19 Jan 2008

29/10/07 Rebelo Inspects 5a

Rebelo tries to open patio door from outside..

Testing weight of patio entering patio door

Hi Ironside - re your query on other thread as you will see the inspection took place on 29/10 and officers were seen bringing the drum to the apartment. I wonder if it was some material to conduct further tests? Viv c

This series of pictures show Paulo Rebelo examining the patio doors at the rear of Apartment 5A.

These pictures originally appeared in The Sun newspaper on 30/10/07.

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha made the following report on Rebelo's visit (translated from Portuguese):

Correio da Manha - 30 October 2007Paulo Rebelo was yesterday for the first time at the apartment where Madeleine disappeared from, in Praia da Luz. The new coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimao led a team of six investigators who, throughout the afternoon, tested several scenarios and even made a possible reconstruction of what happened on the evening of May 3, in the apartment no. 5A of the Ocean Club.In the company of the team members that he brought in from Lisbon - composed of two homicide inspectors, one from sexual abuse, another that is experienced in robberies and two specialists in technical analysis - Paulo Rebelo tried to find details and loose ends that may open new leads or confirm the existing ones.The investigators entered the apartment around 3 p.m. and soon after opened the shutters of the window to the room where Madeleine was sleeping with her siblings on the night she disappeared. Next, they passed a blue blanket through the window, folded like it was covering a child's body.Paulo Rebelo was even one of the elements of the team who payed most attention to the window, having risen and lowered the shutters several times, apparently evaluating its operation. Moments later, the team turned their attention on the rest of the house, and on the veranda and the garden that is located on the back side of the apartment. Here, the inspectors analysed the height of the bushes and the firmness of the balcony, as the leader of the investigation entered and left the apartment several times. One of the inspectors brought a drum into the house, containing a liquid that was not possible to identify.Halfway through the afternoon, Paulo Rebelo crossed the street into the direction of the area that gives access to Robert Murat's house, as if he were evaluating the distance between the villa and the apartment. When Correio da Manha asked him what the purpose of that diligence was, he just replied he "was working".It was 5.45 p.m. when the team left the Ocean Club: Rebelo and one inspector then walked into the direction of the Praia da Luz belvedere - walking past the church - where they stood in observation for approximately five minutes. But they did not walk the fastest path, choosing instead to walk down several pedestrian streets of the village.


Cláudia said...

Hi, hun!
How are you? And how is your son? I just read about him and I was worried. Hope he will be fine really, really soon. My love to both of you.
Have you heard of the latest McCann spin move? A new photofit of a new suspect? I've seen it on Sky. It is also online. Interesting how it resembles a gipsy, isn't it?

eureka said...

The photofit of bundleman sure looks shady to me, like a architype baddy in a 'spagetti western' movie (so we'll all believe it?). JT is reported to agree it's a good likeness too. How so, when all along she claimed she didn't see his face? Doh!

Actually looks a bit like Stephen Stills from 'Crosby, Stills and Nash' in the 1970s.

lmcg said...

A photo-fit image of a man believed to have kidnapped Madeleine McCann has been released after a new witness came forward.

The woman who was staying in a nearby holiday apartment when the four-year-old vanished said she saw a "creepy man" hanging around.

Her shock claim to the News of the World could mean child-snatchers were staking out the complex in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, before Madeleine went missing on May 3 - sparking a global hunt. - Daily Mail.

I wonder why it has taken 8 months for this witness to come forward? Isn't it a rather detailed photofit to be done from someone's 8 month old memory?

Lmcg x

felicity said...

Hiya Claudia and Eureka

Apparently a holidaymaker saw this man and reported it to the police but:

"it is only now that the importance of her sighting is being realised."

Reported in Gerry's favourite paper The News of the World. This is just pathetic. Why would the PJ be taking it serious now when they had this info all along, I wonder!

Eureka - as you say Jane would say oh yea that was the man's face, whose face I did not actually see because she is such a liar! I think CSN are an American band arnt they! LOL - he does look mean ...Claudia yes he could even be one of those really bad gypsies from Espagna! LOL

Thanks for your love for LUKE and I - he does seem a lot better already.

Lots of love
viv x

felicity said...


According to Sky News she did report it to PJ at the time but its significance has only just been realised to er Gerry I think who really likes the News of the World but is not at all keen on other papers apparently! Mind you the News of the World reported they did not arrive at the Tapas bar until just before 9 pm - maybe Gerry did not like that bit!

Love Viv x

lmcg said...

I didn't realise she reported it at the time. How incompetent of the PJ not to release this at the time,tut tut! At least the NOW is at hand to help. Gerry's favourite paper? Bet they contribute nicely to the fund too!!!

TWIST has heard M3 will find Madeleine by Easter. Sound familiar?

Lmcg x

docmac said...

Viv, I am really pleased that Luke is feeling better already. This new photo-fit is a joke is it not. I'm off to sleep. Will probably wake up to find your blog overflowing with posts again lol!

Goodnight to you and the sensible lot.

dogrose said...

Who is this witness?

why has it taken 8 months for a witness to come up with this image? how accurate could it be after all this time. and how can Jane Tanner say its him, when she couldnt come up with any facial details on her sketch. Ludicrous! ;)

felicity said...


Well we all know the PJ are a bunch of incompetent idiots who dont see what is staring them in the face in their over zealous attempts to frame sweet Kate and fatherly Gerry dont we? So they have this statement all along that clearly demonstrates this gypsy/iberian man took maddie and they go blaming Murat and then Kate and Gerry - now we know for sure the PJ are hopeless and Kate and Gerry are completely innocent, delightful parents - well thank goodness or that. Now I can shut this blog down and stop blethering on and trying to suggest sweet rosie was just being racist - how cruel and shortsighted of me. I will go and say ten hail mary's right now and write to kate, gerry and of course Claris to say how sorry I am and please please dont sue me I am really sorry. I hope the PJ get this man and hurl him down the stairs - just like they usually do!

Love viv x

Dolores said...

Hello to all,
It has just been on ITV NEWS that a woman from Nottinghamshire has given this description, and also a 12 year old girl. They said there were 3 people but did not mention the 3rd. Apparently the 12 yr old told police months ago.

felicity said...

Ola Doc!

Me sensible - I think maybe I lost the plot! That flippancy just will take over on occasion - it is in me and hard to hold back.

Have a good sleep like Luke did today.


Love Viv x x

Thanks for that Dolores ummmm Notts not so far from Leicester - no I must stop all these silly theories - the McCanns are innocent Claris will confirm this tomorrow.

Cláudia said...

Hello, darling.
I'm glad that your son is feeling better. :-)
Keep up the great job! The better you do, the more the antis go crazy! :-)

felicity said...

Ola meu querida amiga Claudia

Am I sending them to crazy - thought they already arrived..but yes I will persevere!

Luke does seem lots better thanks.

Muitos beijinhos e ambracos
com amor
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

If photofit guy was hanging around the apartments every single person staying there will now be calling each other to say "Have you seen him its that strange creepy guy we saw" and the PJ will be inundated with new witnesses that saw him...

Lets be honest a face like that you would never forget!!!

lizzy said...

I meant to mention I read the Daily Mirror today in a cafe an article re Kate and the missing Spanish girls mum , it was remarking that they are both religious Kate being a devout Catholic and it said which was the interesting thing that Kate had made a confession to the Portugese priest whilst in Portgual. Now I thought that odd that has never been said before. What do you think?

Lmcg said...

Hi everyone

Viv - Your response to my last post was very funny, had me in stitches! Someone over on the DE has made a serious posting that the fact this sighting wasn't taken seriously at the beginning is indeed more evidence of the incompetence of the PJ. It was, yes you've guessed it ....... Rosie!!! What a surprise, I was reading waiting for it to come and come it did!

Hope - Lets face it, with a face like that hanging around PDL the PJ would have been inundated with witnesses before a photofit of him was released!

This press conference tommorrow. Has anyone heard about it from the British media? I can't find out any details about it.

Lmcg x

Dolores said...

I have noticed that this photo fit looks like Richard Branson same teeth and moustache, make the hair a little lighter.I think we got our man.
It gets more like a soap opera every day.
Isn't wonderful the way your site is picking up.
I am so pleased for you.

Cláudia said...

Hello, darling.
I obviously meant that the better you do, the more the pros go crazy! :-)
I'm happy for your son.
Sleep tight, all of you wonderful people.

felicity said...

Hiya all

just been a lovely ride round the lanes to get some cigs. Saw two little Muntjac deer, a tawny owl and a rabbit - so that was nice. Just for once it has stopped raining!

Hope4 - Can we be sure this witness saw anyone at all? Even if she did - it will probably be as absurd as some of the rest of the claims - he was weird trying to peddle religion/sell charity, he was weird because he has a funny eye and sweats..It does seem rather deliberate that police suddenly get inundated with hopeless calls as holiday makers struggle to remember, 8 months later, every single person they ever saw in the region. It is amazing how suspicious someone may seem with the benefit of hindsight..Just when the McCanns know police are busy on more serious aspects of this investigation. It gets more and more like a witch hunt. Even the gardener has come under attack!

Lizzy - I also read Kate made a confession in the Daily Mirror. I struggle to take anything seriously that I read in that rag. I think it is a matter of some conjecture but she was so determined to get in touch with priests that night as though she did have an urgent confession to make. I recall some few months back it was reported PJ spent a whole day with Father Panchecho - I doubt Kate did make any confessions and so I have a feeling his conscience would have been telling him to be as helpful as he could be towards the police. He clearly feels very hurt and used by the McCanns and indeed from what we have heard would seem to have changed from a happy outgoing man to a depressed and introverted one. I think we all know why he feels that way. I truly feel very sorry for him and how his life has been ruined - like many others.

LMCG - I am glad you found it so funny - I just dont know what gets into me sometimes. However, it is true that every single time we get one of these ridiculous reports from Clarence we get a series of I dont know how many times I have tried to tell you this about how hopeless the PJ are before and how there are many credible witnesses all saying the same thing about er Murat or whatever...So yes perhaps I pre-empted her there - she is certainly predictable and clearly hates those splendid efficient and highly educated PJs - I would not like to be on the wrong side of them trying to lie my way out I can tell you! People with a poor personality style who are trying to act this way but no they are losing so predictably respond with bitterness and hatred. Sometimes it is better to try and see the funny side of Rosie..and what she stands for because the reality is just not very funny at all! No one could honestly believe the rubbish he/she writes - least of all her!

I think the press conference tomorrow is all timed to coincide with the Sunday papers and of course Gerry's money spinning News of the World - a paper all Brits have learned to love and trust so implicitly. I am sure that abroad Gerry had planted some leaks by others means..


Yes - there is a clear air of Branson here - that big toothy smile and big hairdo - he is a bit of an 80s throwback isnt he! I reckon you spotted him !!

I am pleased the site has picked up too - thank you all for that!

Love Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

Actually I thought he looked like "Jesus" as he appears on the Turin Shroud. Except I don't think they had Timberland Shoes in the Middle Ages.