20 Jan 2008


Granny Gail Cooper aged just 50 - really??

Ah - an investigation by the News of the World - better than the PJ/British Police then! Now the Metodos have a real suspect to hunt down...She saw him on the beach and it was pouring with rain - conveniently no one else was about... then he knocked her door and it was a "warm afternoon"..

I am not sure from what they write how this mystery "North African" man can be described as a stalker or why it is believed he kidnapped Madeleine given this woman claims to have seen him two weeks before the McCanns even arrived. What "chilling encounters". This is the same story we have heard before isnt it about a mystery man peddling charity but with a few bits added? If her adult daughters also saw him, how come they do not corroborate her story .... so he knocked their door two weeks before the McCanns even arrived - big deal! Massive manhunt...McCann family source claims "stunning breakthrough" - that would not be Gerry by any chance. Oh a "source at the heart of the probe" says its a "stunning breakthrough" as well - that would not be the Retardos by any chance would it? Gerry and the Retardos then agree it was a stunning breakthrough- yea sure we believe it!!How the heck does it 'tie in uncannily with Jane Tanner's description' given she did not give one! The original BBC article clearly says that Maddie was wearing white PJs - how come they morphed to pink? If the PJ and British police were genuinely investigating this there is no way they would allow an appeal for the public to contact the Retardos....what a load of utter guff! What will these prats come up with next? The NOW "probed" her evidence further ummmmmmm I think the NOW could do with a bit of probing and the people they are handing money to for this tripe - I would hazard an educated guess Gerry McCann and this youthful looking 50 year old who would probably like to go to a Health Farm with her cash!

Viv x

Witness reveals chilling clues about Maddie suspect
World Exclusive by Sara NuwarThis is the man suspected of snatching four-year-old Maddie McCann.
It is the FIRST detailed likeness of a stalker thought to have kidnapped the toddler. And it's based on sensational new clues unearthed by the News of the World.
If you have any information about the man in this new picture contact the confidential phone line 0034 902 300 213 based in Spain now

As a massive new manhunt began last night a McCann family source said: "This is a stunning breakthrough.
A British woman who came face to face with the suspected Maddie McCann kidnapper revealed last night: "He made my blood run cold and gave me the creeps."
Granny Gail Cooper, 50, was staying just 600 YARDS from the McCann family's Portuguese holiday flat when she had THREE separate chilling encounters with the moustachioed mystery man.
After the News of the World probed her evidence further, McCann investigators analysed her detailed description.
It tied in uncannily with descriptions by family friend Jane Tanner of a man seen carrying a child in pink pyjamas from the resort of Praia da Luz the night Maddie vanished.
Based on Mrs Cooper's evidence an FBI-trained police artist produced the the FIRST detailed likenesses of the stalker—pictured above.
And last night, armed with the new pictures, detectives in Portugal and Britain were joined by Interpol in a desperate race to trace the suspect.
The man is 38 to 45, with sallow skin, lank dark hair, distinctive droopy moustache, large teeth and speaks broken English.
As the dramatic development raised the McCann family's hopes a source at the heart of the probe admitted: "This is a stunning breakthrough. We now have a manhunt. Where is this man now? We need to find him as soon as possible."
Over the last seven days Spanish private eyes Metodo 3 and the Find Madeleine campaign worked round the clock after the News of the World conducted a detailed review of the case. We studied all material in the public domain homing in on witness reports we felt had been overlooked.
When we spoke to Mrs Cooper at length it soon became clear vital clues were buried in her account of a "creepy man" loitering at the resort.
Two of her sightings were also witnessed by her husband. And we can also reveal that a NEW witness, a 12-year-old girl, has come forward to back up her story.
Mrs Cooper first spotted the man on the beach at Praia da Luz on April 20 at about 1pm when she went for lunch with friends at the Paraiso Restaurant.
She said: "He was wandering about on the beach alone even though it was pouring down with rain. There wasn't another soul about. I watched him for a few minutes before I went back to chatting to my friends."
Later that day, at around 4pm, Mrs Cooper was startled to find the stranger knocking on the front door of her holiday villa.
She said: "He must have seen my husband leaving because the bell rang only seconds later.
"He flashed what he said was an identity card but it could have been anything.
"He seemed really strange. It was a warm afternoon but he was wearing khaki trousers or joggers, a T-shirt and a bomber jacket. He said he was collecting for an orphanage in nearby Espiche that was caring for three children whose parents had recently been killed in an accident on the main coast road.
"It just didn't add up. Everyone would have known if there had been a tragedy like that.
"The man was rambling and becoming agitated. He really unnerved me even though my two grown-up daughters and two grandchildren were with me.
"I thought he was a conman trying to pull a fast one."
CREEPY: Gail saw weirdo 3 times
Mrs Cooper also said her eight-year-old grand-daughter had been playing on her own in the pool near the villa and was clearly visible from the road.
She added: "This man was very unpleasant and creepy. I'd put his age at 38 to 45. He was very scruffy and had a 70s-style black Mexican moustache.
"He wasn't Portuguese—I think he was North African, either Tunisian or Moroccan."
Mrs Cooper, a community healthcare co-ordinator from Newark, Notts, added: "In my job I have to assess people and make a judgement.
"My judgement is that this man was very suspicious and could have been the kidnapper everyone is searching for.
"I'd recognise him immediately if I saw him. His appearance has really stuck in my mind."
We can confirm the orphanage does NOT exist and that there is no evidence of the fatal car crash. Mrs Cooper saw the man a third time, two days later on April 22, as she lunched with her husband Jonathan at Bar Habana on the beach.
There was a children's outing there from the Mark Warner Ocean Club at the same time. The man was again alone and standing near the group of youngsters. Mrs Cooper said: "He looked odd and out of place."
TIE-IN: Jane saw man with child
When Madeleine arrived at the resort just a week later, the youngster went to the beach three days in a row with the children's club, including May 3, the day of her disappearance.
Although Mrs Cooper rang police on May 7 and gave a statement at her home on May 21 she heard no more. But it is now clear how important her account—and the facial likeness built from it—may be. On the night Madeleine vanished from the apartment while parents Kate and Gerry—both Leicestershire doctors—were dining at a nearby tapas restaurant, family friend Jane Tanner saw a man carrying a child away from the apartment on foot at 9.10pm.
Jane has now told the McCanns: "The man in the new suspect picture strongly resembles the person I saw on May 3rd."
The sketch by qualified police artist Melissa Little, bears an uncanny resemblance to an earlier picture, based on Jane Tanner's story.
Last night the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the new image had been passed to officers from the Leicestershire Constabulary, Portuguese police and Interpol. They hope the hunt will also be joined by forces in Spain and Morocco.

Metodo 3 believe the kidnapper may have had accomplices in Praia da Luz who helped spirit Madeleine away to the Moroccan hills.
If you have any information about the man in the new picture contact the confidential phone line 0034 902 300 213 based in Spain now. A specially-trained team will take your call in any language.
Mr Mitchell said: "We urgently need to know who this man is and where he is.
"For Madeleine's sake, we urge anyone with any information about him to come forward right away."


Ironside said...


Anonymous said...

No need for sarcasm Ironside. XX

Anonymous said...

Going by his description, sounds an ideal candidate to carry off the crime of the century........wonder if he owns a pair of beige trousers and a dark jacket.

Ironside said...

Apologise anon...but the mccanns have turned little madeleine into a circus...and I am boiling...

A thought though, you dont often see a pair of teeth like this....maybe a dentist will recognise his work and come forward...he would have x-rays so this man could be found quickly....

Take care xxxxxxx

lizzy said...

how crazy because he was on the beach when raining he is a candidate for an abductor, and if Granny Cooper is 50 shes had a hard life, im 50 and she looks years older than me. I can't believe this madness is being taken seriously and press are printing this as fact.

Anonymous said...

Bet the PJ are having a good laugh.

lizzy said...

I mentioned last night that I bet he was in Morocco, sure enough they think he had accomplices whihc helped him spirit her away to the Moroccan hills, utter rubbish.

Anonymous said...


Source of police force denied to have received from Met3 or McCanns spokesman the information even of the existence of the portrait. "We have learned this information by the press" stressing that "as any other track this one will be checked but that does not mean that the line of investigation changes."

Dylan05 said...

Gosh! I'm really glad my dentist fitted me with a brace when i was a child, I have dark hair which tends towards lankyness when it's due for a wash and if it weren't for strip wax......Hang on a minute! It's me! I'm off to phone the pj now and hand myself in!!!! If I don't come back, please send bail money to the McCanns. £2m should just about do it!!!!

Viv,good luck tomorrow with Luke, I'll be thinking of you.

Dillie x

Anonymous said...

Clarrie press conference sky news ...now

lmcg said...

Did you hear Clarence say words to the effect of - they are passing on this info to the PJ and expect them to act upon it? Telling the PJ how to do their job now Clarrie? Bet the PJ are pleased about that!

Also, he is of possible morrocan descent, well what a coincidence!

J J said...

I don't believe George Harrison did it!

eureka said...

Hi Viv, Hmmm, so this dear lady (if she knocked on my door I would be quite disturbed too) says she saw this man some time before the Mcs arrived in Prias de Luz...so what? He knocked on her door
(why, to reveal his identity and make it memorable to her before abducting her/a child?). So he was walking on the beach... so what? So he looks unkempt, (does she look smart?) The only similarity between JT's sketch and Windy Gale Cooper's is that they are drawn walking (and the artist of course).
Mitchel's presentation on BBC News in his best deep voice and his bad grammer was nauseating. The police will, of course, follow it up enough to dismiss it in court but he has no arrogant right to demand this. It was revealing that he said that Retardo would only pass onto the police things they thought relevant. This reveals his arrogant belief that he is in charge, not the police, and gives a clue that more sightings will be dreamed up by Retardo (only secretly known to them of course and so-called witmesses).

Cláudia said...

I bet PJ officers are laughing till their tummies hurt. We all know that madeleine is a serious subject but they are turning this into a circus. And CM is the boss of all clowns.

Anonymous said...

Jane Tanner interview Sun newspaper.


Jane found her daughters were fine, so she went back to the Tapas bar.
About 15 minutes later her partner ROB checked and found one of the girls had been sick so he asked a friend to fetch Jane.

15 minute checks? unbelievable

dolores said...

Hi all,
Claris press conference, he will not be answering questions.
This should amuse you.He smears PJ once more, for not releasing this image in May......


Ironside said...

this morning in Correio da Manha - an opinion article by Moita Flores:


Maddie and Mari Luz

Mari Luz disappeared from a public area. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents [...] they were exposed to chance

Every time that a sequence of violent acts occurs, whether homicides, abductions, or terrorist acts, the first exercise that our common sense memory does, is to search for communions and to make analogies that tend to generalistic judgements that **** up one or another solution. When these facts have a strong impact within the media, the level of certainty that is formulated increases even more. It is therefore hardly surprising, that the disappearance of Mari Luz prompted the search for identifications with the Maddie case, leading to the comfortable and opportunistic theory that there are connections between both cases, both being the victims of a sexual predator.

There do not exist. Although close in time, they are absolutely different cases. Beginning with the space where the facts took place. Maddie disappeared from the room where she was sleeping, alongside her siblings, inside the apartment that belonged to her parents, even if only for the duration of their holidays. Mari Luz disappeared from a public space. The time coordinate is also different. The English girl disappeared during the night, the Spanish girl disappeared during the day. The location is also different. Mari Luz disappears in a street of her neighbourhood - and those who know this area in Huelva, know that we are talking about a poor community, of degraded housing or modest construction, which is inhabited by persons with financial difficulties, where the street is used by its inhabitants as a playground. To play on the streets in Torrejon is a socially normal action, there are neighborhood relationships, the bonds of social mutual recognition are evident. It is normal for a mother to send her child shopping. According to the daily behaviour patterns, it cannot be said that the parents abandoned Mari Luz. That space is the community's territory. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents, in a foreign country, in a quality resort but, due to their short stay, that was strange to them and to their children. They went out to drink while the children were delivered to chance. But within a safe, controlled unit, without space for an abductor to act naturally. The public space is where abductions take place, by excellence. On streets, in shopping areas, on beaches, or when large crowds meet in open air. The private space, the home, is the territory of love, of violence, of tenderness and of death. But this is not where differences end. Mari Luz's parents immediately communicated the case to authorities. The police heard about Maddie long after the English diplomacy and Sky News did. The parents of Mari Luz expose themselves, in their suffering and distress, to the police and to the media. Maddie's parents chose to make emotional appeals but without a coherent explanation about what happened. They brought in a spokesperson to tell the press what it wanted to hear, but themselves, when it was time, refused to talk and left. The organised web never wanted to discuss the case's details. They chose to insult the PJ and the country that gave them shelter.

The truth, the sad truth, is that two children went missing. One, almost certainly, is dead. The other, the authorities still hope to find her alive. I hope they will. Unfortunately, these are not the first cases, and they will not be the last ones. They are cases from our common life. Unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Abduction within a 10 minute timeframe..with the father stood outside the apartment and a friend witnesses the deed..........Odds of this happening?

dolores said...

JT claims in Panorama programme she did not see bundlemans face, now in todays news, she claims photofit looks like him.JT was therefore witholding this knowledge from PJ all this time.Are we really expected to believe this.

This is desperation, as Eurojust is now involved,they can't play games with them or influence them.

Anonymous said...

ROB sent a friend to summon J back because their daughter was sick....what friend?

Did Oldfield, who allegedly checked at 9-30 have a memory lapse.

Anonymous said...

when one thought it could go no lower, it still does
It would be totally hilarious if an adorable little girl was not at stake.
Lots of love Viv: it has been a hell of a week again



hope4truth said...


Blimey JT says it looks just like him although she could not see his face...

Now he looks like the man she saw anyone who saw this man would never forget his facial hair or those teeth!!!!!!!

She cant be so stupid to have said he looks the same I would have believed her first story more if she had stuck to the fact she never saw his face...

This gets worse....

Ironside said...

20.01.08, 4:52pm

McC factory is already affecting forums,...
The forum of THE SUN is being manipulated by a gang of pro McC,...
Also posts of the leader (TONY123) are erased after meetings during late night,...If you go there now you can see them talking with TONY, but Tony's post are not there anymore,...
Posts are being ad in name of other posters and with the same avatar,..
Some posters of the gang are SHAQUI, NESSA111, DANA and LARESSO


• Posted by: IRONSIDE • Report Comment

Hi Viv...wonder if its the same group as on the DX.....

Ironside said...

20.01.08, 6:50pm

I am sorry she was banned...

I disagreed with just about everything she said but she stood up and faught her corner. you knew what you were getting and she didnt apologise for it.

There are just a couple of posters on here who are real sly and snide....

the ones that set out with an agenda to goad people and get them banned. they have a total lack of moral fibre and have no respect for themselves or anyone else.

but they dont get banned cos they are sneaky in a way that viv never was.

• Posted by: Lazarus • Report Comment

I think they miss you xxxxx

Cláudia said...

Viv, the DE misses you and you have some shy fans amongst the pros. And they do read you and some don't even hide it (SassyP, is one!).

felicity said...

Hi All

Well Claris the controller at this press conference this morning - how dishonest to fail to even mention this witness claims to have seen this man two weeks before the McCanns even arrived and all he did was stand on the beach and knock her door. I would still like to know why her two daughters do not verify this! Claris said very little because he knows whatever he does say will be subject to intense scrutiny and of course refused to answer any questions. And this control freak expects to take this pantomime seriously. The investigation has moved way past the stage of identifying new suspects and he knows it.

Thanks for all your great comments - and you can rest assured - none of them will be tampered with or deleted. They will stand as a permanent and helpful record of every piece of spin the McScamms attempt..

I am touched and surprised by the comments of Lazarus - I have never been a fan of his and do think he is a little too forthright at time ...

Luv to you all
Viv x

felicity said...

Did you also know that Jane Tanner has offered to return to Portugal to talk to the PJ? So far they have not taken her up on her offer.

• Posted by: Rosiepops

This is yet another example of where I feel Rosie just knows to much. Where did she get this gem from, I wonder?

Viv x

docmac said...

Viv, how about Rosie explaining the 100% match as 'a control sample of dried saliva' supplied by the McCanns to the FSS. Now hang on, 100% when matched against WHAT???

Lmcg said...

Hi Viv, I think I remember Clarrie saying in the "press conference" (no questions please) that JT had offered to go to Portugal to tell the PJ that she has recovered her memory and now remembers bundleman's face (triggered by Gail Cooper's description). He didn't say it in those words of course. I remember thinking at the time, it was said just to infer that the PJ weren't doing enough. Of course the PJ just know this is a load of b******s so won't be taking her up on her offer. It was inevitable that Rosie would jump on this comment to slur the PJ further.

Lmcg x

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Somebody on the DE has just brought up the point is it permitted for Clarence to go on TV and say somebody is suspicious as he is not a police officer.?

Lmcg said...

P.S Do you know who Doppelganger is? I am puzzled, I can't work it out! x

felicity said...

Hiya Doc, Good to hear from you.

That is another good example - Rosie has repeatedely insisted the DNA match was to a control sample. Where did she even get the idea from about control samples - there is nothing in the press about this. It implies to me the McCanns have sought to interfere in control samples supplied to the police. I recall at one stage it was reported that they wanted access to the house at Rothley because there was evidence there that they needed. No doubt Kate has by this stage washed every toy and sucker blanket in sight or sent them to a children orphanage to show what a good sort she is with a clear future in childrens welfare!

I am interested in the story in today's DE inasmuch as we seem to be being prepared for the break up of Kate and Gerry's relationship. Is Kate reading me and considering doing the right thing probably to much to hope for but if you are reading this COME ON KATE YOU NO IT IS FOR THE BEST THE PJ WILL HAVE YOU BOTH SOONER OR LATER GO FOR MITIGATION AND GETTING BACK TO THE TWINS - USE YOUR BRAIN LADY

Luv Viv xx

lmcg said...

I have just seen Bianca has asked if it's you? I wasn't responding to her post, it has been intriguing me now since someone suggested it was dadto3. Just a coincidence I asked you if you knew who it was at the same time!

Cláudia said...

Now some people on DE think you are posting under the identity of Doppelganger!
I wish they were right and that you were back. Since it is unfortunately impossible at least that will keep them busy. And furious! lolol

docmac said...

Doppel is Dad or Stevie. Did any of you see Rosie post as oldhippy at 8.25 and agree with HERSELF a few minutes late as MissMarples? Hilarious!

felicity said...


I do not recall Claris saying anything at all about JT in the press conference. I think this is just Rosie with her inside information trying to provide an explanation for the inexplicable. I do not believe for one minute JT has offered to go back to Portugal. There is a clear discrepancy in the NOW stating that this photofit -which is of a face only so exactly matched JT's description - it is but one serious anomoly in the article - there are a series of them. So now we have Jakirla and Rosie trying to explain!

Hiya Lizzie

There is no law that I can think of that would prevent Claris from going on TV and claiming that they have found a new suspect that needs investigation on the face of it. But if you look a little deeper it could be an attempt to waste police time or pervert the course of justice which are criminal offences. So, perhaps, this woman really did see this man - there is no reason to think that he is any way connected by Claris could claim he was acting reasonably by bringing this to the attention of the police. I think Claudia got the right idea as to their likely reaction - they will laugh till their tummies hurt. I think the NOW have been all through the witnesses with Gerry McCann and found one they can ply with cash! She has better watch out if she is lying - although I personally think the police are likely to just simply ignore and concentrate on those they know for a fact were involved. Gerry is a very desperate man in my view who knows the game is up and maybe even his own wife is finally turning against him and seeing the right path she should take. I really hope so - if she is not the one who actually killed Maddie that is very much in her best interests. Even if Maddie died whilst left alone - it may be she was doing what Gerry said! i find that very easy to believe - knowing him as we do. I am not seeking to exonerate Kate - she still has a duty to protect her children and of course normal moms need no reminding of this - they would shop any man who caused them harm but moms who are under the control of and live in fear of a very wicked man can find it hard to take the right course.

Dad to 3 does seem to have gone and Dopel is a great poster as was Dad but they do seem different to me - dopel is much more of a forceful personality. I can hardly criticise anyone who gets banned and then comes back with a fresh name though! The bannings and removal of posts on the DE are operated in an extremely unfair and biased way - clearly favouring the McCann supporters rather than the Maddie supporters - they have to live with thier conscience but money/adverstising contracts talks! No doubt they reason if they banned Rosie that would be the end of the Pro-parents and the end of the lengthy contributions to the forum - end of interest - so she stays and has just been warned repeatedly to tone her comments down a bit - so she writes the real filth in a different name.

Old Hippy was almost illiterate and clearly lacking in grey matter but some of her posts of late have been very different. Either she was posing at being much less than bright (which I think is right - she is Gerry's sister) or someone else is writing her posts. All part and parcel of McScamming - some of Old Hips remarks of late demonstrate to me someone who is both very intelligent and very devious - i.e. well it is so confusing we will probably never know...exactly what the McCanns want to do to the general public - by putting into the media so much confusing rubbish they again seek to further their ultimate goal of removing any suspicion from them or at the very least getting people to say "well God knows so how can the pj". I am not buying - the PJ know and always have done - it is has always been an issue of producing sufficient cogent evidence to prove this beyond all reasonable doubt in a court of law. In any case where there is no body and there has been a major clean up of the crime scene, and very clever and devious defendants - this is always going to be very difficult. Even so, Gerry has made a lot of fundamental mistakes that are glaringly obvious - his failed attempts to stage an abduction etc etc..and contacting relatives and the media giving details of gemmied shutters etc before they even bothered to contact the police. This will set the scene for any court or jury and lead them down the right road IMO!

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya all

I am quite flattered that they think I am doppel - he or she writes some good stuff.

A few days ago Rosie was insisting I was a poster called onaclearday- wrong again - but I am pleased about her paranoia - it tickles me to think that every new anti that arrives she is anxiously fretting is this Viv or Docmac - there was a rather amusing Portuguese chap on last night and Rosie was convinced this was Doc. Great fun!

Keep up the goodwork on the DE folks - including you Doc!

Love Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Folks

On reading the DE I see Ironside also provided a link the the Belgian suspect in July so I popped him in as well - they do seem eerily similar and scary and god those teeth....(!)

Dont have nightmares!

Luv Viv x

Anonymous said...

Docmac......Is that Tequila not having any effect yet. X

docmac said...

Hi anon

My haul of tequila will only leave here next Monday :-)

Seriously, not a peep. I have thus assumed that some seriously good evidence was supplied and that he was warned of the dire consequences of disclosure.

I think Claris may know of this whole palaver and has started a major counter-offensive strategy prior to the arrival of the PJ, this whole creepy man thing being the latest and most desperate ploy yet..

Anonymous said...

new blog from Gerry tonight about the "creepy man". credits new pictures to Jane Tanner, even though they are from Mrs Cooper and her's had no face.

ratonthebeam said...


His real name is Richard Bingham and he already has a criminal record. He's grown his hair and moustache a bit longer since I saw him last, but I am sure it's him!

Do you think I ought to phone Metado 3 and let them know?

Look here!


ratonthebeam said...

PS I'm pretty certain Doppelganger is DadTo3.

lizzy said...

rat on the beam.
I think it is dad to 3 too, has his style.

lizzy said...

post by usviewer from the Mirror forum, I thought it summed up the press conference excellently.

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:46 pm Post subject: CLARRIE - TAKE NOTE


Clarrie - Take Note: Your press conference was a failure.

I do not believe what you say. I believe the Portuguese Police when they say it is their belief Madeleine died in apartment 5A and her parents disposed of her body. The parents are believed to be the prime suspects.

I'm not going to look for any scruffy, swarthy mystery abductor that has been fed to the main stream press by you. The British or Portuguese Police will announce to the public media outlets if there is a person of interest in this case that needs to be found. I support the PJ's role in the investigation and believe they are quietly going about the business of determining what happened to Madeleine.

No matter how much you interfere with the official investigation, or imply that the authorities are incompetent, it is my belief the PJ and British Police will continue with and succeed in their efforts to seek justice for Madeleine.

felicity said...

Just who do the McCanns think they are! I have just been reading the story in This is London and this jumped out at me. If you place yourself in the shoes of someone who has done something absolutely terrible and the police are coming ever closer, closing in on you, you would become desperate - seeking to point to some other explanation - no matter how bizarre.. playing for time ..not wanting to face the inevitable:

"Now the McCanns want a review of all the witness statements, including one taken from a 12-year-old girl who is being interviewed by Metodo 3 in the hope of obtaining a sketch of the "strange man" she saw in Praia da Luz in May last year."

Lmcg said...

Hi again Viv, I have to admit I was wrong. I have looked for something to back up what I wrote before, only for my own sanity, and I can't find a thing. Rosie has been asked provide a link and has come up with nothing so what does that tell us? It's strange though because I really thought I heard him say it, do you think I am being brainwashed?

Joana Morais' take on the events of today are worth a look, especially the theory that the photofit was done specifically to tie in with the gypsy theory.


Lmcg x

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Surely as suspects in the case they can demand nothing. They are so arrogant it is untrue. The sooner the Police requestion the whole lot of them the better.

felicity said...

Hiya Lizzie

thanks for the post from the Mirror it does sum things up very well. IMO all these arrogant demands come from the utterly culpable Gerry McCann. In his life he may be very accustomed to being in a position of great power over people - perhaps in his job he sifts who will live or die - by putting forward those he thinks merit bypass surgery etc. In his personal life we see he is very good at getting people to do what he wants. What he needs to accept is that when it comes to the police - he can sit and ponder his manipulative plans 24/7 if he likes but they will inexorably proceed against him. He is the hub from which all of the criminal offences flow and he will not stop the tidal wave that is heading his way.

Viv x

Anonymous said...

Thanks docmac.....some good news wouldn't have gone amiss though...ah well

Anyone want a laugh re JT and the Tapas crew ..must watch


LittleGreyCell said...


Haven't been around all day, but just wanted to say good luck tomorrow.


felicity said...

Hiya RAT

LOL Lord Lucan but there certainly are some similarities!

I was interested to read that divorce proceedings had commenced earlier in the year prior to him killing the nanny and attempting to kill his wife. It states the children were made wards of court. This is a very unusual step. The High Court has a freestanding right to make children wards when it considers they are at risk of serious harm and in need of the court's protection. No doubt Lady Lucan was petitioning for divorce on the basis of her husband's violent and controlling behaviour...(!) I guess where you are coming from... Wardship is less common now since advent of the Children Act 1989 but is still sometimes used when appropriate. I wonder if the twins are wards of court?

Viv x

felicity said...

Thanks so much LGC - I am worried and trying to take my mind off it somehow.

Luv viv x

dolores said...

Viv, Something to make you smile. I still can't stop laughing.


felicity said...

Hiya thanks Dolores

I really enjoyed Claris caste as Hitler furious that Tanner has now withdrawn her statement as she was very drunk having consumed all 14 bottles! Clever bit of editing!

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Ha ha I see at the witching hour when Rosie just cant take any more she posts a new witch (from Glasgow) spewing her usual garbage. What with Helen M as well no wonder Chinadull was querying when Rosie could manage to answer her post sent an hour previously - this woman is completely barking IMO Viv x

21.01.08, 12:05am

I cant believe the way that you insensitive, unkind (call yourselves human?) people have got nothing better to do that slate Kate and Gerry McCann. "He who is without sin"!.......

Every parent knows that at some point in their parenting lives they have taken risks with their children and made mistakes.

For the love of God please stop this horrible witch hunt and leave those damn people alone. Do you not think they have been through enough and still it goes on.

I hope you can sleep at night.

• Posted by: Anee

Lmcg said...

I hope everything goes alright for you tommorrow Viv.

Lmcg x

felicity said...

Thanks LMCG - that is very kind of you.

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

"I think" Rosiepops likes to agree with herself - what a strange woman - anyone can see this is all written by the same person - and the above ...do you not think ...I think.

What a dottie old lady - oh that's another one!

Viv (AKA Felicity but not making any secret of it LOL)XXXXXX

21.01.08, 12:05am

20.01.08, 11:49pm

I am beginning to think that this 'case' will never come to trial, certainly not with the Mccann's being charged with Madeleine's death anyway.
I think it would suit the PJ/prosecutors for the Mccann's and Murat to remain arguidos for as long as possible. After all mud sticks. For the PJ this would IMO be the least of two evils. What they wouldn't want is for them to take the Mccann's to court with whatever 'evidence' they have got and for them to be acquitted. Keep them arguidos simply because they have not got the evidence to convict and the Mccann's remain under suspicion, and no legal pathway to find out what little evidence the PJ have.
If this was the case then no-one would see justice for Madeleine.

• Posted by: HelenM • Report Comment

I agree with this, what is more I think this is what the PJ are working towards as they see this as the only way out of this mess, but what they haven't bargained for was the fight the McCann's are putting up and if they think this is bad, I don't think they have seen anything yet.

There is no way they have anything near the evidence they need to take them to court, so they will never risk it.

I think there is a huge cover up going on here and all these witnesses coming out, is not what the PJ want at all, because it has now reached the point where people will be saying that all these people cannot be wrong.

I think in the end if Madeleine is not found then the PJ will come unstuck.

All these people on here that keep screaming about justice for Madeleine, do not seem to grasp what the Pj are trying to do and if they do succeed as you say where would be the justice for Madeleine?

• Posted by: Rosiepops

felicity said...

I can never get over how sick this Rosie character is - firstly posing as Anee her last para refers to the animal and then in her last para as Rosie she gets even more worked up he is the evil perverted specimen who did got knows what to her - but still she sends little messages of love to Maddie praying for her safe return - now to my mind that is very very sick indeed. The same person who sought to convince us some time back she was a little maid working in Morocco - I get the horrible feeling Rosie in her various pseudonymns is going to start telling us this all over again - I wish someone would lock it up! No wonder people get upset - I hope I can be forgiven for thinking Gerry McCann may be writing some of this sick garbage about a little girl who we all know died some time ago. It is really repulsive.


21.01.08, 12:31am

21.01.08, 12:23am

Its such a shame that you pig ignorant people have never enjoyed the experience of going to Europe and feeling safe in the environment of these hotel complexes. We all do it and let down our guard a little. It is not a crime to enjoy yourself just because you are a parent. I believe the McCanns were targeted and they did not stand a chance. They were being watched.

There is only one criminal here and that is the animal who took that poor little girl from her family.

• Posted by: Anee • Report Comment

Correct again, yet none of them mention this.

If people were going to sentence someone to death would it be the parents who

left their children to go and dine some 89 steps and just under one minute away, while returning to check them periodically?

Or the evil perverted specimen that took a sleeping child from her bed and done God knows what to her?

• Posted by: Rosiepops

alsabella said...

This is the most despicable stunt yet. If this person exists, to have their picture all over the world because two weeks earlier he was acting strange is absolutely, well...ludricous! I knew these people had no shame, but I thought they still had a bit of respect for Madeleine - they have none. C M, as far as I am concerned, seeks only to be seen as the man that pulled off the biggest media campaign of all times - Madeleine is not the prime target in this campaign, but instead personal agendas. I am disgusted and do not believe a word of this.

I am enclosing some info from Paulo Reis' blog on what Mr. Moita Flores, a former PJ member that is also a well-renowned writer and mayor in Portugal, has to say about the latest news. Hope you do not mind, Viv:

The new sketch released by the McCann “is just another spin, a make-up to keep the case alive and reinforce the innocence of the parents”, criminologist Moita Flores told today to a Portuguese news channel, SIC. “It is manipulation and propaganda, from the (McCann) group, which has done the same before, to innocent people”, he said. Questioned about similarities between the cases of Mari Luz and Madeleine, Moita Flores said that “the only thing similar was the fact that both children vanished.” Among many differences, he pointed to the fact that “Mari Luz parents never abandoned her, as the McCann did with their children.”

See you soon, Viv.

felicity said...

Hiya Alsabella - good to hear from you again.

I entirely agree about Ludicrous - I believe he has a similar personality style to Gerry McCann and only pursues his own personal agenda; as you say, seeking to pull off an almost impossible publicity cous on behalf of Gerry McCann. This is what his business is and his own personal reputation for being good at it is his only concern. He cares not for little Maddie or for justice. Decent people who have been involved have removed themselves e.g. Justice McGuiness - it may be her job but she manages to hang on to being a decent human being with a conscience at the same time. I read that both he and Gerry McCann could not even manage to be present when their wives gave birth. True there may be some jobs that mean men are away fron home but I do not think either of them made any effort because they do not care.

I am interested in Moita Flores - clearly there is much wisdom there we can learn from and so no of course I do not mind you posting this. I encourage people to add useful information to the blog for the benefit of others and many do.

He highlights two salient points: the McCanns via their spokesman treat us to nothing but manipulation and propaganda. If this man really exists it is wrong to target him before the world in this way when he has done nothing at all that could connect him to the disappearance of Madeleine. The McCanns entourage are conducting a trawl of any single person they can find who has been in the area - to turn their vicious spotlight on and harm and humiliate. There have been so many victims of this - it is a crime to attack innonocent people in this way.

Secondly he highlights there is no similarity at all between the disappearances of Mari Luz and Maddie. Mari Luz was not abandandoned by her parents - she was allowed to visit the shop in broad daylight - her parents were home and immediately notified the police of her disappearance - unlike the McCanns who had to contact Sky News etc and get their stories straight prior to doing so.

Thanks Alsabella - your contribution is always welcome.

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya all

There is a great poster on the DE who is giving Rosie and Co such a bashing - I recommend her posts if you want good read:


I am utterly flattered that Rosie keeps insisting this is me - I wish! Whoever you are onaclearday keep giving her more of the same - simply splendid - would love to hear from you on here. I am a fan!

Luv Viv xxx

dolores said...

Hi Viv,
From the Daily Star
A source close to the investigation in Portugal said
''The search for this man has nothing to do with the police, it is purely down to the Mc Cann's''
''Clearly they now think they are better detectives than the Portuguese Police''

The PJ are clearly not buying it either.Good for them they are only adding to the list of charges PJ have,perverting the course of justice again.The PJ are indeed giving them all the rope they need.
Poor Madeleine, they are making a mockery of her demise.

eureka said...

Creepyman goes to the bottom of the class for Abducting if he was knocking on doors beforehand , er not very bright of him to alert people and make himself known was it Clarence? Doh! I don't believe Spanish or Portuguese will buy this so Retardo3 will set up more witnesses/sightings to publish in the UK and try to fool the British public.

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores

Isnt it weird the way Daily Express sister paper the Daily Star writes anti McCann and they seem to have gone back to writing all the pro -rubbish.

I am sure that is correct - the source for this man is purely down to the McCanns - the proper police have better things to do - than go on a McSpin chase! It was so sickening the way the NOW were trying to suggest there was some urgent worldwide manhunt for this poor chap (if he even exists!)

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Eureka

You make a very good point - what person who was seeking to steal a child from the are would be going around making himself conspicuous by knocking on doors two weeks beforehand - particularly if you looked as distinctive as him! It is absolutely absurd - the basic point is it is simply not possible for Maddie to have been abducted. Gerry attempted to stage a breakin and could not even manage that although told all his relatives about it. The man is an idiot to think he could ever convince the cops - even the two GNR right at the start just did not believe them.

Do they think we are all going to forget about that?

Luv Viv x