19 Jan 2008


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It is refreshing that the Daily Express's sister paper, The Daily Star, are prepared to publish a useful article giving us the up to date position. However, we did not actually think there was a link in the first place - it is just that McPologists and the Kate and Gerry spin machine sought to make one. I wonder how Kate McCann got this lady's email address? It is rather annoying they suggest it is "another blow for Kate and Gerry McCann" - only inasmuch as they are brought ever closer to getting what they so richly deserve!

I am pleased to read the police are making progress in solving Mari's case. Let us hope there will be a happy ending here, at least.

In relation to little Maddie, I agree, the only place to sort this one out is in a court room. I have no doubt this is where the McCanns are headed and maybe a few more besides. How wise of Esther McVey to remove herself from trouble! I wonder which particular set of lies Kate and Gerry McCann will be presenting to the Court? This couple do not even have the decency to ensure a decent burial and service for their little girl. They are beyond forgiveness for what they have done and seek to profit from and conceal.

As they obviously do not wish to tell the truth about what happened to their little girl, we have every confidence in the PJ and British Police to provide us with it and the McCanns will have to take the consequences.


Viv x

ABOVE: Another blow for Gerry and Kate McCann
19th January 2008
By Jerry Lawton
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Police are to rule out any link between the Madeleine McCann case and the abduction of a five-year-old Spanish girl.
The move will bring fresh heartache for Gerry and Kate McCann.Portuguese detectives do not believe the missing Brit was snatched from her family’s holiday apartment.They are convinced the four-year-old died accidentally and her parents disposed of her body. But police in Spain do think little Mari Luz was abducted on a 200-yard walk home in Huelva last Sunday. Yesterday Mari’s distraught mum Irene, 30, thanked Madeleine’s mother Kate for an e-mailed message of support and urged her: “Don’t give up – your daughter will be found.’’Reports in Spain said detectives were close to making a breakthrough in the case and have not found any evidence of a link to Madeleine’s disappearance.A source close to the McCann inquiry in Portugal said: “The police have kept a watching brief on the Mari Luz case because there was a chance that her abductor might have brought her to Portugal. “But detectives do not seriously think the two cases are linked. Their colleagues in Spain appear to be making considerable progress in that investigation.“Police here will not formally rule out the possibility Madeleine was abducted – but they don’t think it happened.’’Madeleine vanished from her family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, two days before her fourth birthday.Police have accused her parents Kate and Gerry, both 39, of launching a worldwide campaign to find their daughter in a bid to dodge a manslaughter charge.The investigation source said at least one Portuguese detective would shortly be flying to Britain to sit in on fresh questioning of the friends with whom the McCanns were dining that night.The interviews will be conducted by British officers. Then detectives will consider bringing criminal charges, the source claimed. “There is a feeling among the judiciary in Portugal that the best place to sort all this out is a courtroom,’’ he added.


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your last post, please do not make a mess, just use your magic scroll key! I vomitusvivitus

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The REAL VIV here you know the one that gives that Rosie a bad dose of paranoia - SPLENDID! HA HA !! See above viv vomitus - what a sick twisted little mind at work - nice to know how much you love me Rosie!!

Carry on making excuses for the McScums Rosie dear - even when they are in prison - right where "parents" like those two belong...I suppose you could visit them - mobility problems aside - those electric scooters are very good I hear but dont know whether you can take them into a prison - perhaps you should enquire?

Lots of love

Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-)

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dont post to me, I wont reply to you

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As clear as day to you apparently. I'm an ordinary person without law degrees- your are as about on track with that remark as your constant painting of the McCanns as poor innocents.

I take it by your last remark that you are the Queen Bee who can refuse to answer posts even when you are addressing somebody? Unlike us mere mortals such as Rothaymere?

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Strange that lol. Viv is someone who is not easily forgotten, bless her. She really does arouse some strong feelings amongst some posters here. I wonder why?

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The interesting part is that she has been away from here for some time now and people still talk about her. :-)

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Ironside said...

Hi everyone....In the midst of all this misery and pain a light Magdalena McScam’s mum has told the parents of a child feared snatched by the same abductor: “I feel your pain.’’

GP Kath, 39, sent her words of comfort to the parents of five-year-old Harry Luz Cortes when the McScams’ private detectives met them to investigate links between the two cases.

Kath, 39, told Harry’s ex-footballer dad Don Juan and his devastated wife Irena they are in her thoughts and daily prayers, when she’s not hitting the bottle.

In an e-mailed message she said: “I feel your pain, no web site or official spokesman yet in place. As parents we know what you are going through.’’

Kath said she “felt sickened’’ when she heard Harry had vanished from the port of Huelva, in south-west Spain – 120 miles from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, ‘why couldn’t it have been in Portugal, so we could have had a right go at the Portuguese police” ranted Kath.

Her message added: “You are in my thoughts. Best wishes. I am praying that Harry Luz is found safe and well, after you have had the chance to make at least one million euros.’’

The youngster disappeared after buying chips in a shop just 200 yards from her parents’ run down tenement home on Sunday. “Poor little mite” said Kath. At least our Maggie has a beautiful house in the East Midlands to come home to. Not a single council estate within walking distance.”

Mr Don Juan, 34, who is now a construction firm boss, after being given the sack by Bath-a-lona after the incident with the Under 11’s Boy’s team, said: “Kath McScam has been in touch to offer us her condolences and the name of her web developer. Only now do I know what they must also be suffering; trying to set up a Paypal account is a nightmare.’’

The Cortes family are considering an offer from the McScams to include a photograph of Harry Luz on 12,000 posters due to be printed and put up in Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands, but have yet to come to a financial agreement.

Don Juan said: “We’d like to thank the McScam’s from the heart of our bottoms for this offer, but at this moment still have to see the colour of Gedda’s money; how do you say in English - tight Jock bástard?’’

Family friend and local pasta Luis Molinasolima said: “It was a wonderful gesture from a family that is also suffering a great deal trying to break through the two million pound barrier with their Fund. It is a great comfort that one day Don Juan and Irena may also have that kind of spending power.”

Investigators from the Barcelona-based Metonto 3 detective agency, aka The Clowns, hired by the McScams, think the two cases may be linked, but they have had their head up their own arses since October of last year, so no one is holding their breath!

Spanish detectives were last night reported to be questioning a local man who is believed to be a known sex offender and an easy target to set-up. He disappeared the day after Harry Luz vanished to take his new job at a local kid’s home.

Her grandfather Juan Two Three Suarez said he is sure the girl was lured away by two other children on the orders of the attacker. “These children must have been bait to lure my grand-daughter,’’ he said, “either that, or she just likes the taste of chips”.shines through . I am going to send you a post from CaboFrio...who posts on the Mirror and the3arguidos

Ironside said...

This post above is from a very funny poster...who helps you see through the darkness...Cabo Frio
who posts on the3arguidos and mirror forum...thought you might enjoy....

felicity said...

Hiya Ironside

Thanks a lot for that. Cabo certainly has an amusing way of incorporating all the elements of McScamming. I especially like the Retardos are seeking a sex offender who will be an easy target to set up... says it all really!

You cant beat a bit of satire to make a serious point...

Cheers Viv x \

Ironside said...

Hi Alsabella hope you are enjoying the weekend, tell me several months back now, there was a report on antena 3 that said PJ found an unusual amount of cleaning fluid in app. 5a...plus there was a photo. of a large container being removed by forensics....I believed we discussed this...do you have any more info.on this or even a link....?....or can you guide me some where thast I may find some more info....I believe it was the first programme report here---so must have been october...Thanks..someone has asked me for this info...would like to help if I can...Regards to your family....

J J said...

How did Kate McCann phone the parents of the Little Spanish girl who has gone missing?
How did they converse, does she speak fluent Spanish?
Where did she get their phone number from?
Is this just a load of spin?

felicity said...

Hiya Ironside

I do recall seeing a report on TV after Rebello took over in October of the PJ rolling a large drum about 60 cm high outside the apartment when he went with other officers we also saw him looking at the windows, shutters and bushes outside. I did wonder what the drum was at the time - cleaning fluids or chemicals of some type and whether they had removed it from the apartment - if I recollect it was like they was rolling it towards the apartment - very odd. It may have been on Sky News but I am not sure now. Will try and see if I can find anything.


Welcome to the forum! - I understood Kate had emailed her and wondered how she got the address - I suppose there is nothing that Clarence cant fix up!

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya again Ironside - I have put a fresh post up - the inspection took place on 29/10 and the drum was actually taken to the apartment by those officers - to carry out further tests>>>

Viv x

Ironside said...

Felicity...Thank you my friend

felicity said...

Hey Ironside

Anytime meu amigo!

What do you think of this new FBI artists impression - see Sky.

Viv x