24 Mar 2008



Jane Tanner changed her statement to say Bundleman was walking towards Murat's property...

Dr Payne, Rachel Oldfield, and Dr Russell O'Brien accused Murat of hanging around immediately after Madeleine's disappearance, contrary to local witness accounts, and returned to PDL in July for a "showdown" with him arranged by police observing the confrontation...good investigative tool!
Dr O'Brien ..missing 9.30 to 10.15 pm

Jane Tanner "saw Bundleman" 9.15 pm, original sketch "eggman"
Claims back in her apartment around
10 pm and not aware of Kate's screams, they have taken her, Madeleine's gone, until Rachel Oldfield knocked her door...right next door...where was Dr O'Brien? Exchanging 14 texts with Gerry McCann?
I see our press are really running with this story of Murat having all of his property returned last Thursday on the instructions of the Prosecutor due to its huge significance at this time, just before the PJ are due to return to re-interview TAPAS. I see Mr Murat is considering sueing newspapers, given even the main suspects Kate and Gerry McCann have extracted half a million from Express Newspapers one can hardly blame him and I wish him every success. He has even found tracking devices fitted to his car, presumably by Metodo 3, continuing to harass him, it must have been truly awful for him, his elderly mother and his girlfriend. Kate and Gerry McCann have created so many victims including Father Panchecho and we should remember this and how they all must have suffered.

Items returned include clothing, shoes and computers. We can rest assured these will have all been minutely examined. by police and FSS. Clearly, no trace of Madeleine has been found on his clothing or in his vehicles or home. If it had, the PJ would not be sending out such a clear signal by returning items, they would be kept to produce in court.
In the McCanns case, it has been announced, the PJ wish Leics Police to seise Kate's diary and Gerry's computer, documents, cuddlecat. This may well have taken place now. The FSS already have the boot lining of the hire car, under lock and key. It is likely they also have many other items already seised, including by Leicester Police. This indicates the reverse to Murat, they want them for an intended court case.

They are also set to interview the Psychologist who worked with Kate in the early stages and Justine McGuiness. This looks pretty terminal for Kate McCann to me. They are clearly wishing to gain further evidence of her state of mind. Evidence of "state of mind" at the relevant time is always highly relevant in homicide cases. It can also be relevant as to what charge the Prosecutor will decide upon. If an intention to kill or cause serious bodily harm can be proved by such evidence a murder charge may be laid. If some lesser state of mind such as recklessness, manslaughter. Any pscyhologist will be bound by professional rules of conduct to give frank and honest evidence to the police. I do not think the McCanns will be able to expect loyalty from Justine McGuinness either. Remember how quickly she retired following them being declared arguidos, with Clarence Mitchell moving into the role, giving up his government post...I wonder was he pushed! I have a feeling Justine is likely to give frank and honest evidence to the police.
Press are of course further confirming PJ are to return on 7 April and the three main witnesses they wish to re-interview are Tanner, O'Brien and Payne who appears to have falsely claimed he saw Madeleine alive at 7 pm, no one else having seen her since 1.30 that day, clearly opening up the possibility Madeleine may have died during the afternoon when no one seems to have seen Kate or Madeleine.
Viv x

Murat could soon be cleared as Madeleine suspect after police return possessionsLast updated at 13:20pm on 23rd March 2008

Robert Murat was names as a suspect 11 days after Madeleine went missingRobert Murat hopes to be cleared as a suspect in Madeleine McCann's disappearance after police returned his computer and other seized possessions.
Public prosecutor Jose Magalhaes e Menezes's ordered detectives to return the items to the 34-year-old expat last week.
Murat was made an "arguido" or formal suspect on 14 May last year, 11 days after Madeleine went missing.
But he believes the return of his possessions is an indication he is set to be cleared of any involvement in the case.
Murat lives with his mother Jenny in Praia da Luz, just 100 yards from the Ocean Club holiday flat where the McCanns were staying when Madeleine vanished shortly before her fourth birthday.
Jenny, 74, said today: "Every single item that the police took has been returned to us.
"Police took Robert's computer and my two computers as well. But we have all three back now.
"Our lawyer was informed by police about the decision and I went to pick everything up from the police station last Thursday.
"Of course we hope it means Robert's arguido status will be lifted shortly.
"But we've had no official confirmation that that is the case and we're not getting too excited."
Mrs Murat has always insisted her son was at home with her on the night Madeleine vanished and Murat has repeatedly denies any involvement.
Portuguese police to quiz Tapas Nine in Britain in final bid to solve Madeleine mystery
His lawyer Francisco Pagarete said: "The police received an order from the public prosecutor to give everything back to Robert.
"All his items have been returned. We believe it is another step towards his clearance as a suspect. It's a good sign.
"But we will have to wait and see. There is nothing official saying his status as an arguido is being revoked."
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Madeleine, then three, went missing during a family holiday to the Algarve last May
Murat, who speaks fluent Portuguese, worked as an unofficial police interpreter during the early days of the search for Madeleine.
Police brought him in for questioning and searched his home, called Casa Liliana, after a British newspaper reporter told detectives he was acting strangely.
They seized his computer, clothes and other items during a fingertip search of the home and sent material including hairs and earth for analysis.
But reports in Portugal said no link to Madeleine was ever found.
Murat's German girlfriend Michaela Walczuch and her Portuguese husband Luis Antonio were were questioned as witnesses.
Murat's ex-wife Dawn, 42, who lives with their daughter in Norfolk, also told a Sunday newspaper their lives have been destroyed by the connection to the Madeleine investigation.
She said her husband has become a chain-smoking recluse because of his ten-month ordeal.
Dawn said: "I've known Rob for 13 years and he wouldn't hurt a fly. He was a popular, outgoing person before all this. But it has shattered him." "We are living in constant fear.
"It's every parent's nightmare to have their child in the predicament my daughter is in."
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Kate and Gerry McCann are both also still 'arguidos' in the case but strongly deny any involvement in their daughter's disappearance
Last week arsonists torched a car belonging to Murat's business associate Sergey Malinka, 22, in Praia da Luz.
The word "Speak" was sprayed in Portuguese on the pavement next to the burnt out wreck.
Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate McCann, both 39-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leics, are also formal suspects.
The deny any involvement in their daughter's disappearance and insist she was abducted.
Portuguese detectives plan to travel to the UK on April 7 to re-interview the seven friends who were dining with the McCanns on the night their daughter went missing.


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hope4truth said...


Intresting articles Viv...

Every person interviewed must loook deep within themselves take a deep breath and tell the truth.

They will not be charged with neglect now so if they did not check on the children as often as they said they did and are worried about that it is no longer important this needs to be cleared up.

If there is nothing to hide then nothing they say will go against the McCanns. If there is something to hide they must think about how the guilt of covering up whatever it is they are covering for is going to destroy the rest of their lives. If Murrat is inocent unless the truth is told his life will forever be clouded by the accusations thrown at him and if he was not involved it is not fair. He has a daughter and her life will be destroyed by the doubt.

O'Brien was missing from the table for 45 minutes in this time a child went missing in normal circumstances he would surley be a prime suspect? If my child had gone missing in the same circumstances any friend who was missing for this time or in fact any friend that said they had checked would be questioned over and over again by me and I would make sure the police until everyone was satisfied with their story...

A 3 year old child is missing from a locked? unlocked room? This child is the Victim and she deserves the truth to be told Madeleine was worth the truth surley?

LittleGreyCell said...

Morning Hope!

How are you? All choccied out yet?

I agree with you; there appears to be a remarkable lack of dodgy looks directed at RO'B by K&G. The only way this would make sense is if they knew what he was doing during those 45 mins. Can't remember who wrote about it last night now (was it you?!) that the timings RO'B and JT gave for their 'checking' visits are a nonsense, given that they would have meant that one of them had gone to see the kids a mere five minutes after the other one had come back from them.

THIS is where the Tapas Lot should have hired the writers of Columbo to sort out their story for them. THIS is why they made the PJ suspicious from the off, because their timings just don't add up, and if they are not telling the truth about this (why not?), what else are they not telling the truth about?

As Judge Judy often says (shouts), if it doesn't make sense, it ain't true. Or something.


LittleGreyCell said...

P.S. I'm still not convinced that Murat wasn't involved in some way. And since it looks like he knew the Tapas Lot already - who would have judged his character and resources as compared to theirs - he would have been a convenient 'patsy' for them to set up as a diversion away from themselves.

hope4truth said...


Did you have a good time on Saturday and did your son enjoy his Birthday???

We have Eggs everywhere it was lovely seeing our family yesterday but because we were with both sides at some point nearly everyone had eggs for the girls we have more than Tesco at the moment (working on that problem) my youngest and I are having a Mini Eggs Egg for breakfast as I type...

I do wonder if Murrat knows what went on and if that is why he is an Arguido to stop him talking... If he knows anything the way he has been treated IMHO would not make him have any loyalty to the Tapas as they have pointed the finger directly at him.. If he was involved in any cover up he will know what happend and a few years in jail would probebly be a relief as at least it would all be over....

We need Columbo brought in he allways knows exactly who the guilty are xxx

ratonthebeam said...

Hi folks

I was MOST interested to see that Robert Murat is now thinking of sueing people too!!! I think I can maybe help him out there.

I still think that the only reason RM was made arguido in the first place was that he was around doing "unofficial" translations at the very start, and so might know something; the PJ maybe made him arguido to stop him speaking to the press (or stop the press harassing him!)

Then this nutter of a woman journo decided he looked "dodgy" and published a nasty piece about him.... and the rest is history.

Can't stick around this morning, I am off to play with my children in the snow. I will probably look in later though! I hope nobody has OD'd on chocolate yet!

lizzy said...

Hi Viv/all
If Robert Murat is cleared that speaks volumes, it means that the Police have sufficient information to know he is not involved and has enough evidence to know who did...or it may mean that they have insufficient evidence to charge the guilty ones and the case will be shelved following the interviews.I hope it is the first scenario and they do have enough evidence to charge the guilty, but bearing in mind the fact the Prosecutor has not given permission for the Mccanns to be questioned, am not sure. Viv if the Police interview all the Tapas friends and feel they have enough to charge the Mccanns can they do so without requestioning them? Sorry I sound so stupid but do not know the law.But it is good news for Robert Murat anyway he can get on with his life......Lizzy

Paul said...

April 20th 1945 with Soviet Red Army T-34 Tanks roaming all over Berlin, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels continues to assure the Germans they are “winning the war”.

Ten days later, Adolf & his wife Eva Braun commit suicide followed the next day by Joseph Goebbels and his wife.

Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn in June 1876 became famous for one thing and one thing only.

As defeat looms closer the propaganda becomes stronger and the propagandists more desperate.

The self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Newspaper” apology to Team McCann and celebrated by their Minister of Propaganda Clarence Mitchell is both an own goal and a hollow victory.

ratonthebeam said...


You also forgot to quote Comical Ali!!!

ratonthebeam said...

PS previous post but one should have said,
I do hope nobody ELSE has od'd on chocolate yet....

Paul said...


Yes that was a very comical moment of history.

During one of his propaganda broadcasts with US Tanks clearly visible over his shoulder on the other side of the Tigris River in Baghdad, Comical Ali proclaims "The Americans are nowhere to be seen".

Comical Clarrie....."Pity the men with perfect eyesight who cannot see a thing".

Paul said...

If ever I come back on earth, it will be as a defamation solicitor or Libel Lawyer...........even my wife is thinking of sueing me for being married.

Paul said...
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eurekamano said...

Hi, presumably as this is a Portuguese investigation, assisted by the British police, anyone questioned as a Witness will have to follow the Portuguese rules of engagement and be compelled to answer or be found in contempt of the process. So the Tapas3 in particular will be required to account for themselves without recourse to lawyers present. If the police decide the questioning confirms criminal offences then they can be made Arguidos, but only later when their new right of silence will not matter to the case. All this will have been carefully planned by the police, and all will be on video for analysis by profilers later. I guess the Portuguese press will be the most reliable source of information as Clara desperately spins in ever decreasing circles from now on.

2345 said...


Computers returned to Murat were siezed and examined by Police months and months ago yet Gerry's computers have NOT yet been siezed or examined. Why not ???

In normal circumstances, our Police are empowered to remove prime suspects computers and anything else they deem relevant to their enquiries, especially in a case such as McCanns where forensics evidence of death are on file.

Why was Gerry's computer not siezed by Leicester Police the same time PJ took Murat's ? Without doubt Gerry's was far more important to PJ than Murat's - McCanns being prime suspects.

PJ had direct access to Murat and his possessions without political interference. PJ have been reliant on Leicester Police siezing Gerry & Kate's possessions for same examination as Murat's.

Examination of Murat's possessions is complete, computer returned.
The same exercise has yet to begin with the McCanns - our Police disempowered in the process.

Are McCanns and their protectionists likely to give police access to incriminating computer, diary, cuddle cat evidence ? No and commonsense says all items were destroyed months ago.

Big Brother has been engineering the outcome of this case from day one via media manipulation; sway public opinion against the Police on the basis of 'no evidence'.
In this respect, DE's apology on the basis of 'no evidence' was very successful. Few doubted DE's comments, irrespective of no proof of validity - hence the power of the media in Big Brother's game plan.

Big Brother tactics - British Judge - no evidence - huge payout.
Followed by Big Brother trolls reminding Forum members - 'no evidence' - said the 'Judge'.
As far as public opinion is concerned it was a success; as far as the Police are concerned it's highly prejudicial. DE's announcement worked, as planned.

Rosiepops, Big Brother's Head Troll has since announced their next step ... McCanns status is to be lifted around 11 April.

in the peopless minds for three consecutive days online. Big Brother telling the public Court says - 'no evidence'. Second to last move before the finale.

Trolls buzzword since the feigned apology and payout has been 'no evidence', unsurprisingly. Rosiepops - Big Brother's No 1 gun announced yesterday that McCanns 'arguido' status will be lifted on 11 April.

I'm with Ironside on the game plan - the means by which the Government will finally and totally disempower the police and ALL the evidence it's long since thwarted will be by influencing public opinion.

"There is no evidence, there was no evidence, status removed .... exoneration ... end of the matter." Furthermore, anyone 'printing' anything to the contrary thereafter will be sued by Carter Ruck for Libel. Absolutely nothing exists to show DE's alleged payout is true.

As far as Big Brother is concerned public reaction was favourable - few people questioned or investigated the validity , as planned. Green light signal for the grand finale the game plan is complete. Whether PJ's long delayed arrival takes place remains to be seen. I doubt Brown can stop them. this to be true. Big Brother reminder The McCanns stat
@Rosiepops - renowned Big Brother troll confidentaly pronounced yesterday that McCanns' status will be lifted around 11 April.

Big Brother's confident that
Government's plans are clearly somewhat different to yesterday and is still in the None of their possessions are yet in Police hands, British or Portuguese - they have YET to be siezed or properly examined for Court purposes.

From the Police perspective, McC
anns possessions were top priority as the prime suspects - over and above Murat.

Only one explanation exists - Leicester Police have, for some considerable time, been prevented from siezing Gerry's computer, Kate's diary & cuddle cat. Chances of them still existing is zero - likelihood of disposal 100%
Exactly as planned.

FSS results 7 months ago were of sufficient magnitude for immediate Court Warrant seizure of all other possessions required for Police examination. Why didn't this happen ? The answer - Gordon Brown's instructions.

The outcome is PJ was denied access to McCanns' possessions (after naming their 'arguidos's' last September) alongside their examination of Murat's possessions.

Information of critical importance to PJ & Leicester Police last September contained in Gerry's computer, Kate's diary & cuddle cat was not immediately siezed on their return to England under warrant for Police examination.

This critical information was needed by PJ at the outset along with Murat's. nced McCanns have since destroyed all three.

Big Brother is running the case on the McCanns' behalf. I'm convinced Brown prevented seizure of items required - along with Murat's - months ago.

'No evidence' is trolls' buzzword since a tabloid pronounced it - most complex spin to date - Rosiepops has pronounced McCanns' status will be lifted around 11 April. Trolls are Big Brother

Big Brother is bracing the public for the final
Big Brother is determined to pervert the course of justice in this case.

ig Brother's interference in this case has disempowered Leicester Police - it's the only logical icester Police have been disempowered - prevented from obtaining Gerry's computer, Kate's diary and cuddle.
Why did Leicester Police prevented from siezing Gerry & Kate's possessions and handing them to PJ counterparts months and months ago ? It seems they were and, I believe, Big Brother has an Clearly, they were ...
PJ The article says PJ want to examine Gerry's computer, Kate's diary and cuddle cat - future hope. Why have the British Police not obtained all the items

The article imples Gerryered by a higher authority ? It seems they haveThey must have if they've yet to size

. It seems from the article to be si for examination months ago - yet British Police yet Police have yet to size Gerry's for Why, do you suppose, Murat's computers were siezed

2345 said...


Apologies ... my post ends with paragraph beginning "Rosie ....

I'm trying to do three things once, phones keep ringining and I sent unedited version.

I read on 3 A's McCanns have Police outside their home for protection. If true, why didn't they step inside and remove the possessions PJ have been waiting for ?? !!!! This makes me soooooo angry at times.

2345 said...


Do you know legal timescales with McCanns' status ? I remember PJ were granted a six months extension but cannot remember when this ends and/or whether it's renewable.

I understand PJ wanted to re-question McCanns during their visit, but that Prosecutor deemed it a waste of time as they will not answer.

Will McCanns' status be lifted on the basis of time expiry ? If so, this explains why the Government has been causing PJ so many delays. Four - five months with Rogatory Letters - PJ were reportedly due to arrive in Britain a month before 7 April.

lizzy said...

Excellent post I agree with you,why have not the Leicestershire Police seized the items Portuguese police wanted seizing,? they have had months, why did Clarrie report he had briefings on the case by the Police,? why have the Rogatory letter been delayed for months until final acceptance,? it is Government interference I believe , which has occurred from the outset of this case and has continued throughout, at first publicly then privately. I fear justice will not be done in this case, and this will be no fault of the Portuguese police but down to the Government who are determined in my opinion the Mccanns will not be charged. I only hope I'm wrong in this belief and that justice will be done.....Lizzy

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Rat,

So glad to know you're OK, Thugs and hospitals notwithstanding. Also happy to hear you're off on holiday, which sounds like it's coming at exactly the right time.

I do think that the Tapas Lot will be emulating headless chickens at the thought of Murat's arguido status being lifted. (It may be the case, of course, that the PJ are about to charge those who are not Robert Murat). They had no hesitation in pointing the finger at him, and I should think he feels quite hard done by for various reasons.

What interesting times...


eurekamano said...

Hi 2345, I believe Alsabella said that the status can be extended for 16 years or even indefinitely. She would know. It seems unlikely that PJ and Portuguese Justice Ministry would pursue questioning at this stage unless they already had enough evidence to charge. I don't think anything can stop the PJ manking charges except the Justice Ministry and so far they have persevered their way forward to that end haven't they, despite any interference.

Bianca said...

"Rosiepops - renowned Big Brother troll confidentaly pronounced yesterday that McCanns' status will be lifted around 11 April."

I know it has been suggested many times (even by me!) that the poster known as "Rosiepops" works directly for the McCanns, but just wondering if this is "fair dinkum" (as we say in Oz) .. did she REALLY announce this with an exact date (11 April), and if she did, has she ever announced anything else that has actually eventuated??

If so, this is VERY suspicious!

I ask for confirmation of all this not to try and show anyone up, rather, simply to abate my own curiosity as to who this poster may really be!

I do wonder though, if someone really was working as an insider like this, would they openly advertise a personal email they can be contacted on? (as Rosiepops does).

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Hope,

Sorry about the delay - suddenly remembered it's a Bank Holiday and that I'm British and so had to dash out to the garden centre. Phew! That was a near miss...

Yes, thanks, we had a lovely time on Saturday! On arrival at the theatre we were told that our seats had been re-allocated to some of the best in the house, so I'll take that in lieu of all the chocolate I can't eat at the moment!

The play was really good (Alan Bennett's The History Boys) and now my son wants to be Alan Bennett as much as I do. How should this work? I know parents want the best for their kids (with a few notable exceptions), but I've wanted to be Alan Bennett for far longer, so I find myself in a tricky situation now. Anyway, I'll console myself by thinking of a couple of lovely young actors, one of whom had need to take his trousers off fairly early on in the proceedings. (Why don't I write scripts like that? Hmm).

And Son had a lovely day yesterday too, ta. Though somewhat offset by today, the first day of the dreaded GCSE revision timetable. Aarrrrgggggh!!!!!!

I think Murat knows a great deal of things the So Solid Tapas Crew would rather he didn't. It also won't look good for them if he IS released from his arguido status and K and G are not, especially if more arguidos are announced after next month's questioning.

Well, perhaps, on reflection, they should have been a little more diligent in their choice of friends...

Paul: agree with you about the Phyrric Victory the McCanns secured against the DE.


2345 said...

Felicity & all,

Ironside directed me to google - stacks of newspapers/new articles on forensics - released by Police.

The following is ABC report of 8September - sorry it's lengthy.
Interestingly, Philomena's defensive comments about forensics shows she KNEW they - how - McCanns, Jane Hill's Report ?

Madeleine McCann accidentally killed her daughter, her sister-in-law says.

Philomena McCann said the allegation was "ludicrous" and accused Portuguese police of trying to intimidate Kate McCann, who she said could be charged after fresh questioning in southern Portugal.

"They're suggesting that Kate has in some way accidentally killed Madeleine and kept her body, then got rid of it. I've never heard anything so utterly ludicrous in my entire life," she told Sky News television.

"She's absolutely furious. She's outraged, as are all of us, as are anybody with any common sense."

Kate McCann returned to a police station for fresh questioning on Friday, a day after being quizzed for 11 hours over the disappearance of Madeleine on May 3. The girl was three-years-old at the time.

Gerry McCann was also expected to be questioned later in the day.

"Gerry's been told that he will be brought in for brief questioning. So obviously the focus is on Kate," said the toddler's aunt.

"Obviously they think they can intimidate her into making some kind of false statement. But that's not going to happen."

She added that it was possible that Kate McCann could be indicted. "She could be charged.. but I've also heard that the evidence that they say they have has been exaggerated.

"I'm sorry but I don't have much faith in the Portuguese police," she added.

A spokeswoman for the McCanns said that police had asked Kate McCann about traces of blood found in a hire car several weeks after Madeleine disappeared, calling the allegations "ridiculous".

"There's a ludicrous suggestion, that blood was found in their car that they hired 25 days after Madeleine was taken, and that has been put to Kate," spokeswoman Justine McGuinness said.

"It's been suggested that she is in some way connected to the death of her daughter, which is clearly ridiculous."

Ms McGuinness said police did seem to be treating Kate and Gerry McCann differently. "They have put it to her that she's involved in the death of her daughter, and that suggestion hasn't been put to Gerry.

"So yes, they are treating them differently," she said.

But she added: "It's a ridiculous suggestion that Kate could be in any way involved in the death of her daughter.

Philomena McCann said the alleged evidence against Kate McCann was said to involve DNA and body fluids. Police confirmed this week that they had received the results of DNA samples in the case.

But she added: "Can you imagine anything more normal than picking up your child and getting body fluids on your clothing when you're a mother?"

Bianca said...

"Can you imagine anything more normal than picking up your child and getting body fluids on your clothing when you're a mother?" - Philomena McCann


lizzy said...

I believe Rosiepops nickname is used by a few people, sometimes a man, I believe he/she is very much part of team Mccann and that is how he was able to predict the 19th March as an event when the Mccanns innocence would be declared, the sueing of the DE happened that day and the DE stated in the article the Mccanns innocence. April 11th will come and we will find out if Gerrypops/Rosiepops has once again had info ahead of the event. Lizzy

Bianca said...

Hi Lizzy,

Oh okay, so "Rosiepops" pretty much told us, even with the correct date, that the McCann's would be declared innocent by the DE.


Guess we'll just have to wait and see about the 11th of April and the arguido status. Starting to look pretty certain though that whoever Rosiepops really is, he/she/they have inside information.

Kind of scary when you think about cyber-space and all the people we speak to online that may be nothing close to who they say they are! I KNOW I am upfront (without being careless) about my own identity, but no such guarantee exists with others!

hope4truth said...


What a dilemea who can be Alan Bennett???? Let's get real and take the problem away once and for all... Your son can be Alan Bennett. Firstly he is male so has a head start and secondly he is your son so with him being AB you get to be the proud Mother so really you win either way (as he will have inherited your Alan Bennett genius).....

I bet the garden centre was busy I did what all the great people do on a bank holiday (well I was going to sit in my car for 5 hours and not move anywhere) then thought of the enviroment and went to bed... I feel ready for anything now....

I have two years before dreaded GCSE revision I hope he gets on ok xxx

lizzy said...

I agree and would think that it is pretty certain that Rpops is a part of Team Mccann, it will be interesting to see if his prophecy re the 11th April will come true.
He/she once said to me on the Express, you don't really know who you are talking to on here do you?
Although this was said in a casual manner, something alerted me, this person was toying with me. I watched every post he posted after that and became certain this was a man...a few posts with cryptic messages to the faithful supporters convinced me a while back this person was part of Team Mccann. This is just my thoughts but lets see what happends around the 11th April..Lizzy

Bianca said...

"This is just my thoughts but lets see what happends around the 11th April" .. Lizzy



hope4truth said...


Something just hit me when reading your last post that I havent thought of before....

The PJ and Portuguise justice system are not stupid backward organisations...

So why would they make up DNA evidence in a hire car 25 days after Madeleine went missing??? It is crazy to think there can be evidence so long after she was so say taken yet this is what they came up with. Which makes no sense what so ever unless it is true...

If they had wanted to make some evidence up to fit Kate up then surley they would have made results up about things in the apartment from the time she went missing???

Very odd...

Bianca said...

Just to add to what you were saying Lizzy, I distinctly remember one night reading one of Rosiepops' messages on the DE where she said something like "I can assure you the McCanns only have two extradition lawyers", or something like that. She (he?) definitely said "I can assure you". We all jumped on it, and said "what do you mean you can "assure" us?" She kind of brushed it off and said it was "just a figure of speech" but it certainly did come across that way! The comment seemed very knowing, almost as if Rosiepops had allowed herself to reveal a little bit about what she really knew for a second!

Bianca said...

"it certainly did come across that way" - quoting me!

I meant to say:

"it certainly DIDN'T come across that way"


lizzy said...

I was also reading the blog he/she posts on a week or two ago and Rpops said I am being careful what I say as some have picked up on things...eg:.one night he said I am going to have an early night as have an appointment and need to get to the heart of the matter tomorrow,hmm freudian slip....well I think he does know more than a poster would be expected to know. Lizzy

ct1538 said...

Hello, everyone.
That is if I've managed to log on. If not I'm talking to myself.

I don't know why I bother really. I go missing for a few weeks. Do I see a fund being raised in order to try and find me? No!
Do I see nowt-todo3 hired by said non existent fund? No!

All I see when I have managed to get on here is George this and George that. No mention of the wit, charm and intelligence of your male posters. Just swooning about a person who has never contributed one word to this or any other forum. In a fit of jealous pique I have decided to refer to him as Rosemary. In honour of the 1950s singer/actress with the same surname. His younger sister no doubt.( meow. I even went onto the website of the Transylvanian W.I. to see if I had a mention on there. I think they've all taken the hypocritical oath.

I haven't deserted the cause but have had a hectic few weeks and have only managed to come on for a quick read occasionally. My elderly Mother has not been well and my wife, who has been a real treasure, and I have been taking care of her. I, too have developed another medical problem and Mum and I made 8 visits in 7 days to hospitals and Drs' surgeries for tests etc. Each end of day have felt exausted and haven't had the energy to post although there have been times I had wanted to comment.

Enough of that.Were you aware that Lori Campbell has been nominated for 'reporter of the year' for her reports on The Madeleine McCann case. Probably for pointing the finger at Murat. I didn't see if there was a section for 'investigative journalist of the year'.They would have ahard job to find one!

On the subject of the press, whose role in this has been sinister to say the least, I made a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission regarding the wording of the Express apology. In particular the claim that they were completely innocent.I believe others have done likewise. I eagerly await their reply.

Lastly, if you're still awake, a comment on the PJ not interviewing the McCanns when they come over here. Viv gave an excellent summary of the procedures and cautions given by our police when interviewing suspects. Herein, I think lies the problem. I don't know how the Portuguese system works but no doubt there are going to be differences to ours.As the British police are to carry out the interviews, they would not be able to use our procedure because it wouln't be satisfactory for a Portuguese court.Nor could they employ Portuguese rules of interview because they woudn't be trained in them.No doubt this is some of what would have been discussed by our Chief Super on his recent visit.The others of the Tapas nine they wish to interview are still classed as witnesses so this wouln't apply. If they refused to answer or there answers were self incriminating I would suspect the interviews would cease and they would be declared Arguidos.The next stage would be arrest warrants, including McCanns, and extadition to Portugal. They could then be interviewed as suspects under Portugals' rules of evidence.This is guesswork on my part, intelligent I hope. So I don't think that the PJ don't think it is worth interviewing them, rather where and when and under the proper procedures to alloew the interviews to be used in court.I hope this makes sense.

ct1538 said...

As a p.s.
For any trivia buffs.
If you didn't know it Rosemary Clooney was Georges'Aunt.

hope4truth said...

Hi Lizzy & Bianaca

Hope you are both well...

I dont know who RP is but they do like to have a go at the PJ for being useless and not doing their job properly and it being their fault that Madeleine is still missing...

RP never seems to understand that it was the parents who allowed this to happen by leaving their children alone. Many things could have happend to all 3 of them yet their friends were more important night after night and the children were neglected.

If she was taken then the person who took her had no right to do so and I hope they burn in hell for what they have done. But she would not ave been taken if her parents could be bothered to protect her.

Whatever happend that night each memeber of that holiday party will live with what they did for the rest of their lives. If she was taken then they will feel a degree of guilt for putting their own children in the same danger as Madeleine and while they will be forever grateful that their child is safe will feel sick for what they have done. If they are unsure have doubts or know for a fact she was not taken then they will have a lifetime of guilt for not putting a 3 year old defensless child above her selfish parents.

What is the point of social services if excuses are made for the McCanns and friends? What they did was ileagal and yet they are rewarded for being neglectful parents and if thery are cleared will make a fortune in interviews and film rights..

Strange World

hope4truth said...

Hey CT

Nice to see you sorry you and your Mum are not feeling your best at the moment...

Take care x

dylan said...

Hello folks & Hi CT - nice to see you back and I hope everything gets better for you.

Does anybody know IF the McCanns arguido status is lifted, could they then be forced to answer questions? If so, could the status be reapplied after questioning? Just a thought. It was why the PJ said they were hasty in applying it orginally, but not because all of the what the pros thought, because the pj knew they were stuffed as far as getting answers to their questions.

CT - I agree entirely with your views regarding the DE "apology". It was sugared to say the least. Also, what about all the pro things they said? I remember a headline saying "The McCanns are cleared/innocoent". Inadvertantly or maybe advertantly, have they apologised for saying they are innocent too??? What a load of old tripe that was and thank goodness most of the intelligent public haven't fallen for it. I think it is quite frightening to see just how much clout the gruesome twosome have over the police, the state and now the media. Sickening.

I do hope Murat now gets cleared and can start to get his life back again. I have always thought that if there was a mere hint of any guilt there, it could be that the McCanns knew him or of him and, being in a foreign country, maybe asked him for help with "stuff" - if you catch my drift!

Bye for now. OOh - have tried to download a picture for my avatar. It is my dream man - Dr Iain Stewart! Hope it works & ssshh...don't tell my husband!!

Dyl xx

hope4truth said...

Hey Dyl

Hope you are ok I keep missing you...

Nice pic wont tell your Hubby mine knows I am obsesed with David so he has given up LOL...

Intresting point re the arguido status being lifted then reinstated I dont know the answer though...

Hope you had a good Easter I have eaten so much chocolate I feel sick but as my diet amnesty finishes at midnight I may manage a couple more xxx

dylan said...

Hiya Hope!

Great to speak again. Really glad you have had a nice Easter. Lol re the chocs - get some more down you girl, midnight comes all too quickly!!!

David is very lush isn't he? My daughter had an obsession with Buffy and had all of the videos and then when they went out of date, demanded all of the box set dvds instead! On her birthday 4 yrs ago, we organised a party for her in secret as we knew that 2 members of the cast were appearing at a venue in Norwich. David wasn't one of them - boohoo! They got her up on stage and gave her her birthday cake. She was so thrilled but really embarassed!

We haven't got up to much this Easter. Went to lunch at my mum's yesterday and stayed over and today, my eldest daughter is out with her boyfriend, my son is staying at his grandparents' and my baby has just gone to her friend's house for a sleep-over so I'm all on my tod! We took the dog for a walk earlier and were catching hailstones in our mouths. We got some very strange looks - loool! I bathed the muddy pooch when we got in and now he is all white and fluffy!! I get the hair dryer out on him and he loves it. He gets all frisky and has a bit of a skit fit afterwards.

BTW - if you want any Buffy stuff, let me know. I think daughter has moved on to real boys now! Oh well, you can't keep them babies for long can you?

Dillie xxxx

hope4truth said...

Hi Dyl

Her birthday sounded fantastic shame David was not there LOL

I have all the DVDs of Angel and the Buffy special DVD where he featchers in it (I had the videos first but had to trade them in) I am very sad and even have a card with a piece of fabric (about the size of a penny) in it from a shirt he wore in the show... When he is Angelus (but still looks like Angel) and is all mean and tough I say to my husband oh why cant you be like that (he says because you would tell me where to go and divorce me) he has a point but I guess we all like the bad boys LOL

I wish I could bath my dog he is a Collie cross and takes hours to dry I must book him in for a bath I cant do it this time of year as he would freeze but he really really needs a bath...

I have both mine here today but my elder daughter wants to go with the school to Germeny in October we have said yes but I am going to find it really hard to let her go (will be all smiles and confidence when she goes and come home in tears) it is only for 4 days but will seem like forever...

I have to go to the supermarket (if it hasnt shut if it has off to our Tesco Metro that shuts at 11.00)...

Hope to talk to you again soon xxx

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello CT!

So sorry to hear of yours and your mother's illnesses - hope you are both on the mend now. I've also been ill, as has Ratonthebeam, so maybe we're just fashionable. Anyway, wishing you better, both.

How do you KNOW George isn't actually posting on this site? How do WE know you are not actually George toying with us? Not sure about referring to anything Clooney as Rosemary, since it brings to mind RosieClooneyPops, which is a little scary:-

"On the Good Ship Rosiepops"
"They can't take Kate away from me"
"You make me feel so angry"
"Moonlight in Rothley"
"I've got my money to keep me warm"
"I get a kick out of su-ing"

Thanks for the explanation of how things will go with the interviews.
As I said before, interesting times.

Feeling so guilty now about not starting a fund to try and find you. Is it too late now? What's the going rate for a missing person these days? And where would you like us to look for you? Can I nab the South of France and Cuba? (How much should I expect for expenses??)

Glad to see you back, CT. :)

X Little Grey Collection Box

hope4truth said...

Hello Collection Box

hope you are having a good day I am off to find a shop that is open as realised apart from Chocolate eggs we have nothing for dinner...

I feel sick but the girls are hungry may just order a pizza but have to get bread or they will have to buy a school lunch tomorrow.

Speak to you later xxx

LittleGreyCell said...


I can recommend stewed apple and goats milk yoghurt...


dylan said...

Happy shopping Hope! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that Tesco has not cleared their shelves for Easter Egg bargain marathon. You could always melt them down into a pizza shape? If you stick a few orange smarties on top they could almost pass as pepperoni! & yes that is a little bit sad to keep a little piece of the gorgoeus david's shirt but I'm not one to talk - i kept curt smith's plectrum for years (from Tears for Fears) and then cried when i realised i had lost it!!!

Hiya LGC, I like the song titles! If you nab South of France and Cuba, could I bagsy Africa - anywhere in Africa, don't mind where, or NZ maybe?? How would Opus cope with Cuban temperatures tho? Maybe Chile would be better - I hear the fish stocks are amazing during an ENSO event!
You are magnanimous in offering your charity i must say!

Dyl xx

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Dillie,

Yes, I thought it was rather good of me to volunteer for those places, too. Opus would be fine in Cuba - he could get some tips on how to handle the heat from his cousins in Cape Town...Docmac alerted us to the penguin community in Boulders Beach - take a look:-


Yes, OK, take Africa. And NZ if you like. Rat's off to Turkey, so she can look for CT there. Where do you think Hope would like? Italy for the pizza? Who do you think would appreciate Portugal??

X Little Grey Cuban

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dylan said...

Oh just b****r off anon.

LGC - are you saying you are a little grey cigar??? Portugal....hmmm..I have a very nice Portuguese ex colleague & I'm sure she'd put me up for free so I couldn't really claim expenses for that one. Maybe RP would like to go, s/he could take lots of British merchandise over with he/r and dilute the local economy??
I think Hope would best like Belgium or Mexico for all that lurvly chocolate!

Dillie the fluffy white dog xx

LittleGreyCell said...


It's not only ME who thinks I'm funny as it happens, as often people give me money to write for them. But then, what would the BBC know about comedy?

As a matter of interest, Anonymous, why do YOU use a missing 4 year-old child to attack centuries of the right to freedom of speech? Along with abusing others who do not share your views? Is being rude to people helping to find Madeleine?

Disgusted of Surrey

LittleGreyCell said...

Dillie The Fluffy White Dog,

Thanks for your sentiments re: Anonymous. Presumably Anonymous feels so strongly about his/her viewpoint, he/she is not ashamed at all to post as, er, 'Anonymous'. Courage of convictions, eh?

No, I'm not a Little Grey Cigar. I'm a large, curvy, turquoise 50s car with big, shiny hubcaps and an open top, with leather seats. Lots of rooms for penguins, too. :)

(Is it alright to talk about cars, Anonymous? And penguins?)

X LGCadillac

P.S. Anonymous - I presume an upstanding person like you will pay your Licence Fee, so many thanks for your contributions to my income for the past decade or so. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oh really! Are you saying that the money I pay for my tv licence is funding you and the absolute tosh you write. I really must complain to the BBC about this.

Nobody is saying you are not entitled to freedom of speech, but to peddle your ridiculous "comedy"
on this site or any other dedicated to "JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE" is not appropriate.

More than disgusted,


LittleGreyCell said...

Oh, and Anonymous,

I've been working in all forms of satire for over 20 years. It's always been my experience that it's the less intellectually-able of the populace who find it hard to understand the sentiments behind the satire.

Look at it this way: it's a bit like being a responsible grown-up yet not being able to fathom what possessed a bunch of doctors to leave their tiny kids alone night after night whilst they were out drinking.

Seeing as the only idea Team McCann seems to have to countering those who don't want to join the Tapas Fan Club is to call them names, shall we assume that their followers are not exactly subscribers to Private Eye? Get my meaning here, Anonymous? Or is it too funny for you?

Who's pathetic now, then?

dylan said...

AArggh!! Was having huge problems posting and then realised it was because i had closed the browser and wasn't signed in - dozy moo that I am!

LGC - you are welcome!
It is not us that is poking fun out of a little girl that is presumed missing, more that it is irony centred on fruitlessness of M3. Personally, I find the slagging of and bigoted xenophobia aimed at a country, purely on the grounds that they have out in hard work and effort on the case, much more distasteful.

& for the record - I have always said that LGC is both clever and funny. If she is beautiful too - i hate her!!! (only kidding)

Took a peek at the penguins & they are adorable. I want one. Just not sure I could cope with the fish!


Anonymous said...

Calm down dear, you seem really rattled.

LittleGreyCell said...


I very much look forward to reading your letter of complaint to the Director General about how unfunny 'Little Grey Cell' is. Make sure you write your letter in green ink. It'll get a special filing place...

Gosh, and I thought I did the jokes...

(Yes, Anon, I know that's debateable).

Hee hee hee.....

LittleGreyCell said...


P.S. It's Mark Thompson. Mark it for his attnetion.

LittleGreyCell said...


Many thanks, kind lady!!! And I may not be beautiful, but I have a lovely-looking penguin! :>

There's a site about those penguins which has some film on it featuring the penguins enjoying the beach alongside the human sun-worshippers. Will try and find it...

X Little Grey Complainee

LittleGreyCell said...


Rattled? Actually, Anon (brilliant name, btw! Did you choose it yourself?), I don't get rattled at people when I don't believe they are clever enough to know what I'm going on about. If it goes over their heads, that's their problem.

Don't know how you cope with all those clever media types in Brighton, though. Do they rile you, too?

Anonymous said...

I am much more of an alternative person myself.

I am building a picture in my mind of exactly the sort of "oomedy" you would write.LOL,LOL,LOL.

Thankyou you have been very informative.

LittleGreyCell said...

Here you are, Dillie,

Click on the box lower down the right hand side of the page...


LittleGreyCell said...


Oh, you're very welcome. Let me know what Mark Thompson says about Little Grey Cell, do...

docmac said...

Hi LGC and Dillie

Lgc, pleased to see you on top form as usual. Can't stay right now as we have guests, but I wanted Opus to have a peek at http://www.cape-town-family-holiday-magic.com/boulders-beach-cape-town.html

Not too many pictures there, but it gives a good idea of how close he could get to his distant cousins. If you're lucky, he could introduce you!

Also have a peek at http://www.flickr.com/photos/coda/sets/8753/ to see Cape Town at her finest. Not many beach pictures in that set, don't want to get Opus all excited now do we.

Dillie, have you found out where your stepchildren are in SA? I hope they are having a great time.

I will be back to read later.

LittleGreyCell said...

Thanks, Docmac!

Enjoy your guests...


docmac said...

LGC I see you have already viewed video of these delightfully amusing birds swimming with their human friends. You really do love them don't you. I never thought you would go to so much trouble after i told you about the colony. Wonderful stuff. I would also like to see the footage that you have seen.


hope4truth said...

Hello All

I have driven round in circles looking for a loaf of bread and had to settle for Tesco Metro and next door was a chip shop that was open so dinner was sorted for me...

Hello Anon is your site a bit dull today so you thought you would come over and try a few put downs???

You are very amusing keep posting it is like watching The J Kyle show when you are on I allways go away feeling far more superior to other members of the public x

OpusThePenguin said...

Dear Docmac,

Thank you for posting the brilliant links to my cousins in Cape Town. Actually, LGC met someone from Port Elizabeth the other day and she said there are also penguins there...

Cape Town looks amazing. Penguins don't have such breath-taking vistas in Surrey - but we may be a bit more of a rarity here!

:> Opus

Anonymous said...

Dispatches from the House of Fraser coffee shop!!!


Can't wait to see that aired on the BBC...

LGC your attempts at comedy are disastrous, and as the other anon says, trying to be funny in this site is sick.

I think I will be asking for my license fee back.


hope4truth said...


Hello hope you are well and sharing your fish with LGC x

dylan said...

Anons: London and Brighton - have you managed to fold time and space to exist in the same time and place at once? Think not as if you had figured that out you would not be posting such inane dross and insulting tedium as you are. The most intelligent thing I would expect from you is if you had managed to write your name in the snow...

Thanks LGC and docmac. I promise to check out the penguin links but have to nip out for a while and then watching Bear Gyllis' everest programme. Back later, keep the infantile troll at bay.

Hope - hi again, i feel like some chips now too but i know nothing is open in this, rural neck of the woods!

Fluffy white & pooped dillie xx

LittleGreyCell said...

Anonymous (Did YOU think of that name, too? What a coincidence!)

There's really no point in trying to explain satire to you if you don't have a big enough brain to be able to analyze it for yourself.

But let's have one last go. The satire is not at Madeleine's expense, it is employed in this case in trying to highlight the stupidity and selfishness of supposedly intelligent and educated people - doctors! - who failed miserably night after night in their duty of care to their small children in order to put their own pleasure first.

If you're not that bright, Anonymous(es), you're not going to understand it. You're only going to understand simply-constructed sentences with no other depth of meaning or interpretation. Like what the Sun writes. :)

But do try and realize that other people on here ARE clever enough to decipher satirical syntax, even if the codes of it are too far above your own heads.

Goodness, the BBC is so often criticized for dumbing down; now I know who they're doing it for.

And if all else fails, Anonymooses (Mark55 would find that funny, I know), you can STOP READING MY POSTS!

Sometimes, Anonymasses, you just have to know when to give up.

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Hope,

Got to make supper now - glad you got your bread (but what's wrong with Stewed apple and goats milk yoghurt, exactly??)

Back later...

X LGCoffeeshop

hope4truth said...


Tesco Metro may be handy but they dont run to goats milk yoghurt so sadly I had to have chips would obviously much rather of had goats milk yoghurt but life is not fair sometimes...

How are you feeling??? xxx

dylan said...

Ok, I am sulking now. Rushed back specifically to have a look at the wee penguins before my programme starts, Docmac - your link didn't work for some reason and LGC - I am being dumb; did you mean click the cross on the Jack-Ass site?

Docmac, my step sons are somewhere near Centurion Park. Their grandfather lives there. Do you know it? I always mourn not having travelled very much. As a kid my father was in the RAF and I was born in Singapore as a result of his posting but came back as a toddler and don't remember any of it. When I was 5, he got posted to Benbecula, a wilderness of a Scottish Island, my mum dearly wanted to go and now I am grown up I can appreciate why she did, but we had to stay in Yorkshire. All of my RAF friends went to Cyprus, Germany and other places but the most exotic place we went was Yorkshire. Bugger!

Actually Benbecula would have been perfect. I love folk music and the kind of life that offers old fashioned community spirit which is sadly lacking nowadays. When it is as cold as it is now, here, I like to imagine snuggling up in front of a real fire, singing and fiddling (not the books) and drinking cocoa or even a wee dram! And I miss mountains. I love to climb and there's not much of that to be done in flat ole Norfolk!

Off to watch my programme now and dream of Everest. Did you see the programme about the cardiovascular surgeons that went to climb everest? They were taking part in an experiment to work out why some people seem to survive with so little oxygen in there blood. It has been said that many people who have summited, should not be alive or would not have been alive at sea level. Fascinating stuff!

Dyl xx

viv said...

Hiya All

Just had a very interesting read thanks.

Unfortunately I note Anon, got so angry it resorted to repeating itself three times, so I have had to do a little deleting.

One thing I have always noted about ignorant people who lack a sense of humour, they always have to resort to boring repetition and abuse. I think I have lost count of how many posts I have deleted about the House of Fraser Coffee Shop. I am sure it is lovely there though:-)

viv said...

Re the current process to prosecute Kate and Gerry McCann.

My understanding of the situation is that this is a live investigation with the aim of prosecuting the McCanns at the end of that process.

It is an international facet of human rights law that an accused person must know the case against them. My understanding is that due to the complexity of the investigation secrecy of justice has been extended to September in the McCanns case to give the police sufficient time to assemble their case against them. Following that the McCanns will be charged and will have full access to the case against them so that they can prepare their defence.

If, at the end of that process, there is insufficient evidence to proceed against the McCanns the investigation would get shelved and not be taken any further. However, I believe their arguido status would not be lifted and they would remain suspects indefinitely. In the UK that can be without limit of time, and, as we know murderers are sometimes charged 30 years lates when further evidence comes to light. I understand that in Portugal the police could not proceed after a period of 16 years.

We have been advised that secrecy of justice for Murat ends in April. He would then be entitled to know the case against him. However, I think it will be announced he is not going to be given any details of the case because there is no case against him - he will be released. I think that in the meantime, he has been kept as an arguido purely to keep him quiet and afterwards will become a witness and will continue to have to keep quiet.

In legal procedure the McCanns were entitled to a police interview as suspects so that they could put their side of the story. If the police have a case against them there is no need for them to be given a second chance. I think in fairness, the police may have wanted to give them that chance, but the Prosecutor has been advised by their lawyers they will continue to refuse to co-operate and so there is no point.

docmac said...

Dyl I am going to try something new. If it doesn't work out I will try again another time.

The penguin link is here

The Cape Town one is here. This one has 2 pages. View one at a time using 'view as slide show'.

Centurion is in Pretoria. Not my cup of tea at all.

dylan said...

Hiya Viv,

How are you? I hope you have enjoyed the bank holiday. I also hope House of Fraser sells fair trade coffee otherwise I would not wish to be associated with such nefarious goings on!

LGC dealt with anon very well in her own inimitable style. I do not think it will want to return unless it has had a sense of humour transplant in the meantime - oh, along with a brain too!

Gtg, advert break over.

Back soon.


docmac said...

It works!! Thanks Rat :-)

Hi Viv, Ive suddenly come over all tired after a day spent entertaining the hordes. I need sleep. If you see Dyl later please refer her to my post to her.

Night everyone.

ultraviolet said...

It has gone to Alsabellas blog instead.

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Hope you had a good Easter??? I have had a lovely weekend but have eaten far to much (the diet begins at midnight :0)...)

I dont like the House Of Fraser Coffee shop but then I dont like hot drinks so rally cant see the point (a bit like Anon what is it's point???)...

Intresting post if they are guilty DNA and other evidence will develope so much over the next 10 years they will forever be wondering if the proof will be there one day not a pleasent way to spend the rest of your life worrying about the next knock on the door.

God forbid one of my children ever goes missing but if they did I would not care what people thought of me as long as I was doing everything in my power to find them as Shannons Dad did when she was missing. I would trust the police to get on with it and if they thought I was guilty would answer every question a million times take a lie detector test not so I was in the clear but so they would know that she was missing and would continue to look for her.

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Hope,

Well, I'm sorry you didn't get to eat stewed apple and goats milk yoghurt but had to have chips instead. Life's tough, sometimes. (Sniff).

I'm feeling MUCG better, thanks! And actually, I've lost heaps of weight this week! No fats or dairy or chocolate or alcohol - in fact, very little that tastes of anything really, so my interest in food has waned a bit. (I'm a chilli and curry girl - which caused the problem in the first place, sadly). Anyway, should be having more tests soon which will hopefully give me time limit for this diet of bland, tasteless babyfood!

My son has successfully completed his first day's revising! Why is it that I feel I've achieved something here? (Well, I'm sure you can guess :)) No it's just another few months of same and we'll be fine...

How are you? Has the snow gone?


viv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ultraviolet said...

You would think with another £550000 in the bank that they could at least afford Starbucks.

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Viv,

I've changed the House of Fraser Coffee Shop to somewhere Team McCann will feel more at home... ;)

I quite like the HOF coffee shop myself, but mostly because you don't get too many Cretins in there. (Don't think they can work out how to get up the stairs).

X Little Grey Capuccino (Ah! The old days :( )

viv said...

As the standard of typing there was even worse than usual I am trying again having done my corrections...god it is like being back at school:-)

Hiya Doc

Hope you had a great day and nite nite x

Dillie, look forward to seeing you back, I gather ultra is advising us it has trolled off to Alsabella's to see if it has any more success there. I predict it will be similarly humiliated!

I have had a lovely break thanks but it is back to business as usual on my blog which I do enjoy, seeking justice for Madeleine and taking a firm stance against those who want just the opposite. Things are really hotting up for the McCanns, I am pleaed to see. I am looking forward to seeing what desperate measures they/mouthpiece try next!

Viv x

ultraviolet said...

Yes that is exactly what I am saying and you Viv are correct in your assumptions.

hope4truth said...


Snow never really settled for long one minute snow storm next minute bright sunshine then rain (dont you just love the English weather)???

Glad his revision went well all you can do is support him and take him a bowl of goats milk yoghurt and he will be fine...

Maybe I should try some goats milk yoghurt tomorrow I am not stepping on the scales until I feel really hungry again and then I should be back to where I started before I ate all the eggs (and the two bars of various chocolate that came with them)...

I am actually going back on the Mapel Syrup Diet you buy this Madal Bar Natural Tree Syrup and make a mixture of that 3.5 lemons and ginger fill up to 2 liters of water and that is it you eat nothing.... Last time I did it I lost a stone in 5 days and have never felt more healthy in my life. I wasnt hungry and it is packed with more vitamins than I had consumed in years. The reason I mention it is because it was put together to help stomach ulcers not sure if that is what you have but it is supposed to really help (I will find a link to the website) and post it in a minute....


viv said...

Hiya LGC

Great to see you darling, I have always loved the BBC (apart from a certain Panorama, or was that satire?)


Hello, which "assumptions" would I be correct in? I would prefer "opinions"..

ultraviolet said...

That the troll has gone to Alsabella's and is being wrung out to dry even as we speak.

hope4truth said...


Below is a link to show you what it is but it does not say about helping ulcers (when you buy a tin you get a free book)...


After the 5th day I was desprate to eat soemthing but up unti then felt great...

I am not usually a diet freak but a friend tried it as a detox and she said her hair and skin was so fresh she now has it for breakfast each day...

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I believe the police have more than enough evidence to be quite certain of the McCanns guilt. For this reason they will be prosecuted at the end of this process IMO. However, if the evidence if felt by the Prosecutor to be insufficient to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law then they will not waste the expense of prosecuting them at this stage. They will wait until they have better evidence. This does indeed mean the McCanns are never going to have the cloud of suspicion lifted from them. That is what they deserve. Whilst I think the chances of the case being proceeded with at this stage are extremely likely, even if it is not, they have their just deserts IMO and will never have the opportunity to do interviews, films, books etc, declaring they are innocent.

LittleGreyCell said...

Thanks, Hope! Would love to have a look at it. They think it might be an ulcer, but then again, it might not...in the meantime, I have to be a Good Girl. (Which I am mostly - only naughty thing is a couple of mugs of weak coffee in the morning because I don't want those awful headaches I suffered years ago for three weeks when I went cold turkey on the caffeine thing. Ugh!)

I bought a book on digestive disorders and to my horror, have discovered I've got all 147 of them!! So the only thing that isn't actually proscribed is a little light breeze, filtered and freeze-dried, on a thin bed of gossamer. Yummy. Available in all good coffee shops).

X Light Grey Cell

viv said...


I doubt if they will waste much time dealing with a sad little troll X

ultraviolet said...

Actually it is pretty amusing. There are complaints about Claudia speaking Portuguese.

LittleGreyCell said...


Sorry about the posts you've had to delete on my behalf - should have realized before that there were no pictures for Team McCann to enjoy.

But you can see where they're coming from, can't you? Abuse the Antis and call them names, tell them they're no good at their jobs - and then they'll all think the McCanns have no case to answer! Perfect! Why didn't Jonathan Aitken think of that one?

You're right about Panorama - it was either satire or a load of old botox.


dolores said...

Viv, I hope you and a peaceful Easter.
I am not surprised they needed to top up the fund,I don't beleive it's to find Madeleine, as they know where she is.
We know R.Branson has offered £100,000, that won't be nearly enough for this amount of lawyers.B.Kennedy would cover Smethurst's fee presumably.


From 3A's
Mc Cann's legal team.

The International Family Law Group
London specialist lawyers in child abduction and international family law, hired to set up Madeleine's Fund and receive non-Internet donations on behalf of the McCanns. Their lawyers include:

Ann Thomas
Managing Partner of The International Family Law Group, who met with the McCanns in Portugal in early May to set up Madeleine's Fund

David Hodson
Consultant at The International Family Law Group and a family practitioner with a top-class reputation, who is also a deputy district judge at the Principal Registry. He was responsible for drafting two press releases, including the important one announcing the formation of Madeleine's Fund at the football match in Leicester

Lubna Shah
Partner and specialist in abduction cases at The International Family Law Group

In addition, The International Family Law Group also used:

Michael Nicholls, QC
A family lawyer in the Official Solicitor's Office with chambers at 1 Hare Court, Temple; Head of Lord Chancellor's Child Abduction Unit 1983-1998; Member of the Family Justice Council's International Family Law Committee; Consultant to the Council of Europe's Family Law Committee; Chairman of Appeals Panels of the Specialist Training Authority of the Medical Royal Colleges (1997-2001); legal adviser to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health's advisory group leading to "Withholding or Withdrawing Life-Saving treatment in Children - A Framework for Practice" (September, 1997)

Bates Wells & Braithwaite
London law firm, who filed the trademarked Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned for the McCanns in mid-May

Kingsley Napley
A prestigious London-based UK law firm, retained by the McCanns for their defence. Their lawyers include:

Michael Caplan, QC
Partner of Kingsley Napley; best known for defending Chile's ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet and avoiding his extradition to Spain

Angus McBride
Partner at Kingsley Napley; a $1,200-an-hour lawyer, specialising in high-profile cases, such as the defence of English football captain, John Terry, accused of kidnapping, and actor Chris Langham, accused of downloading pornography

London law firm specialising in defamation cases. Their lawyers include:

Adam Tudor
Partner at Carter-Ruck, specialising in defamation and media cases, as well as commercial litigation, representing both corporate and individual clients. He worked on the successful McCann settlement against Express Newspapers

In Portugal
The defence includes:

Rogerio Alves
President of the Portuguese Bar Association in Lisbon

Carlos Pinto de Abreu
A Portuguese lawyer, involved in high-profile cases, including the defence of leaders of the UGT in a fraud case with Fundo Social Europeu; presides over the Human Rights Commission of the Lawyer's Order

Coordinator for all of these law services for the McCanns:

Edward Smethurst
A commercial lawyer with glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who was appointed to the Board of Madeleine's Fund in January 2008. He is the legal coordinator for the McCanns

There is one other known lawyer working on the case, but we do not know what his relationship is to the McCanns. He is:

Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia
A Madeira-based lawyer, who received a tip from the underworld that Madeleine's body had been thrown into the Barragem do Arade Reservoir. He funded the initial search of the reservoir and is now funding 50% of the current diving operation searching the Barragem do Arade Reservoir and Dam for Madeleine's body, along with SPEC, Lda of Portimão, who is funding the remaining 50%. At first, the McCanns were delighted with this news, but then later were said to be "furious" when they learned that divers were now requesting permission from the National Water Authority to search for "body parts" in tunnels near the dam.

Corrected McBride's name and added Correia to the list, although he has not been retained by the McCanns to search for Madeleine

Last edited by HawkEyes1 on Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:32 am, edited 3 times in total.

isis said...

Belated easter wishes to viv and all, just catching up on posts.

hope4truth said...


Below is a link showing the book that comes free with the syrup (well I bought mine from ebay it is about £40 a litre tin with the book if you do buy any watch you dont think you have a bargain and pay over £30 for half a litre)you may be able to get the book from the library but it has a lot of info about ulcers in it...



LittleGreyCell said...


Many thanks for the link. I'll investigate tomorrow. My stomach has already shrunk (not quite as much as the Anonymasses brains, admittedly), but enough to enable my nose to enter a room first now.

I'm off to bed shortly. Have a full day being not very funny tomorrow. :(


viv said...

Hiya LGC

Deleting some of their sad rants and attempts at division can be quite a cathartic experience.

Panorama - satire or a load of old Botox, loved it:-) I think the BEEB saved it from being a complete load of old Botox, causing the McCann's friendly producer to sling his dummy and run off in a big huff. Luke used to do that when he was little..go bouncing off up the stairs when I told him, no, thankfully he has grown up now!

LittleGreyCell said...


I know you've gone to bed now, but for when you next log on - many thanks for your seasonal greetings the other night...can it really be Purim already?!

Would love to get pissed in the name of being Jewish (it's sometimes advisable, actually), but it does take a bit of effort on Ovaltine (which I've just read in my new book that I shouldn't be drinking anyway).

Ah well. The Torah says that your health has to come first before any Jewish laws. So this means I'm being A Good Jew now. Well, there's a first time for everything (dammit).


hope4truth said...


You have to feel sorry for Anon really having no sense of humour sums up how sad their life is. As well as having to hide who they are...

Hope you are ok speak to you tomorrow xxx

LittleGreyCell said...

Well, that's all from me, folks!

Sleep tight, everyone...


viv said...

Hello to Dolores, Isis and Ratonthebeam. Lovely to hear from you too and glad you had a good break, as I did:-)

Just reading your long post Dolores:-)

LittleGreyCell said...

You're right, Hope. And I actually also feel sorry for the Anonymasses for having no names, either...

Have a lovely evening, Hope.


viv said...

Nite Nite LGC

Sleep well ready for a trying day tomorrow, I am sure you will get through it with ease:-)

Love viv x

hope4truth said...

Night LGC have a nice glass of water xxx

hope4truth said...


I have mailed you nothing important just thought I would xxx

viv said...


All those expensive lawyers right from the very outset. We can certainly see what Gerry meant when he said in May well the fund has enabled us to get a really good team of lawyers together! Not that lawyers go out searching for missing children of course but were clearly a huge drain on the er "find Maddie fund".

I have since read the Madeira lawyer says he actually had a dream, rather than any underworld tip off... Rosie has been having dreams as well..something odd about people who believe they have some deep hidden meaning?

sasha said...

Delete this if you want, because you don't like to hear the truth..

But I think YOU ARE ALL NASTY DESPICABLE people to be like this about this poor couple who have LOST THEIR DAUGHTER! Hello, are any of you parents out there??

It's heart wrenchingly awful and I feel sick for them So this bile and spew that comes out of stupid, uneducated narrow minded people about how they must be guilty is a pathetic reminder that our contry is full of stupid mean people.

My heart goes out to Gerry and Kate McCann. You "horrid" people should perhaps focus your negative nasty energy on the sick child abuser who abducted her.

Come on, the police must have a list of these types living in the area.

This really makes me sick.

dolores said...

I am sure you will find a blog that writes fiction about these child neglecters,who make most of us sick to our stomachs what they did.You are not obliged to read this.

viv said...


Shouting abuse at people who believe the police have a valid case against this couple has been a feature of people like yourself. It does neither you or the McCanns any credit.

I suggest you return to a blog where the posters have little fairies for avitars and seem to believe that parents do not kill their children.

dolores said...

Gerry had a 'dream' in the church also if you remember,weird bunch,I think they are obssessed with a site called Brian's dreams.


viv said...

Hiya Dolores

I know I have read somewhere that people who have an unnatural belief in the supernatural, the prophesying power of dreams etc are mentally ill...they have an unrealistic belief in their own "visions". Rosie keeps claiming this vision of Madeleine still being in PDL is getting stronger..it does sound very unhealthy to me.

My father died in 2006 and I had not seen him for about ten years. As a child I idolized him. I had a dream the other night he pulled up in a big open top blue Rolls Royce and told me to jump in with that handsome smile of his. The only thing I took from this dream is that I still love him and I miss him.

eurekamano said...

Hi, This relevant truly sickening story from 24 Horos posted by a mod on 3A.

Anglo-Portuguese's lawyer is going to sue Spanish investigators

Murat persecuted by the McCanns' detectives

Private investigators from Metodo 3have been speaking with people who are connected to the process without the knowledge of Portuguese authorities.

"We think Murat knows more than he says. Madeleine could be alive in Morocco". The suspicion, told to the newspaper "El Mundo", comes from Marita Fernandez, 58, the founder of the detective agency Metodo 3, which was hired by the McCanns to find their daughter Madeleine.

According to Robert Murat's defense, this is called pressure. Lawyer Francisco Pagarete goes further and says that the witnesses that were questioned within the Madeleine McCann process are also being put under pressure to change their depositions.

"The gentlemen from the Spanish private investigation agency have been speaking with everybody, including process witnesses. They are permanently persecuting my client and his girlfriend, who no longer have a private life. This is not admissible in a State of democratic law. Leave my client in peace", Francisco Pagarete appealed, yesterday, in a statement to 24Horas.

And the lawyer launches the accusation: "The investigators from Metodo 3 are mercenaries. Many of them have been accused of extortion and espionage. One was even detained in Morocco for taking illegal pictures of children. They have been working in Portugal, they put pressure on witnesses and nobody does anything. It's a shame."

Senior officers from the Policia Judiciaria and the General Attorney's Office have confirmed to our newspaper that private investigation firms can act "without problems", as long as they don't contact persons who are related to processes that are under judicial secrecy. But they did not confirm that Metodo 3 is enticing the testimonies of persons that have been interrogated by the Judiciaria.

"Until now, we have no knowledge that a witness changed her statement. But if they are being coerced into doing so, that will be duly investigated. It's a situation that depends on a complaint, and we received none, not even an order from the Public Ministery that asks us to do such an inquiry", a source at the PJ guaranteed.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hope4truth said...


Sorry you feel that as parent it is your right to leave children alone night after night while you go out with your friends I sugest if theis is the way you treat your own children (if you have any) that you call social services now and arrange for them to be taken into care.

I would feel sorry for them if they had shown an ounce of remorse at being such useless parents but the 8 of them that were parents all thought it was no big deal to neglect their children night after night to have a drink and a meal.

I am a parent and love my children with all that I am. A family holiday to me is about them as much as us they are small for such a short time...

If she was abducted then god help that poor little girl she will not be having a pary she will be going through things that you and I would find hard to deal with.

Dont you think a 3 year old child deserves the protection of her parents? Dont you think that a 3 year old child deserves questions to be answered?

You think I am nasty so what if wanting to stop children being miss treated by parents who put themselves first then I am evil so what.

Social Services have not returned Shannon to her Mother does that make them evil or does that make them people who think the child comes way above what the parents want?

dolores said...

There is difference in ones dreams of people they and know,as in your case.I have had that kind of dream,mmy own dad died when he was only 55 and I to had not seen him in years.
I find it really peculiar for strangers to have dreams about people they have never even met,especially if they are dead.
And G's 'vision' to have a fund and tour Europe,leaving 2 babies behind, who lost their sister.No way on earth loving parents would leave them if one was according to them 'abducted'they would be clinging on to them in fear it could happen again.


viv said...


LGC signed out an hour ago and was not talking about some pathetic anon - get over yourelf:-)

It is you that has devoted a blog to talking about me and others, now that really is pathetic..you fixate on our lives because you do not have one of your own and post either as anon or some silly name e.g. Muldoon, Holly etc.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hope4truth said...


You make a point that has allways confused me. With Madeleine so say abducted you would think that leaving the twins at the Creche would be imposible as you would never want to let them out of your sight in case the abductor came back.

Also to travel to another country and leave them behind well that was very strange. Then if leaving them alone at night to go to the bar was ok maybe they have a very diffrent view on what being a parent means.

It is very sad children are a gift to be treasured not dumped and ignored.

isis said...

Viv, have been looking back over the comments as i was away over easter. It seems to me that if you engage anon in any discussion it thrives on confrontation. If someone does not have the courage of their convictions to put their name to a post then they are cowards and not worthy of a post in reply.

Anonymous said...
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anon2 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
eurekamano said...

Remember, do not interrupt your enemy when it is making a mistake; Do not interact with or feed the Troll.

anon2 said...
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dylan said...

My laptop is not behaving at all. Lost my 3 attempts to post and have given up on what I was trying to say.

Docmac, Cape Town looks to be idyllic. I'm going to have to google geology of the area now as I can't look at rocks without having to find out what they are ! Looks like limestone but could be sandstone. I am very sad!

Hope, that was a very, may i say, "nice" reply to anon. Well done. I don't know why these people bother to try to argue that the McCanns demonstrated good parenting. The proof is in the pudding. We love and adore our children and still have them. I felt very lucky to be playing silly buggers in the snow with my youngest today. I would never leave her alone and she is more than twice Maddie's age, when left to babysit her younger siblings. i wouldn't even leave her alone in a room with our dog who is as soppy as dogs come, purely beacuse i know she is not mature enough for me to trust the dog not to hurt her.

It really upsets me that the McCanns have got away with what they have, so far. Not because I want them to suffer anymore than they have but because they have not had the decency to stand up tall and tell the world that they were worng & this is NOT the way a child should be cared for. I might have had more of a heart in their case, if they had, but they won't because they are still putting themselves first.

Sasha - why didn't the Mcs take the lie detector test? If they have nothing to hide, it would have done their names good? Why did they refuse to answer police questions when answering them would surely help then to find their little girl if she had truly been abducted?
Why are they not in Portugal where they swore they would stay until she was found?
Why didn't they rush over to countries where sightings of her had been reported? Is it because they spent the money donated on their mortgage for a house they no longer need to be so big? Why haven't they sold it and moved to a smaller house? They could have used the money to carry on the search.
Don't tell me it is because they wanted to preserve the last vestiges of Maddie and her room. If that was the case, why did Kate wash cuddlecat which was the closest thing she had to Maddie?

I have no sympathy until that pair start telling the truth and have given a full and frank apology to the British public whom they have branded as a nation of child neglectors.

Not in their name, never will I accept this brand.


hope4truth said...


It is not an argument it is a fact they are child neglectors no if's or but's they neglected their children over and over again to go out with people who did the same thing.

Sad but true

dolores said...

You know their behaviour from the beginning was alien and abhorrent to all loving and protective parents.The eyes of the world have been watching them and see them for what they are.
xx D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hope4truth said...


This has been strange from day one poor little girl xxx

anon2 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dylan said...


Good spin on the name by the way. Very intelligent. Must have taken you weeks to dream up that one. Has Clarrie babes been giving you lessons?

It was me that mistook Muldoon for a "friend", not viv. Read back and weep if your little mind can bear all of the intelligent, sensible posts that have transpired up to that point. Or will it break your stoney heart?

Do not feed the trolls.

Anonymous said...
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hope4truth said...


Good post...

The idiot anons can say I am stupid have no brain cells keep repeating myself as many times as they like do they really think that in my life they matter?

Dont know what made me post on the DX have never done so before or probebly will again but when a child is not as important as their parents something is very wrong.

Shannon has not been returned or even held by her Mother since she was found as a Mother myself I cant think of anything worse than to be seperated from my child but my child must allways come first and when they are grown and have children of their own then their children must come first and be happy and safe.

I am off in a minute was thinking about having an early start at work tomorrow but the way things are going I will be going in about 11.00 xxx

eurekamano said...

South Africa sounds wonderful at this time of year. Such an early Easter has played havoc with our usual taste of spring but we've had a few sunny spells today nevertheless. That poor child, my heart goes out to her wherever she is and whatever happens it's true, the eyes of the world are upon sll those involved and will be forever. She is loved and her memory will always be remembered lovingly by those who care for the truth.

viv said...

Hiya all

I see Supertroll is trying to take over this blog again so I am just going to indulge in a few cathartic clicks. We should not get dragged in to interacting with a maniac!

dolores said...

The one concern I have is the safety of the twins,more so when I read this very disturbing quote from Kate's interview to Vanity Fair.

Kate said, "It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."

supertroll said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hope4truth said...


I never ever said I was a wonderful parent but if not ever leaving my child home alone makes me one then yes I am...

Comes to something when being called a wonderful parent is supposed to be an insult.

supertroll said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dylan said...

Anon, I never have professed to be a wonderful parent. No parent is perfect & i know my failings. I DO know, however, NOT to leave my children to their peril. If anything, I am a careful parent through being over-cautious, which i am sure leaves my kids feeling wrapped up in cotton wool sometimes.

Docmac has not done a runner. He clearly stated earlier, that he had company and would not be around much. I expect he has a social life and manages to care for his children too. I would imagine that most doctors can do this but, plainly, Kate and Gerry could not. What is your beef with him?

Going to bed now as I am naturally tired and not scarpering from your pathetic, misguided comments.

Nite viv, dolores, Isis and Hope. Sleep well, dyl xx

supertroll said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
supertroll said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
supertroll said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
eurekamano said...

Well done Viv, Domestos Delete kills all known germs.

dolores said...

Goodnight, and peaceful dreams.
Their opinions are not important and nobody has to justify themselves to them.
xx D

viv said...

Nite Nite Dillie

See you again soon, on a fresh new morn, beyond the witching out when the sad lonely little troll comes out to play:-)

In about 95% of cases where children go missing in suspicious circumstances the parents are responsible FACT.

Parents who go out to use excessive alcohol whilst leaving tiny chidren home alone, is an indicator to child protection workers that they present a serious risk of harm to their children and are highly abusive and selfish parents FACT

Murat is no longer a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann FACT

Based upon a lengty and detailed investigation by two separate police forces and one of the most sophisticated forensic science laboratories in the world Madleine's parents are prime suspects in her death and disposal of the body FACT

Whilst still Arguidos for one of the most serious offences agains their own child the McCanns have just extracted a further substantial sum of money, in the name of their dead daughter that they are not entitled to and amounts to fraud and attempt to pervert the court of justice FACT

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hope4truth said...


You really need to get a life dear keep up with the good work you do??? None of us do good work we are mearly chatting on a blog.

ST has about 3 posts a day on her site and I am sure you enjoy your chats on your own site.

Sadly after all this time Madeleien is still missing nothing any of us can do will bring her back. The McCanns have spent the fund money on a fraud investigation company looking for her and sadly they have got no where.

There is a huge reward that no one has claimed as no one knows what happend..

You may get your jollys by trying to put us all down but it is not a good job or useful in anyway...

I am against neglect and that makes me thick??? What the hell so I am stupid fat ugly have no brain cells and am a perfect parent...

None of the above apart from being against neglect are true.

I am here now as I like the people I chat to and I would like to know what happend to a 3 year old child who was neglected and may have or may be going through hell.

If Madeleine turned up like Shannon did I would be so happy to be wrong about her maybe not being abducted and although I would be pleased her parents had a second chance I would still hope that no one would ever be a selfish as they have been again.

Neglect is the underlining issue in all of this and through all the lies miss quotes and confusion it is the one thing that it true and nothing will ever change that.

isis said...

Dyl, you put your head on your pillow knowing you are a very good parent.xxx

dylan said...

Hey Hope, thank you! Nite nite and I would go for a 12 O'clock start if i were you!

Forgot to mention Eurikamano - lovely post & nite to you too. xx

anon2 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
viv said...

Thanks Eureka darling

I use domestos down my toilet where it also does an excellant job:-)

hope4truth said...


looking more like a day off if I stay up much longer x

viv said...

Hiya Eureka

Thanks for the report from the highly disreputable 24 Horas which Clarence Mitchell has access to, having fallen out with UK press.

I have no doubt Metodo 3 have attempted to get prosecution witnesses to change their accounts but have clearly been unsuccessful in that process. Decent people cannot be bought..

I also have no doubt they have mericlessly harassed Murat and clearly continue to do so with the ridiculous Maddie is in Morocco claims re-surfacing. I have a firm belief Murat will achieve justice for all of this and I am sure we all wish him and his family the very best and lots of compensation money that he is genuinely entitled to unlike the remaining suspects, the gruesome twosome and their lying friends. They will find out how harsh the law can deal with such people.

hope4truth said...

Night Viv

Speak to you tomorrow x

Bianca said...

Hi Hope4You, hope you are well (what time is it there now? Not sure if any of you guys will still be around - it's 11:30 am in Sydney right now, so I'm guessing it's 2 in the morning or something for you! LOL)

Anyway, just wanted to say that I agree - there is something rather too passionate, not to mention comprehensive, about Rosiepops' defense of the McCanns and dislike of the PJ. You see, I am a passionate person myself - I make my point about the McCanns and their horrible child neglect with great vigor, however, there is a difference - where my posts on this subject are around 1,500, Rosiepops' are well over 7,000! Rosiepops' posts are methodical, comprehensive, and seem to have a very focused agenda. Also, she (he?) has never been one much for personal insults or losing her temper, which makes me think she is more likely to be a paid professional than simply an opinionated member of the public.

I also agree that whoever RP really is, he/she simply can not grasp (or has been told not to acknowledge!) the enormity of the child neglect issue in this case. One thing that used to drive me crazy at the DE was all the pro's saying "oh yes we acknowledge the child neglect thing - it was terrible - but can we just move on now?" !!! That used to frustrate me no end, because as you say, if Madeleine was abducted then may her abductor burn in Hell, but nothing can change the fact that it was her own parents, the people that are actually SUPPOSED to love and protect her, that made her and her siblings so vulnerable to this in the first place! This is a huge issue - not something you can simply "move on" from! I bet Kate and Gerry have never had a car stolen. Why not? Because no doubt they lock their car at night and put it safely in the garage. They understand that the onus is on THEM to take care of the car, even though car thieves are bad people and should be held accountable for every car they steal. The same goes for "predators" - they are evil, despicable people, however, this is why a parent SHOULD take vigilent care of their child, not an excuse for why they SHOULDN'T ("oh you can't blame the parents, it's the predator's fault for being evil and twisted!" .. Ha?? What kind of logic is that??)

viv said...

Nite Hope darling and see you tomorrow

luv u xxx

hope4truth said...

Hi Bianca

It is 00.50 here and I should have been in bed a couple of hours ago LOL

I agree with your post neglect is wrong and if thinking that makes me nasty then so be it. I bet they never left their money passports and jewllery on the bedside table but leaving children alone in an unlocked room is something we all do???

I dont bloody think so...

Have a nice day )(morning, afternoon evening????)....

I must go to bed now or will miss work completly tomorrow xxx

hope4truth said...

Night again Viv pulling plug on pc now before another hour goes by xxxx

Bianca said...

Yes Hope, get your sleep! And I agree with everything you said!

Night :-)

viv said...

Hiya Bianca

Glad you are OK. It is now almost 1 am and typically my posters have now all gone to bed:-)

I agree RP seems to be quite compulsive in its postings which have reached prolific numbers. However, I do not agree that this person is not abusive. I have posted on here some very serious abuse of me dating back as far as October on the DE. What RP repeatedly does is have a rage and then state it was just retaliating as though that excuses it. The latest serious and demented rants were just a few days ago on the DE and again I have posted them. It is also posting lengthy rants on Supertroll's blog. It has repeatedly indulged in the most obscene racist abuse of Alsabella and Claudia and whips others up to join in. Since I ridiculed its behaviour on here a few days back it has gone very quiet on its own blog with very few posts and even then very little to say. I think its pscyhe has taken quite a battering. How can you continue with this propaganda in the face of what we see. It must be a soul destroying task IMO! It is currently using the sick little Supertroll to do some of its dirty work, also a feature of its conduct on the DE where it would use Christabel, Gentlebreeze, Peace and Harmony to be even more abusive still probably also Supertroll/Muldoon/Assasin/Muse/Wolverine/Holly/Anon 1 and 2 etc. These people, just like Gerry McCann need to control and get infuriated when they cannot do so. They are even bleating that Alsabella, a Portuguese lady, should not speak in Portuguese on her own blog. Words really fail me - what because they say so!! Just how absurd is that?

I have always thought the neglect is an indicator of what dangerous parents these two are - yes of course they used to get angry and tell us to shut up - that is why we refused to do so! If parents of a low intellect who could not afford baby sitters left children home alone, one could have a little more understanding. When it is a GP whose function is to work on child protection teams and who could very clearly afford a babysitter the connotations are much more serious and quite impossible to understand.

ultraviolet said...

Try reading the comments on Sky. Sky used to be really for the McCanns. But most of the comments tonight are very scathing and very critical of them now.

viv said...

Thanks Ultraviolet

I think the need to defend themselves has become an all consuming passion for the McCanns and they have got caught up in some very bizarre behaviour in this quest. They lack the insight to see how harmful their conduct is in the eyes of the public. The latest attempt, extracting half a million from the Express and getting them to state there is no evidence was an absolute catastrophy in a long line of bizarre mistakes they have made. Clearly, they believed this would change the public's mind about them, clearly it has enraged the public. It serves them right. We are not stupid!

Ordinary people simply compare their conduct to what they would have done themselves - this tells them everything they need to know about Kate and Gerry McCann..(!)

Bianca said...

Hi Viv,

I always found RP's insults more calm and subtle than loud and overt, which made them get under the skin even MORE, imo. However, it seems you have copped her (him? whatever) being very overt and upfront about the insults, so I can understand your angst toward this poster!

I tend to think that bad parenting is bad parenting. A lot of people tend to think working-class = "good" and upperclass = "bad" or "untrustworthy". Actually, some of the most heartless, careless, selfish parents I have ever seen have been working class people. However, I agree that there is CERTAINLY no excuse for the McCanns, ESPECIALLY because they are educated and have access to just avbout everything money can buy.

Take care :-)

ultraviolet said...

Half a million is a small sum of money to the Daily Express. Especially when you consider how much money they have made out of the story over the past ten months. The Daily Express got a bargain. But the McCanns still should not have been paid a penny. It is blood money and no good will come of it.

viv said...

Hi Bianca

I have taken great exception to the overt racism displayed by RP and Mum 21 in particular, extremely unpleasant behaviour. It has also been the ringleader of personalised attacks to disrupt forums - the simple aim to bully people into not talking about all the evidence against the McCanns. I am afraid the more they have done this, the stronger my resolve has been to resist them. That is why I opened this blog. I do not have to put up with their personalised attacks on here and we can properly discuss the issues which is good. Neither do I have to put up with them abusing my other posters - they get deleted! I do think it infuriates them that I am in control here and we will not be silenced.

Child abuse is far more common among the working class. They have far more pressures on their lives and lack the intellect to see the harm in their conduct. When you have educated doctors behave in this way, it is pure evil. No excuses at all.


I agree half a million is not a lot to the Daily Express - they are treating the McCanns with the contempt they deserve and will get them sum back many times over.

Viv x

Bianca said...

Hi Viv,

Couldn't agree more - it is great to come to a blog where one of "us" (so to speak) is in control - as I said - so glad I'm here on your blog and not on the dark side!

Certainly, working-class parents have far more pressure on them. Many of the issues are very complicated, going back generations, and can't just be written off as financial only. A lot of it has to do with endemic low self-esteem and life-style choice, not to mention the "cycle" of abuse (i.e., if you are abused or neglected as a kid, then you are more likely to abuse your own kids). However, what DOES upset me (and I have seen it many times in my own country, first-hand), is when low income parents have child after child, often to different dads, and then when the dads piss off, you have the parade of different boyfriends in the mother's house, in and out at all hours, often beating the little boys and sexually abusing the little girls. Again, I understand about the generational issues and lifestyle choice, but this is not the Victorian era - ANYONE can use condoms, ANYONE can go on the pill! So easy, and would save a lot of poor, downtrodden, sexually abused children a lot of agony.

viv said...

Hiya Bianca

Yes you are home here even though in Oz:-)

The social problems of lower class families are very complex and as you say move from one generation to the next, the attitudes and the abuse. They have not had the upbringing to know any better.

Unfortunately, having lots of children by different dads is just part of that culture for which there are no easy answers. I do think though that a greater emphasis on teaching responsible and empathic attitudes and good parenting skills in schools, particularly in deprived areas would be a way forward. Then we get the conservatives accusing labour of being a nanny state. If they really want to cut crime and make a dramatic cut in child abuse figures, do we have a choice?

Viv x

Bianca said...

By the way, I don't want people to think I've got it in for any one particular class, because I honestly don't!

In fact, that is just my point! Child abuse is often classless .. it just happens .. often more down to the indivdual parents/carers than any particular social class.

viv said...

Hiya Bianca

I do not think you are coming across as just purely anti working class. As we know, domestic violence, crime, child abuse cuts across all classes, as the McCanns exemplify. I think their case has also exemplified there can be a problem in the attitudes that professionals display to middle class parents. I am ashamed to say my own sister stated

"now come on they are professional people, they would not do that, surely".

Assuming they would not, just because, to outward appearances, they are nice middle class professionals is a child protection tragedy. I believe it is a tragedy for the twins they are still housed with Kate and Gerry McCann. The older children are the more difficult it is for them to forget. Removing them when they were just turned two would have been the least harmful thing to do for the twins, but would have seriously damaged the McCanns defence of charges against them. Again, I am afraid, they got the benefit of the doubt, because of their position in life. Defenceless little children should always get the benefit of the doubt, no matter who their parents are.

Viv x

Bianca said...

Hi Viv and thanks - glad to be here :-)

Yes, it sounds like the Labor/Tory divide in Britain right now is very much like the Labor/Liberal (Liberals being the conservatives .. our "Tories") divide here in Australia.

The conservatives just seem interested in economic rationalism, whereas as typically, the socialists want greater focus on social issues, including the problems of sytematic child abuse.

It'd be great if more education was available, if more people could understand the realities of what child care involves. It's known that many poorer folk have more children for the sake of the extra govt benefits. When I did some voluteer social work back in 2001, I was amazed at how many young women actually told me, up front, that this is why they kept having kids. There was even a big controversy here in Aus when one of the current affairs programs interviewed young mothers like this. What often (not always) happens, is that when the reality of having eight children sinks in (and not much money to boot, as benefit money is not very much), the parents become very stressed, very resentful of all their children, and very abusive. It would be great if some well-meaning education could be given in poorer areas to educate, particularly young women, that having multiple babies and living off welfare is not a valid career choice, but in fact, a big mistake - both for themselves AND for their children.

viv said...

Hiya Bianca

Interesting post, it seems there is a similar situation in Australia..it is a valid career choice, a way of getting by on benefits.

The Labour government here have taken some brave steps to try and address those attitudes, providing powerful financial incentives for mums to go out and work for a living. But again, I think it comes down to education, or rather the lack of it. When mums see the career choices available to them, they choose the benefits option.

People with a university education see a whole bright new future ahead of them. Children can be deprived of getting that education or having an upbringing that encourages them to read and learn. They are too busy fearing the step father etc or helping the stressed mum with all the younger babies. They are indocrinated into thinking this is what their life will be.

I think governments, universally, fight shy of looking at social issues and taking greater steps to resolve them because it is such an expensive option. Let us hope this gradually changes so that the future for all of our little children can be a brighter one.

Viv x

Bianca said...

Well Viv, I'm not so sure the twins should have been taken away from their parents. As despicable as the McCanns are (and assuming Maddy really DID get abducted and wasn't accidentally killed), I'm sure (or at least, I hope) that the McCanns have learnt their lesson (the very hard way, and completely their own fault!). I doubt they will leave the twins alone again, and what's more, should the twins be made wards of the state, they may end up in foster care where anything could happen to them, including sexual abuse. At least with their own mum and dad, the world's eyes are on them, and should Kate and Gerry slip up even once, the whole world will know about it!

This isn't to say though that the McCanns should get off Scott-free for their neglect. No way. I have often said that a decent stint in jail (6 months to a year) would certainly send the message home (not just to them but to all other neglectful parents), and there's no reason why the twins couldn't stay with other family members during this time.

Bianca said...

Hi again Viv,

Yes, so much of life is expectation isn't it?

My parents weren't made of money, but they had certain standards, certain expectations for life that had come down from THEIR parents, and so on and so forth, back down the line.

All my family have done really well (knock on wood), and so much of it is because they were brought up, groomed almost, to think that they were entitled to certain things.

I guess you can be groomed in the OPPOSITE way - to think that you, in fact, are NOT entitled to certain things, that some life-styles are above you, and that some lifestyles (eg; lots of babies) are expected of you.

Trying to unravel all of this, this cycle of grooming, is a huge job. In a sense, these people need to be "de-briefed", they need to understand that they are entitled to anything that anybody else is. Lots of work to unravel the damage of generations, but it's a modern world, and I believe it can be done. We have the money, the time and the education. Now all we need (in all parts of the western world) is the support and understanding of our governments.


viv said...

Hiya Bianca

I suppose we are coming from a different starting point here. You have the same view as Hope, Madeleine may have been abducted. I do not believe this at all. I would have been prepared to consider this if it were not for all the lies of the McCanns and their friends, but I have seen no evidence of how an abduction could have taken place. Firstly the McCanns indicated the abductors had broke in through the window, jemmying it and damaging the shutters as well. When Martin Warner pointed out there was no such damage they they stated they left the door open. To me this completely destroys their credibility from the outset.

I would not be advocating removal of children purely on the basis of such neglect. To me that would be a question of working with the parents, but it is so bizarre that a couple of doctors would need parenting classes!

Kate McCann has stated, I believe it was on Panorama, that the twins play, let's hunt the monster who took Maddie..a clear indication to me of just how harmful she is. To me it is not just a question of their neglect of the twins it is about their whole attitude to child care and the lack of empathy and concern for the childrens welfare that the McCanns display that clearly says to me they are not safe, emotionally or physically in that kind of atmosphere. We have had reports of Kate shouting loudly and out of control late at night, very heavy drinking by both of them, signs of domestic violence on Kate. It is far more than the fact of them leaving them alone that seriously worries me but that is extraordinary, in itself.

Viv x

viv said...

Hiya Bianca

Just to pick up on one point further point you make there, the McCanns would make better carers than some paedophile of a foster parent..I think we need to remember that the Police believe the McCanns actually killed Madeleine. Also any future carers of the twins would be most carefully vetted.

What SSD always try to do in such cases is place children with close relatives, frequently the grandparents. Kate and Gerry both come from quite large families and I am sure there would be no need to place them with foster parents. Suitable carers could be found for them within the family.

Viv x

Bianca said...

Hi Viv,

Well, my starting point, that in fact, started the moment I set EYES on the McCanns, is that I don't trust them!

Right from the word "go", I did not trust them!

Whether it's because they are just selfish and neglectful (to a "ludicrous" extent), or whether it's because one of them accidntally killed Madeleine in a fit of temper, I haven't decided on, but I'm sure they are dodgy in some way, and nothing will change my mind on that! The pro's would paint a picture of a terribly nice little middle-class family, who have simply made an "error of judgement" and had their daughter "taken" from them (as Melbel says: "Madeleine wasn't LOST, she was TAKEN" ... Vomit!). However, I have never thought it was that innocent or straightforward, and certainly, the reports about the contents of Kate's diary gives creedence to your theory that Kate lost her rag with Madeleine, perhaps often, and perhaps, once, fatally! Also, I have seen too the close-up shots of Kate's face, and I must admit, there is some weird bruising going on there!

In short, the jury's still out for me as far as abduction verses manslaughter is concerned, however, my mind is FIRMLY made up that this couple is not what they would have us all believe! Certainly, there is more there than meets the eye.

P.S. That "game" Kate describes sounds positively psychotic! What stood out for me in that interview was the cold, unaffected way her and Gerry used the term "predator" - they may as well have been saying "postman" or "painter". Bizarre!

viv said...

Hiya darling

Thanks for a very realistic explanatio of your own position on this which is admirable and I really respect you for that.

There is nothing wrong with still trying to keep an open mind, whilst weighing fully what you see.

Must go to bed now but thanks for a really interesting discussion.

Luv Viv xxxxxxxx

Bianca said...

Sorry Viv, my puter clapped out - only just got back on!

Yes, enjoyed the discussion also. Let's hope that if anything needs to come out, it will shortly, for the sake of that dear little girl.

Nighty nighty, and thanks again :-)

viv said...

Nite Nite darling

I think it is all going to come out in the not too distant future.



viv said...

Hey guys did I miss something here, I did not know the McCanns had been "charged" and I really do not remember Mr Ribeiro saying that:-)

Rosiepops said...

While I have no problem with Gina posting here, if what you say is true then why comment? But obviously an interpretation was put on them, hence the reaction they received.

Equally I have to make the point that the PJ have actually charged the McCann's for nothing and they did it 8 days before their law changed.
Hence the fuss created when Alipio Ribeiro said the McCann's were charged too hastily

2345 said...


Catching up ... the athorities didn't fight shy in Shannon's case. No thanks to her family, she was found with an Uncle whose existence was withheld by entire family !

If, however, cadavers and yielded identical results in Maddie's case, the authorities would have acted accordingly. Parents would have been immediately arrested and remaining children taken into safe custody.

Government's extraordinary protection of the McCanns sends out wrong messages. Interesting to note that Shannon's copycat disappearance is being whitewashed by the media. The truth is Shannon would have been collected from the Uncle's house on day one -her family concealed this relative's name and address.

Bianca said...


The following excerpt is copied and pasted from today's front page of the pro's blog. It is taken from a blurb by Rosiepops, in which she attempts to make excuses for the McCanns "error in judgement" in leaving the kids, and in which she attempts to denigrate the ethnicity of the investigating police force:


"All through the long, dread days since Madeleine disappeared, it seemed that the silence of the Portuguese sleuths was because they had definite leads, a game plan, perhaps even a lonely house surrounded by surveillance teams armed to the teeth."

"Yet as time moves on, this appears not to be the case. At a belated and chaotic press conference on Monday, the police were, if anything, belligerent instead of supportive, with an uncomfortable whisper of southern Mediterranean machismo sweeping through their statements and body language. "We are not magicians," said Olegario Sousa, the officer leading the investigation. No, senhor, but perhaps you are clowns instead."


These words are openly and unashamedly racist, especially the way this poster goes to the trouble of recreating a negative Spanish stereotype ("No senhor" .. Fawlty Towers style) for the benefit of the reader. Furthermore, as someone who is half Italian, I find the reference to "southern Mediterranean machismo" completely insulting and totally unacceptable!

I would warn any free-thinking person to avoid the machinations of someone who is this openly racist toward a particular culture. It shows small-mindedness, bias, and hate. Any intelligent person knows full well that the race of this police force (the PJ) has nothing whatsoever to do with how the McCann investigation is being handled, however, Rosiepops ("et al") choose to believe that it is a relevant factor, simply because it is a convenient way to fuel their own racism.

Finally, you may find Rosiepops that the reason Mediterranean people often seem "chaotic" to you is because they are passionate, intense, and serious - NOT because they are "out of control" or inferior in some way! Perhaps if some intensity of emotion had been shown by the oh-so-cool McCanns toward their own children, their daughter Madeleine may still be with them today, and no-one would ever have NEEDED the help of the Portuguese police force!

ratonthebeam said...

Thank you for that last post Bianca, which I have added to my list of stuff for the solicitor. Seeing as "racism" was one of the complaints made against me.

Bianca said...

Oh, no problem rat!

I am just amazed at how brazen this poster is, openly indulging in racist stereotypes that have long been considered unacceptable by mainstream society!

Take care, and good luck.

Bianca said...

It has to be said that I made a mistake. Rosiepops didn't actually WRITE the racist article on the front page of the "pro" blog. The article was written by Jan Moir of the Daily Telegraph. I apologise.

However, it hardly seems to matter! Is it not Rosiepops' and the other pro's views anyway? If it wasn't, why would they bother posting it? Tinkerbell actually introduces the article by saying "This article goes on from that which we were discussing yesterday, thanks Tinks." Doesn't that pretty much say it all?

No matter which way you look at it, it is racism and the promotion of racism!

ratonthebeam said...

I thought it sounded a bit too coherent to be Rosiepops own work, right enough. No matter. I wonder if they will be emailing Jan Moir's place of employment accusing her of being a racist. Or maybe not, because that is too useful to their own agenda. Hyppocrites.

2345 said...


Re: current process to prosecute McCanns - thank you for explaining the legal processes.

Processes in progress ensuring McCanns are NOT prosecuted - political strategy:

McCanns lawyers told Prosecutor they will not answer questions if reinterviewed.

PJ visit to reinterview Tapas - not McCanns - still being deferred - 'hope' for 14th April.

DE announced last week 'no evidence' along with Judgement - British Court.

Rosiepops - forum number one operator - political strategists - announced arguido status to be lifted on 11 April.

Police remain bound and gagged.

Political strategy is on target.

Final move - arguido status is lifted.

Politicians have run this case from day one; politicians/media manipulators will conclude it - DE's feigned apology confirmed it.

The real message in the feigned apology - no evidence exists to support Police claims or public belief of GUILT. Anyone writing to the contrary will be sued for libel.

As far as those running the case are concerned, it's OVER. Mr & Mrs Average newspaper reader will be given a few weeks to digest what they've been told. The Police were WRONG - a British Court Judge has said there is no evidence.

Around the time Rosiepops has forewarned, DE headlines will announce removal of suspect status; PJ will be made to look as incompetent and foolish as possible to draw attention away from British Police, cadavers, forensics etc.

Evidence on Leicester Police files will disappear as mysteriously as Madeleine and for exactly the same reason ... her parents' guilt.

This won't, of course, be the end.
It will be the BEGINNING of many truths being spoken and revealed.

I read on 3 A's yesterday that Murat's lawyers are incensed by McCanns' & Metado 3's behaviour. The family has been bankrupted as a result and are going to sue.

2345 said...


Has Rosiepops yet managed to come up with an explanation for the forensic results released by British Police ?

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Everyone,

Love the bit about "southern Mediterranean machismo"...what CAN Jan Moir think about British hard-nosed thuggery? About the relentless name-calling and abuse directed at everyone who believes the McCanns are less than satistfactory parents, and that the PJ have an absolute right to investigate the extremely odd disappearance of a little girl who was so poorly valued by her parents that she - along with her younger siblings - was left night after night without any adult supervision.

What would Jan Moir say to Portuguese citizens who spout anti-British sentiments based on selfish parents who abandon their duty of care to their small children to enjoy a meal with friends, along with copious amounts of wine? Would this racism be justified in her eyes?

Personally, if I have to choose, I'd go for the Mediterranean machismo every time over the racist thuggery we've experienced from the type of people who have rallied around the McCanns as if they are some sort of heroes.

Shame on Jan Moir, shame on the Telegraph, and shame on all those who make it possible for these repulsive sentiments to be given an airing in a national newspaper.

Freedom of speech is one thing; rampant xenophobia is quite another - and is also against the law.

Bianca said...

Hi 2345,

I suspect the answer to that is a resounding "no", but to be clear about my answer, I need to ask which results you refer to? Do you mean the initial findings of blood and the scent of a dead body in the hotel room, and in the wheel well (very morbid, I know!) Or have there been definitive findings since then? I know about the bones and the small sock found in the Portuguese lake, but supposedly, these turned out to be animal bones (??)

Bianca said...

"Shame on Jan Moir, shame on the Telegraph, and shame on all those who make it possible for these repulsive sentiments to be given an airing in a national newspaper."

"Freedom of speech is one thing; rampant xenophobia is quite another - and is also against the law."

[quoting LittleGreyCell]


This is beautifully and articulately put LGC - well done!

It's obvious that not all British people are as racist or uninformed as Rosiepops and her friends. In fact, most British people I speak to, including my own friends, are simply embarrassed by this kind of (Jan Moir) talk. They consider it childish and backward.

Certainly, the majority of people who come on here to criticize the slack parenting of the McCanns are British themselves. And I don't blame them. If Italian or Australian parents behaved like the McCanns have, I would be embarrassed and angry, and wouldn't want people thinking it was the norm for parents of my culture/s. Don't worry though, most people are intelligent enough to realise that the McCanns do not represent the majority of British people!

2345 said...

A timely reminder from 3 A's:

Phone intercepts ‘confirm Maddy’s death’


Intercepted telephone calls and emails between the McCanns and their friends have "confirmed the death of Madeleine" say police, according to one Portuguese newspaper today. The intercepts are said to have been made in a joint operation conducted by Portuguese and British police officers.

Diario de Noticias reports investigators have already concluded that the missing four-year-old was killed in the apartment where she slept in Praia da Luz.

It says that Maddy's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann (right), and their friends who were holidaying at the Ocean Club, will be brought in for further questioning. Police are awaiting new tests from the McCanns' Renault Scenic.

According to another paper, Jornal de Noticias, police want to examine inconsistencies in the statements of Kate and Gerry McCann, who were interviewed separately late into the night early on in the investigation. In particular, they want to focus on a three-hour period in which only the McCanns saw Madeleine.

Respected news agency Lusa quotes one police source saying that they think "there's light at the end of the tunnel" and that the authorities have "an idea of what could have happened" to the four-year-old.

Police have known "for a month" that Madeleine had died in the apartment, it is widely reported. The tabloid newspaper 24 Horas says that the police are looking for Madeleine's body in the sea, helped by English sniffer dogs. They have intensified searches around the nearby town of Lagos and along the Algarvian coast, it says.

Blood found in the apartment two days ago has arrived in Britain for DNA analysis: a result can be expected inside 48 hours.


LittleGreyCell said...


Many thanks for your kind comments!

I am British, but I am also of Mediterranean and mid-European extraction. I am also Jewish.

For the life of me, I really can't get my head around the nationalism thing. Never have, and probably never will.

We are ALL humans! We should ALL have access to certain non-negotiable rights no matter where we were born, the colour of our skin or whether we have an over-developed fondness for Tapas.

Madeleine appeared not to have been given these rights. Jan Moir would appear to support the view that her parents should not be questioned about her tragic disappearance. And this, apparently, also gives her the right to express her ignorant and obnoxious views on races that differ from her own.

I'm far more proud of being all the other things I am than I am of being British. I think it probably used to be something to be proud of, but the gross views of the Far Right, together with the appalling conduct of the Labour Government that we have endured for the past 11 years has erased any feeling of pride in many like myself - the liberal thinkers, the people with a conscience who are, on a daily basis, feeling more and more disenfranchised.

You only have to look at the Government's determination not to see justice done for Madeleine to get a taste of how corrupt and self-serving things have got here. I read at the weekend that Gordon Brown brought in legislation to tax the tiny amounts of compensation the victims of Thalidomide had been awarded - despite their desperate battle over the past 50 years to get any compensation whatsoever - and that he only backed down in the end due to outrage and fierce opposition.

This country doesn't have a heart any more. In January a Ghananian woman receiving cancer treatment in a Cardiff hospital was deported because her visa had run out. She died last week.

When stuff like this happens day after day, when rules take precedence over humanity, it's time to clear off, I feel.

So, on a personal basis, the Hubby and I will end our days elsewhere. To stay here is inconceivable for us. I read that last year 250,000 people left Britain - that's 684 a DAY. I look forward to the day when it's 686!

Sorry to rant (it's not good for my blood pressure, either!) But the days when justice could be expected to be pursued no matter who you knew in government (if they ever existed) are long gone. As will I (and many others) be in a few years.

2345 said...


You've hit the nail on the head - this country doesn't have a heart any more. It also has no soul, and is morally and economically bankrupt. Big Brother monitors public opinion and employs people to attack those with minds and opinions of their own.

In Madeleine's case supporters of the Police and information they released in society's bests interests are constantly threatened with libel - for speaking God's truth.

My father in law, long deceased, spent four years of hell in the trenches in the War fighting for Britain's freedom. Ten years of labour has stripped Britain of it's national identity, pride and above all else, society's right to free speech and choice.

Ironside's report on media manipulation, keyboard monkeys and the like was a total revelation.
One wonders whether the volume used in this case are paid for by taxpayers on top of the horrendous costs to the Police.

Bianca said...

LITTLE GREY CELL - You sound like an interesting mix of cultures, and they do say that "variety is the spice of life" :-)

Some of the things you related about modern day England are certainly shocking, particularly about the sick lady being deported and then dying! This is truly shameful!

I will say this though, believe it or not, it is not just your country! Under John Howard, Australia had one of the worse human rights records in the world, because of Howard and his conservative government's penchant for putting innocent, asylum seeking refugees into "mandatory detention" .. and I do mean "detention"! The condition in these "camps" were appalling, mainly made up from poor folk from the Middle East and Asia who were escaping war, poverty, gang-rape, and terrorism. Women and children were no exception either, with babies being born in these camps. People died there, some even committed suicide because of the horrible, isolated, stark conditions! Still, the majority of Australians kept Howard in, year after year, because he was "good at running the economy" and was "protecting us from terrorism". It wasn't until Howard brought in medieval style work-place "contracts" (without any union protection) that the Australians felt threatened enough by him to kick him out! If just the human rights issues, he'd still be in, and that made me lose ENORMOUS respect for my countrymen!

We have a socialist prime minister now, Kevin Rudd, and so far, he is making good on all his promises. No more work place contracts, the unions have been re-instated, and he even managed to squeeze in an official "sorry" to our native people for colonisation and the "stolen generation", something which, disgracefully, most Australians voted against under Howard! Hopefully, him and his cabinet will continue to do good for our nation, and bring us out of the dark days of Howard's economic rationalism!

Now I have raved (LOL), but just wanted to demonstrate that you are not alone in feeling, at times, let down by your country! My first priority in life is family - always has been - because they are the only ones, at the end of the day, who matter!

Nationalism can go hang!

LittleGreyCell said...


Perhaps it was ever thus, but somehow, I think it couldn't have been quite as bad. Money has become paramount in every area of life, and quality of life, if not the sanctity of life itself, has been kicked into touch.

Regarding keyboard monkeys, well, some people will do anything for money and it is certainly the case that there are those whose natures lead them to practices that are unnatural to the rest of us.

What gets me about Team McCann is their apparently fervent belief that people they know or have the misfortune to be related to should be above justice. But then, look at Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitken and their ilk. And the moron who pulled out suddenly from behind my car, cutting me up to get in front of me because I'd pulled in to let an ambulance in a hurry pass.

No thought for others in any situation. I find it terribly depressing on a personal level, but when the government operates in that way too, it's institutionalized selfishness and seemingly cannot be countered.

I can't wait to get rid of Brown (which I'm certain will happen), but I don't imagine that whoever forms the next government will be any better. But not too long after that I'll hopefully be sunning myself somewhere with palm trees!

Come and see me under my tree! (Not out of it, which is where I'll be if I don't go!)

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