29 Feb 2008


THANKS NICKI! Quite remarkable really we need someone from abroad to tell us what is in our own press!

Luv Viv x

Todays news in UK press:(In case there are more than me that first check for news at this site, and then read papers!:)Kate and Gerry McCann set for second police quiz over Madeleine's disappearanceBy Emily Miller 29/02/2008 MirrorPolice probing Madeleine McCann's disappearance are poised to fly to Britain to quiz her parents and their friends.Portuguese police have waited for months for UK approval to re-interview Kate and Gerry, both 39, and the Tapas Seven over the May 3 night the four-year-old vanished.Crucial witnesses David Payne, 41, Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O'Brien, 36, are due to be called first within 10 days.A Portuguese police source said: "We're now just talking about finding a convenient date."A spokesman for the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, said last night: "They've nothing to hide."The Home Office said: "We have received a legal assistance request from the Portuguese."---McCann pals to face cop quizPublished: Today, the SunPORTUGUESE cops are to jet to Britain to interview Kate and Gerry McCann and their pals in a last-ditch bid to solve Maddie’s disappearance. They want to quiz David Payne, Jane Tanner and partner Russell O’Brien, it was claimed. Authorities have waited months for UK approval, but a source told newspaper 24 horas: “We are finalising the last few details. Within ten days’ a team of investigators will travel to the UK.” Maddie went missing around 10pm from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz last May as her parents ate with pals in a nearby restaurant. Dr O’Brien, 36, was away from the group at the time changing bed linen after his child was sick. But staff say no-one asked for new sheets. Portuguese police have made formal requests to seize Kate McCann’s diary, said to show how the GP struggled with the daily routine of work and childcare. --Niki


lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Interesting for the first time the Mirror let slip a slightly negative comment, referring to O'Brien saying he was missing as was changing his daughters sheets as she was sick but the staff saying that no clean sheets were requested. I think that comment alone, shows a slight change in the usual biased reports we are used to reading in our press on a daily basis re this case. Maybe we will see a few more of these unbiased reports over the next ten days. Lizzy 21.40

2345 said...


More unbiased DM reporting ? We can hope, but don't hold your breath ! 13.25 p.m.