20 Mar 2008


"McCanns lawyers believe it will be almost impossible to press charges without finding the corpse" ...Gerry declares " well find the body and prove we killed her".. Arrogance..revolting arrogance. I am seriously beginning to think the McCanns genuinely believe they are going to get away with this and all this battle for public opinion is so that they can then live happily ever after...with all the loot. I really do hope they are wrong..

It made me smile.. Kate invited Social Services around - they have a statutory duty to carry out an investigation in such cases under the Children Act 1989 and they would have been coming straight round whether she invited them to or not! John McCann backs this up followed by "that was at her behest" umm what a family! Truth does not seem to come naturally does it..lies and spin just drip from the tongue..Did they really need Clarence Mitchell? I mean he is every bit as convincing as John and Philomena, isn't he?

Sinister Philomena tells how she invited Kate to keep the diary that police now wish to use as evidence against her and, revealed how Kate washed cuddle cat.. twice - now why did she feel the need to mention that. Bizarre, also she falsely claimed on Sky News Kate was offered a deal to confess. If this is not agenda setting on her brother's behalf..

Would people agree this paper, here, are accusing the McCanns just as clearly as the Daily Express did. Have the McCanns been influenced as LGC suggested by Clarence demonstrating emnity towards his former employers. He seems to leave jobs rather suddenly..I am sure the McCanns would have been influenced by the no win no fee deal Carter Ruck offer to clients. Such an agreement on costs usually means they take anything up to half your damages for their "fee". It means the McCanns did not need to lay out a penny to take the case on against the DE., though, which must have saved the find maddie fund a fair bit there and been realy handy for them. I have read Daily Express paid their costs as well though. Libel damages normally have a ceiling figure now in the UK of about £200,000 but apparently it was terrible for the McCanns to suffer a whole 10 months of this from the DE, so they needed £275,000 each to properly compensate them for their awful distress. I wonder why it took so long to complain, could it be that if they did not complain by May their time would have run out out to do so. Oh and of course the longer the libel lasts the more dosh you get but you are not supposedly to cynically wait to get more dosh you are supposed to complain immediately to stop your er....reputation from being damaged. You know I almost wonder if the McCanns done a deal with the DE or vice versa. I always did wonder about Psychopops only ever getting a week's ban when it called me HIV etc. How come it could just keep being so incredibly abusive, again, in the early hours of this morning and never get a permanent ban.. strange, oh well maybe now the DE will think, hang on this forum is full of abusive rubbish..again funny they never noticed that before. Strange..

The headline Tycoons refuse to pay their defence was interesting - no wonder they are so desperately casting around for money to add to their "fighting fund".

Madeleine's mother to be quizzed again by Portuguese policeLast updated at 17:39pm on 13th September 2007
Comments (144)
•Kate McCann agrees to checks on twins' welfare •Portuguese police want to quiz her for third time •Tycoons refuse to fund McCanns' legal defence •Fingerprinting pioneer to help McCanns with DNA test
The mother of Madeleine McCann is to be interviewed again by police investigating her daughter's disappearance.
Portuguese detectives could travel to Britain to quiz Mrs McCann. She was interviewed twice last week and formally declared a suspect after police told her they believed she had killed.
Kate will face 40 key questions about the night her daughter disappeared from their Algarve holiday apartment on May 3, her relationship with the four-year-old and her movements since Madeleine went missing, respected Portuguese daily Publico claimed.

Kate McCann arrives home in her car today
The development came as Kate McCann has invited social services to check on the welfare of missing Madeleine's twin brother and sister.
She is expected to be visited shortly after telling social workers she wanted them to see that two-year-olds Sean and Amelie are not at risk.

A police officer escorts Mrs McCann as she drives home
Tycoons who bankrolled Madeleine fund refuse to fund McCanns' legal defence
Inventor of DNA fingerprinting says he'll help the McCanns clear their name
Kate McCann's Madeleine diaries could fetch £1 million from publishers
Madeleine: Portugese police ignored Scotland Yard's offer of help
Dingo baby mum says she'll support McCanns
Kate McCann: 'I thought a paedophile had taken my Madeleine'
A distressed Mrs McCann, 39, today briefly left the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire, to collect the twins after a family friend took them for a walk.
Relatives have gathered in the village to support her and husband, Gerry.
Mr McCann's older brother John, 48, who was with the couple at their home today, confirmed the plans. He said: "Kate has invited social services to make sure everything was OK, that was at her behest."
Leicestershire County Council said they could not comment on individual cases.
A Portuguese judge has signed a warrant instructing British police to seize items of evidence from the home of Kate and Gerry McCann.
The police, who could visit the McCanns as early as today, are expected to take Mrs McCann's private diaries, her husband's laptop computer and Madeleine's 'cuddle cat' toy.
Two friends of the McCanns, who were with the couple on the night Madeleine disappeared, are also expected to be questioned again.
A distressed Mrs McCann, 39, today briefly left the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire, to collect the twins after a family friend took them for a walk.
Relatives have gathered in the village to support her and husband, Gerry.
Mr McCann's older brother John, 48, who was with the couple at their home today, confirmed the plans. He said: "Kate has invited social services to make sure everything was OK, that was at her behest."
Leicestershire County Council said they could not comment on individual cases.
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Mrs McCann was rarely seen without Madeleine's favourite toy, Cuddle Cat, after her daughter disappeared
The prosecutors yesterday submitted an "emergency" request to a judge to authorise commandeering the ring-bound journals and the Apple Mac which Mr McCann uses to send emails and update his internet blog.
Police believe something Mrs McCann has written in her diary could unlock the mystery to the four-year-old's disappearance.
Mrs McCann started the diary at her sister-in-law's suggestion to record how the family had battled to look for Madeleine - with the idea that she would show it to her daughter once she was found.
Philomena McCann explained: "I asked Kate to keep this journal because at first the Portugese police were doing very little."
She also revealed that Madeleine's mum washed the little girl's Cuddle Cat within days of her disappearance - and again two months ago.
Police are believed to want to confiscate Madeleine's toys, including the favourite Cuddle Cat, which her mother has cradled since her disappearance.
She said the first wash was to clean off the sun cream and sand of the holiday.
Then it was soiled by Mrs McCann carrying it around all the time.
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Kate and Gerry McCann with their twins Amelie and Sean at the park yesterday

Kate McCann and daugher Amelie on their way from their Leicestershire home to a playground
"It would be extremely distressing for Kate because she has seen it as a symbol of her daughter since she went missing," she said.
"Why on earth do they ask for the toys now? Why didn't they think of this before?"
The toy has already been tested by scientists but further tests are expected to be more stringent.
Police sources have questioned Mrs McCann's decision to wash the toy so soon after her daughter disappeared.
"It's the last thing I'd expect a mother who is devastated at losing her child to do," said a former Scotland Yard detective.
Yesterday it emerged that lawyers in Britain acting for the McCanns have advised them the Portuguese authorities will struggle to press charges that stick.
A close friend said: "The legitimate question to ask Portuguese police is: 'Where is the body? Where's the evidence that Madeleine is dead?'."
The friend said the McCanns' new legal team, based in London, had been working around the clock to "get up to speed on the case".
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Gerry McCann and his two-year-old twin son Sean
The couple's Portuguese lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, has hit out at his country's judicial system in a scathing interview with a local newspaper in which he declared: "Justice in Portugal is slow and incapable of producing proof."
Friends of the McCanns believe they are the victims of a sinister campaign to frame them for Madeleine's disappearance after police botched the search to find their abducted little girl.
The 39-year-old doctors have strenuously denied ever harming Madeleine and are devastated the hunt for her has been overshadowed by an attempt to "set them up".
But in two days of police interviews in Portimao last week, detectives alleged there was damning evidence that Madeleine had been in the Renault Scenic they hired 25 days after she disappeared. They alleged bodily fluids, blood and hair corresponding to Madeleine's DNA had been found in the boot.
Judge Pedro Miguel dos Anjos Frias is now sifting through a 4,000-page police dossier as Madeleine's parents face an agonising wait to learn if they will be charged.
He could take "weeks" to study the contents of ten lever arch files, according to a friend of the McCanns, who said: "Our understanding is there's no filtering process whatsoever - everything is in there.
"The judge has had the kitchen sink thrown at him."
The judge will make a decision within ten days on key requests made by the prosecutor, Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses.
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McCann's lawyers believe it will be almost impossible to press charges without finding the corpse
These requests have not been made public, but are things Mr Meneses now believes need to be done to complete the case.
A source in Portugal claimed that one of the requests was to bring Kate McCann back to be requestioned.
And the whitewashed church in Praia da Luz that became a poignant focus of the McCanns' campaign is expected to be searched, with the judge present.
It still has yellow and green Madeleine ribbons on the pews and altar.
Roads around the church, which had deep holes dug by workmen at the time Madeleine vanished, could also be excavated.
Portuguese sources said the prosecutor wanted police to re-interview the couple's friends and family.
Detectives in the Algarve believe somebody could have helped them dispose of Madeleine's body, although the friends with whom they were on holiday have furiously denied such a "hurtful" conspiracy.
The couple were declared "arguidos", or formal suspects, during police questioning in Portimao last Friday.
They flew out of the country to their home in Rothley two days later.
Last night the McCanns got a boost when the police case appeared to be undermined by a pensioner who is potentially a key witness.
Pamela Fenn, 81, lives above the apartment where Madeleine disappeared and is reported to have told police she heard Madeleine screaming below.
But yesterday she broke her silence to say it was "absolute rubbish" she had made any such claims to police. Mrs Fenn said: "I didn't even know that family was in there."
Sir Alec Jeffreys, the inventor of DNA fingerprinting, said he was prepared to act as an expert witness for the McCanns.
He stressed that DNA matches on their own did not establish a person's innocence or guilt.
Sir Alec told BBC TV's Newsnight: "There are no genetic characters in Madeleine that are not found in at least one other member of the family.
"So then you have an incomplete DNA profile that could raise a potential problem in assigning a profile to Madeleine given that all other members of that family would have been in that car."


Niki said...

Good morning Viv,
and thank you for interesting article! I have had the same thought, that maybe the McCanns and DE have made a deal long time ago. Or maybe they have made this deal now to give DE exclusive rights for something that will take place soon?!?

Statement from Madeleines Fund Board of Directors
Date Released: 19/03/2008 20:52:00

“The directors of Madeleine’s Fund welcome the settlement of Gerry and Kate’s complaint against Express Newspapers, in particular the front page apologies for the grossly defamatory stories that were consistently published in recent months and the agreement reached on substantial damages.

It has been a great additional burden for Gerry and Kate to be repeatedly vilified in sections of the press. Such coverage was also a diversion for our campaign to find Madeleine.

We hope that such public apologies will not only bring some comfort to Gerry and Kate, but that they will re-emphasise the need for a renewed focus on the campaign.

The £550,000 damages from Express Newspapers will now be used fully within the stated spirit and aims of Madeleine’s Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to support Gerry and Kate specifically in the search for Madeleine and her abductor(s).

The Fund will, therefore, continue to work to gather information to assist them in achieving their aim of bringing Madeleine home. We would, once again, urge any member of the public who still feels they may have useful information to come forward with it without delay.”

The purpose of the Fund is to support Gerry and Kate?!?!


Gerry's Blog
Day 321: 19/03/2008 Day: 321

I think everyone must have heard the news today that Express Newspapers have published front page apologies to Kate and me and agreed damages of £550,000 which will be paid in to Madeleines Fund. It gives us no joy that we had to take such action- we would rather have not had to put up with such distasteful, grotesque and blatantly untruthful coverage. Nevertheless we hope todays events will act as a springboard in advancing the search for Madeleine. The money will be used to aid the investigation.

To read our full statement, please see the News and Press Releases in the News and Support section.


"we would rather have not had to put up with such distasteful, grotesque and blatantly untruthful coverage."

So, what about a "sorry" from them to Murat, his girlfriend, her ex-husband, the toothman, the pigfarmer and his family, the marrocon-family with a little blond girl etc. etc....



Niki said...

Found this on 3A, posted by

Post subject: Jornal Noticias 20.3: The PJ travel on April 7 (provisional)Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 8:47

in Jornal de Noticias this morning:

http://jn.sapo.pt/2008/03/20/policia_e_ ... va_in.html

Public Ministry did not authorise a new questioning of the couple by the PJ

The McCann couple will not be questioned again, when the investigators of Policia Judiciaria (PJ) travel to England, on the 7th of April, the foreseen date for the fulfillment of the diligences that were requested on the rogatory letter. The Judiciaria wanted to, but the Public Ministry (PM) did not deem it necessary to hear the parents of Madeleine, the English girl that disappeared in the Algarve, on the 3rd of May last year.

As far as JN was able to establish, the PJ had prepared several questions that they wanted to ask from Kate and Gerry. But following a suggestion from the Public Ministery, the diligence was removed from the list of priorities. A source that is connected to the process explained that "the prosecutor understood that the diligence was useless and a waste of time, because the parents could refuse to answer the questions, according to the rights that the Portuguese law gives to arguidos".

That was precisely what the couple did when they were questioned by the PJ in Portimao, before they suddenly left for home, in Leicester, England, right after they were made arguidos. "The couple never cooperated with the Portuguese police, in spite of what they publicly announce, through their spokesman. There were no guarantees that they would do so now, but in a criminal investigation, there are no absolute certainties. It was necessary to take the risk", JN was told by one of the investigators, revolted by the fact that the parents of Madeleine can't be questioned again.

Both the PJ and the Public Ministery have been criticised over the delay in writing and sending the rogatory letter to England. But JN knows that the document was changed several times. The issue, among other factors, were new diligences that were requested by the McCanns, through their lawyers, a right that also belongs to arguidos. Among those requests are the questioning of the psychologist who has been accompanying Kate, and of Justine McGuinness, a former spokesperson for the couple. These diligences were accepted by the Public Ministery.

On the other hand, after having received the letter in January, through Eurojust, the Home Office - the equivalent of our Internal Affairs Ministery - returned it. It contested the legality of procedures, demanding that they were assumed by the State Prosecution Office.

Among other diligences, the rogatory letter includes new questionings of witnesses, including the "Tapa 9" (the English people with whom the McCanns were spending their holidays in Praia da Luz), and the apprehension of Kate's diary. In England, the Portuguese investigators will only be allowed to accompany the performance of these actions, that have to be made by the local police. The date that has been advanced for the trip has yet to be confirmed. The PJ awaits confirmation from Stuart Prior, the top senior official at Leicester police.

Are we not going to see justice for this little girl...


docmac said...

Hi Viv

This couple extended a hell of a lot of 'invitations' over the past 10 months, have they not?

Senior consular officials;
The Foreign Office;
Print and broadcast media;
The Prime Minister (indirectly);
Father Pacheco;
Gullible donors;
Extradition, criminal and libel lawyers;
Social services;
Fraud specialists etc ad nauseam.
Not to mention reported audacious attempts to woo the Vatican and The White House.

While most of the above are bizarre and worthy of derision, let's just remember the most despicable of them all, that of inviting the possibility of harm into the lives of their three defenceless little children. Whatever actually transpired (and I know what I believe), this action alone will IMO condemn them in the eyes of all caring and rational people forever. Whether a successful trial and conviction is achieved or not, this overt act of child endangerment will haunt them for the rest of their days and for Madeleine's sake I am thankful for that.

2345 said...


McCanns' aim from day one has been avoiding arrest, trial and imprisonment. Politicans ensured they were not detained despite damning forensic evidence presented at interview.

Defence by media was the strategy alongside Metado 3's Mafia style behaviour - intimidating Police witnesses, bribing others to undermine them - false sightings etc. etc. Criminal behaviour, political interference - PR managed by ex DE journalist and Government employee. Impenetrable corrupt package.

Only reliable sources of information in this case for British Public are from Forums and the Portuguese.

Trial by media strategy includes intimidating and silencing the public ... extending to Forums.

CM & DE colluded in the most blatantly dishonesty to date: that a British Judge in open Court awarded 'damages' to the prime suspects in their daughter's death and disappearance.

I had it checked - there was no Court hearing, no Judge or Judgment. British Law forbids writs or hearings in any ongoing criminal investigation in Police hands. Why, the lie - also broadcast on BBC?

It was designed to persuade the public that 'no evidence' had been legally endorsed By a Judge in a Court of Law. DE's announcement was that of a Kangaroo Court - the McCanns and their PR engineer.

The grossly untrue and misleading information fed to the gullible yesterday suggests the establishment continues to do everything in it's power to prevent the Police requestioning as and where necessary. I understand this also includes CM.

The criminal and corrupt behaviour continues, aided and abetted by DE.

Also note that CM inteferred in the Police investigation in Shannon's case. Police stated the Uncle admitted it was a SCAM - very bad news for the McCanns whom they copied in the hope of £1m profit. His ex-wife withheld his name and alleged perverse character from the police despite him fitting their profile. She was, however, happy to co-operate with the person who her for the Telegraph article. More bribery and corruption designed to protect the McCanns and undermine a second multi million pounds investigation.

The strategy has always been 'defence by media'. McCanns aim has always been to avoid trial.

2345 said...


Well said .... SPOT ON.

Innocent parents would have no need to apply Mafia style tactics used by Metado 3, mirrored in Forums by the likes of Rosiepops & Mandz - threat and intimidation.

Articles confirm Mrs Murat's comments in interview last August -
M 3 intimidate the innocent, bribe the weak to lie about false sightings. This alone, confirms there was no abduction.

I'm 60 years old and have never before seen the likes of the thuggish corruption in this case.
It's the first time hard forensic evidence, released by British Police in the public's best interest has been subjected to establishment's cover up, threats and intimidation. You Viv and I have been viciously attacked because we support the Police in this case.

Anonymous said...

Had a nasty experience on DX the other night. I was the only Anti on board in a Shannon Matthews forum, and I responded to some (deliberately contentious) comments about the "amazing West Yorkshire police" and "if only Madeleine had had police like this", blah blah, by saying that the Pro's will look for any excuse to attack the PJ, even using the fact that another missing child has been found as their ammunition! I then stated that the "slack parent brigade" are in constant apologist mode for the McCanns, always looking for "proof" that they are "not such bad parents after all", etc etc, but that no-one is falling for it, and that responsible parents everywhere are sickened by irresponsible parents like the McCanns, the Matthews, and Scarlett Keeling's mother. Well, the poster "LisaJ" became hysterical, reported me, and had me banned! This all happened before I even got back to the computer after posting my comment! She had written: "Bianca, you are the sort of person that would defend a pedophile in a court of law. If a child was raped and murdered by a pedophile, you would say it was all the parents fault, because the child was left alone in the park. You make me sick .. so just shut it!"!! I then saw that "Pans", "Vee-8" and "Mandz" (but surprisingly, not Rosiepops) had all pounced on the opportunity of me not being able to reply, and said "well done" to LisaJ about her comments to me!!

What the hell?? What was LisaJ on about (or just "on"?). Actually, I WOULD blame the parents for leaving the child alone in a park (what normal person bloody wouldn't!), but that is a big step from "defending a pedophile in a court of law"!! What's worse is, I didn't even get the chance to defend myself - she'd already had me banned! When I looked at where my message had been, the DX had given the reason for banning me as "off-topic" posting. I emailed DX and asked them why I was banned when other people (who actually opened up the line of conversation) were also "off-topic", and one poster had personally abused me. The DX emailed me back and said that I seemed "determined to be off-topic"!

Um ... what does that mean .. "determined to be off-topic"?? To me, it doesn't mean anything, other than the DX are now too afraid for any comment to be made that doesn't sit in favour of the McCanns! Basically, if you now go to that website (DX), you can completely forget freedom of speech, and instead look forward to a bombardment of unabashed, sanctioned abuse from the Pro-Mercenary brigade!

Like a friend of mine recently said - Go to a foreign country - lose your child - and then sit back collecting the dough - what a lucrative business the McCanns have set up for themselves! "Libel" indeed!!

irina said...

Hello everyone. I agree and thought so, that DX "trial" is a scam with DX active participation (I do not thing willing participation of staff).

It just came to my atheistic mind that there is Catholics Easter coming.
I would say PJ would wait till after. It could be some more delays afterwards by the efforts of Mcs lawyers. But the hour is coming. Smart move is not to question the McCann - so they would not be informed about the visit and any further details.

Thank you Viv and Niki for the articles.

docmac said...

Hello Bianca!

LONG time no see. I got similar treatment on DE last night, but nobody reported anyone, they just pulled the article. What time is it in Sydney now?

Have your say on here and at Alsabella's. We still get regular visits from the pros disguised as 'anon' and can mostly slag them off without fear of reprisal. Nice to see your name pop up :-)


Thuggish is a good word for them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Docmac - yes, long time no read! (LOL)

Thanks. I think I will enjoy posting in a "pro-slagging-off-the-pro's" environment!

Take care :-)

P.S. Interesting you didn't get banned. But I do believe the McCanns have the DE by the short and curlies at the moment. I shall keep a look out for those "anons" ;)

Anonymous said...

(To Docmac)

Oh, and P.P.S. It is 1 o'clock in the morning in Sydney!

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, we don't know which stories bothered the McCanns. I think all of them have made them look bad yet they might not mind the ones that portray them as money grubbers as long as it creates another opportunity to fill their pockets.

This skirmish with the British newspapers is ridiculous. I don't think the McCanns actually wanted the Express to print the absurd "completely innocent" line. It's an obvious farce, the Express was up against a wall but there are many reasons why a person can end up with their back up against a wall. IMO, all of the British papers promote sleaze, the real question is what kind of people run them and are those people above blackmail?

dolores said...

The Apology

John McCann has been on BBC saying the family drafted it - the McCanns were obviously the ones who insisted on their own complete exoneration - hypocrites that they are.
Susan Healy defamed the PJ,saying G & K were framed,what evidence did she have? Any apologies going to PJ Susie?
Was it Aunty Phil who said PJ planted the DNA found.
Kate said things about Murat which were unkind,I really hope you make a public apology to him.Or is it a one way street?
C.M. clan I hope you search your consciences with what has been said over the months.

Hi Bianca and Docmac/2345

atardi said...

Hello everyone,

I have a question for you. Did anyone of you change your opinion after yesterday's apologies?

I'm reading an interview with Susan Healy in which she says:

“You want to know what is going on in the world and you read the papers so you can make a judgement. You can’t do that if the press tells lies and I hope this changes.

I made a judgement because of the behaviour of the ones involved in this case.

BTW Bianca,

Nice to see you car again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dolores, nice to see you again :-)

Re: apologies ..

Is anyone going to apologise to that poor old dude from Altura, who was swarmed on by the media (because of the McCanns) and frightened into thinking he may actually be charged with abducting a little girl he'd never laid eyes on before??


Hi also 2345 :-)

atardi said...

Here is the whole article.

Madeleine McCann family: Thank you to everyone for your support

Mar 20 2008 by Vicki Kellaway, Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann's grandparents, Brian and Susan Healy

MADELEINE McCann’s grandmother today praised the ECHO for its support since the disappearance of her grand-daughter in Portugal last year.

Sue Healy was speaking after the Daily Star and the Daily Express were forced to run front-page apologies and donate over £500,000 to the Find Madeleine Fund for suggesting Kate and Gerry McCann were behind their daughter’s disappearance.

Speaking from her home in Mossley Hill, Mrs Healy, Kate’s mother, criticised both newspapers for writing the “most sensational and the most ridiculous” stories, and said they had written terrible things at a time when the family’s grief was at its worst.

But she praised the ECHO for its support saying: “I always think of the ECHO as in a different league to the others.

“You’re our sort of people. I don’t think anything I’ve ever said to the ECHO has been misquoted and I don’t think it ever will be.”

The family’s nightmare with the press began when Kate and Gerry McCann were made formal suspects in the case.

Mrs Healy said: “At first it was just the Portuguese papers but then things changed.

“Terrible things were written. It was very hard for my husband and I to read, and it must have been extremely difficult for Kate when she was missing Madeleine so much.

“I know journalists are under pressure but we need to take a stand now. Editors need to sit down and think ‘If this was my family, would I print this? Is there any truth in it?’

“When there was nothing to report they would go away and make up the flimsiest stories.

“They have a total lack of respect.”

Mrs Healy, 62, also blamed the national newspapers for eradicating people’s trust.

She said: “You want to know what is going on in the world and you read the papers so you can make a judgement. You can’t do that if the press tells lies and I hope this changes.

“But maybe I’m expecting too much.”

She said the money in the fund would continue to be put to good use.

She added: “I’m not really too involved, but I know it is strictly audited. Sometimes I wonder where they will turn next but they are both very capable people who will keep going.

“All I want in the world is for Madeleine to come home and for us to be able to give that money away to help other missing children.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Atardi.

About Mrs Healy's comments - I found this curious:

"“All I want in the world is for Madeleine to come home and for us to be able to give that money away to help other missing children.”

Shouldn't it be "All I want is for Madeleine to come home and for other missing children to be found as well" ??

Think about how that statement of Kate's mother's reads. She wants Madeleine to "come home" but expects to find that other children are still "missing". It is strangely worded. And if Madeleine "comes home", won't it be BECAUSE of the money? What's the money for, if not to help find Madeleine? So why would there be lots of money left to look for OTHER children, AFTER Madeleine comes back??


Anonymous said...

Haha Atardi, I have a penchant for classic cars! My faves are 1950's Chev's and Pontiac's :-)

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Bianca!

Lovely to see you on here!

Sorry to hear about your experience on the DE last night. What complete morons they are there. (Isn't it wonderful that on Google their website comes up with the tag line "The World's Greatest Newspaper"!?)

Anyway, looking forward to reading you on here and Alsabella's site.

Happy Easter! (Now go to bed and get some sleep, girl!)

:) LGC

atardi said...


That's what is called reading between the lines. (English is not my first language,neither second or tirth)

Thank you.

So I can read that statement also as:
That money will not help to find Madeleine. Hmmmmmm.
But the fund needs the money to help other missing children but only on one condition after they find Madeleine.
(She doesn't mention all the other condition)

Is your car a Chevrolet?

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Viv and Claudia. Thanks for having me.

Until next time :-)

LittleGreyCell said...


I've written before that the next invitation the McCanns extend will be to the judge to imprison them for several years...

Oo, fab idea for a Hello! feature on the handsome Gerry in his luxurious prison cell...

Will give it some thought, have to go in a minute.

atardi said...

Hi Viv and everyone,

Is this rumour about Malinka's car?

Updated: 20 March 2008

Car belonging to Madeleine case witness destroyed in blast

dolores said...

In answer to your question,I for one will not change my mind,nothing they say will change the fact that they did not treasure the lives of the children they premeditated to leave night after night, their babies were left alone to look out for themselves.Sweet Madeleine was the youngest babysitter in history.

Hope you come and see us often,I had a few important things to see to this afternoon, and coukld not be around.

atardi said...


Sweet Madeleine was the youngest babysitter in history.

God, you me cry with your last sentence. But it is the truth. And she was only 3 years old.

So sad.

dolores said...

I am so sorry for upsetting you,it was not my intention,it was my disgust of these people.
I what also makes me amazed that we in UK have not had some communication on national TV from Social Services to say the same,and get it through to people the dangers of leaving children alone,as I am afraid the message is not getting through enough.


atardi said...


I know it was not your intention to upset me. But you know the truth hurts. And you put it very right.

That's why I'm glad that people like you and oyhers are here to represent my voice also.

It's a shame that no one in England
(a politician, a celebrity or a footballer) stands up and condemn parents who still think it's ok to leave children alone.

Lindsey said...

Anyone seen this report about Malinka's car

A CAR belonging to Russian computer expert Sergei Malinka, who has been questioned by police as part of the Madeleine McCann investigation, was destroyed in an explosion in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, March 20) in Praia da Luz.

The incident is said to have taken place at around 5am next to his apartment, where the word “fala” (talk) had been written on the pavement next to the car.

Witnesses told The Resident that two cars were involved in the blast and maintain that one belonged to Malinka.

Police first interviewed Malinka on May 16, 2007, around two weeks after Madeleine McCann went missing.

Police searched the home of the IT expert, who designed a website for Robert Murat and was seen talking to Murat several times in the days after Madeleine’s disappearance. He was adamant that he was interviewed as a witness, not a suspect.

He has lived in Praia da Luz for around seven years and has always maintained he had nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

He claims he only had a professional relationship with official suspect, Robert Murat, and he has never been named as an arguido.

The Judicial Police could not confirm this morning’s blast took place but witnesses in the area have told The Resident that two cars were involved. They have also said that one of the cars belonged to Malinka.

The Resident spoke to Robert Murat, who said that he had not been told about the incident but did confirm that Malinka drove a Silver Audi, similar to the car that was torched.

“I am in England now but I am surprised that no one in Praia da Luz phoned me to tell me about it”, he said.

Source: http://portugalresident.com/portugalres ... p?ID=25527

atardi said...


Read the same. Thought it was a rumour.

Have you heard more about it?

Can't get access to the other 2 sites.

Has it been confirmed?

viv said...

Hiya all

Just reading through and picking up on a few to answer

Firstly 2345

Your comment there was no such case before Mr Justice Eady is simply extraordinary - the case was simply listed for mention in open court, to announce details of the apology, before him details of the listing below from the Causes List of the High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division:

Before MR JUSTICE EADY Wednesday, 19th March 2008 At 10 o'clock ... SIOC/08/0278 McCann & anr v Express Newspapers ...

viv said...

Niki re The Board Statement:

The £550,000 damages from Express Newspapers will now be used fully within the stated spirit and aims of Madeleine’s Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to support Gerry and Kate specifically in the search for Madeleine and her abductor(s).

Yes so Kate and Gerry McCann can continue to spend that money, just as they see fit...what a carefully drafted statement "within the spirit and aims" so no one can complain when that money is used to defend them as it clearly is being..defending means supporting..I am sure it could be said!

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
I got a reply to my email from Geoff Marsh from the DE in which he stated thathe had nothing to add ot the tiles in the paper and what was said in court.
Does that mean what you explained that there was no actual court case but the fact the De settled with the Mccanns was read out in court.? If that is the case why did the DE d this, is this usual? Forgive my ignorance but have no knowledge of law procedures. Lizzy

atardi said...



I get the message that the page cannot be found. Maybe it's because my internet problems.

viv said...


Thanks for that interesting report concerning Malinka's car allegedly being torched and with the word written TALK.

I wonder do Metodo 3's illegal activities extend this far..We already know they indulge in highly criminal behaviour including dealing oocaine, along with everything else we have heard including satellite trackers being fitted to the base of Murat's vehicles nothing would surprise me. The fitting of these devices would certainly tend to suggest they have been interfering with Murat and Malinka. SHOCKING!

lizzy said...

Please excuse my bad typing I meant in my last post that they had nothing to add to the titles in the paper..Lizzy

viv said...

Hiya Lizzie

There was a libel writ issued. Courts always encourage people to settle proceedings once issued rather than fight them out in court. That it was happened here, they agreed settlement terms. A statement of apology was drafted by the McCanns barrister to be read in open court before Mr Justice Eady, statements of apology were also drafted which the Express Group had to print, and lastly but not leasly the McCanns get £275,000 each. Once parties have agreed to such settlement terms the Judge effectively just rubber stamps that and that is the end of the case. The alternative would have been the Daily Express could have fought the case, witnesses would then have had to give evidence in court. Clearly Kate and Gerry wanted a settlement, they did not want to have to give evidence!

So in summary, yes there were court proceedings, but they immediatley got settled and then withdrawn on terms that suited the McCanns. The reason why the Daily Express just decided to give in and not fight the case is another matter. On the previous thread I included a report from The Guardian that clearly suggests it was a cynical ploy to increase sales! half a million is not a lot to the Express...The apology is actually another sensational headline about the McCanns that will sell their papers!

lizzy said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience on the DE the other night but am not surprised, the people supporting the Mccanns are quite unbalanced in my opinion and downright nasty. I avoid them as they have nothing of interest to say, and a couple in my opinion are completely crazy, Viv's site and Alsabella's are full of good caring people and it is good to post on here without antagonism and rudeness......Lizzy

lizzy said...

Thanks for explaining the court proceedings to me, it was confusing as some said there was no court case and yet my email from the editor said there was.
I understand it now, the DE as usual were thinnking of selling papers, the Mccanns thinking of the money and a way of influencing public opinion in their favour. So both parties were probably pleased with the events. I hope that this does not deter the PJ from coming over to requestion the Tapas friends ,but would imagine this would have little effect, well hope not anyway. Lizzy

viv said...

Lizzy just one more thing - in civil cases where an individual is sueing someone settlement on agreed terms is how most of them finish up. This is because solicitors and barristers charge an arm and a leg and people find the proceedings can cost them far more in legal costs than they win or lose.

Carter Ruck took this case on for the McCanns on a no win no fee basis. This means that if they win they take anything up to half of the McCanns damages for their fee. It is known that firms of solicitors will always seek to force an early settlement of a case because then they do very little work to get their massive fee. In this case it was reported DE also paid their costs, so maybe the McCanns did not have to pay this massive fee to Carter Ruck - it got paid by the DE. If that is the case, for doing very little, Carter Ruck would have charged about £275,000! The Pros are saying good old Carter Ruck as though they are some guardian angels for the McCanns - I think they just know how to quickly make a massive fee!

viv said...

Hiya Lizzie

Yes you understand perfectly well now - both the DE and the McCanns were happy with their agreed settlement. The McCanns, I believe, were hoping this would send a signal to the public they are innocent of harming Madeleine - clearly it does not and, as ever, they need to accept the public are not that stupid. It just demonstrates the McCanns willingness to keep on cashing in and trying to proclaim their innocence.

Re the ongoing criminal case against them - there is a great post I think from Nicki above with a report from a Portuguese paper saying PJ wil prbably arrive on 7 April to witness the TAPAS being re-interviewed.

The Portuguese prosecutor has advised there is no point re-interviewing the McCanns. This is because, as arguidos, suspects, rather than witnesses, they are entitled to go through the whole interview saying "no comment" as they did in September and no doubt this is precisely what they would do again. The McCanns were extensively interviewed in September and had the chance then to explain their innocence. They failed to do so. They are not going to be given a second bite of the cherry. This is really good news and clearly indicates to me that a prosecution is intended against them>

viv said...

Hiya Lizzie

Re: Crazy McCann supporters on the DE.

On the last thread I did include all of the unbalance comments from " Rosiepops" which were simply extraordinary and demonstrated pure hatred of myself, Docmac, Alsabella etc. Now I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Channel 4 docu: "Shannon; the Family's Story" Thur. 9pm.

A neighbour discusses the lack of financial support for posters etc. and compares their plight with that of the McCanns. He says "This case is totally different from the McCanns, Shannon just went missing. Why did those McCanns leave that little kid alone while they stuffed their faces?"

The mother says to a reporter with touching sincerity, "That Teddy Bear is staying right where it is in her room until she comes home"

Ordinary people know what they think regardless of all the crap spin.

atardi said...


Hope you are reading. Have you had a nice working day?

lizzy said...

HI Viv,
Yes excellent post from Niki, and so good to hear that you think the fact the Mccanns are not going to be reinterviewed due to the probability of them remaining silent as before ,that this could indicate possible prosecution is great news. I do hope that they get what they truly deserve. I read on the 3 arguidos that they hope to come to England around the 7th April. Do you know if it is true that the secrecy status expires around the 14th April or is that rumour? Lizzy

lizzy said...

I mean by that that the Pj hope to come to England around the 7th April..Lizzy

irina said...

I have just read DX apology!!!!!
Sorry did not bother before!!!

Who ever rote it took a great p..s out of McCanns. That is the most face slapping apologies I have ever seen, because every farce is a shouting false: "there is no evidence..." says who? “We sorry to add to your distress...” Which?
"trusted... suspicion will be lifted...” Suspicion or suspect status? Trusted according to what?
"Help to find..." How?
“is alive and well...” joking?
"has now paid..." to parent’s mortgage (is that what it is amounted for)???
Oh ye - public can not comment for the legal reasons... WHAT???

I do not remember such a farce in history of any country, any time!

Sorry Madeleine, your parents made you a subject for many joke in present and future times.

viv said...

Hiya Lizzie

I read that secrecy of justice in the case of the McCanns has been extended to September but in the case of Murat expires in April but I would not want to say that is definitely correct, that is just what I understand. If so, it would seem to imply that Murat may be released next month which does coincide with the PJ's visit. I also think it may well be after the visit or even during it, that we see the status of Tanner OB and maybe others change from witness to arguido. That is a set procedure in Portuguese law, they cannot charge someone with a criminal offence until they have been made arguidos. I imagine the TAPAS lot will get one more chance to start telling the truth or else!

Hiya Eureka and Atardi

Good to hear from you too.

Thanks for the report re Shannon. I think this clearly demonstrates that regardless of sickening spin, the British public will draw their own obvious conclusions from what they see. In the McCanns case, we see guilt. In Shannon's mum's case we feel sorrow and she did not need a PR man to get her that or libel lawyers.

At the end of the day being decent is what counts, not power and money, which are the route of all evil and the motivating force behind evil people, as we can clearly see. The McCanns will continue to get what they deserve.

viv said...

Hiya Irina

Great post - the DE tell us of all the evidence against the McCanns every other day, on the other day they print the story according to the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell.

Then they do a full page spread proclaiming they are innocent etc written for them by the McCanns lawyers and with no access to the police case against them. And they want us to take them seriously!

They have brought themselves to a lower level IMO than the Daily Mirror, The Sun, The People and the News of the World and it does not get much lower than ..

irina said...

Re: Shannon case.
I would not blame the woman who has 6 kids to manage. Shannon's mother does what she knew was the best, without any apparent help. Kids not always right, when blaming parents for their problems - is complicated issue. I hope police will understand that.
But I believe it is impossible in modern divided society for one woman to bring up 6 children to full satisfaction of everyone. Shannon seems to be a good kid, thanks to her mother. If she has a problem with the step father, it could be either his or her fault.

The uncle she runs away to may be a mess, but I believe it is unrelated to Shannon’s case. Hope police will not make him escape goat.

viv said...

Hiya Irina

Mum's like Shannon's rarely make perfect parents, they simply do their best. This is not a case of any ill-will to their children and they deserve help and support, not punishment.

The McCanns on the other hand, should have made perfect parents. They are educated doctors for whom money was no object, but seriously failed their children, failing to even pay for a baby-sitter and exposing them to the risk of serious harm. Even on their own account this has caused serious harm to Madeleine. They do not deserve sympathy and have gone entirely the wrong way about getting it with their self-serving and excusatory comments, proclaiming they are really good responsible parents. We beg to differ, if they were, Madeleine would still be here, alive and well.

NO matter what that man's motivation was or what he did to Shannon, the fact he is he kept her for a massive 24 days when there was a huge police hunt for her, and did not even voluntarily hand her over when the police arrived. By doing that he seriously broke the law, committing very serious offences that he has been charged for and is looking at a hefty custodial term. No adult can simply lock someone else's child up and then come up with any excuse for that - there are none!

irina said...

Viv we are holding our breath for so long now, waiting for requisitioning... I can only imagine how frustrating it is for PJ, who know far more, and believe based up on that knowledge that parents have the case to answer together with 2 other friends.

Thinking of Madeleine on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, the sea which brings so much joy to many people including us holidaymakers...

I think they were charged and convicted in many people’s minds and hearts....

The court conviction matters more now for the safety of UK society...
For Madeleine... we gave her justice she deserved, PJ gave her it, court and conviction matters more now for T7 (to save their souls) and UK (to save the democracy). That is why I am not posting as often now, I have the case closed for Madeleine's sake... The case is still open for humanity sake...

atardi said...


I agree with what you wrote:

But I believe it is impossible in modern divided society for one woman to bring up 6 children to full satisfaction of everyone.

I have 3 kids and every child has her/his own personality. And that's something we as parents have to cope with. Our first child was/still is no problem.

(Sometimes)But our second child, is still an enigma to us. We go to bed with that child in our minds and will awake with that one child in our minds.

We still can't manage to cope with it but we still try to manage it.

It's the first time I was so "open"about my kids but I must write the truth about having children and how to cope with them.

irina said...

Viv, you are right about the responsibility of that man. I did not look at it that way. Yes as an adult he had to act responsibly and give her up.
We can guess why he did not. It is a much let say "screwed up part of society we are dealing with here, the part we know little about. There is no common logic there. Fear of suspicion, blame and prosecution is a very real for them - they are the usual suspects in the eyes of society. The logic: the kid came to me, but she is wanted by police, so I will give her back - does not work there.
I would rather imagine that: kid came to me, well she complained a lot before, and her parents are screwed like me. So let her stay. All country is looking fore he... comparing to Madeleine... Oh God they will jail me... what to do??? Waite when girl will go home and tell that she runs away. Of course girl is scared to go on that stage... So both are trapped.

Law is law, but motives are the mater.

atardi said...


Reading back, but what you said is so true. It's what Dolores mentioned also but no one commented on her statement: "Madeleine was the youngest babysitter in history". Keep that in mind all posters.

And the parents are being paid for that. I'm so ashamed.

irina said...

Anon and others, I beg your pardon about Mediterranean Sea. Of cource not...

But even Bush arriving to Dublin, said that he is happy to be in Belfast, the capital of the Irish Republic.

I have no problem to admit to a mistake. But that is all you will get from me anon, dear.

viv said...

Hiya Irina

Southern Portugal is of course known as a typical Mediterranean region. I believe, as ever this poster simply wished to provoke and should not let it trouble you.

This area of the Atlantic is fed by the warm currents of the Mediterannean anyway!

atardi said...

Welterusten everyone,

Have to wake up at 5.00 because our footballster will travel to Paris for a tournament.

She is so scared but also excited.

Will read in the early morning.

viv said...

Goodnight Atardi

and sleep well

luv viv x

leigh3 said...


Carter *uck care nothing for honest parents of missing children. Carter *uck tout for business for anyone who will pay or anyone who wants their services for nothing, like the McCanns.

Money is the object of Carter *uck, and their clients.

Morality, ethics, and justice reside elsewhere in the hearts and minds of honest inquiry, however long it takes, wherever it leads.

McCann Machine of minions and media manipulators best count their pennies. They will need them.

Justice for Maddie, and all missing or abused children.

Night, darlings.

viv said...


A little geography lesson for you:

(now take your stupid thick arguments somewhere else)

15. Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantic Ocean/Mediterranean Sea

The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow waterway separating the Atlantic Ocean (bottom left) from the Mediterranean Sea (top right). This 13-kilometer-wide waterway also separates Europe and Africa, with Spain and Gibraltar on the left and Morocco on the right. Until the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, the Strait of Gibraltar served as the only access point to the Mediterranean Sea. During World War II, naval traffic through this strait was monitored by both Allied and Axis navies, as it served as a crucial “chokepoint” for vessels traveling between the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

High rates of evaporation in the relatively shallow Mediterranean basin cause the water to become saltier, and thereby denser, than the relatively fresh Atlantic water. As Atlantic water is forced through the narrow strait it accelerates and interacts with Mediterranean water. Internal waves (particularly those formed at depths of 60–80 meters) develop where these two different water masses interact. Large, tidally induced pulses of Atlantic water entering the Mediterranean can be seen here as a series of crescents emanating from the strait. These crescents result from interactions of these different water masses at depth.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
viv said...

Hiya Leigh - great to hear from you again darling.

Carter *uck as you say are not plaintive defenders of innocent parents, they are commercially minded greedy lawyers who will do anything to make a big buck.

As such, they make great bedfellows with Kate and Gerry McCann.

There will be plenty more greedy lawyers like Carter *uck lining up to pilfer the Find Maddie Fund, as you say, Kate and Gerry better watch the pennies, they are going to need them to pay these greedy lawyers. They do not care with clients are guilty or innocent. That is not what they are in business for at all, they care about how high their fee levels are and whether a job is worth their trouble in those terms. As such they may imagine that provided Kate and Gerry can come up with all the dosh, they could make a fortune trying to defend them. Win, lose, they do not care. At the end of the day, they get paid and that is all that matters to them.

Viv x

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
viv said...

You really are so incredibly thick..Supertroll

Anonymous said...

Goodnight Viv,

Please carry on defamating Carter Ruck. I am loving it.

Well done.

viv said...

"defamating" - that really gave me such a titter and I am not removing that because it is so funny.

Like I said you are incredibly thick!

irina said...

Anon, the question is Madeleine thrown to the sea..? You think she is thrown to the ocean, is it?

Viv I had the cartoon idea that shows The McCann machine:
At the front the big vehicle (tank or lorry) with the £ sign on it and double glazed at the wheel, pulled by it on a rope is a Reno Scenic with the lawyers are the wheel, all very jolly (thinking that they are actually driving), at the side window the man in a pink short blowing the horn, at the back seat (rather under the back seat) the parents are counting the money. Attached to Reno by the rope and trailing behind is a coffin with their child. The whole cortege is driving across the sign: UK democracy. At the sides of the road kneeling are the media and the government.

Anonymous said...
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irina said...

Viv, I think " Cataract" is on the way of clear vision , and that is a purpose of it.

leigh3 said...


Some say it is cynical to see commercialism for what it is; some say it is realistic.

Carter *uck don't care what anyone thinks it is. They will just take the money, and ...

So will their clients.

Some say: you can run, but you can't hide.

I agree with the last statement, however long it takes. Justice for Madeleine Beth McCann is about morality and ethics, not money, not excusing adult immorality.

Children need adult protection, 24/7. Madleleine's parents couldn't even do half of that, the selfish egotists that they are, and meglomaniacs launching a global campaign from Europe to U.S. to the Vatican.

Gerry McCann: meglamaniac. His family: morons, lying down in every sense for their little 'pet', the baby of the family who must be defended.

The DE apology has inflamed public opinion. We know this about Gerry McCann:

He is the 'father' who left babies alone, night after night in a foreign country, and excuses his actions.

He is the 'husband' who left his wife to care for infants by herself mostly or with hired help.

He is the fundraiser who takes money from children, the poor, the disabled, the innocent and pays his mortgage, amongst other things, including corporate fraud specialists Metodo3 instead of searching for his daughter himself; he's too busy playing tennis, jogging, and writing a BLAG.

He is the 'man', the 'Catholic' who had children by IVF, a sin in the Catholic faith.

He is the 'campaigner' talking of child welfare issues whilst putting financial support for his family (himself) as a priority in the Find Maddie Fund, ahead of finding Maddie or charitable giving to other children.

He is the man who blames everyone but himself, and his 'pet' status as the youngest in a large family ensures that many thugs will shout down civilised defence of Madeleine Beth McCann - an optional extra in his life.

G'night, Viv. See you next time. Well done to you and everyone who thinks beyond narrow, tribal interest, imo. xo

viv said...

Hi Irina

I think you make a good point about some lacking clear vision:-)

viv said...

Hiya Leigh

Seeing commercialism for what it is is about being a realist, rather than a fantacist.

Carter Ruck, The Daily Express, their raison de etre is simple: to make as much money as possible. Ethics and morality do not enter the equation.

Trying to suggest that either could be on some sort of moral crusade is very sad and deluded. About as sad and deluded as trying to suggest Kate and Gerry McCann have any morals or normal human empathy at all.

viv said...

Ps Troll, if you are still lurking..

Have you emailed Carter Ruck yet, defender of the faith:-)

Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do..

Anonymous said...

Hi to LGC and Lizzy, and thank you for your welcomes to the blog.

Sorry, I didn't see your messages until today. Twas 3am when I finally got to bed last night, LOL ...

... Bianca :-)