14 Apr 2008


Hi All

Here is a great summary from notes that 2345 made and emailed to me. THANKS 2345! Sounds like the Daily Express were pressing some awkward questions home. ..Viv x

Here is my summary of the conference taken from my notes. Some editing and some things I was not able to note in time, but nothing significant missing:Clarrie was in charge with McMillan-Scott chairing and K&G on the podium with them. Clarrie made his ritual statement about not being able to comment on the investigation and that they were here to talk about Amber Alert. Below is a summary of the event.CM, EMS, and K&G made a very few brief comments at the beginning.EMS: We are moving forward Amber agenda in EU. K&G are committed fully to supporting it. We are working with PACT and Lady Meyer, MCE, and other missing children NGOs. K&G are meeting later today diplomats, officials, and the British Ambassador to the EU to discuss Amber.Kate: Time is the enemy is discovering missing children. Amber Alert can find missing children before they are too far away.Gerry: Amber Alert is not our idea. A lot of work has been done already. But it is not fully implemented in Europe, every EU country needs it. We have drafted a declaration for MEPs to sign to push the alert forward. Then the questioning began.(Unknown reporter): If Amber Alert had been in place what would have been the chances of Madeleine being found?Kate: They would have been higher. Gerry: We have no idea where Madeleine is. But if abductor had had a vehicle, he would have been in Spain because no-one was looking. Amber Alert prevents abductors using cars. It has an immediate effect.Portuguese newspaper: You are arguidos. Would it not have been better to be associated with Amber later if and when you are no longer arguido?Gerry (stuttering): We are only here and qualified to talk about the Amber system (no direct reply).Clarrie at this point intervenes: “I would like to make clear that Kate and Gerry have not been accused of any crime and they have as much right to be here as anyone else”.Portuguese radio: Will you go back?Kate: Can’t talk about the reconstruction. The anniversary will be private.ITN: Amber Alert works only if police say there is an abduction. In Madeleine’s case they did not declare this only that it was a missing child. Would Amber have saved Maddie?Gerry: Alert should be used for the most dangerous cases. There was a description of Maddie. She was missing and therefore Amber could have been applied.Dutch radio: Should other parents be mobilised into supporting the Amber system? Are you hopeful of Maddie being found?Kate: We still have hope. In Washington we were told children are found after a long time. There is a good chance she is out there. No evidence she has come to any harm.Daily Express: Are you going to go back to Portugal for reconstruction?Gerry: (clearly fumbling) Reconstruction under discussion. If Crimewatch with actors then fine. But need to know if it will help. Not going back on May 3rd.Express guy presses the point about going back.Gerry reiterates stutteringly that they need to know if it will be useful and it is under discussion. (Clearly evasive, obvious to those in the room)The Sun: how did you get to know about Amber?Gerry: “A friend of a friend who was with us on the night of May 3rd already early that morning was doing research in the internet and told us about it on the night Maddie vanished. Then we did our own research later. So we learned more later but we knew about it the night of the disappearance”Mirror: In Portugal, police cannot release clothing details of missing children.Kate: Correct. We need to change national legislation to make Amber work.END OF PRESS CONFERENCEGeneral observations. At the conference K&G were clearly well schooled in the nuances of Amber and had a lot of details at their fingertips. They appeared confident when speaking of the system. When questioned about the case, reconstruction, arguido status, clearly became nervous, stumbling. Quickly switching to party line of “ongoing investigation, can’t comment, we are here to talk Amber”. Clear to neutral observers that they are unsure on their feet when challenged on the case.


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leigh3 said...

Evening All.

This staged event in Brussels overstepped the mark. It was breathtakingly arrogant - in keeping with Gerry's 'aggressive, high risk strategy'.

One problem: it exposed the McCanns as cynical manipulators, using the sympathy for missing children in order to deflect attention from their own child neglect which led to the 'disappearance' of Madeleine, aged 3, the beloved sister of twins, aged 2.

The McCanns and their media mouthpiece Clarence Mitchell will become infamous, I think.

The ongoing investigation has more surprises in store, quite apart from the unprecedented announcement made by the discreet PJ today, flatly rebuking Mitchell's latest lie, his attempt to implicate the PJ in releasing the 'Maddie cried alone' story.

Clarence: you're busted. McCanns: you're next. It's just a matter of time, and perseverance.

Night all. See you next time.

marga said...

Good Morning!


how right you are.
JN has today this about the Pink one:

MC Canns spokeman is a Liar and Machiavelic.

This is said by Carlos Anjos.CM has done everything to manipulate public opinion.

He adds he will support the investigators if they decide to sue him.

Have all a good day!
See you later.


2345 said...

Is Clarrie Losing the Plot ?

DE today - hair dyed ginger, BLUE shirt and NO coloboma in Madeleine's right eye.

viv said...


just a quick comment before I go out, Clarence boldy announced "the gloves are off", did he really think he even had a decent gum shield?

He must be reading this blog because he has responded to us calling him the Pink Shirted One, by replacing all those pink shirts with blue ones, big tough boy now Clarence, just when is this odious little man going to realise this is not him Kate and Gerry v the Police, this is about the police just getting on with their job and prosecuting Kate and Gerry in the same way any criminals have to face justice, all his ugly behaviour will not change that, it just lowers public opinion even more, if that were possible

see you later

viv x

Stella said...

Good morning everyone.........

Kate and Gerry should be longing to go back to Portugal, after all this is where they last saw their precious daughter alive, there must be many places that they could be where she played and was very happy, bringing back happy memories.

Parents faced with true grief long to be at the spot where there loved ones have been. Look at the woman in Goa, on TV she took a reporter back to the very spot on the beach her daughter was found dead, did she find this a very difficult thing to do? Obviously not and she knows her daughter is dead.

Near where I used to live a teenager died in a horiffic road accident and every birthday, Christmas and anniversary, fresh flowers are placed at the exact spot. This has happened every year for the last 8 years. I know people deal with grief in many different ways, each to their own I say, but for the McCann's refusal to go back not only tells many others that they do not care about their precious child, but they are telling many more that they must be guilty, think about that one Team McCann, after all you are your own worst enemy.

lorraine said...

Morning everyone

Clarence is really coming in for some stick. It's about time because he really was getting too big for his boots. Just read this report on Mccannfiles.

Clarence Mitchell "is a liar and Machiavellian" says Carlos Anjos, 15 April 2008
McCann's spokesman is a "liar" Jornal de Noticias

The spokesman of the parents of Madeleine McCann "is a liar and Machiavellian". Who says this is the president of the Association of Staff of Criminal Investigation (ASFIC). Carlos Anjos accuses Clarence Mitchell of having a well-defined strategy. "He wants to discredit the Criminal Police(PJ) by making up excuses in order to avoid the return of the couple to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of the night of the crime. He lied to his teeth," he says.

This was the reaction of Carlos Anjos after yesterday's response of the PJ concerning the informations given by the Spanish channel "Telecinco" that announced having access to the depositions of Kate and Gerry. "It is completely untrue that the content of the news reproduces material that is in secrecy of justice", said the PJ in a release, issued after a meeting in Lisbon between Alípio Ribeiro and Paulo Rebelo, coordinator of the judicial police of Portimão and responsible for the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine.

After the news, advanced on Thursday as being an "exclusive" of the Spanish channel, Mitchell gave several interviews to British televisions. He insulted the PJ and blamed the Portuguese inspectors of what he called a "grotesque breach of secrecy." He accused them of initiating a "dishonest manoeuvre to discredit the family."

On that same day, Kate and Gerry were in Brussels to present an European project to help to find missing children. Meanwhile, in Leicestershire, England, Paulo Rebelo's team were attending the interrogations scheduled in the rogatory letter.

To disrupt the enquiry

The PJ says they "deplore the intervention of the spokesman, particularly at a time when significant steps were made in the research." The president of ASFIC goes further. "Finally it is known where the truth is. While the PJ fulfilled their duty to investigate what happened to the child, the spokesman of the parents was manipulating the public opinion," he accuses.

For Carlos Anjos, "who mounted the scheme was Mr Clarence Mitchell. He needed to find an excuse to avoid the participation of the couple in the reconstruction, saying now that he does not trust the PJ." The ASFIC is available to give legal support to the researchers who feel targeted by the statements of Mitchell and want to move forward with a criminal complaint.


Wikipedia: Machiavellianism is the term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain.

Sorry if you have already read it, I had an early night last night and havent read back.

Off out now, will talk later, bye everyone.

nancy said...

Good morning everyone!

Thanks Viv and 2345 for the telling report on the Brussels Conference, i.e. the difference in behaviour of the McCanns and CM depending on what questions were put to them. - Also to Lorraine for the report from Portugal.

Of course CM wants to damage the reputations of the Portuguese Inspectors, because his job all along is concerned with publicising the McCanns in a good light! They pay his wages, and if they go down, then so does he, not just financially, but also his reputation will be torn to tatters if everything he has been saying is found to be untrue and libellous to the PJ's. I have a feeling we won't have to wait long before that happens!

Cláudia said...

Hey, CM, as your adorers used to say, put that in your pipe and smoke it! lololol

Doppelganger said...


I think that originally CM supported the McCann's because he just assumed, because they were doctors, that they were innocent.

This is how Harold Shipman ended up as the biggest mass murderer in British history.

Now I don't think even he believes that Madeleine was abducted but he knows now that if they go down, he will be going down with them!

Perhaps he should start wearing brown trousers with the pink shirts as a precaution.

In my opinion JT will crack eventually and CM needs to be prepared!

Cláudia said...

Doppel, Cm is just doing his (disgusting) job. We all know that spin doctor is a fancy expression for professional liar.

ratonthebeam said...

I hope he doesn't wear his pink shirts in the nick.....

Doppelganger said...


looks like your blog is getting as many posts as ever.

On the other blog they were always saying that half the posts here were from people attacking you, but you got well over 300 on the last article and that was from members only.

The latest mantra on the other blog is 'quality not quantity', well I can't see much of either there these days.

The 'organ grinder' is still telling them all that the Arguido status will be lifted this week and that is after CM himself said that this was almost certainly not going to happen.(tell us something we didn't know already Clarence)

When I posted what CM had said, because I don't like to see people being misled, of course my post was immediately deleted. How bizarre is that?

I thought we all wanted to know the truth whatever it is

But apparently not.

I just don't like seeing, on the whole, honest and well meaning people being fed a pack of lies by someone who is just manipulating them and using them for her own ends.

When it finally dawns on them what has been going on there I think some of them are going to be really upset and angry and I just don't think that's fair.

Why am I even bothered???????

Perhaps they are right and I am mad after all ;-)

Doppelganger said...


CM is now just trying to save his own neck in my opinion.

Rats normally desert a sinking ship but this rat has chained himself to the mainmast and is now bailing out water as fast as it is coming in.

Unfortunately for him the holes in the bottom of the boat just keep getting bigger and bigger.

And how will he feel if the Captain jumps ship?

ratonthebeam said...

Even the Daily Mail is turning against them! Have you seen the comments there lately? Changed days, indeed .... I might even get a comment published myself on there now... haven't managed it yet....
Daily Mail - Not Flattering!!!

Cláudia said...

Doppel, spot on! :-)
As for the number of posts (pathetic matter when we are talking about a missing little girl here) I still remember when Mum From Hell said that on the House of Filth they had thousands of followers (lolololol). Now it's quality and not quantity. I wonder why...

Cláudia said...

Rat, do not give up, hun! ;-)

Doppelganger said...

One thing that has always concerned me about this case is how sick and devastated Kate always looks and how totally unconcerned and detached Gerry appears.

This makes me think that out of all of them, including CM, Gerry is the one who has a last ditch fall back position which he believes is his personal 'get out of jail free card'.

I won't go into details, but what would the world think about a man who was prepared to risk his career and his liberty to stand by and cover up for his sick wife?

Sounds like a knight in shining armour to me, would you send a man like that to jail?

I think that if the PJ do crack this case then the McCann's and the Healys will be parting company, one family will be taking the wrap, the other will be cashing in.

Of course this is again only my own personal opinion.


dolores said...

Did you post this on 3 Arguidos?If so, can I ask you what this is all about?

2345 wrote:

Viv, along with all genuine commentators, has been cloned and the blog is no longer under her control or management. The matter is in the hands of the police.

The site has been re-formatted requesting commentators e-mails addresses. Police are investing illegal activities suffered by Viv and myself and urge people NOT to comply with request for e-mail addresses.

ratonthebeam said...

I think that the groundword has been laid for this very scenario, for a long, long time. Gerry has been distancing himself from Kate for a long time now. Some others have expressed a similar opinion here.
Have to go now, lunchtime over!!!

ratonthebeam said...

Sorry, that should have been groundwork :-(

Cláudia said...

Oh my, Rat, I just read the comment on Daily Mail and I'm pmsl! Are you sure that's the Daily Mail? Maybe it was cloned? ;-) Tide's turning all right!

Cláudia said...

Dolores, ignore it.

Doppelganger said...


Sadly I believe that this whole affair has never been about a missing little girl.

I think Madeleine went to a better place a long time ago.

From May 2nd or 3rd this case has been about justice, justice for Madeleine and justice for those responsible for whatever happened to her.

And from day 1 it has actually been a cynical battle for public opinion, in effect a PR war.

That is why this blog was constantly attacked and why it is so important that blogs like this continue until the end of this sad affair.


Cláudia said...

I totally agree. I also believe that Madeleine died in that apartment on May the 3rd. This is all about seeking justice for her, although some would just like it to go away. Well, it won't. And if the case is shelved, as some think it will be, even then people won't shut up. And Madeleine will be the one hurt because the truth won't be found. Which is, in my opinion, what some people want.

lorraine said...


When Philomena was being interviewd by Ruth Langsford on This Morning Programme, I think she was distancing gerry too.

Ruth: "Is it right that Gerry is being questioned separately today?"

Philomena: "He’s going in at 2pm today. But he's not the main suspect, for some unknown reason there’s something about a sniffer dog sniffing Kate.

Doppelganger said...


I know who wrote that and it was not 2345.

The person who wrote it is a complete loonatic and what she fails to realise is that her deranged personality just leaps out of every post she makes.

And once again she is just advertising Viv's blog and persuading more and more people to stand up to this sort of blatant intimidation and sign up to become members.

Cláudia said...

Doppel, that strategy is so clear it's pathetic. Some people just feed off other people's mental problems...

Cláudia said...

Oh, Doppel, and I also know who wrote that! ;-)

Doppelganger said...


If I can imagine a strategy, I'm sure someone as intelligent as Gerry can.

Who would blame a devoted husband for protecting his sick wife and trying to prevent his twins losing their mother?

This is the only reason I can think that Gerry looks the way he does.

Doppelganger said...


Yes and she must be bouncing off the walls of her self imposed prison at the moment.

Her 7 kids may be her meal ticket, but they are also her jailers and I think she has finally gone 'stir crazy'.

Free spirit my Ass, free to spend all day sat at a computer eating herself from inside more like.

Got to go now, because like you, I am a free spirit and my wife has finished baking so I am going to spend some time with her now.

I can smell the cakes in the range.

Yum, yum.

Take care everyone and see you all another time.


Cláudia said...

Doppel, enjoy your lunch and your family! :-)

marga said...

Hi again!

Are there clones again playing here and in the 3A?

dolores said...

Doppel /Claudia,
I thought it was 'A'very much her style, but had to get it confirmed by 2345 herself,and to warn her about the clone.

xx D

Doppelganger said...


Oh and if you think that post was provocative I will not be offended if you delete it.

But to be honest I think she will do her worst whatever we say or do.

And in reality all she is actually doing is making you stronger.



marga said...


have just arrived but couldn't find that picture of Clarrie in teh DE. Was it removed?

Cláudia said...

Hello, Marga. I have no idea. Haven't checked. No, no clones. :-)

marga said...

The DM comments are like a crossfire!!!

Cláudia said...

Doppel, I don't care what she does or says. It's simple.

Doppelganger said...


I think you did exactly the right thing.

I find it easier to spot deranged personalities because I am deranged myself don't you know!

And I have that on very good authority.

Now I am laughing at my own jokes which IS sad.

Talk to you another time.


marga said...

Is Hernâni to be in TvI today?

Cláudia said...

Marga, yes, they are. But do you remember how DM used to be? They would approve an anti comment every other full moon! And now...

Cláudia said...

Marga, no, I don't think so.

marga said...


I posted there several times and none of my posts were approved!!!

I'm really proud of the way the PJ are reacting. With dignity and wisdom.

marga said...

Well, must do some chores now.

See you later!

marga said...

Cláudia, just a question.
Does the other Portuguese poster use the name margarida? I read sth about not speaking German again. Does she also speak German?

librarising said...

I do hope people at large, even Daily Mail readers, are starting to see CM for what he is. How was a PR man ever meant to help to find Madeleine? He spends most of his energy trying to influence the course of justice on behalf of his criminal-suspect employers.

The only responsible thing for a member of the public to do in the face of the McCann media onslaught, since day one, has been not to believe a word of it and to look for other motives. It may seem unsympathetic to say so, but the fact is that in believing any such story you are far more likely to be furthering a false alibi than to be offering succour to the innocently suffering.

Most missing children have not been abducted; most abducted children are not missing. A stranger adbuction cold-blooded enough to leave no trace is a very unlikely scenario indeed. The police know this and act accordingly. However kind a person you are, I think it's best to suspend belief in stranger-abduction stories, in the cause of justice.

And when a professional in the shaping of public opinion gets involved in such a case, it's imperative not to buy a word of it.

And if someone under suspicion in the case is paying that PR man? The gullibility of some people never fails to amaze me.

Cláudia said...

Yes, her name is Margarida. I think she doesn't speak german. I believe her blogger settings were in german and she had trouble understanding.

marga said...


Thanks.I thought it could be someone I do know. :-)


Cláudia said...

Who knows, Marga? :-)

leigh3 said...

Hello Librarising.
Delighted to see you pursuing the truth of this sad case, without fear or favour.

I agree with what you've written. If we look at the known facts, the obvious details, then we can see why there is a desperate attempt to deflect public opinion from seeing the McCanns and some of their holiday friends for what they are - quite simply, they are child neglectors, covering their tracks, systematically evading legitimate questions, and misleading the ongoing investigation in all its forms.

They are concerned with two courts: the court of public opinion which they seek to manipulate, and the criminal courts which they seek to escape.

Predictable behaviour from criminal suspects, although rarely seen on a scale like this. Very odd behaviour from doctors, and their defence team, including libel and extradition lawyers, politicians, business associates, and PRs (linked to the current Labour Government).

Truth will out. I have no doubt. Honest inquiry demands it.

Nice to see you again, librarising.

Also: hi Ladies!

leigh3 said...

...and goodbye, ladies. Am just passing through. I hope you enjoy this beautiful sunny day, wherever you are.

Doppelganger said...


Just popped back to leave a message for Gina,

Please, make the effort and sign up to the Blog.

I don't want to have to keep reading your thoughts on the other blog and I can't have any discussions with you there at all.

If you remember, you and I both made a big effort to help certain people out there a while ago and just got it thrown back in our faces.

It takes 5 minutes to create a hotmail account and it doesn't mess your computer up at all, you just enter the URL www.hotmail.co.uk or .com and enter your user name and password.

It doesn't affect your regular e-mail account either and you could have 20 hotmail accounts if you wanted.

It's up to you of course, but if you choose not to post here you will be missed.

I am supporting this Blog because I think the people who post here are genuinely nice people and I don't like seeing bullies prosper.

Hope to see you here in the future.

Best Wishes.


nancy said...

Gina -

I echo Doppelganger's words above.

To be a member just e-mail Viv on the address top right of this page and take it from there - as simple as pie.

Look forward to hearing from you - you know it makes sense!!

You are missed on here!

Nancy xx

Doppelganger said...


I also thought about Swedish Mum.

I always enjoyed reading her thoughts on the case, even if she doesn't want to join in the debate.

And I hope Viv doesn't mind us inviting old friends to apply for membership.

I know she is snowed under at the moment and is trying to make sure none of the trolls sign-up.

I think she could easily get over 50 members if you think about all the people who used to post on the DE but were harassed into giving up.


atardi said...

Hi everyone,

I don't trust my English very much. I just read an article about the trip to Brussels in Daily Stars and it's not favourable for the Mc Canns.


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

* News & Star
* Opinion
* Anne Pickles

McCanns’ important lessons – to learn and give

Last updated 13:32, Tuesday, 15 April 2008

KATE and Gerry McCann are ideally placed by their agonising loss to campaign for the protection of vulnerable children.

But the distraught parents, who have been desperate for the return of missing Madeleine for a whole year now, seem to have consistently missed perfect opportunity to put painful first-hand experience to best possibly use.

The McCanns have been at the European Parliament as part of a campaign to create a dedicated alert system for abducted children.

The couple said it worked well in the US where hundreds of children had been recovered, and in France where it had been used five times and all five children had been found.

Abduction is, of course, their best guess at what happened to their much-loved daughter. It’s therefore understandable they should want to tackle its terrible consequences of torturing, fearful helplessness.

The McCanns are intensely angry that Portuguese police appear to have leaked part of Kate’s statement in which she revealed Maddie had asked her, on the morning before her disappearance: “Mummy, why didn't you come to me and Sean [Madeleine's younger brother] when we were crying last night?”

The hauntingly poignant words are seen by the parents as a deliberate attempt at a character smear.

That’s as maybe. But the little girl’s words – and Mrs McCann’s relating of them to police – indicate a much more effective potential use of tragic experience.

Having had personal experience, no one is better placed than Kate and Gerry McCann to drive home the non-negotiable importance of never leaving children alone, when enjoying an evening out with friends; of employing a babysitter to prevent a repeat of this truly awful torment.

Easier by far than creation of more complex international child protection systems is the simple message of unswerving parental care.


Must leave now will read you all later.

Doppelganger said...


Oh and I'm sorry if I aimed any barbed comments at the 'real' you when you had been cloned.

The person who cloned you was making a big effort to pass themselves off as being sane and reasonable, so I might have got mixed up occasionally.


Joe said...

Mr.Pink has become so detached from reality that he thinks that he is representing 2 politicians and that he can take on the PJ, the Portuguese Government and judicial system. One could be forgiven for thinking it was a diplomatic incident that he was creating. Is the UK Government happy to allow this loose cannon in pink to create such bad feeling with Portugal
when the reality is he is the pink spokesperson for a pair of Arguidos.

I hope he gets sued as he is in deep water now interfering in an official police matter and he is clearly out of his pink depth, and it shows. He can only rely on that Whale blubber to allow him to spout is rubbish unopposed on his radio show, which he cannot ever verify.

Doppelganger said...


I think his ex political masters were glad to see the back of him and are now quite happy to give him enough rope to hang himself.

After all if the McCann's are found guilty and the spotlight turns on the politicians they will just blame bad advice from CM and then stand by while the press tear him to pieces.

Everyone needs a 'fall guy' and G.Brown has certainly got one now.

I expect CM to get more and more desperate, if that is possible, over the coming months.

If the McCann's go down then so does he.

ultraviolet said...

what happened to bianca's blog?

marga said...

Thanks Atardi,

After having read it, I can't help thinking of the emphasis on the 3rd May when this alleged dialogue between Maddie and Kate took place.

If this was leaked by the team, they want us to believe Maddie was alive in the morning and that the "abduction" happened in the evening.So, it would be quite impossible for them to dispose of the body because of the lack of time and calmness.

I believe this dialogue is an imaginary one. That night must be crucial to explain what happened to her.

nancy said...

Doppelganger -

No worries - who could help to get mixed up with identities when we have those wastes of space who have so much time on their hands trying to turn the whole thing into a circus. I'm glad Viv made it members only and I'm sure that given time they will all come back on here, Swedish Mum included, because it's a place where you can air your views responsibly without being harangued!

marga said...

on the 3rd they had to clean the evidence and think of the plan to the cover up.

why do you ask that?

marga said...

I must go again.

See you all later.

Stella said...

Food for thought for Clarence

If the McCann's are too distressed to return to Portugal for the important anniversary, perhaps as there spokesperson YOU could go back on THEIR behalf......

Well Clarence, what do you think?

nancy said...

Atardi -

Thanks for the news article. I think that the media are gradually coming round to the fact that CM says things to suit himself and his employers the McCanns. However, it's very difficult to maintain people's interest and belief over a long period of time without them beginning to ask questions, and people are beginning to cotton on to the fact that this man has a vested interest in keeping up the McCann's innocence, especially knowing he is publicity merchant who knows very well how to twist the truth to his own advantage!!

nancy said...

Stella -

I shouldn't hold your breath, especially after what he's said about the Portuguese Inspectors! They'll have his guts for garters I think!

The McCanns will go back if allowed to be on television on Crimewatch apparently - doesn't that just about say how much they are thinking of themselves, rather than of Madeleine!

nancy said...

Ultraviolet -

What is Bianca's website address please? I hope she hasn't had to close it down already. Let's hope we hear from her soon.

Doppelganger said...

Viv / Claudia / Dolores

Just leaving a message for Mum21, hope you don't mind, if you do just delete it.


Stella said...


It has always been about them, hasn't it....

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Everyone and Doppel,

That was very touching, Doppel, the post you wrote about your son earlier. This demonstrates what loving parental input can do for a child.

As you say, you can't clock on and clock off as a parent and it's a very hard job - at times extremely frustrating and draining - but I have always thought, like you, that it's the least I can do for my child.

When my son was younger I missed a few fun evenings out because we/I couldn't find somebody to look after him that night, but that's tough. There's always going to be another evening out, another dinner party, another holiday meal with your friends when your kids have grown up...

Anyway, good luck with the revision! I know I'll be celebrating when the summer holidays arrive!

I read above that you reckon CM probably believes the McCanns to be innocent. Well, personally, I'm not so sure.

Firstly, I think he's a bit of a chancer who likes a challenge, not to mention the lure of all the publicity; secondly, I rather think he doesn't mind selling himself to the highest bidder. And there's also the fact that he may have initially been seconded to the case by the government, and seen the potential for his own advancement.

I don't think he gives a hoot as to whether the McCanns have a case to answer or not; I can't seem in settling down to treatises about ethics in his spare time!

ultraviolet said...

assassin has made a boast on the other blog, that she had bianca's blog shut down.

i am sorry, i do not know the address. i accessed it through her progile before. i think it was bee-hive, something like that.

Doppelganger said...


To be fair, they are actually frightened of Assassin.

They 'created' her and encouraged her but they don't control her.

And there are not enough of them and they do not have the computer knowledge to handle her if she turns on them.

They say what they like about me because they have known me a long time and know that I am totally harmless.

They just don't like me posting there because I make them look foolish and confuse them.

And if you ever wanted to say anything to Viv, she has put her E-mail address up for all to see, I don't think she could be any fairer or more open than that.

And I genuinely only post on the other blog occassionally because I don't like watching people being deliberately misled and if that makes me a monster then call me Frankenstein.

Oh hang on he was the Doctor, not the monster!


ultraviolet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ultraviolet said...

sorry, that should say, profile. i am eating a bag of potato chips right now.

Doppelganger said...


I think he automatically assumed they were innocent at first and possibly did things he should not have done based on that belief.

I now think he probably suspects Madeleine was not abducted but he is in too deep now.

He isn't trying to save the McCann's necks now, he is trying to save his own.


LittleGreyCell said...


I certainly agree with you on your last comment!

What do you think about him operating in the early days on the instructions of whoever it was who sent him to Portugal? Kind of a 'make sure they get out of this whatever it takes' scenario?

ratonthebeam said...

Hey, Bianca's got a new blog! She says the bee can still sting. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am away to post something on it right now to show my support!!!

Doppelganger said...


My wife and myself had to be one step behind my son every minute of the day when he was small.

And I don't think we had a single unbroken nights sleep for about 5 years.

But we didn't do it for medals we did it for love.

How can someone with 7 kids look after them properly and spend virtually 24hrs a day harassing people on the internet?

And how dare people who put their own personal enjoyment above their own children's safety accuse people like you and me of being neurotic parents.

Rant Over!!!

Oh and I can't wait for the summer, it will be heaven.

It's like the last lap of the marathon at the moment.


Stella said...

Did anyone notice how edgy Mcamillan-Scott was during that recent interview. When the microphones were playing up, he seemed to be quite off with Clarence, and did not look at all like he was enjoying being there. Perhaps it is just me, but I got the distinct impression he was very unhappy to be there.

Also, I tried to record the interview, but as it was aired on Sky TV through their videos, you are unable to record it. I wonder if this was deliberate, knowing that there are a lot of people storing up all McCann interviews and profiling them?

Doppelganger said...


Got to go and post a birthday card now.

Oh and that journalists name the other day was Tim Walker.

Speak to you another time.

Margarida said...

Unfortunately, I don't speak German at all, but I have every reason to be able to, but still... I don't! The reason I mentioned it was because everytime I tried to login with my google account I was being directed to the german version of the blogger site. It took sometime before I figured out how to change the language settings to english. When I did, the skies became bluer than blue and here I am again. Honestly speaking, my dear, I am not you (marga) and you are not me (Margarida). Too many margaridas, specially at this time of the year. However, I do understand the concerns.
So, CM changed into a shirt that is not pinky? Tried to look for the picture on DE but was not able to find it. It must have been removed before we could admire Clarence's new visual. What a pity! Regarding the comments on DM, I noticed that during the last few days more and more "daring" comments were being published. If nothing else, if serves to show that people are getting really fed up with this whole affair and the agressive and cold marketing (of their own fish) strategy of those that want us to believe that they are double victims - of an abductor and of the PJ.
The other day, saw, in the 3 A's a list of the lawyers the McCann's have engaged at one point or another of this 11 months. Amazing list! In my honest oppinion,too huge an apparatus to defend one (or two, maybe three or even four) innocent person.

LittleGreyCell said...


Thanks for the name! Enjoy the afternoon...


librarising said...

Margarida, I believe that the comments we see on the Daily Mail article today are simply a fair reflection of how the general public feel. The vast majority of 'pro-McCann' comment on blogs, newspaper websites etc is best regarded as paid PR work. PR companies who advertise their ability to 'shape public opinion' are happpy to admit that posting on forums and blogs is part of the service they offer. I once found a PR company's website and posted their statements to that effect. What they don;t advertise is the dark side of such operations - aggressive, hectoring, bullying posts designed to scare off people whose views might compromise the client. We've seen plenty of that, and if the Mail are finally filtering it out, well, it's about time.

viv said...

Hi all and great to see some new, old faces back from those who I remember with great affection from the DE.

Genuine people trying to honestly express their views. I am sure we all look back on that with a certain degree of horror in relation to posters who did hector, bully and abuse, going off for a "cuppa" and then suddenly appearing to attack their latest victim.

It was concerted, vicious, nasty and very obvious. We cannot believe such people are genuine when they deliberately posted a false version of reality when not otherwise engaged in being downright nasty.

There was no serious attempt by the DE to "moderate" this behaviour was there? Sometimes I wonder if we were all just part of some experiment, or part of the Daily Express building up public opinion plus the quite vicious attempts by media manipulators to very forcibly silence and change that opinion.

What a pity anyone thought of the idea at all of being a spinner, whose only purpose in life is to perpetuate a lie. Clarence was made for the job!

Viv x

viv said...

Sorry what I meant to add is this..now the DE have all that evidence of serious public opinion versus media manipulation on behalf of Kate and Gerry McCann, do they plan, at some future time, to do a serious analysis of this?

If so, I could forgive them.

In the meantime I am glad to read the Daily Mail is now allowing those who do not support Kate and Gerry McCann to actually say so!

The press could do with bearing in mind sometimes, they are there to serve the public and that is how they make a living. How many people have just been completely turned off papers like the Express and Mail that are supposed to bridge the gap between red top rubbish and an intelligent read because of the way they have allowed Clarence to manipulate?

Being dragged off by two of my kids, yes 28 and 34..back later on.

Convinced what I did with the blog yesterday was the right thing by the way..genuine people, genuine views, nothing more, nothing less!

Viv x

LittleGreyCell said...

Just read on the 3As that Martin Brunt is now in Praia da Luz ready for a statement from the PJ sometime this week...


Doppelganger said...

Nancy, Viv

Got a message from Gina,

Nancy/Doppel, I have just read your message to me on Vivs, for which I thank you. I have tried to do what you suggested but I cannot get it to work. Believe me when I tell you I have problems with my computer (and I don't understand it either). I live in Spain and have to run a Skype phone off of a Satellite. My telephone number is a UK number yet when I get messages from Skype they come in German. Confused.... not half as much as me. Whenever I have changed anything, the whole thing seems to go all over the place, so will have to read you all instead.
To be honest I haven't got much to contribute anymore anyway and as I said yesterday I feel like a cuckoo. Please give my regards to all.


Thanks for the message and all the best


LittleGreyCell said...

Dear Gina,

Very sorry you won't be posting on here now; I, along with many others will miss you enormously.

Hoping that you will soon find a way to sort out the IT stuff without fear of pressing the ejector seat button...


P.S. And without your cleaning tips, I'm going to remain grey...

Di said...

Good afternoon everyone


Thanks for posting Gina's comments. I will miss her posts. I wonder if there is anyway Viv can get round Gina having to have an account.

nancy said...

Gina -

thanks for your message via Doppel. I can't understand why you can't get on here because you were already blogging on here. You don't have to change anything really,just carry on with the address and password you were already using. Just by e-mailing Viv on the number she gives at the top of the page you can get back on simply and easily. Have another try!

Nancy xx

Ecolab said...

Hi Viv et all

Greetings from sunny Denmark

Doppelganger said...


Seems Assassin read my post to Mum21 as she has made this post on their blog.

'How manipulative of you mum21. Pity help the person that deletes people from a blog because of infantile threats.

I'm not here to cause trouble, infact the opposite, im here on the back of your post to say keep shooting at me with snide shots, i shall take it up with you, but it wont be here cos i have no issue with this blog or any desire to be troublemaking.

Just thought id make that clear.

No need for a reply cos whether you come back or not, i wont respond.

To respond to anything further would be bringing an argument in here. I wont. Rosie knows i wont do that.

Take care, all the best:-)

Seems Rosie and Assassin are the best of friends and they deny she is anything to do with them!

Also what does

i shall take it up with you, but it wont be here

mean exactly?

Sounds like a threat to me.

Many weeks ago I warned them about her and told them not to give her personal details, but they just took the p*ss out of me.

Well as far as I am concerned they have only got themselves to blame now.

dolores said...

I wonder what has happened to 2345 today,as we usually have a few posts by now from her.


Doppelganger said...


It's raining here at the moment, but there is an old British saying

'The sun always shines on the righteous'

Lucky you!


isis said...

Viv, Just seen the 3as site????????? Zodiac wants to know did you get his/her e mail, zodiac is trying to poat i think.

dolores said...

Can you ask Ironsides on 3 A's, to pay us a visit sometime as we miss him.:)

Doppelganger said...


She is probably busy trying to track down her clone and repair any damage done.

I wonder if by 'infantile threats' Assassin meant those she got her 5 year old posting over and over again here last week?

I think the decision to use that phrase was very telling.

Hope Viv doesn't mind me just talking to Mum21 today.

Mum21 asked on the other site why they didn't delete Assassins posts there and whether Assassin was working for them or not.

When Assassin then appeared and threatened Mum21, they just left the post standing, that was how I spotted it.

I suppose that answers Mum21's question.

They are now deleting so many posts that the post count is actually going down.

Quality not Quantity as they say!


Doppelganger said...


Don't intend to keep giving them free publicity, just tying up loose ends after what happened on Sunday.

Hope you understand.


ratonthebeam said...

Now Doppel, don't be mean. Right now, they need all the publicity they can get :-(

dolores said...

I never got involved with any of them,but I really don't beleive they know the meaning of the word quality, after reading them on DE.
I can honestly not understand their mentality.
They seem to be hate filled against anyone who say the parents are not the victims.
They abused their children's rights by neglecting them.When poor Madeleine was the victim.

And their racist remarks made me sick.

xx D

Doppelganger said...


I suppose your right.

The really funny thing was JaneGT demanded an apology from Assassin for basically calling her a nutcase a few weeks ago and Sassy deleted Jane's post.

Just shows how far down the pecking order Jane is doesn't it.

I think they just let her post there because she makes the others look sane.

I know I'm being naughty now but I just find their antics hilarious.

Glad to see you back again.

And I am really going to stop mentioning them now.


ratonthebeam said...

I haven't seen JaneGT posting anywhere for a wee while now! Mind you, I've not been around much myself, so maybe I just missed it?

Doppelganger said...


Not going to mention them again.

It's not about them after all.

It's about Justice for Madeleine.

Having said that, they are the people trying to prevent justice, so I suppose they are relevant to what is going on.

They are doing their best to disrupt people like us, so perhaps we can be forgiven for poking fun at them occasionally.


Di said...


If you are reading.

As you had signed up before, there should be no reason why you cannot sign up again.

You must have had a blogger/google account so, all you have to do is e-mail Viv and when you get the link enter your password.

Hope that helps as we will miss your input. Don't give up.


Doppelganger said...


They deleted Jane's post PDQ.

So it's not there now.

I didn't even get chance to copy it, much to their relief no doubt.

not talking about them anymore because I'm disrupting the debate now.

Lets all get back to discussing the case and leave them to fall out amongst themselves.

dolores said...

What about this!!
From 3 A's
celticcarla wrote:
May i point you to the culprits? Family indeed they have hated alsabella and anyone else who dares cross the family mccann. go on take alook and i absolutely dare you to post there. read their comments its shameful and the way they publicly state coming to other forums to disrupt is disgraceful. A fantastic poem written by rosie about the sardine munching PJ is not to be missed.

Rosie is Kate McCann's aunt, by the way.

Di said...

Ratty & Doppel

I have just taken a look at the 2345 post on 3As, I am at a loss now as to know what to believe like many, any thoughts. As has been said 2345 has gone very quiet.

ratonthebeam said...

If it is the rubbish about Viv's blog being cloned, and all our e-mail addys being collected, I wouldn't worry. It's much more likely that 2345 and celticcarla have been cloned.

Coldwater's contact did warn us all that we would be in for a bumpy ride, well I guess it is starting.....

dolores said...

Doppel ,
Your post and mine this morning regarding 2345 has been copied on 3 A's

Di said...


You are right I remember Coldwaters warning, and if my memory serves me well, he told us to stay focused!! Am I correct.

Doppelganger said...


I think 2345 has probably been cloned and the real 2345 is probably not sure what to do about it at the moment.

She will sort it out in the end no doubt.

There are only a handful of them and there are hundreds of us. Even if they spend 24hrs a day like Assassin they can't harass everyone all the time.

I think what people have got to realise is, it really is just a game for them and the object is not to find out what happened to Madeleiene, the object of the game is to make sure Madeleine's real fate is NEVER known.


Doppelganger said...

Oh and if Rosie IS Kate's aunt then I really do feel sorry for her, because my gut feeling is that at some point the McCann's will ditch the Healy's and leave them to carry the can.

Does Gerry ever look bothered to you?

nancy said...

Hi LGC -

Well let's hope Martin Brunt's report will be fair - I remember when he first did his television reconstruction on TV. I thought he was on to the McCanns tactics then, but later he seemed to backtrack a bit and went very quiet over the whole affiar. I look forward to his report.

Let's hope we can get Gina to return as she is very popular, even with the pros it seems!

I'm sure she prefers to come on here than trying to convince Sassy's blog that they are barking up the wrong tree. It doesn't matter that there is seemingly absolute proof the McCanns and Tapas friends were somehow involved in Madeleine's disappearance, the pros will never give an inch because they just don't want to be proved wrong!

ratonthebeam said...

You got it Di (how's the laptop, by the way?) and I think it will get MUCH, much worse.... just had a quick look at the Supertroll blog, and some anon is harassing over there now (she will probably think it's me as I have just come back, but it wasn't. I put my name to everything I post!) I am with Doppel, I think it's Assassin who is foaming at the mouth now because she has been locked out. Now there is one who really DOES need psychiatric help.

Off to collect the children now, might look in later. Keep up the good work!!!

dolores said...

Comments on 3 A's

You are kidding? Rosiepops reminded me of Prof Umbridge in Harry Potter. All fluffy kittens and flowers with a heart of stone.

you mean all light and butter wouldnt melt? familymccann eh, well someones got to have them. i dont mind some of their reporting though, the comments are a bit dim at times but they are adamant about the mccanns innocence

Doppelganger said...


Thanks for that.

As I said earlier, we have always wanted this to be about finding the truth about what happened to Madeleine.

They are the ones who have made it into a game, the object of which is to make sure the TRUTH is never known.



librarising said...

Doppel, I think that more than one of the "pro" posters are family of K or G. Occasionally you see comments like 'we'll get through this' etc. I too am sorry for them as they are simply being loyal and supportive in a painful situation, and backing up their relatives, so you can't really blame them for having a go at people like me who must seem to them to be heartless. But they leave so much out of the equation when they think about the case - like for instance the fact that nobody owes sympathy to anyone they read about in the newspapers, and that sometimes the wisest thing to do is to withhold it in the pursuit of truth.

Di said...


Thanks, I wonder if they realise 2345 can take care of herself.


My laptop was collected yesterday, accidental damage claim on house insurance, I think that was thanks to Marga, it is off to see if it can be repaired. Thanks to you Ratty, I managed to get a friend to retrieve my data off the hard drive onto an external drive, so at least all is not lost. Should know the outcome within the week, thanks for asking.

Must go now, I am trying another complicated meal, just call me the domesticated goddess..LOL


Doppelganger said...


Not sure what I think actually.

Sometimes I think they could be family sometimes I am sure they are not.

On balance I think they are not because I get the feeling they would like us to think they are related to the McCanns in some way, because it would excuse a lot of their more excessive behaviour.

Personally if I was related to the McCann's I would not get involved in that way because Kate and Gerry have a massive PR machine to do that sort of thing for them and amateurs getting involved could do more harm than good.

Rosiepops alone must have turned hundreds of people against the McCann's, she is the reason I am still here after all these months after she ordered me to leave the DE forum and told me that she would be watching and waiting for my return.

On the whole people don't like being bullied and it just makes them more determined to press on.

They don't seem to have worked this out yet and I don't suppose at this stage they ever will.

leigh3 said...

Evening All,
Just passing through again. Hope everyone's enjoyed the day.

Again, I agree with your assessment. Futhermore, I think the McCanns are entitled to a defence in our democracy, no matter what. This is our culture, and duty as responsible citizens, imo.

Sometimes, I get impatient with people who undermine a credible defence of the McCanns. Such people seem to possess and ignorance and arrogance that serves their own egos much more than it serves the best interests of justice for Madeleine, Sean, Amelie, Kate, and Gerry. Their best interests should be paramount, within the law which protects everyone's interests; our social duty and responsibility to each other, I think.

Tribal interests undermine justice for all, I think. That is why the McCann Machine of media manipulators are so offensive, in my view. They are narrow self-interest in all its ugliness. So are the vested interests who profit from them.

DOLORES: so we see that A3s and others identify Kate's Aunt Rosie, although I think she is aided and abetted by 'stand ins', and paid staff; the PR mechanics. She has a 'brand name', imo, luring others into the fantasy of an innocent Granny, living by the seaside with birds and flowers; an unbiased commentator. She isn't. Therefore, her persona is fraudulent.

I agree that Kate Healey is the odd one out in all this global campaigning. She's the pretty, intelligent, educated only child, married to the 'pet' youngest child of a large family (his sister Philomena's description of him).

Gerry gets what Gerry wants. I've commented before on the plight of Kate, as I see it, so no point repeating it, but Doppelganger, I agree with you: CM will be a 'fall guy' (deserved); Kate will be a 'fall girl' (tragic), imo.

leigh3 said...

BTW, I do believe that Kate, like the others with her in Portugal, are guilty of the very serious criminal offence of child neglect, and furthermore, she is an arguida for justifiable reasons, according to the ongoing investigation.

However, I feel the odds are stacked against her in any upcoming trial or ongoing public suspicion. 'Pet' Gerry has a much bigger, stronger support network.

Fortunately, justice is blind when it gets to court. No husband can expect to get off 'Scot free' when he is accused of criminality.

Doppelganger said...


I agree with your assessment of my assessment.

If something did happen to Madeleine on the night of May 2nd or May 3rd then I think both parents are equally responsible for various reasons.

But I think one of them thinks they have got some sort of 'get out of jail free' card up their sleeves.

Personally I think they are mistaken.

Doppelganger said...


Also regarding justice, I think that if someone accidentally kills their own child then they deserve a degree of compassion.

If they try to cover up a crime, however, and are happy to put totally innocent people in the frame for something they did do then they deserve to be punished severely.

And if the McCann's and their advisors had not been so arrogant and unfeeling then I think the whole of the general public would be behind them even now.


leigh3 said...

'He' can think what he likes; sociopaths do think they can outwit any 'system' or 'society'. With great charm and cynicism, they draw others into their web of lies.

Many innocents will be hurt deeply by this bizarre, unprecedented case which will challenge many bright minds, and challenge certain assumptions about child care in the UK.

Perhaps, the McCanns have done the UK a great favour, albeit in a very perverse way. After all, child neglect is much misunderstood, and much tolerated in the UK among a significant minority; the kind majority 'turn a blind eye' because the subject is alien to their world, understandably so.

The NSPCC, this country's oldest child welfare organisation, may find that its warnings are heeded in future.

We'll see...time tells all.

marga said...

Hi everyone!

Margarida,you said:
"Honestly speaking, my dear, I am not you (marga) and you are not me (Margarida). Too many margaridas, specially at this time of the year. However, I do understand the concerns."

Too many margaridas= too many daisies ...LOL

Well, I used to read your posts in the DX and a certain person had thought i was you... anyway, I'm glad you are here too and I liked reading you there. Then yesterday I thought you could be someone I do know because of the German comment.LOL

So Rosiepops is Kate's aunt? I have always thiught she/he could be someone close to family but not a relative.If that is true they have devoted to defend the couple and friends and by now they must feel very disappointed with the latest developments.Does that mean they really believe Maddie was abducted and were also told a lie or are they also trying to throw sand in people's eyes?

leigh3 said...

Re: compassion, honesty, and justice.

Precedent tells us that most people are compassionate towards weakness in others because they recognise it in themselves.

However, honesty is required first. Brazen liars get little sympathy from the public. First: the sincere apology. Second: make amends, without reservation, nor self-serving excuses.

Justice allows for such 'mitigating circumstances' in our culture. Crimes by loving parents against their children do occur, sadly. Viv can elucidate on the law in this respect, I'm sure.

Am glad you raise the finer points of this case before it goes ballistic.

marga said...


DOLORES: so we see that A3s and others identify Kate's Aunt Rosie, although I think she is aided and abetted by 'stand ins', and paid staff; the PR mechanics. She has a 'brand name', imo, luring others into the fantasy of an innocent Granny, living by the seaside with birds and flowers; an unbiased commentator. She isn't. Therefore, her persona is fraudulent.

I've just read your comment to Dolores.
yes, she must be indeed cooperating in the fraudulent mission.

leigh3 said...

Hello Marga.
Delighted to see you again. I guess it's fair to say that family members will be drawn into this sad case, and blinded by love of their own. Fair enough. Much sympathy goes to them, I think.

However, the common good must rise above tribal, self-interest, however harsh that sounds, in my view.

More importantly, I'm glad the PJ have called The Pink One's bluff. 'Put up or shut up', Clarence, just to use one of your favourite expressions.

The honour of Portugal generously giving its time and money in aid of the search for truty for one English girl is worth more than the petty politics of Clarence, and his paymasters, I think.

PJ = honest inquiry. CM = mercenary.

Madeleine can rely on the PJ, imo, however long this takes, whatever twists and turns there may be in this bumpy road.

Doppelganger said...


That is a really interesting question.

Do the people defending the McCann's really believe they are innocent or are the just terrified of the consequences of them being found guilty.

We will probably never know the answer to that.

leigh3 said...

Re: the fraudulent mission.
Agreed. However, I think that some people are well aware of the fraud; others are innocents, drawn into it, truly believing that they are reading the words of an 'impartial' commentator; truly believing that Madeleine was abducted, although there is no evidence of an abduction.

An early comment by 'librarising' is well worth reading if you haven't seen it already. He points out that the scenario of a 'stranger abduction' is highly unlikely. However, common sense tells us that it is naiive to give support to this, and thereby, give credence to a false alibi, possibly.

Fair comment, I'd say. Eyes wide open. The world may yet learn something from the quiet, determined pursuit of truth, Portuguese style; no glitz, no big publicity; just honest, quiet inquiry...the Portuguese way.

ratonthebeam said...

Pretty strong stuff from Carlos Anjos in The Mail... apologies if you've all seen it before.

marga said...


Do you think he can defeat George Clooney?


This is the journalist that we "should" believe to have the manuscripts from the PJ.

leigh3 said...

Good news is always worth repeating, I think. Sometimes, I think this forum is like the Press.
Print in the morning for one readership, the afternoon for another, and the evening for another readership.
It's news whenever someone reads it for the first time :-)

marga said...


in Joana Morais blog you also have a photo from Carlos Anjos and further information.

I'm looking for news on this Spanish Guy who was supposed to deny Pj's clarification today around 12 o' clock on Telecinco.

Would like to know if spanish posters have watched the programm.

dolores said...


I praticularly liked the 'teeth' sentence,it made me chuckle,and made me think of the poster ,pinky held of the 'suspect'with the teeth
'another lie'

Daily Mail,

In an astonishing attack today Portuguese police union chief Carlos Anjos told respected Portuguese daily Jornal de Noticias: "Mr Mitchell wants to discredit the Policia Judiciaria and invent excuses so the McCanns do not come to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of the night she disappeared.

"He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth.

"Finally we know what side truth is on.

"While the Policia Judiciaria were fulfilling their duty of investigating what happened to Madeleine, her parents' spokesman was manipulating public opinion."

The outspoken head of Portugal's Police Federation, who has previously claimed his force has better things to do than look for Madeleine McCann, added: "The person who hatched a plan was Clarence Mitchell.

"He needed to find an excuse for the McCanns not to take part in the reconstitution, saying that he doesn't trust the Policia Judiciaria."

In an extraordinary turn of events, Anjos told Jornal de Noticias his union was offering advice to officers who felt they had been identified by Mr Mitchell's leak claims and wanted to take legal action.

Yesterday, in a rare public statement - only the fifth in the 11-month investigation - the Policia Judiciaria said Mr Mitchell should not have spoken out, because the police operation had reached a 'significant' stage.

But last night Mr Mitchell insisted he stands by his claims that the statements were 'shamelessly' leaked to overshadow the McCanns' high-profile visit to the European Parliament to promote a missing child alert campaign last week.


nancy said...

Marga/Margrida -

If Rosiepops is Kate's aunt, I can see that Kate inherits some of her traits,i.e. self serving and manipulative tunnel vision!

I hope 2345 returns to this blog soon so we can clear up what was said on the 'other side'!

To date there have been 16 of us plus Viv posting on here today!

Not bad, but let's hope a few more genuine long lost pals from the DX sign on soon!

Doppelganger said...

Source of the Leak,

I notice that in the comments on the Mail story some people are saying that the leak must have come from the PJ because they are the only people who would know what was in the witness statements!

Well, surely the witnesses would know what was in the witnesses statements, also their advisers, also probably the leicestershire police and people in the Home office.

And who had the most to benefit from the leak - certainly not the PJ.

marga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leigh3 said...


Clarence is 'busted'. The PJ were assisted by the British Police, and Interpol. It's an international alliance. An alliance that seeks truth for Madeleine Beth McCann, however long it takes.
Clarence has been indulged; the McCanns have been pampered; tolerated.

Clarence says 'the gloves are off'. True. Has he even got a mouth guard for protection, as Viv said amusingly earlier today!

Nope. Just many pink shirts to match the red face of embarrassment and fear he will now experience, rightly so. The Pink One has incurred the wrath of the thin blue line; long suffering in the name of Justice for Maddie. Gloves off.

dolores said...

What about Metodo 3,in Spain,
K & G could have shown them their copy of witness statements.(If they had one)Or taken them into their confidence.
Or any of the Tapas 7.

xx D

marga said...


a question: we are here registered as members of this blog but is it possible for common people to raed our comments our only Vivs articles?

Joe said...

The statements were given to Hogan international related to Metodo 3, and loads of others as they wanted to get their stories straight with coaching etc, so the PJ are not the only ones to have the statements. The info could have come from anywhere.

As regards to the identity of Rosiepops , if its true, no wonder there was no logical debate on that blog absolutely no room for doubt of the McCann's innocence and all her faithful followers just toe the line. Who is Mum 21 her sister?

Doppelganger said...


The list of contributors is nearly 30 which is not bad for a days work is it?

Viv must be absolutely snowed under.

If a few people who used to post on the DE sign up there could be 50 members soon.

perhaps we could even have some of the polite - none paid antis here like Mum21 and have a debate.

Now there's a radical suggestion.

To her credit, I think Mum21 was pretty sickened about what happened here on Sunday and when Assassin turned up on the other blog and was allowed to threaten her I think she finally realised what is going on there.

Shame that people like her have not really got anywhere to go.


marga said...

I meant: to read our comments OR only Viv's articles?

dolores said...

It's about time he was silenced,he has gone unchallenged with his spin, for months now,and got a might to cocky. IMO.


Doppelganger said...


When members only was first turned on we could all read but not post.

So I think people can read the blog, just not comment.

And Gina said she would continue to read, but she could not post.


ratonthebeam said...

Marga, anyone can read both the articles and the comments, but only members can make comments.

Doppel, there is always the Supertroll blog for the homeless :-(

leigh3 said...

Pour cold water on my head. I'm losing patience now. Can we get this straight?

Yes, Joe: anyone who doubts your word or the PJs should re-read the PJ statement.

Clarence has cleverly used a 'leak' to serve his masters. Who did it come from? Not the PJ, that's for sure.

Who does it serve? Not the PJ, that's for sure.

Who benefits? Someone shaking down the McCanns for more money. That is obvious, imo.

Phew. Blindingly obvious.

9 out of 10 newspaper readers don't finish an article. Heads up, and read the whole article. That's my advice.

Cold water needed now...:-)

leigh3 said...

I agree, but you 'catch more with honey than vinegar'.

There's a time and a place for hoisting people by their own petard.

Personally, I think the McCanns and their defence team should be given more time, more space, more opportunity to talk and write.

They want the public stage. They get the stage; they won't get the public, imo.

marga said...

Thanks Rat/ Doppel

ratonthebeam said...

I actually think that the Brussels stunt was a step too far. I mean, there is a lot of merit in an Amber Alert scheme, and I don't think anyone would argue that it is a bad thing; but did it really have to have the McCanns fronting it? Whether they are guilty of anything or not, it has probably put quite a few people off the idea of what could have been an excellent innovation.

I think it was like Billy Connolly said a couple of years ago, people got "sympathy fatigue" after a while; too much misery, and people just switch off. That's happening with the Mcs now, and anything they are associated with, and Clarence IMHO is just making matters worse with his runaway gob.

leigh3 said...

Oh, Ratonthebeam. I see what you mean.

Sad, but true, although I think grand-standing politicos and petty provincialites like the McCanns would do better supporting, and funding existing laws and child welfare organisiations rather than putting their petty egos to some new, exciting brand new idea: 'Hey look, it's me! My name changed the world.'

Meanwhile, nameless, hardworking people make a difference to the every day lives or ordinary children, 24/7.

Tsk. I dislike egotists. Quick: chuck some cold water over me!

leigh3 said...

It is glaringly obvious that the Amber Alert system promoted by the McCanns could have done nothing to assist a little girl, neglected by her parents who only notified the police 40 minutes after contacting their political and media contacts in the UK; who initially said she may have wandered off; then said she was abducted; said the hotel room windows were 'jemmied'; then said the room was left unlocked.

Unlocked. That is the one word that would convict them in the UK for child neglect, under our laws. However, they are under investigation for much worse offences.

Step forward: Clarence Mitchell, UK Govt media monitoring director, assigned to the McCanns in Portugal, an unprecedented move; preferential treatment. Why? Tapas9 is a very odd number.

Clarence Mitchell now being paid £75K p.a. by a wealthy businessman supporter of the UK Govt. Why?

Gerry McCann involved in an NHS deal with private enterprise, involving a businessman with a villa in Portugal; a man who assisted them in Portugal. Why.

IMO, the questions in this case are more interesting than the answers we have heard so far.

Including the questions Kate and Gerry refused to answer in Portugal. Including the big question: why have they got an extradition lawyer who defended the disgraced tyrant Pinochet IF they intend to co-operate with police inquiry in the search for truth for Madeleine?

Why don't they return to Portugal voluntarily? Why don't they answer every question?

Curious, isn't it?

Joe said...

Fatigue is the right word. Most people want closure on this issue and justice one way or another for Madeline and not daily update from Pink treating the public like idiots, all the while the real agenda of the McCanns appears to be to avoid answering any questions or helping the Police in any way and living off the enigma of their daughters disappearance, and they will market that in, film, book whatever, once Arguido status is lifted.

leigh3 said...

Hi Joe.

Yup: the 'enigma' marketed as a fascinating story IF the arguido status is lifted in time for the McCanns to cash in on registering Maddie as a trademark; a commercial entity.

Sick, isn't it? One problem: Hollywood studios like horror movies or sentimental, cutesy stories best.

Child neglect is a massively despised crime in the U.S. Hopes of sympathetic treatment there are wildly misguided, imo.

So, I guess it will have to be the horror story then. Not quite what Gerry would like, but if he wants Hollywood, I'm sure Hollywood will oblige...on their terms, not his.

Box Office. Money. No hard feelings, Gerry. That's how they do business in Hollywood. It's obvious, except to arrogant fools of course.

atardi said...

Doppelganger,Joe and other members,

Re. Source of the Leak.

I've been reading an article of"This is London".

The title is:

Portuguese police accuse McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell of 'lying through his teeth'
Last updated at 19:52pm on 15.04.08

At the moment I read the article. The readers view (8) was 100% anti CM and anti the MC's.
But I'm typing now so it's possible that it has changed.

The link is:


The public opinion is changing.

marga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leigh3 said...

Sympatico por usted.

Portugal will yet teach this cynical world something about quiet, honest inquiry; no glitz; no PRs; dignified investigation. That is your way.

Slowly, slowly catch monkeys.

Perhaps now: ignore the apes; the manipulators jumping all over anything that gives them money or attention.

Wizard said...

Hi All,
I'm not usually a fan of George Galloway but I have to admit back in September he appears to have got it right and is not frightened to say what he think. Apologies for the length of this article but I think its worth a read.
http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/tm_he ... _page.html

Sep 10 2007 George Galloway

NOT since Dr Crippen - long before the blizzard of 24/7 satellite media - will there have been a case like Madeleine McCann's if the now official suspicions of the Portuguese police turn out to have been well founded.

They have turned it into a circus, with daily appearances at mass and the flight to the Vatican to kiss the hand of the Pope, invoking celebrities, inducing millions of people around the world to raise a fortune in a campaign fund and turning their child into one of the iconic faces of our age.

So even Dante himself would find it difficult to describe any circle of the inferno fit for Kate and Gerry McCann if it all turns out to have been a lie.

I have been in and around the Ocean Club in the sleepy Algarve village of Praia da Luz for more than 20 years and it has been surreal enough watching its tiny cobbled streets bristling with television crews broadcasting around the world from a once little-known holiday idyll.

And now this.

On my Talk Sport radio shows I have been critical of the McCanns from the start. Not least because I knew aspects of their story could not be true.

Their supposed constant vigilance of their three toddlers while they ate in a tapas bar and the children slept in an unlocked apartment was not possible. The distance between the two points was both greater and more convoluted than they said.

In any case, the children's bedroom was on the OTHER side of the apartment block and, though both doctors, neither parent possessed X-ray vision.

I said that if a single mother had left her three kids in the chalet at Butlins while she supped scampi and chips in the boozer, she would have immediately been attacked as a feral, feckless, unfit mother by the same media which was painting the grieving McCanns as the very embodiment of modern middle-class Britain.

For months I have watched that media poke ridicule at the supposed bumbling Inspector Clouseaus of the Portuguese police for their apparent leaden-footedness in the investigation.

Of course no Johnny Foreigner could be as good as our own police, who brought us the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six.

Now with this new development, the same media seems coiled like a spring to turn on the McCanns as they previously did on the other "suspect" Robert Murat.

Sensing they may have been made the biggest fools in history, the Press tables can be seen turning, the plates beginning to move.

Of course, the most xenophobic commentators say the science which has led to the Mccanns being named as suspects is inherently suspect due to the foreign hands through which it has passed, oblivious to the fact that it came from British laboratories.

If Madeleine's blood and other DNA evidence really has been found in the boot of her parents' hire car, there are only a few possible explanations. A previous renter of the car - it was 25 days after the child went missing that the family took possession of the vehicle - transported Madeleine in its boot and she was xxxxxxxx at the time.

Or Madeleine's body was transported in the boot at least 25 days after she disappeared once the McCanns took possession of the car.

In these circumstances the Portuguese police really would be clots if they did not consider the girl's parents to be suspects.

Of course there could be other, some would say unlikely, possibilities.

The DNA and blood evidence in the boot may not, after all, be Madeleine's and the forensic scientists may be mistaken.

Theblood in the boot of the McCanns' hire car may be somebody else's, in which case Goodfellas comes to the Algarve and the family are the victims of the most grotesque coincidence.

The DNA could have been planted in the boot of the McCanns' car, presumably by the police.

The sort of thing which happened to Mr OJ Simpson.

The McCanns have either been the victims of a cataclysmic historic injustice, almost unprecedented, or they have been complicit in a scheme so duplicitous, so evil, so foul that Shakespeare himself could not have written it.

Either way, the name McCann is now well and truly in the history books.

atardi said...


Don't know if you will be online tonight but I read the article I published as:

"Why go to Brussels for an Ambert Alert. When you can just stay at home and tell people to never leave kids alone and go out to have a good time with friends".


Read your post to me.

Why the need to leak about Madeleine's comments on the 3th of may. (I still believe it's a very difficult sentence for a 3 year old).

I agree with you. No one must doubt about Madeleine not being in the apartment at the 3th of may.

It's a very hard time now for the MC's and CM.

leigh3 said...


I just thought you might be interested to know that the London 'Evening Standar' has only covered this story, sparingly; only when major developments occurred.

The nuisance of 2 provincial doctors and their friends is of no interest in any big city which sees cynical scammers every day.

However, the principles of Maddie's sad story do interest the world beyond petty attention seekers like the McCanns.

The PJ have responded to Clarence Mitchell's latest, most outrageous lie. London is home to the UKs media. Clarence has made many enemies.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey...when the time is right, and the public will it to be so.

dolores said...

Do you want me to remove this before Viv sees it?

ratonthebeam said...

It certainly is the same guy, Marga.



Clarence The Pink v Gorgeous George?

Oh boy oh boy oh oy oh boy that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see!!!!!!!

leigh3 said...

Oops, Atardi.

Typo. Intended to write 'Evening Standard'. We have pedants watching, so I should get it right, just to indulge them.

marga said...

Why must someone be so offended of commenting on sth that we have right to ? If it is the same guy , people shall know if he is someone to trust or not.
I'm always worried about the truth and as I have always said in the DX and will keep saying" The truth sets you free".

Bye for now.

Family to feed! LOL

leigh3 said...

Thank you for that. There is more than one Gorgeous George in this world.

I don't have to agree with Galloway all the time. I just know that sometimes he speaks the unspeakable in a world of trite words, spoken by empty apparatchiks, filling up their faces and bank balances.

Wizard: I do sometimes wonder if you are a grand old man of publishing, in some form or other.

Thank you for the info. Fab.

librarising said...

Marga, the underwater baby picture is from the well-known cover of a Nirvana album. Nothing to get upset about, certainly no cause for the overwrought responses you received! Is there a translation of the poem anywhere?

atardi said...


For someone who don't know anything about British papers (after The MC's and MC). I would like if someone can tell me about the papers and especially the papers online.

I always thought that The Times was a reliable paper. But they were brainwashed too?

Cláudia said...

Hello, guys!
What a loooong day!
What's new?

atardi said...


Leuk om je weer te zien. Heb je bericht gelezen. Om verdrietig van te worden die antwoorden van sommigen.


Nice to see you again. Read your post to me about some comments on the hln.be.

So sad.


When you have time you can go to:


Look at the left and then categorieën. When you read about Eef Hoos of the pet's crematorium laat even weten wat jij denkt.


Glad you enjoyed your Holiday with your kids.

leigh3 said...

Hi Atardi,
It's humbling to see you pursue honest inquiry in a language foreign to you, English.
I will try to answer your question briefly because this forum has others with other interests.
Here goes:
In the UK, a 'newspaper' need only be registered with the Post Office; that was the means by which newspapers were distributed in a bygone age.
There is no obligation for a 'newspaper' to do anything other than print whatever it chooses within the law of the UK.
UK law imposes heavy penalties under the Obscene Publications Act, the Criminal Justices Act, and libel law (now that is a whole other weird world requiring a separate discussion).

Essentially, newspapers court circulation (customers to buy their product); they need advertisers too (customers to buy space in the newspaper).

There is a tension between the Editorial and Advertising departments. They need each other, but their 'customers' may have conflicting interests.

Getting to the point of your underlying question: the McCann story poses serious problems for UK publishing. They employed sophisticated political, legal and public relations contacts to represent them.

UK libel law is draconian. It is interesting that the McCanns threaten to sue, but they don't. That's called a 'gagging writ'. It is cheaper to pay them rather than incur the greater cost of a court case...for now. Only for now.

Clarence Mitchell threatened to sue the UK Press, and their forums, en masse last year. That befits Gerry McCanns statement of pursuing 'an aggressive, high risk strategy'.

UK Press will outlive any story. That's their business 24/7. Libel law is something they know well. Some consider it to be a 'badge of courage' to receive a libel writ.

The McCanns and their expensive lawyers are cowards, in my view. They have not filed a libel writ. They merely threaten. The Daily Express offered a grovelling apology, and paid £600K. That's pittance compared to the money they'll earn in circulation, and it was foolish of the McCanns to accept it, in my opinion.

If they are ever convicted of criminal charges, they will be pursued ruthlessly for the return of that money, just as others who pursued 'an aggressive, high risk strategy' have done before them.

I could go on, but I hope that gives you a brief, useful explanation of the weird world of UK Press.

Not nice, is it? But nice never helped any kind soul faced with wrongdoers, imo.
Nice to see you, Atardi. Honest inquiry is always inspiring.

leigh3 said...


Also, The Times of London have played a 'very straight bat', as we say in England (it's a cricketing phrase. No. Don't ask! That would take even long to explain :-)

The Times and the Financial Times are exceptional, by anyone's standards of journalism, imo.

Slowly, slowly ...

nancy said...

Dopple -

30 members already - that's great -

I wish Gina would come back though and SwedishMum! No news about 2345 yet? I suppose she has to have some time off sometimes - she spends a great deal of her time on here.

I'd like to see Ironside on here sometimes too - always a very interesting contributer.

I say this with tongue in cheek -perhaps Mum 21 would like to apply to join us on here - would Viv approve do you think? As for Assassin - did he or she used to blog on the DX?

As for Jane G&T - she seemed to me to be an okay girl on the DX, a bit zany but friendly enough. I was surprised she went on Sassy's site.

I'd like to see Big on here too - I think he spends his time on 3A's, a blog I find completely incomprehensible to use - but perhaps it's just silly me!!

I agree that Viv must be worn out and pleased to hear her two daughters dragged her off somewhere today - she could do with a break!

nancy said...

Dopple -

I meant Big L in the last but one paragraph of course!

leigh3 said...

I'm glad Big_L and Ironside appear on the 3As. Their opinions deserve to be heard, imo.

atardi said...


Thank you very much for the explanation.I'm always looking for news about Madeleine, because this tragic story touched our whole family.Won't ask about the cricketing phrase. I'm used to base/softball terms.

This says it all to me:

UK Press will outlive any story.

Ana said...

Hello all,

For those who believe in visions and premonitions, here is the latest news at Duarte Levy Blog, concerning "our" little Madeleine:
See Link to SosMaddie

Translation:(the Best i could do with some help of google:)

Maddie "died by accident"

Convinced that it can regain Madeleine McCann, the visionary Chilean Isabel Cristina Avila reaffirmed today in Santiago that the child never left Portugal, adding that Maddie died by accident without the intervention of third parties.

According to the fortune teller, known for having cooperated with the police of Chile in the search for missing persons, the place where the body is located has not been searched with the thoroughness required, "they have sought but not quite meticulously," says Isabel Avila.

This is not the first time that the visionary talk about the case of Madeleine, in October 2007 it had already handed over to the Portuguese Ambassador to Chile a sketch of the place or the police should seek the body.

Since the demise of Madeleine Beth McCann, May 3, 2007, the Judicial Police received several hundred letters, emails and phone calls from persons claiming to be able to find the girl. Despite all the checks, most of the time far from the eyes of the media, no track has yet been found Maddie.

Ecolab said...

Regarding SwedishMum!!!

Maybee SwedishMum (like I had) is having some difficulties in finding the ”right way” of logging in. I wrote Viv from two different e mail boxes.
I did`nt know, I had to write Viv from the e mail adress I use for my blogger account. I were in tears.I know that now! I`ll write SwedishMim her how to do.

This is for swedishMum:

Kære SwedishMum

Du skal sende en mail til Viv`s email adresse. Det er især vigtigt, at du sender mailen fra den mailadresse, du ellers logger ind med på din blogger-konto!

Bruger du en anden email- adresse, virker systemet ikke.

Du vil så modtage et link fra Viv på en mail, som du blot skal aktivere!

Så er du på listen med det samme og kan skrive som du plejer!

Hope you see this. Miss you.

nancy said...

Atardi -

I saw your back post, and yes you read the article quite correctly in my opinion! It says it all!

I would certainly back anything that helps little children from being abducted, but I am cynical about the McCanns and CM's motives for attending the Amber Alert conference. I think it's more about them being on show to the world as good samaritans at a very important point in the proceedings of the PJ's than anything else.

Now they are accusing the PJ's of leaking part of Kate McCann's statement. When you think of how long the Portuguese have been looking for Madeleine and the man hours and expense they have put in, it is beyond belief that the McCanns are so against them. They should get down on their knees and thank them for the time and effort they have put in for Madeleine, especially as the parents caused her disappearance in the first place.

Kate refused to answer questions which could have saved the PJ's a lot of time and effort. On being made arguidos they high tailed it out of PdeLuz as fast as their legs could carry them, and now they refuse to go back unless they can go as stars on Crimewatch!

Since Madeleine went missing, it seems to have been all about making money - money they have used to hire Metodo 3, who have proved to be of no use at all. Either they have been badly advised, or they are not too bothered where the money donated is going to! They could have hired professional people who are experts in child abduction but they chose to go with so called fraud experts. It seem they have made mistakes all along the way, and one of the biggest is hiring Clarence Mitchell who has put his foot in his mouth so often, he doesn't know where it is!

Quite frankly,I have nothing but contempt for the attitude of either the McCanns, or Clarence Mitchell, and as for the tapas friends, they have acted like the clones of the McCanns since day 1!

Justice for Madeleine!

mandarinn said...

Good evening all.
Thank you Viv for allow me to participate in your blogg.
I saw last days mad people entered here making agressive and abusive posts as it happened in Alsabella's blogg and dx forum. Thanks God there are ways to avoid it.

Cláudia said...

Ecolab, your language seems fascinating! :-)

Just thought I should say that arguidos have access to copies of their statements to the authorities. Pretty easy to undertand why, I think. It is their legal right and it may be an essential tool for a future defence.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Ana.
Well, I have to say that I find that theory likely. But not because some psychic says so.

Hello, Mandarinn! :-)

mandarinn said...

Hello Ana and Claudia. I watched yesterday , julia's program where Madeleine case was discussed.
Duarte Levy participate by phone.
They spoke about all the obstacles created to the investigators... even from the inside....... One day all this will be known... truth allways come out

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, I know that it will be know. And it won't be long. That is exactly why I call it a little (or maybe not so little) tsunami.

nancy said...

I tried to get on Bianca's site but it just kept coming up 'page unavailable'! Has anyone else managed to get through to her site?

See you all tomorrow - enjoy the rest of the evening.

Nancy x

dolores said...

Bath Theory,
It's nice to see you here.

Hi to all,
I see we have a new thread by Bath Theory who was another DE poster I am sure many will remember him.I know I always enjoyed his posts.

mandarinn said...

Claudia you are more optimistic than i am..so many lies so many scam...and apparently it seems they can do wathever they want.However today i was reading dayly mail comments and a big part of them look more lucid than they used to be.

Ana said...

Hello, Cláudia.
I believed in that since the first minute, but if this is true, what kind of parents instead of call the authorities to find some help, choose to make occultation of their body and not give Madeleine, their daughter, the peace that she deserves?
More, what kind of reason these parents have to do something so horrific like this? Something serious, I believe!

Ana said...

Hello Mandarinn,

I saw the Program yesterday too and like Cláudia says, it was hot !

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, when I say that there will be a little tsunami, I don't mean about the investigation. I don't know what will happen re the investigation. But of one thing I'm sure: the world will know.

mandarinn said...

i'm not sure i saw all the program.
I think it was a second part where they spoke.. why the mccans asked for a priest? did you see it?

Cláudia said...

Hello, Ana. Well, in my opinion it is damage control. I didn't watch it, but my mother told me it was hot. Any Portuguese posters around, if you can watch tomorrow's Praça da Alegria on RTP1. Mr Paulo Pereira Cristóvão will be there.

Oh, Mandarinn, yes, the comments on DM were surprising... If those were the ones they approved, I can only imagine what was censured...

mandarinn said...

Tomorrow i fly to London on the early morning, today i go to bed with chikens :-)

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, say hello to Clarrie for me. Make sure you tell him how much I like and admire him for the wonderful profession he has. I'm sure he is an inspiration to many people around the world and I bet when parents look at him they wish that one day their own kids can have such a respectable, honourable mission in this planet!
Dorme bem. Beijinhos!!!

Ana said...


Yes, I saw it. They said that it was quite strange the fact that they had asked for a priest and if they are so Catholics, why haven’t they confessed to a priest while they were in PL! Four months in total !

mandarinn said...

You know onething, i feel very angry at them because the way they neglected their little children and by all the mess they are doing to salve themselves without think about the dammage they are doing in so many people lives, but.... i also feel pity for them .

Ana said...

I think that Clarrie, now will be in a low profile!!

Carlos Anjos quote:

"The ASFIC is available to give legal support to the investigators who feel targeted by Mitchell's declarations and want to take legal action"


You will not find him!LOLOL

mandarinn said...

hahaha ana bjs
see you next week.
Hope with good news
Good night to all

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, I feel nothing more than disgust and repulse for their behaviour.

Ana, of course not. CM is a very strong, brave man. Can't you see by looking at him? Fierce...

Cláudia said...

Have a safe trip, Mandarinn.

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