8 Jan 2008



Firstly she asks how the McCanns might get a fair trial in Portugal - well according to a Portuguese newspaper yesterday - they are going to get a trial here. You may not realise Rosie but we do have the jurisdiction to prosecute these two for the grave offence of homicide under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

Then she complains the Portuguese Police have briefed the press. Well much as I appreciate you hate the Portuguese Police Rosie - could this be because you are "family" and have a distinctly racist attitude; the British Police also frequently brief the press in the course of a homicide investigation including by reporting matters on "Crimewatch". The police select which details are appropriate to leak to the public to assist in their enquiries. So, in actual fact the Portuguese police are behaving no differently to our own police. The problem I really have with you is, on the one hand you bleat and complain about Portuguese "secrecy" and how unfair it is on the McCanns that they are not told the evidence against them and then, ever the hypocrite, you complain bitterly about the bits they have chosen to disclose. So which is it to be I wonder, would you rather the McCanns knew nothing at all, to start building their defence case, or would you rather they, and we, the general public knew everything?

Rosie then goes on to say the bits that have been leaked are "bizarre and extreme". Unfortunately you do not explain what you consider comes under this head. Could it be that a couple of British doctors chose to leave their three little children alone every single night of their holiday, too lazy to bother to take them to the creche and too mean to pay a babysitter. It gets a bit more bizarre and extreme when we hear the evidence of Mrs Fenn. They were half a mile away at Chaplins (a big back garden) and had to be fetched by Mark Warner staff to little Maddie who had been sobbing pitifully for about two hours. Did this stop them doing it again the next night - well no it didn't. You see Rosie - it is their behaviour that is bizarre and extreme. Because really rotten parents who had left their little child to cry like that and been caught out, most certainly would not have gone and done it again. Then there was the Portuguese newspaper that had the temerity to honestly report the Portuguese police suspected them. Their response was to instruct lawyers to sue the newspaper. What has become of this action for defamation? Absolutely nothing That is because when a newspaper reports the truth that is not defamation of character. If they had a name to be cleared they would have gone ahead with this action. It is a bit like their refusal to take part in a lie detector test offered to them - it clearly demonstrates they have something to hide. WE will believe this couple are innocent when they start acting like it, rather than a couple who just wanted an extended holiday pursuing their sporting activities and leaving their other two children to go globetrotting on a private jet - seeking publicity for the film and book deals they are now negotiating.

When you get on to the law your comments become even ...ludicrous. In spite of having no legal knowledge at all that does not shut you up does it? The European Union has no supervisory jurisdiction over member states in relation to the administration of criminal justice whatsoever, but in your ignorance you claim the EU will somehow stop the Portuguese from bringing these two to justice. You do not even know your European Union from your European Court of Human Rights which are two completely separate bodies! What on earth does "file for an unfair trial mean"? Please do explain!

You then go on to state the PJ "do not have the evidence". Well have you gone and read this huge dossier then? It was 4000 pages back in September. "They will not want the huge publicity this will generate". How absurd is this. Has it escaped your attention there already is "huge publicity". You tell us they would be embarrassed because the McCanns would be found innocent - well then why are they pursuing it so vigorously? No legally qualified person would be able to speculate on this without knowing the evidence and I am sorry but you quite obviously do not. Even what is in the public domain, which is damning you choose to completely ignore.

This "growing number of eye witnesses" to what exactly? Murat hanging around sweating and smoking in an area where he lives? What exactly would that prove? What credibility do these witnesses have? Friends of the McCanns who witnesses say never even left the table, save for one whose chair was empty most of the night. I fear you just do not want to consider the real evidence. Jane Tanner whose story changes every time she tells it and was not even seen by Gerry McCann or Wilkins who she apparently walked straight past and who witnesses say never got up anyway.

"Remember the McCanns are unable to speak at the moment" - simply priceless! Then what are they doing giving live television interviews and appearances or getting their friends, relatives and personal PR man to speak for them. People are practically begging the McCanns to shut up we are so sick of hearing them. We even got a full report in the DE telling us how Kate thinks Murat has got some explaining to do - is this what you call "being unable to speak"? Never before in the annals of criminal history have we heard quite so much from a couple being investigated for homicide! We are even told about dirty nappies and rotting meat as an apparent explanation for cadaver smell and forensic evidence in the boot of their hire car. They tell us everything they want us to hear but are so coy about speaking to the PJ or continuing with their "defamation" action. There was nothing at all stopping them from taking a lie detector test other than they quite obviously are a couple of atrocious liars.

You say they are not going to go away quietly and shut up - yet again completely contradicting yourself and don't we know it! We have had all the sickening videos on Youtube, the Spanish interview, the Christmas Appeal and now we must brace ourselves for McCann the movie and God knows what else because they just have to keep those cash tills ringing and know the public will not be handing these two any more cash.

"Madeleine was abducted from her bed". Both the British and Portuguese police have thoroughly investigated these claims, the PJ quite fairly announcing some time ago all lines of investigation were still open. Please tell us how much evidence they have found to support an abduction- I will tell you - precisely nothing. We have listened to the most absurd claims from Metodo 3 - none of which has produced a single scrap of valid evidence. They and the McCanns have wasted police time by their lies and ill-hatched schemes and this is a deplorable criminal offence. You, in particular, have mercilessly sought to castigate Murat and his girlfriend - where is the evidence ? There is none. Murat's property and vehicles were all searched minutely - any forensic trace of Madeleine - of course not. The forensic evidence is all with her "parents" in both the apartment and their hire car, not Murats.

We have children and we have loved and respected them, cherished them. This is not the behaviour we have seen from Gerry and Kate McCann and will quite rightly continue to pursue justice for their beautiful little girl, Madeleine and the right to safety and a decent life for her two remaining siblings. Nothing will stop us from doing that.

I would invite you to come on this blog and answer me! There is nothing stopping you.

Viv x

08.01.08, 7:54pm
But can you tell me how in God's name will these people get a fair trial in Portugal?The police have briefed against them and leaked against them at every opportunity, their stories have bordered on the extreme and totally bizarre, it is an absolute disgrace and all done in the eyes of the world too - nice one Portugal.Lawyers for the McCann's will no doubt file for an unfair trial and I do not think that Portugal as a member of the EU will be able to allow them to go to trial.However, I do not think this will ever go to trial as the Pj do not have the evidence and Portugal will not want the bad publicity that this will generate.They will not want to run the very real risk of the McCann's being found innocent, as this will also mean everything the PJ say they have coming out and then the evidence will be judged, it also means that all these ever growing number of eye witnesses will be called to give evidence and who knows how many more there actually are, my bet is there is plenty more and even more to come out that the McCann's are unable to speak about at the moment.Remember we are hearing an extremely one sided story.This will not be the end of this case as the McCann's are not going to go away quietly and just shut up and forget that their daughter was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz, Portugal, they will make a noise and this will continually hit the news and when Madeleine is found and it is proven that she was abducted, this is going to hit Portugal extremely hard in the eyes of the world.IMO this will never come to trial, there is too little evidence. We do not know what is in this report that is supposed to have been lodged.Meanwhile this unedifying and terrible slurring the names of the McCann's is going on on this forum and some of the things I have read have been absolutely appalling and utterly shameful and especially, *especially* when the people writing them have absolutely nothing on which to base their comments on. I only hope that none of you and none of your loved ones ever fall foul of the law for no fault of their own and come in for a fraction of the treatment the McCann's have.
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dolores said...

An excellent post,I think hell will freeze over before she comes here.She has posted recently, the marched against racism,I nearly choked, she has no shame,she is a racist hypocrite. every single day she has something snide and sarcastic to say against the PJ constantly discrediting them.
I see the DM are questioning where the fund money has gone, in their late edition, it's about time,posters there are furious.

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores - lovely to hear from you again darling!

I think it is important that the offer is there - even if it is not taken because I see they even tell lies about that! I agree she is a sickening, snide, racist hypocrite. I would add, on behalf of the McCanns a very deliberate liar! How dare she criticise highly educated people when she is so ignorant herself - no educated person would seek to sound off on a subject they plainly know nothing about - it is like I leave the medical stuff to Doc and he leaves the legal stuff to me - have you seen his amusing post where he suggests she is everything! He can be extremely amusing! I will get to the DM and have a look - they have really changed sides havn't they and the percentage of anti comments is often about 90%. I can only conclude because they know what is coming and do not want to lose credibility with their readership.

Luv Viv x

Anonymous said...

Olá querida Viv!
Como estás?

So it seems the last move about the movie created a tsunami among DM posters! Interesting...

I wish we could find a way to get directly in touch Viv! Would like to talk to you directly but I am a bit naive regarding this internet stuff.

Time to sleep now! hard early day in the City tomorrow.

Muitos beijinhos Viv!
Dorme bem com sonhos lindos.
Lili xxx

felicity said...

Ola Athena darling - I am very well thank you and very pleased with the blog!

I just been reading on Gazeta Digital that thinking is Claris deliberately chose to speak of this meeting that actually took place about a month ago re film to bury the bad news that the PJ say they have enough evidence to charge the McCanns even without further interviews. In spite of him assuring us how helpful the McCanns and friends wanted to be the McCanns have refused to go back to Portugal to answer more questions unless their arguido status is lifted and the friends - well they just refused - so the drawn out rogatory procedure for them to be interviewed here will take another three months!

You can get in touch with me!
Please email me at felicity123@live.co.uk and I will answer you and give you my proper email address!

Luv Viv x
e muitos beijinhos e ambracos

Sebastien said...

For God's sake you moronic idiot have you nothing better to do than to slag off members of the DX board?

You need help - see that you get it.

Anonymous said...

Got plenty of help from our very own docmac.

ratonthebeam said...

The "members of the DX board" have apparently nothing better to do than slag off each other. That's why I left. You couldn't have a proper debate anymore for the namecalling, nastiness, backbiting and racism. I am actually surprised the DX permit it to continue.
Some of the people you are defending state that they never read this blog, but then go on to quote from it! What's that about then?
They could post here if they liked. They just don't have the bottle.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Excellent post Viv, it is ridiculous Rosiepops pretending she knows the law and arguing about it, when there are people like you experts in law, some people will never learn will they?
I wonder how any pro can still defend them now, so much has come out proving without doubt poor Madeleine is dead. It is very sad.

felicity said...

Hiya Rat and Lizzy

Great to hear from you both again.

I see Rosie does not rise to the challenge. As we know she does not want to have a real debate. She wants to carry out pretending that the McCanns are innocent and she knows what she is talking about....failed on both.

I think, possibly, continuing to try and reason with someone like that is probably giving her more credit than she deserves. Nothing is going to change her mindset.

I was on the channel 4 documentary site earlier on and listed to a clip from a female American psychopath just before she was executed for killing seven men in one year. She was adamant that it was all the fault of the police - because they failed to stop her and that she had "not had a fair trial" and now her life was just being wasted! She really got quite angry when the interviewer tried to suggest that maybe she was not the victim in this situation. Does this sound a bit familiar?

Luv Viv x