2 Jan 2008


Only a few weeks back oldhippy posted that she no longer worked due to her own mental health problems - it is the sheer dishonesty of these people that causes the public to so mistrust everything they and the McCanns say - their supporters repeatedly post contradictory claims demonstrating just what sort of people they are - simply cannot tell the truth about anything!

02.01.08, 6:38pm
hi,and HNY.I have been trying hard to stay away from here, I just posted a couple of comments now and again.Can't take the nastiness and the lies. By gum it has been an education on psychology indeed, and here is me who works in mental health and sees all sorts. What an education----but I don't like it
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Ecolab said...

Hi Viv

I think you did`nt get this one?

The Swinging Praia da Luz:

Murat didn't travelled alone in his return to Portugal:

He was together with a David Payne the II!

David Marcellus Payne

*Justice for Maddie*

felicity said...

Hi Ecolab

I looked at the first report and picture and to me it would lend support to Madeleine being abducted. It is clearly suggesting this man travelled back with Murat was hanging around with him when the police were present and was watching Gerry and the children. If there was any substance in this he would have been named an arguido. He has a money bag on - just like those you see on holiday who go around collecting money for boat trips or deck chairs. It would be suicidal for any childsnatcher to be following the police around and getting photographed with potential victim.

I looked at the second picture of Mr Marcellus Payne - I could not say that he is the man in the first picture. He is bald and similar height and build but beyond that you clearly cannot go. He is a fraudster - his m.o. is certainly not kidnapping children.

I do not think there is anything in this.


docmac said...

Hi Viv

After spending the rest of this week either working or not working Oldhippy is going to create her own Purple Haze at this weekend's Jimi Hendrix concert. Did you know that Keith Moon is making a guest appearance on drums? Way out, man!

felicity said...

Ola Doc

Purple haze all in her brain
so lately things just dont seem the same
she's acting funny but we do know why
so excuse me I just kissed the sky!

if she's going to see Hendrix she must be well trippin - far out maaaan! Stoned!

Luv Viv x

Ironside said...

Hi Viv....Have you seen the topic of Spinal Fluid is now taboo on the express...I was having a conversation with muse..Docmac also made a comment...and these posts were deleted....now I have spent many times posting about this report on this forum....nothing...I print two posts sent to me from another forum to prove this report was indeed made by BBC 24 the lot pulled.....Its seems odd as snowhite and the seven dwarfs have been syaing madeleine had the spinal fluid kicked out of her...and nothing...they get away with the lot....

I saw on another forum that there are campaign vans now working in car boot sales here in spain selling maddie wares and dishing out leaflets telling people that maddie was abducted by a peado.ring.....I do not go to car boot sales...if this is true and I saw this I do not know what I would do....So best I keep away....Do you know maddie is now selling background music for your mobile ...This just gets sicker....

Ironside said...

Hi Viv...There has been a post pulled called "Party mum" interesting from the DM Three Arguidos have a copy if you wish to
use...in fact anything you mention about coke on the mirror forum is also taboo....

felicity said...

Hi Ironside

I suppose there may be two reasons as to why posts referring to spinal fluid are being pulled

- it is correct the PJ did find spinal fluids but they now want this hushed up. I very clearly recall that there was a report the PJ thouught Madeleiene may have sustained a nasty head injury. A suggestion she may have fell on the steps outside. I also have a a more vague recollection of spinal fluid being mentioned. I think the only way they could think there was a nasty head injury is if they had found spinal fluids. My own thoughts have always been that Madeleine was critically wounded by Gerry in the living room near the sofa area by a nasty head injury - perhaps her head being banged violently against the wall - which is a fairly common injury to children when seriously assaulted. The steps outside are near the sofa/curtains/door area. There also seemed to me a possibility of her being grabbed very hard by the hair because there was talk of finding hair near the sofa and also large chunk of hair found in the hire car. It is not usual in such a case for the detail of how someone has died to come out ahead of a trial. WE were certainly not told what had happened to Holly and Jessica before the trial. There is concern that allowing this detail to come out before hand can prejudice the right to a fair trial. There are sometimes deliberate leaks by the police to put pressure on suspects/ see how they react etc. The reactions from Kate and Gerry will form part of the evidence against them - this is why I cannot understand why they have kept reacting and have their internet monkeys where the latest line of defence can be clearly determined after they have had a conference.

The other alternative of course as to why the posts get deleted is what I have noticed happening to me - they complain about a post and it immediately gets removed - whereas if you complain they just ignore you - demonstrates clear bias toward the McCanns. Some of the DE reports have not just been biased they have been blatantly false - e.g. the video recording of suspicious men/digging at the barn. Clearly if there was such recording Jane TAnner and the abductor would have been recorded.

Doc has of course confirmed that if there was a nasty injury to the base of the skull - as in someone being smashed into a wall - spinal fluid would leak out of the ears and nose.

Cam you cut and paste any comments here _ they will not be deleted! but perhaps we should go easy on going into the finite details...I would not want to give K&G any get out clause - although unlikely my site with limited readership would do so

Kind regards
viv x

felicity said...

Hi again Ironside

Just one thing I forgot to mention - posts of Alroy/Lazarus in particular have gone into the mosst graphic sickening details - claiming these are what antis have written but they never have. As you say these posts are not removed but I personally have found some of them quite repulsive. Alroy does seem to have been removed again though..but get the distinct feeling he is still around!

Viv x

docmac said...

Yes Viv, I made a comment a few days ago that one of Alroy's signatures was the use of Inappropriate capitalization. He was the original Perpetrator, but others have followed Suit.

Since then a meeting mst have taken place, as LazDobyMark20YearsCIDCarEtc have all stopped using this basic Grammatical error. However, it is even more obvious now, as most of them have stopped using Caps at the beginning of sentences!

Regarding the cerebrospinal fluids, that information is nicely tucked away in today's report you can be sure. Compared to any other fluids such as blood that were found, this is dynamite and I'm damn sure this evidence will be kept well away from prying McCann eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc

I think you are right - that details of the forensic evidence concerning a head injury are contained in the report and there will be no further leaks now.

Luv Viv x

felicity said...


I see that if OldHippocrite is not telling lies she is just getting down and dirty - about 20 posts removed by the DE yesterday morning (3/4/08) - Well done DE - is she going to be banned then? I suppose not!! In the post below it looks like they let her have the last word anyway - family member - you bet! My favourite choice is one of Gerry's sisters because she does get so aggressive and vile - just like him! Sorry OldHippo - we know you love Gerry but I am afraid we do not!!! We really do love little Maddie though. WE would like Kate a bit better if she did the decent thing and explained to the police about your brother.....(!)

Luv Viv x

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And yet another cruel insentive anti' who has to resort to calling people names. Monkey, ha, that's a joke.
You are one of the cruelest posters on here and have been from the start.. You are not filled with love for Madeleine, just full of hate for the parents.

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