8 Jan 2008



What really interested me was the resignation of Esther McVey who has aspirations to become a tory MP. This is indicative of just how much faith she personally has in Kate and Gerry McCann. If convinced of their innocence, her association with their cause, could do her political aspirations no harm at all. She clearly takes the alternative view - she cannot be associated with such incredible sleaze - how wise of you Ms McVey. The article seems to imply more resignations - I wonder who else. Note the controlling, money grabbing, Gerry will be heading the meeting - no mention of Kate!

Viv x

Madeleine the movie: McCanns in talks over missing daughter's storyLast updated at 10:24am on 8th January 2008
Comments (31) The McCanns are set to turn the story of their daughter into a film.
Kate and Gerry are in negotiations with the world's largest talent and entertainment agency, IMG, in a deal which could be worth millions.
The money would help fund the search for Madeleine amid fears that the £1.2 million raised from public donations will soon run out.
A source close to the McCanns said: "We would only get involved with something done sensitively and considerately."
If a deal is done with IMG, it would involve using the same team that made Touching The Void, an award-winning drama-documentary about the fight for survival of two British climbers lost on a mountain.

Missing: Madeleine may become the subject of a film that would raise funds for the McCanns' search
Blood found in McCanns' hire car 'DID come from Madeleine'
Madeleine witnesses 'may have mistaken this friend of the McCanns for Murat' on night she disappeared
The couple are also considering a book deal and selling interviews to television broadcasters with all proceeds going to the Madeleine Fund, the body set up to finance the search for the girl.
Madeleine was six days short of her fourth birthday when she vanished from her bed in the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3.
The film project will be discussed at a meeting of the fund's directors, including Gerry, tomorrow night at the McCanns' home in Rothley, Leicestershire.
The Madeleine Fund is committed to spending £50,000 a month on a Spanish private detective agency. It is also paying for a poster and television advertising campaign in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, where there have been several alleged sightings.
Estimates suggest at least £500,000 has already been spent.
A source close to the McCann family said: "Donations from the public are still coming in but to sustain the fund properly, we will need larger amounts.
"If the media are prepared to make donations, we will take the money. There are a few propositions out there.
"We have had a couple of large companies involved in the film industry approach us about a long-term deal. IMG and the production company behind Touching The Void have approached Kate and Gerry. They have sent them a tape to watch to see the sort of film they make. We have only had a preliminary discussion."

Kate and Gerry McCann: Negotiating over a film of Madeleine's disappearance
Touching The Void, which earned £7 million at the box office, is the most successful British-made documentary, winning best British film at the 2004 Baftas and an Evening Standard best film.
Directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald and made by the London-based production company Darlow Smithson, it tells the story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates and their near-fatal attempt to climb a mountain in the Peruvian Andes through a mixture of interviews with them and dramatic reconstructions.
A movie of the McCanns' torment in the Algarve, if made by the Touching The Void team, could follow a similar method.
The source close to the McCanns warned that the couple will only be able to begin negotiations in earnest provided their status as official suspects - or arguidos - is lifted by Portuguese police.
The couple's lawyers will apply for it to be removed in the coming months, once the doctors, both aged 39, have been re-interviewed by police amid reports that forensic evidence against them is at best "indicative" of their involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.

Director Kevin Macdonald, who made 2004's Touching The Void
They insist the girl was abducted from their holiday apartment eight months ago as they ate at a nearby tapas restaurant and that she could still be alive. The source added: "The million-pound film deal is possible. It is the sort of thing we would look at seriously because in one fell swoop we could resolve the funding of the search overnight.
"What would really help is for the arguido status to be lifted and then a wave of sympathy would lead to more money coming in."
The meeting tomorrow follows the resignation of key board members, including the fund's spokeswoman Esther McVey.
The fund agreed a deal in the autumn to pay the Barcelona-based agency Metodo 3 a retainer of £50,000 a month for six months to find Madeleine. Metodo 3 has come in for criticism over comments made by its boss Francisco Marco, including one that he knew who kidnapped Madeleine and a promise to find her by Christmas.
The fund has also been criticised for paying two months' worth of mortgage payments, amounting to a few thousand pounds, on the McCanns' home while they were in Portugal and unable to work.
The services of the family's official spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, as well as the McCanns' legal team, is paid for by the couple's multi-millionaire supporter Brian Kennedy.


docmac said...

Well this whole movie thing is repulsive. It does say one thing loud and clear and it is really obvious to me. You see, once negotiations are entered into, scriptwriters will start producing rough drafts for approval by the McCanns and their team. None of these scripts will include the joyous and safe return of Madeleine to her 'grieving' parents. What does this tell me? THEY ARE ACTUALLY ADMITTING THAT SHE IS NEVER COMING BACK. Gerry amazes me with his poor grasp of the implications of allowing this to appear in the press. Those still donating to the fund should stop doing so immediately. My, now this little girl's demise has turned into yet another business opportunity. They disgust me.

Ms McVey's resignation is really telling as you say. She is bright enough not to continue flogging a dead horse.

felicity said...

Ola Docmac!

It is repulsive but no surprise unfortunately - we always knew this was coming. Gerry let slip he was never expecting Maddie back didnt he talking about the long term and his plans for a one year celebration - WHAT A REPULSIVE TWIT!

It does seem to be an acknowledgement that cash contributions to the fund have all but dried up and I remember John McCann getting so angry about that - the pariyah is living off it! These two bastards will accept any route to keep the cash rolling. Scuse the French but they are so repulsive I cannot think of a better word to describe these two brothers from hell!

Luv Viv

Fair play to McVey!

josiepublic said...

A right family business the revolting McCanns are running, and all off the back of a dead child- damn vultures. Sickening how they justify it with needing money to find her- its repulsive. Its about time they were made to reveal all the details of donations and interest earned as well as detailed expenditure; after all if there is nothing to hide why should it bother them?

lizzy said...

Hi Viv, Docmac,
When I read this article in the Mail re the proposed film, I was not surprised but disgusted, these people are despicable, they show no remorse for their actions and no respect for their daughter's memory.
Sad to say but all they are interested in is making money from her demise, they have realised as the truth emerges the fund will dry up so they are going with any other money making options available to them.It makes me angry they are allowed to do this...

felicity said...

Hiya Josie and Lizzy

I think the timing of this announcement is incredibly bad PR. As though they have not lost enough support from the public we now get this. I wonder if this is one of the things that has precipitated the resignation of Esther McVey because she is actually on Kate's side and is disgusted by this money making venture which we are not hearing has support from Kate.

I think the trouble with Gerry McCann is he does not look through the eyes of a normal loving parent - he looks through the eyes of a psychopath who wants to make money out of what he has done. He thinks he can still keep playing that worn out record - "we need the money to find Madeleine" and the public will go for it. Just how wrong could he be!

Eight months down the line normal parents, not involved in the disapppearance of their daughter would want to be left completely alone to quietly deal with their grief but this animal wants to sell his story and make a film. I am not sure they are allowed to do this. Note they are talking about when they are released as arguidos - is he planning to pin all the blame on to Kate? I do not believe they will ever be released as arguidos because the police know damn fine he is responsible - but how to precisely prove this. Criminal courts can claw back the proceeds of crime from criminals so he had better watch his step! Let him carry on turning everyone against him. It should be amusing to see Rosiepops on the DE trying to dignify and justify this. I do not blame people for sometimes asking themselves whether she actually is Gerry!

Luv to you both
Viv x

docmac said...

Hi Lizzy I left another message for you last night on the 'Blood in the hire car' article and posted on the DE forum that it was there. It seemed you had left though. If you have not seen it have a look.

See you all later. I'm off for a while.

Ironside said...

Docmac Hi....Tell me am I getting close..Rachel Oldfield said the mccanns were late to dinner that night ..she's specific about the time..8.58...9.05 Gerry goes to check on the children....Wilkins passes by and sees gerry doing something to the shutters...It was reported gerry says he was straightening them...they chat....the timelines are now out...

Gerry returns to table..Old field at9.30 was supposed to find shutter
up...and raise the alarm that something was wrong....
Oldfield returns to table..he did not check properly just listened outside....
gerry asks if everything is OK
Oldfield replies yes..he told the truth...he only listened outside...
By this time gerry had invited the
Quizz Mistress...So was unable to
tell kate the plan had gone wrong..
Maybe through texting he told her..she would have to do it.....
She leaves the table at ten...and returns to appartment..screaming
they've taken her....
Quizz mistress said no one left the
table while she was there....
Only one chair was empty....waiter
states jane Tanner did not leave the table until kates return....
Quiz mistress has most probably
confirmed this to police....
Oldfield made the delayed telephone call...( he has a negligence charge against him...Gerry is to speak for his defence)....
Gerry set Oldfield up...it has to be him
The Star Witness has to be Wilkins..His child would not settle he was in the area for an hour....He told police "He saw nothing suspicious, nothing that would further the investigation"

An abduction is taking place....shutters are being forcedand raised...metal shutters...and Wilkins did not hear or see anything....

How am I doing...

felicity said...

Hiya Ironside

Sorry to but in but Doc said he was popping off for a bit. I also specifically recall it being said the McCanns arrived late for dinner just a few mins before nine. In fact there is an article in the News of the World (Gerry's favourite paper) saying so. This article gives a very good timeline. It is obviously in Gerry's interest to say they arrived earlier for dinner than they did and it is nonsensical to go and make a check immediately after they just arrived - he clearly had work to do! I am going out now for a bit but if you cannot find the NOW article I will have a look for it when I get back. IMO the Tapas one is most likely MO but if not Payne. OB is too far in the mire to get out again. Wilkins is going to be the witness that gets Tanner into serious trouble. I am fascinated by the suggestion Smith actually asked the bearer of Maddie whether she was asleep ..Seems to me he is going to be utterly damning as well - unless he is another one of theirs...does not seem likely to me - although they do seem to be wanting to stop trying to frame Murat - they could do time for that!

Laters Viv
should be back about 8 ish

docmac said...

Hi Ironside.

A gold star for you my friend. You are incredibly perceptive. Additionally, the call was made late because Russell was 'delayed' and this would have aroused much suspicion. Someone realised very quickly what had transpired and you have it spot on. The golden silence is no more.

lizzy said...

Hi Docmac,
Didn't get your message last night, had to leave rather quickly to look after my pups, My son was asked to sign for Tranmere but didn't as he was doing the trials for Liverpool. Pity as he is a good player, but hes happy just playing for fun now. Everton play Chelsea tonight semi final of the Carling cup, will be watching but am realistic...so don't really expect a win. Any news today on Tapas1,? it has been quiet on the DE today not many pro's Roseipops and gang must be on the late shift.

dolores said...

I have been thinking of the same thing about the plan being foiled by Wilkins untimely appearance. This is part of Madeleine's justice.
I see CM has not mentioned abduction today and PJ conentrating on finding her.
Now this has changed for PJ to 'get on with the investigation'

It's started on the other forum, 2 of them are raging over your blog Viv lol
I noticed dm forum refering a few to your site.

docmac said...

Hi Lizzy. He's only due back in the morning. Then I have to wait till my mate (his colleague) takes him out for another tongue-loosener ;-). Don't know if he'll bite, will wait and see.

All the very best of luck to the Toffees, or Bluenoses as we call them! I am not happy about the money war that Roman started in English football and am not enamoured of that club for this reason. I hope you stuff their snooty noses right where they belong and bring a final appearance home for the peoples' club. I'll be watching.

docmac said...

Dolores hi

If Jez Wilkins' child had been a better sleeper and Russell had been a faster digger I doubt this case would have had any chance of going to trial. I still have some doubts with all the other outside influences abounding but I live in hope that this child's untimely end will be solved and the proper justice handed out to the perpetrators.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
It will be interesting to see how Rosiepops justifies this , so far she has not been on the DE forum, must be on the late shift
She is so obviously related to the Mccanns but continues to deny it.

Anonymous said...

BBC NEWS 24 reporting that Tapas crew to be interviewed.

Anonymous said...

Clarrie confirms Esther McVey has resigned, but not due to any rift with the Macs.
Daily Mail

felicity said...

Hiya Folks I am back but see you have been doing just fine without me :-)

Dolores - I see Maudlin and Sassy are licking their wounds! LOLOLOLO as our Claudia would say! Why cut and paste either of these two little drones they dont even say anything funny! and no one is stopping them posting on here - they just dont have the bottle! What a couple of nasty little saddos eh!

Wilkins sure did put paid to Gerry's little bit of scene setting didnt he? I can see a good case being presented to the court...~Come on PJ's! They will be here in a few weeks - no rush. Anon thanks for letting us know on BBC news - that is a clincher - let them try denying that!

It is strange that there are now articles Rosie does not seem to want to comment on any more - not at all on the sympathy for Kate one! With nearly 5000 posts under her belt we know this is just not like her! Cat got her tongue?

Lizzy your son must be one ace footballer!

Keep em coming folks - this is very interesting indeed and Doc - you are so tantalising!

Luv Viv x

Anonymous said...

Just Luv docs terminology for ROB..............undertaker and faster digger...go doc.

felicity said...

Hiya Anon

I am very lucky to have Doc on here - he is rather splendid isnt he and straight to the point ...generally :-)

Viv x

Anonymous said...

Aye Viv, Your blog really taking off now, thanks to your hard work.

At least you, docmac and others don't have to contend with Rosiepops on here.....Only read the Express but she is a boring repetitive old fart!

Anonymous said...

This week there has been breaking news, speculation that Maddie could have died on 2nd May but the body wasn't moved until the evening of the 3rd.

Any thoughts on the pros and cons of this scenario anyone.

felicity said...

Hiya Anon

I would not deny that she is a boring repetitive old fart but have challenged her in my most recent post to come on here and argue her points with me! I bet you she has not got the guts. She and her little cronies work very hard to get rid of people they cannot cope with :-)

I do not buy the died the night before theory myself. I think it very unlikely they would have come back and killed Maddie when they had just been reported by Mrs Fenn for leaving her crying. Much more likely Gerry saw red the following night when she did not want to settle down and he wanted to go out and leave her again.

Words cannot describe what I feel about that evil man. I look at the pictures of that beautiful boisterous little girl and just think I wish I could have had her..many other people must think the same! It is really hearbreaking, especially if they are allowed to get away with it!

Viv x

Anonymous said...


London asked for more time before macs are charged
(coming soon)

Anonymous said...

gazetadigital...full post up now.

felicity said...

Thanks so much Anon - done fresh post


Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

Hello All
I wish to God that poor wee girl had been mine. There might not have been Shetland Ponies and posh holidays in the Algarve and big houses, but what I can tell you is that she would never, ever, ever have been left by herself, or neglected, or abused. She would have had loads of hugs and love and attention and be at home now with her brother and sister. And if all our howling and squealing and refusing to go away, changes the destiny of only ONE CHILD, with wannabee McCann type parents, then it will all have been worth it.

felicity said...

Hiya Rat

~What an excellant post - my sentiments exactly! It does not matter if it is some battered old story book - it is whether the parent can be bothered to sit cuddling the child every single day and reading it to them. I can remember my kids when they were similar ages to the McCanns children - they knew some of those stories backwards - if I cheated and tried to miss a page - I would be told - they just want you to go into that wonderful fantasy world with them and make them feel loved and secure.

I also entirely agree and have said this from the outset - this is about making life better for all abused children with cruel and selfish parents - a clear message needs to be sent to them - you treat your kids with love and respect or see what the law will do to you! We need to change attitudes in the UK towards childcare - seeing the set up in PDL for selfish middle class parents was a great shock to me and their children will grow up with problems IMO.

Children are defenceless little people and they need the protection of adults who care - like we do, about all little children and their right to a happy and secure life so they get the chance to grow into happy secure adults. That is why I am also concerned about all of the McCanns children, not just Madeleine for whom, very sadly, we can only demand justice.

Luv Viv x