4 Apr 2008


In an interesting report from The Times it would seem that Dr Rebelo and two others are only interested in overseeing the re-interviewing of the TAPAS 7 and will then return to Portugal. Meanwhile British Police will proceed to interview other witnesses who it would seem the McCanns suggest could prove their innocence presumably they number 23. Apparently, it is their right as Arguidos to demand this! All at the taxpayers expense..maybe they should foot the bill out of their "damages"..

It will be very interesting to hear who all these witnesses are that Kate and Gerry have demanded be interviewed and how many of them have been paid by newspapers to "tell their story" etc. I recall the two female tennis playing friends of Gerry's being splashed across the Daily Mail, did they do this for nothing. Clarence Mitchell also admitted Metodo 3 had paid witnesses. Official police witnesses do not get paid for their story, this would hardly serve the interests of justice and a search for the truth.

There is only one comment on The Times article but I would echo was Chris from London says, if these witnesses can prove their innocence why have they not been to the Police before now? He also speaks of all the lies that have been told and no one seems to have a voice for Madeleine. I believe the Police do have a voice for Madeleine and the truth will come out. I wonder how The Times knows TAPAS will not be made arguidos, surely that is a matter for the Portuguese Judge when Dr Rebelo and his team report back to him..

The article is misleading is seeking to suggest all witnesses being interviewed could prove the innocence of Kate and Gerry McCann. This is clearly not the intention of the Police in RE interviewing the TAPAS 7 three of whom have already been re-interviewed in July 2007 when they were recalled to Portugal. Fiona Payne, Rachel Oldfield and Dr O'Brien who claimed they saw Murat hanging around immediately after Madeleine's disappearance. The Police organised a "confrontation" between them and Murat and carefully studied this, no doubt to establish where the truth lay. They clearly remain dissatisfied with these witnesses but have now eliminated Murat as a suspect as The Times confirm at the foot of their article.

I think it is highly unlikely the McCanns will get to see the case against them on 14 April. As this report confirms secrecy of justice could be extended indefinitely, for as long as it takes really, until police can bring charges against them. In UK it is not unheard of for police to suspect murderers for 15 years and hold the case on police files, pending further evidence. I remember one husband who had dumped his wife in the lake, I cannot remember how many years later, somewhere between 15 and 30 they found that body and he got what he deserved.

Clarence can continue to suggest, as he does, that somehow their arguido status is preventing the search for Madeleine. Clearly it is not and the Find Maddie Fund is being heavily dissipated upon this propaganda. Whether they are charged or not in the immediate future, and I still think they will be, I do not believe for one moment the McCanns will ever lose their status as prime suspects. It is a matter of evidence, to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, but as the police always say in such cases "we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this matter". They know where the evidence has taken them.

Mr Mitchell said: "We would hope that the police will do the decent and proper thing and open up the files.
"I would go further than that, and say once they have completed the interviews with the the friends, they should go back to Portugal and assess the evidence and eliminate Kate and Gerry and allow everyone once again to concentrate on the search for Madeleine."

It is not the decent thing to open up the files to a couple who have already had far more of an unfair advantage than the average homicide suspects. No one is stopping them looking for Madeleine. Why should the police pursue a futile exercise, because Clarence Mitchell says so? I think they ahve better things to do and in any missing person case, the police could not commit the resources to searching so long after the event.

From The Times
April 3, 2008
British police ready to question 'Tapas Seven' over Madeleine disappearance
David Brown
British police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are to interview more than 30 people who could help to prove that her parents were not involved in her abduction.
The interviews will begin next Tuesday with the first of the seven British friends who were on holiday with the McCanns when Madeleine was reported missing in Portugal. A different couple will be interviewed each day in the presence of Portuguese detectives at the headquarters of Leicestershire Police.
The officers will concentrate on alleged inconsistencies in the timelines of events on May 3. None of the witnesses will be made arguidos (official suspects under Portuguese law) and detectives will not seize evidence or search homes.
Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, both doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, have offered to be reinterviewed but will not be questioned.
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British officers will then begin interviews with more than two dozen other people who were at the Ocean Club resort in Praia Da Luz on May 3 last year or who were later connected to the case.
The witnesses include other holidaymakers, nannies at the Ocean Club, people who claim to have seen Madeleine being abducted, the psychologist who comforted Kate McCann and the McCanns' official spokesmen, Clarence Mitchell and Justine McGuinness.
The list of people to be interviewed has been provided by Kate and Gerry McCann as part of their rights as arguidos to demand that police speak to people who could prove their innocence.
Paulo Rebelo, the chief investigator in the Polícia Judiciária investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, will fly to Britain with two other detectives on Monday. They will stay until Friday to watch the interviews with the so-called “Tapas Seven” who were at a restaurant on the Ocean Club with Mr and Mrs McCann when Madeleine went missing.
Jane Tanner, 36, claimed she saw a man carrying a girl from the McCanns' apartment at about 9.15pm - when another witness says he was outside the flat at the same time but did not see her or the mystery man. Her partner, Dr Russell O'Brien, 36, from Exeter, was away from the group for up to 45 minutes in the period that Madeleine was taken from her bed.
Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, a hospital consultant from London, and his wife Rachel, 36, a recruitment consultant, were also at the tapas restaurant.
David Payne, 41, a cardiovascular researcher from Leicester, was the last person outside the McCann family to see Madeleine. His wife, Fiona, 34, and her mother, Diane Webster, will also be interviewed.
The McCanns' Portuguese lawyers have requested the police case against them be made made public on the eight-month anniversary of the day they were made official suspects. However, detectives can request a three-month extension, as granted in the case of the other official suspect, Robert Murat, in January.
Because of the change in Portuguese law, the court could rule that the eight-month limit actually started in September last year. And the evidence could remain sealed indefinitely if police rule that the case is a major crime, such as international child trafficking.
Mr Murat, 34, has recently returned to Britain to see his five-year-old daughter, Sofia, for the first time since he was made an official suspect in Madeleine's disappearance. Mr Murat, who lives with his mother in a villa about 100 yards from the McCanns' holiday apartment, has strenuously denied any involvement.
Police last month returned computers and clothing they had seized during the search of his home in an indication that they no longer believed he was a suspect.

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if the mccanns have all these witnesses who can verify that they are innocent why have not gone to the police before now, to many lies have been told in the dissapearance of madeleine and i find that really sad that there is no one to speak up for her and find out the truth
chris, london,


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dylan said...

D**n it! I just read through 300 + posts, wrote notes and replied to everybody and lost my post!
Sorry. Have been revising and have got into the swing of things and have got precis down to a tee but I can't be bothered now to re-post all I said!

In a nutshell - docmac's penguin joke had me laughing until i cried. Kids think i have lost the plot. If only i could share it with them! Shame on doc!

Wanted to wish LGC well, say hi to Hope, Claudia, Zodiac, ICTOAN and to say i am so pleased Swedish Mum is back. Had some stuff to say re neglect that hope and zodiac talked about & to say to Isis that is lovely that she posted some Gaelic. Slan, Isis.

I will try not to mess up on posting next time.

Eldest is having a "soiree" with his freinds. I have kept out of his way all night and gone out with my friend. My front room is now occupied all night and I am relegated to the dining room on my laptop. Will be around for a bit.

Dyl x

PS Docmac - can you be more specific as to what I should keep eyes peeled for next week?

viv said...

One more thought, if the McCanns knew they were going to get away with it, would they be insisting on their "witnesses" being interviewed and the potential embarassment this may give them?

I really dont think so!

It is a bit like finding it necessary to give us all the excuses for the forensic evidence, they acknowledge it exists and they are very worried about it..getting tests done on the twins..it should tell us why Gerry was tugging at his hear when asked
and did you sedate the children..on another occasion stomping off set in a rage..he does need to control the questions!

Why would he fear the questions if they have nothing to hide!

and do you know Mr Murat...(!)

viv said...

Oh hello Dillie

I am so sorry you lost your notes and know how irritating it is, I do it all the time!

Doc is a hoot isnt he!

Lovely to hear from you again

Viv xxxxxxx

dylan said...

Hiya, yes he is isn't he? Can't believe he is in a position of respect - "blown a seal", loool - don't start me off again! I shall never be able to eat icecream again! I hope that is not his bedside manner!

I don't know where the McCanns get their gumption from. They were only so cock -sure when they had the boot re-examined beacuse they knew it had been swept clean of all incriminating evidence. What did they hope to show? That a clean boot is a clean boot?
I am pretty sure that no matter what has passed between the PJ to them, via our so-called independent government, that they are still are unaware of exactly what evidence the PJ have. They may be in possesion of the questions but that makes no difference. If they have all co-ordinated thier statements on the basis of this, I think they will be in for some nasty suprises. IMHO.

dylan said...

Well goodnight. yawning continuosly which is nothing to do with this blog and more to do with my age!
I shall brave going to bed with the dulcet tones of Wii directly below my boudoir!

Goodnight viv. Will "see" you tomorrow. I wish Nanday were here to fill my dreams with "who's a pretty, but tubby, girl, then?"

Nite xx

Ana said...

Hi Viv,

Just comeback and read your new post concerning the "The Times" article and I need to comment on it .

“British police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are to interview more than 30 people who could help to prove that her parents were not involved in her abduction”

- Abduction??? How the hell they know that? We only know that she has disappeared, we don’t if she was abducted , no ones know actually.

“None of the witnesses will be made arguidos (official suspects under Portuguese law) and detectives will not seize evidence or search homes”

- How can they possibly know with such anticipation that none of witnesses will be made arguidos ? Thought this was a ongoing investigation and I wonder, maybe they had had access to police files or maybe they had speak with our prosecutor or maybe they think that Portugal is a “Bananas Republic”

This is a Portuguese investigation; a crime has been made in Portugal, so how could they reach such conclusion?

“British officers will then begin interviews with more than two dozen other people who were at the Ocean Club resort in Praia Da Luz on May 3 last year or who were later connected to the case.”

- Well, I have just heard the news here on “SIC Notícas channel” and says that PJ will only interview the “Sangrias and Daiquiris Tapas friends” no one else, unless something comes up. Why are they telling us those lies???

“Because of the change in Portuguese law, the court could rule that the eight-month limit actually started in September last year. And the evidence could remain sealed indefinitely if police rule that the case is a major crime, such as international child trafficking.”

- True, I just liked to add, fraud and organised crime …What has happen here was too well organised indeed!

I use to believe “The Times” paper, but not anymore I’m afraid!!!
Spin, spin and more spin!!

Bye for now :)

Boa Noite.


leigh3 said...

Well done, Viv, for post The Times article, and the one comment made by someone named Chris which has been removed. Clearly, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' mouthpiece, was whinging down the telephone.

I suggest that anyone who thinks such manipulation is vile should go to www.timesonline.co.uk, scroll down to the bottom, hit the 'contact us', and send comments to the online editor re: your comment on the article, and your comment on censoring Chris' comment.

Just a thought.

leigh3 said...


That's where to send your emails if you want to comment on The Times story above listed by Viv, and the removal of the one and only comment made by someone named Chris.

There is no evidence of an abduction in the case of missing Madeleine. There are only claims made by her parents and their friends who will be re-interviewed by the British Police, assisting the Portuguese police, using evidence supplied by the world reknown FSS, and cadaver dogs who found the scent of death on the McCanns' possessions - the same dogs who found the scent of death in Jersey where political intrigue and adult perversion caused the secrecy over the alleged abuse and death of children.

Personally, I think it is fair for the public to question, without fear or favour.

The Times uses that phrase 'without fear or favour', and invites public debate. Perhaps they should apply that to the sad case of honest inquiry into the fate of missing Madeleine Beth McCann instead of assisting those who have the money and political/professional contacts to shut down reasonable, honest inquiry.

leigh3 said...

04.14GMT Chris' comment has been reinstated.

I hope others will comment at www.timesonline.co.uk

In the search box, type madeleine mccann. The relevant article will appear.

Good luck. A bit of advice: only comment on the article or child neglect.

Best wishes to all.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Good Morning Viv

If I may go back to the subject of the McCann’s doing their Command Performance in Brussels. I occurred to me that the British Government might welcome having the wonder couple out of their jurisdiction when a European Arrest Warrant is served especially in view of the timing

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...
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LittleGreyCell said...

Morning All,

I wrote a few weeks ago about a new book by Guardian investigative reporter, Nick Davies, about the spin and misinformation passed off as journalistic 'fact' (I went to a talk he gave about it). He deals specifically with the broadsheets, not the tabloids.

He says there is so little money devoted to actual journalism, and so little commitment to truth from the business corporations who own the papers these days (the papers are run much more as commercial concerns nowadays, which they weren't so much when they were owned by 'proprietors'), that they are happy to print most things which are given to them on a plate.

Clarence Mitchell's phone bill is obviously huge. He does the papers' work for them. Shocking state of affairs like many other things in this 'liberal democracy' these days.

BTW, have you seen this?


Newspaper journalists on strike

"Journalists at Express Newspapers are staging the first of three 24-hour strikes in protest against the company's 3% pay offer.

The newspaper group publishes the Daily and Sunday Express and the Daily and Sunday Star.

The NUJ said it was the first full day of strike action at a major national newspaper since 1990.

Express Newspapers told staff that it could not "insulate" them from the "effects of the wider economy".

Management's offer of 3% was "well below the 4.3% awarded to the company's printers as part of a three-year deal", the union said.

"This strike is about low pay and broken promises," NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said.

"These papers, now more than ever, need properly resourced journalism, yet all the company has to offer is cutbacks and miserly pay," Mr Dear said.

Management's response

Express Newspapers sent a note to all editorial staff in which it said it regretted that the NUJ found "such an extreme measure necessary".

"While we wish to give a pay rise, we are not in a position entirely to insulate our staff from the effects of the wider economy," the note said.

Editor Peter Hill, in an email to staff, said he believed most people did not want the strike.

"No-one can force you to go on strike and no-one can harm you if you decide to work," he said."

See how out of touch the Express is? It thinks it has 'journalists'...(they bring a new meaning to the term 'copy', don't they?)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Niki said...

Morning all! LGC hope you feel good today:)

Have no time to stay today, but regarding the Brussel-meeting, I saw this at 3A. Maybe an idea for some of you?:
GoodForYou Post subject: McCanns' EU Parliament Visit: I urge that we all take actionPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:41 pm

As reported on other threads, Edward McMillan-Scott, MEP, is to meet McCanns at the European Parliament where they will make the case for an Amber alert system for children who go missing.

Edward McMillan-Scott is a man who is paid for by every taxpayer in the EU. He is paid to represent us. What is he doing meeting two suspects in a possible child killing case?

This will be used by the McCanns to create media stories that help make the case that they are innocent. If they gave a fig about missing children they would say to reporters "we urge all parents never to make the same mistake that we made." They have never done this, because covering their own backsides is what motivates them.

I urge you to take action and INUNDATE Edward McMillan-Scott with emails objecting or asking difficult a question.

Here are his email addresses:

Please help fill up his inbox:

Constituency office:
Email: jeansearle8@btinternet.com

Parliamentary office:
Email: emcmillanscott@europarl.eu.int

Email source:

Once this was about a beautiful child lost by negligent parents. Now it is about the ugly face of the British establishment. The involvement of the government and the compliance of the UK media has nothing to do with allowing justice to take its course.


Hope you don't mind me copying GoodForYou!

Have a nice day everyone!

The link is here:

2345 said...

Prosecutor's & PJ's perspective :

Visit Britain early March for two month stay to re-question McCanns on past and new evidence, question CM, witness and Tapas group. this confirms Portuguese perspective that there is a case to answer.

Brown's perspective - to ensure McCanns are not found guilty. Block McCanns being requestioned on all unanswered questions from September or face questioning on news evidence examined by Prosecutor.

News of TV documentaries with McCanns scheduled for end of April confirm PJ & Leicester Police and dossiers of evidence are being successfully overruled.

McCanns are dictating to police regarding interviewing 'witnesses' contra to their intentions in March.

No surprises there then.

David Milliband, Foreign Office, flew to Portugal and halted arrests as Police deemed necessary on basis of damning FSS results.

In anticipation of PJ being forced to lift arguido status - timescale expirey 14 April - McCanns are booked to speak at European Convention.

Bang on target - dismiss two police forces and dossiers of evidence - then make millions.

Anyone who repeats information released by PJ & Leicester Police will be sued for libel.

The Prosecutor, PJ and Portuguese citizens who are paying for the fiasco have my utmost sympathy.
24 Horas, along with DE have published grossly misleading information through the case.

Eddie & Keela's handlers and Leicester Police will, undoubtedly, be extremely angered at the outcome so carefully planned and executed.

dolores said...

This is especially for you.


xx D

Gina said...

Good Morning all

This morning I have taken the time to read through loads of articles and comments to try and work out what I actually think about all this. I have to say I have not got very far because there are valid points from all sides. The only things that I think should/or should have happened are:

1. The McCanns should have attempted to clear their names sooner if they have nothing to hide for the sake of their friends, family and in order that they can continue with whatever they want to do regards searching for their daughter without constant criticism.

2. If they had done the above perhaps more people would value their attempts to get the amber alert system underway, but at the moment the focus is still on speculation of their motives rather than the project itself.

3. Apparently the McCanns are to speak at the EU conference on the above subject (not a shrewd move IMO with possible neglect charges hanging over their heads), but why just them. Why not also some other parents from other EU countries who are going through the same trauma.

4. Before the EU set up any amber alert systems they should look at the systems they have in place already. Forget the McCanns case for a mo, on any case it should not be necessary for the police, any police, to have to go through so much red tape in order to get further questioning done. In fact the EU should look at lots of things that need co-ordinating. Actually if I had my way I would do away with the EU altogether, but that is another story.

5. I do not think that anybody (including the McCanns) should be allowed to make money out of this story and any proceeds from books, films, documentaries, interviews, etc. etc. should go directly to a related charity for all children.

That's my lot for the day, for what it is worth TTFN

Jackie said...

Read your comments.
Do you think the McCanns themselves have made any money out of this? I thought any money that was made was put into the fund.
Dont you think theyve tried to clear their names already? I thought that is what they were criticised for before. People on the DE were saying they shouldnt be worrying about their names, but about their daughter.

Gina said...

Jackie, how can you say they have tried to clear their names.You don't clear your name by giving TV interviews etc. We all know the only way for them to do this is to say to the PJ put up or shut up. If as has been suggested the PJ have been held up asking questions because of all the red tape, this would not have been necessary if the McCanns and their friends, as they are always saying via Clarence are anxious to help. So why haven't they taken the initiative and volunteered to clarify all the statements long ago. You can argue with me and others on this point till you are blue in the face but it will not change my opinion. They could have done more and they didn't, why I do not know, but it is beginning to make me wonder.

Regards the funds - I said the money should go into a fund for ALL missing children, I do not agree with one just for Madeleine. Sweet as she is, she is not the only child that needs help and the McCanns are not the only heartbroken parents. Something a lot of you have seem to have forgotten IMO

Gina said...


PS I think one of the problems with the pros is that they have set the McCanns up on a pedestal that is so high they have lost sight of the fact that they are not perfect, nobody is. Apart from saying they agree they children should not have been left, everything else the McCanns say and do is soooooo right. If you learned to accept the McCanns have made some grave errors of judgement perhaps some of your other views would be listened to and respected

Niki said...

Jackie/Gina, from the findmadeleine about the fund:

12. But surely family members shouldn’t be directors because the Fund is set up to support the family?

It is true that family members, including those on the Board, can benefit from the Fund. However, the Fund has a conflict of interest policy to manage this situation. Those directors who are members of Madeleine’s family cannot vote in discussions relating to payments to family members. They also cannot sign cheques payable to themselves or other members of the family. The only exception to this was some small initial payments to family members made before the independent directors had signed the bank mandate

14. What is the money being spent on?

The Fund is supporting the McCann family during their search for Madeleine and in ensuring a high profile of Madeleine’s abduction is maintained. Money spent to date has been on :

- supporting the private investigation to find Madeleine;
- ongoing public awareness raising ;
- establishing and updating the website ;
- family expenses; and,
- professional fee, including concerning international law on child abduction and the costs of setting up the Fund

Gina said...

Niki, To be honest I couldnit care less what the Madeleine fund spends the money on. I personally do not feel, as I have said above, that now this case is so high profile, which means people want to write books etc etc. about it any of the proceeds should go into that fund. Actually I think the McCanns would benefit from saying that they want the money to go to a fund for ALL children. Maybe it would take away some of their self self self imagine.

However what will be will be, those would want to still put money into their fund have a right to do so, but before they do they should ask themselves do they care about the rest that are missing.

My dog has an earache, so I am not wasting anymore time on here discussing things I can do nothing about, I am going to take him to the vets to see if he can ease the poor chaps pain.

Wizard said...

Good Afternoon Viv, All,

The Times article is confusing. With regard to the McCann’s demanding the Leicestershire Police to interview witnesses who they say could clear them. If they have these witnesses up their sleeve why not save them until they are charged. When the case came to court they could pull them out of the hat and according to them this will be enough to get them off.

The Times says the Mc’s can do this because of their arguido status. I would have thought the pj have already interviewed and discarded these witnesses as not relevant. An arguido status is a Portuguese status and the Portuguese police have investigated so why are the British police becoming involved in a status that is not British on a crime that was committed abroad. I am presuming the British police haven’t been asked by the Portuguese police to help with these particular witnesses.

Perhaps of course this is all spin and the pj have asked for these interviews to be carried out to double check their facts and leave no stone unturned. After all the pj would not want to take this case to court if witnesses could discredit it. If the Leicestershire police do interview these people it will appear they did so because the McCanns demanded them to do so and thus inferring the British police have an underlining belief in the McCanns innocence.

Oh….I’ve talked myself into believing this is spin.

Jojam said...

Gina 11;14 post........well written reasoned post I agree with you particularly with points 3, 4, & 5 It needs the input of other parents who have the knowledge & experience of the same trauma.

Best not give my views on the EU....as you say another story!

All profits made by anyone from books, films etc regarding this case or any other missing child should automatically be given to charities to use for the benifit of all children in need!

Gina said...

Hi Jojam

Was just switching off and saw your post. I think you understanding at least where I am coming from. It is not about knocking the McCanns for everything they do (although it looks that way I know) it is about others being pushed aside. If the McCanns are innocent of harming their child and M was abducted their grief is not more or less than anyone elses.

Now off to sort the dog out

Jojam said...

Hi Gina, yes I agree unfortunately many posters on 'both sides of the fence' (I hate lables) appear to forget this & keep knocking the McCanns or the PJ.

There are many other missing chilren & families who are also suffering from the same trauma but we don't read about them.

I hope your dog is ok

Gina said...

Jojam at last someone singing of the same hymn sheet as me :-)

I rescued the dog from the pound, he was an absolute mess with a sad story. He has an ear problem which keeps recurring. His ears have been operated on and are a weird shape now but still the same problem again. The minute I get him outside the vets he will try to get back in the car because he knows what coming next. Keep putting it off as I hate to have to take him, but no good putting it off any longer otherwise the vet will be having a siesta. BYE

leigh3 said...

Hi Niki,and thank you.
I agree that people should write directly to the MEP Edward McMillan-Scott at emcmillanscott@europarl.eu.int or other addresses, as you suggest.

Here is one complaint already sent to him:-

Dear Mr McMillan-Scott,
I object to the parents of missing Madeleine McCann being invited to speak before the European Parliament. They are named suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, and the police investigation is ongoing due to the ‘contradictions’ and ‘inconsistencies’ in statements made by themselves, and some of their supporters.

Taxpayers are entitled to see Parliamentarians and the Police uphold our laws, without fear or favour – rather than give an unjustifiable platform to criminal suspects who admit leaving three infants alone in a foreign hotel room, night after night, whilst they were at a Tapas bar. They say the room was locked; then they say it was unlocked; they claim half hourly checks were made; eye witnesses question that. These last points are central to the issue at the heart of Madeleine’s disappearance – her parents repeatedly neglected their infants, by any common understanding of UK law, and custom.

The infants were left at ‘risk’ of ‘harm’ – they key words in the relevant UK legislation; if the hotel room door was unlocked, then this also proves neglect.

It is offensive that such unrepentant child neglectors are allowed to speak on legal matters in our European Parliament when they so clearly failed in the basic duty of every parent: safeguarding infants from ‘risk’ of ‘harm’.

No law can compensate when parents themselves put their children at ‘risk’ of ‘harm’, as the McCanns did. I urge you to withdraw the McCanns invitation to appear before a European conference, funded by taxpayers who support law abiding citizens, and defend voiceless children, particularly when they are let down by their own family.

Furthermore, the Amber Alert System would be overwhelmed if there was a large scale repetition of the McCanns behaviour in Portugal: many more children would go ‘missing’ because they lacked a reasonable level of parental supervision. The McCanns set a very bad example. There’s only one credible public message they can make to assist child welfare: ‘Please don’t do what we did.’

Wizard said...

Hi Niki and Leigh3,

Re: writing to the MEP regarding the McCanns rumoured visit to the EU – I was just going to e-mail him myself but stopped do we know now this is going to happen or is it still a rumour?

leigh3 said...

Hi Wizard,

As far as I know, it is an unconfirmed report. (3arguidos probably know more).However, I personally think it is a useful time to remind our European parliamentarians of their duty to us, and the priority we give to the ongoing investigation, no matter how much influential people may try to thwart it. After all, the PJ, UK, Interpol do need political support, in my opinion.

By the way, the quickest way to lodge a comment is to go to www.emcmillanscott.com and use the contact links there for him, and his fellow MEP.

Just a thought. Good luck, Wizard. Was just passing by. Must dash. See you next time.


Ana said...

Hi all,

It seems that someone of 3A site set this up :).
Great work "GoodForYou" , thank you !

Take a look on this!
Mr Xenophobic/Racist Edward McMilliband should do the same, I think!


Wizard said...

Just read you post Ana, the link you gave says it al really.

Ana said...

Hiya Wizard,
Thought the same, so i wanted you all to know about it …
That only shows the concerns that people who cares have :)

Zodiac said...

Since being made Arguido/a the McC's according to G's blog have been to Washington. Are going it seems to Brussels this month. Therefore what is stopping them from going to Portugal for the anniversary of their childs disappearance. Is Portugal the only place they will not go to, yet this is where their child vanished from.

Jackie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
J J said...

I know I'm going off piste, but can I say how nice it is to see Alsabella back.
I post very rarely, but I was always an avid reader of her site and I hope it will be back to normal soon.

Gina said...

Jackie go read my 11.46 post again, I said the pros agree the children should not be left, but that is all they agree with.

There would be no awful blogs would there if they had not made themselves so high profile and had volunteered to be more co-operative with the police. I have said it all before above and you are not reading it the way it has been said.

I think I should start a blog for on the fences as we cant say a word against the McCanns on the other blog can we as nobody can see any wrong in them at all. At least here we can say how we feel and have some kind of opposing view debate.

2345 said...


The McCanns put themselves on a pedestal on day one. In parallel cases, Sarah Payne & Sohom girls, their parents left it to the experts - the Police - the only body of professionals equipped for search and rescue.

These parents had nothing to do with their childrens disappearances or deaths. Police in this case were given the answer last July by Eddie & Keela and all damning forensics results.

Parents who admitted leaving 3 vulnerable children alone night after night in an alien environment remain in close government contact - David Milliband, Foreign Office, who stopped Police arrested them as they deemed necessary last September, has arranged for them to speak at European Conference - amber alert.

If this isn't putting McCanns on a pedestal then I don't know what is !!!!

As far as the Police are concerned, the ones that matter in this case, Madeleine died in her parents apartment on or around 3 May. Deleting articles will not alter the horrific truth in this case. Nor will putting them on a pedestal.

LittleGreyCell said...


Generally speaking, the media has treated the McCanns unlike any other people who are under suspicion for the disappearance of their own child.

Much of the media has spun a positive image of them in the reporting of events (just compare Sky News' pro-McCann headlines with the actual substance of the negative stories), and they are dead scared to publish anything negative about the pair due to unheard of threats of litigation brought about by those with the status of arguido (or similar).

There is much in this story which is unusual and unbelievable. Too much to make sense in a normal world.

The media have the right - indeed, a duty - to report on matters of public interest in a country which purports to have freedom of speech. If the McCanns are in any way culpable towards Madeleine's strange disappearance, the twins are at great risk.

I don't know anyone who feels sorry for parents who, in the course of looking for their missing young child, refuse to answer police questions, whilst hiring professional media players, and suing newspapers whilst still being under police suspicion themselves.

And since their energies are taken up with all this stuff about their own image, where is the time to search for Madeleine?

How is it their egos and reputation have come to be more important than hunting down their daughter?

If I had been wrongly arrested on suspicion of having done something ghastly to my own child, I wouldn't care a hoot about what anyone thought of me. My child would be missing and I wouldn't give a damn about anything else, because without my child, I have no life.

And don't tell me they need the police to believe them in order to hunt for their child - Kate and Gerry have never had any faith in the police from the word go, and they have enough money to hire private firms to search for Madeleine (rather than paying fraud investigators).

2345 said...

Alsabella is extremly eloquent and open. She would not, by choice, bar commenting on her Forum.

Type of tactic DE has always used, google access to Alsa's articles are rediverted to DE.

eurekamano said...

Hi all, This is getting desperate now. Any real witnesses would have long ago contacted and given statements to the leading investigators, the Portuguese police. One question will be "why didn't you come forward before". Clearly the British police will follow Portuguese protocol on behalf of the PJ just to tie up this technicality if it is their right. I fail to see how any witness can prove someone's innocence of a crime unless by giving an alibi.

2345 said...


Well said. It's not so much the McCanns have had no faith in Police as much as they feared them. PJ's suspicions on day one were confirmed by Eddie & Keela in July, fully supported by evidence Leicester Police released.

The Prosecutor has examined forensic results and all findings since that time; his focus along with PJ has clearly been Court proceedings.

On the basis of evidence in September alone Prosecutor backed Police intentions of arrest. David Milliband flew to Luz and stopped it. Latest report is he's booked McCanns as speakers at European Amber alert conference.

PJ & Leicester Police are being thwarted ... have been ever since Eddie & Keela solved the reason for Madeleine's 'mysterious' disappearance.

Shannon's stepfather is in custody for findings on his computer; PJ have been prevented from examining Gerry's.

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Gina,

You're absolutely right - it's the Pros unwavering public belief in the McCanns absolute goodness which alerted many people to something dodgy going on in the first place.

If my best friend was accused of having something to do with the disppearance of her child I would have to think maybe there was something in it, however unpalatable it would be to me to think such things.

I'm well aware of my own faults, and those of my family and friends; how is it that the McCanns have achieved god-like auras from certain people if it isn't due to a concerted campaign to portray them as icons to the public at large?

Why would they need to organize this is they were innocent victims of a horrendous crime?

Something smells very rotten, and it isn't Opus' herring.

2345 said...


Last reputable report of PJ's perspective was they were preparing for a minimum two month stay to requestion prime suspects, CM, Tapas group and various witnesses - arriving early March.

Clearly, not happening following PJ being prevented from arresting McCanns seven months ago.

As always, McCanns are dictating terms ... telling Police who they want interviewed !!!

McCann protectors have ensured neither they, CM or Police witnesses are to be grilled in line with standard police procedures.

Gina said...

LGC and fellow hiatus hernia person
What can I say, that I have not said over and over, no one is perfect so why make these people out to be an more special than any one else. We all know what they should have done, eg. not leave the kids in the first place, and gone and sorted the PJ out months ago, too late now-

Had a hernia for years, whilst in the UK they kept giving allsorts of stuff none of which did any good. Went to my Spanish doctor, he gave me some pills and I now can eat anything I like within reason.

LittleGreyCell said...


Your post highlights points which convince me that this government has someone or something deeply involved in all this nightmare.

I do so hope we learn what it is. Hopefully, it'll be something which will bring this appalling bunch of breast-beating, greedy, intrusive and rights-slashing egotists to a sticky end.

(And no, I'm not a Tory).

2345 said...


As always ... SPOT ON. Opus's herrings smell like roses compared to the stench emanating from this sordid business.

LittleGreyCell said...

Gina (We've got a HH Club!),

This is exactly where the oh-so-intelligent Team McCann went wrong; nobody is that perfect (except Superman and George Clooney), so if you try to portray people as such, it immediately gives rise to suspicion.

Are we really supposed to believe that there are some genuine people who think there is not even 1% chance of them being involved?

The Pros have persuaded us to believe just the opposote of what they set out to tell us!


I'm on Omeprazole. I'm told I can eat anything too. Haven't yet tested it out. Do you avoid certain things?

How's your dog?

Jojam said...

You wrote
'On the basis of evidence in September alone Prosecutor backed Police intentions of arrest. David Milliband flew to Luz and stopped it.'

Is this fact or rumour?

LittleGreyCell said...



Herrings do smell like roses to him...


Gina said...

LGC my tabs are omeprazol tarbis 20mg made Tarbis Farma Barcelona. Sound like the same to me. They didn't use to dish them out in the UK because my poor old mum has had a hernia for years and all they gave her was gavison. I took some of these over for her and she said they worked for her too. Must tell her she can get them in the UK. PS the doc told me not to eat tomatoes, but I still do

Dog fine, he had his ears washed out, a couple of injections, some repellent for Mossies and ticks. I am not so fine, I am now 168 euros lighter and my clothes and car are covered in dog hairs.

LittleGreyCell said...


Yes, sounds the same to me, too. I've been doing all sorts of reading on diet and I was a little worried that the Omeprazole stops all stomach acid production, so what's left to digest the food?

He told me with the sort of food we have in Europe, it's not a problem. However, if I was partial to a regular intake of camel, it would be different.

Luckily, there's a bit of a shortage of camel in this part of Surrey.

Glad your dog's fine. If not for the fact that he's hairy (but he's less hairy than he was before he got into your car!).

2345 said...


I totally agree and forums are a threat to the game plan. So called pro McCann posters are deployed and paid to bully us out of existence. Monitoring and manipulating public opinion is a major factor in the outcome planned for McCanns benefit.

As far as I'm concerned it's not pro or anti anything. I accept the information released by Police and support their perspective.

By the same token, I fully understand the level of corruption and media manipulation in force designed to sway public opinion against the Police. (google) - Kate McCann Bodily fluids - Police Forensic Reports - Madeleine's shows how crystal clear situation was last September.

PR since has been designed to muddy the water .... public commentators are trailed, insulted, threatened and bullied.
If I hadn't experienced it first hand, I wouldn't believe it possible - is this democracy ??? !!!

Gina said...

LCG I never worked out exactly why my hernia would play up somedays more than others as I eat pretty much the same things all the time. However I did notice that when I have visitors and we dine out more, I eat more so maybe it was that that causes the problem. I am not into fried, or junk foods, and a pizza used to kill me. I think if you eat normal healthy sensible food (as we are all supposed to), and do not overload you will be fine. There may be just one thing that you get a reaction to and you will have to try and work that one out for yourself with trial and error. Having said all that, none of this applies to me at the moment because I am on a diet and eating bugger all that I like and starving to boot. Stop talking about icecream, chocolate and bloody herring for a few more weeks pleaaaase!

Jackie said...


I disagree. Thanks to the leaks from the PJ there has been no real information at all. The leaks were published in Portugal (24 Horas I believe was the newspaper which printed most of these articles). Then the stories were sold on/copied by other tabloids and were exaggerated out of all proportion as they were going from one tabloid to another and were translated! Can you imagine how close to the original leaks (which should NEVER have happened) these stories were?

I would have a lot more sympathy for the PJ if they hadnt leaked so much tripe to the tabloids.

I do not believe that the McCanns are perfect - noone is perfect. I would say though that there are a great many people here (sometimes people who dont have families) who do in fact believe that they are perfect parents. That is even more ridiculous coming from people who are still living with their parents and who have no relationship. It is easy to be perfect theoretically - in practice, it is a little different.

LittleGreyCell said...


I quite like being an Anti-Hero!!

No, it's not democracy. But then, our democratic rights from a political point of view have been diminishing for years before the floodgates were pushed open by Blair and New Labour.

And it's quite another thing when you talk about the populace behaving in a manner becoming to a democracy; you're always going to get those who disregard the normative democratic mores for their own selfish ends.

The problem we have here, however, is the government in collusion with specific members of the public in order to obstruct justice.

I now have steam coming from my ears which my medication is not going to cure...


LittleGreyCell said...


I'm sure you know that the books (and doctors) say you should eat small amounts so that you don't encourage the stomach acid to go into overdrive. And organic stuff is great because of the lack of irritating chemicals.

I LOVE fried foods! (I am Jewish, after all). But it's the fat that does the damage :(

I also love chilli and curry. But the odd occasion won't be a problem, apparently.

Tinned and ripe tomatoes are the worst. I was told to add sugar to them when cooking, to counter the acidity.

I haven't tried wine yet.

Perhaps you have some food intolerances too, Gina? I have - wheat and dairy and possibly fruit. I say this because of the pizza thing - cheese and wheat...

Hope's maple syrup drink has been wonderful - it's hot water with grated ginger, a slice of lemon and some maple syrup. Stops you from feeling too hungry and it is very soothing. The lemon is not acidic, but soothes the digestion, along with the ginger.

Hope uses special maple syrup, but I just get the Canadian stuff from the supermarket and it's very satisfying.

2345 said...


PJ didn't leak the following - Leicester Police released it in the public's bests interest the day the Police intended arresting the McCanns:

"An early forensic report is alleged to have mentioned a certain blood spray... commensurate with a certain type of broken larynx .... some DNA samples found related to cerebral fluids indicates a broken neck or fractured skull." Also "sousa himself told of this very fine mist of spary that was found in the apartment".

I may have escaped your notice but the Police have legal obligations to the victim in such cases. The fact that the findings are not to the liking of those who caused them is highly irrelevant as far as PJ & Leicester Police are concerned.

I, frankly, applaud PJ for leaking critical information as a result of chronic frustration caused by political interference. It includes 100% match to Madeleine's hairs, quantity conducive to loss from corpse, plus 88% DNA match to bodily fluids. Further reports of blood match to Madeleine's in vehicle, plus towel fibres/blood from undisclosed location, linked to wheel well forensic results.

Since when has it been wrong for the Police to act in victim's best interests ? Since when has it been wrong for the Police to keep the public informed ? Since when have public supporters of law and order being subjected to threat and menace ? In addition to evidence of death Leicester Police alerted the public to fraud - £1.3 raised under false pretences. It was their duty to do so, they are paid to uphold the law.

Last, but not least, since when have 'innocent' parents employed fraud and corruption specialists to undermine damning findings and a criminal investigation.

Never ever before .....

Gina said...

LCG, what are we doing to Vivs site. A few days ago I turned it into Gardeners world, today it is our healty eating programme. Think we should give up on this now as I see Jackie is disagreeing with you and as she is more on topic than I am I think you may wish to debate with her.

Jackie - See this site is not so bad is it. As Viv said you can come on here and disagree as long as you are polite, which allows you to put your point of view. Shame the others are not the same

nancy said...

Hi everyone! -

I'm beginning to think that Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns have connection with the Almighty!!

Just how are they able to dictate exactly what the media may and may not print; decide whether or not they answer questions that are pertinent to the crime, when it is they who are the suspects in this case and continue acting as if they are completely innocent of anything other than sitting in the garden having a few tapas and a glass or two of wine, clearly able to see the apartment, when Madeleine disappeared! They and their puppet CM are acting as if they have the right to be judge and jury!

As we have all said many times, it's not what you know it's who you know, and they appear to know everyone who has the power to make decisions in their favour!

With all this hush hush stuff going on, there is little chance in my opinion that we will see justice done for Madeleine - she has become a pawn in the world of celebrity and financial gain that the McCanns began to create the moment Maddie went missing.

I would love to be more positive and say that I think whoever carried out this heinous crime will get their just results, but as time goes by and with the PJ's seemingly having their hands tied behind their backs, I'm sure it will be 9-0 to the McCanns and their tapas pals! I sincerely hope I'm proved wrong!

Jackie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LittleGreyCell said...


Leaks are one thing, facts another.

The leaks shouldn't have happened, but that doesn't mean to say there's not an element - or more - of truth in what's being leaked.

The news-gathering media is nearly in crisis these days, and they often print anything without verifying properly, agreed. Chinese Whispers magnified a million-fold can ensue.

But once again, this does not mean there is, in reality, no evidence against the McCanns.

Just look at the evidence we KNOW:- the PJ have been investigating this case for 11 months in the face of robust opposition from the people involved AND the British Government. Would they still be pursuing matters if they didn't have reason to believe there was a case to answer?

If the PJ were trying to fit someone up, why didn't they aim for Robert Murat, who has no friends in high places? MUCH easier for them to hang something on him than the McCanns.

As for perfect parents, well, my son is sixteen now and I spent a few years as a single parent when he was younger. It was very difficult at times. But it's extremely hard to be a parent in ANY circumstances if you do it properly. We all know the frustration and lack of personal space and particular types of hardship parenthood can bring.

But that's no excuse. Especially not for educated people, especially doctors. On holiday, with funds more than adequate to arrange child-care, should you want to sit in a restaurant.

You HAVE to put your kids first over your desire to spend a jolly child-free evening with your friends. However exasperating you find this. There can be no negotiation about this.

Nobody is a perfect parent. But not many parents manage to lose their child in highly mysterious circumstances, either. Especially ones with enough money to buy childcare.

LittleGreyCell said...


It's wonderful talking to someone who knows! And it's a great antidote to the serious topics we talk about on here most of the time.

(And I know nothing about gardening - although I can now recognize one from a distance of twenty metres in the summer months).

Gina said...

Jackie everybody has gotten eat up with the case for differing reasons and show it in different ways. The easy way for me is not to get embroiled in fights with those whose views I do not totally share and if there are a lot of people on line talking about things that are of no interest to me I do do something else and leave them, as is their right, to have their say. One thing I think is true EVERYBODY on all sites wants to see justice for Madeleine, although some of us now feel that is not going to be the case. eg. the abductor will never be found/the McCanns will never be charged even if guilty. Sad but true IMHO. Have a nice day too

atardi said...


Had all the time to read some old posts. Because I want to know who the really troublemakers are.I read that someone cloned your avater. So I went back to much older posts because I remembered you made a comment to me.

I'm so sorry I never replied to your post to me. Never read your last sentence. I thought you was Arepa or another troublemaker.


So my answer to your old post:

Nice to meet you here again.

Don't forget what has been said.

Everyone posting with 2 A's in his/her name is Alsabella.


When I read the above (2 A's) I felt so sorry for you. They thought I was you.

I wish my English was like yours.

Nice to see you here also.

atardi said...


Your article of the 2th of April was really good.

And thank you for answering my last question about crime and domestic accident.

Thank you for being so patient.

Jackie said...


I realise noone is a perfect parent, but there were a couple of people on here yesterday who assumed that they were and they dont even have children. Thats what I meant by it being easy to be theoretically perfect.

One thing I agree on is it was really stupid of the McCanns to do what they did in the way of childcare or lack of.

But once again, this does not mean there is, in reality, no evidence against the McCanns.
Just look at the evidence we KNOW:- the PJ have been investigating this case for 11 months in the face of robust opposition from the people involved AND the British Government. Would they still be pursuing matters if they didn't have reason to believe there was a case to answer?

Yes they would as they made such a big thing about the McCanns being guilty that they would really lose face if they backed down now.

Got to go, bye

Gina said...

LCG good post to Jackie. I have to say that sometimes I have smiled at some peoples comments regarding their parenting skills. All I can say is that they must have model kids because I could have strangled my son on a few occasions when he was small and I have loads of patients. Ofcourse there are the other type that you see daily in the supermarket. The small child takes something off the shelf, the parent gives them a wack and starts screaming not having the slightest clue what it got wacked for then the parent says, if you don't stop that crying I will give you something to cry for. Excellent parenting (not), IMO. However leaving young kids whether you are on holiday or not is totally irresponsible, but I think we have done that one to death

2345 said...


I remembering you saying on DE forum how good your English is, far better, in fact, than many English posters. You appear to have changed beyond recognition.

atardi said...

LGC and Gina,


I'm just answering some old posts.

Gina, hope your dog is doing well.

LGC, hope are doing well!
You had a great post today. Will comment on it right after answering old posts. You're representing my voice also. Thank you.

marga said...


how sweet from you:-)

I changed my avatar after being cloned and this one has more to do with the current issue and the fact that finally silence is goin to be broken. However, and according to the latest news it sounds like a circus and hope the PJ are brave and clever enough to handle with all the dirty tricks.
I trust in their capacities and sense of justice but it is like the fight between Davi and Goliah. Only hope people investigating this case also have the same protection as Davi had so that the truth comes out and justice is served.

2345 said...


PJ are working to Prosecutor's ruling. He authorized arrest on 7 September, halted by Foreign Office.

The Prosecutor would not have continued with a multi million euro intensively laboured investigation for the fun of it.

CM habitually misinforms the public and has regularly used the disreputable tabloid Horas 24 as well as DE for this purpose.

CM has taken the Prosecutor's name in vain for the purpose of making him a scapegoat. His focus on 7 September was Court ...

Gina said...

2345 - Can you enlighten me please. What is this about Alsabella, is someone cloning her or what

Atardi - The dog is just fine. Thank you for your concered

ALSABELLA, where are you, is your blog down for good or are you reopening it. If so when lol

marga said...


I "spoke" to you yesterday but you were perhaps thinking it was someone else.

Unlike many others I have always respected your viewpoints and appreciate everything you post.

Wizard said...

The Daily Mail spins today that the Ocean Club holiday resort is almost empty as it the rest of Praia da Luz. An Ocean club spokesman denies the ‘Madeleine effect’ on tourism. However, the Mail found a man from Sheffield who had been in the town 5 times in the last 18 months and says it’s the quietest he has ever seen it. He says it’s the “Maddy effect”.

So what is this article inferring -people have stayed away because they believe paedophiles are operating in the town and their children are at risk?

I leave it up to you to decide why the Mail tells us this information today

LittleGreyCell said...


Thank you! Nice to see you!


Thanks, too!

I've done some hard things in my life, Gina, but being a parent is by far the hardest thing of all.

But it's paid off; my son is very appreciative of my efforts to make sure he's grown up into something society can be proud of, and he's always been very loving to me, despite my having to enforce the discipline. Oh, and he's always managed to come home with me from our holidays...


Actually, around this part of Surrey there are many extremely affluent middle class people. Some of the women are attrocious; they turn a blind eye to whatever mayhem their children are causing in shops and in the street, and the kid gets away with whatever it wants to.

I've even seen a mother completely ignore her 3-year-old child stretched out on a shop floor having a full-blown tantrum, arms and legs going everywhere!

You probably heard that child over in Spain...

I know you're not meant to feed the tantrums, as it were, (a bit like Trolls), but there's ignoring and ignoring.

marga said...


I was reading you and LGC.
People who care about animals deserve all my respect. I too have another dog in the family that appeared here and were are really happy with him.


is maple syrup used in recepees? Or is it only for drinking?

Gina said...

Wizard my sister has two holiday villas in PDL which she rents out. She went to PDL last week for a short break because she said she doesn't know when she will be able to use her villas again herself because they are both fully booked - She has no reason to lie, who knows what the Mail are up too.

2345 said...


Unfortuntely, silence isn't going to be broken because McCanns are being protected from the Police.

PJ were preparing for a very lengthy stay arriving early March to primarily break the silence of prime suspects. Others on their list for question including CM, Tapas group and Police witnesses.

PJ were prevented from arresting as they intended on 7 September.
PJ are being prevented from requestioning prime suspects and Police witnesses.

Unprecedented ..... wholly unacceptable to PJ & Leicester Police. It's political .... Police are being prevented from working in the victim's interests.

marga said...


I personally regard this article as a way of pressure due to the PJ arrival and consequent political interference from the PT side.

But the PJ , at least the investigators are very aware of this and this time won't let anyone interfer. Even if heads could roll!

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Wizard,

I'd like the Mail to tell me how many people are on holiday anywhere in the world at the moment with the current economic circumstances...


Gina said...

Marga, I think sometimes I am happier with dogs than people, they really appreciate what you do for them

`When I was in America my daughter in law made great pancakes covered in maple syrup and cream, fantastic. Do you know I am on a diet I cannot speak of food anymore. The word is recipes my lovely. Wish I could speak another language as good as you though

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Marga,

You can use maple syrup in recipes, and Americans pour it over delicious pancakes for breakfast!

It's got more depth of flavour than honey, which can taste too sweet and light sometimes to my liking.

You can also get different types of maple syrup, some of them having more of a caramel taste.


marga said...


I know that. Don't forget I'm here...
and so I do respect your ideas..and believe you.


recipes (typo)

nancy said...

LGC and Gina -

My sister has the hh problem and gets lots of reflux - nasty subject - she was told to eat very little and often rather than three normal meals a day. Also to avoid all acids and spices - to be quite honest I don't think the problem can be cured, but it can be calmed down - she still has her couple of glasses of wine a day though which apparently can aggravate the problem, but she said what's the point of living if you can't live a little! My thoughts entirely!

I hope your dog's ear is better Gina, even though your purse is lighter. I believe that keeping animals these days is more expensive than keeping children!! I don't have a dog right now because our place is too small, but I always did when the children were small - lovely creatures. We have a cute honey coloured puppy labrador right next door!! It's nice sometimes to talk about something else rather than add to the blood pressure problem thinking about how unfair the world is sometimes!

2345 said...


99.9% of articles are arranged by CM for McCanns' benefit. My instincts say it's tripe.

I sincerely hope MW take legal steps to redress any damage caused to the site's reputation.

2345 said...


Deep yoga breathing, practiced regularly, slows the metabolism and acid production.

Gina said...


I really appreciate your concern about my hernia and my dogs but I have to tell you that just at this moment I can take no more of you all, you keep talking about FOOD.

Off to feed the dogs, look at a picture of a sunday roast and eat a salad, yuck!!!!

Jojam said...

You wrote
'On the basis of evidence in September alone Prosecutor backed Police intentions of arrest. David Milliband flew to Luz and stopped it.'

Is this fact or rumour?

Wizard said...

2345 I think your right. Imo most recent press articles carry a great deal of proMcCann spin. I can see CM’s hand in all this.

LittleGreyCell said...


Yes, just what I've been told!

I haven't had any wine since my 'turn', but the doc yesterday said I can drink the odd glass thanks to the wonderful medication I'm on. However, I'm enjoying the weight loss quite a bit (I've always had a reaction to the acid in wine, it has a bloating effect on me) so will save it for special occasions.

And at least we haven't got an ulcer...


LittleGreyCell said...


Thanks - I've got magic pills to get rid of the acid production! (Used to do yoga, should do it now, but probably too impatient - which shows I definitely need it!!)

marga said...


tx. i noticed the typo:-)

well i didn't check my spelling because now it takes too long to post because of all the letters you always have to type.:-(

You are right. Animals are our best friends, It's so good when you arrive home and they show you that by wagging (?) their tail... it makes you feel loved..


tx. Here in PT maple syrup wasn't well known until very recently it began to be commercialized among people who were on diet.I for one tried it with lemon and ginger but must say it was almost a sacrifice to drink it all day long..Brrr
but who knows if I do not find another one that could taste better. I'll look for it. You know we have here 28º and every woman only think of their extra weight when it comes to wear a bikini:-)

Sorry all the gentlemen here!


I know what you say about teh silence not going to be broken...

but they have to speak. That's already a step. Optimism is needed.

LittleGreyCell said...


I think there are various types and brands and it's just a question of finding one you like.

You might get used to the one you already have if you drink enough of it!

atardi said...


Just lost a post to you.

marga said...


and how can you resist to a delicious glass of wine? Tell me your secret!

nancy said...

Never in my life have I known the newspapers to be silenced by anyone; criticism and dishing the dirt has always been their line of business, especially with the tabloids! Even the government ministers, from the most lowly to the Prime Minister himself has come under fire and used as cannon fodder - quite often not without reason I would say! But here we have these same tabloids kowtowing to a couple who are suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, not forgetting CM, and skulking in a corner like naughty schoolboys!

The newspapers, I'm sure, all know what's going on here but it seems that not one of them has the courage of their convictions to print for fear of retribution! The McCanns calls the tune and the newspapers dance to it!

marga said...


the problem is that maple syrup is only sold in specific shops for vegetarians I think. Not quite sure. But I'll look for it.

It was a surprise for me to learn about it the way you told Gina. Tx.

Gina said...

Paulo Reis comments today

Lottery draw

When Portuguese detectives are ready to leave to UK and Clarence Mitchell admits that Gerry and Kate may choose to mark the first anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance in Praia da Luz, I found that Portugal Public Prosecutor’s Office doesn’t exist, like the Portuguese Criminal Court. And I made this amazing discovery just by accident, when I looked at the online edition of The Times, on April 3rd. Yes, April 3rd, not April 1st.

“None of the witnesses” to be questioned by British Police in the presence of Portuguese detectives “will be made arguidos (official suspects under Portuguese law)”, according to The Times. Says who? – I asked myself. Because I thought that this kind of decisions, in a case that is classified as a crime, occurred in Portugal (a sovereign country) and has a Portuguese police investigation pending, belongs to Portuguese legal authorities.

But there is another point. How is it possible to give this kind of assurances, before the questioning? How is it possible to guarantee that a suspect will not be charged, even before he is submitted to a police interrogation? How is it possible to know the lottery numbers before the draw?

Posted by Paulo Reis at 22:56:00

marga said...

exactly.But I haven't already given up hope about the DX.

Gina said...


Not sure what you mean by this, I hope I have not offended you, it was not my intention

It was a surprise for me to learn about it the way you told Gina. Tx.

LittleGreyCell said...


Well, I've always had a bad physical reaction to it and since my current illness is caused by an over-production of stomach acid, it's not been hard not to drink any!

I expect I'll have a glass or two when I go out to dinner and see what happens, but on a day to day basis I'd rather not suffer the adverse effects of bloating and 'false fat' due to what I imagine is my intolerance to the stuff.

(We'll see how long this lasts!)

Wizard said...

3A’s have an interesting article posted from the Birmingham post. You will note from the paragraph below it’s non-clarification copy. Perhaps it’s only the nationals he bothers with or his power over the press doesn’t reach to provincial papers.

“Last month Fourniret, 66, [the ogre of the Ardennes] was given the status of official suspect in the Parrish case, similar to that conferred on Kate and Gerry McCann by Portuguese police. It means he can now be formally questioned about Ms Parrish who was working as an English teacher in Auxerre during her gap year when she died.”

LittleGreyCell said...

Gina (food again, sorry!)

I think Marga's talking about Hope's maple syrup recipe I related to you...

marga said...

good that Paulo Reis is back.

Rest assured the Pj already know about the Times article.

Wizard said...

Gina, the Times article has been clarified. That’s the reason is makes extraordinary statements that it can’t possibly know are true!!

marga said...


it was about the maple syrup. it's not common here in PT.LOL

Did't mind your correction. Please feel free to do that. It's excellent to improve a language and in a blog you can also learn a lot from natives.

Gina said...

LCG I thought Marga may have misunderstood my humour that I fed up with you all talking about food. Have to go now, so if she did misunderstand, please put her right about how we say things to each other when we know each other well enough. lol adios.

Wizard do these papers think that people have no way of checking what they say is true or not. There is always someone more in the know that a journalist and if they are a mind to can should slam their claims

Gina said...

Marga, glad you did not take my other comment the wrong way. You can also learn at lot of bad language from the natives too - take care

atardi said...


Re your post on the 2th of april at 10.24.

I always tell everyone that I have the best job in the world. Working with the youth.

But you are right about last tuesday,truth hurts and cannot be ignored.Wednesday I had a hard day because of this incident.

Guess what, today she appeared in the cleanest clothes I've ever seen. She looked so lovely.I was very lucky because she was the last one to leave the class room. So I had some private time with her.

She told me that she was staying at her father during that day and that her father didn't care about clean clothes. Or using the washing machine!When she stays at her mother's home this will never happen.Today she was at her mother's home.

You won't believe it, but this was the last day I could speak her in private.

Next week the examens will start!

And I was reading old posts and saw your last sentence.................

That we were in your thoughts.I don't believe in miracles, but:

I always say to everyone. You can pray for others and if you can't do that you can you kan keep them in your mind.

Zodiac, thank you for doing that.

Wizard said...

I was just wondering do you think Fourniret before being charge, but having the status of official suspect – like the McCanns (see my 17:45 post) was asked by French ministers and charities to become involved in organisation dealing with the welfare of young girls and women?

You don’t have to answer - because I think I know your reply.

marga said...


do you know the journalist? I mean, if there are more articles by the same one related to this case?
I remember reading one or two about the Pj and Gonçalo Amaral that were really rubbish.

LittleGreyCell said...

Off now for a while.

See you later...


nancy said...

Paulo Reis - 'how is it possible a suspect of a crime won't be charged before he is even interrogated'?

Well Mr Reis, in the normal run of the mill case it wouldn't be possible, but we have to remember that the McCanns and their friends are untouchables - Gerry said 'we will fight this all the way' - what he really meant was they have influential friends who will move heaven and earth to protect the Tapas 9 - which begs the question -just who else is being protected from something they don't want the public to hear about? We can only guess!

guerra said...

Wizard, on a Portuguese talk show a resort owner, an English gentleman who speaks perfect Portuguese, was asked if the Madeleine case had affected tourism in the Algarve. He replied that tourism in the Algarve had gone up by 9 percent. The Daily Mail is not worthy to be put at the bottom of a canary cage; I question everything that’s written on it even the date. I am reading reports that members of the Tapas group have had access to the Rogatory letters for quite a while now and that the delays were to permit them coming up with adequate answers for the questions. This is going to be an uphill struggle for the PJ. I wish someone in Britain would have the courage to actually find out who this couple really is.

marga said...


I TOO always tell everyone that I have the best job in the world. Working with the youth.

Sorry, i didn't read that post about your pupil but by what you have said in your last post I know you are an excellent teacher.
The best teachers are the ones that not only teach their stuff but those who care about all their pupils individually and prepare them for life and values.
Some youngsters are let down by their own family and educators should have awareness and wisedom to help deal with their problems.

I too have some difficult cases and they need our attention. Sometimes a few minutes can be precious.

atardi said...


Nice avater. But we won't have our mouths shut. It's the troublemakers and the McCanns who want people to shut up. And we won't do it. I don't support child neglecters. Sorry.

I really hope that the silence will be broken.

The McCanns wants the media to stop but who is going to Brussels to promote what? Sorry my blogging friends on Viv's blog but I for one would be ashamed if parents (suspected in the disappearance of their child) would "promote" to neglect children.

marga said...

wisdom (typo)


what a coincidence. I was googling for a new avatar that has to do with your name and your comment.

I'll paste it in a minute.

Wizard said...

They work on the assumption that you can fool some of the people some of the time.

There is no named journalist it appeared in yesterdays Birmingham Post.


Tourism in the Algarve is up by 9% - I can well believe it. Remember the Mail only thinks it’s a newspaper.

marga said...

Wasn't it a Times article?

I'm going to see if Reis has got a link.

atardi said...


Your words could be mine also. But I can't put you like you do:

"I don't know anyone who feels sorry for parents who, in the course of looking for their missing young child, refuse to answer police questions, whilst hiring professional media players, and suing newspapers whilst still being under police suspicion themselves.

And since their energies are taken up with all this stuff about their own image, where is the time to search for Madeleine?

How is it their egos and reputation have come to be more important than hunting down their daughter?"

Thank you!

Hope you will be better soon.

marga said...

The journalist is David Brown.

Another good article for this man to be sued.

marga said...


have to leave now.
it was nice being here.

Cooking dinner(sorry Gina)

I'll read you all later.

nancy said...

Atardi -

If the McCanns were really agonised over the disappearance and possible abduction by paedophiles of Madeleine, they would not hesitate to answer any questions asked, however much it upset them, because at the end of the day it would be helping the police in their search for Madeleine, so in my opinion they are more concerned with their own necks than trying to find out where Madeleine is and what happened to her! Unbelievable!

I'm off for the night - see you all tomorrow!

hope4truth said...

Good Evening All

hope4truth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
atardi said...


Sometimes it takes just a few minutes like you said. I know that I cannot change everything. But next time this girl knows that her father don't care about her clothes and other things, so she (I hope) knows she must do it by her own. (He neglects his children).

What a sad thing to do. Cloning other's avater.

hope4truth said...

Try Again

Hello hope you are all well...
Just reading back may take some time...

Intresting article again Viv this case has been the strangest I have ever read about...

Do you think they will take Craig Meehan to the confrence to talk about spotting peadophiles???

More news on Shannon today her stepfathers Mother and Sister have been arested what a charming family...

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Marga, you got mail! :-)

atardi said...

Hi Hope4truth,

Hope you had a nice working day.

hope4truth said...

Hello Atardi

It was your long day today wansnt it but hey it's Friday can sleep all weekend (but wont LOL)...

Had a good day not to long and came home and put the dog in the bath as he was a little whiffy and the Doggie Hairdreser is fully booked for the next two weeks...

SO got very wet but took him for a long walk to dry (both of us off) and now he is all fluffy will have to take a picture for the pets page he looks younger now (I just look red)....


2345 said...


Shannon's family were inspired by McCanns; in their statement to the press Police said Uncle admitted they hoped obtained £1 m by criminal deception.

Craig's mother has been arrested for perverting the course of justice, his sister has also been arrested. Several detectives are continuing investigations, despite Shannon's safety. Shannon's Uncle told police the scam involved the whole family.

McCanns, prime suspects in their child's disappearance, have political protection ensuring they are not requestioned by the Police. PJ's questions from last September remain unanswered. PJ are prevented from questioning prime suspects on all new evidence reported and/or interviewing CM as they intended.

hope4truth said...

Hello 2345

I did not know that the Uncle had ratted them all out (mind you when in a corner with all the evidence against you it is amazing who start talking)....

I really hope her Mother was not involved poor Shannon has been through so much that would be the last thing she needs...

At least she is seen as the Victim and despite her feelings (although I am sure she is having a lovely time being spoiled as she should be after everything)they have kept her Mother away until yesterday..

Children first not much to ask and it may make our country a far nicer place (and by children first I dont mean spoile them and turn out selfish spoilt kids)...


Wizard said...

Some of the articles appearing in the press recently are extraordinary. I’ve just been reading the Joana Morais blog and copy below her thoughts on spin in case we forget.

a heavily biased portrayal in one's own favour of an event or situation. While traditional public relations may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, "spin" often, though not always, implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics. Politicians are often accused of spin by commentators and political opponents, when they produce a counter argument or position.

The techniques of "spin" include:

* Selectively presenting facts and quotes that support one's position (cherry picking)
* Non-denial denial
* Phrasing in a way that assumes unproven truths
* Euphemisms to disguise or promote one's agenda
* Ambiguity
* Skirting
* Rejecting the validity of hypotheticals
* Appealing to internal policies

Another spin technique involves careful choice of timing in the release of certain news so it can take advantage of prominent events in the news. A famous reference to this practice occurred when British Government press officer Jo Moore used the phrase It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury, (widely paraphrased or misquoted as "It's a good day to bury bad news"), in an email sent on September 11, 2001. The furore caused when this email was reported in the press eventually caused her to resign.

hope4truth said...

Hi Wizard

That was very intresting thanks for posting it...

I never understood why they needed CM if their daughter had been taken as they said and they had gone on a major search for her admited what they had done was iresponisble and answered questions they would not have looked so uncaring and guilty of far worse...

They may not have had so much money in the fund but what they have has not provided one positive lead so far and the reward money has not been claimed...


atardi said...

Hello Leigh3/Hope4truth,

About last Tuesday. I think it’s a problem we have had for many years, but it was the first time I saw a child with such dirty clothes.
After I told her she had to go home and change her clothes, and she said that she had no other clothes, I had to tell her that she should go home and remain there. Because she couldn’t go to school in that outfit. I thought I was being very selfish, because I have been working on this project for 4 months.


It’s not about sending money/clothes to this girl. It’s about her father neglecting her.
When she stays with her mother this will never happen.
(Read my last post to Zodiac)

When I started to work years ago, I could see the difference between the poor ones and the ones who had more money to spend.
Nowadays, it’s very difficult. We have stores that buy clothes at a very low price.
Our pupils don’t have uniforms. I wish they had. But it reminds people of the World II War.
So if your parents don’t have the money everyone will see that the clothes are from a very cheap store. It’s a sad world we are living in.

I was in some way depressed on wednesday about this girl. But yesterday and today I’m so proud that my girls and boys were able to “entertain” everyone in the nursing home. Event though they were spitting, shaking, talking nonsense. They just did it

I’m so proud of them.

atardi said...


Will look at the pet's page.

Maybe you will see my fishes over a few weeks.

Ana said...

Hello all,

Family Arrests In Missing Shannon Case

Police investigating the alleged abduction of Shannon Matthews have arrested her stepfather's mother and sister.

http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1311846,00.htmlmother and sister.

leigh3 said...

Dear Atardi,
I take you point entirely. Mercifully, the girl has adults of integrity who will be her guiding light, under very difficult circumstances for a child. xo

Other friends of children: imho, it is a pleasure to read honest inquiry on sites like this. Personally, I think it is worth taking a closer look at latest comments by 2345, and Wizard.

'Information is light...,' said Tom Stoppard, English playwright, a man who understands the thinking of Charles Dickens, an English journalist turned novelist.

Every child is one child. Every adult has a duty of care for every child, imho.

Atardi: we speak differant languages, but we share timeless, universal values, I think.
Much love to you and yours - whoever yours are, whether by genetic link or professional commitment.

Gotta go. Just popping by. Must incinerate dinner now!

leigh3 said...

Ana, Niki, Claudia, Marga, Alsabella,Athena, all Portuguese friends of children:

Thank you. See you soon, chicas!

Ana said...

Bye Leigh3.

Beijinhos :)

marga said...


Até logo!

Joana Morais ahs commented on Paulo's article. I found it so interesting that i'm pastingit here!

Joana Morais said...
You're absolutely right, Paulo. Why would the Portuguese Police request mutual legal assistance to the British authorities if no more arguidos/suspects are to be constituted? For all we know there could be even a request for extradition. Why did the McCanns choose this exact timing to go to Brussels? Is Clarence Mitchell, who is going to be questioned along with the 'Tapas Friends' and the former McCann's spokesperson, going to miss this visit to the European Parliament? Have the Portuguese MEP's forgotten MEP Roger Knapmann, Piers Merchant, which accused Portugal of being a corrupted State? And now MEP Edward McMillan-Scott is backing the McCanns who are formal suspects and broke the Law (Article 138º of the Portuguese Penal code) in a child alert system? The hypocrisy of this couple, the lack of morals of this wanna be celebrities/ambassadors of missing children, and the constant cover up in the Uk press makes me want to puke!

04 April 2008 01:32

atardi said...


I'm not sure about adults guiding her but I really hope like Zodiac said. If we all think of/pray for each other we will reach the goal we all want. A nice world where everyone (and I meann all the children) don't have to suffer because their parents think they are more important than the children.

Hope to read you tomorrow.

lizzy said...

I think you are correct in stating that the Mccanns are being protected by our Government,Miliband in arranging for them to participate at the Eueopean Parliament is clearly endorsing them. In my opinion, he would hardly have done this if there were any possibility of charged being brought against them in the near future, there is only one reason he could feel confident this would not happen and that is if the Government were involved and know exactly what the result of the Pj requestioning will mean. Lizzy

leigh3 said...

Dear Marga and Ana,

We agree 100%. Joana and Paulo are true friends of truth, and those who have no political influence: children.

Having incinerated dinner, I must now present it as burnt offerings :-)

See you soon, chicas. Thanks again for your well informed opinions. Not all opinions are equal; some are based on intelligence, and values, imho.


marga said...

Atardi, you said:

Our pupils don’t have uniforms. I wish they had. But it reminds people of the World II War.
So if your parents don’t have the money everyone will see that the clothes are from a very cheap store. It’s a sad world we are living in.


I for me would like pupils in uniforms. I keep saying that and many of mine also have nothing against it because they know how is it among classmates. I also think it could in some way help with school bullying.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


As an ex member of a uniformed service I have mixxes feelings about school uniforms. The biggest drawback is that most teachers would refuse to wear them.

I must admit however that the last school I attended 50 years ago which had a very rigid policy on pupils wearing uniform, the teachers all wore their graduation gowns.

Martine said...


According to this site, the trip is limited to meeting with British representatives and will have no influence on the declaration that is to come later, vis à vis european collaboration in the search for missing childrn.

Hoping this is an indication that the UK is restricted to a media sleight of hand.

Always read your site, appreciate it greatly.

mandarinn said...

Good evening all
what you said about political protection in mccann's case is almost obvious....I should like to know why this protection who can damage the relation with an old ally? Everybody knows that polititions never act against thenselves.
Do you have any answer to this?

atardi said...


Can you please tell me more about uniforms. In the case I've desribed I really wished we had uniforms also. But I can understand your mixed feelings about this also.

Here it is a very subtile subject because of the WW II.

viv said...

Evening all and welcome Martine!

I do not have a lot of time to spare but just wanted to say my understanding of the statment re meeting in Brussels is that McCanns would be attending a press conference and giving a statement, clearly something Mitchell has arranged for them to do. I cannnot remember the precise terms of the article that was posted but I got the impression it was less about participation and more about being there at the end to make a press statement...this is just typical of them and Mitchell.

Quite happy to stand corrected if I got that wrong. As you all know very busy at the moment but still trying to pop in and see how things are going!

Viv x

Also I just wanted to agree with earlier comments about their massive fund to find Madeleine. Again it is pure selfishness and greed, why should millions be poured to locate just one child when there are countless thousands missing from the UK alone, all children are important. If the McCanns had wanted to do something postive with the fund, how much good PR would this have brought them. Again I would also emphasise why are they not publicising how dangerous it is to leave tots unattended given what they insist happened to little Maddie as a result, not that I believe that of course, I believe the police, sadly little Maddie died.

Niki said...

Martine! Thank you for the info!

I'll copy some of the article here google-translated:European Parliament.

Les McCann will be invited to a conference on abducted children in the European Parliament, Thursday, April 8 as part of a conference on an abduction alert to the way the plan Ambert. This is a media coup, nothing more. Many parliamentarians, have protested against the presence in Parliament, rightly or wrongly, it does not matter, suspects in a criminal investigation. Finally, the planned meeting will be limited to a meeting with representatives of the British Parliament. Basically, an Anglo-British meeting. At the beginning of the meeting with the British Glenys Kinnock, Edward McMillan-Scott, Struan Stevenson and Diana Wallis. The displacement of the parents will have no influence on the statement about European collaboration in research of missing children

Penelope said...

Hi Viv,

Sorry I haven't been around but I started a new job earlier this week.

EXTREMELY INTERESTING was the fact that my new employer, an American technology company, had a bit of a disaster last week.

And what did they do? They assigned employees to get on the forums and try to influence public opinion and contain the flood of complaints. It actually worked.

However, one line of defence so laughable, that a director cut and pasted it and e-mailed it to a certain group.

So, Viv, the "monkeys" are laughing at those that they manage to sway and pretend to be friends with (though I am till convined that Rosiepops and Mandz are working in the same call centre)

viv said...

Hiya Penelope and thanks for that

I think Supertroll/Rosie/Mandz certainly do all work at the same call centre, from the same desk and the same computer LOL

The paranoid delusions or "dreams and visions" of Supertroll/Rosie seem just a bit too similar to me..

Viv x

ICantThinkOfAName said...


My experiences of school uniforms both as a pupil and a parent are in the past.
My personal view is that the spread amongst State Schools was an attempt by the powers to be to ape the British Public Schools (which are normally only open to pupils whosw parents can afford the very high fees).

At that time the state schools nominated which shop stocked the relevent uniform leading to problems for poorer parents as the shops could charge what they could get away with as they had no competition.

I believe that there is a bigger choice of supplier these days but children soon learn which of their peers have been supplied by by the cheaper shops and often react accordingly.

On a slightly different theme children have been bullied for having the wrong brand of trainers.

Uniforms can give a sense of belonging but I have seen them worn in a manner which appears untidy to me with shirts/blouses not tucked into trousers/skirts and the knots of ties 10cm below the collar.

May teachers alas do not show an example in their dress which as an ex-manager in my former service I find wrong. I could never get away with commenting adversely on the way one of my juniors was dressed if I was not dressed correctly.

I could go on much longer but do not wish to take over this blog.

What I've said is my own opinion and I know many take a vry different view.

viv said...

Hiya Penelope

What do you make of this posted by "Supertroll" this morning:

Totally agree with you, the vile blog has really become much sicker since all the scum from Alsabella's blog migrated there and mixed with the scum in vile's blog.

Every time I think that they cannot sink any lower, they always manage to surprise us.

Still, the sicker the blog becomes, the more notorious it will become, and hopefully something will be done about it by the authorities.

Penelope said...

Hi Viv,

It seems clear that they are trying to bring your blog into disrepute by being nasty and provocative.

They are gunning to get it taken down.

On the 3A's forum recently, one blogger said that he worked for a political organisation and was trained in these "forum influencing" technicaques. He said that there were three stages:

1. Pre-emptive: sow the seed of an idea (just like Supertroll did on the quoted blog, so when her mates hack in and freeze your blog no-one will be surprised and everyone will think the authorities brought it down not Team McCann)

2. Find like minded people, make friends with them by sharing their point of view (remember on De forum Rosie woud bleat on about her garden, grandchildren, irrelevant topics)

3. Target specific people on the other side of the arguement,pick them off one by one by being extremely nasty and aggressive.

These tacts were very clear on the DE forum, and also on Alsabella's blog, when the McNasties invaded it.

It seems that they are coming on here.

Viv, you are the last voice of British democracy - please do not let them win! And please make sure you've got v good security on whatever server is being used to host this site

leigh3 said...

Hello Martine,

Thank you for the information. Perhaps it might assist honesty and diplomatic relations if organisers of the conference were made more aware of how it is being utilised by British interests, the 'media sleight of hand' in defence of two child neglectors, and their friends, who broke Portuguese law, and whose presence at the conference undermines public faith in the honourable intentions of the Amber Alert.

Just a thought. Why should the 'sleight of hand' as you so rightly put it be allowed to serve narrow self interest, and overshadown the very serious European and global interest in an Amber Alert for all children.

This issue should not be used to assit the narrow interest of parents suspected in the disappearance of one English girl, although their political and professional contacts in the UK persist in manipulating Europe and the world in their defence.

Why? Why is the UK Government doing this. Who are they all trying to protect? What are they trying to protect?

It certainly isn't Madeleine Beth McCann or any child, in my opinion.

It is the adults who know what happened to her.

Thanks again, Martine. Perhaps we need an Amber Alert in politics: alert the honest parliamentarians and public when corruption steals ideals?

Hasta luego y boa noite Portugal.

Ana said...

Hiya all,

Here the rest of the article! It seems that the couple will speak, but only in the UK!!


"These meetings were arranged by the British Glenys Kinnock, Edward McMillan-Scott, Struan Stevenson and Diana Wallis. The displacement of the parents will have no influence on the statement about European collaboration in research of missing children. Declaration will be postponed at the parent’s country... That says it all!
Note that if we all support projects "Abduction Alert" at the European level, if we can regionalize warning, we feel that we need to interview the right people. Apart from the authorities and professional associations actually involved in cases of abduction, we believe it would be wise to interview the parents of abducted children.
He asked the mother of Yérémi Vargas? What does Magio Piera, the mother of Denise Pipitone? They would be the advice of Juan Jose Cortes, the father of Mari Luz? The Canadian experience of Martin Provencher, the father of Cédrika, would it not rich in education? We do not launch a polemic, but it must be recognized that the approach of parents who want ... Solitary and not attached ... Is a bit ... Say ... Misplaced!"

hope4truth said...

Thank god for school uniforms...

If my girls had to choose what to wear everyday they would never get to school...

I like them as it means when they go out they look diffrent...

As for being picked on for the wrong trainers they never have been Most of their trainers cost £10.00 or less (Asda do fantastic trainers for £4 or £5 for adults as well) and I tell them in simple terms if they want a pair of £50 to £100 trainers they can have them but they have to last until their feet grow or they can have a new pair of trainers when the old ones look tatty as soon as they wish...

We are lucky as we could aford to buy expensive trainers but I think they are such a waste of money in fact most of the girls clothes when they were growing up came from George at Asda really good value and washed and washed...

I guess if a child does not have the option of something better they may feel bad about it but there is no need parents need to give their children confidence and love better than a pair of trainers any day xxx

Cláudia said...

Hello, guys!
How are you tonight?

Penelope said...


By the way, did you see on the news tonight that the step - grandmother of Shannon Matthews has been arrested by Yorkshire Police for perverting the course of justice?

I do note that Eddie and Keela work for the Yorkshire Police.

Let's hope the Leicestershire police have as much courage.

Looking at the actions of the British police in Shannon's case - they are wasting no time and taking it all very seriously. I think its 4 arrests already - and no-one is dead.

All police forces share teh same ethos, and I know from my ex-CID pal that the police are very hot on protecting children.

Let's hope that when they finally get the opportunity, they put as much effort into helping the POrtuguese get justice for Maddie.

Ana said...

Hello Cláudia ,all fine with me thank you !
Any news ??...How is my manita or mamazita ?LOLOLOL

lux_et_veritas_floreant said...

Good evening!

Have no doubt: the arguidas status will be lifted,Portugal and PJ will be sued. Portuguese authorities did nothing to stop this and will not lift their little fingers. Portuguese will apologize and pay. Forget about any other outcome.
Writing books, posts, comments,etc. are useless.

Experto crede

Cláudia said...

Hello, Ana.
Manita ou mamazita? lolol I see you've been reading interesting things.. :-)
Anyway, all's well with family, friends and other people! :-) Thank you!
As for news, yeah. Some. Just waiting for the right time to break them! ;-)

Ana said...


You should read this:


atardi said...


Thank you for the explanation.

Uniforms won't resolve the bullying.

So with uniforms people can distinguish who's poor/rich also?

Does people really have D&G, CK and other well known uniforms? I didn't know that.

What world we are living in?

Joe said...

lux et veritas floraent, you should go into clairvoyance if you know so much, and while you are there tell us where Madeline is then please?

leigh3 said...

Great to see you make excellent points again about the reality of the world weird web.

You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, many people prefer fantasy, and cosy comfy notions to the 21st reality.

Reality: the McCann Machine of media manipulators were out in force since last year. There is no sweet little nanny Rosiepops. There is only an 'it'; a 'sleight of media' hand, as Martine rightly says.

Another reality: the public learn very quickly, and adjust accordingly. Woe betide anyone found lying about missing Madeleine Beth McCann. The backlash will be ferocious.

Liars need perfect memories. Humans lack perfect memories.

Justice for Maddie, and every child, however long it takes, wherever honest inquiry leads. I believe in that. I distrust sophists, and fake friends who doubt that justice will be done.

Remember Lord Haw Haw in Second World War; he was the voice sent to demoralise Brits by telling them they could never win.

Friends of truth: beware of appeasers; beware of liars, and sychophants.

BTW, Nancy: yup. Agree with you again.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Bearing in mind that a charge of manslaughter may feature in the McCann case, I was interested to see that such a charge has been brought against the boyfriend of the Ugg booted woman who was killed by a train. As a lay person it seems to me that such a charge extends the concept of manslaughter.

Have you any view on this?

Penelope said...

Lux et veritas,

If the truth is finally brought to light on this case, your friends the McCanns will be charged and convicted with

- child neglect
- possible manslaughter
- conceaing a body
- perverting the course of justice
- taking money under false pretences

If they are not charge, it will because, as the Queen herself once said "dark forces" are at work.

Now go back to Rosiepops forum where you belong. We like debate here, not "dead cert" predictions. As Paolo Reiss said "How can you know the lotto numbers before the draw?"

(My answer to Paolo in this case is "only when the game is rigged").

Ana said...

Oh,Cláudia and when is that? My curiosity is killing me? LOLOL

leigh3 said...


Get your facts right about libel law before you threaten others. There's a good girl. Sue Portugal and the PJ? You 'useful idiot', as Lenin might say. Best leave the serious issue of missing children to adults.

Cláudia said...

Well, Ana. I'm not sure. I'll think about it. I feel like breaking the news, but I'm a bit concerned about the health of all Pro Paulo Pereira Cristóvão fans! lolol

lux_et_veritas_floreant said...

Ana, and so what?
This case was lost even before PJ was called.

hope4truth said...

Hello Viv

I think Penelope is right...

I never knew a thing about blogs until the DX and it really opened my eyes...

Intimidation trying to get you on side then atack what an education...

I guess troll thinks that the more they post about how vile it is here and that we all write sick depraved stuff people will belive it? Pretty desprate measures that will be disproved the second anyone checks out this site.

We may say things that defy others beliefs but debate is a way to settle that and the more they try to intimidate bully and lie the more desprate they sound.

And why should this case make anyone desprate? A little girl is missing we would all like her to be found and a happy ending to be had if that does not happen then lets find out what happend no spin required if her parents are guilty then they need to pay for what they have done. If they are inocent then they have nothing to fear. But if everyone started telling the truth it could prove this one way or the other and surley a little girl deserves the truth what can be so bad they feel they have to lie if they did not hurt her???


Cláudia said...

Sue Portugal? lololol Tha is the best one I've heard lately. It beats watching Seinfeld! lol

hope4truth said...

Sue the PJ I wonder if Madeleine is ever found she will sue her parents for being so bloody useless????

Ana said...

Cláudia,Paulo Pereira Cristovão ? who his him ?I thought his name was Cristovoa!!LOLOL

hope4truth said...

Hello Claudia

How are you??? xxx

Penelope said...

Thanks Leigh3 for your kind words - and for all your extremely intelligent posts.

As for the Amber Alert - this is a classic PR "divertion" tactic. Clarence does not want the public ot associate the McCanns with the PJ's pending visit, so he creates a well-timed diversion.

A prime example of a media diversion, that fooled almost everyone, was the "liquid bomb" scare. THere was no actual crime committed, but suddenly Heathrow stopped, along with lots of other airports. All workplaces were bombarded with e-mails about the new flying regulations, no liquids unless in see-thro plastic bags, one bag only, etc etc.
It was summer and peak flying time and was in the news for weeks.

Meanwhile the Israelis bombed the Lebannon and no-one took any notice......

(FYI this is not a political statement, just a PR/media manipulations observation)

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Hope,

How's the diet going?

Cláudia said...

Sorry, Ana, of course: Paulo Pereira Cristovoa. And Alípio Ribiero. And Leona Cipriano. And Alberto Costas. :-)

leigh3 said...

'This case was lost even before the PJ were called,' you write.

In that case, why threaten to sue Portugal and the PJ?

Are you the Gestapo? The enforcer of thugs who will silence or jack boot oppress anyone who questions the 'official orders'?

Just curious. Clearly, libel law is not your forte. You must have some use to McCann mechanics. I just wonder what it is :-) Heil.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Hope.
I'm great, thanks. Had a great day.
Hope you're fine too! :-)

Ana said...


Lost case??This is a lost case, indeed, but only for poor Madeleine I’m afraid …

viv said...


Thanks for your very interesting thoughts on Rosiepops and the motivation behind the behaviour.

I certainly agree she attempted to present a gardening bird loving child loving persona very different to the reality!

The site is very well protected and I have a lot of help and advice from close friends and my local police who are monitoring the situation.

I am not so clear about the charges that will be made, much depends upon what they have evidence to prove. I think it is most unlikely they will be charged with child neglect, the limitation period has expired for this and the prosecution in UK will go for the most serious charges. It seems to me the neglect will be part of the evidence in the case rather than a separate charge. It may even be part of the offence of manslaughter itself. In UK we have a type of manslaughter that can be committed by gross negligence i.e. leaving tiny tots alone..

I dont know about the ugg booted woman ICTOAN but manslaughter has many different forms, it is a very complex area of law, i.e. unlawful act manslaughter...which just about covers anything. Say a burglar roughly shoved the little old lady down in the chair, she got a heart attack and dies - the unlawful acts were the burglary and the assault both of which led to her death for which he would be liable for her manslaughter. It is perfectly possible to commit a more serious crime whilst in the midst of a less serious one. Unlike murder, for manslaughter there does not have to be an intention to kill or cause serious harm.

Gina said...

HI Claudia, just been reading back before bed. You should spill the beans now my friend and have some consideration for us who are one hour ahead and need to sleep, not worry about the pros

atardi said...



do you think Lux knows the meaning of Gestapo?

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hope @22.28

2 Quotations

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
” Joseph Goebbels.

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”
Vladimir Lenin.

lux_et_veritas_floreant said...

Leigh calm down!

Who do you think I am? A super troll and rosie pop fan?
Read again my first post and read it properly before using these words of yours.

LittleGreyCell said...


Absolutely right. The same thing also happened the week of the biggest anti-war march ever, when all of a sudden tanks appeared at LHR (and it wasn't because the army were going on holiday).

Blatant, immoral manipulation of the public and the media; diverting attention away from the anti-war protest, keeping the public on a required level of fear, and getting the media to give you free publicity into the bargain.

This IS a political statement, by-the-way!


leigh3 said...

Yes, Penelope. I agree. There is a 'dirty war' going on in the 21st Century. Anyone can buy a gun. Anyone can hire a cheap P.R. stunt. Mercenaries abound.

However, 'information is light' (I thought you'd like that quote).

The world weird web might yet turn into a place where honest people exchange information, without fear or favour, and shed light on the dark corners where 20th century power brokers conspire to serve their own interests, and abuse democracy.

Egalite. Fraternit. Liberte. 'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,' said Thomas Jefferson.

Who knows? Maybe the internet will give democracy its first real chance to thrive, and serve the people, not the power brokers.

We'll see. Ab fab, your posts. Thank you.

hope4truth said...


Good to read you.. How are you feeling today???

Are you still eating chocolate ice creme???

Diet going really well day 5 so I may stop tomorrow (but only because we are going out with my Father in Law and last time I was on it I sat through a meal and nearly mugged a waitress for a bowl of chips)....

I feel so well on this de tox but I think 5 days is long enough I can do it again soon...

Are you working while you are ill??? I remeber the show from when I was a child "Only When I Laugh" was set in a hospital and I used to love it maybe you could write something amusing about your H Hernia (not even going to attempt to spell the first bit)It could star Opus bringing you ice creme when you ring your bell???


Cláudia said...

Hello, Município.

Gina, I don't really worry about them, neighbour. And I will spill the beans. But I don't think it will be tonight. But all the Paulo Pereira Cristóvão fans out there, wait and see! :-)

lux_et_veritas_floreant said...

Claudia, you know very well what I mean. Alipio Ribeiro started it without giving a fig about PJ inspectors. Expect anything and everything.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv/Leigh
I have read a briliant article on the 3 Arguidos
by Hawkeyes, have asked him to post it on here for everyone to read. He has said he will post it .
Hope that is okay, he is a well respected poster and its a really good post in my opinion.... Lizzy

hope4truth said...


Propaganda is alive and kicking in 2008...

Thanks for the quotes very apt to this...

If this case is spun to it's fullest and the neglect is brushed aside then god help every child who needs an adult to speak up for them xxx

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