6 Jan 2008


As will be seen below PJ have highly incriminating phone and text messages providing evidence of how Madeleine was taken from the apartment and disposed of. By this we can take it they did intercept those 14 text messages Gerry sent and received. Even more startling, perhaps, it is confirmed that witnesses saw BOTH GERRY McCANN AND RUSSELL O'BRIEN ENTER 5A - again presumably to clean up and remove Madeleine's body.

Further it is confirmed the new detectives will not bother with so called sightings but will purely be working on seeking to discredit police evidence of Madeleine's death and disposal. So the McCanns seem to be dropping their ridiculous "abduction theory" and purely going on the defensive. Having worked in criminal law many years ago, I can confirm that private investigators will sometimes be employed in an attempt to discredit police evidence but need to be very careful they are not interfering with police witnesses and perverting the course of justice in the process. Care clearly needs to be taken over any approach to the Irish couple, the Smiths, whom it would seem did see Gerry carrying Madeleine off to the beach. I recall the dogs smelt a trail.

Anyone who still lamely believes Gerry and O'Brien did not do this or that the McCanns are going to get away had better move into the real world - Rosiepops!


Investigation about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from a quiet resort at Praia da Luz had “important developments” in the last weeks, after a Portuguese police team met with Leicestershire police and representatives from Forensic Science Service, the British laboratory where samples collected at the crime scene are being analysed.On a preliminary report about the case, recently sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office, Polícia Judiciária (PJ) states that the parents remain the main suspects. Among other pieces of new evidence, there is a specific phone call and several messages, send from Ocean Resort, that are classified by investigators as “highly incriminating” Gerry and Kate McCann.The same evidence also gave indications about how the body of Madeleine McCann could have been taken from the apartment and disposed of. Today, it was confirmed by a source from the Public Prosecutor's Office that a request to extend the time limit for the case will be filed, with the Criminal Court, before January 14, eight months after the first formal suspect was named.
Questions for the friends
The Tapas Group, the friends who had dinner with the McCann on May 3rd, will be questioned again soon, as a formal request to the British Home Office is ready. Police wants to clarify, first, contradictory statements about the night of May 3rd, and PJ detectives would like to interrogate Gerry and Kate before the end of January – something that will depend from the time Home Office and British police will take to proceed with the questionings.Among many details that are confuse or contradictory, Police sources refer the fact that witnesses confirm they saw Gerry McCann and Russell O'Brien going inside apartment 5A to check the three children sleeping there. The McCann spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, is already preparing public opinion for a new interrogation of Madeleine's parents and yesterday told British Media that Kate and Gerry would be pleased to clarify “misunderstandings” related with their previous statements.
New detectives hired
Hogan International, a company specialized in asset investigations, is reviewing Madeleine's case, working in coordination with Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company that announced recently they knew who kidnapped Madeleine and promised to find her before Christmas. Sources close to the McCann supporters say that the six-month contract with Metodo 3, which ends around March, will not be renewed and Hogan International will replace them, in the private investigation set up by the McCann, following advise from Control Risk Group.The McCann legal team has asked private investigators to concentrate in specific details of the investigation related with Police evidence of Madeleine's death and his body disposal, instead of following leads about sightings or other information related with a possible abductor.
Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis


Lizzy said...

HI Viv,
Very, very interesting post, it looks as if the Mccanns are going to be found out at last.Did you read today that it is alleged that the two who have gone to the police with new statements are O'Brien and Fiona Payne,? Interesting if true as if one is O'Brien and he is involved could bring the whole truth out, he may have a deal, for immunity it is also alleged.

docmac said...

Hi Lizzy and Viv

If these two have gone to the police it gets really, really interesting, as one other had already made a statement in November and is flying to Portugal tomorrow to provide further information. His statement incriminates one of those you have mentioned. Source: from the horse's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Did this rumour re ROB and FP being the tapas 2 start on the Mirror Forum? ......WUM started this thread.

Thanks doc, hopefully the case should move on pretty sharpish.

Anonymous said...

very interesting, especially like to see "horses mouth" source.

apologies for being anon. have posted couple of times now but not sure how to sign in.

lizzy said...

hi Docmac
Plot thickens, I read on the Mirror forum that allegedly the two turncoats are O'Brien and Fiona Payne, I think with the witnesses seeing O'Brien and Gerry going into the appartment together that O'Brien is involved in moving the body. It looks as if the Police are more aware than Team Mccann give them credit of what happened to Madeleine .Do you know if it is believed that she died on the 2nd May or the 3rd as I had read it could possibly have been on the 2nd?

felicity said...

Hiya Lizzy Doc and Anon

Re the Paynes - I think that was spin in the DE yesterday they have occasional lunches. They would not even attend church services! It is increasingly clear that OB and Tanner are in it up to their necks - Paynes and the Oldfields far less so and when Gerry persuaded them to lie for him who knows what he may have told them. We know he is an accomplished liar. Now the Paynes and the Oldfields know just how guilty they are and just how much trouble they would be in for continuing to lie for this couple it is quite obvious they would choose to assist the police. Clarence has gone quiet on the denials! Thanks very much for first hand information Doc. And good for the Paynes and the Oldfields - they just cannot hang on to their careers and defend this couple - they would know that! As for OB and TAnner I could see them serving some time! What utter fools...

Luv Viv x