13 Apr 2008


See where you are coming from Gerry with the aggressive er strategy..If I was doing a risk assessment on him, yes I would say high! in fact very high but there again we must keep an open mind and listen to Clarence..Bloody hell I would not like to bump into him when he has got a few drinks down him! I bet he does not even like me x He likes himself though..
Hi All

I found this timeline really helpful in reminding me of all the aggressive demands, all the extraordinary claims, all the renewed vigour whenever moves were being made against them. To see it all in one place, really does place the McCann "campaign" into perspective. Truly, Gerry, no stone has been left unturned... I wonder why you dropped that mantra? Seems to get dropped with all your blog posts when the new webpage came along, somethings are best quietly dropped I guess, not Metodo 3 though, strange that. Oh well at least they got a big paycut, I hear they are now getting just £8,000, minus the other £50,000, I wonder if that annoyed them..

If anyone wants to read some real Gerrymandering check out the Daily Mail, they seem to think Mr Ribeiro was here not Mr Rebelo and that he rushed home in a rage, ho humx

Madeleine McCann timeline: The case so far
Last Updated: 6:59pm BST 09/04/2008
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MAY 3 2007 Madeleine disappeared from the family apartment in Praia da Luz. Kate McCann raised the alarm at 10pm.
MAY 4 Sniffer dogs were brought in, the Spanish and border police and airports notified and volunteer teams combed the village, resort and beach for clues. The McCanns spoke publicly for the first time, directly appealing to their daughter's abductors and speaking of their "anguish and despair".
MAY 5 Detectives said they believed Madeleine was abducted and said they had a sketch of a potential suspect.
MAY 10 Police admitted the ground search for Madeleine was being wound down. Around 350 potential leads - including sketches of potential suspects - had been followed up and produced no breakthrough.
MAY 12 Madeleine's fourth birthday. Mr and Mrs McCann attended a special birthday mass in the village where they said they were convinced Madeleine was alive. Celebrities including JK Rowling and Sir Phillip Green donated towards a £2.5 million reward being offered for Madeleine's safe return. Gordon Brown, then Chancellor, expressed his sympathy for the parents and later talks to them offering to do "anything he can to help".
MAY 14 In the first major development, police launched a search at the home of Anglo-Portuguese man Robert Murat, just 100 yards from where Madeleine disappeared. Mr Murat was taken in for questioning and made an "arguido" or formal suspect, the next day. He said he was being made a "scapegoat" in the investigation.
MAY 16 Detectives swooped on home of Russian computer expert Sergey Malinka, who designed a website for Mr Murat, and interviewed him as a witness.
MAY 17 An official website and fund was launched. The website had more than 125 million hits within a week and the fund has now raised £1 million.
MAY 25 In their first interview, the McCanns told of how the "guilt" of not being with Madeleine when she was abducted would never leave them. Police finally released the description a man seen carrying a child on the night of Madeleine's abduction near their apartment at the time she disappeared. It had been known since the night itself but was only issued after pressure from the McCanns, their legal team and the British Government.
MAY 30 Mr and Mrs McCann launched the start of a campaign to raise awareness of Madeleine's plight by attending an audience with the Pope at the Vatican. They went on to give press conferences and meet officials in Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.
MAY 31 In a sign of increasing desperation, police said they were trawling through two dossiers of emails and messages from clairvoyants who said they knew where Madeleine was. They said they were trying to find out if any of the messages could be from her kidnapper.
JUNE 6 On a trip to Berlin, the parents were shocked when asked for the first time in public if they had anything to do with their daughter's disappearance. They denied any involvement.
JUNE 13 An anonymous tip-off suggested that Madeleine's body was buried in deserted scrubland nine miles from where she was went missing. Police found nothing and the parents were "very upset" at the claims she was dead.
JUNE 17 Portuguese police forensic results revealed nothing of significance. Detectives said Madeleine's friends and family may have unwittingly destroyed vital evidence in the first few hours after her abduction, during their search for her. Spokesman Olegario Sousa says their well-meaning actions could prove "fatal" for the investigation.
JUNE 21 The first of a series of reported sightings of a girl resembling Madeleine are reported in Malta. Other alleged sightings were reported in Morocco, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and even as far away as Argentina and Guatemala.

Madeleine McCann timeline: The case so far
Last Updated: 6:59pm BST 09/04/2008
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JULY 10 Mr Murat returned to the police station in Portimao for further questioning. He went back the next day for a "confrontation" with three friends of the McCanns - Russell O Brien, Rachael Oldfield and Fiona Payne - who claimed they saw him at the scene helping with searches on the night Madeleine disappeared. Around this time police picked up a new lead and shifted the investigation towards the belief that Madeleine was dead. They focused again on the apartment, which had been rented out again to holidaying couples, and called in specialist British sniffer dogs which could detect tiny traces of blood and human remains.
AUGUST 3 The sniffer dogs started new searches at the apartment, at Mr Murat's house and of surrounding areas. They also searched nine cars, some belonging to Mr Murat, and the hire car of the McCanns. Later it was reported that small traces of blood were amongst dozens of samples being sent to Britain for examination.
AUGUST 8 The Portuguese press started accusing the McCanns and their friends. A family spokesperson said they were disgusted at an apparent smear campaign against them. The couple were frustrated that police had started to take a more formal tone with them, and feared the investigation had gone back to "square one".
AUGUST 11 The 100th day since Madeleine disappeared. The McCanns attended a poignant service of prayers for Madeleine at a church in Praia da Luz. Without telling the parents, Portuguese police acknowledged publicly for the first time that Madeleine could be dead. Mr Sousa said the parents were not being considered as suspects. His comments were echoed later by Portugal's top detective, Alipio Ribeiro.
AUGUST 21 Detectives leading the investigation admitted off the record their main theory was now that Madeleine died by accident. They said the apartment had "all the answers" to the case and that all leads on it being a possible kidnap had been exhausted.
AUGUST 24 In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mr McCann attacked a series of police leaks which have fuelled "preposterous" speculation about what happened to his daughter. He said the couple were considering returning home and he was thinking about returning to work. He reacted with amazement and fury to a newspaper report claiming "the parents killed Madeleine" and the couple later launched a libel action.
AUGUST 29 Mr McCann made the first direct appeal to the abductors since the first week, urging them to end the nightmare.
SEPT 1 Portuguese police received "significant" results of forensics tests carried out in Britain. Sources said a key piece of DNA had been found in an "area where it should not have been." Mr McCann was called two days later and told he and his wife would be required for further questioning. SEPT 6 Mrs McCann was questioned for more than 11 hours by Portuguese police.
SEPT 7 Mrs McCann returned and was given "arguida" status as she was asked 22 key questions by police. Mr McCann arrived at 2pm to be questioned separately. He was officially made "arguido" status about 12 hours after his wife.
SEPT 9 The McCanns fly back to England with their two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.
SEPT 11 Portuguese police hand the papers in the case to the public prosecutor, Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses, for him to decide whether to bring charges against anyone. OCT 2 Goncalo Amaral, the detective in charge of the inquiry, is removed from the case after criticising the British police in a Portuguese newspaper interview.
OCT 9 The case is taken over by Paulo Rebelo, a senior detective with Portugal's investigative Policia Judiciaria who is normally based in Lisbon.
OCT 25 The McCanns release a new artist's impression drawn by an FBI-trained expert showing the man described by Jane Tanner.
NOV 1 Gerry McCann returns to work as a consultant cardiologist at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital.
NOV 19 A BBC Panorama documentary screens a video of Gerry McCann speaking of his belief that a "predator" was watching his family in the days before Madeleine's disappearance. In the same programme Mr Murat's mother, Jenny Murat, accuses three of the McCanns' friends of lying about seeing her son on the night of May 3.

Madeleine McCann timeline: The case so far
Last Updated: 6:59pm BST 09/04/2008
Page 3 of 3
NOV 22 Portugal's attorney general, Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, says the huge publicity surrounding Madeleine's disappearance could have resulted in her kidnapper killing her.
NOV 29 Forensic experts from the UK and Portugal meet at Leicestershire Police headquarters to discuss DNA samples collected during the inquiry.
DEC 13 Francisco Marco, the director general of Metodo 3, a private detective agency being paid by the McCanns, claims he knows who took Madeleine and that he could have her back with her family before Christmas.
DEC 22 Mr and Mrs McCann send a public message to their daughter, telling her: "Our only Christmas wish is for you to be back with us again."
JAN 9 2008 Mr McCann plays down speculation they may approve a movie about Madeleine's disappearance after their spokesman meets the IMG agency, the firm behind the award-winning drama-documentary Touching The Void.
JAN 20 The McCanns release police artist sketches, based on a statement given by a British holidaymaker, of a man they believe may have abducted Madeleine.
FEB 4 Portugal's top detective, Alipio Ribeiro, says in a radio interview that police were "hasty" in making Madeleine's parents suspects in her disappearance.
FEB 13 Portuguese justice minister Alberto Costa says the police investigation into the young girl's disappearance is nearing its end.
MARCH 19 Mr and Mrs McCann accept £550,000 libel damages and front-page apologies from Express Newspapers over allegations they were responsible for Madeleine's death.
MARCH 26 Kate and Gerry McCann urge Portuguese police to investigate the movements of a suspected Spanish paedophile on the day their daughter vanished. The 52-year-old man was arrested on on suspicion of killing another five-year-old girl.
APRIL 7 Portuguese police arrive in Britain to observe as the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann are interviewed about the night Madeleine went missing.
APRIL 8 Gerry and Kate McCann are asked to return to Portugal to take part in a large-scale re-enactment of the hours surrounding Madeleine's disappearance. They say they will consider the proposal


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viv said...



The night before Madeleine McCann disappeared, her parents left her their three children alone whilst they ate tapas nearby, Kate McCann told police.

In her police statement, she said Madeleine later confronted her at breakfast the next day, hours before her daughter vanished.

According to Spanish TV station, Telecinco, Kate McCann told police: "While we were having breakfast, Maddie said, 'Mummy, why didn't you come when we were crying last night?'

"Gerry and I spoke for a couple of minutes and agreed to keep a closer watch over the children."

Mrs McCann went on to give a detailed statement to police of her horror after discovering that her daughter was missing when she went to check on the children at 10pm on May 3, 2007.

She said: "I saw the door of the children's room wide open and noticed a current of air.

"The same current of air closed the door but the window in the other room that backed onto the patio was closed.

"When I went to look for Madeleine I realised she wasn't there.

"I looked through the apartment and I went back to the children's room and then saw the curtains moving towards me so it became clear the window shutters were wide open.

"I went to the window and opened the curtains to see if she had climbed out but there was no sign of her.

"I don't know if I closed the window at that moment.

"I ran to the tapas bar and screamed at Gerry, 'Maddie's not there, someone has taken her.'"

In her police statement, Kate McCann insisted that none of her children were on any medication.

She also stated that the windows were closed, the shutters were down and the curtains were always drawn in the children's bedroom throughout their stay in Portugal.

Gerry McCann told police he had looked in on his daughter and thought how beautiful she was

Gerry McCann gave Portuguese police a detailed account of his movements in the hours running up to his daughter's disappearance.

After playing tennis in the afternoon of May 3, 2007, he returned to their holiday apartment.

According to the Spanish TV reports, Gerry told police: "When I arrived at the apartment I was surprised to see that Kate had taken care of the children and had even had a shower.

"I sat down with the children and I read them a bedtime story.

"At 7.15pm we put them to sleep.

"At 7.30pm we were sat in the living room and relaxing, Kate with a wine and me with a beer.

"We talked about what a nice week we'd had and what an ideal holiday it had been.

"Just before 8pm I went to shower and change.

"We had just a little time so I had another wine while I was watching TV then we went out."

The heart surgeon checked on his children around 9pm.

He added: "I saw the angle of their door had changed and it was open around 45 degrees.

"I thought perhaps Madeleine had woken up and left the room.

"Out of the corner of my eye I looked in our room and couldn't see her.

"Then I opened the children's door 60 degrees and looked to the left and saw Maddie sleeping with her head on the pillow on the right hand side of the bed.

"She was breathing softly and I thought how beautiful she looked.

"I thought it was quite hot and I didn't need to cover her up."

In his statement, he described the terrifying moment he learnt of Madeleine's disappearance just after 10pm.

He said: "Kate came running to the bar and said, 'Maddie's not there, someone has taken her,'"

"I couldn't believe it and ran towards the apartment along the same route I always took. I looked everywhere.

"I returned to the children's room and I tried to think what could have happened.

"To my surprise I realised I could lift up the window shutters without effort and almost without making noise.

"When I entered I realised that Maddie's bed was almost intact. The corner of the outside of the sheets was turned a little.

"But the pillow, her Cuddle Cat and the blanket she had slept with were almost in the same place as I had seen them the last time."

Mr McCann also told police that workmen had come into their holiday apartment to fix a broken window shutter in the main bedroom just two days before she disappeared

viv said...

"At 7.15pm we put them to sleep.

I really dont like the sound of that, dont you normally say you put children to bed, not to sleep, that is what anaesthetists say. So at precisely 7.15 they were put to sleep, that is very creepy, really frightening, in fact.

Control freakery at its worse IMO

We had just a little time so I had another wine, so three or four drinks then before he even left the apartment, what did he have just a little time for and was he steadying his nerves knocking it back and mixing it before he even went out, he must have reeked of beer and wine!

:-( said...


2345 said...


You've hit the nail on the head -
"bloody hell I wouldn't want to bump into him when he had a few drinks inside him". And you can look after yourself !! My husband said exactly the same on day one, didn't like the look of Gerry's snarling mouth.

How many do you suppose he had inside him the night him & Kate were called to attend to their very distressed child ???

I find their comment of putting the children 'to sleep' very revealing; convinces me that they were routinely sedated. Was Madeleine's dose too little or was it overlooked altogether on 2nd May ? Either way I bet short fused daddy was p ....d off - NOT happy. You know my theory on most likely culprit.

"Time for bed" is normal expression after bathtime .. precious time, tuck them up for story time and watch them drift quietly off to sleep.

McCanns children seemed to be treated like objects, accessories, high usage of nursery facilities even on holiday - feed them and 'put them to sleep' - off out like care free singletons.

2345 said...


Just remembered, Kate worked as an anaethetist prior to working as GP.
this makes her most likely one to 'put them to sleep'.

This heightens Gerry's reaction to any omission or dosage error on Kate's part that night. I can almost hear him saying - "that's your b ..... y job and you screwed up".

Almighty ding dong, Madeleine cries 'daddy daddy in fear, Kate likely gather Madeleine into her arms when she found her crying ... Gerry lost control,lashed out and Madeleine took severe blow to the throat .. releasing forensics found ... commensurate with broken larynx ... DNA samples of cerebral fluid, broken neck, secondary to frontal impact.

Alcohol and anger, lethal mixture.

Wizard said...

Good Morning Viv,

It’s a lovely sunny morning in London at the moment and looking very spring like.

You mention in your second post you don’t like the sound of Gerry saying “put them to sleep” I agree with you. I have also felt uncomfortable when Kate when referring to Madeleine she says, “she’s been taken”, “when she was taken” and “I wish I had been with her when she was taken”.

I believe Kate is telling the truth in these statements and to be taken has of course two meanings and perhaps it’s the darker one she is referring to.

lizzy said...

HI Viv,
I agree that this remark, then we put them to sleep at 7.15, does imply they were sedated, for a start there is no way children of any age settle and go off to sleep immediately, it is also obvious they were sedated from Gerry's remark in Panorama programme, when they realised the Police were getting suspicious he came out withe the remark he was wondering if the abductor had drugged the twins as they slept right through all the commotion until the next morning. He is clearly covering for them there, as soon as he said that, he confirmed to everyone those twins were sedated. Odd though as a Dr he refused the Police offer to test them for drugs that evening? As if they had been drugged and if the abductor was not a Dr, they could have been overdosed or given something dangerous, any normal parent in that situation ,would be only too willing for tests to check over their remaining children in my opinion.

ultraviolet said...

if you give the children warm milk (or a bath with lavendula!) you can say, this will "send" you to sleep, not this will "put" you to sleep. the vetenarian did that with our old cat! i hope i am understanding these minor differences correctly?

Ecolab said...

Greetings from Denmark
What a lovely day. What a lovely time of the year. Springtime and soon my birthday. I`ve got a new job, which I `ll start in middle May(my dreamjob)

I must say: What we do throw out into the World is coming back to us! If we trow shit out into the World, shit it comes back! So remember, always trow good stuff out!
I wonder, why the McCanns is having such a hard time right now! Maybe to much shit?
I`m pleased with things right now. I can see Justice for Maddie in The Horizon.

I remember asking Rosie the strange expression "putting someone to sleep" ? In my vocabulary (it might not be that big, but okay for a foreigner)it means f.x "to take your old, sick doggie to the vet." and have its life ended!
It is a "forced" nockout i my mind! Rosie explained to me, that it was common saying i Britt, when you tucked your children! I d`nt beleave her.

I`m amased with 2345, and her sharp explanation. She might even be closer, than she thought. It is like doing a puzzle, as soon the frame is in place, the rest goes very quick. JT change in explanation hits the seeling and made the puzzleframe almost to its end.
Where does this new JT statement leave O`Brian, now the spotlight is on his movements? Could you as a mother sit quiet on a Tapasbar, while your little child is volming in the hotel appartment, even if its father was there?

Well, I can feel, this is getting under my skin again.

nancy said...

Viv - good morning to you and everyone!

Thanks for the very comprehensive report of the days and months following May 3rd 2007!

If one of my children was missing when I checked on them and I had felt the breeze described by Kate, I would immediately think she had woken up, got out of bed and gone to look for me. Why did Kate run to the Tapas bar and tell Gerry that someone had taken her? That may be a conclusion you would come to after you had searched the immediate vicinity. I think that is very telling remark. It's not as if she said it after they had all started searching for instance.

I heard on the news this morning that Murat is going to sue the British media for libelous reports. If he is innocent of anything other than getting involved in assisting the search for Madeleine, then he deserves every penny, and while he is at it he should sue the Tapas 9 and CM who have all done their best to put him under suspicion since the McCanns were made arguidos themselves.

I think they must all be feeling a trifle shaky today after Tanner revealed she had been lying all the time - surely this must put a whole different scenario on this case as far as the police are concerned, both in Britain and in Portugal.

As the McCanns are going to keep their arguido status, does this mean that as arguidos they have to return to Portugal if they are summoned there by the PJ's? I though that was one of the reasons they were made arguidos!

ICantThinkOfAName said...

In view of past history, the comments published so far on the Mail On Sunday HYS are quite surprising.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
I just thought I would mention something which I think is quite important in a way.
A local taxi driver who I know quite well has believed the Mccanns to be guilty and involved from the outset, we were in his cab about 10 days after May 3rd and at this point everybody including myself believed in the abduction theory.He holidays in Portugal 3 times per year and has done for the past 15 years and has a lot of friends there. He said as soon as they said the shutters were broken I knew they were involved, as these shutters are really heavy metal and to break in via the shutters would nake an incredible amount of noise, when it turned out they were not in fact broken , he said he was convinced they were behind it. At the time my children who were e
in the cab thought he was outrageous but have since realised he was not so stupid after all, in fact very clever, as he suspected they were guilty even before Eddie and Keela's evidence...clever man in my opinion....Lizzy

marga said...

Hi everyone!

A rainy day in PT :-(

Gerry's blog is again about them, their visit to Brussels and the "leak" that will not contribute to find Maddie.

"We were dismayed to learn that excerpts from our early witness statements were leaked to a Spanish TV station."

Why does he not say it is Telecinco?

"These were taken out of context and there can be no doubts were designed to undermine our credibility."

As if the world would think they are telling the truth...

"One has to question why these were leaked on the day when the media attention was huge and who benefits from such a leak?"

Huge? What a humble anorak!
Why don't YOU tell us the benefits Gerry?

The Pj don't need to leak anything.They are not there to spin but to do their job instead.

Tomorrow will be an important day.

ultraviolet said...

guten Morgen marga, wie geht es dir heute?

SwedishMum said...

Good morning Viv and all!

And I can assure you: it is a lovely morning here, the sun is shining and it's oh so beautiful!

Like Ecolab, I find the expression "putting someone to sleep" a bit strange and I interpret it the same way as Ecolab (we are after all neighbours with virtually the same language) - but I understand from you that that's not how it's supposed to be interpreted. Still a strange expression though IMO.


nice to see you and yes, the comments on Mail On Sunday HYS are a bit different than the ones we used to see there.


do we have a confirmation that JT changed her statement?
If so, it really must shake the grounds the rest of the Tapas lot are standing on.

Finally Viv,

I'd be happy to come to your wedding (hope you don't mind if I try to snatch the groom from you though) :-)

marga said...


gut, danke. Und dir?

Verzeihung, war am Suche nach einem anderen Bild und es hat zu lange gedauert.

We have nothing new in Pt. Only CM is saying tehy would not come for the reconstruction.

marga said...

Correio da Manhã( the paper/ not the ugly one) .

Well, When i heard that expression "put then to sleep" i also found it strange but their english is also peculiar , isn't it? The pronunciation and Kate's ums.

SwedishMum said...


Not exactly what we in Sweden call Oxford English.
But, in all honesty, Kate's ums could be due to feeling uncomfortable with being on tv. That is a rather challenging experience for most people.

ultraviolet said...

kein Problem marga, heute habe ich auch andere Sachen zu tun!

not much going on here today, either. i just read the mail on sunday. they have a long article all about alipio ribeiro, making apologies for the leak to "friends" of the mccann. but was it not paulo rebelo who was in england?!

marga said...

Finally Viv,

I'd be happy to come to your wedding (hope you don't mind if I try to snatch the groom from you though) :-)

Sunday, 13 April 2008 10:37:00 o'clock BST



This alleged "leak" is sth is not going to stick easily.
1. The channel is the same they gave their exclusive interview;
2. The journalist in question has stated he believes in their innocence. So, if he thinks they are not guilty, why would have interested to leak this information that would harm their credibility?

No reaction in PT about this accusation from team mc cann.
They are digging their own hole..
3. Mr Rebelo is also known for his silence. He hasn't said anything until now. Why would the PJ leak information now that they were doing the interviews as they have expected to do? No one from the Pj would come to the newspapers at this point.

ultraviolet said...

the more i think of this, the more i come to firmly believe that the leak came from clarence mitchell. here is an extract from the mail on sunday.

Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are expected to say today that their trip to the UK to re-interview the Tapas 7 was fruitless, with no new leads being thrown up.
Chief Inspector Paulo Rebelo is likely to tell prosecutors that no new evidence has been uncovered in hours of interviews, according to a source.
The admission will open the way for Kate and Gerry McCann to be cleared as suspects in the case.
Spokesman for the McCanns' Clarence Mitchell, said "Kate and Gerry should now be eliminated from the police inquiry."

it does not say what is meant by "a source". it looks like a press-release from the office of clarence mitchell.

the comments on the article surprise me. very few are warm to the mccann, this is unusual for the wail!

marga said...

ultraviolet. These pseudo "journalists" give the others a bad name.
Even through this we can see that this news is not true. Rubbish.

BTW, how do you come to speak german?If you don't mind to answer. Of course.


aber der Akzent is sowieso merkwürdig.

ultraviolet said...

sorry, that should have been written, the mail, not the wail.

2345 said...


Dishonestly prohibits fluent open speech. and.

'Put to sleep' is a British term - applicable to injecting anaesthesia; animals are 'put to death' by overdose. Pre-op patients receive sufficient to eliminate pain and consciousness.

I read a horrifying account of a woman who was given an incorrect dosage prior to surgery; it didn't knock out sufficiently - she was in agony, but was too sedated to speak !!!

There's obviously a fine line between giving too little or too much - perish the thought ! I don't know whether she sued as it happened long before suing became the vogue in Britain.

ultraviolet said...


i learned in school, but many years ago. the company of my husband, has properties in berlin, and i have been there sometimes with him, as he speaks no german at all.

marga said...


everything written in Br newspapers is rubbish.

Clarrie at his attempt to manipulate public opinion and to put pressure on the PT side.

Unfortunately for them the Portuguese know their tactics well.

marga said...

I meant

everything written TODAY in BR press

ultraviolet said...

i think that most things, written in most newspapers, in many countries, is all rubbish. with occassionally, a small bit of truth. it is to tell the difference, that is difficult sometimes.

2345 said...

As expected, alleged "visit was fruitless paving the way for status to be lifted".

Meantime, PJ have been stuck in Portugal in their tracks waiting to re-interview prime suspects on unanswered questions and also question them on ALL new evidence.
No progress can be made on victim's behalf without this process.

MAJOR case for the Prosecutor, death and disappearance of a child, parental negligence, wasting police time, perverting the course of justice - media campaign and illegal activities of Metado 3. Illegal activities since McCanns fled Portugal as a result of intervention have vastly increased and are continuing.

The Prosecutor, PJ & Portuguese taxpayers have my utmost admiration and sympathy with the abhorrent way they have been undermined, defamed and stymied each and every step of the way.

Media manipulation continues .....

Someone on 3 A's is arranging a petition to send to the Portuguese authorities in support of all their efforts. The behaviour in this case is abhorrent to British citizens.

SwedishMum said...

Ja Marga,

Ich habe über die Akzent viel fundiert. Ich kenne viele Leute (Engländer) mit Akademische Meriten und Sie sprechen alle eines wunderbaren Englisch.
(Ich hoffe dass Du mein Deutsch verstehen kann, Ich habe nicht Deutsch in viele Jahren geschrieben)

Sorry about that, I just wrote that I’ve been wondering about their accents and that I know a lot of English academics that all speak wonderful English.

marga said...


German is a special language to me. And as i can see for what you have said it also helps a husband in need:-) and a wife to travel:-)

Thanks, 2345.

i only wish you are right about everything you have been saying through these months.

Now. I'm off.


enjoy your sunday!
heute muss ich einen Regenschirm bei mir haben, denn es ist regnerish hier.
Viel Spass!

SwedishMum said...

Viel Spass, Marga!

marga said...


dein Deutsch ist prima.

Your German is fine!

2345, BTW

I tried to access the 3A site but we need to register. Is that new?

SwedishMum said...

Thanks Marga,

I just wish my French was as good :-) (but we all have a tendency to wish for more, don't we)

marga said...

Illegal activities of Metado 3.

how right you are. They continue here. Do you remember that tipp from the underworld?

ultraviolet said...

marga, viel Spaß, auf wiederschrieben!

ultraviolet said...

ladies, we will all be in big trouble in a moment. do you not know that we are only permitted to blog in english?!!!! or so i have been told, on a few occassions.

marga said...


but you are a polyglot already!
I'm sure your French is better than mine.

Até logo!
See you later!
Bis später!

2345 said...


CM has a few Portuguese tabloids doing likewise; Alsabella confirmed Horas 24 is highly disreputable, Daily Expresso and others. (google) - Alsabella's blog articles are rediverted to DE web team, controlled by CM's forum defence team.

Alsabella said in DE Forum days that an approach was made to Portuguese TV station to cover the case from a different angle, contra to PJ and their perspective. The station owner was offered 2000 euros a week, same as Metado 3; I remember Alsa proudly saying he would not succumb to bribery - honoured and respected PJ too much.

Fraud and corruption specialists Metado 3 are clearly still serving their purpose, lucrative contract recently renewed. Mafia style tactics versus police continues ....

SwedishMum said...

Out of courtesy to the other blog readers I think we should converse in English (it is rather annoying not to understand what is written).

2345 said...


No, do you mean their involvement in Mari's murder case ?

ultraviolet said...

this is one way of seeing it, swedishmum. i was appalled one evening on alsabella's old blog, someone came on and chastised her severely for writing in portuguese. in my view, it is her blog and she may write on it in any language she chooses. in fact it is alsabella who is making the courtesy to the rest of us, of writing in english. some people forget this. however, i will defer to your wise judgement and also make a translation of anything of anything i write here, which is not in english.

SwedishMum said...


of course Alsabella is allowed to write in Portuguese on her own blog and if Viv and Claudia think it's ok to write in different languages here I have no objection.
I just meant that it can be rather boring for others to scroll by posts they don't understand a word of.

ultraviolet said...

yes swedishmum, it can be very frustrating. fortunately there is babylon, it does not translate things well, but well enough to get the sense of some things.

Doppelganger said...


If you Blog in German, only people who can speak German will be able to read your posts.

If you Blog in English, hundreds of millions of people will be able to read them.

Also it is not really fair on the blog administrator to post in a language she may not be able to read because you could be making libellous or defamatory statements which she would then be held responsible for.

By the way I have two nieces who are German.


Doppelganger said...

Alsabella and Claudia used Portuguese on their own blog because it was their blog and they obviously understood their own posts.

I don't think Alsabella would have been comfortable with posts being made entirely in a language that she could not understand because she would not be able to monitor the contents.


ultraviolet said...

why does everyone think i am a german?! i am flattered. i did not think i could write german so well.

Doppelganger said...


I didn't think you were German,

as you were using German I used that language as an example and I mentioned that I had two German nieces to prove the point that I have nothing against the language in case anyone misinterpreted what I said.

I think German is a very interesting language, but in global terms very few people can actually speak or understand it.

Now I will be in trouble with my nieces as well!!


ultraviolet said...



translation for those who do not understand troll =

i have nothing better write than the random words in the verification box

Joe said...

In The People, the opposite of what 24Horas state yesterday, apologies if posted already. I expected the Sunday comics to spin for Mr. Pink and right on cue. Its disgusting really when the press do not still appear at all bothered about the fate of Madeline. I hope Murat gets millions out of the Press for libel and defamation. QUOTE:

Chief investigator Paulo Rebelo will tell prosecutors that fresh interviews with the McCanns' holiday friends - the so-called Tapas Seven - yielded nothing new.

The admission means the parents could be in the clear as early as next month - as The People exclusively revealed last week.

But while the move will be welcomed, one of the seven pals last night blasted cops for accusing her of changing her statement.

Furious Jane Tanner, 37, said: "If this was not such a serious matter some of the things being said about us would be laughable."

2345 said...


It's not about me being right or wrong, but rather the realities Prosecutor and two police forces are being subjected to.

What we are witnessing is not standard police procedure or practice in Portugal or Britain.

Shannon's case is a timely reminder of uninterrupted procedures in cases of missing children. Specifically, where those found to be responsible are concerned.

Karen Matthews is in custody charged with neglect and perverting the course of justice - her child is alive and safe.

PJ has a dossier of evidence proving Madeleine was NOT abducted - forensic results released show she died in her parents' apartment on or around 3 May.

Government did not intervene on Karen's behalf.

Doppelganger said...


Well I think I know what Supertroll is up to and here is a message for her

If you crash this site, I WILL crash your site and the other one two.

Your choice.

Doppelganger said...


Got the message?

ultraviolet said...

doppelganger, i think the confusion came one evening, when alsabella and claudia were chastised for writing in portuguese. they were told, blogger is only for the english language, that is what the internet is for.

i then wrote, in both german and english, that blogger is a german corporation, their server is in frankfurt, so ideally we all ought to be writing in german.

of course this is a nonsense, but then so is the first argument. i think then, perhaps some posters thought i might be a german. and i have written occassional words of german since then.

but i actually learned it in school, also with english, russian and arabic.

nancy said...

Hi Swedishmum -

I thought the fact that Jane Tanner had been lying had been confirmed, but maybe I'm wrong! I haven't seen it in any of the newspapers yet come to think of it, so maybe it's just spin again. 2345 seems to think the PJ's didn't come to England in the first place, so who knows!

Doppelganger said...


Now you are spinning I think.

And I am sure we have 'spoken' before.

Swedish Mum,

I think they are missing you on the other side and will try and 'win' you back.

How does it feel to be so popular?


Cláudia said...

Hello, everybody!
2345, you are wrong. It was not a Portuguese station which was approached. It was Mr Paulo Pereira Cristóvão who was approached by a British TV channel. He was offered 1500 Euros to comment on the case, from Praia da Luz, for half an hour a day. He sait it was ok with him but then he was told that he should concentrate on the abduction theory and slash the PJ. He said no way would he do that because as an ex PJ he thought the PJ was doing the right thing and that his opinions on the case could not be bought. He was then offered 2000 and even 2500 Euros a day. The phone call ended when Mr Paulo Pereira Cristóvão used not so nice words to get his message accross.

ultraviolet said...

doppelganger, you may have spoken with nancy before. she had another name on the daily express. but it is her choice to tell you.

2345 said...


Alsabella was always good mannered and courteous; as she herself said, her English put many other commentators to shame and I miss her lengthy heartfelt prose and eloquence. She was a truly genuine lady with a great love of family and her country; hihghly principles and respected.

She did not flaunt the fact that she was Portuguese because she knew who she was.

There's been a vast increase in manipulative behaviour of late in forums as well as the press. Misinforming/misleading the public remains high on the agenda which has always included cloning in the vain hope of causing confusion.

Bears absolutely no resemblance to parents' behaviour in parallel cases.

SwedishMum said...


Not very popular at all with some on that site ;-)
However, I think some of them (even most, maybe) are good persons with a different kind of view than mine, but yet good.

But when they take what someone, who either doesn't bother to read what she's commenting on or doesn't understand it, writes as gospel truth, then there's really nothing for me to do there.

I tried to post on both sites (or rather all three), on this one and Alsabella's I'm allowed to have a different opinion whithout being lied about. So - though I didn't want to (I believe that in the concept "discussing") - I've made my choice. As have others who are "on the fence".

nancy said...

Hello Doppeldanger -

You are barking up the wrong tree I'm afraid. I've always been an anti-McCann all the time I blogged on the DX as WOORAM - I chose a different name because I got thrown off of their site, as indeed did many others, for daring to have different view from the pros!

The reason I said about Jane Tanner retracting her words about leaving the table before Kate said that Madeleine had been taken, and that she had actually stayed at the tapas bar all evening, is because I read it on here yesterday! And Murat is certainly going to claim money from the newspapers according to BBC Radio 4today.

I don't even know what Rosiepops site address is and have never been there and wouldn't want to. The only blogs I've been on are DX, Alsabella, and here. I don't think it's very nice to accuse someone of something if you don't actually have evidence, so perhaps an apology might be in order thankyou.

Doppelganger said...


I knew I had spoken to you before.

If you had posted as Wooram, I would not have got mixed up.

As you know some posters use multiple ID's to cause trouble that's all.

Sorry if I offended you.


nancy said...

doppelganger -

Apology accepted - I know there are many who do use multiple ID's!

No offence taken.

Nancy x

Doppelganger said...

Swedish Mum,

I agree, I actually respect one or two of the posters on the other blog.

But what they don't seem to realise is that they are being 'used' by others there for their own ends I think.

I used to post there and have reasonable debates with Sassy and Tinkerbell, but other people there atually got very jealous (can you believe it?) and deliberately started attacking me to cause trouble and stop the discussions.

Got to go now.

Bye, bye everyone.

Bye Nancy!

2345 said...


Murat's under Max Clifford's wing.
OP on 3 A's wrote an article on Murat and was redirected to Max Clifford.

Remember CM's media controller and BBC is one of his outlets.

Article on 3 A's - Murat's lawyer is incensed by McCanns; this sordid case has left Murat's family bankrupt.

SwedishMum said...


I don't doubt it at all, I really think that's what's happening there.

Have a nice day!

I'm off too,

Have a nice day all!

Cláudia said...

2345, I have deleted your post for two reasons.
The first one was because we will not tolerate that you attack regular posters here. The second one is because I will not tolerate, having been given the authority by Viv to delete posts, to be called a clone. As for Alsabella's blog, you know nothing about what happened. She does and she told me so I also do. But you soon will too. And so will the posters from the House of filth.

Cláudia said...

Have a great day, Swedish Mum!
Enjoy your spring!

2345 said...


Alsabella summaries of Mr Cristovao's book are also on record. The Star Of Madeleine supports PJ's perspective and was approved by lawyers prior to publication.

The content was not well received by McCanns defence team because the book highlighted extent of Government intervention in the case.

Doppelganger said...

Swedish Mum

Another of my 'long goodbyes'

The reason you are not welcome there is nothing to do with your views actually

It is because there is only 1 'Alpha' female allowed on that site and we all know who that is.

And men are not welcome there at all for the same reason.

Perhaps eventually the others will see this, but somehow I don't think they ever will.

On this site, all the females are 'Alpha' females and men are welcome also.

Really, really going now.

Bye again.

Cláudia said...

2345, and you think you're giving me any news?
I had the book on my hands a few hours after it was on sale! I managed to have it before it was on sale in many places in Lisbon, our capital. In fact, before I wrote the post to you to correct your wrong information, I checked the chapter of Mr Paulo Pereira Cristovão's "The Star of Madeleine" so I wouldn't get any fact wrong. Page 121. Got that?

Doppelganger said...


If people want to read a porn site, they don't need to be given a link, there are thousands of them apparently.

Is that why you keep coming here touting for business?

Competition for the type of clientele you are after is pretty fierce I believe.

Don't bother to reply, I'm spending some time with my family now.

Perhaps that's what you should be doing?

Cláudia said...

See you, Doppel. Enjoy your Sunday! :-)

Doppelganger said...


Hello and Goodbye.

Keep up the good work!


Cláudia said...

Thanks, Doppel.
You too! ;-)

Cláudia said...

Just so you know, 2345, Alsabella is the only person who knows something that I have no told anyone. Yet. Oh, and stpo disrespecting her, please. You know nothing about what happened to her. And you know nothing about why she isn't around. I do. So let's leave it that day. As long as you don't attack posters on here (like you did with Bianca) and as long as you don't tell lies, it's fine.

2345 said...


Your interpretation of the book differ from Alsabella's comments in my records which, as she said, was not judgmental and legally approved before publication.
He wrote it in support of PJ.

It was not well received by team McCann for obvious reasons.
Mr Crisovao's book was warmly welcomed by forum commentators along with Alsabella's articles and explanations.

Doppelganger said...


Is that you?

Or are you using your 5 year old as a keyboard monkey again, touting for business for your sordid website

I looked in the other day and you have had less posts EVER than Viv gets here for a single article.

Stop being such a parasite and spend some time with your seven kids.

If you looked after them properly you wouldn't have any time to post on the internet, let alone try and run a porn site.

Have a nice day!

Cláudia said...

2345, but where did I say otherwise? Mr Paulo Pereira Cristóvão is a very intelligent man. He was a PJ for seventeen years and he has a law degree. The book he wrote was obviously revised by a legal team. He, himself, said why he wrote the book and explained what people should expect from it. It is a book in defence of my Polícia Judiciária, of my country and of my institutions. And beautifully written, by the way.
Oh, and it will be made into a Portuguese TV series, into an international film co-production and the publication in the American market is under negotiation.

Doppelganger said...

Oh and a message for know it all Mum21.

Writing programs in high level interpreted languages is a piece of Pi**.

For your information I used to write data compression algorithms in Z80 machine code for arcade games 25 odd years ago.

Now that was difficult

Then I used to build computer systems for a living.

You think you know everything but actually you know very little.

In my humble opinion.


Doppelganger said...


She must have got her 5 year old posting again - he can't read apparently so it's ok!!!!!!!

Bye, again, again etc.

Cláudia said...

yes, you're right, hole. The real Cláudia has been abducted bt aliens. As for my collection, you have nothing to worry about. They aren't taken from here. I only collect threatening posts (sue threats, for exemple) and libellous posts towards the PJ (and I don't mean posts where the PJ is criticised, I mean libellous posts - I'm only interestd in very specific posts).

ICantThinkOfAName said...

I gave up contributing or even reading the DX site because of all the fighting between pro and anti.

This blog now seems to be degenerating into an anti versus anti conflict so I think it's time I found a new way to spend my time.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I don't think it is an anti versus anti conflic. If you know what I mean...

mandarinn said...

good afternoon all.
I just read DMail news about this case and i'm confusung... I don't know who got mad... Alipio Ribeiro ( was he in uk instead of Paulo Rebelo)??!!!!
Did him (whoever he is... ) interropt the inquire to aplogize McCanns'!!!!!!!
Or... did i lost my capacity to interpret texts......
PLEASE please clarify me..

Cláudia said...

But one thing you're right about, ICTOAN. It's quite a beautiful day here. A bit cold but sunny in this momment. Time to be with the people we love! :-)
Have a great Sunday!

Doppelganger said...


That's what people would like you to think.

Shame to give up now it looks as though there might have been a major breakthrough in the case.

If JT has admitted she was lying then the case could blow wide open at any time.

What will she do if the PJ decide to prosecute her for? will she risk going to jail to save Kate and Gerry?

Who knows the answer to that one.

Not really here by the way, supposed to be 'working'.


mandarinn said...

UIII an assassin here...

2345 said...


Please don't feel the need to keep me abreast of events in Portugal because I have trusted sources.
In addition to complete record of Alsabella's blog and DE contributions.

SwedishMum said...

Hi again all,

been out for a brisk walk in the sunshine. Lovely!

I wasn't saying you were wrong, just wondering if it had been confirmed anywhere (not on blogs) that JT has changed her statement.

thanks for calling me an "alpha" female (I think) :-)

nice to see you, if you're you that is, and not an alien who's invaded your "cyberbody" (why is there a discussion about this at all?)

Wizard said...

Sunday Mail's Elaine Smith tells us today:-

"Lay off poor Kate McCann and focus on the real villians
Apr 13 2008 Elaine C. Smith

IT'S shocking that poor Kate McCann is vilified as soon as she tries to do something positive.

Her plea for a Europe-wide alert scheme as soon as a child goes missing is a great idea.

But that gets overshadowed by leaks from Portugal that Kate and husband Gerry left their kids crying the night before Madeleine vanished. The only thing the McCanns did wrong was to leave their kids for a couple of hours. But who among us has never made a mistake?

Why do we vilify the McCanns yet let the Mugabes, dictators and the warmongers carry on?

How many deaths do Bush and Blair have on their hands?

Yet the McCanns make one mistake and are pilloried. "

What can I say is this woman for real? If she is she must one of the worlds stupidest!!

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, that reporting Daily M style! :-)

Hello, SM. Good to see you. Really ahve to go! :-)

2345, I'm glad you have good sources in Portugal. Because if you do, then you know that a little (or maybe not so little) tsunami is going to hit the pros soon! :-) We'll talk when it becomes public.

SwedishMum said...

Hi Wizard,

Wonder why she makes the connection to deaths. According to the McCanns there's no proof that Madeleine has been harmed in any way.

ultraviolet said...

assassin, please stop posting links to your sex site here. it is disrespectful.

SwedishMum said...


if you're still here. Re. my being welcome back on the other site:
I rest my case ...

isis said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Viv (and everyone!),

I've created my own blog (experimental - will see how it goes) and was wondering if you would like me to include a link to your blog? My blog discusses the Madeleine McCann case but in nowhere near the detail of yours. It is more about parenting issues and about disparaging the ethics (or lack thereof) of the Pro's. Like I say, not sure how long it will last, but thought I'd at least attempt it. Let me know if you'd like me to link.

Thanks :-)










Doppelganger said...


I have checked out your site and one of the items for discussion is titled

Just F**king F**k me

Another is titled


Yet another is something about a sick Nazi Orgy.

Apologies to every one else for typing this filth but this person needs exposing for what she is, a parasitic child neglector.

nancy said...

2345 -

Well that's good news about
Murat and Max Clifford! He is a very well respected journalist and would run rings around those trying to pervert the course of Justice in my opinion.

nancy said...

Swedish Mum -

I hope I wasn't wrong about JT but I think it's because everyone seemed to be talking about it on yesterday's forum that I wrongly assumed it had been confirmed.

Sorry if I gave the impression it was confirmed.

Off to the sun terrace to get a bit of heat on my bones!! See you all later.

No Gina today?

SwedishMum said...


No worries.
Have a nice time in the sun!

nancy said...

Wizard -

Elaine Smith of the Sunday Mail is entitled to her opinion no doubt, but why is it that so many UK reporters seem to believe in the McCanns when the truth is staring them in the face? It makes one wonder whether they really believe their own nonsense, or are being paid very nicely to say it. CM comes to mind!!

LittleGreyCell said...

Good afternoon from a fantasy comedy writer...think I'll be Joan Rivers today.

Just looking in before I settle down with the fantasy Sunday papers.

Elaine Smith. Now there's a real fantasist...

...the only thing Kate McCann did wrong was to leave her kids for a couple of hours? ONLY? And it was a MISTAKE because she'd really intended to stay with them to look after them?

Was it short-term memory loss?

Ms Smith seems to imply that George W. Bush and Tony Blair made a bigger 'mistake' by invading Iraq, because lots more people died. ("Oops, sorry, Iraqis! Our mistake!")

By inference then, since it was only Madeleine who suffered by the hands of her parents, that's OK is it Elaine?

And since you ask, ES, I always thought a 'mistake' was giving someone the wrong change, or forgetting the expiry time of your parking ticket; I hadn't actually realized that the term encompassed leaving three toddlers on their own for hours so you could go out and have a nice, child-free time with your friends - or indeed absent-mindedly invade other countries.

And now I come to think of it, no, I don't believe I have ever made a MISTAKE resulting in the complete disappearance of my child. Hang on, I'll just check for you.....yes, he seems to be in the house with me now. Phew.

(I'm still pre-menstrual, Elaine, so it'll be a mitigated MISTAKE if I happen to run you over when I accidentally drive along the pavement. Bad luck).

And further to this fantasy driving 'mistake', I love how I'm only a 'fantasy' comedy writer because I'm not a fully paid-up member of the Kate and Gerry McCann fan club. I suppose if I thought they'd made a MISTAKE in leaving their kids night after night, I'd be a real comedy writer. Better give that some thought for the sake of my career...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think the McCanns killed Madeleine or hid her body, I believe she was abducted. But what I find amazing is that rather than answer police questions and at least make themselves LOOK like they are doing everything they can, they decide to jaunt off to Brussels and only raise suspicions about themselves even further!

By the way, the ONLY reason I believe Madeleine was abducted is by default, simply, I can't see how they would have killed her (accidentally or otherwise) and hidden the body, all in such a short space of time. I realise that there is no actual evidence of an abduction.

Doppelganger said...


There are other topics but the number of hits on them is tiny.

The whole site has less hits in total than this site gets for a couple of articles.

Now I have to go because I have 3 kids not 7 and I really don't have the time as my son wants me to do some art with him.

And I would much rather spend time with my kids than talking to morons like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Grey Cell,

Hope you are keeping well :-)

A shameless plug for my new blog - I think it deals in some issues you may be interested in (especially based on your last post). Hope Viv doesn't mind me plugging it here - "Bee's Hive". Hope to see you there :-)

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Bianca,

I look at it the other way round; insoluble problems always make sense once you know the answer. So if we imagine that Madeleine wasn't abducted, there are only a few possibilities left about what happened to her.

Although it's difficult to imagine the logistics from where we sit now, it'll all make sense once every piece of the jigsaw has been er, jigsawed. (PMS, remember).

Ever read an Agatha Christie mystery? They're full of logistical puzzles, but in the end all the loose ends are tied neatly into one thread. (And like now, there are always crucial facts which are only revealed on the last page).

Anyway, that's my opinion, as an arch-fantasist. And if Madeleine WAS abducted, what on earth is all the smoke-screen and fingering of other people and obstruction of justice about??


LittleGreyCell said...


Yes, thanks, I'm peachy, but chilly! How are you?

I'll take a look at your blog...sounds intruiging!


atardi said...

Hallo everyone,

I'm reading back.

Maybe someone has posted this already.
Can someone confirm this?

LISBON, Portugal _ The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann may be entitled to see the police case against them from this date.



Doppelganger said...


If your site is so bloody popular why do you spend so much time here touting for business

I will leave people to draw their own conclusions I think.

And why you would have an article tiltled

'Just F**king F**k me' when you have 7 kids already God only knows.

It's pretty obvious there are plenty of men like Shannon Matthews step Dad living on your estate who are more than willing to ablidge without you having to advertise on the internet.

What are YOUR 7 kids up to at the moment by the way? Don't suppose you have any idea actually.

Probably harassing some little old lady living alone on the estate or setting fire to cars.

Have a nice day!


LittleGreyCell said...


I'm obviously doing something wrong - there are a few blogs with that name, and none of them appears to be yours!

You have to realize I'm a complete idiot about anything with an on and off switch...

Anonymous said...

I know what YOU'RE saying Little Grey Cell (LOL) and I can understand your logic, but for me, until someone can provide even some slight proof that Madeleine was killed in the apartment (and DNA "evidence" that we in the public only know about through "leaks" is not proof enough for me) then I shall go for Occam's Razor - "the easiest answer is the truth" - and as Madeleine is missing (no body) - the easiest answer is that she was abducted.

This, however, doesn't mean that I am not open to other theories. I am, and I do contemplate them, however so far, I always end up coming back to them same place.

P.S. My blog is just experimental at this stage. Running it up the flag-pole and seeing if anyone salutes! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey LGC,

Don' be so hard on yourself. I am just a novice at this stuff too - don't worry! :-)

It may be easier just to go to my profile (Bianca) and click the link to "Bee's Hive" in there.

Doppelganger said...


I didn't read the article, the title was as far as I got, as I don't spend my spare time trawling the internet for filth.

And the only reason I am engaging with you is because I am so angry over you boasting about exploiting your 5 year old son the other day.

Otherwise I would not even give you the time of day.

No one here or any where else for that matter is remotely interested in your 'thoughts' and I will now do what everyone else is doing and just ignore you.

Gina said...

Just looked in - it is like a childrens playground on here today. Get is all out of your system today please Doppel/Assasin. See you tomorrow if all the bickering has stopped- Take care all Bye

2345 said...


If the Prosecutor lacked the proof that Madeleine was killed in the apartment, he would have closed the case months ago.

The evidence was sufficient to arrest McCanns 7 months ago, but Brown stepped in and stopped it.

Independent criminal profilers/psychologists had proved abduction to be an impossibility.
As Kate herself said in live interview "we KNOW what happened and it didn't happen because Madeleine was alone".

This is what Eddie & Keela found some weeks later ... all damning evidence is on PJ's files awaiting requestioning and re-interviews along with CM.

But for political interference case would have been tried months ago. Those responsible for PJ's dossier of evidence would have been sentenced, case closed.

Shannon's case is a prime example of uninterrupted police procedures.
No Government meddling in this case.

Anonymous said...


Well okay, if what you are saying is the case (and as I say, I am still open to different theories) then wouldn't that have to mean that the PJ were corrupt, being that they allowed their investigation and indeed, the whole of the Portuguese justice system to be compromised in some way (what way??) by the English government? Is Portugal an independent, steadfast nation or not? How did Brown "step in"? What happened?

P.S. Please don't read this as confrontational or cynical. The questions are genuine.

Doppelganger said...


I am currently doing some art with my 15 year old son, what are you doing with your 5 year old son at the moment?

You have taken up too much of my time already today.


I suggest you spend some time with your family like I am going to do now.

Doppelganger said...

Just because you had one extra 'hit' on your site doesn't mean it was me.

I know getting a 'hit' is a big event for you but try not to get too excited.

Ha, ha, ha!

Doppelganger said...

My son is painting on our dining room table and I helping him and my laptop is on the end of the table.

He is sat 3ft away from me.

And me asking if you have any idea what your 7 kids are up to at the moment is not me abusing them - it is you neglecting them.

When my 3 kids were small we didn't have a spare minute let alone have time to spend hour after hour harassing people on the internet.

And what is wrong with this country is not that it spends money paying people like me to work for the social services, but that it pays people like you and Karen Matthews to have 7 kids so you can sit on your backsides living off benefits.


Have a nice day.


Doppelganger said...

I make all my posts through a proxy server so there are tens of thousands of people with the same IP as me.


Anonymous said...

Well said Doppelganger! Couldn't agree more hun, and you are welcome ANY TIME at my blog :-)

assassin said...

lol, you are the only person that visited that thread at the time of posting in here you had been in that forum. I have you right there in stats with all the info lol!

Wizard said...

24Horas is reporting an interesting twist in the story today.

“The Judiciaria is certain that Maddie was not alone with her siblings there were seven children in the McCanns' apartment.

A new twist in this media-exposed case into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It appears that there were not only three, but seven children in the apartment where the girl vanished on May 3, as 24Horas found out from police sources connected to the investigation.

The authorities have discovered new evidence in apartment 5A that there were residues that were later confirmed as belonging to the children of the couple's friends that gathered at the Tapas restaurant for dinner.

This new version demolishes the theory that is defended by that group of friends as to what happened on the fateful day and weakens the possibility that one stands before a kidnapping.

As a member of PJ told 24Horas, "unless we're dealing with a sexual predator who followed the girl for a long time, which is not likely, as they had been in the Algarve for six days only, it would not be very likely for her to be selected, even because in terms of crimes of this nature, the criminals look for younger children, which are easier to sell for adoption".

Wizard said...

A bit like you then Viv is mad

J J said...

Why is everyone having a go at everyone else.

What about Madeleine

Remember her!bpsds

2345 said...

"Timeline Of A High Risk Strategy"

Viv, You've said all that needs to be said ....

Innocent people would have hired best lawyers available and cleared them names via legal procedures months ago - proper action.

McCanns and associates have been acting improperly since day one.
Metado 3 are acting illegally, perverting the course of justice is illegal, forum commentators are subjected to harassment and several have suffered illegal hacking.

Criminal mentality and activity continues ....

J J said...


typed bpsds in the wrong box.

Doppelganger said...


As it happens, I am now actually beginning to feel really sorry for you, that you are so starved of love and attention that you 'get off' on inviting people to abuse you on internet forums.

Well I am no longer prepared to feed your illness, please get the help you need from a professional.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Wizard! That is VERY interesting!

You know, I said many times at DE I thought it was weird that they could have been "watching" Madeleine and staking her and her family out, considering they had only been in PDL for six days. It seems odd, I mean, had "they" (the pedophile ring?) been watching them since before they left for England? How could they plan it all in six days?

A random, opportunist kidnapper I am willing to believe. But a pedophile "ring" has always seemed implausible to me.

J J said...

I don't post very often because I like to debate and not antagonise for the sake of it.
Where are the moderators?

atardi said...

To the poster without manners,

One thing you are really good at is to offend people you don't even know.

Why are you doing this?

Anonymous said...

Wizard again,

You know, it's always possible they had all the kids in one room sedated, rather than in separate rooms. This would certainly help explain the anomalies in the "checking" stories - getting rooms, times etc, all mixed up when giving "statements" to the police. The whole thing could have been made up with all the children simply in one room. But then why lie about this if Maddy really was abducted? Maybe the fear of the police seeing that not ONE of those seven children woke up during the abduction (i.e., because they were all sedated)? Maybe the Tapas Group didn't want to get sprung for this?? (again - assuming that Madeleine WAS abducted, and not killed).

2345 said...

As usual with forum monkeys, Lizzy's comment's been taken out of context.

The taxi driver knows Portugal extremely well as his opinion is based on first hand knowledge. His opinion is based on the fact that Gerry's assertion of shutter's being jemmied too ludicrous. The weight of the shutters and the noise entailed jemmying them open would have woken the dead - so to speak.

There are far more people in the world than the McCanns with knowledge of the holiday complex and the infamous shutters.

marga said...


my answer:

here in Pt . Huelva is being investigated too, but that one is working for them.

ultraviolet said...

people, i suggest we all ignore the squabbling children, when viv and claudia come back, the posts will be deleted.

the theory that all the children were in the room, is not new. it was written on the daily express some time ago. what i could not understand was, if all the children were there together, why not hire a nanny to look after them all. to place seven children in a room with no supervision, is a recipe for disaster.

2345 said...


Police ruled out abduction and ceased searching for Madeleine alive in July. Standard procedure where evidence of death is shown.

Unfortuntely for PJ, after suffering unnecessary delays with FSS results, they were prevented from arresting prime suspects seven months ago. Been suffering interference ever since.

marga said...

the Pj know what they are doing here.

marga said...

Hi nice people!


you are completely right. Think you should work as an investigator. Not easy to be manipulated.

Du hast Recht.

atardi said...


Nice to see you.

The sun was shining her.

Have you heard this also? I've asked in a back post but got no answer. People were too busy argueing I think.

LISBON, Portugal _ The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann may be entitled to see the police case against them from this date.



Sunday, 13 April 2008 15:29:00 o'clock BST

marga said...

Hi Atardi!

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's not start disparaging taxi drivers just for the sake of it. Some of the deepest philosophical thoughts I have heard have come from taxi drivers - not joshing you!

I got in a cab once and it was a Hindu guy driving. I noticed a picture he had up in the cab of a Hindu Goddess (can't remember which one) and asked him if the Hindu religion was a polytheistic one. He said it was, but that he wasn't quite sure if he subscribed to polytheistic theory. I said that I had considered it many times, and that it seemed plausible to me, given the vastly different kind of people in the world, that there could be several different gods responsible for creating the planet/universe. "But wait a minute" this guy asked "wouldn't different gods each create different beings? Why is it that no matter how much we differ in personality, culture, or colour of skin, cut us open and we are all exactly the same??" I thought about his argument, and realised it was an incredibly difficult to counter! Give ten different kids a lump of clay, and they will each mold something entirely different, so why would it be any different for ten different gods?

As I say - have heard some excellent stuff from taxi drivers!

marga said...

Atardi, i?ll take a look. thanks. How nice from you.!

Anonymous said...

" .. what i could not understand was, if all the children were there together, why not hire a nanny to look after them all. to place seven children in a room with no supervision, is a recipe for disaster."

Sunday, 13 April 2008 17:20:00 o'clock BST - [quoting Ultraviolet]

Not if they were all sedated.

Night night!

marga said...


I don't talk to people who do´'t have manners and are insulting the others.

"they may be"..

let's wait and see.

marga said...

Atardi, UltraV,

what do you see in my avatar??

marga said...


did you read my answer to your question?

ultraviolet said...


three little chickens following their mother

atardi said...


I'll take your advice;).

marga said...


that link you gave me is about what is possible to happen up today.But officially we have nothing until now.

2345 said...


I don't understand your view or the point you're trying to make.

PJ's suspicions with scene and comments on arrival led to Eddie & Keela being deployed. They pinpointed scent of death on Kate's clothing, bible, car keys cuddle cat and vehicle boot. FSS results by Leicester Police on 7 September categorically confirmed Madeleine had not been abducted.
Corpse specimens in boot had 100% DNA & 88% body match to Madeleine's.

The results not only show PJ's excellence, all forensics pinpointed removed and analyzed were by the British contingent.

Reports also state British mobile phone technologists found the additional evidence on PJ's files, triangulation. PJ's focus is to re-interview and question prime suspects on unanswered questions and ALL new evidence.

I have DE article on file, reported to include towel fibres/blood from undisclosed location linked to results already found and analysed in vehicle boot.

Thesis study by criminal profilers on given factors also confirms abduction is impossible.

In normal circumstances the evidence would have led to the immediate arrest of the prime suspects for lengthy questioning and cross examination.

Doppelganger said...


Hi Rosiepops, don't think I don't know it's you.

I read you make exactly the same comment on your blog a little while ago, almost word for word.

Well Viv is going to have the last laugh in the end because if JT has retracted her 'evidence' then it's game over for the McCann's.

marga said...

We have here in Pt an expression that I find quite sweety when we are relating to good caring mothers. Mãe- galinha: Mother Chicken. A mother that is always by their children and they follow her.

I thought this avatar could be appropriated to be here to remind people of their role as a mother/ father.

ultraviolet said...

vim is also rosiepops? why bother to use two names at all, if it is so obvious?

atardi said...


Having some internet problems.

Thanks for answering my question.

As for your avatar,

"Follow the leader?".:).

ultraviolet said...

we use that one here too. targanolet-v'ama, a mother hen.

Stella said...

Perhaps Tanner's having second thoughts about saving her own neck just in the nick of time and CM is having to bring in a reserve rather quickly, hence appointing Rachel Oldfield as the heroine to save the day by claiming she was in Tanner and O'Briens bedroom all night. Unsure of the layout in 5b it was either the main bedroom or the childrens bedroom she must have been in. Interesting little blunder by CM don't you think. What was he trying to tell us??

Anonymous said...


Well if the DNA has been confirmed as a 100 percent match, and even YOU know all about it, then why aren't the McCanns now in jail??

I don't think this is an unreasonable question?

You state these DNA "findings" very stridently as fact. Okay. But why are the McCanns then, campaigning over in Brussels on international "child safety" issues right now?? Why aren't they in jail, if it is THIS well known that the DNA evidence proves them guilty??

I'm sorry, but something isn't right about that.

You say there has been government interference, and that "in normal circumstances the evidence would have led to the immediate arrest of the prime suspects for lengthy questioning and cross examination.". Well, this to me sounds like something worthy of an international inquiry into corruption. Why hasn't this been done? And if Gordon Brown has "interfered" in the McCann case, why has he been so slack as to even let it slip to ordinary members of the public what he's been doing.

P.S. By the way, what HAS he been doing? You keep saying he's interfered, but you never elucidate as to how (??)

2345 said...


Standard police procedures in any country are obtaining statements from prime suspects/associates for Court.

As opposed to closing the case last September, the Prosecutor gave authority for PJ to arrest the prime suspects. Political intervention stopped it.

There is, therefore, a case to answer following Prosecutor's examination of evidence as at 7 September and ALL additional evidence found since.

PJ have yet to commence lengthy re-interviewing procedures, prime focus being main suspects, CM for his involvement on their behalf and his association with the illegal activities of Metado 3.
Numerous independent witnesses also have to be interrogated.
Gerry's computer is still awaited by PJ along with cuddle cat for forensic examination.

(google) articles confirm PJ's position, their comments and evidence on which they are based.

Police never make vacuous statements, their comments are always supported by hard evidence for Court purposes.

Guilty parties in this case, all those who have wasted police time taxpayers money in two countries in perverting the course of justice are being shielded by politicans.

Progress in Shannon's case illustrates uninterrupted police procedures.

All delays in Madeleine's are the result of intervention/corruption.

Police work straight down the line, criminals seldom do.

marga said...

Ultra, Hav ealready google an image.

It's the same! There are things have no country, colour or credo.

Doppelganger said...


Because she's too ashamed to admit it's her.

And she will go back to her own blog and say 'everyone over there thinks it's me but it's not' and then everyone will say 'Oooh poor Rosiepops they are so nasty to you on that blog, Oooh Rosiepops they are obsessed with you over there because you are such a clever person'

Etc, etc, etc

You see for them it is not about Madeleine at all, it is about filling their empty lives and trying to build up their own low self esteem.

I know that sounds harsh, but I'm afraid it's very close to the truth.


LittleGreyCell said...

Hello again, Bianca,

Had a surprise fantasy visitor to make some fantasy tea for, so was away for a bit and now it looks like I've missed you...well, catch you another time. Night night!

Hi Wizard!

Yes, this information about all the kids being in the same apartment was indeed aired a few months ago.

Logistically, it could explain:-

1. As somebody else just pointed out, why there's a fiasco about the timings of the checks each couple made; there would have only been need for one person to go back to the apartment, and everything else would thus be a fiction.

2. Why there was only one child monitor present at the tapas tables - there would only have been need for one.

However, this arrangement would have been a bit risky in the normal course of events if the adults had wanted a quiet evening, because if one child had woken up and made a noise, all the others would have awoken and cried, also.

And why were they all in the same apartment in the first place? For ease of childcare whilst other activities were taking place in the other empty apartments?

So that the unattached member of the party could oversee them all?

Was this the first and only evening all the kids had been in there together?

And, as mentioned previously, were all the children sedated, which would have threatened the careers of all the doctors in the group?

marga said...


why don't you insert an avatar here?

Sorry, to disrupt your conversation on the "tiny dot".
This expression will be compared to that one of the Spanish king to Hugo Chávez" Porque no te callas?"

Stella said...

Doppleganger, Hi

I have another theory about the "oh so Rosie one", from day one I think this has all been about a case study for her and she will write an article/book on it all one day based on material discussed in one of the biggest criminal cases in history, and she will stand to make a packet from it, just you wait and see. She is a journalist and not as daft as some think she is.

dolores said...

Hello to all,

I wish R.Murat every success at sueing 11 media outlets,for the disgusting personal insulting attacks they made, why do they find it necessary to get personal is beyond me. Will he sue Mc's also,was it not reported in The Times I beleive that K thought he might be a procurer for a paedophile ring?
Will he sue Rosiepop and gang for the libelous remarks they made about him,which is on many web pages? I sincerely hope so.

viv is mad said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
marga said...


it is as if everything was perfectly planned to frame him.
I still remember that journalist Campbell here in PDL.
Hope she is the first to be sued!

ultraviolet said...


i have thought for a while, that none of it is about madeleine. it is just a nasty, vicious game where somebody must always have the last word.

i do not see the point of that at all. so i try very hard not to be pulled in, but sometimes it is very difficult to remain detached.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask this - if the PJ are bound by secrecy laws, why do we know so much about what they are doing?

Okay. I know you'll say "leaks". But who among their ranks is untrustworthy enough to do this? Obviously someone - so what does this say about their police work in general? (I know, I sound like a "pro", but believe me, NOTHING could ever make me pro-McCann!). Is it treacherous, unreliable??

No. You don't want to believe the PJ are treacherous and unreliable. Fair enough. Well then maybe there HAVEN'T been any leaks after all? Maybe the PJ are flabbergasted at where all of these "leaks" have supposedly come from? But then you have to accept that all of the DNA "evidence" that we've supposedly heard about through PJ "leaks" is now completely unreliable - as it is - the fantasy of journalists and sensationalists only.

So which one is it? The PJ are a treacherous (or at best, slipshod) police force, full of untrustworthy types that ignore the secrecy laws and leak information to the public? OR, they are a perfectly respectable police force who know nothing about the leaks, in which case, all the "evidence" we think we've heard about so far is now to be discounted, or at least, considered highly dubious ??

Stella said...

I have a very clear view from up here, how's Ben doing? Did he have a gig last night?

marga said...


I have been avoiding answer your posts because I sense you are not the same Bianca.

Leaks can come from diffrent people involved in the investigation. In this acse. The arguidos, the witnesses, Br police and PT Police.
Why only the PJ to blame for the possible leaks?

Doppelganger said...


Unlike you I have some sense of fair play and morals. I thought it was unfair to shut your blog down the other night so I won't do it again.

But if you are trying to talk me into spoiling your fun you are doing a pretty good job.

The auto poster took about 10 minutes to write, it would take me longer to write a proper 'hack' but if you are determined to give me an incentive then carry on by all means.

By the way, if you are so convinced the McCann's are going to be cleared next week, how come you are here now?

Anonymous said...


Yes, it was me that said seven of them in the one room would explain the mixed up "checking" time stories, etc.

I have also said many times that I suspect the Tapas Group (the lot of them, including the McCanns) to be worried about getting sprung for sedating the children. Who leaves small children without a babysitter (particularly 7 in one room, if this is in fact the case) without worrying they will wake up and try to wander off?? It sounds VERY suspicious of sedation to me!

Stella said...

Marga, Hi

Like you I think this Bianca is not the same one that was on DE, take good care

atardi said...

Hi Dolores,

Hope everything is ok.

Murat's time has come now!

marga said...

Dear Hope,

do you remember yesterday's disruptive posts. Same style.

Doppelganger said...


You are absolutely right.

And Assassin has also worked this out and attacked the other blog before coming here.

The reason she comes here is because on the other blog they instantly delete any post that does not follow the party line - unlike here.

So of course as with freedom of speech everywhere some people abuse the privelege.

It's a difficult question really, what do those who want justice for Madeleine do - just leave the McCann apologists to dominate the debate by bullying us all into submission?

Personally I feel that by taking all the abuse and soldiering on I am poking CM in the eye just a little bit.

What do you think we should all do?

Anonymous said...


I am the same Bianca.

I am not racist, mean, or "out to get" the PJ. Believe me - I am only trying to be objective and look at everything from every possible angle.

This case has dragged on for ages now. Not so much in pure duration, but in terms of all the apparent "evidence" that never seems to lead anywhere. This "evidence", and where it supposedly comes from, is what I am questioning.

For what it's worth, I find the McCanns child neglect despicable (regardless of if they actually killed their poor daughter), and I actually have my own blog with that theme.

marga said...


when is your last term finishing?
That's sth I would like to know.

viv is mad said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


But the fact that the PJ would make themselves vulnerable to such leaks (eg; from the arguidos, the witnesses, Br police, or PT Police, as you suggest) says to me that they rather unreliable and are not guarding their work too closely. One or two leaks I could maybe understand. This would be almost impossible to avoid. But every month there is apparently a new "leak" from them, and you've got to wonder, if this is really going on, how reliable are they?

Again, I do not think that these are mean-spirited or unreasonable questions.

Doppelganger said...


It really depends what has caused all the delays.

Firstly there is possible interference by the British Government who were planning to call an election just before Christmas and didn't want any 'bad news stories' in the media.

Secondly, it is possible the police in Britain asked for the case to be delayed until Low Copy number DNA was cleared for use in criminal cases again.

Thirdly, it is obvious that if this is a conspiracy, then all those involved will be feeling under tremendous pressure and the longer this is applied, the more likely they are to crack.

If the stories about JT are true, we will see how much longer she can stand the 'heat'

Just my opinion of course.


marga said...


you have already told us and Viv about your blog. Why aren't you posting there instead?

Stella said...


Good idea, let's all poke him in the eye. I hope PJ give him a big U U, that's not two fingers up by the way, but the Ultimate Ultimatum - get your arses back here quick or we will issue a warrant for your arrest. That should wake them all up.

marga said...

And I'm the Queen of England!!

The leaks came not from them.
The PJ have learned the lesson on October 2.

Doppelganger said...


Also all of the information that is being 'leaked' is also in the possession of the British authorities and much of it also in the hands of Leicestershire police.

In addition some information may have been passed to CM via these routes but also CM will obviously know exactly what Kate and Gerry said in the interviews because he could find out by just asking them.

atardi said...


Will have to wait untill end june.
But in May we have 2 weeks off.

marga said...

Dear genuine bloggers,

Have to go now. Dinner is waiting.

Don't feel the wolves.

See you later.




marga said...


it's almost the same as here.
Thought it was longer in your country.



marga said...

Don't feed the wolves.
Actually we feel them !LOL

LittleGreyCell said...


Also, it would be a very simple thing for anyone who has been interviewed by the PJ to tell Metodo 3, for example, what they told the PJ during their interrogation, with the idea that it would be released into the public domain at such a time to cause major embarrassment to the PJ and act as a diversionary tactic.

Is it just a coincidence that this has happened the same week the PJ have been in the UK for the long-awaited re-interviewing of the Tapas 7?

Smoke, mirrors, and a bit of "Look over there!", cue outrage at PJ and therefore K&G's excuse not to go back to Portugal...

Stella said...

Bye Marga

Have a nice evening, I'm off too...

leigh3 said...

Mad Cow, and Assassin.

You've had a bit of fun on here today, haven't you? Have you represented the McCanns well or fairly? I think not, although anyone with a heart knows this is an emotional subject.

Mark55 remains rational. So does U2. Good examples of an honest, consistent, plausible defence of the McCanns, in my opinion.

You both have the gift of self-expression, so why deny that to others, even if they disagree with you? That approach undermines your cause, I think.

Step back now, and look at an earlier post by Assassin (the name doesn't suit you, btw. 'The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.' That's life, not death).

'...Tapas6.' Tapas 6? Mind how you go. Just a little friendly advice, sincerely.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for those suggestions.

I know conspiracies happen all the time and certainly, top govt figures are not always above them (just ask Nixon!). However, when the Watergate scandal was revealed, for example, it was revealed all in one go to the public after investigations had been going on behind the scenes. People didn't know - had no idea, and then suddenly, it all came out. What do you think would have happened if it had been common knowledge before then? If people had been walking down the street, or just causally chatting to their neighbours, and saying things like "Oh, you know president Nixon is corrupt? Yeah, he's been recording all the political conversations that the Democrats have been having at the Watergate Hotel, blah blah blah" There would have been a huge international scandal! The entire infrastructure of the government would have been questioned! How did the secret services let this information get out? How long have the general public known about this?? And all I'm wondering here is, if it is THAT much common knowledge that Gordon Brown has interfered in the McCann case, to the point where he has stopped two potential child killers from being arrested and going to jail, then why isn't there an enormous scandal among the public who somehow "know" about it, and the government and/or secret services who somehow "let it slip" to the public??

To quote a line from "Wendy" on A Fish called Wanda, when she is speaking to "Otto" who is pretending to be a KGB agent:

"My father was in the secret service Mr Manfrengensengen, and I know PERFECTLY well that you do not keep the general public "informed" when you are "de-briefing KGB defectors in a safe-house" - not unless your irretrievably stupid or congenitally insane!"

LittleGreyCell said...

It's time for me to leave for a bit, too.

ultraviolet said...

It's a difficult question really, what do those who want justice for Madeleine do - just leave the McCann apologists to dominate the debate by bullying us all into submission?

yes. to the point of criminal behavior. i think that is exactly the goal. did somebody not had their real name written here once by a pro? that is getting out of control.

ultraviolet said...

stella, if the mccann are asked to go back, and they refuse, does it then become a case of bail-jumping?

Doppelganger said...


They only behave in such extreme ways because we are here.

If we were not here they would paint themselves as sane reasonable people and do their best to sway public opinion.

That is the dilema.


ultraviolet said...

is that your real name assassin? it is not a good idea to publish such things on the internet.

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