16 Apr 2008


For the months that the investigation of Madeleine’s dissapearance has been going on, we have been reading from the papers and hearing from TV interviews and press conferences given by CM, a lot of contradictory information. Here is a list of the contradictions that I have noticed and which I wish could be explained. If any of you recall other contradictions, please feel free to edit the present list.


A window has been jemmied, but then it seems that no jemmied window was found;

doors were locked, and later claimed that a door was left unlocked in order to facilitate the checks on the kids;

the appartment 5 A could be seen from where the group was, but that was proven not to be true; in fact it was quite concealed by a high wall and trees, etc.;

checks were made on the kids every 30 minutes, but later said that it was every 20 minutes or so;

cuddle cat was placed high on a shelve, but from pictures of the room seen in the media, there was no such a piece of furniture; lately it emerges that cuddle cat was more or less where it was before Madeleine vanished;

the Tapas bar was a few steps away, but it was more that a few steps away;

they would never leave Portugal without finding out what happened to Maddie, but left as soon as the picture turned a little darker;

they were the first to arrive at the Tapas bar, but their buddies stated otherwise, that they were the last to arrive there;

a lie test would be taken, but then they changed their mind;

bundle man was like this now, but later he was like that;

bundle man was heading to the beach, but later he was walking in another direction;

fund money would not be used for personnal expenses, but used it to pay mortgage;

they were paying for Retardo's fees, but their money provider did say that he was paying for it;

Retardo's contract would not be renewed in March, but it was;

there are wholly innocent explanations for everything that the police may or may not find, but yet they don't offer up such explanations;

there was no pact of silence, but later one of the group apparently said that in fact they did and it was nobody bussiness;

some sort of normality was wanted for their lifes back in the UK, yet almost every single day there's something new that they are letting out thorough CM;

they want to go back to Portugal and help the investigation, but they are as fast as the wind in the hiring of extradition lawyers;

Gerry reported on the initial stage of the investigation that a blue tennis bag went missing, but later he denied that he ever had such a bag;

PJ offered Kate a deal if she confessed, but their lawyer said that there has been no offer of any deal by the police;

they would do anything to help the investigation, but then they are now saying that they will not go back to Portugal for the reconstruction of the night of 3rd May 2007 (what happened to the affirmations that if asked to, they would go back anytime?);

Kate was too fragile to go to Portugal for the said reconstruction, but then off to Brussels they go, with Kate looking pretty and healthy…in fact, never seen her looking so fit!

they were loving and responsible parents, BUT WERE THEY?


leigh3 said...

Family and PR allow McCanns to be portrayed as devout Catholics, but they used IVF for their children; contrary to Catholic teaching.

These 'devout Catholics' only visited their local church after returning from Portugal, 18 months after they moved to Rothley.

These media savvy 'devout Catholics' allowed their PRs to talk of an audience with the Pope, but in fact, they met him in public, and Kate did not cover her head, as is respectful by Catholic tradition.

These 'devout Catholics' left Portugal without paying their respects to the local Priest who has since been admonished by his Bishop for giving them keys to the Church.

These 'devout Catholics' made their daughter a 'trademark', and sell trinkets in her name, both at the Portuguese church (so soon after she 'disappeared'!), and online via their website store.

These 'devout Catholics' say their behaviour was 'within the bounds of responsible parenting', although it defies the Church's teachings on parental duty.

These 'devout Catholics' are convenient converts, in my opinion. Their actions speak louder than their words. No doubt, the wedding ceremony was beautiful; and the christenings. The Portuguese church proved profitable in their publicity drive, and fund raising.

'Money changers' - that's a more appropriate Biblical term for them, in my opinion.

Actions speak louder than words.

P.S. Nice to see you, Viv. No surrender.

leigh3 said...

The McCanns vow to assist the Portuguese investigation, but hire the UKs most expensive extradition lawyers, who represented the notorious Chilean dictator, Pinochet.

The McCanns talk of a European wide 'Amber Alert' System, but left their own sleeping infants alone, night after night, while they were at the bar with pals.

The McCanns launch an unprecedented worldwide media campaign, but use expensive UK libel lawyers to threaten anyone who questions their version of events.

The McCanns talk of their sympathy for missing children, but use public donations to give 'financial assistance' to their own family, and nothing to other charitable causes, including impoverished families of missing children.

The McCanns, middle class doctors with income far in excess of most UK parents take money from children, the elderly, the poor, and the dispossessed who think their money will help search for Madeleine, without realising it serves her family's bank balance.

The McCanns talk of searching for Madeleine, but they hire corporate fraud specialists Metodo3, aware of money laundering, who have no track record of searching for missing children.

So many 'inconsistencies' and 'contradictions' in the version of events given by the McCanns, and their holiday friends, according to the ongoing police investigation.

leigh3 said...

'Metodo3...no track record of finding missing children.'

They claim to have searched for a child, and found one. That's not sufficient 'search and rescue' experience by anyone's understanding of investigation.

Metodo3 are 'ludicrous' in their claims to have Maddie home by Christmas, as everyone but The Pink One - Clarence 'I'm just doing my job' Mitchell - acknowledges.

Cláudia said...

This one is for the not that smart Dianeh from the House of Filth:
Girl, I know that you have no reasons to be a Portuguese law expert, but you could at least learn how to interpret. ALL arguidos have access to COPIES of their STATEMENTS to the police. itherwise, lwayers would be up in arms. Sorry to disappoint you, but it has always been like that before the holy McCanns and it will still be like that long after they are history.
P.S: no need to thank me. Always a pleasure.

viv said...

Hiya Leigh

I liked your satirical post about what devout catholics the McCanns are. Nothing they say is quite as it seems when you put it under the spotlight (who needs a microscope) is it!

To me true christianity though has never been about making a show of going to church, it has far more to do with being a good person, one with compassion, decency and concern for others. I see all the show from the McCanns I do not see the good bits. Being an egotistical publicity seeker does not quite fit with being a good christian does it. I wonder why Gerry does not allow anyone to post on his blog? Well no I do not actually wonder why, I know, because he likes to tell and expect others to listen, there is only one side of the story so far as he and the equally odious Clarence are concerned, their side. Well not on here and not even on Sky and the Daily Mail, the public know the other side of the story very well by now and the police know it intimately well, together with the character of the accused.


You made me really laugh again, for acid wit you really do take some beating and you know I am not struck on one who calls herself DianeH and thinks it is an amusing little story how she sits blogging whilst her 3 year old little boy plays with dog mess and dog food.

I thought it was a story about a person who could fail to undertand anything wrong with Kate and Gerry McCann, they do exist! I have not seen one of them on that site, who could grasp the simplest of legal procedures, as you so clearly set out:-)

Cláudia said...

Viv, querida amiga, and I am in a GREAT mood today! :-)

Cláudia said...

Viv, going to bed now.
Dorme bem, querida amiga.

nancy said...

Margarida -

Wow! All those discrepancies - and how many more to come I wonder. I can't really think of anything to add other than what CM said about the Tapas 9 not having watches or mobiles with them that night; not just a discrepancy that, but a downright lie in my opinion! If that's true, just how did Gerry make all those mobile phone calls and send messages!! Did he manage to do all that in the 45 minutes delay before the police were called I wonder?

nancy said...

I'm going to the first post by Viv now otherwise it will mean jumping from one to the other - see you there hopefully!

Nancy x