26 Jul 2011


I do think this lady sounds very genuine and I am sorry for doubting her.    Kate and Gerry clearly have a lot to hide and they show it!  Their bullying tactics are really awful, as Pat says she referred to a theory, she was not trying to insist these were the facts, indeed that is precisely what a profile is!

It is disappointing that Amazon have just given in, purely on the basis of a letter and nothing more.  Of course Kate and Gerry can afford even more lawyers now and as Pat also points out, one could accuse Kate McCann of making defamatory statements in her own book and have it pulled.  Rank hypocrisy, but in the end, it is surely going to make the doubters that bit more certain.  When they get arrested it will be nice to hear Pat again!

With thanks to Hideho who always does great work on this case (even if I do not always entirely agree with her we are on the same side and many times I do and appreciate all her research) and on this occasion clearly pulled all the stops out and worked really hard to produce this so fast

There is no justice for their own little girl is there, it is always about them.  On what is known of this case and their lengthy stint as prime suspects, people are clearly entitled to believe Maddie died in the apartment and maybe she did.  The McCanns may be able to attack individuals but the internet as a force is simply one they cannot reckon with, people power and the people simply do not believe they are innocent in the disappearance of this little girl.  YOu cannot stop us thinking that Kate and Gerry.  Oh and by the way, the contents of your car boot all over the world wide web, ain't life a bugger eh?


viv said...

Pat Brown obviously cannot do anything about Amazon backing down to the demands of a Carter Ruck letter, but judging by this post she is going to get another publisher, good for her! I just hope it is not too near the reality and thus allows the McCanns to come the unfair trial claims when push comes to shove, as I think it will. London Met had a mauling and they are going to be fighting back and showing us that actually they are pretty good!

ProfilerPatB PAT BROWN
Don't worry! My Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann will be available to read in the near future. #McCann
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viv said...

Docmac got banned on MM for some pretty picky nastiness, pointing out to another poster who is not quite as bright as him she was using inappropriate capitals. Strange man! He seems to have been particularly angry of late. Another poster remarked he seems obsessed with the Pro argument, well indeed.

viv said...

In fact the same poster who Docmac was attacking has this to say, which to my mind, makes her sound pretty bright. Scotland Yard do have a massive and very serious case to deal with and very intelligent and devious defendants. They know far more about this case than we could even dream of, so please, do not bother them with whatever you think you worked out about this case, they will be streets in fact light years ahead.

In fact doing that is doing a McCann. We have heard from Gerry how he wanted to control the investigation and get his sightings etc into the investigation. How he got Brian Kennedy and the Retardos to send the PJ on yet another wild goose chase which they were duty bound to investigate, as though they did not have enough to do. Investigating a case of this magnitude that has been running for four years is utterly time consuming and tedious. What is more, when the police are swamped with people bothering them over trivia they can miss the vital parts of the investigation they really need to be focussing on. Bloggers should understand just one thing, they are just bloggers, they are not investigators, they are not the police, they do not know what is contained on quite massive British investigation files or indeed on withheld Portuguese files either. Portugal and UK would have made sure of that, so that at the end of the day, there is still some hope of putting this lot where they belong.

So please, no time wasting emails, no petitions, no letters, the more you leave them alone the quicker they can get on with what we all want, justice for Maddie McCann. If you was a detective, would you want to just get on and nail them? Of course you would!

"Panda" said: (Bravo!)
Thanks bobsy but unless someone has specific information and not speculation, SY Homicide division will not want to be inundated with calls or e-mails.

viv said...

Wayne did not contact The Sun about the message. We learned of its existence through a friend.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3119744/Paedophile-knew-who-took-Maddie.html#ixzz1TGWQlBSH

Is this shorthand for we just made it up, found Wayne and offered him a load of dosh to tell us a story, or is it shorthand for we listened in to some calls. Either way, even for The Sun, this story is the most absurd rubbish. But Clarence and the McCanns say it fits their number one theory that Maddie was "stolen to order" (you know by some nice people who are treating her "to the love as she deserves" or "like a princess" and Wayne is going to have to sit down with sweating Kate's cop Edgar (did they have him abducted?) and tell him all about it. And there was me saying the London Met have a serious and tough job, imagine being Kate's pet poodle Eddie, the eejyit (is that how you spell it and should I have used a capital?) NOw that must be one real tough job.

Must do some research on the Lazzeri wench from the super Sun. She does write some ripping good McScam yarns. I bet she was good at school for creative writing or whatever, probably teacher's pet too, one can just imagine she got on great with Rebekah. Or did they sack her too?

viv said...

I know that people get very upset by what they see as the injustice of allowing Kate's book to sell on Amazon but not permitting Goncalo's or Pat's. But their situations are completely different.

There is a clear legal maxim that is Europe wide, you are entitled to the presumption of innocence unless and until you are found guilty in a court of law. That means that any criminal suspect, regardless of how guilty he or she may actually be can complain when people write book clearly implying they are in fact guilty. In this situation the law is on the side of Kate and Gerry.

For the accusers like Pat and Goncalo they do not actually need any "protection" from the law at all really do they?

What if someone actually is innocent and people write books accusing them of some terrible crime? Should the law have no answer to that? No civil court is actually entitled to conduct a criminal case to determine the guilt or innocence of the McCanns, all they can say is if you cannot prove what you are saying you are breaching their fundamental human rights and the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty is a very important one, stretching back hundreds of years to when people were seriously tortured on burnt as witches just because someone decided they are guilty.

In short, it is a job for a proper criminal court to determine guilt or innocence of a serious criminal offence, no one else's. I have always thought that prominent people writing books on this case are really a step too far, but that is probably just because I am legally trained and understand why we have laws to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. Miscarriages of justice and vigilanteeism do hurt and that is where this kind of conduct can lead.

There is still this bloodlust for trial by media and that is unfortunate, I just want the McScams brought o a proper court to receive a proper punishment. Until that time, they have the "nasty bloggers" to contend with but we should all be careful because damaging a criminal case is an offence. But the conduct of the McCanns and the fact they have so far gotten away with it, angers everyone and makes us want to answer back, me included!