3 Feb 2008

Alipio Ribeiro - declaring arguidos: precipitate

I will update as I get more information, or no doubt my posters will update me:-) See also lengthy discussion last night on Granny Cooper which has many helpful posts. I am certainly not satisfied with the rubbish I have read in the two articles in the Daily Express and also Daily Mail - I think they were well and truly McClarenced :-)

Quite how Clarence could turn the statement "the better tactic would have been to continue the investigation without the McCanns knowing they were suspects" - Mr Sousa's wish..to kid them along... into the suggestion they should not be suspects at all really defies comprehension..but, as ever, lots of wishful thinking and buckets of spin (is that too nice a word for it) going on.

Viv x
From SOS Madeleine
Maddie: Police conducting a battle between David and Goliath "In the survey McCann, given the obstacles that have been created in the United Kingdom, the better tactic would have been to continue the investigation without know that the parents are suspects," said a source from the Judicial Police about statements of their National Director, adding "that at the moment the investigation has become a battle between David and Goliath." The National Director of the Judicial Police (PJ), Alípio Ribeiro, considered yesterday that he had ay "haste" in the constitution of Kate and Gerry McCann as arguidos trial in the disappearance of their daughter. Alipio Ribeiro also confirms the right direction followed by the investigators that this is an investigation in which we must be patient. The statements by the Director of the PJ were made during the recording of the "Diga Lá Excelence" Radio Renascença which will be forwarded tomorrow afternoon, where he is questioned by journalists and Paula Paiva Celso Torres. Police asked "act humanely" (Updated) Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann, has responded rapidly to the statements by the National Director of the Judicial Police stating that the couple had "very well received comments from Alipio Ribeiro in which he accepts that police officers Portuguese under his authority had acted in haste in designating McCann as official suspects. " Clarence Mitchell goes further, and even before the full knowledge of the interview to Alipio Ribeiro, invited the Portuguese authorities to remove their status as arguidos, with "humanity" The former director of the Unit of the Media Monitoring British, became head of public relations couple McCann, reacted via the website Find Madeleine, now with a new design. The site has adopted a careful look more and more pink, keeping the sale of bracelets and T-shirts but no longer the financial situation of the Fund Madeleine
Viv ...ummm I wonder why the complete lack of transparency as to how this money is being so rapidly dissipated and upon what? They did not exactly tell us much on the old webpage did they - not even an updated fund total and certainly not a depleting balance sheet! About £800,000 is an awful lot of money - by anyone's standards - and the McCanns would like another million, or, according to their unofficial spokeswoman "Rosiepops" on the DE "why not ask for 2 million, after all the TV companies can afford it". yes, folks she really did say that...some gravy train! Then there was the threat to sue the PJ for one million - they certainly are not satisfied with the first, apparent 1.2M are they! Does that include all the fees for articles/interviews they "sold" or were they little brown envelope jobs - as suggested by Clarence - yes he really did suggest the public do that! Of course their supporters on the DE have been shouting again tonight shut up about this it is none of your business - tell it to the police - they have the power to make it their business. The timing of the change in website in interesting in that regard - but hey I bet the police got the old one too in that huge cache of evidence. Two directors have left - clever idea! How about Mr Smethurst, the solicitor, jumping into the director seat - wonder what the Law Society would make of that? Bad smell!

Reports from Correio de Manha


Kate and Gerry McCann The director of the Judicial Police (PJ), Alípio Ribeiro, believes that the establishment of Kate and Gerry McCann as defendants in the disappearance of her daughter was hasty. In the interview program 'Tell There Excellence,' at Radio Renaissance, the responsibility of PJ spoke in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, considering a "precipitation" the constitution of the parents as defendants in the case. Alípio Ribeiro also denied the accusations of bastonário of the Bar, Marino Pinto, ensuring that the Justice Ministry never gave him instructions on the investigation of any criminal proceeding. The officer agreed that the PJ organically depends on the government, but refused political interference in the guidance that is given to investigations

MCCANN QUEREM DEIXAR TO BE ARGUIDOS Following the interview given by the Director of the National Judicial Police to the program Tell There Excellence ', the McCann want to stop having the status of defendants. Alípio Ribeiro felt that there was "precipitation" in the constitution of the parents of Madeleine as defendants. "If they [PJ] did not make sure of the facts, is alarming," said the CM Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the couple. "When they have done that may have led to many people who could have no clues as themselves by thinking that Kate and Gerry were guilty," added Mitchell who now wants parents of Madeleine leave the status of defendants "as soon as possible" . The spokesman of the couple stressed, however, that "Kate and Gerry received very well the declaration" and, he adds, "are willing to work together for a quick and efficient way to find Madeleine and bringing those responsible to justice by kidnapping ". Meanwhile, yesterday, was held at the home of McCann, England, a celebration to commemorate the anniversary of the twin brothers, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie. In celebration attended about 30 people, mostly relatives of Kate and Gerry. Ana Palma / J.M.G.


2008-02-01 - 00:30:00 Detectives of Method 3 of the new Praia da Luz McCann will try to death Young not up On the day when the detectives of Method 3 returned to the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, in England the door - voice of the couple McCann ensured that Kate and Gerry will seek the small Maddie "until the day of his death." Clarence Mitchell responding well to questions of journalists on the bottom of almost two million, of which are removed weekly around 70 thousand euros to pay for the company of Spanish detectives, the advertising campaign and maintenance of the site findmaddie.com. Mitchell also announced that the British police and officers of the Office for the Protection of Children do not suspect them on the desparecimento's daughter. "The authorities assured me that this is a case of abduction very rare and strange," explained the spokesman. Meanwhile, the British press described the research Portuguese as a "fiasco", after you know what the letters rogatory are still in Portugal.



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Viv, Felicity.

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I'm from DE Forum - known to Ironsides etc. Felicity, I remember you disappeared from DE Forum ages ago at the time I was first suspended. Nice to read your comments once more.

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SueB has kindly posted that the rogatory letters are on their way, finally. I truly hope so.

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Did you get any snow where you are?

Great news about the rogatory letters, although I still have a horrible feeling that political interference will find a way to rear its ugly head again.

The British Government seem to be being less than helpful, don't they? I wonder what/who it is that they're protecting...

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Hi 2345
Nice to see you on here, the DE is getting worse, have looked on briefly today but seems to comprise of Rosiepops and gang,all voicing their admirating for the gruesome twosome so didn't bother posting, no point there is no debate on there now, all decent posters like yourself don't post there now. I read earlier on the 3 arguidos that there are local elections in May as these are often used as a reflection of public opinion I wondered if that was the reason for the delay re the letters. By sending them back and making them come back through slower channels.

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oops sorry bad typing meant admiration....

hope4truth said...

Evening All

I give up well and truly give up (well until the next time)...

The DX Pros seem to be reveling in this non news??? What is that all about will it find Madeleine???

If Gerry and Kates arguido status is lifted will they feel instantly better??? Well Kates flapping hand and clicking tounge on Panorama "she was gone just like that" or words to that effect will not being a suspect make her say oh goody she may be missing but it is not my fault....

Who bloody condones child neglect it is plain wrong.

If they had looked shame faced from day one and being saying how were we so stupid selfish and cruel to leave them I may have had more sympathy but oh no it was like having dinner in your back yard no big deal we all do it every day and nothing bad ever happends (well apart from a 3 year old going missing is that bad enough??)

I dont know how I would feel but guilty would sum it up. Even if my child was taken from me by force by 4 huge men I could not hold off I would still be left thinking I could have done more it is my fault....

Grrrrrr ok deep breath glad to get that off my chest but realy how can anyone defend child neglect it is so wrong????

Niki said...

Good evening all,and thank you for the great job you are doing, speeking up for this innocent child! I'm a norwegian mum living in Greece. Started to read this blogg and DE-forum because I could not accept the one-way-story Greek and Norwegian media served me... my opinion have been from I first read about this case that the Mccann's are guilty of at least serious neglect...
If anyone disagree, have a look at this:www.totsafe.com/homealone.htm

(I just googled "home alone", so there is no special reason for choosing this site from Michigan...there are a lot of other similar sites out there...)

Keep up the good work!
Kalinichta from Greece

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Niki,

Welcome to Viv's wonderful site!

How are the Norwegian and Greek media reporting this story?

Best wishes,


Niki said...

Thank you for the welcoming LGC!

Don't know if I will write a lot here though... Feel my english is a bit too "childish"...

I have not seen any news in greek about Madeleine for ages, but what they used to show on TV was BBC and Sky news with greek dubbing. The last must have been the Christmas-appeal...

In the Norwegian papers they write some more, but always direct translated and with the source from British press. Yesterdays news was (translated by me BACK to english) "We SUSPECTED the Mccanns too soon" with the source Sky News. There is no "have your say" or journalists questening ever...

I don't think there are many people eighter here in Greece or in Norway that follows this case, and honestly, I don't know why I got "addicted"...

Best wishes to you too!

felicity said...

Hiya all

FIRSTLY TO ACCESS THE ARCHIVES THE TRICK IS THE LITTLE BLACK ARROW CLICK ON IT AND IT TURNS DOWNWARDS INSTEAD OF SIDEWARDS AND ALL THE PREVIOUS POSTS ARE DISPLAYED. Then you can just click on any that take your fancy. Same with 2007 - little black arrow reveals all! Took me a while to figure this out!

There is no way Kate and Gerry's arguido status will be lifted now. Ribeiro was merely saying better co-operation may have been gotten if they had been kept as witnesses rather than arguidos - we would not have had all the ugly defensive behaviour and they may have been more co-operative so by this stage the investigation would be more advanced - maybe they could have been persuaded to stay in Portugal. He is merely reflecting on what might have been in an intellectual way of analysing problems that do arise with the benefit of hindsight - but I am sure the Portuguese could not have been expected to visualise just the way Team McCann were going to perform or the incredible insults hurled their way. The players on the DE reflect the personality disorder of Team McCann as a whole - what a nasty bunch. Does being obstructive and abusive get you anywhere in life - I think not. They may have prevaricated and delayed but in the end they know where they are going - quietly, pleasantly and surely the Portuguese build their case against them - nothing wil stop them now!

Viv x

felicity said...


Your English is fantastic and I am always honoured to get contributors from abroad - giving us a different view point and letting us know how the story is being told - or not! in other countries.

I hope you will stick around!

Viv x

Anonymous said...

Trust Viv, and her friends on this forum. It works, unlike many places in the world weird web.
A Norwegian in Greece posting on an English forum. !!!! Fantastic. Maybe this www thing will be ok, after all.
Ta ra.