12 Feb 2008


It is with some regret that due to the activities of a troll on this site I have now turned on registered users only. Therefore please register to continue posting and provide a user name.

Thanks to you all for your continuing support. I am sure the few minutes of our time to do this will be worthwhile.

Viv x


IRONSIDE said...


supertroll said...

This blog has probably been killed off now, not everyone will want to sign up because most of the posts here are offensive and libellous.
Many will be happy

josiepublic said...

Trolls here? Sorry to here that Viv.

But slugs is a recent word I feel describes them best- and how I imagine them.

Hope you don't let them get to your blog- I would miss reading you- especially the posts on law- poor Rosie!

Really miss you on the Dexpress.

leigh3 said...

leigh3 said...

Thank you, Viv.
It's clear that trolls and McCann mechanics have abused the option to post as 'anonymous'. They'll probably find another way to vex honest posters on any forum, including this one, but I hope they'll be thwarted again when that time comes. They are such a bore, and a chore. Hey ho. That's democracy!
Leigh3 21.02GMTThank you, Viv.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 1:32:00 PM PST

leigh3 said...

It may be a good idea to advise new posters on how to use the new registration, ie choose 'blogger/google' form, just for simplicity perhaps.
I see the trolls are cheery to invade this new route, but that's just because they are technical dolts whereas most people have lives bigger than the technology :-)
Trolls. Just one of modern life's irritations. Like flies to be swotted.
See you next time, Viv. Best wishes to you and yours.

IRONSIDE said...

Hi Viv or anyone ..I have lizzy on the3a's asking how to sign in....I am in myself obviously,,,but cant remember exactly what I did...can you explain...point by point....I will go back now and tell lizzy to return here....

felicity said...

ha ha supertroll's profile says "madness" - well at least he's under no illusions>

You really have to laugh sometimes!

Poor chap nobody loves you nobody cares.. BOO HOO

Seems I got my very own cyberstalker. Very sick to stalk - that is what Gerry did to Kate. Very inferior person to force yourself on people who dont want you! but maybe I just fascinate you I suppose...hey ho!

I know you copied every word on this site, not sure why because well it is here but did you memorise too because you studied it so much..in a seething rage..you cannot shut me up...you cannot control me. Oh what a shame. Keep trying:-) my sick little shadow!

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Ironside

I dont know how to sign in because I dont need to. Can someone put a post on and then I can put it on the side for everyone.

Viv x

leigh3 said...

Hi Viv, Ironside, Lizzy...when you get here!
Yes, a brief note is needed beneath the new headline on how to register quickly, and safely.

Don Ironside: please assist. Buenos noches, compadre.

Irina said...

Just reposting from previous artcle.
About your Viv theory on who is responsible. I mentioned before that it is my believe that Madeleine was violently killed in a drunken rage of annoyed and selfish parent. I thought it was Kate, because she would be more worn out and to me looks psychotic.
But if Gerry is psychopath, then it could well be him, though he has fewer reasons to be outraged, (Madeleine was not his responsibility).
I have looked on the photographs of both at the time they just left police after made arguidos. Gerry seems so angry and scared. Kate does not show any emotion at all, tiredness may be.
Either you are right and Gerry has more to fear, or Kate must be the devil himself.

dolores said...

Hi Viv/and friends
I made it here finally.

irina said...


dolores said...

Thanks for the link.I wonder if these two couples were at the Tapas bar, and taken in as witnesses.

irina said...

For those who whant to register:

On the top (blue)bar far right corner there is "sign in" link.
Follow it . After creating you profile sign out if you do not want to create your own blog.

leigh3 said...

Night night Dolores.
Gotta go. Nice to see you here. How did you do it? Newcomers to new media would like to know how! I'm a Luddite, as you can see from the little bin that appears after my name. Uh oh, the troll will have fun with that remark :-)
Will check here tomorrow to see if you've revealed your mastery of new technology: forums for flowers or...how to register without a bin!

dolores said...

I see the slimy slug is here, leaving a vile trail.
Have ever thought it peculiar that RP's profile is odd for the female s/he claims. ''I like watching birds(the feathered kind) strange thing for a female to say.


irina said...

I have sent another e-mail to Home Office today, asking whose responsibility rogatory letters are. No reply yet.
Tomorrow is an interesting day. Hope our Portuguese posters will keep us informed.

Good night all.

Cláudia said...

Hello, darling.
I guess it works for me! :-)

dolores said...

Leigh 22.29
Irina has explained all it's really easy.
Ithink Viv will need the air freshener out again, when the slimy slug appears, as the stench is putrid when it appears.


felicity said...

Ah here you all are - guess which dumbo was talking to herself in the other room - oh well here is my post as we have all moved!

Hiya Irina

I think it is my preferred option, not the definitive one. Weighing up everything I have seen and heard. I do agree Gerry definitely seems psychopathic/narcissistic and Kate psychotic/borderline personality disorder. I was amazed Kate's own mother put into the public domain Kate's severe mental ill health. I recall Kate's mother's very odd reaction when asked to speak of Kate and Gerry's reactions to losing Madeleine on the telephone to her - she was spontaneous in explaining Gerry's reaction but in relation to Kate just did not want to answer. There was an unusually long pause and even then she just said something like "well she was upset, obviously". That very clearly suggested she is very worried about Kate and hiding something. Kate does not seem to have normal empathic responses. One could imagine a normal mother explaining a normal daughter in that situation and very spontaneously ..well she was just hysterical really, I just could not get her to calm down and talk sense to me... Seeing your dead child come to you in the night it is not normal grief reaction or a bad dose of depression it is much more serious than that. When looking at Kate's mother's reaction it would certainly make Kate look like the guilty party, not Gerry. They are a very grim and dangerous combination to be in charge of children and either could have killed Madeleine, I just think bearing mind the reactions we heard of Kate it was more likely to have been him, but I would not be at all surprised to be wrong about that. In short I am really not sure - they are both very grim, cold and unemotional, one is covering for the other and neither have demonstrated normal grief for their child. However, there are some indications Kate may have been very upset indeed at the time. Nanny Pennington said she was just not like any other parent she had seen who lost their child - she seemed to be completely overwhelmed, collapsing if the descriptions are accurate. The page of the bible, the death scent on her and cuddlecat but not on Gerry suggest to me Kate handling her dead child, but in order for the death scent to be there Maddie must have been dead for at least two hours. Was Kate just cold bloodedly moving the body, or loving her dead child? We need the PJ to tell us the answer to that one!

Great to hear from you again.

Viv x reposted at 23.04

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
I have tried to register but not sure I've done it correctly.Lizzy 23.15pm

felicity said...

Dolores hiya and well done for tackling the technology! You are getting good!

Maybe the slimy slug has been busy on the Daily Express - it usual arorund this time surrounded by the Drones hero worshipping and protecting the reputation of the mighty, powerful knowledgeable one.

Very tongue in cheek -some great posters made Rosiepops run a mile this evening around 6.30! If you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen. Dont suppose my lates post will be appreciated. Sorry Gerry just dont like you mate :-)

Viv x

felicity said...

Lizzy my darling you must have done it correctly because you are here - WELCOME BACK

Any excitng news from the 3 arguidos - rarely seem to make it there - tooooo much to read!

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

Viv 23.16
I am not banned form DE,and don't really care if I do, just don't like it there, but if you ever want me to paste anything on there I will.(now that you have turned me into an expert)

I have always thought of the rage theory, but cannot decide who, I am leaning towards Kate more, Gerry maybe hitting out at K and inadvertantly struck Madeleine.
Poor darling, she never stood a chance witheither one, and I
really worry for the twins.


irina said...

Hello Viv,
Thank you for response. I have not looked at the previous room, may be just as well.
Something must be wrong for McCanns that trolls get so mad.
Oh well, good!
the reaction of Kate, when she discovered that body is missing, might suggest that the decision what to do was not made and Gerry took it upon himself to remove Madeleine's body, when opportunity came (in form of accomplice and method).

felicity said...

Hi Irina

~this is what I think - Gerry is the powerhouse of the relationship - the Mr fixit - whoaaa got a tens machine on me hand and it just gave me such a belt - turned up a bit too high! sorry I digress - well yes I think he took conrol of the situation and forced Kate to do as she was told. I just cannot imagine how she managed to sit through that dinner and try and act normally. Some apologists have used this to say well there you are how oould they have killed her and done that. Fact is murder does happen and it occurs to murderers that any change in their normal routine is going to look mighty suspicious - so poor Kate Gerry is telling her the way it is going to be or maybe not giving her the detail hence her collapsing reaction. He did have an undertaker and cleaner handy to assist> The Times reported in an article in November that he and Tanner will be named arguidos and I predict they will be when the PJ get here. Like Doc said last night Jane will be rushing for the wee room. Where is Doc tonight?? I thought Jane looked tranquillised on Panorama - she is going to need a bigger dose now I bet.

I think they got sucked in due to being such good friends/doctors/next door neighbours and there s no way out now. Anyone heard anything of OB - it was reported I think few months back he was off sick depressed or did I imagine that ..Ironside? The man with all the facts at his fingers - how we would cope without you I know not!

Viv x

felicity said...

GET OUT CLAUSE FOR MURDERERS - WELL THE FACT IS MY CHILD IS MISSING SO WELL SHE MUST HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED UMMMMM This stuff gets more desperate every day but hey what a climb down - for months she has been presenting us with an endless pile of "evidence" but now admits there is no evidence of any abduction - apart from Kate and Gerry say so - evidence?????

12.02.08, 11:16pm

I have never said there was evidence of abduction, I have always maintained it is the only likely think to have happened.
However, there is evidence she was abducted, Madeleine is missing her parents say she was abducted, the fact that she is missing is proof of abduction.

and while that child is missing then the parents have to be believed and the search should have continued, not stalled like this deliberately.

But I do believe Madeleine was abducted and no one so far has come up with a shred of evidence to say otherwise. (only the police but they are liars and they talk rubbish)

• Posted by: Rosiepops

felicity said...

So six months after being made arguidos according to Rosie the McCanns threaten to return to Portugal to harm the tourist season. Is this what she calls the McCanns wanting to co-operate? Personally I think Kate and Gerry McCann will have to be dragged back to Portugal to face justice, biting, kicking and screaming noooooooooooooooooo

Viv x

PS Great posts Claudia and Alsabella: -) slug...well

12.02.08, 10:11pm

The McCann's are threatening to return to Portugal around the 18th March and this means the world and his brother will be camped out in PDL again. This means that the world will be looking at Portugal again right at the start of the holiday season.

And to top it all

They keep losing these rogatory letters!

• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

hahahahahahaha yeah right!

The McCanns will not set their feet on Portuguese soil unless they are legally bound to or unless the arguido status is lifted. As for threatening?? YOu may think they are important, but they certainly do not scare anyone here...hahahahahahahahahaha

• Posted by: alsabelIa • Report Comment

They sure scare me! Everytime I remember they have two other children at their care I get scared!

• Posted by: Claudia79

Niki said...

Kalimera Viv!

Happy to see anon.identified him/her/IT-self as a troll!

The good and wise humans always beat the trolls.

Sometimes you can get the troll so angry that it explodes.
The same can happen if it is exposed to sunhine or light...

Have a nice day!
Niki, from the country of the trolls

felicity said...

Hiya Nicki

Good to hear from you. I think internet trolls rely on their anon status. Once forced to identify as a "person" it loses it allure. The new board makes him easier to spot.

Check out the other threads - PJ now in the ooncluding stages!

Viv x

2345 said...


Rosiepops is a real Police hater isn't she/he? She presumably also hated the forensic evidence produced by 'liar' Police which led to the re-interviews of prime suspects in the Sarah Payne & Sohom schoolgirls cases, their arrests trials and imprisonments.

Forensic science has advanced since these cases, along with mobile phone tracking. I believe you're right, Rosiepops is Gerry.
It's the only rational explanation for her illogical, venomous attitude to the Police, law and order. 19.15

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

Is the DX no more???? I have just looked in and all the articles are deleted???

Just going to see what I have missed here....


Dove said...

Sadly the DX has stopped allowing comments.
Good job we have this site.