10 Jul 2011

I was interested to read the detective appointed to solve the Maddie case inspired Waking the Dead, played by Trevor Eve (still look lovely IMO).  

A pretty sinister choice of picture here by this paper and note the report below about a Birmingham man being charged with murder 20 years later after a similar review process.   The papers can draw us a picture but must avoid offering a detailed map!

Meanwhile Clarence Mitchell is rushing around telling every paper that will listen he has been interviewed about News of the World hacking in the Maddie case.  I suppose he knows how things can just slip out, particularly with such a large sacked workforce on the loose.  Silence is golden from the angelic McCann parents, hitherto so fond of offering their profound opinion on the latest developments.  One would have thought Kate would, at the very least, have wanted to let us know how she personally emailed the parents of Milly Dowler.   After all, we are all so gratified when we get personal contact from a celebrity like Kate and we know she is a fitting replacement for Mother Theresa and Princess Di, all rolled into one.  

Tony Bennett has spent an irritating half an hour on the phone to London Met trying to get contact details for Chief Inspector Andy Redwood so that he can send him vital evidence, i.e. the intercalary report of Mr Almeida from the Portuguese Police.  I am sure Mr Redwood has never heard of this and would welcome the assistance of Mr Bennett, but the police just refused to give him the contact details.  I just cannot understand why.  

Waking The Dead style expert called in to crack case of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann
BRITAIN’S top cold case cop is to lead the hunt for missing Midland girl Madeleine McCann.
Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police is the sleuth who inspired Waking The Dead TV detective Peter Boyd, played by actor Trevor Eve.
And he has already caught a killer on the run.
Detective Chief Inspector Redwood snared murderer Miguel da Silva, who went on the run for 15 years after the killing of mum-of-two Susan Martin in 1994.
Da Silva, who was jailed for life at the Old Bailey last November, escaped from a hospital in 1995 and fled to Spain where he raped two women while on the run.
But he was tracked down by the dogged detective in 2009.
Portuguese cops carried out an investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance from her family’s holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve in May 2007, but failed to find her.
Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered the Metropolitan Police to look into the case after being approached by Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leicestershire.

Midlands News

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viv said...

Maybe we can hope therefore, that forensics will solve this case when they are so carefully considered as Trevor Eve portrayed.

I seem to recall Stu Prior wanted some of those forensics held back. Let us hope so, so that the real experts can deal with it who understand a police officer's opinion is not actually evidence, after all.

It might even be misguided causing said police officer to want to go on extended leave.