14 Apr 2008

Listen to the children


viv said...

~Graphic images beautiful children sad abused children, singing children, please just keep us safe from harm.

I am really feel quite full up, and that was a lovely and heartfelt choice for your first post on here Doc.Thank you so much.

I already knew you were a lovely kind man.

Com amor
Viv x

Margarida said...


docmac said...

It is sad yet touching, Viv.

Now I am going off to try to find out how to resize videos to make them fit perfectly. Posting them is much simpler than I thought though.

I am sending you a more light-hearted email before I do that.

Cláudia said...

Doc, you made me cry. And you know that 9 out of 10 times you make me laugh. Incredibly touching!

Hello, Margarida!

ultraviolet said...

here is today's quote from my desk calendar. it is from the Talmud. it seems appropriate here.

The errors of sages are regarded as willful sins; the sins of the ignorant are accounted as unwitting errors.

- Judah b. Ilai, Talmud: Baba Metzia

Reprinted with permission from 'A Treasury of Jewish Quotations,' edited by Joseph L. Baron, Jason Aronson Inc.

i think of this as being, there is no excuse at all for people who should know better.

beautiful video, doc. thank you.

docmac said...

OK scratch that Viv, I'll send it in a while. I have managed to block my own email server again. Never fiddle too much they said. I didn't listen. BBL, must do a bit of reverse programming here!

Margarida said...

Hello e Olás, Claudia! :)

Off to bed now. Have a great night everyone.

Cláudia said...

Dorme bem, Margarida!

dolores said...

My heart is breaking for the chidren who have been taken by abusive so called parents,and for these innocents who are being treated the same way as we speak.
So haunting so sad.
Thank you for such a poignant video.

dylan said...

Hi Viv,

I think this will work as I can now see my name on the list of contributors - thank you for the invite!

I have been reading but not posting as I'm working flat out. 2 exams down last week, last one this thurday and i am hoping it will be my last one EVER!!! (fingers crossed on no re-takes)

So, so much to comment on as well.

What joy to see Rat back again. I was thinking of her yesterday and wondering if she was still around and ok - ROB, so glad to see you post!

DOC, a very touching and visual clip you posted. Very sad, I listened to the child sing but had to look away from the pictures as I couldn't bear it. Also a reminder at what a wonderful job you do (& nurses included). I couldn't do it that's for sure. I stayed on the children's ward for my son's adenoidectomy and tonsilectomy, my daughter's croup episode when she had gone grey in clolour at home and I panicked and called an ambulance and then again with her when she had her adenoids out. The surgeon told me they were huge! (i think he was impressed ;)) Apart from my children being there because they were ill, I found it such a trauma to see all of the other sick children there too.
It was all good in the end tho for mine as son never had any more trouble eating and sleeping after the op and his permanently swollen lymph nodes in his neck went down and daughter, after suffering 3 years of croup episodes, has been fine ever since.
I just hope the other children I saw there will be equally as well now.

Well, have to go. Hope we have news soon.

Sleep well everyone.

Dyl xx

docmac said...

Apologies for not being around to respond to the comments. It is glaringly obvious to me that you are all so involved in this tragic case because you care deeply for all children. I can not for the life of me fathom why so much derision and abuse has been thrown at people who exhibit so much empathy for the plight of so many unfortunate children everywhere.

Sleep well all of you xx.

Stella said...


Thank you for your clip, things like this really bring home the need for zero tolerance with child neglect and abuse. Need to go dry my eyes now, catch up with you again later.

nancy said...

docmac -

My heart breaks seeing those pitiful pictures of abused children, and of course the problem is that many of those who are abused go on to abuse their own; one brutal act perpetuates another.

Too sad for words, but what is the answer? There is no way we can go down the road of saying that people who have been abused themselves should be prevented from having their own children, because there are always exceptions to every rule.

Social Services come in for a lot of stick when a child slips through the net, but at the end of the day there are always going to be mistakes.

I am not a religious person, but I have always tried to follow words of the bible that makes sense to me, such as "Do as you would be done by"! If we all followed that concept then the world would be a happier place. I think we must all say that there for the grace of God go I?

dylan said...


I was abused as a child (not sexually) and as a result I have always had low self-esteem, zero confidence and I still allow myself to be bullied because I grew up thinking that I deserved it.

However, having been through it, I can honestly say it has made me a more determined parent as far as NOT doing the same to my children. I have always believed that love and kindness and sometimes a lot of patience, always explaining why and never just saying "no" or "naughty" is the only effective way of teaching your children what is right from wrong and how to be a safe and moral adult.

I hope I am not the exception to the rule, but in your scenario, I would have been one of those forbidden to have my own children.

I have three, wonderful intelligent and kind offspring and i like to think I had something to do with it! :)

Dyl xx

viv said...

Hiya Dillie

and thanks for sharing your own personal experience with us.

It just goes to show that not everyone is ruined by their upbringing, some are that is true, but we are all individuals, capable of making our own choices.

I know you have grown up to be a supermum. I also know from my own experience we can sometimes be very different to our own parents. My own mom was very hands on and always immediately intervened when their was a dispute with me and my older sister. I think she just made us worse. When my two older sons used to disagree and have a squabble I used to try and stand back and let them resolve for themselves. They are extremely close and love each other to bits, I like to think that is the way I allowed them to learn to be. Of course they both love the little one Luke, he is their baby!

Viv x

atardi said...



Means something like Touching.

leigh3 said...

Dear Docmac, and Ultraviolet.

Sorry, but I didn't watch the video. I remember when 'Ironside' left the DE. These issues had become too 'emotional' for him. He came back of course; all strong hearts do.

The issue of neglected or abused children touches us deeply, as responsible, caring people, aware of how fortunate we are that our forbears sacrificed much for us, and it is the least we can do nowadays to simply state plainly that children deserve love, and protection.

I can't look at the video. I've seen the children, face to face, and also seen the loving parents whose children departed this world, through no fault of theirs.

I'm glad the video allows people to see reality.
xo docmac. Your caring for others, particularly the most vulnerable, is inspiring.
See you next time. Sadly, there is always a next time.

leigh3 said...

Oops! I meant to say that your quote was perfect, in my opinion; wise for all time.

I got too emotional about the video, and momentarily forgot the rational issue.

Only rational minds can protect children, in my opinion.

dylan said...

Thanks viv, that was sweet of you. Although I would hardly call myself a supermum - lol!

I am a lot closer to my father now & I know he would die for me. I think he knows what he did but i always hope he might say sorry one day. I know I will blub like a baby if he did!

Anyway, don't want to dwell. One of the nice side effects of having too much work on is that I don't have time to think about things that make me miserable :)

The downside - i also don't have time to read the hundreds of posts you get each and every day now. I find it quite amusing that even with your settings on private, you still have posters in their droves. Bet the pros have itchy fingers now - grrrr!!

Dyl xx