11 Apr 2008



The heartbreaking words of little Madeleine Beth McCann to her "mummy" at breakfast on 3 May 2007, her last day alive.

Kate and Gerry McCann are "furious" that this was released on the same date they seek to promote "child welfare". Their own witness statements, the truth, why are they "furious"?

It is not, as Clarence Mitchell lamely seeks to proclaim, the timing of the release of this piece of information that is suspicious, it is the information itself. Parents who admit that they left their children crying the night before and the next night went and did the same again. What were those regular checks the next night? One at 9.05 and another an hour later at 10.05? How could they even remotely consider leaving them alone again at all, given what Madeleine had said to them? How dare they go to Brussels seeking to "promote childrens welfare"? Gerry McCann has stated they were engaging in a "high risk and aggressive strategy". Well then they should not complain when the risks are proved to be just too great. He was bound to fall flat on his face with his contemptuous behaviour to try and suggest they are decent parents and it just serves him right. He will fall flat on his face again, when the Daily Express want their money back. I wonder if they will even bother to ask for it from the profligate McCanns. As I have stated before, I think they plan to get it back by serialisations, books etc concerning one of the most infamous couples the world has ever seen and watch their profits soar. Newspapers care not how they make money, just so long as they do, they went into the lion's den and they will pay the price.

How on earth can Kate and Gerry McCann be "smeared" by releasing details of what they themselves have said? It is beyond my comprehension. It is not the reaction of decent honest parents it is the reaction of criminals caught with their hand in the till, but they have done far worse than dip their hand in the till.

Just how does Clarence Mitchell have the gall to describe a couple who admit to leaving their tiny children crying and then go and do it again the next night as "victims". His remarks where he somehow seeks to "blame" Portuguese authorities are incredibly inflammatory. When is this man going to undertand the world has a right to look at both sides of the coin. How naive was both he, and Kate and Gerry McCann to think they could pull this off and just expect their guilty secrets to be kept quiet?

The controlling arrogance where they are so adamant the world can only hear their false perception of reality, whilst reality itself can be silenced, is breathtaking and unparalleled from anything I believe we have ever seen before. When things do not go just the way they planned they spit venom and project the blame onto someone else as they proclaim just how "furious" they are. Well, we, the general public are furious. In fact absolutely livid that this couple could seek to preach to us about childrens' "welfare". How do they manage to look themselves in the mirror each morning? Mr Mitchell "demanded", what a good partner in crime for Gerry McCann..Don't you dare call us "vultures", Mr Mitchell, we are people who care about the rights of little children and sit and cry to think of Madeleine and her little brother being left alone to cry and then drugged to prevent them doing it again.

"Gerry and I spoke for a couple of minutes and then agreed to keep a closer watch". How simply outrageous, did the life or death or the mental welfare of their children only merit a couple of minutes chat before thinking oh well we will just have to shut them up..All of this just really beggars belief.

In his witness statement the cynical liar Gerry McCann even gives an explanation for why HIS fingerprints would have been found opening the shutter from the inside and nonchalantly drops out workmen had been in his apartment. One can guarantee the police checked them out!

At least this sickening couple are under no illusions they will not be released from their arguido status and blatantly refuse to return to PDL to assist the Police. I believe the Police have the power to force them to comply and that will happen. They are their friends will be forced to explain exactly where each of them were all the way through the timeline and what they were doing. Unless of course their friends have decided to be a little more co-operative with the police to save their own miserable necks, a distinct possibility. As we know Taner and O'Brien were treated to a ten hour grilling, serves them right! I hope the Paynes got the same. I am sure it will be explained to them just how much prison they could get for falsely trying to frame Mr Murat, alone.

To anyone who ever had any doubt about the guilt of this couple I hope finally they can now see the Police knew from the very outset they were most certainly not dealing with a normal couple of parents who were victims of anything at all. From the outset the Portuguese Police have cleverly given them all enough rope to hang themselves and the noose is now very tight.


Poor little Angels could not choose their "parents".

By the way the press are clearly turning against Kate and Gerry increasingly and rightly so. Check out the BBC page where right above a similar story about Kate and Gerry they report on a scientific study of low copy number DNA as being completely fit for purpose. Now they could not be telling you any plainer!

Viv x

Madeleine McCann complained to mother Kate about being left crying aloneBy Caroline Gammell in Brussels
Last Updated: 9:19pm BST 10/04/2008
Madeleine McCann complained to her mother after she was left crying and alone on the night before she disappeared, leaked police documents have disclosed.
Daniel Hannan: The McCanns come to Brussels
Madeleine parents will not mark anniversary in Portugal
In full: The Madeleine McCann investigation
The little girl, then aged three, spoke to Kate McCann at breakfast the following morning and said: "Mummy, why didn’t you come when we were crying last night?"

Telegraph TV: The McCanns appeal to MEPs for help
The question prompted Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry to discuss keeping a closer on eye on their children. However, just a few hours after that conversation, Madeleine vanished from their holiday apartment in the Algarve. Friends said they now believe Madeleine’s comment could even be a clue that an intruder was in the flat on the night before her disappearance and that they briefly disturbed her before fleeing. The detailed revelations about Kate and her husband Gerry McCann’s last day with Madeleine emerged during the couple’s trip to Brussels on Thursday where they called for the establishment of a missing child alert system.
However, Mr and Mrs McCann were furious that their witness statements – the subject of Portuguese secrecy laws – were released on the same day that they tried to promote child welfare and safety.
Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they were angry and disappointed at the leaks, saying: "The only reason this has come out is because of Kate and Gerry’s utter honesty in their original statements.
"It is very curious that this is being released now, having been sitting in the police files for 11 months. The timing of this is frankly suspicious."

Mr Mitchell demanded an internal police inquiry in Portugal into how the leak occurred: "We would be very interested to know what the Portuguese justice minister would say about how this has emerged from the police files on the day that it has, in the way that it has.
"Kate and Gerry have been nothing but honest and open and they have been the victims of leaks and smears."
A friend of the couple went further, describing the leak as a "blatantly cynical attempt to smear them".
"The minute that you talk about Madeleine crying is the minutes that the vultures will move in and this is why this has been leaked."
He said the McCanns were conducting half hourly checks on Madeleine, so they were surprised to learn that she had been crying.
"It wasn’t really a complaint or a scolding from Madeleine, it was a comment in the morning."
Mr and Mrs McCann, who are suspects in their daughter’s disappearance but have not been accused of any wrong-doing, have never discussed the events of the day of her disappearance - May 3 last year - because of secrecy laws.
But in extracts read out on Spanish broadcaster Telecinco’s late morning programme El Programa de Ana Rosa, it emerged that Mrs McCann had told police about a conversation she had with Madeleine on the morning she disappeared.
The little girl, then aged three, spoke to her mother because she had left her and twins Sean and Amelie alone in the night. Mrs McCann’s statement said: "While we were having breakfast, Madeleine said: 'Mummy, why didn’t you come when we were crying last night?’.
"Gerry and I spoke for a couple of minutes and agreed to keep a closer watch over the children."
After Madeleine’s disappearance, Mr and Mrs McCann were criticised for leaving their children while their dined at a tapas restaurant nearby and have spoken of their guilt for leaving them alone.
In his witness statement, Mr McCann told police that workmen had gone into their holiday apartment two days before Madeleine vanished to fix a broken window shutter in the main bedroom.
Madeleine McCann police due to arrive in UK
He told police he had checked on Madeleine and the twins at around 9pm on May 3. "She was breathing softly and I thought how beautiful she looked. I thought it was quite hot and I didn’t need to cover her up."
He went on: "Kate came running to the bar and said Madeleine’s not there, someone has taken her."
"I thought it couldn’t be and ran towards the apartment along the same route as always. I looked everywhere.
"I returned to the children room I tried to think what could have happened. To my surprise I realised I could lift up the window shutters without effort and almost without making noise."
The disclosures came as the McCanns announced they would not go back to Portugal to mark the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.
Because they do not believe they will be cleared of their arguido status before May 3, they said they will not return to Praia da Luz for the anniversary.
Portuguese detectives want the McCanns to go to the Algarve for a reconstruction but the couple’s lawyers are concerned about being summoned back to Portugal.
The McCanns are reluctant to go until the "cloud of suspicion" surrounding them is lifted.
Mr McCann, 39, said: "We do not know how long we are going to be arguidos.
"The reconstruction is still under discussion. We are not quite sure what form it is going to take, whether it will be a Crimewatch style programme with actors.
"We support anything that would jog people’s memories, but we will certainly not go back on May 3."
Mr and Mrs McCann went to Belgium to garner support for the missing child alert system.
Addressing MEPs at the European Parliament, Mrs McCann, 40, said she believed such a system might have helped find their daughter.
"I believe the chances of recovering Madeleine would have been higher, it would have improved our chances.
"I am unable to convey to you just how totally devastating Madeleine’s abduction was, it has been totally awful."
Mrs McCann held a photograph of Madeleine as she made her address to the European parliament and kept her daughter’s favourite toy Cuddle Cat in her handbag
"If anyone wanted to inflict the maximum pain on us, they certainly achieved that," she said. "But that pales into insignificance when you think of what Madeleine has been through – the fear, absolute fear that she has had to endure.
"We implore you to support our declaration. Please do not wait for another child and family to suffer as we have."


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leigh3 said...

Hi and bye Viv!

This is a game of cat and mouse (with apologies to sweeties like Ana).

The McCanns chose to see this as a game; 'an aggressive, high risk strategy', as Gerry put it. So it will be: game on.

No place for innocent parents. No place for amateurs. It's a rough old game.

Excellent headline story, by the way :-)


P.S. Welcome to the world weird web, Gerry and Clarry. Not so easy, is it? £600K is pittance.

leigh3 said...

BTW, for the first time in my life, I thought I couldn't look at TV news tonight because it would make me physically sick to see the McCanns masquerading as concerned citizens.

The Press presses on, but everyone has their limits. I did watch the TV news, and was relieved to see that even those shallow fools are now more circumspect.

Justice for Maddie, and every child, however long it takes, whatever it takes, no matter how flawed honest inquiry may be.

Hey. Life is imperfect. Twas ever thus.

viv said...

Hiya Leigh

How strange you say you could not bear to watch the News of them masquerading in Brussels, I felt exactly the same, I just could not face it, and I did not even learn of this development until about midnight from my posters. I was quite taken aback when first starting to hear of it.

Gerry and his silly high risk and aggressive strategies. He really does have an over-inflated sense of self!

Even if it were not for the revelations contained in their own witness statements, Sky simply printed details of their appearance in Brussels (ever the kind ones) but here is a quick snap shot of the response. They just keep on with these hair-brained attempts to change public perception, never able to accept they are a couple of lowlife criminals, not a couple of victims and we all know they are:

To Andrew from Manchester. I think the Amber system can do perfectly well without the McCanns - as well as the UK and the EU. That couple either lives in a parallel universe or is so cold-hearted criminals that it is beyond belief. I don't know whether they will be charged with child neglect, possibly murder one day - but for all their spin, arrogance and the waste of all of our time and goodwill they should be hold responsible, at least they should simply shut up and return all the money they have made out of this so far.

Posted by Thomas from Glasgow, UK
Report this commentSo it has now become a "mistake", a error of judgment, etc, etc in Britain for parents to place their children in harms way by leaving them alone and at the mercy of peodophiles. Fine, have it your way, but you have to ask yourself the question, what it the use of an Amber Alert system if parents continually put their own children's lives at unnecessary risk???

Posted by Jo Griffin from Milton Keynes
Report this commentQuite how parents who left their children in an (allegedly) unlocked apartment can petition for the amber alert with a straight face is beyond me. IF Madeleine was indeed abducted, then surely any self respecting parent would align themselves with the NSPCC to urge other parents not to take such a selfish, self-serving approach to childcare. They would NOT, one would hope, tell the world that leaving the children was "within the realms of responsible parenting" and therefore absolving themselves of any balme. No - instead they blame the police, border controls, airports, ferry ports ... anyone but themselves hey?

Posted by tedmundo from Bristol

BasicTruthForMaddie said...

Hi viv, leigh3,

I am beginning to believe we are dealing with two psychos.

viv said...

Hiya Basic

I have been thinking we are dealing with a couple of psychos for a long time. Check out the link that explains this personality disorder and the behavioural traits. I think you will recognise them...Gerry in particular is text book! Kate is more complex, mental health also. She is subjugated and controlled by Gerry. Women in this situation can be extremely dangerous towards their children who they can more easily control, than their husband.

Very scary stuff.

Viv x

BasicTruthForMaddie said...

Thanks viv,
quite interesting.

He looks and sounds shrewd.
She looks ineffectual, looking at him with admiration and as though she is asking for directions as to what she can say.
I wouldn't have believed she is a doctor.

Both of them have shown no remorse whatsoever.

viv said...

Hiya I agree with what you say, you can see her looking to him for direction in many pics including one in Brussels yesterday!

The lack of empathy and remorse is one of the most telling traits.

Really shocking x

viv said...

Factor 1 personality traits for psychopathy:

Gerry in particular really does tick those boxes but to an extent they both do.
1. Glibness/Superficial Charm

2. Grandiose Sense of Self-Worth

4. Pathological Lying

5. Conning/Manipulative

6. Lack of Remorse or Guilt

7. Shallow Affect

8. Callous/Lack of Empathy

9. Criminal versatility

16. Failure to Accept Responsibility for Own Actions

BasicTruthForMaddie said...

Now that you have mentioned Brussels, this is part of what she said:
"It's a year on almost and it's a long time, but of course there is still going to be hope. We still have got hope because we haven't got any evidence to say that Madeleine has come to any harm, no evidence at all.

No harm?

guerra said...

I believe team McCann planted this story. Yes it looks bad that they went out the following night even after their child told them that they cried out for them, but this statement is used to add credibility to the other statements. Upon reading this some people will think, “Well if they were honest enough to tell this to the police then their other statements must be true.” Clarence in reference to this article says, “Kate and Gerry have been utterly honest and open with the police.” Clarence is not stupid, he is very calculating.

What does this article seek to accomplish?

1.The McCanns have not held anything from the police they have been completely honest.

2.The abductor had been in the room before May 3, it was a planned abduction.

3.The child was alive on May 2

4.The shutters were faulty allowing easy access to the room.

5.Apart from the McCanns only the police could have known this information, and they released it when the McCanns were trying to make something good come out of their tragedy. Conclusion they want you to believe: The police are out to make them look bad.

The McCanns are more concerned about a murder charge than the public opinion of their parenting skills. They will try anything to rid themselves of this affair.

viv said...


No 16 - failure to accept responsibility for own actions...

no harm indeed, from leaving your tiny children all alone to cry? and that is not the half of it!

Kate does not seem to have any concept of being emotionally and mentally damaged, strange that, you would think that would be something she would understand..but I think she does lack insight even into her own mental state, she convinces herself of a false perception of reality..."I tell myself every day I am a good responsible parent"..does not make it true though, sadly.

viv said...

Hiya Guerra

The Police do not have to try and make them look bad, their own words do it for them.

I agree they have always sought to use the fact of neglect to exculpate them from a more serious crime which certainly does look very close to murder. That is what they were doing in their statement. The thing is it demonstrates what callous and ruthless people they are and what they are clearly capable of. No matter which way you look at it, no parent would have chosen to go and leave them again, unless they are psycopaths of course.

I really do not think they leaked this themselves, it makes them look terrible and their fury is the same we have heard throughout when things do not go their way. It totally destroyed their efforts to portray themselves as normal caring parents. The PJ do not have to be nice, they have a job to do and are dealing with intelligent and highly manipulative people. They have played them at their own game and they serve little Madeleine and all victims, not abusive criminals.

However it was an interesting alternative viewpoint and it will be good to see what others think, even though I plainly do not agree!

Viv x

BasicTruthForMaddie said...

@ @ @ guerra

I think you are right guerra.
As far as I know, the Spanish TV did not show official documents.
The leak had to come from Mitchell himself.

BasicTruthForMaddie said...

You see viv, they made it out to look that Madeleine was crying because there was an abductor in the room.
This is the reason Spanish presenter said: "They are innocent".
The abductor was stalking them.

BasicTruthForMaddie said...

G'day to you all.
I got to go.
May-be see you later today.

Thanks for the hospitality xxx

viv said...

Then why did Madeleine not say, mom there was a man in the room?

Sorry must go but I find your arguments really rather bizarre!

I do not feel able to set out chapter and verse what I feel the PJ strategy has been but this is an example of it. They leave the McCanns nowhere else to go.

Viv x

guerra said...

Why do I believe this?
Don’t kid yourselves, Clarence Mitchell still controls the British Press and they would never allow this article to be printed if Clarence did not authorize it.
Mitchell did not deny the statement even though he has in the past denied some whoppers. Once the British Press printed the exploits of a Mr. Jimenez, as the head of Metodo 3, in searching for Madeleine in Morocco. When Jimenez was charged with steeling 1,100 pounds of cocaine from a shipyard, Clarence had the audacity to vehemently deny any association of this man with the Madeleine case, so why wouldn’t he deny this simple statement?

These people are in desperate mode they will resort to anything.

Good Night.

viv said...

Hi Guerra

I think suggesting Clarence Mitchell "controls British press" is attributing to him the sort of power he would like, rather than what he actually has.

I do not deny the McCanns are in defensive mode and will resort to anything though!

I think we are on the same side!

Take Care and sleep on it.

Viv x

viv said...

Sorry just wanted to add, Mitchell could not possibly deny the contents of Kate and Gerry's statements ..that could conclusively be proved to be a blatant lie..he is not quite that stupid!

In fact it would be perjury/perverting the course of justice!

What he said about the watches and mobiles was perilously close but not the same as giving a false version of their written statements which he knows to be false, he just had to admit that!

Viv x

lizzy said...

Hi Guerra,
I agree with you entirely, this is a leak from CM, there is no way the Police would leak any info, this is cleverly leaked with Clarrie making an indigant denial, to support the abduction theory, to convince people she was alive on the 3rd, the police have already stated allegedly that there is no independant reliable witness to her being seen on that day, as it is possible nanny in creche was paid.
This alleged leak is meant to convince public of the abduction theory in my opinion, as he controls what the press print re this case as shown in the De payout. Lizzy

Penelope said...

This blogger is a waste of cyber space,

How dare you insult Viv, who has defended Madeline for months, and kept the hope and pursuit of justice for Madeline alive.

We are Pro Mccann here - Pro MADELINE McCANN. Pro truth, pro justice, pro child protection.

viv said...

Thanks Penelope

although I was not really insulted, this person simply copied and pasted from my own post which is quite pathetic. I am used to their childish conduct!

Viv x

viv said...

By the way Penelope if you have time

Do you think Clarence contemptuously disclosed the McCann's statements as three posters have now suggested..I find that extraordinary and how can this man "control" the press. They have many sources, not just him!! although I am sure they are always glad to hear from him, they can print what the heck they like..

viv said...

Hiya Lizzie

Did Clarence leak details of the police suspicions of the McCanns and the dog and foresic evidence against them?

In any difficult case such as this the police will always release certain information to put pressure on difficult suspects and guage their reactions. That is part and parcel of the investigative process and getting the evidence against them that they need to secure a conviction.

I think you need to think in terms of the impact this has had on the McCanns and where do they go next?

Do you seriously believe a court would accept some of the spin they seek to put on leaked evidence, I am afraid I do not

Viv x

marga said...

I also think this is another CM's trick.
They must know by now they can't avoid charges and consequent trial. This is an attempt to discredit the PJ and they will fight against everything /everyone up now.

This only shows how desperate they are.

viv said...

Hi Marga

Well attempts to discredit the PJ would certainly be nothing new!

One thing we do seem to agree on, the McCanns are desperate and they are going to be prosecuted.

That is the main thing.


Penelope said...

Hi Viv,

This wil have to be quick as I need to leave the house to get to my new job! Flattered you want my opinion:-)

My initial thoughts was that the leak was from M3 - it came from Spain, and M3 have been silenced by team McCann lately. THeir retainer has also been reduced to 8K per month not 50K. I'd say they were miffed when the McCanns got 500K from the DE. I did think that maybe, being fraud and blackmail experts, they were miffed the greedy McCanns didn't give them a cut, M3 threatened them, Gerry took "an aggressive and hgh risk strategy" resulting in M3 leaking this. I've been waiting for M3 to get their revenge - as has been said before, they are in it for the money not Maddie. With their shady past, its madness that the McCanns rusted them.

Listening to the CM theory, I do think its possible he leaked it to save his own skin - he needs to distance himself ASAP. I really doubt the McCanns themselves would rain on their own EU parade - look how they smiled in teh railway station!

But as I said myself - the continential Europeans don't suffer fools gladly.

I think it the PJ and the UK police deliberately leaked it, and got this leak "approved" from on high.

We have to remember, even Gordon Brown is trying to jump of the McCann ship and save his reputation!!!!

The McCanns abandoned Maddie, now they are being abandoned. I hope JT told the truth. I well think it might have been Grry bringing the body down to the beach at 915 on the night of the 3rd

ultraviolet said...

i do not care who leaked it. the point being, that now everyone knows. it will be difficult for the mccann to explain away.

i had a read of the pro blog last night, before bed. these people are crazy! they are threatening to bring down the portuguese government and think that madeleine is being held in a childrens' home!

rosiepops in particular was ranting and raving. apoplectic (sp?) with rage, in fact. they also think i post there as jj. they are all mad. i am not going there again.

viv said...

Hi Penelope

I am glad i asked what a well informed and excellant response. I did not know the M3 retainer had been reduced to only 8K per month. Do you want to take over!! You are brilliant!

On balance I think it is as you seem to suggest most likely we and the Portuguese Police got high level approval to authorise this leak but your other suggestions are also really good and certainly the McCanns are being left to flounder which is exactly what the police would wish to achieve.

Thanks so much

Viv x

viv said...

Ultraviolet hello!

I agree they are entirely mad and Rosie does have a raging temper that is for sure. A few nights back she went back there having been posting on here to tell them she was in a complete and utter rage with me. I read it and just had to chuckle.

I also read how this cackling little bunch of old ladies and child neglectors are going to bring down the Portuguese government and single handedly trash their tourist industry..that Madeleine is being held in a childrens home.

I have never read such utter tripe in all my born natural but I do go there sometimes for a laugh.

Viv x

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Yesterday I posed the question as to if the report of the remarks by Madeleine at breakfast was spin. At that time onlt LGC made a (positive) reply.

I think that possibly people are so cynical about what they read that they will now believe CM is behind any reports in the press.

I am not immune from this cynicism.

viv said...


I think we can be assured this is from the McCanns witness statement otherwise Clarence would be perverting the course of justice in confirming it is as accurate. He would obviously have access to it.

I get the impression that people have worked themselves up into believing that Clarence Mitchell is far more powerful than he possibly could be. I have listened to him on the radio etc and there is no doubt he hates the Daily Express with an all consuming passion, he most certainly does not control them or any other newspaper.

I wonder if there is an issue not just with the McCanns but due to the fact he formerly worked for the Daily Express. I can imagine Clarence expects to get his own way and is rather good at making enemies. He always leaves jobs rather suddenly! If ever I was in trouble and he offered to help I would pay him to stay away!

Viv x

Jojam said...

The Policia Judiciaria interviews were leaked through journalist Nacho Abad, of Spanish television programme Ana Rosa Quintana.

Even CM does not control spanish media!

IMO Both PJ & CM are guilty of leaks, spin, & smear tactics.

SwedishMum said...

Morning Viv and all!

I honestly can’t believe that the McCanns/Mitchell leaked this story themselves. If they did they must have thought that people are more stupid than people actually are.

Which of course is a possibility, they never seem to hold the “public” in very high esteem. And the spin is obviously working on the other site. Those writing there seem to be more upset that this information was leaked than by the fact (not even CM denies it, so I suppose it is a fact) that the McCanns left their children AGAIN after having heard that they cried the night before and after having discussed it for “several minutes”.

Personally I think it’s outrageous to leave a screaming 3-year-öld child alone to take care of her two younger siblings. In a foreign country. At night. As I wrote yesterday:

That’s not naïve. That’s CRUEL.

viv said...

Thanks Jojam

Even if we/the PJ have leaked certain details of the McCanns witness statements you cannot possibly "smear" someone by simply releasing what they themselves have said. To smear is to spread malicious and false rumours about someone!

Jojam said...

malicious and false rumours........There have been plenty of these over the past 11months!! form both sides!!

Have a good day........

viv said...

Hello Swedishmum

May I say you have always posted calm good sense and the above is no exception. Music to my ears as I am a little tired having worked all night!

Clarence Mitchell is trying to whip up fury that the information is leaked, to deflect from the terrible nature of the admissions Kate makes . I cannot be bothered to go and read them but I have no doubt as you say, they take the bait, hook line and sinker.

What any reasonable person would be saying is oh my God how could parents do such a wicked thing to their tiny children, AGAIN!

The fact that they do not denounce such wicked behaviour says a lot about their terrible character as does the general nature of their comments ...Vile, Vile, Vile x

nancy said...

Excellent post Viv - you said exactly what most of us are thinking today!

CM says "It wasn't a complaint or a scolding from Maddie, it was a comment in the morning"!

Just what planet does this man live on?

There was Madeleine sobbing her heart out, and obviously worrying at the same time about her little sister and brother, a little girl, barely 4 years old, and he calls her obviously deeply felt words about her parents leaving them alone, as just a comment! She had obviously gone to sleep sobbing after trying to calm her little siblings!

Kate said "Our suffering pales into insignificance when you think of what Madeleine has been through, the fear, the absolute fear, she has had to endure" -
and then she goes on to say she hopes that Madeleine is alive!
If I thought my daughter was suffering so horribly I would hope she was dead quite frankly!!

This couple are making a farce out of the whole miserable sad case and those involved in backing them should be ashamed of what they are doing to protect them from their complete and utter folly in leaving their children alone.

I think that K&G will worm out of this latest revelation though because although the newspapers may seem to be turning the tide of opinion today, the McCann's high profile friends, especially Brown and Milliband, will make sure they come out of this whiter than white. After all it was their decision to back the McCanns in their involvement in the Amber Alert Conference in Brussels. How utterly ridiculous the government would look now if charges are eventually brought against the McCanns and their tapas pals.

I wouldn't be surprised if the British taxpayers forked out the money for their expenses for this trip, the same as we have apparently paid for Gordon Brown's television licence!!

SwedishMum said...

Re the missing Swedish girl, Engla

The papers here are now writing that the police have found child pornography on the suspected truck drivers laptop. And one tabloid (Aftonbladet) claims that he has been pretending to be a 12-year-old on various youth sites, to get in contact with young girls. How creepy is that!

Gina said...

Good Morning all,

Apparently they are outraged by the leaks, well if the questions that were to be asked by the police were also leaked it is a pity they were not outraged about that too.

To be honest how anyone can actually defend these people is totally beyond me. Yes they are innocent until proven guilty for the disappearance of Madeleine, but to say they are going to watch the kids more closely, then go to a place where they can neither hear or see them is totally out of order. I am sure those who think the sun shines also out of the McCann's backsides will find some feeble defensive excuse, but checking even every 20 minutes (yeah right) is still not good enough. A child could have an accident, wander off or even be abducted in that time as all sane people know.

Stella said...

Did anyone else notice that Clarence in his statement on GMTV this morning claims Rachel Oldfield was in the room adjacent to Madeleine's bedroom, all night the night before she vanished and that Rachel did not hear a thing??

What was Rachel doing all night on May 2nd in Tanner and O'Briens bedroom ? ? ?

say no more.............

SwedishMum said...

Thanks Viv for your nice words,

but I think you've got it all backwards. Don't you know that YOU are "Vile"? :-)

(I hope you understand that I was kidding, can't be too sure, sometimes irony isn't the best concept on Internet)

Anyway, I'm impressed with you, that you have the strength to carry on with your "quest" here. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our views on this sad case.


Gina said...

Jojam, do you honestly think this is a rumour, it may well be, but I would have thought that after the express having to pay out a large sum of money the press would be very cautious about printing anything like this without first checking it out

viv said...

Hiya Nancy

Your post emphasises just how desperately sad all of this is and how Clarence Mitchell indulges in the same behaviour as the criminals themselves:

Minimisation, justification, denial.

Why he does not just shut up I will never know. There is no explanation whatsoever for such appalling child abuse.

With this latest revelation it is inconceivable in my view that the McCanns are not going to be prosecuted. Gordon Brown simply would not be able to handle the public fury if this couple do not get brought to justice for what they admit they did, alone!

Allowing them to go to Brussels..again, giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. Gordon Brown knows exactly what is going on!


I am very sorry the only news we have re Engla is very bad news.

Viv x

Jojam said...

Be under no illusion.......I do not condone leaving children alone at any time............I have said this many times..........it is wrong.

To repeat this every time I wish to make a point would IMO detract from the point I wish to make......Which is.............

IMO Both PJ & CM are guilty of leaks, spin, & smear tactics.

2345 said...

McCanns defence by media, as opposed to standard legal procedures - requestioning & Court
is in the best hands available.

CM, journlist, ex BBC & DE employee, media management advisor to Gordon Brown was moved from Home Office in November to promote media coverage designed to undermine the police, ours as well as PJ.

Those who lied to the police in Shannons case are being taken for questioning and charged on the basis of findings at interview.
Three have been charged with perverting the course of justice.

PJ have been waiting since last September to requestion the McCanns, CM and numerous independent witnesses to obtain statements required for Court.

The media campaign is defaming two police forces and dossier of evidence proving death, not abduction was the cause of Madeleine's disappearance.

Over and above substantiated evidence on police files, a second DE article includes the words 'no evidence exists to show Madeleine was harmed.

Media coverage of the case is not based on investigative journalism or facts on police files. All reporting is as CM dictates, top civil servant, media manager/manipulator.

"Democracy cannot function without free press".

Jojam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

Jojam I apologise I misunderstood you. I think everybody who is clear thinking realise the dangers of leaving children.

You are probably right that there have been leaks from both sides but the difficult part is trying to work out if they are TRUE leaks

Stella said...


Did you hear Clarence this morning publically state that Rachel Oldfield was in the room next to Madeleine all night long, the night before she vanished. Where has that come from?

Jojam said...

I did not say rumour.........please read what I actually said.............

IMO Both PJ & CM are guilty of leaks, spin, & smear tactics.

No it is a leak.......says a lot about secrecy laws dosen't it?

Jojam said...

Thanks Gina,

Can't stop ......have a lot to do today.........have a good day

Gina said...

Jojam, This is the biggest mess ever and I doubt we will ever get to know who leaked what and why. Whatever the outcome I still feel as John Stalker said months ago, they are all hiding a dark secret. If that secret ever gets to be known I think we will all shake our heads in despair because whatever it is no way is it as important as getting to the truth about Madeleine, no matter what that is.

I think I will take myself to the local market for an hour or two now - Have a good day all

viv said...

Hello Stella and welcome to the blog!

True, we certainly cannot trust a word Clarence Mitchell says apart from being forced to confirm the accuracy of the McCanns terrible admissions in their own witness statements.

It is an acknowledged fact Tanner and O'Brien were in the next apartment to Kate and Gerry, not the Oldfields. It does make me wonder whether Tanner and O'Brien have now spilled the beans and he therefore cannot spin any more lies and rely on those two. If they have told the truth to save their own necks I certainly would not blame them! Maybe the police cut them a deal..the two they are really going to want to put down are obviously Kate and Gerry.

Viv x

Stella said...


Thanks for your welcome, whilst I am new to your blog and thank you for setting it up by the way, I am an old DE contributor, hope4you. Things are about to hot up big time and I thought it best to have a new identity.

I could not believe Clarence this morning stating Rachel spent all night long in Tanner and O'Briens room. Not just any old room, but the very room adjacent to the children's room. Now in 5b is this Tanner and O'Briens bedroom or their children's bedroom? Either way this is very, very worrying statement to make, why was she there? ...........

I agree with you, I think Team McCann no longer have the support of the occupants of 5b, but to bring Rachel into it, seems rather strange. Perhaps the more names that crop up between now and D Day, the more confused the average Joe Public will be?, who knows what logic planet they are currenty on.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Nice to hear from you again.

Somebody was asking the other day what had happened to you.

At least with your name change we won't get confused as we often had on the DX (me especially).

Gina said...

Stella, at last, I have been wondering how your are and have asked several times if anybody has heard from you. I am just off out but hope to speak to you later and that your ok healthwise.

Stella said...

I cant think of a name,

Exactly, there is never enough hope in this world, but on here it can get rather confusing. So Stella it is, named after my Aunty the pillar of strength in her community. I went quiet for a while as I moved house, anything to get away from those horrendous pampas grasses growing on my drive, didn't want my neighbours thinking I was into swinging. The move played havoc with my health and good old BT took forever and and a day to put in a phone line. Still it is good to be back, was sad to hear about Alsabella, but these sharks will attack everything in their way, so I am not surprised. I just really hope Viv's site is set in cement, we need somewhere to thrash out these ridiculous statements old Clarrie keeps putting out.

Gina said...

What is wrong with people. On Sky news they have spoken to the Spanish Journalist, he said the story was leaked by the PJ. He also said something along the lines, that he felt it was to smear the McCanns and he felt they are innocent. Fine, so if he is so concerned, why the hell did he publish the story then. Talk about double standards.

Stella said...


Thanks for asking, was on here treading water very carefully yesterday to see who was really who, things have changed over weeks and did not want to dive into a hornets nest, if you know what I mean, look forward to speaking to you later.....

ICantThinkOfAName said...


The Spanish journalist is probably a drinking mate of CM. Think that through to its logical conclusion.

Gina said...


I have given up thinking, I end up going around in circles and getting a headache.

Stella - You will never work out totally who is who, so many have multi indentities, some clone others, etc. I have only ever posted in one name yet I have been accused of being loads of people. The best thing to do is just answer a post no matter who it is from in the way you see fit, afterall we are all only a crowd of names anyway. No I had better get off to the market because this is Spain and they do not hang about, they will all be in bed by 2pm :-)

Speak your mind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Speak your mind said...

Isnt it amazing...Clarnece is kicking off because of the leak, saying it is to smear the McCanns as they are in Brussels.
Well first off what the hell are the McCanns doing in Brussels when they are suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine? Why the hell dont they concentrate on being better parents? Who would want advice on child welfare from a pair who saw fit to leave three children YET AGAIN, after they had been chided by the weeping child for doing so the previous evening?
Secondly, does Clarence really imagine squwaking about fair play and the leaks of the McCanns own words detract from the fact that the leaked words prove they were lying about cuddle cat being moved? And if we now accept that cuddle cat was unmoved....How was Kate so certain Madeleine was taken rather than she wandered off? And how many more lies is there to be revealed by this odious pair?
I note the Oldfields have pulled the same tack as Tanner and O'Brien when interviewed..subjective amnesia!!Which is as good an indicator of the value of their evidence as a no comment response would be.

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

Did any of you see This Morning??? Eamon Holmes asked CM if it was true CM spun and Eamon asked him again if it was true and CM said it was but was being used as a smear. Eamon said it did not make them look good (or words to that affect) and then that was it.

What I dont understand is if it was me and my husband they would have carried on debating about how awful it was but from day one even the DX has said something against them and then for them in the same article.

It makes them look like they are hiding something even if they are not and as I have said a million times before we know they were neglecting the children if she was taken what could be worse thank that???


hope4truth said...


I forgot Clarance said that Kate was being honest as they had nothing to hide I wonder why she decided not to answer all the questions then???

ultraviolet said...

fress thinking people?

Cláudia said...

This is hilarious.
It's a shame that I've talked to her on the phone, apart from other details which I can't disclose, of course.

Speak your mind said...

vim...you chat nonsense...I say that yes the McCanns may well have leaked this themselves thinking it would prove Madeleine alive on may 2nd and to show how forthright and honest the McCanns are.But what they did not bargain on is this fact.
We dont care if they were so honest they admitted to ignoring the request of a crying child not to be left alone again, we see this, even after they knew Madeleine was awake alone, scared and upset..they did it again....and we also now know the lies about cuddle cat...the bit of the country that felt any sympathy for them will be disgusted at the callousness of the pair.It also points to perhaps Kate or Gerry being angry that Madeline was crying and making them look bad so they sedated her maybe? or Kate gave her a clout...it aint over yet my friend.

viv said...

Hiya Ultraviolet

Yes of course I did delete it what a asbolute maniac

..you know Alsabella is Goncalo Amaral...all my predictions have been right FFS!

Rosiepottysuperass go get a life!

Cláudia said...

Speak your mind, over? It's the beginning! If they think the 'leak' was bad, they are up for a HUGE, MASSIVE surprise. I would call it a little tsunami. I can't wait.

Cláudia said...

Viv, darling, I deleted it! :-) Just got home. But will be away all afternoon. Work's waiting for me. :-)

viv said...

luv my new word asbolute:-)

well suited to rosiepottysuperass..asbolute maniac..now go and have a few more dreams and visions, sorry just cannot stop laughing...

viv said...

Claudia darling we had a ...

dream a vision a prediction there was some shit about and both immediately flicked it off our boots xxxxxx

now take that! still laughing they are just so barmy

you know Alsabella is Goncalo Amaral...give her a ring and tell her that one, I guarantee she will cry with laughter!

hope4truth said...

Morning Viv

Are you still having problems???

Hope you are ok I am off shortly for a week in the rain by the looks of things good job I have plenty of books...

It was bad enough for most people that they left them alone but to do it again when they realisd she had been crying and they missed it proves they put themselves first just the thought of a child crying not knowing when their parent would return is heartbreaking.

What planet are these idiots on???

Speak your mind said...

I cant imagine what more damning than admitting your child was left alone distressed and sufficently upset tomention it in the morning...anyone who has kids will know a child who wakes normally during the night usually has no knowledge or recollection of it the next morning...she must have been very distressed about it to recall and mention it.
What parent would then do it again..presuming they did the first time after the child questioning themm about it?
It breaks myheart that Madeleien was unhappy in this way. A far cry from the carefree child they seek to portray.

Jojam said...

I have grave concerns with regards to the motives for the leaks of the transcript.........The leak was made as the McCanns visited the European Parliament to appeal for a Europe-wide child alert system..................

Why?..........Surely ALL would want the system adopted...........

Who wouldn't?

Why not?

Who would benifit if the system is not adopted?

I am concerned as to the timing of the leak.

Cláudia said...

I always knew, Viv. You know damn well how feminine he looks! lolol
This is hilarious. And what a great way to deal with a long day of hard work!

Cláudia said...

What parent would then do it again..

Speak your mind, the McCanns!

Jojam, you should be worry about other things. ;-)

viv said...

pervy I bet he reeks of Alsabella's Chanel No 5:-)

still laughing sorry guys that post was just so incredibly barmy, almost wish I (we) had left it now, one of the funniest yet!

Joe said...

I recall that Metodo 3 were given the statements of the Tapas 9 either through recollection or a proper copies, but it was to go through them with Hogan international(ex Copper) so as to defend any future inconsistencies. So its this lot who probably leaked the info, on instruction of course.

Secondly, even if the the content of the leak is part of the genuine statement it is not necessarily the truth that the McCanns have related. If they lied from the first moment the PJ arrived then the statements are not very accurate either. The leaks look bad for the Mccanns on the surface but in reality demonstrate that they left their children, so giving an abductor the opportunity, thus they keep reinforcing the abduction. I do not believe the leak and what it states , from the MCanns IMO and in the week of the interviews it has distracted big time and smears the PJ in the process.

Cláudia said...

Viv, lololol

I just wonder if these people are just nutters or if this is panic setting in.

Cláudia said...

Joe, when you give a statement to the police you obviously have access to a copy of your testemony...

viv said...

I just think they are completely paranoid nutters xxxxx

Cláudia said...

Viv, very likely! :-)

assassin said...

Its the PJ should panic, they get more blatant in corruption by the second.

DX removals now republshed. I think its important people see how easy people are manipulated by the PJ spin and leaks:-)

viv said...

speaking of paranoid schizophrenia, I have got a really bad dose of the titters..

Speak your mind said...

I cant beleive even now the nuts are looking to make out its a sign of the McCanns innocence.Last night they were saying it cant be true they do not call her Maddie...clutching at straws.I swear ros is a mCCann clan member!

viv said...

hey SuperAss

I followed your link and saw you had a lovely chat with yourself on your Uni Blog ha ha tee hee

Speak your mind said...

Hey I cant beleive they are saying alsabela is the disgraced male officer...perhaps on a tueesday he dresesi his wifes clothes whilst hoovering...and Clarence is spinning it!!

2345 said...

Forensic Evidence & More Facts:

Kate cancelled cleaning facilities for 3rd May.

No independent witnesses saw Madeleine after 2nd May.

Gerry cancelled tennis arranged for afternoon of 3rd May - achilles heel injury - healed by the day.

Mrs Fenn's account of Madeleine's distress and sounds of a fracas is supported by pictures of Kate's injuries (3 A's), cut above swollen R eye, severe bruising to upper arms and wrists. Madeleine was heard crying 'daddy, daddy ..

Direct statements from police on 5 September (google) was that suspects would be arrested within two days. (google) articles confirm the evidence and that it justified arrest. Police prevented from taking appropriate legal action.

Case from police perspective is straightforward. They need to re-interview prime suspects above all others, CM and numerous independent witnesses to obtain statements for Court.

In short, procedures being applied in Shannon's case are required by police in Madeleine's.

Police continue to take statements from those involved in Shannon's disappearance. In Madeleine's case police are being stopped -
from re-questioning on damning evidence and/or arrest of suspects.

Evidence found by Eddie & Keela last July eliminated abduction following police reconstruction of this theory.

Prosecutor's & PJ's focus on basis of evidence is unaltered; re-interview prime suspects and obtain statements for Court - identical procedures to Shannon's case.

In both cases several people sought to pervert the course of justice. Halted in Shannon's case, continuing in McCanns. dealing with perverting the course of justice. The number of people
prime suspects

isis said...


Cláudia said...

Viv, when the child neglecter adorers get pissed off, that is always a wonderful sign! I was worried about some of the older ones last night who even had to get away form the computer because they were having breathing difficulties. Others are too pissed to concentrate for work. Wonderful. Marvellous. Fabulous! :-)

viv said...


Rosiepotty goes white with rage...yes she is clan maybe they are all mad both sides of the family!

She is going to single-handedly destroy Portugal:-)

assassin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
irina said...

Hello everyone,
does anyone know why Clarence speaches videos have disapeared from Sky News web site?

Did he say something...write?

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello All,

Well, some very interesting developments over the past couple of days...

1. To me, it's not the importance of WHO leaked the interview transcript, it's more WHY the McCanns, through CM, are ADMITTING that it's accurate.

Why don't they say nothing about it, implying that it's not necessarily true? There have been so many contradictory 'facts' during the past year, that some people might well have dismissed that leak as rubbish.

So, what's in it for them in saying it's a true leak?

I can only come to the conclusion - as I posted lst night - that it serves the purpose of trying to establish as fact that Madeleine was alive on 3rd May.

Since there doesn't appear to be any other firm independent confirmation of Madeleine having been seen that day, the McCanns are now reduced to trying to establish her alive-ness by themselves.

2. If the shutters had been faulty earlier in the week requiring professional repair, how is it Kate and Gerry went out night after night prior to their repair leaving the children alone?

And why bring this up now? Presumably the workmen had fixed the problem to the McCanns' satisfaction, and the police could not lift the shutters from the outside when they tried.

So what are they trying to say here?

3. What school of parenting advocates having a discussion for a couple of minutes about whether or not you're going to be better parents?

Why did they have need to 'discuss' what they should do about abandoning their very small children at night, children who were very upset about it.

What did they say to each other during that conversation?

"Shall we behave like responsible parents, or not?"

"Hmm. Difficult one. How strongly do you feel about upsetting the kids?"

"Well, I don't really mind them being completely distraught, and we are very into our friends, but I suppose we should think about it some more..."

Unreal? You bet. Because that conversation never happened.

If they did speak about what to do about the kids crying when they weren't there, in my opinion it would have been a conversation about sedation.

I think all this shows that they are now being backed into a corner, and that they will say anything - no matter how fanciful and illogical - in their desperate attempt to get out of their hole (which is in the corner, obviously).

viv said...

Sod off back to your fantastic Uni-Blog again and have a chat with yourself, no one can freak you out then

besides you are very boring

I like to laugh at you, not with you dear..how's your little five year old, do SSD let you see him still? Be good and take your meds and they just might..

Speak your mind said...

Viv she or he certainly acts as if all slurs are personal.I still dont get how anyone could have anything other than contempt for them.
Do you know what freaked me out even more...Ros putting up an impassioned plea in Madeleines words..saying keep looking for me and how she doesnt like her parents being blamed!!!
That is delusional..she would more likely say.WHY DID YOU DO IT AGAIN AND WHY DID YOU DUMP MY BODY!!

Cláudia said...

They can't deny it. Mrs Fenn heard it.

Joe said...

The PROS assume its the PJ who leaked the story, but in time we will no doubt find it was not. The abandonment issue is the least of the 2 issues, and they have promoted this IMO from the start, as it suits the purpose, and especially if it means putting them in the clear of involvement. In reality the leaked statement tells us very little.

Cláudia said...

Joe, it just tells us that they are neglectful parents which we all knew already but seems to come as a surprise to the pros who think it is a smear. I know English is not my first language, but in order to be a smear doesn't it have to be a lie? :-)

viv said...

Hello LGC my lovely

thanks for a great post.

I certainly agree IMO their two minutes, their tuppence worth of a conversation was, well we will just have to drug them, sorted.

Kate is the anaesthetist..sick, evil..

2345 said...


The damning truth in this case was found and pinpointed by Eddie & Keela - British contingent, British phone forensics, etc. etc.
The McCanns fled in panic ....

Innocent people would have cleared their names seven months ago via appropriate legal procedures.

McCanns are too frightened to face re-questioning on past and ALL new evidence or provide statements for Court examination along with PJ's dossier of evidence.

Podium performance in Brussels were harmful; orchestrated, wooden, shallow performances.
First time in criminal/political history politicans have allowed prime suspects in their child's disappearance to take the platform.

It's the political equivalent of putting The Ripper on stage to support a society for physically abused women !!!

Joe said...

Claudia, you are correct I am sure its part of the original statement so its not a smear, but the Mccanns have promoted (if that is the right word to use) the neglect issue from the start, to suit their purpose to explain the abduction possibility, the latest revelation just adds to the neglect with detail.

viv said...

It would be great if they had evidence they drugged the twins as well..Gerry kept getting their hair cut as he told us on his blog, what a sick perv

viv said...

Hi Joe

On their own admission the neglect is every bit as bad as poor Mrs Fenn it was. That poor woman who went to such a beautiful place to enjoy her twilight years, just how must she feel. The thought of what went on right under feet must haunt her day and night, and the terrible anguish of thinking, why didn't I do something, if only..

My heart really does go out to her.

Cláudia said...

Joe, I agree!

Stella said...


I would not be the least bit surprised if the PJ already have hair samples of the twins from when they were in Portugal. It would have been so easy to get, covertly of course, perhaps during one of thoses dinners with a certain detective, hair falls out naturally every day, no one would ever know how they came by it.....

Speak your mind said...

I stand corrected then and know nothing of any other people writing as if madeleine. But will say at least the example you gave was near what she would ask if she were alive.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

I posted up above in English to smear means to spread a false and malicious rumour about someone. Disclosing details of what they themselves have stated to be the facts can be no such thing!

irina said...

Hello again.
Just some thoughts on Amber alert, which Daily Mail chouse not to publish:

Amber alert is only a supporting system in finding missing children, who could have been moved across the borders..... Amber alert is defiantly not the main tool and many argue it is a fault tool, which could put the life of an abducted child in grave danger......
Amber alert is more times misused by the parents then brought results.....
Amber alert is not a media or parents tool...it a police tool and used in cases when abductor or his details are known for the fact....

Amber alert would not be used in McCanns case as there was no sign of abduction, no definite suspect.
The egg man description will generate the witch hunt......
In McCanns case it was advised by police NOT to publicize pictures....
Amber alert is the one tool that, if used, used very rarely and only on police order....

viv said...

Hi Stella

They would have also had masses of hair samples from the hire car and the FSS would have had to painstakingly sort through them and analyse. Live humans shed hundreds of hairs each day. A cadaver sheds chunks as the scalp disintegrates, they would have been able to tell one from the other.

Cláudia said...

Thanks, Viv. Just what I thought!

Speak your mind said...

Asasin I will debate with you..if you can do so..on whatever blog you wish...what is the blog address of yours and I will see you over there for a constructive debate.

Cláudia said...

Speak your mind, yes, please. Do us that favour so the poor sould doesn't have to talk to herself for months. Again! :-)

irina said...

P.S. Why Clarens videos disappeared from Sky? (Black screen)
Did he resign?

Cláudia said...

Any Portuguese posters reading, Moita Flores will be on Sic shortly!

2345 said...


Two things are guaranteed with all media reports under CM's management and strict control :

1. Misinformation.

2. Manipulating public opinion.

CM was selected for the sole purpose of defaming the police and undermining a damning dossier of evidence.

In the process, CM has appointed himself spokesperson for the Prosecutor, PJ & Leicester Police.

PJ's focus is to re-question the prime suspects and obtain statements for Court; this is clearly being prevented, as was
arrest last September.

CM's latest manipulative PR suggests a need to persuade the public Madeleine was alive on 3rd May ... Mrs Fenn's account and photo's of Kate's injuries (3 A's) make death at that time, late at night on 2nd May most likely.

viv said...


That is so kind of you, she is desperately wanting someone to go and chat with her on her Uni Blog. She even kept posting links, but I deleted them:-)

I think you will find her posts and comment a bit odd though

Shadow Harmony

2345 said...


I agree and true journalism has been frozen out since CM's arrival as media manager.

He's clearly determined to publicly overthrow the police and tread them into the ground - along with the facts and their evidence.

Stella said...


Would not be the least bit surprised if Rachel O'Brien's Solicitor has had the videos pulled due to CM claiming that she spent the whole night of May 2nd in Tanner & O'Briens bedroom. Why was she there?

Joe said...

This is where the the leaked statements are supposed to have come from printed in The Guardian.

The police transcripts were obtained by the journalist Nacho Abad from the Spanish television programme Ana Rosa Quintant. He has followed the Madeleine case from the beginning and frequently spoken to the McCanns and Mitchell.

It is believed he got the transcripts from a source in the Portuguese judicial system.

Abad said he believed the transcripts confirmed the McCanns' innocence. "There is so much speculation and lies that is important to find the truth. The truth is what they say. It explains what happened that night. I hope it's good for them"

LittleGreyCell said...


Thanks! I have steam coming out of my ears this morning! (Never mind PMSL, I'm more PMS).

Following on from something Joe mentioned, innocent people would co-operate with the police knowing that evidence would not - could not - be found against them. Therefore, it would be in their interest to clear themselves as soon as possible.

Innocent people would not delay and prolong and busy themselves with non-essential matters - especially if they were trying to find their abducted child.

Look at that father whose (grown up) daughter was murdered abroad (all the details have gone clean out of my head today), with him spending years and years bringing her killer to justice.

Look at Scarlett's mother in Goa, being threatened with physical harm and yet still taking on the police and judicial system to get justice for her daughter.

Did SHE put herself first? Did SHE leave the country as soon as the threats were made?

Did SHE care more for her public image?

(Sorry Viv, just put a blanket over my head and then I'll calm down).

ultraviolet said...

alsabella is goncalo amaral?

who says so?

marga said...

ultraviolet said...
alsabella is goncalo amaral?

who says so?

Friday, 11 April 2008 12:51:00 o'clock BST

My question too.??

So why did they need Murat as a translator?

viv said...

Hi Irina

I just checked and the videos are not missing on Sky here is one of Clarence Mithcell commenting on this but I will warn anyone who has not already listened to it, it will really upset you. He claims that Madeleine just casually mentioned it at breakfast and when Kate tried to question her about she "just walked off laughing". He also claims Rachel was in the room right next door all night, yes the wrong apartment and she was out with the rest of them!

Of course he also tries to suggest as someone in the room to waken Madeleine, it is positively vile and I hope I never bump into that odious and wicked liar.


Cláudia said...

Ultraviolet, says a crazy person! lolol

Speak your mind said...

assasin put your lnk on my address...i cant find you.heres mine..http://mccanns-ihavesomethingtosay.blogspot.com/

2345 said...

CM's purpose is to make fools of the public as well as police.

To this end he heavily deploys forum activitists to manipulate and misinform commentators.

Cloning is standard practice as is illegal activity, suffered by ROTB,one example of many here and in 3 A's.

McCanns have always had the option of proving their innocence via normal police procedures, without the need to employ illegal activitists, Metado 3, cloned forum monkeys, hackers, etc. etc.

Bears absolutely no resemblance to the parents behaviour in Sarah & Sohom girls cases. In these cases the parents were innocent of any involvement.

Ana said...

I’ve just watch Moita Flores(ex PJ) on TV(SIC Channel) and he has confirmed that JT and the others witnesses in their Testimonials now, don’t remember anymore what has happen in may...The answers were in the majority of the questions: don’t remember !!
He adds that Madeleine is dead and that some of them made interesting requests to the Police, for them to come to Portugal concerning the reconstruction, one of them asks for a private jet and another asks a 5 star hotel for them and for their children to stay…
I wonder who they are...

Speak your mind said...

viv so far I have not seen much ofd this assasin but willhave a debate with her as long as it sensible. hence taking her to her site than it occur on yours. Love your articles I have to say, without this blog would have had difficulty following the case.

marga said...

I've just read the DX article and wanted to comment on it but I can't find it again.

There on sentence there saying sth like " the leak could in fact be a good thing in order to .... nails"

Forgot what verb was there before nails. I found this statement weird.

viv said...

Hiya Marga

There are, as you may know, a few nutcases that post on this site.

Earlier on, one of them, quite possibly, Rosiepops, actually said in a post which was deleted, you know Alsabella is Goncalo Amaral.

This woman or man whatever has always been paranoid the PJ were blogging on the Daily Express and more recently on here, Alsabella herself a PJ. Utterly ridiculous, as though they have nothing better to do and we just went into fits of laughter really that she could suggest Alsabella is Goncalo but this maniac is for real, she is convinced of PJ infiltration in blogs. Mad I know but it takes all sorts. Most of us believe Rosie is a McCann family member and she gets very, very angry and vicious about other posters and of course the Portuguese to the point of being extremely racist on occasions.

ultraviolet said...

marga is having a competition. fill in the missing words.

"..place lit matches under clarence mitchell's finger"

viv said...


I am sorry but she is not welcome on here, she is just a repetitive boring nutcase who makes dozens of posts which will continue to just be deleted.

If you google Shadow Harmony her webpage comes up.


marga said...


they should offer them what they want and once here they should be taken to a 5 star prison..

LittleGreyCell said...


I think CM was also hired for his extensive political and media contacts and his willingness to be bought. How lucky could they get?

I agree; I think the most likely time for Madeleine to have met her end was the previous night when Mrs Fenn heard much disturbance.

It makes logistical and also motivational sense.

No Pro has ever answered the question as to how an intruder managed to be in the apartment leaving absolutely no trace of themselves. Abduction by alien space ship is the only way this could have happened.

Oh, and here's another thing - haven't tracked it down yet, but didn't somebody mention last night/this morning that Cuddle Cat was IN THE BED where they expected it to be, and WAS NOT on the high shelf after all?

Are they really sure they took Madeleine on holiday in the first place? Or now, on reflection 11 months later, was it really Mickey Mouse who went with them, and it just slipped their minds?

ultraviolet said...

viv, am i doing it wrong? i got to something that looks like a sex site!

Cláudia said...

I would suggest a great accomodation for all of them! ;-)

2345 said...


I applaud PJ for leaking damning forensic information in their line of duty to Madeleine, the victim in this sordid business.

PJ were set up to be used and abused on day one - they had sufficient evidence to arrest prime suspects seven months ago, but were prevented from doing so.

CM's tactics are predictable ...
lies, upon lies, upon lies and more lies. Deceit/manipulation know as 'spin' in politics - definition of which is "a figment of the imagination".

Dossiers of evidence are based on FACT, substantiated FACTS.

Ana said...


"...5 star prison"

Oh yes, definitely.LOL

marga said...


she used to have a fixation about Dr. Gonçalo Amaral LOL

His wife must then be a pilot !!!

Have to go now.


ultraviolet said...

then i have the correct site. it looks like a sleazy sex site. i do not think i will bother, thanks. i would not want my children to go there accidentally when they use my laptop.

Ana said...


How are you Hun?
So,Alsabella is Gonçalo AmaraL?LOLOL

viv said...


I checked out your blog and thought it was really good.

Hope you dont mind me copying some for others to have a look.

Viv x

*Speak had posted an article where Gerry says in his witness statement to police Cuddlecat was still on the bed, not on a high shelf as McCanns wrote in the News of the World about 6 weeks later "Kate why I knew Maddie had been abducted"

So cuddle cat wasn't on the ledge, which begs the question...How was Kate so sure Madeleine had been taken if it wasn't the position of cuddle cat.
As you can see by the happy smiling face of kate as she headed for Brussels, she doesn't give a hoot, not for her daughter or what we the public think. All you bloggers out there, scared to post what you think...Look the facts are coming out, they cant sue for libel now people know for sure they are LIARS and CHILD NEGLECTORS...Wonder if Leicester social services were aware that Madeleine was crying the night before her abduction?

Yet again we have Clarence leaping in to cry foul play, no explanation as to why the McCanns LIED about the shutters, no explanation of why they LIED about cuddle cat being on a ledge rather than the bed.

If this is not proof this pair are lying through their teeth I dont know what is.They are 100 times worse than Karen Mathews, they have used not only the media, but we the public.They have neglected their children and even after Madeleine scolded her for doing so, They did it again hours later.

Anyone who defends this pair must be mad, all the evidence points to anything but abduction.whoever leaked the document good for them.To know Mrs.Fenn was telling the truth all the long is heartbreaking, its heart breaking that knowing their daughter had been upset the previous night, they proceeded to do it again. They are unfit to be parents.The truth is coming guys, bet as kate was smiling on her way to Brussels she was confident her dirty secrets would remain secrets because they had gagged the press with the DX libel

Kate, who is too distressed to return to Portugal!

at 16:37 0 comments
Jane Tanner, selective memory or amnesia?

This week we heared the P.J kicked off the interrogations with Jane Tanner and Dr.Richard O'Brien. A small victory for the P.J who were allowed to do the cross examination of them. Lets take a look at the parts played by this pair.

Jane Tanner as those familiar with this case is the "friend" who claimed to have seen egghead with a blanket, this detailed information became even more detailed as time went on to Mediterranean man complete with outfit, this time though the blanket has become a child wrapped in a blanket wearing Madeleine's pyjamas. A floppy child no less.
So confident is Ms. Tanner that she gives an interview on panarama. She done a fair bit of smiling, alot of umming and ahhing, signalled no, as she was affirming things, and in general came over pretty badly.
She has since stated she did not hear all the commotion occurring until another member of the party informed her Madeleine was gone! Hmmm!!! She then claims she did not tell Kate and Gerry immediately what she saw because she did not wish to panic Kate!!! !!!!!!!Now, WHOA...rewind this a bit. She kept quiet about what she had seen, the abduction of her friends daughter!! So in effect if this were true, she would have effectively assisted the abductor in remaining at large and worse still in keeping Madeleine!....Funny friend!
To cap it all, now under interview re the abduction of her friends daughter, she answered "I don't remember now! Hmm, so her memory got better after her initial involvement to the extent of her claims on Panarama but has now gone back the other way and she cant remember

Now in Kate's shoes I would be evil, evil that she said nothing initially about what she had seen, evil that she couldn't remember even. But it would really p*** me off if she was now back to not remembering!! How could she not have it ingrained in her memory? Surely it would be because you would replay it over and over in the hope of recalling something new.And not to mention it being a 3 year old girl being abducted and your friends daughter to boot!
But I was heartened to read In the Joana Morais site that Ms.Tanner went in to the station cockily and bare faced but came out red faced and with the prospects of returning for another grilling.

Dr.O'Brien. he of the sick child. Its quite scary to think a doctor would leave his vomiting child to return to drinking.The fact that no request for clean sheets was made kind of says it all doesn't it? Its also strange that he is the partner of the only person in Praia da Luz to have seen the abductor. I am also sure that I read that Tanner and O'Brien live very near to Robert Murat's sister, and that Murat was at the said sisters in the time preceding the holiday.There are far too many coincidences here.I sincerely hope the prosecutor takes note of how crap the evidence given by this pair is.

at 12:26 0 comments
So Kate would not like to see someone else pretending to be Madeleine.

If it was not already apparent, any doubt that the McCanns are self centred and self gratifying is now blatantly obvious.
From day one of this terrible saga it has been all about Gerry and Kate McCann and secondary their missing daughter Madeleine. So lets look at exactly what the McCanns do and do not want to do.
They did not want to take their children to dinner with them on the night Madeleine was supposedly abducted, nor did they want to pay someone else to do so. They did not want to go looking in person for their daughter, they did not want to meet with the Spanish reporter who supposedly had information regarding Madeleine's whereabouts.( At that time nobody knew the reporter in question knew nothing). They did not want to answer some forty questions concerning the so called abduction of Madeleine aren't prepared to take the lie detector offered and rightly so you may say....Well why bloody offer??
And now we have the most cheekiest of all...
Kate does not want to see another child pretending to be Madeleine!!!
How dare she, first the excuse was Kate's fragile health..well sod her health, what about the health of her daughter who if they are to be believed is with Paedophiles? Does she not imagine her daughter is suffering some mental health problems....if as they claim she was abducted?

So, to be fair, lets now look at what the McCanns have and are prepared to do...
They are prepared to advertise their daughters eye defect against advice of the P.J because it would sign Madeleine's death warrant, they are prepared to accept money for a fund to look for her, whilst not actually looking at all. They are prepared to have the twins and themselves photographed, so that we the public can see what wonderful hands on parents they are...(pity they weren't so hands on on and before the 3rd May!!)Until it suits them they no longer wish to playact for the camera, then its " please do not photograph the twins!!!
They are prepared to write mindless bloggs, where in the early days until their aguido status, Madeleine was seldom mentioned!! They are prepared to play tennis whilst half of Praia da Luz was searching for their daughter.
They were prepared to go to the vatican, the white house and countless other high ranking places, but not to go to the places Madeleine was seen...or so the world thought!They weren't prepared to answer the simple question..."Did you know Robert Murat!"
They were prepared to give highly publicised statements to the press, but were not prepared to answer any questions not previously vetted by them hours in advance!
They were prepared to pay their mortgage from the fund....no problems there!!
They were prepared to leak quotes and lies via family members, but screamed blue murder when the P.J done likewise.They were prepared to waste money months later on metedo 3 who have never done this kind of work prior to this, whereas there are British companies who have.

All in all, in my view they have failed their daughter and continue to do so, the only comfort I get from this is the knowledge that apart from living with their deserved lot, they one day will have to answer to Madeleine's brother and sister just how they came to "lose" their sister, they have to live knowing the vast majority of people who have fallowed this tragic case, blame them, either directly or indirectly.
Hopefully it isnt over yet and the McCanns and their cronies will be charged,.

Stella said...

Having just watched the Spanish guy on Sky, his little speach was so heavily rehearsed, he said it all for me in his closing breath. " Gerry and Kate are innocent" he claims, well I wonder how much he recieved for that little performance. We have really moved on a lot from the paid keyboard monkey days to paid puppets, great let's enter him for Britain's got talent.

LittleGreyCell said...

A colleague of mine once worked with a famous Hollywood star (female, Viv, not HIM!).

The conditions of taking part in this BBC (therefore not that financially enticing) production included first class travel from the States (on BA, not on American Airlines), first class accommodation in a top class hotel for herself, her husband and children and assorted members of her staff (comprising a nanny, probably four nutritionists and several under-gardeners), a chauffeur-driven car - even though the hotel was directly opposite the studios - on and on it went. It used up a considerable amount of the WHOLE drama budget for the total year.

Doesn't Mariah Carey have some interesting riders?

Do you think some serious research needs to be done prior to the trip to Portugal so they don't forget anything?

How about hold and cold running tapas, free tennis lessons and a conscience?

viv said...

Here is the link for Assasin where she has a rave to herself about me, Claudia etc... judge for yourself!


viv said...

she has deleted most of her posts now!

viv said...

Stella - that suggests to me he got a little back-hander from the Retardos:-)

LGC I am sure Gerry would love some gratis tennis lessons, but would not want to waste his time hanging around trying to learn how to get a conscience, he has a talent for physical activity but not deep thinking x

Cláudia said...

Viv, she didn't delete the one where she called people she didn't know paedophiles on time, I guarantee you! :-)

Ana, hello, querida! :-)
I'm just fine, thnak you. Getting ready to get back to work. Hope you're ok too! Yes, didn't you know? Alsabella is Dr Gonçalo Amaral. You have no idea how I have already laughed today. Shared laughs, I might add! :-)

Speak your mind said...

viv I am flattered you read and reposted my blog. I have joined assasins group and am awaiting confirmation and a link from her.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

I really could not be bothered to spend more than about two minutes on her Uni Blog so could not really say other than there was some bizarre topics with virtually no posts x

Glad Alsabella laughed till her little Pj tummy hurt xxxxxx

viv said...

Hey no problem Speak, I could see you are going in the right direction!

Luv Viv x

viv said...


I think you just made her year, never mind her day!

Viv x

Cláudia said...

I'm sure she did if she saw it. But it was not with her that I shared my laughs! :-)
Viv, my little PJ tummy also hurts from laughing so much! :-)

viv said...

Hey Claudia did you just catch that one

I joined her blog as "Malcolm" but she deleted me..dream on lady!

I am laughing till my little PJ tummy hurts again now:-)))))

Speak your mind said...

viv she has yet to accept my sign up!! Maybe she doesnt like what I have to say and is ignoring my application!!
Without sounding to creepish, your blog was my inspiration in creating meni. Even if its not read or commented upon it gives me an outlet for how outraged I feel about the McCanns and what happened to Madeleine.

Doppelganger said...


Speak your mind said...

Assasin Im in...done a quickintro will doit better later...where do i find the Madeleine section please.

Doppelganger said...


I have lost count of the number of times you have accused me of being a sexual deviant and accused other regular posters on this site of being mentally ill.

Then the other day I read a post by you where you admitted that you had left one of your fatherless 6 kids, a five year old I think you said, to make repetitive abusive posts on this site.

What does that make you?

viv said...



We also own and control the Daily Mail and order them to print this article:

Portuguese police ask the McCanns to relive the night Madeleine disappeared
Last updated at 09:54am on 9th April 2008

Comments (41)

Portuguese police have asked the couple to return to Praia da Luz for a reconstruction of the night their daughter Madeleine disappeared.

Detectives want to replicate the events of May 3 when the four-year-old vanished from her parents' holiday apartment in the Algarve.

Friends of the McCanns, who were dining with them at a nearby tapas bar, have also been asked to return along with several other key witnesses.

Scroll down for more ...

Portuguese police have asked Kate and Gerry McCann to return to the Algarve to take part in a reconstruction of the night Madeleine disappeared

The McCanns, both doctors from Rothley in Leicestershire, are considering the request but sources close to the couple suggest 40-year-old Mrs McCann's "emotional state" may be too fragile.

Officers are planning the reconstruction for 15 or 16 May - a fortnight after the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

The couple are also in the process of setting up a dedicated information hotline that will be available across Europe for when police suspect a child has been abducted.

Kate and Gerry and their team are believed to have already reserved the hotline number - 116 000. It has yet to go live but today the couple are visiting Brussels as part of a campaign to bring in a dedicated alert system for abducted children.

The couple recently visited America to see the "Amber" alert system, which allows police officers to commandeer the airwaves and television channels in different states if they believe a child to have been abducted.

The system also allows news alerts, often including the registration number of a suspect's vehicle, to be flashed up on digital signs above the country's freeways.

Tomorrow they will make a power-point presentation to MEPs at the European Parliament in Brussels, providing them with details about how the system works and the case for introducing it in Europe.

They will then launch their declaration, calling for the introduction of such a system, to the world's media at a specially arranged press conference in the Belgium capital.

The couple believe such a system could have helped find Madeleine in the crucial hours after she went missing.

As reported last week, the McCanns are poised for their return to Portugal following correspondence between Paulo Rebelo, the senior detective leading the investigation and Rogerio Alves, the McCanns' lawyer in Lisbon.

Scroll down for more ...

Interrogation: (clockwise from top left) Fiona Payne, Jane Tanner, Russell O' Brien, Rachael Oldfield

The couple, who deny any involvement in their daughter's disappearance, left Praia da Luz in September after being named as official suspects in the case.

Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said today: “Kate and Gerry welcome the idea of a Crimewatch-style reconstruction which is broadcast on television and will generate more leads and more calls in the search for Madeleine.”

But sources close to the couple pointed out they had suggested just such a reconstruction last May and it was turned down by Portuguese police.

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 2007
There are fears the current request is an excuse to get the McCanns back to Portugal where police will attempt to put more pressure on the pair.

A source said: “There are concerns from some quarters if they go back as to what this reconstruction would achieve if it is not broadcast.

"Kate is concerned about her emotional state to do this. She is quite upset.

“They all want to get through this investigative phase and get themselves cleared and if this helps then fine. But it is always a worry when they don't know what the motives of the police are.”

A legal source close to the couple said today: “They have been advised to come back. They want to clear this up as fast as possible and get on with finding their daughter.”

The reconstruction would involve dozens of people — including the Tapas Seven — enacting the night's events.

They would then be compared with a timeline of evidence compiled from British police interviews with more than 50 people this month.

Signed Viv (Felicitas Veritas)
Personal Assistant to Paulo Rebelo
Official head of the get Kate and Gerry Campaign

Speak your mind said...

viv joana morais updated great news...forensics are in!!

viv said...

Hiya Speak could you paste it?

Felicitas x

Doppelganger said...


You haven't answered my question.

You sat your 5 year old child in front of a computer and left them posting abusive comments on an internet site which you believe is frequented by lunatics and perverts.

Answer my question


2345 said...


You are hilarious !!

By the look on Gerry's face in the airport bus, he's hardly a bundle of fun. Have you seen the video clip on 3 A's in which someone says tells Gerry "cheer up, you're on holiday". Appears to have had a humour bypass.

CM's been frantically busy since an article as damning as PJ's files hit the public arena. It originated in 3 A's - criminal profiler's thesis, computer reconstruction proving abduction to be an impossibility.

There's also an article Ironside posted, Kate's comments in live interview. In answer to a question about leaving her children alone, Kate said in her defence - "we KNOW what happened and it didn't happen because Madeleine was left alone".

Too right, confirmed by top of the league Eddie & Keela and a dossier of evidence.

I hope you're feeling better and that Viv's video of flying penguins has not put any bright ideas into Opus's head. We'd be beartbroken if he disappeared !!!

Speak your mind said...

Here is the relevant sequence viv.


Kate and Gerry McCann always said that they would cooperate with the Policia Judiciaria. But now that this cooperation was requested, they show reservations about participating in the reconstitution, fearing that it will incriminate them.

Final results

The PJ now holds all the results from the laboratory in Birmingham – where several residues that had been found in the holiday apartment and inside the car that had been rented by the couple, were analyzed. The results are still not absolutely conclusive.

Deadlines ending

The deadline that was given by the judge for the judicial secrecy ends on May 15. The Public Ministry can request the judge to grant an extension of another three months, and that time lapse can be further extended at the prosecutor’s request.

by Astro

assassin said...

they pressed refresh and entered letters lol. they were not left alone and werent reading the site.

What fatherless children? i shall ask again.

SYM, Found your intro, id done another same time as you lol.

eurekamano said...

Hi all, can anybody remind me please which night the parents dined at Chaplins. I thought it was on May 2?

Lovely timely leak of some truth in the "game". As you say, why be angry that their true behaviour is made public, because it's so bad obviously. SomehowmI forsee some sideways shuffles away from the Mcs by some MEPs mindful of their reputations!

Speak your mind said...

May I ask without causing a riot, whjy Assasins parenting skills are being discussed?

viv said...

Hiya Doppel

I wonder if she just wanted to excuse the fact she posted absolutely non-stop on my blog for 11 hours even though she was repeatedly deleted by either myself or Claudia. Perhaps just a little obsessive?

Speak your mind said...

cya over there assasin. look forward to hearing your views as to why Kate and gerry are innocent and maligned.

Doppelganger said...

Speak Your Mind

Because the other day as she has now admitted

Assassin got one of her six kids, the five year old, to sit at her computer for what must have been hours repetitively making abusive posts on this site, which as I have already explained she believes is frequented by perverts and nutcases.

And she has still not answered my question


Speak your mind said...

I have to say I am one for fair play...it does seem unfair Assasin is abused about her children but her replies are deleted!

LittleGreyCell said...

In an article in today's Mail:-


a 'friend' of the McCanns says:

"The minute that you talk about Madeleine crying is the minute that the vultures will move in and this is why this has been leaked.

It is a blatantly cynical attempt to smear them."

Vultures?? Being appalled at a bunch of people - in this case, doctors - leaving their very small children alone on repetitive occasions makes someone a 'vulture'?

And they don't know why public opinion is so against them???

Speak your mind said...

dopple I hear what you are saying and understand.It just seems unfair she has no right of reply.

viv said...

Hiya Speak

During the eleven hour stint where some of her usual sexualised filth just dripped from her tongue I asked her when she managed to eat. Her response was to say some of the posting was done by her 5 year old son, this was about midnight. I then asked her whether he had to get himself to bed, feed himself and cudddle himself goodnight. If she actually does have a child he has a deranged mother who cannot tear herself away from this blog for one single moment.

Doppelganger said...


Fatherless kids are children living with mothers who get pregnant on an almost production line basis so that they can live off the social security money and spend their entire lives sat on their fat ASS ASSes creating fantasy 'free spirit' personas on the internet.

Now you answer my question.

ultraviolet said...

speak your mind

assassin's exact words about me were that i abused children.

she does not know me, or my family. but that is the statement she made. i have asked several times to explain it. but she only repeats it over and over.

now actually, that is abusive and libelous. what would my children think, to read on the internet, that their mother abuses children? and they are old enough to use the internet, to read blogs, and to understand them.

i am glad that viv deletes such lies before anyone has a chance to read them.

LittleGreyCell said...


Thank you, I'm feeling great now. Just have to work out how to get my fun by not eating anything that tastes of anything!

Opus is well, too - in fact, he has been flying, since you mention it; he's currently in Portugal sunning himself in a lovely spot on the bottom left hand corner of the country; forget the name of the place, but it's very near Portimao...he should be sending a postcard soon...

viv said...

Hiya LGC I did mention how dare he call us vultures in my original post at the top pointing out we are normal people who sit and cry at the thought of a little girl and her even tinier siblings just being left to cry alone in a dark strange room and when she complains about it......that was the last day of her life. It is truly horrific.

Strange, probably just a coincidence, I am sure, but I often describe the Pro-child neglectors as a pack of vultures..

Doppelganger said...

Speak your mind.

'Assassin' used to post on the Daily Express comments pages and boasted about being banned 20 times for making abusive comments.

And some days she sits here for hours on end, despite having 6 children to look after making hundreds of abusive posts.

Overall I think we have been very fair and tolerant with her, but after repeatedly being accused of being a pervert, even my almost limitless patience is beginning to run out.


LittleGreyCell said...


Sorry - I did read your comments prior to posting this morning, but being PMS without the L is a bit of challenge today.

But thank goodness I've remembered to bring up my son with love and attention...whatever his name is...


viv said...


I would not bother to try and deny the sexualised filth you were writing ..I have copies of every single post that has ever been put on this blog and the eleven hour stint a few nights back was certainly not the first time, now was it?

My local police have some of your posts. You are a very sick person.

Doppelganger said...


As you will not answer my question I will answer it for you.

What you have admitted to doing the other day amounts to psychological abuse of the child in question.

Children's charities advise responsible parents to carefully monitor their children's online activities in order to protect them and yet you deliberately left a 5 year old boy posting on an adult discussion forum.


Speak your mind said...

I see. I am newish to all this, well New to Assasin. I have only been speaking of what I have seen.
I would sincerely hope she was lyin when she said this of her son at midnight. Perhaps she will clarify the situation.
I would still like to hear from her as to why she is so adamant the Mccanns are wrongly accused and loathed as they are.

Doppelganger said...


Sorry about disrupting the debate for a while, but this child neglecting parasite needs telling a few truths about herself.

When I read the posts the other day where she was joking about using her five year old son to make abusive posts on your blog, I was very angry to say the least.

I just need to get a few things 'off my chest' if you don't mind.


Zodiac said...


Todays thread, well said.


nancy said...

Stella - Welcome - I wondered where the other Hope had got to!!

In Spanish the name stella is 'estrella' meaning 'star' - so it's a lovely name.

I was wooram on the DE and they banned me, so I chose Nancy (after my mother)!

It's great that Viv got this site going because after the DX closed we were all left hanging in mid air!!

ultraviolet said...

assassin, you say you did not make those posts.

who made exactly the same posts on the other two blogs? again using your name?

if this is not you, i would make some serious inquiry.

Doppelganger said...


Oh well sorry,

All my kids could read very well by the time they were five, but then I spent hundreds of hours reading to them, perhaps I should have spent hundreds of hours posting moronic psychobable on the internet instead.

I suppose it was unfair of me to assume that they could read or understand the abuse you were using them to post, I don't suppose even your teenage kids can read that well either.

SwedishMum said...

Hi Viv and all!

I just saw the interview with CM on Sky (thanks for the link Isis!) and noticed that the elapsed time between each check now has increased from 15-20 minutes to 25-30 (if I don't need to check my hearing, that's definitely what he said). I wonder how often they actually did check on their children.

2345 said...

The Star Of Madeleine - Book

Truths From Portugal :
Paulo Pereira Cristovão speaks out for his former colleagues

The author of "Estrela de Madeleine" (Star of Madeleine) says about his book that it is "a book that will bother, but I'm free to write what my conscience dictates", he tells 24 Horas.

In the Star of Madeleine, Pereira Cristovão basis himself on conversations with work colleagues, the news, police intervention, and most particularly on the political pressure to which the investigation "was subjected".

"When you have the prime minister of one country talking about how he is going to talk about this with his counterpart about an ongoing crime investigation, there is influence"he states. And it is based on that influence and "British interference" that he places the two PJ investigators, Francisco Meirelles and João Gomes (ficticious names) on the field.

The book begins with the officers being informed of the disappearance of a child from a resort in Praia da Luz. "The information arrived late. There was already a British tv station, the embassy, the British police, and a PJ head that had knowledge of the disappearance and only after was the PJ investigating team informed".

"Time was wasted and then the Police bowed before a theory that was built from the outside in. And the only ones that are going to be thwarted will be the police" he accuses.

Paulo Pereira Cristovão confesses this he is approaching this book differently and in a pro-Portuguese manner. "I want to show we may be (a) poor (country) but resourceful. And that British interference only hindered my colleagues work", he says. For that reason he dedicates his book to his former colleagues from Portimão, Faro, and the DGCB. The Star of Madeleine ends with an enigmatic sentence.

Whoever figures it out will have the key as to what the author thinks happened to Madeleine. No one has been able to so far. As of next Tuesday, Pereira Cristovão invites you to try.

24 Horas, 14-03-2008

Posted by alsabella at 11:05:00 PM

PJ continue to be thwarted and grossly misrepresented by CM's media misinformation and manipulation.

SwedishMum said...

Nancy and Stella,

nice to see you both again (didn't you post here as Wooram, Nancy?)!

Doppelganger said...


As you appear to be leaving, wonder why?

I will ask you one last question.

If as you insist I am a mentally ill sexual deviant

Then what does leaving your 5 year old son making posts on a site I frequent make you?

I'll tell you what it makes you


SwedishMum said...

Hi Doppelganger,

let it go, not worth the effort.

2345 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Doppelganger said...

Swedish Mum,

Hi, nice to 'see' you again.

Actually it's not that much effort.

When I debate with people like you and all the other intelligent, caring individuals who post on this site I use 100% of my intellect.

Trading insults with child neglecting, social security scroungers like fat ASS in only uses about 5% of my brain power.


2345 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SwedishMum said...


since I'm kind of lost here as to Assassins identity on DE, could you enlighten me?
I don't remember any Assassin (what a horrible name btw) there.

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