13 Jan 2008


This man strangled his wife. It is pretty standard practice to remand murder suspects in custody pending trial. But this man was a police Chief Inspector - so he got bail - result - he went and killed his mother in law as well prior to killing himself. I hope the Judge or Magistrates who granted this man bail think very carefully about whether they would choose to do that again - no matter who or what the suspect is - anyone capable of murder needs locking up - quickly! I dont suppose I need to spell out the links to the McCann case here!

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Murder accused policeman found dead
Press Association Sunday January 13, 2008 5:38 PM
The body of a man found in woodland was that of a police inspector accused of murdering his wife, police sources said.
The body was discovered near Broomhills Shooting Club, Markyate, Hertfordshire, on Saturday morning, Hertfordshire Police said.
It is believed to be that of Metropolitan Police officer Garry Weddell, 45, who is accused of murdering Sandra, 44, at the family home last year. Police are linking the discovery to the death of another woman, whose body was found at a house about 10 miles away in Gustard Wood, also on Saturday.
No formal identifications have yet taken place, but the woman is believed to be Weddell's mother-in-law, who was reportedly set to give evidence against him at his murder trial.
It is thought Weddell went to her house and killed her before going to the gun club and turning the gun on himself.
A force spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary are investigating an unexplained death following the discovery of the body of a male in woodland near Broomhills Shooting Club, Markyate, shortly after 11.45 am (on Saturday).
"We can also confirm that officers are investigating a suspicious death following the discovery of a female's body at a house in Gustard Wood, Hertfordshire, also (on Saturday)."
Mrs Weddell was found in the garage of their home in Lancot Avenue, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, on January 31, 2007.
Post-mortem tests revealed that a cable tie was used to strangle the mother of three.
Weddell was due to stand trial in May. He had been granted bail with a surety of £200,000.

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