2 Jan 2008


The report I have found below when seeking further information on the background of Kate and Gerry McCann is interesting. It describes how Kate was quite obviously not in love with Gerry and really could not have gone much further to get away from him than New Zealand but he followed her and then "they found love". This does sound like the ultimate piece of stalking. In my post re Aunty Norah you will see she states that Kate also went to her in Canada for 6 months and took a year out from University. I am getting the impression of a woman who was doing everything she could to go to some very far flung places to get away from this man. What do others think? In the end women become overwhelmed by a controlling, stalking male and give up bothering to try and escape....

These sort of men also use violence as a form of control when they feel this is "necessary" - blow the above pic up to about 500% in microsoft word or photo editing programme and have a look at Kate's elbow and upper arm. The implications of her being grabbed and flung out of the way are very frightening given this pic was taken shortly after Madeleine disappeared..


Before Kate and Gerry McCann became known as the parents of a missing 4-year-old girl named Madeleine, they were simply a pair of doctors with three kids: Madeleine and twins Amelie and Shawn.

Gerry McCann loved golf. Kate McCann was a working mom with dreams of a large family. Gerry McCann’s boss and golfing buddy, Dr. Doug Skehan, said their lives were picture perfect.
“One has to say they had everything you would want for,” he told CNN. “They’d got into medicine and been successful. They were able to rise to good positions. They have a family and a settled situation and suddenly everything is turned into a nightmare.”
The McCanns live in Rothley, England, a small village about 2½ hours north of London. They’ve lived here only 1½ years, so most people in Rothley had never heard of the McCanns until they reported their daughter missing in Portugal.
Now practically everyone here knows the McCanns. Madeleine’s face is plastered on posters around town. Yellow ribbons and green and yellow bracelets signifying hope are everywhere.
“We think about her every day,” said Brian Kennedy, Madeleine’s great uncle. “We pray for her. We talk about her.”
Friends and family interviewed by CNN said the McCanns moved to Rothley for peace and quiet and to be near family. Gerry McCann found a good job working as a cardiologist at a reputable hospital. Kate McCann decided to give up her career as an anesthetist and gynecologist to work part-time as a general practitioner so she could be home with the kids more. Somehow, these two busy doctors managed to achieve what so many working couples do not: balance.
“He’s an efficient doctor. He gets things done. He doesn’t linger in hospital late into the evening. He will go home and be with his family,” Skehan said.
The couple first met in Glasgow, where Gerry McCann grew up. They were studying medicine at the time. When Kate took a job in New Zealand, Gerry McCann, already head over heels for her, passed on a job so he could follow her.
Kate McCann’s close friend, Linda McQueen, remembers his excitement.
“I think he went to the pub one night and said I met the girl of my dreams,” McQueen said. “I’m not going to Canada. I’m going to New Zealand!”

In New Zealand, they found romance. In 1996, they moved back to England and married at a Liverpool church two years later. Kate McCann, friends say, wanted to have children, but it proved difficult.
“Whatever they could do, they were prepared to go the whole way to have the baby and have a family. It was just crucial to them,” McQueen told CNN.
The couple turned to in vitro fertilization, which after several rounds, worked. Kate McCann gave birth to Madeleine before the couple moved to Amsterdam, where Gerry McCann, a cardiologist, would study heart scanning.
“Kate was delighted to have Madeline. And of course because Madeline was her first child, they had the first child bond, which makes the present situation all the more grievous for all of us to bear,” Kennedy said.
In vitro fertilization proved successful again while in Amsterdam, and she became pregnant with the twins. The family settled in Rothley when they returned to England.

“They have a wonderful relationship. They are a delightful pair. They idolize the children. All the children. You wouldn’t find a happier family or a more dedicated pair,” Kennedy said.
Nonetheless, tabloid newspaper reports, which CNN has not independently confirmed, paint the picture of a very frustrated mother. The papers have released what they call bits and pieces of Kate McCann’s diary.
According to these reports, she wrote of her children being “hysterical” and “hyperactive” and also “difficult to control.” She reportedly wrote that Madeleine’s “excessive activity” exhausted her.

When asked if she was overwhelmed by motherhood, Nicky Gill, her best friend, said, “Not at all. She just loved the children. I think she’s a mom that takes it all in stride. She’s so calm, it’s fine, there’s no air of anything negative about her.”
Family and friends said the couple communicate with each other about everything. One friend said they complement each other so well they are like “opposite sides of a coin.”
“For me, it’s two special people who love the children dearly, they would not harm a single hair on their heads,” Gill said.

They came from working-class backgrounds, but established successful careers.
“Sometimes people automatically assume with two doctors they must be quite well off and quite wealthy. They’re not. It’s been a long struggle for them to get where they are now and just as life was looking good this sort of thing happens,” he said.
All the McCanns want now, those closest to them said, is for the spotlight to return to the search for their daughter, whom they believe a stranger stole.
“You have to keep focused. And the focus is Madeline and the focus is getting Madeline back and we still believe Madeline is alive somewhere,” Kennedy told CNN.
“We don’t know who’s taken her or why. We have all sorts of theories. The police in Portugal have been saying for some time they think she’s dead. And they’ve moved from that to these fatuous allegations that one of their parents has done something,” he said. “It’s so ludicrous, it’s beyond words.”********************Thank you CNN News


Ecolab said...

This is Great ...whouuuu

Is Kate McCann's full name Kate or Kathy because according to the GMC register?
"Kate McCann"qualified in 2003 and "Kathy McCann" qualified in 2001. This would mean that "Kate" woud have been either 34 years old or 32 years old when she qualified... rather late in your life to become a doctor...????

If this is the case then to me the money preoccupation would make sense.. she has only JUST started to make a full living for herself on a doctors salary. I have a feeling that she is the Kate registered in 2003 so she's only been a doctor for under 4 years...

Her husband only specialised in Cardiology 2 years ago... so.. my question is have they been living beyond their financial means during the time they were both either specialising or qualifying...?

This would absolutely explain their fixation with extracting money from the general public and it would probably explain a few more things as well...!!


Anonymous said...

female Drs in the UK normally practice under their maiden names. Kate is on the register at GMC as Kate Healy
there is nothing unusual about the timing of Gerry's either. the specialist register is when you are deemed qualified enough to be a consultant. this is normally in mid thirties depending on the specialty.

CKH said...

Eco -

I believe K's full/legal name is KATE MARIE HEALY, DOB: March 5, 1968.


felicity said...


When you think of their outgoings e.g. the massive mortgage, employing a nanny, going playing golf, quite expensive holidays, dinner parties etc their income is not really very high for that size of mortgage and lifestyle and now they have lost her salary - so conning money out of the public - cashing in on the death of Maddie they seem to see as necessary and legitimate - which shows some very distorted thinking skills - I hope they do not get the chance for books and films - Have not looked at Hello! They are quite repulsive. How much better to just downsize to a house they can afford and start being a little more humble! Houses may be expensive in UK but there are loads much cheaper than the one they are in and they dont need 5 bedrooms!

Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

Kate is the high flier (anaesthetists have to be VERY highly qualified and make a LOT of money). Gerry is the "lesser" breadwinner. Yet it is KATE who has had to sacrifice her career for the sake of the children.

He has, as you have pointed out, followed her all over the world. Classic stalking behaviour.

Every news item, every bit of film, Gerry is in TOTAL CONTROL. I bet he even checks the mileage on her car and goes through her bag looking for till receipts to see what time she's been shopping.

He even drags her out jogging with him - HE is the big sports fan, I suspect Kate would rather go out shopping or drinking!

As I have said before, Madeleine was due to start school in September. What would her teacher have had to say about her bruises? If that had been one of MY students I would have been straight on the phone to Social Services.

ratonthebeam said...


Check this out. This is EXACTLY what living with an abusive control freak is bloody well like. See how many Gerry-isms you can spot!

BTW Kate practised as a GP under her own name of Healy, I read that somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Rat

Isnt it strange the way such men go for strong, intelligent, attractive women but then just have to domineer and control them to boost their own low self-esteem. Gerry's conduct is so typical of this type of male that it is positively spine chilling along with her submissive demeanour. What was the real Kate like before she had years with him? The way he pins her down on the sofa and she meekly looks at him to speak - it is sickening to watch. The smug, arrogant, smirking look on his face juxtaposed with the grim, sad long - suffering look on hers.

I can recall one ignorant male McPologist seeking to humiliate me for pointing out that every time they go out it is always Gerry that drives. In his ignorance he just did not understand what this symbolises - that every little thing they do this horrible man just has to be in control. Life to him without controlling his woman would be a life he just could not handle.

I know they have lived abroad a lot but do not believe Kate's family members do not know what he is like and what Kate has to tolerate. Why do they all keep protecting him from facing the consequences of his actions?

Thanks for referring me to Dragon Slippers - her words and pictures paint a horriying reality of what women in such a relationship endure but how they can be strong and get away from this. I hope Kate takes the option that is now open to her to do just that. I cringe at the thought of her shielding him, knowing what he has done to little Madeleine. Unfortunately women who have lost their own personal power do seem to put the man before their children - it takes a psychiatrist to try and put this sort of harm right again.

Kind Regards
Viv x

Anonymous said...

Let me make myslef cear, I am not Pro Mccann in any way. My main concern is justice and truth for Madeleine. But I have never read more uneducated, judgemental claptrap than I have now, reading the posts above.
How do you know that Gerry inflicted bruises on Kate? How do you know he is controlling? What do any of you know about the careers of doctors and the ambitions of women like Kate? Why on earth do you think they had money troubles? Where is your proof? You are all meddling, arrogant gossips who are doing nothing to help find Maddie. Shame on you all.

Anonymous said...

Ecolab: She qualified under her maiden name, as Kate Marie Healy.