15 Jul 2011


What with the pesky FBI getting on his case about 9/11 hacking (likely he even did that) and losing countless millions every day, one suspects Murky old Murdoch is not a happy bunny.   Maybe when he pops his clogs things will get better.  I would not put it past the Americans to lock him up in spite of his age.  Poor old thing.  You reap what you sow.

He obviously thinks Rebekah is divine, I wonder, what will he do with her, send her some extra spending money in Holloway?

A Yes Minister type adviser to Gordon Brown did not think a public inquiry was the right way to go, it was that erm lack of evidence thing, just a few isolated creeps at the News of the World  anyway so......  It must have slipped his mind Murdoch was one of them and he is at the top.  Or did it?

Phone hacking: Rupert and James Murdoch make Commons U-turn

Murdochs will join Rebekah Brooks in being questioned by MPs on the Commons culture select committee
Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch
Phone hacking: MPs took the rare step of issuing a summons to compel the Murdochs to attend the committee. Photograph: Sang Tan/AP
Rupert and James Murdoch have changed their minds and confirmed they will be joining Rebekah Brooks in being questioned by MPs on the Commons culture select committee about the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.
Earlier on Thursday Rupert Murdoch and his son declined an invitation to appear before the culture, media and sport select committee, saying they were unavailable for next week's hearing.
However, after being served with a summons by the Commons deputy sergeant at arms, News Corporation confirmed the Murdochs will attend the hearing along with Brooks on Tuesday, 19 July.
Brooks, the chief executive of News of the World publisher News International, agreed on Thursday morning to attend and face MPs at the session, though she warned in a letter to the committee that the police investigation into "illegal voicemail interception" meant it would not be appropriate to discuss the details with MPs to avoid prejudicing the inquiry.
Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of News International parent company News Corp, originally replied to the invitation from the culture select committee chairman, John Whittingdale, in a letter saying he was not available on 19 July, but was "fully prepared to give evidence to the forthcoming judge-led public inquiry".
James Murdoch, the News Corp deputy chief operating officer who is responsible for European and Asian businesses including News International and BSkyB, responded to Whittingdale saying he was not able to attend the hearing on Tuesday but could give evidence to the committee on 10 or 11 August.
MPs then took the rare step of issuing a summons to compel the Murdochs to attend.
Whittingdale said earlier on Thursday that select committees had taken such steps against individuals in the past, and they had complied. "I hope very much that the Murdochs will respond similarly," he added.
The Tory MP said he was particularly "anxious" that James Murdoch answers questions. "He has stated that parliament has been misled by people in his employment," he said. "We felt that to wait until August was unjustifiable."
Sir George Young, the leader of the Commons, confirmed that – in theory at least – the two men could be fined or even imprisoned if they defied the summonses issued by the committee.
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viv said...

Meanwhile silence is golden from a former select committee attendee, Gerry McScam. They do like to invite a bunch liars and con merchants along, I will say that for them. Top entertainment.

I would not mind going back to working to do their job, I would be loving it!


viv said...

Di said...
You two what are you like!!

Thanks for posting the video Viv, very interesting, and I agree the Telegraph has brought much to the publics attention.

IMO though, and you may fall out with me over this, David Cameron is not to blame for the corruption that has gone on in the press.

The corruption has gone on for many years and Murdoch has held all parties under his thumb. We all know Murdoch can bring any party down at the touch of a button, or print in his case. Murdoch is corrupt and likened to the mafia known fact!

If Cameron goes because of this and we get labour back in, GOD HELP US ALL, and most importantly our grandchildren, I don't want to see them living under sharia law.
Friday, 8 July 2011 22:46:00 GMT+01:00
viv said...
Hiya Di

Sorry I have only just seen this posts, there are a few different threads of late!

Of course I would not fall out with you for being a conservative, my own sister votes for them and always has done.

I think I have some left wing views but right wing ones too. I would not blindly support people like Blair for example.

I may even be prepared to accept I am being rather harsh on Cameron because all of this is coming out whilst he is PM and he has clearly given up trying to stop the likes of Mr Bryant from speaking out.

I think there was profligate waste and managerialism under labour, that is something I have often written about with a particular perspective on being on the receiving end of that as a former probation officer, effectively reduced to having no time for offenders, must tick the boxes on the computer.

I read that the national debt is so massive it is equivalent to every citizen owing £80,000 so when you say God Help Us All I can understand what you mean, in relation to Sharia Law also but I was not aware this was on Labour's manifesto. Maybe you mean that in a more subtle way.

We are certainly united in thinking that Murdoch is very corrupt and holds politicians in the palm of his hands, they have been afraid to stand against him. But Cameron is doing the right thing now and deserves credit for that. But he does need to stop the sleazy spin doctoring!

I think MPs know the answer on the Maddie case and want what we all want. I really do, decent and senior journalists also. I also still believe it is likely that Madeleine was disposed of alive and the McCanns are highly culpable in that disappearance.

Viv x
Friday, 15 July 2011 15:03:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

Just to add to that Di, I think Tony Blair started all this sleazy spin doctoring and is probably worse than Cameron, at least he admits to being a tory!

viv said...

Hiya again Di, I also think that with O'Bama as President, Murdoch is in for an exceptionally hard time in The States and if they can get him they will, so many former billionaires have been locked up there and the key thrown away, that is what Murdoch deserves.

Di said...

Hi Viv

I have to say I am a very disillusioned tory voter but hopefully Cameron will do the right thing this time, although I don't believe he had any choice in distancing himself from Murdoch. There are still some reporters that think this could bring Cameron down. I never liked Blair, he was a slick talker but that was all.

I agree regarding O'Bama, and with a bit of luck this will be the end of Murdoch and his murky empire.

viv said...

Hiya Di, I think you are right about Cameron, he waits until he is backed into a corner and has nowhere else to go. They sat on the McCann report for a long time after coming into office, but perhaps with the Murdoch debacle unravelling with new lady cops at the helm (and he is PM would know what was coming long before we did) and Gerry writing that insulting letter in The Sun of all papers, he thought OK right mate.

That is the way I like to see it anyway and I do certainly believe the two issues are inextricably linked. I have always thought it would be a great political cous for Cameron to be in power whilst the McCanns are brought to book (and all the rest of it??). If that is the case I think you will see a stronger conservative government re-elected and I can cope with that!

We are in for some very big revelations I believe related to Murdoch and many others over the coming weeks, months, maybe even years and I look forward to him increasingly losing his wealth and his mafia type strangle hold on what is in the best interests of America and UK.