3 Feb 2008

Madeiran lawyer paying to search dam of Arade for Maddie's body

I thought I should report this, given the import of what it suggests, although it does not sound entirely credible. It is translated by Google from Correio de Manha and so is not perfect English. If, as appears to be the case, it is suggested this supports an abduction theory I wonder why Clarence Mitchell has not had this reported in the UK press, rather than his silly misrepresentation of Mr Ribeiro's comments - reports from Correio de Manha on this - sep thread.


2008-02-03 - 00:30:00 Searching: dam of Arade Maddie divers seeking Nuno Eugénio Promoter of the searches believe the body is here A lawyer Madeiran is paying underwater searches in the dam of Arade, in the county of Silves, since last Thursday. Marcos Aragon Correia believes that is where is the body of Madeleine McCann. For the lawyer, who yesterday once again followed the work, "this dam is the place most likely to be the girl who has got rid of the body." The searches are being carried out by five divers Portuguese and British company's Dive Team, Lagos. Until now, the main 'track' was found a strange string of five meters - formed by several pieces of belts, blinds, united among themselves with us - however delivered to the GNR of Lagos. "A rope was to seven meters deep, under the bridge that connects the tower of the dam. I think that is a very strong indication, "argued Aragon Correia. The lawyer revealed that researchers deprived of Method 3 "already know the track and see it as very credible, since it is coupled with the information that guarantees a camionista have seen Maddie be changed in a car to another, in Silves, May 5 "(two days after his disappearance of Light). Aragon recalled having received a clue that led to the dam of Arade "on May 6," but excuse to reveal who gave him the information. "They told me that Maddie had been launched to a desert lake, with water cloudy and heavily wooded shores," says the lawyer. "In addition, the site had particular characteristic as a beach, which fits with this place, which could identify the December 10 last. Immediately informed the PJ, who thanked but did nothing, "he adds. Aragon Correia wants to continue the searches in the morning, despite the difficulties experienced by divers, due to the "zero visibility from two meters can only use the touch."


alsabella said...

I had never heard of this attorney until he appeared in some national magazine saying he had information on what happened to Madeleine. This was about a month ago or more.

Now he is involved with Metodo 3.

In my humble opinion, he is just trying to make a name for himself.

felicity said...

Hi Alsabella

I thought this was unlikely to be credible when I saw Metodo 3 mentioned! - thanks for that>

Viv x

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
I have just read about this lawyer on the 3 Arguidos site evidently he is a bit dodgy or has that reputation. A poster wondered if there may be a body there though as evidently the resovoir where they are searching is the same distance as the place Gerry made the phone call from to O'brien when he said he was 4km away and was actually 25km. It was the posters view the info could have been released to bring her back to Britain if found. But is only speculation, it is probably more spin to divert attention from the parents onto the abductor theory.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Rosiepops has excelled herself today, in her post of 18.06
she said to Hope4truth well if you believe they neglected the children that is your choice, but I do not and nor do Social services or the uk courts which is why they threw out the public prosecution of that guy can't remember his name. Can't believe she is saying there is no neglect.
She has said she feels there will be big news this week, lets hope it is the questioning going ahead.

felicity said...

Hiya Lizzie

Unfortunately Rosie talks very authoritively but does not actually know what she is talking about!

The Social Services in UK were required to carry out an investigation. Anything at all to do with the welfare of children is highly confidential. Having done their investigation they would have a choice of options. The most drastic would have been to remove the twins from their care. This is an option that is always treated as the last resort and clearly is the only one we would have heard about. Other options include placing the children on the at risk register and monitoring the family to ensure the children are not placed at further risk. I have no doubt the McCanns would have given the SSD an absolute undertaking that they would NOT in any circumstances leave the twins alone again. The SSD can also require any steps necessary to ensure the welfare of the children are taken. This could include ensuring that Kate has assistance and support in caring for her children, and that she has appropriate medical treatment. It could also require, as another example, that Kate and Gerry McCann undertake parenting classes, that the twins receive psychological counselling for the trauma they have undergone in losing Madeleine. So, it can be seen that there are so many steps the SSD could be taking that we simply would not know about because SSD always operate in strict confidence and are required by law to do so.

The suggestion UK courts do not believe they are negligent is perverse because this issue has never been put before a UK court. It is clearly listed in guidance to social workers that leaving young children alone is both physical and emotional abuse - Maddie was aware as she woke up crying - this would have subjected her to immense pscychological harm. The interfering solicitors case was thrown out because what he was alleging was already being investigated as part of a serious criminal case against the McCanns and there is no jurisdiction in the UK to have prosecuted them for what they did in Portugal. There is jurisdiction of course to prosecute them for murder or manslaughter but it seems likely the Portuguese will prosecute at the end of the investigation.

The woman has no legal knowledge and no knowledge of child welfare either - anyone who listens to her and accepts her views is an abject fool.

Like you say to suggest there was no negligence is both cruel and quite unbelievable - WHO WOULD WANT ROSIEPOPS AS A BABYSITTER!!

Luv Viv x

2345 said...

Felicity, I enjoyed your accurate appraisal of Rosiepop's authority and lack of skills. I found her counterpart Mandz scored the most brilliant 'own goal' which still makes me laugh 'til my tummy aches'.

She and her mates were obviously under orders to undermine the credibility of cadavers. Mandz was out of her depth as a Police Officer with great knowledge of both the dogs was online. I stuck to the fact that the the extent and content of all forensics reported proved the cadaver's worth.

Mandz final comment supporting her belief in the dogs' ineptitude and unreliability was "I know because I trained them".

Absolutely hilarious, the Police Officer put the struggling Mandz down and out for the count.

After this bout I routinely asked Mandz and mates whether they considered forensic science relevant in a criminal investigation. I never received an answer ... they disappeared for a cuppa every time.

I found Docmac's versions of their names sharply observed and very amusing.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Well said , she is so authorative in her manner but knows nothing. How anybody can justify the neglect issue astounds me and only goes to who the kind of people who support the Mccanns.
Your cooment about the babysitter made me laugh, though if she babysat Mccann style she would be in a restaurant leaving them home alone.Her and Doby whoever he is, were discussing how much money the Mccanns could make after this was all over, obviously same mind type as Gerry.

felicity said...

Hiya 2345

I like the word counterpart for Mandz or should we say Blandz (Docmac version). In addition there are counterfeit Rosie's - it all gets quite confusing ! I do recall her saying she trained these dogs and then when she was ridiculed oh no I never said that I hate dogs. Again, the idea of Blandz training these two particular dogs Keela and cant remember that command 800 euros an hour due to their expertise is an amusing thought !

I liked his "Bark" for Mark yap yap and Maudlin for Maureen - as you say sharply observed! For Maureen though I could maybe be even more cruel and suggest Moron would be apt - her comments are either maudlin or moronic after all - never anything else!

I have yet to see any one of them provide an intelligent answer to any post concerning forensic science but Bark is hilarious! LCN became Inc... Idiots Incorporated as opposed to low copy number - somehow you get the impression they do not have the vaguest clue what they are talking about - Doc spotted they do visit Wikipedia!

I do recall the discussion between Rosiepips and Doby (Alroy after he got banned again) about the McCanns making "a mint when the PJ are forced to drop the charges". I also recall Rosie's staggering comment re the £1M American interviews "well I dont know why they dont ask for £2M after all the TV companies can afford it". As you say they certainly have the McCann mentality - both in relation to childcare and ripping people off for a huge stash of cash.

Nothing that appeals there really is there?

Luv Viv x

Anonymous said...

Re: neglect and protection of children.

When in Portugal, the McCanns 'lost' Maddie, and it was only when the parents came back to England that the faces of her brother and sister were 'blanked'; not seen in the media. That was the intervention of UK social services, protecting those children in a way that their doctor parents did not; their doctor parents who were well aware by their training of UK child protection laws; their parents who left 3 infants alone, night after night, in a foreign hotel room; their parents who still try to tell the world that their behaviour was 'within the bounds of responsible parenting'.

It wasn't. It isn't. Not in the UK. Not in Portugal. Not in any part of the 'civilised' world.

Anyone see the picture of desperate Turkish parents in a blazing Paris building throw their baby daughter out of the window into the arms of waiting police and onlookers who saved her this week? That is a baby girl loved by parents who may die, but want to live to see their baby live.
Not quite the picture of the McCanns, is it?
The McConns, neglecting their infants, and asking for public donations to search for Maddie? Or to sustain their lifestyle? Their egocentric drive to excuse themselves for what they have done or not done? And be seen to be 'good parents', despite all the evidence to the contrary?
I hope everyone will write to the UK Justice Minister Jack Straw, their local MP, the General Medical Council in the UK, and insist on Justice for Madeleine Beth McCann who was forsaken by her own family, and should not die in vain.
Are UK parents, doctors, children to be forsaken also? For the sake of petty power politics among arrogant adults? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! It's 00.25GMT. I forgot to post the time. Mea culpa. xo