5 Jan 2008


Gets a mention tonight by the Pro-McCanns on the Daily Express forum. So here is another contender for mystery pro-poster on the Daily Express. Married to Gerry's older brother, John McCann - yes the one who gave up his job with Astrozeneca to become a full-time director of the Find Madeleine Fund from his front living room. Good job his 39 year old wife earns a decent living as a primary school teacher - although the fund does provide for relatives - so no doubt John will be charging a handsome fee for his services...

I’m joining 10K race for sake of our Maddie

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Diane McCann wants runners in Sunday's 10K race to wear T-shirts with the image of her abducted niece Madeleine, above

Exclusive by Russell Leadbetter
THE aunt of abducted toddler Madeleine McCann is joining the Women's 10K race in Glasgow on Sunday to keep the case in the spotlight.
Diane McCann, of Scotstoun, is also urging runners to wear special T-shirts bearing an image of Madeleine.
I'll never give up hunting for Madeleine, vows dadTHE father of missing Madeleine McCann insisted today his family would leave "no stone unturned" to be reunited with their daughter.
Gerry McCann, who was questioned by police yesterday and into the early hours of this morning, also said he had seen at first hand the resources being poured into the investigation.
He said that he and his wife Kate, who was standing by his side, were very grateful for all the efforts and offers of support they have received from around the world.
As he was speaking, it was reported in the Portuguese newspaper Correio Da Manha that police had two suspects in mind.
Although police said last night that there had been no arrests, the newspaper reported that the two suspects were at the police station yesterday and the McCanns had been shown them to see if they could identify them.
While the McCanns were out, there was intense police activity around the apartments.
At one stage officers from Portugal's Guarda Nacional Republicana were seen dramatically leaping between third-floor balconies and climbing over rooftops, apparently examining possible access or escape routes for a child snatcher.
As the search for the three-year-old entered its eighth day, a Scots businessman offered a £1million reward for information leading to her return.
Stephen Winyard, owner of health spa Stobo Castle came up with the cash offer.
The 57-year-old father-of-three said he was moved to come forward by photographs of Madeleine's distraught parents, Kate and Gerry.
The reward offer may provide them with a boost as they contemplate marking their daughter's fourth birthday in Praia da Luz tomorrow with no news of her whereabouts.
Police have admitted the search for Madeleine, who was abducted in a holiday resort a week ago, was being scaled down.
However, they are checking CCTV footage from several locations.
A source confirmed it included a tape from a service station close to Praia da Luz which shows a young girl with a woman.
And last night officers issued an image of a pair of pyjamas identical to those which Madeleine had been wearing when she disappeared.
She wants to keep Madeleine's name and face in the public mind as the search for her continues in Portugal.
Diane said: "The backs of the T-shirts have a photo of Madeleine wearing a pink hat, and it says I'm running for Madeleine McCann'." Runners will also be asked to wear a yellow ribbon.
A special service for Madeleine - who turns four tomorrow - is being held in Glasgow at 7pm tonight in St Andrew's Cathedral.
And Celtic players will wear yellow armbands for their home game against Aberdeen tomorrow after being asked by the family to help.
Diane, a 39-year-old primary school teacher, is married to the brother of cardiologist Gerry McCann, Madeleine's dad, who comes from Glasgow.
Diane said: "I wasn't going to take part in the 10K - I'm not a runner - but I'm going to register today and walk the course.
"We just want to keep things going so people won't forget about Madeleine."
Of Madeleine, she said: "She's a wee sweetheart - a wee character, a lovely, delightful wee girl."
She said Madeleine's abduction from a holiday apartment in the Algrave on Thursday night last week had sparked huge public concern.
"The number of e-mails, phone calls and offers of help we've had has been absolutely unbelievable," she added.
Diane said she had not yet spoken to Madeleine's mum Kate but had a number of conversations with dad Gerry.
"Everybody is trying their best to be as positive as they can and to think of any help or strategy or contact we can, to do anything that could make a difference," she said.
Her husband John has just returned from Portugal. "They've all been so strong over there and they've pulled together to get across how the family is feeling," she said.
Diane has already managed to get 200 Madeleine T-shirts printed and hopes as many people as possible will wear them.
The special T-shirts can be picked up at the start of the race at Bellahouston Park. The 10K is expected to attract 14,000 runners.
Publication date 11/05/07


Anonymous said...

A Gerry look - alike?

Scroll down, and take a good look at Gerry.


and the look - alike


Have a nice day


dolores said...

Viv, have a look at the photograph of Kate in This is London.co.uk
its a close up she has what looks like a bruise above her eyebrow and one on her right wrist,it would appear to be the same time as the bruises you showed, on her left arm.

ratonthebeam said...

Look at the pic of Gerry halfway down! NOT the most flattering shot!
Do you have a throwaway email so I can send you a picture?

felicity said...

Hiya Rat

Cant stop just about to go for a meal. Will catch you all around 10 pm. Have seen the hideous pic of Gerry commented on bundleman.

Flissy has an email address LOL


felicity said...

Hiya all

I think the Daily Express are trying to paint a very clear picture for us now. Heading it "Kate's Darkest Days" incuding a sad and sorrowful of her and an absolutely evil pic of him - the worst I have ever seen! I believe they clearly imply that we should be having some sympathy for KATE but not him. Kate is in a terrible situation. If she goes to the police - she will almost certainly lose the twins as well- is this what really holds her back? Or is she just as bad as him - I dont think so!

Kind Regards
Viv x

hope4truth said...

Found you I think I may have cracked it now I was clicking all over the place all day...

Is anyone here???

Terible picture of Gerry I would have thought the editor would have pulled it but then again maybe people know more than they are letting on???

SueB said...

So this is where you all are?! Found you at all last. Haven't been on DX for weeks until a couple of days ago, then I only had time to deposit one post but couldn't hang around. I've missed you all, how are you?? Interesting site Viv, good work.

Cláudia said...

That picture matches perfectly the mental image I have of Gerry! lol

felicity said...

Hiya Hope - lovely to hear from you again my friend and well done for being brave and going back on the DE!

Glad you are finding your way around a bit! I think the lovely pic of Kate juxtaposed with the evil pic of Gerry and the headline on Kate is quite deliberate. Quite often the press know far more than they can print. I think I am right that he is the really guilty one and we are being prepared for the big revelations. Maybe Kate is even considering coming clean? She could surely reason that her life could not be any worse than it is at present. It would be an act of love for Madeleine if she does decide to do the right thing now and I think people would really get behind her and want her to be treated with compassion.

Sue B - Hello ! Yet another of my favourites - did notice you had put in what is quite a rare appearance on the De now with a great post! I suppose I kind of miss the old days when there were so many nice people contributing but the atmosphere on the DE is so utterly polluted with their horrible and pervasive presence!

Hope you will post again and lovely to hear from you.

Lots of love
Viv xxxxxxx

hope4truth said...

Hello yes I have got it now and it is so easy I feel thick for not getting it before...

Yes am not giving it up just yet but must admit it is tiresome at times but before a couple of posters came on tonight it was plesent...

I am off to bed been trying to improve my C* on the Wii Big Brain Acadamy I dont understand what you have to do with a couple of things and am kidding myself that once I work it out I will get an A...

Will be back tomorrow night all

felicity said...

Hiya again Hope

I think getting the hang of this site is just like anything else - when you first try it seems difficult and you dont think you will get the hang of it but then suddenly you do, and wonder why you thought there would be a problem. This is exactly how I was - but I was determined to make a go of it!

I can recall times on the DE when it was pure pleasure - usually on a Friday night they did not seem to be around but then suddenly about midnight the atmosphere would so suddenly change with the arrival of Rosie and almost at the same instant some of her cohort. When they are around it is draining because their comments are so offensive, not necessarily personally, just their bizarre excuses for Kate and Gerry/attempts to blame Murat or even Mark Warner etc.

Personally, darling, I would always give you an A - I love to read your posts!

Nite Nite
until tomorrow!
Luv Viv x

dolores said...

Gosh Viv,what are you trying to do ? Giving us scary photographs at this time of night, trying to give us nightmares?naughty lady.LOL

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores

He is like someone's worse nightmare I agree! Hope it does not frighten people off LOL. This pic along with the link giving details of what a psycopath is like is the message I want to portray about Gerry McCann. If you are reading Gerry you did not fool us with your sickening grin outside The Whitehouse! That was only going to make you rich and famous - or so you foolishly believed. Infamy is where you are headed!

Dont have nightmares Hope!

Luv Viv x