8 Jul 2011


Nick Davies on phone hacking, Murdoch and News of the World - video

The investigative journalist Nick Davies on how the phone-hacking scandal has escalated, leading to News of the World's announced closure
This is the most brilliant piece of investigative journalism.  "The Murdoch's have lost control, we are making it more difficult for them."  NOW even researched "is David Cameron using cocaine."  He says Murdoch got so powerful politicians and police feared him too much and made him above the law, but not any more.  



viv said...

"the arrogance of those assumptions in the power elite"

It makes me angry too, we are not "little people who can be lied to" Mr Cameron, Mr Murdoch, Baroness Buscombe, London Met etc etc...

Thank goodness for The Guardian and their brilliant work on uncovering this!

viv said...

If Cameron does snort coke I think he would be in excellent company with Kate and Gerry McScam. But they probably have a lot more to fear than that coming out.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I love a good laugh and on the other thread you say –

‘Is “a friend revealed” code for we listened in” lol!’ It has to be – most papers use this when they fail to name their source, I always thought this meant they made it up but now…I know different.

Murdock and the redhead – don’t you think she looks like Elizabeth 1. I understand she’s his protégée, or is that also a code for something else.

In Kate’s book she divulged her love life with GM (pass me the sick bag) had gone downhill. What she failed to say is - it was all somewhat off putting when they believed the place was bugged by the police, let alone the NOW.

Wizard said...

Those prime minsters who are properly elected – i.e. get the most seats – even popular ones, antagonise sectors of the country from time to time. Over time, those sectors increase and add up. This in turn leads to the pm and their party’s downfall.

Cameron’s attempt at bringing the country to it knees, because this is surely what he trying to do, has in just over a year produced demonstrations equal and above past pm’s who have had two or three terms in office.

What can be said other than he has to go!

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

Well I was chuckling away for ages, keeping me from my bed whilst writing all those comments. To say I have seen this coming and am now loving it would be something of an understatement!

Like you I am no respecter of the powerful elite and that we should just be good subjects, shut up and listen, applaud them etc.

I think that is what makes a Pro McCann, living in awe of the great Cameron or "doctors" etc. Some of the supporters of the Lady Kate on Facebook are either children or write just like children and they actually seem to worship her as she throws them a bit of cake with the odd comment and a little heart. She knows what appeals to her captive audience.

I am still shellshocked at the extent of the phone hacking and can see what the police are up against when they try to investigate crime, but are not the only ones bugging the criminals and then have to put up with what they least wanted in print being disclosed, all at the whim of the Editors at NI.

You are right she does have the look of Elizabeth R, I did quip on one thread we know what happened to Mary Queen of Scots flaming red mane. I wonder if Rebekah is also prone to fly into uncontrollable rages. What will she say to officers who do have the temerity to knock at her door?

I was starting to get worried and even starting to think the whitewash brigade may have something, but listening to this man has just really inspired me with his talk of the police aggressively pursuing the evidence, just cutting through it all without fear or favour. He clearly believes even Cameron himself is not safe.

Dare we hope this will lead to the downfall of Cameron and the Labour back in, well yes, I think we can! But whether it will just a sudden departure or losing at the next general election who can tell.

Cameron is not playing honest and straight at all is he? He was trying to rule out a Judge heading the inquiries so that they are lacking in power to actually get the vital evidence. Maybe it is best to just leave the police to keep on going for it, nothing stands in their way of getting whatever evidence they need. That is what always makes me smile when you hear the innocents say, oh I wonder if London Met have the McCanns medical and financial records, struth!

viv said...

Wiz I am going to have to completely disagree with you, that Kate and Gerry went off having a bonk because they knew they were being listened to by journalists.

Come on man, they love an audience, they think they are great at everything they do, they dont care what it is about so long as they are in the papers.

You silly billy, I think they would have been really going for it, Kate is just being coy.

Di said...

You two what are you like!!

Thanks for posting the video Viv, very interesting, and I agree the Telegraph has brought much to the publics attention.

IMO though, and you may fall out with me over this, David Cameron is not to blame for the corruption that has gone on in the press.

The corruption has gone on for many years and Murdoch has held all parties under his thumb. We all know Murdoch can bring any party down at the touch of a button, or print in his case. Murdoch is corrupt and likened to the mafia known fact!

If Cameron goes because of this and we get labour back in, GOD HELP US ALL, and most importantly our grandchildren, I don't want to see them living under sharia law.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Sorry I have only just seen this posts, there are a few different threads of late!

Of course I would not fall out with you for being a conservative, my own sister votes for them and always has done.

I think I have some left wing views but right wing ones too. I would not blindly support people like Blair for example.

I may even be prepared to accept I am being rather harsh on Cameron because all of this is coming out whilst he is PM and he has clearly given up trying to stop the likes of Mr Bryant from speaking out.

I think there was profligate waste and managerialism under labour, that is something I have often written about with a particular perspective on being on the receiving end of that as a former probation officer, effectively reduced to having no time for offenders, must tick the boxes on the computer.

I read that the national debt is so massive it is equivalent to every citizen owing £80,000 so when you say God Help Us All I can understand what you mean, in relation to Sharia Law also but I was not aware this was on Labour's manifesto. Maybe you mean that in a more subtle way.

We are certainly united in thinking that Murdoch is very corrupt and holds politicians in the palm of his hands, they have been afraid to stand against him. But Cameron is doing the right thing now and deserves credit for that. But he does need to stop the sleazy spin doctoring!

I think MPs know the answer on the Maddie case and want what we all want. I really do, decent and senior journalists also. I also still believe it is likely that Madeleine was disposed of alive and the McCanns are highly culpable in that disappearance.

Viv x