16 Mar 2008


I just read this on Alsabella's blog and copied it here also because it is just so good! Well said Hippchick xxxx

Viv x

Dogmad said...
Happy Sunday greetings to all.I just had to post this article from the 3A's - IMO it speaks for a lot of us, certainly it says it all for me. ___________________________________THIS HAS TO STOP This needs to stop. Now. Over eight months ago, a little girl who hadn't yet reached her 4th birthday, "disappeared" from a Villa in PDL. The media circus, the PR activity following her disappearance has been unprecedented. I could forgive an accident; even though the parents were neglectful of leaving their children. But the possible cover-up, huge con, and fraud, is totally unforgiveable. And most unforgiveable of all, is the total disregard and mockery of the short life of Madeleine McCann. Kate and Gerry McCann, within days of suggesting that their daughter had been taken by a paedophile ring, were jogging. Gerry, apparently, even arranged more tennis lessons. The twin siblings of the child "abducted" from the Villa, were back in the creche at the same complex that houses the villa. Kate spent hours by the pool, whilst locals, who had never even heard the name Madeleine McCann, spent night and day searching the undergrowth of PDL looking for her. What followed last summer now seems surreal. The planned photo shoots; the "Diana style" alerting of photographers of the McCann movements; Kate and Gerry filmed putting up posters; Kennedy's private plane whisking the parents away to meet the Pope; the shot of Gerry walking away from the Whitehouse, like a political figure in a dark suit; the release of balloons; the selling of "find her" posters; the selling and wearing of thousands of Maddie wristbands. The merchandising of an alleged trademarked product - the product being their daughter. The endorsements of Rowling and Beckham amongst others; the "Royal" style walkabouts, meeting and greeting and accepting flowers. The blogs: "I seem to spend most of my days running back and forth from the airport, collecting friends and relatives; but Kate and I managed a jog today, and Kate did her best time ever; and she found ten minutes to pop into church to pray for Madeleine" - sort of thing. Kate McCann blossomed - whilst the British public, indeed many people worldwide; logged onto the Madeleine site to find out "this weeks best selling item", Kate looked lithe and tanned and pretty, the ever present cuddlecat clutched to her toned stomach. She gave interviews, and did a shoot for the front cover of People magazine. The couple frequently appeared in glossy "celeb"mags. Kate joked with Woman's Own, "Whoever she's with, I bet she's giving them her tuppenceworth". Was it just me who read, incredulously, these words, and wondered whether I was going mad? Gerry ran the show, demanding meetings with police, whilst also speaking of "the situation Madeleine finds herself in". They wished "they had been there when Madeleine was taken", but Gerry, speaking at the Edinburgh Festival, assured the world that he and Kate "were good, responsible parents". Indeed, so good, that even after a week, Kate had no trouble sleeping. Well, I did, I had trouble sleeping, thinking of that dear little vulnerable girl. Lorraine Kelly, Richard and Judy, Fiona Phillips, India Knight, the list is endless, all queued up to endorse the behaviour of Kate and Gerry, "we all do it" screamed the red tops. "Oh no we don't " said the not so silent minority. Following Arguido status, the PR Machine stepped up a gear, and Justine, who had benefitted from the name of Madeleine McCann with her expense account, according to newspaper reports, was replaced by Clarence Mitchell. The silent minority grew - they became louder, opinion polls and phone ins proved the rapidly diminishing support of the McCanns. Mortgagegate caused a ripple; and now the alleged book and movie deals, the casting of which, according to the official spokesman, will be "fun and exciting" (according to quotes in yesterday's papers) sees the McCanns support plummet to an all time low. And it has to stop. Why the hell have the Official Suspects in the Disappearance of their daughter, got an official spokesman anyway? They are doctors. The only reason for their "fame" is their negligence. Has the world gone mad. Lets have a reality check. It has to stop. Madeleine McCann has had too many people dancing on her unmarked grave. Madeleine deserves so much better. From the parents who shockingly let her (and her siblings) down with their neglect, who then exploited that neglect; to the friends they were "so into", who all eagerly left small children in order to party; from the family who suggested that the police planted dna evidence (Susan Healey), and that the blood on the walls could have been from "a squashed mosquito" (Philomena). From the xenophobic comments by Tony Parsons, to the family friend, who caringly said, "if she's dead, then she's dead, but not by their hands". It has to stop. Now. Today. For all the other missing children in the world who are suffering at the hands of paedophiles and their tormented families who lives have been ripped apart, who are now subjected to having their living hell mocked by the crocodile tears of Kate and Gerry McCann. The phoney appeals for a dead child; the redtops who frequently report a false sighting, raising the hopes of innocent people and children, who still long for a happy ending for Madeleine McCann. There is no happy ending. But please, let this sick charade end today. For a little girl to rest in peace, wherever that may be. Enough is enough. JUSTICE FOR MADDIE. Last edited by hippychick1 on Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:58 pm; edited 4 times in total


Anonymous said...

It's Monday morning in Kuwait, the middle of the week and a very good morning to you all from the land of Texas Tea and Black Gold. At US$ 100 per barrel of oil even the housemaids are driving round in Hummers.

Viv you are like a breath of fresh air. Oceans 11, 12 & 13 say it all.

Every dog has its day.....even Eddie and Keela......keep up the good fight.......things are never as good as they first seem and never as bad as they first seem.

Niki said...

Good morning Paul!
Good morning everyone!

This blog is really getting international!!

Would you belive that Madeleine is seen.... In Australia!!

Cops scramble over false Madeleine McCann sighting
By Saffron Howden

March 17, 2008 02:30pm

SYDNEY police were sent into a flutter today when a member of the public called in thinking they'd spotted missing British girl Madeleine McCann in the CBD.

CityRail staff appeared to shadow a middle-aged man wearing a black beret and a little, blonde girl until police arrived at Town Hall train station to question the pair.

The Daily Telegraph spotted three police officers talking to the man and the girl at the Luneburger German Bakery underneath the Queen Victoria Building.

But police say the report turned out to be a false alarm.

"There was a possible sighting," a police spokeswoman said.

"It's been checked. The police obviously took it seriously enough to check."

A world-wide, nine month search for the missing four-year-old was launched last year after she went missing in May while on a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

There have been numerous, false sightings since she disappeared.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Have a nice day:)

Niki said...

Thank you Viv for the above article!

I have been to FindMadeleine site, and had a look at the support messages... As always they the messages are 1 or 2 days old, clearly read and approved.

Found this one:

From: Kate Date added 15/03/2008 16:50:37

I have left many comments on here now but after news from both the Mairi-Luz case and the Shannon Matthews case i thought it was an appropriate time to leave another. I feel deep sympathy for the family of Mairi-Luz who have lost an angel but luckily the family of Shannon Matthews have found theres. I only hope that Madeleine will be found too and believe that with the renewed hope of so many people after Shannon Matthews being found, that maybe there is still a chance. Keep strong and lets not let anyone forget about Madeleine for this angel is still missing. Best wishes to you all, especially to little Madeleine. Hang in there sweetie..we will find you soon xxxx


From Kate, like MCcann???


ratonthebeam said...

Nah. She just makes crass remarks like "she knows we love her". A 3 year old, for Gawd's sake!!!

Thought it was about time for another sighting. Maybe M3 fancy a wee break windsurfing and scuba diving in Oz. After all, BK's paying.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

This weekend I visited my son's ome to help celebrate the 4th birthday of my grand daughter and it suddenly struck me that she is only a few weeks older than Madeleine was when she dissappeared and also how vunerable a child of that age is. I can't imagine how anyone can leave such a child defenceless in order to go out to for selfish pleasures, I have always condemned the McC's for their actions but it has never struck me before the degree of their neglect.

Niki said...

Icantthinkofaname, Hi!

defencless, and "babysitting" her siblings...


Niki said...

astro(3A), I'm a "thief", sorry, but couldnot resist steeling your translation...
Post subject: 24Horas 17.03.08: Maddie's photos may be fatalPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:55 am


in 24Horas this morning:

http://24horasnewspaper.com/total.php?n ... 93&link=08

Authorities point out negative example of Mari Luz to the McCanns

Maddie's photos may be fatal

While keeping two investigation lines open, the Public Ministery is certain that Maddie's body will hardly be found. The campaign that was launched by her parents and the publicising of her photograph have not helped at all

The media campaign that was promoted by Mari Luz's parents was fatal for the child, that was found dead, believes a senior official in the Portimao judicial circle who is connected to the Maddie case.

"In the Spanish case of little Mari Luz, it was proved that she was killed two days after her sequestration, and there are strong indications that this happened due to the campaign that was publicly launched by her parents. If her parents had only contacted the authorities, the child might have been found alive. Who is the abductor that wants to keep a child that half the world has seen in photos on the street, in the papers and on tv? In the case of Madeleine, although it seems unlikely due to the evidence that was already collected, the same may have happened. A possible kidnapper felt trapped and got rid of her. This means that, in case they are innocent, the parents of the child might themselves have contributed for this story to end badly.

Everything is open

A source with the Central Directory for Combat to Banditism, a department at the PJ that supported the investigation as it was carried out on location during the days that followed the disappearance of Maddie, points to the fact that everything is still open: "It's obvious that the parents remain as the main suspects, but the evidence that exists against them is not conclusive. The hypothesis that the disappearance was the work of a sexual predator cannot be dismissed yet. But it is a fact that, if this is the case, the worldwide publicising of the child's photo, especially the foto with the specific sign that she had in her eye, may have led the abductor to get rid of the child as rapidly as possible. In such cases, people should contact the police first, and it's us who release the data to the press, if that is convenient for the investigation."

Two investigation lines and few evidence. One certainty: the campaign that was promoted by the parents of Madeleine McCann, the little girl who disappeared, on the 3rd of May 2007, from an apartment in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, in the Algarve, did nothing to help the investigation. Quite to the contrary. The authorities are convinced it could even have prompted the child's death, although the theory of an accident at home, followed by the concealment of the cadaver by the parents or by friends of the parents is on the front line of the investigations, as 24Horas was able to establish with senior judicial officials that are connected to the process.

"Everything indicates that the child died in the apartment at the Ocean Club resort, only 50 meters away from the location where the parents and seven other friends were dining, having consumed a large quantity of alcohol. Their versions do not match, and there are many contradictions, that we hope to clarify soon when the rogatory letter is carried out, which has been in the posession of the English police since last week. But things happened in this process which should not be done, and which have made the entire investigation more difficult, since the first day", said the senior official from the judicial circle of Portimao who is connected to the process.


HOPE. The Portuguese authorities are placing all of their hope on the execution of the rogatory letter that was sent to England which will allow, in the coming fortnight, to question the seven friends with whom the McCanns dined in the Tapas Bar and the couple itself, again. A diligence that the prosecutor Magalhaes e Menezes, from the Portimao court, considers to be essential in order to make an accusation against the arguidos in the process, or not.

PHOTOGRAPHS. The fotos of Mari Luz have circled the world, both through the media and through the internet and leaflets that were distributed on the streets. Maddie remains missing. The Spanish girl was found lifeless two days after she was allegedly seuqestered

Viv, sorry for using all this space this morning! Now I'm off:)

2345 said...


Today's press 0 "Parents knew Shannon ws with me, says loner -

Shannon Matthew's mother Karen knew about her daughter's whereabouts during the entire 24 days she was missing, the man found hiding her undr his bed alleges. Lone Michael Donovan made the claim as police who found the nine-year-old at his home interrogated him.


When Shannon went missing, detectives told the immediate family a potential abductor was likely to be a male family member who lived alone and was local to their home. They listed a series of key characteristics which could have been applied to Donovan but all failed to gain a response. A police source said: "Despite us telling them exactly what sort of profile or person we were looking for nobody from Shannon's family has ever mentioned the name Michael Donovan or Paul Drake to us. They are now saying all sorts of things about him but it is unusual, to say the least, that they never thought to mention him prior to his arrest".

lizzy said...

I think if it was a hoax the police will discover this quite easily,they are interviewing the man and Shannon, I hope not as this would be a terrible thing for a family to have done just to make money,and a despicable thing to have put a nine year old child through, lets hope it was genuine, and Shannon gets the help and support she needs.. Lizzy

2345 said...


I doubt Shannon suffered. She was found clean and happy in a pretty top and skirt. I thought this odd, someone had given her the change of clothing. CCTV footage showed her wearing trousers last day she was seen.

Either Donovan bought her nice new clothes or the mother delivered clothes from home.

2345 said...


As far as Eddie & Keela are concerned each and everything they detect and pinpoint for forensic removal are ALWAYS as bad as they seem.

This pair are the best - 100% success rate in over 200 cases - hence their deployment to FBI.

2345 said...


Thanks for Horas 24 article. I'm sure the Police in her case will consider all possibilities as PJ did in Maddie's case. Both have been subjected to illegal involvement of PI's - Mari was found with severe head injury, but no sexual abuse. Forensic information released in Britain by our police indicated profound, life threatening throat/head injuries in Maddie's case.

Police are working in line with Maddie's death on or around 3 May.
Poster campaign did not cause death in this case. McCanns continue to pay Metado 3 for illegal activities to undermine the police - Mari's parents have also been using been PI's, illegally.

Anonymous said...

Hi all (again).

Just been to fill-up the Hummer........don't want to make your Monday any more miserable but it cost the equivalent of £5 (10p per litre for expats.....free to the locals).

Just thinking the middle-east would be an ideal place for the McCanns to lose themselves, Kate wearing a Jilbab and Burka and Gerry in a Dishar-Dasher.

With all those rich Arabs the opportunities are endless, they could open a barber shop down the local Souk.

2345 said...


.... "don't want to make your Monday any more miserable ... "

Odd comment, what makes you assume our Monday is miserable or that our 'misery' is affected by the price of petrol ?

lizzy said...

Yes that's odd a change of clothes for Shannon, sounds a lot like it was planned. Have you heard any more re tthe PJ questioning, all seems to have gone quiet on that front.? Lizzy

Anonymous said...

his own daughter's clothes...in his house still. He only lost them in last year or so.



dylan said...

Good afternoon all,

Long time - no posts, have been very busy!

Wrt shannon case, i sincerely hope it wasn't a hoax, but then, the fame and glory and most of all, cash that the Mcs have perpetuated & obtained - I did think it was only a matter of time before some other parent tried their hand. If Shannon's mum did, i feel sorry for her. She didn't stand a chance, what with the Mcs social standing, education and well - oiled campaign. IMO kate & gerry have let loose a monster that will only keep on growing.

Re today's title 3a article, it's very well written and succinct. I commend the author for such a good explanation as to why most of us are here. "Kate made her best time yet" ...... will they ever stop bigging themselves up? what a smarmy pair in the light of what has happened to their "little angel". Maddie gets only a passing reference. Truly disgusting.

Viv - glad to see you have resurrected your name and the lush george!!!

Dylan x

viv said...

Hiya all

What interesting posts! Nicki,
I certainly dont mind you taking up space with articles about the case - that is really helpful.

However, I recall Alsabella telling me that 24 Horas are not a paper that can be trusted as they are affiliated to American news networks who have been pro McCann. This story is again raising the prospect of abduction..I think Clarence has been busy! Hia aim has always been to convince the public of this. Maybe it is a clever ploy to say well she was abducted but her death was still their fault..they cannot get prosecuted for that though can they?

Great to see you back Dillie I think the pic of Clooney and Viv resurrects their worse nightmare! I never was on their side:-)

viv said...

Shannon - all a hoax?

This man would find some excuse for hiding a 9 year old for 24 days, would he not? That would not excuse his behaviour though, would it?

A little surprised the police have released details of what he said ?? Did they really? Or is it a McCann situation where they release details and then wait for the response?

It is true to say the McCanns have introduced the concept of being able to sell your missing child for massive money. To a poor family with loads of kids that may have been very tempting..

viv said...

Paul - I fear your messages are a little too cryptic for me, other than I gather you suggest their conduct is not quite as serious as we think. It is serious enough for me!

No doubt Leigh will be along later and in her clever way will unscramble your messages but perhaps you could just write them so they dont need unscrambling?

Zodiac said...


I read this via a link on 3 A's.


The behaviour is very like certain posters. I have also posted the link for Alsabella.

ratonthebeam said...

I think he must write the Supertroll blog!

viv said...


My thinking exactly, this person has turned up cracking sick jokes about the McCanns and expecting us to join in. What a dim wit! There is a place where people are abusive and crack sick jokes, suggest the troll pops off back there where it will feel right at home!

Zodiac said...


I thought his own daughter's clothes also. Then remembered reading that it was his mother and father's home where Shannon was found. His father died in Nov. and his mother moved out recently, I think. I do hope the allegations are not true.

2345 said...


The Uncle's children clothes size is ? and Shannon's clothes size is ?

Could you also let us know the name on the labels. Thanks.

2345 said...


There's absolutely no clarrie spin involved in today's details. It's straight from the Police. I posted extracts as soon as I read them.

Shannon's mum omitted to tell the police about this relative or his whereabouts despite him fitting the profile the police gave them.
They were spot on ... a male, a person known to her etc. They all kept quiet.

The first thing that struck me when she was found under the bed was she didn't scream for help. A 9 year old child being held against her would have screamed blue murder and leapt into the arms of her rescuers.

Commonsense says Shannon's mum would have checked whether she had gone to her friends or one of the relatives - all obvious avenues before involving the police.

I'm sure the police asked her whether she had done so in the recorded phone call.

2345 said...


Anon on Alsa's site is on PJ warpath. Says not arrived or arriving FACT - no flights today from Lisbon. Alsa gave a flight no., I'm in a rush so cannot check what this means exactly. Hope I haven't confused you !!

2345 said...

Anon (ena)

Apologies for my rudeness; I mistook you for the disruptive Anonymouse.

A point in passing, people who are not well off invariably keep the childrens clothes with them. I think I read the Uncle's own children had been taken into care.

I think he's telling the police the truth.

atardi said...


You think it's possible for Metodo3 to operate in England?

viv said...

Hi Atardi

No I dont. I think Hogan International are the ones employed to do all the dirty work in UK and they are very quiet about their activities!

viv said...

Hiya 2345

How do you know the details you posted re Shannon come straight from the police?

Unless there were operational reasons for leaking this I find it highly unlikely they would dislose such details and an ongoing investigation into the welfare of a child - which is always dealt with confidentially.

atardi said...


Read the article also about the sighting in Sydney.

Have you read the comments too? Someone called it a game. "Where in the world is Madeleine?".
Which continent is next?

Bean reading an article from the Daily Mail about the false sighting in Sydney.

I wanted to paste a list they made of false trails in 2007, but didn't succeed. The link is:


How many false sightings can we expect before easter?

Have you been able to read 1/4 of the bible?

Will read you tomorrow.

viv said...

Hiya Atardi

Off all the countless thousands, who knows, millions of missing children in the world, how come we just keep getting reports of sightings of Madeleine McCann? It is truly sickening and a danger to children who are genuinely missing as people may start thinking "oh well it is just a McCann type scam".


The article below from arguably, one of our most reputable papers The Times, directly contradicts what you are saying about Shannon's case. I think you should be more careful to be accurate in your claims. Children who have been througha very traumatic experience would not jump and shout with excitement as you suggest. They would be cowed, timid and very quiet...totally traumatised and bewildered.

Prostitutes have an invaluable functionMinette Marrin

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HomeNewsUK NewsCrime NewsSHOPMy ProfileSitemapFrom The TimesMarch 17, 2008

‘Shannon Matthews had not run away from home. This was a real abduction’
Andrew Norfolk
Police interviewing Shannon Matthews are certain that she was kidnapped and held captive during her 24 missing days.

The nine-year-old’s story, which is slowly unfolding over several days of specialist questioning, has satisfied detectives that they are dealing with a genuine case of abduction.

A source close to the inquiry last night dismissed rumours in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, that the schoolgirl may have chosen to go missing from home.

She did not run away, she did not stay voluntarily in the flat – less than a mile from her home – where she was found, and she was under no illusion that she was playing a game with her kidnapper, the source said.

Related Links
Most ‘tip-offs’ were waste of time, say officers
Police begin interviewing Shannon
Police insiders have also poured scorn on a theory that Shannon’s disappearance was a hoax staged by one or more members of her family in the hope of gaining the reward money offered for her safe return.

“Don’t be in any doubt. This is an incredibly serious case,” a police source told The Times.

It is understood that information provided by Shannon since her release has also led detectives to conclude that she would have been in grave danger had she not been rescued on Friday.

Police have already been granted two extended periods of detention to continue questioning Michael Donovan, also known as Paul Drake, who is under arrest on suspicion of Shannon’s abduction.

Mr Donovan, 39, who lives on disability benefits, is the uncle of the girl’s stepfather, Craig Meehan, 22, a super-market fishmonger.

Mr Donovan, who is being held at a high-security police station in Halifax, is understood to have sought to implicate other members of Shannon’s extended family in the girl’s abduction. His claims are being investigated.

If Mr Donovan has not been charged with any offence by 10.30am today police have the option of applying to a magistrate for a warrant to continue questioning him for another 24 hours.

Contrary to some reports, Shannon’s mother, Karen Matthews, 32, has not yet been reunited with her daughter, who has been placed under an emergency police protection order.

Mrs Matthews was allowed to look through a one-way mirror to confirm her daughter’s identity on Friday afternoon, but police do not want to give any members of the family any opportunity to influence the girl’s evidence.

In a statement issued through the police yesterday, Mrs Matthews said that she supported the police action and accepted that her daughter might be away from home “for some time”. “I fully understand that the police need to keep speaking to Shannon to establish exactly what has happened during the time that she has been missing and I appreciate that is not something that is going to happen overnight,” she said.

“The most important thing is that Shannon is safe. I’ve seen her and I’m completely happy that she is being very well looked after and is being given all the care she needs.”

Almost all the medical tests have been completed, but some forensic science work is continuing.

It emerged yesterday that Mr Donovan, who changed his name from Drake by deed poll, left his flat several times during the 24 days that Shannon was the subject of a nationwide police hunt. He made daily trips to buy cans of lager from a local off-licence and on one evening is said to have visited a bingo hall.

Described by neighbours as a loner, the 5ft 6in, lightly built suspect has two daughters, aged 12 and 10, from a failed marriage to Susan Bird, who now lives in Cornwall. At one time Mr Donovan’s children, who were later taken into care, had residency with him.

Eighteen months ago he was arrested and charged with abduction after his wife complained that he had snatched his daughters and taken them to Blackpool. The charge was later dropped.

Police last night held a meeting in a local church with members of the community in Dewsbury in an attempt to reassure local people about the progress of the investigation.

They were seeking to dismiss claims that they could have found Shannon more quickly and to calm local frustrations over the decision to take her into police protection.

— A kitten is helping Shannon Matthews to adapt to normal life.

The child is being encouraged to play with the animal in an attempt to make her feel as at home as possible in the child-friendly interview suite. The purpose-built room, with its toys and soft furnishings much more prominent than its video cameras, is being used for a process that is likely to last for several days and is being conducted by two female detectives with a child psychologist and a social worker at hand.

Questions are being allowed to occupy only two hours a day. Shannon, said to be bubbly, chatty and excited, has been provided with drawing materials to help her to express herself in pictures.

ratonthebeam said...

I'm surprised that none of our glorious press have come up with "Shannie's Cuddle Cat" yet...

viv said...


Thanks very much for the interesting link about the conduct of Tracy Williams, Mr Keith Smith, the racist views and the libel proceedings.

I agree it is very similar to certain posters behaviour. RP indicated a couple of nights back again how it hates A's site

"it is an insult to my Britishness"

That thing and its associates is an affront to me!

Zodiac said...


I wonder about the validity of some posters. I found that link very interesting.

ratonthebeam said...

Um, Tracy Williams is also a College lecturer, and certain posters don't seem to like lecturers very much..... or doctors other than the Mcs, for that matter.....

Jenna said...

No, certain posters like genuine Doctors, Lecturers.

viv said...

Hiya Atardi

I liked the graphic in the Daily Mail so much concerning FALSE SIGHTINGS that I copied it and you will see it above now, along with a nice pic of Gerry utilising the same pic where Maddie looks so beautiful. It fits really well with the excellant piece written by HIPPYCHICK. I am sure we all find it difficult to remember all these false sightings so it it very handy to have them set out like that - truly International!

Hiya Rat

I see it has it in for you just as much as me, but knows more about you which is very menacing.

I always found I got on really well with lecturers and doctors, but there always had to be an exception I guess!

It is quite flattering really that we annoy it so much and, as ever, I love you to bits:-)

Viv x

Anonymous said...

Good evening all
Thanks again,Viv for the articles. I remember reading Hippychick's post on the DM, and appreciate it yet again.
I do hope that everything will turn out okay for little Shannon, still reserving my judgement(if you could call it judgement) on the case.

Goeienaand atardi :)

atardi said...

southerncross goedenavond,

Nice to see you here again. Like you I don't know what to think about Shannon. Very glad she is alive. I've been reading here about her. So i'll reserve my judgement like you do.

Anonymous said...

Goedenavond atardi

Feeling so very sorry for each and every child that has to suffer somewhere tonight.

viv said...

Hiya Atardi and Southernwood

I think it is right that we reserve our judgment in both the case of Mari Luz and Shannon, because we have had no definitive statements from the police other than we know Mari Luz is dead and her injuries would suggest murder, no sexual abuse. We know little Shannon is alive and her quasi uncle abducted her, that it is not considered safe to alllow her to return to her family at present whilst she is being fully de-briefed.

This site is not about just laying into parents when there is no evidence against them! The situation is very different with Kate and Gerry McCann, of course.

Their self-serving spin continues unabated. Clarence has gone quiet in the UK press. They have shut the Daily Express up and I wonder if he fell out with some of the other too. It cannot have escaped his notice we look to the Portuguese papers for news and are quite capable of using google to get them translated. There is one paper in Portugal that is McCann friendly - 24 Horas, with its link to American media. No surprise then that we get a story printed telling us about abductions again! Then we get another sighting in Australia - pathetic Clarence, must try harder!

atardi said...


It's so good to see the list from Daily Mail about false trails.
So it was a graphic I had to copy.
This was a list from 2007.
We have the false trails in France and Dorset also.

Rat can you please educate me on this subject?

I have sent you an e-mail.

hope4truth said...

Hello Everyone

Hippchick says it all really (and writes it a lot better than I could)..

Had a late night sorting out daughters room so off to bed now...

Atardi and Viv I have mailed you both...

See you all tomorrow..


viv said...

Hiya Atardi

A graphic gets saved in picture format and therefore cannot be posted as a comment in here like ordinary print. However I can put such a picture in the post itself at the top as I have done.

I am sure Rat will explain the technicalities far better than that!

atardi said...


Don't even want to think about children who have to suffer this night and tomorrow.

What can we do to stop the child suffering?

atardi said...


Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Hope and atardi
May I have an email as well, lol, feeling a bit left out here :)

Viv, if we had a free press that could have been trusted to print the truth instead of all the spin/manipulation, I am convinced that we all would have known much more re the facts and truth about the disappearance of a wee girl (secrecy laws aside).

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
atardi said...


Please don't feel like you are left out it's just because some posters have teenagers too. So we don't have to put it on here because this is about Justice for Madeleine.

I did an second attempt.
Let me know if you received it.

viv said...

Hiya Southerncross

I have always been convinced reporters know far more about this case than we do. They have been there and spoken to witnesses etc and met the McCanns.

The Daily Express would not have dared to actually print what they know but clearly came very close e.g. telling us Pamela Feen heard Maddie crying Daddy Daddy two nights before, that she ran away and hid at bedtime, that Mrs Fenn heard a child cry out that night, that on the 2nd May Kate was shouting loud and out of control...does not leave much to the imagination does it!

It is an offence in both Britain and Portugal of course to interfere with prosecution witnesses. This is why the Retardos and Hogan International have had to find others the police are not interested in! Like silly Granny Cooper who saw a man walking in the rain and he even dared to knock her door collecting for charity two weeks before McCann even arrive. Quantum leap to say oh he abducted Madeleine!!

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I am sure you now by now,I am not Scottish, otherwise I would have had a much better command of the English Language. I am Afrikaans. I know also that my mentioning of a "wee girl" might have triggered your question.
Some Afrikaans folks do also have the ability to understand and sometimes use phrases/words belonging to other languages .

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You are a very sick person fixated on others. Go back to your lonely little blog and have a word with yourself about it.

No one wants you, or to listen to your demented ramblings.

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Nite, Southercross

Good to hear from you as ever!

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You are so pathetic - do you seriously believe anyone gives a toss about your silly rants concerning the supposed i.d. of other posters? She said, she said etc!

As I said earlier - post your silly rubbish on your own site.

2345 said...


Mrs Fenn heard Kate screaming ... out of control. Presumably this was after K & G both returned to the abandoned children. Was Gerry the cause or a factor ? He cannot be discounted with unseen events.

Kate's shown quite remarkable self control for the past 10 months; can't imagine her screaming blue murder late at night for the neighbours to hear without good reasons - reasons beyond her control.

viv said...

Hi 2345

People who have been abused can finish up being emotionally numb, mentally ill. This may provide an explanation for Kate's presentation.

There can be no denying the marks of domestic violence on her. Grab marks to her arm, severe bruise on elbow, split over her eye. Having worked in this field extensively I know for a fact that it is generally the victim who makes the most noise for the neighbours to hear, although often both. It seems to me there was a very hostile and violent situation building in this family that may well have been completely beyond Kate's control. However, I would not categorically state this means that Gerry killed Madeleine. Women in Kate's situation can also become violent towards their children, feeling unable to cope and relying heavily on alcohol. In an aggressive and controlling person like Gerry, alcohol can make them much more dangerous. I do think the heavy use of alcohol by this couple is very significant in terms of what happened.

Wizard said...

Good Evening Viv,

Can you shed any legal light on the DX settlement with the McCanns. I have just been watching a Sky News report with Clarence standing outside the high court with the McCanns Barrister (dressed in silks) and their solicitor. He is saying this case was before Justice Eddy. The case was settled out of court so why were they in court. It is interesting that CM says the Express donated money to the Find Madeleine fund and not was ordered to pay by Justice Eddy. Would they attend a high court for mediation in an out of court settlement?

Like most things in this case I find it confusing. Any ideas.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that put a lump in my throat! What an amazing post HippyChick - says it all! Thank you for writing it, and thanks to Viv for posting it!

You know, I remember back in the 90's when my sister and I were still teenagers. My sister's dog got out of our yard (mum and dad weren't home), and we both took off after it. We could actually still see the dog, but it was running madly down the footpath, and my sister feared she may not be able to catch her in time before she got away for good. My sister frantically called her (the dog's) name, as did I, but she wasn't coming back! So we ran to a stranger's home (we'd only just moved into the neighbourhood) and banged on the door! My sister was red faced, panicked, and almost speaking gibberish! The kind lady at the door must have understood what she was saying though, because within seconds, she had gotten her husband, and in we all piled into their family car! A couple of moments later, we had retrieved the much-loved family pet, and while my sister profusely thanked the neighbour and her husband, the neighbour noted that even though the dog was back in my sister's arms, my sister was still visibly shaking!

And all this for a dog.

Call me "predictable", but the comparisons are just too easy to make! How can it be that with a child missing in a foreign country, supposedly in the arms of a malicious predator, that ANYBODY, in their right and loving mind, could collect themselves enough to play tennis, jog, or sit calmly by a swimming pool?? Where would one get the presence of mind to make up glossy flyer's, shake hands with people in the street, jump onto jets, or register their child's name as an official trademark?? And what about all the subtle things, so brilliantly noted by HippyChick, like bothering to dye one's hair, colour co-ordinating one's clothing, or cracking supposedly "cute" jokes about the missing child with journalists??

It's all so wrong - so very, very wrong! And while genuine parents grieve their hearts out for their missing children, the McCanns get richer by the day - all off Madeleine, and all of the time!

HippyChick, you say it's "got" to stop? I agree. But will it? After all, they do say "money makes the world go around", and the McCanns appear to have some pretty powerful friends. Only time will tell.

Justice for Madeleine.