2 Jan 2008


It would seem that the DE are simply not prepared to allow any criticism of Kate and Gerry McCann which renders their forum somewhat otiose - unless of course you are a McCann sycophant! ~As will be seen they claim the post below is slanderous - written word - libellous DE!! Have they got the office junior moderating the posts? But on reading it there is a little intemperate language that could easily have been removed but nothing at all that amounts to libel. This person's comments that they should be made to pay for the neglectful way they treated their children and that a working class family would have had the children removed from their care are serious issues in the public interest that need to be properly aired. Likewise, why were the McCanns allowed to just flee Portugal rather than at the very least being placed under house arrest. These are the sort of questions the public are entitled to demand answers to - not have them promptly removed! Newspapers should be acting in the best interests of the public - it is in the best interests of the public that we are never seen to condone child neglect and very possibly much worse. Fortunately, Frogman a concerned colleague of mine emailed your post and so the unexpurgated version appears here for all to properly comment on and discuss..
When are the McPologists going to explain how leaving a distraught little girl crying on her own for two hours- and presumably waking her two even younger siblings to share in her severe distress - could be "an error of judgment" or even the "worse mistake they ever made". When are they going to explain why they went and did it again the next night...was that because all three of their little children had been silenced the twins with sedative medication and Madeleine .........God Bless her sweet soul. How much emotional harm even if she was still alive and with the gruesome twosome?

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This is slanderous

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Interesting to see that the apologists for the McCanns are once again picking on RM. This
guy has been the victim of a witch-hunt ever since a tabloid journalist first thought he "was a
little weird" People should not forget that, I can remember the interview with the journalsit on

Naturally of course Mr Mitchell and his mery band of lying bastards will be trying to once
again muddy the water. As for the comments from I believe Rosiepops that 9 unbiased
witnesses claim to have seen RM and thus disprove his "alibi" is bullshit. I would be amazed if
anyone could even clearly remember if it was RM or DP that they saw. The McCanns "alibi" is
from 7 friends with whom they were having a meal but that of course is perfectly okay as far
as these McCann fans are concerned.

Lets have a reality check, the McCanns left Portugal because it was getting too hot there,
and I am not talking about the weather. At the start "We will not leave Portugal without our
daughter" to "We ae going home because we need to try and precerve normaility for the
other children" I believe and have done since the first time I saw the reports of Madeleine´s
disappearance that this young child is no longer with us and the blame is with her parents.
Whether there will ever be enough evidence to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt is
questionable but they should be made to pay for the neglectful way they treated their

Does anybody believe that if this had happened in England to a working class family that they
would be allowed to reatin their other two children, no way. But of course with Branson, JK
Rowling and all those others in your corner the Social Services and going to do nothing.

It is enough to make you sick.
If there was justice these two self centred arrogant two faced lying gits would be in custody
without bail.

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Anonymous said...

I`ll try and post this one

Is Kate McCann's full name Kate or Kathy because according to the GMC register?
"Kate McCann"qualified in 2003 and "Kathy McCann" qualified in 2001. This would mean that "Kate" woud have been either 34 years old or 32 years old when she qualified... rather late in your life to become a doctor...????

If this is the case then to me the money preoccupation would make sense.. she has only JUST started to make a full living for herself on a doctors salary. I have a feeling that she is the Kate registered in 2003 so she's only been a doctor for under 4 years...

Her husband only specialised in Cardiology 2 years ago... so.. my question is have they been living beyond their financial means during the time they were both either specialising or qualifying...?

This would absolutely explain their fixation with extracting money from the general public and it would probably explain a few more things as well...!!


Cláudia said...

Very well said, Viv! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I work in the NHS. I've posted on the other thread, but she's on GMC as Kate Healy.
The timing of Gerry's specialist qualification is perfectly normal too. I dont think there is anything significant there.

I think their financial troubles are because they were living close to the edge before this, and perhaps Gerry's private work was a major part of their income. private work is not salaried.

Ecolab said...

The Swinging Praia da Luz:

Murat didn't travelled alone in his return to Portugal:

He was together with a David Payne the II!

David Marcellus Payne

*Justice for Maddie*

felicity said...

Hiya Ecolab

Her name could be Kathleen or Katherine and when she qualified she would not have been married to him because she went and got a job in New Zealand and he followed her so her surname would have been Healy. I think med training takes 6 years so she should have been qualified by about 26 years although she did take a year out going to her aunt in Vancouver - again it would seem to get away from him but Aunt also mentions him turning up - as we say in UK like a bad penny! What I cannot understand is this talk of her being an anaesthitist and gynaecologist as well - how did she get chance to do all that!

So on the register I think you would need to search for Kate Kathleen and Katherine Healy to try and find her around 1992- 1994 ish.

Cheers Viv

felicity said...

Hiya I read on and see Anon has found her as Kate Healy. I think their money troubles are because she was quite early oh having babies. They were living in Amsterdam when she had IVF for the twins and then came back to UK. So they wanted a house fitting to their status. I have posted before they must have taken out about a £375,000 mortgage to buy that property in Rothley. He is on a low salary as a consultant - must be lowest rung and not sure of how much private work he would get as cardiologist reading MRIs - the surgeons are the ones who would get the big money I would have thought actually performing bypass surgery etc- his job just part of the investigative procedures prior to surgery. She - limited earning capacity due to babies and apparently only wanting to work part time to be a " proper mum"! Being a proper mum might have entailed her going to work full time employing a decent nanny and getting rid of him - then her kids would have been safe and well cared for...


Nice to see you darling! Glad you approve :-)

Luv Viv x

docmac said...

Hi Viv and all

That post was considered slanderous? The only reason I can think of after reading it very carefully is that Clarence the cross-dresser himself now has the forum monitored. That post does not even register on the slander scale compared to some posted by Rosie McAnne and the sycophantic gaggle of giggle gals who lap up her every word, burp and fart. They make me ill, the lot of them. Never mind, the time of reckoning is fast approaching and there will be few late-night teeheeees left on the DE forum then. I can't wait.

felicity said...

Hello Doc!

As frequently happens I am struggling to try and seriously answer your post because it is so funny ...as soon as I got to Clarence the cross dresser I started....now that's more like ....bubble burp AND fart!

Let them have a late night throw up mate - they drink too much bless em!

Crying again!

Luv ya loads!!

Viv xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Excellent post frogman, just the kind Team McC do not like. Thank heavens for this site.

felicity said...

Hello Anon

You cant beat genuine freedom of speech, thought, conscience and religion!

Kind Regards
Viv x