4 Jan 2008


04.01.08, 11:03pm
With thanks to Doctordoom for spelling this out as follows:-"With the parents remaining official suspects, the first anniversary deals are having to be carefully negotiated. Any income generated must, for now, be talked of in terms of "helping find Madeleine."Hence the desperate need to empty the official fund as quickly as possible, throwing money away on lost causes like Metodo3. (The McCanns can hardly plead they need more money to find their daughter when there's a million pounds in the Fund...)Expect the official Fund to be formally wound up on the first anniversary, sorely depleted. Then some new device will be put in place that will give the McCanns more direct access and control over the multi-millions that will pour in.Only to help find Madeleine, of course..."It's a clever game, they are playing, to be sure, doctordoom. However, my bet is that their high risk gamble - or 'aggressive, high risk strategy', as Gerry McCann puts it - will turn to dust in their hands.They've made far too many enemies by their smart a*ss manoeuvrings, and Clarence Mitchell is no match for Max Clifford. Boo hoo. Life's unfair. The McCann Machine overlooks one small, telling detail: the world despises child neglectors. Their clever antics might work in politics, business, and entertainment. They won't work in the case of one little girl called Madeleine who went missing because Mummy and Daddy wanted to wine and dine with their pals, night after night.It's a moral story of our times, doctordoom. Adult self-indulgence at the expense of innocent infants.Glad you post though. Best people see this cynical game for what it is.
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Brilliant post Leigh - DocDoom is good isnt he!

Viv x


felicity said...


Maybe we fail to condemn his so called millions because the reality is that thanks to Kate and Gerry McCann he is actually flat broke! Since when did wrting this absurd rubbish convince anyone with a brain???? What is more, if he were to receive compensation for what he has gone through why would anyone begrudge this to him?

04.01.08, 11:08pm

yet want to slate the McCann's for trying to control what is said, done and written in *THEIR* daughter's name.

Oh righty, that figures, how hypocritical is that?

let's see the extra long posts trying to reason themselves out of that one.

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felicity said...

04.01.08, 11:11pm

A man who's life was ruined by hearsay may be entitled to profit if he is innocent.

Criminals like the McCannns are most certainly not!

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Well Said! They leave Madeleine crying on her own every night and then when they " lose " her they want to make loads of money???????? They want to "control" the book and film rights. Tough Team McCann the arguido status sticks YOU ARE CRIMINALS ON YOUR OWN ADMISSION. Your "controlling" days are over Gerry McCann! Perhaps you should come up with another "aggressive and risk strategy" - even if you do the police and the general public have your measure, mate!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you!

I have been away for two weeks now and had no opportunity while in Portugal to spend much time on the internet.
I hope you had a lovely Xmas time!
How is your Portuguese? What are the new words you have been learning? OMG, so much reading for me to catch up.


Athena (Lili)

felicity said...

Ola meu querida amiga!

How lovely to have you back!

I wish you all the very best for 2008 and hope you had a lovely break in Portugal.

Yes, the site does continue to expand and there are a lot more posters coming on now!

Muito beijinhos e ambracos
ate amanha
Love you
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Anonymous said...

Excellent post about McScams. The majority of people see right through them now. We're left with trolls and a handful of naive people who cannot believe any parents could be so evil.

Great blog, please keep up the good work. Justice is long overdue for this poor little girl.

felicity said...

Hiya Thanks Anon.

I think ordinary people do now see fairly precisely what has happened here. Those on the DE trying to suggest otherwise are just telling blatant lies and they know it..Then there are perhaps just a couple who seem to be very naive. Parents do behave like Gerry McCann - that is a grim reality - although it is rare they could be so wicked to also want to cash in on what they have done. That comes from his total lack of empathy and 100% self- interest - severe personality disorder found in many people who kill. Shipman is an example of a man who was not content with killing - he wanted to make money from it as well - and they tell us doctors are not capable of behaving like this! Psychopaths exist in all professions - but not all of them actually go so far as to kill. Some manage to exert power and control without going to such extremes of cruelty.

Kind Regards