19 Mar 2008


I thought I would just capture today's DE article and the comments before they all go "whoooosh clunk".

Seems to me from the comments below the public are just as unconvinced of the McCanns innocence now as they were before. Only thing is the McCanns just made another half a million out of their dead little girl and their strict legal right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. I hope they finish up getting ordered to pay it back, but no doubt they will be on a good spending spree!

How will lifting their arguido status enable them to focus their search - what are Metodo 3 doing for £58,000 per month and Hogan International for an undisclosed sum - are they not searching then? Just as I thought!

If you are furious about the McCanns conduct, please add to the comments, I would be very interested to hear what the public think and whether this extraction of cash and forced statement written for the Daily Express by McCanns lawyers will actually make the public think any better of them, or indeed less!

Viv x


Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of missing four-year-old Madeleine.

Wednesday March 19,2008
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Kate and Gerry McCann's £550,000 libel award over false newspaper allegations that they were responsible for the death of their daughter Madeleine will be used to help fund the search to find her, the couple has announced.
They were not present at London's High Court for the settlement of their action against Express Newspapers when a judge heard of the "untold distress" they had suffered as the result of publication of more than 100 defamatory articles.In a statement read out on their behalf after a hearing before Mr Justice Eady, the couple, whose four-year-old daughter went missing from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3 last year while her parents dined at a nearby tapas bar with friends, described the allegations against them as "grotesque".They said: "As part of our settlement, Express Newspapers have also agreed to pay damages, by way of a donation of £550,000 to the fund that was established to help find Madeleine. We feel it is entirely appropriate that the search for Madeleine will now benefit directly out of the wrongs committed against us as her parents. We hope that the Portuguese authorities lift our arguido status in the very near future so that everyone can focus on finding our beautiful little girl, Madeleine."The couple said: "Express Newspapers rightly acknowledge that we are innocent of all allegations that we may have been involved in Madeleine's abduction and we would like to reiterate that there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine is dead or has been seriously harmed. We embarked on this course of action reluctantly, indeed with a heavy heart, as we did not wish the pursuit of it to become a distraction from our sole aim - finding Madeleine."Earlier, the couple's solicitor-advocate, Adam Tudor, told the judge that from the late summer of last year until February this year, the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Star Sunday, which have a combined circulation of several million copies as well as a substantial online readership, published more than 100 articles which were seriously defamatory of the couple.He said: "The general theme of the articles was to suggest that Mr and Mrs McCann were responsible for the death of Madeleine or that there were strong or reasonable grounds for so suspecting and that they had then disposed of her body; and that they had then conspired to cover up their actions, including by creating 'diversions' to divert the police's attention away from evidence which would expose their guilt."Many of these articles were published on the front pages of the newspapers and on their websites, accompanied by sensational headlines."In addition to the allegations referred to above, the Daily Star published further articles (under the headlines 'Maddie mum sold her' and 'Maddie sold by hard-up McCanns') which sought to allege that Mr and Mrs McCann had sold their daughter in order to ease their financial burdens. A further article alleged that Mr and Mrs McCann were involved in 'swinging' or wife-swapping orgies."Mr Tudor said that, as Express Newspapers now acknowledged, all of these allegations "were, and remain, entirely untrue".

19.03.08, 9:10pm
Seems fair to me that if you libel someone then you pay up either on the orders of the court or in a private settlement.Just a shame that we can't all afford to do this - that would really bring back the days of responsible journalism.It will really be interesting to see if this gets printed.
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19.03.08, 9:06pm
Can i sue the express, because i believed the stories that were printed, now i am in shock the Mccanns are not guilty
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19.03.08, 9:04pm
Whats the going rate for child neglect these days...oh yes..£550,000.That should keep the mccans going in wine for a few months as i do remember they like a tipple or two, wasnt that what they were doing on the night Madeleine went 'missing' and the 5-6 nights previous.Perhaps they could splash out of a new shirt for Clarry, geting darn sick off his pink one!
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19.03.08, 8:57pm
D.E, you were not beyond reproach in these story but they were , still are, and will remain the true culprits and responsible for their own fate. Justice is on the march, print its steps.
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19.03.08, 8:51pm
HiWe can all jump the gun at times = FACTIt takes a big man/woman/Organization to apologize when they may have made an error of judgement = FACTCredit to the DE for her stance and being very reasonable and extremely generous in their apology and donation to the find Maddy collection.We hope M is found soon and the air is cleared!!!!We always believe that a person/s are innocent until proven guilty = FACT.However, we are still unable to comprehend why the 3 children were left home alone night after night bar the night of their arrival. As far as we are aware and in our respected knowledge, we no not of any reasonable explanation in our opinion re the parents actions. Every person we've spoken to is unable to comprehend why 3 children were left alone alone. They were 'regularly checked' but we are still uncertain what exact time scales this refers to.The NSPCC site clearly states that children that are not capable of looking after themselves should not be left alone and we totally agree with that.Another thing that we fail to understand is why are the parents and friends not returning to PDL to answer every question the PJ wants answers to??? Surely this will speed up their decision making and they can move on as after all, the Tm M spokes person has stated many times that the parents will do what it takes to find their daughter - so why not end the wait for the pj to possibly re-interview them in England and go to PDL??!!!!OUR POSTING & QUESTIONS ARE SINCERE AND IF TM M WANTS TO ADDRESS THESE, WE SINCERELY BE GRATEFUL.Finally, we'd like to thank all @ The Daily Express & hope your donation helps in the search for the poor child that has been missing for almost a year.RegardsLucian Deville: Respected Social Commentators
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19.03.08, 8:48pm
by all the people that looked like the so called abductor that clarence produced when he did his dixon of dockgreen impression at the press conference ie the pig farmer or any other people who were harrassed by med 3 or anybody in the world with a blonde child who were falsely chased ?????
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19.03.08, 8:43pm
It does seem strange that Suspects can sue for libel when the DE has mostly been quoting from the Portuguese Police regarding their suspicion that Madeleine died in the Apartment.It is yet more cashing in when a little girl is still missing and the Police are still awaiting some answers. I understand that there is a presumption of innocent until proven guilty but it seems a bit ripe that the McCanns can benefit from the neglect of their children, avoid the police investigation and be said to be completely innocent when they truly are named as suspects.The British Press need to investigate this case and be able to report freely.
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19.03.08, 8:42pm
did the Mccanns have a hearing with justice Eady or was the statement read on the steps outside of a previous unrelated hearing by justice EadyThe way i read the report, there was no court case, the Express settled.?More spin
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19.03.08, 8:39pm
MCCANNS SETTLEMENT19.03.08, 5:48pmI think oit's absolutely appalling thhat the McCans have won this action. Surely the fact that they are arguidos, and that status hasnt been lifted means that the Portuguese judiciary feel that they are in some way involved? Will they sue them too?• Posted by: Shell22 • Report CommentI AM SO PLEASED19.03.08, 5:47pmthat all of their financial worries have now been eased - it must be a great relief for them, given that Kate has given up her part-time job.• Posted by: Dr_Val • Report CommentWILL THE EXPRESS COUNTER SUE.............19.03.08, 5:11pm.....the McCanns if they are eventually charged and found guilty to any offence in relation to their missing daughter.?Are they not along with Murat still official suspects in the Portuguese Police's,as yet not completed investigation.? • Posted by: Konan • Report Comment
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19.03.08, 8:34pm
yip still gasping yet nancy lol
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19.03.08, 8:33pm
Hi Big L - great to see you! Did you manage to give up the fags for good?Yes, I did hear something like that, but I would have thought if that were true all the other newspapers would have printed that story by now, unless it leaks out tomorrow! Nothing would surprise me about this case though.All I know is if the McCanns got £550,000 for hurt feelings after they left their children alone and Madeleine was abducted, then there is no justice in this world!! Got to go now; let's see if this is still continuing tomorrow!Good night and sweet dreams!
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19.03.08, 8:31pm
I would like further clarification of how the Daily Express knows the McCanns are "innocent"?I think thats up to the PJ to prove dont you?
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19.03.08, 8:29pm
Archer, Aitken, Thorp, Hamilton.........Tick tock tick tock.
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19.03.08, 8:29pm
there's a few more mortgage payments in the bag for them. Do we actually know which of the newspaper allegation were false???? Could the DE advise us on that????
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19.03.08, 8:27pm
I wouldn't start spending it yet if I were they.
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19.03.08, 8:27pm
Madeleine is gone because she was left with only her siblings; these 3 wee ones were deliberately left by their parents. So......they (the parents) abandoned them to their fate....Innocent.....I don't think so!
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19.03.08, 8:26pm
So i'll say it again.Dear Daily ExpressPublished: Wednesday March 19,2008 by lioned Can we please now see some sensible investigative journalism and some proper articles aimed at stemming this tide of child neglect.Thankyou.
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19.03.08, 8:26pm
it was a pr stun as there was no court date for the mccanns and clarence acted out the statement from the front of the court as no court hearing was heard there as it was an OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT
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19.03.08, 8:26pm
It is with "a heavy heart" the couple have done this, it's reported, distracting them from searching for their daughter. Were they out looking then? or were Metodo 3 taken off the search to attend court then? The dossier of evidence reported in the investigation into the disappearence is in the hands of the police and judiciary and is confidential. Nobody, not Express Newspapers nor the McCanns lawyers are aware of what evidence there is, are they?
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£550,000 DAMAGES
19.03.08, 8:24pm
Why didn't the McCanns attend court to receive their £550,000 libel award? Are they too ashamed to be receiving a vast sum for hurt feelings, while people who are injured for life by criminals, or car accidents, receive considerably less! This couple allowed the newspapers to print articles about them for the past 10 months without doing anything about it. Why didn't they make their objections to the first story printed? Was it in order to receive a far larger sum if hey let it go on and on?They say they don't think Madeleine has been harmed by her supposed abduction - just how do they arrive at that conclusion, unless they know something the rest of us don't! I would have thought that a young child taken from her bed by someone other than her parents and kept for 10 months away from them would be considerably harmed! Are they living in a fantasy world or something?The DX should never have handed over this money - they should have called the McCann's bluff and refused to kow tow to them, because if nothing else this couple and their tapas friends are guilty of gross negligence in leaving their young children alone in bed - it was fortunate that all three of the poor McCann children weren't abducted - if indeed Madeleine was!JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE!
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19.03.08, 8:24pm
;-) lol
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19.03.08, 8:23pm
... a number of earlier ones have gone. I posted one before 6pm - whooshed-clunked :-(
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19.03.08, 8:22pm
Why didn't they go to court for the 4 million and have it ALL OUT in court? Why didn't they? At least we would have had the chance to hear something...
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19.03.08, 8:21pm
Hey Big L did you woosh my earlier comments while i was having my dinner ??
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19.03.08, 8:13pm
The fund hmmm now theirs a story........Charity?fund ?charity? fund what is it?Living expenses hmmmmmmmmmm
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19.03.08, 8:12pm
if not then the entirely innocent statement is not true
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19.03.08, 8:12pm
i posted a comment about all the people who where on this site pulling the mccanns apart nearly 600 or more but it seems the express did not like it or are you just safeguarding the morons where are they today.
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19.03.08, 8:11pm
if you don't want the papers to print stories about you Mr and Mrs McCann, then I suggest not leaving three children under the age of 4 home alone would be a good start.Your daughter is the victim of your actions. You are the victims of no-ones.This paper has printed the rolled out pre prepared statements by your spokesperson - told the rest of the British public how it's just a British thing to do, and have generally looked after you pretty well. Now you have demanded money out of them because you don't like to read some of the other stories they've printed.Shame on you Express for giving in to these arrogant child neglectors.
• Posted by: WTFReport Comment

19.03.08, 8:01pm
go out leave 3 children 3 and under blame everybody else but the acual people who neglected maddie and grab a bundle shame on you
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19.03.08, 8:00pm
Well, well, well, have i been dreaming or are the McCann’s still arguidos? Nanh, I think I am very l awake.How can they be totally innocent? Have they been charged, went to trial and been cleared of all doubts?Have they finally answered all the questions? Have all the previous statements of the McCann’s and their friends become clear as water?Where can I see the official statement of the Portuguese authorities stating that they are innocent, or the court decision about their innocence?I’ve been traveling trough Amazonia for the last 20 days and I have not seen or heard many news, but such a development in only 20 days is really amazing. When I left, the rogatory letters were not yet accepted by the home office….now they are innocent?Where can I see the Abduction evidence and final prove of it??Are the McCann’s also innocent of the neglecting issue???Is money and image more important than finding the truth about what really happened to Madeleine??I am really confused now, what is the role of the newspapers and journalist nowadays??
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ps Chinadull/Kate - you might be welcome on Psychopops blog but really no one likes you at all apart from the personality disordered little coven of five on there, you and your ilk...

19.03.08, 10:03pm
unreliable says chinadoll but she supports two unreliable parents who couldn,t be relied on too look after 3 children they soooooooo wanted lol makes ya laugh eh how deluded some people can be SUPPORTING SERIAL CHILD NEGLECTORS THAT ARE PRIME SUSPECTS IN THEIR CHILDS DISAPPEARANCE ;-)
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19.03.08, 10:02pm
MCCANNS YOU CAN'T REWIND THE TIME EVEN WITH MONEY.19.03.08, 8:57pmD.E, you were not beyond reproach in these story but they were , still are, and will remain the true culprits and responsible for their own fate. Justice is on the march, print its steps.• Posted by: frencheuropean •
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19.03.08, 10:00pm
REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT.I didn't realise it was all about money to you.I didn't realise you were hard up.Now I know where you are coming from.You clearly have too much time on your hands.Go in Peace.
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19.03.08, 10:00pm
HOWDIE BIG L19.03.08, 9:48pmI'll have whatever you are on!!!!!!Hope you and yours are well and I sincerely hope you will not use the sort of disgusting language I have seen you use on other blogs, if,you should wish to respond further.• Posted by: chinadoll • Report Commentdisgusting language ? what ever but1 you nor any person will tell me what i can and can,t doand2 disgusting to me is neglecting and losing a daughter and then going to the public for money aka the mccanns ;-)
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19.03.08, 9:57pm
When something wicked this way comes from any direction in England, I opt out. I have no need of a correspondent in this forum. I prefer it that way. Sometimes pesky comments can sidetrack you. I am glad to see that the Daily Express is not backwards in coming forwards with an apology if one is required. But that is who they are. I am not glad to see that money is once again in the headlines for Madeleine McCann, but that is who the McCanns are and no one can change that. The money does nothing for Madeleine.
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19.03.08, 9:52pm
There is only me and Big L around at the moment.If you choose not to respond to me, then you are dependent on BigL, who is not always reliable.If BigL is reliable, I am sure he will continue your delightful discourse and you two will be chatting & bonding, all night.As for me, I'm off.I have a far better place to go to where I amOO..............H S............Oh Welcome.Some people never learn.........no matter what their age.
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19.03.08, 9:50pm
Like me, you refuse to go along with the drivel. Yes indeed, the 550 thou did not remove the arguido status and it never will. Nor will it remove the guilt that this couple must feel. If they do not, they are - well you know, not quite like the rest of us who think that 2 year olds and 3 year olds should not be left alone. And most definitely that is what happened on 5/3/2007. As an English woman from way back who believes in fair play and that the British stand for fair play, I think it is only right that justice should be done if libel happened. I don't condone that.Now if we over here could only figure out how to ship Butler Burrell over there to set the record straight ikn Judge Baker's court, then justice would be smiling indeed.Love that little face BigL, thanks for bringing the baby back. Cheers friend.
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19.03.08, 9:48pm
I'll have whatever you are on!!!!!!Hope you and yours are well and I sincerely hope you will not use the sort of disgusting language I have seen you use on other blogs, if,you should wish to respond further.
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19.03.08, 9:46pm
Missing Madeleine McCann is one of the great tragedies of 2007. It could have been avoided. However, avoid it the McCanns never will. Now there is another underline to their actions. People will be even less likely to forget this bizarre couple, as with Lizzie Borden. They will always be remembered as that couple who were boozing in a bar and allowed their daughter to go missing. Years down the line, they will be remembered as being accused by a newspaper and for what. Years down the line, they will remember that Madeleine is not with them. IMHO. Glad to get this off my chest!
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19.03.08, 9:45pm
Just a minor complaint.You got the date wrong.That is not how we write the date.You should know better, as I understand you are, such a seasoned, loving, Brit.
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NEWSFLASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
19.03.08, 9:45pm
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19.03.08, 9:43pm
I have been posting on here since May 2007, on this and many other subjects.In the United States the McCann story would not have got this far. They would have been arrested for child neglect and thrown in jail. Americans do not favor paying out thousands of dollars to neglectful parents. They are strict about children being left alone and especially when the parents are socializing in a bar. That's the way of things over here.What is the way of things over here, too, is when a child is missing more than likely that child is missing forever. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Madeleine McCann is missing forever. I hope the parents think of that when they are balancing the bank books.
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19.03.08, 9:42pm
Priceless.Justice for Madeleine will prevail, but not Portuguese style.Hard to swallow ?The truth often is.
• Posted by: chinadollReport Comment

19.03.08, 9:40pm
My say is always the same. Kate and Gerry McCann in the Tapas Bar on May 3, 2007, surrounded by like-minded friends. Their two-year-old twins and 3 year-old daughter alone and at risk in their holiday apartment.End result: Madeleine McCann went missing on May 3, 2007, and today, March 19, 2008, she is still missing. And no amount of awards or monetary agreements can change that fact. Nor will they bring her back. Madeleine McCann is gone forever. That counts for me. My say on this peaceful evening. 3/19/2008.,
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19.03.08, 9:38pm
If they were suing in the good old U S of A, they'd get zzzzzzzzzz...................ilionsAnd do not forget, you are a guest of this gracious newspaper.
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19.03.08, 9:35pm
That is what counts for me. It has not happened. This child is lost forever. If the 550,000 damages set that record straight, then there's something awfully wrong with things in Britain. It gores one better than "something wrong in Denmark" (Shakespeare). But there's not accounting for folks - and what they deem important.
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19.03.08, 9:34pm
No disrespect Madam,but if you're the only one around,I'M OFF.Happy chatting with yourself.
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19.03.08, 9:32pm
Two wrongs don't make a right. That is a cliche but often what we call cliches are right on the button. It is obvious to me that the Daily Express erred in its reporting and on the side of libel. If libel were to be dismissed as nothing, someone's perception and it is just fine to print it, then we would all be in trouble. The law is the law. Libel is illegal and carries a penalty. In my view, the Daily Express had to have erred for an award to be made.The McCanns erred in my view and the view of many posters on here. We have been faithful to our stance that leaving 3 children alone as they did the night of May 3, 2007 (and several nights prior to that) put those children at risk. The tragic result of that misjudgment on their part has resulted in the tragic loss - and forever in my opinion - of an adorable child.While the money is jingling in the account and the McCanns are solvent again for yet more global tours, let them think on this: When the bank is closed, no more checks being written until the morrow, when the door of the house in Leicester has closed and all the lights are out, the conscience comes to life (unless one is a sociopath which they are not). There is nothing worse than a still small voice that cannot be silenced. Nothing worse than an empty bed in an empty bedroom, a child's presence there, but not there.If the McCanns think that the money awarded them is an award of sorts, so be it. They were responsible - for a little girl left alone for who knows what to happen. I would prefer to be bankrupt than suffer the pangs of their consciences.
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19.03.08, 9:29pm
And noticed the same old scavengers, picking over the same old bones.Glad to see you are all well.I only hope that you all employ a defence of 'Guilty on count one of following the DX sheep and the stories you were fed. You were not the only ones influenced by same. It is sometimes difficult to come to terms with something you have strived to avoid, but IMO, it is better to give up earlier, rather than later.Hope you all go to bed with your usual lovely thoughts - have a good night.The Daily Express, has today, set the record.FACT - You don't like it.Goodnight.
• Posted by: chinadollReport Comment

19.03.08, 9:20pm
A THOUSAND KUDOS TO THE DAILY EXPRESS FOR ITS INTEGRITY. THEY PAID FOR A PERCEIVED WRONG, THEY ADMITTED A WRONG.THE McCANNS DID WRONG ON MAY 3, 2007. THEY DO NOT PERCEIVE IT THAT WAY AND THEREFORE THEY DO NOT EXPRESS REGRET FOR WHAT THEY DID. BUT REGRET IS WHAT THEY WILL DO FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. MADELEINE IS GONE FROM THEIR LIVES AND BY THEIR OWN HAND. LET THEM REMEMBER THIS. MONEY CANNOT UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN DONE. MONEY CANNOT EQUATE TO A BEAUTIFUL CHILD LOST FOREVER. To the Editor and Publisher of the Daily Express:Dear Sirs:As a reader of your newspaper, the Daily Express, and a commentator on your forums, a responsible commentator I would add, I respect that decision. Without doubt, there are things one can say and one cannot say in public and definitely in a newspaper, and on the TV, where such statements can be widely disseminated. Reading between the lines, it would appear that the Daily Express overstepped the line on something. I did not read any article that one of your reporters wrote implying that the McCanns caused the death of their child. If such exists, it is regrettable. When I read of Clarence Mitchell's reference to the High Court and a "monetary agreement" I sadly accept that perhaps one or two such articles do exist. That's a pity.However, although I do not speak for others, it is clear to me - and after reading many comments on the forums you presented regarding this tragic disappearance of Madeleine McCann - that many share my basic view of this tragedy. That is the fact that it is irrefutable and incontestable and basic to the child's disappearance that the McCanns were lacking in good judgment not to mention parental know-how, in leaving three young children in such a potentially dangerous situation. Madeleine McCann has disappeared because her parents put her in a risky place. No matter what happened subsequently, something occurred by chance, because of a window of opportunity. That is the one true and proven fact in this sad story. No amount of monetary agreements or huge sums reversed into the Find Madeleine Fund can alter the beginning and the end of this story of a lost child, lost because of bad judgment and failure to take care. I would like to think that the Daily Express Editor and Publisher recognize this, and that the "monetary agreement" has resulted from a slip-up on the legal side. I am a retired legal secretary. I worked as a legal secretary for the 2nd largest law firm in the USA for over 14 years. If there is talk of a monetary agreement, it goes without saying that the law came down on the side of the person receiving the money. So be it.I read your newspaper almost daily. I read it in preference to all others. You present the news very well in my view. I didn't agree with all the hype on Prince Harry, but, you win some you lose some with me. I shall continue to read the Daily Express. As for the McCanns - let the chips fall where they may. One thing is certain and lamentable, and that is that for the rest of their lives they will live with the fact that their beautiful daughter is lost, in my view forever, and because of that one basic fact: they permitted it, they offered an opportunity on a golden platter. No amount of "monetary agreements" can assuage the pain of that.Thank you for the opportunity to address the news desk., and thank you for an apology for a perceived wrong. You've gone up sky high in my estimation.
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19.03.08, 9:17pm
BIG L19.03.08, 9:00pmWHAT IF THE MCCANNS AND CLARENCE MITCHELL GET SUED19.03.08, 8:48pmby all the people that looked like the so called abductor that clarence produced when he did his dixon of dockgreen impression at the press conference ie the pig farmer or any other people who were harrassed by med 3 or anybody in the world with a blonde child who were falsely chased ?????• Posted by: big_L • Report CommentAnd dont forget 'Frank Spencer' in Oz with his kid in the mall the other day getting chased by the local cops must have scared the cr-p out of him and his kid.Will the mcc's send him some compensation for his pain and suffering ?Hows the fags Big L coming up 7 weeks for me and i still want one bad. • Posted by: lioned • Report Comment
• Posted by: big_LReport Comment

19.03.08, 9:16pm
I'm incensed. WHY have you paid £550,000 to the OFFICIAL SUSPECTS into the disappearance of their daughter? Couldn't you have waited until the PJ finished their case then pay them - after all they may be GUILTY. Child neglect really does pay! Disgusting.
• Posted by: lulaReport Comment

19.03.08, 9:14pm
you are now officially the number 1 British Clairvoyant daily.You knew they were innocent. ?????
• Posted by: mannieReport Comment


Zodiac said...


The statement that was read out today on the steps a British Court clearly saying they are innocent. How do you think the PJ will view this?

Anonymous said...
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Himself said...

Well, things usually have a way of working out.

A Letter From The Pontiff

leigh3 said...

leigh3 said...
Hi Viv and All (x Big_L),

Anyone notice how most Press and broadcast media today now use the term 'disappeared', not 'abduction' (the McCann word)?

UK media is a ruthless business, and enjoys seeing rivals suffer, but only briefly.

The bigger issue: journalists and libel lawyers will ensure that liars get their money in the short term, but pay much more for it in the long term.

Libel: it's a nasty game for nasty people. The Press never forget or forgive manipulators, cynically using libel to silence honest inquiry.

Time and perseverance gets results, however long it takes.

Am reminded of names like Thorpe, Aitken, Archer etc...

Slowly, slowly catchy monkeys.

Ta ra, Darlings. See you soon. Have faith in Justice for Madeleine Beth McCann, however long it takes, and wherever it leads.


viv said...

Hiya Zodiac

I am not aware of any British Court clearly saying the McCanns are innocent. There can only be a pronouncement by a Court following the trial of the case. There was no trial here, it was settled and the statement read out was prepared by the McCanns lawyers.

The apology written in the Daily Express would have also been written by the McCanns lawyers. This would have been part of the settlement deal, which is not just about handing cash over - basically they can demand anything they like - a written apology in the newspaper concerned is usual, and a statement read out by the barrister for the paper in court, as happened here. When you think this was written by Kate and Gerry's libel lawyers, you can see what a farce it really is.

I think the PJ will be utterly bemused at the amazing cheak of this money grabbing child neglecting couple of English doctors and for them it will be business as usual. I dont think they will be faiting at the prospect of a libel writ!

viv said...


Had a look at that - ROFLMAO

CHEERS - A good laugh a day, keeps the doctor away:-)

leigh3 said...


You exemplify the thug tactics used by the McCann Machine of media manipulators, seeking to crush anyone who questions your paymasters' version of events.

You are a sociopath, and a fool. Count your pennies, and save them for the time when you lot do appear in a court of libel - at someone else's behest, even it it requires that you lot are provoked into it due to your vanity.

Like today, for example :-)

You, amateurs. Fodder for others who'll make riches out of you.

BTW: Clarence needs a new haircut. What a silly bumpkin he looked like today.

viv said...

Hiya Leigh

I think Kate and Gerry McCann are in good company in the libel hall of fame along with Aitken, Hamilton and "Lord" Archer. Two of these greedy lieing thugs went to jail for their lies. The McCanns are going to jail for far worse than lies and dishonestly extracting cash.

I think Clarence always looks worn out lately, badly presented and downright aggressive!

I think we need to have a private word about the sociopath..but think I would drop the socio and substitute psycho..

Speaking of which did you notice Rosiepops has been absent from its little hate fest of late - out on the piss no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Himself - ROFLMAO


I did not actually see the coverage, have read here, Alsabella's and 3 A's. It seems to me that it is being implied it is a Judicial clearing, for people who would choose to believe it. IMO. Do not think it is a coincidence that this is in the press at the same time the PJ are coming. IMO.

Madeleine I hope you get the justice you deserve whatever that may be.


viv said...

Did Kate and Gerry get so pissed celebrating they could not manage to turn up for the High Court hearing or have they just gone a bit camera shy for some reason?

LittleGreyCell said...


Quite urgent - can you post your email address, please? Need to send you an email straight away...


hope4truth said...

Hello Anyone still up..

Some appology hey...

If there is no evidence against them there is also no evidence against and abductor....

There is evidence of neglect but I guess the next move will be to change the law to allow children from birth to be negelcted whenever their parents want to go out for a drink???

I dont understand how this will help find Madeleine M3 have been looking for months and nothing and a huge reward nothing...

hope4truth said...


How are you feeling??? xxx

hope4truth said...


How are you feeling??? xxx

hope4truth said...


bet viv posts at the same time but


viv said...

Hiya Zodiac

If people are understanding this as a judicial clearing then they have completely misunderstood.

Libel is a civil wrong where an individual takes action saying they have had their character defamed. It has got nothing at all to do with the criminal action against the McCanns, where the State of Portugal are taking action against them for being in breach of the criminal law. If Portugal do not prosecute them the UK could. In short they can be prosecuted in either country for such a serious offence. They are suspected of killing Madeleine and disposing of her body and they are named prime suspects in that investigation. The libel ruling does not change that.

Most people who institute libel proceedings want the case fought out in court because they want a judgment from the court saying they have been libelled and therefore clearing their name. The libel alleged here is that the Daily Express have clearly stated they are guilty of killing Madeleine and other silly spurious allegations in The Star which it seems to me actually are patently false e.g. hard up McCanns sold Madeleine. Wife swapping etc. The serious issue here is that there is a presumption in British law and indeed across the EU of innocence of a criminal offence until such time as a criminal court of law have actually pronounced you guilty of the crime following a trial or admission of guilt. It is not open to a newspaper to declare the McCanns are guilty as the Daily Express so clearly did with one of their headlines

"McCanns are guilty"

another said

"McCanns are lying"

Only the criminal court can make such pronouncements and by saying that before the McCanns have actually been found guilty they were, technically, libelling them. They are entitled to be considered innocent until actually proven to be guilty. That does not of course mean that they actually are innocent or that this was a decent and responsible thing to do. They have just abused the law in a technical way.

The High Court could not pronounce the McCanns are innocent of a criminal offence because they are a civil court hearing libel cases etc, not a criminal court. Neither did the High Court even make a ruling because the case was settled on agreed terms without any court hearing. In such cases the Judge simply accepts the settlement terms and makes an Order that is the end of the matter the McCanns have foregone their right to an actual judicial determination of whether or not they were libelled. They have done nothing at all to clear their name, they were not even in the right court but the last thing they would have wanted was a trial because obviously the issue of what actually happened to Madeleine would have been considered and the McCanns obviously do not want to be put in the position of having to give evidence of that on oath which could have seriously prejudiced their defence of the criminal case against them.

viv said...



LittleGreyCell said...


Have just emailed you - please read asap.



LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Hope,

Thanks for Viv's address.

I'm OK-ish, thanks. (That's a bit like being Jewish, but without the matzo balls). Have periods of being tired, but that could just be down to my age!

How are you?


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Hope you are ok x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up Viv. I have not seen the video footage, only read about it.


hope4truth said...


Make sure you rest if you do to much you will not get better (Blimey I sound like my Mum)...

What are matzo balls??? Are they available on the NHS???


viv said...

Hiya Zodiac

Hope I was not too confusing. It is difficult trying to give a potted law lecture!

viv x

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I am far ta darling.

The timing of this libel announcement does seem contemptuous - wonder if PJ already here. Suspect McCann may be feeling a lot richer, but definitely not a lot safer. As I explained above managing to extract an apology and settlement out of the DE does not affect the ongoing criminal investigation against them.

viv said...

whoops hope my crap typing!

fine not far! I am here really:-)

viv said...

lgc - have responded as requested

viv x

LittleGreyCell said...


You're right about resting - I'm a great believer in the Victorian way of convalescing, but pity the poor husband, having to bring me newspapers and lovely treats whilst I'm lying on the sofa adorned by cats! Could get used to that (me, not him, sadly).

Matzo balls (you didn't know matzos had them, did you?) are made from a kind of flour called Matzo meal and they go into chicken soup.

Delicious! And they should be available on the NHS, but then again, so too should my medication be available at the weekend! (Take one pack of chicken soup three times a day, before meals. In case of overdose, call a rabbi).


LittleGreyCell said...


Many thanks - have emailed you again.


hope4truth said...


Well you learn something new every day if the question comes up on Millionaire I will split my Million with you...

You keep your husband running round you will soon be better and he will stop...

LittleGreyCell said...


Mazto balls are only the beginning - when you're au fait with those, we'll progress to knedlech and kreplach...


hope4truth said...

Hey Viv

I am fine thanks very tiered went into work this mornign at 5.30 as I had some meetings to sort out... I felt fantastic when I got up and was thinking on my way in that I would get up early every day.... Now I am thinking do I need to be in tomorrow morning or could I stay in bed for a few hours LOL x

Your explenation was intresting I know very little about law (except to not break it) although being bundled off by a dishy police man would be nice....

Anonymous said...

Good evening

My,my- what a circus the Mccanns have created.Sadly, their little girl is still lost,gone,whoosh clucked and may well be so forever.
The three aspects I'll always associate with this couple and their pink entourage/freemasonry contacts are and always will be:
1.child neglect which resulted in the disappearance of an innocent three year old child.(and getting away with the negligence issue)
2.threats(also being made daily on blogs by their obsessive supporters/cult)

Hope that one day this little girl may receive the justice she (and every single innocent child that has been exploited) deserves

hope4truth said...


Bless you...

LOL xxx

viv said...

Hiya LGC

just emailed you back again

viv x

Oh No Hope - do you mean you went to work at 5.30 am - how absolutely awful. I have been known to turn in about 6.30 occasionally when I had a pre-sentence report in court that I did not get around to doing but that is absolutely horrid!

I have met some very dishy policemen over the years - the not so dishy one - well I divorced the bald old bugger!

hope4truth said...


LOL dont suppose you still have his uniform???

There is something about a man in uniform (Richard Gere Officer and a Gentleman) whoah!!!

I am not fussy policeman, fireman, Soldier, McDonnalds LOL...

I like getting up early but am now feeling really tiered...

viv said...

Hiya Southerncross

The points you list are what make them look so guilty.

Parents who neglect children - that is a serious risk factor to social workers that even more serious abuse may be taking place.

Again, parents who heavily abuse alcohol, another serious risk factor.

Parents who are self-centred and more concerned about loads of money than their own daughter - staggering!

What I just cannot get over is why did they only hire a car 25 days later. The thing is if my child had gone missing in a foreign country I would have felt so trapped and helpless to do anything to try find her without a car and hiring one would have been the very first thing that I did. I am afraid the police do have the reason why the hired it when they did perfectly correct. The dogs smelt blood and corpse in there and the FSS have done the forensic tests. We know that for a fact!

LittleGreyCell said...


Well, since I'm a good girl, I'll be off to bed now.

Actually, there have been tests on chicken soup (really) which show it to possess penicillin-like qualities! More tests needed for gefilte fish and fried chicken (kosher, not McDonalds!).

Sleep well (sounds like you will tonight!)


viv said...

Hiya Hope

I do not have any good memories of his uniform I am afraid. He used to wear a police shirt and an ordinary shirt every day and drop them on the bedroom floor for me to pick up, launder and then spend all Sunday afternoon ironing them so he could do the same again.

He is now frazzling himself to a crisp in Southern Turkey. Do I miss him.......(!)

I did go out with a fireman and they have always been a turn on for some reason in their big red engines. Mind you I have put so much weight on with the ankle probs I doubt I oculd find one hefty enough to throw me over his shoulder now. But hey ho ankle a lot better and I am walking again. Went to a lovely water park today. Cold but sunny and was watching some lapwings through the binoculars - one rather fat male was chasing the others off ..men eh!

On balance I am holding out for George but wish he did not lose weight, think he has gone a bit too thin. I hope he is OK

Darling you will be tired if you go to work at 5.30. Maybe a little lie in, tommorow?

hope4truth said...


Take care see you tomorrow xxx

viv said...

Nite LGC

Next time I feel a sort throat coming on I will be belting the chicken soup down me - thanks for that!

I do learn a lot on me blog:-)

viv x

hope4truth said...


Glad your ankle is a little better you will soon be chasing fire engines again...

I am off to bed very tiered and have decided on a late start tomorrow (then 4 days off hooray)...

Take care x

Anonymous said...







viv said...

Nite Hope darling

Hummmmm not sure he fixed me that good I can chase the fire engines but if they get out of them!

Have a lovely late morning tomorrow and really enjoy your Easter break xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

HI Viv

Yes, 25 days later the need to hire a car...Well,we have read on Gerry's blog about the jogging,he even felt it important enough to report the time it took them to reach a certain destination during one of these little marathons. Now I would have been much more impressed if they physically spend the time searching for their baby.

Seems like fit,healthy individuals.Not healthy enough to go and physically look for their child that magically disappeared .

viv said...


Had a quick look at Hostgator. It is sad and boring, just like you.

You exist on the dark side of the internet, with the perverts and the cranks.

dylan said...

Oops, missed the new link. Paste of what i said on the old:

Gordon worked his usual magic as always. Last in series :(

Just to let you guys know: Thursday, 9pm, Channel 4 - programme about Shannon Matthews' family and the personal hell they went through. It's supposed to be a true reflectance on their experience. Should contrast quite starkly with the McCanns I think.

Leigh, I agree. Justice will prevail and the press will have their day on this, no doubts about that. If there is ever, anyone you would not want to fall foul of (apart from Gordon Ramsey that is) it is the media. The press remembers. The press can be patient and hold a grudge for a very long time & as my dad used to say: it's not over by a long ball of chalk!


Sorry folks xx

viv said...

Hiya Southerncross

I think the reason I immediately suspected them was because it came across so strongly they just wanted to carry on with their holiday routine, fitting a publicity campaign into that.

I was just absolutely staggered that they were saying their daughter got snatched from that resort and yet, they just kept dumping the twins in the creche everyday. Since, they have even tried to suggest it might have been an "inside job". So did they not query whether it was safe to leave the twins at the time. How on earth was this normal? There is just no evidence at all of normal care and concern for their children is there? The need to even make sure the twins were OK.

No, they wanted to go jogging and see how quick they could do it. No wonder Gerry got all his inane blog comments deleted when the new site was launched. Did someone say hey Gerry, actually, quite inappropriate. There were also the little jokes, sick jokes, e.g. in May, we even managed to fit in time to get the twins haircut. I reckon they were paranoid about keep getting their haircut - to remove all trace in it of tranquilising drugs. Poor little angels. I often wondered if they actually saw and heard what happened to little Maddie. What a tragedy for these two little one to grow up with. Poor babies!

viv said...

Hiya Dillie

Thanks for details of the programme re Shannon's family. I am sure they have gone through hell.

I posted on the other thread, I wonder if Carter Ruck are rushing to help them sue newspapers who printed they knew all along where she was and it was just a hoax. That was downright libellous and really cruel. It would be lovely to see this family get a windfall - they actually need it and deserve it. Whenever I have heard of really poor families winning the lottery it makes your heart sing. Kate and Gerry McCann getting another half a million .....no words I could print!

When the McCanns are convicted for what they did the Daily Express will make damn sure they get their half a million back and I dont blame them! It will be open season on the McCanns and they certainly asked for it.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight all
I firmly believe that the truth shall prevail someday. Patience is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

Lies lies and more lies

You just can't help yourself Viv.

Sad Viv, I even feel sorry for you.

All these risks, all this hatred, for what?

viv said...

Nite Nite Southerncross

Justice is a very precious thing, and well worth waiting for.

Madeleine was a very precious little girl. I bet we all wish we could have kept her safe.

Viv x

dylan said...

Viv - yes. I have often pondered whether i would put my children in a creche, on holiday, even before last may. Not that I can afford to go abroad anyway but i have always thought that I couldn't do that for two reasons:

1) The children are equal in as much as they deserve a holiday and it wouldn't be a holiday for them, or me, if we didn't experience it together.

2) I don't think i could trust a creche in a country i am not familiar with, to exercise the same, stringent care policies that a creche that i know has been vetted by the proper authorities and one which I have had the chance to look around and speak to the staff.

I never hired baby-sitters for my children that i didn't personally know. Never booked a sitter from an ad in a shop window or paper. They have all been people that i know well and implicitly trust.

I still can't get over the fact that these, so-called responsible people just left their children to their own fate. Particularly the doctor that left a sick child - absolutely abhorrent, selfish and disgusting behaviour. Those poor children.

How can these people sleep at night and say that they love their children and then try to pass off what they did as typical british behaviour? I don't get angry much these days in my mellowing years but this really does take the biscuit & never ceases to stun me!

LGC get well soon honey & take all of the spoiling you can get. You deserve it!

dylan said...

The McCanns will get what they have asked for IMO but the notoriety they expect will be a soured infamy in the end. They surely feel so important right now that they can have the press feeding from their hands. It just doesn't work like that. You can never manipulate the media. The media is a bit like a lovely, cuddly lap dog. It will lap up all the attention that you give it but if you stop feeding it, one day, just when you are nuzzling up to its face, it will turn and bite you! The DE did make a lot of money from the McCanns. I know as I bought it and it's not a paper I would usually buy, but the attention was what the McCanns wanted. They now think they can pick and choose not only who says what but also what they say.
They are not the gods they think they are & it will all end in tears.
The press waits for no-one, panders to all but will always hold the last trump card.

BTW it has been great to read the lovely, caring comments tonight between fellow human beings that wish each other well. I wonder if ST can say the same about her site??!


dylan said...

Off to bed. Goodnight folks & sleep well. I wish I wasn't vegetarian so I could eat some chicken soup. I feel like I need it!

Dillie xx

viv said...

Hiya again Dillie

I agree I never could understand how that was a holiday for the family. It was a holiday for the two selfish parents but all they ever did where those three lovely little children was dump them - day and night.

When my own children were little I really enjoyed holidays because my then husband and I did everything to make them happy. I can remember having serious earache sometimes in Wales on the beach, it was so cold, but my boys were on their hols and that was where they wanted to be! To normal parents it is a real joy to see your little children happy.

Families are supposed to be a happy unit - the only time the McCanns seemed to be happy is when they were on the piss with their mates or off jogging or playing tennis etc with the kids all dumped in the creche. In short anything that suited them and excluded their children.

I agree I have never left my children with people I do not know. Again, it is a question of you love them, care for them and want to know they are safe. It has recently been disclosed some of the Mark Warner staff were not even qualified. Yet they just dumped their kids in a strange country with people they did not even know. At night they did not even get a babysitter. Total and utter lack of love and concern for their children. They simply do not deserve them.

Poor working class families do not leave their children alone or keep dumping them on holiday. There is something very seriously wrong with this couple. The greatest tragedy is that they ever bothered to take their little status symbols on holiday with them. If they had just left them at home with nan Madeleine would probably still be here. It is just incredible that a couple of doctors go for a week's break and "lose" one of their children - just disappeared into thin air! Terrible and unbelievable really.

We know, as decent parents there is just no way on earth we could ever have lost one of our children because we love them and make sure nothing ever could happen to them, that is the fundamental difference and why people are so utterly shocked and repulsed by Kate and Gerry McCann. Their actions incrementally, only make people feel worse.

viv said...

Nite Nite Dillie

Lovely to hear from you again and sleep well

Kate and Gerry McCann thought they could control and use the media for their own ends. Sooner or later if you mess with fire your sure to get burned and that is what the press is.

luv viv x

viv said...


I just popped back to the Daily Express to pick up some more comments on the above article and WHOOOOOOSH CLUNK you never guess what I got:

The article you are looking for does not exist. It may have been deleted.

I wonder if Clarence or maybe even Gerry, put his naturally angry head on, rang the Daily Express and said "excuse me but you are allowing the wicked British public to write how upset they are about you giving us all that luvverly dosh, switch them off NOW OR ELSE!!"£££££££££

Never mind I did manage to get some more posts up until 10.03 and have added them up top:-)

See Chinadull (AKA "Kate") was on there trying to brave the onslaught in her so genteel way....(!)

docmac said...

Hi Viv

The article is there. I have just commented and am off to bed. I could not get on your blog earlier. Gateway timeouts, did anyone else have trouble?

Night x

viv said...

Hiya Doc

Do you have a link to the Daily Express? I dont know whether anyone else had trouble tonight, no one said.

Viv x

docmac said...


Enjoy and Nite again :-)

viv said...

Thanks Doc

but I just checked again and it says article deleted!

I will have a go with your link

Cheers and nite to you x

viv said...

Hiya Doc if you are still around - most weird - what the DE have done is delete all the post above up to 10 pm ish and then let people start again, copies below. I see Psychopops is blasting off at its worst:-( Truly shocking.. ~Weird for someone who just got half a million...Dear Dear were people then supposed to go oh poor little McCanns, see they are innocent - Get a grip Gerry!

20.03.08, 1:13am

you have the audacity to call someone a bully? You? Don't make me laugh you cabre thrower.

you are the most manipulative bully that ever walked these HYS forums, you are a liar and you are not a doctor, you just try and impress silly gullible women and they fall for it.

Anyone who is not taken in by you gets attacked in the vilest nastiest way, only you are such a coward you run to a vile blog to hide behind a woman's skirts to do it.

Your grandmother was the first to graduate from Edinburgh University?

Yet another whopper.

• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 1:08am

he is a fake
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 1:07am

it is perfectly OK for some odious arguido ex PJ detective to make some dirty money out of the name of an innocent little child, who he knows absolutely nothing about, but it is not OK for the McCann's to defend themselves correctly in a court of law and put the damages money into the Find Madeleine fund to enable them to pay private detectives to try and find their daughter!

This man ex Portuguese PJ police chief Paulo Cristovao is an arguido, due to face trial over the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano who was found guilty of murder her daughter Joana.

Joana's body has never been found and there is evidence to suggest that she was tortured into making a confession.

Great justice system the Portuguese have, talk about a police state.

According to Marla, this is acceptable behaviour.

There is enough evidence to sen for PJ detectives to trial over this, how bad does this look on a country that is already trying to hide Casa Pia?

What is happening over this? Perhaps the DX could report on this, it is a disgrace this is yet another thing which is being swept under the carpet for fear of upsetting Portugal's £2.8 billion tourist industry.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 1:03am
I agree with your points posted earlier on tonight.

Lessons have to be learned quickly from this dreadful saga.
• Posted by: janegt • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:57am
I see someone with a hyperinflated ego and an underinflated cerebrum is trying to get this forum shut down again so he/she can go and boast to his/her blog staff about how much power he/she thinks he/she wields. This forum is not, and never has been, about you, sir/madam. I thank you for exposing yourself to all who read here. I'm sure they will form the same opinion of you that I have, this being that you are a crass, manipulative, lying bully who attacks anyone who does not share your narrow-minded and rather paranoid viewpoint. Intelligent, open-minded and warm-hearted you are not.
• Posted by: docmac • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:56am

it is not up to the McCann's to prove their innocence, it is up to the Portuguese legal system and bungling Portuguese keystone Kops to prove that the McCann's are guilty.

Which they can't do as they have no evidence, they have no evidence because there is no evidence and there is no evidence because the Mccann's are innocent.

By the way don't post any postcards in Portugal they may take a year to reach their destination.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment
20.03.08, 12:52am

as you apparently must have.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

£550,000 DAMAGES
20.03.08, 12:50am
This was a long time coming. The ridiculously wild accusations were so far off the acceptable benchmark this was inevitable. So far, only 4 publications but this is only the beginning.

In this country we are Innocent until Proven guilty, not by trial of press or any type of media including blogs........

It is not up to the McCanns to prove this, it is up to the legal system acting fairly and honestly. No less.
• Posted by: janegt • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:39am
Not incoherrant, just thick fingers. 'Payed for posts' is what I meant. But surely anyone with more than 1 braincell will be able to understand that.
• Posted by: Uil • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:38am
I have been reading your nasty and spiteful comments for a long time against anyone who disagrees with you.

Just in case you ever do get a brain and decide to debate about any subject, here is a lesson on what it means to debate.

DEBATING:Discussing and communicating with others who have a different viewpoint to yourself on a subject and agreeing to differ if the same conclusion is not reached.

Debating is not about being insulting and being rude to other people just because you don't agree with them.
• Posted by: grandmavera • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:30am

• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:27am

What? you been on the sauce? You are incoherrant.

Have you met Marla? I think you have it is Alsabella, Alsabelia, alsabel, Alsabell etc

she has around 12 IDs and she is such a liar, Walter Mitty has nothing on this one let me tell you.

she has certainly had you lot fooled, it has been hilarious sitting back and watching her make complete idiots out of the lot of you for so long!
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:24am
Rosiepops is incapable of debating anything.

She's very good at chucking her toys out of her pram and probably her dummy as well but debating anything is not one of her strong points.

It might have something to do with the partial lobotomy she had as a child. Maybe someone should give her a complete one this time or has she already had one.

No brain, no intelligence.

Maybe you should look in the mirror rosiepops and talk to yourself because there can't be many people who want to talk to a nasty thing like you.
• Posted by: grandmavera • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:23am

been up any highways lately?

I didn't even know a highway whore existed until you called me on the other day.

There you go you live and learn.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:23am
Didn't you reach your quotum of pead for posts for today yet?
• Posted by: Uil • Report Comment
20.03.08, 12:21am

Listen honey I have had more sense debating with a wooden spoon in a wig than I ever would from you.

Dont flatter yourself, you sanctimpnous old tart.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:19am

just as long as I dont bump into a moron like you, I'll be OK.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:18am

I just call you what you are

" a bare faced Liar"

Lie after lie after lie you have been caught out in.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:16am
Hey Roastedpops,
From the sound of your posts, I guess that is where you are right now: in hell on earth.
Hope you will recover soon.
• Posted by: Uil • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:13am
You can bet on that. I certainly do hope Rosiepops keeps her promise and stays away from Portugal.

As for you Rosiepops

Personal attacks are a sign someone is losing a debate.

Bye Bye.
• Posted by: alsabelIa • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:10am
I am sure that the people of Portugal will be very pleased to hear that you won't be going there.

They already have enough unpleasant visitors like yourself as it is.
• Posted by: grandmavera • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:10am

The day I let a person with sub zero intelligence like you bother me will be the day.

Go away and get a life, preferably one that doesn't try and persecute others while they are going through hell on earth.
• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:07am

Still pretending to be Alsabella? using on of you 12 IDs?

You are the nastiest duplicitous manipulative people I have ever come across in my life.

Now start whinging and crying that I said this because you are Portuguese, you silly dumb woman.

People like you that pretend to be all sweetness and light, while go around with a hidden agenda, you make me sick.

People like you give your country folk a bad name.

• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

20.03.08, 12:06am
Why don't you ask the McCann's why they have never looked for their own daughter.

The firm of P.I,s they hired have never dealt with finding anyone ever, they only deal with fraud cases and have no past history of finding a missing child.

By putting the PJ down, you are also putting the British police in the same pigeonhole as they have been working with the PJ. for a long time on finding out what happened to Madeleine.

Are you saying that our police are rubbish as well?

There are hundreds of missing adults and children who go missing in Britain and are never found but we don't insult the people trying to find them.

You don't know what evidence the PJ have about this case. It seems to me that you just like running other countries down with your nasty and stupid remarks.

You may be an adult but you act like a child in a tantrum. Why don't you grow up or shut up.

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20.03.08, 12:05am
You made my day again. You are so FUNNY.
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20.03.08, 12:02am
19.03.08, 10:40pm

... have all of the other posts gone??

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Hopefully to the McCann's legal team.

This forum is nothing but a bitch fest for some of the sickest weirdos I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

Personally I hope the people that have written some of the filth I have seen written on this HYS forum over the past 10 months rot in hell because they deserve to.

Block good decent people yet allow sick comments to stand?

Now ban me Daily Express.
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19.03.08, 11:51pm
Please DO stay away from our country. People like you only cause us loads of headaches in the end. Holiday in your own country. There are beautiful places there. At least you will not be bothering others with your shameful behaviour.
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19.03.08, 11:44pm

Thanks Daily Express.

You say you want to help this couple, you could start by exposing the sheer amount of police bungling and leaking that has led to this disgraceful set of circumstances.

This whole thing has been like a circus.

perhaps you could start by doing some proper investigative journalism into why an ex detective from the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria has been allowed to write and publish a book about Madeleine, making money to feather his own stinking nest.

Former Portuguese Police chief Paulo Cristovao, wrote the book called The Star of Madeleine.

Paulo Cristonao is himself and arguido facing a court trial over the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano the mother of another missing girl from the Praia da Luz area.

If I were a journalist I would be asking how this man got his information, who gave it to him?

How could he be allowed to write such a prejidicial book about a couple that have not even been charged of any wrong doing?

Why do the secrecy laws of Portugal seem only to be applied for the good of the PJ?

how come these leaks from the PJ be allowed to go unheeded?

When did the PJ actually stop looking for Madeleine? On whose say so and why did they stop looking?
How about finding this out?

How could a female journalist managed to get hold of sensitive information, like the names and addresses of witnesses, their land and mobile numbers and copies of their witness statements.

And what disciplinary action was take in the PJ by the Portuguese government to find out who was doing this?

In any other civilised decent society there would be a government inquiry into this farce of an investigation, why doesn't the DX start a crusade for this?

This may actually help the McCann's.

I think this has gone on far too long, the treatment of these poor people is nothing short of barbaric and it cannot be allowed to continue.

Enough is enough.

Where is Madeleine? what did the PJ do today to find her?

I have never seen anything like this disgraceful shambolic inhumane chaos in my life and I hope I never witness it ever again.

I will also never visit Portugal until they can manage to drag themselves up into this century and I know at least 50 people who feel exactly the same as I do.
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19.03.08, 11:42pm
don't make me laugh.
Tell me some more about irresponsible parenthood, spindoctors taking advantage of the media, cover ups and grabbing money. That is what this is all about.
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19.03.08, 11:40pm
Poor little Madeleine. She has become nothing more than a cash cow and a trademark for the McCann's.

What did she do to deserve parents like these who think more of getting their arguido status removed than looking for their own child. When have they ever attempted to look for their own daughter?

What wonderful, loving and responsible parents she had who put their 'wants' before their own children's needs for safety.

I hope to god that they are not going to end up advising others as to how to look after children.

We will only learn from people who keep their own children safe, not from people who puts themselves first and their children last.
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19.03.08, 11:37pm
Its just a big game between the McCanns and the Express Group with poor Madeline the ball, both making money and getting publicity from her disappearance. Its revolting and sick and its not fooling anyone.
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19.03.08, 11:33pm
Glad that we can make our comments on here again. Although it is a 'test', at least it is something.
Daily Express: please stand up for the rights of free speech.
Whishing you lots of succes in helping the Mccanns to find the truth and nothing but the truth, for the sake of Madeleine.
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19.03.08, 11:33pm
Carry on Kate and Gerry, go for the book writer.
Was the info for his book from a police source or guess work.
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19.03.08, 11:31pm
I see youve deleted my last comment. Typical of the Express. I cant be bothered to say it all again, you,ll only delete it so I,ll summerise.

The McCanns are SHAMEFULL. Greedy parasites.

And you are shamefull too!

You all have Madeleines blood on your hands.

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19.03.08, 11:19pm
And all children that are neglected, abused, or simply not cared for as they deserve
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19.03.08, 11:01pm
This has been irresponsible journalism, with over a hundred articles with false allegations about this couple.It is a shameful day for British journalism and is a token amount when you consider the emotional distress that you have subjected this family to,on top of the abduction of their daughter.
You have colluded with your Portugese counterparts, using leaks from Portugese Police, to discredit this couple, all to sell newspapers.
There is not a shred of evidence in the public domain and the Guardian newspaper announced timelines.today, saying that on February 3rd, the Police Chief, Alipio Ribeiro, said that detectives were too early in making the Mccanns suspects.
On February 10th, Portugese Police announced that they have no evidence against the couple
February 13th Portugese Justice Minister says that the enquiry is nearly over.
You have now done the decent thing and apologised and said you will help further.
Could you make a start please by naming your sources, so that the Portugese newspapers and leaking Portugese Police, can also be sued?
Can you also release e mail addresses of your forum posters, who have defamed and libelled this couple, so that they can also be sued.?
This is the least that you can do.
THis has been trial by media and I have never seen anything like it, in my lifetime and never hope to again..
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19.03.08, 10:49pm
that no publicity is bad pulicity!
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19.03.08, 10:45pm
im not wasting me breath on here,
they all keep getting deleted!!
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19.03.08, 10:42pm
some posts from earlier tonight
Published: Wednesday March 19,2008 by Dr_Val


19.03.08, 5:48pm

I think oit's absolutely appalling thhat the McCans have won this action. Surely the fact that they are arguidos, and that status hasnt been lifted means that the Portuguese judiciary feel that they are in some way involved? Will they sue them too?

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19.03.08, 5:47pm

that all of their financial worries have now been eased - it must be a great relief for them, given that Kate has given up her part-time job.

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19.03.08, 5:11pm

.....the McCanns if they are eventually charged and found guilty to any offence in relation to their missing daughter.?

Are they not along with Murat still official suspects in the Portuguese Police's,as yet not completed investigation.?

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19.03.08, 10:40pm
... have all of the other posts gone??
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19.03.08, 10:36pm
At the risk of repeating myself for the third time today here we go again !!

Dear Daily Express
Published: Wednesday March 19,2008 by lioned
Can we please now see some sensible investigative journalism and some proper articles aimed at stemming this tide of child neglect.
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viv said...

Ah Doc I see you are dealing with Pyschopops on the DE - well done !

20.03.08, 1:25am

Yes, another misquote, read lie. She did indeed graduate at Edinburgh and was the first woman to qualify as a surgeon at a FAMOUS UK MEDICAL SCHOOL. See how you twist information to suit your own ends? I am not a doctor? I can't prove it to you, though quite a few fellow posters know me. Why does it bother you so much anyway? Paranoia of some sort again? You are a strange one.

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20.03.08, 1:19am

Rosiepops, the DE have my South African e-mail address. As I said, you are a crass, manipulative, lying bully. Goodnight from a warm SA! Attack and slander me when I'm gone. That won't be anything new, will it? Thank you for the entertainment.

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viv said...

"I will also never visit Portugal until they can manage to drag themselves up into this century and I know at least 50 people who feel exactly the same as I do.
• Posted by: Rosiepops "

Lucky Portugal - the only way they would want these two miscreants, including "Mr Furiously Angry" back is to deal with them according to law for the sickening offences they committed. No matter how angry and offensive you choose to get Psychopops, that is what will happen, and I have to say your behaviour above on the DE is simply extraordinary!

Viv x

viv said...

Psychopops continues to spew its furious rage..you will be tired and embarrassed in the morning when you sober up again, think of your poor heart, goodness know what must be happening to your blood pressure..Psycho dear xx

20.03.08, 1:49am

just not your.

You really are a laugh a minute, do you really think we fall for your nonsense?

No sorry we don't, as I said, no one does anymore.

seen your mate Southerncross yet?

Done the lottery lately? I do not know who that anon was buy boy they nailed you down.

run along now, go and do your portering.

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20.03.08, 1:46am

or believes your rubbish, no one does you know, not any longer, they may tell you that they do, but they don't.

you have no idea what they are saying have you> tut never mind.

I see someone told you to go to the early learning centre for you doctor kit, if they have run out try the fancy dress shop.

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viv said...

20.03.08, 2:37am

What a nut job. If I were the McCanns I surely wouldn't want you defending me. You give them a bad name, Rosiepops. Shame on you.

• Posted by: PetertheWise

viv said...


Interesting the way he mentions Archer and Maxwell. Carefully worded and interesting article:-)

So that is the trick then, apparently, if newspapers really dont want to get sued, they can report what Portuguese Police think but must not actively endorse it. Strangely enough, that is exactly what the Portuguese newspapers do, other than the disreputable 24 Horas, linked to American media who tell the story just the way Clarence wants it told..

It was weird on the Daily Express today. They kept allowing a block of posts on the above article, then deleting them, then allowing another block, almost like they were playing with the McCanns and inviting hostile public comments. Well they certainly got some hostile comments from Psychopops, who seemed to be really pissed and out of control..but much of that venom directed at Docmac, Alsabella, the PJ etc and my Vile Blog:-) As they would say tee hee..Now what took the shine of the half a million quid award. I thought the champagne corks would have been popping for at least a week..

Viv x

This apology underlines the true value of false reporting
The Express group has said sorry and paid hefty damages over McCann stories. But they still know what sells papers

Mark Lawson The Guardian, Thursday March 20 2008

At every stage, the story of Madeleine McCann has broken what were assumed to be the rules of newspapers. It seemed impossible that a disappearance without witnesses or a single plausible new lead could dominate front pages for more than half a year, but the reporting from Portugal rewrote all known equations of the relationship between events occurring and space allocated.

In recent weeks, when photographs of the hopeful blonde child were finally eclipsed by other stories, most professors of journalism would have bet that the case would only become newsworthy again on anniversaries, or if Madeleine were proved decisively alive or dead.

Yet, once again, this case has rewritten the journalistic textbooks. The McCanns have returned to the headlines, not because of any new report from Portugal, but through the agreement by the Daily Express and Daily Star to publish front-page apologies and pay £550,000 into the Madeleine Fund over earlier reports - long ago recycled on council tips - which implicated Kate and Gerry McCann. No ordinary citizen has previously achieved this level of disclaimer and payout without the orders of a libel jury.

It's true that these two representatives of the red-top press had gone much further than other titles: sometimes seeming to endorse rather than merely report the apparent suspicions of the Portuguese police, and applying a level of innuendo that would never have been risked were it an English investigation.

Yet, even while echoing the Express's words that "there is no evidence whatsoever to support the theory" of parental involvement, it's possible to feel that the capitulation seems curious and premature. While the Express's loose-talk reports were an example of bad journalistic practice, it is also potentially a regrettable precedent that apologies should be issued before the absolute conclusion of a story.

One of the worst scars on the record of the British press is the numerous apologies issued to those - such as Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Archer - who later proved to be the ones who should be saying sorry. While there is no reason to suppose that the McCanns will ever provoke such a volte-face, it is hard to see what precisely has caused this backdown at this point. As so often in the McCann case, the newspaper response appears independent of any significant new event.

The presumable hope of the McCanns is to issue a warning about future reporting of their own or other cases. And, presumably, when the next wild goose cooked up in Lisbon lands on editors' desks, they will be more careful what they print.

But the circumstances of this case are so particular that they may prove to have little external application. The McCanns were unfortunate, as English participants in a criminal investigation in Portugal, to fall between two legal systems. If they had been Portuguese, we would probably never have heard of them; if their daughter had disappeared in England, they would have benefited from the legal and libel protections that, for example, the relatives of Shannon Matthews now have.

Given that many have applied a class analysis to the McCann and Matthews cases - arguing that two rich middle-class doctors get more interest from the British press than a dysfunctional working-class clan - it's interesting that no one seems to have been very worried by the prospect of Madeleine's parents suing, which you might guess would be one of the implied weapons that well-heeled subjects of news stories have. In fact, would the Matthews family really have wanted the coverage the McCanns had?

But the paradox is that this apparent capitulation by the paper may be strangely lucrative. Yesterday morning was the first time in my memory that it has been impossible to buy the Express at newsagents and railway stations at 8am. So either the usual print-run was reduced through shame or, more likely, a craven apology for false claims, trailed in morning news bulletins, actually increases sales - a depressing lesson in the state of journalism.

Certainly a publication which put the McCann story on the front page every day for almost six months, but which has recently lacked suitable new material in this field, was able to resume normal service. And it seems likely that the reaction to the published apologies - and comment from the McCann or Portuguese police camps about them - will extend the tale's second wind.

Even more cynically, it can be argued that the Express's financial penalty actually represents a reasonable investment. Short of the coroner in the Diana inquest declaring that the Duke of Edinburgh was behind the wheel of the Fiat Uno that hit her car, or the princess being found alive on an island with Elvis and Lord Lucan, there has been no story better suited to the newspaper's editorial strategy - which seems to favour conspiracy theories involving attractive blondes of various ages - than the McCann case. At £550,000, the 100 or so front pages the missing girl gave them - stabilising circulation during a difficult period for print media - works out at just over £5,000 a shot.

So, although the climbdown looks like a bad business for journalism, it may actually prove to have been a good business move. Whatever the McCanns hope, the effect of these unprecedented mea culpas may not be that newspapers look into their consciences and cringe, but that they look into their accounts and shrug. From the original false stories to the apology for them, unwise reporting has sold more papers than caution ever would.

2345 said...

Felicity & All,

It's another PR scam ... contact in Chambers confirmed no case McCanns v. DE has been heard in Court. Therefore, 'Judge' made the award published.

Libel cases are complex and awards are determined following presentation of prosecuting and defence barristers evidence. This is IMPOSSIBLE where relevant information is contained in Police files in ongoing investigation.

Any Writ issued by prime suspects in ongoing criminal investigation in Police hands would be held in abeyance - until such time as the case was concluded and all evidence was made available.

CM has a hidden agenda and DE are party to it. The 'apology' is to sway public opinion - many on Alsa's blog have written to DE & PCC.

PR is designed to show a Judge in a British Court has considered 'evidence' placed before him and awarded the McCannns a large sum for damages.
It's fictitious.

The Law prevents intervention or removal of evidence on Police files in an ongoing criminal investigation.

CM wishes the gullible to believe British Courts have stated 'no evidence'. Ludicrous given the involvement of Leicester Police as well as PJ.

The TRUTH is the legal system does not act in this manner ...

2345 said...

Apologies - Typo - should read - Judge made NO financial award to the prime suspects.

dolores said...

Is anyone really surprised to hear this,Iknow I am not,what a family.

From 3 A'S
John McCann has been on BBC saying the family drafted it - the McCanns were obviously the ones who insisted on their own complete exoneration - hypocrites that they are.

dolores said...

The above is reffering to the 'apology' of course.

dolores said...

Susan Healy defamed the PJ,saying G & K were framed,what evidence did she have? Any apologies going to PJ Susie?
Was it Aunty Phil who said PJ planted the DNA found.
Kate said things about Murat which were unkind,I really hope you make a public apology to him.Or is it a one way street?
C.M. clan I hope you search your consciences with what has been said over the months.

2345 said...


I cannot remember the exact legal intricacies detailed by tylersmum on 3 A's., but the removal of 'arguido' status is very beneficial to the McCanns in terms of their obligations to answer Police questions.

This is the reason behind them saying they will return and answer questions AFTER 'arguidos' status is lifted. In broad terms, it gives them more 'right' to be evasive. Good for them, bad for PJ.

2345 said...

Felicity & All,

I'm not taking the bait on the DE apology nor substantial award rubber stamped by a British Judge.
There's a hidden agenda in this.

Newspapers never give public apologies front page coverage; this must also be the first time in press history that a tabloid has acted as self proclaimed Judge & Jury on behalf of prime suspects in a criminal investigation. It's prejudicial to painstaking Police work and duty to make a front page proclamation of NO EVIDENCE.

Perfectly timed to coincide with the outcome and legal Judgment in the McCartney case. In this case the Judge considered both parties evidence and made his rulings according.

DE has acted as Judge & Jury PRIOR to presentation of Police evidence in Court for consideration and Judgment. Unique behaviour for tabloid press - CM's former employer - to publicly proclaim NO EVIDENCE.

there is no evidence PRIOR to it's presention by Police in a Court of Law for consideration and Judgment. , despite it's exist

DE spin designed to persuade the gullible public that a British Court Judge has, likewise, made a ruling in favour of the prime suspects in their child's disappearance - a substantial award for damages - because the Police have NO EVIDENCE .

viv said...

Hiya 2345

I think you are conflating two entirely separate sets of proceedings. There are the libel proceedings by the McCanns against the DE which have now been settled on agreed terms. The Daily Express proclaiming their innocence in a statement actually prepared by the McCanns lawyers does not make a scrap of difference to the ongoing police investigation which the DE, quite naturally, have no access to.

The entirely separate criminal investigation of the McCanns by PJ and Leics Police continues and the PJ are due to arrive here on 7 April as I have reported on the other thread. The law of libel has nothing to do with the criminal law i.e. did they kill Madeleine and dispose of her body etc. but their contemptuous conduct is pursuing libel action may well get a mention in the criminal proceedings that are to ensue - as an indication of the motivation, character and the conduct of the gruesome twosome.