6 Mar 2008


Another one from the deleted Daily Express articles guys!

Viv x

Kate McCann leaves her home in Rothley, Leicestershire today
Friday September 14,2007
By Geoff Marsh for express.co.uk
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THE parents of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann were questioned by social services staff at their home today.
It is standard procedure for a mother or father named as a suspect overseas to have their case considered by the authorities in their home county on child protection grounds.It is understood Kate and Gerry McCann, who have two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, were keen to meet officials from Leicestershire County Council and were given the choice of doing so at home or at County Hall, in Glenfield.They met at their house, in Rothley, Leicestershire, as the media waited at the entrance to their cul-de-sac for any sign of the couple.Mr McCann’s brother, John McCann, who spent the night with them in Rothley, said: “They will cooperate with anyone who has the family’s best interests at heart.”Police and representatives from the council met on Monday to discuss the couple, their twins, and the disappearance of their eldest daughter.The decision to interview suspects depends on the degree and nature of the evidence made available.It is possible, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, that a child can be taken into care or placed on the “in need” or “at risk” register.Either step could be taken following a period of assessment with a view to maintaining the best interests of the children.Children placed on the registers are reviewed on a regular basis by councils against a “child protection plan”. But this would not necessarily mean that they would be taken out of their family home.


Asked if social services could get involved at a later date if not initially called on in such cases, an LGA spokesman, speaking earlier this week, said: “Dependent upon the circumstances of the case it is possible that the case would be reviewed in the weeks or months following an initial assessment.”Mrs McCann left the family home briefly earlier today to collect the twins after a family friend took them for a walk.John McCann said: “Kate has invited social services to make sure everything was OK, that was at her behest.”It is understood the McCanns will spend tomorrow in meetings with their lawyers


Anonymous said...

'Kate has invited Social Services', 'it was at her behest' who do this lot think they are kidding.

LittleGreyCell said...



You know it'll be next - "Kate and Gerry invited the Portuguese judges to put them in jail for a few years".

That's how understanding and altruistic they are...

X Little Grey Conperson

felicity said...

Hi Both

Note this assessment by Social Services could have led to the twins being declared "in need" or placed on the "at risk" register. Any involvement of the Social Services with the McCanns and the twins would be highly confidential but welcome to ensure the safety both physically and emotionally of the twins.

As you say, Kate would not have had any choice in the matter, the Social Services under a statutory duty to investigate child risk concerns under the Children Act 1989 when the parents are suspects in harming their child and placing them at risk of serious harm, which they admit to doing. On their own story causing Madeleine to be abducted. Whilst we do not believe that she was abducted this is "placing the children at risk of serious harm" and that risk actually happened as a result of their negligence. This, in itself, is a serious criminal offence and more than enought to warrant the SSD monitoring the family. The other concern I think is Kate's comments that the twins are not affected by the loss of Madeleine - this is bizarre.

Viv x

leigh3 said...

Kate invites Social Services? They arrive at her 'behest'?

Uh huh. Did she invite anyone to care for 3 infants in her absence in Portugal? No.

Did anyone else arrive at her 'behest' in Portugal? Time tells all.