15 Jan 2008



The Daily Mail did not feel able to report that a 5 year old girl had been snatched in Spain on her way home from shops. Instead they have to put all the Maddie links and even a Maddie picture in the story telling us Huelva is only 120 miles from PDL. Maddie seems to be the whole basis of the story, almost as though this little Spanish girl is of no import other than to provide evidence of the innocence of Kate and Gerry McCann. Sadly, this is almost certainly an abduction and happened as it generally does by a predator seeing a vulnerable young child out on her own. It is very sad that in this day and age the parents thought she was old enough to go shopping on her own. I do hope they manage to recover her. Meanwhile in spite of this sickening piece of reporting where the Daily Mail seem to have forgotten that all children are important - the McCanns remain prime suspects into the death and disappearance of Madeleine. It will take more than sick spin reporting to change that!

Viv x

Madeleine: Police hunt for girl, 5, who went missing 120 miles from McCanns' resortLast updated at 18:20pm on 15th January 2008
Comments (55) Police in Spain were today continuing to hunt for a five-year-old girl who went missing 120 miles from the Algarve resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared.
The family of Mari Luz Cortes fear she has been abducted.
Her father Juan Jose Cortes broke down and said: "Whoever has her, bring her back and everything will be okay."
More than 100 officers and 500 locals have been searching the area in Huelva, a province which borders with Portugal.
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The distraught mother of Mari Luz Cortes holds a picture of her five-year-old daughter
Madeleine detectives fly to Spain on trail of paedophile gang
Madeleine eight months on: FBI expert shows how missing 4-year-old may look now
Madeleine: McCanns to wait another three months to see secret police files
Portuguese police also have search teams out on their side of the border.
Mari Luz has not been seen since Sunday afternoon when she went out to buy a packet of crisps from a local shop.
She was last seen by the shopkeeper wandering home at 5pm.
Her family raised the alarm at 7.30pm after scouring the area themselves.
Police with sniffer dogs have been searching nearby parkland and wells in the area.
They continued working all through Monday night.
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A second girl has now gone missing, not far from where Madeleine (above) disappeared
Mr Cortes, a former professional football coach who now runs a small construction company, said:
"We have no quarrels with anyone. We suspect nobody and everybody because the family doesn't know how to deal with this situation.
"If anyone has taken Mari Luz by mistake or if they thought she was lost, please bring her back.
"She's never left home because she's very shy, and she never gets lost." The five-year-old was wearing a jumper and pink leggings and white boots when she went missing.
Mari Luz's brother plays for local top division football side Recreativo de Huelva.
Huelva is a two hour drive from Praia da Luz, the Portuguese resort where Madeleine McCann went missing on May 3 last year.
Gerry and Kate McCann visited the city on August 3 as part of their campaign to find their daughter.
Portuguese police believe the Madeleine died in the family's rented holiday flat in Praia da Luz on May 3 and that her parents moved the body weeks later.
They were said to be suspicious of two "missing hours" when the McCanns were not seen during their trip to Huelva.
The McCanns insist they can fully account for their time in Spain. And Spanish police denied Portuguese reports that they were investigating the McCanns' trip.
Gerry and Kate McCann, both 39-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, believe their daughter was abducted. They insist they had nothing to do with her disappearance.
Private detectives hired by the couple are investigating paedophile gangs based in Spain, it emerged this week.
They are concentrating their investigation in Valencia and Alicante on the south east coast.


docmac said...

Viv the headline story in the Mirror was even worse. The ONLY picture was of Madeleine and the headline was

Police hunt for 'new Madeleine' missing girl, 5.

God knows I feel for all these missing children, but to put one above all the others in this manner is just so wrong. As you say, this Spanish girl may well have been abducted (judging by the circumstances) but how did the story turn into one soliciting sympathy for Madeleine again?

Ironside said...

Hi There...Have just posted on DX about this...I said to Claudia I
will givr this less than 24 hours before mccanns milk this story for
all its worth...Huelva of all places...Of Course the "Abductor" that snatched madeleine...Must be one and the same....
What a stroke of luck....
Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes have just arrived....Miss Marple has gone for a rest to do some

docmac said...

Ironside I reckon the Cortes' will receive a call from Claris before lunchtime tomorrow.

I see the sun also had a picture of Maddie only.

lizzy said...

Ironside, Docmac,
Have just been on the Mirror forum and saw an interesting post by somebody called khama title being exciting new theory, there are 5 pages in all. I wondered if either of you have read it as found it quite interesting,particularly the authors idea that there may have been a second car with dna in, his thoery was quite interesting and involves the blog of Gerry and trips they made. I have come off the De for a bit as it is wild on there and abusive at night.

LIZZY said...

There is a seperate post re a blue jeep hired by the Mccanns I believe this was prior to them hiring the scenic..hmm

docmac said...

Thanks very much Lizzy I will have a look in the morning. I hope you are well. Just finished watching the red side of Liverpool finish the job against Luton 5-0 by the way :-).

dolores said...

The initial report from PDL was from Martin Brunt, he had said Dna was taken fom the blue jeep.

felicity said...

Hiya All

I agree Clarence/the McCanns will milk this story for all they can. Now they are not just trading on little Maddie but the misery of another little girl as well. It does not seem to occur that they offend and repulse people.

Speaking of which have you had a look at the link on the above story to Maddie aged 8 months and haggard by an FBI artist - no doubt the same one who produced Jane Tanner's imaginary/Gerry look alike bundleman. This again is yet another attempt to play on people's sensitivities with something that is grossly tasteless. I also note from reading this that former Senior copper STalker is seriously promoting this - clearly this repulsive chap is not just into selling sun awnings - whatever it takes really if they pay him enough. No senior policeman who wanted to be taken seriously would write an article in the News of the World - Gerry's favourite paper - because it pays big bucks for any rubbish you want to get printed - fact or fantasy - no matter. Which reminds me I am going to look for that timeline that was in the News of the World that said the McCanns did not arrive that night until just before 9. When the PJ speak of discrepancies in the story of the various TAPAS members this surely does not have to mean that they are all lying - some may well be telling the truth e.g. they did not arrive until just before 9 that would create a discrepancy I reckon as compared with what Kate, Gerry, Jane, and O'B would say - because they are a bunch of liars involved together in a serious criminal conspiracy - they will not get away with it though. Also noted in an article I posted above from Correio in August it was again stressed how important the telephone calls before and afterwards were - this I believe is a major piece of the evidence against them including those 14 texts on Gerry's phone!

Viv x

felicity said...

sorry the article from Correio in August is on the other thread we have been chatting on - have they lost our sympathy!

viv x

lizzy said...

Yes my son has just watched the Liverpool game he said Liverpool should have beaten them by more than 5, but then he is a blue...Have been briefly on the De but Miss Marples who is so obviously Rosiepops is doing my head in, exactly the same style, and reasoning. Why do people not realise changing the name is not sufficient thier style shines through, ?or lack of it...lol

alsabella said...

Hummm...watch Metodo 3 find missing Mari Luz...

docmac said...

lizzy I saw you were there but I'm just taking the occasional snipe at Missrosiemarplepops and Dobywalroy tonight. The rest of the crap doesn't interest me at the moment. Just having a bit of fun. I see the 'original' posters never answer. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

PS tell your son I think we should always win EVERY game by more than 5 goals ;-).

docmac said...

Hi Alsabella

Has this story been confirmed in your press yet? If so, it is very sad.

alsabella said...


Apparently it has been on Portuguese tv. I checked the Spanish El Mundo and it is also reporting it.

The thing is, this is a gypsy child. What I am going to say next is by no means meant as a slur on them but the truth is that in these regions, no one messes with gypsies. They have a long memory and will kill you, and your family, up to the 5th generation if need be. No one wants to have a gypsy as an enemy. It is a cultural thing. So I find this very strange... I wonder if it is not a rivalry between gypsy families...we sometimes see that happen in these areas...also, they have something along the lines of deciding on who a child is going to marry practically at birth...and there are sometimes "kidnappings" of brides... I know she is only 5, but who knows if she is being groomed for the future??
As the police are searching we will eventually know something.

docmac said...

Thanks Alsabella, very much! Boa noite e dorme bem.

felicity said...

Ola Alsabells meu querida amiga!

I was interested in your comment...watch the Retardos find her...unfortunately there seems little the McCanns might not get up to! We have certainly learned to expect the very worse from Gerry and Ludicrous with their bizarre schemes to a) deflect attention from them and b) cash in big time.

What you say about the cultural aspects of this situation are also very helpful to gain a better insight into the situation. It is going to be very interesting to see how this develops and what responses we continue to get from Ludicrous and his mighty spinning machine. As ever, I hope that in amongst all of this they do not lose sight of the fact that an innocent little child is separated from her family. Let us hope and pray for her safe return very shortly.

Lovely to hear from you again - have you been giving them the benefit of your lively wit and intellect again on the DE - I have not had chance to read on there tonight but when you are posting it is great to read how you deal with those monkeys!

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Just for anyone who does not understand Portuguese

Ola meu querida amiga
hello my dear friend

Boa noite e dorme bem
Good night and sleep well

me and Doc have been learning a little from our Portuguese friends over the months :-)

alsabella said...

Hi Viv,

I have been posting, although I was a bit distracted today, as I should have been preparing a report...

New lesson:

A verdade vem sempre ao de cima!
Literally: The truth always rises to the top!

See you all soon.

felicity said...

Hiya Alsabella

That is a very good maxim - amid all the lies and contradictions the PJ and British police will find the truth! Lies and contradictions demonstrate they McCanns have plenty to hide and they are no match for our respective expert detectives and all the technology at their disposal. Mobile phone evidence helped to convict Huntley of the murders of Holly and Jessica - it will do so again here!

Lovely to hear from you again

Viv x

trudy said...

Whats it like to have a blog that noone reads or writes to forcing you to take posts off the DX site as well as write to yourself to fill in the space here? That must be one big red face moment.