3 Jan 2008


03.01.08, 4:42pm
Dolores was suggesting we could have all written to the DE and complained when Viv was banned, so in my reply I was only actually referring to influence within the British media.After the person who was responsible for getting VIv banned managed to return here, she suggested that a few E-mails had managed to sort the problem out.This led me to believe that they had some sort of influence or connections in the media.: )
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ironside said...

Hi Viv....Brought something over from the three arguidos....Please Docmac send some info ..to them.about Wilkins

McCann friend ‘afraid to talk’
Tapas Nine member ‘wants to reveal the truth’


A lawyer for one of the so-called Tapas Nine has confirmed to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that their client would like to speak further to the Portuguese police but feels reluctant to do so because of Gerry and Kate McCann’s powerful political allies.

The London-based lawyer, speaking anonymously, claims that the client in question wants to “reveal the whole truth” about the McCanns, but is fearful that it will attract the ire of the many politicians and lobby groups who have attached themselves to the case.

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell has called the report “utter rubbish”, saying all seven of the friends who ate with the McCanns on May 3, the night Madeleine disappeared, share the same lawyer.

The unnamed lawyer however claims that the friend in question broke ranks and secretly consulted him in September. He repeated allegations to El Mundo that once Madeleine had gone missing in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, the police were not called until the parents had discussed the legal ramifications of having left their children alone for the evening.
Welcome to the3arguidos.

Ironside said...

hi me again....this is the page that was underlined in kates bible...it was reported here in spain that pjthe sunday mirror reported
this is the biblical text
And the LORD afflicted the child that Uriah’s wife bore to David, and he became sick.
16David therefore sought God on behalf of the child. And David fasted and went in and lay all night on the ground.
17And the elders of his house stood beside him, to raise him from the ground, but he would not, nor did he eat food with them.
18On the seventh day the child died. And the servants of David were afraid to tell him that the child was dead, for they said, "Behold, while the child was yet alive, we spoke to him, and he did not listen to us. How then can we say to him the child is dead? He may do himself some harm."
19But when David saw that his servants were whispering together, David understood that the child was dead. And David said to his servants, "Is the child dead?" They said, "He is dead."
20Then David arose from the earth and washed and anointed himself and hanged his clothes. And he went into the house of the LORD and worshiped. He then went to his own house. And when he asked, they set food before him, and he ate.
21Then his servants said to him, "What is this thing that you have done? You fasted and wept for the child while he was alive; but when the child died, you arose and ate food."
22He said, "While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept, for I said, 'Who knows whether the LORD will be gracious to me, that the child may live?' 23But now he is dead. Why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me."
think someone gave it to her in PDL

eureka said...

Hi Viv, According to Daily Mail today;
"Edward Smethurst, the lawyer conducting the McCanns' defence, said: "We have received no information to suggest that the court file is going to be opened today and indeed we believe it's likely that it will be some time before the court file is made available.""
What, I wonder, is "the court file" that is reportedly expected soon. Does this indicate that a further stage in the legal case is imminent?

And, is Mr Hogan, the private tec in breach of the law by re-interviewing witnesses in his reputed 'cold case review'?

docmac said...

Well, well, well. I remember the night that the e-mails from the mods were sent to Viv and Rosie, as copies of these were posted on the DE forum. Rosie, as is her wont, denied ever having received any mail from the DE and in fact denied having been banned when she returned a couple of weeks later. The subsequent claim that a few e-mails sorted it out is nonsense. Someone eventually sent in the big guns, of that there is no doubt.

Yes, Viv a lot of e-mails were sent to the DE pleading for your return. I'm sure you must have seen some of these posters say so on the forum at that time.

Fact is, Rosie got you blocked and you had no expensive legal team on your side. The fact that she goaded you into responding to her inflammatory rhetoric and you were the one chopped permanently, as well as the fact that the giggle sisters laughed about it for days after she returned speaks volumes.

I'm sure you will enjoy these re-runs of our beloved paranoid and threatening Rosie:

08.12.07, 7:56pm

Also he (CM) may not just stop at the one forum, who knows ,he may get on to individual blog spots!

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09.12.07, 12:04am

Does this apply to posts being lifted from one site to another? And for severe defamation of character?

I would be grateful for any legal posters response and this is a deadly serious question.

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Oooooooooohhhh, I am sure Viv is pooping her pants. Maybe Clarence can step in to try and clean up the mess, just as he does for your neice and her sneering, domineering husband.

docmac said...

Hi Ironside

I'm pushed for time after having a nice break. I have no time even for the DE at the moment and won't post on any blog unless I have the time to defend myself against criticism later!

The Wilkins thing was misinterpreted on the DE forum. What I actually said was that Wilkins had made a second statement and this had prompted one of the Tapas 7 to approach an attorney as is stated on that blog you mentioned. The statement was made in secret during the PJ's 3rd visit to the UK during the PJ's 3rd visit. This statement incriminates Jane Tanner as a liar and her partner as an undertaker as he cottoned on to what had happened when Gerry refused to allow the GNR to be called until O'Brien returned from his 'mission'. This information I obtained virtually from the horse's mouth from a colleague who works with one of the seven and enjoys a regular drink with him. Tequila the truth drug and all that. You are one of the very few I trust on the DE forum and if I had your e-mail addy I would say more. I am not prepared to put it more succinctly on a public forum. If you are in contact with the 'owner' of this blog get her to forward your e-mail address to me and I'll let you know more. If not, feel free to use any of the info I have imparted above.

Ironside said...

Hi Docmac....Glad you had a great holiday...The three Arguidos I can assure you ...there will be no critics...anyway up to you...there is some interesting info...a lot of stuff pulled from forums they have....

Found this read through it says mccanns were on holiday with eight other couples....
Could it be
Tanner OBrian
Webster and 1


A desperate search for a three-year-old British girl continued last night after she disappeared from an upmarket beach resort in Portugal while her parents dined near by.

Despite their half-hourly checks on her as she slept, Madeleine McCann went missing from her parents’ rented holiday apartment in the Algarve on Thursday night as they ate tapas only 50 yards away.

Relatives claimed that she had been abducted from the Ocean Club resort, run by the holiday company Mark Warner, in the seaside village of Praia da Luz.

Her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, both 38-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, were being comforted last night by friends and consular officials.

Resorts are popular because of childcare facilities
Madeleine, known as Maddy, vanished after being left to sleep between her brother and sister, two-year-old twins.

Mr McCann and his wife, who was clutching Madeleine’s pink teddy bear to her chest, made a public appeal last night for the return of their daughter.

Mr McCann said: “Words cannot describe the anguish and concern we are feeling at the loss of our daughter Madeleine. We now request that if you have any information about Madeleine’s disappearance, no matter how trivial, contact the Portuguese police so we can have her back. Please, if you have Madeleine, let her come back to mummy, daddy and her brother and sister.”

The family have moved to another apartment 150 yards from the one from where their daughter is said to have been taken.

The McCanns went to Portugal last Saturday with a group of eight couples, friends said. Mr McCann, a cardiologist, and his wife, a GP, went out for a meal at a tapas bar within the complex at 8.30pm on Thursday, leaving Madeleine sleeping between Sean and Amelie, the twins. The couple checked on their children every half an hour and ensured that the doors were locked, it was said.

The resort offered a crãche service but the McCanns chose to leave the children sleeping at the apartment, taking turns to check on them. Between their checks at 9.30pm and 10pm, the apartment was broken into through a window and Madeleine was taken, according to her aunt. Trish Cameron, Mr McCann’s sister, from Dum-barton, near Glasgow, said it appeared that someone had been spying on Madeleine and had targeted her for abduction.

“The front door was open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open and Madeleine was missing,” she said. “Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her.”

Police were called at 10.20pm as Madeleine’s parents became increasingly anxious. Soon, fellow guests were notified. About 60 staff and holidaymakers searched until 4.30am, while police notified border police, Spanish police and airports.

Three police vans and three police cars were at the scene as officers searched the family’s apartment. Others searched the beach 200 yards away.

Specialists fingerprinted the windowsill of the apartment. Sniffer dogs were brought in by Portuguese detectives and unconfirmed reports indicated that Madeleine’s scent had been picked up.

The resort caters for 1,000 holidaymakers and is set in lush subtropical gardens. It is made up of self-catering villas and apartment blocks and has several bars and restaurants.

John Hill, the manager at Ocean Club, said that reports that the flat had been broken into had yet to be confirmed.

But Jill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV that the McCanns were certain that Madeleine had been abducted.

“They were just watching the hotel room and going back every half-hour and the shutters had been broken open and they had gone into the room and taken Madeleine,” she said. “They went out about 8, went back in at 9, they were fine, went back in at 10 and she was gone.”

Ms Renwick said that it was the McCanns’ first holiday of this sort. “They are very, very anxious parents and very careful, and they chose Mark Warner because it is a family-friendly resort.”

A spokesman for Mark Warner, which has run the resort for two years, said that looking after the McCanns was their priority. “If necessary, the company will fly other family members out to the Ocean Club. We are all hoping that she is asleep under a bush somewhere and we will find her soon,” he said.

Guests are being asked if they saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area, he said, adding that Mark Warner had never had cases of missing or abducted children before.

He said that Mark Warner offered a baby-sitting service. “Those facilities were available but, for whatever reason, they were not being used,” he said. Another spokeswoman for Mark Warner said that in the Algarve, unlike most of their resorts, the company did not supply a “room listening” service, where nannies regularly listen at the door of sleeping children.

John Stephen Buck, the British Ambassador to Portugal, travelled to the Algarve yesterday, as did Craig Mayhew, Mark Warner UK operations director, and a counsellor. The McCanns remain at the police station in Portimão, helping police to piece together what has happened.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said that the Serious Organised Crime Agency was liaising with British and Portuguese police. He added that two officials from the British Consulate in Portimão were with the family

Ironside said...

Thanks docmac..You have my respect as always...shall not share any info with DX..having said that their noses are probably here right now...All my best to you and your family...have a drink on me..
If I have not already said it Happy New Year....Look after yourself...horse riding takes it out of you...Cheers....

Elly Schriemer said...

For what it might be worth:

Just seen this...............
Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:00 pm Post subject: The case as of Today!!


Hello everybody.

I've been dabbling with my sources again and thought you might all like to hear the distilled information they have imparted to me - (that which I can reveal, obviously).

Firstly I think it important to say that this investigation is nowhere near closure. As many will know, charges will only arrive when the investigation is officially at an end and not before.

Right now the investigation is focusing on May 2nd 10.00pm through to around 10.00pm May 3rd - a 24hr period in which it is now considered several crimes were committed.

The shift in emphasis to May 2nd is primarily due to the significant lack of independent evidence to support Maddy being seen alive during May 3rd by anyone outside of the TAPAS 9 - and even then only Oldfield actually 'saw' her. Maddy was not present at the creche or children's club. She did not eat with the others and there is NO CCTV footage of her anywhere in the complex or PDL at large beyond the afternoon of May 2nd.

It is also deemed of interest that Gerry missed his afternoon tennis session on May 3rd due to an 'Achilles' injury. It was his unannounced absence which actually drew Oldfield to the apartment and not Gerry asking him to check on Kate. Gerry was not present at the tennis courts and Oldfield went looking for him. Gerry was elsewhere entirely. It is now believed that Oldfield did NOT see Maddy during this brief visit.

The theory is now that Maddy died around midnight May 2nd and that her body was concealed in a bag - Gerry's lost/missing/never had one hold all, sports bag no less. It is believed that this bag was stored in another apartment during some part of May 3rd before initial disposal around the mid to late afternoon of May 3rd. The scent of death was well established and the clean up completed during this time frame. The apartment's cleaner was turned away on May 3rd by Kate McCann I am told.

The forensic material examined and the results are strong in places and weak in others. None are conclusive but highly indicative and along with other evidence form a persuasive case. It is no longer considered that Maddy's body was relocated using the Renault Scenic, but that items pertaining to her and taken from her body were removed, hidden in the tyre well and dumped elsewhere.

As previously reported the PJ have the bag Gerry is so keen now to deny all knowledge of. It is a damning piece of the jigsaw, but not the only one and not the best.

CCTV footage from MW's reception proves that the TAPAS 9 were, for the most part, lying about the frequency of their checks. This is considered an attempt by ALL TAPAS 9 to stall any charges of negligence. The investigation team are also aware of the attempt within the May 3rd confusion to blur the actual time and circumstances of Maddy's disappearance.

They all did eat at Chaplin's on May 2nd and they were contacted at Chaplin's by an employee of MW's with regard to the children - specifically the McCann children. This was followed up immediately upon their return to the MW complex.

Further questioning is to take place shortly and will encompass ALL TAPAS 9 elements, plus others. It is now expected that two others will be made or allowed to request Arguido/Arguida status. These two others are seen as complicit in the aftermath of events surrounding Maddy.

Again, as far as my information allows, I can say that there is NO suggestion of pedophile involvement in any way. The DNA of a North European does not mean that this came from semen or that there is any suggestion of sexual abuse. I think we should all sigh with relief over that. There have been errors in translation and information which may have lead some down this murky pathway.

This case is not finished yet and has a way to run. The culprits will not be found in Spain, Portugal or Morocco.

The above has been gleaned and distilled over Christmas from my three friends and sources. I can elucidate on some points but not others.
• Posted by: Si


Ecolab said...

Thanks Ironside


”The Gordon Brown involvment!”

Who is Jill Renwick?? and is John Brown the Tapas10( the one that flew away right avay?


“The McCanns went to Portugal last Saturday with a group of eight couples, friends said.”........... “But Jill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV that the McCanns were certain that Madeleine had been abducted.”
........................” Early involvement: The McCanns' friend Jill Renwick solicited the support of Gordon Brown through his brother John”………………..

Brother John (Dr John Brown)

”Dr John Brown FRSE
Chairman, BIA Scotland
The conference documents state:
"Dr Brown is an independent Non-Executive Director. He currently Chairs the Governing Council of the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh and is Chairman of Scottish Biomedical (a division of Biomedical Industry Association, BIA). Dr Brown is a Non-Executive Director of a number of private and public biotech companies including Ardana plc, Prothenics plc and Cambridge Antibody Technology plc. He sits on the Advisory Board of the Life Sciences ITI in Scotland. Dr Brown is a member of the DTI Technology Strategy Board and the DTI Biotechnology Leadership Council. He is also Chairman of BIA Scotland.
"Until Dec 2003, Dr Brown was Chief Executive of the FTSE 250 biotech company Acambis plc, a leading producer of vaccines to treat and prevent infectious disease. Dr Brown joined ICBMs as Finance Director in 1995 and was appointed CEO in 1997. At Acambis he was responsible for the acquisition of OraVax Inc, a Boston, US-based vaccines company, together with a £23 million rights issue and a $40m strategic alliance with Baxter International. Dr Brown managed Acambis through the UK IPO (Initial Public Offering) process and most importantly on to profitability."

Dr John Brown FRSE
Chairman, Biological Industry Association Scotland
Photo ©Kimpton Graphics”

Gordon Brown's very Tory family is revealed

Maybee I`m just mixing something up???

josiepublic said...

Dear Viv I am not posting on any other blog, I have given up posting because I cannot deal with the
Hi-rose-is-here = Hiroseishere on the DE site. If I were ever to post again you and everybody can be sure my loyalties would lay exactly where they always have. With the PJ, Leicestershire police, the FSS, You and all the friends I made on the DE forum; although I wish you all the very best- I cannot cope with the Mcnasties on the forums. I will never post as Plainwaters again at even the DE and anybody that uses that username is their own new plainwaters. I know you will understand Viv because of the work you do that these last few weeks have been very tense, especially as some people seem to have more than one identity. Keep up the good fight Viv. Lots of love. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Plainwaters.

Ironside said...

Plainwaters...Hi I saw your post to Viv...yes they are posting under many names...Dad to 3 does not realise he is arguing with Mark 55 as Dobywalah...HelenM...is rosiepops....they are so transparent....maybe something will happen soon and little madeleine will get justice ...which we are all fighting for....I am posting mainly on the three arguidos....I hate the DX but I will not let them force me out...they are trying very hard....I had posts deleted for no reason.....anyway look after yourself and your family
If ever you do decide to post the three arguidos treat everyone with respect....and you find some good information...They are good people and would not support whats going on on that forum....anyway maybe speak again sometime......

Ecolab said...

A SHOCK new police report last night named Madeleine McCann’s parents as prime suspects over her disappearance.

Detectives remain convinced that the missing four-year-old was accidentally killed in her family’s holiday apartment.

They believe Kate and Gerry, both 39, disposed of her body to mask their negligence.

But even if Portuguese police chiefs cannot prove the allegations, it has been claimed they still plan to charge the couple.

They face being accused of perjury for allegedly lying in sworn statements about what happened the night their daughter vanished.

They could also be charged with wasting police time by asking police to help find Madeleine when they allegedly knew her fate.

The revelations are in a leaked police report, due to be handed to the public prosecutor later today. They will come as a huge blow to the McCanns, who had hoped to have their “arguido” status as official suspects lifted within days.

Not only will they now remain arguidos, but they will not be allowed to see the evidence police have gathered against them.

Normally details of criminal cases are made public in Portugal after eight months.

But the Madeleine mystery has now been given special status as “complex”, allowing police to continue their investigation in secret.

The move also means Brit ex-pat Robert Murat, 34, will also remain an official suspect for now – a decision his lawyer Francisco Pagarete described as “beyond cruelty’’.

The McCanns and seven pals they dined with at Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished on May 3 will be questioned again this month.

British detectives will conduct the interviews, but Portuguese officers will be allowed to sit in.

Kate and Gerry, of Rothley, Leics, deny any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance and insist she was abducted.

The couple have been told by their lawyers they might have to go to the European Court of Human Rights to have their arguido status lifted.

And former Metropolitan Police Det Supt Noel Hogan admitted last night that he was conducting a “cold case” review for the couple.

He said: “I have been re-interviewing witnesses that were out in Portugal at the time.”


felicity said...

Hiya my darling Josiepublic - I am always so thrilled to hear from you! I really do sympathise and understand the difficulties. Rosiepops has lost on the DE because everyone is aware of this site and visit it even if they dont post. I am aware of this from visiting the DE - some find it difficult to post on here but state they read it every day! I hope they will keep trying because they will find it easy once they get the hang of it as others have. I found it difficult myself at first until I realised you just click on the main link and all the comments then appear!

The decent people who firmly support the police are clearly in the majority and justice will be done. I am delighted at the prospect of Robert Murat making £1M instead of the McCanns - to me that does sound like justice and I would not begrudge him a single penny after what he, his girlfriend and family have had to endure. I think he was deliberately set up by the intensely evil Gerry McCann who uses people like puppets. His behaviour fills us all with horror.

I hope you can manage to pop in regularly just to say hi because I think we formed a very special bond and I love to hear from you.

Love you loads and loads
Viv xxxxxxxxx

felicity said...

Ironside, Doc, Ecolab and Elli - Thanks to all of your for posting all of this really useful information on here which keeps the site vibrant and interesting with further information. I really am grateful to other posters for their input in this way as I do not always have time to find everything - so please carry on doing so! I am very sorry that Kate found that passage in the bible so poignant. I just cannot imagine how she must be feeling or the agony she must be suffering but again, Kate, just in case you do happen to be reading this - there is only one way out of your despair. Please get help and support from your family and tell the police the truth. Then you will start to heal the wounds and recover. There is a future for you and your children in spite of your guilt. You must understand that future cannot include Gerry. People with this type of personality disorder cannot change - he will always be highly dangerous to you and the children. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING FOR MADELEINE, FOR THE TWINS AND FOR YOURSELF. YOU WERE A STRONG AND EDUCATED LADY AND YOU CAN BE AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT LIFE HOLDS FOR YOU IN THE SHORT TERM - GET INDEPENDANT LEGAL ADVICE AND BE BRAVE.


Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Eureka - great to hear from you again - I think your comment is so important concerning the Daily Mail article I am going to start a fresh thread.

Viv x

hope4truth said...

Dolores it's me hope4truth I want to send you a message from the other side have I done it right???

hope4truth said...

Oh it's ok I have found my way over here LOL..

Well I dont know why I found that so hard...

Sorry I am not talking about the subject but needed to make sure I was doing this correctly..

ratonthebeam said...

Hi Viv, I have just left the DX for good too. It's honestly just not worth it anymore.

felicity said...

Hey Hope4truth, Dolores and Rat - I am absolutely delighted to have you here!

Let us leave the McNasties to it - only they believe the absurd rubbish they come up with!

I really look forward to your posts!

Viv x

hope4truth said...

Hello I had to come over (although Viv did not have a message on here for me) It was the coment made about a certian persons Avatar looking like Cynthia Payne merchandise that finally made me try again LOL what is it with that one she has gone all fluffy wuffy????

Rat I am sorry you have left DX you provided good honest posts but I guess you are not allowed an opinion as you get yelled at or banned???

Anyway glad I worked this out see you all later...

ratonthebeam said...

Hiya Hope

You will notice today on Oldhippy's profile that she has had no fewer than 16 of her last 20 posts deleted. Most of those 16 posts were aimed at me. Several times she demanded to know where I live. I found this behaviour both threatening and abusive and informed the moderators that this was the case. I was then told by some of the other pros that I was sneaky, childish and on the verge of a nervious breakdown!

I was then thoroughly trashed by Dobywalah and Rosie, called all sorts of names and again had my mental health questioned, and the Hitler topic dragged out yet again.

This comes hard on the heels of being cyberstalked last night by Maureen, who actually moved around several fora slagging me off to anyone who would listen.

I now firmly believe that there is a concerted campaign to "pick off" posters one by one, by the Pros hunting in packs. So far tonight both Betty and Athena have left for good. Muse has also been banned.

So I have b*ggered off for good and am leaving them to it. It is honestly not worth it anymore. It just shows how desparate the McCann Clan are becoming.

Best regards


felicity said...

Hiya Hope4Truth

Now if I had thought a personal message would have got you here faster - trust me you would have got one!

Glad it was my sense of humour that got you to arrive. It is a bit late in the day for her to come over all fluffy wuffy isnt it! I think the eye of ra was a little more honest than tart's boudoir - she does not have the personality to make a good tart LOL!

If you want to pop back, give them a link and tell them how easy it is to post I wont be shouting at you!

Luv Viv x

ratonthebeam said...


I got the following email from the DX after complaining about Rosie and Dobywallah.

Many thanks for your email and we are sorry you feel victimised.

We have been monitoring the forum and this story closely all day and checked
that all the reported comments do not break the rules of the forum.

We also understand that there is a strong divide between the anti and pro
McCanns on the site and do give out warnings and temporary or permanent
blocks where necessary.

Please continue to enjoy using the site safe in the knowledge that we are
watching what is being written and reported.

I think Rosie has had a stern warning. I still don't understand why she's not been banned though, other people have been kicked out for much, much less.... even ANNR had a comment remoed tonight on the grounds that it was "irrelevant". Honestly!

Best regards


felicity said...

Hiya Rat

I just read with horror your last post. I am afraid that is how they work and clearly I was target No 1.

Old Hippy lives in Dumbarton and so does Trish Cameron - Gerry's sister! They are an extremely unpleasant bunch and it does make you wonder what parenting style was adopted on their upbringing! We have seen Phil tell blatant lies on Sky News and slyly keep inferring how mad Kate is. Old Hippy has displayed pure hatred towards me in her comments even long after I had left and I know how hurtful and upsetting it is to be cyberstalked by a whole bunch of them - I dont need to reel off the names! My protests to the Daily Express only served to get me banned! Never before have I encountered such a vile side of human nature. You do reach the stage where you just cannot stand to read any more - if they think that counts as a "result" then good luck to them!

A friend did email me not long ago a post where Maudlin 7 was ripping into me again - they are repulsive!

All the pleasant people are choosing to come here and rationally discuss the search for the truth about what happened to little Maddie. I am so glad to have you on board and simply will not allow that vile offensive behaviour on here but there again as it is only people who I am friendly with that have arrived have never needed to put my foot down. They have not had the guts to post on here!

Luv Viv x

hope4truth said...


Viv are you Dolores if you are and cant say fine and if asking is a bit thick I am sorry but I am stunned...

Rat I was trying to read at work but was very busy I did not realise you were treated so badly by OH she must have had a head rush today she was not on the fence but more sensible than the otheres so was she Rosie Reasonable in disguise...

THis is discusting CD made me ill a few nights ago by being very odd now I can see her for the crazy she is I dont know why it upset me so much.. Well acturally I do it is because I thought we were discussing M and her saftey but it was about taking the mick out of me very sick..

Rat I loved your Avatar it was good to know you were there... I will post on the dark side tomorrow how easy it is to post I think the problem I had was the two URL boxes I did not know you could leave them blank...

I will post here as well now as the DX is just plain nasty I know that we have to consider an abdutor until all the evidence is presented but it is a very scary thought to think people would shield people who may have killed a child and make excuses for the neglect???

felicity said...

Hiya Rat

Many really hateful and unpleasant comments from Rosie, Christobel, Maureen and OldHippy in particular have not even been removed! I can still find the most appalling posts to me which are really upsetting. They have repeatedly broke the rules and there is never any question of permanently banning them - there can be only one reason for that! Simple innocuous comments get removed whilst their vile offence remains - I had a similar email from the DE but they never did anything until things got really terrible with Christo and Rosie referring to me as HIV and having non-stop rants about me which Maudlin joined at 2 am and then I got banned!! There used to be another called Gentlebreeze but I think she was banned but was one of the above! In fact given the early hours when it particularly happened it often looked like Rosie having a rant with herself!

I have seen posts of Rosie removed with the comment she has been warned - but just how many warnings does she get??

You are safe here!

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Hope

I am not Dolores although we have always got on great. I used to regularly chat to her on the DE as both Viv and Felicity. I am speaking the absolute truth when I tell you that after the DE banned me again as Felicity without any warning or reason being offered I determined to start my own blog and would not go back there again! I was upset because there are/were so many lovely people on the DE but on balance the offence and upset you also have to put up with makes it an experience I would not wish to repeat. It is lovely that some of those lovely people, including you are now here! In fact I wish they would all come! Just trying to think of a few more - Dadto3, DoctorDoom, Lizzie, Dr Val, Rothay, LisaJ, Betty, Margarida, quick, Muse, Dove, Ictoan, baththeory, sandiel - I am sure there are a lot more than that!

I was actually reading the DE forum when so called Chinadoll was so offensive to you, it still upsets me to read this! I have noted she comes on and makes challenging statements to try and wind posters up rather than having anything worthwhile to say. In the team they always seem to have one who plays this role - previously occupied by mum 21 and mandz. Maudlin usually does the same and keeps a file of all posts because we are all "liars"!!!

I think we could write a book about their obnoxious behaviour and id swopping!

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

Hope for truth
I am so very flattered you thought i was Viv, I wish I was as smart..Luv ya Viv xx

I am glad you found your way here Hope I have been trying to get as many people over here as I can ,where peace and sanity and some humour is.And no fear of getting upset, this blog friendly.
So enjoy

dolores said...

Hello Si, I am pleased to see you picked up my message to you on DE about coming here.You are Muse, are'nt you? Talk soon ,take care

Anonymous said...

How come this Rosiepops holds so much power on the DE forum?

A poster on the mirror once accused Kates' Aunty Rose from the IOM of sending threatening mails and video.......the thread was whooshed PDQ.

felicity said...

Dolores - such flattery will get you everywhere LOL!

Anon - there is a clear perception that anti-McCann posters have posts removed/get banned for the most trivial of reasons whilst Rosie in particular has been incredibly insulting including severe bullying and racism for months and gets away with it. The clear perception the media are biased in favour of the McCanns - because of the advertising revenue they produce/newspaper sales. I wonder if there is something of a sea change going on now. ~Another pro who has repeatedly been highly offensive old hippy had several posts removed yesterday telling her to stop abusive personal attacks. Even so others do not get the luxury of just having all the posts removed - they get banned!

I have never heard of Auntie Rosie from IOM - any more details?

Kind Regards
Viv x

Anonymous said...

Viv, as mentioned a poster started accusing this Rose of sending threatening mails(think it was connected to some psychic forum)

The PO said he also had received similar from her daughter Moira.

The PO said Rose Howard was a teacher at St, Marys School IOM and the daughter worked at the Childrens Centre IOM.

Before the post was whooshed people started digging in the IOM press.....what was established is that Kate did indeed have relatives there, Simon Cowell whose sister is married to Michael Wright.

No direct link to establish Kate and Rose/Moira....but articles confirmed that there was a teacher at St Marys by the name of Rose Howard.......It was also established that a Moira worked at the Childrens Centre

A poster in the IOM paper wrote that some of the Maddie collections on the IOM was given to the said centre.

felicity said...

Thanks Anon

That's interesting. I do recall that some posters have claimed that Rosie has directly targeted others by email. I have not experienced this personally but she was certainly targeting me and continues to do so!

I still think it is most likely she is Aunty Norah. Listen to the video of her on the December thread - it sounds just like Rosie! Including even suggesting the PJ are no longer interested in them - talk about love being blind. She is obviously very close to "our Kate". Aunty Janet who lives in Rothley is also another clear contender and would be able to state even more clearly the effect on the family. Both of these aunts have recently given interviews to the press clearly overruling Clarence Mitchell and feeling they can do better. Again, examples of very strong and forceful personality with very strong views and no one could argue that Rosie does not have these traits!

Viv x

Dylan05 said...

Hi all.
Have been a "silent watcher of DE HYS on this subject for months and months... I haven't commented as it's addictive enough without becomming embroiled in nasty conflabs with the pros.

All I want to say is that I miss Viv et al from the DE and thank god there are still some intelligent wits on that site that have not succumbed to the pros bullying and kicked out.
Viv - I'm mighty glad for this web-site you have set up - only found it 2 days ago from a link on HYS.

Plainwaters - great to see you here.

I met up with a friend over xmas. She is a trained Psychologist. I discussed the McSpam case with her and told her I found them insencere, suspicious, unnatural and most likely involved with the "disappearance" of their daughter".

She hadn't been as obsessed as me and therefore had not followed DE HYS but said: "Thank God someone else thinks the same as me!" - "I've always thought from their behaviour they were suspicious, but didn't dare to question in public in case I was accused of being inhumane to poor souls that have lost their daughter" - so you see - this insidious, nasty encroachment on freedom of thought, extends far beyond Rosieplops (excuse missspell!) and HYS, it has permiated the very fabric of British verbalism!!

Happy new year to you all, keep up the good work and info (need to keep drip-feed up!) won't post again as I have much MSc work to do and forget where my priorities lie (dejavu for the McCs!)


Anonymous said...

Testing, testing,

A 1,2,3 can you hear me at the back?

LittleGreyCell said...

Another test...

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Viv and Everyone,

First post on here, although I have been reading for a while.

Well done, Viv, for this site! Loads of interesting information...

Just wanted to say that the only post I've ever had removed on the DE site was one where I - politely - noted to Rosiepops that she had been mysteriously absent for the duration of the week when Panorama would have been filming the friends and family prior to the prog's transmission.

Whoosh! Gone in a trice.

I wrote to the DE to ask why, and they replied (very nicely) that they tried to encourage a friendly atmosphere on the site (!).

Did McRosieHealey report me? Or were the mods protecting their biggest asset?

Interesting now that Team McCann don't bother to deny they're related to K&G. Someone was persistent with RosiePoser the other day and she virtually revelled in the association.

And LazMarkDopeyWalley55 isn't worried about countering the accusations, either.

Why the change of heart?

And actually, why bother keep up the nasty work, anyway? They're hardly getting people onto their side, and now that everyone realises what nasty, hard, bullying folk the McCann friends and family are, it doesn't exactly show K & G in a good light, does it?

felicity said...

Hiya Dylan 05

I am pleased you have found your way to my page and find it interesting. It is also nice that many people tell me I am missed on the DE - thanks so much for that!

There are an amazing mix of highly educated people commenting on the DE and it has always impressed me with the interesting views they put forward. In this way we all learn and improve our understanding. Also, I think, when views are pleasantly imparted they carry much more weight. I know I am not the only one who thinks the relatives /internet monkeys on the DE have done Kate and Gerry a grave disservice. In my view Kate, at least, does deserve some sympathy for her plight but they persuade no one of this with their nasty comments. Of course there is no attempt to split Kate and Gerry in terms of responsibility - their plaintive cry is that neither are in the least guilty - Murat is. We all know this is quite absurd! They have seriously alienated people by telling us to shut up about leaving them on their own and that this was a "mistake". When we hear of Madeleine crying pitifully for two hours the night before and still they choose to leave them - it is clearly going to seriously get people's backs up to describe this as a mistake. Also the attempt to split off the negligence from what else happened. It is all part and parcel of the same event and typical of abusive parents that they would leave children in that way. They seek to play up the negligence aspect to cover more sinister conduct - we know they would not have also left the doors open! This is merely to cover the fact that Gerry did not manage to stage any break in to make the abduction theory look more feasible. He is a twit anyway because the forensics would have led straight back to him!

Plainwaters is one of the many who has just found it impossible to put up with the unbridled nastiness of their supporters on the DE - I am delighted that she is willing to write on here. She has great compassion and a clear talent for writing and has been one of the very best contributors I have read. So yes Welcome Plainwaters although she now wishes to be known as Josiepublic on my site. A new name and a new beginning where we do not have personal insults towards other posters. To disagree is fine - I have disagreed with my good friend Docmac on here tonight but I think we have both demonstrated it can be done in a pleasant way - democratic debate with everyone entitled to respect for their own point of view.

I am encouraged by the remarks of your psychologist friend. It is not just a case of us blindly believing the police - we have a mind of our own and I have always been suspicious of the McCanns.

I wish you a happy new year also - and hope you can find time to post again. I really enjoyed reading your views as I am sure others have. As you say there are still good people on the DE and I enjoy reading them also. Because I like so many of them it is great when they also manage to post here.

Kind Regards
Viv x

felicity said...

Hello Littlegreycell!

How lovely to hear from you - another of my favourites from the DE. Increasingly, I am not feeling so alone on here!

The power that Rosie clearly has to get posts instantly removed/people banned has obviously moved on from being pure conjecture. It is like the DE know exactly who he/she is! She has on many occasions bragged about getting posts and people removed whilst confirming she can say just about whatever she likes. I was interested to note a few days ago though that the DE removed about 16 posts of Old Hippy and she is clearly one of the clan! I think increasingly the DE and the DM are moving towards preparing us for acknowledging the guilt of the McCanns with today's story clearly appealing for sympathy for Kate - I have it - to an extent - although still feel she should be brave and tell the police the truth. I am wondering really if her concern is more at the prospect of losing the twins than losing Gerry? She has become seriously embroiled in a highly criminal piece of behaviour and should accept there is only one way out. Hopefully, she would still be allowed some contact to the twins. I honestly believe that if there is one person that deserves some mercy and understanding it is Kate. I think Gerry has made her very ill.

Some of their supporters seem to have an identical personality style to Gerry McCann but slowly I think it is beginning to dawn upon them that the unbridles nastiness and futile denials are really not helping anyone. More and more comes out so that it is patently obvious what Kate and Gerry McCann did and who they are. They have been fighting a battle they were destined to lose and should have stood for Madeleine, not Kate and Gerry. They are still alive and big enough to take care of themselves. We know who the real victims are here - the three little children who were born to this couple.

Lovely to hear from you and I really hope you will continue to post. The more I can read on here of such great contributors as yourself rather than having to go back to the DE and read Rosie * Co also the better!

Lots of love
Viv xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Viv,

Thank you for your very kind remarks! :)

I've thought for a long time about posting on your site, but 1. I've already been addicted enough to this story for my husband and son to look at each other and raise knowing eyebrows whenever I'm tip-tapping away in a frenzy on the DE site, grinding my teeth with steam coming out of my ears and 2. the prospect of getting to grips with another site requiring a modicum of technological skill was enough to make me put it off.

However, now dealt with all that - the Men are happy, and the technology mastered, so here I am!

I totally agree with you, Viv - I think Kate is so dependent on Gerry, and has been for such considerable time, that she has had the stuffing sucked out of her. That's to say, I don't think she is in contact with her own personality and strength any more.

He's obviously totally in control of her, and she seemingly colludes with him absolutely.

Whatever went on to cause Madeleine's disappearance (and no, I don't think it was an abduction) must have been a huge shock, and I'm sure she's only been coming to terms with the enormity of it very slowly.

The family are really nasty, aren't they? You only have to look at Gerry's face in the latest pic on your blog to see the rottweiler mentality.

I'm not going to be shoved off the DE site - for one thing, although The Others are nasty, they're really not that bright, and it's gratifying to play them at their own game - albeit on my terms - and win!

Also, I do believe strongly that they absolutely have no right to threaten the existence of places where people are lawfully allowed to have their say.

And there's the small matter of it morally being objectionable for Team McCann to believe just because they are connected to Kate and Gerry, that makes it alright for the pair to get away with whatever (possibly major) crime/s they may have committed.

But I will also continue to post on here, Viv. I'm full of admiration for what you've done - and look on it as one of those mysterious ways of the Universe where adversity leads onto something more worthwhile! Although naturally I'm appalled at the horrible treatment you came in for. (Am trying to redress the balance with my trusty little penguin...)

Have a lovely Sunday,

X LittleGreyCell

Dylan05 said...

Good day to you all!

There seems to be a lack of news today and I can't find a link to current HYS.

Have abandoned revision today under the guise of too many excuses! Gerry's photo nearly made me heave this morning - doesn't go fown too well with a hangover! It looks as though he is trying to clear an obstruction......maybe a hairball of lies?!!! Lol

One thing the pros never seem to acknowledge is that the Mcs never admitted responsibilty or remorse at abandoning their children to their fate. It brings to mind an incident with my own children years ago. I was staying with a family member when my eldest daughter was a baby and my son a toddler. The baby shared a room with us as she had a travel cot and my son slept in the room next to us. In the early hours, I heard him crying but couldn't find him - it turns out that he had fallen down the side of the bed and was trapped. It just goes to show that absolutely ANYTHING can and does happen to youngsters. If I hadn't have been there, I dread to think what would have happened to him. The poor lamb was beside himself with fright.
For that reason, I would never, ever leave a child alone, at night and leave the building. Come to think of it, I wouldn't go on a holiday where I would leave them in a creche all day anyway. That's not a holiday for them! We went walking in scotland one year and I carried my youngest daughter everywhere, on my back, in a carrier as i don't see my children as an inconvenience.

I'm often accused of being over-protective but I'd rather be that than risk the inconceivable. How anyone can stick up for the Mcs behaviour astounds me!

Something I noticed the other day in the DE, a witness placed Murat in the area, AFTER the abduction had supposedly taken place.... Now I might be barking up the wrong tree but....IF Murat HAD abducted M, are we really supposed to believe that he would then go back and hang around the crime scene??! He might not be a doctor, but that would make him REALLY stupid wouldn't it? or maybe just very clever!

Thanks for all the great info all, if I find anything interesting myself, I'll let you know.

Time to get out of my pyjamas me thinks! It is nearly 1pm after all!


Paul said...


Your blog is absolutely pathetic.

You claim to be so concerned about Madeleine but all you do is slag off posters of the DE. You call people who disagree with you all sorts of names and then say you are the pleasánt one! You need so much help.

The DX banned you because you are an aggressive stirrer. That is clear to everybody.

I hope you dont have kids-who needs a mother who is as unbalanced as you. Get the help you so obviously need.

felicity said...

Hiya again Rat

I note there are an increasing number of people both on here, and the DE, or both, who see how domineering and controlling Gerry is. The very recent picture I have posted really does show the true Gerry I feel. We have certainly seen it before but perhaps not quite so pronounced. The look of anger when a reporter asked him if he knew Murat and how he grabbed Kate and bounced off, removing his mike and bouncing off set when asked about sedatives with Kate look bemused and sorrowful. The video of him on the bus arriving in PDL when he had to be reminded they were actually on holiday - whilst he is scowling and swearing in front of all the children.

I think both the family, and their supporters seem to demonstrate the same ugly personality - note the latest comment from Paul below - which is a typical example! We have seen Philomena blatantly lying on Sky News claiming Kate was offered a deal and telling us how she was apparently screaming with rage at 3 am. Trying to paint Kate as the one with the rage problem is not going to fool people - we have seen so much anger and rage from Gerry which he is not very good at covering up. I am sure the latest pic he will be very angry about - but whoever took it - well done!

I just cannot begin to imagine how Kate must now feel. The choices she has to make are agonising and bring her terrible anguish and heartache no matter which way she goes. Let us hope her own family members can help her to go down the right path so that she will have the ocmfort of knowing she has done the right thing for Madeleine and the twins. None of them can be safe with a man who even displays his aggression to the general public. I really dread to think what he is like when he knows there are no cameras around, but have no doubt he is a very dangerous man, who Kate must know she needs to get away from, sooner rather than later.

Good for you for standing your ground with the McCann thugs on the Daily Express. Most of them lack any intellect and clearly have no valid points to argue so it can be fun observing you and many others showing them up for what they are. All Rosie can do is to keep droning on about Murat or how they just made a terrible "mistake" and it really is quite pathetic to watch! Certainly Kate made a terrible mistake by not continuing to run from the pursuit by Gerry McCann. I am sure she is only too clear now that becoming involved with him was the worse mistake she ever made.

Thanks again for your support and words of encouragement - like you I have no intention of being silence and will keep imploring Kate to do the right thing until such time as she actually does - along with other members of the Tapas - they know Gerry for what he is and must speak out.

Viv xx

felicity said...

Whoops last post incorrectly addressed to Rat rather than LittleGrey - sorry love you both!

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya again Dylan 05

It is the refusal to accept responsibility and the comments made that has made the public so angry isnt it. Gerry 'well it was just like being in our back garden' what rot - you can hear your children cry in the back garden and would not leave them crying for two hours would you! Kate 'I know I am a responsible mom, I tell myself that every day'. This is quite bizarre and perhaps reflects her mental state. A good mom would obviously tell the police the truth - that is what Kate needs to face up to and do!

Your story of your own baby becoming trapped at the side of the bed highlights why it is of course unlawful to leave young children on their own. I am still frankly amazed at what this group of doctors actually did. It was the constant dumping in the creche all day as well coupled with them continuing to do so with the twins and going abroad and leaving them for several days that really started to say to me this couple just cannot be right. What point was there in taking their children on holiday - they would have had more love and attention, not mention being safe at night, by being left behind with their grandparents. I do not think we can entirely blame Kate because I think we are agreed it is his will that prevails and she is obviously cowed and frightened of him - accustomed to doing as she is told or God help her. We have seen all the bruises. Mrs Fenn above and the O'Briens next door must have heard just how much of a holiday her and the children were getting - it really is the most horrible thought.

It is much better to be over-protective of your children than blatantly negligent - at least that way they are safe and properly protected from harm.

I entirely agree - Rosie keeps harping on about these so called eight witnesses who say they saw Murat hanging around as early as 10.30 onwards! As though this somehow proves he abducted Madeleine - it is utterly ridiculous! Going back to the scene of the crime very shortly after you have committed it - is just not within the span of anyone's behaviour! There were presumably hundreds of people hanging around - why is it only in Murat's case that this somehow proves he abducted her - words fail me! In any case, even if he was around that night - I can think of a perfectly good reason why he would lie to the police. It is well known that people also lie not because they are guilty but because they are afraid. Given that McCanns friends and Sky reporters were trying to suggest his hanging around and sweating made him guilty I could certainly understand him being very afraid - that he was going to get locked up and blamed for something he did not do. I am so suspicious of Gerry McCann I feel it may well have been on his mind to frame Murat who he knew was there BEFORE he even arrived in PDL.

Thanks so much for your interesting post and promise to let me have details of anything of interest that you find out.

Viv x

Dylan05 said...

Good morning all!

DE has once again not provided a link to HYS even though M has made front page today.

Viv, re Kate - I think you are right in your belief she is "controlled" woman. On nearly every single photo of her since day one of ths tragic case, she never looks directly it the camera. It shows she has something to hide and is afraid of that, whilst Gerry looks straight at the camera in a challenging and I think, agressive way as if to say "I dare you to disbelieve me..". It was Kate's avoidance of the camera that lead me to believe there was something huge weighing on shoulders & that was before they were made arguidos.
When others who have lost a child and been in the media, they have the wide-eyed look of desperation and open and honest pleading. You can see fraught panic in their eyes. Kate and Gerry have never demonstrated this because they know that no amount of pleading will bring M back.

I've been in an abusive relationship myself. In public with him I always put on a brave face but found it very difficult to look people in the eye. It is a strange irony with abused people that they somehow blame themselves for what is done to them. If Kate is feeling this I feel very sorry for her and if she has lost M for good, I don't know how she carries on with life, especially with having to keep up charade that she does.
I wonder, had she not have been with Gerry if she woud have told the truth from the outset. I think she would but I guess we'll never know.
I just really hope, above all else, that if M is still alive, she is not suffering. I was very upset over Sarah Payne's murder, it doesn't bear thinking about what the poor girl went through. I think most of the pros think we are heartless and nasty, on the contrary, I know that none of us would want M to have suffered so they couldn't be more wrong.

Have a good day

Dove said...

The McNasties seem to come in late at night and rip you apart. Going into the DE in the evening has sadly turned into a bulling room.
Part of me wants to leave off posting in there at all, the other part tells me that this is just what they want, they'd shout hurray, who shall we attack next. The profiles of these peoples posts shows what they're up to.
I don't make fun of people who have mental illness but I did use the knitting needle sketch from 'Blackadder' because the character is trying to get out of a difficult situation by pretending to be mad, this IMO is what K.M. is doing, I know she's under stress (of her own creation) but mad...never.

Dylan05 said...

Hi Dove,

I do remember that Blackadder sketch - he was trying to get out of the final "push" as I recall & a very appropriate quote of yours it was too! It does indeed seem that team McC are trying to push that image of Kate. Most of us have had little sympathy for her because of her lack of compassion and coldness. When the public asked for tears, they got tears. Now I think they want us to feel sorry for her - she may not have a welcoming large bossom, but, hey! She's just like you and me... If that's their way of trying to endear her to us than I think they have failed miserably as it just comes across as another "ploy" to pull the wool over our eyes. RPlops may buy it but most intelligent people won't ;-)!

I don't know why they have to be so abusive. It doesn't get their point across as rational and considered at all.

Viv's site is great & I'm glad I've found my way here as it's full of some really usefull information which, frankly, there is void of in most of the daily news.

I did say I wouldn't post again but I knew it would be hard to resist....!

I certainly never bothered on the DX forum as I don't think I'm brave enough to fend off the nasties! Good for you that are and have been. It's odd, I don't know any of you but it almost feels like I've known some of you for ages!!! lol


felicity said...

Hiya Dylan & Dove

There are some great posts building up on here - thanks for your own really good contributions.

Kate is a very difficult woman to read exactly because she does give off some very mixed messages. I think she is a lot more intelligent than Gerry. Sometimes she looks arrogant and defiant - I noticed this particularly when she was both entering and leaving the police station in September. Gerry on the other hand looked absolutely gutted. This is true to type very arrogant and aggressive until he can see he is losing control of the situation - psychopaths then see themselves as victims and the police wicked for pursuing them - this is the mentality that Rosiepops displays.

My own view of the reason for Kate's apparent arrogance at the police station is that she knows she did not actually kill Madeleine and so she knows that she does not have so much to fear from the police. Her bruises clearly suggest she tried to save Madeleine.

On many occasions she has presented as extremely false - like the time she came out of the church at Luz, screwed her face up and said Please pray for Madeleine, she is lovely. I know many people thought that performance as genuine but I am afraid I do not. It is at times like that when you could think it was actually her that killed Madeleine or that Gerry did and she just does not care.

She also gave that impression on Panorama particularly. She spoke of Madeleine with the same air as chatting about and to one of her mates in a coffee shop - it was completely off hand and callous including some of her remarks - has she become emotionally numb? Unable to cry?

The Spanish interview was also a particularly false and stage managed looking interview with Kate repeatedly looking down left most definitely coming across as a liar with a lot to hide and little emotion. I certainly did not see her cry or her eyes even fill with tears which is what people naturally do when speaking of something that causes them huge emotion but they are trying to speak and not be overwhelmed by crying.

At other times she has looked utterly dejected and most definitely controlled by him - afraid to speak and if she does always looking to him for a cue. Gerry is a PR disaster saying to her at the end of the Spanish interview dont say anything until they take the mike off - nothing to incriminate either of them - he always wants to control her speech as though he is fearful of what she might say. On occasions she has tried to speak and been spoken over by him.

My initial gut reaction was that she was a very frightened and controlled woman and Gerry is a controlling aggressive male. He does little to hide this - he just cannot and I feel certain I am right about him.

But still there remains a doubt about Kate. On balance I think my initial gut reaction was right but what she is covering up is hard to understand. The bruises on her certainly seem to suggest this is a situation of a woman totally controlled by an aggressive and terrifying man and I have sometimes seen her give him a gaze that would suggest a degree of loathing and utter disdain.

I think the DE article is important in that it only asks for sympathy for Kate. I believe they are sending us a clear message and on this occasion I do not really think this is spin and it is ominous that the pro-McCanns have so studiously avoided it - this they have never done before. Philomena McCann has lost no opportunity to have a sly dig at Kate suggesting she is mentally unstable and Gerry also has suggested she is not fit to be left alone with the children. This clearly suggests to me they are trying to suggest to the public if anyone is to blame it is her. I find Gerry and his sister to be repulsive manipulative liars.

If Kate genuinely has gone through what I believe that she has then I do not think she would need to fake mental illness. There are clear indications Gerry stalked and pursued her from the very outset and she went an awful long way to get away from him - to New Zealand and Canada. Stalking is very sinister behaviour and most women who finish up being killed by their partner have been stalked by them. It is one of the very worse forms of controlling behaviour and demonstrates a very sinister person to do this. So I think on balance Kate does deserve a degree of sympathy because she is caught between the devil and the deep and I do wonder if her motivation for not speaking out is to hang on to her two remaining children. I wish her mum would point her in the right direction.

Best wishes to you both

Viv xxxx

Stormin_thru said...

Hi Viv
Good to know you are still around. I could not believe how and why you and were banned !!!

Anyway keep up the good work.
This site is great and so informative without any of the spitefullness!!! Now I have found it I shall be back!!

felicity said...

Hiya Stormin

Perhaps the DE succumbed to some pressure being applied in my own case!

I am pleased you like the site and look forward to hearing from you again. Things are getting very interesting and I think the doubts that existed in many as to whether Kate and Gerry do know exactly what happened to little Maddie have now been dispelled.,

Luv Viv x