29 Apr 2008


Cheers for a great thread LGC, these are just a few pics Luke and I took today on a rainy day and when it was pitch black tonight which I thought turned out rather arty Viv x

Viv has asked me (LGC) to start a new thread about a cheeky Dutch connection...

...many people who have espied Madeleine on her travels all over Europe and North Africa have turned out to be from Holland. Are the Dutch particularly well-travelled? Haven't they got homes to go to? Or could there perhaps be the teensiest link with the McCanns who used to live there and who (presumably) made many Dutch friends?

I posted extracts from this the other day. It's from the 3As, written by PolandGuy. It's longish, but worth following through to the end.


Poland Guy writes:-

I always find it useful to take a peek at the “Properties” of Word or other documents. It never ceases to amaze me how careless some people are. In the new HTFM website, http://helpingtofindmadeleine.org you will find downloadable Word documents in the news section.

The document “Statement Morocco” reveals its properties to be that of:

Author: Isabelle, Company: St Johns Chambers. A quick google search reveals St Johns Chambers to be a Bristol-based legal company, http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/:

Welcome to St John's Chambers. From Commercial & Chancery to Family, and from Public & Administrative Law to Personal Injury, St John’s Chambers provides one of the most comprehensive sources of legal expertise and advice in the South West. We have over 60 respected Barristers, with six Silks, including many nationally renowned specialists, often working on high profile cases that are of national importance.

Our client base includes many major regional and national law firms, representing prominent businesses and private individuals requiring representation and advice. In all cases we seek to make our services accessible, flexible and focused on the people that matter most – our clients.

And a key employee is indeed Isabelle Mills, http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/client_service/

Isabelle MillsIsabelle Mills, Office Manager is responsible for the Administration of Chambers as well as providing assistance to Mr. Richard Stead, Head of Chambers and Mr. Vincent Denham, Chief Executive. In addition, Isabelle is also currently responsible for chambers marketing activities, public relations, co-ordinating the website, seminars and roadshows for our practice groups. Isabelle also manages our client satisfaction feedback programme.

It is possible that Isabelle Mills is a lone loony, using her office computer to generate material for the HTFM website. However, the fact that St Johns Chambers specialize in the areas of:

Child Abduction http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/child_care/

and Clinical Negligence http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/clinical_negligence/

and Holiday Litigation http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/holiday_litigation/

suggests the possibility of a broader commercial relationship between themselves and the Tapas group, or members thereof. If this were true, then Mills' role may be to generate public support for the McCanns via her HTFM activities, thereby making possible litigation against the PJ and/or Mark Warner more likely to succeed and/or successful prosecution by the PJ more difficult. It would certainly fit in with her role in the company of being "responsible for chambers marketing activities, public relations, co-ordinating the website...

"It is also worth noting that one of Isabelle Mills' functions is "providing assistance to Mr. Richard Stead, Head of Chambers". The website informs us as follows:

New Head of Chambers at St Johns. We are delighted to announce that Richard Stead is the new Head of Chambers with Susan Jacklin QC and Leslie Blohm QC as his Deputy Heads.

It is a remarkable coincidence that there is also a Richard Stead who owns a villa in Praia da Luz:http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/portugal/P4567.htm (see bottom of page)http://www.villa-praia-luz.com/ Richard Stead of St John's Chambers has since contacted the3arguidos.net, denying that he is the owner of the Algarve villa.

Finally, the other Word document on the HTFM site, on "Spain, Ceuta, Melilla Islands", is by "Godelieve”, but no company is given. However, a quick glance at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/prot ... tures.html, which is an online petition signed by Isabelle Mills, suggests that “Godelieve” is surely Godelieve Koelma. Godelieve Koelma seems to be a web designer and all-round funky person, as her website http://www.lieveke.com/Default.htm reveals.

She also has a myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/lieveke_dot_com

A Dutch connection!

Note: during the course of the afternoon of April 24th, after this thread had been running for several hours, the Word documents at the original addresses above were pulled from the HTFM site, and replaced by identical .pdf documents, with the properties listed above removed.However, the original Word documents with their original properties were saved, and can be viewed here together with their .pdf equivalents:1. Dec Doc: http://www.tapas9.info/content/htfm_statement_morocco.doc2. Feb Doc: http://www.tapas9.info/content/febstatement.doc3. Dec PDF: http://www.tapas9.info/content/htfm_statement_morocco.doc4. Feb PDF: http://www.tapas9.info/content/feb14_2008_statement.pdf

LGC continues...

Dolores posted this on another thread:-

Truth and Lies April 29, 2008

The police denied the information published by Sky News. The PJ said to be unaware of an attempted abduction of a minor Dutch in the Algarve as publishes Sky News. The case involve a suspect whose description is similar to that given in the disappearance of Madeleine. An official of the Judicial Department of Portimao reported to the Portuguese press that the PJ was unaware of any situation of this kind and there was no ongoing investigation on this matter.

According to Sky News, the young Dutch 15 years returned home, to 18.00 on 11 March, after going into a supermarket nearby. It was followed by a man in black jeep, tinted windows that would open the door of his car to prevent the teenager to continue his path. It would have then tried to force the girl to climb on board. The Dutch will be discussed and reportedly managed to escape the clutches of her attacker. The young man described about 40 years, long hair, gold ring fingers.

According to Sky News, the description coincides with that of the man that Kate and Gerry McCann believe they have abducted their daughter. For the record, the man was wearing robot prepared in case McCann was identified in his time and absolved of all suspicion in this case. The father of the young Dutch wished to remain anonymous. Elements disturbing.

It is noteworthy that the Netherlands are frequently since the beginning of the disappearance of Madeleine. In fact, Gerry has worked in the Netherlands and many relations. The woman who saw Madeleine in a gas station in Morocco lives or has lived in the....The woman who claims to have seen Madeleine in Belgium is ...Dutch. The girl who reported seeing Madeleine dancing in a restaurant in France is ...Dutch. The girl's article Sky News is ... Dutch.

Simple coïncidence? In all cases, these elements are disturbing. Some people, convinced of the first hour, "against winds and tides" of the innocence of parents have come to wonder: "If the parents are innocent, why the machine communications Clarence Mitchell seeks, sometimes quite awkward , To doubt the public? "

And, as Dolores points out, weren't the twins born in Holland? (Do they have many Dutch Uncles??)

Is there a Dutch connection connection?


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hope4truth said...


Intresting new thread still reading...

Have you finished your re writting yet??? nag nag nag naggaty nag nag xxx

dolores said...

Good post,I am not sure if it was Madeleine who was born in Holland and JT was present at the birth I read this months ago,and have been trying to locate it for ages.

Open to discussion,could these be other Dutch connections?

Peter Mc Cann
-Castle Craig has a branch in Holland. Gerry worked in Holland.

Madeleines IVF was done in Holland.

P M cCann also has a holiday home in Gozo Malta.

marga said...

And the first diversion tactic was also sent to a Dutch newspaper, the letter with the map, can't remember exactly what it was after so uncountable manouvres.

marga said...

BTW, I found the link below in Joana Morais blog along with other German articles whose main topic was the one year anniversary. Don't know if this dutch article is on the same subject.

Atardi, can you enlighten us, please?


LittleGreyCell said...


Have sent you an email timed around 18.57 (bit vague, I know...)


hope4truth said...


Look at you with your own thread published (have you ever thought about writing as a career???)...

Hope you are ok xxx

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Hope,

Oh, yes, of course!!! (That's Clarriespeak for no!).

How are you? Has the toothache gone?


hope4truth said...



I spent 30 minutes in a dentist chair today still hurts but better than it was...

Intresting article I cant see how people would lie for them it would be a dangerous game if they suddenly felt they could not live with the lie anymore or got the chance to sell thier story?

Then again I am far to trusting and asume everyone would feel guilty if they lied...

Poor Madeline xxx

isis said...

http://www.the3arguidos.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11229 interesting and has a dutch connection, anyone remember the strongwood investigation?

atardi said...


I know that "de Telegraaf" received a map containing information about the place where Madeleine's body could be found.

Ana said...

Hello everyone,

Hi Isis, I was just thinking in post that information! Well, is another Dutch connection but a good one, this time!

Here is the information:
Here the link!

Strongwood investigates Madeleine McCann case
august 7, 2007

A special missing person team of Investigations Company Strongwood has been investigating the Madeleine McCann case as of the end of June. The team was hired by a group of more than 105.000 Dutch citizens to do this investigation at only the costs of research.

The team has conducted an intensive preliminary analysis based on all the facts, scenarios, information, leads, broadcastings of interviews and images received by tested clairvoyance from the Netherlands and USA.

On the 31 of July the Team wend to Praia da Luz to investigate and conclude if al findings where possible. The team was formed of three detectives, a child expert in special children with a disorder, and a tested person with special abilities.

It became clear that the scenario of what might have happened became closer and closer to the leads this team was heading to. Because the media was watching the investigation team of the Portuguese police with two British investigators and well trained dogs, the Strongwood team could do their research without intervention.

While profiling involved people and researching our facts the team concluded that Madeleine could have been died before 19:00 we also found that Madeleine is a kid with a disability (autistic) which could explain her behavior and explain some witness declarations. The dogs of the British police marked the dead of the child in the apartment with traces of found blood. If death is marked than the child must have been death in that apartment for a couple of hours. Our team thinks she is moved from there with a white combi/transit vehicle to a beach location, while dumping the body into the sea. The person who has been seen walking with a child is a contradiction, but because one of the friends stated this witness declaration she would have recognize the child as Madeleine.

We are convinced she has been given to the ocean and our (oceanic) calculations of May were slightly off course due to miscalculated temperatures and currencies onsite. These calculations have to be done again to indicate the course of a body in the ocean; we are also calculating a possible time of dissolution and take into account animals eating of the body. We have a few possible marked places we already checked and checked, but maybe we where to early as the indication now are end of August beginning of September.

We are convinced that the body has been dropped into the sea at the rocks on the left of the beach. The images who were received from our special person (in May, June, July and onsite) are in-line with the facts an also indicate what we expected.

What is happened is not sure, our calculations and facts indicated a possible time of dead or as much as a time she was already dead. If this had happened inside the apartment it indicates a possibility that resort employees, the McCann’s or their friends, or one of them knew this. Also the fact that the place could have been cleaned points in that direction.

Robert Murat has been seen on the evening/night of the 3rd the question is was he at home on the time he stated to the police. Our investigation leads in no way to this suspect other than that Murat could have done some things he didn’t want the police finding out before Madeleine even disappeared.
We had contacts with the Portuguese police and attended them on our investigation but as the new team with the British was formed, all communications channels where closed. We have tried to get our team in contact with the British investigators leading the portages team but we could not reach them at different times or where busy investigating.

Our team had to leave Portugal because we ran out of money which was gathered by the large group of people who hired us.

Back home we started to gather all information and findings of our investigation in Portugal and we are now investigation all this information and concentrating on the questions it gives. We are also watching the given statements on video by the McCann’s for psychological profiling. There are some indications that signals are not in the right context.

SOURCE: Strongwood

Here the website

Here another related article dated August 24, 2007

hope4truth said...

Hi Isis

I had not read that before have they McCanns threatend to sue them as well???

I wonder why they were hired by Dutch citezens do we know if any other groups of peopel have hired teams to investigate???


hope4truth said...

Hello Atardi

What do you make of the Dutch connection??

Hope you are well xxx

Cláudia said...

agree with you. Rosabosta must be someone close to them.


Marga, I have to disagree with you, darling. Rosiepoophead may be a friend or even extended family but she certainly isn't close to them. I am positive about this because if she was she would know some things she doesn't. In fact, if she was, she would have never doubted that that message on the McCann Files was indeed from Gon�alo Amaral. And I'll say no more! :-)

Hello, Ana! :-)

Gina said...

Hi all just got back from work and starving so need to cook something then will catch up on all those threads I did not have time to read that you posted earlier

Viv, saw your message, thanks for allowing arseing:-)

Dyland you said you sent me mail but I have somehow managed to screw up the email address I gave Viv and can't find the messages so have not received it.

Catch you later

Ana said...

Hello Cláudia,

Of course “the rosiepolpas thing” is not close to the McCanns, she likes to give that impression, but obviously she is not, She knows nothing, the only purpose is to make racist comments about Portugal and the Portugal police, the last thing I read, was the existence of tunnels between the church and Portimão, and that the Police has Maddie with them! LOLOL

Another thing she likes to say is that Portugal should be pull out from the EU, but she is so stupid that she doesn’t know that, that is impossible to do , and she seems to forget, or perhaps she doesn’t know, that the leader of the EU , is in fact Durão Barroso, and guess what Rosiepolpas, he is PORTUGUESE!

dolores said...

Another Dutch

Dutch police hold Madeleine hoax suspect
Updated 13.32 Fri Jul 06 2007
Keywords: Netherlands, Madeleine McCann
Police in the Netherlands have arrested a man on suspicion of trying to extort money from the parents of missing Madeleine McCann by claiming he knew her whereabouts.
The 39-year-old unemployed man sent six emails to the McCanns from an internet cafe and a local job centre demanding payment of about £1.5 million in exchange for the information.
Dutch authorities said there was no indication that the man was involved in the disappearance of Madeleine or that he was actually aware of her whereabouts
Dutch authorities said there was no indication that the man was involved in the disappearance of Madeleine or that he was actually aware of her whereabouts.
Madeleine, age four, was snatched from her bed while her parents dined at a nearby restaurant in the Praia da Luz resort in Portugal's Algarve region on May 3.
Last month a Dutch newspaper published an anonymous letter describing a spot close to the resort where it said Madeleine's body could be found, prompting a search of the scrubland area.
The Crime Squad said they saw no connection between the man, who was arrested in the town of Eindhoven, and the letter.
© Independent Television News Limited 2007. All rights reserved

dolores said...

McCann case: animal crematorium searched
21st September 2007, 14:38 WST

Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann have searched an animal crematorium run by a Dutch criminal.

Evert Hendrik, who spent almost eight years in jail for planting bombs in the Netherlands, said police had searched his property on Thursday, asking him if he had any connection with the McCann family.

Two plain clothes police officers spent about 30 minutes on the premises, including going inside the furnace. One of them filmed the building.

They declined to comment on whether they were searching for Madeleine.

Hendrik's crematorium is 50km from the Praia da Luz resort where the four-year-old went missing on May 3 as her parents dined in a nearby restaurant.

"They asked me three times whether I knew or had spoken to the parents of the girl," Hendrik, also known as Eef Hoos, said.

"But it's impossible (for me to have known them)."

Hendrik said police had visited him numerous times before but Thursday's visit was the first time he'd been asked about the McCann case.

"Police have been here 20 or 30 times but not for the McCann case, they asked about the furnace," he said.

He explained how he earned his living as a debt collector, but carried out animal incinerations as a side line in a furnace on wasteland on the slopes below his house in the Algarve region.

Following complaints about the smell from neighbours he said he had closed down the furnace in March this year but added that he continued to carry out incinerations at a site in Lisbon.

Meanwhile, Madeleine's parents - officially named as suspects in her disappearance - have said they are prepared to take a lie detector test to prove their innocence.

Friends say Kate and Gerry McCann want to show they have nothing to hide.

"If they are asked to take a lie detector test by police they would," a friend said.

"They have said all along that they want to co-operate fully with the Portuguese police, but as of today they have received no such request from the Portuguese authorities.

"Kate and Gerry are happy to do anything that will help clear their names."

A judge examining a 4,000-page dossier of evidence in the case is now believed to have completed his review and handed the files back to prosecutors. But no details of any rulings have so far been made public.

Earlier this week, the senior prosecutor in the case announced that police were continuing to investigate all options.

Supporters of the McCanns interpreted it as a sign that the case against the couple was beginning to crumble.

Cláudia said...

Ana, darling, that woman is either as fond of drinks as the Tapas or old age has finally taken it's toll. :-) And I am certain she isn't close or she would have a lot more info. :-) Or maybe she is but they just don't trust her! lolol

dolores said...

Why the lies?

"They have said all along that they want to co-operate fully with the Portuguese police, but as of today they have received no such request from the Portuguese authorities.

"Kate and Gerry are happy to do anything that will help clear their names."

They will do anything in their power not to co-operate ,answer questions, and go back to Portugal for a reconstruction.
And not tell the truth by running a mile (Brussels) when PJ get to close.

hope4truth said...


Hello xxx

I have tried to post twice on your blog yesterday and today and it wont post any idea why ??? xxx

hope4truth said...


Good point why lie?

Why not answer questions and why keep spinning that they are happy to do anything that will help find her and then do the opposite?

Poor child did not stand a chance...


Ana said...

Well Cláudia, I think it could be both: She is a drunk women, with serious head problems and her age is not helping too:) Concerning the third option, although she is a thing that no one can trust, she doesn’t know them, in my opinion!

atardi said...


Talking to a friend on the phone.

Will respond later.

Ana said...

And why they complained that the Portuguese investigators didn’t contact them while they were re-interviewing the friends?
I know that they did try, but they were not in Rothley, then they had try to contact them by phone but the roaming service was not working at the time so they give up ! lolol

Cláudia said...

Hope, but you posted there. I even mentioned your lovely avatar! Or do you mean you tried posting again and couldn't do it?

Ana, I agree with you! :-)

leigh3 said...

LGC and Ana.

All very interesting, this Dutch connection, yes?

Personally, I trust the Dutch, the Netherlands, the Vikings, and their cousins the Irish - all of them have pursued this story with calm conscience, without fear or favour.

Odd how the McCanns Dutch, Irish, Scottish, English countrymen/contacts are so skeptical of them.

You would think that these countries would be joining the frenzy whipped up by the McCanns' hired hands, and family, but these countries remain distant, skeptical, inquiring.

How odd. How right, I think.

Most parents of missing children find that their fate is forgotten by the wider public, but becomes the focus of more heartfelt, outspoken comment from their immediate communities: the people they know personally, and professionally.

Odd how that hasn't happened with the McCanns. They still need to court gullible strangers - and there are fewer of them now than there were last year when they launched a money making, global marketing campaign, selling trinkets in the trademark name of their daughter Madeleine, 'missing', aged 3, left alone night after night with her siblings, aged 2 while her parents wined and dined with 'friends' who did the same - leaving even younger babies unattended in a foreign land.

Odd how the public just don't buy this hard sell story of unique victims: the McCanns and their holiday friends defending themselves, and neglecting infants.

Or maybe it's human nature seeing the truth, and questioning 'inconsistencies' and 'contradictions'?

Ta LGC. Ta Ana. Eyes wide open.

Cláudia said...

Ana, in fact I heard that the PJ bought some chouriças, broas, Vinho do Porto and azeitonas (typical Portuguese products, guys) so they could all enjoy a lovely meal together. But they decided to run away, excuse me, fly to Brussels to talk about child safety (cough, cough)...

Zodiac said...


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Excellent thread.

Ana - LOL!
and she seems to forget, or perhaps she doesn’t know, that the leader of the EU , is in fact Durão Barroso, and guess what Rosiepolpas, he is PORTUGUESE!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008 20:19:00 o'clock BST

leigh3 said...

Fope of the Farden Centre!!!

I have the same problem. I posted on Claudia's site immediately, (number 18 I would have been; beat that my little buttercup!), but I fear it didn't work.

I'm a hopeless Luddite; a 'blunt nib'; much too 20th Century. My associates think it's hilarious. I think it's pathetic! Doh.

Ana said...

Leigh darling,

How right you are!
And yes, eyes wide open, always! :)

Ana said...


hope4truth said...

Hi Claudia

How strange I can see it now but cant see what I have just posted???

I was reading trolls site earlier and just posted the above to you and realised that it posted there (but that is not visable yet either???)

If you are reading troll I apologise I blame my toothache...


hope4truth said...

Hi Leigh

I am glad it is not just a Fope thing LOL

If you read my last post to Claudia you will see I had a major farden centre moment just now DOH xxxx

Ana said...

Your posts, on Cláudia´s blog, is not automatically seen because Cláudia needs to check it first just to be sure is not a troll :)
She has this warned there:
Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

hope4truth said...


Ah now it makes sense thanks for that...

My husband is allways nagging me because I never read instructions (guess I should start) LOL xxx

atardi said...


I'm back.

About the Dutch connection.

I see it this way.

1. It can be a tactic they use. Spain,France,etc is too close to Portugal. And in Holland we don't see it as a personal attack when our country is mentioned.

2. How does the British public think about Dutch people?

I hadto google to find sth about the Dutch girl and father. It was not mentioned here.

Ana said...

Don’t worry about that, you have your husband to do that! :)
Your Husband says exactly what I always say to mine, he also doesn’t read instructions, but he has me for that! Lolol
So everything works!

Gina said...

Isis/Ratty I have just looked at that RTE link you posted. I think it is excellent. It seemed very fair and unbiased. We could do with some more programmes like that. Will have to catch up with the Dutch connection later by which time you will all probably have moved on the the french connection, the Italian Job and abducted by Aliens.

dolores said...

Hi all,

Mrs Healy said"I think they were misled into thinking it was OK - but there was no CCTV, no security. There is this acceptance among couples with young children, like Kate and Gerry and their friends, that these are good resorts and safe environments."

What are you implying Mrs H, who on earth misled them?

Gerry is back at work full-time and she rarely ventures out. When the twins aren’t at the nursery they attend twice a week, Kate wants them close by.She doesn’t want to be out and about, in the spotlight.
"If we’d had to ask, 'Are they safe?', we would never have left. We never thought that there was a risk. We thought we were being reliable and responsible. I did not think at all about a burglar.
"One never expects that someone will come among you and take your child in their bed. The only reason that we went backwards and forwards to the apartment was in case they woke up.
"For the first few days the guilt was very difficult. You torture yourself with that. But we’ve had so many letters of support and calls from people saying we would have done exactly the same. As time goes on we feel stronger and we’ve felt very supported.
"I think at worst we were naive. We are very responsible parents. We love our children very much.
"We grieve, of course we grieve — but ultimately we need to be in control so we can influence and help in any way possible."

Am I really reading this !!
Need to influence?
So she was not out and about in the spotlight !! in Washington and Brussels recently?
And the person who took Madeleine is the most guilty.So leaving the apartment unlocked, and your children at risk,is not your guilt.Geez... you are in need of help,it's always someone else. This is the first night tonight of the five nights you could'nt care less about your babies....

When will they finally admit, only they are to blame for poor Madeleines demise.

hope4truth said...

Hi Atardi

I did not realise there was so many things linked to Holland until I read this article. I dont think any of the British Public are thinking there is a big Dutch connection then again most of the British Public (or the people I speak to) know a lot about this eg sightings etc...

How are you have you had a nice day??? xxx

hope4truth said...


We both have the right mix then it only needs one of us to read instructions LOL xxx

atardi said...


Bedankt voor het nieuwe onderwerp.

Denk je dat de McCanns gek zijn op de Edammer kaas?

You said I could try in Dutch.

viv said...

Oh wow LGC what fantastic thread - thanks so much darling I knew you would do a good one!

There are so many Dutch connections to explore - first I am going to look for the bit in Gerry's blog where he talks about visiting his Dutch friends on their European tour.

Then I want to try and find the article that came out in the early stages that Madeleine was dead and producing a map of her whereabouts. Then there are so many sightings originating from Dutch people. This just has to be more than a coincidence IMO.

Atardi, It is certainly nothing personal. I have been to Holland but only when I was a little girl and remember the Dutch people as being really lovely:-)

hope4truth said...

Hello Goodbye Viv

Nice to see you I am off to bed tooth still not right and it stops hurting when I lie down ???

Night all see you all soon xxxxx

leigh3 said...

Dolores of the pink rose.

Libel court. Bet on it.
Always enjoy reading your timely news reminders. Press on, chica.

Meanwhile...dolce vita. It's a beautiful world, whatever the petty tantrums spoilt brats may throw in our way :-)

leigh3 said...

Boa noite Ana y Portugal.

OUR eyes are wide open. Time and perseverance serves our purpose.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

You could try lieing in bed with a warm water bottle on the side of your face. It is such a horrible thing tootache and I hope you will soon feel better.

Gina - thanks for allowing arseing:-)


Dutch teen claims Madeleine McCann sighting
Email Printer friendly version Normal font Large font Missing ... Madeleine McCann.
Photo: AP
Other related coverage
McCann case nearing its end: minister
February 21, 2008

Police investigating an alleged sighting last week of Madeleine McCann in southern France have determined it was not the missing British girl, a police official said.

Investigators had taken seriously a Dutch teenage tourist's account that she believed she had seen McCann alive at a French roadside restaurant near the city of Montpellier on February 15, a police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak publicly on the matter.

After viewing closed-circuit video footage, police investigators spotted a man and a young girl who indeed resembled the British girl, but determined it was not McCann after a thorough inspection, the official said.

The file has been transferred to a state prosecutor in Montpellier, the official said, declining to provide further information.

Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander interviewed Melissa Firing, 18, who said she was sure the girl she saw was McCann because of the way she reacted when she called out her name, and because she was able to look her in the eyes.

An adult man accompanying the child took her and left the restaurant quickly afterward, Firing told the newspaper.

McCann has been missing since May 3, 2007 when she disappeared during a family vacation in Praia da Luz in Portugal's Algarve region.

There have been numerous alleged sightings, but none has turned up the girl.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Viv and everyone

The Dutch connection is quite interesting. I do believe that a young couple living in the Netherlands for a year or so does a bit of networking;)

Off topic,just wanted to give some advice to Hope(if allowed,Viv)- if you have any cloves(dried) in your kitchen,try and bite on it

atardi said...


There might be a Dutch connection but I think it's used in the British media to influence the public.

That's why I asked you how British people think about Holland.

What the McCanns don't know is that it doesn't look good for them when they are being discussed here by professionals on the radio.

About the map in the "Telegraaf" it was in june '07 when Gerry was here also.

It was supposed to be a secret operation but someone leaked the info to the McCanns and Gerry was furious.

What I have read at that time was that someone that the car was hired again.

I gave ROTB 2 weeks ago a link where you can read all this info.

Also about Strongwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goedenavond Atardi

I hope you are well

Gina said...

Hi Viv, Yes I do remember this sighting, the one where they looked into her eye. IMO IF Madeleine is every found alive it will not be sitting in a roadside cafe

dolores said...

We should do the next new thread as The Irish Connection.Plenty info there.

I have Dutch friends,and they are lovely people,this is no slight on Holland. We love you dear friend.

Good friends are like stars.........You don't always see them, but you know they are there.


atardi said...

Goedenavond southerncross,

Wat goed om jouw hier te zien/lezen.

We had Melissa Fiering and now Godelieve Koelma. Godelieve is very,very belgian name. Koelma is very "Fries" you know in Friesland?

Anonymous said...

Hello Atardi

And first of all, thank you for the welcome!

Friesland- that sounds like the "lieveke" from HTFM.Also living in Cape Town?

Ana said...

Another Dutch conection

by our Internet desk


Portuguese police are interviewing two Dutch newspaper reporters who have found a towel in the area identified as the possible burial location of four-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann in a tip-off from a Dutch source."

mandarinn said...


marga said...

Hi! Have just arrived home and want to wish you all a good night.

Sonhos cor-de-rosa lindas!

God bless you all and Madeleine.

atardi said...



Really here in Holland I don't see/read it as an attack to our country. Belgium and Holland can be mentioned now.

What I tried to explain was that Holland is safe to mention because they have lived here, had the IVF's here. They are afraid to mention other countries because they received threats.

Cláudia said...

Hello, guys!
Just wanted to tell you that the reason the comments on I'm proud of the PJ blog don't appear immediately is because I have comment moderation on and have to approve comments first. Just to avoid Rosipoohead's filth.

Hi, Viv! :-) How are you, darling?

Marga, dorme bem.

Hello, Ana, Mandarinn and the rest of you who are still here! :-)

atardi said...


See you tomorrow.

dolores said...

Thank you for explaining,I was concerned that you would be upset.


viv said...

Hiya again guys and good to see you all.


That was such a good link about ~Dutch connection I am pasting it below. It is strange that both of these reports were indicating the death of Madeleine. I wonder if that towel really was found? It seems a little incredible to be carrying a child dead or alive in towels!

I notice the comments that followed this article, clearly suggesting Madeleine was dead or carried off by a paedophile produced exclusively Pro-McCanns comments. Did the tactics have to move on from this to indicating she was alive so they have a reason to keep money grabbing?

Viv x

English > Current Affairs

New evidence in Madeleine McCann caseby our Internet desk


Portuguese police are interviewing two Dutch newspaper reporters who have found a towel in the area identified as the possible burial location of four-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann in a tip-off from a Dutch source.

Photograph courtesy of findmadeleine.com

Wrapped in towels
According to their newspaper De Telegraaf, another tip-off has come in from a different source claiming that a man was seen carrying a child wrapped in towels near the place where Madeleine disappeared. Five Portuguese detectives accompanied the Dutch reporters to the spot where they found the towel, followed by a Portuguese TV camera crew.
It was De Telegraaf which received the anonymous letter containing clues regarding the whereabouts of the missing child. Both Dutch and Portuguese police are taking the letter very seriously, because it seems to have been written by the same person who last year sent a letter providing the exact location of the two murdered Belgian girls Stacey and Nathalie.

The letter said Madeleine could be found not far from the hotel room she was abducted from on 3 May this year near Praia de Luz, Portugal. It says that she lies buried "north of the road under branches and rocks, around six to seven metres off the road" in a barren and deserted hilly landscape.

Crosses on a map that came with the letter show the alleged location of her body. De Telegraaf handed the letter over to Dutch police who sent a full colour scan to detectives in Portugal. A full-scale search of the area with sniffer dogs is taking place today.

Celebrity appeal
The McCann family has enjoyed broad public support following the abduction of their daughter. A British businessman has offered a reward of 1.5 million euros for a golden tip regarding Madeleine's whereabouts. The famous football players David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have appeared on television to appeal for her release.

Tags: abduction, Beckham, clue, De Telegraaf, detectives, Maddie, Maddy, Madeleine, McCann, missing, Nathalie, parents, Portugal, Praia de Luz, reporters, Ronaldo, Stacey, tip-off, towel

dolores said...

Marga Goodnight...sleep well.zzzzzzzzzzz


viv said...

Hiya Claudia

I am really good thanks darling. I am find the exploration of possible links to their Dutch friends very interesting. It was certainly a technique in the early stages for Philomena to be feeding the UK Press, were their Dutch friends feedings the Dutch press? This certainly coincides with their "European tour". I am going to have another look for Gerry's blogging around that period where I recall he specifically talks about their visit to their Dutch friends.

I know Atardi does not take this personally, there are many links also to Ireland, Gerry is born of Irish immigrant parents, and of course Scottish and UK links generally, many from the Leicester area e.g. the agency providing the silly Mark Williams Thomas! I just want this to flag up how busy Gerry has been:-)

Nite Margax

dolores said...

This perhaps is why the Pj keep saying they know where Madeleine was before being moved a second time.They have something.


viv said...

Which reminds me maybe we should look again at the Smiths who say they saw a man carrying a child just as Jane Tanner did and that man was certainly not the very tall Mr O'Brien, it was someone of the same age, height and build as Gerry McCann. I still wonder if he realised he had been spotted and so provided these witnesses who would describe someone like him, but not actually him, of course?!

leigh3 said...

Sonhos cor-de-rosa lindas! Y tu, Marga.
Goedonevond Atardi.
Go to bed Claudia! Says Grandma Leigh, aged 102!!!
xo Viv the brave.
Dolores, nina, tomorrow is another day.

It's fab to see free speech cross international boundaries of time and place, in my opinion.
xo Darlings. Press on.

dolores said...

You really give us a reason with your encouragement,to push on with our inquisitive minds.

Sweet dreams.
Bouna notte

atardi said...


I have mentioned that towel from the MW on the DE and also smt about a jewel belonging to Kate that were found.

Cláudia said...

Hi, querida Viv!
I'm glad your fine!
To be honest, nothing coming from that lot surprises me anymore!

Grandma leigh, way too early to go to bed! :-)

docmac said...

Good, Claudia. You have more e-mail from Brazil to deal with ;-)

dolores said...

I found this from G's blog.

Day 34 -06/06/2007 - Wednesday

Today seemed to go very well with huge interest in our search for Madeleine. There has also been a little bit of criticism in the German press about the amount of media coverage but this did not seem to diminish the level of interest. The German interviewers are a little more direct with their questions but I was still surprised by the question as to whether Kate and I may be involved in Madeleine’s abduction! Hopefully our answers removed any doubt on that score and that our sole focus in all of the family campaigning is to get Madeleine back. After the media we met with a couple of politicians in private. Firstly, we saw the deputy justice minister for Germany who gave us reassurances regarding the investigation. Following this we met the Mayor of Berlin who is a very powerful and charismatic politician. He asked us what he could do for us and following this meeting asked German tourists who were in the Algarve around the time of Madeleine’s abduction to come forward. He is very popular and such public backing should help our appeal. We had to delay our onward flight to Amsterdam because of some information received by the police, which we needed to be consulted on. We diverted to the embassy in Berlin but it turned out to be nothing of interest. We unfortunately had to miss 2 TV programmes as we arrived in Amsterdam 3 hours late, very tired and emotionally drained. We did manage to catch up with a few friends briefly who we know from the year we lived in Amsterdam. They have been actively campaigning here on our behalf with poster distribution, contacting media and liasing with companies to get advertising space for large posters of Madeleine.

dolores said...

Day 35 - 07/06/2007
Day 35 - 06th June 2007
The press conference, meetings and appeal on TV today in Amsterdam all seemed to go well. I doubt there are many people left in Europe who do not know of Madeleine’s disappearance and hopefully everyone who has information will have come forward to the police. Today was particularly difficult for Kate and I because of the year we spent in Amsterdam with Madeleine. We have many friend s still there and could never have imagined coming back without her in such dreadful circumstances. Afterwards we caught with a friend of mine who was attending a medical conference in Amsterdam and a friend who helps run a playgroup that we attended We arrived back in Portugal and managed to spend some time with Sean and Amelie. We then drove to the concert in Lagos in aid of Madeleine, which is the first large public event in Portugal that I know of supporting the campaign. It was interesting mix of jazz, blues, orchestra and rap! We were presented with a painting with green and yellow hands from a class of schoolkids- hands of hope. There was a short speech and Kate thanked tke local community for their support. The amount of media coverage Madeleine’s disappearance has received is phenomenal. After Morocco we will have to take stock and decide on our best strategy. I am not convinced going to other European countries and holding meetings similar to Berlin and Amsterdam will help.

dolores said...

Day 42 - 14/06/2007 - Thursday
Six weeks since Madeleine disappeared. We believe Madeleine is alive and I am glad to say that following yesterday's letter in the Telegraaf (Netherlands) there has been no evidence that Madeliene is in the area indicated although there will be further searches tomorrow.

Day 43 - 15/06/2007 - Friday
The good news today is that the search in response to the letter in the Telegraaf did not find evidence of Madeleine. We still belive that Madeleine is alive. We have made some real progress deciding on campaign strategy. There is a huge amount of goodwill from people who want to help us find Madeleine and we have some concrete offers of support and are trying to finalise details before releasing them.

Tomorrow will be a family day.

docmac said...

Thanks LGC for this mine of information. It's all Dutch to me.

Thanks also for your Hollywood advice. Do you get Magnum ice creams in England? I'm addicted to Magnum Java Ltd. edition. I've never bought or even looked for ice cream there, to be honest. I never go in your summer!

viv said...

Hiya ~Dolores

There were certainly reports that police knew Madeleine's body had been moved around various locations, could this towel have been one of those locations? But that does not make sense that associates from Holland would lead them to this, does it? I have always wondered if that businessman friend, clearly linked to the proposed hospital redevelopment plan, a millionaire stored Madeleine's body? If she was kept for 25 days, the body had to be refrigerated, surely? He did offer to store the hire car, I know.

Also find this in my searches. In June Kate and Gerry were talking about Madeleine being dead and we were getting reports that she was, strange how now 12 months later she suddenly got resurrected???
The most salient point is right at the end, the police have been forced to follow many false leads including the latest from Holland. I am sorry to say this but it always looked to me like someone was playing games with the police, seriously trying to throw them off the right trail and waste their time, so they would not be looking at what Kate and Gerry McCann were doing!!

Here we get the spooky comments from ~Gerry his faith lapsed when he was in his twenties ...he was not sure which way to proceed...but now he was seeing tunnels with a light at the end..when he gets away with it! Of all the direction he should have gone in he has chosen some pretty bizarre ones, that is for sure. Does he still see that bright light I wonder, with all his catholic faith?

Viv x

From Times OnlineJune 15, 2007

Our faith will see us through, say McCanns
( Luis Forra/EPA)
Portuguese police on scrubland that will be searched today for evidence that Madeleine McCann is buried there

David Brown in Praia da Luz
The parents of Madeleine McCann have talked for the first time about the prospect of never seeing their daughter again as the search for a possible burial site was called off by Portuguese police yesterday.

The couple said they were relieved that the police had failed to find any trace of their daughter during the search of remote scrubland about nine miles from where she was abducted from her bed 43 days ago.

Mr and Mrs McCann, who have drawn heavily on their Catholic faith since their daughter’s abduction, said that although they were convinced Madeleine, 4, was still alive, they had considered what would happen if she were not returned home.

Gerry McCann, 39, said: “If we don’t get Madeleine back alive and well, I am sure our faith will be severely tested. At the end of it, we will still have our faith and we will also have comfort that Madeleine will be looked after.

McCanns consider interview bids

Pictures: searching for Madeleine
Video: McCann family start holiday

McCanns lash out at 'cruel' media
Madeleine’s parents to take back seat
Police investigate new Madeleine tip-off
“We haven’t dwelt on that, but I think that is what we will be left with. Our friends, our family, the Church have really rallied round. I think that’s the key thing for me,” he told The Tablet, a Catholic newspaper.

His wife Kate, a 38-year-old locum GP, said: “I have considered that as well and I have felt guilty asking, ‘Will this make or break my faith?’. And yet, at the same time you could argue that what’s happened in the first place could make or break your faith, and it hasn’t. It’s done the opposite. It has given us hope and strength.”

Mr McCann said that in the first few days they had feared that Madeleine, 4, was dead, until the arrival of two trauma specialists, Alan Pike and Martin Alderton, from the Centre for Crisis Psychology in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

“We couldn’t get out of our heads that she was likely to be dead, and we were truly, truly grieving,” Mr McCann said.

“But then the psychologist said: ‘Is there any other possibility?’ And then he started channelling negatives and saying: ‘Of course there are other possibilities.’ And we started to see that.”

The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have regularly attended the church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (Our Lady of Light) in Praia da Luz for Mass and have been given the keys to the building to pray privately in the evenings. Mr McCann, whose faith had lapsed for a time when he was in his twenties, told The Tablet about an experience he had while praying in the church during the days after Madeleine disappeared.

“When I was praying, I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots of ideas in my head of how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed,” said Mr McCann.

“I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions.

“I talked to you [Kate] about it and said, ‘I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things’. It was almost like something — I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit — came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path.”

The couple have led a campaign to find their daughter that has included meeting Pope Benedict XVI and trips to Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Rabat to promote the international search for Madeleine.

Meanwhile, the police have been forced to follow a series of false leads across the world, including the latest tip-off from the Netherlands.

librarising said...

Hey hope - temporary but v effective relief of toothache - let a soluble aspirin dissolve on the tooth.

viv said...

Hiya Dolores

Those were what I wanted to find, thanks so much. So on the 7 June he visits his friends in Holland and then just a week later there are all these leaks to Dutch press about where Madeleine's body is.

It is the little Freudian remarks you see as well isn't it, after Morocco he is not sure that visits to other European countries like Holland and Germany would help.

Holland was the real big help, I am sure of that, he could not speak to these friends on the phone or the net, he had been warned by Mitchell about bugging and Germany was a disaster, he did not set the agenda and got a right grilling on German TV. Come on down Oprah

Hello Doc! Good to see you again:-)

Claudia, darling I hope you had a good day too. Luke and I have been down to the lakes and around the lanes and woods with his flash new camera!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article lgc,

Goodnight everyone

viv said...

Goodnight Southern

~Viv x

docmac said...

Hey Southerncross, where've you been? I wanted to tell you to try that fillet with crushed garlic and chilli mixed into the marrow. It was stupendous. Yum!!

dolores said...

The PJ sadly trusted them to much.
I am glad you found this helpful,as I have had day 1 to 50 of his blogs for ages,as these are the ones that went whoosh cluck,everywhere.

xx D

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv.
Yes, I had a good day, thank you. I was mostly with the kids. My house is a mess. I'm having my room painted and the furniture changed so I won't probably be around as much in the next few days. And after the new furniture is here than I have to put all my stuff in the right place. And believe me, that will take time! :-)

Ana said...

Back again!


I remember that, it was a neck jewel, wasn’t it?
I remember someone here in Portugal, on a Portuguese program, which has talk about tha at the same time!

docmac said...

Hi Viv

I am waiting for our Portuguese friend to translate something for me. I should have been off earlier, but I have got into something else on the 'net now. Jokes, actually.

This Holland stuff is too taxing for me at this time of the morning!

docmac said...

Hey, Claudia! Get to work. This is not a Tapas bar you know.

dolores said...

I will send you some great jokes via Viv if you could ask her sweetly to pass them on.

docmac said...

Send away, Dolores :-))

They're not in Italian, are they?

dolores said...

No they are not,would I do that to you ?loool

Ana said...

Do you, all, remember, Sabine Mueller ?
She is not Dutch, she is a German journalist, but it was the first one that asks them about neglect! Good for her, I say!
It is good to remember, by this report , that Gerry was , at the time , considering leave the press conference also!

"Quite frankly, I was ready for them to walk out of the press conference.”
"The facts are that we were dining very close to the children and we were checking them very, very regularly.

"We are very responsible parents and we love our children so much."

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

I know you will soon get straight again and it is lovely when it is all freshly decorated.

I am putting a few pics on we took today. One was tonight when it was pitch black and has turned out more like an impressionist painting which I really like!


I am going to be in trouble I know I have many emails and still have not dealt with them but will now go and have a look!

Viv x

leigh3 said...

Dolores of the pink rose.

Just back to switch off laptop. Please do me a favour. Keep those blogs. Every word. You might be surprised to know how new they are to some. Just like Swedishmum's picture of the jolly McCanns, strolling along, complete with picture of 'missing' Maddie on Kate's skirt, Cuddle cat in hand, and broad grins on their faces, so soon after they were 'bereaved'.
Ta, Dolores. Keep everything if you can.

docmac said...

Oh good, Dolores

I await them with anticipation then. I will guage your sense of humour from them and return the favour. I have sent many, many jokes to the blogmistresses and not had any in return. I know they are very busy ladies though, but


Ana said...

How are you?

You ask:
“Did the tactics have to move on from this to indicating she was alive so they have a reason to keep money grabbing?”

Obviously, yes,in my opinion this is the main purpose of all those manipulated tactics we are all aware about. Remember that this article is dated June, when the money was growing day by day, by day!

atardi said...


I'm here because I want JFM. Like I said before in a mail to Hope,the McCanns don't know how the Dutch people (not their friends) think about them.

If you want some Dutch links I will mail you some. The serious media doesn't mention Kate and Gerry.

We are able to see the ITV documentary on friday here.

leigh3 said...

Really, I must switch off now, but trust our Viking friends, and that includes our Germans friends of children, and truth. Poor Gerry. They are his inquisitor. Boo hoo. Poor little Gerry, the boy who cried wolf too many times.

Boa noite,and see you next time.

docmac said...


Thanks for the link to that article. I am interested in the picture of them with the globe. What do the (mostly red) dots indicate? Some of them are labelled, others not. Was this on TV?

dolores said...

I try to keep as much as I can,it used to be useful on DX when I needed them against the enemy.:)


dolores said...

I don't want to tire Viv out and sent you 3 for today.?

viv said...

Hi Atardi

I think the way the Dutch people felt about the McCanns in June 2007 is completely different to how they feel about them now, not their friends of course, as you say, but even they must be very worried people, Interpol have been investigating the surrounding issues, false sightings etc for a long time!

Ana - when the money was pouring in by the sackload including so many cheques personally addressed to Kate and Gerry, they were filmed sitting on sofas delightedly opening the mail and strolling through PDL like a couple on their honeymoon with no children at all and deliriously happy as the pic on last night's thread shows.

There can be no doubt, as you say, there is one reason and one reason only, why they now seek to insist Madeleine is alive, so they can carry on with their cash building empire. Who knows they may even stump up some of the massive legal bills to try and defend themselves when they get charged

Viv x

viv said...

Nite Nite Leigh

See you again next time my fellow old trooper :-)

Luv Viv xxxxxx

leigh3 said...

It is still useful.
Falling off my perch now after very long day and night.
I hope you keep what you can keep. It will be useful.
leigh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
off perch now!

leigh3 said...

No surrender, we know this :-) trooper.
Much love to you and yours.
zzzzzzzzzzzzz, fallen off perch, and Nandy knows how that feels zzzz!

atardi said...


Slaap lekker.

(=sleep tight)

See you tomorrow.

dolores said...

I love the picture of the sky it's beautiful.:)the colours are amazing.


docmac said...

Dolores :-)

Viv, the first reference to your blog amongst all Madeleine blogs comes in at no. 33. Not bad.

Ana said...

A report by Allison Pearson :

Mail link

Wednesday's Front Pages:

The Mirror - " we nearly did´t go to that tapas Bar"

The Mail - "Why did you think it was ok to leave her" , with a photo of Kates crying a lot!

Metro - Kate crying!

dolores said...

Have you been sending K chillipeppers to make her cry? :)

atardi said...


Do you know more about the necklace Kate lost?

docmac said...


They couldn't fit in the envelope.

Ana said...

It was in a press conference, not sure if it apeared on a tv channel!
I will check this out,but you know my german is under zero, so it will be dificult! :)


Boa Noite, darling, always loved your worths! :)

docmac said...

Tired now. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Ana said...

No, I do not know, just that I remember that and saw someone on a Portuguese TV, mentioning that also, but it was a long time ago!
He said: "why had nobody ask Kate about her lost necklace? That would be very interesting!"

dolores said...

NITE nite,sleep well


Ana said...

Good Night Docmac!

dolores said...

They seem to be very careless people, they lost their,

sports bag

viv said...

Hiya Doc

What is this poll where the blog has come in at No 33 I dont know about it, but yes it does sound pretty good on the WWW, we should all be proud in seeking Justice and Truth for Little Madeleine.

Hiya Dolores - it is lovely isnt it? I also love the reflections on the water as the evening shadows lengthen and the lovely clump of marsh marigolds by the little pond x

I am not going to those emails tonight guys all that walking has tired me out earier than usual, but I will have a look tomorrow.

Nite nite and love to you all x


Ana said...

Nite Viv darling, sweet dreams.
Boa noite e bons sonhos!:)

dolores said...

Viv,and everyone else,

Rest well se you all tomorrow.


Cláudia said...

Sorry, guys! Was on a long text messaging marathon.
Good night, all.
Sleep tight.
Doc, I replied to your e-mail, but I'm sure you'll be desappointed.

Ana said...

Bye Cláudia, I am off to bed too!

Boa noite a todos.
Good night all.

Ana xxx

atardi said...


I will search tomorrow about Kate's necklace. They found it on a place where Kate was not supposed to be.

atardi said...

My last post today,

Kate and Gerry didn't want to enjoy the tapas 7/9.

Madeleine "told" us about last night but our friends were waiting....

hope4truth said...

Hello All

Thanks for all the tips for my tooth I have clove oil and a hot water bottle and am off to buy soluble asprin first thing in the morning..

The pain is worse than ever now and I cant sleep...

Intresting article Atardi (had not heard about the lost necklace before)...

If anyone is up hello xxx

nancy said...

Good morning Viv and everyone - lovely pictures - make me feel nostalgic for the UK!

I just read the latest, which is going to be on the programme tonight obviously -

Kate said that if they had taken a buggy with them they would have used that to take Madeleine to the restaurant - bit of a lame excuse if you ask me!

They 'almost' decided not to go to the tapas bar that night! They have been in purgatory every since.

She speaks about the offer from the police if she confessed to an accident with Madeleine, but said she wouldn't be railroaded.

She can't forgive herself for not listening to Madeleine's words about not coming when she was crying! She breaks down in tears repeatedly - well that will be a first!

Anyway, you can see it all tonight and we can discuss tomorrow!

I'm going to read LGC's thread now.


nancy said...

Breaking news from McCann files:

Kate's Mum says she could shake her daughter and the Tapas 7 for leaving Madeleine alone that night.

CM says that if neglect charges are brought they will be defended robustly.

Gerry says that if Madeleine was killed there would be evidence by now.

Not if she was thrown into the sea I shouldn't think, which has been one theory!

It never ceases to amaze me at the things this family come out with!

nancy said...

Ana -

Thanks for your interesting article by the Dutch team! Strange I had just written that poor Madeleine could have been thrown into the sea after hearing Gerry's comment!

It seems they couldn't get much information from the British authorities either to back up their theories.

I hadn't realised that Madeleine was autistic - that puts a completely different complexion on things in my eyes. I have a friend who has a autistic child and it is hell for her sometimes; not that she would contemplate harming him -he is her world!

nancy said...

Rat -

Thanks for your thread - very interesting -

A coincidence or what about Richard Stead? Like the owner of K&G's apartment in Praia de Luz, who had the same surname as Gerry!

Some of the links (the petitions) my computer refused to open for some apparent reason - they were all blocked.

I went on to the Dutch girl's website and the impression I got is that it is far from squeaky clean, a bit 'spanky', although some of the blogs seemed alright.

I've been to Holland a few times and I think it's a lovely country. It's true to say though that they have a very laid back sort of lifestyle compared to Britain, open drug centres where anyone can feed their habit legally. I think we could soon be following in their footsteps in the rest of Europe.

My brother invited my sisters and I there when he worked in Holland some time ago and took us round the red light district where it is completely legal and there is a huge gay population to be seen.

This is not denegrating the Dutch people who we found really friendly and great fun. I live next door to a nice Dutch chap too. Holland's a great place for a holiday.

Whether there is a connection with Madeleine's disappearance though, even though K&G lived there and had friends there, I have no ideas on that.

ratonthebeam said...

Morning all- please read this report in the London Metro. Pay close attention to the photograph of the McCann mantlepiece- which is set up as a "shrine" to poor wee Madeleine. Check the hideous black and white pottery item behind the toy train.

A number of posters on the 3As were speculating that it was an urn - for holding ashes. Actually, it is a terramundi - a money pot, for attracting money into the home! They have set up a money-magnet as the centrepiece of their "shrine" to their missing daughter.

Now just when you thought that they COULDN'T SINK ANY LOWER.....

:-X :-X :-X GRR! GRR! GRr!!

nancy said...

Hi Rat -

Went on that link thank you:

Kate and Gerry have struck a year long deal with Hello magazine to highlight Madeleine's disappearance and keep it in the public eye!

Oh, it's not for the money then? Madeleine is nothing more than a money making machine to the McCanns and the media, who are pandering to their every whim, and should be damned well ashamed of themselves for encouraging their disgraceful and self satifying behaviour!

How many people will try to jump on this bandwagon (copycat crimes) and put their children at risk to help them achieve a similar lifestyle to the McCanns? There are some very unscrupulous people out there, and some of them have children!! We've already seen what happend to poor Shannon Matthews!!

There are important people in our country allowing unbelievable decisions to be made in the name of Madeleine!


Stella said...


Amazing, what a bizzare item to sit along with a photo of your missing daughter?

Also, as part of their little shrine you would think there would be a more personal photo of Madeleine sitting there, but oh no, let's use the exact same photo that has been running in all the papers, very strange??

Stella said...


Very well said..........

Gina said...

Good Morning all

Having read what Ratty posted I noted that they still think Madeleine is alive. Well let us presume for a moment she may be. I am therefore wondering what the McCanns plans are to find her. Bearing in mind they have had private investigators on this for such a long time now, and have received more money than anybody else has ever done in the same circumstances which so far has not helped to achieve any results via a reward or whatever. So what now, are they still going to renew Metodo's contract or are they now going to hire people more suited to the job which they should have done in the beginning. Whilst I agree that one should never give up hope I cannot see that using the same tactics as have been used until now are going to do much good.

Now I know I am in the insane category but I would have thought if plan A did not work, try plan B.
If they wish to presume that Madeleine is safe with someone who just wanted a child, surely they must realise that these people would be too scared to risk Madeleine being seen. So why not appear to be winding down the search publicly whilst continuing to do so in secret. This way the abductor may eventually feel it is safe to take her out and then a chance of her being found might be possible, everybody knows what she looks like by now. A sensible way forward IMO unless ofcourse this continued publicity is for other reasons and it is the uncertainty of the motives that leaves me still undecided

Stella said...

On GMTV this morning, it was full of what we are to expect from the docu-lie tonight. Again and again we were pumped with "we nearly took the children to dinner with us that night", yer right....

Even my husband who detached himself from all of this months ago said, if they nearly took them to dinner with them, does that mean they didn't get to eat anything that night?? Good question??

Children of that age who have "high tea" at 6p.m., is then taken back to their room and given a bath will obviously be extremely tired and will need putting to bed.

What did they mean exactly.

That they were proposing to take them back out with them at 9p.m., in their PJ's?

That they were all going out to eat at 9 p.m. that night?

That they were all going out to eat at the childrens usual eating time of 6 p.m., well if Gerry was about to go for his third tennis lesson after this time, how would they have managed it?

McCann's, you are a total disgrace to parenthood !!

Cláudia said...

"We have to live with the fact that we weren't directly there and if we were then possibly, probably it wouldn't have happened."
We weren't directly there? Can you be indirectly there, Gerry? Can you? You should be ashamed of yourself. Madeleine deserved so much better.

Gina said...

Stella did you watch the video Isis posted yesterday, think it was RTE or something like that. Well worth a look. An unbiased programme IMO.

However one thing that stuck out in my mind was when Clarence was asked about leaving the kids he replied with words along the lines "It is normal to have the kids bathed and in bed early so parents can have some time to themselves, it is what everybody does. Some do not accept it but they do not understand it is our culture"

I thought thanks Clarence for casting a bad light on all UK parents in order to defend your employees

Stella said...


Kate is contradicting herself again, it wasn't that long ago she was saying that we know what happened and not being there would have made no difference..

I wish she would make her mind up, no wonder the poor old PJ are dizzy with their statements.

Stella said...


Exactly, I am sick of them trying to convince the world that we Brits are all bad parents. I wish someone would zip their mouths up..

Gina said...

Stella I think their failure even now to understand why it was dangerous to leave the kids is the route of why so many people have taken a disliking to them personally even if they are sympathic with the trauma of loosing a child

Stella said...

Oh, and we have a really lovely treat tomorrow morning on GMTV just after 7a.m., we have Gerry and Kate on live.... They never do anything live???

marga said...

Hi everyone!

The British news on this case has become sth difficult to swallow as time goes by. Same arguments, same language aimed at the gullible.

When are they going to stop? Don't they read the comments from people around the world? They are becoming even more ridiculous. Who do really believe in them by now? If it isn't the Clown to speak for them there is some friend or relative that are not doing them any favour at all.

Good that the time is arriving to decide it in court. The truth of the LIE will also reveal the PJ's side of the story.Allegedly Madeleine is dead.
How can they continue to pretend she is alive?
What a nerve they have and no shame at all.

As I'm not a catholic I have my doubts about that shrine. Aren't shrines aimed at saints or deities?

marga said...


I've just visited your blog. Fantastic text you have there today. Congratulations! The world needs more young people like you.


Stella said...


I am still quite angry with the NSPCC for not publically speaking out on this, they could have stood up on day one and said wrong, wrong, wrong, and immediately after Clarence comes out with that load of old garbage, that you must never leave your children on their own.

Also, I think GMTV and ITV should have a helpline after airing their shows for anyone who has been deeply affected by the content of their program.....

marga said...


those channels should be ashamed of presenting a programme on two arguidos as if they have contributed with some useful to the world...ridiculous

Cláudia said...

Stella, contradicting themselves is what people who tell too many different stories do.

Marga, thank you.

marga said...


I agree with every word of what you said about the PJ and Gonçalo Amaral in particular. He is a man of courage. I still remember how Rosiebosta had a fixation about him and lately her comments were on the fact he can face 3 years of jail.. as if it could be possible and IF it turned to be true , do they really believe he is a man to be afraid of it? LOL

Gina said...

Stella I think GMTV and ITV should have a trailer pointing out that Madeleine is not the only child that is missing and that there are many other grieving parents that are not getting any publicity or help from the press or media. Just in case people have forgotten the McCanns are not the only ones

Stella said...


I agree, the program tonight is all about Amber Alert. If I had my way I would be campaigning for Red Alert, a system to notify the authorities the minute you suspect children have been left on their own.

The Red Alert system, would be completely zero tolerant. If your children have been left on thier own, they will go to live with a decent, caring foster family immediately.

Prime Suspects getting Prime Time TV, what a sick world we are living in...

marga said...

Gonçalo Amaral doesn't need to use dirty tricks or a Pj to speak for him. He is not a coward unlike many that run away when things turn to become not so informal...if you know what I mean..

marga said...

I meant a PR... LOL but it could also be the handsome PJ Olegário..LOL

Gina said...

The amber alert is only of some value if you do not take an hour to call the police

marga said...


glad you are here:-)
You are right. I imagine what really grieving parents whose children were really abducted are thinking of all this charade...

Stella said...

Oh, and watch out for the new Team McCann buzz word, it begins with " V " and I will have to go look up how to spell it....

Cláudia said...

Marga, Rosipoohead has got a huge crush on Gonçalo.

Stella said...


1. bitterness an hatred.
2. sulphuric acid.

Fiona Phillips this morning on GMTV kept mentioning this word, just like the ludicrous days.

What a strange choice, especially as in the dictionary it mentions sulphuric acid?????

I wonder if this is the new key word that will appear en mass in the show tonight. If they are told what to say, it will be???

Quick, get edditing that program, we are already onto you..........

Zodiac said...

From 3 A's poster 1st1976

'I have little support for them'

Jon Gaunt ... questions

LAST week I said that I believe the McCanns are guilty. Guilty of child neglect and no amount of soft news articles or TV documentaries is going to convince me or, judging by my mailbag, the majority of Sun readers otherwise.

Obviously, I have enormous sympathy for their plight but I am afraid like the majority of parents in this country I have little support for them.

Of course, they didn’t deserve to lose Madeleine and the real villain in this whole story is the person who abducted her but the fact is that if Gerry and Kate hadn’t failed in the first basic responsibility of all parents, the protection of their off spring, than Maddie would still be here today.

I’ve found the McCanns’ reluctance to admit their grave mistake both unsettling and weird and it has taken the best part of the last 12 months for Gerry to even concede they were in the wrong. But in the wrong they most certainly were.

I also believe if this had been a Sun reader on holiday in a caravan park who had been drinking in the camp bar when their child was abducted, the Press would have been less supportive and more aggressive in their coverage.

This thought has been echoed by lots of you including "Sxgirl" who posted the following on MySun after my article last week:

"I am a young single mum and if I had gone on holiday with a bunch of my friends and left my son (who is the same age as Maddie) alone so I could have dinner, no doubt I would have been had up for child abuse/neglect and the public would have been in uproar. I don’t understand why these people have received so much public support.

"Yes, the heartache they’re going through is unimaginable to me, but that is why I would never put my son at risk as they did. Checking on them every half hour is clearly not adequate! They should be held accountable for their actions and stop blaming everyone else for not protecting their children."

From the other end of the age spectrum, Sun reader and granny Marion Barret wrote to me and said: "Children put their unconditional love and trust in their parents to keep them safe, their safety is the most important thing. I feel so sorry for the twins without a sister, however, I struggle inside to feel anything but anger for the parents."


I agree with both these readers and thousands of others who have expressed similar views.

However, the mainstream media has treated these two doctors with kid gloves, even when it was clear the British public were not buying the story. Internet sites were full of criticism of the couple but the mainstream Press reported little of this, suppressing all criticism of the McCanns and their parental failings.

Snatched ... Maddie

The British public sympathise with them but do not support them. If they did, the Find Madeleine fund would have raised millions more.

However, there are still massive unanswered questions, some of which are only just beginning to surface. Why did they not use the nanny service when they could afford it? How many times did they go back and what kind of responsible parents still go out on the drink when their three-year-old asks them why they didn’t come in to the bedroom when they were crying the previous night?

Do you remember when you put your first baby to bed with a listening monitor and sat downstairs watching the box almost with subtitles on so you could hear every heartbeat?

If you heard an unexpected cough or belch you would sprint up the stairs faster than druggy Dwain Chambers on steroids to check on your little angel. That’s called parenting, isn’t it?

I wonder if the McCanns were as casual with their passports and valuables when they went out at night because as far as I am concerned there is nothing more precious than your child and they appear to have had scant regard for their safety.

That’s why I called last week for the McCanns and the Tapas Seven to return to Portugal for the reconstruction and for the Portuguese plods to stop spinning and leaking and either charge the McCanns or clear them.

I’ve also found the globetrotting and the calls for an Amber Alert system slightly distasteful and I’m sure I’m not only one who thinks when I need tips on child protection from those two I’ll ask.

marga said...

was commenting in your blog.
Cláudia said...
Marga, Rosipoohead has got a huge crush on Gonçalo.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 10:25:00 o'clock BST


LOL.. não tem hipótese! No chance at all! He is very PORTUGUESE.

dolores said...

I know I am being cynical when I say this,but I am under the impression that they know she is dead,but to keep her alive in the public eye keeps the money and the sympathy rolling in.I am sure there are thousands who cannot understand this protection surrounding them,
It needs someone with backbone to speak the truth.I have just heard this minute that they are going to be interviewed on ITV tomorrow morning.What are the PJ waiting for??


Gina said...

Marga, yes I am here but off in a mo as have lots to do. I have missed loads of interviews on TV etc with Clarence or the McCanns and have only picked up on them by reading comments on blogs. However yesterday I took the time to go back over some of the links and look at them and I have to say that I was truely amazed at some of the ridiculous things that were said, the questions that were avoided, and the contridictions made.

I have been determined not to be influenced by bloggers comments although I find many interesting and food for thought. I only want to base my opinion on what I see with my own eyes and any actual facts that are published. Regrettably as yet there is nothing positive to make me get off the fence but even if I take into account that there is no set pattern of behaviour under such circumstances I firmly believe that if you are strong enough to put on a brave face in front of the camera, you should be brave enough to co-operate with enquiries no matter what. For example Clarence said some like the McCanns have explanations for the blood, so why not volunteer that explanation. Let us presume they have, then what is the point of wasting all this time when they could have got that one out of the way long ago. It is too difficult to explain what I mean in a few words, but there are lots of points I could make. But the bottom line is if Madeleine was their main concern then why not put her first at any price. If they are innocent what do they have to fear. I just do not get it.

Anyway that is my rant for the day, off now, life goes on here

marga said...

BTW when was that photo in your blog from him taken?

He has no moustache..

Stella said...

I have always respected this guy for saying exactly what he feels, and I agree with everything he has said in the above article, except one.

Jon Gaunt, it is unfair to say "the Portuguese plods to stop spinning and leaking" How do you know that they have, just because Clarence has said so !!!!

Shame on you.......

marga said...


you're not being cynical.
You are entitled to think so as the major part of the people.


marga said...

Well, read you all later.

Work is waiting.


Zodiac said...


I do not agree with the slur regarding the PJ:
'the Portuguese plods to stop spinning and leaking and either charge the McCanns or clear them.'

No mention of leaks from Cazza.

And I do not agree with this:
'Of course, they didn’t deserve to lose Madeleine and the real villain in this whole story is the person who abducted her'

Where is the proof of an abduction?
Although he does say this later on:

However, the mainstream media has treated these two doctors with kid gloves, even when it was clear the British public were not buying the story.

Zodiac said...

Google translation

McCann want to prohibit “the truth of the lie”
The advertisement of the publication of the book “the truth of the lie”, signed by the inspector of Judicial police (PJ) Gonçalo Amaral, former head of the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine, worries Kate and Gerry McCann which required of their lawyers to make prohibit any publication.

Independently of the idiom of publication, the McCann couple, according to a close relation, is ready to start law-suits against the inspector if its book reveals certain details of the events which surrounded disappearance of Maddie.

In Portugal, the lawyers of the couple are already leaning on the question of knowing if the inspector would have, or not, the right to publish a book which reveals the details of an investigation that it with itself directed and on which it must keep a certain reserve in spite of its advertisement to leave the executives of the PJ.

Abstract contacts were made near the national management of the Judicial police in order to know possible the limitations with Gonçalo Amaral would be obliged.

Gonçalo Amaral, coordinator of the Department of Criminal investigation (DIC) of Judicial police (PJ) with Portimão at the time of the disappearance of Maddie, with summer responsible for the investigations which brought to that Kate and Gerry McCann are made up arguidos, suspects to have simulated the removal of their daughter and the dissimulation of her body.

Drawn aside of the investigation in October 2007 by the national director of the PJ, officially consequently of an article of Diário de Noticias, signed by Jose Manuel Oliveira, allotting declarations to him criticizing the work of the British police force, the inspector Gonçalo Amaral continuous to also profit from the confidence unconditional of his/her colleagues but from the Property owners' syndicate of the Civils servant of Criminal investigation (ASFIC).

The arrival of the inspector Paulo Rebelo to licence a revision of the file but the line of investigation changed forever because all the tracks and indices followed by Gonçalo Amaral maintained its value.

After its departure of the Judicial police, Gonçalo Amaral intends to start law-suits against several British media that, with default to find a fault with its professional path, had chosen to treat the inspector of drunkard, large, etc

3 books: Maddie, the investigation and the McCann machine

If the book “the truth of the lie” - still without given publication date the personal opinion of Gonçalo Amaral in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine does not bring, it makes it possible however to the readers to include the work of the Portuguese police force and British who with conduit McCann with being made up like arguidos.

According to the lawyer António Paulo Santos who represents the inspector, in “the truth of the lie”, Gonçalo Amaral does not give its personal opinion in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine.

“The book will be the account of somebody who with lived the investigation of the interior, but also of all the facts which surround it. He interprets the facts and the indices”, affirms lawyer, stressing that the subject of the book, envisaged in Portuguese and English, is not Maddie but rather the investigation with its disappearance.

In English, it is with the turn of Kate and Gerry McCann to announce that they negotiate the publication of a book which tells their experiment after the disappearance of their daughter. According to several sources, an advance of more than one million and two hundreds millet euros at summer suggested with the couple for their account.

According to their person in charge in communication, the book signed by McCann tells their version of the history. “The single official book”, underlines Clarence Mitchell.

No date is still advanced for the exit of the book but, according to the estimates of several experts of the edition, it is likely to become, in the United Kingdom, a financial success without the preceding ones.

The McCann machine told fran��ais some

A third book, this French time, will come to bring a vision different from the McCann business. Cosigné by several journalists and published at the beginning of Belgium, the book tells how and why the media machine at summer installation before even the beginning of the investigation with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Envisaged for June, it shows how the British diplomacy with influenced the course of the investigations, in particular by the provision of McCann of the means of the state, but it also explains which to summer the role of each speaker.

Various confidential documents and transcriptions of recordings of phone calls will illustrate the account.

Pê jó-ta! Pê jó-ta!

From Kazlux 3 A's


Meant Clazza not Cazza ie Clarra

dolores said...

What amuses me is this pair are the subject of a criminal investigation and have apparently been told that they must not speak about the case. So can someone explain why the front pages all quote the couple as saying "we are innocent, all families leave their toddlers alone in unlocked apartments for hours on end, and what we have done is not against the law"? If it is not against the law why is Sharron Matthews mother in jail for neglect,and other offences,and not the Mc's?

Their friends and family are constantly complaining they are not permitted to talk about this,yet for almost a year they have never shut up !! They have never respected the law of Portugal.

Stella said...


"the real villain in this whole story is the person who abducted her". I missed that bit !!!

Jon, you are saying that you are listening to your post bags, but are you? No one I know belives in the abduction and neither do you??

Well covered Zodiac........

Zodiac said...


Thanks for posting extracts from the G blogs, last night. When in Holland the mention of meeting an old friend who was attending a Medical conferenece. On 3 A's it was discussed and a photo link to a male at a conference, I think, in Holland and he looked remarkably like RO, I think. Sorry read and seen so much cannot remember the link.

Zodiac said...

Cannot take the full credit for thinking that, just like Dolores I thought I was being cynical thinking like that until I read these comments:


However Jon Gaunt made CM sound like an @rse on his radio show, remember the cash in brown envelopes and send straight to Rothley Manor. Todays article at least is not another brown nosing British Media article. lets hope others follow suit.

Stella said...


I know you meant the "oh pink one"..

I can imagine teams of people somewhere working very hard to prevent the publication of Goncalo's book.

What have they got to fear??

Zodiac said...


It does not surprise me that they do not respect the Law of Portugal, they showed no respect for their 3 children (aged 3 and 2 years old, innocent little children who needed protection) and as a result of that one disappeared. What respect have they shown for the child since she disappeared, more interested in themselves, IMHO.

How she can say this is bizarre, IMHO:

we know what happened and not being there would have made no difference.

How do they know what happened?
Why would 'not being there' have made no difference.

dolores said...

I have often thought about that myself.The pair of them have a lot to answer to,its the protection that they get from this goverment that is out of order for two criminals.And this could raise a lot of condemnation why other criminals are in jail or charged.
This could lead to thousands of parents who neglect and abuse, using Mc's as an example,that to treat children like this ,is acceptable parenting.

Zodiac said...

Stella 11.11am,

A lot by the looks of it.
Hope it is published in many different languages. I do not believe the lie. Never have, never will, it is my opinion and I am entitled to have one. The reason I do not believe the lie is down to how they behave and what they have said and what they tell people to say. Nothing to do with the cr@p Press/Media that the UK have.
At the very least they should be prosecuted for child endangerment as far as I am concerned, if the PJ have anything else then they should be prosecuted for that also, IMHO. Why on earth they are receiving kid glove treatment is beyond me. How can all these TV/Media people justify this. IMHO I want answers regarding this also.

Niki said...

Hello everyone! How are you all?
Have missed you the last days, because of easter-celebrating! Have finished all the chocolate-eggs (sorry Hope, you have to wait for next year for me to send some...) and had a ton of roasted lamb.


I have no time to read through posts, so just yahoo-searched news about Madeleine, and realise that the program on TV tonight is what everyone are writing about.
What struck me was this sentence:

She said she felt like a 'lioness and her cubs' in her determination that she would not be separated from the twins.

I think it is important. Kates basic instinct of protecting her remaining children will be used for everything it is worth WHEN charges are made and a trial will take place.


I'm off again. Our busy season has started, which means that the house is used for shower and sleep. Television and computer will have a rest until october!
(Might look in from time to time though...)
Take care:-)

Stella said...


I hope that somehow Goncalo's book is available to download online, in every language.

I believe that the PJ have enough evidence to bring charges. I believe there are 2 reasons they have not already done so. 1. The British Goverments intimidation. 2. The PJ's needs to ensure they get everyone else who was involved.

If the powers that be think this will one day all go away, they are mistaken. In fact, the longer it all goes on, the greater the outfall.

IMO, justice will only come once Gordon Brown is removed from office, and let's hope that day comes very soon....

He will get everything he deserves tomorrow...

ratonthebeam said...

I would be delighted to translate it FOR NOTHING!!!

Stella said...

Oh rattas, rattas

Your generosity, I am sure would be very welcome....lol

Stella said...


I meant rattus, rattus.....

Zodiac said...


I also believe that justice will be done, I will wait patiently. This case has been ongoing for a year, a lot of hours and a lot of money spent (Portuguese and British taxpayers) on one missing child. The PJ have been to the UK four times, only two were known by the Media/Press/Public Domain. As Gina has said many times, if the PJ wanted the easy option they would have gone along with the abduction theory. Team McC know nothing regarding the ongoing live investigation, do they honestly think that the British public are easily fooled and we will all take to the streets demanding justice for two child neglecting parents. IMHO, this will take time and the McC's will not like the outcome. Go PJ, go.


How true.

'And this could raise a lot of condemnation why other criminals are in jail or charged.
This could lead to thousands of parents who neglect and abuse, using Mc's as an example,that to treat children like this ,is acceptable parenting.'

And how bloody ridiculous actually to use a McCannism, LUDICROUS, IMHO.

dolores said...

Your post was very encouraging,and I hope you are right,it almost feels as if they are going to get of with this scot free.

Stella said...


This is why this stinks of a major political cover up.....

All the PJ's visists have never been photographed, filmed or announced in the UK. WHY?

The pap have never been allowed to get within a mile of any of the Tappas group. WHY?

Only the chosen few Tanner and Rachel Oldfield have spoken out. WHY?

What has Russell and David got to say about anything?

atardi said...

Hi Niki,

Nice to "see" you.

Tv and computer until october?

Hope you will enjoy the busy season.

Zodiac said...


WHY? I know.

Have a look at this it sums everything up very nicely re the McC's. IMHO. True public opinion, worth a look if you have not seen it. Let me know later what you think.


BBFN everyone.

atardi said...

For those who can watch the program on ITV tonight.

"be prepared

LittleGreyCell said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Sorry I didn't get back last night after posting this thread. I'll read back this morning and make my replies, but thanks to everyone who kindly left me messages and to Viv, who entrusted me with the task.

This morning in the Daily Mail Allison Pearson has written a piece about the year's anniversary (which Gerry was so spookily correct in foreseeing would come around last year...well done, Madame Gerry!).

Here's the link:-


In the piece Allison expresses the opinion that it is "offensive" to donate two hours of prime time TV to one missing girl when so many other children are missing, and hundreds are dying in Zimbabwe.

This viewpoint I think many of us on here would concur with.

However, the case has, as we all know, become more than just a mystery about a vanishing toddler. It is about intrigue, unusual human responses, inconsistencies and skewed priorities, the hampering and misleading of police investigations, money, attacks on freedom of speech and media manipulation. And political interference.

It is THIS, Allison, which now fans the flame of media and public interest.

For if anyone sitting in that tapas bar on May 3rd is ultimately found to be culpable in Madeleine's disappearance - or worse - this will be the biggest story of our times.

Nobody will take kindly - to put it mildly - to the blatant and premeditated lies to the authorities, the public, the media; the appeals for money under false pretenses; the abuse and hounding of people like ourselves here on the net, as we exercise our rights to have opinions and express them to others.

Whatever happened to Madeleine is of course a tragedy. But any resultant cover-up would be the sensational outrage of our times, and it is the potential of THIS which has made a two-hour television programme devoted to Madeleine's disappearance possible, Ms Pearson.

Stella said...


Thanks for that link. This bit really does it for me. "It was just because the walk was so long and we didn’t have a buggy and the kids were tired by that time." The excuse for not eating out with your own children.........

Who with 3 kids aged 3 and under goes away on holiday without a push chair?? Unbelievable or what.

Zodiac said...


Was just logging off and saw 'be prepared' gave up reading when I saw this:
'Would she be writing her name too?"

Thought she could read Harry Potter books...but could not write her name. My children could all read a little at nearly four and could all write their full names and telephone number. Be prepared indeed more McTripe laid on very heavily, so sugary to be sweet.

LittleGreyCell said...


U bent van harte welkom!

Ik denk dat de McCanns zijn zo gek als een doos van crackers ...


LittleGreyCell said...


Just catching up with yesterday's posts...

...hope you're feeling better today.


Cláudia said...

Hi, guys. Getting ready to leave for a long afternoon at work.
Marga, I don't know when the picture was taken. But I think it is quite recent.
Have a great afternoon, all of you.

LittleGreyCell said...


And just what summer in the UK would you be referring to exactly? (As I sit here looking at the monsoon rain teeming down from the skies...) :(

Oh yes, we certainly get Magnums here (and also reruns of hunky Tom Selleck in a television series of the same name...umm, delicious!).

If you do identify a period which could be even loosely described as 'summer', I'll send you a case of Magnums (the ice creams, that is; the other type is for my own personal use) straight away!


nancy said...


Apologies for putting Rat's name in my post this morning re the Dutch connection. It must have been Opus and little Ratty that confused me!

Great article - and I hope someone can come up with some interesting views on the Dutch connection!!! Coincidence can sometimes mean much more!

Nancy x

nancy said...

Gina -

I totally agree with your post of 10.00am!

Glad you are back on the blog!


dolores said...

Apparently they lost their buggy to,if you believe it,or was it used as a means of transport for......

nancy said...


Good post! Allison Pearson never said a truer word! Good for her - but will the media listen? Of course not - there is too much money to be made by them and the McCanns!

It seems more journalists are coming out of the woodwork now and voicing their own opinions rather than those of CM!

Stella said...


I cannot imagine any travel insurance company in the world would ever insure those two to go away anywhere ever again, for all the things they keep loosing.

Mind you, hopefully where they will be going they won't need any travel insurance....

Gina said...

Just made a coffee and read the sun article. I don't after reading it I will watch the programme tonight as I might throw something at the TV. It is clear already that nobody is questioning anything they said. It is made too look like the only night they left madeleine she went missing when we all know that they dined out often without the kids. Apparently, wait for this, they think there may have been an intruder in the house the day before when Madeleine was crying. OK I accept that only now they consider that, but even her crying did not stop them going out the following night. Apparently they were going to take the kids to the Millenium but didn't because they did not have a buggy. Well they had no trouble getting a buggy at some point because we have seen pictures of the kids in it. Who in their right mind does not take or hire a buggy from day one on holiday when you have 3 toddlers in tow for christ sake. They more they say the more I shake my head in despair. Blame anybody or anything but themselves for what happened. Any organisation that uses this couple as a figure head to promote anything to do with children are barking mad IMO They STILL do not seem to accept the danger they left their kids in. In promoting the amber alert system what THEY are in fact saying is we need a better system for people like us who expect others to do more because we did not do enough. Their attitude is unbelieveable to me and if at a later date it is proven that they had anything to do with Madeleine disappearance my views on them will be unprintable

Stella said...


Well said girl !!!! - unprintable it will be then, just wait and see.....

Gina said...

Stella, I hope if I have to write it Swedish Mum has brushed up on her cockney otherwise I will have to write a translation

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