10 Mar 2008


The report below does contain shocking detail of what happened to Mari Luz, so if you are likely to be upset please do not read it. This is clearly a murder enquiry where the Spanish Police are maintaining secrecy of justice. Let us hope the killer is quickly brought to justice for the sake of other children who may be at risk.

I do not think the parents have any involvement in this case and my heart really does go out to them.

I do think it was quite repugnant of the McCanns to seek to include Mari Luz in their "poster campaign" and send messages of condolence in all the circumstances and clearly so against their wishes. This could have only compounded Mr and Mrs Cortez's intense distress, given the McCanns stand accused of killing their little girl.

Viv x

2008-03-09 - 00:30:00 Huelva: Body found almost no hair and nails Family of Mariluz either new autopsy Rui Gomes Pando The body of the girl of five years was found to boiar near the oil soak the Ria del Tinto, near the port of Huelva The family of Mariluz weighs ask for a second autopsy of the body of the girl of five years, if the results of the first forensic analysis is unsatisfactory to determine the cause of death and your responsibility. The body of the child Spanish, missing since January 13, was found Friday boiar next to the Port of Huelva, in an advanced state of decomposition (see box). Everything points to murder. The first autopsy was performed by a team of the Institute of Forensic Anatomical Huelva and took 14 hours to be held. The watch were elements of forensic science Comisaría the National Police, which also collected and analyzed traces at the site where the corpse of the girl was found. According to the spokesperson of the family, Luis Molina, is likely to be asked for a second analysis, "not because the parents do not trust the professionals that did, but because they want to be secure." When the CM found, this has been a board made by private detectives hired by the family, which begin to work on the ground from tomorrow. The researchers - who do not belong to the company Method 3, which investigates the case Maddie - were hired to find the child with life, but now have another goal. "The mission will be finding the person or persons who did this act macabre," confirmed Luis Molina, at the entrance to the Forensic Institute. Await the results of autopsy and DNA testing, which should be known within 48 hours from the completion of medical acts, which continued throughout the night of Friday to Saturday. "TINEA GOLPES TWO IN HEAD" The body of Mariluz was found completely dressed and with two blows to the head, found the CM with an element of the port police who saw the corpse to be removed. He was boiar near the oil soak the Ria del Tinto, in the port of Huelva, in an advanced state of decomposition. The alert was given by a worker in the oil Cepsa. According to the CM said José Irala, "the corpse was fully dressed and had a blow at the face and another in the neck." E commented: "The first impression was that it was thinking Mariluz due to the size and description of the clothes." The corpse was almost without missing some hair and nails. The place is guarded by security guards of oil, which leads the police to believe that the body has reached there dragged by the current. SUSPICIONS IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD šE The relatives of Mariluz continue to suspect an alleged paedophile who also resides in the neighborhood of El Torrejón, very close to the family home where Cortés and the girl of five years disappeared. The police have questioned and investigated the alleged suspect, discarding any connection to the case. Nevertheless, a person connected to the family, which does not want to identify, again noting that "there is some link that individual to what happened to Mariluz." From the outset, the relatives of the girl have this theory, suspeitando it was an act of revenge. The police do not want to proceed with suspects or possibilities and the investigation continues, now with the new evidence which could be revealed by the autopsy of the body Mariluz. DETAILS MCCANN The couple Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz on 3 May last year, has already sent a message of condolences to the parents of Mariluz. The McCann arrived preparing posters with the photos of the two girls, but Juan José Cortés and Irene Suarez did not want to join the two cases. FARO The Government of Faro Civil suspended the planning of actions of solidarity. They should be distributed posters with the photo of Mariluz and provided a demonstration on 5 April. The Governor Isilda Gomes received the parents of Spanish girl Thursday, eve of the discovery of the body. SILENCE Hundreds of people joined - if yesterday in front of the building of Ayuntamento of Huelva at noon, to meet five minutes of silence in memory of Mariluz. SECRECY A judge decreed secret of Justice on the case. The results of the autopsy will not be publicly revealed. Pando Rui Gomes, special envoy (Huelva)


alsabella said...

Hi Viv

This is such a tragic case, as is the murder of any child... I heard a report on tv here that says that certain things like the 2nd autopsy may seem strange to us but that that is because of the secrecy laws but that the police shared more details with the family which the latter are also being quiet about...

I just hope the police find the culprit...and let Mari Luz's family have 5 minutes alone with him...

Anonymous said...
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2345 said...


I am not disrespectful; The sufferance and fate of Mari is of equal concern to me as the truth behind Maddie's disappearance and the people responsible.

The private detectives involved in Mari's disappearance are acting and advising her parents illegally. It is a criminal offence for PI's to be involved in any case being thoroughly investigated by the Police.

Under contract to the McCanns, Metado 3 were in Huelva at the time Mari's disappearance was reported. Somewhat, unusually they offered to assist. By their own admission in various press articles, Mari's parents are, like the McCanns, overriding Police procedures and pathology results.

The McCanns paid for private re-investigation of the scenic following Police findings and damning results. Mari's parents are doing exactly the same on PI's advice, in opposition to the Police.

Police pathologists will not only determine cause of death from Mari's body; two severe blows to the head undoubtedly being the main if not total reason for death. Critical to the Police finding the person(s) responsible for death and disposal will be the forensic evidence found in Mari's body, i.e. DNA of others.

The fact that Mari's parents have seen the proof of two severe blows to their child's head would, in normal circumstance satisfy parents as to the likely cause.

It is unique for PI's to be illegally involved in two childrens' disappearance, especially where in one case they are acting on behalf of the prime suspects, i.e. the McCanns.

It is in many respects illegal for PI's to be advising Mari's parents - over and above Police and pathologists. Their wish to disregard the work and findings of pathology, including forensics speaks for itself.

If one of my children disappeared and was found with severe head wounds, I would accept the findings of Police pathologists, including forensics.

If I had inflicted the injuries, I would fear forensic results. This was the reason the McCanns paid to have the scenic privately re-examined. Mari's parents have reportedly done the same. Innocent parents who have seen profound head injuries on their child's dead body do not envisage any need for two autopsies, let alone insist upon it.

For reasons I'm happy to substantiate, Mari's disappearance has been highly suspicious from day one. My comments are purely based on statements made by Mari's parents, their close involvement with PI's and their behaviour.

felicity said...

Hi 2345

I respect your views but would just flag up the alternatives. That they were persuaded that maybe PIs would assist them, perhaps following a lot of persuasion from the Retardos. Also Mari Luz fingernails and hair have been removed clearly suggesting torture. I do not think parents would do such a thing. Also, I believe she was out playing with two other children at the time of her disappearance - again this does not sound like the parents.

To me at least, it does sound like either the work of a sadistic killer who enjoys inflicting torture or a revenge attack seeking to cause the parents maximum distress knowing how much pain their little girl would have suffered.

Viv x

felicity said...

Hi Alsabella

The mum in Goa demanded a second autopsy. I do not think it is that unusual for parents to be so distressed and wanting justice that they would demand this. When people suffer a terrible loss they always need to have that why me question answered. If they can be assured extensive forensic work has been done on their child's body this can provide them with the answers they so desperately need.

Good to hear from you.

Viv x

felicity said...

Hi all - I think it is right this mum faces investigation for negligence. Just like the McCanns I see she is angrily turning on the police and insisting they focus the enquiry just where she demands it should be focussed, apparently seeing nothing wrong in her own conduct. There are a lot of paralells to be drawn here!

Viv x

Goa mother 'may face negligence investigation'
By Richard Alleyne and Pamela Timms in Goa and Tom Chivers
Last Updated: 2:14pm GMT 11/03/2008

The mother of the teenager murdered in Goa may be investigated for negligence, it has been reported.

Samson D'Souza arrives at Mapusa civil and criminal court. He was charged with rape and remanded in custody

Sky News claims that the chief minister of the Indian state intends to question Fiona MacKeown over why she left her daughter Scarlett Keeling in the care of people she had only known a few weeks.

It is also claimed that police in Goa intend to perform further tests on the body of the 15-year-old to determine her age accurately.

Mrs MacKeown and her lawyer are said to be "horrified" by the alleged inquiry.

"They believe the investigation should concentrate on finding the corrupt police and killer or killers who they say covered up Scarlett's murder and regard this development as attacking the victims," Sky News said.

Police officers in Goa have said that while they do not doubt Scarlett's age as given on her passport, they wish to independently and scientifically verify it.

"We do not want to take any more chances, as tomorrow someone might say that Scarlett was not a teenager," Bosco Jorge, a senior police officer, said.

"Once forensic experts have done their job, we will hand over her body to the family for burial," he went on.

advertisementMrs MacKeown's lawyer has protested the move. "They want to violate her body again without any reason," Vikram Varma said.

"We have strongly protested and asked them not to carry out further tests as they have already done two autopsies."

Mrs MacKeown, who has always maintained that her daughter was raped and murdered, wants a full independent investigation into the case by the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (ICBI) after it emerged that Scarlett had been gang-raped before her death. Her lawyer said that police officers tried to "hush up" the murder.

Samson D'Souza, 29, who worked in a bar in which Scarlett Keeling had been drinking on the night she died, appeared in court yesterday charged with rape.

He was said by police to have led the sex attack on the 15-year-old on the morning of Feb 18, hours before her body was discovered on a beach.

D'Souza was remanded in custody. No one has yet been charged with her murder.

But Mrs MacKeown continued to express doubts that police had got the "right person", as the Goan authorities admitted they had made a mess of the original investigations.

She said: "I am not confident that they have got the right person, I think that they are just making a public show, to be honest."

She called for a full inquiry by the ICBI as she feared police would "continue to try to cover themselves up - their mistakes".

Vikram Varma, the family's lawyer, said: "The police have only charged Samson D'Souza with rape. A murder has taken place and police officers tried to hush it up. Only when both the murderer or murderers and the police involved are brought to justice will we be satisfied."

Mapusa civil and criminal court was told that witnesses saw D'Souza lying on top of Scarlett on the beach outside Lui's Bar, with the lower half of his clothing removed, just hours before her body was found nearby.

They included a British man, who has fled Goa, who saw a barman, believed to be D'Souza, taking advantage of Scarlett while she was high on drink and drugs.

"This man was seen with the girl near to where her dead body was found," said Inspector Kishan Kumar, of Goa police, who is in charge of the investigation. "It was clear this man was raping her. We have sufficient evidence against the person we have arrested regarding rape and the mystery of murder will be solved soon."

D'Souza, who arrived at court with his head covered, admitted he was with Scarlett on the night but said he left her alive at 5.15am.

Mr Kumar said others were believed to be involved in the attack. "At present, no other suspects are being held but we are looking for several others in connection with the crime," he said.

2345 said...

It's good to know that Mari didn't suffer the same fate as Sarah Payne and others before she was killed.

It's also good to know that her remains have been examined by a Police team of 14 specialists.
The first autopsy and forensic findings will be far more important than a repeat exercise by a person not affiliated to the Police.

From the perspective of the Police, the cause of death is secondary to DNA evidence stemming from person(s) responsible for her death and disposal. Relevant tissue will have been collected and sent for forensic examination by the Spanish Police prior to re-examination by an 'outsider'.

Presumably, the non-Police pathologist will be paid for his findings. The findings after the first autopsy will not be 100% reliable. The pathologist recommended by PI's (highly questionably given 14 team 1st examination), will not be able to examine corpse specimens removed by the Police for DNA forensic analysis.

In principle, the reason given for PI's advising parents to have a second autopsy are ludicrous with regard to finding TRUTH. The findings will be as unreliable as the private re-examination of the scenic.

It is not only illegal for PI's to interfer in Police investigations, the need for them to do so in this case is as questionable as their involvement in Madeleine's case.

The parents of Sarah Payne & Sohom schoolgirls accepted Police pathologists findings without question or doubt. They mutually had absolutely nothing to fear from forensic and pathology analysis.

My concern for the truth behind Mari's death is the same as in Madeleine's case.

2345 said...


The mum in Goa is demanding a second autopsy simply because she does not trust the Police. But for her voicing a Police 'cover up' loud and clear via the media, the Police would have taken no action. They were forced to act as a result and the person responsible is in custody.

Whether or not she is considered to be negligent/partially responsible, the reaction of the Police to her daughter's death was abhorrent. Since then, she said on the news that her daughter was one of many such cases in Goa to which Police habitually turned a blind eye.

She took on corrupt Police and won. If I were in her shoes, I would want post mortem examination carried out in England by Police pathologists.

felicity said...

Hiya 2345

Unfortunately I understand a body being in water can destroy DNA samples.

I cannot find a link saying the parents arranged for the second post mortem - do you have one I can read.

The mum in Goa was clearly right to insist on a murder investigation but this does not detract from the fact that she left this child at risk of serious harm which should have been plainly obvious to any reasonable parent. By going off and leaving her for several weeks she clearly failed her miserably.

I have found an interesting report on the current situation re Shannon and I am pleased they are making a big effort to find her.

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Site Web Search: Advanced Search Browse Archive 'Body Dogs' Search For Missing Shannon
Updated:13:58, Tuesday March 11, 2008

More than half of the UK's specialist "body dogs" are being used in the hunt for missing nine-year-old Shannon Matthews.

Police 'body dogs' on the trailPolice said 16 of the 27 animals are searching Dewsbury for traces of the youngster, exactly three weeks since the nine-year-old failed to return home from school.

The search is one of the biggest the West Yorkshire police force has ever undertaken.

Chief Inspector Graham Armitage said handlers and dogs were working 14-hour days.

He said: "They're trained to find anything from live human beings to traces of blood."

Asked if the dogs had actually found anything, the officer said: "We have had a number of indications.


"But obviously dogs will indicate on a simple nosebleed and this is completely innocent. So we have had a number of indications, all of which have been investigated."

He added: "We are hoping we will find Shannon alive and well but we have to consider every possibility.

"It's the biggest investigation of its kind now, it's certainly the biggest missing persons inquiry since the Yorkshire Ripper which I also worked on."

The Sun has more than doubled its offer of reward money for information about her from £20,000 to £50,000.

Shannon's father, Leon Rose, 29, told the paper he wanted everyone in Britain "looking for our Little Princess".

Shannon: missing for three weeksHe said: "No one can imagine the agonies we are going through. She is a wonderful daughter and we need her home."

Shannon's mother Karen Matthews, 32, and stepfather Craig Meehan, 22, also said they were desperate for news of her.

Mr Meehan has denied any involvement in his stepdaughter's disappearance, saying he had "never laid a finger on her" and insisting he and Shannon had a "brilliant" relationship.

Shannon's mother also dismissed the allegations, made over the weekend, branding them "rubbish".

And Shannon's father, who split from her mother seven years ago, told the newspaper he always thought Mr Meehan was a "decent guy".

A huge police operation and frantic searches by family and friends have so far failed to find any trace of Shannon.

Viv x