6 Mar 2008


Whoops and here is another one of the Daily Express's deleted articles! True now as it was back in November...well the headline at any rate. Oh and I admit it, that Felicity post "knitting fog" was me........as if you didn't already know:-)

Viv x

SUSPECTS: Gerry and Kate McCann
Thursday November 22,2007
By Nick Fagge in Praia da Luz
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PORTUGUESE police are preparing to halt their investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - despite insisting her parents remain the prime suspects.
Detectives led by one of Portugal’s most senior policemen Paulo Rebelo are preparing to pack up and return to the capital Lisbon. National Director of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) Alipio Ribeiro is also said to be considering dismantling the team created especially to investigate the disappearance of the four-year-old youngster from Praia da Luz on 3 May.
Portuguese police are still waiting for the full results of forensic tests on Gerry and Kate McCann’s hire car and holiday flat which led detectives to implicate the couple in the disappearance of their own daughter. But whatever the outcome the findings are not expected to alter the detectives’ belief that Madeleine is dead or that their parents played a role.

The parents are still the prime suspects in hiding their daughter’s body

One police source said: “We are practically back where we started. “The parents are still the prime suspects in hiding their daughter’s body, not of her death which was probably accidental, but there is no firm proof. “Detectives are getting ready to pack their bags.


“Given the current state of the investigation, police chiefs are considering demobilising the team sent specifically to investigate the case and are even planning on moving Paulo Rebelo, the head of the investigation, onto tasks of greater responsibility.”
Another polide source quoted in Portuguese daily 24 Horas added: “No proof has been collected up until now that incriminates anybody. “The laboratory results received up until now do not allow us to reach any conclusions.” Sources close the PJ also claimed that detectives plan to close the case by Christmas “unless a new piece of evidence falls out of the sky”.
Officers believe Madeleine will never be found and that it is right that the shadow of suspicion should continue to hang over the McCanns. Pulling investigating officers out of the Algarve and returning them to Lisbon will be a highly controversial as Mr Rebelo only took over the investigation from disgraced former chief investigator Goncalo Amaral seven weeks ago.
The new team - said to be among Portugal’s best detectives - has so far failed to turn up any new leads on the whereabouts of the missing girl. Mr Ribeiro has recently admitted that there may never be arrests over Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.
He said in an interview: “I still don’t know if there are going to be any arrests. A criminal investigation cannot produce miracles. We still do not have the solution.” Portuguese police are still thought to be waiting for UK mobile phone operators to provide them with a list of calls made by the McCanns on May 3 as well as the full DNA test results.
The suggestion the Madeleine McCann inquiry is about to be shelved will come as a devastating blow to her parents - and risks leaving them suspects for life. Last night the McCann’s spokesman urged the Portuguese police not to abandon their search for the missing four-year-old.
Clarence Mitchell said: “We hope that the Portuguese police are continuing their investigations thoroughly and will not stop until they have established the truth in Madeleine’s disappearance.
“We want her returned as soon as possible and our own private investigators continue to work closely with the Portuguese police and hope they will maintain whatever level of manpower necessary to ensure she is returned safe and well.”
News that the official hunt for the missing youngster may soon be over was also described as the “worst-case scenario” by the family. A family friend said: “The worst thing that could happen is for the case to close and Gerry and Kate to remain official suspects.” Robert Murat, the third arguido or official suspect alongside Gerry and Kate, would also be left in limbo.
Earlier this month it was claimed that police had scaled back their investigation because they were running out of money. The six month investigation is known to have put immense financial pressure on the Judicial Police.
The McCanns have brought in their own private investigators after lawyers claimed leads were not being properly followed up.
And it has been reported that the McCanns would have a legal case to sue the Portuguese police for up to £1 million for failing to find their daughter and for bungling the investigation. The couple believe a string of policing errors in the early stages of the probe allowed Madeleine’s abductor to escape.
The McCanns firmly believe their daughter was snatched by an abductor from her bed at the Ocean Club holiday apartment. However Portuguese police are convinced Madeleine is dead and her parents were involved in hiding her body, possibly with help from their friends.
Detectives named Kate and Gerry as arguido or formal suspects in September after sniffer dogs reportedly discovered the scent of death in the couple’s hire car and microscopic traces of blood were found at their holiday apartment.
The McCanns and their friends all strenuously deny any involvement in Madeleines disappearance.

23.11.07, 8:57am
I don't understand why you are trying to denigrate and ridicule Christabel? Why can't we be allowed to debate and cross ideas? Christabel does have a real talent for unearthing stuff on the internet and you may set much by it, but detectives that do the detective work that goes on, on the internet, they don't laugh, they take things like this seriously. Do you know that there are detectives that are experts in IT whose sole job it is to look at the internet and where ever this leads? They may very well be interested in what she has found, who knows they may have found it already, or they may have missed it, the sheer volume of info there is on the net, they can't capture everything and they may well be really grateful for extra observant eyes. most detective work actually rests on the ears, eyes and brains of the general public.Why scoff? At least she is trying to do something, which is more than can be said for most of us.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Christabel,Carry on doing what you are doing, I believe in you and so do others, but please be careful hun.
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23.11.07, 1:59am
Just reading earlier posts and thought this was so hilarious I would post it again for anyone who missed it - it is a little cracker loaded with I said's and this woman on a sky forum said - the she tells us she has reported this to the PJ and Leicester Police........(!) Case solved then. Absolutely loved "thoses" Lady you are flipping priceless!

HERE YOU ARE RATONTHBONE FROM MY PLANET22.11.07, 10:15pm--------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://skynews4.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/11/admit-i-finally.html#commentsas i said before again and again murat is involved along with his german bit on the side and her husband.as i said in earlier bloggs a woman with the same discription was seen looking through the window of the maccanns apartment on the night of the 3rd may 2007.i also said the same woman was seen in spain with two dark headed men and a possible maddeline in spain on the 11th may 2007.(what happened to the cctv)the same woman was seen on the beach with 2 men taking photos of childreen when approached they drove off.( a man approached them took a photo on his mobile phone contacted the police.i also said murat had his pc taken away because he had porn on it.i also read on murats own website these words.....................................................once the rats leave pdl i will be free to cross the boarders,once the money has been receved it will be divided by 3 including the german.(this does not seem an innocent coment to me and if anyone else has read any of murats coments they would know exactly what i mean.there is another coment which states madeline maccann to follow rui pedro(what is meant by this)strange strange strange and the saddest thing of all is these trio have managed to convince people they have noooo involvement,and thats fine but judgement day will be here and they wont get away,it may not be here today it may not be here tomorrow,but punishment will be given to thoses.madeline please come home for xmasPosted by: sian 20 Nov 2007 20:47:31 • Posted by: Christabel • Report Comment
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23.11.07, 12:45am
HELLO THE LOVELY PORTUGUESE GIRLS22.11.07, 11:41pmAlsabella and Claudia (and any I missed sorry) do you think Rosiepops is just gutted and really worried because the PJ spent another whole day in the company of Father Panchecho. True, it may be he would not want to reveal details of any confessional but what of all the rest of the time he spent with them. Reckon he would feel his conscious would tell him to talk a lot about that - well in several hours you can say a lot cant you. Oh dear Rosie, do you have a Plan B?• Posted by: Felicity • Report Comment~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i do not respond to argumentative postings.
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23.11.07, 12:35am
I am relieved to hear you do not seek to excuse what people have done wrong. That would be irresponsible and dishonest and you would not want either of those adjectives applied to you I am sure. .
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23.11.07, 12:28am
Please explain exactly what you allege the PJ have done wrong and need to be held accountable for and take care to preface it with alleged if it is just your own opinion, Would it by any chance be making Kate and Gerry McCann suspects in the disappearance of their daughter who they left unattended six nights in a row with the door unlocked. I would think very carefully before you answer if I were you.
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23.11.07, 12:24am
ROSIEPOPS23.11.07, 12:16amshoot first ask questions later!• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report CommentYeah, learnt that with that British police officer. But you forgot to mention: shoot seven times first, ask questions later!• Posted by: Claudia79 • Report Comment~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At least we hold our police force to account when they have done something wrong. This is a prime example of how we in the UK apply pressure to correct what we see as an injustice.have you ever lived with the fear of terrorism by the way? Remember those police were running towards the ma and not away, he could have been a suicide bomber and taken them all with him. they thought they were protecting the people of London.My sister in law was caught up in those London Bombings.
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23.11.07, 12:18am
I hope you reported Kate's violent temper tantrum at 3 am after she had been made an arguida. Apart from the other inferences that can be drawn from her reaction, it gives me particular concern about risk of harm to the twins. I do hope Leicester Social Services are keeping this under constant review.
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23.11.07, 12:12am
I have an idea that Ludicrous wil be telling us pretty soon that Father Panchecho is a liar and what is more there is no good reason for him to have become withdrawn and depressed - Kate and Gerry were really lovely to him. They are lovely, caring people.
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22.11.07, 11:59pm
Is not only posted about Murat's girlfriend is it? It is levelled at the McCann's and Clarence Mitchell almost 24 hours, only abating in small hours.
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
A little bit off the main thread but the Daily Mirror reports today 6th March that the McCanns are to renew the contract of Spanish private eyes Metodo 3.
The Find Madeleine Fund yesterday voted to retain the agency despite suggestions it may be axed after its wild claim the McCanns' four-year-old - who went missing in Portugal last May - would be found by Christmas.
Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "That's all water under the bridge now."

Medodo 3 must be doing a good job at distraction imo to still be employed.


Anonymous said...


The 'saboteur': Jersey's minister for child welfare mocks police chief heading case

By DAVID JONES - More by this author »Last updated at 22:18pm on 5th March 2008

Jersey's minister for child welfare was accused last night of sabotaging the inquiry into child sex abuse on the island.

Ben Shenton sent an email to cabinet colleagues ridiculing the investigation and mocking Lenny Harper, the policeman in charge.

Daily Mail


2345 said...


Exactly ... last report was Eddie & Keela's successful assistance in unearthing more bones.

Has Britain turned into some sort of communist regime ?? 10.20 a.m.

2345 said...


The need continues ... intimidation, bribery and corruption. Metado 3 will remain along with the trolls !!!! 10.25 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I heard on the 3As that Birmingham airport has received a media restriction for Monday 10 March which is being interpreted as signaling the arrival of PJ.

So all M3's false sightings and false promises (a track record in the search of o%) is regarded by Clara as just 'water under the bridge'. That's expensive water Clara, and the public and the authorities don't believe in them so what's their real purpose?

dolores said...

Hi all,
So what is going to happen with Hogan International,are they going to be paying both?

I always found it strange about the 6 month contract,with M3,with the Mc's insistance that Madeleine was 'abducted' how did they know she would not be found in the first month,meaning they would still be bound by the contract for another 5 months.
IMO,if more money goes into the fund from movies,books interviews and sueing I suppose M3 will be needed.Or maybe they know to much.

LittleGreyCell said...


Well, perhaps Clarence meant that Christmas was water under the bridge - and don't forget, Metoady3didn't actually say WHICH Christmas...

X :)

2345 said...


I have good news ... Hillary has secured two small wins ... power of positive thoughts of herrings has sufficed. 12.15 p.m.

2345 said...

Metado 3 ..

Crooks and thugs deployed for the McCanns' dirty work and dirty tricks ... paid for courtesy of our cash strapped OAPs .. under false pretences. 12.20 p.m.

felicity said...

Hi Wizard

Thanks for letting me know the Retardos are to be kept on. From a PR point of view they dont have any choice really, do they? If they got rid of them now it would be like admitting it was all just a big waste of time and money, and perhaps, more crucially still, admitting the the game is up, so what is the point!

As you say Dolores, why did they tie themselves to a 6 month contract with the Retardos when they could have found Maddie in the first month and wasted the rest. The answer is simple - they knew they were not going to find her. How could Clarence say Marco's ridiculous statements are just water under the bridge? It is not jump him announcing he would have her back by Christmas, it was him announcing he knew her whereabouts and her captors and was closing in on them. Quite obviously would have signed Maddie's death warrant and allowed her captors to move on - the man spouts utter rubbish and yet the McCanns still want the public to believe their money is being well squandered.

There has clearly been just as much of an operation going on in the UK via Hogan to locate so called witnesses and obtain defence statements. Within about a month of the McCanns being declared arguidos there were demands for the PJ to interview their list of 25 defence witnesses - almost exclusively people in the UK. So why is it that Clarence Mitchell never refers to the costs to the fund of paying this outfit? Or just who is paying them? I think they wish to deflect attention from the fact that so much work has been going on in the UK because this is not leading to Madeleiene, is it? Perhaps they fear if they announced these additional costs in tracing witnesses and persuading them to say some charity collector etc was creepy there would be an uproar about it?

I saw on the news the investigation into the horror in Jersey of children murdered and abused stretching back up to 50 years continues. This is welcome news, all little children deserve justice for what happened to them.

Eureka - great news about Birmingham Airport on Monday 10th - let us hope it is accurate.

Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

Oh Viv, I had forgotton all about this! A comedy classic!

For those who missed it the first time round, it was supposed to be a blog full of secret messages and encrypted instructions and spy stuff from "Robert Murat's Web Site".

Which, when we all visited it, consisted of nothing more exciting than a sorry selection of over-priced ladies' leather jackets for sale.

Turns out our glorious Christaballs had simply copied and pasted the rantings of some nutter called Sian from another blog, passing it off as her own work - and then went off on a hissy fit when "outed".

We are all still waiting, of course, for the real address of Robert Murat's Web Site, with all these tantalising details, and so, presumably, are the PJ.

So don't hold your breath, guys. Or you will pass out long before your over-priced leather jacket arrives.

LittleGreyCell said...


Wanna buy a penguin suit, anyone?

Opus the Tailor, "We Can Really Fit You Up"

dolores said...

Evening Echo
06/03/2008 - 2:45:49 PM

British and Portuguese police have met to discuss re-interviewing the friends who dined with Madeleine McCann's parents on the day she disappeared.

Leicestershire Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior returned from the Algarve today after meetings counterparts in Portugal about how the fresh interviews would be conducted.

Madeleine went missing from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 last year while Gerry and Kate McCann ate dinner at a nearby tapas bar with friends.

Detectives have focused on the witness accounts given by the group, the so-called "tapas nine", to try to establish a timeline of events on that evening.

Mr Prior flew to Portugal to discuss the issue of mutual legal assistance, the process whereby evidence is gathered in one country to help an investigation in another.

A Leicestershire police spokeswoman said: "Since Madeleine's disappearance, we, together with other law enforcement agencies, have been working closely with the Portuguese authorities.

"Mr Prior has attended a series of meetings with his Portuguese counterparts. He travelled to Portugal on Tuesday and returned this morning.

"He went to discuss how the request for mutual legal assistance is to be executed and to seek clarification over elements of the request."

The process itself could involve Portuguese police writing questions to be put to the friends on their behalf by their British counterparts.

Officers involved in the investigation in the Algarve could still fly to Britain to sit in on the interviews, which are likely to be held at a location in Leicestershire.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "The sooner this re-interviewing takes place the better.

"The friends are very keen to help police understand their original statements. No one will be changing their story.

"We are not aware that Kate and Gerry are to be re-interviewed at this stage, but if so, that's not an issue."

The McCanns, from Rothley in Leicestershire, were joined at the tapas restaurant on May 3 by Jane Tanner, Dianne Webster, Matthew and Rachael Oldfield, Russell O'Brien and David and Fiona Payne.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: "We have already confirmed that we have received a mutual legal assistance request from the Portuguese authorities in connection with the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

"We are currently awaiting clarification from the Portuguese authorities over elements of the request.

"Home Office officials continue to work closely with the police to assist the Portuguese authorities with this investigation."

dolores said...

We will soon see if the pink blob is telling the truth,and they have not changed their statements.

I liked this sentence, which I don't suppose the pro's will, as they keep saying the PJ are incompetent,little realising UK police have been involved from day one, Oh dear !! egg on face.

xx D

A Leicestershire police spokeswoman said: "Since Madeleine's disappearance, we, together with other law enforcement agencies, have been working closely with the Portuguese authorities.

lizzy said...

Do you think this will mean that the Portugese police are not now coming to Britain to oversee these interviews? I think that would be a shame as if they didn't come to witness then, they might not be conducted in the manner they would wish.Lizzy 18.38

dolores said...

Hi Lizzy,
I really do not know,but I would have thought,they would want to be here,don't you? I might be wrong,but I think they will be present.

Hope you are well.
xx D

ICantThinkOfAName said...
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hope4truth said...

Is this where we are ???

felicity said...

Hiya Rat - I recall following Chritoball's link to Murat's exciting web page about leather jackets - I am sure the PJ found it every bit as riveting as we did:-) Maybe they blocked her from sending any more?

I am sure when Chritoballs gives us the real link we will found all that paedophilia and porn she became so obsessed about - furtive imagination indeed!

Dolores THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT FANTASTIC Article about Detective Superintendent Prior's visit to Portugal to liaise with them over the further interviews. What great news - it looks like the report we have been getting on here they arrive on Monday just may be true. I think the PJ will need to come here for the interviews. It is not just about what witnesses and suspects say, it is about their demeanour and body language whilst they are saying it. Plus the PJ are likely to think of further questions that arise from the answers received. This is normal in any interrogation process. Also it is clear that PJ and Leicestershire Police are working very much as a team to nail these two - that is just fantastic!

Viv x

leigh3 said...

Hello Darlings.
Dolores: ace copy.
2345: don't you just love that phrase 'mutual legal assistance':-)
Viv: Justice for Maddie now. Justice for forgotten innocents in Jersey is on the way too.

Perverse adults put their psychotic, sociopathic 'pleasure', convenience and social status/money before the wellbeing of children. Children have no vote; no political influence.

Children rely on responsible adults who desire no personal gain to be their voice, imo.

The McCann Machine of media manipulators are busted, imo. The media itself is sick of hearing their flimsy excuses, and amateur antics. Hey ho. It made circulation. It made money for some months. The media plays the long game. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey. It took 14 months for forensics against child killer Ian Huntley to be confirmed. There were no forensics sophisticated enough to convict Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Forensics are a useful tool; forensics are not the only tool.

Justice for Maddie, and all children, in time. Patience, and perseverance. That's what we need, I think.

On a superficial note: I have never seen such tripe (excuses) as issued by the McCann Machine, grinding down all legitimate questioning of their version of events.

Innocent until proven guilty? Yes. That is for a court. Suspect when evidence dictates. Yes. That is for honest inquiry - the sort of inquiry which the McCanns have sought to silence, imo.

Why would they do that? Guilty people do that. The McCanns and others tell us they are 'innocent', so why would they cast doubt on honest police inquiry?

lizzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

Hiya Leigh - great to hear from you I was thinking everyone had gone to Alsabella's and maybe I should go too:-) but want to keep this blog going as a matter of principle.

I read Calcite earlier on Alsa's blog and just had to comment. She was suggesting the little 15 year old who possibly got murdered in Goa, India, was out of control and so her mom could not tell her what to do, even quoting a case where a child had murdered family members to prove the point. Clearly trying to imply any parent of 14 to 15 year old who puts their foot down with them is likely to get murdered by them. WTF! I suggested to Calcite that it is a parents legal duty to care for their child not abandon them, but normal parents dont need to have their legal duties pointed out - they just care for their children because they love them. What normal mom would leave a 15 year old girl in the care of a 20 odd year old male in a strange country. It is really bizarre how they take this examples to try and excuse the McCanns. In any event this woman did at least take all her little children with her! Here it seems ~Calcite would like to blame the child herself for getting murdered for being threatening to her mom, not that there was any evidence of this. In the McCanns case, it is the police and Mark Warner's fault they left their children alone according to Calcite /Rosie etc - they made these two thick doctors think it was safe. The police never even bothered to search for the sick evil paado that took Maddie......(!) When you think of the time, effort and expense the McCanns have put Portuguese and British police to this really does take the biscuit!

I have put up another thread with the new article about Det Super Prior just coming back from a three day meeting with the PJs and warning that newspapers in particular will have to be careful what they print now - under common law and statutory contempt of court rules they are not allowed to print anything that would suggest the McCanns are guilty once they either know charges are imminent or they have actually been charged.

As you say it was 14 months to get the extremely dangerous pscyhopath Huntely and I think the police have done an excellant job in such a complex case in nearing the conclusion of it after only 10 months.

Thanks for your continuing support darling and great to hear from you.

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Lizzie darling - great to hear from you too!

Let us hope we have now heard the last of the McCanns sickening excuses and their witch hunt scouring for creepy men and women who ever came near apartment 5a to try and pin the blame on. This may have been just a tad more credible if there were not so many of them and Claris had not sought to act like the police issuing his e-fit and demanding this man be tracked down. Just who the hell does he think he is! Leave the police to deal with the real suspects and the real witnesses Claris there's a good boy. You are just making yourself look a prat - go one sue me - face bovverred?

Viv x

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Just deleted my last post in case it was a bit too explicit.
Have read your new post which warns of being careful, can't be too careful and I can put my foot in it sometimes, and last thing I want to do is give the Mcconns any excuse to say they are not going to get a fair trial. I agree though that the sightings are bizarre and isn't it surprising now the PJ's arrival is imminent they have dried up. I read your earlier articles and it gave me a laugh some of the rubbish from Rosiepops and her gang, are they really that stupid? Well has to be yes.lol...Lizzy 12.05pm

felicity said...

Hiya Lizzie - your last post was fine - do not worry - it is really newspapers that have to be careful rather than a small blog like this but if anything was over the top I would delete it.

I think Rosiepops does need to be reminded of some of the sickening rubbish it has written but it does like to plead what a little sweety it is.

I also think it is quite funny that it is so easy to get those old DE articles!

Viv x

leigh3 said...

Yes, Felicity. McCanns and their apologists are seizing on anyone or anything to justify their version of events, including a mother who left her girl aged 15, then killed, in a foreign country. Despicable, imo.

So: it's all the kids' fault, is it? Naughty them for vexing their parents; being an inconvenience.

Psychopops is a danger to society, as is her tribe and paymaster.

The world weird web is infested with such trolls and sociopaths. We must not allow our democracy to falter in the face of these barbarians; these corrupt, egocentric fools, imo.

BTW: contempt of court is the key issue now for publishing, as you rightly say.

Also: the British Police run one charity, called 'Child Victims of Crime'.

Cynical media operators were ignorant when they thought there was money to be made from Maddie's 'disappearance'.

The long arm of the law will find Justice for Maddie, however long it takes, imo. It's a matter of principle beyond price.

Anonymous said...


I would look no further than here if I neede to find a few.

Anonymous said...

You are all being the victims of a sociopath who has been using you for a long time, and none of you can see it.

leigh3 said...

Learn spelling and grammar before you presume to pronounce on anything.
Just a suggestion...

2345 said...


Forum members all support law, order the Police along with the right to free thinking, speech and open discussions - all of which are enemies of the McCanns - prime suspects in this case. 11.10 a.m.

2345 said...


'Mutual legal assistance' - jobsworth's lingo !!!

Since when has this involved political agenda's and interference ? 11.15 a.m.