2 Jan 2008


I think we have all tried to say just how sickening we find these attempts to make these two "parents" look right but I dont think I have ever seen it so well put! Maudlin 7 is a serial offender for this - if she has children it is a wonder something terrible has not befell them!

The NSPCC say:

"Babies should never be left alone, even for a short time. If you notice that a baby or a child under the age of nine has been left on their own, contact the police on 999. They will go to the house to make sure that the child is safe from harm."

What generally happens when such incidents are reported in the UK is that the police come along and remove the children to a "place of safety" in line with their duties under the Children Act 1989 - they will then contact Social Services and locate the errant parent(s). It is a great pity that others aware of this behaviour such as Jez Wilkins and his partner did not have the gumption to report them to the police in PDL - this just might have saved Madeleine's life and would have also got the McCanns and their pals immediately dealt with for their criminal neglect of their children. No wonder it makes your blood boil - mine too! Such excuses would be bad enough if Madeleine was still around - when she is dead because of them it is simply diabolical, sickening and disgusting!

Well Said Bianca!
Viv x

02.01.08, 6:44pm
"It appears that leaving children unattended was a common practice to actually have a drill in place, says it all ! !Another point M.W. used to rent out the listening devices for children, so the parents would not be present using them either !"Posted by: Maureen7 Report Comment--

-------Maureen, I am so infuriated by the tone of this post that I actually feel physically ill! Are you suggesting that if it was "common practice" to leave small children alone in the hotel rooms that this now somehow excuses the McCann's?? This is certainly the impression I get Maureen, and it is boiling my blood!A little girl is missing, possibly dead, but you are so determined to defend the parents, aren't you?? The fact is, NOTHING can excuse what the McCann's did! Not then, not now, and not ever! If you excuse what they did by coming up with lame excuses like "oh well, other parents were doing it too", you are justifying wicked action, and attempting to excuse any such action on behalf of other parents in the future! Even if the McCann's did not actually leave Madeleine alone on May 3 (due to her already being dead, as the PJ suspect), they certainly left her and her siblings alone before this. They were serial-neglectors, and knew damn well they were putting their kids in danger - hence - all the made-up, conflicting stories to the PJ from the McCann's and their creepy friends about "checking" the kids (obviously, they all made out they'd been "checking" them because they knew full well that just leaving them alone like that was criminal neglect and could possibly land them all in jail!).The reason fairy tales tell stories about children wandering away from home and coming across "wolves" or "bears" or "wicked witches" is because even medieval people understood that children without adult supervision were in serious danger. Those stories were metaphors designed to frighten children (with good reason!) into staying at home with their parents. But I see now that your instincts (and those of others like you) go completely against this sort of age-old wisdom and actually work in favour of protecting the PARENTS, at any cost - even if they willfully put their own children in danger! I consider this utterly barbaric, and cannot stress enough how horrified I am that you would espouse this sort of attitude in a public forum!
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Anonymous said...

And another thing that makes the blood boil is the stupid woman that said she admired them for leaving their 3 little children all under the age of 4.

felicity said...

Hi Anon

I think that was a cyptic comment - she said that in her own case she felt it was too far away and they might wake up - children are all the same in that regard! She would not have one set of standards for her own and another for someone else's would she?

I did a detailed comment on this report - you can find it in December posts - she was not meaning to support the McCanns in my view!

Viv x