleine, he corrects himself: “Well, apart from that.” Marco will tell me later how who he has spoken to, and what he has or has not said, has been misunderstood.

But first I must wait, taking a seat at a long, highly polished boardroom table surrounded by pristine white-leather chairs. At one end of the room, discreetly lit shelves display an impressive collection of vintage box cameras and binoculars. Stacked against the walls are modern paintings waiting to be hung. It feels more like an art gallery than the hub of one of the most frantic manhunts of modern times.

There is no discernible ringing of telephones; little sign of activity of any kind, other than a woman searching for a lead to take a pet poodle for a walk and the occasional to-ing and fro-ing of workmen putting finishing touches to the sleek remodelling of the office complex.

It is not clear whether this is where the hotlines for any information about Madeleine are answered. Opposite the boardroom is an open-plan area of around half a dozen cubicles, equipped with banks of phones and computers. Most are empty when I arrive; admittedly it is lunch time. But I cannot ask about this.

“We won’t answer any questions about Maddie. Maddie is off limits – is that understood?” Marco’s cousin Jose Luis, another of the agency’s employees, warns me sternly.

Catching me eyeing the setup, he is quick to explain that Metodo 3, or M-3, bought the premises earlier last year. Though I say nothing, I get the distinct impression he wants to make it clear that this was before M-3 persuaded those involved in decisions regarding the £1m Find Madeleine Fund – partially made up of donations from the public and partly from business backers such as Brian Kennedy – to sign a six-figure, six-month contract with the firm, whose financial fortunes now seem assured by the worldwide publicity they’ve since received.

“All the remodelling work took months, so we only moved in on December 14,” he says, hesitating slightly before adding: “Moving is better at Christmas.” The implication that this was a quiet period for M-3 is strange, as it was exactly the time Marco is reported to have said his agency was “hoping, God willing” that Madeleine would be imminently reunited with her family. Marco has since denied he said this.

I cannot ask him to clarify what he did say, or whether talking about an ongoing investigation is potentially detrimental. Instead, I am left to discuss the matter with a handful of other private detective agencies in Barcelona, the private-eye capital of Spain. What they tell me is disturbing.

I expect a certain amount of rivalry, and some of what they say about M-3 could be dismissed as jealous gossip. But they claim otherwise.

They say there is nothing they would like more than to see M-3 succeed in solving the mystery of Madeleine’s disappearance. But they worry that M-3’s inflated claims of progress in the case is making a laughing stock of the rest of them. References to Inspector Clouseau cut deep. They are proud that, unlike their UK counterparts, Spanish private detectives have to be vetted and licensed. They must also have a specialised university degree in private investigation. More importantly, in a profession where discretion is critical, they worry about the effect of such public declarations on the progress of any investigation. It is in the days following reports that the Find Madeleine Fund is considering sacking M-3 that I talk to Marco – though of course I cannot discuss this with him.

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents, says he believes M-3 “put themselves forward” for the task, as did a number of other companies. Just a week after the four-year-old’s disappearance from the McCanns’ holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 last year, Portuguese police had announced that official searches were being wound down. Initially, the British security company Control Risks Group, a firm founded by former SAS men, was called on for advice. Mitchell confirms that the company is still “assisting in an advisory capacity”, but he says that the reason the

Spanish detective agency was hired was because of Portugal’s “language and cultural connection” with Spain. “If we’d had big-booted Brits or, God forbid, Americans, we’d have had doors slammed in our face, and it’s quite likely we could have been charged with hindering the investigation, as technically it’s illegal in Portugal to undertake a secondary investigation,” Mitchell explains. “But because it’s Metodo 3, [Alipio] Ribeiro [national director of Portugal’s Policia Judiciara] is turning a blind eye.” Portuguese police are reported to dismiss M-3 as “small fry”.

Mitchell says the decision to hire M-3 on a six-month contract from September was taken “collectively” by Gerry McCann, and the family’s lawyers and backers, on the grounds that the agency had the manpower, profile and resources to work in several countries. “You can argue now whether it was the right decision or not,” he says, referring to widespread reports that M-3 will find its contract terminated in March – if it hasn’t been already – and not just because the Find Madeleine Fund is dwindling. “But operationally Metodo 3 are good on the ground,” he insists.

It was M-3, for instance, who recently commissioned a police artist to draw a sketch of the man they believe could be involved in Madeleine’s disappearance, despite Portuguese-police claims that the sketch had “no credibility”.

Clearly, the McCanns are desperate to keep Madeleine’s disappearance in the public eye. And the release of photofits by M-3 will help to achieve this. The McCanns insist, however, that they are not engaged in a bidding war for interviews with American television.

But when 35-year-old Marco finally breezes into his company boardroom and throws himself into a chair opposite me, I do not get the impression that the prospect of losing the contract that has brought his company such notoriety is playing much on his mind.

Marco slaps on the table a 144-page pre-prepared dossier of articles written in the Spanish press about himself and M-3. He goes on to list some of those in the city he says I have already been speaking to about his company. Had my movements been monitored? If so, why would a private detective agency be interested in this at a time when they were supposed to be tirelessly searching for the most famous missing child in the world? This confounds me until, after talking to Marco for half an hour, I conclude that what motivates him – as much as, if not more than, his professed desire to present Madeleine with the doll he boasts he carries around in his briefcase to hand to her when he finds her – is a sense of self-regard, self-publicity and money.

) ) ) ) )

In most of the many pictures of himself included in the material he hands me, Marco looks a little nerdy. He wears the same serious expression, slightly askew glasses and suit and tie in nearly all of them. But when we meet he has a more debonair look. He is wearing a black polo-neck jumper underneath a sports jacket, sharper, and better-adjusted half-rimmed glasses, and a fringe that looks as though it has been blow-dried. It is as if his image of how a suave private eye should be has finally been realised.

In contrast to the other private eyes I meet, however, Marco is anything but relaxed. While most of them sit back easily in their chairs, trying to size me up, Marco leans towards me as we talk. He presses his hands hard on the table, almost in a prayer position, to emphasise a point, and has an intense, slightly unnerving stare.

He seems eager to please. He summons a female assistant on several occasions to bring me material, including a book he has recently written, to illustrate what he is talking about. Even when I make it clear this is not necessary – aware that these distractions eat into the time we have to talk – he insists, partly showing off.

When I ask about his background, Marco summons her to photocopy the first pages of his doctoral thesis on private investigation: he has a master’s degree and a PhD in penal law. He gets strangely agitated when she can’t find it, telling her to carry on looking, then mutters that he will have to look for it himself. Eventually he starts to reminisce about his youth. As a teenager, Marco says, he was so keen to become a private detective that he would get up at 5am to follow people on his scooter and record their movements before starting and after finishing his studies. His mother, Maria “Marita” Fernandez Lado, founded M-3 in 1986, when he was a boy, and he used to help out in the agency every holiday.

I hear several different accounts of what Marita was doing before she set up the agency. According to her son, she was working on a fashion magazine when, by chance, through Marco and his brother’s boyhood love of sailing, she met and became friends with a private detective. “From that moment, she decided she wanted to create her own detective agency, and wanted it to be a big company with big cases, a real business. She wanted to change the public image of a small private detective concerned with infidelities,” Marco says.

In Spain, private eyes are sometimes called huelebraguetas – “fly [zip] sniffers”. One of the reasons Barcelona has always been the home of so many of them, Marco explains, is that Catalonia – traditionally one of the wealthiest regions in Spain – had many rich families wanting to safeguard their inheritance. So parents would employ “fly sniffers” to check out the backgrounds of the people their sons or daughters wanted to marry. M-3 took a different track. It started specialising in investigating financial swindles, industrial espionage and insurance fraud. His mother was the first private detective, Marco says, to provide video evidence used in court to unmask an insurance fraudster: she filmed a man reading who had claimed to be blind. Marco also speaks about how in the early 1990s his mother had helped advise the Barcelona police, who were setting up a new department dedicated to investigating gambling and the welfare of children. He says his mother advised them on how to track adolescents who had run away from home, helping them to trace 15 or 16 of them at that time. (It is when I try to bring the interview back to this subject, to see if these were the children the agency has talked about finding in the past, that the interview grinds to a halt.)

But the agency almost came to grief early on, when police raided its offices, and Marco, his mother, father and brother were arrested and briefly jailed in 1995 on charges of phone-tapping and attempting to sell taped conversations. They were never prosecuted, as it was clear that the police had entrapped them.

Their big break came nearly 10 years later, when M-3 was credited with tracking down one of Spain’s most-infamous spies, Francisco Paesa, a notorious arms dealer and double agent also known as “El Zorro” (The Fox) and “the man with a thousand faces”. Paesa fled Spain after being charged with money-laundering. His family claimed he died in Thailand in 1998 and arranged for Gregorian masses to be sung for his soul for a month at a Cistercian monastery in northern Spain. Acting for a client who claimed to have been defrauded by Paesa’s niece, M-3 traced the fugitive to Luxembourg. At the behest of the Spanish national newspaper El Mundo, the agency then traced him to Paris. Paesa remains on the run, however.

“This was just one of our great achievements. Our biggest successes have never been made public,” boasts Marco. “If you speak to other detectives in Spain, I don’t think they will speak very highly of us because they are envious. But as far as other detectives around the world are concerned, we are the biggest, the most famous; the ones who work well.”

Again in collaboration with El Mundo, and again by following an illegal money trail, M-3 last year tracked down the daughter of the wanted Nazi war criminal Aribert Heim to a farm in Chile. “This was pro-bono work, and we only do it when we have time,” says Marco. The hard-pressed detective did have time just before Christmas, however, to launch a book he had co-written with a Spanish journalist. The book claims that clients of M-3 sacked directors of a charity involved in sponsoring children in the Third World, were victims of a plot to discredit them by people associated with a Spanish branch of Oxfam who were jealous that the public was giving them large donations. The sacked directors are still under investigation for fraud.

It is perhaps because Marco has spent so much time collaborating with journalists in the past that he feels so comfortable talking to the press – the Spanish press, at least – about his investigation into Madeleine McCann. In November he gave two lengthy interviews about the case, one to El Mundo and another to a Barcelona newspaper, La Vanguardia.

In the interview with El Mundo, Marco talks touchingly about how his six-year-old son asks him the same question every evening when he kisses him goodnight: “Papa, have you found Maddie?” Because the little boy is learning to read, the article continues, he knows that his father is “the most famous detective in the world”.

But why, the journalist Juan Carlos de la Cal asks, would anyone in the UK, “the country of Sherlock Holmes, with all its cold-war spies and one of the most reliable secret services in the world”, have chosen M-3 to help? “Because we were the only ones who proposed a coherent hypothesis about the disappearance of their daughter,” Marco replies, explaining that M-3’s “principal line of enquiry” at that time – the article was published on November 25 – was “paedophiles”. He talks about how he “cried with rage” when he investigated on the internet how paedophiles operate.

Apart from these comments made by Marco, little concrete is known about how M-3 has been conducting its investigation. In the same article, Marco’s mother says the agency, which she claims has located 23 missing children in the past, has “20 or so” people working exclusively on the McCann case. M-3 was said at that time to be receiving an average of 100 calls a day “from the four quarters of the globe”, and to have half a dozen translators answering them in different languages. The agency has distributed posters worldwide bearing Madeleine’s picture with the telephone number of a dedicated hotline it has set up to receive tip-offs. The interview was carried out just after Marco returned from a two-week trip to Morocco, a country he describes as being known for child-trafficking and a “perfect” place to hide a stolen child. The north receives Spanish TV, he says, but the rest of Morocco knows nothing about the affair.

Yet in an interview published three weeks earlier in the newspaper La Vanguardia, Marco claimed that the agency had “around 40 people, here and in Morocco” working on the case, on the hypothesis that the child was smuggled out of Portugal, via the Spanish port of Tarifa, to Morocco, “where a blonde girl like Madeleine would be considered a status symbol”. At that time he said he didn’t want to think about paedophilia being involved. Asked how often his agency contacts the McCanns with updates, Marco replies “daily”. He adds that the fee that M-3 is charging for its services is not high. He says that it is “symbolic”.

In the same article – accompanied by a photograph of Marco holding a Sherlock Holmes-style hat – he says with absolute certainty that Madeleine is alive. “If I didn’t think she was alive, I wouldn’t be looking for her!” At first he states categorically that he will find her before M-3’s six-month contract runs out in March. But also in the same article the journalist explains that Marco proposes taking him out to dinner if he does not find the missing four-year-old before April 30. Unless all such statements are “misunderstandings”, Marco is in danger of leaving everyone with hopes that are not fulfilled.

When I start to touch on these themes – the claim, for instance, that M-3 traces around 300 missing people a year – Marco is quick to clarify. He says that, of the 1,000 or so investigations his agency undertakes every year, “between 100 and 200 involve English people who owe money and have fled England for Spain; the same with Germans, etcetera, etcetera”. This makes it sound as if much of the agency’s work

is little more than aiding bailiffs or debt-collecting, though I do not believe this to be the case. But when I ask him to elaborate on the 23 missing children his mother is reported to have said the agency has located in the past, Marco eases himself away from the table for the first time, tilting far back in his chair. He cannot talk about that on the grounds of confidentiality, he says. Shortly after this, his cousin Jose Luis, who has sat mostly silent until now, calls time on the interview with a chopping motion of his hand.

As I leave M-3’s office I pass another door discreetly announcing it is that of a private Swiss bank. As I take a seat in the restaurant downstairs for lunch, I notice Marco’s father, Francisco Marco Puyuelo, sitting close by. I nod at him and smile. He does not smile back. I have heard unsettling reports about Puyuelo.

He is rather menacing-looking, and I feel uncomfortable as he sits staring at me, slowly spooning chocolate ice cream into his mouth.

) ) ) ) )

It is easy to feel a little paranoid in Barcelona. Nearly every quarter seems to have its own private detective agency. Offices are prominently advertised; on the short ride in from the airport

I pass four. The city’s yellow-pages directory has six sides of listings. According to Catalonia’s College of Private Detectives, the professional association to which private detectives working in the region are obliged to belong, of the estimated 2,900 licensed private eyes in Spain – around 1,500 of them actively working – 370 are in Catalonia, mostly Barcelona.

The city has traditionally had a prestigious record for private investigation. One of Spain’s most well-known detectives, Eugenio Velez-Troya, was based in Barcelona, where he helped set up the first university course in private investigation, covering subjects such as civil and criminal law, forensic analysis and psychology.

One of the largest private detective agencies in Spain, Grupo Winterman, founded by Jose Maria Vilamajo more than 30 years ago, is based in Barcelona, though the company now has 10 offices in different cities with a staff of around 150. Vilamajo is the only detective prepared to talk on the record; the others prefer to remain anonymous for fear of professional reprisal. He talks about how Barcelona came to have so many private detectives, pointing out that competition in the field is now so intense that it is pushing individual agencies to “specialise”.

Vilamajo is the only private detective apart from Marco to receive me in a spacious company boardroom, which, it strikes me, might be the model on which Metodo 3, anticipating rapid expansion, is basing its new office setup.

I meet the other private eyes either in bars or in their more modest premises, with more cloak-and-dagger decor, though nearly all have an impressive array of certificates praising their work. One has the theme music from the film The Godfather as a mobile-phone ring tone.

All talk of the “different way” M-3 has of operating from other agencies in the city. Most of what they say I have no way of substantiating. Traditionally, they say, M-3 has wined and dined clients more than others, sometimes holding grand “round-table” suppers to which it invites important figures in the community.

One ageing sleuth slides across the table a Spanish newspaper article entitled “Detectives with marketing” , in case I might have missed it. A short piece referring to the book Marco recently co-wrote about the alleged charity conspiracy, it makes the point that the book “is another step in the direction of incorporating marketing into the business of private investigation”.

When I ask what’s wrong with a business marketing itself, my question elicits a long sigh. Suddenly I can see that underlying much of the rancour M-3’s rivals feel towards it is a sense that they are not “old-school gumshoes” working in the shadows. One of their criticisms of Marco is that “he doesn’t know much about the street. He’s good at theory. He’s like a manager, always dressed up in a suit and tie”.

So he has a team of others to do the legwork, I argue. Another long sigh. “Not as many as he claims,” comes the response. On this point, all those I speak to agree. None believes M-3’s claims that it has 40 people working on the hunt for Madeleine, since the maximum number M-3 employs in its Barcelona office, they believe, is a dozen, with another few in its Madrid branch.

But again, I point out, it could have any number of operatives working for it in other countries, namely Portugal and Morocco.

My comment draws a weary smile. Metodo 3 company records for the six years up to 2005 appear to show a decline in the number of permanent employees listed – from 26 in 1999 to just 12 in 2005 – although there could be some accounting explanation for this.

Perhaps the most worrying of the detectives’ concerns is the consistent complaint that M-3 is using its involvement in the search for Madeleine to raise its profile and that Marco’s statements about how close he is to finding the child could be seriously prejudicing attempts to find out the truth. “If the agency fails to solve the mystery of Madeleine’s disappearance, that failure will be forgotten in a few years,” said one. “But M-3 will be famous and, ultimately, that is what they want.”

“They are making us look ridiculous,” says another detective. “The English are looking at us and laughing and we are very worried, very upset about it. They [M-3] are denigrating the ethics of our profession.”

To seek guidance on how private detectives are expected to behave, I visit the president of Catalonia’s College of Private Detectives: Jose Maria Fernandez Abril. After making the point that he is unable to speak about any individual member of his professional association, he proceeds to carefully read me a statement that begins: “Following the media impact of affairs in which detectives belonging to the college are involved…” It clearly echoes the concerns that others I have spoken to voice about the conduct of Metodo 3.

“No general conclusions should be drawn about the profession from the actions of any individual,” Abril reads, before helpfully explaining that this means: “You can’t go around saying you are the best in the world, implying that everyone else is somehow worse.”

More importantly, there are repeated references to how members are obliged to comply with the college’s strict code of conduct, which includes: not stating with certainty the result of an investigation and not revealing information about an investigation without agreeing it first with the client.

In other words, if M-3 was to argue that announcing just when it believed it would find Madeleine would help its investigation, the announcement should have been cleared with the McCanns. Given the deep dismay Gerry McCann is reported to have expressed over Marco’s comments about how close the agency was to finding his daughter’s kidnappers and about her being reunited with her family for Christmas, it seems unlikely any agreement over such statements was ever made.

As I leave, Abril informs me that the college has in recent years organised an annual “Night of the Detectives” supper. This year it will be held in March. He invites me to attend. At the supper, various prizes are presented. Among them is one for the fiction author they believe has contributed most to the public understanding of investigative work. This year they have awarded the prize to Dan Brown, author of the worldwide bestseller The Da Vinci Code.

They are a little hurt that he has not replied to, or even acknowledged, their invitation to attend.All this could be almost funny if I were not constantly aware that the reason I have come to Barcelona is because an exhausted little girl enjoying a family holiday went to sleep in pink pyjamas alongside her twin brother and sister on the night of May 3 last year, then disappeared. The anguish and desperation of her parents account for the Spanish detective-agency’s lucrative contract. The boasting and apparent false hopes fed to them by Marco could yet prove to be his downfall.

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Just had a look on the M-3 website and interestingly, people searches don't appear anywhere as one of the services the company provides. Strange, don't you think, especially in light of this article.

John Smith, Barcelona, Spain

great article...if being paid alot of $...what has been done for little madeleine..is she still alive...


viv said...

Here is another good report from UK press The Telegraph where they would putting the writing on the wall for us, I believe. It is amazing to look back and we can see a lot with the benefit of hindsight. I have myself criticised the British press but look what is all coming out in the wash now, more murky Metodo 3 and Gerry rushing off to Faro, then his top lawyer in Lisbon!

Clarence Mitchell sought to distance Jiminez from the work of Metodo 3, what a laugh! Shortly after we hear M3 contract will not be renewed and I think it coincides with that email sent in March 2008 to the Met.

Madeleine McCann: detective agency link held

Last Updated: 2:13AM GMT 26 Feb 2008
Missing Madeleine McCann
Missing Madeleine McCann

A retired policeman linked to the private detective agency hired to find Madeleine McCann has been arrested on suspicion of helping criminals who stole £25 million of cocaine.

Antonio Jimenez, who has been linked to Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCann family to find their missing daughter, was last night remanded by a judge investigating alleged police corruption and the theft in 2005 of 1,100?lb of cocaine from a Barcelona dockyard.

The arrest comes amid mounting scepticism about the role of Metodo 3 in the search for Madeleine, who disappeared on May 3 last year while on holiday with her family in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Metodo 3, whose contract with Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry expires next month and has yet to be renewed, was criticised last year when Francisco Marco, its managing director, spoke of finding the four-year-old by Christmas.

It has also emerged that, in 1995, five senior members of the agency were arrested in a phone-tapping case. They were never charged, however, and an investigating judge threw out the case, condemning police entrapment.

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns, sought to distance Jimenez from Metodo 3.

He said: "He is nothing to do with us. He collaborated with Metodo 3 on a project, but that was two years before the company was hired to find Madeleine.

"We still have faith in the work of Metodo 3."

Mr Marco denied Spanish television reports that Jiminez, 53, has worked for Metodo 3 for three years.

He insisted that Jimenez was, until three weeks ago, a business partner of his mother, Maria Fernandez Lado, who founded Metodo 3. He said Jimenez had been involved with a separate company.

Spanish records, however, reportedly showed that this business had the same listed address as Metodo 3.

hope4truth said...


Not sure if the below has been posted here or not but I found the below on the McCann files...

Kate plans a return to Portugal Sunday Express (appears in paper edition only)

By James Murray
18 January 2009

Kate McCann is preparing to make an emotional trip to Portugal in a new effort to find her missing daughter Madeleine.

She has not been there since September 2007, four months after Madeleine vanished from the family's holiday apartment in the resort of Praia da Luz.

Kate, husband Gerry and their twins, Sean and Amelie, flew home to Leicestershire after being made arguidos by the Portuguese police.

That status was lifted in July last year as detectives in Portugal effectively shelved the investigation. However, a team of former top British police officers, financed by a family friend, is now investigating the case.

Last week Gerry flew to Portugal to meet the family’s lawyer and to get an update on the work being carried out by the British team. He is said to have found the trip very useful.

Madeleine vanished nine days short of her fourth birthday.

I wonder if she will meet with a lawyer as well (as obviously as the devestated mother of a missing child her rights have to come before Madeleine)...

Zodiac said...


Good to be reminded of past articles I had forgotten them.

Wizard said...

Hope, I’m not sure who mentioned this it may well have been Viv. It was concerning why Gerry returned to Portugal recently as the reasons he gave didn’t add up. It was suggested that if Kate made a trip to Portugal there was obviously something up as she no doubt would go to see their legal team over there. I understand from your post Kate is likely to return soon – well hello - something is definitely up.

hope4truth said...

Hi Wizard

From the hysterical insults comming from RP and Mum (Viv is trying to cook her parrot on the radiator ROFLMAO) and all the foot stamping and toy throwing out of prams from the posts I have read here something needs spinning me thinks...

Looking forward to the Good News Smuggy Mum has it has to be that Madeleine is alive and well as nothing else matters does it...


bath theory said...

That e-mail was actually published on the DX website for several hours. It then disappeared and to think I nearly copied it. It looked official and like all other scenarios is only a possibility. It is as valid an angle as the possibility of the parents being involved. All need to be addressed and kept open until we know more or can prove more. It doesnt address why they never looked and it doesnt address why cuddle cat was washed and why bloodspats have been found and why blogs were written that barely mentioned Madeleine and why the mortgage was paid etc etc. But I can confirm it was on the DX website and it was there for a couple of hours.

Di said...

Hi all

Hope, I agree something is afoot the pros are coming out of the woodwork and seem determined to cause as much trouble as they can.

Viv & I have since spoken and all is forgiven. R/P put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Wizard said...

Something is definitely up.

I think we can take it this is the case – Gerry back in Portugal, Kate returning soon and the attacks on Viv and moderators on 3A’s. The prerequisite for an emergence of negative publicity for the McCanns me thinks.

viv said...

Di thank you darling, you have really made my day.

They did tell us what is really upsetting them, the investigation of M3 and Gerry's visit to Portugal. Don' worry we can add 2 + 2


Wizard said...

I hope everyone’s anti-virus software and firewalls are up to date Sky News reports:-

Computer Worm Goes Out Of Control
4:36pm UK, Monday January 19, 2009
A computer virus attacking Microsoft Windows has infected almost nine million machines and is spreading faster than ever before.

viv said...

Are we thinking that questions are being asked about their instructions to M3?

It is notable that Bren has recently put some excellent posts up commenting, just like I have, that M3 are the really weak (and clearly criminal link) in a very rusty chain and she believes as I do, that chain leads right back to Kate, Gerry and of course BK!

Then we get another savaging!


Wizard said...

Sorry my original link did not work link. New

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I think by pulling M3's rusty chain you may have hit the nail on the head!

Di said...

Hi Viv

You're welcome.

Smiley Hugs


Di said...

I have a spare can of WD40 for any takers ;o))

viv said...

Well Smiley Hugs back to you Di!

It just makes complete sense to me.

People are still insisting they want to take the law into their own hands because they do not think this case has been investigated properly.

I think the reason a large chunk of the investigation was released to the public was to dispel that particular myth. The police have always said the key to this case is the timelines and the TAPAS 9. That has not changed. We have seen LP grill the TAPAS 7 for after hour after hour, OB on two separate days and even asking him to sign witness statements, to clearly let him know if he is telling lies he risks a charge of perjury/perverting justice. I just do not understand what else they expect the police to do!

But it seems to me that what is unfolding is the police have by no means given up. If they can prove that Team McCann were seeking to bring Goncalo down and interfere in other criminal cases, interfere in paedophile investigations, send anon emails throwing the police off the scent, bribe and threaten witnesses then I think they have a case. The Tapas 9 have made it almost impossible for the police to get them but I believe the police know their is some very serious criminality here, the loss of little Maddie being the paramount thing and with so much still to investigate about the shady dealings of Team McCann and their wealthy financial backer, who instructed M3 they are not just going to take this lying down, not by any stretch of the imagination. I believe this is why Gerry went to Portugal and we can plainly see from past behaviour Clarence Mitchell is once again on the scene, presumably being paid by Kennedy when things are desperate and there is a perceived need for him.

Why don't people just ask themselves one simple question, if things were so Rosie (scuse the pun) for Team McCann why would Clarence be doing so much spinning again. Why would they not just be sitting back and cashing in?

hope4truth said...

Hi All

Credit Crunch Britain things are getting bad.... Every day in the press and on the news it is all doom and gloom and the government looks rubbish...

People are cutting back and not buying papers things are bad...

Now imagine if we are right (which is not hard to belive with all the evidence there is, Dogs, conflicting time lines, happy snaps, organising a year event a couple of months in, Uncle giving up a job to run the fund that may have only needed to run for a few weeks, no searching etc etc...

The Government gets to Bury some bad news and the newspapers get to print the story of the centuary news papers will fly off the shelf for the latest revelations...

Tragic that all of the above will be off the back of a 3 year old child the world forgot while cow towing to her neglecting joyful parents,,,

viv said...

Well Hope as ever you make a good point.

Politics is a dirty word to me, but there is no doubt GB has took some real stick over this case. What better way to rebuild his flagging image and doom and gloom in Britain than announcing he pulled off the one we all want, he made damn sure of it, he ordered no stone to be left unturned to crack Team McCann.

Now everyone really would love him again!


viv said...

Anyway Hope, I think we should keep "bumping" this one, given it really set them off and hit such a raw nerve, coinciding so nicely with Gerry's trip to Portugal, so here it is again and I am putting on top as well, just for good measure!

Friday, 25 July 2008
SOS Madeleine McCann: McCanns' private detectives are suspected of attempted murder.


McCann detectives are suspected of attempted murder.

The private detectives hired by the McCanns, belonging to the Catalan detective agency Metodo 3, are suspected of extortion and attempted murder in the course of their work for the British couple. The case is under investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Faro PJ (Algarve), which is also responsible for the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is not the first time that Metodo 3's methods have been called into question: Antonio Jiminez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, was arrested for involvement in the theft of 400kg of cocaine in the port of Barcelona. The information, an SMM exclusive, was confirmed by the, "Tribunal de Première Instance de Martorell (Barcelone)" (I don't know what court that is!) which remanded Antonio Jiminez without bail, accused of corrupt practice, corruption, bribery and corruption of public officials and associating with criminals.

Working for Metodo 3 since 2005, the detective was responsible for, "special operations," in the context of the work carried out for Kate and Gerry McCann. According to a source from Moroccan Security, it was he who paid witnesses in Morocco and arranged the interviews of those witnesses with a few British journalists.

http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com/2008/ ... ivate.html

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

GB needs all the help he can get and with the papers full of storys about neglected and abused storys and how the government is letting children down he could be the Hero of the hour the Childrens Champion...

Government Spin Doctors could make the gullible public believe they have been searching for the truth since May 2007 and Honest Gord may even get a second term...

You couldent make it up lol xxx

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I see lots of indications the Gov are finally pulling their socks up with a really neglected and serious issue, child abuse!

About time too.

The direct intervention of a government minister and the oh so public sacking of the repugnant Ms Shoosmith being but one example!

The McCann case, thanks to their not inconsiderable efforts in an international case about the most serious child abuse. If Gordy wants to make an example and show how great British Justice really can be, I would not have a problem with that.

We have recently worked co-operatively with the Spanish Police to put a murdering g*t who killed his wife in Spain behind bars in a British jail where he belongs. I think Gerry could well be his cell mate!




Cláudia said...

Viv, you should stop posting those well investigated articles which upset the pro brigade. Damn it, woman, just shup up! Poops wants you to. ;-)
And stop writing about that stupid 'justice for abused children' thing. There are no abused children. They are all living somewhere beautiful and being treated like the princes and princesses they are.

Di said...


Thanks for your help


viv said...

Hiya darling

Well dammit yes I did have a sneaky peek and see she simply tells me to shut up, oh the frustration, 18 long months of telling me that and still I do not listen!

Well as ever, that has me rushing to do some research for the next post. I even just put one on 3 As.

Maybe the lady should shut up herself:-))))

Cláudia said...

Di, you are very welcome! :-)

Viv, I just think it is very mean of you not to satisfy Poops's kind requests to shut the f**k up! :-)

viv said...

Well I do believe the lady came and joined me on the 3As, if you cannot beat them or get them to shut the **** up then you can join them, but the lady seemed to lose again and stomped off in a huff


ah I see the lady is back telling us she was funny for telling porky gerry pies, people who call me my dear always did make my bloody flesh creep!

viv said...

I really do hope we are not subjected to more vomit inducing muck like this, this May, it may tempt me to take the law into my own hands and go and carefully explain they are not the sodding victims!

Christmas told us that they will still keep using their own little girl for their revolting cashing in spin but may keep their own words to a minimum, just oh please do not let us suffer any more. Let us hope the police put them out of their misery, very soon, it is the not knowing that is so worrying I am sure.

'Something Like This Could Destroy You'

5:56pm UK, Thursday May 01, 2008
The parents of missing toddler Madeleine McCann have told Sky News that the disappearance of their daughter has "wreaked havoc" on their family.

180 madeleine mccann opens christmas present 2006

Madeleine at Christmas 2006

Two days before the first anniversary of the four-year-old's disappearance, Kate and Gerry McCann told Sky's Dermot Murnaghanthat without support something like this "could destroy you".

And they told how their "fantastic" twins Sean and Amelie were helping them through the tough times.

"You often wonder where we would be if it wasn't for them," Mrs McCann said.

Madeleine went missing on May 3 last year, while the family was on holiday in Portugal.

The couple say they are now desperate for new leads in the case and they will leave no stone unturned in searching for their little girl.

"We need that key piece of information and we believe it is out there," Mrs McCann said.

"You cannot give up. Madeleine deserves that. There is no evidence she has come to any harm."

The cases of Elisabeth Fritzl and Natasha Kampusch in Austria have also given them hope that Madeleine could be alive - and they can even imagine her growing up in a different place, surrounded by different people, and simply adjusting to her new situation.

But they refuse to give up their hunt, injecting new energy into the campaign with a fresh hotline number and a plan to change tactics in their dealings with the media, adding that the past year's coverage is simply "unsustainable".

"It led to a lot of rumour, myth and innuendo," Mr McCann said. "What we want is responsible reporting."

Madeleine's case sparked an international media storm after she vanished from the family's holiday villa in Praia da Luz.

There has been talk of a possible reconstruction of the events leading up to Madeleine's disappearance - but although the McCanns are not ruling out a return to Portugal, they said they are worried about how helpful it would be for the police investigation, given the immense media interest.

"How can you do a reconstruction with what will be undoubtedly be a media event?" Mr McCann asked.

"It is under discussion. It is back to what additional information will help the search."

The McCanns are still considered suspects - or 'aguidos' - by police in Portugal, and will remain so until someone is charged in connection with the case.

Sky News' crime correspondent Martin Brunt, speaking after the couple appeared on Sky, said there would now be pressure on the McCanns to take part in any reconstruction.

"There will be a big hole in it, if the couple are not in it (the reconstruction)," he said.

"People hostile towards them will use it to criticise them, suggesting that they are not helping the police.

"I believe they are in a difficult situation. It will cause a problem if they do not go."

Speaking to Murnaghan, the McCanns answered several questions sent in by Sky News viewers.

And both Kate and Gerry became visibly agitated when asked to explain why they left their children alone in a holiday apartment while they went out for dinner with friends.

Slapping her leg and pointing out that she felt the subject was "going over old ground", Mrs McCann said: "I felt it was incredibly safe.

"I would never have taken a risk. It was something that was not even a decision - that is how safe it felt."

Mr McCann added: "If we thought it was not safe for one moment, if there was any conscious element that somebody was going to go into the apartment and steal your child - of course we would not have done that."

:: The new hotline number for anyone with information on where Madeleine might be is 0845 838 4699.

viv said...

In America Gerry said
they are light years ahead of Europe in uniting the strands governing how we protect kids," said Gerry."And we can certainly learn from it."

big_l's response on 3As

like stay in and f_cking look after them gerry instead of going out on the p iss

There is something I love about big l's posts, so direct and to the point. I wish he could meet up with Kate and Gerry, in so few words, he would tell them, just what they really don't want to hear! but what we would really love to hear him telling them!

hope4truth said...


LOL big_l is one of my favorite posters you can hear his Scottish accent in every post he writes straight to the point every time...

When a child goes missing I can imagine support from others that have been through the same as you have is important. But I still cant understand getting on a plane and flying off to the States leaving your wife and remaining children 1000s of miles away is something you would do so quickly after your child has been taken?

I know Kate decided in the first few minutes after she discovered Madeleine missing that she had been taken and could not possibly have walken out of the apartment by herself? (How she knows this is beyond me and blind hope and adrenalin would be pushing a million thoughts through your mind)...

By the time she had left the twins alone in the apartment with the window wide open and the door unlocked to run back to the Tapas Bar to tell everyone there Madeleine had been taken (and strangley not shouting for Madeleine or having a look around as she went in case she spotted her) at this point she could have got back just as the abductor had left so she may have had a chance to stop him?

Also she looked around the apartment for Madeleine (so Madeleine did not leave the apartment on her own but she could have got up and hid in the apartment?) sorry you cant have it both ways Kate...

Once she had told the waiting tapas gang they in minutes after running back to the apartment (and not looking for Madeleine or checking their own children were safe)had all started screaming about closing the borders, Morroco and Peadophile rings...

I am not sure how much longer it was after they had solved Madeleines disapearence (the shutters had been forced and Madeleine had been snatched by a peadophile ring and taken to Morroco) they bothered to call the police but it was not quick enough.

While stangers searched for Madeline (and lets face it one of these strangers could well have Madeleine stashed away somewhere) the happy tapas all started to call home to England to tell their tale and try and find Madeleine (she was not going to be in England at this point may have turned up at any second after being found asleep nearby after falling asleep as she failed to find her parents) so why worry everyone back home so quickly?

The story was also spun that they were not getting any help and within hours the whole world knew all about Madeleine and the victims Gerry and Kate...

When you look back to day one it is unreal when you look at what has happend since it is obvious that something is not right about all this.

Madeleine never needed any spin or a single lawyer. She did not need a fraud investigation company or a huge fund to pay her parents mortgage or her Fathers 5* hotel bills.

She needed her parents with her not away in a bar every night. She needed her Mother and Father to take it in turns to look for her. To help the police in anyway they could (not complaining no one had offered them anything to eat) and she needed the truth. Mummy answering questions on her behalf would have been expected not being so bloody arrogant she chose not to.

The pros can slate me all they like my observations are not made up or nasty they are what happend a lot more has happend since that has made me wonder how anyone can buy what they are selling and as time goes on especialy an out of date Christmas Apeal (where was their sports star BTW?)got people who dont really give a damn talking about how odd they are again.

Gerry's trip back to Portugal and Kate is on her way back (when they would not go back for a reconstuction or for her 1st Anniversary the same one Gerry had grand plans for a few weeks after she went missing)but they are going back now and obvioulsy putting Maddie first by meeting with their fancy lawyers????

It has people talking again...

To read RP and Mum spinning thier bile and insutlts again shows how worried they are for their heros. Smug Mum has some oh so good news she just cant wait to wipe the smiles off our faces with... Well you nasty woman there is nothing we want to hear apart from Madeline is alive and well and comming home. The Pope can make Gerry and Kate saints they can be absolved of all involvemnet and it could be proved she really was snatched and I still think they are scum...

Because if she really was taken the spin lies and lack of co operation from the 9 of them is more evil than anything I could have imagined as by thinking of themselves and covering their backs they would have put her chances of being found back to nill...

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Hope 07.56am,

Well said! =D> =D>

'And they told how their "fantastic" twins Sean and Amelie were helping them through the tough times.'

The fantastic twins they put in the creche by day with their sister and left alone by night with their sister night after night to go to the Tapas Bar with their friends!

"You often wonder where we would be if it wasn't for them," Mrs McCann said.

Well you were in the Tapas Bar in a holiday resort eating, drinking and doing the quiz with your friends whilst the 3 children you had at the time all aged 3 and under were just left alone in the holiday flat to fend for themselves. So I wonder where would you be if it wasn't for them?

'Madeleine went missing on May 3 last year, while the family was on holiday in Portugal.'

Whilst her parents were out having a good time and she was left in the holiday flat with her siblings.

The couple say they are now desperate for new leads in the case and they will leave no stone unturned in searching for their little girl.

48 Questions with no answer from M's mother, no return to take part in the police reconstruction when asked by the PJ! Oh and M3 hmmm!

"You cannot give up. Madeleine deserves that. There is no evidence she has come to any harm."

Well I have seen the dogs video and think you live in cuckoo land. Also if she is with a professional organised paedophile ring like you claim. Then what makes you think she has come to no harm and is alive and well?

Now I wonder if M3 sing like a canary/ies and can back everything up. Will this be new information that can re-open the case from the PJ side not the Mc side as being suggested (pink spun) hence the reason for the return. If so when re-opened will Arguido/a or Defendents be re-instated along with some other new ones? I hope the PT's Press Media have their eyes peeled as to who enters and leaves their country. It would be strange if their spokesperson, financial backer, brother/brother-in-law et al make visits on their own also.

hope4truth said...

Hi Zodiac

I agree with everything you have written...

If a single person in this whole sorry tragedy has been paid to spin, find false leads, to blog or to change thier statement then the McCann's are stuffed.

Anyone who will take a penny to change events when a child is missing is hardley going to be a savory decent person are they and when the going get's tough they will not stick around and continue to defend and lie they will either sell their story to the highest bidder or will spill all to the Police if it means getting away with something....

We already know that the pro blog was run on threats e mails of what to post and even forcing people to find a fluffy avatar and a cutsie username... How many times have I been told I am scared of Viv (what is she going to do send me a nasty e mail??? lol)when it was exactly what they were doing with their not so loyal followers...

They must be a very soft lot over there to be cyber bullied by people who think child neglect is fantastic and Madeleine deserves no answers from her own mother....

As I said last night this tragic story is worth a fortune to newspapers and will divert the whole nation for months if half of what we suspect is true and I dont think things will ever be the same again...

As for Madeleine she may one day qualify for the victim status she so deserves as she was let down apalingly by her parents and 100s of Adults that should be looking out for her not protecting the people who very well may be responsible for her death.

Eddie and Keela have never had a false positive and seeing the reaction to her tiny T Shirt broke my heart and it is time a child who has no voice was represented by people who would never deny her answeres to very simple questions...

viv said...

What fab news about Goncalo, so odd for one who is going to jail:-)))))

Maybe the lady was mistaken!!!



District Social Democrat from Faro approves name of Gonçalo Amaral

Hoje às 10:16

The Social Democrat district of Faro adopted the name of Gonçalo Amaral candidate for the City of Olhão by a large majority. However, the name of the former inspector of the Judicial Police is the approval of the leader of the PSD, Manuela Ferreira Leite.

The name of Gonçalo Amaral was approved by a large majority of the elements in the district of Faro
Social Democrat candidate for the party to the City Council of Olhão, indicated the policy committee of this body.

As reported, this district has emphasized that the former inspector of PJ, who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, has the political profile and personal defined the guiding principles for the local elections approved by the PSD.

Although the Social Democrat leader do not welcome this application, the district of Faro said that the PSD Gonçalo Amaral reformed to June 30 and which will take office after one year and four months on the leaving the Civil Service and Justice.

The policy committee also noted that the district curriculum valuable and brilliant from the former inspector, who is the party militants since May 2002, where not even deserted despite the less good moments of the Social Democrats.

A week ago, the president of the PSD has rejected the candidacy of former inspector for having recently left a position in court and that there could not be promiscuity among this sector of society and politics.

http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... ie%3DUTF-8

Lilyofthevalley said...

Hi Viv
Here at long last been reading the posts you are right all seems very nice and normal on here.
Something I was thinking about this morning is that if Gez used the easy jet flight when he returned to PT, do you think that the using of rich friends (philip Green, Branson etc) Jets have now stopped, because they dont want to be conected with this anylonger??? I would love to know what these rich backers now think about the whole sarga since the arguido was lifted and the Mccanns have said and done nothing.

viv said...

Hope 7.56 excellent, this is what they just do not want to face, reality!

All Gerry could think to do was
"look at the wider policical issues" and clear off to The States causing his poor wife and the obviously distraught little twins yet more trauma! The reality is that even Kate obviously was traumatised by what happened, unless she actually is 100% psychopathic, which I accept, is a clear possibility!


It was very early indicators like that, that caused alarm bells to seriously ring about this couple. Putting the twins in the creche every day, after Maddie has supposedly been abducted. How would they know they were safe from employees there, you would suspect everyone, but even more so, if you were normal you just would not let the remaining two out of your sight,not for a second. Mrs Bulger still cannot bear her children out of her sight even now, some 15 years later! That is normal, not wanting to get back to "normal" a few months later. There never would be a normal again, it is just what criminals crave. Their life, without being investigated!

Well they clearly are still being investigated, and they have to admit they still need all those lawyers. That, regardless of the spin, really does say it all!

I wonder if Kate is going to do a separate trip just like Gerry, that could be one of the things the police ask for I would imagine. They know these two like to compare notes!

The lady is still seething with rage, that is good!


viv said...

Hello Lilly and welcome, made it at last. People do seem to have trouble getting on here but persistence pays!

It was widely reported in the press at the time that rich financial backers had withdrawn support for the McCanns and actual quotes from the were given. Increasingly, with the benefit of hindsight I think we are seeing that whilst the British Press were being very guarded about what they said about the Mcs to avoid prejudicing any trial/libel in actual fact they were giving us the facts that so badly damaged the McCanns - all their ridiculous spin. Some of them were so absurd it was like someone was actually in it for a bit of a laugh! A sighting in UK of Maddie with two Portuguese people going to buy a second hand garden bench or something.
The press work by painting a big picture and the picture they were painting was of a couple who had a bunch of dodgy fraud investigators interfering in a serious criminal cases pursuing "witnesses" for the McCanns. In short they wanted to continue to pervert the course of justice.

As regards the flights, clearly they would reason that Gerry having to make this trip to Faro and then onto Lisbon would get in the papers for the simple reason he would be spotted at airports. So Clarence had to blow the whistle on the trip to prevent such disastrous PR coming out. One can picture the headlines and the pictures of Gerry at an airport with a lawyer and wearing that furious look!

The McCanns have been recognised for the worst example of criminals, of course they are not going to have the privileges of wealth afforded to them any longer. They do not have Sir Philip Green's private jet, they do not have access to the lovely Mr Branson and his estimated four billion quid, they do not have the ear of Beckham or JK Rowling, they do not get ushered into VIP lounges. They are thugs, hounded by the police and that is how they deserve to be treated!

Just one very suspect character remains to support the gruesome twosome and it is very questionable as to why he chooses to do that, described as " a bit of a rough diamond" and apparently sharing the same University education at Dundee and similar age to Kate McCann. Who did she keep popping off to phone late at night, choosing not to return to the apt with Gerry, or is BKs involvement even more sinister than that?


Viv xxxx

Zodiac said...

Having read the Freeport articles on the Joana Morais blog. I will still not rule out the hospital deal. Did he not say on the bus vid he was not there to enjoy himself or something. Now how many windows would it take for a hospital buildimg and perhaps conservatories etc! Also a foot in the door for more business via other developments. Hmmm!

bath theory said...

The statement always says something like Madeleine went missing while they were on holiday.

May I once again point out IF their story is half true then she went missing whilst the parents were getting pissed.

However, if it is as dodgy as it still seems to anyone with a modicum of common sense then the true facts may be even worse. I would still rather have Eddie and Keela babysit my children than the McCann couple.

bath theory said...

What is also very telling is that the narrowminded ones want to give the appearance/impression that people who write here would be sad to see Madeleine alive. That is our number 1 aim in terms of things that could happen.

However, we believe that she is probably not alive. That belief falls beyond reasonable doubt. It is our understanding that she more than likely vanished with the probable knowledge of the parents. It is our understanding that their behaviour has been strange and is the sort of behaviour seen in parents who would know more than they are stating.


bath theory said...

I see a picture of Gerry in Portugal with a Private Eye type headline saying 'He'll be home by Christmas' states a Metado3 representative.

viv said...

Having read the Freeport articles on the Joana Morais blog. I will still not rule out the hospital deal. Did he not say on the bus vid he was not there to enjoy himself or something. Now how many windows would it take for a hospital buildimg and perhaps conservatories etc! Also a foot in the door for more business via other developments. Hmmm!

Zodiac, that is possibly a better suggestion than my own, good thinking!!! It also links in to that Geraghty chap the millionaire mate who lives on the outskirts of PDL. He was at the church in PDL with them I recall. But still, it is odd to get involved for that reason.. If I recall the auditors or someone rejected the deal anyway but that was in July 07 I think because they were demanding another two million. That did coincide with the happy days for Gerry prior to that when we saw so much laughter. I dont know, there is some connection there, I am sure he is not just doing it because he wants to improve his reputation, he knows that would be a non-starter!

dylan said...

Hi all & welcome Lily, (lovely "name").

Does anybody recall the radio game "six degrees of separation"?. Was it radio 1? Anyway, with all of the weird connections, this is what the case is beginning to sound like!
Ie. Lady called McCann owns appartment 5a, Murat and Kate and the baptism, Murat and Gerry 'no comment', two BKs, Jez Wilkins looks like Gerry, Payne looks like Murat and gawd knows how many other strange coincidences!

BT - your 19.09 post: lol!

Hope, your post this morning was spot-on.


dylan said...

Another coincidence from a discussion on the 3as back in November as to RP and Troll and Poop's identity. It was said that Poops' is Manx, ie IoM and there are connections to Kate on that isle & so the hypothesis is, that Poop's could be one of the following:

IRONSIDE Post subject: Re: ROSIEPOPS/SUPERTROLLPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:33 pm


Joined: Sun Dec 09, 2007 2:04 pm
Posts: 5992
Location: SPAIN Found a couple of connections to the Isle of Man from Viv's site.

Anonymous said...
Viv, was you asking who the man on the rocks was?

He is Michael Wright...married to Kates cousin Anne Marie....they live in Skipton and the Macs spent Christmas with them.
Anne Maries mother is called Sheila Cowell, and her son, the brother of Anne Marie is Simon Cowell who lives on the Isle of Man.The Macs came home fromPDL to attend the baptism of the Wright children.


There is also talk of an aunt of Kates 'Rose Howard who is a teacher at St Marys School. Isle of man.


wicksy Post subject: Re: ROSIEPOPS/SUPERTROLLPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:42 pm

First Time Offender

Joined: Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:45 pm
Posts: 649
Location: Spain I have read that Metodo 3 investigated someone who was money-laundering using Isle of Man bank accounts, well before Maddie disappeared and a total coincidence I'm sure.

I'll look it up tomorrow if work permits.'

I find the Metodo 3 link very interesting! Not that I think it implicates anybody, just that it is yet another spooky connection :-)


LittleGreyCell said...

Here's a little something to cheer up Rosie and Phil, seeing as it's a depressing time of year and all that...

(Step away from the biscuit tin, Phil! Sugar is not your friend! But then, neither is Clarence Mitchell, only you don't quite get that, either, do you?).

Clarrie Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It’s 2007 and the McMuggles and their friends are in Portugal playing Quidditch with each other.

But a member of their party mysteriously disappears, leading to bloody messages turning up on the walls and curtains and under the floorboards, revealing that something evil has gone in the Chamber of Secrets.

The McMuggles immediately contact The Daily Prophet, and the most powerful dark wizard of modern time, Lord Gordemort, dispatches Clarrie Potter to the Chamber to discover the truth and gloss over it before any more McMuggles lives are spent.

This Clarrie Potter tries to effect with the help of Herlieone Tanner – who constructs an Invisibility Cloak around her pet Eggman, Hedcase - and also the Ministry of Metoado Magic 3, the Very Fat Lady (whose portrait depicts her with both feet in her mouth even though she never stops talking) , Mrs Rosie Longbottom, and millions upon millions of Galleons, stolen from poor old Muggles who can’t even afford to buy fantasy books in order to set fire to them to keep warm in the winter.

Will Clarrie Potter succeed in keeping the McMuggles safe from justice?

Will the McMuggles ever stop quaffing even after 14 Goblets of Fire Water?

Will The Very Fat Lady ever shut up???

dylan said...


You have mail! xx

Di said...

Hi Everyone

Welcome Lily.

I agree, I would also like to know what these rich backers now think of G & K. They have all gone extremely quiet to say the least, and are we even sure the reward money is still available, I have not heard anyone offering it for months.


I have not seen any of these posts before, there is coincidence and coincidence, this warrants further investigation. How many more twists and turns are we going to see.I really feel, if GA had been left to continue his investigations he would have got to the bottom of this whole sorry saga and read between the lies, but sadly not to be.

So why was GA removed? I think we are all wise to that now.

I am so pleased about GA's news today, well done for getting nominated.

Di said...


It is always good to see you, what a laugh I particularly liked Clarrie Potter LOL

viv said...

Hiya guys

I think it is a tragedy Goncalo was removed and he was clearly on the right track, but I think it is probably unfair to Rebelo and British Police to say his removal actually stopped them getting a result. But we must not overlook the brilliant job he did in the Joana case, but sadly there was a big difference in the defendants and their ability to get big financial backers and tell lies. That clearly did not occur to the Ciprianos of limited intelligence. Lenora described the assault and as Goncalo explained the forensic under ultra violet confirmed that horrible assault with the imprint of her head hitting the door being clearly visible. There is just no way the McCanns are going to be persuaded to be so co-operative and that is what the police are up against. But I still believe their scheming financial deals and work with M3 to pervert the course of justice will lead to their arrest and I think that is what is in train. The investigation of M3 clearly cannot go on in Britain hence they are summoned back to Portugal and need their Portuguese lawyers. I am reinforced in that view by the furious response of Bum and Psycho, whoever they are. the fact is unless they are either paid PRs (which seems unlikely because they seem completely mad) or family members they could have no possibl reason to tell such blatant lies and get so utterly furious!


viv said...

Hello LGC and how lovely to see you back.

Very amusing but I fear the Fat One will simply not be amused at all, neither do I believe the Lady will ever shut up, she likes arguing too much. However, it is fun, when she challenges me on 3 As. One can literally feel the red mist rising, so she has to rush off back to her little pink bloggy and have a raveup because of course she realises she wears her heart on her sleeve and 3 As will not stand for her demonstrative and furious hatred of vivvy xxxxxxxxxxx

dylan said...

LGC - brilliant! :-) Will we have another instalment........?

Hello Di, it really is a shame that GA was removed, but I think Viv may be right in that the nefarious dealings with the Metoados (cheers LGC) will cause them trouble in the end. And, who knows, maybe it will come sooner than if the good GA himself were still on the case!

Viv, I think the latter. PS, have a read of my mail, it will give you a giggle even if it does freak me out a bit ;-)


dylan said...

Off to bed now.

Goodnight and sweet dreams all. xx

viv said...

Di darling I am sure the lady does not like your continued presence on here, you would not be trying to p8ss her off by any chance would you?

Ah the Poor Lady fails again, but she is so utterly furious she will not give up, she is writing lots of letters again and apparently the police now deal with the civil matter of libel. Good I will have to pop down to the nick and report her then, but that is not what my law lecturers taught me, I must have forgotten xxxxxxx Oh well it is all just my professional opinion, the lady need sectioning!

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Viv, Hello Di,

Good to see you, too!

How could Rosie and Phil not be amused at having such great rolls in one of the most famous mysteries of all time???


viv said...

Dilly, I am going to check my mail!

Nite Nite darling xxx

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi and bye, Dyl!!!


viv said...


Well the lady always has been an attention seeker writing all those posts, prolific, utterly prolific. I am sure the lady does not just like the sound of her own voice, does she? You have given her a starring role and she should be suitably flattered to read all about herself but some are ungrateful for all your best efforts.

Why the lady even has two bogs, the reasons for this becomes clear, one will not tolerate foul abuse, racism, libel etc. and forced the lady to remove it all, that must have been frustrating. Good old google they allow a voice to her inner demons xxxxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Hello, everybody!
Welcome to our new poster.
LGC, LOL! Thanks for a laugh after a loooong day!
It snowed here during most of the day and the landscape was fantastic (Viv, check your e-mail!) :-)

Bum and Poops, particularly, cannot be paid team members (unless the paying part was illiterate and completely stupid). Paid team members would argue in a rational manner and would defend the McCanns in an intelligent way (yes, it can be done although we see it very, very rarely). For them it is visceral, emotional, personal, which is why they lose it so easily.

Boa noite!

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Claudia!

Hope you're wrapped up nice and warm...


Cláudia said...

Hi, LGC!
Getting ready to! :-)

LittleGreyCell said...

I'm off to bed in a min - sleep well, everyone!


viv said...

Claudia hello darling and what a lovely landscape you are enjoying, here it is just coooold, but we have been getting some lovely sunshine the last few days as well since the storm blew over.

I agree of course there is absolutely now way these two idiots are paid PRs they are emotionally turbo charged and filled with utter rage. They do not cleverly and politely spin for the McCanns, that is for sure!

It would not be professional either to display racism as clearly as they do, because that is just not an endearing feature. Making everyone hate you would hardly help the McCanns, I still suspect the identity of the ladies are pretty clear and Bum is just the right age to be a mum to one of them! I even think I now which one!

But hey ho Bum is a personal friend of Bransons PMSL XXXXXXXX

viv said...

Dorme bem LGC

e Boa Noite


dylan said...

Good morning all!

Claudia, glad you have snow, it's what you've been longing for :-)

What on earth was with my use of the apostrophe last night? Good job Docmac's not here to slap my wrist!

Viv, was this deliberate?

'Why the lady even has two bogs'

Even if inadvertant, must have been a freudian slip ;-)

Have to go now, busy day. Have a good day folks.


LittleGreyCell said...

Morning all!

How about a Musical?



It's a Jolly Holiday with Gerry

A Spoonful of Sedative

Let's Go Fly An Unfeasible Theory

Feed the McCanns - A Million Quid A Blag



Di said...

Afternoon all


The lady will have to get used to it, I am here to stay.


That made me laugh :o))

With all the doom and gloom we all certainly need one.

Cláudia said...

Bum (Peidolas), vai dar uma cambalhota, mulher. O grande O ia deixar-te muito mais feliz! :-)

Have a great afternoon, all.

dylan said...

Di, very glad you are still around and staying :-)

LGC, may I allow myself to do a: lolololololololol!!!! I think your post deserved it! PMSL xx

Back to the grindstone. :(

LittleGreyCell said...

Cheers, Dilly!

I'm sure they'll be dancing around their handbags to the songs in Rothley even as we speak...



docmac said...

Hi all :-)))))

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Doc!

How's it going?


docmac said...

OK thanks, LGC!

Just sent you a brief email. How nice to see you. Regards to Libs please :-)

dylan said...

Hi Doc!

I swear you must have misuse of apostrophe flagged up on your laptop :-)

How are you? I guess you are on hols now with your family? Hope you are having a fab time. xxx

LGC - I can imagine! Just replace the handbags with blue holdalls & I'm right there!


docmac said...

Hi Dyl :-))

Ditto what I said to LGC above. Is Nancy still about?

Be back in a bit...

xxx (that's for LGC too).

LittleGreyCell said...

Thanks Doc - just replied!

OK, Dyl, will write out the handbags and replace with blue holdalls - but mind where you stick your stilletos...


I'm off out now, see you later!


docmac said...

Gotta go now. Going back to Churchaven alone for a couple more weeks. Children started school today, so will reluctantly leave them and the wife behind :-( Going to take them all out for dinner now before I leave.

Love to all from all the Macs.

viv said...

Hiya Doc, and great to hear from you again. I hope you are not doing a Gerry!

I cannot answer emails at the moment so I can read you all but when I try to reply it comes up there is a fault. As soon as I suss that I will be answering you all.

Di your message is lovely thanks.

LGC lol, but should it be more like three million quid, I know my maths are rubbish but one million on the ahem detectives to find maddie, risk controllers, villas, flights, posters, mortage instalments, botox and a new top for Kate to go on TV and after all that they still have 800K left! Creative accounting or what!

Claudia, so was Bum telling a big lie, she does not know Branson and he is not helping Kate and Gez, well we are just amazed:-)))))


viv said...

Mr Marco in Court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear what a shame, and how utterly embarrassing for Kate and Gez, oh dear, rush off and see your lovely lawyers, I just have a distinct feeling all hell is breaking loose in Team McCann!


Well this blog will soon hot up again methinks guys!

For now, take a break xxxxxxx

Di said...

Hi Viv

You're welcome xx

There is another interesting video which has just gone onto Joanna's site. Translation is to follow.

It is an interview with D Levy- Public opinion was manipulated in the Maddie case.

It should make for interesting reading from the snippet there so far.

Hi Dyl

Thanks x

hope4truth said...

Thanks for the links to Joana Morais's site it makes intresting reading...

The below paragraph hit me hard...

After Leonor Cipriano admitted that her daughter is dead and buried "in the hills of Figueira", Pereira Cristóvão and his colleagues appeal for the precise location to be revealed.

People want this poor child to at least have a funeral and be laid to rest something proper in this poor childs death for her which I imagine she never had much for her in her sad short life...

As for the discusting support for her Evil Bitch of a Mother from the likes of RP and Mum how bloody dare they trash this lovley child's memory by making excuses for this vile abusive woman who made her daughters life and death hell?

What kind of wicked people support the McCann's? Children mean nothing to these vile people. Then their campaign of bullying and intimidation over the last 15 months show's what scum they are...

Word of advice to the McCann's if you really do not know where Madeleine is tell your supporters to shut the hell up as they make you look more depraved than Fred and Rose West. Do you really want these scummy people defending a Murdered Childs Killers???

Sick in the head the lot of them...

viv said...

Hiya Di and thanks again!

There are lovely woods and fields around here too and when the weather warms up!

I read that but did not really need to be told the McCanns seek to manipulate public opinion!

I am much more intersted in that translation, I just loved the shifty body language of the repugnant criminal, Mr Marco, in court. Mirrors his shifty employer who specially picked him for the job, waves, Gezzy you happy little blogger you:-)))

I like the way they just sit them in the middle of the room too, Spanish Inquisition:-))) I am going to keep bleating on about how helpful the Spanish have been to us in a recent murder case where a Nuneaton man bumped his wife off in Spain, he is now languishing in a British jail having confessed to her murder. There was a struggle to locate the body, but the Spaniards found it!

I really hope the bodies of both Maddie and Joana can be found so they can have the final dignity they deserve.


viv said...

ah another Foundation set up by the socially responsible mother of Mr Marco. A great piece of PR, mummy, just as he sits in court:-)))

The McCann’s Spanish detective agency and corporate social responsibility……

by Anna Raccoon on January 20, 2009

Metodo3 is working harder than ever to upgrade their image. Marita Fernández Lado the founder, tells us that Método 3 is a socially responsible company which has been

“maintaining its company compromise of transparency all these years, getting to know its work and company to society, giving a clear vision of the investigation world for everyone. Our compromises with society are not originated by the novelty of Corporate Social Responsibility: we started it many years before this new corporate trend”.

She goes on to tell us, that

The unfortunate events which have recurred over the last few months related with the paedophile networks that operate via the Internet and by other means, and which have caused a considerable stir in the media, make a foundation such as MAIA very necessary.
UNICEF has reported that trade in minors is a world-wide problem which affects a great many boys and girls. According to some estimates, every year more than 1.5 million children are victims of child exploitation in South East Asia alone.
There is considerable demand for minors to be employed as cheap labour or to be sexually exploited. Sexual conduct tends to be considered a private matter, and so some communities are reluctant to intervene in cases of child exploitation. Technological advances such as the Internet, which facilitate access to child pornography, and sex tourism are factors which contribute to making children more vulnerable to these practices.
The fundamental objective of Fundación MAIA is to raise public awareness and to work towards taking whatever measures are necessary, so that the images and events such as those which have appeared in the media recently may be avoided. The work to raise consciousness in the battle against this blight is of crucial importance.
Fundación MAIA wishes to contribute to achieving this objective and it will devote all its efforts to ensure that all the organisations involved act with the greatest efficiency.
Fundación MAIA defends the rights of children, extremely vulnerable individuals who are permanently scarred by the ravages of exploitation.
Fundación MAIA forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of Método 3, and its avowed aim is to prevent and raise public awareness about the sexual abuse of minors.

The sharp eyed will note that ‘Maia’ was a Goddess of old Roman mythology especially associated with two dates the 1st of May and the 15th May!

Follow the money……

viv said...

Hope, there are other sites supporting Kate and Gerry that do not resort to foul and abusive commentary on other blogs.

Rosie and Bum represent scum!

hope4truth said...


I am sure there are lots of sites out there who feel for the parents (and believe me I would normaly be worried sick about the poor parents) but at the same time are despratley concerned for a child they believe is in the hands of a peadophile ring...

Madeleine is the victim it is a shame scum dont think a child is worth worrying about but her Lying parents deserve the world...

Just read the quote of the day on Joanas site Gerry telling his sister Kate went back to find the shutters jemmied and the door wide open. That was on the 4th May so less than 24 hours the first lies are told poor Madeleine deserved so much more...


Cláudia said...

Hello, all. Hope you're ok!
Finally back home from work! Phew!
Doc, great to 'see' you. Just answered your e-mail!

Bum (Peidolas), os sites de tradução online são uma grande bosta, mulher. Para além de isso ser Português do Brasil, metade não faz sentido. Para a próxima, pede ajuda à Maria ou então ao Pedro (o das banhocas às crianças). Quanto à última parte do comentário, não. Estás enganada. Ainda hoje à tarde verifiquei e estava bastante contente. :-)

Cláudia said...

Bum, sorry. None of it makes sense. Googlese doesn't always work. Really. This time I'm not saying it to piss you off. It just doesn't make any sense.
Maybe the problem isn't the language. After all you don't make much sense in English either.

Have a great evening. I'm particularly happy today.

hope4truth said...

Hi Claudia

Wish I could speak Portuguise lol

Pleased you are so happy today long may it continue :o) xxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Hope. :-)
Thank you. :-)
Don't worry, I was writing to somepone who also can't speak it. LOL Hope you are well.

Bum, you were not trying to write Portuguese. That is done with time, dictionaries and intelligence. You used a pathetic online translator which is, sorry to say, crap. And you do not get by. But you have no obligation to do it.
Oh, I loved the victim mode, by the way. Pretty funny.
So do I, Bum. So do I. Fortunately.
Have a good evening. Really. :-)

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I think there are some who are just deluded and really would love to see Maddie come home. There is nothing wrong with them thinking that way.

But then there are others who are just playing games and do not care at all about little Maddie, we know the ones who come into that category. They can try and discredit but they only discredit themselves, time and again.

Justice is happening and there is nothing they can do to stop it!


Cláudia said...

Bum, until I got home, my happiness had nothing to do with computers, blogs, fora or this case either. :-) To be honest, I could only use the term 'happiness' (which is something we should all be grateful for everyday of our lives) regarding this case, if Madeleine was found alive.

Poops, still don't need to. But that might change either when I get to your age or if I start hanging around Philopastry, the lady the size of a truck. And even so, to get to her size I would have to eat her.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv! :-)
Glad to see you sorted the e-mail thing out. :-) I saw our Doc dropped by today. He just texted me (saw I hadn't posted on the blog and wanted to know if I was ok) and he told me to send you his love, which I'm doing. :-)

hope4truth said...


I have not got a clue what you are on about but your last sentance has really made me laugh xxx

Cláudia said...

Hope, here to please you, darling! :-)

hope4truth said...


LOL thanks mate xxx

Cláudia said...

Hope, :-)))))

viv said...

Hiya both

"if Madeleine was found alive. "

Well stranger things could happen Hun.

Our highest Family Court Judge Mrs Justice Hogg made Maddie a Ward of the High Court in April 2008 following further investigation of the case. The purpose of the Order is the Court has information which suggests the child is in grave danger and the parents do not act in the best interests of the child. Hence the court assumes responsibility for the child and all decicions related to her. It has been described as "throwing a ring of care around the child"

I believe the McCanns may be telling the truth when they say they know Maddie is alive but they are in very serious trouble and she certainly would not be returned to their "care".

I really hope so!


Cláudia said...

Viv, unfortunately I don't think that's an option due to the L'Eau de Cadaverine. But it would be nice, even if I don't believe it for a second. :-)
Going to bed.
Beijinhos e dorme bem! :-)

viv said...

Hiya darling

I know we have the cadaver odour and that is very powerful but unfortunately it was not backed up by the forensic tests carried out in Britain and Portugal.

I have to wonder why such a senior judge would bother to make Maddie a Ward if she knew she was dead, clearly she was not convinced of that.

Sleep well!


hope4truth said...


I believe that Madeleine is dead. I dont know how this happend but the dogs convinced me. The uncaring attitude of the 9 of them towards looking for her and lack of cooperation lies and spin also convince me of this...

IF she really is missing really snatched from an unlocked apartment by a peadophile ring or a lone sick B*stard then my opinion of her so called parents and the 7 friends sinks to new levals of discust.

Their lies spin refusal to answer questions, setting up Murat, not going back for a reconstruction is more evil than covering up a childs death as there was still a good chance with the truth that she could have been found. They have carried on their pact of silence and watched the spin from the pink ones mouth never once putting Madeleine first...

I cant belive all 9 would be involved in a cover up if they knew she was dead (although I am begining to belive this may be the case) but for 9 people to be involved in an arranged abduction (when at any time one of them could go to the police and report all ok they may be in trouble but if she is not dead they could strike a deal and get on with their lives)...

So not sure I can belive the McCann's planned this but if they did they are in far worse trouble than Karen Mathews the fraud of the fund will jail them for years???

It would be wonderful knowing Madeleine is alive though what good news that would be for 2009 if this beautiful child was returned to England...

Gerry looked a broken man in his interview from Portugal if only he could have looked like that when he said Madeleine had been taken I may have fallen for it...


viv said...

Hiya Hope

Have you seen this on Joana Morais blog?

22 January 2009
Examination suspends PJ trial

Inspector who investigated the Maddie case stands accused of torture

Tavares de Almeida requested new exams from the court. The inspector fails to understand how the man who accuses him didn't complain about pain in front of the judge

by Sónia Simões

The trial of PJ inspector Tavares de Almeida, who investigated the Maddie case and stands accused of torturing a railway worker, has been suspended because of a medical exam.

The case dates back to 2000, had been archived, but was reopened and arrived before the court in December, according to what 24Horas was able to establish.

Inspector Tavares de Almeida - Gonçalo Amaral's right arm - and his two colleagues, Alves da Cunha and Diamantino dos Santos, stand accused of a crime of torture. The plaintiff, Virgolino Neves, says that he was beaten during interrogation merely to confess that he had been the author of a theft at his workplace, the CP [Portuguese Rail Company].

Nine years after the complaint, inspector Tavares de Almeida requested a new exam. He wants to understand why in the forensics medical exam the emergency chart from Amadora Sintra Hospital - where the victim was assisted - doesn't mention the fracture that was diagnosed, one month later, by a private doctor. Why four months after this exam, the traces that were left by the fracture are located on other ribs.

Victim without complaints

Therefore, the inspector has requested a new examination, to be carried out through a complete forensic medical exam, that will inspect the x-ray that were made at the hospital.

The judges at the 3rd Criminal Court have replied to the request in late December, and understood that the performance of a new examination is not justified, after such a long time. Nevertheless, they accepted part of the inspector's request, and decided to request the Institute of Forensics Medicine to complete the evaluation of the physical damage and to give clarification concerning the lesions.

The experts are to clarify whether or not the lesions that the victim says to have suffered, allowed for him to stand before an instruction judge for 45 minutes without complaining about any pain.

Railway worker Virgolino Neves complains about having been beaten with a wooden board during interrogation. But he only filed the complaint after a judge released him, on the next day. He says he did that out of fear. The inspectors deny any aggression.


Session. The first session of the trial of the three PJ inspectors had been scheduled for December, but was postponed without a set date due to the request that was interposed by inspector Tavares de Almeida.

Archived. The torture accusation had been archived, but a new testimony altered the situation: a guard from the prison that is located next to the PJ asserts that Virgolino Neves asked for the services of a nurse during the night that he was kept in prison.

2000. The questioning took place in March 2000, when Virgolino was questioned by the PJ due to a theft that had occurred at his workplace. The railway worker denied.

source: 24Horas, 22.01.2009

dylan said...

Good morning all,

Hi Hope! I tend to agree with you in that, IMO, Maddie unfortunately died 3/5. I would be so happy to see her come back alive too and think we can all say that we feel the same about that.

Viv, I think that the FSS results were "indicative" but I'll have to wait for Docmac to come back and explain the markers % again as I'm unclear on that part. There was a point, as I recall, that the FSS did a "U - turn" which was all a bit strange at the time. I think the fact that the dogs marked exactly the same spots and also the car, key fob etc, is very significant. Both dogs have 100% track record and the chances of them marking the same spot, in error, are very slim indeed. As I said, I would like nothing more than for the poor wee child to come back, safe, sound and happy but if she has been abducted, I doubt that that could ever be the case. Because of the McCann's behaviour in advertising her eye "mark",despite being advised not to, IMO, poor Maddie would soon have become a liability to any paedophile ring. Rightly or wrongly, I would hope that if she is "gone", it happened quickly on the night of 3/5 as I cannot bear the thought of what she would have been put through in the hands of paedophiles.

What sickens me is the McCann's insistence that they never thought in a million years that an abduction would have happened. They are supposed to be intelligent people and they should admit that they never should have left her at all and not just at the point at which she was "taken". Come on McCanns - tell the world what I know you know in that you should NEVER, EVER, ever leave young children alone because it IS VERY LIKELY that they could: suffocate, choke, drown, ingest poison, fall, cut themselves and any number of things, let alone abduction which is the LEAT likely scenario. If you admit this one fact, as doctors, you could save hundreds of other children's lives by letting parents know, who know no better, who try to do the same as you have. It is your job, as doctors, to save lives isn't it??

Have a good day all.


nancy said...

Hello Viv, and everyone.

Sorry I haven't been posting because I wanted to not only give my brain and thoughts a rest from the McCanns, but also my left hand.

I have been suffering a bit from RSI in two fingers, due, I think, from resting my elbow on the computer for far too long! I've had some massage and it's now feeling a lot better, although still tingles sometimes, so I have to stop resting the elbow!

I've been reading back this last few days and what interesting stuff has come up! Gerry's visit to Portugal, and Katie soon to follow. Watching him on video he is certainly not looking at all comfortable with himself, and I think he (and soon to be she) are back in Portugal under duress.

The five star hotel is to my mind completely unacceptable when people are sending their hard earned money to help find Madeleine, but then only what we've come to expect from this celebrity couple.

Let's hope their next lot of accommodation is not quite so comfortable, if you get my drift!

Dylan and Hope - great posts.

I must say I also find it hard to believe that Maddie is still alive. What did it for me was when Maddie's little tee shirt was picked up by the cadaver dog and nothing else. There were so many other bits and pieces around.

And if Maddie had been abducted, whoever took her would certainly have disposed of her by now after such a massive publicity campaign.

Just how the McCanns can think that she is safe and well with possibly a paedophile is beyond most of us I'm sure, unless, as I've often said, they know something we don't, and that wouldn't surprise me at all.


nancy said...

Docmac -

Thanks for the mention, and sorry to hear you are having to leave your family for a while. However, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder eh! I hope your work is not giving you too much stress!


nancy said...

Just a bit of telling news from the McCann Files today:

Duarte Levy:

"Public opinion was manipulated in the Maddie case"

Paulo Sargento said:

"It is most natural for people whose child has disappeared to have around them the police and people who, technically, are going to help them find her and not to go looking, to give an example, for a priest and, immediately after that, an image consultant. It is a simple question.... this preoccupation (of the McCanns) leads us to think of something fundamental: in addition to the possible disappearance, there were other incidental concerns and those have an importance in relation to the possible disappearance".

I couldn't agree more Senor Sargento!

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Great posts! I have been reading having a problem posting.



hope4truth said...

Hi All


Blimey there can only be about 4 Police Personel in Portugal if all of them who had anything to do with Madeleine have been accused of torture...

Very strange for someone to serve their sentence before making the complaint...

Well it is good they are investigating the officer as torture is wrong no matter what someone has done (and theft from work???) would they be bothered if it was solved or not. I guess the best thing to do would be to look at the evidence and see what they had on him???

Were the McCann's tortured???? No I think it was Kate who had the problem with her temper screaming abuse and throwing things around after she was told they suspected her...

Of course we were told the next day this was because she had been offered a deal it ran all day on Sky and was an imposibility under Portuguise law (another stupid lie and spin from the family)...

I am getting sick of this but from what we know, have read, have seen with our own eyes, have heard spoken, there is something very wrong with what they say and their families hear the same things and see the same things we do...

Why dont any of them have a shred of love for Madeleine? She was a Niece, Cousin, Granddaughter to some of them yet none of them give a damn about her it is all about saving Kate and Gerry and they lied in the first few hours by saying the shutters had been forced is that not enough to realise something very wrong was going on????

Wizard said...

Hi Guys – hope you are all well,

Joana Morais tells us today link
that Marcos Correia has a disciplinary suspension.

“Faro,‭ ‬22‭ ‬Jan‭ (‬Lusa‭) – ‬Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer,‭ ‬Marcos Aragão Correia,‭ ‬was preventively suspended today at the request of the Deontology Council of the Madeira section of the Lawyers' Order, Lusa was informed by a source at the Algarve section of that professional association.”

Can anyone expand on this – why and what does this mean?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv.
If this is what the judge Justice Hogg really said when the McCanns were the main suspects in the case and were being investigated by the PJ, then I cannot give credit to anything she says.

Mr and Mrs McCann were not present at the hearing in London. Mrs Justice Hogg said she had not asked for their attendance because ``they have suffered enough and I wished to ease their burden''.

"There is one person who knows what has happened to Madeleine and where she can be found.

"I ponder about that person and whether that person has a heart and can understand what it must be like for Madeleine to be torn and secreted from her parents and siblings with whom she felt safe and secure with and whom no doubt misses and grieves for.

"I entreat that person to show mercy and compassion and to come forward now to tell where Madeleine may be found."

Have you heard about Leonor's lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia? LOL Didn't I say yesterday that until I got home my happiness had nothing to do with the case? :-)

Cláudia said...

Wizard, apparently there were complaints against the man and the Bar suspended him.

nancy said...

Hi Claudia -

Just what would attending a hearing re Maddie being made a Ward of Court add to their so called suffering! They should have done it for her.

They don't find it difficult to travel the world on ego trips after all do they?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy.
It's called suffering McCann style.

Wizard said...

Hello Claudia,

Yes he has been suspended whilst the complaints are being investigation but of course he has links to the McCann case as he was searching for Madeleine in Arade’s dam in Silves for quite a while. I just can’t get my head round whether this impacts on the McCann case or not.

Cláudia said...

Wizard, I doubt it.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

We have discussed here many times why certain individuals still assist the McCanns financially and we have speculated why this might be. I wonder if the Supergerryfragilekatieexploitsthey'reatrocious’s are members of Knights Templar. I would think Gerry might well be affiliated to this organisation and this of course would explain a lot.

Wizard said...

Claudia, I think the complaints against Correia, if proven, shows he is not slow in becoming involved in dodgy dealings. This makes me think did he really finance the divers to search the dam off his own bat. Or was this diversion created and paid by someone else - he was just the hired front man.

hope4truth said...


I cant belive Gerry is a Member of the Knights Templar their motto is...

"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy Name be the Glory."

He wont even allow his daughter the status of victim he has taken that for he and Kate to wallow in...

Wizard said...

Hope, I agree Knight Templar’s motto and Gerry’s action do not go hand in hand. What I do think is Gerry is ambitious and this is the type of organisations he might join not only to be part of their good works but also to present opportunities for networking and advancement. Sad as it is a number of people join for this reason.

Cláudia said...

Wizard, with that character, anything is possible.

hope4truth said...

Hiya Wizard

Would they want him though? Not sure how they work but as it is all for the glory of god would they protect someone like him?

They after all have seen the same things we have and if they have not the net is full of all their strange reactions and the lack of help they gave the PJ....


Wizard said...

Hi Viv, apologies for being off topic but this wasn’t you was it?

The parrot given a red card for whistling like a ref today’s Daily Mail.

A woman had taken her 9 year old bird Me-Tu to a football match as usual so he could get some fresh air. But as she watched, her pet began mimicking the sound of the ref’s whistle. As he grew in confidence he even started calling out phrases to the players. Enough was enough and the referee had to send the bird off. Mu-tu’s owner said she would take the bird to the match again next Saturday as he loves football. LOL

nancy said...

Hi Wizard,

I remember reading it on the 3A's and I think it's general knowledge that Gerry McCann and another male member of the Tapas 9 belonged to a Masonic Lodge and these Lodges would never reveal anything against any of their members. That's presumably why Payne wouldn't discuss anything at the time of Maddie's disappearance.

Wizard said...

Hi Nancy,

Belonging to the Masons is imo opinion another way of social networking and of course it’s very handy to be a member when a crisis occurs. As we know there membership embraces high ranking people for all walks of life who will without question help another members carte blanche.

Cláudia said...

Oh man, seeing Marco's face on Tv was quite funny. Stuttering and sweating. Apparently the idiot did not communicate the change of address (he now lives in the Algarve) to the Bar association (probably trying to avoid being notified, as he was forced to do, because it is the only way the Bar can contact a lawyer who was complaints made against him. As he couldn't be found in Madeira (he no longer lives there), he had to be notified in the only place people were sure he would be, the court. This time he couldn't avoid it. He still tried to participate in today's session but was told by the judge that he would leave the courtroom one way or another. I bet he didn't see that coming in his 'visions'.
And I thought he would now do the right thing and demand his client to tell him where Joana's remains are so she could have a decent burial.

hope4truth said...


LOL re parrot..

Hi Nancy...

If the Masons wont speak out when a 3 year old child is missing or may well have been killed by her parents or an accident may have been covered up leaving Madeleine without a decent burial...

heaven forbid a fellow Mason does the right thing after all she was only 3 and in the grand scheme of things totaly unimportant...

Makes me sick...

Cláudia said...

People should be careful before hiring (in this case accepting) a nutter like that lawyer. The problem is with certain types of crimes, like this one, it is very difficult to find a lawyer. Very few lawyers want to defend a mother and an uncle who murdered their daughter/niece. Both Leonor and João had several lawyers appointed by the state because no lawyer wanted to accept the case, for obvious reasons.
Lawyers obviously have to exist because even child muderers have the right to a defense (and God knows how difficult I find it to write this). I'm just glad I'm not one because I have no idea how someone can sleep knowing that he/she is defending a killer, a child murderer, a paedophile or a rapist.

nancy said...

Claudia -

I think they have to grow a second skin somehow and just get on with it because the law says everyone is entitled to a fair trial of course. And to rub salt into the wound, these monsters get legal aid, funded by the taxpayer.

I'm sure there are many lawyers who find it difficult to sleep at night though, as you say.

I seem to remember that there was a criminal lawyer who was once asked about this and he replied to the effect that without criminals he wouldn't have been able to educate his sons! Great eh!

nancy said...

Hi Hope -

I couldn't agree more!

I know the Masons do a lot of good in the community, but they are mainly a bunch of people whose motto is "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"!

I think with Kate and Gerry both getting called back to Portugal something is definitely in the air and the way Gerry acted in the video shows he is definitely a worried man! Let's see what Kate's reaction is when she's there.

Cláudia said...

Nancy, yes, I know. They have to exist for obvious reasons. I'm just glad I'm not one and that no one I love has to earn a living by defending criminals. But they obviously have a role to play in society.

Wizard said...

Do we know when Kate is likely to return?

Cláudia said...

Wizard, I don't know. I'm praying she isn't, unless she's willing to answer the 48 questions and participate in the reconstruction. And I hope this time she leaves L'Eau de Cadaverine at home.

Wizard said...

I've always believed lawyers can sleep at night because although they are defending their client, they are testing the prosecution’s case, teasing out the facts and testing the reliability and robustness of the prosecutions argument and whether they can prove their case in law. It’s about their client but really about testing the legal points made by the prosecution. Therefore if their client gets off it is due to weaknesses within the prosecution’s case which would make a guilty verdict unsound within the law. It’s not the defence lawyers fault. This is currently why the mc’s are not up before the beak.

Wizard said...

"And I hope this time she leaves L'Eau de Cadaverine at home."


J J said...


Sorry to be a cynic, but I always thought the reason lawyers could sleep well at night was because they were well paid.

I know the argument is that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, (except the victim of course), but how anyone can defend a rapist or murderer is totally beyond me.
Maybe they would feel differently if it was their daughter, wife or mother who had been raped!

I feel that justice and the law, are two totally different things. They should be the same.

End of rant.

Wizard said...

Ah JJ money does of course help - lol

hope4truth said...

I can see why people dont like defence lawyers but if any of us was ever charged with something we had not done no matter the crime I am sure we would be pleased we had someone to speak for us and defend us.

Justice must remain in a court room and as Wizard said it is for the prosecution to prove that the person charged is the person responsible...

Although I am sure there are some who will do anything for money and defend the most evil of people if the money is right...


hope4truth said...

But I would like to know why two parents who's daughter has been taken by a peadophile ring through no fault of there own as there parenting was what we all do would need as many top notch lawyers as the have is beyond me?

Wizard said...

That’s an answer we would all like to know – we can only speculate.

viv said...

Good grief, what a lot of posts!

Thanks for your responses, and I am just going to read them all!


viv said...

Well I assume this is the equivalent of what TB faced here, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for unbefitting conduct bringing the profession into disrepute, in the case of Mr Correio, clearly not before time!

January 22, 2009
Justice:‭ ‬Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer suspended,‭ ‬targeted with disciplinary process by the Lawyers‭’ ‬Order

Faro,‭ ‬22‭ ‬Jan‭ (‬Lusa‭) – ‬Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer,‭ ‬Marcos Aragão Correia,‭ ‬was preventively suspended today at the request of the Deontology Council of the Madeira section of the Lawyers' Order, Lusa was informed by a source at the Algarve section of that professional association.

Today, Marcos Aragão Correia should participate at the court of Faro in the continuation of the trial over alleged torture by elements of the Polícia Judiciária against his constituent, but he left the court at around 10.20 a.m.

When questioned by journalists, Marcos Aragão Correia only stated that he would return within 15 minutes.

Leonor Cipriano's lawyer was notified this morning by a member of the Algarve District Council of the Lawyers' Order, Hélder de Sousa, who excused himself from specifying the contents of the disciplinary process that was filed against Marcos Aragão Correia.

The notification took place in a room at the court of Faro, before today's trial session started.

Today's session is foreseen to include the audition of Ana Maria Calado, the director of the Prison of Odemira, where Leonor Cipriano is serving the 16 year prison sentence to which she was condemned over the murder of her daughter Joana.

On the day of the last session of this trial, on the 16th of January, Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, read out a press note in which he informed that Joana's mother had revealed new facts concerning the disappearance of her daughter, recently documented and signed at the prison of Odemira, where she is currently being detained.

According to the lawyer, little Joana's uncle, João Cipriano, convinced his sister, Leonor Cipriano, to deliver her daughter into the care of strangers, in exchange for financial help.

Former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, when confronted with the new facts, on the day of the last trial session, classified the statements that change Leonor Cipriano's initial deposition as "lies".

The process of alleged aggressions against Leonor Cipriano by PJ inspectors is related to the so-called "Joana case", which dates back to the 12th of September 2004, the day when the little girl, aged eight, disappeared from the village of Figueira, Portimão, Algarve.

The Public Ministry's accusations against five Judiciária inspectors and former inspectors appeared following the questionings at the PJ in Faro in 2004, at a time when Leonor appeared at the Prison of Odemira, where she was being preventively held, with lesions to her face and body.

Three inspectors stand accused of the crime of torture, one stands accused of the crime of false testimony and failure to denounce and a fifth one stands accused of the crime of document forgery.

Joana's mother, Leonor Cipriano, and her uncle, João Cipriano (both siblings) were condemned by the Supreme Court of Justice to 16 years in prison each, over the crimes of homicide and concealment of the child's cadaver.

Update at 11:30

The trial of the alleged tortures to Leonor Cipriano, Joana’s mother, was initiated with a great delay at the Court of Faro but was interrupted for brief minutes by the entry and exit of the lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia.

The Lawyer entered at 11:20 in the audience room and asked permission to participate in the session, despite having been preventively suspended this morning by the Bar [OA- Lawyers Association].

The judge Henrique Pavão refused the request made by Marcos Aragão Correia and forced him to leave the court room.

“The Doctor will leave the audience room, one way or another”, stated the judge.

Facing this order, Marcos Aragão Correia went away from the room, expressing anger towards the judge's decision and went to the central section and the external service of the court, where he is still writing an application.

The court session was resumed with Leonor Cipriano being assisted by an official lawyer, taking place the hearing of Ana Maria Calado, director of the prison in Odemira, where Leonor Cipriano is to serving 16 years in prison for the murder of her daughter Joana.

source: Lusa, 22.01.2009

Di said...

Hi all

Wizard Mu-Tu what a laugh.

Regarding the Freemasons. My Brother-in-laws brother is a Freemason and was or maybe still is head of lodge, if that is the correct expression in London.

I have done my very best to try and find out some information. Nothing not a bean, he won't even tell me why they all stick together. It is a closed circle end of. Interestingly my brother-in-law, who I am very close to, was also a member but left after a couple of years as he was not happy. I cannot even get him to spill the beans. A secret coven or what!

Although I have to say, I am not convinced a Freemasons connection is definitely the reason why the Tapas and friends stick together.


Thanks for your lovely e-mail x

viv said...

Just some initial thoughts.

This RP character has been a very outspoken proponent of the case for defending Kate and Gerry McCann.

But one of her main arguments is that Leonora Cipriano is in fact innocent and was wrongly fitted up by Goncalo Amaral. That is obviously not true.

Who gets behind Ms Cipriano? A dodgy and dishonest lawyer, who has "dreams and visions" - where did we hear that before and has direct links to M3 in the McCann case?!

It is very weird but this lawyer was actually arguing that Maddie was dead and he may find her in the Dam of Arade. This mystery just becomes ever more complex!

We have another dodgy lawyer also arguing that Maddie is dead in the UK, coincidence?

There have been other cases where this is a high level of disinformation and polarisation of opposing camps, in this case it is about the death or disappearance of a little girl. Who is masterminding all of that? I will give you one guess!

Di said...

Hi Claudia/Viv

Can someone explain the Freeport connection please and 15 arguidos. With all the information coming out I am a bit confused :o((

posted on Joana Morais.

Di said...

Hi Viv

My Blobby!

Di said...

Mr Blobby

I don't want him honest urrghh.

viv said...


"I think the fact that the dogs marked exactly the same spots and also the car, key fob etc, is very significant. Both dogs have 100% track record and the chances of them marking the same spot, in error, are very slim indeed."

Well yes, powerful argument for saying Maddie died. Additionally it is very interesting the way the attacks firstly concentrated on Goncalo Amaral but then moved to discredit PC Grime as well. He is not Portuguese, he has no reason to be part of some absurd "fit up", particuarly when our National Search Adviser Mark Harrison was also there! But the forensic evidence analysed in both Portugal and UK was by no means conclusive, so the McCanns could not be charged.

I would like to stress I am not trying to argue that Maddie did not die, I am trying to argue that we should not have a closed mind. I want this blog to be about searching for the truth and no ignoring other information.

What was Rebelo's angle when he took over the investigation, it was a root and branch review where he was back to looking at all possibilities. I would suggest that was absolutely right. You have studied science and how to properly analyse facts and I am sure you would agree they all have to be put in the melting pot!

People have mostly come to sit on one side or other of the fence and fiercely guard their position. Why is that if they are really concerned about what happened to little Maddie?

I would suggest we can take the bizarre behaviour of Kate and Gerry McCann as a starting point that they were somehow involved in her disappearance but the actual evidence of what they actually did is extremely thin on the ground!

Investigators can have a hypothesis and the investigate that from all angles to see if the evidence can take them down that road. In the case of little Maddie it can take you down the road of they were involved in her death or her disappearance, that is just my view!


Di said...

Sorry to go off topic.

Gerry on his trip back to England supposedly saving another persons life on the plane. Has this been mentioned in the files?

viv said...


I would love someone to explain the Freeport connection too, there are too many facts, fantasies and something in between in this case to completely get my head around it.

Maybe that is why I keep saying hey guys we do not know what is in two thirds of the PJ file and anything at all in the British files!


Di said...

Off to watch tv


viv said...

Hope, your point about why do they need a really good team of lawyers? The answer to that one has always been obvious I would suggest, as RP used to say on the DE, we are just trying to defend ourselves. Sometimes it does pay to go back to the beginning and see that nothing has actually changed in Team McCann.

They were looking for a "white man 35-40 years" I am going to continue to suggest he knew he had been spotted and yes I believe by Jane Tanner too but not at 9.15, at about 9.40 to 9.50 on her way to "relieve" Russell, prior that she never left the table, I think the witness statements establish that as a fact! I think Gerry also knew he had been spotted by Smith, he has no reason to lie in such a serious case and apparently has been "got at" by McCann boot boys...

Gerry says here the Fund has enabled them to get a really good team of lawyers together but not bothering with PIs! So he wanted a really good team of lawyers then including to start proceedings in the High Court to find out what the heck the police were up to and he still wants them now. No need for PIs then andd no need for them now. Anyone who could actually believe this is the conduct of an "innocent man looking for his abducted daughter" needs to get a reality check!


'Nightmare' of Madeleine parents

Madeleine McCann
Madeleine has been missing for more than three weeks

Parents' interview
The parents of Madeleine McCann say they feel guilt about not being with her when she was abducted.

Kate and Gerry McCann told the BBC "no-one will ever feel as guilty as we do" after she disappeared from their apartment as they ate dinner nearby.

The couple said it was "every parent's worst nightmare", but that thousands of other people would have done the same.

Police say they are looking for a white man aged 35 to 40 who was seen in Praia da Luz on the night Madeleine vanished.

Map of locations

The couple said they loved their daughter "more than anyone could imagine" and still believed the "extroverted, vivacious and lively" little girl would be found safe and well.

"If anything really bad had happened we would have found her by now," Mr McCann said.

Clutching Madeleine's favourite toy, 'Cuddle Cat', her mother added: "We need to believe that she's coming back to us."

'Little ringleader'

Before her disappearance, Mr McCann said the holiday had been "idyllic" and Madeleine was having fun with her brother and sister, Sean and Amelie, who are twins.

"She might look like Kate, but in terms of personality she is more of a McCann. She is very funny and often a little ringleader in nursery and with her friends," he said.

Kate and Gerry McCann
The first 48 hours were incredibly difficult and we were almost non-functioning I'd say, but after that we got strength from somewhere
Kate McCann

Where next for inquiry?

"She was running around shouting, 'Be a monster, be a monster' and we would chase her."

On the night Madeleine vanished, they were checking on her every half an hour and said they were "absolutely certain" from the first moment that she had not just wandered off.

They said the police were called within 10 minutes and the response from the staff at the resort had been "excellent".

There was criticism about the time taken by police to get searches under way and of the lack of information that could be given to the family under Portuguese law.

Mr McCann said it was "no secret" that the "information void" in the first 48 hours of the investigation was the "hardest thing for Kate and I to deal with".

"It took us back to the darkest places that we didn't want to do and ultimately doesn't help you.

"The worst feeling was helplessness and being completely out of control of anything in terms of getting Madeleine back."

Mrs McCann said: "The first 48 hours were incredibly difficult and we were almost non-functioning I'd say, but after that we got strength from somewhere."

The McCanns said "communication channels" had opened since then: "Certainly at the minute we are happy about how information is conveyed to us."

And they said it had helped "tremendously" when they began to take some control of publicity around the case.

'Dinner in your garden'

The couple said criticism of their decision to leave their children in the apartment while they ate had been "hard to deal with".

"No-one will ever feel as guilty as we do over the fact that we weren't with Madeleine at the time when she was abducted," Mr McCann said.

If anything really bad had happened we would have found her by now
Gerry McCann

"Whether we were in the bedroom next door we would still feel as guilty."

He said the restaurant had a direct line of sight to the apartment and was "not dissimilar to having dinner in your garden".

And he insisted their half-hourly checks on the children were just as "rigorous" as any official babysitting service.

"If you thought for a moment that someone could abduct your child of course you would never have left them, but that was the furthest thing from our mind after what up until then was an idyllic holiday."

Taking strength

Mrs McCann said Sean and Amelie were handling their sister's disappearance very well.

"They do talk about Madeleine and Amelie has asked where she is. They will say, 'This is Madeleine's and that's Madeleine's'.

"They'll include her if they're saying, 'Who wants a biscuit?'"

And Mr McCann said the twins helped them carry on and be positive.

"If we had discovered all three of our children had gone we would not have had the same strength, resolution and determination to find Madeleine as Sean and Amelie give us.

"Life continues, but we need to bring Madeleine back as much for them, as for Madeleine, as for us," he added.

Public support

Mrs McCann said the couple had been working "very hard" doing all they could to get Madeleine back.

Both said they were touched by the support given by the public.

Last picture of Madeleine McCann
Gerry McCann with Madeleine and her sister Amelie

"People we don't know are doing do much to help," Mr McCann said.

He said the fighting fund which has raised almost £300,000 had allowed them to set up a "comprehensive legal team", but at present the family was happy to follow advice not to call in private investigators.

Mr McCann repeated the plea for anyone with information to come forward and to send any photographs of strangers in the resort to the police.

British police from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency (Ceop) have so far received more than 500 images which they plan to cross-reference against a database of pictures of UK paedophiles and other criminals.

"We believe the public will hold the key. Someone knows something," Mr McCann added.

viv said...

How does Fiona Payne have the audacity to stand on the steps of the High Court insisting Maddie was abducted if that is just a lie?

Why does she insist that Kate was so fearful of going, she had a sense of dread about the trip?

Why did Gerry say on the holiday bus "I am not hear to enjoy myself"

Why did Kate scream "they have taken her"

What is Fiona Payne trying to tell us and who is she trying to protect, her friend, Kate?

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

This interview allways made me think WTF...

Just the first bit,,,

The parents of Madeleine McCann say they feel guilt about not being with her when she was abducted.

This is one of the oddest comments by far because had they have been with her she would not have been taken...

Kate and Gerry McCann told the BBC "no-one will ever feel as guilty as we do" after she disappeared from their apartment as they ate dinner nearby.

What guilt would this be days afterwards they were snapped looking like they had won the lottery.

The couple said it was "every parent's worst nightmare", but that thousands of other people would have done the same.

In their dreams but any parent who has done this is a bloody disgrace and should be bloody ashamed...

viv said...

Come to that what about Kate repeatedly screaming:

"we have let her down"

We have made a bad decision for Madeleine, I want her back, I want to turn the clock back.

Who pushed her into that bad decision?

She rang a priest, she knew she could not turn the clock back.

Just my thoughts!

viv said...

Hope, I think Gerry, ever the pragmatist got Kate to pull herself together. There is one picture of her where she looks absolutely demented. She was covered in bruises..

"Come on Kate we talked about this, it was best for Madeleine and it was best for us, you can have everything you ever dreamed of. We cannot turn the clocks back now, we will both get life in jail"

hope4truth said...

Reading their interviews is very strange it is as if they are talking about how they should be feeling...

Joana Morais has a quote today from Gerry which explains what I mean...

"The speculation takes you to the worst places and at that point you know the worst place would have been being charged, potentially being put in jail, certainly being detained to face charges that could have taken I don’t know years to materialise, being separated from Sean and Amelie. These sort of things were going through your mind and you're, because it's a system that you're unfamiliar with, you don’t know what could happen."

They both do it talking about a 3rd party it is like they have been reading a book on how they should be feeling and are telling the story...

Very very strange and very telling....

viv said...

It is a very strange and interesting comment Hope and he sometimes lets things slip!

He has been avoiding that eventuality with all the masterminding a psychopath can muster and when he is armed with a good brain, that can be quite formidable!

hope4truth said...

I wonder if they ment it to get this big? Or their well meaning friends and family blew it out of the water by calling Sky and finding good media firms for them???

They could hardley say No we want to keep it quiet could they???


viv said...

A further peep into the mind of Gerry McCann, nothing will ever happen to the twins..life must go on and as a final afterthought, we must bring Maddie back "for us". I wish I was a qualified Forensic Psychologist, I could have a better stab at it, but says it all for me!

"If we had discovered all three of our children had gone we would not have had the same strength, resolution and determination to find Madeleine as Sean and Amelie give us.

"Life continues, but we need to bring Madeleine back as much for them, as for Madeleine, as for us," he added.

hope4truth said...

Everything about this case is so strange and unnatrual...

Poor Madeleine never stood a chance...


Di said...

Hi Hope

I agree very telling, "you know the worst place would have been being charged, potentially being put in jail".

Gerry, I wonder what Maddie's worst place would have been IS !!

It is always about you you you!

Off now see you tomorrow.

hope4truth said...

Night DI

I would spend the rest of my life in prison without a thought for myself if I belived my child was in the hands of a peadophile ring and it was my fault for leaving her alone,,,


Cláudia said...

I always thought that unlike G, K sometimes behaved like someone who was mourning a daughter instead of someone who didn't know where her daughter was. She just seemed to get over it faster than common people.

Di said...


I am with you on that one.


Didn't she just. So many people have said the same thing to me.

As a mother, I have to say for me, it would be a living hell and something I would never get over.

Really must go now

See you all tomorrow


Cláudia said...

Boa noite, Di!

viv said...


"I always thought that unlike G, K sometimes behaved like someone who was mourning a daughter instead of someone who didn't know where her daughter was. She just seemed to get over it faster than common people."

Absolutely spot on minha querida amiga! Maybe the Fund and needing to keep out of jail helped her in the grieving process!

and Di:

I agree very telling, "you know the worst place would have been being charged, potentially being put in jail".

Well Di Claudia Hope

They don't fool us!


viv said...

Ah, what does it take to finally silence RP, "SHE" does not want to comment on my posts anymore, maybe it is getting too dangerously near to the truth!


hope4truth said...


I dont think they will ever shut up for good they cant help themselves...

Still waiting for the good news Mum had I truly cant wait to hear that Madeleine is alive and well and has indeed been treated like a princes for the last year and a half...

Come to think of it if this is what happend and the McCann's know she is safe and happy maybe I should not judge them for all the times they looked so happy after all they knew she was ok all along...


viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well after Bum announced she had some great news about Maddie she subsequently went on to deny that.

Since when did she care about little Maddie? She thought it was great news Gerry was starting another great publicity blitz, they might as well shut up!

Watch that video as he is walking out of the hotel to face the cameras, watch the mask, grim faced he immediately puts a set smirk across his face, it drops, he puts it back, it drops he puts it back.....! What a fake this man is! He does not have a very good "mask of sanity"!


viv said...

Should it have been Madeleine likeS pink and how did Rosie know that last May? Funny we did not find out till we saw that ahem Christmas video of her aged two! Oh and a bit of a control freak, who changed my blog asks Sas, I did and you are on your way out!

Rosiepops said...

Hi I did it,
Madeleine liked pink. To change some of the font colours, I have to go into each post and edit it, as the post text does not come under the normal layout. It was late so left that until today.

The whole thing can easily be changed back at the click of a button.
14 May 2008 11:13

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

So Mum is now saying she did not say she had grat news what a nasty woman I had a very faint hope that Madeleine might still be alive as no other news could be good.... Gerry and Kate can recive parents of the year awards for all I care all that matters is Madeleine (not the case on their child killers best friend blg)...

How dare RP assume Madeleine would want anything to do with the sick child neglect is good blog (or any other blog come to that) If she was killed by her parents or abducted by peadophiles a blog that supports an evil Mother like Leonor and has pushed her out of the picture to protect her parents while they laugh it up would make her sad...

I dread to think what the twins will make of all this when they are old enough to search the web? I know RP thinks they will hate me for doubting their parents but if they ever get to see their fathers blogs I think they will be very very confused...

Gerry looked very odd in Portugal I went out to dinner with one of my very good friends on Tuesday who thinks I am insane for wasting so much time blogging over this . She had seen the interview and said he looked like he had something to hide (she has since finaly had a look at some of the posts here and read chunks of the McCann files and can now see why I am so convinced something is wrong).. Roll on Kate's interview err erm well we have been working very hard erm not our fault responsible parenting errr happy to be here errr....


Wizard said...

Morning All,

Taking Viv’s suggestion that we all should look at this case from all perspective. I have considered the Mc’s claim that Madeleine was abducted. I know this has been done before but is still worth taking a second look. In all the time I have followed this case I’ve never heard a pro McCann speculate on what could have happened other than one poster saying M was abducted by someone and taken down to the harbour placed in a yacht and spirited away never to be seen again.

If we for a moment take that the nursery staff and the McCanns statement as correct Madeleine was still alive and well at 9.00pm when her father checked on her.

At 9.15pm we know Gerry spoke with Jes Wilkin’s telling him he was going back to the Tapas bar and had left his children alone. Therefore JW knew all the children were alone and almost in situ therefore he had the opportunity to take M placing her in the pushchair with his son? Motive for doing this unknown.

It appears Gerry also mention to JW’s partner earlier it was his practice to leave the children alone. It might be JW’s reason for being in the vicinity of apartment 5A and not what he claims - he might also be in collusion with his partner.

O’Brian was missing from the table during the alleged abduction and had no provable alibi he, therefore, would have opportunity plus the knowledge of G&K’s checking routine with their children, he would also know which doors were open and which were not. Could he have taken M? Motive unknown.

JT sighting of bundleman was to detract attention from herself and O’Brien.

A check was made by a member of the T9 at 9.30am who did not enter the apartment but reports he heard no noise from there. He again had opportunity and knowledge, but admittedly did not have much time to take and conceal M. However, he could have taken M and hidden her with intentions of returning later. Motive unknown.

Jane Tanner allegedly left the table twice once at 9.15pm and again at about 9.40/9.45pm she had opportunity and knowledge. Did she remove M? M would know her and not have kicked up a fuss is she did take her. Motive unknown.

Madeleine did not appear to make much noise when being removed from her bed does this suggest she knew her abductor and was happy to go with them?

There is no forensic evidence of an abduction could this be explained by the numerous people who were in the apartment, after the alarm was raised, effectively contaminating the scene prior to the CSI officers arrived? Possibly.

The finding of the dogs was very conclusive. The explanation by KM that she attended 6 corpses the week prior to her arrival in Portugal is true? Could it be her contaminated eau de corpse clothes were thrown behind the sofa? In the bottom section of the wardrobe and in the kitchen cupboard? In the boot of the car? Could her contaminated clothes come into contact with cuddles cat, fob or car etc?

The bloodily fluids found behind the settee, curtains and boot of car are forensically unproven as coming from M therefore should they be discounted?

Kate’s first words were “they have taken her”. A strange thing to say but if the McCanns had threats made against them and their children and much to Kate’s horror one of the threats to harm or take a child/children had been carried out is it possible this is the reason this was the first thought that came to mind? Why did the McCanns not report this matter to the police? Could the answer be they are being blackmailed and felt the police could not protect them and their other children?

A stranger abduction – the eau de corpse came from the abductor who was a funeral director, mortuary worker, hospice worker, grave digger, doctor etc. It isn’t possible that an abductor could have entered the apartment and killed M returning later to take her away, therefore, the odour came from them. This doesn’t explain why the odour was found behind the setting, bedroom cupboard etc.

The strange behaviour of M’s parents, could this be due to Prozac or something similar give to counteract the depression and guilt the parents suffered after the loss of their daughter. This type of drug would certainly create unnatural euphoria and make their reactions to the situation unnatural.

Well I’m uncertain about a lot of the above any ideas to shore up the holes in the argument for an abduction. I still think they’re weak.

hope4truth said...


Keeping an open mind leads me to think Russell OB took her as he had the greatest oportunity and as you say JT made up Bundleman to protect him...

If my child was missing I would be looking at each and every person in that complex and would be pointing the finger at OB because he was missing for so long but they trust their friends? Strange because I trust mine but if my child were missing in such strange circumstances as much as I would not want to belive they could be involved but my child would be the only thing on my mind...


viv said...

One small problem with that Wizard, I suggested Gerry McCann was her "abductor" as I have written on 3 As we simply do not know whether he was carrying her off to someone sedated or carrying her off dead but of course the dogs would suggest the latter! This is why there was no forensic evidence of an abductor, there was no fantasy abductor! There may well have been one that Gerry met somewhere but I think it is very likely he is the one that removed Maddie from the apt. He was seen by both Jane Tanner and Smith. I believe Tanner is lying when she says she saw this "abductor" at 9.15, I believe she saw him when she went to relieve Russell at 9.4 to 9.50 ish but did not realise it was Gerry. When she knew Maddie was missing she had to mention it to the police. Perhaps Russ got her to amend the timing a little, him being missing from the table for a long time in addition to Gerry seems pretty clear from the wit statements. I believe the independent wits confirm Tanner did not leave the table at 9.15 at all. There was something different about that night as far as the waiter was concerned, I think it was or kit asst they said it was always the men but that night - Kate and Tanner - Clarence said they did not have mobiles, you can get to the guilty cover up by what he and Gerry decide to tell us and reverse it, clearly they did have mobiles and were using them. Then started clearing the phone memories!

I have read a weakness in the dog theory which I do not think can realistically be ignored but it is! Eddie will react to any old blood, at least that is my understanding, so long as it is not fresh blood, he will react. The dogs are more a tool for actually finding a corpse/forensic evidence.

I think the most damning thing of all is that video of him pulling cuddles out of the cupboard, but I suppose it is possible that may have had old blood on it. But it also flags up the cynicism of Kate McCann, carrying that thing with her wherever she went, apparently. As we discussed on this blog a long time ago, it would appear the chilren all had one each. So when they filmed one lying on the living room and one getting pulled out the cupboard, which I am sure was Maddie's, Kate still had another one to pose with and sniff!


viv said...

Hope the trouble is with Russ taking her, one why would he do that, and two what on earth did he do with her and three, why would the Mcs not suspect him. They have said they 100% trust their friend, I am afraid in that situation you may not even trust your own dad, you would be so desperate every single person would be rigorously checked and suspected. People in this situation often say they become quite paranoid trying to figure out who done it.

If you actually planned to make a lot of money out of getting rid of your child, what would be the best way to do it, give her away to someone or kill her? Either have their advantages..I have even thought about that three week break they took in Canada, that is a vast country! People really do just get rid of their kids and then pretend they have been abducted just to cash in. But I think Maddie was also very much out of favour and quite possibly abused in other ways. Then there are other options I have thought of as you know, why was it always the men who babysat/checked, why was Maddie crying Daddy Daddy, that is almost like a plea to, but that is very unlikely. Anyone who was abusing a child and causing them to cry out would fear detection. Unlikely!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv and Hope,

Viv –I agree it was probably Gerry who removed M from the apartment and it was probably the Smiths who witnessed this. I also think that JT was describing Gerry and giving a subtle cue to her suspicions whilst detracting from O’Brien who did not have an air tight alibi. Also it would have been impossible imo for her to see JW, GM and bundleman with neither of the two men seeing her or bundleman. She never left the table at that time and imo only knew about JW and GM’s meeting because Gerry announced this fact on his return to the tapis bar.
Hope – O’Brian although with opportunity and time does not have a motive other than he might have helped out his friends. But I like you, would be suspicious of him if my daughter had gone missing – if only because of opportunity.

viv said...

If we needed an example of a parent pretending their child was abducted just to cash in then we need look no further than Karen Matthews. But she is not a sophisticated criminal, just a copy cat without the nous !

I have to go back to the beginning and think what was my initial gut feeling, and it was always this man did not care a toss about Maddie and he really did want to cash in! The more he has been investigated the less he has tried to cash in, but remember all the deals they were trying to set up, they even wanted to sue the PJ, that is definitely a cashin mentality. Whether they killed her or had her abducted I believe it was planned.

viv said...

Yes Wiz we do seem to be agreed, quite clearly she did not walk past Gerry and Wilkins that is just a lie and a cover up, but still now I have really thought it through like you say I think she did see him but it was later when she genuinely did leave the table and this would then coincide with Smith's timing. What really put me on to this was Gerry himself, he made a big error on Panorama he described the abduction as taking place around 9.40 - you cannot beat insider information Gez. I think just like most psychopaths he has a terribly cocky and over inflated ego and that causes them to slip up, they just think they are infallible. But when we saw him giving that TV interview I think he was afraid and cowed, finally backing down to authority. It just made me more convinced that possibly and I do say only possibly Maddie could be found.


viv said...

At the end of the day Tanner is still a rotten liar and covering what really happened to Maddie. Her original description is white male 35-40 etc but several months later we get the Gran Cooperised version where he has morphed into a swarthy chap with long hair and big teeth. Silly bi*ch, well that is mild..

viv said...

and that
"FBI e-fit" that Doc sent us all into hysterics with by reversing the roles of who was holding who up was commissioned by Mr Marco of M3 and then held up like he was some senior law enforcer by smutty Mitchell, who used to like reporting on murderers getting brought to justice, but decided to jump on the other side of the fence! What a sickening bunch of criminals, what about little Maddie? It is really shocking that people could behave like this!

Wizard said...

Viv I think that your statement:-
“…..but I think Maddie was also very much out of favour and quite possibly abused in other ways” holds the key to what happened in this case.

3 children under the age of 4 is quite a handful. If one child is very difficult, as Kate appears to tell us M was, this would increase the challenge of managing them. We do not know Kate’s state of mind at the time. We do know that Gerry ignored her choosing to talk to others rather than her. We do know that Gerry left her to deal with children to pursue his tennis interests and sitting round the pool chatting to friends this can all add up to resentment and pent up anger. It is very easy to become frustrated with a child who is difficult and who knows if KM snapped or not, or had snapped before and there was previous evidence of abuse. All these things imo opinion are possible. A reason M would cry “daddy, daddy” if distressed is because she knew if her mother arrived she would get very angry with her. It is quite likely around these indicators that the truth lays.

viv said...

Well yes Wiz that is a very possible scenario and one favoured by Luz on 3 As who I have a great deal of respect for. She wrote a really good post talking about post natal depression and how, if untreated, it could well have gone on for that long. There is so much evidence for women killing children just around the age Maddie was in those circumstances when they have other little ones to cope with. Maddie was at a very dangerous age in those terms. In this regard Kate's descriptions of Maddie are very unnatural and clearly show resentment, she shrieked when I tried to breast feed the twins etc, for god's sake Maddie was less than two when they were born!

Also the abuse I believe explains all the confusion with the pictures. They have never been prepared to just honestly say this is Maddie at 2, 3 etc - they have always wanted to use old pictures, most notably Christmas just gone they were clearly lying saying those were pics of Christ 2006/Maddie 3, she was only 2. As such children get older towards 4 they get more unwanted and more abused. We were shown pics of Maddie when the twins were still babies and before things got so bad I think. But of course all this could add to her being persuaded well let's just get rid of her, I still tend to go for him as the main one, I know I have wavered but overall I think it is him, not that she is anywhere near normal and I think she does have mental health probs that she would not feel able to get treatment for purely because she is a doctor herself! Most unwise!

viv said...

Oh and the disharmony, her sleeping in the childrens' room the night before, was she lying with Maddie knowing it was her last night or was she just angry and fed up with him?

viv said...

Wiz if you are still around got to go out now, but will read you later if you post again. Thanks for a really interesting and helpful chat.


viv said...

Perhaps he is like this because he has just learned of yet more bungling incompetence by Goncalo Amaral et al, which could have cost him his daughter's life?


How dare you blame Goncalo Amaral you sick bitch, what did he have to do with the McCanns choice to leave their children alone and crying in bed every night. Go to hell where you belong! Your pity fest for Gerry is really perverted!

Wizard said...

Well Viv it isn’t unusually for doctors, quite capable of diagnosing symptoms in others, not to be able to recognise their own symptoms. It is also not unusual for them to self medicate.

With regard to Gerry being the protagonist in all this I think this is also possible. If Kate was always stressed out when looking after the children because M was difficult, this would impact on him. His wife would be fractious and snappy and give him a difficult time, nagging him about not giving her help but choosing instead to pursue his outside interests. With M perceived by Gerry as the catalyst for this behaviour. If in the middle of an argument with his wife over all this, M plays up, it would imo be easy for him to snap. Gerry seems to like his own way and gets angry when he doesn’t get it.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

As always excellent posts!

Re the Smith sighting. Mr Smith spoke to the man he saw carrying a child and the man did not reply. Now I know myself when I have been in a situation carrying any of my children or trying to calm them down if upset, or they do something quite charming etc if anyone spoke to me stranger or someone I knew, if I could not reply for fear of waking my sleeping child etc I would smile in acknowledgement out of politeness and maybe make a gesture. Something I read on 3 A's a poster suggested if it was the father of M he did not reply to Mr Smith due to him having a Scottish accent. That makes sense the description Mr Smith gave plus a Scottish accent would add strength to Mr Smith's witness statement. Also as I have stated I would smile if I could not verbally reply. Well for the man Mr Smith saw to smile as acknowledgement that would show off a lot of his face and Mr Smith would have been able to give a better description.

Zodiac said...

Perhaps he is like this because he has just learned of yet more bungling incompetence by Goncalo Amaral et al, which could have cost him his daughter's life?'

Time for a reality check he/she/it!

If the parents of the child who mysteriously disappeared had NOT left their 3 children all then aged 3 and under, alone in a holiday flat night after night to fend for themselves and open to all kinds of danger let alone abduction. The parents would not be in the situation they now find themselves in. Their missing child is in whatever situation she is in due to their negligence, IMO! They made the choice to leave their 3 children in the environment they left them in, not Goncalo Amaral. If they had not acted so selfishly towards their children they would be at home in Rothley still a family of 5 and their eldest child would be doing all the things she would enjoy doing as a little girl approaching her 6th year of life. They are the ones who have behaved with bungling incompetence and the little child who was only 3-years old at the time is suffering or has suffered the consequences of their ignorant and selfish actions! Their situation is self-induced just like the Media Circus around this case is self-induced, IMO!

dylan said...

Viv, Wiz and Zodiac - hear hear!


Wizard said...

Hi Zodiac and Dylan

Zodiac you say “……Media Circus around this case is self-induced..!” I can’t agree with you more. The circus was and is imo an attempt to divert from the truth and although I hate to admit it – its been successful so far – no charges made.

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.

Do you know what there is in common between The Golden Gate Bridge and Marcos Aragão Correia? Both are suspended! :-)

hope4truth said...


I dont hink OB took her I am just saying if a freind of mine had been missing for all that time and then I had found my daughter missing alarm bells would be ringing and I would expect the police to investigate him and all my friends not say I have complete trust in them...

I am not sure JT saw anyone... I often wondered if she was so upset and as the PJ looked like they were not taking it seriously (as maybe they suspected the parents) it was a desprate attempt by her to help try and find Madeleine (she saw someone please look for her)and then Gerry and Kate made her go into more detail and she may have realised what they had done but was now a part of it????

As for RP blaming GA IF Madeleine was taken the sick Bastard who took her is to blame equaly to blame are Gerry and Kate McCann for not caring enough for their children by leaving them alone in an unlocked apartment so they could go to the bar...

And it is there fault for spinning the story like they have refusing to answer questions and not bothering to look for her...

Gerry and his lovely sister have told us on several occasions how fragile Kate is even he is trying to point the finger at his wife so forgive me if I hold both of them responsible because something is very very wrong...

dylan said...

Hope, I think the reason that the Mcs have complete trust in O'Brien is because they know he didn't take her. Ie., they know what happened. (IMO, of course!)

You are completely right to assume that, normally, everybody and anybody would be suspected, but in this case, everything is abnormal. Not suspecting OB at all, is yet another paradox in a very flawed defence.


Wizard said...

No wonder GM looked so worried recently with K allegedly very fragile and likely to go back to Portugal soon - well anything is possible she might spill the beans if put under further pressure. I would think this must be foremost in his mind and it would be very worrying indeed for him.

Zodiac said...

'Hope, I think the reason that the Mcs have complete trust in O'Brien is because they know he didn't take her. Ie., they know what happened. (IMO, of course!)'


I agree. Also they can say they have 100% trust in all the Tapas who were there for the same reason. Having read the DVD statements and Rog. Int's it appears they have not known all the T7 for yonks and yonks therefore imo it makes the 100% trust comment even more strange!

Zodiac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hope4truth said...

Hi Dyl

It is their complete lack of normal emotion that made me think very very early on that something had happend to her and they knew exactly what it was.

As time went on and Gerry started blogging and they did some very dodgey interviews things looked even stranger. Then the files were released and most of what we had heard turned out to be true and it was shocking... Especialy a Mother refusing to help her child by answering very simple questions (a yes or no) would have been enough form most of them...

I dont know at what point their 7 friends became involved or if indeed they all know what happend to Madeleine but the fact that some of them lied about seeing Murat is strange. No one who knew him saw him that night yet 3 of the tapas point the finger at him...

He looks a lot like Payne so maybe he was somewhere he should not have been and they had to hide the fact...

The only other reason they pointed the finger at him was to divert attention from the McCann's. So much time was wasted looking around his Mothers Villa and interviewing him it gave the McCanns time...

I really dont think they expected to be made Arguidos and you could see the happiness fade replaced with anger and worry... In fact if they had looked he way they did post Arguido I may have bought it...

When is Kate going back? I wonder what Gerry told them when he was there??? After all he was going to stay silent when asked the questions as well but he changed his mind (How bad did that make Kate look?)...


Zodiac said...

Hi Wizard,

'The circus was and is imo an attempt to divert from the truth and although I hate to admit it – its been successful so far – no charges made.'

I have not believed them since 4/5/07 and it seemed pretty obvious imo that diversion tactics were in force from day one. The need for the controlled (on their part) Media Circus I agree was to divert the public from the fact that 3 children all aged 3 and under were left alone in a holiday flat whilst the parents were out eating and drinking with their mates and as result, the eldest child mysteriously vanished. The controlled Media Circus was also needed to gain sympathy from the public worlwide and imo they needed the money that the gullible would donate. I do not think the controlled Media Circus is the reason no charges have been made. IMO it is the cash generated via the circus (money they appear not to have 2 mortgage payments on their house) that has enabled them to employ an expensive legal team. A legal team that would know any legal loopholes that could be used as the crime (whatever it is) was committed in another country and prevent any charges. Especially when we hear/read this from the father of the missing child:

"The speculation takes you to the worst places and at that point you know the worst place would have been being charged, potentially being put in jail, certainly being detained to face charges that could have taken I don’t know years to materialise, being separated from Sean and Amelie. These sort of things were going through your mind and you're, because it's a system that you're unfamiliar with, you don’t know what could happen."

Gerry McCann, on ITV1, on 29.04.2008

If they did not have the large sums of money they have received from donations where would they be now? I do not think the kind public (through no fault of their own) has helped financially in the search of the missing child quite the opposite!

hope4truth said...


When the truth of what happens comes out I dont think the public will ever be so generous again...

The money would not help find her so no futher funds need to be set up when a child is missing...

But how will the parents of a genuine missing child be treated and will anyone actually bother to look for the next child as they will assume it is another hoax?

Karen Mathews has just recieved 8 years for kidnapping Shannon and as much as the media want to play she wanted the reward money it is onvious she thought she would get a fund like the McCanns..

Someone said here when Shannon first went missing that it did not look real and the pros shouted them down. I must admit I had my doubts but Karen was a much better actress than Kate and she had the distraught Mother act of to a fine art...



Cláudia said...

8 years. Not bad. At least Sharon got justice.

hope4truth said...

Hey Claudia

At least Shannon is still alive and the Police treated her as the victim and refused to allow her Mother to have her back...

SO what is stopping them doing the same for Madeleine? Although she may well be dead it is about time the UK treated her as the victim and started to ask her parents some questions.


Zodiac said...

'Someone said here when Shannon first went missing that it did not look real and the pros shouted them down. I must admit I had my doubts but Karen was a much better actress than Kate and she had the distraught Mother act of to a fine art...'

Hi Hope,

I think it was 2345 (think that was her nick) who did not believe the Matthews story. Karen M, I had my doubts also and agree at least she acted better than she who imo inspired her did. Although I think her friends were genuine and are probably feeling betrayed and let down by her. The teddy pic and Karen just did not look right, imo. Well at least Shannon is alive and she and her siblings have a chance in life now hopefully and justice is being done for her. As for if a child goes missing in future. I do not think parents of missing children should be allowed to set up Funds such as the McC have. There has to be strict guidelines imposed and all money collected can not be treated as if it is the parent’s own money and Board Members should be elected in the same way Juries are. There has to be protection of the public's money imo. All monies going out and in to a Fund must be accounted for and publically shown also, imo.

Cláudia said...

Hope, Sharon's mother didn't speak to the PM on the phone, did she?

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